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Preview for All The Leads Live Real Estate Cold Call Training - Role Play Call #57

Delivery and Sales Psychology | Live Real Estate Cold Call Training | Probate Role Play #57

Cold Calling Probate Leads - Live Role Play Training #57 | The Interactive Podcast on Probate Real Estate
August 5th, 2020
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Call Re-cap:

Role Play #1 - Problem, Solution, Appointment: Getting Your Cold Call Script In Order (3:10)

Mike from Florida role plays as the probate specialist.

  • Bruce says he has a great attorney helping him.
  • Mike keeps Bruce on the line by asking about homeowner’s insurance and if it covers the probate property.
  • Bruce starts to see value; he hits Mike with the “How much is this going to cost?” Objection.

Major Lessons:  

  • Get empathetic and understand all the problems a family could be facing.
  • Get clear on everything you can offer.
  • When calling, ask questions and have a conversation, build rapport, THEN deliver your offer with confidence and energy.


Bonus Tips: 

  • Mike uses the Squatter Possibility/Offer to post No-Trespassing signs to solidify an appointment quickly.
  • Chad demonstrates how to illustrate a scenario and bring emotions to the surface.
  • Lead with curiosity, not closing statements.


Role Play #2 - Identifying Hidden Opportunities and Offering Creative Solutions (27:58)

Dan from Seattle role plays as the probate specialist.

  • Bruce gives Dan some resistance, but Dan throws him off with some quick wit!
  • Dan asks some discovery questions.

Major lessons here:

  • It’s GOOD to have personality on the phone! 
  • When dealing with touchy subjects, use open-ended questions instead for discovery.
  • Identify opportunities and offer multiple options.
  • Get local, and get affirmation.

Bonus Tips: 

  • Dan uses a spontaneous joke and keeps Bruce on the phone.
  • Be Comfortable with Silence: Dan does a great job letting silence hang so Bruce would open up and respond.
  • Chad breaks down how Dan could have taken what he learned through discovery and offered creative options for the situations/motivations surrounding Bruce and his sister’s situation. 
  • Dan allowed Bruce to throw away his feeling of hesitation - This likely solidified the appointment so Dan can avoid a cancelation or no-show.

Building your professional vendor network:

In-depth Training With Probate Mastery

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Call Transcript:

Welcome amazing realtors and investors and real estate agents nationwide. Today is Wednesday, August 5 2020. And this is roleplay number 57.

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Unknown Speaker 0:35
appreciate you all being here today we have one person in the queue. We have plenty of room for more. Chad Bruce, you want to say anything before we get started?

Unknown Speaker 0:45
I just want to remind we now have kind of a blend of listeners. So if you're listening to this on a plot, a podcast platform and you're not familiar with our Facebook community, be sure and check out all the leads mastermind on Facebook has

Unknown Speaker 1:00
A group of about 10,000 of us that have been carefully curated and filtered. So it's you know, people who are trying to get this right the same as you are. So, a lot of times between these calls these calls happen the first Wednesday of each month, unless the holidays or weather or travel schedules interfere, but you have one of these per month, if you want to be, you know, if you want more practice, if you'd like to sharpen your axe on a more frequent basis, there are a lot of little subscriber roleplay groups that happen within all the leads mastermind. So if you go to Facebook, search all the leads mastermind, join the group and then use the search bar. If it's on mobile at the top or on desktop on the left, type in roleplay. And you'll see where our subscribers put together their own small roleplay groups and sometimes there's four sometimes six. Sometimes they're on zoom, sometimes I'm on a conference line, but if you if you have an appetite for more of this and you know to sharpen your skills

Unknown Speaker 2:00
You don't always have to wait for the next month for us to release this or to come participate, you can always roleplay with your peers and easiest way to find them as in all the leads mastermind Facebook group. Bruce, anything you want to say before we start now I couldn't, I couldn't have said it better and neither one of you guys. Well, I did forget something. So for those of you who are listening that are currently all the lead subscribers, professional real estate coaching is something that's part of your subscription. Bruce coaches at $1,000 an hour and up, but that's something that that we provide for you guys because we want we want to make sure that you know we're setting you up for success. So if you are a subscriber, you can also jump on Bruce's calendar and roleplay directly with the coach if you don't want to do it in group or you can't find the time slot. If you need any kind of help between these calls, or between our Thursday calls. You can look in your subscriber subscriber portal under education

Unknown Speaker 3:00
And you can book a coaching call directly with Bruce right there. And that in an odd thousand dollars. Exactly. All right. 7679 you're up first.

Unknown Speaker 3:12
Hi, this is Mike from Florida. So, Hey, Mike, I'm just getting started. And

Unknown Speaker 3:19
just working on nailing my goals, anything in particular you want to work on or any scenarios or just just a typical inbound or outbound call.

Unknown Speaker 3:30
Just that, I guess, typical outbound

Unknown Speaker 3:35
because I don't have enough calls in to kind of have a typical objection, I guess. Okay. And do you want to play the role of the real estate professional or as the personal representative?

Unknown Speaker 3:48
Would you rather as the real you or would you rather hear how we do it?

Unknown Speaker 3:54
I'd rather do it so I get the practice because I think

Unknown Speaker 4:00

Unknown Speaker 4:01
You will do this.

Unknown Speaker 4:03
Yeah, I'll do it. Okay. Remind me what you said your name was real quick.

Unknown Speaker 4:09
Mike. Mike. Okay, perfect. Mike, you can start with a ring ring and I'll answer.

Unknown Speaker 4:16
Ring ring.

Unknown Speaker 4:19

Unknown Speaker 4:22
Hi. I was trying to reach Bruce.

Unknown Speaker 4:26
Yeah, this is Bruce.

Unknown Speaker 4:28
Who my speaking neighbors. Yeah, this is Mike and I was calling because I'd sent you a letter last week. Did you have to receive that?

Unknown Speaker 4:39
Get it? Yeah, maybe I don't I don't recognize I get a lot of mail.

Unknown Speaker 4:45
Well, this one was a letter that was in a greeting card envelope and it was in reference to the probate estate of

Unknown Speaker 4:54
Oh, yeah, I got I got I got a handful of those.

Unknown Speaker 4:59
You said this. No.

Unknown Speaker 5:00
As Mike you said,

Unknown Speaker 5:02

Unknown Speaker 5:04
And I put my business card in there and everything so you should have Okay, gotten that But anyway, the reason why I'm contacting you and it's better to do the conversation in person because you know, letters, everybody gets them, everybody throws them away. But what I've done is put together a team of professionals here in the county that can help people that are that are handling probates. Like, like you're, you're handling yourself.

Unknown Speaker 5:32
So I want to kind of ask you, what's the toughest part of doing the case has been so far for your fit for you and your family?

Unknown Speaker 5:42
Mike, it really hadn't been tough. We we just got started. Honestly, I think we got I think we got most of it handled so far.

Unknown Speaker 5:52
Okay. Yeah, that's what I hear a lot of families say and honestly, it can be you

Unknown Speaker 6:00
done easily or it can be a nightmare. I'm here to kind of be a resource for you and your family. One of the things that we've seen people struggle with is

Unknown Speaker 6:12
and the attorneys are good. Have you have you got a good probate attorney?

Unknown Speaker 6:17
Yeah, it's a matter of fact, our attorney, I'm not sure we're really going to need any help our attorneys kind of gotten it all handled. He told us to wait until wait until we were done with probate.

Unknown Speaker 6:28
Okay. Did he and I don't know if there's any real estate involved in in your particular case. But if he is that if there is then he mentioned that most homeowners insurances don't cover vacant properties.

Unknown Speaker 6:47
And now that we know we got we got I got I've got insurance. We're covered.

Unknown Speaker 6:53
Gotcha. Yeah. But I haven't come across a homeowner's policy yet that will cover a vacant property. No

Unknown Speaker 7:00
Is that the situation that you happen to be in?

Unknown Speaker 7:05
What Yeah, yeah, that house. We've got two houses that are vacant right now. I covered though I'm pretty sure we're gonna you and are you an insurance?

Unknown Speaker 7:15
No, but through helping families and probate, you come across this constantly.

Unknown Speaker 7:21
And it's it's a little insurance company trick where they spend over this trick but they write in, you know, the fine print

Unknown Speaker 7:29
just basically that they're not going to cover anything that's not occupied. Because without a person in the property, you know, it's obviously a much more it's a different category of liability for the company. So you have to modify your insurance coverage, and we've got companies that do that.

Unknown Speaker 7:49
They can get you set up today.

Unknown Speaker 7:53
In fact, I can get I don't know Mike, I can What do you call my? I can call my insurance agent, I think. Yeah, sure.

Unknown Speaker 8:00
I might give up, give no Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 8:04

Unknown Speaker 8:06
Example of some of the services that we help families with.

Unknown Speaker 8:11
Another You're not?

Unknown Speaker 8:13
Absolutely, yeah. So you say there's two vacant homes have you can have you got them all cleaned out of the personal property and things that the family I after they get their things? Yeah, my cousins are going to come up in a couple of weeks and they're going to, they're going to help me with that. So we're, we're sure we're going to have that handled.

Unknown Speaker 8:37
Yeah. Well, typically what I've found is that, you know, after the family goes through everything, then there tends to be just random stuff that nobody wants and what I help families with is matching them with companies that will come in and either get that stuff marked for donation and disclaim down so that you know, you can move on

Unknown Speaker 9:00
With real estate and do you know whatever you're going to do with it either sell it or, or leases or? or however you want to do that. I mean, have you guys started having those kinds of conversations?

Unknown Speaker 9:12
Well, now, I mean, other than the fact that my cousins are coming up there to help with the house,

Unknown Speaker 9:20
and that is that I barely have it.

Unknown Speaker 9:24
Sure, sure. Go ahead. Absolutely. No, that's that's part of my bigger point is that I'm putting I put all these professionals together as a team to help you and I want to sit down with you guys and kind of come up with a plan for everything. So that it's it's wireless, on your plate to deal with.

Unknown Speaker 9:47
So I've got a couple of appointments open this week. Is there a better day for you? I mean, I'm looking at Oh, no ID or Saturday. I've got a couple of how much how

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Watch this kind of cost

Unknown Speaker 10:02
that doesn't cost you anything. It's just a you know, what eventually what I deliver everything that I've that we've agreed to,

Unknown Speaker 10:14
then we can come up with a solution for me, you know, I don't come into this.

Unknown Speaker 10:20
Ask him for a pity I just want to provide service and then that'll naturally happen after I've provided all the service.

Unknown Speaker 10:28
So you've got something to talk about.

Unknown Speaker 10:33
I can I can, I'm interested in hearing a little bit more that so you'll come in you'll clean the house out not charge anything.

Unknown Speaker 10:43
No, I mean, that's not what I've got, you know, vetted partners that companies that I've worked with over and over again that I know will do you guys get great service and it you know, contractors and everything else that you got

Unknown Speaker 11:00
I could possibly meet. And that's why I want to meet with you and we can kind of go through,

Unknown Speaker 11:07
you know, everything that you guys may need in this process just to get you through everything.

Unknown Speaker 11:14
Okay, and like I said, there's no obligation, it's just a consultation, and I can show you everything that we can do for you. So, if you have 15 or 20 minutes, I'm sorry. What is it that you do then?

Unknown Speaker 11:29
I'm a realtor, but that a lot of times never comes up. And sometimes it does.

Unknown Speaker 11:35
Okay, you know, that's just the conversation. We need to have to figure out how you guys want to proceed.

Unknown Speaker 11:42
Okay, okay. I don't know if we're gonna sell the houses or not yet. We hadn't talked about that. Sure, but but if you want to, that's really not helped me clean out folks is freezing. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 11:55
Okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 11:57
I mean,

Unknown Speaker 11:59
obviously, I'm not

Unknown Speaker 12:00
Going to help you clean the house for free. But I'm going to help you get the fake get yourself into position where you can move through this process.

Unknown Speaker 12:11
Okay, you understand what I'm saying? Bruce?

Unknown Speaker 12:15
Yeah, yeah, I think so. I mean, I'm, I guess, I guess if we're missing something we could, we could take a look at it, but I, I thought we kind of had everything handled pretty well so far.

Unknown Speaker 12:28
Well, sure, I mean, but

Unknown Speaker 12:32
let me ask you a question. Have you

Unknown Speaker 12:37
have you posted the properties as far as putting no trespassing signs and the statues up in the window?

Unknown Speaker 12:44
Because that's a step a lot of people miss at the beginning. So what can happen there is

Unknown Speaker 12:50
a squatter can come in, and then you're going to be fighting a big battle, legally.

Unknown Speaker 12:58
And it's just a simple thing. That

Unknown Speaker 13:00
You can do is put up a no trespassing sign. So what I'm saying is I've walked through this this past before. And that's why I want to help your family. At the end of the day, if you have a property to lease I can. I've got property management companies I can hook you up with, you know, there's 1000 different solutions. That's why I really just want to, you know, meet with you, the family, and all the decision makers, and we kind of work together and get a solution that fits your guys's guys's situation. Does that sound fair? Well,

Unknown Speaker 13:33
yeah, that's fair. I mean, my cousins are coming up into town in a couple of weeks. Could we just do it then?

Unknown Speaker 13:41
Are they Yeah, sounds like they're pretty important decision makers in the family.

Unknown Speaker 13:47
Then Yeah, I definitely want to get everybody at the same table and kind of go through it all at one time. When would that mean?

Unknown Speaker 13:58
They're coming up on Thursday in two weeks.

Unknown Speaker 14:02
Okay, well, I can set the tentative appointment for Thursday at 6:30am. Would that work with me?

Unknown Speaker 14:12
Yeah, I'll talk to them. But I think i think i think that work.

Unknown Speaker 14:16
Okay. Give me a call back in in a couple of inches in maybe 10 days or so. And then I'll let you know if we can meet on Thursday.

Unknown Speaker 14:26
All right, so I'm going to put you in the calendar and then

Unknown Speaker 14:30
I'll give you a reminder call ahead of time and if not, we'll just meet Thursday at 630 with everybody and try to get a plan pulled together. In the meantime, that kind of critical things would be to get the

Unknown Speaker 14:43
the properties posted, and I can go do that for you if you'd like. Would you like me to just handle it?

Unknown Speaker 14:51
Yeah, yeah, sure. That'd be fine. I'm gonna run over there. That's fine with me

Unknown Speaker 14:56
is and how would I access the properties

Unknown Speaker 15:00
are a neighbor that has a key or could you meet me down there as well?

Unknown Speaker 15:05
Well, how long would that take?

Unknown Speaker 15:07
I mean, it's only going to take like 10 minutes, I'll bring the signs in this bad sense. And, yeah, we can take them in there.

Unknown Speaker 15:15
Okay, yeah, that's if that's gonna take long. Let's do that. Let's do that next week.

Unknown Speaker 15:21

Unknown Speaker 15:23
If that's as soon as you can get over there because I would really hate for you to get a squatter. That's going to be a nightmare. But as soon as you can get over there will be the best. Yeah, let's let's just do next week. We can do we can do early next week, maybe Tuesday.

Unknown Speaker 15:40
All right. Okay, let's go ahead and I'll let you know.

Unknown Speaker 15:43
Okay, let's go ahead and break there assume that you that you said that you set a time up because that for at that point, everything else was just semantics.

Unknown Speaker 15:54
So we'll stop there and dive in Chad.

Unknown Speaker 15:58
You hear any openings?

Unknown Speaker 16:00
That he could have taken or gone down before I chime in.

Unknown Speaker 16:06
So the first thing I want to say, Mike, are you really clear on all the things you can provide? Are you confident in those things?

Unknown Speaker 16:15
Well, that's what I'm putting together now.

Unknown Speaker 16:17
I'm definitely getting a list of people together.

Unknown Speaker 16:23
And I'm just trying to get all the pieces in a line.

Unknown Speaker 16:27
As far as I got here, that kind of a rhetorical question. So I see a lot of people struggle with this getting clear on just all the all the opportunities there are to

Unknown Speaker 16:39
Well, first, getting empathetic to all of the potential problems a family could have on these calls are great your resources, and it's clear, you've been listening because you've used some of the tactics that we suggest, right? So I would suggest you just turn everything off. Maybe put music on whatever gets you in your kind of theta state of

Unknown Speaker 17:00
Thinking in that brain state, and just sit and contemplate everything that a family could possibly be going through. And maybe you even write those down as a list. And then on the left hand column, that's here's the, here's the potential problem or struggle. And then the right hand, here's my solution. And maybe there's three columns. So your problem solution, vendor partner, and you just go down through there. And that exercise should help you really flex out all the things that you could do. And then I want you to think about each of those things and think, like, do I really believe what I'm telling people on this line item? And do I really have that solution in place? Or am I 100% confident that I can get it in place and the amount of time I would need before having them over the house? And I think that's gonna, that exercise is gonna force you to really unpack everything in your head, like, Okay, what are these are the 75 most challenging scenarios that I can even imagine? And these are my 75 solutions. And I think that's going to be

Unknown Speaker 18:00
get you there much faster.

Unknown Speaker 18:02
It's clear that it's clear you you see a lot of the value that can be broad. But you're you're, you're saying the right things, not necessarily in the right order. So you came around toward the end of the conversation after lots of you know, Bruce was Bruce was very realistic in that roleplay. You weren't checking in with him and asking him enough questions like, Can you see how that might benefit you? Or can you see how that can be a big risk for the family, and getting those like bringing those negative emotions to the surface? So what I felt the whole time I was like, Damn, I want Mike to really understand what this feels like for them. Because I know, you would be saying different things like you'd be saying, Well, you know, for example, those two vacant properties. If someone were to break in today, considering a judicial backlogs in our market, it could take you a year to get them out. And what would the financial impact be to the family if you couldn't access the property, you couldn't sell the property, but you still had to maintain it.

Unknown Speaker 19:00
operator that someone else had possession of what do you think that would cost you guys? And how you think that would make everybody feel?

Unknown Speaker 19:07
Yeah, it's a pretty sad situation. And all we have to do is drive over there and tape a no trespassing sign on the inside of a window with the statute. And I have a stack right here at my desk, and I'm going out in 30 minutes. So could you meet me over there with a key and we'll at least take care of that first. And there's your opening to have the rest of the conversation if he commits to that, right? They're like, Okay, great, I'll see you in 45 minutes. And then you deal with the rest of it in person, because you're you're going to convert 10 times or 10 times more likely to convert in person to finish the conversation. So that's just one example of an opening where I saw way back in the beginning of the conversation, where you could have converted that to a face to face appointment and finished your work once you got there. Because two vacant properties without insurance and without being properly posted. Like that's like a legitimate reason for for you to be there today.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
to contain their risk and to cover their land to cover, you know, cover any unforeseen liabilities that they don't know about because they don't know about landlord tenant law and, you know, on squatters rights. So I would say the biggest thing, I think, I think that would be a totally different roleplay if you were really clear on the problems they have and the solutions that you have for those problems. So that's my challenge to you over the next, you know, week or so, is sit down and really think that through and get clear on it. And then I think you have a whole different progression and confidence, but it's clear that you're paying attention. It's clear that you're taking this seriously. You just got to work on getting a little more confident in your and then your delivery will clean itself up.

Unknown Speaker 20:42
Okay, that's good.

Unknown Speaker 20:45
Mike, here's what I got for you.

Unknown Speaker 20:48
You know, in in, in my business, I've got a partner that makes a lot of calls and one of the biggest things that we're constantly working on is making sure that we're gathering the appropriate

Unknown Speaker 21:00
amount of information before we dive into the pitch into the appointment close.

Unknown Speaker 21:07
And this is just sort of an internal rule I definitely This is true 100% of the time except when it's not, is what I like to say. And there are plenty of times it's not but if you can go into every conversation we're looking to try to protect to get at least at least four or five, minimum four or five questions, conversationally answered back to you. Before you close, you're gonna, you're gonna have a really strong foundation of rapport. And I felt like you You went for a close pretty quickly before you'd built up my rapport trust. Now a lot of times, I don't give resistance through the entire call. But I felt like you establish just enough rapport to keep me on the phone but not enough to actually turn me into putty in your hands. So if you could kind of

Unknown Speaker 22:00
Understand, as Chad mentioned, write down those, those those potential problems that people have and really understand what those problems are, and then just start asking questions, and gathering information and writing, writing information down. And then, you know, once you've had a seven or eight or 10 minute conversation with someone, then you say, you know,

Unknown Speaker 22:21
hear, I understand what you're saying, and and here's what I heard. So you you kind of repeat back to them, the answers in the information you've given that they've given you, you repeat some of it back, you summarize it, and then you say, based on that you modify Do you mind if I tell you the steps that I'd take right now? It's gonna be pretty hard for them to shoot you down at that point, because you've listened to them. You haven't tried to close them. You've come in from a place of curiosity and empathy first. And then, if you say you mind if I tell you a couple of steps that I take right now that they're going to say yes. And then you just open it up and clean.

Unknown Speaker 23:00
It sounds like the house is vacant. You know, I think that you probably don't have vacant property insurance, I'd call your insurance agent first. And if you don't, if you don't have a great insurance agent, I have a really good one I'll pass to you in just a second. And then I go over there and I post the property. I have a stack of of statues, statutes, and no trespassing signs. I could meet you over there this afternoon.

Unknown Speaker 23:25
And then say, and while we're there, why don't we run through the house and just I'll make a list of the things that you can do

Unknown Speaker 23:33
today to make your process so much easier through and I'm going to do that for you for free. I don't want to charge you because I know that when it comes time to getting the house sold, if you're going to sell, you'll at least include me in that conversation. Right.

Unknown Speaker 23:52
So you're you're leading from curiosity, instead of leading and trying to work through a series of

Unknown Speaker 24:00

Unknown Speaker 24:01
Because I was pretty resistant to you through each one of those closes. I was I was open. I was curious, but kind of resistant because you just didn't take me down that path where you're gathering information long enough.

Unknown Speaker 24:17
Okay, yeah, I can understand that.

Unknown Speaker 24:21
So, yeah, I'll try to work up some questions that I can just memorize that will

Unknown Speaker 24:28
that will help me.

Unknown Speaker 24:30
Otherwise. I mean, that was a really great call that you did good, especially for someone just coming in doing this for the first time. Better than the vast majority of people I coach with. And, and better than, I mean, a lot of people that I coach with that are really good at this started, right where you are with the same type of conversation. So the feedback that we gave you certainly, yeah, it was a little bit critical, but that you're in a good place.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Hold on.

Unknown Speaker 25:02
You know?

Unknown Speaker 25:04
Can you guys hear me? Okay? No. Yeah, I was going to, I would I would echo with both of them said, and I was going to say the same thing. Even though the confidence level could have been higher. In every case, I felt like it was a really very realistic roleplay on both sides. And you fairly smoothly got to the appointment. So you, you completed the objective objective, you did something very right there. It's funny in the beginning, I was feeling you're a little bit of lack of confidence when you were trying to come up with a answer to his objections. And that would have been a real good place to have maybe the seller interview sheet in front of you and ask a question to give you time to gather the competence and come up with a better answer. I would say one thing I find kind of interesting though, through all of that, even when you become more

Unknown Speaker 26:00
competent, you have kind of a shucks sort of Shunk, sort of mannerism that comes across very well in my opinion you don't you don't come across at all like a fast talking slick salesperson so even then you'd become worn at all. That's exactly yeah. You so that that keep that same mannerism and match and mirror people like Bruce Bruce was kind of slow and you were kind of laid back and you did a really good job with that. You came across the opposite of a of a fast talking salesperson. So I think he did a lot right and great job.

Unknown Speaker 26:36
And if you want to really take it to the next level, like I'm actually from Boston, I work 10 years to get this accent. I'm not actually from West Virginia. It just serves me well.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
I'm just kidding. You did a really good Indiana. I guess that's where you do have to have a good demeanor and it's calming. And I just want to back up like so what Bruce said was was pretty much the advice that was hiding

Unknown Speaker 27:00
Mind like I think everything the advice that Bruce gave you, I think that will have feel like that will fall in place. Once you really feel confident and what you're offering. And I do agree with Jim having the probate seller interview sheet in front of you is just kind of a guideline. Just a rough outline is really good. So, yeah, I'm only I've only been in real estate like three months, so I'm not even that good on the phones with any any other leads or so.

Unknown Speaker 27:32
It's all okay, well, you at the three month mark, you would be kicking my ass so you gotta like you got a lot to look forward to.

Unknown Speaker 27:42
Appreciate, I guess. All right, buddy. Great job. Thank you. We only have one other person in the queue guys. Don't be shy. Hit star six and hit one. Otherwise, we got time for another long roleplay. Next up is phone number ending. In nine, seven to eight. You're up there.

Unknown Speaker 28:01
Hey guys, Dan winguard here from the Seattle area, Washington.

Unknown Speaker 28:06
Hey, Dan. Dan, hey there.

Unknown Speaker 28:10
I'd like to do the same. I'm

Unknown Speaker 28:14
new with the probate. I'm still understanding the process. So there may be some issues as far as just being competent as far as how I can serve. I've been in real estate a long time.

Unknown Speaker 28:26
And I love that advice as far as this problem solution vendor getting that through, but I think the same roleplay is just

Unknown Speaker 28:34
practicing that call.

Unknown Speaker 28:42
Awesome. Yeah. Who wants to rush you?

Unknown Speaker 28:46
Sure. Can you get with me?

Unknown Speaker 28:49
I think so. Let's do it. All right, and start firing right

Unknown Speaker 28:56
now I just go ahead and say I've had the privilege of speaking with

Unknown Speaker 29:00
Bruce just a couple of times and, and great value each conversation. So I want to encourage anybody that's not reaching out for coaching to get after.

Unknown Speaker 29:08
Thanks, Dan.

Unknown Speaker 29:12
I'll let you start.

Unknown Speaker 29:15

Unknown Speaker 29:17
Hello is Bruce here?

Unknown Speaker 29:20
Yeah, this is Bruce is this

Unknown Speaker 29:23
Hi, Bruce. My name is Dan winguard. I sent a letter last week and I just wanted to take a chance to follow up. Make sure you got it. I'm I'm a guy for families that are going through the probate process and just wanted to see if you got that. And you have any you have any questions?

Unknown Speaker 29:41
Ah, Dan, I think I got your letter.

Unknown Speaker 29:45
I gotta tell you, man, you guys.

Unknown Speaker 29:48
You people. You've hit me too much. I feel like I'm just getting chased now and everybody just wants my money right now. Huh?

Unknown Speaker 29:58
Yeah, well, if you have somebody

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Are you handing it out?

Unknown Speaker 30:03
My money?

Unknown Speaker 30:06
Yeah, I just had to swallow a check. That'd be great. And that's not the reason for my call. Hey, listen, you know, we seriously we help families that are going through this and I'm just, you know, we just want to check in and see how you're doing. And there's some resources that we can provide to help you get through so you're not actually saving. So you're saving money and not making sure you're not throwing away. And I'll just tell you, you know, we do as a service, we go to the courthouse and we get this and this sounds like some other folks have done that as well. But we're securely here to help. So free out with that process. Now. Have you submitted paperwork to the courthouse or?

Unknown Speaker 30:45
Yeah, yeah, I turned everything into the courthouse and I was going down to meet with my lawyer tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 30:51
Okay, and so letters of testamentary you haven't received those yet. It is in the beginning process of sound right?

Unknown Speaker 31:01
Yeah, I think so he told me, he told me that we had a court date, but I'm not sure what it is right now.

Unknown Speaker 31:08
Okay. Are you clear about the whole process yet? Some people don't even know which which ends up at this point. Do you have a checklist anything like that?

Unknown Speaker 31:17
Well, no, I just figured that my attorney was going to handle everything for me. So we should be we should be pretty good. But no, I don't understand the process. That's why I'm meeting with my attorney tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 31:29
Got it. So meet with the attorney. Well, what we found is that the attorney certainly is a is a good start. And some people don't even get that far as far as a checklist. But there's kind of the conception that the attorney takes care of everything. And what I can provide for you is just a checklist to make sure that

Unknown Speaker 31:48
everything's taken care of, and this can actually again, save you save you a lot of money, just make sure you're not missing some things that could really, really cause some hardship. And also some questions to ask.

Unknown Speaker 32:00
Your attorney to make sure your attorney is taking good care of you. Would that be helpful?

Unknown Speaker 32:06
Yeah, yeah. I think that'd be fine. You you have that is it is an online somewhere. How do I get that? Yeah, it's certainly on online. We've got trusted probate you can go there. But oh, give me your email. I'll be glad to send that to you. And let me ask you so I am I am a real estate broker. And I'm also an investor and so I look at real estate properties and we can provide a praise You know, a

Unknown Speaker 32:33
value for it. So that's one of the things your attorney is likely going to ask is what's the value property? Do you have any real estate in the estate that Genoa?

Unknown Speaker 32:43
Yeah, we've we got a lot in queue houses. My sister's living in one of the houses and we have a renter and the other

Unknown Speaker 32:53
huh? Okay. Would you like to ideally keep them there? What are your thoughts at this point or

Unknown Speaker 33:00
Because the estate thinks of all of that, not now I think if I could get my sister out, but I don't, I don't even want to fight that battle.

Unknown Speaker 33:09
We're going to keep the investment and we got to talk about what to do with the house she's living in. I don't know, I think I think I just want to get rid of it.

Unknown Speaker 33:18
Yeah, well, listen, I don't need to get into details right now of everything. But it sounds like you've got a lot on your plate. And maybe the best thing to do is just to take a look at one of your properties, or set up a time to

Unknown Speaker 33:32
take a look and give you a value. And we've got some strategies for

Unknown Speaker 33:37
really helping to make things look the best for your family, if people getting out of the properties of the best, maybe have a powwow about that. And we can help guide you through that. So I've got some time this afternoon or maybe even later this week to meet at one of the properties would that be helpful for you?

Unknown Speaker 33:58
So let me be

Unknown Speaker 34:00
clear on what what you're you're offering? Are you trying to sell the properties? Or what what are you offering here?

Unknown Speaker 34:07
Well, if that's if that's the scenario that would serve the estate and best, I certainly am an expert in getting folks the most for their properties. That's a part of what I do. But what I've done is I've created a team of experts in each area, to make sure families are really well taken care of through this whole whole process. And I've just, I've had the situation with my dad. And I understand the pain and I understand that a lot of people just don't know what's going on. And so I find if we can help.

Unknown Speaker 34:37
There's, you know, there's always opportunities, I am an investor as well. So sometimes it makes sense for people to get cast quickly for a property or if they put it on the market, making sure they're not just hiring any real estate agents, they're hiring an agent that's familiar with the whole probate process. So everything goes smoothly and they, they get the most for there's several options there that we can provide.

Unknown Speaker 35:00
That aspect so that that kind of gives you an idea of what I'm up to aren't even. Okay, I don't even know if we're going to sell or not yet. I mean, I'd like to, but I think my sister is going to have something else to say about that. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:16
Well, I can appreciate that. And like you said, it may not be in your best interest to sell these properties. And maybe it is and when you have everything on the table, and you can look at the values and maybe give some time to your family to discuss it.

Unknown Speaker 35:33
There's also possibilities of you know, if you do plan on selling the property to invest in other areas, or that the estate can actually make money from this whole situation. So the best thing to do is to get together maybe yourself, your your sister, and talk about the possibilities and there's no obligation as far as working with me. And and getting this done by

Unknown Speaker 36:00
I will tell you, I've got the checklist for you. I can give you some guidance as far as the next steps and you can decide from there whether whether we're a good fit to move forward.

Unknown Speaker 36:11

Unknown Speaker 36:12
Okay, that sounds fair. Yeah. And now are you and your sister available this week or?

Unknown Speaker 36:20
I hadn't talked to her for a couple of months.

Unknown Speaker 36:23
Okay, got it? Well, I could do that I could meet Yeah. So.

Unknown Speaker 36:28
Okay. Yeah, maybe it's, it would be if she is available, you can let her know that no obligation to meet. Sounds like there might.

Unknown Speaker 36:39
might be one of my counselor associates to get involved here. I'm not sure but hopefully things will pan out there. But if we can provide you some value, maybe there's something you can present to your sister that will help ease things and put things in a better light to move forward.

Unknown Speaker 36:56
All right, I guess that'll work.

Unknown Speaker 37:00
I'll meet you over there this week. I don't know if I want to involve her yet.

Unknown Speaker 37:05
Yeah, well, sounds like there's still some hesitation with you anything there that I can address?

Unknown Speaker 37:12
No, I mean, I just don't think I don't know if we're going to sell the property or not. Sure, I'd like to, but I'm going to have a big battle with her.

Unknown Speaker 37:21
So I'm happy to happy to meet probably at our rental. I got to let my tenants know.

Unknown Speaker 37:27
And she'll be home. I just don't know if we're ready to see each other just yet.

Unknown Speaker 37:33
Yeah, well, just to be clear, a part of my service is to help you through the process hit whether you're interested in selling your property or not.

Unknown Speaker 37:43
Okay, we've got out does that mean? That I thought that's what my attorney was doing.

Unknown Speaker 37:51
Yeah, a lot of people do think that that the attorney is going to take care of everything. And when we when I share the list and we talk about the whole process, you'll see that there's a

Unknown Speaker 38:00
lot of things that they're not responsible for at all that could actually get your family and in a place where I don't think you want to go and that financially it might, might hurt you also.

Unknown Speaker 38:12
Okay, all right. That's fair. Man. I'm curious to see what the list is like. So I can I can do later this week or next week. I'm wide open.

Unknown Speaker 38:23
Okay, let's do Friday at three o'clock, and then I will email you that that list, what's your email address again? Or I guess you didn't give it to me? digioh Yep, it's Bruce at 123. calm.

Unknown Speaker 38:36
All right, Bruce. Well, I really look forward to to meeting with you there. And if you have any questions between now and then my number is 265019728. Don't hesitate to reach out. I'll also text you my info. And if for some reason, the email doesn't come through. You'll have my info.

Unknown Speaker 38:57
All right, then we'll break it there. Good job.

Unknown Speaker 39:00
You use that

Unknown Speaker 39:03
Chad threw me off when he said great answer.

Unknown Speaker 39:07
That was that, that that

Unknown Speaker 39:10
that'll throw anybody off. Have you ever used that before?

Unknown Speaker 39:16
No, I mean it's just kind of what came to mind in the moment so I don't know how that written down but

Unknown Speaker 39:24
everyone else read about but

Unknown Speaker 39:27
yeah, it gives some resistance. It's good. It's good to hit them with something like that because I really honestly had no idea how to respond because I was gonna I was just gonna just gonna be an absolute jerk for the first several minutes and you took that took the wind right out of my sails there.

Unknown Speaker 39:46
I'll go back to something I said. Mike on the last call is I do feel like that you couldn't information gather a little bit more. I know you're trying to be respectful of family dynamics, but

Unknown Speaker 40:00
As you information gather, a lot of times you're going to get, you're going to get some things and then you can you're going to get some some info that you can fall back on on the person later in the conversation. So you're gathering information. And then you can use that information to actually kind of give them a little bit of a reality check or kind of pull some pain outside of that information. So my pain point was clearly my sister relationship and that family dynamic.

Unknown Speaker 40:32
And you gathered the information, but you could have kind of folded that back on itself and not trying to highlight pain. Well, I don't I don't want to say that actually, you are trying to highlight pain, not trying to stir the pot, but actually ask just an open ended question and see where I run with it and find out truly what you're dealing with and what my motivations are and what the sisters want.

Unknown Speaker 41:00
motivations are. So there was a really big door there that I left

Unknown Speaker 41:04
you open that you are gathering more information on. Yeah. And what do I want to do? So you could have, you could have, you could have said, Okay, what what what do you want to do with the house and I know I alluded to the fact that I'd like to get rid of it. But you could have asked what that means to me. So what did that mean to you? Yeah, yeah. What does it do for you? What's it? What's it mean? Does that mean that you'd you'd like to list it on the open market for top value? Are you just done you ready to get out? What's your sister and think? Okay, well, I hadn't talked to my sister for a while. Okay. What if you had to guess what do you think she's thinking? Okay, kinda kind of draw some of that out. We could have spent another five minutes on family dynamics there and really shown you some shown you some some motivation or lack of motivation that could help you when talking to the sister and helping you and talking to me in the future.

Unknown Speaker 42:00
Yeah, but otherwise got really, really good job. Really good job. Use the you disarm me perfectly

Unknown Speaker 42:09

Unknown Speaker 42:10
Yeah. Thanks, Bruce. Appreciate it, Jim, get.

Unknown Speaker 42:14
So first I want to compliment your demeanor and don't change that because it's going to serve you. You never your emotional like your level of emotion didn't fluctuate at all even, like even with heart abductions.

Unknown Speaker 42:30
Your delivery of humor was fantastic. Like that's exactly how you break somebody's pattern and get them back on their heels. And even though we were joking and I jumped in like it was too good not to for me, but like even in a roleplay like you screwed up Bruce's whole roleplay plan. Because, you know, even though he's a coach, and he knows where this is going, he's not he's not immune to his own psychology. So there's little things like that you can be abrupt and hit him with things like actually did you know about the

Unknown Speaker 43:00
squatter laws and King County God knows we have enough homeless people looking for places to live, you can be more abrupt on the negative end of the spectrum. But you took it the human route, you get the same results. So you're stirring, you're you're you're shocking, shocking their nervous system and kind of like, Whoa, I didn't like. So you get them out of that pattern of behavior. So really great job on that.

Unknown Speaker 43:22
I saw so many opportunities where you gathered enough information that you didn't use to, to what I believe to be the full extent of your skill set. So you're an investor, and you're a broker, you did tell us that, and you found a good reason to like I love how you identified the attorney appointment and you started to support them immediately without trying to serve yourself. You're like, how can I help you get prepared for that appointment and offering them a market valuation was or you know, an asset valuation was was a good offer, but as an investor, you missed a couple of opportunities.

Unknown Speaker 44:00
One is, well, you know, what if what if you kept both as rental properties

Unknown Speaker 44:06
and the possibility there is you go in as a cash buyer buy the house with the sister in place, and either she starts paying you rent or the family uses her equity money to pay rent, like maybe it gives us grid you never know where that might go.

Unknown Speaker 44:21
The other part of that, like in that particular one, there was two opportunities with the sister that Bruce showed you one opportunity was to show them really multiple, so once you could have gotten them over to a property manager, and and, and helped with with the one rental property and then the sister You could have gotten you could talk about you know some of your social programs like your access to social workers and how it's a very common scenario and you know, part of your process is to make sure that everybody has a safe, secure place to live before anyone sells anything. Because family is first and we're focused on people. We are real estate professionals, but not only

Unknown Speaker 45:00
When it comes to displacing people, we have a big enough problem with that in King County, especially in Seattle City, wouldn't you agree? You may get a local, and you get to get that affirmation. So you show them that you are aware like you're you're navigating their emotional challenges with them.

