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Preview for Episode 311 of the Probate Mastermind Podcast

Why the VALUE-FIRST Approach Is The Key To Real Estate Success | Probate Mastermind Podcast #311

Probate Mastermind Episode #311 | Recorded Live on January 21st, 2021.  

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Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast, you'll learn what’s next for Chad Corbett and his Probate Mastery Training program; how to balance mail marking and phone follow-ups over time; and how the Value-First approach will win you deals you would have missed with a typical sales approach.

***Most importantly, we hear more incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

Chad Announces His Next Steps (48:03)

Chad announces what he’s onto next! He lays out his future involvement with All The Leads, ongoing development of an all-star Probate Mastery Course, and his vision for building his legacy business.



What if the Person Named Executor Doesn’t Know The Decedent?

What if the Person Named Executor Doesn’t Know The Decedent? (5:32)

Eddie is curious: The probate representative has no recollection of the decedent; what does this mean? Sometimes this happens with common names. Chad describes how to probate to find out whether it is truly a false positive, or if the person is just trying to get off the phone.  Next, Chad offers language to help clarify and move on.



How to Discover Someone’s Needs and Offer A Solution

How to Discover Someone’s Needs and Offer A Solution (7:21)

Eddie is working with a personal representative who is still dealing with a title transfer from a previous inheritance (his father, now deceased, didn’t finish probate on a property he inherited).  Eddie describes the follow-up process with this personal representative and what he has learned about the situation with multiple heirs. How can he be more aggressive and capture this lead? Chad walks Eddie through how to bring apprehension to the surface, figure out what emotion is most prominent (Chris Voss calls this labeling), and use this to offer a solution. Bruce also shares his insight.



What’s the Best Marketing Frequency for Probate Real Estate Leads?

What’s the Best Marketing Frequency for Probate Real Estate Leads? (13:36)

Caller asks: What’s the ideal timeline and frequency for sending probate letters? What about calls? Bruce breaks down the All The Leads standard and his own standard. The coaches discuss whether there is such a thing as “too much” when it comes to sending letters and making prospecting calls.




Probate Mastery Course in 2021

Probate Mastery Course in 2021 (24:06)

Travis is looking to get enrolled for Probate Mastery. What’s the process now?



Handling A Lightning Strike From An Irate Lead

Handling A Lightning Strike From An Irate Lead (26:03)

Caller reflects on a recent prospecting call she had. It was a lightning struck and ended with some nasty language.  Caller is looking for advice on staying in the moment and knowing what to say. Chad offers his strategy for dealing with lightning strikes, and reminds everyone that negative emotions can only last for so long.



Navigating Conflicting Attorney Information

Navigating Conflicting Attorney Information (31:24)

Travis has a deal under contract, but has had to amend the agreement and change attorneys twice already.  He has already completed a probate sale without court approval, but one of the attorneys is saying this closing can’t happen without “going through probate”.  The seller already has letters of testamentary. Chad describes how to navigate this situation through a title company and bring in the estate planning attorney that helped him last time.



Organizing and Dispositioning Leads For The Best Follow-Up Efficiency

Organizing and Dispositioning Leads For The Best Follow-Up Efficiency (35:10)

David shares his “bucket” system - how his team files leads to manage lead follow-up. Sue joins to ask about time management while prospecting.


Why The Value-First Approach Works So Well

Why The Value-First Approach Works So Well (37:39)

Federico shares how the All The Leads approach is helping him win 3 deals from one probate real estate lead. Federico kept in touch, listened, understood the situation, and fit a solution to the personal representative and their family’s wishes. This turned into three deals for him. Good job, Fed! Fed also shares a challenging prospecting scenario, where the personal representative is the son of the decedent (father), and was incarcerated when his mother passed away; the mother passed away with a fiance, and it is speculated they got married right before death. Chad and Federico Mastermind.



Looking to hear prospecting tips in action? Check out our live role play series.




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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #311


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

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Welcome powerful agents and investors from across the country. Today is Thursday, January 21st, 2021. And this is mastermind podcast, number 311.  Before we get started two of my partners wanted to say something and we'll start with you, Tim. You had a little bit of an announcement and then Chad wanted to make a comment.

Yeah. So I, it is first off. I have a question for you. You have a dictionary there, adjectives that you find a new one every time to talk about our people on the call. You've been great. It's called synonyms. Sit in I've never used the same one twice. That's pretty good.

Yeah, today's in some respects today is a bittersweet day and a great day for a lot of things. And that may sound like we're leading into a political discussion and that's certainly not the case.  Those of you who follow the wild and wacky world of Chad Corbett online and on Facebook and stuff like that may be aware that he's making some changes in his life.

And we are part of those changes. And I want Chad to get the opportunity to talk a little bit about what his future looks like and what he's doing. And with that, Mr. Corbett have at it, bud. I have taken an appointment in the president's cabinet and I'm just kidding.

Chad Announces His Next Steps [00:01:45]So today is I guess technically yesterday would've been my last official day as a partner of all the leads you guys will still hear from me as a contributor.

But I have made a decision to just live my best life. So I'm going to be taking probate mastery and really building that out into the kind of masterclass and legacy course that I've always wanted to. And stepping back from the day-to-day operations here. So I am moving into my new fifth wheel camper that I've converted to a living and commercial office space.

And I'm going to be traveling the country meeting with probate professionals, real estate agents, brokers, attorneys, investors All the people that I've had the honor to serve and get to know in doing this. So for me, it's really just about getting out and doing what's most important to me and then being, putting myself to the highest and best use of the things I enjoy and I'm best at.

So as part of that getting out of the way of. Of what I'm not good at. So I you, if you need to reach me you're no longer be chatted all the leads for right now, you can find You can find the probate mastery. A website, excuse me, Facebook group and anyone who's been through mastery isn't probate mastery alumni.

Don't have the platform set up right now. I know that lots and lots of you are waiting for the next mastery course. It's being rebuilt. An interim course will be. But I'll hopefully in the next week or for right now, if you go to the education and training page on all the, you can actually join the wait list to get into the interim class.

And over the next two to three months, I'm working with some of the top course creators and producers in the country to actually build it into a much bigger, much more robust course. Yeah. That's that's, what's happening. It's a big day for a lot of reasons. And are you Chad, you've got to tell about that

a shaman, is that right? You're getting your own horns. Is that true? I may actually be kicking the trip off by officiating a wedding on the 13th. But I've been at, I've been asked to officiate a wedding. I'm a little nervous. I won't lie. Chad, you're starting your author, your book of 40 old hippie. Is that going to be the working title?

Yeah, probably.

Oh, the one thing that, we all know is that we've been partnered for a long time and and friends for even longer than that and plan is to continue that and continue our relationship. And. We just want it to be in, in the spirit of all the transparency of the things that we do, Chad will be still involved with what we're doing and still a part of it, but just not not as accessible as he was until he goes out.

Like I said, you may see him on TV with his horns on you're shooting weddings, but  just wanted to let you know that we wish him well and all that, but he'll still be part of our lives and at least once a month  we were planning to still have Chad with us here and take a bit more advanced approach to making a monthly call out of this and help him build out his platform as he does that, we're shell still going to be pushing people over to take probate mastery, because at this point there was no better way to get to the, a PhD in it then to do that.

And there's nobody that knows more about it. So it's all good, but we just wanted to let you know that. And with that's all I had to say. Oh, and of course, Chad, we would have a, we got 12 people at the queues, so everybody take a deep breath and let's get to our first caller first up this week, his phone number ending in five, four, six, four.

You're up first van Buskirk. Yes, sir. I don't know what happened. I got dropped or something, but. I was driving on the road. He kept talking and then nobody was there. So it happened. Yeah. We thought your cell phone went dead or something. We did lose you. How far did you make it talking to yourself?  Probably two or three minutes, I guess that's not too bad.

It wasn't like an hour.  No.  I like to think I'm not that long winded, but  anyway, I was, at that time was trying to tell,

What if the Person Named Executor Doesn’t Know The Decedent? [00:05:32] I have been making phone calls and  the person on my PR that listed as a PR is. The person's name, it's their address, but the person who I'm calling has no idea who the deceased person is it's happened two or three times.

I've reported it to  Natalie

Is it like something common? No.  Let me think. Jennifer Rose was one of them.  One lady's name was Irene. So typically when this is the case, it's, it's more of an art then a, when you're skip tracing and we find we're very accurate, but sometimes you'll grab a common name and a highly populated area.

And we've had subscribers before, the person on the other end line gets sometimes excited sometimes alone, armed, and just let them know, Hey, listen, what my assistant could have grabbed the wrong number.  If this isn't somebody, if you didn't know Jane DOE at this address, just, disregard the call.

I apologize. My assistant must've made a mistake and that usually puts them at ease, but you can probably bet that  false positive return.

A lot of people don't realize it lies. Also. I'm just going to add that the first column is if the phone number appears in the court records, the second, third, fourth column are in generally the second, first, and second column should be pretty accurate. If you're finding a numbers like that, it's probably the third or fourth column where we reached out and tried to find additional phone numbers.

And, the majority of them are going to be accurate, but you are going to get.  Chad said, somebody with a very similar name and a similar address. It's not so much that it's wrong. It's just a similar information for a different person. You know what I mean? And that's not a bad way to explain it to them.

You must have been somebody with a similar name.  I've had people say that to me. What did I inherit? Did I win the lottery? And I just nicely tell them if if you inherited something you would know  sorry to bother you. It's probably just the wrong phone number.

How to Discover Someone’s Needs and Offer A Solution ( [00:07:21]And then you had a follow up question, Eddie, but yeah, the last thing on that is just that it was the person that I was calling, then the address was the same. So I was thinking that the skip trace found a different person and changed the address from the court record.  Anyway, my question is the I'd called you guys a couple of weeks ago and told you about a guy who when he inherited his dad's house, he had also inherited his grandma's house.

Because his dad didn't do anything. And now he had dealt with his grandma's house, but he hadn't done his dad's house. So he ended up calling me back yesterday and was like, Hey, I'm ready to meet with you and talk about your house. So I go over there and meet with them. And I've really listened to the call last week, multiple times because the chat Chris and.

David both talks about being more aggressive because the next guy who comes along is going to be  the guy who's going to get that listing the contract on the property. And so this guy just kept being like, no, we're not ready to do anything. I've got four brothers. One of them lives in Japan. We're not going to move today.

We just need to know what our options are and how can you help us get that?  He, and he was like, I met with one realtor yesterday and I'm gonna meet with two more than three. What is the best way to go about,  being aggressive in the right way? And know, I, you need the, you need to flush out his apprehension.

There's a belief in there somewhere that you need to identify and saying something like, it seems like you might not be sure. Like you're afraid you're going to leave something on the table and raise your, the pitch of your voice, like that higher inflection point and ask it in a bit of a question for him.

I get it. It seems like you might be nervous about, making the wrong decision. And then be quiet. And what you'll probably do he's most likely to do is reveal all of his apprehensions. And that gives you, this is where it's. This is, being a really good listener that gives you a chance to understand his motive, his apprehension, and what his fears, what emotions are behind that.

Chris Voss and never split the difference would call that, he calls that labeling.  If you can ask questions like that and label that emotion, maybe it's fear, maybe it's confusion, whatever it is, then you'll know what to say next, but I would try to uncover why is it that he thinks he has to meet with six people?

And usually because that's because they want to make sure they're maximizing the equity and if that's his answer, then your response could be great. That's actually one of the main tenants of our service. We want to make sure we minimize stress and maximize equity.  If I come over on Wednesday would Wednesday be a good time to show to you all the ways we can do that for your situation?

Perfect. How's three o'clock and set the appointment. Take paperwork, because if you can work him through that apprehension and hand him a blue pen and he'll sign every time, anything you want to add.  Yeah. So I think that the other thing is that is to ask them what the most important things that they're looking for this really fits really well with what Chad said, he said, The prospects what they were looking for, where I might just leave it, semi-open ended and say, what are two or three things that you're looking for that would make make an agent the right fit or make an investor the right fit, whatever that is.

And and then write those things down and that'll give you what you pitched toward. Okay. Because a lot of times we'll go in and pitch, present something that isn't important to the prospect at all. So we want to get in their words, what's important to them and then summarize it and say, did I, and then when you address it and the appointment does that satisfy what you're looking for and you're essentially eliminating their objections right upfront and lead.

It really should lead to a much higher closing rate. Okay.  When they have four siblings or they're one of four, and they're like, we have to. No typically I'd be like, let's call him or something, but  what do you suggest in that scenario? I usually get a commitment from them. Try to get them to commit that at least to a tentative date and time.

And then say, okay, is everybody pretty tech savvy? And if the answer yes. And I'll just go right to zoom. If the answer is no, then I'll try to  you can email a link and then set up a conference a lot, just an audio conference line. If everyone's really not tech savvy, then you can drop over and, you can drop.

Priority mail packages to them and then drive it to have a cover letter that says here's the date and time we're meeting. Here's the instructions to dial into the conference line and really idiot proof. It I've had to do all three.  But you can, I try to get a commitment to the time slot and then figure out the logistics of it.

If they can't meet in person right now, it's easier than ever to set zoom appointments. Okay. That's a good idea. Okay. All right, sir, one study where I actually never met the seller.  They worked third shift, she and her husband, both, and they were in Florida. The house was here in Roanoke, and I actually went over there and met with a cousin who let me and took a YouTube video of the interior, the house.

Exterior did my listing presentation as part of that YouTube video, send it to them with a DocuSign. And the next morning I woke up with a listing, never even spoke to them. That's awesome. So I would, Eddie, I would speak to the. At the house appointment. So using, I think zoom is an amazing tool and I'm going to lean toward trying to meet everybody on zoom first, but let's assume that you are meeting at the house and you do want to get in front of the family members.

It's much easier to propose. Meeting everyone upfront than it is to set an appointment with the person you're talking with and then trying to get the other heirs there. So let's say you set an appointment for Thursday and then say, Oh, by the way, can you make sure everyone's there? That's going to be tough.

So instead of that, if you're going to try to push for an app, the property appointment, you just say, could you give me a time or two, when you think that you could get everyone to the house for 20 or 30 minutes?  If you're going to propose that everyone's at a property, you just need to go ahead and set the standard that everyone, at least all the key decision makers are going to be present before.

You narrow lock down that time. Okay. All right. Eddie, I didn't disconnect you. I think you're gone right. All right. Yeah, I hope it was intentional. Next up is phone number ending in six three, two zero. You're up next.

What’s the Best Marketing Frequency for Probate Real Estate Leads? [00:13:36]Hey guys, a quick question about the, all the leads strategy on cold calling and sending in direct mail.

What is your guys's timeline on, when to send the first piece of mail? How many days after the follow up?  And what's like a little bit more of an aggressive approach. Is it, sending two mailers a month, sending one mailer a month and one the next month or three mailers a month?

Just want your guidance on it. We have two answers. We have the company standard recommendation, and then we have the Bruce method. So Bruce, you want to tell them both

company standard? The company standard method is okay. That you're going to send a monthly letter. So you get your list, you set it, you set your mail on autopilot. Your first letter drops within a couple of days of your lifts coming out. Your next letter drops a month later months later  we do recommend at least four, four letters for the longest time the company has said three letters.

And I think technically that's, what's still on a lot of the training.  But that I would. I would advise on six months of letters. I can tell you what I do. My method is I do weekly for the first month. So they're getting three letters by the end of the first month for me, that first month is typically the most noisy in their mailbox.

The most, my biggest competition is in their mailbox at the same time. So I just want to be a little bit A little bit more aggressive than my competition during the early days. And then I'll go ahead and scale my campaign back to every four weeks from that point.  As far as calls go, the company recommends calling a couple of days after each letter hits.

Okay. I recommend if you've never spoken with the person, just call them biweekly. I like to call people before my first letter goes out anyway. So I'll put a short delay, like seven days. On my letter. So my letter really isn't hitting their mailbox for a week and a half after I get my list. And that gives me a chance to call everyone at least once before they've gotten a letter.

And then I if I don't have a conversation with you, I'm going to call you every two weeks until you answer. Or my campaign runs out and that run. If you haven't answered in six months, I'll probably go ahead and let you go for a little while. And I was just going to add to that. If we're doing the mail for you, we send you a letter from yourself.

So when you received that. You got a pretty good indication that your seller received it,  and certainly you want to, there's nothing wrong with calling them before the advantage that a lot of people feel it's a little bit less of a cold call if they received the letter first, because you can reference the letter, Bruce, if you haven't sent them a letter yet, and you call them ahead of time, do you still say you probably got my letter or are you skip that part?

I say, did you happen to get a letter from me yet? And you'd be surprised how many people say yeah, I think so. And I don't correct them, so I don't lie and say, I sent you a letter. I just say, did you happen to get my letter yet? Sure. Yeah. The thing, the other thing I'd point out is that Bruce based on a lot of the stuff that you're, because you're working a lot with all of our customers at this point, as the you're the first coach they ended up speaking to, and what we've seen is a dramatic increase.

And the number of letters that are going out from people early on in the process. And more and more people are at least going to that fourth letter. And a lot of people have now moved to the six letter approach over the two month, first, two month period  and hitting it pretty hard. So the, and it's just like anything else, anything in advertising will tell you is the more frequently somebody sees your name, the more often you're going to be top of mind when it comes to them, thinking about who they need to deal with.

And it's just like anything else it's budget related, but it's also important to remember that in this time where they're not out roaming around all the time and spending as much time as they would let her, maybe one of the very best ways that you can get that done. And it's always worked well.

It's just far better. Now people get calls on letters that they sent out a year ago. And Jim, you've got some stories on that as well. Throw that in here real quick. Yeah, I was, I always feel compelled to add that. If you're only, especially if you're only going to do three letters one a month for three months, we've had people with tremendous success and I've had great success with the six, 12 and 18 months later.

You would think it's a waste of postage, but the reality is if 90% of them are sold after six months to 12 months, the 10% that aren't. Your conversion rate is going to be through the roof because they're going to finally be ready to do something and you're going to have zero competition.

Nobody else has. I can't tell you how many people told me,  a year ago, six months, nine months a year ago. My phone is ringing off the hook. You're the only one that's contacted me really in the last few months. So it's, it's. Yeah, the ROI is going to be the return is going to be phenomenal on those latter letters.

And I was going to also add you guys will probably notice when you ask us a question, we've got a variety of answers. It isn't a one size fits all approach. It a lot depends on your budget. If you have a very limited budget and you have a limited amount of time follow the minimum standard, if you have more time.

