Probate Case Study – Sue Dickinson – All The Leads Reviews

Probate Case Study – Sue Dickinson – All The Leads Reviews

I love capturing All The Leads reviews from our Subscribers!  I was recently at the EXIT Realty Annual Convention in Washington D.C. where I was able to catch up with one of our newer Subscribers to capture her success story now that she has been using our Probate Leads System for 2 months.

As you will see, Sue has a very empathetic approach toward helping these families and even though she gets less than 50 leads per month she has successfully closed 3 listings and has another coming online soon.



In this broad-ranging and fast-paced conversation, we cover:

  • How Sue went from “skeptical of paid leads” to a raving fan of our Probate Leads system
  • Why mindset is important to success when working the Probate niche
  • How her team got 3 closings and 1 listing in queue in 2 months with less than 50 probate leads per month
  • How the All The Leads system, tools and accountability helped them get this off the ground
  • How getting the right mindset on her team has been the biggest challenge
  • How the biggest challenge is having lots of new probate leads to market to
  • Her advice to someone just getting started as a Probate Expert
  • How long she sees this lasting in her business
  • Why Probate clients are THE best clients we could ever have
  • How she has only reached some of her potential because she hasn’t started marketing to Probate Attorneys yet


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