Unknown Speaker 45:18
So you could have helped get a property manager for the current rental property, you could have helped to get a social worker for the sister, you could have made an offer for the home that the sister lived in and propose to him like, what if? What if she actually sold her shares and then leased it back? What do you what do you mean? What's that look like? Well, actually, let me tell you about one we did that way. And that gives you an opportunity. Like you can really flex your creativity and show them that if they have talked to anyone else, they're out there on the on the phone with a different cat now, right?

Unknown Speaker 45:50
So there's, there's things I would ask you to go back and listen to this and know that you're doing I'm being critical of you, but because you're here to get better you're doing most things

Unknown Speaker 46:00
directly, but make sure just like, just like I told, told Mike, like, really think about all the things your skill set can do to help these families. Like I know I've already generated, your gears are bound to be turning and you're like, oh man, yeah, I could do this, this, this, this or that, right.

Unknown Speaker 46:18
But as you gather that information, put the solution in place and and Bruce kind of corrected himself but absolutely, you need to think of it as a snowglobe. So they've done nothing. They're sitting there in probate, quicksand, saying everything's handled, my attorneys got it, you need to grab that snowglobe and shake it up and get everything up in the air. And then let things settle back in and, you know, into into your solution. So get every, like, stir up their emotions, but don't leave them that way. Like you, you stir up an emotion and then you become the solution. And then you stir up another one and become the solution. And when you do this, they get to a point where they're like, Why the hell would I not want to meet with this guy. He just solved all my biggest problems that I've been struggling

Unknown Speaker 47:00
Want this for weeks, they're not going to say that. But they're thinking and I promise you, and but you You did a good job gathering information, you just need to take like, you need to take it a little bit further and actually give them the solution. And you're a couple good examples of where you did do that. But there's some where you left opportunities, where I think you would have it would have been a shorter conversation with a firmer commitment. Had you done some of those things a little bit differently, but great job overall.

Unknown Speaker 47:28
And I have

Unknown Speaker 47:30
one more person in the queue, but I have three, three quick observations and more overall observations, the the, you know, do you have money you're giving away? If so I'll be glad to take it, it's probably the best.

Unknown Speaker 47:44
That's the quickest. What's clever response I've ever heard. It was obvious that it was spontaneous. So I would just say keep that spontaneous sense of humor. You haven't used it in every situation like that, that you come across. So that was awesome. One other thing I noticed

Unknown Speaker 48:00
We teach people to ask a question, and then shut up, be quiet. You are very good at making statements and then just not following it up with, you know, with chatter letting him speak next. That's something that most people can't do. They'll make a statement and then they'll, you know, they get uncomfortable with a little bit of silence. You were really good at making your statement or asking your question, mostly statements, and then you know, just letting him respond. And finally, at the very end there, you're you are a very good listener, because you detected that hesitation in his voice. And you had the appointment. You could have just let him hang up and but the cheat you kind of detected there was something there that was probably a pretty good chance he was going to cancel the appointment. So you you express that what you heard, and he really didn't say much, but you kind of allowed him to confirm the appointment before you got off the phone.

Unknown Speaker 49:00
Really, really, really good job of listening. But yeah, you're gonna do great with this. You know, it was an excellent roleplay good, very, very good job. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 49:10
Thanks, Jim. Thanks guys.

Unknown Speaker 49:12
All right, we have one more in the queue Do we have time guys?

Unknown Speaker 49:17
I do okay, Chad. Bruce okay let's

Unknown Speaker 49:21
I do have a three o'clock Bruce. I'm going to let you guys handle it all thank you guys for being here. We just we just lost them so

Unknown Speaker 49:29
I had to queue left while I was summarizing so yeah, go ahead if you need to win, I'll just wrap up chat. But okay, I want to and yeah, thank you. calculator. I want to end this call. Bruce. Anything you want to say to summarize, I always had two calls with the same with the same you know, ending but anything you want to say? Well, you know, I said it a couple of times. On on today's roleplay calls, but information gather and don't be scared to allow people to take it into

Unknown Speaker 50:01
into deep places, you know our job is to is to is to listen and draw information out and then sell or close off of the information that we're able to gather. So if you if you guys can sit down and actually go through those

Unknown Speaker 50:19
probate questions or list out your own probate questions, and just be able to grab some of those through a little bit of for foresight, and sit down, list them out maybe with five questions out 10 questions out 20 and be able to kind of plug and play those based on how the conversation is going. It's going to serve you very well and you're going to be able to be to close a lot better as well. When you've gathered information through the conversation.

Unknown Speaker 50:50
Well said and I'll end this call like I always do. I promise you this isn't a recording, but I really think it's important to thank each and every one of you for being here. I would have

Unknown Speaker 51:00
Particularly thanks to two gentlemen that actively participated. Great job to both of you. And I want to challenge each of you take one thing, one idea.

Unknown Speaker 51:10
Maybe maybe Dan's joke. One thing you heard on this call that inspired you go out and put it into practice. And please come back and share your results with the group. We will talk to you guys in less than 24 hours at one o'clock eastern tomorrow. Stay healthy guys. Have a great day. We'll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

Preview for Probate Mastermind Podcast Episode #289 for the interactive podcast on probate real estate.

3 Ways To Monetize Leads That Already Sold; SQUATTERS! Winning With A Lower Offer | Probate Real Estate Mastermind Call #289

Probate Leads Mastermind Call - Live Q&A #289 | The Interactive Podcast on Probate Real Estate
July 30th, 2020

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Call Re-cap:

Preventing Squatters: Win Appointments With THIS Strategy (1:34)

Eddie and Chad Discuss how to find the relevant statuetttes regarding possession of property and post them at the property of interest to reduce and prevent squatting issues.  Chad discusses how this is a service you can offer prospects to win their business and get out to see the property in person.


INVESTOR BEST PRACTICES: Winning Multiple Offer Situations WITHOUT Raising Your Offer (4:30)

Eddie’s interested in a property and the seller was amenable to the deal.  However, the attorney seems to be playing ring leader.  Chad advises Eddie to control his offer and how to use a cover letter as an addendum to make sure the attorney conveys the offer to the sellers. Another tip is to increase your earnest money offer.  Don’t let an attorney’s opinion of value sway your valuation of the property. 


Take This Probate Course As Many Times As You’d Like: Probate Mastery (9:07)

Joyce has sat through multiple sessions of Probate Mastery and notes that the squatter strategy was something brand new she learned. 


Squatters and Vacant Insurance Policy: Two Ways To Win Appointments With Sellers While Cold Calling (9:45)

Chad and Joyce discuss strategies for winning deals from prospects with vacant property.  This involves getting a vacant insurance policy in place and placing a No-Trespassing Sign and copy of the relevant statutes over to the property.  This protects the seller from losing the ability to take possession of their own property if a squatter enters the property.  You are likely offering a scenario and solution nobody else has offered this seller.


Finding Real Estate In Trusts/Entities Outside of Probate (11:59)

Joyce is prospecting with Probate Plus+.  The prospect told her he doesn’t plan to sell the deceased’s property, but Joyce can see the deceased also owned 5 other properties.  How can she lead into this conversation?


Overcoming Objections: “How Much Does This Cost?” Objection [Role Play] (16:34)

Rich is running into resistance over cost while cold calling his probate leads.  Chad and Rich jump into a roleplay so Rich can demonstrate what he’s running into. Chad listens, addresses the concern, explains how it works.  An important thing to note is the way Chad uses emotion and questions to keep the prospect on the phone.


Deal Structuring: Medicaid Liens, Special vs. General Warranty Deeds, and Mitigating Risk (23:03)

Rebecca is working with a family who inherited a property from their mother.  The property was titled to the mother, and even though the mother was on Medicaid the daughter isn’t sure the Oklahoma State Department of Health filed for the Medicaid lien.  Probate has not been opened and they are looking to establish heirship through a simple administrative hearing.  If probate has to be opened, is it possible this will trigger Medicaid to file for the lien?  The property is in poor condition and worth about $40k as-is; could become a rental property with about $20k in work.  Rebecca wants to buy the property, but probate needs to be opened so someone has the authority to sell.  There will be a 4-month creditor period, but once the funds are in escrow Rebecca will be protected by title insurance.  The seller has a 50/50 chance at either $40k or $5k in cash.  The ARV (after repair value) would be about $95k. Chad and Rebecca brainstorm how to structure this deal - and why it’s a GREAT deal for her.


The 70% Rule in House Flipping: How To Find The Deals Cash Buyers Are Looking For (34:15)

Federico asks for clarification on what investors are looking for when they say something like “Bring me deals with 75% ARV.” Chad describes what this means and how pitching your inventory with the proper ARV percentage can build strong and efficient relationships with fix and flip/wholesale cash buyers.


The BEST Referrals: Out-of-State Personal Representatives (35:49)

Sue is using Probate Plus+ and finding many personal representatives who have inherited properties outside of the market she handles (ancillary probate).  Chad offers tips for streamlining the segmentation/prospecting process and how to turn these into warm referrals.  Chad describes a feature development is building out to add a .PDF referral agreement to fire off for each of these opportunities. 


Remember: You can use the All The Leads Mastermind Group to find agent/investors to send out-of-market deals to!


Small Market or Big Market: How To Succeed With Probate Real Estate (43:40)

Sherry just got leads and is ready to dive in.  She is in a smaller county and is curious about lead counts and possibly expanding into neighboring counties.  Chad describes the opportunities in both small and large markets, what the learning curve is for each, and how Sherry can start weighing her options and paving her path.


Reminder: In the subscriber portal, hit education and training and click “Schedule my next coaching call” to book your monthly accountability coaching call with Bruce - These calls are meant to help you get organized and keep evolving!


Nurturing Probate Leads Before Letters of Testamentary are Issued (49:04)

Thomas and his partner are working on a few deals. A temporary administrator has been appointed for now.  What can Thomas do now? Bruce and Chad discuss using a letter of intent and offering property preservation services for now and building a relationship up with the attorney on the case. 


How To Find and Fund Fix and Flip Properties: Probate Wholesaling and Investing (52:14)

Thomas is interested in leveraging cash advance and other strategies to build his pipeline with fix and flip deals.  Chad and Thomas brainstorm how to structure deals while courts are processing backlogs so he can do a full flip key-to-key in under 75 days.


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Probate Expert Rodger Lecy Shares Advice For Making BIG MONEY in SMALL MARKETS with Probate Real Estate (59:05)

Rodger is our famous case study for being very successful with just above a dozen leads a month in his small market.  His business has only grown since sharing his 574% ROI with probate real estate in 2016.  He shares his advance and motivating words for others interested in making money with probate leads.


Phone Script For Executors Who Have No Property To Sell: THREE WAYS You Can Make Money From Probate Leads Without Real Estate (1:03:52)

Patti is calling leads who filed back in February, so she is speaking with people who may have closed probate and sold the property already.  Instead of leaving the lead on the table, what can she do to generate business? Chad discusses three ways to turn these leads into referrals and describes how Patti can keep these leads in her sphere of influence for future business. 



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Episode Transcript:

Unknown Speaker 0:00
Write an offer you're comfortable with despite what anyone else says and present that offer with a cover letter as an addendum that has a signature, and even initial boxes, like add them initial the terms or initial part of the letter and sign it. And you never know what's going to happen. I've bought deals like that where I'm like, yeah, I'm going in low, but I wrote a letter I pumped up my and the other thing you can do is really pump up your earnest money deposit, its perceived value if you got the right contingencies in your in your contracts. It doesn't matter the earnest money is not really being risk if you have properly written contracts, but I bought houses for sale 10 or 12% below the competing offer because I put like 40 or 50 grand in earnest money.

Unknown Speaker 1:00
Welcome incredible agents and investors from across the country. Today is July 30 2020. And this is mastermind call number 289. We do have four people in the queue. We got plenty room for more guys jump in early so you don't get shut out. Just hit star six and hit one. And let's go ahead and go to our first caller. First up this week is phone number ending in 5464. You're up first.

Unknown Speaker 1:29
Yeah, this is Eddie in Kansas City. I've got a couple different questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:34
I was on the probate mastery class yesterday. And Chad made comment of a like a document I can put on vacant property

Unknown Speaker 1:44
to prevent squatters from sitting in a house and I'm just wondering what that is and how I can find it.

Unknown Speaker 1:52
So what I suggested was to get get no trespassing signs, you can just pick those up at a hardware store.

Unknown Speaker 2:00
Then go to your state, your whatever state website, what you want, what you're looking for is the trespassing statute and your municipality or county or state. And if you can post the actual statute below the side, it just gives you a more solid ground, if you if, if, if anyone were to take possession of the property. So what I suggested is, and just for everybody listening for context, the idea is to provide value to anyone and everyone who has real estate. This also gives you a way to show them that you're proactively already working in their best interest but to it gives you more importantly, it gives you a solid reason to meet face to face and once what we mean what we know is when we get face to face we close like we no one else can compete with us. So it's kind of a neat little trick to get you there. have a really good reason they get you there really early despite their objections of well, we don't

Unknown Speaker 3:00
Now what we're going to do with the property or we we wait to talk to my ex.

Unknown Speaker 3:05
So just go find the state statutes on the statute for trespassing, you can probably and then you know, you might even call call somebody at your local court and ask them if they can help you find the shortcut. But just make a copy of that and you can dress it up and make it you know, put your company name on it. But just tape that below the no trespassing sign that way and then take a picture with a common date stamp and text it to the to the prospect so they can see you know, everybody has a record of when it was posted. So in the event a squatter does get in. He does go in and drag their ass out or the sheriff, you don't have to go through the the judicial eviction process.

Unknown Speaker 3:47
Okay, so just look it up in the county that I'm in. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 3:53
Okay. You never you know, the law is like you think about it this way like for that for that to be a valid

Unknown Speaker 4:00
argument you need to find the actual law that you would be arguing in a courtroom. if if if someone did squat in the property, so you want to pull the official statute. It just adds some strength to your argument.

Unknown Speaker 4:15

Unknown Speaker 4:18
I want to make a quick comment.

Unknown Speaker 4:21
Chad has talked about Chris Voss, his book never split the difference. He has a mastermind class on masterclass. It's $15 a month if people want to go deeper in that. My main question is, I've been trying to deal with these four properties. There's four properties and three

Unknown Speaker 4:43
lots that this estate, the attorney is saying has to sell for 75% of the value. I was gonna make an offer on that value. And then today, they're like, oh, the 75% value changed. And I'm not exactly sure what it made sense.

Unknown Speaker 5:00
To do see if they would accept the lease option or not Elise has and owner finance

Unknown Speaker 5:07
for the value and then sell each property individually as I pick them up. But the

Unknown Speaker 5:17
I don't know. Like Should I just let this one go or the attorney seems to be like puppeteering this thing and making it so nobody can sell and the numbers changing overnight. You know from be more certain number go up or down. It went up to 189.

Unknown Speaker 5:40
From what so it was a follow until you it was at 137 and now it's 185 nine

Unknown Speaker 5:53
is the appraisal hit the value go up or the percentage you go up

Unknown Speaker 5:58
the percentage of the

Unknown Speaker 6:00
As the the estimated value of the properties went up,

Unknown Speaker 6:05

Unknown Speaker 6:06

Unknown Speaker 6:08
And I'll tell you as an investor, don't ever try to make a square peg fit around the hole like you, you know what it's worth to you and you're in control of your offer. So regardless of what the attorney says, You know what you had you had an idea of what it looked like a good deal to you at 137 with owner financing on these terms,

Unknown Speaker 6:31
write the offer and write it with a cover letter and and put a signature signature box on the cover letter. I've actually had good success with this. I've seen a lot of talk in Facebook groups, it seems like in multiple offer situations other people have caught on to this but what if I had an offer that that where I don't have if the attorney is a third party standing in the way and you can't meet directly with the family to negotiate. I would make a condition of the the purchase agreement. I would make

Unknown Speaker 7:00
The letter an addendum. So it's an official part of my offer and it has to be signed off on so they have to review the attorney. If the attorney throws it out, he's liable. Like he can't throw it out. And this is it's contentious. It pisses some people off, but I don't care if I want to know that the that my justified reason for the offer that I'm giving you, I want to know the seller actually read that. Because I don't want to negotiate through a third party who might not have who's, you know, more who knows what they're trying to do. So my advice to you is, write an offer you're comfortable with, despite what anyone else says I'm present that offer with a cover letter as an addendum that has a signature and even initial boxes like abdom initial the terms or initial part of the letter and sign it and you never know what's going to happen. I've bought deals like that where I'm like, yeah, I'm going in low, but I wrote a letter I pumped up my and the other thing you can do is really pump up your earnest money deposit. It's perceived

Unknown Speaker 8:00
value if you've got the right contingencies in your in your contracts, it doesn't matter the earnest money is not really being risk if you have properly written contracts, but I bought houses for sale 10 or 12% below the competing offer because I put like 40 or 50 grand in earnest money. So that may or may not work on on this particular deal for you but cover letter as an addendum where they have to acknowledge that they read your justification for your offer and a strongest earnest money possible and this either you get it or you don't.

Unknown Speaker 8:34
But don't don't get out of let some Don't let some other attorneys opinion of value sway. You know what you're willing to pay you. You've done your market research, you've underwritten this deal, you know what it's worth, don't play into their games, like you get emotional you lose money.

Unknown Speaker 8:52

Unknown Speaker 8:53
sounds good. I'll report back laying on goes.

Unknown Speaker 8:59
Alright, thanks.

Unknown Speaker 9:00
participating. We appreciate it. Next up is phone number ending in 6248. You're up next.

Unknown Speaker 9:08
Good morning is Joyce arts and Morris. Thank you for this week. Chad. And I just wanted to tell you in the event that you also wondered why I continue to

Unknown Speaker 9:22
take take advantage of your wonderful offer of listening to mastery and working through it every month.

Unknown Speaker 9:30
Yesterday was the first time I had heard you discuss the squatters issue. And so that was a new thing I picked up I think, seems like I do that every single month.

Unknown Speaker 9:44
But I did have a question about that.

Unknown Speaker 9:48
When I have a

Unknown Speaker 9:53
taken proper, what do you call it probate

Unknown Speaker 9:56
and I'm going through looking at they can

Unknown Speaker 10:00

Unknown Speaker 10:02
And so my question is about that.

Unknown Speaker 10:06
If I discovered that there's a vacant property, and I asked the homeowner about insurance, and then if the property is vacant, what do I offer for the vacant property squatters issue?

Unknown Speaker 10:22
So what I was suggesting is you offer two things. One, let's get a vacant, vacant insurance policy bound within the next one hour. Will that be okay with you if I protect the value of your state in the next hour? Okay, great. I'm gonna have a guy named David call you. I'll pull the tax card and he'll have a real quote, if you're comfortable with the premium you'll be protected within the hour. Does that sound good to you?

Unknown Speaker 10:46
And I want the affirmation. Next thing I want to do and I know that this applies to everyone by the way, the next thing I want to do is with your permission, I would like to protect you legally. Now that we've got you financially protected, if

Unknown Speaker 11:00
or one of my team members could could go over to the home and tape a no trespassing sign and the statute, the trespassing statute inside the window. So is there someone a caretaker or family member that could meet me over there with a key to let me inside to do this? And it's a great reason like, I mean, once and you pull that fear to the surface, I'm not sure if you're aware of this. But if somebody does take adverse possession of the property, with a judicial backlogs and the eviction moratorium, right now, it could be months or maybe over a year, before you could have access to your own property. And you don't want to be in that position, do you?

Unknown Speaker 11:37
And how are they going to say yes to that? They might say I'll do it myself, what should I do but you've even if they do that, they might take the reason away from for you to get over there in person. But you've still demonstrated that you're providing unusual value that nobody else has thought about.

Unknown Speaker 11:55

Unknown Speaker 11:58
I have one

Unknown Speaker 12:00
Wouldn't lead in, in the month of April that I'm working. And I talk to the homeowner. And he has said that he is not planning on selling the home that he lives in. But he has five other properties that I found as a result of probate plus. Isn't probate plus amazing. I love it. I I can't believe I didn't have it my whole life.

Unknown Speaker 12:30
I'm wondering, is there something that I should say? That tells him how I know he has five other properties? And that I would like to help him with those two referral or whatever. That will not seem

Unknown Speaker 12:48
invasive? Yeah, I'm glad you brought this up. So we talked about this on master yesterday just for the benefit of everybody. Some of the early predictive analytics companies in the real estate space.

Unknown Speaker 13:00
Got drug into large class action lawsuits. And it was because they were pulling like, you know, high school graduation data on on and these kids were 17 years old. That became a sticking point. But you know, the problem was the real estate agents were calling saying, Hey, I see Jr. Graduated IV, are you guys going to sell 123 Walnut Street, it's likely that you are so I wanted to touch base and see, can I help you get a home value. And they were freaking people out because they were they had a lot of information at their fingertips, but they weren't actually using it and they were making people feel like their privacy was violated. So probate plus is not a tool to have you to give to you to go straight for the juggler like, hey, Jerry, I know you own five houses in this zip code and I'm your guy. You're not going to make it very far if that's your approach. probate plus is for you to target your marketing effort and prioritize your activity. Don't try to go tell them what they own. Still stick with the interview format and

Unknown Speaker 14:00
say, Okay, well, Jerry, listen, I'm glad that you're comfortable in your home. I mean, it's always nice when when your situation doesn't have to change drastically. But one of the things we noticed is a lot of times probate and Joyce, you can use this statistic in testing, what we found is the average probate, according on, you know, the probate plus results, what it shows us. The average estate and testing has 1.82 properties. So you can reference global statistics like that and be like, based on our experience, the average probate and our experiences had, you know, more than one property, the average is closer to two. So, you've told me you're staying in your primary residence and I'm happy that that's, that's good for you. Is there any are there? Is there any other real estate even if it's in trust or an LLC, yes. You know, that that as part of the estate that needs to be settled, and do it in an interview format and think of probate pluses as you know, you should use the conversation to validate the probate plus data, because it is it is an art. It's not a

Unknown Speaker 15:00
The science there's no guarantee because there's mistakes that entry mistakes. So just be careful not to shoot yourself in the foot. I don't think you have any liability with this data like, like the example I gave, they were, they were pulling data on minors that became the sticking point. But the bigger picture is when when you when people don't know how you know so much they distrust you immediately. They feel like their privacy has been violated. So don't try to go straight into it saying, I know you own these things. be tactful in your approach and say, you know, most most families own more than one property. A lot of times that's an entity or trust. Is there any other property in this state that you guys need to deal with?

Unknown Speaker 15:42
Perfect. That's good. I'm so glad you said that. So that I I will have a good

Unknown Speaker 15:49
foray into the conversation. I was just trying to figure that out. And I thank you very much. Yeah, thank you, Joyce. So you always hold Jim just so you don't get to ask

Unknown Speaker 16:00
How many times

Unknown Speaker 16:02
a she's been through mastery 38 times now. So thanks for being there. Joyce. I promise you, I pick up a nugget every time.

Unknown Speaker 16:14
That's awesome. Thank you so much, guys. We got a small queue this week. We only have three in there. We got plenty of time for more jump in. Don't be shy star six. Get one and we're looking for success stories challenges. Anything you need help with. This is an open forum. Next up is phone number ending in 2442. You're up next.

Unknown Speaker 16:36
Hi, guys. Can you hear me? Okay? Yes, sir. Yes. Okay. So I just started, I got my first set of leads in the beginning of July so I'm making my calls. And it's going pretty good. The only thing that I I'm finding with the people that I'm able to speak to is

Unknown Speaker 16:59
you know, they're always

Unknown Speaker 17:00
He's wary about

Unknown Speaker 17:03
cost, like, and I'm trying to do my value proposition quickly, obviously, so I can get some rapport with them right off the bat. And I'm trying to get, you know, I have to convey to them, I feel that there is no cost to them. Unless they use my, you know, unless they use my services. And even part of those spokes on my hub that high up kind of nothing to do with, I think that they're thinking only because of how society is now, there's going to be a cost attached. So I'm trying to come up with a talk track that I can convey to them quickly within my value proposition that says that to them.

Unknown Speaker 17:50
So you can actually use that objection to your advantage, because it's a great

Unknown Speaker 17:56
I feel like we should do this on a roleplay Are you comfortable roleplay

Unknown Speaker 18:00
Instead of me talking at you.

Unknown Speaker 18:03
Yeah, sure to do that. Okay. So out of all the probate USP, I'll just start at the end. So you know, sorry, what was your name?

Unknown Speaker 18:13
My name is rich, rich, so rich listeners out. We reach out to a lot of families early in the process because we know what a big difference it can make. And so far we've never never met a family we couldn't help so what's what's one thing you guys would delegate if you could today and we'll make it make it my responsibility? Not yours?

Unknown Speaker 18:33
Yep, first of all, who am I speaking to win? And how did you get my info?

Unknown Speaker 18:39
Oh, well, I should have started at the beginning because you wouldn't have given me that objection. All right, let's do this the right way. I'm trying to read rich

Unknown Speaker 18:48

Unknown Speaker 18:50
Hey, rich. My name is Chad Corbett, you might have saw a letter from us earlier in the week. I just had a few minutes at my desk and I wanted to follow up. reason why I'm reaching out. We've got a team of folks

Unknown Speaker 19:00
Here in Roanoke could help families going through probate. And as part of that we actually meet with the clerk each month and figure out which families we should be reaching out to. And even at the risk of sometimes giving the wrong impression, we try to reach out really early because we know what a big difference we can make and the amount of money you can save and the amount of stress you don't have to deal with. So what's what's been the toughest thing for you guys so far?

Unknown Speaker 19:23
Well, first of all, what you know can because I don't I'm not really familiar with what you do. Could you just email me like a summary with with some of the rates that would be attached to your services?

Unknown Speaker 19:39
Well, there's there's probably 1400 and 34 things which one should I send you services information on? Otherwise, we could just talk about it?

Unknown Speaker 19:49
Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 19:52
we're just the way that the way this, the way we try to work with families, riches if as soon as we can understand your goals, and your

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Your challenges and your situation, then we know exactly what to pull together. So think about it more like

Unknown Speaker 20:06
a customized quote, than a menu. You know, we're not going to give you a menu and say pick the things you need, we're actually going to hear you out, understand your situation, the person, you know, what's present to you options that we believe to be in your best interest. And regardless of whatever that is, I think, I think what I'm hearing from you, you're concerned, we're going to charge you some upfront fee or exorbitant fee. Every single thing that I will talk to you about, there is not one single service or function that I will talk to you about that you don't get delivery on what we promised before anyone gets paid. So does that make you more comfortable knowing that we don't get paid unless we do what we promised? And if we don't, then we don't get paid? So you're not taking the risk? My team is that makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 20:54
Yeah, so so there's no consultation fee. There's no other fees that are associated

Unknown Speaker 21:00
You know, and it's a common, it's a common question that we get. Because when something sounds too good to be true, our cultural reaction is, well, that's gotta be a scam. But what I'm telling you is if you give me the opportunity to prove up, I will do that. And I will do such a good job that you'll be happy to write that check. And if you're not, then I won't get paid. So like I said, I'm willing to take the risk if you're willing to trust me, you don't have any risk.

Unknown Speaker 21:29
Okay, we can break there. Okay. Yeah. So, so I have to just, I guess it's just up to me to do a better job conveying no cost until you actually use the services and I have to do it quickly.

Unknown Speaker 21:45
Just to engage and have them stay on the phone.

Unknown Speaker 21:50

Unknown Speaker 21:52
Yeah, and there's something if you haven't done this, if you if you go to all the leads mastermind, our private Facebook group and then

Unknown Speaker 22:00
On the left hand sidebar put in roleplay. And there's actually Rosie hire who you've heard on the last couple of weeks called, she put together the most recent one that I've seen. But there's unlike some of our most successful people are in that roleplay group. It's four or five people, but like David panella, is doing over a million dollars a year. And he's in their role playing with brand new people. Why do you think he's doing a million dollars a year, because he's always sharpening his axe. So jump in there and jump in one of those little, little miniature roleplay groups that people put together independently, and just go in there and practice. Like, there's people that meet every Wednesday at 8am. Or there's different times find one that works for your schedule. But But I mean, it's, that's why I'm so proud of that, because it's a real community and we have our subscribers are helping each other. So take advantage of that.

Unknown Speaker 22:49
guy. Yeah, definitely do that. For sure. We'll do that.

Unknown Speaker 22:54
Okay, thanks so much for your time. Yeah. Thank you, rich.

Unknown Speaker 23:00
Next up is phone number ending in 2858. You're up next. Oh, hi, everyone. This is Rebecca. And

Unknown Speaker 23:11
this is what I have right now I have a house

Unknown Speaker 23:16
that the

Unknown Speaker 23:18
person who owned it died in 2016.

Unknown Speaker 23:23
So she was having her her nursing home care was paid by Medicaid. The so nobody owns the house except the person that died. There's two daughters and step son involved. The main daughter has been paying the taxes every year. So that's all caught up. So my question

Unknown Speaker 23:46
and I've already gone to two attorneys on this. There is no statute of limitation for Medicaid me.

Unknown Speaker 23:53
The issue is she's saying a lien was never filed. That she got a letter

Unknown Speaker 24:00
dated May 19 2016, with the intent to file a lien Medicaid lien on the house for her mother's care, and then her mother died may 25 2016. So this daughter is saying that she thinks it's possible that the Oklahoma Health Care Authority didn't follow through on filing lien because it was before the 30 days that they allowed to request a hearing. So this is the thing they haven't been through probate yet. And I tried to explain to her it has to go through probate, I thought maybe they could do a determination of errors. But I've spoken to three attorneys in Oklahoma. They don't really do determination of heirs much. once said he could do an expedited take six weeks

Unknown Speaker 24:55
expedited, administrative summary administrative proceeding in Oklahoma.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
That's what it's called. So anyway, I didn't know if anyone had any experience. There there is no lien according to title. So there's no no lien recorded yet. But once that probate is filed,

Unknown Speaker 25:16
has anyone had experience with Medicaid coming back and filing the lien? For the 13 months? This lady was in nursing care, which will probably be certainly around $35,000. It's about 3000 a month for the nursing home.

Unknown Speaker 25:34
How much equity in the home Oh actually, my question, what's the impel thing It would be great if if the link is not there, we're okay. The house is worth

Unknown Speaker 25:47
I've already had my contractor over there. She met him over there putting like the house sitting there it's in really bad condition is worth about. Now this is a noble Oklahoma. Can you

Unknown Speaker 26:00
Stick houses up there for like $3,000. Anyway, we think the house is worth sitting there

Unknown Speaker 26:08
about 40,000

Unknown Speaker 26:12
without the work done on it. Now the contractor, my contractor saying you know about 20,000 and work and this is to make this a rental house. So, anyway, I just

Unknown Speaker 26:27
can't seem to find anyone who can give me an answer on that. If once the probate is opened and filed, you know, they have to give notice and so does Medicaid then

Unknown Speaker 26:42
come along and file a lien even though she's been gone since 2016. They have the right to and let's say it's 5050.

Unknown Speaker 26:53
That's what

Unknown Speaker 26:54
the end the intent is to sell the asset correct.

Unknown Speaker 26:59
The entity

Unknown Speaker 27:00
Is to Yes. I mean, she's saying, here's what I would do, I would

Unknown Speaker 27:07
I would go ahead and lift it and get it. So get it under contract for five years. Lester, I'm an investor. I'm not licensed. Oh, you're wanting to buy it? Yeah, we're gonna buy it.

Unknown Speaker 27:20
Okay, then make her an offer, you know, she needs to initiate probate before you can actually make an offer. Like she has the authority to sign the purchase agreement. So the only way you're going to know and this I if I were you, as an investor, I would view this like a short sale, maybe I'll get it for my number. Maybe I won't, but it's worth a shot, right. And so have her have her contact the probate clerk, initiate the probate process, like petition for probate, get two letters of testamentary sonica purchase agreement for 40,000 and then just know you've got a four month creditors period. Well, she needs to understand there's a four month creditor period

Unknown Speaker 28:00
If you go ahead and close, that money goes from the escrow into the estate bank account. It's not your problem, you're the investor. So you you can receive title and you have title insurance. So if a lien attaches after the fact, like they're more likely to submit the actual the invoice to the probate court and then they are to attach to the title that's already transferred, but you're protected by your title insurance policy if that lien attaches after the fact your title insurance is the one that's on the hook for it. So it's it's there's there's a 5050 chance that she'll she'll get by with 40,000 in cash instead of 5000 in cash. But either way, it's not really your problem as

Unknown Speaker 28:44
well. I don't know this. Let me let me tell you what this one attorney can appreciate. He did this for free for me.

Unknown Speaker 28:54
He says there's no statutory lien that survives until collected one client he's saying one person

Unknown Speaker 29:00
I bought a property at sheriff's auction that had been vacant and abandoned for over 10 years. Imagine his surprise and he was hit with an immense Medicaid lien government. So pay attention, pay attention. He bought that on a special warranty deed, not a general warranty deed was a lien. That's why the lien got through on him. You're going to have a general warranty deed, you're going to make sure that you have a general warranty deed with a title insurance policy between you and that liability. Okay, I gotcha.

Unknown Speaker 29:31
So I don't see any risk for you here other than wasting a little bit of time. But But even even then, I think you're gonna get this deal because there's enough equity to cover cover the debt.

Unknown Speaker 29:44
Yeah, so I would move I would move in for whether it sounds like a good deal.

Unknown Speaker 29:49
It is a big deal. I mean, truly, the after repaired value on it is about 95,000.

Unknown Speaker 29:57
So I do this whole thing.

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Maybe 100 but I do this whole thing where I have a private lender financed it and then I go back into the bank, as long as I have 75 excuse me 25% equity after I've done the rehab, and I show that I have a tenant instead assigned a lease and I'm good to go think on it.

Unknown Speaker 30:19
Okay, I appreciate it. strategy.

Unknown Speaker 30:23
All right. Good. Good questions in case Come. Come back and let us know when you get bought and sold. Sure the shirt is a winning. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 30:32
Next, next job is Mr. Smith. 474361. You're up next, sir.

Unknown Speaker 30:39
The dummy of the week. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 30:45
No, I definitely. I think he was talking about

Unknown Speaker 30:49
oh, I broke. Alright, I'll take it. I know timber. I felt that I've known this guy for about 40 years so we can each other like go ahead Tim

Unknown Speaker 30:59

Unknown Speaker 31:00
Separate trading. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 31:04
The I got very excited about this probate plus thing.

Unknown Speaker 31:11
I watched the video. I think it could have been smoother, but I watched it. And then I went and ordered last Thursday. And I had the expectation of the month I ordered it for I would go in and see it.

Unknown Speaker 31:27
But that hasn't happened. I opened up I did make a ticket, you know, you get

Unknown Speaker 31:37
paid case number ticket number, whatever. And I wrote in on the on the internet, but I haven't heard anything from anybody and I'm not sure I might. I must have done something wrong. I'm pretty sure I am.

Unknown Speaker 31:51
I know Darcy tried to call you back twice yesterday. So I don't know. If you know it would have come from a three to one number because I'm aware of it.

Unknown Speaker 32:00
I asked her to reach out to you. And I know she tried. But Chad, would you, Tim, did you order it online? Or did you just send an email ordering it? Now I ordered it online. In other words, okay, have a thing there and order probate plus and I did.

Unknown Speaker 32:17

Unknown Speaker 32:19
So in it if that's the case, and it was done properly then if the results Chad should have come back within an hour or two, right? Yes, I'm looking. We'll track it down for you, Tim on one or the other. We'll get it. Yeah. We'll figure it out. Sorry. Sorry to take group time, but I was on a triggered by that.

Unknown Speaker 32:39
No problem. The good word like your Tim, I think you're ordered and actually submit because it's not in your subscriber record, but so we'll get you taken care of today. Someone will call you right after this. Okay, thanks. All right. Thank you, Tim. Next up is phone number ending in eight to one three, you're up next.

Unknown Speaker 33:00
Hey guys, thanks for thanks for the call.

Unknown Speaker 33:04
Quick, before I ask my question, Chad, you were talking about a group

Unknown Speaker 33:11
that we can jump on. I think it's every Wednesday, I came right as you were talking about, I think it's a roleplay call or something like that. Where do I find that?

Unknown Speaker 33:20
It was just one of the independent groups that I was, I was just using it as an example, if you go to all the leads mastermind, our private Facebook group, and use this, use the search bar, put in roleplay. And you'll see you'll see several posts, but the one I was referencing Rosie higher is one of our new subscribers. She's been with us about a month and she's she's running at full speed already. And she has a roleplay group that she put together a couple of weeks ago, but that's the one I was was. I'm not sure if it's on Wednesdays But anyway, search search roleplay and you'll see our archive, our our group roleplay calls, but you also see the little independent groups that our customers are put together.

Unknown Speaker 34:01
Okay, yeah. And then we then we have our monthly Wednesday roleplay call.

Unknown Speaker 34:07
Yes, yes, I attend that one. I actually actually scheduled a call with you tomorrow because I'm like, Yeah, I need to take flight. So it's not okay. Anyway, because we I noticed there's a lot of investors here on the call can sorry if it's an ignorant it sounds like an ignorant question at the beginning. When we talk about ARV right, I sometimes have investors come to me and say, hey, I want for example 75%. After

Unknown Speaker 34:36
that, what does that mean exactly? Let's say a property will sell ask the repairs for a million dollars when they say 75% ARV. would that mean that they want they would want to purchase it for 750?

Unknown Speaker 34:49
Or they would want that. Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 34:53

Unknown Speaker 34:55
Okay, all right. So your ARV after repair value, just retail value.

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Got it. Okay. Okay, that makes sense because I was just so confused. I'm like, wait, what I need to figure out and I know you guys deal with a lot of this. So

Unknown Speaker 35:09
okay, I will try. My goal is to come back on the call and have a probate listing next week so you can all awesome

Unknown Speaker 35:20
All right, you got 180 people to hold you accountable. Give me your phone number they'll call and beat you up if you don't do it. How's that?

Unknown Speaker 35:30
I like strict accountability. Good job. We we know where to find you. So thanks for thanks for volunteering that. That's great.

Unknown Speaker 35:37
All right, guys. We have three more in the queue. We do have room for more hit star six and then hit one. Next up is phone number ending in 2517 Europe next.

Unknown Speaker 35:50
Hi, this is Sue and I have run my leads through the

Unknown Speaker 36:00
I forgot the thing that you had that kind of checks out if they had real estate or not. And my question is, I have a few that have real estate that they're like in another state.