And you have a bigger budget. More is almost always better. Your, the more letters you send out, there's the reason Bruce doesn't because Bruce, I know you, I've probably asked you this before, but I know you don't really chart your ROI monthly, but do you feel like a majority of your responses come in the first three letters or the second three or is it pretty mixed?

I feel like the majority of the responses happen at month four. Now  we catch about 20% of our audience on the phone. And at minimum we identify whether they're going to sell pretty quickly. So right in that first seven days, we're going to get a bunch of, yes, we're going to sell, we're not quite ready yet.

And we're going to lay out either an appointment plan or a follow-up plan with them. And that way our letters are cold letters, introductory letters. They're really only hitting people at that point that we don't, we haven't had a good conversation with. And by the way, a good conversation, it might be, Hey, buzz off.

We don't want to talk to you. They just saved me $11 on my marketing campaign. So there's nothing wrong with identifying someone that's not going to sell as well. Know, you make a great point, too, Bruce, the better job you do in making your calls and, taking notes and reclassifying your leads, the more productive your later mailings are going to be.

If you start off with 100 leads after six months, you may only have 15 of them that you haven't spoken to. It very productive to go ahead and send those ones letters that you've never disqualified. So just keep mailing, keep doing campaigns to the ones that haven't been disqualified. And the best way to disqualify them is to, to make the frequent calls.


What is too many calls? And you guys, the thing, like if I'm calling, should we be calling these people every day, if we're taking an aggressive approach or what is too many until you reach them?

Every day is probably too much. Bruce. What do you think is too much? It depends on when if you have the bandwidth, I would probably, most people don't do this mainly because of the bandwidth. I might go every day for a week, but then I'd start to space it out a little bit at that point.

I do believe that if you haven't spoken with them  Less than every other week is too little. So in a perfect world, I think between two and four calls a month is probably the the appropriate amount of calls to someone that you've never, that you've never spoken with. But I don't mind you going more aggressive than that daily or twice a day for seven days.

If you have the time to do it. Yeah. If you're not leaving voicemail and that's something that you'd be aware of. So if you're leaving the same voicemail every day for two weeks, you're going to hurt yourself because it's, you're going to become an aggravation. So just leave a voicemail your first time, if you want.

And then you can, we have folks who call the F every day for the first seven days only leaving an email and, or excuse me, a voicemail on the first.  And you'll start to, You'll start to see what is perceived as reasonable in your marketplace. If people get frustrated. Seeing your number and ignoring your call intentionally every day.

Eventually they're going to pick up and be like, who is this? But that's engagement. But I think just, look at your bandwidth and see how much time you have. But if you're calling once a week, leaving a voicemail  I certainly once every two weeks leaving a voicemail, isn't unreasonable.

And you never know when something's going to change for these folks. They will take immediate action sometime between now and 24 months from now. So more is usually better. One last thing. I'm just going to add one last thing that I also pay attention to the times that you're calling them.

I used to call someone three times Monday through Friday business hours. If I didn't get them, I put them in my Wednesday night pile and I'd call them from five to seven on Wednesday night. If I didn't get them, then they'd go to my Saturday morning pile and I'd call him, 10 to one on Saturday.

Because there are some people that you call them every day at the same time. It's just not a good time for them. You never gonna to reach them. So pay attention to the times you call them in Bruce, I stepped on you. You had an answer. Okay. No, you're good. Definitely alternating those times is important.

What you say in the voicemail also becomes important, especially as you go later into your prospecting campaign. So let's say you've called someone three or four times or four. A couple for several weeks, you've called them. And you either, either not left a message or you've left something generic.

If  if they're just the type of person that you recognize is they're just not going to answer.  I want you to start putting your script or your elevator pitch into those voice messages, because  if they're part of the 80%, that doesn't answer an unknown number. Or they're super busy. It's likely that you'll go through a couple of months calling them without an answer.

So I want them hearing my narrative. So my offer in a letter and a voicemail frequently.  Your voicemail becomes almost another letter or almost another marketing touch. At that point. I don't do that with someone that is new in my campaign, I'm usually going a little more generic leaving some curiosity.

They don't know me yet, but if they've gotten two or three letters from you and now all of a sudden your voice messages are getting a little bit specific on what you're offering. It just really enforces your brand. Okay. All right, appreciate it. Next up is phone number ending in one, five, eight, three.

Probate Mastery Course in 2021 [00:24:06] You're up next. Hey, what's happening? My name is Travis.  We have  Hey, I'm doing one of those little first sprays. The once they chat, I'm sad. I'm sad as you go. But I want to know I won't say last December.  The masterclass I email being for that, but I haven't received it yet. I want them to send me their masterclass class December when you enrolled in the course.

No, I was not.  Right now the course isn't for sale. Have you joined the wait list or the access list? The I am. I am. I am. I read part of, I am a scribe.  But so the, of course, if you want to take probate mastery, I'm rebuilding it on on, on, on LMS platform for right now.  So if you go to all the look under education and training.

So it's all only forward slash education dash training.  In there, the, what used to be the button to sign up for the course will now take you to a waitlist like an early access list. And it's just taken me some time to transfer everything to a new platform  because it's being transitioned to away from a live course where I'm actually going to teach it long form.

It's going to go from seven hours to 24 hours, but each week we'll have a live component. So I'll actually be doing a live coaching call on a specific day each week, probably a Tuesday. But as I'm making all these decisions and replacing business systems right now, I'm working, I'm going to have an interim version.

Put up and anyone who's on that early access list will have that. We'll get an email saying here's where it is. Here's how to get signed up. Okay. Can you say, I can just sign up today at the same way. We normally sign up with the metric layer, the Motley glaze.  Right now it's just a simple Google form.

So you're going to fill out that form, which will let me know that. Shout to you whenever the site is active. Okay.  And then whenever I have the membership site ready, then I'll send you an email and say, Hey, you can go here and get instant access to the course. So you'll be able to get it quickly.

Once I have the membership site set up. Okay.

You guys still there, sir? We got, yeah, we have five more in the queue. Four, zero, four, six. You're up next.

Handling A Lightning Strike From An Irate Lead [00:26:03]Hi, this is Merrill Lee. It's a great day for me to be having this conversation. Congratulations to Chad for following your dreams. I just wanted to hit, I just want to let you know that yesterday I received one of the telephone calls that you have totally prepped me for the save.

And that was a very. Angry recipient of my letter.

No  I didn't turn her. That's good. Exactly. I just feel like the training that you have offered me since I've been doing this program in June of last year, really prepared me to. Handle the conversation as best as I could. And the elderly gentleman had lost his wife to cancer and he accused me of being a  taken advantage of taking advantage of him.

And he said, my letter was cheesy. I had no empathy. He just went on and on. And. Every time he would breeze. I would simply say it sounds like you're really stressed. And then he would just lay into me again about something. And he's yelling at me about realtors being Paranas and predatory. And I just took one for the team.

I just said, I apologize. He's and he couldn't even hear anything that I was saying is all he wanted to do was Ben and his, all I could think of was Chad saying how many times you received these calls? And at that point I wasn't savvy enough and thinking on my feet quick enough to even say, what's your name?

And before we could end in and he wanted me to tell everybody to go to hell. So basically I felt like I did the best I could, but I don't know what I could've done to turn it. So I'm with that. Really grateful. I got to say goodbye to you and thank you. And best of luck. Yeah. Thanks for sharing your lightning strike and it's hard to tell you exactly what to say with it being out of context.

If you can hear, if you can hear exactly what they're saying, I would have a response, but just for anyone listening, like w the way I coach through the lightning strike is  you've got to. People can only hold a negative emotion for so long. And half of them are going to hang up before you, before the tactic works.

But if you can keep them engaged and let them burn that off, which you did, like you said, Oh, it seems like you're really upset. And then he just came right back with him with another dose. Some of them, some people were just emotionally raw and someone else has stirred up a hornet's nest inside of them.

And then they get triggered and go off on you because they think you're offering something. As selfish as the last person, but I'm really glad to hear that you haven't let that rattle you, that you, no, you're doing the right things for the right reasons. And it always feels good to, you know what I would say next time when you think you're in this situation, get their name first, because that I find that to be disarming in itself.

It's excuse me. Who am I talking with?  If you're going to talk to me that way, I need to know who you are and then you put them back on their heels. Cause they don't expect that they know everything they want to say to you, but if you interrupt them and ask them for their name, that's usually the first thing that I use to trip somebody up and then you can say, okay, so Ronald, it sounds like you may have called the wrong number and get him fired up and get that right.

So you'll get it to the top and let them burn off that negative energy. And the next round you come in and say, it seems like you've really misperceived. The reason I reached out it was it is,  I'm just, I shouldn't have said it is. I would cut it off of there and burn it off and see.

And he started to tell you, these damn realtors, this and that, these investors someone else was muddied the water in front of you. But the fact is he wouldn't have called if there wasn't some curiosity that he had about you.  He just like, unless he's just a miserable sob, he probably wouldn't have taken the time and the emotional energy to do that.

It never hurts for me to actually sit down and just write a handwritten letter to that person and say, it's important to me that I have a good, that I'm respected in the community I serve. And I know that sometimes the offer can be misperceived, but actually, yeah. Let me tell you why I do this and just, put your wine in there and say, listen, we know that unfortunately, X number of families a month, go through this.

And at the risk of making some people feel the way I made you feel, we reach out because we've seen the positive side of this and one of the impact we've been able to make in our community. And it does a couple of things.  Most importantly, it reinforces your why and gets it off your chest.

So you can release this, which you've already done a good job at.  But secondly, it really helps them understand that your intent was pure and you're not trying to take advantage of them and putting it in writing and having them receive it when they're not, they haven't amped themselves up to, to give you an ass chewing is it's more likely to get through to them.

So that's what I encourage people to do when you do get hit with right. 50% of the time they'll actually roll. They'll show you their fears and you can become the solution to their fears and then you'll get the deal.  The other 50% of the time, they just really wanted to give someone a railroading.

All right. Thank you so much. And congratulations on, it's not what happens to you. It's how you respond to it and you responded beautifully.  Next up is phone number ending in one, five, eight, three. You're up next.

Are you there?

Navigating Conflicting Attorney Information [00:31:24] Hey, this is Trav. Yeah. Yeah. I'm back. I had a question I had just got, I had gotten married  I mean on the contract and I been searching the hourlies website trying to ask this question, but I don't really find a lot of information on the actual process. Once you actually get them on the contract.

So I got to deal on the contract. I got for a good price. Actually, you wouldn't believe me. I got up to $10,000 and I'm happy to change attorneys twice. I had to do amendment and change attorneys twice. And I got an email today from my attorney and she said that for me to  go on with the closing, move forward to closing the house would have to go through probate.

And I'm like she like, she made me so mad. I'm like, Hey, I already been a month and a half. And did the second attorney. And they saying, I got to go through probate. I gave them the probate papers. I gave him 11 assessments here that she got, I gave him where she put the floor as they as does Dentrix of the estate.

So she gave him a confused and I'm trying to see now with where I need. What state are you in Georgia. And do you know if court approval is required for a real estate transfer and probate? Yes, I do know that The last one that we did  that person had an attorney and the attorney sent in paperwork for them to carve out the real estate to stay at the real estate attorney date on the last one, but this man got an attorney and boy it'd be in a probate.

Is this a real estate attorney or and how bad? Yes. Yep. I basic real estate attorney. Okay. You do you still have the paperwork from that last deal from DC or that last deal, the last deal you referenced?

Why don't you send that to your closing attorney and say, Hey, the last time I encountered this, here's how we here's. Here's how we got through it. Can you follow this process and make sure this gets through to closing on the closing date.

Oh, I see. Interesting. I send them over that and okay. So cause when I did call them back and I was speaking with the, know the lady up front and she was just saying that I need to get with the seller and we need to go to the courthouse and see what we need to do to get the title in her name, to get a title in her name before we can close.

And she was in at the time. I got it.  Let me get back. You said there are letters, testamentary, so probate has been initiated, correct? Yes. Two years ago. Okay. And it's still open? Yes. Okay. Then. They like they should. In most States you can actually sell, transfer real estate during, while the probates open.

They'll close the chain of title using the death certificate, the last letters testamentary, and then their money is released to the estate's bank account. In some States you have court approval. So you'll get the, you get the asset under contract. You take that contract to the court. The court will either approve it or go through an overbid process, which isn't the case in Georgia.

And then you can close and the money gets released to the state's bank accounts. In order to what they're telling her to transfer title is part of the probate process. She can't just go to the courthouse and transfer title. It's a legal process, it's illegal. Function inside the probate process.

So if she has been going at this for two years and doesn't know what, what her responsibilities are as a fiduciary, you should probably get her to an estate planning attorney so that you can, she can make sure that this is properly executed and can actually close it. So she's not here another two years from now.

And I like your idea, Chad, to bring in the guy that helped you bring in the same attorney to help you last time.  See if he can help you with this one. Even if you got to pay them a little bit extra, why not get to get it done? That may be okay. Have you all ran into the situation where you, I had a property on the contract that was not, the seller did not have an attorney.

Yeah, I've done. No. Pretty much every probate I've ever done because in my market probate attorneys are extremely uncommon. It's just not common practice here, so it's not necessary and it's not required contrary to popular belief, but it's always a good idea. Okay. Okay.

Organizing and Dispositioning Leads For The Best Follow-Up Efficiency [00:35:10] All right. Next up is mr. Pannell. How are you, sir? Hey, I'm good. I just wanted to, when you were talking about the phone calls earlier, it is until you said something, Jim it's those buckets, you put people in and we just moved people from initial when we were calling  very aggressively I've tapered off since a little bit from that, but it still stays in that bucket of.

Uncontacted we used to try to make it over complicated by moving them into different folders, but we lose track of them. So they just stay on one folder in our  espresso dialer, just like a mojo dollar, whatever dial you use. And they just don't ever get out of that bucket until they pick up the phone and tell you no, but if it's a maybe they're going to get a little bit more heat on me cause you could usually hear someone's voice.

If they're not, I'm just not ready to deal with it in their statement or perspective. So you got to listen for that. You can't just discount somebody. On your call list because they say, no, it was like, Chad says, you get a disarmament. I got a guy yesterday. He called me. He's I'm going to waste your time.

That's the first thing he said on the phone. I was like, all right who's going to be wasting my time. He's  can I get your name? So I could at least use like our, we talked for 30 minutes. So it's just that comment. Thank you, sir, as always man, words of wisdom. Appreciate it. David. Next up is phone number ending in two five, one seven.

You're up next. Hey, this is two.  I have two questions. One is in that listing of probate leads that I just got there's multiple phone numbers. It looks like, other potential relatives. Do you tend to call those or do you just typically start with the PR.

This kind of goes into all the leads methods in the grease method because I'm calling before my first letter hits their box. I'm usually calling the first number or what appears to be the most relevant number on my first round. And then  if I can't get the PR. After around or two, I'm going to start going down that list and calling all the other numbers.

The, all the leads method is just call all the numbers right out of the gate.  I, for me, speed, two speed to dial is important and speed to get through my list. A couple of times before my letter hits is important. So that's why I called the one that looks the most relevant only on my first round or two.

That helps too. So you got a lot of background noise, so I'm getting you unmuting you out when you're not talking, but did that help? Yes. Thank you. No problem. All right, next up is phone number ending in eight, two one three. You're up next?

Why The Value-First Approach Works So Well [00:37:39] Hey guys, it's fed first and foremost, Chad Super sad to hear that, but then again, happy for you and wish you all the best.

Secondly, I made two questions. One of them is I found that obviously think thanks to you guys then obviously, going through the role-play calls and even last week's call where Bruce was extremely helpful. I think he he introduced a version of the. Elevator pitch that really helped.

And obviously you guys always pushing for asking better questions  may have landed me three, three deals with the same person.  So essentially I called the PR did not answer left. The voicemail, went down that list. The last number on that list picked up and it was a gentleman I asked for.

The PR and he said, you got the wrong number. There's no Charlotte here. So initially I said, all right thank you. And I hung up. Then I said, you know what, let me call him back and see if. Maybe he was just trying to block it and he may know her. So I called back and I said, Hey, I understand you're not Charlotte.

I did get this number from the County clerk's office down at the probate court. So just wanted to see if you happen to know how I could get ahold of Charlotte. And from there he said, Oh yeah, that's my daughter. And from there, I find out that a she's moving from New York.  She moved to LA from New York and she and her husband wanted to buy a house or a duplex triplex  that they're going to have that they're getting, they want to get the house ready.

For probate that she's being a PR for, and that he himself is also looking for a property. So I have him and the daughter set up to view two properties, actually next week, they're all cash. They send me proof of funds and everything. The power of asking better questions. Thanks to you guys. So I definitely wanted to thank you guys.

For that, obviously I'm not celebrating cause it's not closed  at all, but at least we're one step forward with three possible transactions on eight simple, better questions.  That'd be great.  Was there a probate for sale in the estate or did you just turn her into a buyer or both?

Oh, there was. Okay. I wasn't clear on that. The father told me that she is indeed looking to get ready to get the property ready. The the probate property. So that'll be one. And then she wants to her and her husband want to buy a property for themselves to live in. And then the father also wants to buy a property for himself.

So that's that then again, making the calls, I encountered a challenging challenging scenario. I just want to make sure I'm staying in front of the PR.  He communicated to me the following that he's the son of the deceased person. And he was incarcerated when the mom passed away at the time his brother lived in Vegas and was not aware of what was going on.

And the PR States that even though the mom has owned the property since 1977, she has a fiance she's been with since the mid eighties. And it appears that the fiance married, the mother who died of cancer. A few weeks before the death. So the PR believes that it was done to take advantage of her. And he said, I don't know what to do.

Tell me what I should do and this and that. And I said first of all, is there a court date?  We show me, he said is was January 11th, but you say, I guess the fiance is fighting them to try and to keep the house. So I said, look, I think you should seek legal counsel and just make sure and ask the attorney to make sure that you guys present this to the judge.

Obviously I can't give them legal advice  by following it said, look, I'm here for you. Regardless. So if you need anything regarding, help with anything. Cause he said he does want to get w he does want to sell the property. I just didn't know what else I need to do.

I'm going to follow up with him. He said he has another court date, February 21st.  But, and he agreed that I can call him probably that week just to see what's going on. Is there anything I could advise him to do in the meantime? Or that I should add to the service that can be provided. I hope that made sense.

I try to explain it as clearly as possible. Yeah. The first step is figuring out if it was a valid marriage and, he could go to the clerk's office and see if he could find the marriage license  that could, if it was a valid marriage and the other question, the next question I would have is okay.

