5 Biggest Mistakes You Are Making that Can Cost you Sales

5 Biggest Mistakes You Are Making that Can Cost you Sales

Losing a sale hurts. Every real estate professional and indeed salesperson knows this. Moreover, you can lose a sale even if you have excellent leads, great resources and a network of professional working to increase the value you bring to customers. The simple fact of the matter is that any contact you make is your sale to potentially lose. In this article we are going to discuss the top five most common mistakes you can make as a real estate professional make that can cause you to lose sales.

  • Talking too much: You want to explain to customers the value your services can bring them but you do not want to go on and on. Great sales people know that active listening is just as important as the pitch. At some point, you have to stop talking and let the potential client know that you are interested in what they have to say. Otherwise you may be talking yourself right out of a sale.
  • Wasting time with a poor lead: Every real estate professional should know that it is not about the quantity of contacts you make but the quality of contacts you do reach. For, wasting time interacting with a poor lead means time that is taken away from reaching out to a potentially more productive lead and time is as precious a commodity as any other. We know this and this is why we vet the contacts we can give you. We have the best real estate leads.
  • Failing to do your research: In today’s world of customization, your clients expect you to personalize your services to meet their needs. This is why you should listen and learn all you can about their circumstances. You should also know all you can about probate property so that you can provide your clients with additional value and so that you can address any concerns that they may have. We can help. Our site contains archival conference video calls and our Probate Mastery© Training course.
  • Overcomplicate the process: One of the most quoted sayings in sales is “keep it simple stupid.” Keep your prospects informed but don’t clutter their minds with details and information that they don’t need. This will only confuse them and make it more difficult for them to reach a conclusion and for you to close the deal. sales
  • Failing to ask for the sale: Finally, one of the most common mistakes all sales professionals make is not asking for the sale outright. Your clients will not always jump in and say they are ready to engage your services. Indeed, this is rare. It is your job to help the prospect make a purchasing decision now.

In summary, if you continue to make the above mistakes then your career as a salesperson will be short lived and unsuccessful. Know your closing techniques and the mistakes you are making that can cost you conversions. We can help you gain valuable knowledge and leads that will skyrocket your career.

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