Unknown Speaker 36:13
They have nothing. I'm in Arizona. And, you know, they don't have any real estate in Arizona, but they have it in another part of the country. And I was wondering how you handle stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker 36:25
referrals, referrals, referrals. So we have the data. So the system is kind of in version one right now. But what you can do as part of your workflow, just sort way we added a column in there. So if you sort by out of market properties, usually there will be a couple of dozen in any given County. And the first thing that you can you can call the family and make a connection, and then make it a warm referral to an agent and another market. Or you can just start to fight like just, you know, you don't have to do the

Unknown Speaker 37:00
prospecting work, you can just find an agent and the other market and say, Hey, try, you know, call this one for me, please,

Unknown Speaker 37:06
you're more likely to get conversions and referral commissions. If you warm it up and build, you know, do a handoff. But if you don't have the bandwidth to do that, just just refer them out. version two, like one of the feature requests that I know we're going to build, we're actually going to put a button on each of the leads, where you can actually just click a button and it will spit out a PDF referral agreement with all the information on it. So you'll be able to very efficiently generate referral agreements that you can send to those agents and we just didn't have time to get that done before we rolled it out. But the idea is to show you every opportunity to save money and to generate revenue, that's what probate plus is all about. It's about a higher quality data that will target your effort and maximize your revenue. So right now you can manually you know, send you can download the spreadsheet and send those to another agent, the agent and the other market or

Unknown Speaker 38:00
You can call them or you can handwrite it on your own referral agreement. But absolutely you know there's there's multiple opportunities every month for you to refer to out of market agents the best place to do that right now we really haven't built a specific referral community yet but all the leads mastermind there's over 10,000 carefully curated real estate professionals in our group now and we pretty much have representation and pretty much every major city or town in the United States. So you can usually jump in there and find someone who who has bought into this culture in this methodology that would provide a consistent standard a service to yours and you know, then that's your they're far more likely to close that lead and then just someone you choose out of a general real estate database

Unknown Speaker 38:47
right so I'm sorry where would I find that information of other people anything all these just go to all the leads mastermind and say guys, I have I have this month I have probate plus referrals from these things.

Unknown Speaker 39:00
Cities who wants them, and then let people respond to your message and say, Hey, I'll take the one in Minneapolis, hey, I've got I've got Kansas.

Unknown Speaker 39:09
And then you know, just post all of that you could just make a list of each of the cities where you have referrals for the month, and post that in all the leads mastermind. And then and then we have 10,000 people looking at it, and they can jump in and say, Hey, I'm in I'm in Nashville, send me that one. And then you can fire them off, you know, one of the time.

Unknown Speaker 39:31
Okay, and shall I just, just to add to add to that, I've had a couple referrals myself, my wife had a commercial hotel referral, and I checked, we'd never had a subscriber in that market. It was just a very, very rural area in Oklahoma. I just went in the group and said, Hey, who knows an agent in that market? And I got three or four recommendations. We had somebody step up and take the listing and I think she's got a contract on it. So yeah, with that many people, I've never put a response in there that I wasn't. We either didn't

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Have somebody or they knew somebody. So it's a great resource. Take advantage of it for sure.

Unknown Speaker 40:05
Because I have one that has vacant land commercial vacant land in Tacoma, Washington.

Unknown Speaker 40:13
There you go. That's a good one.

Unknown Speaker 40:15
Yeah. So what I would recommend on that is looking at, look at the CCI m database.

Unknown Speaker 40:23
CCI M is like pretty much the highest level commercial brokerage designation so you get a much higher, much better skill set. So find the CCI CCI on broker and Tacoma. That's a hot market for development. Seattle has spilled over into Tacoma, you that should be a really good one.

Unknown Speaker 40:44
But then when I've made the call to the person and said a word on that one

Unknown Speaker 40:50
because that's probably a multimillion dollar parcel.

Unknown Speaker 40:54
Yeah, it shows like it's really

Unknown Speaker 40:57

Unknown Speaker 40:59

Unknown Speaker 41:00
And that's that's the other beauty of probate plus, like we're not just talking about mom and dad's house anymore. We find everything they own rental portfolios, hotels, commercial outparcels Farms, even swamp lands. I was in testing, I was surprised how many how many deeds are recorded with land type swamp land in Florida. I mean, you can you can find a lot of interesting stuff with probate plus.

Unknown Speaker 41:27
Okay, now, you might also you might also reach out to Roger Lacey. He's part of a nationwide commercial group and that place the place I was referring to an Oklahoma, he actually referred me to another commercial agent that he knows in Oklahoma. So he's a he's a subscriber, they may have a resource for you, you know, between that and the CCM you know, you should be able to find somebody.

Unknown Speaker 41:51
Okay, no, great, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 41:54
And I interrupted you to start to ask another question.

Unknown Speaker 41:59
I just wanted to

Unknown Speaker 42:00
comment that I liked that little code seal because I,

Unknown Speaker 42:04
I this way I have a real quick easy reference to you know, I have a couple of codes I use so like I could go down to the ones and because I've coded them that they're out of state and I didn't know what to do with them, so I didn't send them a letter with this first batch because I was I didn't know if it would make sense.

Unknown Speaker 42:23
Hey, I've been trying I've been like racking my brain trying to think of the right name. We have a really good there's a really good probate agent right there and Tacoma, Julianne Gibson is her name and I believe she's a Keller Williams agent. She's not a Keller Williams commercial, but she has a lot of experience with probate and I'm sure she came from the nursing home industry so she's she thinks of this a much higher level than most most realtor like residential realtors. She has commercial real estate experience in the eldercare industry, but you may call Julian Gibson

Unknown Speaker 43:00
with Keller Williams and I think she's in Tacoma.

Unknown Speaker 43:04
Okay, great. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 43:08
All right, thank you. We have two more in the queue. We probably can squeeze a couple more in guys. Don't be shy it star six and hit one. Next up is phone number ending in 1909. You're up next.

Unknown Speaker 43:25
I hear you. Are you there? 1909

Unknown Speaker 43:32
unmute yourself, please. do that work. That works. Good. Sorry about that. This is Sherry. I am new to the whole program. So I'm really excited to get started. I just got my leads earlier this week. And I'm I'm tempted to take advantage of the discount that's offered.

Unknown Speaker 43:56
Through the I just took the mastermind class

Unknown Speaker 44:00
The probate mastery class. I've just finished it last night. So I, but I, my question is, since I don't have any thing to gauge this by, what would you recommend? I mean, I could ask for a county around me on which is probably smaller numbers of population or I could go toward a bigger city, but then I'm going to have less familiarity with the area. So what would your advice be if I would started checking into another county to on to get leads from?

Unknown Speaker 44:36
Well, you definitely have to be confident in order to be a leader, like so if you're, it sounds like you have some apprehension. So if, from what I hear in your voice, if you're going to go toward the city and the secondary market, you need to make a commitment to build your market knowledge. So you're confident when you meet with these people that you're giving them good advice and you know, like, so there's a bit of a learning curve there.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
As long as you commit to that learning curve, that's fine. There's more opportunity and the bigger markets right and more numbers, you have more opportunity. But it's up It sounds like you don't have a learning curve and the smaller county what you'll find is in smaller County, sometimes, because wealth levels are so low, like

Unknown Speaker 45:20
most of the people who pass away, are exempt from probate because of the smallest state exemption. So sometimes you'll but but we have kind of a fixed cost and getting a researcher out there. So you have to find a balance. If it's you know, if it has two leads for 250 bucks, it might not make sense for you, it may make more sense to beat the learning curve and go into the bigger market. But if there's 20, or 30 leads for 300 bucks, that's pretty good. And those markets do really well. Some of our top subscribers only get 20 or 30 leads a month, but they get 567 deals out of them. So figure out your pricing and lead counts and really what you have to determine is it

Unknown Speaker 46:00
If you think only you can really answer this question, but I would say if you go to the bigger city, you know, the bigger town, there's more opportunity. You just need to make sure your mindset is right. And you make a commitment to getting yourself confident, because I don't hear that right now. Right? It's all very new to me. So I'm a little

Unknown Speaker 46:23
on the lacking a little confidence right at this moment. So you're probably right about that. As far as getting to know the, I'm sure you're right about that. But I was trying to make a decision as to what I might ask for. I just got 28 leads on boards for my first month. So you know, I haven't sent letters or anything. So I'm kind of excited to get started but I'm also a little hesitant to make the wrong move for an extra step.

Unknown Speaker 46:51
Yeah, sure. Your intuition. Yep. Trust your entire sale. Have we?

Unknown Speaker 46:58
Go ahead to chat. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 47:01
My best Your turn is trust your trust your intuition. If you if you think you're going to be overwhelmed, then just this weekend, I mean, I'll say this I'll extend an offer to you. If you feel like it's going to be overwhelming but you're afraid of missing out on a 20% discount then you when you then don't do it right now, but it chances are you have the bandwidth was 28 leads your call to go all the way through that list is only like two and a half hours, two hours and 15 minutes. So you have quite a bit more more bandwidth. So you're probably ready.

Unknown Speaker 47:38
But But if you feel overwhelmed, trust your intuition because we see people get they bite off too much too soon and they get overwhelmed and quit but they're typically only in counties with 234 hundred leads. I think you've got this and I think you've got the time to manage two counties around that size.

Unknown Speaker 47:57
Right Jerry what I was going to say is Darcy is yours.

Unknown Speaker 48:00
salesperson, I'll have her reach out to you with some options, you could always take advantage of the discount and do a, you know, delay the start date on the next county until you're ready. You know, delay it a month or two.

Unknown Speaker 48:12
Yeah. Okay. And that's, that's right, Jim. And, and also, if you if you've already had your onboarding call with Tom and haven't set up an implementation call with me, this is Bruce by the way. Definitely do that because we can talk through some of some of the best strategy and make sure that you're set up properly. Okay. And you can do that by in the subscriber portal, look under education or training, and then schedule my next coaching call and you can get right into Bruce's calendar.

Unknown Speaker 48:42

Unknown Speaker 48:44
I'm glad to do that. Thanks so much. All right. Now, of course, we have five in the queue. I'm going to close the queue and we're going to try to get to all of you, Chad, you have to leave right at three to today correct? No to this thing.

Unknown Speaker 48:57
Okay, good. So we got some time. Next up

Unknown Speaker 49:00
His phone number ending in 8624. You're up next.

Unknown Speaker 49:06
Yeah, Hey guys, this is Tom and the North Atlanta, Georgia area. And we're just we're realtors and investors and just get started with the program and we have a few opportunities that we're working on and have a couple questions. So the first first one that we have is

Unknown Speaker 49:23
it's a test bait case in which a temporary admin has been assigned. And the letter that the gentleman had actually received from the courts said that he had the ability to collect and preserve the assets until a Permanent Representative had been appointed. So we met with this guy, I'm not really quite sure if we can do something and move forward with some kind of an offer or even a listing agreement with them,

Unknown Speaker 49:54
with him being just a temporary representative until a permanent Of course

Unknown Speaker 50:00
With everything going on in the courts and the delays, the attorney saying it's going to probably be six to eight weeks before a permanent is actually found. So I just wanted to get your input on what, what, what can what can we do at this point to help this gentleman out and possibly capture an opportunity there.

Unknown Speaker 50:17
As the as the interim administrator been issued two letters of testamentary. So they have authority.

Unknown Speaker 50:23
He has received that temporary letter of administration. That's all that's been received.

Unknown Speaker 50:30
Okay. So this is a great opportunity for you to, if you don't know, a probate attorney and get to know one,

Unknown Speaker 50:37
you just call and say listen, you know, we're we're helping a family and and the temporary administrator. I mean, there's an attorney on this case, right?

Unknown Speaker 50:46
Correct. Yeah. Yeah. So I would call that that attorney and say, Listen, you know, we're trying to help the family. We did speak to the the interim administrator, but he's not sure if he has the authority. I just want to verify you know,

Unknown Speaker 51:00
Letters testamentary valid under his his

Unknown Speaker 51:04
administration? And If yes, then you can go to a purchase agreement if no, go to a letter of intent.

Unknown Speaker 51:11
Okay, then we just do a letter of intent. Okay. That's what was one of my thoughts is I was like, I think we can do a letter of intent intent on this, but be quite sure. And of course, you know, you can, you can always do an Li, it's just what you're getting is the mental commitment. It's not a valid, enforceable contract, but it's in their mind they made a commitment to you so they're unlikely to do the same with somebody else without talking to you.

Unknown Speaker 51:34
Alright, so the other thing that I really weigh in on that is his his his letter say that he has the authority to collect and preserve assets. I would offer as much help on the preservation of those assets as possible. Loop the attorney in every time you've done something to help with the preservation. So email the attorney, call the attorney, let them know what you've done to help and when a permanent administrator isn't

Unknown Speaker 52:00
Find that attorney is going to be your biggest advocate.

Unknown Speaker 52:04
Perfect. Perfect. Okay, great. That's why we pay Bruce the big bucks. Good advice. Yeah, baby.

Unknown Speaker 52:11
No, that's great advice. We'll definitely do that. The second one is the other one that we're working on is a test date situation where

Unknown Speaker 52:22
mom has assigned what there's two sons. One of the sons is the executor. He just filed for probate so no notices have been received from anybody. Son number two is inheriting the actual real estate property.

Unknown Speaker 52:38
Now we're going to go they want to sell the property, they want to get as much money out of it as they possibly can. We went ahead and signed a listing agreement, having both sons sign it kind of moving forward. So I wasn't really quite sure what else we needed to do.

Unknown Speaker 52:53
If that was appropriate, not having a letter from the courts, yet identifying who the executor is.

Unknown Speaker 53:00
And the second one being the beneficiary of the real estate. So I wanted to get your vote on that. Yeah, go ahead. I'm sorry. You just need to be aware your listing agreement is not a valid, enforceable contract, as long as everything's going fine. That's probably not a problem. It shows their intent, but you will not be able to chant to close the chain of title. So you want to make sure that you you set proper expectations with the buyer's agent, and that you address that with a contingency in the purchase agreement. So when you wanted them title, you can you can see that.

Unknown Speaker 53:37
Okay, well, we I wasn't even planning on actively listing this property until that notice was received. So are you saying that we might be able to go ahead and list this property

Unknown Speaker 53:49
without having official notice back from the courts on who the example is? I would, I would put an effective date of today on the listing agreement. And then a TBD

Unknown Speaker 54:00
Like I would in the in the listing, listing bait, I would put asterisks the additional terms. And then the additional terms I would write, you know, to be determined, like listing shortlisting shall be uploaded on local MLS within 24 hours of administrator receiving letters of testamentary. That way you have no no liability with the state or your broker

Unknown Speaker 54:25
and just follow the rules.

Unknown Speaker 54:27
Okay, all right, good. That's actually what we did. So I thought I might have heard you say something different. So I'm glad we got that one. Right. And then there's the other part of that is the son who's inheriting this real estate. He does not have the funds available to keep the property up. Taxes are going to be due here in a little bit. He's getting a little bit nervous. I listened to your

Unknown Speaker 54:51
podcast with probate cash folks. I was going to plug them in, bring that in as a possible resource for these these guys but I also wanted to get your

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Put on any other opportunities or options that we might have to be able to capitalize on that on that situation and bring value to them. Besides bringing

Unknown Speaker 55:11
do you guys do fix and flip?

Unknown Speaker 55:13
We do.

Unknown Speaker 55:16
So, do you have your own capital?

Unknown Speaker 55:19

Unknown Speaker 55:21
you can partner with them. So you establish a basis value. You establish a basis value for the asset right now as is where is

Unknown Speaker 55:32
and you write that into your you can use a trust, you can use a fresh LLC joint partnership or joint venture Limited Partnership Agreement, let your attorney tell you what vehicle to use. But just make sure that the

Unknown Speaker 55:44
the operating agreement or the trust agreement, explicitly spelled out the basis value. The the give you control of sale, and and you know then a 5050 split on net

Unknown Speaker 56:00
profit, not not on not on the gross sale price but on net. Because you're going to be taking the capital risk, you also get the listing commission. And what's leftover on the bottom line on the settlement statement shall be split 50 proceeds shall be split 5050 to the whether it's the members of the LLC are the beneficiaries of the trust. But it's a great way to get a free house to flip and everybody wins the neighborhood gets a nicer house, the family gets more equity and generational wealth, you get a higher listing commission and you get a nice bonus you get a profit share, and your contractor gets to work.

Unknown Speaker 56:38
Okay, so can I can we we have to wait until that notice of the executor has been received before we can actually move forward to that though, is that correct? Me safely Yes. Because they don't have the authority to sign anything right now. So if you were to go start putting putting work in there, and then something would change then you could

Unknown Speaker 57:00
Lose whatever equity you've put into the asset. Okay? However, we could go in with a letter of intent and actually take care of it upfront. Now, yeah, you could go in and negotiate all the pertinent points right now. You can even you could even establish the LLC or trust, the trust won't technically exist until the asset closes into it, but you can still do the front end legal work on that. So there's other stuff you can be doing now. You know, getting quotes from your contractor getting over there cleaning it out, getting a scope of work, like there's a lot of stuff that can be done that's non legal in the next two weeks, while you're waiting on on them to get the authority and then you'll have your strategy ready. I mean, literally the day they get the letters, you can have guys in their demo.

Unknown Speaker 57:46
Okay. So the other question is, what they're concerned is based on what the courts were telling this, these two gentlemen, because of the delays in our court system here locally, and and the COVID thing

Unknown Speaker 58:00
Could be four to six weeks before they actually get there notice.

Unknown Speaker 58:06
One fortunately, there's another there's not much we can do. We're at the mercy of court and COVID. Yeah, I was trying to figure out that piece. I'm like, I don't know what I can do. In the meantime, I really don't

Unknown Speaker 58:17
know. Well, I mean, use of four weeks to get your design plan in place. Get your contractor bids, don't buy anything, in case something would happen. But you can you can get your scope of work and your bid and line up your subs, you know, get get, I just outlined the entire strategy and put it in a letter of intent. Get them to sign it and say, here's what we'll do. The day this happens will trigger this plan. So that way, it'll shorten your cycle. I mean, you if you've done all that work on the front, you should be able to do a full flip key to key and like 60 to 75 days.

Unknown Speaker 58:54
All in because you had the plan already up front.

Unknown Speaker 58:58
All right. Awesome. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 59:00
All right. All right. Thank you sir. Three more in the queue guys. We are going to go just a bit over today. Next up is somebody I just spoke about Roger Lacey. How are you sir? My ears were burning so I figured I better give you a shout. Yes, please. Thank you for the conference for the lady. I think you guys gave the lady in Oklahoma. Great advice, say with small wins. There's all kinds of opportunities that don't come off as the leads but are fruit of what you what you do in those counties right there to augment what you're also doing in that market in Oklahoma is there's always going to be the SRS senior real estate specialist stuff that you can, you can latch on to with the attorneys that are doing estate planning and, and, and a life you can make a good living in small markets like that, where there's little or no competition going into going into

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
To the bigger markets you're going to be beat up with. We buy ugly houses, and wholesalers and, and having to break through all of that noise to provide the value that you have with all the leads is going to be, it's gonna be tough you're gonna get a lot of notes out of the, the bigger markets on that. So I think that what you have to do is take like Mikey, like I said, stay in, stay in your comfort zone, stay in those areas where you can learn the confidence, you'll get into a conversation and learn how to rescue yourself from the conversation and find a way to provide value to those folks in your community. You also if you're from that area, you'll have a leg up because you've lived in the area for a long time and maybe you bumped into somebody in the conversation that you graduated from high school that they knew about.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
So there's a whole lot of talent things that you can do and learn through the process of being told no, with the black guys the bloody bruises in the in the conversations. But once you start getting the yeses, once you start getting the yeses in that small market, then you can see you can consider going into a bigger market Personally, I get about 25 to 35 leads a month in Washington County, Arkansas. And

Unknown Speaker 1:01:26
it's not all the business that I get out of here. But I get a lot of secondary secondary sales, secondary relationships, stay with your sphere of influence within those communities and make a good living with with what you're doing in small markets. So it be the be the one in the market rather than being competing with everybody else that's trying to grab those houses over there in a bigger market. That's that would be my suggestion.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:59

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
Roger, so yeah, good out of your 360 leads last year roughly how many? How many? How many closings Can you attribute to sourcing back to this and I realize they might not be. They might not all be directly from your lead list but from those conversations, how many closings Can you attribute to last only about

Unknown Speaker 1:02:24
probably about 10. But then I've also got

Unknown Speaker 1:02:29
it I probably got about

Unknown Speaker 1:02:31
I probably got about 10 referrals working my way up my referral network in my sphere of influence and, and on my target, I might target a

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
what's your home worth in a subdivision and do that but you can make good money with with what they're doing. I haven't signed up for the probate plus, hear good things about it. I may be giving you guys a call to call back over here in Michigan.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:01
I've got a good I've got a good database with with an MLS, you give me the all of the all the properties that they have. And I don't know that that might be something that I want to consider also. So bottom line is that you make good living in small markets. And you can stay the small time small town specialist in those markets. But you got to make the calls. You got to make it you got to make the visits.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:29
Roger, we always great to hear from you, my friend. Thank you. I think you probably over the last five years you have the highest per lead production of anybody we've ever dealt was so you get the most out of that. We always appreciate your you chime in and let other people learn from your experience. Thank you. All right, guys, real quickly. We have two more in the queue. Next up is 66226. You're up next.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:54
Hi there. How are you?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58
Can you hear me

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
We can hear you. I'm clear. We got you. Okay. Sorry. I'm Patti. I'm in Virginia. And I have a question. So when I signed up, I went ahead and purchase some historical leads. So I've been working those, and they are from January in February. So I may just need to sign up for a coaching call. But most of those out of 100 Plus, I've made contact with about 75. And I've pretty much experienced everything that you've trained

Unknown Speaker 1:04:37
in, except for everybody's pretty much has everything completed. If they were interested in selling the property they've already listed or sold.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:46
They're not selling it, that kind of thing. So now I've received my list for July and it is also leads from February. So is there a different tactic that I need to use because I'm just

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
Using the scripts that we've learned and kind of making them my own, and

Unknown Speaker 1:05:05
I'm just afraid I'm going with this necklace, I just sent out a letter. So I'm, I'm afraid I'm going to have the same. Same situation with so what I would say is getting getting clear on every single little value piece that you can provide to the family. Like, for example, if somebody has already sold the home, then you congratulate them and say, something along the lines of Oh, well, I'm actually glad to hear that because that's where we see most families struggle. I'm glad you guys found the right help. That's one of the things we do. It's usually the first thing because it's the biggest stress for the family. But now that you've got that handled, you guys have a plan for how you're going. What are you going to do you plan to spend the inheritance or would you rather invest it? The reason I ask we show a lot of families how they can actually double the inheritance in as little as four to six years. Just

Unknown Speaker 1:06:00
By participating right here in the local real estate perfect with with our real estate professionals, is that something you guys would like to learn more about? So that is turning them into a private lender. The other. The other thing you can offer is, you know, having gone through this by now you realize that probate costs between four and 7% of the total estate value. Can you think of any reasons why you should have the liability and the court oversight of probate in your own estate? Yeah, that's a thought. So we try to make sure every family who's been through this while they you know, while it's quite a, you know, it's recent,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:37
haven't just had an opportunity to sit down with our legal team and at least see what their options are. Sometimes it's a will sometimes it's a living trust. Sometimes they just disengage and they're like, No, no, thanks. We'll go through probate. My kids are assholes anyways, but it really it's your choice. I'm just giving you the option to sit down with our legal team. And then one last thing. I'm also on the phone

Unknown Speaker 1:07:00
financial side, you know, we work with registered investment advisors. And the reason we choose them is because they actually have they, they slow down, they take more time they have a fiduciary responsibility, but rather than try to get you to invest in some hot stock pick what they're going to get a big Commission on. They actually sit down with the family, they look at your overall picture. They talk to you about life insurance, long term care insurance, five to nine college savings plans, different investment vehicles and retirement vehicles and elder care planning things because you know now, but that not having a plan is not the best plan would you agree?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:39
So, those are three meetings that I could set up for you if you if you would like I can set up one with an attorney who will help you understand how our private money program works, so you can make a really big gains with really secure investments, too. I can have a registered investment advisor reach out to help the family understand what an elder care plan

Unknown Speaker 1:08:00
College plan or even just a retirement plan might look like for you now that you have this, you're going to get the distribution. And three,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:08
we can help you, you know that I lost track. But anyways, it's that's just one example of if they've already sold the real estate, if they say we've got it handled, usually they don't they they've just they've built a behavioral pattern that will run you off. And there's lots of things like the no trespassing sign, they can insurance, the, you know, what to do with what's the inheritance. So there's there's it's just a matter of getting really understanding all of the things that you can possibly do to help the family. And the way to start there is you know, if you haven't been through this yourself, I'm somebody who has talked to a probate attorney or just sit down and think about it. You know, what could possibly go wrong? There's human dynamics, there's economic dynamics, there's a million variables that create challenges and problems for people in this situation. What is your solution for

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
Each of those variables, and when you when you're clear on that you'll be you'll be really nimble, you'll think on your feet and there's literally no objection that that you can't handle. And that's, that's a really big part of what we do in probate mastery. I mean, the the the day number three, like, session three has it grown to be yesterday it was five hours. And it's just about the initial conversation, what you do in each of these scenarios, we roleplay objections and then we go through the appointment. So if you if you want to beat the learning curve, that that's probably the quickest way to pick this up and here, you know, 15 hours of this.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
But it's, it's all it all comes down to just getting really clear on what the potential is for problems for them and what your solution is for each of those problems. And just just building out that knowledge so and and, you know, it takes a few phone calls. I mean, you you're gonna fall on your face like I tell everybody in mastery. I was terrible at this when I started

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
fell on my face the first 10 appointments or 10 phone calls were downright embarrassing, but that's the only thing that was that was the path to success, I just kept getting up and going. So show yourself some grace, you're not going to know it all today, but there, you know, you've got lots of you haven't listened to our roleplay calls, a lot of the things that are going to help you will come out in cycles. So I think we have 63 hours worth of roleplay now or maybe more than that, you know, start going backwards in time through those and just listening to that and being exposed to it will really help you kind of build that, like understand some of the options that we we do. And people ask me often, like, is there just a list you can send me with all this stuff, you know, and, and it's really hard. Like if I jump into a roleplay with you like I can go the no trespassing route or I can, you know, there's so many different things that I've learned and that I use, it's hard to just put a list out there. But if you listen to us in the roleplay, like the the organized all the leads are over

Unknown Speaker 1:11:00
Play calls on the first Wednesday of every month. There's, it's there's never been two that were even near the same. And that's what's shocking. Like in seven years of doing this, I expected it to become redundant and boring. I have a damn blast on this kid. It's always something new. There's always something to learn or a different angle, or different objection. So that's one of the best resources we have to really help you get that that you know, a good clear understanding of all the different things you can do, and then build your own language around those.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:31
Okay, all right.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:34
Go ahead. No, I just was gonna say just from listening to the answer, I think my sticking point is because they're, they're older leads and probate was filed back in February that I think I was letting the timeline kind of undermine my confidence because I have listened to a lot and done mastery twice now. I signed up and then I got to listen to to Mays, and then to June's with you and I that I definitely need to go back and listen to the role play that I think

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
My, my biggest fears just send it so long ago now that they they truly have handled it that I like the idea. Just create some referrals. I appreciate it. And yeah, what I was gonna add like, like we just got off with, with Roger, you know, it's if nothing else that they truly have handled it, it's 100 opportunities to add somebody or serve influence, you know, help them help them in the future or ask them for referrals in the future. So it's never a wasted conversation when you're talking to somebody in your market. So All right, great question, guys. Everyone has something like just so everybody understands why I'm so firm on this. There's like usually call every single lead even if you have probate Plus, the average inheritance in the United States is 177,000 bucks. So they're either going to spend it or they're going to invest it. And if you show them how to invest money versus spending money that will come back to you in the future, and somehow your registered investment advisor will throw you a real estate lead

Unknown Speaker 1:13:00
Or they'll grow their money and come back and buy a rental property from you. I just take the take the 30 seconds to a minute and do what's in their best interest. And you'll be covered up an opportunity. That's why Roger Lisi has such consistency with so few leaves. He just he'll go out he'll like if you get on the phone with him. Get ready because he's gonna find a way to help you. And that's how you really maximize the results from us.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:26
All right, great way to end the call today. I want to thank everybody who showed up today. I want to thank you for your help your patients, virtually everyone stayed on till the end.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:37
I want to end this call like I always do. First of all, a reminder next Wednesday, at two o'clock eastern is our monthly roleplay call. Make sure you show up for that it's a great opportunity to to test your skills and challenge Chad and Bruce and I. And I want to thank each of you for being here. I want to particularly thank those who participated and I challenge each of you take one idea

Unknown Speaker 1:14:00
One thought one thing that inspired you on this call, go out and put it into practice. And come back next Wednesday and Thursday and share your results with the group. Stay healthy, stay productive guys. Thank you for being here and we will talk to you same time next week.

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Prospecting Cash Buyers, Structuring Investment Deals, and Estate Advance Funding | Probate Real Estate Mastermind Call #288

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July 23rd, 2020

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Call Re-cap:

Marketing To Your Sphere of Influence (3:00)

Rosie updates us on her progress. She has set video calls with three probate attorneys, and also got a client ready to list using Muniment of Title.  Her next goal is to reach out to her existing sphere of influence and let them know about the work she does in the probate field. Chad and Rosie come up with a one-liner and discuss the psychology behind it works.  Bruce also describes how you can use this as an additional opt-in in your marketing.


Branding vs. Marketing: Facebook Ads for Real Estate (7:30)

From an operational standpoint, where would a probate video like that discussed above fit? Chad and Bruce discuss how to use this for low-cost, long-term branding instead of high-cost direct marketing.  


The Ultimate Sphere of Influence Campaign Right Now (11:15)

Chad offers a strategy Rosie can use to reach out to her database and generate referrals for attorney relationships right now.  Rosie also shares some awesome advice: Reach out to your title company and ask to be bridged in with the attorney(s) they use.  Rosie also underscores how powerful Chad’s estate planning offer is.


What To Do When A Family Member WANTS to Keep but CAN’T Buy The Property (14:35)

Michael is in Atlanta and his mother left him and two siblings a property in Pennsylvania.  The sister still lives in the house.  Michael is a new investor and interested in understanding probate better.  What is the process for moving title into the sister’s name, and then getting himself and his brother their shares as the sister continues to live at the property?  Chad asks a few qualifying questions and describes the relevant approaches for each.  What should you do if this isn’t an option? What can you say if you’re prospecting on the phone to offer leadership instead of a high-pressure sales pitch?


Navigating Unresponsive Attorney Situations (22:24)

Cameron is in Fresno.  He has a deal in Escrow and the Title Company is asking for a notice of proposed action.  Is this standard? What if the probate attorney isn’t responding in a timely manner?


How To Get a Relative/Secondary Contact Interested In YOUR Help [ROLE PLAY] (27:24)

Travis is hitting a roadblock when he reaches siblings and family members of the personal representative. Chad throws Travis in a role play and demonstrates how to run head-first into the obstacle.


Using Probate Plus+ To Find Short Sale Opportunities (34:05)

Timmothy notes Probate Plus+ makes it very easy to spot a Short Sale opportunity, but how do you introduce this conversation when reaching out to prospect? In other words, how can you make a Short Sale seem like a good option to the personal representative? Jim describes.


Common Law Marriage, No Will. What Happens? (42:48)

Becky knows someone who had a sudden decline of health. There are siblings and inlaws involved and no will in place.  How can Becky help?


Tip: Use this situation as a life lesson - Get an estate plan in place.


Diversifying Your Cash Buyers List (48:15)

Joe Lehman is looking to work out a deal involving 4 investment properties.  How can he structure this? 


Segmenting Cash Buyer Lists: Using Probate Plus+ For Prospecting Investors (51:17)

Joe and Chad discuss how Probate Plus+ can be used as a tool to send investor partners a list to “window shop” each month, so you can target your lead list much more efficiently.


Tax Liability and Estates (56:19)

Katherine is interested in understanding taxes on inherited assets in terms of basis value and gains.  Chad discusses how this works generally.


Estate Advance Funding (57:32)

One of the first things a personal representative should do is open a bank account for the estate.  What if the personal representative needs funds before the final distribution of estate funds?

    1. Estate Advance Option:  Ask The Expert with on Estate Advance Funding.




Lease-Option vs. Contract For Deed (59:12)

Chad and Katherine discuss when either option should or shouldn’t be used.  For greater detail, check out Shift Happens Webinar #4 on Creative Finance Strategy.


Get Paid To Represent Your Seller and Bring Your Investor To The Table (1:01:35)

Belle and Chad work through options for getting paid on your license and/or for bringing an investor on the buy side, without getting stuck in dual agency.

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Episode Transcript:

Unknown Speaker 0:00
Most of my probate deals never saw MLS because the seller would sign and sign in MLS opt out, we would send it through our private buyers list and it would be under contract immediately. And I mean usually within hours.

Unknown Speaker 0:30
Welcome value providing agents and investors nationwide Today is July 23 2020. And this is mastermind call number 288. Just a little bit of a few brief announcements before we get to our callers and by the way, we do have six people in the queue. If you would like to actively participate, just hit star six and then hit one. And first of all, I wanted to announce our winner of the week last week was Rosie, hire Rosie

Unknown Speaker 1:00
Just been with us a little over a month she took mastery and she'd already put together three deals. So congratulations, Rosie, you are our winner of the week. And Chad, I know you have a couple quick announcements also.

Unknown Speaker 1:13
Yeah, speaking of mastery, I know a lot of folks have been waiting on me. We finally got a calendar in place for the rest of the month so mastery will begin on Monday the 27th at three Eastern so it's three consecutive days monday, tuesday wednesday starting at three Eastern finishing whenever we finish

Unknown Speaker 1:33
depends on how interactive the group is how long we run, and if you want to get signed up you can go to probate mastery comm or in subscriber portal, look under the education and training tab in the menu.

Unknown Speaker 1:45
Everything if you weren't here last week we did announce our newest product probate plus and what this is in response to requests from you guys, you know wanting a better quality of data wanting to know more and more and more about each of the estates before you

Unknown Speaker 2:00
Pick up the phone, probate plus, you'll see inside of my my probate leads in your CRM, you'll start to see some different some changes like real estate fields that you're not used to seeing if you click learn more about probate Plus, you can go learn all about it but it's basically a data augmentation that will allow you to with a higher quality data you can focus your marketing dollars and cut your campaign costs by having better data and knowing exactly which ones to go after first. So you can go to all the forward slash probate plus or click from the subscriber portal and see that action

Unknown Speaker 2:41
and I think it's fair it's fair to say that that's something that you can you will not find anywhere else so it's we're real proud of it and we'd like to see as many you guys take advantage of it as possible. So let's go to our callers we now have eight in the queue. Great job guys. I didn't hardly have to bag and first up this week is

Unknown Speaker 3:00
Phone number ending in 0306. I just was talking about you, Rosie.

Unknown Speaker 3:06
Hi, guys. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 3:08
Very Welcome. Hello. Thank you. Thanks so much. All right. So just here wanting to talk about my last work experience. So we were able to move the client forward that we got, you know, with a minimum of we'll

Unknown Speaker 3:24
successfully speak to three probate attorneys, as all of them for video calls. I think within two weeks, some of would be ready. So I'm excited about that. My question was specifically around prospecting. So I'm getting at I have around close to 597 leads in my system that we're going through.

Unknown Speaker 3:44
At the same time, what I'm learning is as I was having my daily conversations with my current database, I'm letting them know that I'm a certified probate specialist to see the opportunity there. And one instance that happened last week, my hairdresser

Unknown Speaker 4:00
Was my fear conversation, her mother went through probate and spent four or $5,000 where she didn't have to do any of that. Right. So I was wondering, I tried to introduce with a script that you know, very generally letting people know that I'm a probate expert is true, but I found myself explaining myself a little too much. So my question is, if I would like to introduce myself as a skilled probate specialist, my current database, what is a nice way to go about it, where it's well received and people find me as a resource, so I can nurture some leads out of my people that I already know.

Unknown Speaker 4:34
Hi, my name is Rosie. I've got a team of people here and an awesome and help families going through probate and we mainly help them increase equity and lower stress.

Unknown Speaker 4:45
Okay, so same thing that we're doing other people don't even explain much about it. Just go straight into things for now that's like so people don't feel talk to you say something vague and summarize it like that, right. So I'm Rosie. I hope that

Unknown Speaker 5:00
I've gone through, I help families going through probate, retain more of the generational wealth and get rid of a lot of the stress. Well, what's your natural response to that? What do you mean? Or how do you do that? Or tell me more? Like so something that just a few sentences that will really beg curiosity and make them want to ask you questions. And when they start asking questions and hearing it, same with the prospect, you stay in control as a leader in the conversation, but they're asking you with my permission, please tell me more.

Unknown Speaker 5:35
Tell me more. Okay, good. Good. Okay. So just introduced that one little, I got a lot of practice with this because like, my family doesn't know what I do for a living. They're like, what do you do? And I'm like, Oh, I help families go. What I just told you is like it is legitimately my own explanation.

Unknown Speaker 5:51
Okay. Okay. Also, I like that. I like that. I like the gentleman on so

Unknown Speaker 5:57
that's all for today. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 6:01
Bruce and I'm going to throw in that that's, that's really good if you are face to face with someone or you're having a conversation on a zoom meeting or network meeting, you can also do this exact same thing through some of your marketing with opt in. So you give people an opportunity to click through to a video or click through to a blog or something that you've done that that explains more. I love the idea of taking people that you already have in your sphere of influence your your database, and giving them additional opt in options and Chad's opt in option that he gave was the ultimate one because they verbally asked Tell me more Well, how do you do that? But if you're not face to face, maybe record a video explaining it and don't give the video away, but give the brief post away on Facebook or the brief email and say if you want to know more click here.

Unknown Speaker 6:56
Absolutely, absolutely. Actually, I'm actually

Unknown Speaker 7:00
I don't think I can recap what you said. But I want y'all to know, I completely understood you. Basically, you guys are saying that communicate through the video in a snippet content where a database can look at it and understand, you know, what I'm offering in addition to real estate, what my expertise is in and how I'm helping things in addition to real estate with, so I got it. I'm excited about it. I'm going to ask you a very random question. I don't think I should be the one asking because my husband handles that part of the business. But we're really trying to master the Facebook ads. And I understand it's not just boosting a post, there's a lot more to it. And they're taking some very intense training. I was planning on making that video that you guys just mentioned Bruce, and running Facebook ads with that to my current database that I have in my CRM that I'm interacting with. Would it be a good attempt in marketing or I'm just throwing some dollars or time our way?