If that was the decedent's intent was to have him become a legal heir, did they also write a will? But that the personal rep is not aware of. So is this test Stater intestate, but if assuming there is no will, they didn't take that step. If it's a valid marriage, then it's, it's going to be intestate succession and he will be due at least 50% of, he'll be, we'll be a 50% a year.

Okay your advice was sound like he does need to get an attorney because it sounds like the, they are opposing parties.  This one person's fighting to keep the house and he intends to sell the house. So the likelihood of this blowing up as they try to deal with it themselves is pretty high.

So I would definitely get an attorney involved sooner than later.  Then that, that can be part of the attorney scope of work. Cause you know, figuring out who the actual heirs are, like if it was a valid marriage. Okay. That makes sense. Yeah. I figured I'd give him a call. I spoke to him. This was last week.

So maybe I'll just give him a call this week. Just pay to see if there's any updates in the I'll add the suggestion you made. Do you have both the deceit, obviously you have a descendant's name. Do you have the fiance slash maybe husband? Do you have his full legal name? I do not know.

He didn't. He did not share that information with me. No.  The PR even if you want to be proactive and really provide a high level of service call the clerk's office yourself. And listen I'm trying to help a family not end up in a conflict and a probate.  Can you help me see if there's a marriage certificate for Jane DOE she's deceased, but there should have been a marriage certificate in the last X number of weeks.

Whenever that time was. And see if they can find one, if they can't, that might be your first indication that it was not valid,  just if they didn't pull a marriage license here's what I'll say, man. There's two sides to every story. And just because it just because a guy, if a guy spends his life with a woman  and, expects to be an error to her estate that doesn't make him selfish.

It doesn't mean he's trying to take advantage.  He had an emotional connection with that person and of her son disagrees with them. That's it's up to him, but it doesn't mean he's a bad person. That doesn't mean there was malicious intent. It could be with marriage and the son just going to have to deal with that.

But the more information you can get yeah. The better you can coach him through this and make sure he doesn't blow up and go do something dumb. Yeah. I'll do that. Question, just one last question regarding off-market or probate properties that are going to hit the market soon, I'm aware of two properties that another agent has.

No court confirmation is needed for them is how does that work? As far as perhaps getting a client in, because my understanding is that you can't  put it into contract prior to it being listed on the market. That was my understanding, but maybe I'm misunderstanding. It sounds like you're referring to your MLS rules, not state law.

Oh, okay. So there's nothing preventing. Yeah. It was reach out to the agent and be like, Hey, how did you find out about it?   Sphere of influence, put me in touch with an agent. He knew we got to talking about some properties and he said, Oh, I specialize in probates at, Oh, I help families with probate myself.

So I said, if you have any off markets please let me know. And he said, yeah, I have these coming up. And ironically, the gentleman I was telling you about before  who has the daughter and all that stuff, she wants to take a look at these properties. Yeah. Tell me just,  just call that agent and be like, Hey, I spoke to my, my, my client and they are super excited to see the properties what day and time is best and just start the conversation, but hopefully.

There, there shouldn't be anything in your MLS rules that  prevent them from going, allowing another agent to see the home. Now they might not be able to receive an option, to take offers and negotiate if it's a listed, but not uploaded them MLS. But I would get my folks over there to review it as soon as possible and say, listen, we, these are serious, but your buyer using violent financing or cash.

Cash. Yeah. So I would, give proof of funds just to strengthen your position and say, this is a cash buyer that I'd like to take over. Wait let's make your job easier. And so that you might not have to go through 40 at 40 contracts. I'll just bring you a fair offer on the day you list it and they should let you preview it.

I'll do that. All right, everybody that, go ahead. Sorry, Jim, with regard to that a lot, it's a lot of there's a lot of confusion and misunderstanding around the new realtor rules and the MLS rules. And some of them electives really might not let you submit an offer if it hasn't gone on the market.

But it's my interpretation in most areas, if that's okay. That's just a misunderstanding. What they're not allowed to do is market that property without it being active in the MLS, but they can hold it as the pocket listing. They can let cooperating brokers look and make offers and accept offers on the contract around the house, as long as they haven't advertised it with a sign or any kind of other advertising, but just a conversation like this should not restrict you from making an offer and getting that offer accepted.

Okay. Yeah, that makes sense. I appreciate that, Bruce. Thank you. All right guys, we're finishing right on time. Another great call. And just to be clear, this chat will be here on an ongoing basis, maybe just possibly not every week, but so save your good questions for him when he is here.  I want to thank each of you as always for being here.

I want to. Particularly, thank those of you that actively participated. And I want to challenge each of you take one thing that you heard that inspired you on this call, come back and go out and put it into practice and come back next Thursday and share your results with the group. Stay healthy, stay productive.

Have a great week. And we will talk to you. Same time. Next Thursday. Take care of everybody.



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Preview for Episode 310 of the Probate Mastermind Podcast

A Teacher, Mike Ferry Coach, and Texas Wholesaler Share Their Probate Success Stories | Probate Mastermind Podcast #310

Probate Mastermind Episode #310 | Recorded Live on January 14th, 2021.  

Join Us Live Every Thursday | Previous Episodes.


Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast, you'll learn how to use foreclosure timelines to your advantage, offer brokerage, investment, and wholesale options, and how to build a pillar with probate leads no matter if your background is in brokerage, investment, or a field completely unrelated to real estate!

***Most importantly, we hear more incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

Chris Ryan Shares His Experience Working Probate LeadsChris Ryan Shares His Experience Working Probate Leads (1:11)

Coach Chris Ryan with the Mike Ferry Organization joins the Masterminds to share his journey working in probate real estate. Tracing his process getting started to scaling up to team operations and focusing on dollar-productive activity, he’s made probate real estate a pillar in his business. He offers insight on cold calling probates and how probate scripts have greatly impacted his success prospecting fsbos and expireds. 

David Pannell: $110,000 in Assignment Fees in One MonthDavid Pannell: $110,000 in Assignment Fees in One Month (14:25)

David Pannell joins the conversation! He’s looking at $110,000 in assignment fees for February 2021.  David shares how he and Chris are working together to hold each other accountable. He shares how he is still getting consistent listings from leads from 2018, both through direct mail and phone prospecting. David also builds on a live video he shared on 1/13/2021 in All The Leads Mastermind, where he discusses adding emotional story branding to his marketing.

Rosie and A Reverse Mortgage TimelineRosie and A Reverse Mortgage Timeline (25:08)

Rosie is working with a probate client that would like to clean up the house to prepare for sale, but there is a reverse mortgage timeline to pay attention to.  Chad and Rosie discuss this timeline and how to maximize equity in the home. 

Richard Eaton: Retired Teacher, Successful Probate AgentRichard Eaton: Retired Teacher, Successful Probate Agent (28:01)

Richard Eaton shares an update on deals, business development, and personal growth.  Richard shares why he calls every single lead instead of scrubbing his lists, and how that’s become a core principle in his business philosophy.

Flashback: Probate Real Estate Leads and How to SUCCEED - Richard Eaton's $22k ROI in Under 2 Hours - All The Leads

Becoming A Real Estate Trifecta_ Agent, Investor, Wholesaler

Becoming A Real Estate Trifecta: Agent, Investor, Wholesaler (41:02)

Mike shares how he is winning more appointments and more deals the more he learns to offer multiple options. Now that he’s been successful making investment and listing offers, he is interested in wholesaling and wholesaling.  How can he bridge this gap? Chad and Mike mastermind.



Looking to hear prospecting tips in action? Check out our live role play series.




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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #310


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

You will learn to get more listings, more deals and find financial freedom by listening to these episodes. Be sure to catch show notes at and join our free Facebook mastermind community:



Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:00:33] Welcome dynamic agents and investors from across the country. Today is January 14th, 2021. And this is mastermind podcast. Number 310. We do have one person in the queue.

I always liked calls like this. He is a national real estate coach with one of the major coaches who you would recognize.  I'm not sure I spoke to him since he joined maybe in 2019, but he shared some remarkable success stories with me. So I asked him to  come on the call today and share with you. And I'm going to go ahead and go to you first, Chris Ryan, you're up, sir.

Chris Ryan Shares His Experience Working Probate Leads [00:01:11]

Chris Ryan: [00:01:11] How are you? Good, Jim. I appreciate the intro. My name is Chris Ryan. I work for Coldwell banker in East Brunswick, New Jersey, and I'm also a coach for Mike ferry organization.

I met Jim. Boy, probably we didn't speak for years. I haven't ran into Jim. And then I found somebody had mentioned all the leads as a source for probate. And and I saw Jim was one of the owners and I was excited to talk to him cause I heard a lot of good things about all the leads.

It's kinda if you look at all the lead generation sources in probate, it's probably like the Porsche. A version of the list that is given for probate. So I just wanted to, say, Hey, I, I appreciate the the opportunity to get the list after my area what happened was I've been doing prob I've been in real estate for 33 years  doing probate for 15 years.

So we basically, we were doing our own research. And like I said we found all the leads and know that you're real happy about that. I got my list too two days ago and.  Pretty much once through the whole thing.  We, I was talking to Dave Pinel too. Jim was was nice enough to have us connect and I thought I did pretty well with probate and kinda like my system, but then when I w I watched Dave's system and what he does, I'm like, wow, I'm doing like.

I thought I was doing well with it, but I was like, wow, I need some work. Everybody needs to improve. So I guess, Jim, do you want me to go into what I do with probate? Yeah please take. Yeah. It's whatever we got a couple hundred people on the call. I think they can benefit from your experience.

So please do. Go ahead. Okay. Okay. So like my approach too. So my approach to probate right now it's, probate's probably not probably it's 30% of our business. I do have a team.  We did, we actually did a 35. Transactions probate.  We're, we want to improve on that.

So what are the, so basically what we do is, we don't, I don't do mailers. I don't do emails. I don't do texting. It's basically strictly,  phone, phone calls. We do send some sort of letters, but I watching Dave on Facebook, I think yesterday  for a couple of minutes, I'm like, wow, we're really, we really got to step up with what we send out that's for sure.

So basically Jim, the one thing that we do I kinda, from what I do talk to clients executive, executors one of the things I do hear from them is that yes, we, obviously we get a lot of letters. We get texting.  Very rarely do you hear that they get phone calls? And which is surprising to me, is that the way this market is right now.

And if you're in probate, either as an investor or an agent  I'm sure some people are very successful with mailing and texting and all that. But I'm just kinda surprised that there's not more people that are when there's so much money on the line that they, actually don't contact them by phone.

I think people do appreciate it. Mike ferry. I know, probably. Yeah, I would say so if you look out or your sphere of influence and you'll see why it's so difficult, you don't have much competition on the phone call. Call reluctance is still real, yeah. And I guess once you see the results from it though, just talking probate it's just talk probate once you see the results that you do get, I think, you know that if you're like tinkering on, Hey, she's, I don't know if I could do it once you do find success in that.

I think, then you'll start, people will start doing it more, but I get it. Hey, if it's good, if it works with mailers and all that, all that stuff. That's great. But yeah. So just basically, I guess the. The point is that, we are aggressive on the phones. We do have let's face like when you're cause I, and unfortunately I don't listen to a lot of your, which I'm starting to do.

And my time is very limited, but I'm trying to watch, watch podcasts and, get more involved because I think you're like what you guys do is, far superior  with probate, Let's, I can't get in trouble with Mike. I don't wanna get in trouble with Mike. More of a, with the probate, you guys do provide a great service.

But one of the things I wanted to talk to just bring up too, is that because the inventory is so tight right now.  If somebody, you like have you have a li like, I guess the. The major thing too, is lead follow up. Like when you do get a contact right now and you're looking to do something, I think that speed is so important right now.

Like you can't have anything linger. If somebody says, Hey,  great, Chris, you know what, give me a call back in a month.  I think one of the things that we've really have to start doing is asking more like one of the things I do with my coaching clients and Mike and I get this from Mike ferry is that we have to ask more questions.

Like you have to ask these, the executors more questions obviously what's holding you back from doing it now. We have the items in the house great. Obviously the typical would you sell it with the audience? Like you really have to ask a lot more questions right now because the person that calls behind you or males behind you or knocks on the door they're going to be aggressive and they're going to get that client from you.

So I think if anything, if there's realtors on the line I think you just have to be more aggressive right now because our market for example I'll talk out of probate for a minute on expired call yesterday eight 30 in the morning. I had an appointment with the guy within 30 minutes. He had 20 phone calls already from other agents.

So it tells me that there's not a lot of agents being aggressive out there. So I think we're probate. I just think that we have to be,  more aggressive when somebody says that they want to do something like, if you're at the house and you're an investor, you have to make the deal right then.

And there, you can't say, you're going to obviously you have to know your numbers. You can't say  I'll get back to you in a couple of days because the investor right behind, they're going to say, listen, I'm going to give you this and I'll close it in two weeks. Boom done.  Yeah, I just really wanted to talk to you about, yeah.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:06:34] Yeah, sorry, this is Chad, by the way, I have a million questions want first, I'll start with a suggestion. If your team isn't listening to the role-play archive, I think that's going to be hugely beneficial to you guys. So you can hear all the variations of what we, what you just spoke about. So w I call that probate quicksand, and sometimes you need to throw them a rope and pull their ass out because they them waiting is not actually in their best interest as a fiduciary of the estate.

And part of that is, exactly fiscally responsible. So if a family member and for anyone who's, if your mindset is challenging, that statement, think about it this way. They are a legal fiduciary. That represents the financial interest of that estate. If one of the heirs disagrees with how they're acting, they actually have personal legal liability for sitting and procrastinating and it usually doesn't come up.

You don't see it. It's more prevalent in California than almost anywhere else because you have big valuations on the estate. But when, if you're, if the little voice in your head says, I'm a terrible person. If I put pressure on them, just to remember. They have legal liability if they just sit and do nothing.

So for you to ethically influence them to do what's in their best interest, it's always the best thing to do the exception where I'll back up and get a little more space as surviving spouse or loss of young children. Sometimes people are just so raw, they're just not ready, but I would say 98% of the time when someone doesn't want to commit it's because they're just trying to get back in their comfort zone and they're afraid, and it's our job to be leaders, not salespeople in that case, but that's my opinion.

And I think Chris, your team could do benefit from hearing. That's a lot of the discussions we have, especially in the role-play environment. Really gives you tactics for how to do that. And what's been effective across the country. So if you're not doing that already, I think that's something you guys should put on the list for know, maybe this quarter, we're going to go through these role plays and then start doing some on our own.

I appreciate that. I'm also really interested in your evolution and your story. I love stories. So I'd like to hear what got you into probate in the first place,  how you did it, why you stuck with it and what has changed since you became an all to lead subscriber, what has, what, what really stands out to you?

What habits changed? And what was the business result? How did that change? Sure. Sure. I'll get real quick into that. So what is the reason why we got into probate in the first place is that we have one, one of our locations, I own my own company. I sold like 15 years ago. But one of the locations was like right into a 55 and over eight communities.

Chris Ryan: [00:09:10] So one of the things that we realized was on the expireds when these one of the estates were expiring now, on the MLS, let's clarify that. So when they were expiring, we were able to get the numbers. Through our research with probate, we would go to the County, get the expireds, and nobody had those numbers that we had, because even if you're subscribed to a service nobody had those numbers.

So that's how we actually originally got into probate. And that's, we never even looked at any other probate, but besides expireds. So that was probably for five years, we just did that. And then I was like, you know what, maybe we should look into a little bit further and, Do our own research and start looking at,  so we went down every two, two months and got her own research.

So we started getting into that. So what's that, did you really enjoy doing that? Wasn't it fun?  I've never, no, I've never been down there personally. I've I sent my, so my assistant, he knows it well.  So that's how we did the research. Originally for the actual we had originally we had a title company, so our searchers that we're doing our title for purchases.

Actually just, they were down to the courthouse. I said, can you just go over and do this? So that's how that's how actually we started that.  And then what happened was then we started, trying to get more research and, we did that. We did that for a while getting our own research.

I would say like when Jim had so like 2019, so we were doing our research for the last, like probably eight years. On her own.  It takes, yeah, it takes a lot of time. So then we joined up with you guys and we still we still hate this we still do our own research.

But it's very limited right now.  But we don't we do it in a different County. We, our main County, we subscribed to you guys. So what's changed though, is that since we have everything in front,  your numbers are great. Your scripture, like how your numbers are fantastic.  The information that you guys provide, right?

And what's great about it too, is that, so you have the executor, but not only that you obviously provide the attorney. So that's, obviously if there's any advice I can give anybody  especially that if you're, new and start at start aligning, and I know you guys bring this up, so I don't know, I'll probably repeat myself, but align yourself with these probate attorneys.

Because that's the best connection obviously. Cause they don't give you the, you don't have to like, stay on the phone or, Whatever, obviously that's the best connection that you can have. So the results that we've had previous, so we did 35 transactions. I was telling Jim on the phone a couple of days ago now, again, we're.

We double ended if I list it, we do have, I do have an investor that I deal with personally that will buy the properties because if they, typical app, I don't want to list it. I just want to sell it outright. So then I'll still go over there and obviously we'll buy the property.  Or, if they say, no, we want top dollar we'll list it.

So that's pretty simple. So one of, so we so are, so getting back to so 35 transactions the year before we probably did. I don't know, probably I think we did 18, so we probably, we've not probably we've doubled our transaction. So obviously all the weeds has helped out tremendously. Yeah. The fact is you have everything  aligned.

That's a great portal. Excellent. And you have the, just as a coach. I know you, you already see this, but I think it's a teachable moment, right? Like the differences.  Hundred, yeah, 1% increase in business just by doing more dollar productive activity, less research, more prospecting has that. A fair summary.

Yeah. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Cause you're still we're yeah. We're trying to get phone numbers before we were, we're getting phone numbers from whatever source we were getting from now those numbers now, when what happens is now we get your numbers and your numbers are tremendous and, there's costs to that and, That's why we,  for your cost factors whatever people pay for that.

Geez. And I'm sure you guys bring this up. Like one, one trip like yesterday. Yeah. So I got my new list two days ago and I got 350 people.  So my contacts yesterday, I made 40 contacts yesterday, just probate, strictly probate. So 40 contacts met with somebody today.  We're going to buy the property.

The deal already actually fell through. There was a foot of water in the base. And I fell through the stairs and I caught myself my phone fell and landed on the steps. Thank God. So I didn't lose it. So anyhow, we bought that property and I got three other people. I got a listing appointment next week.