Unknown Speaker 7:58
I would look at it as a brand

Unknown Speaker 8:00
In campaigns, not a marketing campaign, and in my opinion, those are two very different things. Marketing elicits a direct response. Branding builds familiarity. So as long as you don't look at it, and I expect an immediate return on those dollars, like you'll get an indirect return, because you're just browsing through your sphere of influence. But it's the cash conversion cycle on on dollars like that are usually in 112 months. So it's something that don't if you're going to do it, do it with a long term mindset. It's it's low cost. Compared to direct marketing, you can get those impressions for much lower cost. So just engage it like you with it, like you would have, say, a farming campaign, or television or something you're going to do that's a low dollar high touch over basically in perpetuity. And over time, the more people who understand what you do and how you actually affect the community, the community you're living and working in, like, you should really connect with Roger Lacey.

Unknown Speaker 9:00
Roger if you're on the call,

Unknown Speaker 9:02
john man but Roger is he's in Northwest Arkansas, very different market and the more you're in, but even with 30 leads a month. You know, he gets a fraction of what you get each month but he has built the core of his business is this. And it's because he knows what you're doing. He considers every conversation in addition to his sphere of influence. They go in his database he makes he makes follow up calls. So it's no surprise that he gets guardianship, divorce, probate trust, he gets he gets, he gets, he testifies in court as a real estate expert. He just has a constant,

Unknown Speaker 9:41
constant flow of opportunities, because he has approached it this way for the last at least the last four years. He's been doing what you're proposing just staying in front of everybody with your message. And so if it's somebody with aging parents, or it's somebody who's going through a divorce, like if they understand

Unknown Speaker 10:00
There's a woman here in town that has an entire team of people to help and family transitions like that that branding impression can be really good because when they when they or somebody close to them is in that situation, they'll only think of you. That's what I would say about it. If you're if you're marketing directly to the personal representatives as a saved audience, that's obviously I have a different opinion, that's direct marketing. But if you're just hitting your own database with it, I would just have a long term mindset.

Unknown Speaker 10:32
I just wanted to maximize my return on each conversation I was having a day because in addition to probate calls, I naturally reach out to my fear of death consistently and on daily basis. But just wanted to add one more thing in it and I think it's a no you're right, Chad, that if I do go down the route of Facebook ads, my intention was to set a budget, turn it on for a whole year, build traffic to the website, that is when people look me up, they can find legitimate pain it and it comes

Unknown Speaker 11:00
Little branding to enhance my results when I'm actually prospecting. So that was the intention behind it. And I'm glad that you know, you guys are letting me know that branding does take seven, eight months or nine months and not immediate return. Cool, awesome. I'm looking.

Unknown Speaker 11:17
While we're on this on this topic, I want to remind you, I mean, we did talk about this and mastery, but you've you've been covering a lot of ground quickly. So I'll just remind you that every every one from your sphere of influence that does not have an estate plan should have an estate plan. And I know that statement, but they should. So while you're doing the sphere of influence calls, why not find out just say, Listen, you know, COVID has given me an opportunity to really analyze my level of service. And I'm going to step up for the rest of 2020. I'm going to do what I should have done a long time ago. I'm offering every one of my clients and even even prospects anyone in my sphere of influence gets a free hour with my

Unknown Speaker 12:00
high level estate planning attorney because I've helped enough families now I don't want to see anyone I know go through this and see the expense and the stress of probate. So how would you like to have an hour with our legal team?

Unknown Speaker 12:13
And the only one that says everyone that says yes, get an A, here's, here's, here's how you to monetize this. You've done your goodwill, you've also created an A plus referral. So you can open the door to a new attorney relationship. Or you can reinforce an existing attorney relationship. And with the level of discipline and tenacity that you guys approach your business, I would imagine you could probably get at least two or three referrals a month back from attorneys just by doing that on the calls you're already making.

Unknown Speaker 12:46
Yes, yes. And I just want to share something of my mind would might be naive, so please take it with a grain of salt. I know. probate attorneys could be I don't know where I get the sense but probate attorneys could be hard to get hold

Unknown Speaker 13:00
off or you know, open up for an interview. We, we were able to have detailed conversation with three different attorneys in one week. And what I did is I reached out to my private company, like I remember having a memory of working with metallic company and somebody had a probate issue. So I have a relationship with metallic companies who I do business with, and I asked them what probate attorney do they use when monument of the whale or something like needs to be handled, and their relationship with attorneys are different so I was able to get on their calendar quicker. So anybody out there I'm not sure what I'm saying is any true but this just worked and maybe I'm doing it the hard way. Still some happy to hear you guys out. But this estate planning Chad what you just said, this is powerful, because I think this is the true value add and I'm 100% in agreement. I'm very excited. It will be done this week.

Unknown Speaker 13:52
I believe I want you guys. I want you guys to hear what she just said this is this is one of the most powerful ways to get in front of attorneys.

Unknown Speaker 14:00
is through a warm referral with the with the attorney connections that you already have Real Estate Attorneys, bankruptcy, whatever they are. Deal, go to those attorneys and ask for connections with probate and Estate Attorneys. And that'll that'll open the door wide open to one on ones.

Unknown Speaker 14:18
That sir, all right, Rosie, thank you so much. You know, you got off to such a strong start no pressure, but we expect three deals a week from you from now on. Come in every week and give me some cream. Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 14:31
Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 14:33
All right. Next up is phone number ending in 4650. You're up next. Hi, this is Michael. I'm in Atlanta, Georgia. And the property that I'd like to discuss is a single family home in Pennsylvania. The The situation is that my mother passed away recently and her estate leaves her

Unknown Speaker 14:58
her property

Unknown Speaker 15:00
equally divided between my brother, my sister and I. So we would each get one third of the estate, including one third of her home.

Unknown Speaker 15:11
My sister has been living in that home for several years and she would like to stay there.

Unknown Speaker 15:17
What I would like to know, it's probably some real basic information for you, folks. But since I'm a new investor, it's all a big mystery. If you could explain the process of how we could change title from my deceased parents to my sister, and how my sister could reimburse my brother and I eat for one third Chair of the home.

Unknown Speaker 15:44
Is your sister credit worthy?

Unknown Speaker 15:49
That is a good question. Nine or 10 years ago, she had a bankruptcy.

Unknown Speaker 15:55
That's okay. She's seven years away. So we'll first we'll first assume

Unknown Speaker 16:00
That she is credit worthy. And this case it's very easy. She will sign a purchase agreement. Who's the personal reference? Are you the administrator, or the executive? Oh, my brother, my brother, administrator. Okay, so she would sign a purchase agreement as the buyer with your brother as the executor. And then you'll close the chain of title using the death certificate letters testamentary list of errors etc. and then show on the home and then the bank will pay you and your brother at the closing table, you guys while the estates bank account will receive the cash funds. And then at the final distribution, you will show that your brother will show the court that the house was worth x. Your sister got her equity in the home and you guys have your equity and cash and the estate's bank account and that will be released to you upon the final disbursement.

Unknown Speaker 16:53
If that doesn't work, if it is if she's not credit worthy, then you can still sell her the home

Unknown Speaker 17:00
So the estate could sell her home with no money down 100% owner financing obviously you just subtract her equity from that from the valuation. And you guys carry first. But you your brother, could you could you could even form an entity and that entity could carry the mortgage or you could do it personally. But you guys would basically extend credit to her. if that's okay with you if you don't need the money right now.

Unknown Speaker 17:31
Okay, theory and charity I heard a devious laughter does that mean that's something you don't want to do?

Unknown Speaker 17:38
I don't because of my past experience with her finances.

Unknown Speaker 17:45
So this is a very common situation. A lot of families find themselves in this position and for anyone listening when a family member tells you I'm putting you on the spot, sir, but when a family member tells you that all know, my sister or my cousin or uncle

Unknown Speaker 18:00
Jerry is going to buy it, in my experience, and at least in southwest Virginia, about 80 to 90% of the time, they're not capable of buying it. That's why they're 60 years old. And I've never owned a home. But the family doesn't understand real estate finance. So they truly want them to have the home. But they also want what you want. You want your sister to keep that home, but you want your equity and cash today. So a lot of families will ultimately find that it's simply not an option, and they do have to sell. So if if you're if you accept that as that objection at face value, and then you go away, you might not ever get that person on the phone again. So this is one of those areas where you'll hear me say I'm not a high pressure salesperson, but I see myself as a leader in this situation. So I'm going to push on you and find out just like ask you, is your sister credit worthy, and I'm going to bring that pain to the surface and I'm going to hear that devious laugh and then I'm going to know you need to continue

Unknown Speaker 19:00
is the plan because it's unlikely your sister will be able to pull this off based on what little bit of information I've heard from you so far. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna just give you every bit of service I possibly can. Because the moment she realizes she's not she's gonna have to move out of that house, you're, you're going to be the one that you're going to trust me to handle that maximize the equity. So we can get her equity now to get her into a more, you know, a suitable living situation. So

Unknown Speaker 19:29
asking good questions is very important. Yeah, one thing I was gonna add, even even if she may not be, you know, she may not qualify for an FHA or conventional loan. Remember, in this situation, she's essentially putting one third down. So she's only going to get a 66% mortgage, I would suspect, you could find somebody that would finance that, you know, might be at a slightly higher interest rate. Maybe a private lender, hard money lender, not hard money. That's going to

Unknown Speaker 20:00
to high but I suspect that might be doable so I'd reach out to a really good really creative mortgage broker that has multiple options and run that by him because it may be more it may be more doable than you think in this situation and if you get really stuck sell the house to an investor and let him owner finance it to her

Unknown Speaker 20:21
self to find that find an investor who's doing rent to own or lease with option to purchase or owner financing there's a handful and just about every market they're not easy to find sometimes but if you can get a guy in Pennsylvania who's who's you know has cash and he's willing to buy that home as an investment and you know, do a lease with option to purchase or an owner finance deal with her then you got it all you guys get bought out and she can buy the home from the investor.

Unknown Speaker 20:52
Wow, this is some great info which

Unknown Speaker 20:55
which which market are you in?

Unknown Speaker 20:58
The third way out? Which market are you in? Where's that?

Unknown Speaker 21:00
tours that houses in Philadelphia houses in in Bucks County

Unknown Speaker 21:05
like southeast Pennsylvania. It's a suburb of Philadelphia.

Unknown Speaker 21:11
I have a few investors in Pennsylvania, all private. What's your name? And I'll get with you offline.

Unknown Speaker 21:20
Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 21:22
It's Michael

Unknown Speaker 21:24
on cannon.

Unknown Speaker 21:26
And by the way, Bruce, he's, he's in our database as a lead and I have a feeling one of our sales people might be calling him right after the call to talk about that a little bit more. He's in the database. Yeah, answer that phone and and have them connect you with me get you on my schedule. This is Bruce by the way. Bruce, okay. Yep. Very good. Okay. Thank you so much, guys. All right. Thank you, Graham. All crews we have. I want to realizing it's in Philly. If you guys need it. I actually have a friend who specializes in owner financing in the Philadelphia area.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
So if you come up short, I think we've got your back.

Unknown Speaker 22:04
Wonderful. Perfect. Thank you. It's been a big help. All right, glad to hear. Next up and we only have four more in the queue. We probably have room for more guys. Don't be bashful, hit star six and hit one. jump in there now, so you don't get shut out. Next up is phone number ending in 0742. You're up next.

Unknown Speaker 22:26
Hey guys, I am My name is Cameron. I'm in Fresno, California love the whole probate thing.

Unknown Speaker 22:33
I'm in. I'm at the end of an escrow right now. Everything has gone smoothly. And this is the first time I've worked with this attorney. And she's in San Diego. The title company is asking for copies of the notice to perform. Not knowing sorry, notice of proposed action. Sorry, another escrow

Unknown Speaker 22:53
and she's saying she's swearing. It's kind of like it's kind of like adversarial at this point. But

Unknown Speaker 23:00
Between the attorney and the title company. I guess my question is, I'm only familiar with probate escrows having a notice of proposed action and she's saying it's not necessarily because all other four siblings have signed off and given him full authority. So I guess my question is a notice of reduction is standard in every probate escrow, right.

Unknown Speaker 23:24
So you're in one of the most complex, complicated state, your process is a little more, it's quite a bit more complex and most but if your attorney is not communicating, you can all remember you can always call the probate clerk and you know, clear up anything with them. Like kind of do your homework and then re approach the title company and like Actually, I just spoke with the clerk Jane Doe, she said X

Unknown Speaker 23:50
to help them because not it is complex and some people are just, you know, we're all learning. I don't think you can ever learn everything about it.

Unknown Speaker 23:59
But it's

Unknown Speaker 24:00
Attorney if communication is broken down, you can rely on other attorneys or call the probate clerk to get some questions answered.

Unknown Speaker 24:08
Okay, well, I'm, I mean, we're ready to close. It's just the underwriter needing this notice of proposed action which the attorney is swearing up and down is not necessary. And this title company is how to company for all my transactions.

Unknown Speaker 24:23
It I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 24:27
I guess I don't know what my question is at this point. But

Unknown Speaker 24:31
for every sound like your question is, how do I how do I get it closed? Right. And you're in an impasse between the attorney and the title company? Is that? Yeah, yeah. Pretty much. Assuming you've already let go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 24:45
I'm assuming you've already tried the direct approach with the attorney? No, I haven't. But and even early on, she asked why I mean, I always set up probate escrows.

Unknown Speaker 24:55
For offers to indicate a 45 day escrow because of that 15 day period of the notice of

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Post action. And that was how it all kicked off. She said, why is this escrow so long? And I was like, Well, you know, no PA. So we know we don't need she was very stern. We don't need that Who told you we needed that he has full authority? And she's I don't know. So that was my first encounter with that. And I mean, I've been through two probate escrows for this one now. And I'm on where they already are full authority.

Unknown Speaker 25:23
I mean, they both had letters of administration. I didn't need court approval for either one of them.

Unknown Speaker 25:28
Okay, so they both have full authority. Okay, okay. That's a little thority then. Yeah. And that went through that title company.

Unknown Speaker 25:37
No company went through a no, it was last year and went through a different one.

Unknown Speaker 25:42
But they've more than willingly gave up another proposed action.

Unknown Speaker 25:49
Do you still have your closing documents from from one of those closings last year?

Unknown Speaker 25:56
Sure, I could find them.

Unknown Speaker 25:58
So if you can find your your

Unknown Speaker 26:00
Your closing documents, even if you'd call the title company and say, Hey, can you send me the package on this one? And then forward that to the attorney and say, Listen, this was a full authority closing that we did with a different title company. Here's all the documentation. You know, it's I've done my job. I just need your help to finish this. And resistance isn't going to get either of us paid.

Unknown Speaker 26:23
Okay, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:25
Okay, do we want to be right or do we want to close that space? I could. I could, I could give it I can. I don't care about being right. It's but it's about her wanting to be right. You know, in her that's a question.

Unknown Speaker 26:37
Yeah, I've asked that question of attorneys that want to fight before and it's happened multiple times. Attorneys want to fight they want to be right. And I've just asked that question four or five times and they never love it. But guess what, every time I've asked, they always, they always cave and they're like, yeah, we want to get paid.

Unknown Speaker 26:56
And then as a thank you once this deal is done, as it's

Unknown Speaker 27:00
You buy the book, ego is the enemy by Ryan Holiday, and drop it in the mail that attorney.

Unknown Speaker 27:09
sure he'll appreciate that. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 27:13
Right on. Thanks. All right. All right. Good luck. Let us know how it turns out. All right, next up in the queue is phone number ending in 153. You're up next.

Unknown Speaker 27:24
Hey, this is Travis. Again. I saw last weekend. It was a blast. But I got one more question that I want to ask you while I'm getting hung up on for some reason for last few days.

Unknown Speaker 27:36

Unknown Speaker 27:37
Okay. So my question is, someone asked, so when I made all most of my leads to PR, see have they have even here she has no one to members and the rest of them be? Again, other family members. Now when I get to that first number, the PR number she doesn't answer and I keep going down lack of good record numbers. Now, my problem the fopr don't ask

Unknown Speaker 28:00
I don't get nowhere with that leads, because I really can't get past the family members. And most of them be what like the mom will be like the mom of the PR be like, oh the person prefer the old lady and the kid who decided that they don't know too much won't anybody talking to the mother protecting the family member so they I can't really get paid down. This is my hang up for some reason. The last few days.

Unknown Speaker 28:24
Don't roleplay

Unknown Speaker 28:27
Oh, yeah, do it.

Unknown Speaker 28:30
Ring ring.

Unknown Speaker 28:34
Who's the person rep near you?

Unknown Speaker 28:37
You are you personally? You're the one getting the objections. So you drive the bus.

Unknown Speaker 28:43

Unknown Speaker 28:46
Hey, can I speak with McKenna? No, I'm playing Travis like I'm playing. I'm out bounding this go up a random family member that's not Travis.

Unknown Speaker 28:58

Unknown Speaker 29:00
So I bring ringley

Unknown Speaker 29:02

Unknown Speaker 29:04
Hi, I'm trying to reach Travis Smith.

Unknown Speaker 29:09
He's not available right now Who's calling?

Unknown Speaker 29:12
My name is Chad. I was reaching out because we have a team here in Atlanta that help families going through probate. And we met with the clerk this week she she identified your family as one that may need some help as you're going through this process. So I was just hoping to touch base and introduce myself to Travis and see if there's any way we can help your family. Could you could you share a good number for him?

Unknown Speaker 29:35
Where we were asked to arm He's my dad and he was the only town so I mean, I'm pretty sure he'll need to help that.

Unknown Speaker 29:45
Yeah, it's not my family. So I don't I don't know if you've seen a little more stressed than usual.

Unknown Speaker 29:51
I'm not really.

Unknown Speaker 29:54
Okay. Well, I tell you what, I'll leave my number with you.

Unknown Speaker 30:00
A lot of families will feel like they've got it handled for weeks and sometimes months. And then when they when they realize they're in over their head, they call for help. If you could just let him know that I called and let him know that there's someone here in the community that can help you guys with anything and everything. Like for example, have you guys have you guys had to deal with cleaning out properties and getting all that taken care of you lost your weekends yet? Or is that still coming

Unknown Speaker 30:29
to you right now? You know it? I don't really think we got into Monday stuff yet.

Unknown Speaker 30:34
Yeah, so you guys that was there, you know, houses and cars and all that stuff in the estate or that your deceased family member not owed anything?

Unknown Speaker 30:43
Yes, it was. It was one house. It was one house. But my dad, like I say I think when other family members are gonna live in it, and my dad he's only child and I'm actually I'm quite sure he don't even have that.

Unknown Speaker 30:59
Okay, well

Unknown Speaker 31:00
If he does, I'm guessing you're going to be the one taking your time to help him. If you could just let him know that we can help get the house cleaned out, get it, get any repairs made, get a proper lease put in place we see a lot of families get in bad situations by just letting people move on without a lease. whatever we can do to have your back that's what we're here for. So if you don't want to be the one moving the stuff and watching your dad struggle through what a lot of families do this past my number along to him.

Unknown Speaker 31:29
Hey, you know what? brace good, man. You know what? I'm always shaking my head. Because I did not get that far. And like now like that How to come face with this morning, this morning. And now I feel like it doesn't mean a situation. I want to pass a number. Hey, right, exactly. Because I brought you into it. I brought your emotions into his problem, right.

Unknown Speaker 31:53
And we showed you I showed you what you had to lose when you weren't thinking about how this is like, Oh, this doesn't affect me at all.

Unknown Speaker 32:00
But then I started taking you away from your girlfriend, and your weekend at the lake and these other things. And I started painting the picture of problems your family has that you and then you're thinking, oh, wow, how selfish your mind, maybe he does need help

Unknown Speaker 32:16
with a swimming pool. Now base were out there, why would wrong yet? And when you say it when you said, Well, I'm quite sure that you're going to be the one hitting right when it ain't like they hit me. And

Unknown Speaker 32:30
this I know what my carry my conversation and carry that long. And I think this way this way that was my hang up. And that was it. The takeaway here it can go it can go a million different ways depending on who's on the phone and what the answers are. But the takeaway is run toward the obstacle. Don't take an objection at face value. Because that's what sales people do. leaders who want to help families through this who know that they have problems even before they know they have a problem. They keep pushing and they keep

Unknown Speaker 33:00
gathering information, and they find out what what what emotions are driving the behavior. In most cases that behavior is apprehension or procrastination. But why? Let's figure out why. And let's let's make this a medical. Let's make this real while we're on the phone because we might not ever get them to pick up again. So, give a little pressure on and you know you're doing the right thing. There's no way that they're not going to get a super high level of service. And you don't get paid until you do what you promise. So you're not pressuring them into anything but receiving help. So push.

Unknown Speaker 33:35
Hi, sounds good. I thank you all so much, man.

Unknown Speaker 33:39
I see you all next week. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 33:49
Jim, you still with us?

Unknown Speaker 33:51
Yes, I am I muted out there sorry about that. We only have two in the queue.

Unknown Speaker 33:57
Don't wait to the last minute guys. If anybody wants to

Unknown Speaker 34:00
participate, just hit star six and hit one. We've got plenty of time for you. Next up is phone number ending in 4361. You're up next.

Unknown Speaker 34:11
Hi guys. I'm so impressed with the work you guys do.

Unknown Speaker 34:17
And I was trying to wade through this probate plus product.

Unknown Speaker 34:24
And one of the things that intrigued me was your ability to spot a short sale.

Unknown Speaker 34:30
I've done quite a few short sales and I'm a real estate guy. I've done quite a few short sales, but I'm curious as to okay. You can spot a short sale opportunity by using probate plus,

Unknown Speaker 34:47
but who cares?

Unknown Speaker 34:50
I mean, the way I look at it,

Unknown Speaker 34:53
if there if you run a short sale, the seller doesn't get a dime. So what is the

Unknown Speaker 35:00
benefit to the estate or to the descendants

Unknown Speaker 35:05
of doing a short sale

Unknown Speaker 35:08
in Chad.

Unknown Speaker 35:10
I'll take this one when he's actually how it's him. And secondly, how would you go about it?

Unknown Speaker 35:16
I guess you have to contact a probate attorney and deal with him or her.

Unknown Speaker 35:21
Yeah, let me let me start off Tim. A lot of you know, my wife and I started a short sale company. Oh gosh, 13 years ago, she's done over 2000 of them and on the server. That's not that's absolutely not true. You guys invented shorts.

Unknown Speaker 35:39
Well, yeah, we had better because we had so many of our own.

Unknown Speaker 35:43
Back in the good old days, but what you're saying logically would seem to be true what what we have been or what my wife is, is frequently surprised by is your right most of the time there's nothing substantial for the estate.

Unknown Speaker 36:00
Gain to gain. There can be exceptions where if the lender came after him, I might jeopardize some other assets. But that's not really a viable reality. But what what we've been surprised was how many people were willing to cooperate with the short sale just because they didn't want to see mom or dad's house fall into disrepair. And you know, and they wanted to see a nice family move in there. And there isn't really a financial incentive for the estate, but there really isn't any work required either. Unlike a living person that has to supply you know, hardship letters and financials and all kinds of documentation. I mean, the deceased doesn't have a bank account. Generally. You just have to have the the executor sign one document, giving the short sale negotiator or yourself permission to negotiate with the bank, and you're pretty much done. So there isn't a lot of work and some of them may just say forget it, but I think we found that at least half

Unknown Speaker 37:00
Maybe a majority of them are willing to cooperate just because they want to see the property end up in good hands and they don't want to see it go into disrepair. So it's certainly worth a try.

Unknown Speaker 37:11
There are there are very isolated cases where we have been able to get a relocation bonus, which is kind of ironic, you know, the person's already relocated for the, for the family, but that that isn't something I would expect or promise. But I would just reach out to the family and in with that attitude that hey, you know, I noticed you're upside down and I know you don't have a lot to gain, but you probably want to see a nice family move into that house and you don't want to see it go into disrepair. You know, if I could do everything for you, and all you got to do is sign one document with Would that be okay? If I kept that house from getting foreclosed? I think you might be pleasantly surprised. The response you'll get from a lot of people.

Unknown Speaker 37:50
Okay, if I understand you correctly, you want to structure it so you could negotiate for them with a bank. There's some sort of permission to do

Unknown Speaker 38:00
Hello, feminist power limited, just a limited power of attorney is all you need.

Unknown Speaker 38:06

Unknown Speaker 38:08
Go ahead. Good. If you need one, just reach out to my wife, it's, she'll, she'll give you the one that she uses. It's 954-584-0000 if you need any help structuring it and chill actually even do it for you and she doesn't take any of your commission. She gets the fee out of her fee out of the deal. But if you want to do it yourself, she'll share the document with you that she uses.

Unknown Speaker 38:32
And what's her name? Pam. Pam. Pamela, Pam, last Friday, remember? Okay, let's assume you do that. Jim. Now what how do you get paid?

Unknown Speaker 38:44
while you're in this case, you're a realtor. Correct? Are you a realtor, an investor or both?

Unknown Speaker 38:49
I'm a realtor. Yeah, the bank. It's the bank. It's funny. That's another misconception with short sales. A lot of people think oh, they'll take a better price that there isn't a real

Unknown Speaker 39:00
You're dealing with a, you're dealing with a person in the short sale apartment that has strict guidelines and they have it programmed in to every short sale, they're willing to pay a 6% commission and if they don't pay that, it doesn't mean they're they're going to take a better price for the for the short sale it really doesn't. So they've already got 6% figured in there. So you just act as the realtor. And you know, you go you list the property, you find a buyer, you act as the realtor and you're going to commission.

Unknown Speaker 39:34
Okay, I got it. So

Unknown Speaker 39:38
Well, that makes some sense. All right, answers like whether the other the other thing but before we move on to your next question, the other thing you need to consider everything you've talked about is valid as if there's a single note.

Unknown Speaker 39:52
If there's more than one lien on the property, if there's a second mortgage, that the reason is underwater as long as it's not underwater on online

Unknown Speaker 40:00
The Dom the primary lien, there's always a possibility you can negotiate the second position lien, whatever that might be a mortgage a judgment or whatever it might be, there's always the possibility you can negotiate, negotiate that down low enough. So there actually is equity in the estate. So don't just automatically assume that it's always a first deed of trust. It could be two or three layers of liens. And you could remove layer three and layer two and have equity for the family. So you can create massive value and they can keep the home versus losing the home. So again, always ask good questions.

Unknown Speaker 40:38
Yep, great point. Very true.

Unknown Speaker 40:41
Said helps him to dunk. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:45
Short, dumb question. How do you pay for this? probate Plus, you have to convert to everything or

Unknown Speaker 40:56
so if you don't want to run probate plus, let's say you have a list of

Unknown Speaker 41:00
100 leads, and you look down through it and you're like, well, I've already talked to these 20. And I don't I know they're not going to sell,

Unknown Speaker 41:07
you go into the option Status tab and select opt out probate plus. And then that way when you run the order, it won't run probate plus on that lead. So in that scenario, you had 100, you opted out 20. When you click get probate plus the order form will actually notice on that list, there are only 80 that are not opted out. So it'll charge you $2 times 80. So you'll be $160 for that list versus $200.

Unknown Speaker 41:38
Okay, I didn't

Unknown Speaker 41:41
want to run it on.

Unknown Speaker 41:43
And if it's a new list, that's a list that you already have. It's if it's a new list, we're just going to run it on everything because we're assuming you haven't spoken to any of them. So it's, it's better, you know, you can run it for $2 and you'll know what they own versus sending mail and making phone calls and tracking

Unknown Speaker 42:00
to figure that out, so on on your new list and your recurring subscription list, it'll just automatically run on everything. If you set it up that way, if you're just doing individual orders, it'll run on the ones that aren't opted out.

Unknown Speaker 42:13
Is it possible for me to do one list to see how it goes or do I have to commit to a long term? No, go to that list and my probate leads, and you'll see a column for probate plus, and you can click there and it'll take you right to the order form. And just pull that list up in the order form and click Submit and it'll it'll run within an hour. Okay, thank you very much, you guys. I appreciate your time. Thank you, Tim. Appreciate you. Alright, we got a full queue now I'm going to close the queue guys. Good job though in the back up. Next up is phone number ending in 7152. You're up next.

Unknown Speaker 42:54
Hello, this was my first call and and starting with this whole probate stuff

Unknown Speaker 43:00
So, I have tons of questions.

Unknown Speaker 43:03
My, a friend of mine called me, because the guy that I've used regularly in my real estate transactions, he is actually dying. And he is in the hospital right now and he may not make it through the day. However, the woman he's lived with for over 20 years, he never married, he doesn't have a will doesn't have a truck. They don't have kids. He does have a brother. And she he was the main moneymaker so she has no income to pay any kind of a mortgage. What's my first step? What do I need to do? I want I should have told you, I this is Becky Trowbridge and I'm in Oregon.

Unknown Speaker 43:48
So Becky, I'm assuming that her concern is she wants to stay in the home and maintain our lifestyle. You didn't say that. But that's what I heard right? Oh, absolutely. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:02
What's the dynamic between her and the brother?

Unknown Speaker 44:06
He's helping her. She does have her name on a couple of the vehicles. So he's helping her to get those fully in her name so that they won't be part of any

Unknown Speaker 44:16
probate or whatever they end up going into. And he's trying to help her. I haven't contacted him yet because I just got this call late last night. And for nobody, nobody has your knowledge. Nobody has power of attorney for the patient now.

Unknown Speaker 44:33
Nope, there is none. If anybody would it would be no document.

Unknown Speaker 44:39
Do you know what the common law marriage requirements are in your state?

Unknown Speaker 44:44
I don't

Unknown Speaker 44:47
know my first call would be to a family law attorney. And I would explain the situation and say you know, this is urgent.

Unknown Speaker 44:55
This before we put a strategy together, we just want to make sure that Miss Smith understand

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Her rights and his her his her relationship with the patient. Is that is that going to be recognized as a training on marriage in the state? And if so, what is what are the success? What are her rights and succession? If if it is recognized as a common law marriage, and she has succession rights as a married woman, then she's entitled to probably half of the estate and the brothers entitled to half of this.

Unknown Speaker 45:28
Okay, Becky, I didn't I didn't hear you say this. Maybe I missed it is the is the patient is he? Is he conscious incompetent or is he in a coma?

Unknown Speaker 45:40
He's not in a coma. Well, he's not conscious. He's not competent. They tried to get him to sign a Well, that was just kind of drafted up when he went in. But he spiraled down so quickly. He's, he's not aware to be able to even put an X on the line. Okay, nevermind. I know.

Unknown Speaker 46:00
Good title company has done a number of the deeds at the hospital, but but they have

Unknown Speaker 46:05
no conscious competence. So that's not an option. That was my first. My first claim. Yeah, like I said he may not even make it through the day. So God

Unknown Speaker 46:16
forbid anybody on this call that doesn't have an estate plan. Use today as inspiration, because life can change that cocaine heartbeat. And so many people go through situations like this. Yes. I mean, it's 1500 bucks to set up a trust. It's less than that. The will. And there's no excuse. But, I mean, hopefully, it sounds like the brother is going is willing to do what's fair. And he recognizes her as a sister in law and should treat her accordingly.

Unknown Speaker 46:46
But he's, he may not be obligated to.

Unknown Speaker 46:50
He may not have to. But I was if I were you, I would talk to a family law attorney and at least try to learn of life. Learn as much as you can about her rights.

Unknown Speaker 47:00
And then talk to the brother. And and just you know say Listen, if they you know if they were married she would get x or you know she by the way they were basically common law marriage. So I would like for her to get x Do you agree?

Unknown Speaker 47:16
Hopefully he'll do the right thing It sounds like it's a better situation than some

Unknown Speaker 47:21
Yeah, I think he will and really their their home if if they're out out of town it's not worth much. It's probably less than 300,000 and a couple acres but it's, it's pretty dilapidated, so it's not likely going to come into something really big. And I think I think he'll do good because he has his own family, his own home his own everything so he doesn't need to play house. So it is horribly unfortunate, but surely just felt like they never could afford it.

Unknown Speaker 47:55
All right, well, good luck. Try to get in the middle in a nice way. Let them both know

Unknown Speaker 48:00
Both of them know that you're there to help them equally and hopefully you'll be the one that you know can sell the property for them when they're when they're able to, you know if it has to go through probate or not. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 48:11

Unknown Speaker 48:13
All right. We have three more in the queue. Joe layman. You're up next sir.

Unknown Speaker 48:19
I just wanted to give you a success story.

Unknown Speaker 48:22
Oh go but you're you're our winner of the week then because you're you'll be the first

Unknown Speaker 48:29
I had two opportunities which

Unknown Speaker 48:34
were both of the personal representative of the estate just want it to be done with it.

Unknown Speaker 48:42
And I was able to quickly put these under contract didn't even didn't list them didn't put them in multiple just put a deal together with an investor buying them as is where he is 170 thousand is probably about 130,000. Our house fixed up one at 50

Unknown Speaker 49:00
The 8000 it's probably about the same value fixed up, but it had a pool in the backyard. And this investor goes in, cleans them out, picks them up, and then does buying for title deed for contract. And they're perfect properties for him. So anybody out there if you haven't developed a good group of core investors that you can go to immediately and put deals together you need to do that complete to be very fast, quick deals. These came together

Unknown Speaker 49:30
in you know,

Unknown Speaker 49:35
showing one afternoon in less than an hour to see both properties and boom offers on the table expected.

Unknown Speaker 49:43
Yeah, that's great. Thanks. Thanks for sharing that Joe. And that's great advice. Bruce and I actually had this conversation yesterday privately like most of my probate deals, never saw MLS because the seller would Simon sign and MLS opt out. We would send it through our private buyers list and it

Unknown Speaker 50:00
would be under contract immediately. And I mean, usually within hours, because we were selling them at 80 cents on the dollar. And they were in really good condition compared to MLS inventory that landlords are picking through. So we like we did it very discreetly, and very quickly. And you know, they're not, you know, those those aren't sexy numbers, especially for people in the West Coast. But the reality is you just didn't to transaction and a lot of times I would put a flat fee on them. So if it was a $50,000 house, I would just say a $5,000 Commission and the seller is unrepresented. And I would take the full five, or excuse me, the buyers are presented, and I would take the full $5,000 on a $50,000 deal. I made 10% Commission, and I was fully transparent with the family about that. I'm like, you know, it's I'm not going to do this for 1500. But if you're okay with 5000 I'll get this done very quickly. And they're like, yeah, sure, whatever. Like whatever you think that's that's more like we couldn't have done on our own

Unknown Speaker 51:00
So you can you can the volume on these can be much, much higher than conventional deals. And yeah, like a lot of times I didn't even go was only the house one time ever. So I wouldn't be paid 5000 bucks for an hour of work. And the investors always came back like it just keeps reinforcing that relationship. So we've I've said it for years, but you know, having a strong cash buyers list and real relationships with them knowing are they landlord, are they a flipper? Are they a portfolio buyer? Are they a private money lender? Are they a owner finance guy like the guy you called? The better you understand what they're at what their strategy is, the better you can understand their appetite and which deals to send to them. So when you do send them they take you very seriously. So if you don't have cash buyers, I want you to one thing to do right now for anyone who feels like if you don't have at least five really solid cash buyer relationships, meaning if you call their cell phone right now they would know that

Unknown Speaker 52:00
who you are, and they would know that you're the real deal. If you don't have five of those, I'm going to challenge you to get that in place by the end of this quarter and that's you could do it by the end of this week if you wanted to. But we're coming into a period where you're going to make the people who have those cash buyer relationships are going to be the highest the top earners for the next probably two years. So you it's really important right now that you do what just like what Joe's doing, like really focused on getting those strong buyer investor buyer relationships. But if you go to all the leads calm in the top right, put in cash buyers, and you'll see some tips from the trainer videos and you'll see mastermind calls or we talk about long like short term approaches at doing this and longer term approaches and how you find the right cash buyers.

Unknown Speaker 52:50
And I'll give you a hint it's not about buying a list from some soft piece of software. It's done organically and it's done easily but it's done in your community.

Unknown Speaker 53:00
Thanks for sharing that joke. That's That's awesome, man.

Unknown Speaker 53:03
And I pass Great job. Okay. initial phone call one visit to the property, one visit to the property with the buyer. deal done.

Unknown Speaker 53:13
Yeah, you know, john was I was Chuck, I was chuckling a little bit when I think it was Becky said it, you know, it's not a big deal. It's only 300,000. I was thinking, well, Roger Lacey and Joe layman. I mean, that's five deals, but you, you just do 10 of them a month to make up for your low sales price. That's all Hey, it works anywhere. That's great. Hey, Joe. Yeah. Have you been in probate plus, are you using it?

Unknown Speaker 53:40
I probate plus didn't show the

Unknown Speaker 53:46
information out of my MLS it you know, you'd be I think my MLS is one. Oh, that's right. I talked to somebody about this for you.

Unknown Speaker 53:56
Yeah, so we have like 90% MLS coverage, but you

Unknown Speaker 54:00
And one of those MLS is it won't release their data, right?

Unknown Speaker 54:04
Well, I don't know what this what it is, maybe we need to talk about the downside of the call of this call. But there's even without the MLS, even without the MLS information where I see this as valuable to you, if you sort by equity percentage, and you see that, like all the free and clear assets, Brian, you can you could you could really build the relationship with this investor, like go buy him lunch and be like, hey, how many houses are you trying to buy this year?

Unknown Speaker 54:32
And each month, you could send him a list of property addresses or you know, you could send them something but like, Listen, I've got 12 this month that are free and clear how many like in these zip codes, which ones would you be interested in? And then you can actually approach those families and and be have a very direct conversation and say, Listen, I have a gentleman who I understand you're the administrator of an estate, we've got a team that helps with almost anything but

Unknown Speaker 55:00
I'm specifically calling the day because someone asked me to call you to see if I could, if they would, you know, if you would be willing to sell the home and that's in the estate, but you can kind of go window, let him window shop and then go after the the deals that fit his criteria. It sounds like he's probably doing volume if he's buying two in a month, and 67% of these homes are free and clear. So they're great for that type of strategy.

Unknown Speaker 55:29
You could potentially

Unknown Speaker 55:32
go you know, just target your effort, your investor effort with probate plus, it'll help you find the right opportunities for them.

Unknown Speaker 55:40
Okay, just thought about it. But you don't need to do that because everything else comes through. We're pulling everything else from tax like tax databases, mortgage databases.

Unknown Speaker 55:51
You know, valuations like it's there's stuff coming from all directions. So even if we don't have the MLS feed and your from your your MLS

Unknown Speaker 56:00
All the other data is still there.