So you know, this now that's not a regular current. So it just happens. We were, we were pretty honest yesterday. So  obviously, the, for what you guys provide at works. Yeah, that's thanks man. And being really transparent. One of the big struggles we see is, people step over dollars to pick up dimes.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:13:40] And I just appreciate having someone with this much experience in the industry, be so transparent and let people see under the hood of what you have. Thanks so much for being here and contributing. I'll give other people a chance to to talk no problem. And by no means on perfect. I make a lot of make, I make mistakes like anybody else and, there's, I would say that just from listening to Dave and just listening to your stuff, I have so much to learn  and I'm looking to learn it with you guys.

We're probate. I appreciate you guys' time. And thank you for the time to have me my talk today on the phone here. So appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:14:12] Chris, I'm sure you inspired a lot of people and I know you got to go, but it's totally coincidentally, the next person up in the queue is Dave Panell.

So if you want to hang in there. All right. He's up next? Thank you so much, Chris. We appreciate you. Take care,

David Pannell: $110,000 in Assignment Fees in One Month [00:14:25] David. You're up next or we didn't plan this. Did we?

David Pannell: [00:14:28] Oh no, thanks. I just, I had a good conversation with with Chris yesterday and it was enlightening and it just reminds me that  the people that are coming from expired and for sale by owner prospecting, circle, prospecting, any kind of prospecting, this just increases your skill.

And when you adapt and change to what you guys are teaching. You're just unstoppable. And I honestly, I haven't prospected probate probably since August last year. I just, things happened in life. I got a remodel going, I just, and we,  blessings, man, it's praying that things will go right.

And  assignment fees are at one 10 right now off of a, about five probate leads. So it's $110,000 that we're making an assignment piece in February. Wow. And D David, I suspect you say you haven't prospected in some time, but with your tenacious lead follow-up system, you probably are still getting deals from previous prospecting, even though you put the brakes on it temporarily, you still have deals coming in.

Obviously. Absolutely. And that's what I was on. Yeah. Thank you guys for letting me do that video on the mastermind because it's, you got the letters do work, but we can't be so generic that we don't.  It's like I told people yesterday, you can't be so generic that. They're just going to throw your letter way.

It'd be like all the investors, all the other realtors Chad speaks of is just the USP. How can we turn that USP into a emotional tie down just like we're taught in expireds for sale by owner prospect and you got to tie them to something and that's either good questions, good motivations.  So it's just a matter of.

Tweaking those letters that we're sending out to be more emotionally driven so that they hang on to them. And that's exactly what happened to us. We had a lady call Liz out of the blue. I was driving down the street and she held onto our letter for two years. And I'm of respectful that since she's the only female on the letter and the lady was just trusting a woman.

So we w we tested me, sending me to, and as a woman on the letter too, and she held onto it. So that's a $45,000 assignment fee that we got.  That's amazing. We haven't sold it yet, or we're showing it in a week, but we got such a good price. It's amazing.  David, did I hear him? Can I hear you say you have 110,000 in fees this month coming in from probate.

Yeah. Wow. Yeah. It's just, there's a couple not sold yet, but I know the value I got it for.  And And we still have to close them, but the projection or is there, I want to make one other comment. You said something it's very interesting. We, it frustrates me. How many of our clients. Just send the letters and maybe they get a 50% ROI and they're happy with that.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:17:16] They'll do a deal now and then from the letters, but what a difference between sending the letters, they, they do work. They're very effective, but difference between that and doing what yeah. And doing what you're doing follow up, you can increase your ROI, a hundred fold. What have you ever figured out what your ROI for money spent versus return is on probate.

David Pannell: [00:17:35] 100000000%, actually, I'm not the best tracker of numbers. I can tell you that right now I can make a hundred dials and talk to 40 people a day. I just don't track it, but I know that the money. We and I'm, and I say, every year I'm gonna get better at tracking everything, but I don't, but man, we are 100% probate.

Now, if I pick up a regular listing, I will do it, but the money is so good on the wholesale stuff. And the time freedom that we've created and the money we spent to learn how to do it. And we wasted a lot of money. That one guy said he made $500,000 and then he got too big. We did too. We went out and hired eight callers and we had a fancy office for five grand a month.

And we got crazy in 2019 in August. It just,  the whole year was good, but it bit us in the long run. So we had to scale it down a little bit, get back on the phones, get the letters out, make sure that they have some kind of story to them. Chad says. And, it's a beautiful thing.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:18:35] Yup. Dave, I want to go back to your open self criticism about not keeping track of your numbers and stuff and challenge you to help Chris gain the knowledge he wants from you. And I know he can help you with that. Like the way he coaches people. I think you guys. Can really help each other at ton.

So keep that relationship going, have him hold you accountable for knowing your numbers and you hold him accountable for having an open mind to innovate more toward your process to get your results. And so what this community is about, right? And that's the one thing I did write down when he was on the phone is it's intelligent phone calls now.

It's not just, we're making calls to these people were. It's intelligent phone calls it we're learning y'all's process, but adapting to what we've been taught since I was in real estate and I've gotten a few, actually, I still call expireds for sale by owners  but just what I've learned through offering cash, I've gotten deals through for sell butters.

David Pannell: [00:19:31] I don't even list. I just buy their house now.  It's they're all over the place.  It's funny. When you open your mind up to all this stuff. There's little nuggets of gold everywhere in our market that I was just going after listings and buyers. And I was trying to get those trophies and awards. And now it's all about wealth building.

Oh, that is great. Hey, Bruce, I didn't give you a chance to comment on either. Do you have any questions or comments for Dave or Chris? Oh God.  Tried to butt in and interrupt Chad a couple of times, but that wouldn't happen in, so

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:20:00] you're good. I was holding everything back.  Watched Dave's video yesterday. Great job, by the way, buddy. I'll tell you one of the biggest things that that I notice a lot of agents do that I thought Dave spoke directly to in the video. And if you guys haven't watched it. Go on our Facebook group and watch that  is they do stick with their generic sequence of mail after they've had a conversation with someone and there's no better time to almost guarantee that whatever message you put in front of them next in their mailbox is going to get opened and read then after you've had a conversation.

So I really do encourage you guys to have a. A couple of letters, even if you don't want to do them, we can do them for you. I have a couple of letters that go out to people that you've had an open dialogue with.  And do tell a story with those. Cause they're going to get read. It's almost sometimes a little bit embarrassing to have a conversation with someone and it goes really good.

And then a week or two later, they get a. A letter in their mailbox that says, Oh, hi, my name's Bruce. I wanted to introduce myself. So create yourself, even if it's just a short letter that has a little bit of a story and is a little bit more personal and send it out after your conversation. So I thought Dave, that, that video was great.

And the message was spot on now. What haven't read the book StoryBrand and go get it. It's probably buying books from Amazon, download the audio and you're going to change the way that you market to people for life  and also YouTube Donald Miller who wrote that book. Yeah. Amazing content on telling a story.

David Pannell: [00:21:30] I don't know why I didn't see it before. Yeah.  Thank you guys. Good. Thank you so much. Bruce. Are you done? Any other comments? I wanna kinda beat up on myself a little bit in our team.  But it's going to fit really well with with what Chris said before is don't be afraid to sometimes push for that appointment.

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:21:47] There are a lot of people that plan on using us, even if we've had two or three conversations with them or and my team's case. Last week seven or eight conversations with someone who said, Hey, don't worry. We're definitely using you guys. And you just kinda don't push for the appointment.

We had a situation where we called someone back that had all but guaranteed that they were going to sell the house directly to us. And they said, Hey, no we ended up getting a call last week from someone that we spoke with for the first time. And they made us an offer on the spot and we couldn't turn it down.

Don't a Brie me calling by the way. Yeah, it probably was. You don't except I know you didn't call since August, so nevermind. But don't be scared to go ahead and close that. Close the deal. Because just because someone thinks that they're going to use you doesn't mean that someone with a stronger close isn't going to come in on your coattails and close it.

There are times to go soft. God knows.  Coach a lot of people on how to  set up the next call, but there are other times when you've got to read someone and know that they're ready and they're just in quicksand and someone might get them out of quick sand, no matter how good the relationship is built is if they get, get them out of quick sand and you're not on the phone with them that day closing, then you're going to miss out on the deal.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:23:02] Awesome guys. Thank you. Hey David, we thank you as always man, come back every week. You've always got some great nuggets to share and thank you, Chris. Both of you guys, you complemented each other very well. And we expect to hear great things from you. Keep it, keep up the good work we've got five others in the queue guys, so we should have time to get to everyone.

If anybody else wants to jump in  we now have seven. Good. So that should take us up nicely to the top of the hour. Next up is phone number ending in five, four, six for Europe. Hey daddy in Kansas city. I'm sure I tried. I tried to get on the call. I think on new year's, I don't know, somewhere around there.

Bunch of people were, we didn't have it obviously, or the new year's Eve, but I got a few updates today. I'm actually picking up, I'm going to go to the guy's house that I'm getting for $40,000.  We had a few staff who's in the title, got those third up. I had to call the air of somebody who died in the eighties to sign an affidavit stating the marital status.

But now I have to, I'm picking up stellar at three 30 to take them to closing today so that It's all finally coming to a close. Thankfully, you've been talking about that. You've been talking about that one for awhile. How long have you been working on it? Oh, I've been working on that deal for since August of 19, probably.

Yeah. Yeah, I got it under contract that they liked the beginning part of December. And we were supposed to close before the end of the year, but we're close enough in my mind. I'm sure. Good job.  I have a question. I don't know if anybody else has had this problem. I sent this to my core Eddie. We lost you. You still there.

Eddie.  Chad, you can't hear him either, correct? No. He just slowly faded out before he get out. Eddie. Yeah. Eddie jumped back into queue, man. If I see I'll reconnect you. I think his cell went dead. All right. I can't answer your question because you didn't finish it, but hopefully we'll talk again.

Chad. Can you hear me? I can hear you fine, Bruce. Can you hear Gemini? I can hear you. Maybe three of us hanging out on the line together. Okay. Okay. Somebody is there now. Zero three, zero six. Are you there? Can you hear me okay? Yes, you were. I think you were muted. Go

Rosie and A Reverse Mortgage Timeline [00:25:08] Rosie Hayer: [00:25:08] ahead. Awesome. Hi everyone. I'm Austin, Texas.

I got a quick question. Can you hear me? Yes. Go ahead. Yeah, that was awesome. All right. So my question is I'm working with this probate lead that I got an appointment for. And it seems pretty promising, ready to go deal, but to my surprise, they were reverse mortgage on the house and The house is pretty, what the loan balance was.

Conversation was over the phone and what the market value is they can sell, but I haven't never the house with a reverse mortgage. Is there anything I should know about that? I should be guiding them for added holding costs because they were thinking about cleaning it up and all that cool stuff when the market is too hot and I think we can move really quickly.

So I would love to know the reverse mortgage details on you're watching out for. And it could be a motivating factor conversation we can have for where if you hold onto a reverse mortgage, there's added cost per month.  The biggest thing you need to be aware of is the timeline Rosie. Most of the fine print, usually the fine print.

And the note will say,  when the mortgagee moves out whether that's death, downsizing whatever, the reason when the home becomes vacated by them, that starts 180 day clock. So typically you have 180 days before the lender will send you a notice of default. So the first question is how long has the home been vacant?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:26:30] Has anyone notified the lender or it has been two months, two months. And they have notified the lender. Yeah, so you have a very comfortable four month window to do whatever you need to do to sell the home. At the point, you pass that 180 day Mark. They could call the note due and started the fault, but that's going to take, who knows how long.

So if they're looking at, you say they're looking to renovate and resell or renovate and sell?  No. They just clean up. There's a lot of personal stuff that you want to make sure they sell and distribute. They seem to be very emotional and sensitive family.  Have recommended them how they can just sell the real estate without probate, but it seems like there's emotional sentiments, so they want to do it right by their mom.

Rosie Hayer: [00:27:10] So they cleaning it up and it probably will take another month or so.  But it seems like you have time from your conversation with reverse mortgage. That was the main thing. Yeah. Yeah. I think your window of time is plenty, especially considering the market.  You don't have any an unusual expenses to worry about, no one's drawing down, that's essentially a line of credit and it's probably already drawn to the 80% LTV.

So yeah. Nobody's drawing on that likely there aren't going to be any other costs or anything you just need to satisfy the note at closing. It seems like you've got a pretty straightforward, just more of a conventional sale, nothing to worry about. Okay. Very good. That's all I need to ask.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:27:46] Thank you very much. All right, we appreciate it. We got two more in the queue guys. We probably have time for more, including the person we lost. If you want to get you, get your phone charging, jump back in.  Next up is phone number ending in four or five, one two. You're up next.Richard Eaton: Retired Teacher, Successful Probate Agent [00:28:01]Richard Eaton: [00:28:01]

hey guys,

this is Richard and Birmingham.

How are y'all doing today? Great, Richard. How about you? I'm doing great. It's been a while since I spoke to you guys, but just want to give you enough data. She was my first full years with you guys. Of course I've been with you, I think now for about a year and a half. And Chad told me the first time course I did everything pretty much followed everything you guys debt lined out for me and everything with the mastery before I ever did anything on my first weekend.

So I finished last year with 54 55 deals and two to three a month. Those were from probates. Wow. That is great. Yeah, it's amazing. Yeah. We only have one more in the queue. So if you don't mind, Richard, we'll spend a little time asking some questions and energy. Can you, if you, yeah, go ahead and tell us little bit about what you did wrong and then what you did right.

To do that many deals.  I did my first few months of everybody, of course, in Chad and I, we first talked when I first talked with him the very first time in mastery, I'm an old timer, so I've always done expireds and for sale by owners. And he told me the first day, he said hashtag you'll have your best year ever.

And of course it did, with fighting through the pandemic And then I also had from October through not the middle, I talk about what I didn't take. It didn't have, did I had surgery. So I was out for about six or seven weeks in that time also. But that one, that's one thing I just of course I'm an ex educator and the ex bowel coach and everything.

So I learned early on in life to listen to what your coaches tell you to do. And, but I still do everything. Like I did from day one. No, a lot of people say that they don't call their spouse. That's still in the house. I picked up a $300,000 lease call alcohol labor by it. Don't try to go to the outer state people first.

And then I go with the end state. And then of course the spouses are, but they're a third on my On my list, but I do call every one of those. And but I just I've kept on doing what I did from day one and haven't changed. And of course a lot of them is some of these are follow-ups and so I think the most I've had I've still got about 20 something that's I'm still working with, I give them a call about every.

Seven to 12 days and still following up with those. And I think one of the months I had four listings from probate, so just pretty much I still do what I did from day one and stayed consistent with it. And but I call even I'll run some of the properties through my three to taxes off of our MLS and just to see what it was.

And at one time I will have to say at one time, When I saw those 20 and $30,000 properties that one day I said no, I'm not going to call them. I don't want that. And then I started to make two or three other calls. It bothered me so much. I said, hell no, you're going to call everybody. Yeah.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:30:44] And Richard, you, it, I may have missed this, but obviously you've really got some momentum going. How long did it take you from the time you started to start putting deals together? Was it instantaneous or did it. Did it take awhile? No like I said, I've been I've been cold calling ever since I retired from education.

Richard Eaton: [00:31:02] Of course I've been in real estate now for seven years. And I had been, I was just had to use a little bit, a different approach, kinda softer and not as. Go get 'em for sale bounders and expires and just kinda show compassion toward them and everything. I had to change that.

And but pretty much I think within the second month I'd already had a listing and I'll do these two to three listings I get every month. I always get I think I've told you guys before I at least get it one or two come list me off of pretty much off of every month. Wow.

Good for you. That's great. Chad, any questions?

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:31:36] Any questions for Richard? No. Okay. I'm going to let Bruce go since I took his time last time. Go ahead, Chad, go ahead, Chad. I'll interrupt. I don't want to have anything right now. No, I listen. I really appreciate you sharing all that. We had, multi decade producer on here in the probate space who did 35 deals with that much experience.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:31:56] So you really need to be proud of yourself for doing the same amount. And as you're just getting this started, And you guys, that we can all learn from each other. It's not to downplay what he's done, but you've got a lot to be proud of. It means you're doing something right. You're providing real value to the world.

So it's you I think as an educator, like you're compassionate and empathetic by nature. And for anyone on these calls, sometimes people are really aggressive and they just say, the hell with all that feel good stuff. I just want to, I want to scale my business, pay close attention to the common denominator.

The men that come to these calls and contribute the demeanor they have the, the. Confidence, but not cocky confidence. Like what they have, they're approaching these, this they're embracing that provide value first mindset. They're doing whatever they can to get real value to the consumer.

I love that you held yourself accountable and went back to that $30,000 house. And if you haven't figured it out already, you can make bigger.  Commissions on those. And then you can on the higher price or the median price stuff, oftentimes those people need your help more than anything. And they'll pay a flat $10,000, $5,000 commission because they just need rid of the problem today.

And you can take it on a flat fee. They sell it in 24 hours cash, no contingencies as is, whereas, and make a $10,000 commission on a $30,000 house. It's. Not that much different than wholesaling when people feel that level of motivation. So what I love is that you fully embrace, make every phone call.

There's only one way to know where the opportunity is in this list. And that's the speak to every person and offer to provide value to them in any way you can, if you don't directly monetize that you will eventually indirectly monetize it. They'll call back. They'll list something with you. They'll have you, they'll refer somebody to you.

That's the common thread that I see through all of our top subscribers is that mindset. And that's the most important thing if you're just getting started and you're, this is your first call, like focus on that more than anything is believing in the methodology. And, there's, this is a carefully curated group of people and we've got, people that, that embrace this and live it and come back and share that.

So pay close attention to success leaves clues. So thank you for sharing Richard. Yeah, go ahead, Richard, go ahead.

Richard Eaton: [00:34:15] I was going to say, and then one thing that I did I have started and I have started calling on attorneys and I did get one and he handles quite a few probates. He's probably sent me.

Four or five maybe  listings from just meeting with them. And so now he sends me all of his if they don't already have someone friends and a family, but you're right on those 30th 20, 30 and $40,000 deals. Chad, what I do, I list those four, 7%. And then what I do now, some of the times other agents don't like it, but like I tell them, I say, I said, Hey, I've worked on these to get these listings.

And I On that 7%, then I normally do four and a half on my side and then I paid them two and a half. And so I really I'm making good money on those. And then, as you're, know a lot of those that, I get, I end up getting both sides of them. So if you've got a $50,000 home, you're sitting there with with 3,500, but I have done a hundred thousand dollar homes at 7% and still get the whole condition of it.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:35:12] That's great. I was going to add to what you said, chatted, obviously, if you have the right approach and the right mindset, but the three of you so far today are such an incredible example of how this will work anywhere. From. David Pinel doing $500,000 houses in Texas. And he's a little bit more of a fast talker.

Like I am  to, to you rich do a $20,000 deals at the deep South that you talk a little bit slower. It, it works in any environment because people are people and in this niche they need help. So you guys gave us some really inspiring stories. We really appreciate it. Anything else you want to add?

Richard Eaton: [00:35:48] Richard?  Yes. The only thing I can tell for even if you're old or new to the pro program is call everybody don't don't like I did. I only did it that one time. And like I said, it bothered me so much. I said no, you're not going to want to start doing that. And I broke my bad habit right off the bat.

And but you just gotta do that and be consistent and call everybody. I don't care if it's a spouse or who it is. Like I said, I've picked up that $300,000 listing.  College, the wife had just passed away and it was early. I think she had passed away. He had filed probate within the first 30 days and boom, he was ready to be off to California to live with his daughter.

And I came in and, I was the first one to call him and I was the first, so it's Yeah, call everybody. Don't. I don't spring anything on any of my lists. I'll call everybody. And I just put the seed in their head, hey, you might not make me now, but keep, hold on to my letter, put it back.

Don't throw it away. And then later on down the road, if you do ever need me, then you've got my information, the call. Yeah. Great lesson. Don't prejudge your leads. We very much appreciate you. Thank you, rich. Thank you, buddy. Thank you guys. All right, you too. We got two more in the queue. Next up is phone number ending in nine six zero seven.

Paul: [00:36:55] You're up next? Good morning or afternoon wherever you're at gentlemen. Yeah, there you go.

So the last I really looked at any of this was March. I actually had a call with Chad and then COVID hit and kids are out of school and just just a myriad of excuses. All of them are just that they're excuses.  Really want to get back into picking up the ball. And before I forget Bruce mentioned something about story branding which book is that?

Because I see on audible, there are at least a few different. StoryBrand names. Who's the office of the brand. Yep. Yep, exactly. Okay. All right. And then as far as the mastery calls, I do remember later into the fall, I heard  Chad talking about math recalls and him thinking that perhaps his October one, I believe was the.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:37:45] Probably the most robust call that you've done in a while. Is that still stand or how does that look?  December may have been better. We, that was the biggest class ever. And the last live class, if you want, I can send you the recordings. I it's, I can send you both if you'd like, but would say that October had more.

Advanced like wealth creation and asset protection and business structure and the Q and a, like the more advanced things, people who are further along. So they had seven to seven digits of revenue to protect, and they were starting to look at how to optimize taxes and protect assets so that it was the most advanced course.

December was definitely the longest we've ever done.  Whatever you feel like is there, there's more advanced, more investor conversation, more advanced business strategies and asset protection in October. Okay. Yeah. I'll reach out to you with an email and just ask for probably both those recordings and sit back through it.

And then, a starting point to just basically start from scratch on this whole thing. I did sit through mastery.  But again, I'm just I'm going to start from the base and work my way up instead of trying to build from the roof down. Yep. You have you been getting leads since March or did you turn everything off?

No, I haven't. I've gotten any leads or anything like that. In fact, I never turned it on. And then I believe there might even be one person that has recently entered the market here in Colorado Springs.  And I can certainly talk to one of your sales folks or something like that. That was one of my other questions is what is the policy for more than one person in a market.

And how does that tend to shake out? Yeah, go ahead.

We definitely limit it. But some of the guys that we're talking, you're hearing from they're in markets that are sold out.  We have over guys don't over a million dollars a year in GCI alone that are then sold out markets with 30 leads.

So it's the methodology that we're discussing here and what we teach the approach, nobody's doing the same exact thing. And we have this different personalities, different writing styles. We appeal to different people. So I wouldn't let it discourage. You don't feel like there's not enough to go around.

That's where we're very careful here. See, I didn't know if the market was sold out here and that there would be nothing available. That was mostly my concern. I'm not worried. Barely about other people in the market, as long as there's leads available through the system. Yeah. You're good.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:39:58] Paul I'll have one of our sales people reach out to you right after the call. Okay. Appreciate it. All right. Awesome. On a starting over point, where would you start with all of this? Is it a mastery class and relistening to that? Or is it how do I, where do I go to, to set the foundation for this and get this thing off the ground?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:40:15] Whenever we get

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:40:15] started Bruce will, we'll

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:40:17] do a, a, an intro coaching call with you to see where you are, where you want to be and make some suggestions on how to do the right things in the right order. And along with that, as I would suggest, you've already made the investment. I would, go back through mastery and just refresh that.

And you should be lit up and very clear on what you're going to do after that. You're two or three days from running at full speed. Wow. Okay. That's awesome. I really appreciate your time you're in and what you guys do here is really just awesome stuff. Thank you. Paul Darci will be reaching out to you shortly.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:40:46] She's your sales rep. I'll have her call you as soon as the call is over. All right. Excellent. Last up, it should take us nicely to the top of the hour. Is phone number ending in six, two, three one. You're up last. Hey, can you hear me? Yes, sir. Loud and clear. Hey, so I was looking for some direction on something.

Becoming A Real Estate Trifecta: Agent, Investor, Wholesaler [00:41:02] Mike: [00:41:02] If there's enough time went on an appointment earlier  I spoke with this executor yesterday, set up an appointment today. Boy, it was tough. Every everything she had covered, the cleanup crew, the new about the insurance. Just about everything it was and then  yeah, just hit about every roadblock.

I could never even considering using a friend as a realtor, the charge charging 3%.  Boy, this is a tough one, but I still got an, I got an appointment together.  And after looking at it. I actually brought, and I'm an agent too, but I'm mostly an investor and I definitely thought it would be better serving her to somebody.

I sure. I, if he listed, I can get a referral, but this is the experts expert on waterfront homes and he was telling her things about this property and she didn't even know. So I hope that impressed her or my approach and I appreciate. The education you guys are providing me and how I'm slowly learning some of the techniques and how I was able to,  demonstrate to her  clearly is that, when I spoke with you last night, I mentioned that was an agent.

And I told you, maybe I'll list it. Maybe I'll buy it, make an offer. But I wanted to bring Ken to provide you more value. It just feels so good saying that coming across that.  It's a tricky situation. And because it's, I wouldn't say it's a total wreck, but she's asking for, a lot more than an investor.

Would want, and even my associate Ken  thought the house would even be listed at. However, it's a crazy market. It's absolutely insane. So if the number is somewhat. Reasonable. I was thinking of wholesaling. It, I'm wondering how you guys and I haven't done much wholesale and I've really mostly done we having recently, but how do you guys approach that?

How does Dave Pannell just who's doing assignments left and right. So impressed to hear that and so encouraged by it. How do you guys approach that? When, so I'll shut up and let you guys tell me how you guys do it. Yeah, Chad, before you answer listen to last week's mastermind call. We had a guy named Earon that made a half a million dollars last year wholesaling.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:43:09] He was probably one of our most successful wholesalers, but Yeah, the recording, you can go to our website or you can go into iTunes and listen to last week's call chat. Anytime Eric had

the steps he was doing. Yeah, exactly. Okay. Good. Okay. Chat versus the basics of it. You want to get the home under contract on a purchase agreement with a of your, if your intent is to wholesale, it, give yourself a large enough window to find the buyer. Typically, most people are doing 30 days and you can double close that if you don't want to disclose your margin.

Or are you going to assign the contract? And that's what most people choose to do because they're being upfront and transparent in the negotiation. So you can simply assign the deal the other way that you can make much larger than normal. Revenues off of this is what I suggested earlier from a brokerage standpoint, if you're worried about liability and your broker, doesn't like that wholesaling and take a flat fee, the listing for $10,000, and then don't offer a cooperating broker commission and you just need to be prepared and, to, to address that with the other agents in your market, if they don't pay attention to the listing and they go show it.

Okay. But you can get paid multiple ways. It really depends on what your business is, what your goals are and how transparent you want to be with those sellers. Sure. And I have no problem with being transparent because I feel like it always works out in the end. You got nothing to hide.

Just sleep better at night. Can you tell me because the brokerage I belong to definitely does flat fees. Cause I often use a flat fee,  myself when I, and I just pay out the two and a half or 3% when I'm rehabbing and flipping a home. So how would it work would I would with $10,000 as a flat fee.

So would I be splitting that with the other realtor or how does it work?  That's your choice. What I suggested was that you don't offer a cooperating broker commission. So you would be the listing agent. There would not be a cooperating broker commission. If they w if they brought you a contract, you don't owe them a commission.

You could decide to give them one, but you're clearly saying this has, 0% cooperating broker commission as offered. So you're not obligated to pay them anything. And, what I tend to do, I don't believe in dual agency, I don't think you can ride two horses with one ass. And I don't think you can fairly represent two people objectively.

So what I do is if I'm going to do that, I'll do a flat fee  as a number, not a percentage. And then when the buyer I'll run it through my buyers list and when the buyer comes back, I'll present the offer to them with the first page, being an unrepresented party at the end, them that clearly indicates that I represent the seller and the seller only  offer that as a benefit to them.

I've listened. You don't need to pay me a commission. The sellers taken care of me. You're a sophisticated investor. You don't really need an agency at 3%. Do you? Okay. Perfect. Here's the blue pen. And that's been a really smooth way for me to do it. I've done assignments. I've done the flat fee. It's really just what works best for you and your broker.

Mike: [00:46:10] Okay, you would the concept of doing a flat fee because I'm not going to have, I'm not going to find them a buyer and I'd like to cast as big of a net. And I'm going to tell you if I'm a realtor or many of them will read the print, they'll see that there's no money in it for them.

And I won't be able to serve the seller. So I would rather do a flat fee, maybe charge a separate consulting fee say it's a 500 CDs, a thousand say whatever it is, and then just assist the seller with the flat fee, paying a two and a half percent out of the seller. Would do, and I'm getting that way.

I'm getting  it's, it may not be as cheap or it may be just as cheap. It depends on how much the, the half a percent differences. But she, as I mentioned, she had him at 3%. So if I do a half a percent and and do a let them pay out two and a half percent. Did you ever hear that?

Concept, is that something that would ever fly? If I said, Hey costs $500 to a flat fee, but I'm going to help you out here. And I'm going to charge you this consulting fee. Other than that, here's, you're going to pay out two and a half percent because these people do seem like they may, since they threw out a 3% and even throughout the possibility of inputting it on Zillow few weeks.

So whenever I hear that, I'm thinking, It's an, it's a nickel and dime fight. And so I'm trying to think, what can I do to maybe get the D get something out of it? Sure. A couple of things here. One, the advice I gave you earlier was assuming you had your own buyers list because you're talking about wholesaling.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:47:42] So if you are trying to retail a deal using that method, don't do that. It doesn't make any sense. If you're selling at a discounted price as is, where is then that makes sense on this particular deal that you're talking about. It doesn't sound like it is a wholesale. It's not a distress sell in any way.

That's going to be a different approach, right? So if you list something at $300,000 and it appraises for, 302,000, you're not going to have a ton of people that are going to step up and, buy as is, whereas without an agent. So if it's more of a conventional deal, that's not the same advice.

In that case, what I would recommend is find an agent that, you know, and trust, give them, have them give you a referral fee and don't do the work you're not good at, or you don't want to do, but get compensated for connecting them to the deal. Sounds good. All right. Excellent. Ending to our call guys. I want to thank everybody for showing up to down a particularly.

Thank the awesome. Chris and Dave and Richard success stories. I think everybody learned a lot from it, and I want to challenge each of you. Take one. Thing that inspired you the most on this call. Go out and put it into practice and come back and share the results with the group. Next week. Stay healthy, stay safe, stay productive.

And we will talk to you. Same time. Next Thursday. Take care, everybody.



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Episode Transcript

Cold Call Training For Probate Real Estate - Role Play 62

A.I. Narration: Welcome to All The Leads Cold Call Training, a special series recorded once a month for the Probate Mastermind Podcast.  These episodes feature agents, investors and wholesalers from across the country role playing their real estate cold-calling scripts with coaches Chad Corbett Bruce Hill.  The role play portions of the call are completely un-edited, so listeners can experience how these calls would sound if they were real conversations.  Be sure to join our Facebook Group " All The Leads Mastermind"   to find role play partners and more.  For previous episodes, visit



Welcome to our powerful agents and investors from across the country. Today is Wednesday, January 13th, 2020. And this is role-play podcast number 62, and we do have a number of people in the queue. Chad Bruce. Hi, we're all here today. Let's go to our first caller. First up this week is phone number ending in one, one, one zero.

You're up first. Hi, this is cliff. I've I just got my first set of leads this week, actually. And I, I was all gung ho started into it and I the first person, the first one I looked at didn't have all the things were X out, start out for being able to call them, but they had an email.

So I sent an email and I took the, one of the letters and I hacked that up and it seemed to go, okay. But then a part of my thing was okay, when I get into this thing of if I have to leave messages and  I forget who my trainer person might help my coach was. And he had suggested that I make the calls first.

So I looked at Chad's script there a little bit to see what his was.  I sent you this letter last week and send them a letter last week. So right away, I, we look like a knucklehead, so I adjusted and I just went, hi, this is cliff Castillano. I'd like a chance to speak with you concerning your role as a personal administrator.

Give me a call when you get five minutes to chat. And is that accessible? Does that seem okay to do.  So it's something that I wouldn't lean towards saying it exactly like that. A lot of times whether you're leaving a message or you're getting someone on the phone I've personally found that it's okay to say, did you happen to get a.

A letter for me in the last couple of weeks.  You're not saying I sent you a letter, but did you happen to get one and you'd be surprised how many people will say yeah, I think I did. And it just really opens the conversation up for you to be able to to start to talk and ask them about their experience.

So I haven't said you could do the same thing on a message as well. A lot of our subscribers, don't leave a message on the first call.  That's up to you. I'd say test, test it and try maybe without a message on your first call and then with a message and see what kind of response rate you get back.

Oh, okay.  I know we're not supposed to ask a lot of questions on this, but I have one, I struggled in to sound strange with what to put in the subject line for the email. That sounds, I know it's my sound stupid, but I did. I struggled as to what actually to  put there. Do you have any suggestions for that?

I'll put it. I'm taking a shot. I'm sure Bruce has advice on that too. I prefer questions. So when you're coming from a place of empathy and really truly understanding the situation they're in, if you really want to get their attention, ask a question that takes their mind to the place you want them to be thinking.

So whatever the purpose of your message is. If you're early on in the process and somebody's just starting, it could be something like. You know that, did you know that this exists in the community or did you know that you already have a team. And what you're trying to do is not sell anything with email.

And again, I would suggest that you keep your copy short. There are copywriting techniques where you go long form, but this is a cold email introduction. So I would keep it short and try to drive it to the phone because these folks are in an emotional, in a very emotional situation. And it's much easier to sell this over the phone.

So something like, did you know that you already have a team here in Roanoke? And then when they click, it's I'm my name's cliff. I've got a team of people put together specifically to help families going through probate. Anytime I can find an email, I always try to reach out because most people don't know this exist and they don't understand how much value we can bring to the situation.

Click the link below to jump on my calendar. Can't wait to see how we can help you. And you didn't have a clear call to action. Don't try to sell your service. Don't try to tell them everything you can do for them. That's what the phone calls for. Okay. Because we, in the point of that, just for everybody listening, the reason I say that is.

There are literally dozens upon dozens of ways we can provide value to these families until we get the answers to a few basic questions and understood Stan what their pain points are, what their challenges are.  You don't want to try to sell clean-out services. And to someone who does, who has an empty house it was, if it was a fully furnished vacation condo  so try and just trying to sell them.

Everything is overwhelming picking things randomly is it may not apply to them. So just try to speak broadly and, have a clear call to action. Just a few sentences of copy and get them on the calendar or have them. You can say give them to you, give them a choice. So you can call me at this number right now, or you can schedule my calendar here.

Okay, thank you. Yep. Yep. Yeah, I would add maybe speaking to the pain that they might be experiencing not the pain of grief or the pain of loss, but the the pain or the potential pain of not working with you. So a subject line might be something like the greatest mistake that a PR will ever make.

And then your copy is  the greatest mistake. I work with a lot of personal representatives and families, and the biggest mistake is trying to do everything on your own. You may have an attorney that's doing the legal side of your project, that everything surrounding real estate from property clean out to property sale.

I can help you with, if you want to hear more, call this number. Okay. But get the ultimately the goal is to get your email opened and so to keep it short  and mix it. Yeah. The one person called me and emailed back lines. She emailed me back and she said that she has an attorney to take care of this.

So I emailed her back. Cause nowhere near that, I really tell her I was a realtor.  So I emailed her back that, I understand your attorney for that stuff, but I'm here to anything else you can do with selling the house or whatever. And, I did give her my number and she had that originally first email and all that.

And I asked her, if she has few minutes to give me a call, but we'll see how that goes. Thank you. Yep. Thanks, Glenn, perfect personality. I'll like something you said just to give you an idea, if that's often the mentality is, our attorney has handled it and something, this is a disruptive move.

So you have to have the personality to support it on when the phone call comes. But you can say things like, did you, can you believe your attorney missed this? Is that the email subject line and your body copy is talks about how 99.9% of attorneys overlooked telling them how to protect for the asset protection piece.

So if you have real estate and that real estate is vacant, you have exposure from an insurance standpoint, but also from an adverse possession standpoint.  One of the, one of the many things that are on our checklist is to make sure that we help families get the proper insurance in place. And to secure that assets, if you don't have real estate, this is obviously not, yada, yada, but you can do really well disruptive things like that.

Just understand it may get forwarded to an attorney and that attorney may or may not be your best friend when you hear from them. But if you have the personality to stand up to that type of a conversation, That's still engagement. Yep. So as you learn the, as you learn the assumptions, like when you hear these objections, you should have an email subject line for every objection you hear on the phone, and that will eventually become part of your drip campaign.

Did you know your attorney? Did you know your attorney missed this? Can you believe this person lost everything? Because they didn't have the right insurance, like things like that to help move them because they don't know what they don't know. But every time you hear, every time you get stumped by an objection, challenge yourself to write a really good subject line, ideally five words or less  with the question as a question and use an emoji.

And that's the kind of the techniques I use to keep, above 50% open rates. So Chad, what your probate attorney might not have told you subject line? What your probate attorney didn't tell you or might not have? No, I would still stick with the question. Can you believe the attorney missed this? Or you could say w what did your journey tell you?

Or what did your attorney forget to tell you if you want to keep it in the question for form, something like that? Yeah. It's anything that's concise and question form, and I find that proper use limited, but proper use of emojis either on the very first character or the very last character and emoji will really help especially on mobile devices.