Unknown Speaker 56:03
Already. Chad, we got two more in the queue. Okay, going an extra five or 10 minutes over. Do you have a two o'clock call? No, I'm good. You're okay. All right, we got two more in the queue. We're going to finish up real quick. Hopefully, y'all can hang around for another 10 minutes. Next up is phone number ending in 6742. You're up next.

Unknown Speaker 56:24
Hi, there is Catherine. I have two questions. One question is the errors in the personal representative when they get the distribution? Is that money tax free? Or is that considered to be like a capital gains?

Unknown Speaker 56:43
Most of its tax free so like the real estate specifically, you can look up, step up basis. So like if you inherit a million dollar home, you don't have to pay capital gains on a million bucks. But there will be the basis will be established where

Unknown Speaker 57:00
The value where you inherited that will become your basis value and then whatever gain you make on it, you will pay on that.

Unknown Speaker 57:07
So it's not it's not like if you have you know, a million dollars in assets you're going to be taxed at a million dollars and you know, a CPA in your State would be that would have the better answer, but you're not heavily taxed on you know, in until you get into, I think it's 12 million bucks is where they really start to nail you with tax.

Unknown Speaker 57:28
But for most estates on on these call, you're not gonna have much tax liability.

Unknown Speaker 57:34
So a lot of the PERS when, you know, when they're going through probate and they don't have money to fix it up and stuff. I know you talked about that in probate cash, but where do they do they use their own money for the most part, if because everything is stuck in the estate?

Unknown Speaker 57:53
Well, most people won't want to so if the estate has money, one of the first steps one

Unknown Speaker 58:00
They get the authority as they go gain access to a bank account or open a bank account for the estate, and then they can use that money for repairs to, you know, to get more equity out of the property. A lot of times there's no money there, the average senior citizen only has $24,000 in liquidity to their name,

Unknown Speaker 58:19
which means half of them have a lot less than that. So a lot of times is just not an option. That's where we can get creative. We can bring in, you know, an estate advance company to advance some cash, and then they get paid back at the very last minute on the last line of the distribution with the family. Or we can turn our contractors into lenders and we can get them paid at the closing table or at the final distribution. We can go to investors who can who can, you know, advance money to them and take mortgages on property or different things. So there's lots of different ways oftentimes, you know, it's the family doesn't need to put their own person

Unknown Speaker 59:00
money into the estate, we can show them how to not take the risk by paying, you know, a reasonable interest rate to an investor or company or contractor.

Unknown Speaker 59:13
Okay, great, thanks. My second question is

Unknown Speaker 59:17
dealing with creative financing, like structuring a deal.

Unknown Speaker 59:23
When is it best to use the lease option or the contract for deed? And what happens if we go under, you know, a contract like this and there's repairs you know, do I lie use my own money or try to borrow money to do the extra repairs even though I have this contract 40 that I'm taking over payments are

Unknown Speaker 59:44
saying the more for monthly? I guess I'm just wondering like the only the only time

Unknown Speaker 59:51
the only time you should ever use your money is when you're a principal in the transaction. If you're an agent in the transaction, don't put your money

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
The deal, it's not necessary, you're taking unnecessary risk. If you're buying the property, and then your sandwich and sandwich lease option, yeah, then then you put your money into it or you sell it as is where is. So as far as the best time to use owner financing versus lease with option to purchase is outside of the scope of what time we have left here. So I'll point you to we did a series back in March called shift happens. So if you go to, forward, slash all the leads, click on playlist, and then go to the shift happens playlist, Episode Four, I made a matrix of the seven most the seven most common creative financing strategies that can be used in this space and in this market environment. And I spend two hours showing you the benefits the pros and cons to both the buy side and the sell side. So then I give you examples of when and how each of those

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
We'll be used and we talk about

Unknown Speaker 1:01:03
straight owner financing rap subject to second mortgage lease with option to purchase

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
several several million contract for deed land contract. So there's seven seven specific strategies and I tell you when to use them when not to use them when it's beneficial to the buyer or the seller and when it's not beneficial to the buyer or seller. And that will I think, give you everything you're looking for.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:28
Okay, great shift happening Episode Four.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:32
All right, last up this week has been patiently waiting since the top of the hour is phone number ending in 3937. Europe last

Unknown Speaker 1:01:42
thinks hi Chad. This is Bo again. I spoke to you last week. But

Unknown Speaker 1:01:49
I was asking the questions about how to properly do the transaction does a realtor and I have spoken to

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
One of the brokers here, and they were kind of vague, like,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:07
as far as the documentation that you were telling me about last week, like, I would like for you to tell me pretty much what you told me last week again, but if you could just say it slower because he kind of like blowing it off. I think it's because you're so familiar with it. So you're just like, you know, nailing it, but I kind of missed it. So, if you wouldn't mind just coming in again, like a little slower this time, but to actually write it down.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:38
So forgive me I know I've talked to a lot of folks, we're just talking about the paperwork that we need to look properly list a piece of real estate and probate.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:46
I'm not necessarily listed because that would just be like doing traditional, real realtor work. But if I want to because I remember I was saying

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
because what the realtor we have to do

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
Do all this disclosure or whatever. And so, I was asking like, if you could do like a flat fee for. Okay, I remember now we talked about multiple ways to get paid. Yes. Other Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:15
Okay. So the way you get paid on your license

Unknown Speaker 1:03:20
is you and then I'm going to give you this and the, I guess, in my preference.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:27
As a realtor.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:29
You will represent the seller and the seller only. So you'll have an exclusive right to represent seller agreement. When you bring the investor and you're going to have you're going the front page of the purchase agreement is going to be an unrepresented party addendum. The names of these forms might be different in your market, but you'll find them and What's that? It's just an explicit, no, no, it's just everyone's saying that we understand who like nobody is representing the buyer.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
They don't need representation. And the way we pitch that as a benefit to the buyer is Hey, mister seller just like on an auction platform, or unlike on an auction platform where you would pay a four or 5% buyer's premium. I'm actually not going to charge you any commission as long as you don't need representation. So would you like to save 3%? And I'll just leave you unrepresented. Okay, great. So he, he's seeing that as a no cost, but high perceived value. And then you're just going to take the full listing side commission. The reason I like that structure, I don't believe in the agency, I don't think that you can fairly represent to people and opposing positions just can't happen. So you limit that's one of the number one ways people lose their real estate licenses and dual agency arguments debates. So just don't put yourself in that position represent one side.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:53
If you're going to do it on your license, I would do it that way. And you can do it as a percentage or you can do it as a flat fee. You'll address that

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
In the listing agreement not in the purchase agreement. So in the listing agreement you can write in, you know, for you could even do 6% or $5,000, whichever is higher, but I usually choose one or the other. To do this off your license as an investor, you should have it separate you should have an entity like an LLC, you should have an Ei n number of bank accounts, and none of that should be commingled with your license. Your purchase and sale agreement needs to have a disclaimer I

Unknown Speaker 1:05:34
disclosures on it. My disclosure is I'm going to do my best here but

Unknown Speaker 1:05:42
seller recognizes that Chad Corbett, the managing member of resolutions Real Estate Services, is a licensed real estate agent and West Virginia, Virginia, Hawaii, Tennessee and yada yada and is entering into this contract with the sole intent of making a profit

Unknown Speaker 1:06:00
Period capital bold, no agency relationship exists. And I make them initial that and the additional terms and sign the contract. So if anyone ever says anything about me practicing brokerage without a license, they can see where they initialed the disclaimer in the listing agreement. And then they sign the listing agreement. And that has happened to me. And the investigator congratulated me on being thorough and being ethical. And he closed the case immediately. Because I wasn't practicing without a license. I was being a principal in the transaction.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:37
By the way, if you ever these these calls are always posted. You can always go back and listen, you can even their podcasts or on our website, there's links you can always you know, have your broker listen to it.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:50
If something gets lost in the transaction

Unknown Speaker 1:06:53
during the translation, I should say, okay, and the last thing I wanted to ask so you were saying

Unknown Speaker 1:07:00
This would be as far as doing a listing, but like the previous gentleman was saying that they didn't list the property. He just

Unknown Speaker 1:07:11
basically gave information to an investor that he knows and they were able to close the deal the next day. Would this be like the similar steps or the similar process rather, so we didn't, I didn't ask you exactly how he structured the deal, but if let's just assume that he only represented the buyer. So he contacted the seller had a relationship with some, let's just consider them a fizbo. And he contracted directly with the buyer on an exclusive right to represent buyer with X percent or X number of dollars if they if they buy a property at 123 Walnut Street. So you can do that you can have a specific buyer's agency agreement with a flat fee or a percentage the same as you can with with the seller.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:58
I just find that that's

Unknown Speaker 1:08:00
You know, we're reaching out to the seller offering a service, I usually end up signing the agreement with the seller, and then leaving my buyer unrepresented like, so they feel like they don't have to pay a commission. Ultimately, the Commission's coming out of their money. But that's

Unknown Speaker 1:08:18
the big takeaway. All right. And your broker, your broker will appreciate me telling you this, but the big takeaway is, pick aside my represent one party.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:29
Perfect and Carlos freebus. I'm sorry, we got to leave you in the queue. Or actually he dropped out if you need if you anytime, guys, we, we close down and we don't get to your question. Just contact us right away after the call and we'll help you one on one.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:43
Carlos was in there, buddy. I see. He's gone now. All right. Well, thank you guys. I want to end this call the way I always do, I want to thank all hundred and 50 of you for being here. I want to particularly thank those who actively participated. I want to challenge each of you. You heard some great ideas, some great stories, too.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
One thing that inspired you on this call, go out and put it into practice. And please come back next Thursday and share your results with the group. Make it a great week guys, stay productive, stay healthy, and we will talk to you same time next Thursday. Take care

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If You Never Want To Lose A Lead To The “My Friend’s A Realtor” Objection, Listen To This. | Probate Real Estate Mastermind Call #287

Probate Leads Mastermind Call - Live Q&A #287 | The Interactive Podcast on Probate Real Estate
July 16th, 2020

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Rosie Got the Listing! (1:51)

Rosie updates us with her progress from last week - She got the listing! She describes a curveball the seller threw at her, how she handled it, and how she won the signed listing agreement.  The deal might become 3 days - two sales and a purchase. Congrats Rosie!!!


Wills, Affidavits, Letters of Testamentary: Access and Authority (3:38)

Rosie is looking to use Munument of Title (Texas) to expedite the sale of the inherited property. The seller is looking for some guidance on the finances involved in the estate.  Chad and Rosie mastermind.


Taxes, Advanced Retirement, and LLCs (8:41)

Rosie and Chad discuss how to best reinvest funds from inheritances into retirement savings.


Rosie’s 3-Week Journey (12:10)

Rosie summarizes her segway into Probate, how she is finding success to quickly, and how the probate niche has become the niche she was looking for intrinsically.


Overcoming Objections “My Friend’s A Realtor” (15:04)

Eddie Van Buski just jumped back into accountability coaching and signed up for Probate Mastery.  During a budget shortfall, he started pulling the data manually to save money while using our Role Play calls for training.  He turned his PITA Dad into his role play partner and asks for advice on handling the objections his dad has thrown at him.

Bonus Tip: It’s all about mindset. Chad lays out his perspective and tips for putting your best feet forward and believing it. 


Getting Through To The Decision-Maker (23:25)

Eddie is working with a family who has urgency.  They are set on a cash offer, so to offer value he made a cash offer, offered owner-financing, and discussed a clean-out and sale as-is.  The property has a medicaid lien on it, and one of the heirs has their own medical bills they need funds for.  Chad discusses what Eddie did right and what one thing he did wrong that prevented him from going to contract.  


Prospecting Probate Attorneys for the FIrst Time (29:30)

Dan is an experienced agent who is diving into Probate for the first time.  He just sent some letters out to attorneys and is looking for tips on how to reach out.  Chad directs him to session two of probate mastery for specialized advice on this.

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Probate Court in Colorado  (32:29)

Janie is in a county where probate is recorded after the case is closed. She is in Colorado.  The main difference is that the cash conversion cycle is a lot longer, but this also knocks off a lot of the competition. Chad describes what he knows from other agents in investors in Colorado.

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Hiring an ISA For Probate Prospecting (37:15)

What are some tips for hiring and training an assistant to handle all aspects of probate prospecting? 

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Wholesaling As A Licensed Agent (43:16)

Belle is a realtor.  She just signed up and this is her first mastermind call. She is curious about assignment fees and proper disclosure.  Chad describes how there are many ways to get paid as an agent, and that wholesaling is fine as long as you have a separate entity, disclose your license, and make sure you don’t mingle funds.

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One Appointment Only. (48:23)

Belle is curious about doing one single visit to the property and doing signed paperwork in the house without asking for business. Chad describes why this works and how confidence is key,.


Estate Advance Funding (50:17)

Can Heirs Receive Proceeds from Escrow Directly? No. Unfortunately, escrow funds must go to the estate account. Fund distribution happens last.  Chad discusses how to figure out why the personal representative needs the money and find a solution for that.  Stay tuned for our newest Ask The Expert with on Estate Advance Funding.


Marketing During State Of Emergency Regulations (54:14)

Michelle (New York) and Chad discuss strategies for marketing during the temporarily restriction on outbound cold calling. 

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Episode Transcript:

Unknown Speaker 0:00
I've gone on several appointments where they're like, well, I'm telling you, you're wasting your time if you come over here, but you want to waste your time, I'll be there on Saturday. And I'll go and when I leave their biggest problem is trying to figure out how to break the news to their friend that they let they're not going to list the property with them.

Unknown Speaker 0:31
Welcome highly productive agents and investors from across the country. Today is July 16 2020. And this is mastermind call number 287. And we have four people in the queue. Now, reminder, we've got room for more just hit star six and hit one. And let's go to our first cue our first caller, our first viewer also, first. Go ahead Chad. Before we go Before we jump in, I do want to, I did have one thing I forgot to say so you guys know we launched professional coaching as part of a large subscription. So if you are a subscriber, you are entitled to at least a one on one phone call one coaching call per month with our professional coaches. So in subscriber portal, if you look under the training menu, you'll now see an option for schedule a free coaching call. And Bruce is not here yet but you can jump on his calendar for an accountability coaching call. So anyone who just needs a little bit extra time or if you don't feel comfortable, publicly dealing with what you need to deal with on these calls, please go to login to this subscriber portal and under the training menu, select schedule your schedule free coaching call and you can get on Bruce's calendar for professional probate real estate. Perfect and you know, we try not to To make this a commercial for our company, but there are a number of companies nationwide that charged $1,000 a month for coaching and it's something that we give you with your subscription because we you know, we want to want you to be successful. So I'm glad you mentioned that please take advantage of it. Our first step is patiently waiting his phone number ending in 0306. You're up first.

Unknown Speaker 2:25
Hi, everyone.

Unknown Speaker 2:26
Can you hear me louder?

Unknown Speaker 2:28
Yes, ma'am. All right, great. Awesome. I'm Rosie from Texas. And I'm here to report my progress from last week's appointment. I got the listing Tara thank you to add the SIR did to a curveball that he didn't want to meet at the property that was under probate. He wanted to meet at the girlfriend's house,

Unknown Speaker 2:51
which was okay and

Unknown Speaker 2:53
and we had our discussion I asked all the questions. I took my Southern review sheet with me and Long story short at the end, he said, so do I give you my American Express card for the services you give me like I was like No, I said, what you can do is sign a listing agreement. And he happily signed and Matter of fact, this can potentially become three deals. Because the way I explained market to them, his girlfriend was like, well, maybe we should sell both houses now and buy something grand style single story somewhere outskirts of the city. So I'm going to continue to serve them the best I can and guide them one step along the way. So I wanted to ask question about that particular situation.

Unknown Speaker 3:36
And also

Unknown Speaker 3:38
get an idea about my conversation with Carl Smith and probit class. Okay. So I suggested to in this particular case, my client is only air, a mother passed away last year, he has the will he gave me the death certificate and he hasn't done anything. So I texted some attorneys of management of the will is a possibility for him. And it was We'll take three months rather than 30 days because it used to be much quicker, which is all good and great. We can sell the house but another real estate attorney told me I can potentially this to the affidavit of heirship, where three disinterested parties can show their name, and we can close which I have done in the past. My main question is that he asked me a question about accessing bank accounts and financial institutions will monument minimum talk will enable him to access that as well. Because I wanted him to get in touch with Scott's team about you know, estate planning and all the stuff so he can avoid unnecessary taxes or have some kind of guidance to go forward. And he asked me that question. I didn't know him I'm collecting some information and get back with him. And the word letter of testamentary showed up so I watched the mastermind 277. It seemed like in there you guys were mentioning that there is no judgment of lien against the person who was diseased or No one who is inheriting then maybe the management of title would enable him to access the bank accounts. I'm all ears. I hope I gave all the information. I'm ready to hear. Okay, so he does have letters testamentary, correct? No, no, he's working on it and he didn't get he does not.

Unknown Speaker 5:18

Unknown Speaker 5:21
thought I heard you say that. So it's my understanding. And obviously, I'm not a probate attorney, but I don't believe monument of title is really, you know, that's, that's specific to the real property. It just allows you to take some valuable asset and do something with it. But that, you know, when you liquidate that asset, the proceeds are going to come back to the estate. In order for him to gain access to bank accounts and make financial decisions like that. He's going to have to have the letters testamentary he has to be able to show his authority to the bank. So they you know, they can give him access unless if his mother was a good planner. And his name is currently on the bank account. So if it's Jane Doe, and or Jane Doe or john doe, if he was part if he was, you know, authorized on that account before then that could mean, you know, he could have access now, but otherwise, he's gonna have to wait until the confirmation hearing and he gets the letters, then he'll be able to have access to banking. Okay, so from this conversation, it does seem like because he's the one who brought up and said, Well, I don't know if the P wave for my mom is good anymore. So I know I need some kind of letter to access the bank institutions, and he wanted my guidance on it. I have no idea how to acquire that. testamentary should I be putting you in touch with the probate attorney to do that separately, and maybe we can carve out the real estate portion and handle that simultaneously? Well, when he petitioned the court, which he has done that right, so he has a probate attorney, he has petitioned right

Unknown Speaker 7:00

Unknown Speaker 7:00
so a petition the court they scheduled a confirmation hearing and they probably immediately issued a continuance because of the judicial backlog. So that's probably what the attorney the attorney is advising on that three months, like you're probably waiting for three months to get the confirmation hearing. But in this, this scenario, and we talked about this pretty frequently but monument of title guys is cific to Texas, Texas has an express lane for several things, probate is one of them. But you can essentially in certain situations like this, where you have a very simple estate without out of, you know, outstanding debt, or you have a free and clear asset, it can be carved out of the probate and dealt with separately, which is really beneficial to this this person in this situation so he can still liquidate the asset in a correcting market while waiting for his letters. testamentary. So it's a very, very specific situation to your state, but I don't know how to get him access to banking. And everything else was out the letters he doesn't have any authority. Unless Okay. Got it. Got it. I do have a call to the probate attorney as well to get more insight. And by the way, I thank you so much for sending me Scott's information. I did make contact with his office, but it seems like there's a process to get in a two week turnaround. So my understanding is

Unknown Speaker 8:23
Chad Scott helps with

Unknown Speaker 8:26
or his attorneys help with estate planning asset protection. So once we liquidate the funds, how to properly allocate them, so they're not throwing all the money away in taxes, correct. Actually, I sent you to Scott because he is a real estate investor attorney, not necessarily an okay planning attorney. Obviously, as an attorney, he can do a lot of different things but their specialty is really representing high net worth real estate investors. So they use Okay, create creative strategies, like owner financing and self directed IRAs with checkbook can I mean, he's one of the only people that I know that do some of the stuff I do with retirement accounts like the more advanced things like EQ, RPS and self directed IRAs so he can guide the family he can guide the family on how to set up a tax advantaged account you know invest God towns and then become private money lenders for you or your buyers. And I mean you can make 18 to 20% a year tax free so you can really really change you know, you can grow the wealth for the family very rapidly and the other person I introduced the other person I introduced you to an awesome can be can be the borrower you know if you can take all three of these houses and get them over to Scott let Scott note you know, put put it together in the right investment vehicle and then right private money loans to you know, Aaron, you just created, you know, probably a lifetime relationship. And they will make vows Hundreds of thousands of dollars off of that versus just going and spending the money. Yes. And that is my goal. I'm so glad that you mentioned it. I before I had a conversation with Scott, I'm just met his discovery call person in the front yet, so they're gonna make connection with Scott in a week or so. I did have some understanding of IRA I interviewed IRS. So I did call her about it. And she mentioned, I was using my naive brain out of like, okay, let's think about it. I think all the money is getting what he acquires the property in Roth IRA, and then sell it then put the funds back in Roth IRA that way he's not taxed. But when I talked to the IRA specialist, she said, because it's a linear

Unknown Speaker 10:43
model to sign

Unknown Speaker 10:44
it cannot be bought, but I think I don't think that person was fully fully expert has caught his eye. Check this episode out. I'm looking forward to Scott's conversation and see what doors he opened up and thinking and maybe help this person out in future. Cool, awesome. We're not tax liability and inheriting property, you don't have much tax liability because you have the you the capital gain, you're granted a step up basis, meaning it's a hot like so you're not taxed on what the home is worth. You're taxed on on you know, it's anyways look up step up basis. But if he were to inherit an asset that he wanted to hold, you can inherit that asset into an LLC that is owned by an IRA or an EQ Rp. And I know there's a lot of acronyms and confusing but like, then you can get the maximum tax advantage by taking your inheritance into a self directed retirement vehicle. I understand exactly what you said. You're saying that create an LLC and that LLC can be owned by Todd Roth IRAs when he's inheriting the property and take the property in the name of the LLC, so that he's not text to text on the net gains because there's already accounts attached to the accounts that will receive the money back think I've got enough to have some level of conversation that I really appreciate. I'm looking forward to Scott's conversation with me on this. Cool. Awesome. So letter placement is important. I got it. Why don't you remind everybody? You've been doing this for what? Two weeks? Three weeks? Yeah, I just joined the class mastery call end of June. That's when I really started. But I subscribed to the leads. But quite frankly, I didn't call him I was just letting them pile up and understand. So I did my mastery and I started making phone calls. And I use whatever you're taught and prepared by watching session two, and three, we went from never having never having a probate list. Never having made a probate prospecting call to connecting with a high net worth individual with three assets and you're like you're like okay, that's done. Now you're looking out for his own retirement plan and how he can grow generational wealth. Yes, good for ya Rosie. I'm so proud. Thank you, Chad. I really, I don't know if we have much time, but I really want to say something. I've been doing real estate for quite some time. And I always felt like you know, by retail, I was just packaging the business. I never felt like inner self esteem of something really good at something, you know, I wanted a niche market and one day I asked my husband I said, so why do I want to do probate? Like what would I really have to dig in deeper to feel convicted in serving people? And I feel like taking care of people's wealth is a huge responsibility. Like the person who has saved every penny of their hard earned money and build equities if you really hear the stories of these their moms were baby boomers and worked so hard, and they're deceased now their wealth must be respected with some grace and integrity and even if sometimes the entire person who inherited it doesn't have the know how, I think it's a very good bead and I find joy in doing it. And I can't wait to make great religions. shifts happen and bring them together to help these families for

Unknown Speaker 14:03
long term wealth.

Unknown Speaker 14:04
I thank you guys for opening up online for new perspectives. I can't wait to do your study. Rosie, I think in five years you will have made a massive impact in your community. Today Hmm, I was gonna add my favorite part of your story is you know, when you have the the great intentions, you do your homework, you're knowledgeable, and you're enthusiastic. You get to the listing appointment instead of when you cut your commission they asked you to do you take American Express I love God, bring the real estate up onto the done and make it look like a call with Bruce for tomorrow. Something I'm gonna use all the resources and do my best. Thank you. I'm very excited. Well, you're going to be hard to beat What a great way to start the call Rosie very much appreciate you. Thank you. All right, thank you. That's gonna be a hard one to beat. Next up is phone number ending in 5464. You're up next. Yeah. My name is Eddie Van Buskirk. I'm here in Kansas City. I kind of a lot of things I talked with Bruce on the phone on Thursday or Friday last week and kind of went over some overviews. I was a script subscriber for a while and ran out of money before the deals came in. So I stopped but really realized the importance of what's going on. So last week, I got set up, I'm signed up for this next probate mastery class. And I have a whole bunch of leads that I didn't get from all the leads but I've been manually pulling them myself and I'm going to skip trace them and start calling them but I've been role

Unknown Speaker 15:55
playing with my dad who's kind of like a pain in the ass.

Unknown Speaker 15:58
Like if you want like if you're a Call him, you know, get through to him, you can be successful, I think. Anyway, he tripped me up yesterday a couple times, and I was wondering if you could help me. Well, actually, that and then I went on an appointment yesterday. And I don't know, if I did the right thing. My dad, he was like, Well, I have I have a realtor that we work with, or that I've worked with in the past and then that's what I was planning on using. Like, do you just leave it there? And, you know, say, okay, they're gonna do that or do you still try to

Unknown Speaker 16:40
keep asking questions and and

Unknown Speaker 16:44
try to find out.

Unknown Speaker 16:46
I don't I didn't know what to do. That totally tripped me up when he said I've got a realtor that I'm going to work with. Yep, starts with mindset man. Do you believe that you're better qualified to help families and estate families or administrating estates Then the average agent.

Unknown Speaker 17:04
Yeah, well, I'm not an agent yet even

Unknown Speaker 17:06
so I'm just working as an investor. And so I guess they, you know, have an agent that you think is better than the average agent.

Unknown Speaker 17:16
I do.

Unknown Speaker 17:18
Okay. Then, like, whether you're the agent or origin agent on your team, what I try to do is get them there before me. And that seems kind of crazy. It's like, why would you put your competition in front of you? But I like so the way I handle this, like, oh, listen, I understand. I mean, gosh, who doesn't know 19 realtors right now, so well was in real estate is one of the biggest things that we see families struggle with. And not just because it's hard to sell real estate. I mean, in this market right now, it's actually quite easy to sell real estate. It's all the other things surrounding that. So it's the most valuable asset you have carrying costs you have insurance to worry about. A lot of people think they're insured and they're not and you have to Worry about how do you get the home cleaned out? How do you make sure that you sell the personal property for a fair value versus dumping valuable valuables that you know you didn't know were valuable? And those are the kind of things we try to focus on with families even before the sale occurs. So as your friend, the realtor that you guys are engaged with, have they helped you through all that stuff? And what I'm doing is I'm pulling pain to the surface, right? I'm showing them what they're not thinking, I'm Shawn, I want to bring up I want to show them what their what they haven't thought about. And what I know, based on experience with realtors, is there's about a 99.9% chance that it's been like, Oh, I can do that. I have this and I have that Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, right. So if I can pull some pain up and all the things that they missed all the service that they didn't offer to provide, if I can create a contrast, then usually I can say okay, well listen. Do you think you guys could meet with her before next Friday. Silence Usually they can't weasel out of that, because I'm giving them a bit of a big a large enough window. like, Okay, listen, the reason I ask I would like for you guys to meet with her, I encourage you to meet with as many agents as you need to feel comfortable that you hired the right one. But if I could just ask to, you know, if you could just hold off on making a commitment until we meet because we're going to be looking at your overall estate picture. And you know, you might find after meeting with us like the some of the things like a lot of families end up wanting to keep the home because we show them how to turn it into a passive income producing asset for the family. And a lot of people pay for college education with homes. But yeah, we do help a lot of families sell homes and you know, on the other end of the spectrum, sometimes maximizing the equity is the most important thing. So we'll actually come in, do all the renovation and sell the home for absolute top dollar. So the family gets more money immediately. So if you meet with whomever you'd like to but I do have a spot on next Friday. I'd love to at least have an opportunity to show you the power of the team that we've put in place. And if you don't see that value, then you can, you know, you just obviously you're going to do whatever you feel is best for you and the family. But I would at least like to have the opportunity, the only risk I'm asking you to take is, let's not let a guy do a couple of hours of homework and give you his professional opinion. And whether you engage with me or not, I'll leave that with you. So you'll know exactly how I would handle your situation. Would next Friday at three be a good time? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:35
Sounds good. So I want to show them why this is a bigger conversation than just the real estate. There's other things that affects the value of the real estate or the strategy to be used the amount of money the family will get, but I need to be there in person, so I can understand those things. So, you know, in the back of my head, it's how do I get in front of this individual and I would rather have my competition Go in before me, because I want that I want my appointment to create a contrast, a stark contrast, when I start talking about, you know, my local probate knowledge and the team that I have and this and that, and they're gonna thank God, you know, Pauline didn't bring any of this stuff up. And then when I start talking about things like Rosie just talked about, like, Well, you know, one of the things we do, we try to make sure no family ever goes through this again. So part of our process toward the end is to give you an hour free with our estate planning team. So you at least know your options, what it looks like to have a will on air vocable living trust or vocable living trust or some other vehicle. In addition to that, we try to make sure that you know your options for investing a lot of people think you have to buy stocks or bonds or mutual funds or whatever. Like we have relationships with local real estate attorneys and registered investment advisors where we show families how to double their money every four years right here in their backyard, or they have control it's not being manipulated by wall street. So there's a lot of people There's a lot of parts to our process that don't have anything to do with the sale of the real estate. That's the easy part. And I'm sure your friend probably told you that. If not, I'm telling you, it's easy to sell homes. It's, it's not so easy to choose the right strategy that makes the most financial sense. They can, they can, you know, maximize equity and minimize stress for your family. And that's what we do. So Friday at three is a good time. And you come back Yeah, until, until they roll, just keep layering value on and showing them why your service is different. And when they meet with that other person's, they're gonna be like, what the hell, like she didn't bring any of this stuff up. She just talked about putting a sign in the yard and doing photography, and they're gonna feel like so much was left out. And then all you're gonna have to do is just hand them a blue pen at the end of it. And I've got a bunch of stories about this, like, I've gone on several appointments, where they're like, well, I'm telling you, you're wasting your time if you come over here, but if you want to waste your time, I'll be there on Saturday, and I'll go When I leave their biggest problem is trying to figure out how to break the news to their friend that they let they're not going to list the property with them. Because they see so much value in the service we provide. So, again, bring up bring a problem to the surface to find a reason to get face to face. Try to be there after your competition. And be sure to take a contract because you're going to need it. Okay. I have one other question in regards to his appointment. I went on yesterday. The so there's like two siblings that inherited their 95 year old mom's house. And they now have a sister who has brain cancer in California and they're like, we need to just sell it as quick as possible. So I put I went out and talked with them tried to see if they were open to any other options. And they It sounded like they were just wanting a cash offer. And I tried to explain, you know, there's other things that we can do.

Unknown Speaker 23:57
She didn't seem to be that

Unknown Speaker 24:01
Interested in so I gave her a cash offer of 72,000 I think I told her she wanted to hold the note for me and do an owner finance with a like six month balloon with a $10,000 downpayment and the thousand dollars

Unknown Speaker 24:18
like monthly payment

Unknown Speaker 24:20
I could do 85,000 then she wanted us to come in completely clean the house out we could list the house in the market with an address contract at 100 110 and she I mean she was I was gonna talk to my brother I haven't heard anything back I didn't really get a flinch. But here's the caveat is like they need the mate. She wouldn't tell me how much they had to make because the estate had like Medicare bills against it like a lien from a Medicare bill. So I was basically shooting in the dark and you know, maybe even it was a waste of my time but she wouldn't share that with me. And so I just had to give her the numbers which would make it a fair value. So I wouldn't lose money. And I don't know how you

Unknown Speaker 25:10
deal with that in

Unknown Speaker 25:13
like how you should do with it or maybe a better way to.

Unknown Speaker 25:16
So the huge credit like for being nimble and providing options like that on the spot he use credit to you, man, that's awesome. That's exactly how you should have handled it. You You messed up by not getting the right you know, the proper decision makers there you left an opening for an objection. Well, let me talk to my brother. And now you're the one back on your heels wondering what you did wrong. And you should have a contract now whether it's one that you gave her three really, really feasible really good honest options. And you should have been able to close you know, you should have gotten the contract but you didn't and I am being critical of you but you're asking so where you messed up and you didn't have the right decision making And when when you should probably take probate mastery. I'll show you a lot of little tricks about how to what I do and the in a certain order to kind of set up and almost like a checklist of things. But one of those is asking the questions when the first time you speak Who do you feel like should be part of these conversations going forward? And that way you would have route you would have rounded that brother up early in the process. And you would have known I'm not going to that house unless he's at least on zoom with us or on a conference call with us. Because then she wouldn't have had that objection. What she did is you got her to the edge of her comfort zone, you gave her three really good options. And she got scared. She got afraid. And she retreated back to our comfort zone and she might not have she still might not have called her brother because she's still like, oh my god. I just barely missed that almost had to sell my childhood home. And she's got sentimental value in and that's probate quicksand. And that's what you hear me say. There's a magic Difference between sales and leadership. And what I'm proposing is that you lead them out of that. So just don't leave that. Don't leave them that exit next time, make sure you ask Who do you feel like should be part of these conversations going forward the very first time you talk, and then that way the brother will be there. And you can you can, you know, give them the options, have them make a choice. And, you know, their choice could always be not to do business with you, but it's unlikely when you do what you just said you did.

Unknown Speaker 27:29
It was one thing I'm having Mark brothers number.

Unknown Speaker 27:32
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 27:37
I have a brother's number so they call him and give him the options and I wouldn't do that because she may feel like you're you're back channeling her. So what I would do is call her and then say listen, can we three Well, your brother three way you call your brother right now? I want to talk to him but I want to do it you know, obviously respect your position as the first Representative, but I just thought it would be helpful if we get all three talks so he can at least ask the questions that I know I know I threw a lot at you the other day. And I just wanted to make myself available to the family so anyone and everyone your brother and who else you feel like should be part of the conversation. I would love to at least just you know, give you guys all a chance to have the same conversation you and I had. And then that way she's gonna feel empowered, right? You're she's gonna feel respected, not cut out of the deal. Okay, all right, perfect. Well, I appreciate that. And I am I am in the probate mastery for this upcoming time. So I look forward to your sessions session three, man, like a lot of the stuff that like I like 98% of my time is spent preparing, and in the last three minutes of every appointment like that last 2% is where I decide what the strategy is and suggest what I think they should do, but I still let them make a choice. And I think it leaves you think of it as a funnel, I guess just information gathering all the way to the very bottom. And then you hand the blue pen over and you choose a contract, whether it's a listing or purchase agreement. And I think you'll get a ton from that because you're doing a lot of things right. like to be able to be this new to it and lay out those three options with that one very creative option in the middle. That's awesome, man. All right, great job. We have eight more in the queue, we're gonna do our best to get to all of you. Next up is phone number ending in nine, seven to eight. You're up next. Hey guys,

Unknown Speaker 29:36
Dan winguard here from the Seattle area. I've

Unknown Speaker 29:38
been doing real estate for about 20 years. And now diving into this program, I just got my first list of leads from you. And the mailers should be going out I think in the next couple of days.

Unknown Speaker 29:50
So my questions are,

Unknown Speaker 29:53
and I also signed up for the mastery. I've listened to the first

Unknown Speaker 29:55
session haven't gotten to the second two parts, so maybe

Unknown Speaker 29:59
there will be answered Bear, but just

Unknown Speaker 30:01
I see the contacts are the attorneys there. What would be some things I could work on, you know, this week as the letters are going out is a contract that attorneys have. So, you know, to just ask them, would you like a market evaluation? How can I serve you? I see this. So any thoughts there or just generally diving into this what what are the first steps to take to bring value these folks? I think finishing mastery and finishing the mastery recordings, as I would say is your number one priority because you've made that commitment. And you're going to learn a ton from that that'll help you more come be more comfortable. When you reach out to the attorneys which I would say is your next priority. The other thing that I want you to do like so session two will kind of tell you will explain and building your referral network with estate planning attorneys, nursing home employees, you know, senior moving companies, you name anyone who has contact with families in transition upstream of probate. The other thing I want you to do is go to all the leads calm. And in the top right, type an attorney. And you're going to find all kinds of different content, you'll have mastermind calls and roleplay calls. But look for that. We did some tips from the trainer videos. There's one with me and john Trager, who is a probate attorney out of Northern California. So about an hour long interview, it'll really show you behind the curtain, how a probate attorney perceives us and what real value we can provide to them. And in those mastermind and roleplay call archives, you'll hear us talk about the approach like there's two primary ways we opened the door with value one is with a really highly qualified referral that's ready to do a talk with them. The other is to sit down and collaborate on a co marketing piece. And because we have so many people in the queue, I'll leave it at that you can listen to those calls. So go to all the leads calm search bar in the top right attorney or attorneys and consume some of that content. But those two things? Well, well, it's quite a bit. I mean, that's I think that's enough homework for you. Once you finish mastery, you'll be confident when your phone starts ringing. And until that phone starts ringing, what you learn from mastery, and that exercisable will have you in a confidence level where you can approach attorneys, I think. Very good. Thanks, Chad. Sure. Next up is phone number ending in 0427. You're up next. Yeah, hi there. I'm Janie Howard and I am from Colorado Springs, Colorado. And I am very interested in utilizing your service but from what I understand from Natalie, it I'm in a county where the probate is recorded after it's closed. So my question is, how would this work for me Or would it work? It does work. Colorado's Colorado is certainly the toughest state that we've ever worked in coached in because of the nature of how they handle their data. We have subscribers who have been there, you know, up north of you like north of Denver. We have subscribers all over the eastern side of the state. But um, typically your cash conversion cycle is going to be longer. And in Colorado, because the data is it's delayed when it's recorded. A lot of the families will have found solutions. The ones who didn't find the solution are still in probate, quicksand and they're not doing anything. But we four months seems to be the sweet spot the people I've personally coached there. If you if you diligently reach out and prospect around month four, you'll start to get a pretty steady flow of come list me calls. Like we have a subscriber who's been in Laramie well And one other county up north like northwest of the city. And we tried everything. We tracked every phone call, and we did nothing in the first four months. At month four, a he hit momentum and he has been with us ever since that was five or six years ago. So it does work in Colorado, you just have to be a little more patient to get started. You're not going to get you're unlikely to get you know a cash conversion cycle inside of 30 days like some of us do.