Oh, okay. I really, I didn't think I would use those at all. Okay. All right. Okay.  It's like anything else to do an ABC test, try a few different things work in different markets, but don't be afraid to play with it a little bit and see what works for you. Okay. So I want to go back just something really fast.

I know you're sending emails cause there were a lot of, do not call numbers on your list.  And. Email  is primarily used as customer service.  It's hard to sell over email. So if you're using email throughout the majority of your list and you are not calling all the numbers, then you need to make that, that email subject line and the copy drive.

Back to some kind of an offset, some kind of an engagement. I'm a big believer in content and education in email, but you've got to get them actively engaged by texting you, emailing you or calling you as soon as possible. If you're not calling all those numbers. Okay. Alrighty. All right, appreciate it.

We've got five more in the queue. Good participation this week, guys. Next up is phone number ending in eight eight three one. You're up next?

Yes, sir. Okay, perfect. Hi, my name is Andrew I'm from New Jersey.  I was on the call last week, I guess there were some technical problems. What have you. So I just kinda wanted to  try out my opening script. Sure. Who do you want to, which who wants to role-play with them? Or do you want to just open and let us all comment on it?

Whatever you prefer. Yeah. You know what, let me just open it and then okay guys give feedback. I've been, I've had so many different variations and I'm really just trying to narrow it down. So the opening goes on, right? Hello. My name is Andrew, my team and I, we work with families and we go down to the courthouse about every 30 days.

To see who may be going through probate and we reach out to families that may need our help. We do all the non legal things that attorneys really don't handle. We help families with things like real estate services or clean house as well with handyman service.  Have there been any challenges that you think we might be able to help out with?

So that's the open.  Did and maybe I missed it. I didn't hear you reference the fact that they have that they're going through probate. Did I just miss that? No, I don't. I say that we go down to the courthouse to help out families that are going through probate. Okay. Forgive me.

I just missed that. I'm good. Good simple explanation for what you do.  I would probably be looking for a little bit more engagement from them earlier in that introduction. So instead of just diving into it and running for I'm going to speculate like 45 seconds  I would probably throw in a summary of what you're calling for.

And then ask if they got your letter ask if they recognize your name, something like that. And when you get a little bit of engagement back from them, then you go into kind of the elevator pitch. So you jumped right into the elevator pitch where I would put a really short summary in front of that.

So I help families through the probate process  something along those lines. Jen, what do you think? So when you listen to this recording, I think you'll see your entry point. And I heard I kinda Mark that point in the conversation because you started because you didn't initiate with, I sent you a letter last week.

Do you remember seeing that you skipped that engagement point that we usually have in the first few seconds? You ran, like Bruce said probably 45 seconds before you re you reached for him. And that felt way too long. The point where it made the most sense for you is when you said we help families go going through probate, and then you had a slight pause and then you launched right into examples of how you could help.

That's your entry point, right there. You can say, have you ever heard of you ever, have you heard of our team or did you know that we existed? The answer is going to be no most likely,  we have we have a service that helps families going through probate  that did you know, something like that existed in the community.

Okay. Yeah, most people don't, that's why we try to reach out to every family. And honestly, like we can help with anything and everything. It starts with us understanding what your challenges are. A lot of families, they need you help with getting homes, cleaned out with getting proper insurance to protect assets.

They don't realize as a fiduciary, that's really important. And for some reason, the attorneys fail to, to remind them of that. So it really just starts with a simple conversation with the family. And then we can give you options on, on, give you things we could do to help  what's been the toughest thing, single thing so far that you can think of.

Something along those lines, I went a little longer with the examples and I probably would have, but the, that pause point, if you're calling ahead of your letters, that was an assumption I was making, because you didn't say anything. If you're calling ahead of your letters, just make sure you get some pause point with a question like where you get it.

Yeah. They have some opportunity for engagement in the first few seconds. Otherwise they're going to feel an urgency to speak and they're not going to be listening. Up and you know what? I was going to add what I was going to add. Also, if you do get to that point, or if you do ask that question, what's been the most difficult part for you so far B be prepared that they might just come back and say what do you mean?

What are you talking about? And have a couple examples for them? A lot of the people we deal with. I find that it's a personal property. Do you have a lot of personal property in the house? Just be prepared to ask another question. Keep questions are always better than statements and keeping people engaged and the longer you can get them talking the better chance you're going to have them listening to your USP.

When you get to it makes sense. Yeah, it does. Thank you. All right. Thank you. Just being appreciated. We got a full queue guys. Great job. Did you want to add something, Bruce? No, I don't. I just said thanks Andrew. Oh, okay. Perfect. All right. Next up is phone number ending in two five, one seven Europe, X.

Okay. Ready to role play? All right. Who do you want? You got Bruce or or Chad? We'll let you choose.  Ashley, I don't care. This is the script that Bruce gave me. I actually want to get back to ordering my leads again. I just wasn't comfortable for awhile, so I'm ready to go. So I don't know.

Bruce, you want to take her? Sure. Let's do it. Okay, go ahead. Okay. It sounds like Joyce, by the way. I'll hold on. No, it's Sue.  So sorry. Sounded like Joyce on my headset. Okay. All right. So let's go for it. Okay. Ring.  Hello. Hey, Bruce.  Yeah. Yeah, it's just Simon. Do you have to remember who I am?

SU no, I, not off the top of my head. I'm sorry. Oh, that's okay. I didn't think so. The reason I'm calling is because I shot you a few letters recently and I help families go through the probate process. I don't really know if the ways that I help are going to be relevant to you or not. Do you need to have a minute to chat and see if what I offer is relevant?

Yeah, sure. I'm a little squeezed on time but I can take a minute. Okay. This will be brief.  The families that I typically help and, I don't know if you need this, but the same can I typically help out or in three areas, either someone has real estate that they know that they're going to sell or just inherited and they don't want to get taken advantage of and being in the real estate business, I can help with that.

The next theory that I helped with is dealing with personal property. A lot of people are just bogged down and busy in their regular day to day and don't have parental range for state tails or make trips, the dump or those types of things. That's why I've got a team that can handle any disregarding to house out or selling personal property.

The last thing that I do is I help with repairs and maintenance.  No, a lot of Visy are the way our lives are, but then all of a sudden you have to go over and  trim weeds or kick some leaking things or something that can just be too much in one day. And so I've got a team of handyman contractors that if you needed anyone  just let me know and I could get them over there pretty quick.

Okay.  Go ahead. Go ahead.  I was just assuming that so far, you guys probably had everything happen.

Not exactly. We're just so early in the process. We haven't even been over to the house yet, so  I don't know what we need to do, what we don't need to do. I have no idea. Just lost mom a couple of weeks ago, and I'm sure we'll get over there sometime in the next couple of months.

Okay.   Can certainly appreciate, you're going through a lot right now. And  it's, I tell you what you think you could take down my name and number and let me know if you need some help in the future  when you finally get to the point where you can start looking out and in the things that you're going to have to go through  Yeah. Yeah. Why not? Okay.  My name is diamond.

Do you have a pen? I'm sorry? Do you have a pen?  Yeah. Yeah, I got a pen. Okay.  My name is Simon and my phone number is five two zero two six one five zero zero. Okay. So got it.  Okay.  Want to be respectful of your time, but I just have one last question. Do you think your family is leaning toward holding onto the real estate long term?

Or are you thinking about selling it?

I don't know. I want to hold onto it, but I got a little bit of a fight on my hands with my siblings. I don't know. We're probably going to sell, I don't want to though. Oh, no. What would you prefer to do? Keep it? Would you like rent it out or something? Yeah, no, it would definitely be a long-term SU I'm running a little tight on time.

I don't know. I can certainly let you know if I need anything in the future though. Okay. I appreciate that. I don't want to take a few time. I'll probably just give you a call back in a month or so. And. When I call it change, please feel free to answer the phone and say, Sue nothing's changed.

But on the flip side, if you feel like you need some help early on in possibly clean out or maintenance or anything of that manner, I have a team event I can help.  Does that sound

yeah, sure. That works. Okay. All right. You have a great day. All right. Thanks. Okay. Great. Perfect. Okay. Good job. I could tell that I could tell you'd practice that that dialogue I would say that you should probably work on shortening the elevator pitch. So where you just described some of the some of the things that families are going through.

I would work on getting that out a little sooner, summarizing it a little bit quicker.  And and then just be prepared.  Gave I gave you an opening. You said, should I assume you have everything handled so far? And I basically said we don't know. What we don't know is a summary of what I said.

I ha I have no idea what we're going to do. We haven't been over to the house. We probably won't go for a few months. And that was a really big opening for you to dig for some information. You went for a, you pretended, like I objected to you and like I resisted you and I was not resisting you at all.

So you could have. You're good. Just ask if I just ask a question. Oh yeah. So what what is going on over at the house who's taking care of it? That would be a good question. There's, there are other questions. So what I'm going to encourage you to do is sit down and write out some questions where if somebody opens up and they give you they give you an opening.

You, you have a handful of questions that you could just ask.  Otherwise, it was conversational. I could tell that you got stumped a little bit, but but all in all a good job. Okay. So I get a lot of the questions they open up.  One thing that struck me and it might sound a little bit picky, but I stayed at things differently than I'd ever heard anybody state them before, which is good.

It definitely sounded, it seemed like you, at one point after you stated everything, you said it was almost the opposite of an assumptive close, you said you probably don't need help with any of those things. I think I would state that a little bit differently. Are there any of those things you need help with or you could eat, you can either be, even be a little more presumptive and say, there's probably at least one of those things you need help with.

Because when you say you probably don't, it's just really easy for the person to auto answer. No, I don't need help. So I would maybe make that neutral or. What's that  you're allowed to, you're allowed to roll me under the bus right now, if you want. So I was waiting on my response because I hear a lot of Bruce's items in your language.

And I think the reason you're using negatives so heavily is because he suggested am I right? Oh, yeah, but I liked it cause I felt like it was a disarming approach, but but it will take more phone calls to build the relationship. So I'm going to say this respectfully, your delivery is weak and it's making you look weak.

So until you can get that to a point where it elicits a positive response, like my, in the first five sentences of the call. It felt to me like you had no self-confidence in your own service. And then I was like, Oh, wait a minute. I think Bruce has been coaching her on negatives and a few things like, so I've I get the methodology, I see what you're going, but your delivery is not confident.

And until it is, it's probably going to work against you. Because if you're, if you say, you probably don't need help with any of that. If I'm not in rapport with you, I'm going to be like, yep, thanks for the call. And I'm off. And so with, without, and Bruce was not like you didn't get to a level of engagement where those are safe statements.

I didn't feel like  I'd like for you to listen to the concert, listen to the recording of this and hear how you're delivering those negatives. And then work on that. I think it's a good tactic and it's good advice. It's some of us are subject to our personalities though, and I don't think that it's serving you to go that negative that early and.

Just before you have rapport. So what I would say is rapport is built heavily while you're presenting the issues that you work through and the longer you, it takes you to get that out and present it. The less rapport you're getting. Cause I was almost feeling like, could you just get to the point.

And I know those are the three points that I hit and the three points that I gave you, but they took so long that by the time you even went to a negative, I didn't feel like you, I felt like you were completely unconfident. And  and it had just taken too long for a negative to really work in my opinion.

I do believe in the power of asking a negative question though. And Bruce deliver your like the have you ever heard of me and your response to that, deliver that so other people can hear it. Like you have a humorous, let me throw myself on, let me fall on my sword approach to that.

So deliver that back to her.   Do you happen to recognize my name by any chance? No. Is that, what you're is that the one you're talking about yet? Do you happen to recognize my name? I don't. I'm not no, you don't. Oh gosh. I that's totally fine. I just shot you a couple of letters a few days ago.

I'm going to guess that you haven't gotten around to reading those is there. So you hear he has a little, okay. No. Bruce's down right. Jolly about that. And when you present it, you were sheepish about it. So there a little things like this, when you're going, just like I talked about with the email subject lines, with certain techniques, you gotta be prepared for, for the setup.

And that was where I first picked up on where it just seemed like you weren't confident and you started to lose me.  So I would, I think. Keep working with what Bruce's is suggesting you do just work on your delivery and be a little more confident in it. And a little more certain where your conversation going, because it was also really clear when your mind I got off track,  you were trying to regain control and that's fine.

This is a safe place. Nobody's making fun of you. But  and thanks for stepping up to do it, but it was clear when you didn't know where the conversation was going. So just pay a little bit more attention to what is my like, think two-step two steps down the road in the conversation.

Okay. Okay. Thank you. All right. Good job. So thank you.  Next up is phone number ending in seven three, six eight. You're up next, can you hear me? Yes, ma'am loud and clear. This is Christina I'm in I'm in Austin and I am a deer in the headlights. I'm so excited about this. And  Bruce knows I have not made one call yet.

So I just wanted to like,  stumble my way through this opening phone call as if I'm calling one of my leads. And I don't know, I really have any agenda. Like I don't really have any tenants to say what I just heard on the other call. So it's going to be really rough.

All right. Who wants to take her? You want to take another one, Bruce or Chad? Do you want to take a turn?  I may Christina, if you've been coaching with Bruce, do you want to do it with them or would you rather me go?  It doesn't. However you guys, whatever energy you have is fine with me. But I say I'm not going to be some that Bruce told me to say, probably.

So it's going to be really rough. So I'll take this. I'll do the role-play. So your coach can listen and give you advice. How's that? Okay. All right.  So ring. Hello. Hey, Chad, this is Christina .  I sent you a letter Oh, probably got it over the last week. Do you remember getting a letter from me?

No, I have a stack of what was it about. How can I help you? I know you've probably just gotten so much so much information in the mail.  Help, I have a team of people. We help people go through probate and I,  got your name and number from the County. County records. Know you've had a loss in the family.

I'm really sorry to hear about that for your family. I know this is a lot to tackle. So I, I just wanted to check in with you and see what you're struggling with, that I can possibly help with.  What is it that, that you do specifically? I don't understand. Yeah, I know it's a little bit of a different service.

So I have a team of people that can help pick up where the attorney has left off in the probate process. So your attorney to be probably doing a great job, handling all the legal, the legal processions of the probate. But there's the real estate and the personal property, which is often a burden for a personal representative, like you to  to handle.

So I have a team of people that,  we help with state sales organizing personal property. We can help you fix up a home. Just a variety of services. What are you struggling with that I can help you out with?

Time, finding time to do everything that I need to do time. That's definitely where I can help you out. Tell me, is is the, is there real estate in the us? Is there real estate as part of the estate?

Okay. And has there been anyone who has  is it being managed currently or being lived in.  It's no nobody's living there right now. My, my brother there was, but when dad passed, he couldn't even afford to pay the utility. So he's moved on. Okay. All right. And Chad, I can hear it in your voice.

I can tell that, this is just a really heavy time for you. And I just want to give you my condolences and tell you that I'm so sorry you're going through this. It is a really hard time I've experienced it myself.  So your brother left, the home is vacant. Is there anyone who is  Let's see, I don't know what to ask guys.

I know I'm trying to get to the insurance question. Okay. Break, break there. So first of all, your tone is awesome. Even when I was being an asshole to you, you didn't let it shake you. And you're like, I am no, no worries.  So your tone is really good.  I think you were trying to make the conversation fits so much that you're actually missing points that you wouldn't have otherwise.

My you're set up. You're doing a good job on the setup. And as soon as you found out, my brother moved out. And that the utilities might not be on. And it's the reason I said that is because I know it snowed in your neighborhood last week and the house is probably not winterized.

So I was giving you a slow pitch that was circumstantial. But I was giving you a slow pitch to find the reason to get over there today, to get that house winterized and get proper insurance on it. There's the things like that. So I think you were looking to guide the conversation so much, you were missing opportunities that you wouldn't have with another type of client.

Okay. And so I wrote down great empathy. You really sounded empathetic. You sounded sincerely interested and. Yeah. And you did a good job of restating what he was saying also. So you could tell that you were listening and paying attention. Yeah, I'm glad you said that because Christina, I would love to see you back that empathy statement up.

You just dropped it in I'm at a place where it didn't fit nearly as good as it would have back in the beginning of the conversation. So we actually visit the courthouse once a month and reach out to all families going through this because I've been through it and I know how hard it can be without help.

And that's why, a service in the community exists that most people have never heard of because I'm now taking this, I'm now taking this on as my community service or social enterprise  something like that. But get that empathy statement in the front because you it's most of us on this call or never to have gone through, had to have been an executor, but if you have, then it can be really powerful.

I would encourage you to move that up and your intro. Okay. Cool.  So my input, and this is a really small thing. You did say County records. I would prefer that you say the County clerk or the courthouse over County records. It sounds really just records. Doesn't. It sounds robotic. Okay.

And you probably don't do that normally, but that makes sure that you don't the other thing that, where you got stuck and you were trying to stick to a specific narrative. And a lot of times that narrative is going to work for you, but when Chad left you an opening that didn't fit the narrative or didn't fit.

The the insurance  statement that you wanted to get to, then that's where you did get a little bit stuck. And I feel like he said time, and you provided an empathetic statement,  that I can definitely help. And you started looking for how to help, where just simply asked a deeper question on that and it doesn't need to be.

It could be as simple as  what are you running out of time with what you, if you had an extra eight hours today, if you had an extra eight hours today, how would you use it? Yep, exactly. Okay. They're going to, they're going to tell you how you can help you made the statement. I can help, but you still didn't know exactly what they needed help with yet.

Yeah. Yeah. Cool.  Y'all call I've ever made. Good job. I have one other kind of silly observation. You came out asking questions. I've never heard anybody ask a question with the ring. You said ring. You bet. That's I like a question

that just struck me, boy, this lady is really taking this seriously. She started with the question, the way the boat rigs  I had to ride to break that up. It was noticeable. It was funny, but she did follow up with some good legitimate questions. Also. Good job.

Very welcome. We have three more in the queue. Perfect timing.  Next up is phone number ending in 2,600. You're up next.

Are you there? Two six zero zero. You're up next?

Unmute yourself to six zero, zero. Okay.  go ahead. You're good. Yes, sir. We got somebody. Yeah. Hi, this is Richard McDonough. I sent you a little last week in a colored envelope, so I'm just following up to explain why I sent it. Am I correct? That you're the personal representative for the Smith estate?  Yeah.

Yeah, that's me.  Great. Listen. I'm sure you have a lot on your plate. And I know this may be a difficult time, but I'm a probate services specialist and I help a lot of families.  Tell me what's the biggest challenge you're facing right now?  You said this is who, this is rich McDonough.

Rich. Okay. Yeah, no, I think we have everything handled our attorneys do a good job for us. Oh, okay. I can appreciate that. I actually don't handle any legal affairs but I help people. I'm a one-stop resource center for everything from furniture, consignments to appraisals and packaging organizing, cleaning out or selling property.