Unknown Speaker 34:31
Now, we just launched a product last Thursday called probate plus, what probate plus is is a it's a data augmentation. So we'll take the public data and we run it through real estate records and MLS records and every county in the United States. With a return is we not only show you you know what the the estates that own real estate, we'll show you the real estate that is owned in trust that's owned an entity, everything that's been on MLS not been on MLS Out of market. So now in Colorado, it's an easier question to answer. It's not even though my answers not too short, but you could buy your list, you can run run probate plus on it. And then we'll show you exactly which homes didn't sell which properties you'll find commercial properties, residential property. But now we can really target your efforts. So instead of instead of hammering through 100, leads to figure out which 20 have not sold, we'll just show you the 20 that haven't sold and will focus your efforts. So you actually cut your marketing costs by 45% using probate plus, because you're you're you're working a lot less hours and spending a lot less mail. So Colorado got a lot better last week, just because we make a much higher quality of data with a lot more information and we can target your efforts. So that should get you It should shorten your cash conversion cycle. Because now we don't have to have you go guess which ones which 20% haven't received helps or how done the thing we can show you which ones and then you can just focus on that 20%. And this is a dumb question because I haven't learned I don't know that much about it that they they must have an attorney already to have opened quote and probate and closed it. So that part is done right. It's the rest that they haven't done. Is that correct? Well, if probate is closed, they no longer have an attorney. They have taken the distribution. So the title will be, you know, in the names of the heirs not in the names of the deceased. The other benefit of this, like a big benefit to that is you can do almost anything you can you can do creative financing, lease options, wraparound subdues, like, you can really get creative like you can in most other real estate because you have a living party on title, so you have a lot more flexibility in the options you can provide to the families. That's great. Okay, well thank you very much. I think I'll start by taking the mastery class and go from there.

Unknown Speaker 37:06
On we'll get some requests.

Unknown Speaker 37:09
All right, next up is phone number ending in 6320. You're up next. Hey guys, my question is regarding hiring is phase or bringing somebody in to kind of manage the probate side. So a niche and how you would best go about doing that when bringing somebody new in who doesn't really know anything. And how you can train them to either you know, be full fledged probate closers versus just being appointment setters and how you will go about doing that. Though, do you mean more specifically a calling like a phone VA or a total like assistant like an administrative assistant? Are you talking about? Like, I know you guys refer to him as ISS but I'm just gonna bring somebody in to basically be an acquisition manager focus solely on on probate. Okay, but you want them to do all office activities, not just phone work. No, I want them all all the things regarding probate, not any office activities like business office activities, just kind of being a prospector on the probate side, not closing just yet

Unknown Speaker 38:25
but working their

Unknown Speaker 38:26
way up into closing and then you know, bringing color on to them but for now, just kind of not not handling transact like transaction management database. None of that just none of that just just purely prospecting, outbound prospecting. And it's I don't know whether it's to bring them in to start them on closing or it's just I want to bring them in and start them on just opening but I don't know if it's just Hey, I have a probate person that I work for that I want to hook you up with, or, you know, really train them into it. I just want to know how to best go about doing that. uptrend. What's the best thing that you guys have done so far on on doing that process? Well, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is, is hire somebody in your local market to work with you. Most people don't do that because of budget issues. If you have the budget, you're always better off to hire somebody local because it sounds like you, you have a vision of that person growing into you know, this person will be local cat. Okay, perfect. So, I like for the phone work. I mean, if you find somebody who's already good on the phones, like if you can take somebody from a telemarketing firm or sales department, good places and steal people right now are in the hospitality industry, like somebody who's worked in Group Sales. You know, they're probably not booking conventions right now and their their unemployment overlay is about to expire. So If you can attract somebody from the convention business from hospitality or attract somebody from the auto auto industry, the people I'm quoting them from a car dealership, perfect. So you've got the mindset that you need there. You can cut them loose, and our call archives, they have almost 700 hours of training that they can go through. We have fully trained VA is just by using our YouTube channel, but I would start them in the roleplay archive. I think we have, I don't know, at this point. 6060 some hours of just probate roleplay I would I would start them there. And you said you're in mastery this month.

Unknown Speaker 40:42
I've been in mastery before you've been

Unknown Speaker 40:45
so you have you have the mastery recordings. I mean, I was I would say that mastery should be their basic training. That's that's Yeah, well, the 16 hours of pretty high level and it's you know, so have them go through mastery first then have them Jump into the go to all the leads comm forward slash cc VA and have them go back in time through the roleplay calls. And what we find is, you know, someone commits the first week to just educating themselves using all the resources we have. They should be pretty good on the phones. In the beginning, my advice is don't try to get them to close in the beginning. Just get them to put people on your calendars. Like even if they have gone through mastery, and they feel confident start them out by saying, Hey, this is Chad. I'm calling on behalf of Jim Sullivan. He's in an appointment, but he asked me to give you a call just to see if I could get you on his calendar for tomorrow. What is this call? Well, no, I'm glad Yes, we actually have a team of people here in Roanoke to help families that are going through probate and handling the estates and Jim has built a team of professionals right here just to help families like yours. So what would tomorrow three biggest timer or win five, the better. And now they defer all questions they they every every question that is asked. It's just Oh, it Listen, that's that's part of what Jim is going to talk to you about tomorrow. So what's the three or five? And if they hit you with another question, it's the same answer. And that's pretty effective at getting people on calendars. And then you come in knowing this person is going to be a little standoffish. They're going to be, you know, their arms are going to be crossed when you pick up the phone, because they're thinking Who is this guy? And why does he want to talk to me? So you really have to get in that empathetic mindset, take a deep breath and just deliver value. But if you do that it's really effective and then over time, like a week or two in as that VA starts to get comfortable, then you can start to give them you know, give them more rope and be like, Alright, let's see what you can do. And maybe take them on some appointments with you. And have them make like make follow up calls with them listening and it won't take long. I mean 100 phone calls and they should have have the skill set to actually do it without you? Yep. Okay, perfect. That's all I needed. Thanks, Jeff. me there.

Unknown Speaker 43:14
Helen 3393

Unknown Speaker 43:19
Thanks. Okay, so, um, my name is Bo and first one to say that I'm a realtor and I just signed up like on Monday, because my first master call so I wanted to know, I know with like, being a realtor with all the ethics and everything. It's all about disclosure. So I was wondering if it was possible for instead of doing the, the cost the assignment on the contract on the PFS, on contract, if you could just charge the investor of fees for finding the property like separately and then to do The PSA contract with the seller. Also ways to get paid on these through your license. And so I'll first say, don't worry about wholesaling, if you're licensed, you just need to have a separate entity with a separate bank account a separate, you know, taxpayer ID. And don't do not commingled funds. And as long as you're doing that, and you disclose on your investor contracts that nerd chat is a licensed agent and all these states and entering into this agreement was the sole intent to make a profit. No agency relationship exists. As long as you haven't that and just in the additional terms of your contract or aren't in abundance. You have no liability. And I've had people tattletale on me because they said I was practicing broker job without a license because I had a salesperson license, but I was wholesaling off market. And the state investigator was like, nude like you, oh my god. I've never talked to anyone as compliant as you because I had I had my ducks in a row. So you can absolutely do it without any liability. It's not an ethics problem at all. If you you know, if you as long as you're disclosing and you have everything separated, there's no risk to your license. But if you want to take the safe route and do it on your license, you can still get paid in multiple ways. So rather than taking a wholesale fee, you can take a flat fee listing and whether your broker is okay with it or it's common in your market, you don't have to offer a cooperating broker commission.

Unknown Speaker 45:34
And you know, the NAR doesn't like this, but you can your seller still has the right to opt out of MLS and you can still offer the old off market. That's a very contentious point that's being worked through in courts right now. But in the past I have you know, had the seller that said they'd want to do it quickly and discreetly. So we opted out of MLS sent it through my buyers list. I represented the seller only and then later, Matt case, I take both sides of the listing commission the full listing commission, and I have the buyer sign an unrepresented party had done them. The other thing you can do is, is just not represent the seller at all. And go find a buyer and say, listen, just like auction calm, I'm going to charge a 4% premium. So assign this exclusive right to represent buyer agreement at a 4% Commission. And let's go negotiate, and then you go work against the seller. Now that's pretty counter intuitive because we really, like most of the conversation that happens here in this environment is serve the seller serves the seller serve the seller. If you're representing your buyer, you're working against the seller, your job is to get out as low as you can go. It doesn't have to be but but that's what the buyer is expecting of you, right? So I typically take the position of representing the seller and leaving my investors unrepresented. And I explained that to them like Alright, so listen, don't you don't like you. Bye. A lot of houses you don't need me to represent you and charge you 3% do you? I didn't think so. So I'm just gonna charge the seller. And they're like, Oh, cool. That's great. Chad Thank you like they see it as a huge value. It's six one way half a dozen the other. And if it's a low priced asset like the one of the stories I tell him mastery awesome is at a house a family, the house is worth 25,000 bucks. I knew I could sell it to one of my landlords literally in hours. But I had to do a lot of other stuff. We had to help a mentally challenged family member find suitable housing. We had to get their stuff moved. It was a lot of work. And I wasn't going to do it for 600 bucks, right? So I said, Listen, here's the deal. I would be happy to help you guys and do everything we've discussed for $5,000. I think the house will sell for 25,000. So are you guys comfortable with a net of 20,000 bucks. If I take five and you take 20 and they were just like, oh, and you'll do everything you said? That's amazing. Yes, and I handed them the blue pin. So I made a $5,000 flat fee Commission on a $25,000 sale. So there's a lot of ways you can get paid on your license. I still rep record recommend representing the seller. But you can just do a flat fee buyer's agency representation or percentage fee, buyer's agency fee. Okay, and thank you. And I had one other question. I listened to some of the other calls earlier. And I was just wondering, like, when is there like an initial consultation that you first have with the family? Or she'd like on the first because I heard you saying, like, bring your contract with me. So I'm like, okay, on the first time to meet the family, then you present your offer then. That's for me. I try to do one one visit to the house ever. And that's no longer than one hour. That's just my personal goal is sign paperwork was an hour. And no one asked for business, like provide enough value that they asked you to do business. Just like Rosie like the guy was. I mean, that's, you know that like, that's when you know you're doing things right when they try to pay you up front or when they pull the contract out and start signing up themselves. So that's my goal is I only want to see this house one time ever. And I'm never coming back because I have I'm gonna put lock boxes on it today. And all the rest of my team has to deal with it from here forward because I've done my job. And I'm going to the next new house. So yeah, I I would encourage you to ask good enough questions during the initial conversation that you have enough information to provide the options. Just like the last caller I you know, commended him for thinking on his feet and on giving three options, one being a creative financing option. You should have enough information before the appointment to become that transaction engineer and offer them options based on what you See when you get there. And if you if you do that you can easily get in and out with sign paperwork in an hour.

Unknown Speaker 50:09
All right, perfect. Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 50:12
All right, excellent. Ah, next up in the queue is phone number ending in 6419. You're up next. Hey, guys, I got a question. I don't know if it's possible I tagged as having contact with one of the prs from a property.

Unknown Speaker 50:38
The question he asked me this question is possible

Unknown Speaker 50:43
for the sale of a house instead of going to the to the stay account, go directly to his bank account bank account. Is that possible? Are you saying that the sale proceeds instead of going to the store They go into the air.

Unknown Speaker 51:02
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:04
That Yeah, that's a question.

Unknown Speaker 51:06
No, no. So the escrow has to release the funds to the estate bank account, the estate bank account, the distribution is a very last step of the probate process. The very last. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah, yeah, you say one I make sure because I I read one of the things, Carlos what why why does he need that money? He saw this pay PR. He lives in Taiwan. He doesn't have the money to, to travel or to deal with the probate situation. Okay, so I just right before this call, I just did a new Ask the Expert interview. I have been vetting a state advanced companies for the better part of a year. And I finally found one that I'm okay referring you guys to. So on Tuesday, we're going to release that we're able to kind of watch but um, so it's probate I'll go ahead and tell you since you have a need right now, but probate cash calm, and I did a just did an interview with the CEO and one of the other executives that we're going to publish on Tuesday. But basically what they do is, is just what this this guy needs. So we know that there's equity in the estate, we know that he doesn't need a whole lot of money, he just needs it quickly. They can advance they usually will do 20 to 25% of the net value, like the net inheritance just to make sure they're not taking a big risk position. But you know, let's say if he's getting 100 grand or less, probably, let's say he's getting 50 grand, you know, they might give him $10,000 to buy a plane ticket and pay for a hotel and, you know, to get the house cleaned out or whatever. Whatever he needs to do, but that's, that's what they do. So, if you talk to Robin or Shawn at probate, cash calm, those are the guys that I'm now recommending to help in situations like this. Okay. Okay, one last question guys. Do you guys offer like our coaching like one on one coaching because sometimes I have been doing cause but I have more questions and answer for like, for like a PR, you know, so there's any way that I could reach out to you guys instead of waiting for the call on Tuesday. So as we go to when you're when you're in subscriber portal look in the training menu. And now under training one of the options will be schedule a free coaching call and you can jump on schedule. Schedule an accountability call with Bruce And he, he can help you there. And then if you feel like you need more have that discussion with Bruce and he can make a decision on on when your next call is.

Unknown Speaker 54:11
Okay, sounds great, guys. Thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 54:14
All right, great call guys. So we have one person left in the queue that should take us up perfect perfectly to the top of the hour. It looks like last up this week is phone number ending in 0066.

Unknown Speaker 54:28
Good afternoon. How's everyone?

Unknown Speaker 54:31
Great. Maria Michelle?

Unknown Speaker 54:33
Yes. Hi.

Unknown Speaker 54:35
I have a question that deals with cold calling. My broker sent out an email stating that they're in New York State. They're still no cold calling. It says that we can send out mail but we can't do any phone calls.

Unknown Speaker 54:54
How does that work?

Unknown Speaker 54:57
So until the state of emergency is low, You cannot make outbound prospecting calls. Basically, you're relying on direct mail. And if you can get a response to the direct mail and obviously you're allowed to make the outbound phone call after that, because that that direct response to the mail is the authorization to call right. So you're relying on your on the mail. The other thing you can do is, you know, digital digital marketing. So you can we've talked about this on several masterminds is still haven't gotten around to making a training for it yet, but you can upload your probate list and create a custom audience on Facebook. And you can you can advertise directly to only those people. And it doesn't cost much because it's so targeted, and it's such a small audience, you can do it for pennies, you can be in front of them, you know, 12 to 20 times a day for a few bucks. So that's one of the biggest X Factor you can have. It's it's really, it's hard to teach, especially in the format and in on one of these calls, it's difficult. But if you go to all the leads calm and the top right search bar, put in Facebook, and it's probably going to bring up a lot of results. But in the last it was in May or June, April, May and June, we have talked about this on on previous mastermind calls where I talk about it for 15 or 20 minutes and explain exactly how to do it. Bruce and I have discussed where we want to sit down and design a course to show you step by step how to do it. We just have it's on the list. It's on our creation list. So, but that's one of the things that you can do to really, you know, set yourself apart is is new digital marketing. The other thing you can do is, you know, consider premium mail pieces, so we can fulfill just about any kind of mail that you can imagine We even have a thing like we call a shock box. It's basically about the size of a box of checks and it's full of shredded paper. So it's really light and as a really affordable postage, but it's very different. So you can, you know, change up and use more of a premium envelope or maybe a premium brochure, and like make a bigger impact in the mailbox. You know, that's to stand out. You can use digital marketing, social media marketing, and you can also double down on the attorney. So really building out your attorney referral network. And you know, they're allowed to call these people the more attorneys in town that understand you have a team of people that can help with anything and everything. The more the more referrals you're going to get. So the other Have you have you heard us talk about attorneys a lot on these calls, how to crack into those relationships. It's It's my it's my, my first time being on

Unknown Speaker 57:57
this call with y'all. Okay, So

Unknown Speaker 58:01
Levi joined in, in May or June, but I knew that wasn't New York has been was really closed out. So it wasn't much I could do. So yeah, it has no again, I can go to all the leads calm and the top right put in an attorney or an attorney. And that'll bring up a ton of search results. And you'll listen to the mastermind calls and the roleplay calls where we talk about how to build your attorney referral network, and you'll get great ideas but that's that's the other way you can really set yourself apart by getting the inbound business instead of worrying about getting caught making phone calls, let the attorneys call and introduce you. And then they come to you. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 58:46
that sounds great. Thank you. That help.

Unknown Speaker 58:48
All right. Guys, another great. Another great call. I want to as I always do, I already send these calls the same way. I want to thank the hundred and 50 plus people that that showed up today I want to thank you for your time for being here. Particularly thanks for the eight or 10 people that actively participated. Now I want to challenge each of you take one idea. I think we know who the winner of the week was. Rosie story was very inspiring today. So, but take one idea one thought one thing that inspired you on this call to go out and put into practice. Please come back next Thursday and share your results with the group. Make it a great week.

Unknown Speaker 59:27
stay productive, stay healthy. We will talk to you same time.

Unknown Speaker 59:32
Thank you.

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Call Transcript:

Welcome amazing agents and investors from across the country. Today is Wednesday, July 1 2020. And this is roleplay call number 56.

Before we get into the role plays I want to congratulate we had a contest going to get our Facebook group up to 10,000 members and we are well over 10,000. We have two winners, john barley was our 10,000 member to join the Facebook group and Jonathan McGee referred to 18 people to us. So congratulations to the john and john and Jonathan the two John's you will be getting free leads in your market if someone hasn't reached out to you already. Give

Customer Service Call him let us know. So if any of you aren't members of the Facebook group all the leads mastermind just go there and request to join. If you are a legitimately a real estate professional we will normally let you in. All right, let's go to the first person up this week. jump in and hit star six and hit one. We go we got a couple more volunteers. Next up is phone number ending in 3433. You're up next. That's me. I'm here. That's me. How you doing? Yay. Great. Doing great. I have a question. And then I'd like to roleplay it. I feel like I like yesterday, I just made 50 some calls. And I feel like when I make my calls, I'm not confident enough and or pushy enough. I feel like when they tell me, hey, we've got that handled, you know, or my kids are doing that. I don't need any help. And I'm apt to say okay, you know, hey, we're here when you need us and then I'll call them back in two weeks to see how they're doing.

But I, a lot of the role pays that I've listened to that people somehow or another get to say, well, when when can we make an appointment? You know, I'd like to get over and see you and I'm not doing that. So I'd like to maybe have some coaching on when to do that. So I'd like for you to hear me how poor and yucky I am. So, and then maybe we can switch and Well, you know what I mean, I know that I want to learn. And so the best way to do that is to open up and say, This is what I need help with. There was one that I heard one

segment that you guys did where there was a coaching he did like a 16 week coaching on how to talk to people and how you mirror them and when you acknowledge what they're saying, I put that in to support your support thing to see if somebody could remember who he was. I unfortunately wasn't driving and didn't get his name way back in 2014. When we have Joe Rico on our mastermind, call Jim

Look at you. You are amazing.

Job. Last name. Joe out of Northern California, Ric. Okay, Joe, Joe, our CEO using neural programming. He's an NLP expert. And he did. Gosh, it was one of our first mastermind calls. Well, I have been, my goal is to do a mastermind call a day just to listen. And so while I'm getting ready and getting myself together, I listened to a mastermind call and I'm really trying to learn so that you know, I know that. My My job is to call these people and get a, an assignment, get a meeting together, and I've not yet done that well. So

I want to run away and you can certainly buy Joel's course but if if you have not read the book, never split the difference by Chris Voss.

Okay, I prefer the audio book. It's Yeah, you

Very very well narrated about seven and a half hours it is I will say dollar for dollar. It's the best damn money you'll ever spend in business. Like welcome book Well, it's it it just helped me explain to other people what I was already what I had learned. But it'll teach you about tactical empathy and how to how to use psychology to get the engagement you're looking for. That's that's one of the best books that I've ever read and I've read thousands so be sure and get a copy for seven bucks it's the best ROI that you'll ever have. Awesome. Yeah, I was not really interested in 16 weeks of training

if it helps us and that's a little bit So

Bob says you can buy his book you can also go to a masterclass calm he did and it's about it's a negotiation book, but not really I consider it more of a book.

But you can go to his You can also buy his masterclass. I think masterclass is like 100 bucks a month and it's a subscription. You can

You know, but you can take it through the course and then cancel but also Chris has his own private coaching programs now. So like you can do group coaching or you can even have him come to you for $50,000 a day. Oh,


definitely, definitely be a good place to start. And if you feel like you want you would just want more practice applying what you learn there, then you get a masterclass or jump into his mastermind, Rene, one of our subscribers, she's she's actually been with his organization for quite a while now. It's that some of the best sales content and the out there and the other thing is extremely, an extremely useful resource. And last time I looked, he was selling it for half price during COVID. But Tony Robbins has a course I think he released it all the way back in like 2005. But it's just as relevant today as it ever was. It's Tony Robbins mastering influence, and it's normally 250 bucks. Again, it's some of the best money you'll ever spend in your real estate career. And it really just kind of like he really starts with the business.

basics of identifying needs of people and how to meet those needs. So it's like 12 hours it's designed to be listened to over 12 consecutive days. And again I would recommend buy the CDs they don't like they have you can purchase it in app but I'm not a big fan of their app now I would suggest by the by the actual DVDs and then you can always rip them into mp3 files and put them on your phone Sure, sure. Like me if I bought it about a CD they would say mom, nobody does that anymore.

I can I understand you're saying get in that way you've got it and I can rip it over so that I can listen to it from my phone or whenever that makes sense. We had we had our whole sales team go through that never split the difference course and it was great. They got a lot out of it. But one very memorable thing that just did kind of jumped out at me is the point you made there is people love to say no so let them say no and get it over with so you can get to the s so instead of calling in saying did I catch you just very subtle thing. Did I catch you at a good time and you know

They may say yes or no ask them right off. Do they catch you at a bad time? And they can say no. Which means it's a good time and they got there no out of the way.

So many,

so many very, I mean, it seems silly, but it's subconsciously, very effective communication. So yeah, I highly recommend to learn Yeah, really want to learn right kind of thing. What do you want to roll? Do you want to see how I do? Sure? Yeah, sure. Okay. All right. So I'm going to be me. And you can be that PR. Okay. Bruce, you want to take this? Yeah, got it. That would all right, Bruce. That would make me so happy. You know, Chad, you know, he's like the man I could I could go with you and I'll feel a little less stressed.

And sad. All right. I'm ready. How to be extra hard on someone. I'm not. Oh, good, good, good. Okay. So what I'd like to really is you know, you've got it taken care of that's I want learn and kind of

Pull that out of you. So Okay, go ahead. You go ahead Ring ring. Okay. Hello, this is Cindy Can I speak with?

What's your name? Edward. Bruce.

Bruce. Bruce. How are you doing today?

Oh, okay.

Good, good Bruce. Hey, we got your name, we go down to the courtyard and or courthouse and get your information that you are actually the personal representative for Beverly. And I know that's a tough time but I'd like to know if there's anything we can do to help you What is that? The the thing that you're really having the most trouble with?

You said your name is what again? Absolutely. My name is Cindy kingery. And I work with probate Home Services. And we I just wanted to call and see how you're doing on the probate process.

You know, in the honestly

it's kind of a stressful time right now.

And I think we got I think we got our probate stuff taken care of our attorneys doing a good job. Absolutely. And I i understand that the attorney is necessary and I'm really thankful you have that because he's going to be an asset he or she is going to be an asset that you'll need. But we are here to actually help you. We help you with not only we can help you clean up the house, I can help you get an estate sale going. What are you really having difficulty with? It's causing you the most stress?

I don't know we really haven't even gotten to that point yet. And I'm sure we're gonna kind of have it taken care of I've got family that's going to help out when we get there. Bruce, I am so thankful you've got family in that. Are you? Are you the only one that's handling this? You said you've got family are they nearby? Are they out of state are you kind of handling this on your own?

Well, I got my sister and and her son so my sister and nephew

And they live. They live here in town and I'm sure they're probably going to help me on some evenings and weekends whenever they can get off work.

Perfect. And a nephew is awesome because he's going to have good knees. He's going to be able to help you lift things and move things. But and if you can get through that cleanup process, are you guys looking to keep the house are you what are you thinking? What's your plan for the next stage?

Yeah, I'm not sure we're really ready to make that decision yet. I think we're probably gonna end up selling it but I don't know when we've talked about it yet. We're kind of caught salutely a whole lot at this point.

I understand. So, Bruce, you and your sister, your nephew The plan is to get it cleaned out right. And then you're going to look for things

to do in the next stage. And a lot of times what we can do is come in during even when you're cleaning it out. We've seen quarters houses, we've seen beautiful houses

We don't care what the house looks like, we want to be able to get you to the next step. Would you be okay with us talking with you regarding that?

Yeah, about the clean out. I mean, how much do you guys charge? What we actually we, we don't charge anything and I know you've got you and your nephew that's going to help you man a lot of times, families get together and they might make it two or three weekends but then it gets really old with life. So we have contacts people that we can get to talk to you to help you clean out so basically we would be the in between man in between person to say, you know, we have a great company, they're called here to help and they will come over and clean out the house. We also have a

state guy His name is Adrian he is the most amazing individual has a history degree. And he can come in and tell you if things in the home are valuable. So we

Just have people that we can connect you with to be able to get your you the most money that you can out of the house.

Okay, guys, here's where I would mess up. I feel like I've pushed everything. So I guess I want to break.

I feel like I don't know what to ask him yet. I would end the call, I would end the conversation and thank him and say, I'll call you back in two weeks, or where do I go from here? I'm at a loss. So

here's, here's, here's what I have. I think that you want to do a little bit more information gathering on this call. You presented several different possibilities here. But you could dig a little bit more on family so I mentioned that they'd come over on in the evenings on weekends. Okay, so that's just a good opportunity to be conversational and what kind of work do they do? Or what's your schedule look like? Are you are you just as busy as they are? Good

Go a little bit more and start to pull, you're going to pull a lot of information out as you dig, and as you ask just some follow up questions before you really get into your proposal. So you could extend the conversation like this by even five minutes, you're gonna have so much information that you've written down, you're probably going to start to your motivation. So when I said, you know, I'm not really even sure what we're going to do yet, I think we're going to end up selling it. This is where you might jump in and say, you know, in a perfect world, what would you rather do? Would you rather sell it soon? Or would you rather sell it several months down the road, and kind of start to pull that motivation out of the person that you're talking to? And then finally, and then I'm going to turn it over to Jim and Chad. See what they have. Finally, what I would also do is, instead of trying to make proposals through the conversation, use the conversation is your answer.

meishan gathering and then once you have enough information say, do you mind if I make a quick proposal to you? And they're gonna say yes. Especially if you had them on the phone for 510 15 minutes, they're gonna say yes. And then, okay, then you take the information you've gathered and say, I have a clean out crew and an estate sale company that really for little to no money, we can get in there and get rid of anything that you and the family don't want. We can help you sell anything that you want to sell, give you the profit.

We can help you with your landscaping, all I need to do is maybe take a look at the house so that I'm making sure that I don't overcommit my team, because you potentially meet on Tuesday and then I could just kind of show you the steps that I would take if I were you and see if that helped.

See that. That's right whenever gotten to.

At the end of the conversation once they've answered a lot of questions, a lot of questions. They've given you information.

You can make a more accurate and valuable proposal. And they're probably going to be much more willing to hear that because you've been hearing them out for the first 75% of the conversation.

When and I know that, yeah, go ahead. Oh, no, I just know that it is important to listen to them and important to re re say like, I tried to put in that his nephew and sister and talk about, you know, the fact that his nephews young and helpful, and that's important, and I want to be able to read, you know, I don't know what you guys call it, but to just bring that back into the conversation, to make sure that they feel comfortable with me. So but I've never gotten to the point like you said, and maybe I'm, what I'm hearing you say is that I'm putting ahead of the listening. I'm trying to tell them that we can clean it out and we can do an auction and all of those things.

I should be just listing more and asking that, that silence of asking a question and letting them answer is that what you're telling me?

Um, yeah, asking questions, letting them answer I like to ask questions with kind of binary questions where I'll say something like, is your attorney, the type of attorney that that agrees with being proactive? And is giving you some things to do on the house while he's doing the legal side? are you dealing with an attorney that just told you to

sit back and let him do the legal side? And then then deal with the house without that attorney you're dealing with? Or are you guys thinking about holding on to the houses investment? Are you thinking about selling it in the near future? And I'm letting them answer and whichever answer they give me there's always a good follow up that you can say okay, I completely understand. Tell me a little bit more about that. They're going to start to reveal more and more the deeper into that conversation you go.

And and when I go back to my boss, and he starts asking me all these questions like

Well, what are they doing with this? What are they doing with that? And I have ended the conversation before I even get all that. So he is kind of saying exactly what you are, why aren't you getting more information from these calls? And I'm saying, well, I created a relationship. You know, that's what it's all about is and I'll call him back in two weeks, and but I'm not getting anywhere with that.

So, obviously, I'm wrong. So I hear what you're telling me.

And I want to do those things. What I would encourage you to do is to sit down not in a script format that list out

the information that you would like to gather from people is going to take some thought on your end, but you want to find out are they selling? are they keeping the house if they're selling, are they selling soon? are they selling later?

Is the house do they have a lot of personal belongings in the house? Is it clean? Are they overwhelmed or do they have it handled you just want to kind of get these

Two sides of the coin answered where you know which side of the coin they're sitting on. And if you can write out 30 or 40 questions that you want answered, not in a strict way. All you have to write was just kind of check off or write the answer down in your conversation, the answer that they've given out, so that you know, and those naturally just lead to more questions and more conversation. But I think you need to start by listing off the questions that you want to have answers. Okay, and you know, and that makes sense.

A good place a good template to start with is in the fast track program, there is Chad's interjection the third interview shape Yeah, yeah, exactly. You could start start with that and add your questions. You know, whether they're regular binary, but it's a good a good, good document for you to start with and give you some ideas what kind of questions you know you want to insert.

Bruce, I like the idea of the the flip the coin Do you want to sell or do you want to keep it in

You know, be able to just have those two things that that pro and the con, you know, aren't not necessarily pro comp, it's the both sides of it. So if I listed those down, I can know at least what they're going to say to me. And if they say that what's my next? You know, what do I ask next? So that kind of sets me up a diagram, if you will. The other beauty of that is if they say, Hey, where we got it handled, it's let's say, they say we've got it handled well, now that's conversational. It's not trying to blow you off and get you off to the phone. Because you just asked a question. You guys stressed out or you feel like you have things handled pretty well so far. So if I say, yeah, we haven't handled pretty well, so far. I'm not blowing you off. I'm simply answering a question. Mm hmm.

Okay, and if they say they've got it handled, do I say great. We'll talk to you later or how do I you know if if they've got it handled? What do I say? Yeah, well, great. You know, I've had a lot of a lot of families.

I've helped that, that had things handled for a while as well. And eventually, you get to the point where you do maybe run into a block or it is time to sell the house. By the way. Did I ask you? I don't think that asked you. Were you guys planning on selling the house? Are you planning on keeping? Okay, awesome. Immediately, I've just validated them and taking them into another question.

Yeah, that is incredible.

Good. Good. Okay. What do you guys have to say, Jim?

Excellent job. You know, I think you were you I would agree pretty much with what Bruce said You seemed. You certainly seem competent. You were you were conversational. But just ask more. ask more questions. I think that that would be we all have a tendency to try to ramble on and sell ourselves when maybe, you know, maybe it's not even required. Just ask the right question. And they may tell you, they may give you information on how to sell them before you know before you get off track.

Like the word causal?

Yeah, exactly.

So I have a few suggestions. I would like you to go back. And sorry, I'm trying to check to make sure I wasn't on mute.

I'd like you to go back and listen to the recording. And notice in the beginning of the conversation, you were nervous and I'll show you grace, you're on a public stage role playing that takes courage.

But in your probate USP, you didn't believe yourself. And you stammered and said, we'll go to the courtyard, I'm in the courthouse and we just we got your information and you weren't clear and later in the conversation when you started talking about your vendor partners and putting names and personalities and stories like Oh, he's got a history of your you know, he's like a wealth of knowledge. I could feel Bruce warm up to you, you got in rapport, but it was probably too late in a real life scenario. So you need to get that that beginning of your you'll hear me say it's about the

the right things in the right order. And it took you two to three minutes to get to really unpack some of those things and be really personal. And you need to bring that stuff back to the beginning of the conversation.

So, and that's one thing I want you to get your USP down stronger. Who are you how did you get their information? What value can you provide and end with an open ended emotional question and you later in the conversation, you know, you explain to them more about it. But if you do that on the front, you're going to get engagement and rapport way quicker.

The next thing that I saw Bruce Bruce gave you a showed you a chink in his armor, and you missed it and I want you to pay attention to these things. When when you pick up the phone for every call. What is your what is what is the objective of a prospecting call?

Well, for me, it's to help them and I know that's wrong. It's supposed to be to set the appointment

to get face to face

So okay, in the back of your mind when you're on any of these calls, I don't care if it's the first time you've spoken to them or the 14th. Every time you're on the phone with these people, your only objective is to get in front of them. And obviously, that means you have something of value and a good reason to be in front of them. So they're going to be helped. But I want you to think about it in selfish terms. How do I get in front of these people? Because when you do, you're going to close, like nobody's offerings. Very few people in the country offer service at this level. And it's it you have no competition if you can get face to face with these people. So that's what I want you to think about when you listen to the recording the chink in the armor that Bruce showed you as well, my sister and my nephew or my aunt, my nephew. What was that? I think? I think they're going to come over and help on nights and weekends. Boom, there's your entry point. Yeah. Okay. It seems like you, you guys don't really have a plan for that yet. And one

Things we see a lot of families. Really, mainly just because we all have busy lives. Sometimes it takes two or three months and and tensions build and gets kind of tumultuous. other families we work with, they just say, hey, if you have a team to do this, we'll like it's all yours. And we will actually come in and do the sale, we'll donate what doesn't sell, and we'll clean out what what can't be known. And literally the family member lifts the finger.

So is that something we can talk about when, you know once we've kind of taken a look at the property and we see what your overall situation is? That's one of the things that, you know, it never hurts to know what your options are. Wouldn't you agree?

Yeah. And I want to get I want to get that affirmation from you. You can also use feel felt found, which is an empathy approach, right? Yeah. Listen, I understand how you feel. I mean, most of the families we've helped have felt the same way. But what they found that it's not always easy. It's kind of like hurting herding cats to get people to show up on a night or a week.

In the summertime, especially, you know, during during these times, everything's a little more a little turned upside down and challenging. So can you see how it might be in your best interest to at least have a contingency plan and I can get the history teacher or the history history major to come over and at least tell you what the personal property is worth. And then you know, you already have that relationship if you guys find yourself stuck or that family members aren't showing up or can't help. Then all we have to do is go to plants we go to plan B, what that would not be will not make you feel a little more peace right now.

The ability to say hey, I can try it but if it you know, because a lot of them are telling me look we're going to take care of cleaning it out. They you know, we don't need any help with that. So you know, I feel like Okay, I understand but if it and what i what i hear you say is that I can then offer that as a plan B Hey, when you guys are done and you you know exhausted all your efforts.

Please come see us we'll we'll be able to help you with that at at no little to no cost.

I want to go back to your the the preface that you gave us that, okay. What I call this probate quicksand, like when people are trying to do everything themselves. And I know that that there's a 90% chance they're going to be wrapped around the axle because that's that's just how it goes. Families think they can do a lot more than they can and a shorter amount of time and actually can. So a lot of times they'll waste months, which he usually equates to thousands of dollars of carrying costs. And sometimes you know, even if the markets correcting then it could be 10s of thousands of dollars of equity. So you seem to be nervous about being a pushy salesperson. There's a massive difference between a pushy salesperson and a strong leader. And this is not a sales role. This is a leadership role. You get paid commission for bringing value. Think of yourself as a leader. You're a social

leader in this situation, because you don't have an emotional attachment to the real property and personal property or the people yet. So you can you can influence you can lead and influence these families, you're not high pressure selling them, they always choice and you you never get paid until you do what you promise. So you, I think work on that mindset a little bit. And the result, you'll be more assertive. Because you know, if you don't believe in your heart already, you need to get there that these people are better off meeting you face to face than not. And you need to think of all of those reasons why they need you in their life. They need your business and your service to make life easier to maximize equity to minimize the time that this will take. And you have to believe that in your heart and when you do, all this stuff starts to happen naturally. So there's some mindset things that I'd like for you to just kind of examine and think about

and then

Go back and listen to this recording and look at your order. So when you say, we went down to the courthouse and got your information, it was very dry. Your delivery was poor To be frank. But when you say things like, Oh my gosh, this estate sale guy, he's so good. He's a historian. He's got a history degree. And he just does this because he loves it. You personified him. Right. And that's what the courthouse so when you in your USP, it's like, oh, yeah, well, actually, we've got a team of people here in Roanoke could help families that are going through probate, and the way we find out which families need our help the most is we actually go meet with Kim summons the probate clerk every month, we go down there and she says, Here are the families that you can help and we at the risk of offending some people, we get on the phone immediately and reach out because we know what a difference we can make in people's lives. We've seen what an impact we can have how much money we can save a family how much stress we can take away. So what's what's been the toughest thing for you guys?

It was just more personal like it and that's one of those things where

You in the beginning of the conversation like we should be 80% listening, 20% talking. But in the very beginning of the conversation, you need to be heavier on talking. Because these people don't understand what your service is they've never heard of it, therefore, they probably don't trust it. So you have to you have to kind of front load the conversation with with talking, and then and then get those emotional questions out and then shut up. And then then you're gathering information. So just like everything Bruce told you is spot on. Like you, you need to give yourself more ammunition by learning more about the people and the situation. The segue to real estate is incredibly easy. It's you know, it sounds like you know, obviously you guys have a house to clean out. That's one of the biggest things that we see families struggle with. So let's let's just start there, since it's usually the biggest stressor. What what's your what's your plan for it? Do you guys plan to hold on to it, keep it in the family or do you think you might want to sell it?

Yeah, and if they want if they want to hold on

And then what's your angle?

I think one of the property managers, contractors,

one of the things that I feel, I feel on the call is I'm lying, because I didn't go down to the courthouse. I've never been down to the courthouse. I don't even know where the courthouse is. Did you give out? Did you give us money?

Yes. And did we give your money to a researcher that went to the courthouse? Did they


No, I just.

Yeah, our team did now that I can say that I can say, I just really go.