Which of these areas do you need most help with?  Tell you rich. I'm sure we're going to need some help down the road, but w we're not even ready to go over and start dealing with any of that stuff yet. I'm just, I'm buried. I can appreciate that. When would be a good time for me to check back with you?

I'd say give it a couple of months. Okay. And is there a good email address that I can reach you at?  No, I'd rather not give that right now. Okay. Okay. I appreciate that. Okay. I have your number and I'll check back with you in a couple of months as you suggested. Okay. Is there anything else I can do for you?

I don't know.  You don't know. Oh, okay. What's your biggest PR pressing problem or challenge right now?  Just the paperwork that I'm dealing with the attorney. I paid for work with long of things to do okay. I have no idea. Do you want to come, do you mind shopping for no, no, I don't do shopping, but I do help people with all those other things that get involved with the settlement that in the state appraising Personal property and things like that, but it sounds like you're not at that point yet, correct?

Yeah, probably not. Okay. All right. Let me follow up with you in a month and and let's, and I'm sure some issues will come up between now and then that I can help you with that sound like a plan. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Great. All right. Nice chatting with you. All right. Have a great day, sir. What was your name, sir?

It's rich. Rich. McDonald's. Rich, you do a lot of prospecting. Don't you? I try. Yeah, you you need to slow down a bit on probate,  slow down. You're aggressively thinking about your own responses more than you're looking for human engagement, Bruce, through you slow pitches and you miss them and actually interrupted him while he was throwing you a slow pitch.

And then he was generous enough to bring, he brought it back to you again, and then you somewhat engaged with it. But you're not using those as leverage points to show your value. And it's obvious you're an aggressive prospector on other lists that are way less emotional than this I'm betting.

You probably hammer fizbos and expireds. If I had to guess. Yeah. And so I want you to listen to the recording and see those I want, I'm not even, I don't want to point them out specifically. I want you to say, where did I miss opportunity? Because he gave you at least three chinks in his armor that you overlooked because you're, you were waiting for your own response.

Gotcha. Okay, good. So your demeanor's good. You sound very professional. It just slow down a little bit and listen a little more for the problems. And when he says something like, it's just this paperwork then validate his position and be like, Oh my gosh, I know, right? That is, I see families, we help families every month.

And usually the biggest challenge on the front end was this. First of all, how do you keep all this organized and just be really human with them and slow it down a little bit. Then they'll start, you'll get engagement and they'll start giving you real answers where Bruce  might've thought like you were getting blown off and you immediately said, all right I'll just call you in a month.

And it felt alright on to the next one. That's a numbers game. Yeah, rich, I'll give you one positive. I agree with Chad, you could have said it slower, but you did. I thought you did a nice job of having a very brief, concise, but somewhat inclusive ups, USP. You mentioned in one sentence, everything you could do,  you probably could have slowed down the delivery a little bit, but you didn't remember Milan about it.

So that, to me, that was a positive. Okay. Great. Thank you, Bruce. Bruce, anything you want to add, Bruce?  I felt like your summary was one of the better ones that I've heard in a long time. It didn't go on and on. So great job on the summary. I'll just repeat. What Chad was saying a second ago that  I was in the process.

I hadn't even thrown you a slow pitch. I was in the process of giving you a slow pitch and you swung before the ball was even out of the pit. So that was the basically I circled back around and gave you one that I'll bring up. Mainly because you're not going to hear it very often, but I tried to give you the slow pitch again.

And I said, you, do you want to do my shopping for me? I've never heard anyone say that, but I wanted to hit you with that just to drive home the point that I was completely overwhelmed as the prospect totally overwhelmed. And that's where you probably want to dig in and start asking questions to find out why I'm overwhelmed.

What my schedule's what my family members are wanting what I'm gonna do in the future and how long that's gonna take me. If you just leave me alone the type of person that I was playing would have taken eight months to do anything with the house, because they're just busy with all the other stuff.

And the meantime you probably could have. Found a couple of things that you could help with or pieces of advice that you could offer that would help build rapport because by the time you hung the phone up, I don't think that we really wouldn't.

Okay. Yeah. That's empathy is something I need to work on, it's funny. I've listened to Chad and I said, Chad doesn't sound like an empathetic person to me. He seems to be very successful, but maybe I'm wrong, Chad.  If anything  if yeah, if anything, I'm probably too empathetic. I ended up  I ended up spending a lot of extra time with  had to learn to temper this.

Wouldn't go. Be too helpful to these families and do things that weren't dollar productive. It didn't serve me in the business.  And I had to, because I really felt like I was at a duty or an obligation of mine. So I had to back off of that. And  for me, the empathy is understanding how they feel and like  what they're looking at is, a mountain.

But to me, it looks like a mole Hill and then balancing that out. So not to downplay their situation, to validate and affirm it, that then becomes a solution to it very quickly. And maybe that's why it sounds like I'm not empathetic because I am empathetic to them and to their situation. It's just, I see myself as the solution.

The reason why I picked up on what I perceived to be not empathetic is you have a very low key  tone. In your voice, you don't sound like emotional. And I, and that's why I just assumed that you the un-empathetic piece, but,  totally read that wrong then. And what if you have a personality like mine, where you're more of a, an expressive and a little bit of a driver and empathy, isn't your strong suit?

How do you compensate for that?  It's, we all have to learn to work with our own personalities and find their own language. That's the biggest reason you won't find written scripts here, because if I give you a script that works well for me, you're probably going to be like, what in the hell?

You're going to hate it. And I would never probably use a script. That you use. So what I would rather do is help you understand the methodology and what information you need and you gotta go gather that in your own style. But I would say that I'm a very introspective person. The reason I speak the way I do and in a professional setting is because of.

Literally thousands and thousands of observed conversations. And when I first started in sales I was a high strung coming from the FBI, gung ho pick an obstacle, go through it, get the hell out of my way. If you say, no, that's fine. There's nine more before I find my yes. That kind of guy.

And what I learned is. That, that level of that really aggressive approach didn't serve me as much as when I slowed down and spent time. And this was in a, in a setting where we were in a resort selling multi-million dollar real estate. When I first had that realization. And when I would just slow the hell down and focus, like really make myself listen more than speaking.

Then I found that I spoke slower. I asked better questions and I had engagement really quickly and very quickly, I Rose to the top of every sales team I jumped from market to market. And I think it's just learned behavior for me. Because I am, Bruce hangs up, Bruce is a friend of mine and he knows how I act beside, around the campfire.

I think it's a little different, like in, in my personal life, but I think I've had so much fun. The reinforcement with the slowing things down.  It made deals close more like paradox schools that might sound slowing things down a bit, got the closings to happen faster. Does that make sense? Yeah, it makes sense.

The question is how do you develop that ability?  Rich. Go ahead and being entrusted to me. Like every time I get off the phone, I asked myself, what did you do? What could you have done better? And just two really simple questions. And, it's you have a three minute memory of that last phone call and you'll start to notice things that you might not be if you just hit the dial button and go to the next call.

So just take a moment between each conversation and say, okay what did I do? What can I improve and then take a deep breath and make the next one. And over time, you'll start to see, that's the other thing. I, this is crazy, but I actually, and I think it was a Jeffrey Gitomer maybe that, that I was reading one of the first books I ever read in sales.

Suggest that you put a mirror in your office. And I actually put a mirror in my office. It's no shoe. And while I was on the phone, I would look at myself in the mirror and it made it more, more human and more conversational. So there's things, little things like that, but paying close attention to what you say and how people react to it is how I built my sales skills.

Okay, great. Give you a little I was very much like you in my prospecting career in real estate. And what was a clue for me when I would call retirement areas, I would have people say slow down and quit yelling at me. Okay. I was there. I was a real estate coach at the time and I took an NLP course.

You don't have to take a whole course, but matching and mirroring really helped me a lot. Like just listen to the people's tone. And their rate of speech and try to match it, try to match it. If you get somebody who's real slow, just constant consciously, be aware of the speech pattern, the person you're talking to and try to adjust yours to match them.

And I think you'll get in rapport quicker. That, that works really well for me. But I had to have a lot of old people telling me to quit yelling at slowed out before I finally got the message. All right. Hope that helps. Thank you. Thank you very much. Before you jump off. Hey, Jim, hold on. Before, before you jump off the phone, I'm, I've got two things that I need to say, and one is to everyone else.

That's listening. Chad's advice a second ago.  And this is, you said it was rich, right? I've. I'm so sorry. You. Okay. So jazz advice to you rich was take a second and ask yourself what you did, right? What you did wrong and adjust. This is what I do in my business. I'm always asking myself, why did that suck so bad?

And what can I do to make it suck less next time? And before it. You've dialed it in to it, to having something that's really good. Most of the people on this call as the guy that normally coaches, a lot of them need to not take as much time analyzing themselves. Okay. And I'm saying this to everyone else because some of you, if you overanalyze.

It freezes you in an action. You don't take CHADS, vice too rich. It was very applicable to rich. I just want to make sure that some people aren't out there analyzing when they haven't, they still haven't made a phone call yet now. Rich with regard to Chad.  Being your read on Chad being un-empathetic I would speculate that another piece of that might've been the fact that Chad is very assertive.

And if you are an empathetic person  one of a practice that you need to develop and a skill you need to develop is how to be assertive because a lot of empathetic people can go on and let the prospect that they're dealing with drive and control the entire conversation. And they never asked for the business.

On the flip side, if you're a very assertive person, like I'm assuming you are rich  then. Practicing your empathy. And probably even if you're faking it, even if you're forcing it at first  that practice, and specifically with regard to what Jim said a second ago, studying some basics of neuro-linguistic programming or NLP is going to be a major it's going to serve your business a lot because if you're assertive, you need to practice the empathy.

And if you're empathetic, you need to practice the assertiveness. There's a balance to winning deals here.  Okay. Hey, this has been very helpful. I appreciate it. Thank you, sir. We have two more in the queue guys. Can we go a few minutes over you? Okay, Bruce and Chad go a few minutes over today. I do have a hard stop at three that I have to jump for.

I'll go ahead and go. Thanks. Thanks everybody plays today. We'll see you tomorrow. Talk to you soon. Thanks, Chad. All right. We have two more in the queue. We'll finish up with the last two. Next up is phone number ending in nine zero zero five. You're up next, right?

Are you there are 900 zero zero five. Yes, I'm here. Hi. Hello.

Can you hear me? What can we can hear you fine. What can we do for you? Yep. Okay. So the biggest objection that I'm having when I'm on my call is that they have everything under control. And I don't really know where to go with any firm thing from there. So I'm throwing out the insurance pitch after that, but I pretty much get they're totally closed off after they say we've got everything under control.

So I'm just wondering what can I do in that situation other than schedule a follow-up call. A lot of times we'll end up needing to schedule a follow-up call with people, if they're really closed. However, I want you to understand what they're saying, that they have it under control too. They are saying we have everything under control to someone who in their mind is trying to sell them something that they don't want to buy, but they don't really know what it is that they.

You can help with yet. They don't know what they don't know. And so it's just the deflection and it's my belief that the more we handle objections  the less rapport we keep with our with our prospects and there is a time to handle an objection, but I'm going to make the point, the case to you that maybe you should validate objections above trying to handle them.

And then. Come off of the tail end of a validation like, Hey, that's really good. I'm glad to hear you have it under control. You probably don't need a ton from me today before I let you go though word you and then ask another question. Okay. So mine would be before I let you go, though. Were you guys eventually planning on cleaning the property out or were you eventually planning on selling the property?

Are you guys leaning toward keeping it? So you want to go with the validation before you move on to a different talking point? And that'll keep your conversations going much longer. And you'll gather a lot of good, valuable information. They're going to feel like they have rapport with you because you didn't tell them all the areas that they're wrong.

You told them all the areas that they were right. And if you have to set a follow call, they're going to be a lot more receptive. Okay. All right. I think I can look it up. Excellent. Last up is a familiar name, a lean Europe. We saved the best for last how's that you're up last. Thank you so much. How are you guys happy there?

Thank you.  My question is that as I'm making phone calls of obviously a lot of the times I'm not getting anybody. That's picking up. So typically I don't leave a message typically. I just, make your notes and then I'm going to call back.  So my question in terms of a script or a way to handle when I'm caught off guard and people will return a call and say, Oh, Hey,  have a missed call from your number.

What it, what are you calling me about? And I don't have, I don't have their name. I don't have. There were information right at my fingertips. Cause it could be like an hour after I finished prospecting. So I signed that I'm like losing the opportunity because maybe it is the PR, maybe it isn't.

And sometimes I'm like at a grocery store. So you think there is maybe like a script or something that I could say. And perhaps it just means like getting back to them that I could say quickly to be able to, pasture it and not lose the moment. If you don't mind, Bruce, I'll go first on this one.

I have that happen to me all the time in my investment business, people would call me back and I, what would you call about and say gosh, I'm not at my desk right now. And I made a lot of calls. I assume that you're calling me back. You're the executive of the state, correct?  And then just go into your normal conversation.

Don't pretend like you,  believe me, they're not going to be offended that you don't remember the exact phone number that they're calling you back from. You don't have to have everything,  right at your fingertips. But, I generally I'll get pretty deep in the conversation.

And then worst case, if there's something I have to reach for return refer to in the file, I can always schedule a call back, but usually there isn't usually. You can get the information from them, as far as all the questions you need answered and how you can help them and the property information and everything,  whether you have their information in front of you or not, is it's probably, you just feel a little bit unco uncomfortable that you're being blindsided, right?

Yeah, for sure. That is a little bit uncomfortable and I get it. I don't, I, you know what, I think that 2020, if anything, has taught me and maybe taught a lot of us is that we're all like living a very real life. Like dogs are barking in the background. Kids are  like everybody understands being, human and living life very differently.

So it's not so much about not sounding professional. It's more about I'm calling a list of numbers. Off of one probate or for one kiosk. So not all of them is going to be the number for the PR necessarily. So it could be that somebody's calling me back. That's not the personal representative.

You know what I'm saying?

That question, are you the executor of the state? Okay. Are, are one of the heirs of an estate that was recently filed and people will say to me all the time why'd you call it, and I'd say you're, did I inherit something? I a question if it's a wrong phone number.

And I usually find that, I usually just say to them you would know if you were the executor, you would know if you inherited something. I obviously have the wrong phone number, thank you very much. Goodbye, but I think you want to ask pretty much the same questions as if you were sitting at your desk and,  you were doing a normal conversation with them and anything you want to add, Bruce.

So I would my, the line that I frequently use and the majority and a lot of calls, is it my name familiar to you by any chance? I would. I think it's a good opportunity to use that say I'm sorry. I don't recognize your number, but I probably did give you a call. This is a lean is my name by any chance, familiar to you?

And and see if they say yes or see if it's at least a pattern disruptor, and then saying, I'm giving you I just, I was probably giving you a call cause  I think that you or a family member are administering an estate, maybe you're an executor. Did, do you guys have an estate that, and some property that you've inherited, something like that.

So go with questions, right? Yep. Not automatically assume that I have to explain more than instead of going on the descent. Just ask questions to get more clear. Exactly. Yup. That makes sense. And just, I, if I could just take a second, one of the things that I, observed in the last two weeks in the beginning of the year is an, I don't know if it's just a fluke or if it's, just an indication of.

No the world and everything that we've been around, it seems to me like a lot of the people that I'm speaking to are very  very emotional, very open and talking and sharing just a lot more than I've experienced before in the past. I don't know for whatever that's worth. I think that  probably things are just a lot more heavier for people then.

And they have been  do you mean in a good way? So are you saying they're emotional, but that's causing them to be open and sharing or they're more? Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. No. I mean it like, like they're just not, no, not so much defensive, more so like just really open and sharing. I had a lady the other day yesterday say to me, she was like, Oh my gosh, I can't believe everything.

I'm telling you.  And also with meetings with people just like very,  I'm, I don't want to get too deep and heavy, but I'm just noticing I think that we're, it's just as the world, we're holding a lot of weight, a lot of emotions, a lot of feelings and any like anything that opens it up, not with every single person obviously, but I definitely noticed it much more than I have in the past that.

People are not aggressive, but more so sharing their feelings of just what's going on for them. There are difficulties there, even there like some personal stuff. Sure. People definitely. I think you probably have a valid observation. People need to appreciate that TLC now more than ever. I would also give yourself a little bit of a Pat on the back.

Worked with you for quite a while now, Ilene and you are very, you're pretty, you're very easy to talk to. So give yourself some credit that you are opening them up and no seriously opening up and getting them to talk because, if you don't, if you're not if they don't perceive you as being empathetic it doesn't matter how stressed they are.

They, they'll go the opposite way and take it out on you. So you're doing a good job on the calls. I would say way to go. Good job. Oh, thank you. Thanks, Jim. I appreciate that. Sure, Bruce.  Nope, I'm good. I would just repeat what Jim just said. I know Ilene does a lot of prospecting.

You're probably really building up I'm sure that maybe people are more open open to sharing that.  Guarantee it's a lot of advanced skillset that you are developing as well. Oh, thank you. I appreciate that. Thanks both of you for your great coaching. Thank you for being here as always.

Well guys sends another great call. It was worth waiting for, we had a tremendous turnout this week. We had great participation. I want to thank each of you for being here. I want to particularly thank the half a dozen or so that actively participated. I want to challenge each of you. Take one, thought one idea.

One thing that inspired you on this call, go out and put it into practice and. Come back tomorrow afternoon and share your results with the group. Stay healthy, stay productive, and we will talk to you tomorrow. Guys. Take care.


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Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast 309

Half a Million Gross Profit Wholesaling Probate Real Estate | 2021 Marketing Optimization | Probate Mastermind PodcastEpisode #309

Probate Mastermind Episode #309 | Recorded Live on January 7th, 2021.  

Join Us Live Every Thursday | Previous Episodes.


Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast:

  • Cold Calling Vs. Direct Mail: Best Strategy? 
  • Calling Probate Leads With A Surviving Spouse
  • How To Get Started With A Limited Budget
  • B2B Marketing in the Probate Space
  • Earon Bevans Shares His Wholesaling Success With Probate Real Estate
  • Squatters, Evictions, and No Trespassing??
  • Establishing your Credibility During A Cold Call
  • Commercial Property and Probate Real Estate

***Most importantly, we hear more incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

Cold Calling vs direct mail for real estate segment

Cold Calling Vs. Direct Mail: Best Strategy? (1:32)

Tim is looking to optimize his marketing strategy. What are All The Leads users having the most success with: outbound calls or probate letters? The coaches discuss pros, cons, and best practices.