I just don't like lying that I I can say that. I can say that my team did. That would be a little bit more confidence. I'm one of the most principled people you're ever meet. I speak the truth even when it gets me in trouble. So I understand. Yeah. But we are an extension of your team. You were

vendor, we're one of those slots in your wheel. Because without saying you have to go do a bunch of busy work that's well below your pay grade. So you're just wise enough, instead of going and struggling through your own data and skip tracing and all that. We are one of the team members, we help you find the family. So just think of it that way. We're a vendor that makes sense that I I can I can feel the sense. I have one more question and I know I've taken a lot of your time. I don't know what a USP is, you keep saying that Oh, sorry, what is your

unique selling proposition? So it's essentially your elevator pitch. So the key points the bullet points that I would suggest us write down and keep in front of you is Yeah, so the, the the genesis of this was when I first started I noticed all everyone had the same questions which would put me back on my heels. Who are you? How did you get this phone number? Why are you calling what is it that you want? Like and they have

had me back on my heels. And I wasn't I wasn't in a leadership role. I was reacting. Yeah. So I learned to put all of that together. And what's the best way to defeat an objection? To never let our eyes in the first place? Yeah. Like, you know, you're proactively defeating three or four objections that will really derail your conversation when they when they get in that loop. Like, how did you get my cell phone number. If you engage with that, you just gave them control of your conversation. So you want to make it a little fast paced and front loaded with a lot of information. So you've got them on their heels and you've got their gears turning and you're breaking their behavior patterns, intentionally, just like it's a sleight of hand magic only works because they're masters of distraction, and you don't notice it. And that's the same tactic we're using that a magician uses is what we're using. By distracting them. We get get them out of their default mode network like they're their patterns of thinking and we're in control and through

Showing them and in a good way, like there's a difference between manipulation and influence. And I'm talking about influence. So by by now telling them really quickly, Hey, my name is Chad, I've got a team of people here in Roanoke to help families going through probate. And as part of that we actually go to the courthouse each month. So we know who to reach out to. And we reach out early because we know it can make a huge difference for pretty much every family we've ever spoken to. So if there's one thing you could just make not your problem today, and have us deal with it. What do you think that would be? So in their mind, the psychological response to that is for staff to process everything I just threw at them, right. So now I'm taking I'm taking a breath and waiting for the response. So now they're on their heels instead of the other way around. So they're thinking he said, his name's Chad, he got he went to the courthouse. So that's how I got my phone number and he says he can help with anything, any family with anything. Come on. That sounds too good to be true. I don't trust me.

He just asked me a question what and so

They're you, you have control of their psychology. And it's a pretty predictable response. When you do it this way. The response is predictable. Usually they will process and you'll have silence and what you'll learn and Chris Voss his book is, silence is far more as one of the best sales and negotiation tactics in the world. You have to know how to use silence to your advantage, and he who speaks first loses In this scenario, so get your USP out and on that question, and then be quiet. I don't it may feel like eternity the first few times you do it sometime it's a half second, sometimes it's five seconds, but just be patient. Like don't when you set something up like this, don't walk through your setup, be silent and wait, let them process and then wait for their response. And their response is usually a sigh, led by a big long story. And that big long story is becomes your service roadmap. They are going to tell you all the things that bother them you'll learn the family dynamic, you'll learn if you can usually learn if there's real estate or not. So

Rather than us having to pull information from them, we get we get them to a place where they can trust us and then they vent with their story. And then we look for little things in there little chinks in the armor. We're like, oh, okay, this they think that the, the aunt and the cousin are going to come I think they're counting time. So I need I need to come back and talk about that. And you know, the other thing like any any details that you can get this just listen, listen, listen, and then the better. You that's when you start validating their position feel felt found. Like if eventually when you get stories, you'll be like, Oh my gosh, this reminds me so much of my first conversation with the Smiths, the Smiths, like they had, you know, they lived out of town, their parents still live here kept the place here, and they were really struggling with that. And it sounds like your situation is the same what ended up happening with the Smith as we stepped in and actually did x with within a matter of days, and they had spent weeks trying to figure out just who to call. So do you think that it might be in your best interest to

At least have us come take a look and see if we can help with x before you waste all this time and then oriented. But I don't

I don't have any story

going again.

Okay, thank you so much, guys I appreciate greatly Thank you great job on stepping up we had six people jump in the queue while while she was on so I apologize in advance I don't think we're going to get to you all if we don't. And it's pressing call us right away if we don't get to you and it can wait till tomorrow afternoon. Come on the mastermind call and we'll deal with it then in the meantime and next up. Yes sir. Hey, Jim. You got to jump off right in three right? Okay, well not it's about in two minutes and get set up for mastery. So I'll say goodbye to everybody. Thank you guys for co Hi, next up is phone number ending in six two to six. Your chats neighbor it looks like in Norfolk.

I am. Can you hear me? We can hear you. Great. Go ahead. Yeah. Hi there. My name is Patty

And I'm actually over in Virginia Beach. I just had a quick question because I have to also go to mastery.

My question is, so when I signed up, I signed up at the first week of June. And of course, we're still waiting on our lists for Virginia Beach, that I actually purchased historical leads. So they're actually from February. So I sent out my first letter, and I'm getting ready to start making calls. So I just wanted to see if there was anything that I needed to change.

With my USP or anything like that. Do you do anything different when it's been six months?

No, not necessarily it you'd be surprised. It varies from Market to Market in in I Virginia has not I believe that it's just in the process of opening back up so we should be getting some new leads shortly. But if I had to guess on a six month old lead, maybe 60 to 70% of them might be listed or sold. But the 30% that happened, you're going to have zero count.

A petition, and they're going to finally be ready to do something. I mean, if it makes you feel more comfortable, you could reference Hey, you know, it's been a while. But we actually find you know, after six or seven months, a lot of people are ready to go ahead and get the property in the market. So I'm just checking to see see you still have properties and sell. You probably don't even need to reference it. But if it makes you feel more comfortable to do so. So you certainly could. Bruce, anything you want to add

me USPS are always Yeah, I'm here. You got me. Yeah, USPS are always are always good. So you've sent your first letter.

This is this is probably a little bit more of an accountability or strategy call. But you've got your first letter and you want to make sure that whatever that USP is on your letter and in your phone call, like Chad mentioned on the last call is

brief and easy to understand. So kind of be make my team, your team

It could be any kind of if you're offering any kind of guarantee or if your process, net them more money, anything like that you want to push it front and center. So it really grabs their attention.

And we can have another color check off off this call as well. Okay.

Also, you could look at, look at our website, one of our letters now is the six month letter. So, okay, if you're not using that letter, you certainly could and you can maybe get some ideas out there also, you know, just subtle differences, but not nothing drastically different. Okay, I went, I went through the list and kind of went and looked up the property. There was like 112 of them. And I think there were like eight that were listed sold or pending. So everybody sent a letter.

So I just right I knew already working with the realtor and then I so I sit down I think 90 something letters so I'm excited to start making phone calls.

You know, you make a great point.

You make a great point, this statistic I gave you have 60 or 70% being sold would be in a normal market. We've certainly been anything but normal. So much larger percentage of them probably haven't done anything. Good point.

Wonderful. Okay. Well, I'm headed to mastery. I appreciate y'all and I'll talk to y'all later. All right. Phone number ending in 6419. You're up, guys. Hey, Carlos, how's it going? Good. Good. Question. I have been doing my calls. And I found out that the county administrator's in some banks and in Chesapeake Bay, right? How did you approach them? Like, what was it and you open to them? Because I asked some questions were so what's the biggest challenge that you face like when during an administrator

of the state? And they say, well, we don't have a challenge right now when

we sold the house is for weapons. Well, it's kind of empty, right.

So today, we're on there.

So with public public administrators or fiduciary, that's they're pretty much just typically like the the relationship, the relationship with the public administrators or fiduciaries is very similar to the attorneys. So it's a b2b transaction for them, right? Like they're, it's, it's an unemotional, they, they probably have, you know, they have systems in place to deal with this, but they they don't have a robust team, like we have, like, they don't necessarily meet the family, you know, personal needs. So one of the one of a friend, a friend of mine that I'm mentoring into this, he's potentially on, I'd say, he's on this call right now. But, you know, Grant has made his first 15 phone calls and found a gentleman that inherently, he has a condo and probate, he's trying to refinance or finance it and, you know, he plans to stay in the property and those like grant goes, he went out of his way, we found a lender that can do the condo financing right now and eventually he'll be he'll be the listing agent when that guy's ready to sell. And so if you can go the extra mile

These people probably don't have the bandwidth or the team to do that. So if you can show them how your business can complement theirs and always have their their clients best interest first, then it makes a big impression. So when they really do need help, you're the first person they call So focus on them and their business where they were with the personal rep, we're focused on, you know, their personal situation and their personal problems with the public administrators focus on their business and the problems that business might have and just become the solution to those problems. So what happens when a public administrator finds a family that has a you know, a kid that that never flew? Never never flew the nest and they just don't want to participate? But the house has to be sold to some of the liabilities Do they have a system in place for that? Do they have relationships with social workers and, you know, moving companies and you know, the Housing Authority, probably not. A lot of times that falls falls back on the family to figure out their own problems. So anything like that, that you can any additional

value that you can show them that they don't, they haven't thought of or you know that that they just don't do because they can't monetize. That'll really solidify that relationship. And even if you don't get paid on this deal, the next the next time they need help with real estate, you'll be their only phone call. I noticed when I made the calls, I tried to follow the script while I try to make them more comments, more like a conversation with them. The only thing is stopping me from keep going is like an emotional question that tracks on the training. I missed in that part. I haven't just like practices and now to namely that at the end of the conversation, you know, yeah, so like a good a good ending question to your USP with a public administrator would be like So Carlos, tell me like I know, you guys had to do this as a, you know, professionally, but there's what we found is there's always things we would like to delegate. So if you could delegate anything on the john doe case, what was

Be like, what can I help you with?

Okay, okay, well, we need a little bit of filtering, okay, so

failing the property the way it is, we don't have to deal with any other things like cleaning all the house, just to say, a lot of times they actually do need help with with cleaning. So it's not, it's none of the services that you give a regular PR. It's not as though they don't apply to the public administrator, they still apply.

But they're, they don't have that emotional need, as as much as the PR has. So you can still tell them that you've got the team to help clean, clean, clean the house out to take care of property maintenance, landscaping, things like that. But you're, you're gonna probably not be digging for their pain points because they just don't have those emotions.

pain points like, like a PR does. And we're gonna throw in throw in after what Chad said is a lot of times these guys need help. It's not like the only properties, cases, their fiduciary for our probate, they might be the fiduciary on bankruptcies and guardianship and all kinds of things. Very frequently they, if they're going to need help, they need help with valuations of properties. So that something that you could offer them a free or a discounted BPO or an evaluation of their property

to try to get your foot in the door with some of the public administrators.

Oh, okay. Okay. All right. Thank you. Thank you guys for that bypass. And I'm gonna keep doing my conference. See how it goes. All right. Well, we appreciate you Carlos. And next up is phone number ending in 0948. You're up next. I'm trying to build a team out so that that way I can be up

resource for anybody that's going through probate. What kind of services would you guys recommend that is necessary kind of, you know, like movers attorneys. What other services would you guys recommend that we could have kind of in our Rolodex. So there, think of it as a wheel. And you have a hub and spokes that comprise that wheel, you're the hub. And there you can add a seemingly infinite number of spokes, like in probate mastery, we teach like 36 different spokes, like 36 different team members and show you how to what they can do for your team, like what value they bring to the table. And at least two ways to find each and every one of them in a natural rope and a natural conversation. The reason I want to said that is it's hard like you almost never talk about more than one or two, the idea is to is to get engagement from them and pull out their needs, like bring their pain to the surface, bring their needs to the surface, and then just talk about the ones that are pertinent to the conversation to that really would have value. So if somebody doesn't have real estate

And then they don't need clean out services and like you don't need to bring up everything. So there's never been a natural conversation where I've named off every single team member that i have i has a basic list as a basic list you Are you a broker investor or both, and then I'm an investor. Okay, so do you have an agent as a partner, do not have worked with agents, but not specifically for this campaign for probates. Okay, you should choose one, maybe two, but choose an agent that understand your business model. They understand when when to back off and let you take a deal and when they need to step down and being a listing agent. Ideally, you should you should get your license and be that spoke because you're gonna make a lot lot lot more money over your career. But for now, you need your basic team you need it, you need a good brokerage partner. You need a good contractor, clean, clean out crew estate sale company,

potentially senior moving companies, and then you build a referral network. So you need estate planning attorneys.

estate planning, probate attorneys, nursing home employees, social workers, people who have contact with families who are going through this transition that can can refer you. And also so their team members, their vendors, but they're also referral partners.

And if you want to, you know, the long form of that isn't mastery, but if you want to roleplay I'll kind of show you like I always choose to show them the spokes that are relevant to them based on the details I've gathered from the conversation. I never just unload and say here's all the pit here's all the people can do. You can do the numbers we have okay. I hope that helped. Absolutely. Thank you so much phone number ending in 9877. Your last up this week. Well, I'm glad I squeezed in Yeah, yeah, sir. Just just under the wire. Yeah. Always needs usually that way. No, the question that has one to ask was your says the first time I've been able to make one of the meetings, what is the what would be a good support team listed to suggest because you

Role Playing you were talking about the estate, sales auctions and clean up so what would be a basic team that you would have on standby Chad's done a tips for the trainer on that we actually have a brochure with a wheel on our website it will take you to I mean your basics our course realtor investor, a state sale company, cleanup crew, contractor attorney, but I mean from there, you know, there can be there can be another 20 spoke a state planning attorney, someone to prepare well for them. It's all there on the website, I would go to I think there's a tip for the trainer's session where Chad goes over that specifically and you can actually watch the video. That's probably the easiest way for you to get everything you need. Okay. Okay. First you want to add to that at all, Bruce, or No, I mean, you could literally sit down and come up with 40 5060 partners that can be with you on this business based on how detailed you want to get with them. You should have your list. And so that if you have never ever made a make my team, your team and someone says well, who is

Your team at least you can come up with 10 or 15 people it bare minimum contractors, different different specialists, so electricians, plumbers, the house, House Cleaners, landscapers, there's so many people that you could use.

Right? Okay.

I often feel that we talk about this that we somewhat overwhelm people. And don't make the mistake of thinking, you have to have everybody before you do anything, because honestly,

probably, I would say 75% of the people 50 to 75% of them aren't going to need any of them, or they're going to need one of them. It's really rare that anybody is going to need more than one or two or three. But but the fact that you have them really distinguishes you from your competition, you know, and when in when the people do need it. I mean, you're the only one they even consider person you're in your experience. How many people even take advantage of one of your team members, and how many of them just say sell the property. I'm ready. So it kind of goes back to what Chad was.

Talking about before he jumped off is taking charge. And this price goes along with me a lot of times I don't wait for people to say, Oh yeah, I need someone to clean my gutters out. They're not going to say that. So I gather enough information. And then I'll say, I'd like to make you a proposal as possible. And they because we've had a good conversation they say, okay, and I say it sounds to me like you've just kind of unfortunately been neglecting the outside because your your, your dad was sick, and you've been super busy. And I imagine that this time of year, the gutters are probably full and you got weed coming through the flower bed, you know, I'd like to come over and take a look at the house. And I can get you a gutter cleaner over there. And I can get you a landscape, landscaper over there within a couple of days. These are people that are part of my team, and that I just need to take a look at the house first. And so I'm taking charge and actually recommending the services that they need that they're not even thinking about. So no, they're probably not going to ask for those team members. But if you don't have the team members, you can

Take Charge and turn these into referral opportunities without them asking and whether they use them or not. Again, it just it just really makes you stand out from anybody else are going to be talking to be virtually very unlikely anybody else was going to offer them other anything other than, hey, I'm the greatest realtor in the world. Look at me, look at me, I can sell your property and you're pretty much just doing exactly the opposite. Exactly. Put aside the art but the MLS for you. Well, that's very unique. Anyway, welcome to the group. We appreciate your participation. Does that help? Yeah, that does help. I've actually picked up a house in February that was a foreclosure and we ended up doing all the moving for her because she's in her late 70s. So I'm not a stranger. But the that also brought up another question was if the if you're referring these contractors to do the work on the back office, am I working a referral with the with the vendors or is there and they getting paid by the estate because a lot of the people that I'm dealing with, they just don't have the money to to pay for anybody to come in.

You have people that will wait till closing to get paid. That's the ideal situation. You shouldn't This isn't like an reo where you should have to pay advance the money, we do have people that have done it. And you know, if you got a secure listing and you're sure it's gonna sell and the hundred dollars for landscaping, you may want to lay the money out, but most of the time, you're just a referral source, you know, not too different from standard transaction when you refer, you know, a mortgage broker, a termite company, a roofer, you know, they, they don't expect you to pay for it, or they don't expect you to collect the money, you know, collect the money and pay for it. Generally, most of the time, it's just a straight up referral. And as far as I'm not sure if you ask this but as far as getting a referral from these people, you really don't need to and it just complicates the issue a lot. We would rather have you have a reciprocal arrangement with them, Hey, I'm going to be sending you business you're going to have people contact you first, especially the estate sale companies, they have people call them and I need to get rid of this stuff before they ever contact a realtor. So let them

No, the quid pro quo I'm going to send you business and I expect to get referrals back from you also. Right. Okay. And I will then tide you over for now, one of the things that I do with a lot of my vendors is I do I don't necessarily come out and say quid pro quo, because that seems to be a taboo subject right now, but

we ever verbiage.

Yes, but I do. A lot of times, I'll put vendors into a mastermind group specifically around probate and say, Hey, we're going to have a 30 minute zoom call, we're going to help each other's businesses and ultimately, we're going to work together. Personally, I've actually even gone as far as to charge a small fee to be in my mastermind group and then use that to put toward my probate business. Some people aren't comfortable with that some people are and then I make sure that every month all of my partners are sitting in a room together. And then when using that opportunity, especially on the phone during during the phone conversation, to tell people you know what, I don't know what your situation is. I don't know.

If the state can afford a few of the suggestions I'll make or not, but I'm still going to make them and it will be up to you guys to decide whether you want to handle those on your own, whether you want to work something out with me or whether you want to hire those projects out. But I guarantee you, if you if you follow the plan that I'm just going to give you for free when we made on Tuesday or Wednesday, that

you're actually going to make more of a profit more money into the estate, not give up so much of your equity. And then it's not up to you to decide whether they hire someone or use your referral partner. It's up to you to give them the plan, and then give them the option of the referral partner if they want to do that work themselves. Great. At least now you're getting in front of them. And you're able to look at the real estate. Proximity. Yep. Great idea. All right. Good help. Yeah, that does help. All right, great. Call everybody. We appreciate great attendance. I want to thank each of you for being here. I want to particularly thank those who actually

participated in roleplay. And I want to challenge each of you take one of the great ideas that you heard on today's call, go out and put it into practice and actually come back tomorrow at one o'clock eastern on our mastermind call and share the results with the group. Thank you so much guys. Make it a great day. Stay healthy and we will talk to you tomorrow. Take care

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Soji is interested in becoming an affiliate member of his local BAR.  Chad outlines where to look, how to reach out, and how to lock in the relationship step-by-step.


Targeting Real Estate Attorneys With Facebook Ads (9:21)

Derek is interested in setting up a custom audience of attorneys in his area and targeting them with ads on Facebook and LinkedIn. Chad lays out how to build the custom audience within Facebook, create copy for your ad and creative, and use your ad to drive people to a landing page where attorneys have solid calls to action to contact you right now.

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Real Estate Marketing with Geofencing (15:33)

Bruce and Derek discuss geofencing strategy and how to use this type of marketing outside of Facebook’s restrictions for ads for housing.


Training and Managing A Virtual Assistant (16:58)

Mark is trying to lay out his marketing operations.  He has hired a virtual assistant.  What’s the best use of time for training and managing outsourced prospecting? Chad discusses the operations side and gives his calling script for virtual assistants that aren’t strong prospectors.

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Prospecting Attorneys (19:32)

Mark is curious how often and for how long he should try to market to attorneys.  Chad describes why multi-touch campaigns is even more efficient with attorneys compared to marketing to personal representatives. Bruce discusses using other industry professionals as a bridge/peer-to-peer referral opportunity.


YouTube Videos For Real Estate: Go Niche Or Not? (21:03)

Mark is building out his YouTube channel; should he keep it broad or focus on a niche?  Chad describes how to use one channel and segment different niches into different playlists so your traffic isn’t fragmented.  Chad and Mark also discuss how to bring other faces onto the channel and capture candid, high-energy moments. 

Tip: If your competition is watching, you can publish certain content as “unlisted” so your competition doesn’t try to grift your referral and vendor partners.  Simply send links to this content directly to your leads.

Tip: Chad discusses how to solidify your rapport at the end of a cold call by leveraging content that highlights your team.


Ex-Parte Petitions  (23:55)

Carlos is working with an ex parte petition.  Chad describes why the best option might be to go direct to the attorney handling the case.


What if the County is the Estate Administrator? (24:58)

This means a non-emotional party has been assigned as the administrator of the estate (In California, this is called a fiduciary). These are great opportunities for you to build referral relationships.


Email Marketing and Drip Campaigns For Probate Real Estate Leads (26:40)

Rossa and Chad discuss how to get started with email drips easily with a service like Mailchimp.

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Voice Courier Instead of Ringless Voicemail (28:53)

Rossa is looking to generate curiosity about his website and have people opt-in to speak with him, by leaving a pre-recorded message.  Chad describes why litigation risks are high in this market and how a voice courrier service can get the job done better and safer.

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Cold Calling In New York -  Opt-In Regulations (32:24)

James and Tim discuss how to prospect by phone without violating cold calling regulations in states with stricter COVID restrictions.


They’ve Been In The House Forever - Is This A Dead Lead? (34:24)

Renee is wondering if she should scrub probate leads with long-term live-in relatives from her list, especially if they’ve transferred the deed over to their name.  Chad and Renee discuss how to optimize here.


Contact Rates for Calls vs. Letters: Why Both Works Best Cold (36:18)

Chad describes why you can actually get the best results using a combination of different marketing touches rather than a high-quantity of a single touch. Chad describes the psychology behind this as well as his schedule for ordering each touch.


Cold Calling Regulations: Licensed Agent vs. Investor (38:48

Dave in Colorado follows up on the cold-call restrictions conversation from earlier.  What if you’re not a licensed agent? What if you’re calling personal representatives that live in another state? Tim describes how you can do your diligence to get absolute certainty on any cold calling restrictions that apply to you and the calls you make, wherever you make them.


Phone Numbers in Your Lead Lists (39:52

Chad describes the 5 phone number fields and how our proprietary skip-trace system works.


Breaking Through The Wall: Raising Contact and Conversion Rates during Covid-19 (43:03

Larry and the coaches discuss how to shake up an unmotivated lead list and land more conversations, more conversions, and more commitment. 


Calling on Behalf Of Someone Else: Restrictions? (45:05

Cheryl, Tim, and Jim discuss the legality of having others call for you/calling on behalf of someone else.


Leveraging Letters Of Intent While Waiting On Court Backlogs (48:48)

Maria has been working with a personal representative since March. He is willing to accept the cash offer from Maria’s cash buyer.  Maria is in Texas, so the seller will need to get muniment of 


Dual Agency, Agency Disclosures, and Unrepresented Buyer Addendums (50:08)

Chad and Maria discuss how she can continue to put together deals where she brings both the seller and buyer together.  Chad suggests getting the purchaser to sign an unrepresented party addendum and include this in the letter of intent signed by all parties.

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Episode Transcript:

COVID got you worried whatever that is like you identify with them, get them to identify with the creative, then once they're identified, present, present a problem and then vaguely present yourself as the solution don't don't sell their Facebook ads or a lot like voicemail. It's not a place to sell, it's a place to get engagement. So all you're looking for is to get them to click that Learn More button. You don't want them to be able to learn more on Facebook. You want them to click that and they can learn more, as soon as that click. And that's the recipe that's worked really well for me. we averaged about a 10 to one return on Facebook dollars. So that's, that's the magic recipe that's worked so well as interrupt. It's kind of interrupt, engage, educate, call to action, and accomplish all that in 15 to 30 seconds.

Welcome successful agents and investors nationwide. Today is Thursday, June 25 2020. And this is mastermind call number


We do have four people in the queue. So let's go right to our first caller. First up this week is phone number ending in 595. to Europe first. Yeah. Hi, Jim. Good morning. How you doing?

Excellent. So Gee, always good to hear from you. Thank

you. Thank you. I thought, you know, my question is for child chat. I was gonna ask, I think a three pronged question. The first one shows ago, you talked about getting hooked up with judiciary. And I was wondering, what is the best way of going about that? And the second one, I was wondering what you thought about, you know, just emailing your resumes to attorneys and maybe following up with them. Those are two that, you know, I think I forgot the last question. Oh, the third one was, I was wondering like in California, if it was possible, you know, to be a guest member of the California Bar Association. Do you know anything about that? We'll start with the fiduciary, fiduciary, you can find that voice any of your leads, and I know you have lots of historical leads. If you go into my probate lead to download all and then do an auto search or you want to compare the PR name to the attorney name. Oftentimes when a public administrator or fiduciary is the PR, then those two named fields will match they'll put them in as as both the attorney and the personal Rep. That's one way you can do it. The other way is they have professional trade groups for fiduciaries, especially in California, and you can look up x county fiduciary meetings or Association in most markets like I know people in San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco. Like in those markets, that's to be an affiliate member of the fiduciary organization is about $300 a year, and they usually meet monthly. And normally they made in person, I'm sure that is shifted to zoom meeting now, but you can become an affiliate member of that. I've only heard of one person ever being rejected from being an affiliate member of a bar, and I believe it was in South It was around Tampa, Florida, we've had people join the Bar Association has an affiliate in the state of California. So I think you'll be able to do that as well. And with each of those, what you want to do is focus on what value can you bring to the group that nobody else has been bringing? So you're not an attorney? Are you likely you're not I know your family. You come from a long line of attorney. So you talk, you talk the talk, but don't go in there trying to be an attorney go in there trying to show them how your service can support the growth of or optimization of their firm, whether they're a fiduciary or an attorney. It's pretty unemotional for them so they're easy to get through to if you can find A unique value to provide to them. And then as far as sending your resume to attorneys, I don't recommend it. Because there's just it's there's far better things you can do when you reach out to attorneys, like telling them how awesome you are at your job and how many you know how much success you've had, it doesn't do a whole lot for them, you need to tell them how your skill set is going to grow their business is going to make them work less is going to bring more value to their clients. So rather than focusing on yourself, when you reach out to an attorney, you focus 100% on them and their firm and their client don't make it about you at all. And I know that's that's hard, but it's very effective, because everybody else is doing that everybody else is sending resumes and you know, their last year's worth of deals trying to prove their worth as a real estate agent. And what you want to do is create division that you're a supplement to their business model. So you are a team member of theirs and they are a team member of yours. So don't focus so much on a traditional business what I've accomplished sort of you know, resume or professional profile, focus on what What can I do to help this attorney but it's going to get his attention, and we can both benefit from that relationship?

Okay, so how do you get your foot in the door there?

So the two ideas we discussed the most one is offering estate planning to your sphere of influence. So your past clients, your friends, your family, professional groups, like if you're in mastermind or networking groups, you know, very few Americans have a proper estate planning and probate is going to cost between five and 7% of the gross value of their of their estate. So Shouldn't we raise our standard of service and offer that to everyone that we play some of these large asset purchases? Like is there anyone who owns real estate that that shouldn't really that has a high net worth that shouldn't have a proper estate plan? Because it's a living trust, even if you go all the way to that it's typically less than three grand even for, you know, more wealthy individuals. So probate is far more expensive than having a living trust. So if you can get your sphere of influence to say, you know what, so Gee, that's amazing that you're offering this offer them a free one hour consultation with your your legal team. And when you see how many raise their hands, you go open the door to the attorney's office, you open up that relationship by bringing them a referral that's ready to go that are not it's not here's a list of my past clients that I have spoken to this person, they are ready to have the conversation. And that shows extremely well

because a lot of people don't realize

this. I just learned this a year or so ago that industries they can't direct market to get leads. So they can't mail the probate list like we can they pretty much rely on referrals or broadcast marketing or you know, branding. So it's an extremely valuable gesture to the attorney that provides value to your client base and everybody wins you make a great first impression. If you don't have past clients which I know you do. So you but there's a lot of people on this call like if you don't want to do that much work or you don't that's intimidating to you. The other easier way faster way is to go in with like take your last list of probate leads. What you'll find is about 20 90% of them had initiated the probate process without legal representation, other known as pro se and the petition phase and proper during the probate phase. So 20% of those people in California, oftentimes they get in over their head and realize they do need an attorney. And then the attorney ends up having to work even more on charge more money, because he has to clean up the mistakes they've made and move forward. So a lot of times, they end up hiring attorneys anyways. But these attorneys can't direct market to the people like we can, so you can provide value to them by offering to co market and sit down with them. You go into the office, you you know, let them know that you had a team of people here locally that help families going through probate. And as part of that you visit the county clerk each month and what you've noticed is that one there, their firm name and the attorney name keeps popping up. So you thought they must be a good authority in the space stroke. There you go a little bit and to at least one won't have legal representation and we both know that's a bad idea. So I'm looking for an attorney. That will sit down and design a kind of a probate timeline or a probate checklist with me just a half an hour, 45 minutes of your time. And I will include it in every letter that I send from from here for. And that is a legal way for that attorney to direct market by tagging on to your marketing. And it's a way for them to generate a lot of business. More importantly, most importantly, it's an opportunity for you to sit down with somebody and spend like spend time collaborating on on something that will benefit both of you and create a real organic relationship. Naturally, what's going to happen while you're doing that is they're going to be like, well, what's this for Tell me more about what you do. And that gives you an opportunity to talk about what you do and how good you are at it. Both of those are value first organic ways to generate these ideas, not that sending your resume or sending emails or making phone calls won't work. They just that all those things won't be nearly as effective as the last two ideas we shared.

And Tim, you had something you wanted to add also.

Yeah, so you asked about affiliate members And they actually have a specific category that is called an associate membership in California bar. I'm looking at the form online and associate is a real estate individual or a service provider and is $300 a year. Thank you very

much, guys, man. I really appreciate it.

All right, great to hear from you. We got a full queue. We got eight people in there. Up next is phone number ending in 8546. You're up next. Thank you guys. Thanks for taking my call on the same thread as the call of before and marketing attorneys. I know that from the master course that I took and listening to you guys the emails and letters are really not effective. And the best method was actually walking into the office introducing that's kind of died down a little bit now because of covert obviously, you know, we get the emails on the on the visa list. There's attorneys with emails, and I'd like to create a custom list and upload that to Facebook. So I create an ad that's top of mind to the attorney. He's on their Facebook account or on their LinkedIn account because of the emails and the phone number that we're that I'm that we can get from all the leads that you send us. Has anybody tried that before just being Top of Mind and every time that he's on, he or she or on Facebook, the attorneys, and they keep on seeing my ad coming up, you know, we have families and probate you know, help attorneys make their life easier, etc. I highly recommend so when you're creating your audience, I want to make sure that you're not just trying to match the email address and phone number, you know, use the first name, last name, email, phone number, all the fields you can you'll get a higher match rate, it's likely that you'll you'll match on name, even if there's no email there, you could probably still get a name match toddler phone number. So Facebook, keep it over 600 unique data points on each of us. Even if it's not in our profile, we can still match to those points in their database. So just be sure don't don't exclude the ones that don't have an email because you might match them on name or phone number or both. Yeah, this should be effective. So far, I don't know anyone who has ran a campaign like that to attorneys. In the last several mastermind calls, we've talked about it two or three different times where we kind of unpack the idea of how to do this when you're creating an audience and, and pointing your ads at the personal representatives. But I'll tell you exactly how to like we talked about the audience creation, the creative, the copy, the budget, all those things are kind of in the archive. So look for those cat does a really good job of Time Stamping every call. So go back through and look at the keywords and see where we talk about Facebook ads.

And you'll kind of hear the long form

of how you can approach this but try to be super local, and you know, identify with them in the first two or three seconds. Identify with them, like let them know that they're being targeted because they are a local probate attorney, and try to try to bounce them off of Facebook onto a video landing page where you are talking to the cameras, no scripts, no teleprompter, just be you and just look into the Camera pitch the same way you would if you were meeting him in his office. Okay, but the benefit that we can provide etc is kind of like one on one all natural. Exactly. All right, beautiful. And I'm sorry and going back to those calls you mentioned you had before mastermind targeting personal representative but that was my next question. I thought it might be more effective targeting attorneys and personal representatives we still want to be top of mind I imagine but it's more emotional contact you need to create with them because they're going through a hard time and attorneys more subjective. That's a different coffee altogether, I think so. What you need to know is keep your copy short so your headline should be less than five words. Ideally, it should be a question and then your description. Again less than five words if the headlines a question then use a description to create more curiosity around that question. Tie all the pieces together. Your creative should be in the first two seconds they should be able to identify with it so probate attorneys in Santa Rosa, California, like They're gonna, they're going to see that even if it's not the first time it'll be the second or third or fourth time that day that they see it, eventually they will see it now identify so the first two seconds identify your your subject, the next two seconds present the problem, the next two seconds, propose a solution and then two and then whether it's you know, you can go 15 seconds or 30 seconds, I wouldn't go beyond that. Just use curiosity that videos is just for creating curiosity. Then they click learn more, they land on a landing page where you're speaking directly to them. And I would recommend on that landing page, you have a video and then summarize what's in the video and copy. So if they want to read it, they can read it if they want. If they like learning from watching videos, they can watch the video, give them options, and the call to action should be click right here. Click here to get on my calendar right now or call the number above. I'm waiting for your call. And just really simple, clear call to action. This is what you do from here. Okay, I'm writing this down really fast. Okay, just to go over the setup. First two seconds are should be geared towards what the first two seconds you need to identify they need to identify what kind of creative so are you an attorney? Or are you a probate attorney? Are you an estate planning attorney? Are you in California? Do you want to are you trying to grow your firm has COVID got you worried whatever that is like you identify with them. Get them to identify with the creative, then once they're identified, present, present a problem and then vaguely present yourself as the solution don't don't sell their Facebook ads or a lot like voicemail. It's not a place to sell, it's a place to get engagement. So all you're looking for is to get them to click that Learn More button. You don't want them to be able to learn more on Facebook. You want them to click that and they can learn more as soon as that click. And that's the recipe that's worked really well for me. we averaged about a 10 to one return on Facebook dollars. So that's, that's the Magic recipe that's worked so well as interrupt. It's kind of interrupt, engage, educate, call to action, and accomplish all that in 15 to 30 seconds. It's and you and don't be afraid to test things like run one video for a week and then switch it out and run it again or set up an A B test and run them in parallel and see you never know what's what's going to work like don't give up if it doesn't work on your first try. Don't give up because something something always works. It just sometimes takes us three to six months on Facebook to find out what will work. Got it okay meetup calm again, I mentioned in a different medium that has up until now then kind of constant repetitive. I know some people not with probate, but I know some agents that are having some success with addressable geo fencing where basically you drop the geo fence around a specific, a specific address. And you can target any phone that has been inside of that address. Let's say an attorney's office. Any phone that's been in that address, you can target that phone with, with ads, that drop on the news, news websites that they might visit any websites, they might visit from their phone for up to 30 days, with, with the same type of ad that you would build for Facebook, it's a little bit more advanced. So I don't want to go down the rabbit trail here. But if you want to be able to send those same ads and that same message out to attorneys or their client, that would be another way that you could do it. And there's several different websites that that I know of that you can set geo fences up through.

Okay, I know that Facebook has a geo fencing feature as well, but they don't it's not allowed them housing. When I do real estate ads. I can't do that. So, but this is not necessarily housing, so it might be able to do that on Facebook as well.

Okay, great. I'd be able to

all right, perfect. Next up is phone number ending in 2913. You're up next. Hey, can you hear me Yes, sir. Hello. Okay, great. This is more surface. I'm a brand new member. I just I've been listening to your calls for some time, but I just signed up with Jordan, I guess you know, Jordan, he's great by the way. So I don't know if you give them a bonus or something, but he's been fantastic. Well, he's, he's actually married to my daughter so long, let them know.

Good will tell Mark Davis


Tiger Woods. Anyway, I just set up for the the mail campaign and I'm using y'all for the first call. I guess my question is, I have my own VA that I was going to have follow up. I've given her some of the scripts, anything you can tell me about just starting out or moving forward or how to manage the leads, especially to my VA on a scale of one to 1010 being better than you'll ever be to one being first phone call. Where would you rate her as a salesperson, like how good is your VA

name about a seven? Okay,

well, it's possible you can turn her loose in our roleplay archive and she can do all the work for you. Otherwise, like typically with offshore vas, we find that keeping them away from the details, making it a very superficial conversation is usually what works best. Like as I'm an ex Chad, I'm calling from Mark. He's on an appointment, but he wanted to see if he if he could get you on the calendar for tomorrow, or possibly Monday, which of those days have worked better for you? What's this about? Oh, well, Mark actually has a team we have a team of folks right here in Florida help families going through probate and he was down at the clerk's office last week and realize your family's going through that so he just wanted to introduce himself and our service. It just takes a few minutes just to see if there's any way that you guys could benefit from what we do. So what would try it three or Monday at five be the best time to put you on the calendar for Mark. And it's it's a it's a high like a very superficial they're not getting into the details or specifics about what you do what the service does, and they're trained to just defer all questions to the appointment like the third, defer defer, that way they don't get wrapped around the axle, and it just creates It's even more curiosity for your phone call. So that's kind of where we start most inexperienced VA czar is as even our essays were pretty much trained on these phone calls between mastermind and roleplay. If you have a level seven salesperson working as a VA, they can very quickly get you all the way to the front door the face to face appointment just by listening to the the methodology we teach on these calls. I think there are 58 hours of archived roleplay content. So you've got quite a library for them to train in. Okay, as far as contacting or mailing attorneys would you said yes, once a quarter What are your thoughts on that? You know, it's it's really like the personal representatives like until you know them all, keep mailing. I just, okay, just keep reaching, keep reaching out to the attorneys until you until they've said they don't want a relationship with you. Or you have that relationship. It's actually much easier to manage with the attorney because they might rotate every 20 years where was first of all represented If you have a new batch every 30 days, so you're constantly, you know, it's just like a sales career. You're unemployed every morning but with the attorney and you're building career long relationships, so if you're diligent and just keep hammering the list, eventually you will know every attorney in town, probably within the year if you're diligent. Okay. And in one place, you have one of those, like, you have one of those attorneys asked for an introduction to some of their fears. The attorneys that I know especially in the estate and probate mess, they're more than happy to introduce me to other estate, probate attorneys, guardianship attorneys that are peers if they're, they have no problem with that. And that's it. That's another really easy way in the door with an attorney. Once you have a peer to peer introduction. It's good to know I actually had a probate attorney contact me the other week. It's just kind of coincidence. They're just starting the you know, all the lead. And so we had a conversation we met and now it's gonna follow up with him, of course, but I'll ask him for other referrals, kind of in that same vein, I'm starting to develop. I'm a real estate agent and I'm trying to develop my YouTube channel. And you know, I always hear that, you know, the riches are in the niches and I was wondering your thoughts on kind of focusing on probate and bringing up topics of conversation either on my own or interviewing this other attorney that I met in developing the channel in that way. What are your thoughts on that?

Go do it. We talked about it two or three mastermind calls ago, we talked about that as well. And you can find that in the archive. But what I would recommend is don't have multiple channels. And this is what we discussed on the previous call, rather than managing multiple channels and fragmenting your traffic focus on one channel and you can have playlists. You could have a probate attorney playlist, a probate family playlist, a first time homebuyer playlist that way, people you're not painting yourself into a corner where people think you just do probate so if they find you on YouTube, they can identify with the playlist that fits their situation, but absolutely man like the more people you can interview like every team member, every vendor on your team You should at the Met at a minimum do a zoom call with them and say, you know, this is jack Harper. He is our class a contractor, jack, how did we meet and just jump into an interview just a man to man conversation and let people see that you're real, you're real and you have a team. Now the one thing I will caution you is your competition can be watching that. So you may want to keep that as an unlisted playlist and just send the link out as part of your marketing campaign. So that way you can present the link to the people you want to see it and the other people don't see it. But things like that, like interview contractors interview nursing home employees, interview, probate attorney, interview, senior moving companies, and then those become amazing follow up email links. So Alyson Mary is really great talking with you. I know that there's a lot we can do to help. Before I get there on Friday. I'm going to send you two links in an email one is me speaking with a local probate attorney about why you should have representation because I know you guys don't have an attorney. The other is Actually from our insurance professional, and he's the one that underwrites our vacant house policies. And those are the two things I see I can help you right now by getting your assets protected, and getting you proper legal representation before we proceed with anything else. So can you can you commit to watching those two five minute videos before we meet on Friday? Okay, great. I'm really looking forward to meeting you guys. And I'll see you on Friday at three. And then immediately when you set the appointment, get off the phone, fire that email, and now they have it. They're starting to build a relationship with your team before you even get there. And they realize you're cut from different cloth. You're not typical. You're not just a real estate agent. And those are things where even if it's unlisted, it's very useful. Like it can be a great follow up tool. Okay, perfect. Hey, thanks again. And I'll report back with some results in a month or so. Sounds great, Mark. Thank you. Next up is phone number ending in 6419. You're up next, though? Yes, sir. We can hear you go ahead. Have a question. Have you ever do you have any experience with the extra repetition. I'm going on a on a situation where there was two parties on title was one, give all the rights on the on the property and one of the sisters

died, but they didn't find out for

probate and it was a community property. And now they find an attorney and to say he was going to do a party to accelerate the process, I would reach out to the attorney and just have that conversation directly with with them if the family is okay with you doing that, you know, it's a good opportunity for you to learn that part of the process. I have never dealt with one myself. But if I were in your position, I would just try to set up a meeting with the attorney where I could just say, listen, we've we've been working with the family, we certainly don't want to get in the way we actually want to, you know, be a good partner and help you speed this along even more. So can you answer a few questions and just make contact with the attorney let them know what you can do to help speed the process along from a non legal perspective and they should appreciate that an answer Question. Okay. One other question, guys, I have been doing my cost sometimes the counties as a administrator for the state right? So do you approach them to to ask for like, we will stay a part of the of the process? I think it's important to contact the administrator. If it's an assigned administrator, Yes, you do. And if you do a good job, you create value for them. And the same ways that you would an attorney that we've been talking about on this call create value for them. That's an amazing way to to get future referrals from them. Because if they're the administrator on on this deal, they're going to be the administrator on a lot of future cases, as well as probably administrating administering many different types of real estate deals. So yes, you definitely want to reach out to them provide as much value as possible and use the same language that we've been talking about on this call with the attorney to establish those relationships. You might even want to ask them if you can interview review them and kind of use their expertise. So you're boosting up their ego, you're, you're asking them if you can use their expertise to be able to bring more business into the system for them and the attorneys that they work with. Okay. And just so you know, Carlos, earlier in this call when we were talking about fiduciaries, that is a public administrator in the state of California, they use the term fiduciary. So everything we talked about earlier about fiduciaries, if you aren't on Jump, jump back and listen to that. That will give you some ideas on how to approach them. Okay. All right. Appreciate it. Next up is phone number ending in 0229. You're up next. Hi, can you hear me? Yes, sir. Hi. I just thought to create a better website we don't believe and my question is related to the email campaign. If you can work on the I don't know an autoresponder that works better. I have a subscription with prop stream and it can be used for watch don't delete

doesn't to do so you're

looking for email drip campaigns.

Yeah, so we don't

have it yet. That's one of the things we are working on is actually building that out so you guys don't have to struggle through doing it yourself. We don't have it ready right now but I recommend using MailChimp Okay, one of the tips from the trainers videos that we have if you go to all the leads calm and in the in the search bar in the top right and catwalk so link it in the show notes type in emails, there's a tips from the trainer video that shows you how to do a very simple how to use Google canned responses or Google templates to do it like just sending sending one one individual emails, and then also how to how to get set up and use MailChimp automation. It's a lot of list management if you're doing it manually through MailChimp list each month you need to upload your list and it's not a lot of management. It's just each month you need to go in and actually You know, add that new list to your MailChimp list and then build out your what what MailChimp calls an automation as what they call their their email drip. The simple way is just have a if you use Gmail have a canned response or a template, right click send the email you can fire them off in a couple of seconds while you're on while you're making the phone calls. Or you can start to do the full automation and drip campaign using MailChimp. And a lot of reasons like MailChimp is very affordable. Your first 2000 leads on the list are actually free. There's no subscription price very easy to use. From a usability standpoint, it's easy to design with one of the bigger reasons is you don't have to prove your OPT in so you can actually upload the email you can upload a cold list and start emailing it immediately. So MailChimp is the tool that I would strongly suggest and that video should help give you some ideas on copy and how to execute that. Thank you very much for this object and the same suggestion for a system that can Delivery directly in the voice mailbox directly a message, I would like to let's say, either my accent at the beginning email, therefore, create curiosity about my website and have them that pulls the voter information back on the website. We're being very careful in this space right now. So my advice to you is don't use ringless voicemail in this environment because a lot of attorneys are looking for ways to make revenue because their business has been cut. So litigation has skyrocketed as it does in most recessions, but more so in this one because people were just their income was just cut off and they still had staffing costs. So a lot of attorneys have learned now that you can very quickly drag someone to a class action suit, shake them down and settle them out and never see the courtroom, they can get a quick 10 or 20 grand out of you and move on to the next guy. So I would be very very careful with any ringless voicemail product now because of that change and the environment, one of our partners has actually started a new service that they call voicemail courier. So they use live callers too. So it's not a violation of TCPA. And if you want to learn more about that you can go to voice forward slash, roll, delete. So voice logic, comm forward slash all the leads, and there's three different three things. There's three different packages one is a ringless voicemail, which they're basically not even doing anymore. Number two is the voicemail courier where we drop the voicemail using a live caller 20% of the people pick up and they actually play the message for them 80% they just leave, they leave the message. And then three is they actually do live they have live individual callers so you can have a somewhat custom trained I say make the calls for you based on what you want them to say. But that page is set up to kind of put up everything in one place and then as the pricing that they extend to our customers, but um, that would that would be where I would point you instead of doing ringless voicemail I would try the voicemails courier from voice logic. Okay, I'm just very clear. I was thinking to do with the personal representative about that

because of what you said

was logical. English. Thank you.

My name is Joy. Orange County, California. I'm intrigued about the Facebook discussion we've had on this call is is there a way that you can recommend that we can learn how to do that Bruce and I have actually discussed this and we need to sit down and just make a course it's it's probably a I would say it's probably a two hour course to really unpack the commerce And give you all the How to so it is something we're looking at though enjoys it has been coming up over and over. So I think we're going to design like a Facebook mini course for probate. Oh, that would be great. I will be your first student. Okay. You got to hold it up now and you hope hopefully orange will be back soon. Joyce appreciate you pointing that out. Okay, thanks a million. Bye bye. Sure. Next up is phone number ending in 9711. You're up next. Hey, can you hear me? This is James McCray. Yes, sir. A Richmond, Virginia real quick.

Well, I know our courts

aren't with us right now. And I was gonna joke joke Joyce and says, Well, people stopped expiring in Orange County. They're living longer.

Yeah, they cure death.

That's great. Yeah.

Well, that they have the money for it. So what can I say? Hey, real quick,

but phone calls

in the upstate New York area. I guess you're not really allowed. To make phone calls to probate leads in upstate New York, or is there a way to do that

to make phone calls in that area?

I a little update on that. So we've had some conversations in regard to what the chat I asked you to be quiet. Let me talk.

I'll be I'll be, I'll be a good boy.

So we've had obviously there's a lot of people in New York, we have a lot of folks there that are extremely interested in obviously, there's a problem with status, we understand that the issue is that they're not allowed to call unless you have a previous relationship specific customer or the customer has asked you to contact them, then in fact, right can do that you cannot make a cold call. So I would urge you not to take my word for it. Don't act on what I said. But do this. You know, in your State Bar Association has a helpline, they'll tell you the same thing, call the 800 number and they'll express the same thing I told you. So the way to accomplish that, at least to be able to reach out to Some of it would be to send an email, send it, send a letter out. And in that letter, ask them to come back to your website and register so that you can contact them. And you can help them during this period because a lot of people are sitting there not knowing what to do with their probate properties right now. And that kind of letter might be well received, you just can't make a cold call. Okay. All right. Next up is phone number ending in 7976. Welcome Rene comm now, quick question on the follow up from from earlier, I'm coming across a lot of people that look like they have owned this property for a long time, like 10 or more years. And one of two things. One is either the now personal representative looks like their name is the owner. So maybe they just you know how to transfer it over. Or again, it's just kind of been in a family for a really long time. So do we just keep mailing those people because there's kind of a lot of them, you know, I don't want to just keep spending money on somebody who's not going to buy To tell me we're keeping it but I keep mailing to them. Any thoughts on that? Well, one thing I would say is like the fact that they didn't probate the estate, and let that go on for years and years and years without actually dealing with it. That tells you that like probably master procrastinators, right, like they're, they're pretty good at putting things off. So consider that they might not be returning your call because they're just not whole good. They're not very good at this whole adulting thing. Potentially, your letter will land on a day where they have a breakthrough. And that's when you get to come list me call fear, you know, burning through your budget, and you have other leads to reach out to and focus those dollars. Yeah, I would say if you've touched them multiple times, they shouldn't be a priority. But understand that there probably is still some deals and they're just they're just not that responsible and they don't return calls or emails and eventually they will when they feel enough pressure. Yeah, okay. It was more of a reiteration question. As I'm thinking I may just take some of those dollars and kind of restart. into the newer people and then call you don't mind going back and calling and I make notes for all these things and hashtags, but I think it's more the dollars spent on the mailers. That's the best thing right now for the budget. But okay, thank you. All right, next up, we got three more in the queue. It should take us up to the top of the hour nicely. Next up is phone number ending in 1202. You're up next. Hey, how you guys doing? I'm just a quick question. I'm thinking about signing up with you guys. With the probate list as I was wondering if you guys had any statistics, being the first touch on that list being a cold call with regards to compared to direct mail. So it's hard to track everybody's statistics collectively because once the lead leaves, everyone has different different behaviors, right and it doesn't ring back to us. But the reason we recommend the two in tandem as based on our experience on the stuff we could track when we were like using this in our own businesses for me I just found the cold calls are way warmer. If I'd already put if I put a letter out in front of me and I referenced that letter, a lot of times, you're still leaving voicemails and referencing the letter will make them go look for that letter and realize your letter looks a lot, your offer looks way different than everyone else's offer. So oftentimes, the letter will get there, it won't get their attention, the phone call, the voicemail will get the letter the attention it deserves, and then you'll get the inbound call back. So it's you're going to get the best result using them in tandem. Now, we certainly have people who call before their letters hit and they just changed the script up a little bit. And we have people that don't send letters at all, but the people who get consistent results and get the highest conversion rates are doing it in tandem. They're they're tying the two together as a true marketing campaign. Awesome with the same timeline, like what would the timeline look like? For example, you get a list, you send a letter first and then you wait a

week or so or how does that work? So you try to land your call. Wasn't the day of or the day after the letters hit. So for me, like I send I ordered mail on Thursdays, it fulfills on Fridays, and I make calls on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, you get two to three business days for for first class postage. So if it hits the mail like Friday, Saturday, Monday, then on Tuesday, everyone should have gotten that, in order to be sure we actually see seed your list with your own name and address. So you'll get a copy of your own letter that way, you know, you have a side signal on the mailbox that says, hey, it's time to call this this list for this letter. Awesome. Awesome. Thanks, guys. Looking forward to working with you guys. Same here and our phone number ending in 7754. You're up next. Howdy.

Yes, sir. Yeah, I just had a quick

follow up question about the

upstate New York band right now and cold calls. And was

is that just apply to licensed

agents or is that Everybody cuz I'm marketing in Florida

but come across a lot of

owners personal reps

with New York numbers. Are you

licensed in New York? I am not. Nope. I mean, that is specifically for that, as far as I know that specifically for licensed agents in New York, but I would tell you this probably something you should know that that helpline for the the New York State Association of Realtors is free, it's not going to cost you anything to get on it. Be smart about it, I would at least urge you to go take a look. I doubt that you're going to have an issue there because you're not in state. But I'm not I'm not an attorney. And I'm not a member of the New York State Board of realtors either. So you should check.

All right, we'll do

and now I'll be the second member sign up behind Joyce on the Facebook thing for Thanks, guys. All right. We had another person jump in the chat. I know you're driving so let's take them. Hi. So my name is Larry is here in Michigan in Oakland County. We just started actually the program is Our first listing went out once a late March, early April. So just about the worst time. And what I was wondering is two things. First, skip tracing, I noticed that some of the phone numbers are coming back and cannot be reached. We know are the phone numbers before we get them? Are they verified that their work numbers or how does that work is a personal representative phone number recorded on public record, which is very rare, we give you that as the top phone number. The next phone number down begins our proprietary skip trace process. And there's four slots there. So you could have up to five phone numbers, and they're based on the order that we believe how accurate they are. Now, if we can't find a john doe and john doe in Detroit, well look for any any double match point associated with john doe in Detroit. So you may get Jane Doe his wife if the numbers aren't correct, you know, we do our best to find the most the most recent and the most valid phone numbers but it is a it is an art not a science. So there's no guarantee, but they are coming from us. And we have, you know, based on what tracking we've done, and we find that our numbers are about 95% accurate, if you, but some, some are not going to be that's just the nature of it, but we do our best. And I would say, you know, based on our experience if you're unable to do any better, because we do take a pretty exhaustive approach at it. All right. Well, thanks. My second question is, you know, coming in at this time, I'm going to have any other experience and wondering for the more experienced guys, if you guys could tell me what the volume was like.

As far as

you know, letters going out the amount of listings and you guys see it increasing, decreasing because I'm calling calling calling and I'm literally getting nowhere. We normally have 300 leads a month. I call by like the other day 444 time and I haven't even got a single report or that correction, we got one appointment, but that's your thing. You're really the only person I've heard that from I was really surprised how engaged the family stayed with with our subscribers and everyone seems to be going extremely well, almost unimpacted obviously, as you heard with joy some of our members can't get leads in those counties kind of nothing is happening but not with the families or the courts or or our subscribers, but otherwise people are doing really well. Like we've we've had a lot of success stories over the last couple of months. It could be just the culture I guess if people are, I guess better behaved like if they're taking social distancing more seriously and they're just not doing anything. Or if they've you know, decided to just forward is gonna check out and play with, like, hang out with our families and not work too hard or deal with much over this time. It could. I don't know if you see that and your local culture that could be the reason but across the board like across the country, I've been really pleasantly surprised. And how engaged most everybody has stayed and they still even though they're there, they're at home. They're still trying to move the ball down the field and and interacting with our subscribers.

what time of day. Are you making phone calls?

Anywhere between noon to five?

Okay, have you have you thought about? Have you thought about making calls in the evening as opposed to that day to vary it up a little bit?

I haven't put it up yet.

Yeah, I would. I would add, I would add to that, like Saturday morning about 10 to one is usually good. Also, for the ones you can't get some people like Tim. Yeah, where Tim was going. Some people just get they're not going to answer the phone during that time of day. change up your call times a bit. That's a great idea. I interrupted you, Tim, go ahead. You know the nice

thing about McComber Oakland

County. Mike had a few people tell me that they wanted really


You're gonna find issues with every court system in the country for various reasons. Some of them are simply staffing and personnel reasons. Some of them are courts themselves. down. I mean, it's a challenging time. But what you should be working for is to build up a book of customers that if there are things that, you know, you're going to run into along the way, once you've gotten through this period of time, and people are coming back and doing, you know, I don't know, I don't really specifically know how state of Michigan is and what the, you know, salvage rates are and all of that everybody's watching it pretty closely all over the country, but it's a pretty good barometer for what's going on. I don't know that we've not I don't think we're aware of closing there. I think we're continuing to get leads, but it's obviously been affected. But the other side of this is that you should be reaching people at home. If they're self quarantining, or they're staying home or working from home, you may get them but also, if they're working from home, they may not take personal calls during the day because in fact, they're working from home. So I think one of the things you should definitely shoot for is start making some evening calls, make some weekend calls and see if that helps you get some better contract rates, and then you're going to get into some better conversations.

Thanks so much, guys. I really appreciate it. you're experiencing all your help.

All right, we have Cheryl

along. Are you there?

Yes, I am. Thank you.

Sure. Go ahead. I just wanted to.

I'm up in Monroe County, New York, and to the person that asked the question about the collars and the agents, I, because I can't call from what I understood, and I got that information from all the leads. So thank you very much, because I was calling when I first signed up, and when I was told, we aren't supposed to call because I attend our Ria meeting. And I had some discussions with people with a meeting and they kind of confirmed it. I shouldn't say kind of, they basically confirmed what I was told that we aren't supposed to be cold calling. And they're a very conservative bunch. There's a lot of legal stuff that's going on up here with regards to mostly rental stuff, but they're very much into what the real estate laws and everything are right now, but they never said anything specifically about whether agents versus non licensed agents, whether there was a differentiation about People call in who couldn't. So I'm going based on because right now I'm in the practice of getting my license. And they knew that so they would have said something to me if there was a difference. So in answer to your question, your understanding is it's not a law, it's a board of realtors edict or a policy is our understanding that, like Tim said, verify that and if that is true, that would make sense if you're not licensed than the real estate commission doesn't have any authority over you, you know, I, I don't so that's that's good to know, though. So investors, if you're calling as an investor, or you know, if you're just not, if you don't have real estate license, it sounds like you'd probably be okay. But that's good to know. Thanks for the input. So that being said, if you are if you have somebody else calling that is not a licensed agent, are they able to call?


Yeah, you're gonna you're in a gray area there because the reality is if you are, if you are, they're calling on your man If you this calling and if you are a licensed agent and you hire someone to make the call for you, you're not you're not not an artist. It's there. Right? So if I'm on on licensed agent and I'm partnered with a licensed agent that then makes me a licensed agent in that regard, is that correct? I'm gonna I'm gonna stop you and say this is truly not something that we ought to be touching you about. And I really I really say that, to be fair, to be fair.

Alright, guys, go ahead. That's fine. How did you have a follow up question or something else you want to add? Yeah, if you're if you're working in conjunction with somebody that is in another state, does it the same rules then still probably apply? So it never mind is we're still getting into legally is with with where I was going? Yeah.

Probably so and the good news is, I think the first week of September you guys are you're getting you're gonna get released from the Do Not Call jail and you'll be able to actually get back to work. It's been I know, it's been a tough, prolonged period of time for you, we empathize with you for sure. But literally it's a free helpline an 800 number we call the New York State Association of Realtors hotline, and they'll gladly talk to you. And they'll answer these questions for you pretty straightforwardly. And they want everybody to get back to work. It's to their advantage to do that. So I would call them and yeah, I won't do that. Because just the activity with the people in our Ria meeting, things are moving. It's just a matter of being able to get ahold of the people that are on our list.


that it's encouraging at least that you know, our cash buyers as he's getting calls all the time to buy and sell. So I'm like, All right, I'm waiting to get some stuff to get to you. Thank you guys so much. I appreciate it. Hey, guys, thank you so much for your patience cat tells me that we have someone in the queue that wants to share a success story. So we're going to go one more color and then we're going to wrap it up Merida. You're up last phone number ending in 7754. So I have two questions. I have been working with this. I have been working with a personal representative since March. I met up with him about two or three weeks ago and he's been kind of reluctant to sign his listing agreement with me. We but he wants to sell his house with me. I've already introduced him to our wives already given him an offer via our my cash buyer investor, but he does not want to sign anything until he gets his paperwork from the attorney. And, you know, this has been since March. And I just met up with him Memorial Day weekend because of the restrictions that we've had due to COVID. And I followed up with him last week, he said that he still wants to go ahead and move forward with the cash offer but he just doesn't want to. He doesn't want to do anything until he has the paperwork from his attorney.

So what

paperwork he Waiting for the letters of testamentary. And the ask them for the probate application, ask them for the death certificate and ask them for the will. I'm in Texas. Yes. So unless he is unless he has petitioned the Corps and gotten granted the monumental title, he doesn't have the authority to sign the agreement. So even if you get into sign of it's not valid and enforceable. So he's actually right. In this case, he should wait until he has the letters. Otherwise, it won't be a valid a valid contract. Okay. So I just basically got it keep incubating him. Well, what you can do to secure your position is prepare a letter of intent for the bot for the purchaser, and have them sign that deliver that to the seller and have them sign that and do go ahead and do an agency disclosure document even though it's not an agency relationship. It's an lol I'm not a contract just as a See ya. Just have him sign. You know, this, and you could actually write that into the letter of intent, like, you know, seller seller agrees that when granted the authority as the administrator, they will list with ABC brokerage buyer agrees that they are unrepresented. They're offering, you know, $55,000, you know, the terms of the deal. And then everybody just signed the same letter of intent. The broker, the buyer and the seller. I've worked a couple of deals with these same investors. And so I actually represent both sides in just thought I'd let that put that out there. Well, that's that's why I was recommend that agency disclosure because dual agency is a powder keg, like I don't believe in it. When I represent investors, I actually leave them unrepresented and I have them sign an unrepresented party had done them because I don't ever want to be standing in front of the real estate board defending my license. Just because I got two sides of a commission. I can take the commission without the risk by doing it that way. So you might consider that as just leave your investors. unrepresented. They don't need it. Okay. Okay. So you said a dual agency disclosure. Well, if you're going to act as a dual agent, which I'm suggesting you don't, but if you are, then you need to disclose the agency in the letter of intent, like you're intending to represent both parties. It's just being extra careful what I'm suggesting. Instead of doing DOJ agency and disclosure, I'm suggesting that you get the purchaser, your investor to sign an unrepresented party addendum and then you sign up you get you can include that language in the letter of intent, you know, investor is not as unrepresented in this transaction. seller's intent is to list to sign an exclusive right to represent seller agreement with ABC brokerage, whenever they have the authority purchaser is offering you can roll all this language into one letter of intent. It's not clearly it's not a valid, enforceable contract either, but it's a mental commitment to the deal, and that should eliminate any risk of losing it to competition or people getting like and that gives you a chance to set a problem expectation with both the buyer and the seller that listen, we've we've solidified this deal. We've shaken hands now we're at the mercy of the court and their backlog. So this could take weeks or maybe even months, but it will we will go to a purchase agreement as soon as we can, but okay, and that should should lock your deal up. And and it'll be there whenever, whenever the courts can get his hearing, you know, whenever they can give him his appointment. Well, he actually had his appointment on June the 11th. It was a, you know, teleconference appointment or hearing. So, so, and we're waiting. Yeah, you're probably just waiting on the clerk to get out of the pile of paperwork that COVID created for. Okay, right. And by the way, Maria, I really went back and re read cats comment. You're the lady who recently shared a win with us. It does a couple listings up here. So yeah, cat was referencing that not that you had one today. So thank you so much for participating. Winner of the week that time but I was at the grocery store and the call dropped but I I should have been winner of the week that by I believe you were, I believe I believe you were I'll have I'll have to get in touch with you again. So congratulations, you know, retro actively on Twitter of the week for that week. All right. Well, thank you. Thank you so much, guys. This is an extraordinarily long call. We appreciate your patience. We had great attendance. We had great participation. I want to thank all of you for being here, particularly thank those who actively participated. I want to challenge each of you take one idea one thought one thing that inspired you on this call, go out and put it into practice. And come back next week and share the results with the group Make

it a great week, stay healthy and we will talk to you soon.

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Medicaid Liens, Probate Voicemail Scripts, and More! Probate Leads Mastermind #279

Medicaid Liens, Probate Voicemail Scripts, and More! Probate Leads Mastermind #279

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Call Re-cap:

Asset Tracing (00:54)

Joe Lehman in Montgomery, Alabama jumps in the queue.  He shouts out ATL Support for a super fast turnaround on updating his mailers, marketing materials, and website with his new brokerage information!  He then asks how he can help a personal representative perform asset tracing.  The person who passed away likely had some investments (stocks and bonds), and may have had a property in Panama City. Chad discusses the pathway to trace the real estate versus the other assets.  

For assets outside of real estate, Bruce also suggests having a good accountant do an IRS audit to find any accounts tied to that name that have been turned over to the IRS.  Bruce discusses how to initiate this process with a CPA.  If you need help finding a CPA, contact  The cost is about $300 per person/entity search.

8 Listings in the Pipeline with an Out Of State PR (6:55)

Joe has an out of state personal representative with 8 properties/lots to sell.  He is visiting some of the lots tomorrow and will report back next week.

What Can a Personal Representative Do While Courts Are Closed? (8:01)

Can a personal representative use funds from the estate while probate is open? Chad describes when estate funds can be used, and how the personal representative can invoice the estate in instances where they need to use personal funds to cover costs of the estate. 

Can a personal representative begin minor clean up and repairs before receiving letters of testamentary? What can they do to make the best use of their time until court opens? Chad describes what can be done now.

Email and Voicemail Etiquette For Follow-Ups (12:07)

Brad in San Diego is curious about voicemails and how often to leave them to the same person.

Chad also describes a great idea for designing your calendar options in a way that demonstrates how well connected and valuable you are (~17:00). We recommend

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Probate Websites (19:34)

Chad E is curious ATL Probate Credibility websites - What comes with them and how to get one.

Chad Corbett also runs through how to record a video for your homepage that will drive probate leads to contact you. 

Networking with Fiduciaries (24:47)

Barry is curious about working with Fiduciary groups.  Chad describes how he can become an affiliate member and network with all of the fiduciaries in his area.

Repeat Publication of the Same Probate?? (30:28)

What does it mean when a case is republished?

Medicaid Liens and How To Negotiate Them (32:55)

Eduardo recently got his first set of probate leads and went on his first probate appointment tomorrow.  The family is dealing with a medicaid lien. How can the family negotiate down the amount owed? Chad describes his success in dealing with medical providers and liens.

Bruce also describes how this is a really great referral opportunity to build a relationship with an attorney who can help this family. Chad also advises Eduardo to remind the family how much more expensive it can be to wait to hire an attorney, especially when probate is much more complicated.

Prospecting DNC Leads (39:41)

Anita is interested in tips for prospecting DNC leads, outside of the direct mail she is already sending.  

Helping a Live-In Family Member Relocate (40:30)

Anita and Chad discuss strategies for helping a live-in family member relocate after losing a parent (who owned the home).

Handling Objections: “Would You Lower Your Commission?” (44:17)

Joyce is capped by state law at 5% in her market. She’s looking for advice on overcoming the commission objection.

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Breaking Through With Attorneys in a Competitive Market (47:50)

What can you do if you’re in a flooded market where attorneys are already getting bombarded with pleas for referrals from other agents?  Chad discusses.

Creative Opportunities: Equity From a Developer (55:38)

Federico has a developer looking to partner up: Federico will help him find ideal sites for developments in exchange for equity, while Federico keeps his full commission for any sales he represents.  He asks for Chad and Bruce’s thoughts here. Awesome opportunity and good job being someone worth a developer’s attention!



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Probate Leads Mastermind Call #278

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Call Re-cap:

Exceptions To Estate Transfer (3:05)

Deb in North Carolina, which has some barriers to billing services relating to real property to the estate.  Bruce Hill, from Raleigh, NC advises.  


Reaching Google Assistant While Cold Calling? (8:05)

Joyce reached Google Assistant while making her cold calls. Should she proceed as normal and leave a message?


Building Generational Wealth: Turning an Inherited Property Into An Investment Portfolio. (9:37)

John Hawkins in Dallas is building a plan for some properties he and his siblings inherited. His idea is to set up a trust and use equity for repairs, and then lease one of the properties.  Chad and John mastermind how John and his siblings can form an LLC, fix one of the properties and turn it into a rental, and then use that property to fund improvements on the other properties.  All in all, this will set a roadmap to generational wealth.


Probate Even When There Is A Trust?? (18:12)

Timothy has a good lead, but is unsure where to take it!  Chad discusses trusts and how probate can still be triggered if other assets aren’t funded into the trust.

See More: What You Miss by Scrubbing Your Lists: Probate deals that aren’t on probate property lists.


DOING vs. Waiting For Perfect (25:21)

Frederico is ready to start prospecting, but is unsure if he should design a multi-step mail campaign or just get started. Get started!!


Why Doesn’t The Personal Representative Know Probate Was Filed? (26:17)

Chad is calling his lead lists and had run into a scenario where the recipient knew the deceased, but wasn’t aware probate was filed.  The personal representative believed probate didn’t need to be filed because she was administering a trust.  This sounds like poor communication from the attorney. What are the next steps?


What Does It Mean When The Personal Representative is from a Law Office? (29:45)

This is likely a fiduciary. These are great leads because these are a B2B transaction and can become an evergreen source of referrals.  Chad discusses this further.


Probate Credibility Websites and Probate Blogging (35:41/52:46)

Denis Milonas just got his credibility site up and running.  What are the best marketing strategies for this website?  Chad discusses where to share and market your website, what purpose this website has (reaching leads you already know exist), and ways to add value to your page through things like blogging, vlogging, and demonstrating your credibility.

Chad discusses more about setting up a blog and using it as part of your marketing at 52:46.


Leveraging Letters of Intent During Court Backlogs (41:25)

Bob is getting the appointments and meeting with personal representatives who seem motivated to sell in the future.  There is a large backlog in his market. How can he motivated progress now? Chad discusses how to pitch a letter of intent and win commitment, as well as what Bob can do now to prepare for sale and provide value now.


Using Facebook Custom Audiences: Becoming Hyper-Local (55:01)

Jeff Lerner from SoCal asks about using custom audiences on Facebook to target probate/potential estate panning leads. Chad lays out how to create the ad on Facebook, and how to make sure they land somewhere that converts.



Download/Listen To Probate Leads Mastermind Call #278

Download Probate Leads Mastermind #278 from DropBox


Probate Mastery Logo for Chad Corbett's Real Estate Education and Training Course

Probate Mastery Training – Become a Certified Probate Expert

March Probate Mastery Training starts on 3/30/20

We found that in 2016 our Mastery Graduates were 3 times more likely to succeed in probate real estate.  The class is not required because many don’t want to go this deep but those who see value in raising the bar for themselves excel in this niche and often make probate the main pillar in their business.

The cost is only $250 which includes your Certified Probate Expert (CPE) designation and certificate that will be mailed upon completion.

All sessions are video recorded and recaps are sent immediately following each session along with supplementary forms, training videos and more.

After taking the course once, you can attend all future sessions for free.


Upon completion, you’ll have access to our Probate Alumni Group! In the meantime, join over 6000 agents, investors, wholesalers, and attorneys in our Probate Mastermind Group on Facebook


Click Here to Enroll in Probate Mastery


Session #1 – 3/30/20 at 2pm EST
Understanding Probate & Creating Value as an Expert

  • The Statistics Behind Baby Boomers and Probate
  • The Opportunity in Probate for Professionals
  • How to Make a Difference as a Real Estate Professional
  • The Probate Process Step-by-Step
  • Understanding Roles in the Probate Process
  • Learning the Nuances of Your Local Probate Process

Session #2 – 3/31/20 at 2pm EST
Developing Your Probate Strategy

  • Getting Clear on Your “WHY”
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client, their Biggest Problem and Becoming the Solution
  • Determining Your Unique Offer/Service
  • Mapping Out Your Marketing Sequence
  • Building Your Probate Team
  • Systemization & Automation of Marketing
  • Organization and Accountability
  • CRM/Database Management
  • Direct Mail Systems
  • Telemarketing
  • Referral Generation Systems

Session #3 – 4/1/20 at 2pm EST
Developing Your Probate Sales & Service Process

  • Understanding the PR’s Mindset
  • Mastering Your Probate USP©
  • The Initial Conversation Step-by-Step
  • Asking the Right Questions in the Right Order
  • Gathering Enough Information to Offer Options
  • Common Objections and Role Play Scripts for Probate
  • Preparing for the Appointment
  • Offering Multiple Solutions/Services
  • Service After the Sale
  • Listing Appointment Step-by-Step
  • Tips & Tricks to Give You an Advantage and Differentiate You from Competition


Each session typically lasts between 2-3 hours, depending on how active the Q&A sessions are at the end of each session.

Click Here to Enroll in Probate Mastery
” After I took the leap into the ATL lead program… I knew nothing about probate. I zoomed through the Fast Track videos and really believed that I had something to differentiate myself from other Realtors.  I soon began to realize that there was something missing. Stumbling through the phone calls and really just trying to understand what was happening on the other end of the phone, I realized “THIS MARKET IS DIFFERENT”.  I am not saying that I could not figure out the best way to do things over time…I am saying that I just was not getting the perspective in the overall concept of what makes this market successful for me and my family. Something was missing.

I listened to a couple of Mastermind calls and the repeated opportunity to spend another $250 for the ATL Probate Mastery Program. Several benefits jumped out at me from the pitch: 1) understand why you are in this market…a unique proposition of value, 2) methods for handling the data and follow-up, 3) initiate the calls with a structure in mind, 4) designing a campaign (a procedure to reach out), 5) developing an effective team and 4) Certification as a Probate Expert from the ATL institute (a badge that gives me credibility),  WOW, maybe this program for $250 is worth the expense.

I paid the money and found that it was well worth the cost.  I made a one year commitment to myself to see what this ATL list could produce. In short order I received over 1000% return on my investment. What I realized was that I needed to reorganize the same skill set I possessed but change the context. Mastery changed the paradigm.

Probate Mastery points out how I can successfully understand and navigate the Probate market. It provides the tools for creating a VALUE BASED CONVERSATION, AN ORGANIZED WAY TO APPROACH AND REACH THE MARKET, BUILDING A VALUE DELIVERY TEAM, AND A DIRECTION FOR DEVELOPING OPPORTUNITIES TO EVOLVE THE VALUE SET INTO ADDITIONAL MARKETS. Mastery provides a clearer business plan for delivering solutions to PRs, Trustees and Attorneys.  The result I have realized with this reorientation are astronomical.  I am listing probate properties. I am also adding family members to my sphere of influence and receiving referrals from people that trust me.”

– Rodger Lecy, CPE

Click Here to Enroll in Probate Mastery


Probate Mastery – Education & Training for Probate Real Estate

Preview for Probate Leads Live Cold Calling Script Role Play #52

Cold-Calling Probate Leads: Live Role Play Training #52

March 11, 2020

Whether you’re new to cold-calling, new to probate leads in general, or have been in the game for years, you’ll learn something from the agents and investors who jump in the hot seat to test their probate scripts against Chad Corbett.


Today’s Probate Scenarios:

  • “My Friend Is A Realtor”
  • “We’ve Already Sold The House”
  • Extreme Situations: Murder, Suicide, and How To Step In And Provide Real Value
  • “All These Realtors Keep Calling Me”

Special Announcements:

Join The All The Leads Mastermind Group on Facebook!


Call Re-cap:

OBJECTION HANDLING: “My friend is a realtor and they’re going to list the house” (3:02

Chad and John Roleplay though the common objection where a personal representative says they have a friend, a relative, a neighbor who is a realtor that they plan to list the house with.


Once I Get The Appointment, Do I Present Differently in Person? (9:55)

John asks: After I overcome this objection and win the appointment, do I present differently when I go on the listing appointment?


Leveraging Estate Planning as Referral Opportunities (13:55

Lou and Chad discuss how to offer Estate Planning as a service and win relationships with Estate Planners at the same time.


How Do I Learn Enough About Probate to Start Cold Calling? (14:40

Lou is new to Probate. What’s the best way for him to get an understanding of Probate so he can prepare for cold calling?


Extreme Situations and How To Approach Them: Murder Suicide; Children In Charge of Estate (18:05

Rhonda came across a probate that involved a murder-suicide situation. The personal representatives are the 21 and 16 year old children. Chad roleplays with Rhonda to show how to navigate this conversation.


Why “People First” is the Best Sales Strategy (35:47)

Richard from Central Texas is curious at what point should you give up and let a lead go? You’ve got to determine their need; without identifying a need, you can’t offer them a solution that will interest them.


How to Win Business When The House Is Already Sold (38:38)

Chad and Richard discuss how to take a lead that says “It’s already handled, the property is already sold” and indirectly monetize it.


Good at Prospecting? Here’s How You Can Get Better (41:35)

Randy has a strong prospecting background, but Chad challenges him with realistic probate conversation.  Chad and Randy discuss how to put people first and push the typical real-estate cold call script to the backburner – And how this ultimately will make you the front-runner choice for listing the home.


Bridging the Gap Between Clients and Vendors (56:11)

Tim is reaching out to B2B prospects to put his team together. Chad discusses how to turn



Download/Listen To Role Play Call #52

View More Calls in the ATL Conference Call Video Archive:


More Resources For Cold Calling Probate Leads:

  1. 3 EASY Ways To Improve Your Cold-Calling Script for Probates
  2. Why You Shouldn’t Open a Conversation By Offering Your Best Solution
  3. Chad and Jim’s homeowner’s insurance trick for easing into the real estate conversation, or catching a lead who is about to hang up on you.  Also, check out recommendations for Homeowner’s insurance companies.
  4. Chad often references direct mail to open his calls and keep people on the phone. Learn more about using Direct Mail in conjunction with Cold-Calling
  5. Why EVERY Investor and Agent should have an Agent/Investor partner


Tips for Winning Face-To-Face Appointments – From Start to Finish! Probate Real Estate Training Top Plays