How to: Calling Probate Leads With A Surviving Spouse

Calling Probate Leads With A Surviving Spouse (12:17)

Barbara is looking for some conversational language/script advice to use while cold calling probate leads where a surviving spouse is listed as the estate administrator.  Bruce breaks down an elevator pitch, short introduction that covers all the ways an agent or investor can provide value to a surviving spouse. 



How To Get Started With A Limited Budget

How To Get Started With A Limited Budget (19:05)

Cornelius is looking for the most dollar-productive use of marketing dollars. Cold calling is your best tool if you have more time than income right now.



Tips for marketing to real estate attorneys

B2B Marketing in the Probate Space (24:18)

Dana is interested in marketing to senior living centers.  Bruce is going to make this his 90-day sprint project to refine a mail campaign and calling script for marketing to this type of leads.



Earon Bevans Shares His Wholesaling Success With Probate Real Estate

Earon Bevans Shares His Wholesaling Success With Probate Real Estate (30:58)

“It’s been the best source of business we have!” Earon Bevans shares his experience working probate real estate leads over the last half a decade.  Wholesaling out of Texas, Earon and his father have made probate leads the bread and butter of their business. Earon also shares specific feedback on using the All The Leads approach and how using tactical empathy has made probate a breeze. “Half a million gross profit in assignment fees using AllTheLeads.”

See More: Earon’s Facebook Community, Superhuman Wholesalers!



Squatters, Evictions, and No Trespassing? Real Estate Tips

Squatters, Evictions, and No Trespassing?? (38:08)

Sue is looking for insight on squatters: How to prevent them, and how to navigate evictions when someone has squatted successfully.



Establishing your Credibility During A Cold Call

Establishing your Credibility During A Cold Call (41:28)

Kathy is navigating her marketing funnels and is prioritizing credibility.  She wants the people she’s marketing to through email and mail to start recognizing her, and thus become more likely to pick up the phone when she’s making calls. Bruce offers advice on conversational language to use when handling objections about credibility and experience.



Commercial Property and Probate Real Estate

Commercial Property and Probate Real Estate (51:01)

Federico and Jim discuss commercial property and probate real estate.  What’s the likelihood commercial property is involved in probate? What do the deals look like? How can you find commercial real estate opportunities without relying on probate case filings?




Looking to hear prospecting tips in action? Check out our live role play series.




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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #309


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

You will learn to get more listings, more deals and find financial freedom by listening to these episodes. Be sure to catch show notes at and join our free Facebook mastermind community:



Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Welcome to our incredible agents and investors from across the country. Today is Thursday, January 7th . And this is a mastermind podcast. Number 309.  Earon Bevans. If you're on the call, just hit star six and hit one. We had one of our long-term subscribers wanting to give us a great success story.

In the meantime, we do have two people in the queue. We've got plenty of room for more guys, please don't be shy. I know we took a couple of weeks off, but hopefully you all were working and you have some challenges, some success stories,  some ways that we can help you. So we do have three in the queue now.

That's great. So let's go ahead and go to our first caller. First up this week is phone number ending in four, four two eight. You're up first. Hey, this is Tim. Just to have a quick question. I'm relatively new. I started sending out my series of three letters and following them up with phone calls. I was just curious,  do many people.

Cold Calling Vs. Direct Mail: Best Strategy? [00:01:32]Tim: What's the experience of folks in terms of getting calls from the letters versus,  the outbound calls that you make success one versus the other. Yeah. Great question. Tim, do you have any stuff? I will tell you that it's a one-two combination. If you do one without the other, you're not going to get as good a results.

Unknown Speaker: The letter is an icebreaker, so it's less of a cold call when you pick up the phone. But I think even the best marketers will tell you, if you get a two to 5%. Response rate on an unsolicited letter,  you're probably doing well, but the combination of sending that letter and following up with the phone call is what works.

And I will tell you, we do have people in less competitive markets that don't even pick up the phone. They do extremely well with the mail, but if you're in a competitive market there probably are other realtors and investors that are sending them letters.  We try to help you make yours distinctive enough that it'll stand out,  but you do have to follow up with the phone call, Bruce and Tim.

Anything you want to add to that, please? I have I have a pretty lengthy answer, unfortunately, but no, that's fine. This is going to be a good opportunity for a lot of people to pick up some knowledge on mail and calls specifically the combination, as Jim mentioned, it does depend on the market that you're in and how competitive it is  in my market.

I have to do pretty much six mailings minimum.  Three and people aren't quite ready to to make a decision. And then they have about three months to forget who I am. If I ended it, if I end my mail and call sequence at three  and it's also competitive. So there's a lot of mailbox noise in my market.

If I were only going to do letters and no calls, I might  convert. A half a percent on my list. Whereas the combination is the most powerful thing. So what ends up happening in a lot of markets? The more rural, less competitive markets are definitely an exception to this, but a lot of markets.

The people that have not answered your calls for several months around month four, they start to pick the phone up and they start to say something like this. They start to say, Hey Tim, I didn't mean that to have been to have not responded to your last couple of voicemails. I have been getting your letters and voicemails, and I've been meaning to call you.

And that's what a lot of people are hearing is month four. I've been meaning to call you now.  I don't know if those people ever would have called, had you not called them. But at least you can get that  kind of foundation of a conversation started where if they say that it's a pretty easy conversion at that point, you just simply say, Hey what were you going to call me about?

And and just let them talk. And usually it turns into an appointment, but I don't find that conversation happens for about four months. Yeah. The the people that are going to answer, people basically fall into one of two categories. They either answer an unknown number or they don't answer an unknown number.

I happened to be in the latter. I don't typically answer unknown numbers. So for me, I'm going to need to hear from you for several months before you build up credibility. And the other thing is your competition. They're all pretty much dropping out of they're dropping out of the marketing and prospecting cycle around that second or third month.

So extending that a few extra months is going to give you time without competition while that is deciding on what to do with real estate. Okay. What, in terms of the leads that I'm getting early it's and I'm looking at the dates of death and the dates that the probate was filed.

What is there an ideal time to.  Sometimes I worry that calling too early is too fresh and too emotional.  What's the best timeframe to differ from the day to death to, to start making calls. I'll start with that. If you don't mind, Bruce, I. It's funny, the biggest complaint that, or concern that I hear, I originally the first three, four years of this company, I was the sales team and we hired a great team of people.

And the biggest concern I used to hear was all, I don't want to be an ambulance chaser. I don't want to bother people, right after they had a loss in the family and what I always reminded people. On average, it's somewhere between three and four months. I think it's an average of about three and a half to four months between the date of death and the family filing the probate.

Chances are by the time they hired an attorney, they go down, they filed a probate, they do the paperwork, necessary. They're,  they're still maybe grieving, but they're probably past the grief enough that they've made the business decision that they need to deal with this. So it's certainly not,  like you're seeing a death notice in the paper and you're calling them, a few days later.

So it all the time I was doing this, I never had anybody call me that, ambulance chaser. I know we've had half a dozen people, say it happens, but it's like getting struck by lightning. It's probably the exception to the rule.  Would you agree with that, Bruce? Oh, I completely agree.

I think that most people aren't going to be that upset. A lot of it depends on your approach on the phone.  If you call and say, Hey, I literally had this happen. I had a competing agent that I do, and one of his neighbors died and he walked in cross the street during the wake during the week, knocked on the door.

Family member comes to the door and he said, I guess you're going to be needing me soon. And he handed his business card. Now, none of us would do none of that. None of us on this call would do that, but there are techniques on the phone that are a little bit more abrasive than others that you probably want to avoid that.

Hey, I'm calling to see if you want to sell the house immediately, but if you call and you can summarize what you do and that I have a local service. That really concentrates on helping family members who've recently lost someone navigate through the Tufts process of probate. And listen, I don't know if what I'm offering is going to benefit you or not.

Can we talk for maybe 30 seconds and let you decide if it's worth the further conversation? I don't know anyone that would get mad at that. I've never had anybody get mad at that. So a lot of it depends on your approach. If you come very empathetically and talk about a service that helps family members who've who are going through a tough time navigate through this, why are they going to get upset?

Even if it's only been two weeks since.

Okay. Yeah. Concern probably is unfounded. Yes. On my part. Yeah, let me add one other thing to what Bruce said, cause he's right on the money. This is Tim. The other thing I would add is that  when you mail out and you're doing it over a two, three month period, and you're starting that process,  you're making the assumption, as Bruce said, there, there may be holding on to one or more.

Of your letters or they might pass it the first time it comes in and maybe the second time they look at it and go, I've seen that before. And we all unconsciously respond to some subliminal things that come out. So they're going to eventually, if they don't do it the very first time and we do a really good job of.

Making sure that we get great open rates and it's all anecdotal because we hear about that. And there are people literally who get calls from their first mailing and, they get listings or they're able to purchase property from their very first mailing. And it definitely happens. And we hear about it, every month somebody, often calls in and says, I couldn't believe it.

I sent my first letters out. We heard somebody last week. Two opportunities in their first failing, we got a letter from a customer and they were so excited, but more importantly, the other thing you might want to consider doing is in one of your mailings include a tri-fold brochure that talks a little bit more.

You can do a good bit more with it. It also gives the mailing itself a little bit more volume in terms of the size of the envelope. And it, the more there is inside that, the more often it's going to get open that we. We work closely with the postal service. So we know how sick we can make it without getting over the cost numbers where it doesn't drive the cost out of the stratosphere to get that done.

So if you haven't considered getting a tri-fold and you're getting serious about mailing, that's something you ought to talk to our team about and they'll help you put something like that together as well. Then they've got that brochure to look at as well as your letter. And they know you're curious.

They know you're not just trying to hustle them. Okay. That was great. Awesome. And Tim, we haven't talked about the tri-fold brochure recently. We're getting off of your original question, but you can also use that tri-fold.  To go up well to go out and get some attorney business, say to an attorney, I know you're not allowed to market.

We, I, out of the probate leads I get every month, probably 25% of them don't have an attorney. Would you know, would you mind if I said, Hey, if you're looking for a good attorney and put his name on there and, make it a reciprocal agreement, if I'm going to do that, would you please,  keep me in mind and you don't want to do this with every attorney, but.

See who the player is in your market and go out and pitch him on on referring business back and forth. And you can use that tri-fold to do that. We've had a number of agents that have been very successful doing it that way. So the attorney. Yeah, it's true. And I, now I'm taking us even further down this we're not only talking about attorneys.

We have team members that work closely with us in our local markets like contractors financial advisers, handyman insurance agents. They could. Also go into brochures and onto letters. And a lot of times, if they're getting any kind of return at all, a lot of times they're willing to help us offset the cost of our mail.

So I'll go to take a financial advisor for example. And I'll say, look, I'd like to  give you a testimonial, brag you off on pursuing leads like this. And a lot of them are inheriting money and. Need to know what to do with it. Can I  can I put you on my brochure? Can I put a card inside of my mailing?

And either you can say, if it works, help me offset the cost of that mailing, or you can say, and this is a, this is key for my attorney relationship. So I go to the financial advisor and offer to do that. And then I'll say, I don't want anything in return. All I'm going to ask for is that  the best financial.

Our estate planning attorney or to that, would you introduce me? That's how I get a lot of my attorney introductions from the financial advisors that are referring them every day. And then I offer the advisor something of value and ask for an attorney introduction in return. But.

There's ways to, to use putting people's information in these brochures and into your mail to either offset your mail or leverage those for other connections that you need.

That's great. That's great. All right. Excellent. We hope that helps. Any other questions, Tim? No, we're good. Thank you. All right. Thank you, sir. Great question. And it led to a lot of good conversation. We have three more in the queue guys. We do have plenty of room for more, just hit star six and hit one in the meantime.

Calling Probate Leads With A Surviving Spouse [00:12:17] Next up is phone number ending in three 63. You're up next. Good afternoon.  Good afternoon, Barbara, how are you? Fine. Happy new year. Hey question. My question has to deal with  when you're cold calling.  I have been sending out the first and second letters.  And I get, I feel a little awkward when I'm calling about the spouse, because I don't know as to whether or not they're planning on staying in the house or, if they're planning on selling it and in most situations that I've come across, they've said that  Yeah.

They're not doing anything.  Is there something that I can say  other than the fact that I've noticed that their spouses deceased? Sure. And tell me when to go first on this one. Go ahead.

Or do, or I dunno, I met Bruce. I'm sorry, Tim. Did Tim, did you have a comment or, okay, Bruce, go ahead. Go ahead. So the if you lead it and with empathy and you let people know, as I kinda mentioned to Tim on the last caller, that you let them know that you have a service that specifically helps families go through the waters, navigate the waters of probate and add, and then.

What I do is I let that lead me into my elevator pitch, which is essentially where I hit  anything from repairs and maintenance to personal property. I keep it relatively short. And what I'll do is just turn the conversation over to them. If they say, Hey, no, we have everything handled. We're not doing anything.

I know that I've been empathetic and I'll just use that. To ask my real estate question after validating them. One of, one of the biggest things that we need to know when we are prospecting is when somebody hits you with an objection and you handle it because we all want to handle objections.

We all want to handle the resistance that they give us  by handling their resistance. All a lot of times we're really proving is that we're a better argue or than they are. We don't always win the argument. So if they hit me with resistance, I will go about validating their objection or their resistance before I'll try to handle it.

So you validate you say, Hey, I completely understand. I'm glad to hear you have everything handled. I'm glad to hear that you're not doing this or not doing that.  Let me give you my name and number and that way you have a way to call me. And then you let you flip after giving the validation, you flip over and say, and if you don't mind my asking, do you guys know what you were going to do with the real estate or are you, is that still in limbo?

Okay. So I'll pretend like they weren't even objecting to the real estate sale.  I'll circle back around and re-ask that again? Okay. And Barbara, Chad is not here today. He always quotes this statistic and I think it's something like 82% of all Americans plan on dying in their home, but less than 12% do so that surviving spouse may have really good intentions.

But especially if it's a widow, Chad always tells a story or two to, from his own business where. No way I'm going to, I'm going to die here. I don't need anything. And he said, not a property, there may be things that come up and remember, they, it might be her first winter in the home. She might not be up for the maintenance, the upkeep.

And anyway he had one like that. He left a brochure and then just. Months later, the surviving spouse had a stroke and their family members found the brochure pinned up on the refrigerator and said, come out and list the house so that's when you want to treat more like a long-term lead, but, just to adopt them, Oh, you're welcome.

Adopt them into your sphere of influence and just treat them like a past clients or a sphere and keep in touch and see how you can help them. Alright appreciate it into my Tim. We lost. Go ahead, Barbara. Did you have another question? Go ahead. Yeah, I was just going to say I just sent some letters out from December, got a call  this week from a gentleman who said that I was the only one that has sent him a letter.

He was struck by my professionalism.  He really liked. The letter a lot. And I can't help feeling too that the fact that I hand write all the on envelopes because they I feel that people are going to open that  more often than if it's,  a label or whatever. And I'm.

I'm getting there. Good, good. You definitely are. I remember from day one when I spoke to you've always had a great attitude and it's it's a process and you're following the process. Keep up the great work and go get that list and come back and let us know. And then Tim, I think we lost you for a minute.

Tim, you had a comment also, correct? Yeah. Yeah. And that was from the previous call, but I'll actually comment on what she just said as well. It's important to realize that when we do the mailing for you, we don't use the labels. And we have written our own specific software that not only uses custom fonts that we've created to do what we do to print the letters, but.

They don't look like everybody sends letters out. You can get them all the time in the mail that has a script font on them and they look crappy and, nobody wrote those, but we've not only use our own handwriting for lunch. We actually form each letter differently than the rest of them on there.

We print them at a sort of a skewed work angle. They definitely appear handwritten. And the same thing with anything that we put on them. If it's designed to look like it was written by hand, ours look written by hand. And they're indecipherable from being that way when we're really proud of what we do with that.

If you're doing one or two of them you may not want to, you may not want to have us do it, but. We have customers, literally who, and that's the one thing you got to realize. We are willing to do this as a short run. We're here to help you. We've got customers who do one and two letters a month after their third month, they work their list down.

And let me have started with 50. And by the end of the third month, they're only working a couple of people and, we mailed those out for them. And they'll start with 50. We went down to 20, we'd let down to 10, we let down to five, we let down to two and we still do it for them. And we've got several customers that do that.

And we love that because it's already in the system relatively easy for us to do. We get to know you well, it gets customized specifically for you. So we're happy to work with you and you won't find anybody else. That's willing to work with you at that level. And do those kinds of short runs for.

For the silly prices that we're willing to do them for. Thank you so much. I'm glad you're there. Thank you, Barbara. And then Tim you had a previous comment on the previous caller also. You said, no, I'd already done that, but that was when I said it before. We're good. Got it. All right.

How To Get Started With A Limited Budget [00:19:05] Great. Next up is phone number ending in 75 83. You're up next. Hey, how you doing guys? My name is Cornelius. I kinda been on the sidelines for about  about six months now, just listening to you guys' podcasts. So I got two quick questions. The first question I would be with the person with the limited budget to really dive in and invest.

What would be the best strategies you would suggest to be other than cold calling? Because I'm doing that now. And my conversion rates are not really high. I really haven't got a deal yet, but that's one. And then my second question would be I'm in Virginia and I had an issue with a client to where.

Th she had siblings and the siblings wasn't on listed as a fiduciary, but  when it was time to sell the house, the siblings wanted to Sue her. And when I went downtown to the courthouse to ask the question, it'd be like, Hey, how's this possible? They said  because they're related. So I was really confused about that part, even though they're not listed and they haven't been paying any of the taxes or anything on the house as well.

Sure. And Bruce, you may have a take on this, but it's like if there's a will. The family members can still contest the will. Maybe only one person was the executor and was appointed the executor. But and they have control, but that doesn't mean that the family members can't petition or contest or try to get the executor overturned.

And that's one of the reasons we always tell you. Ask on the first conversation, even if there's one person who's totally in charge, just ask, are there any other family members that are going to be involved or receive the proceeds and try to include them in the conversation up front? If in fact there are, and you have anything to add to that, Bruce.

Another way to ask that is to make a statement and let somebody correct you because a lot of times  especially if somebody doesn't know us yet, they might not be wanting to answer a ton of questions. So if you're running into people that are hesitant to give you the information on the brother and sister that might Sue them later, maybe you just say.

I assume you don't have any other siblings that want a piece of this, do you? Okay. So you're making a statement and and then if you're wrong, they'll correct. You that's a great way to gather information. I would, I've run into a couple of situations where a will was texted.

Or one time a family member wrote, signed two wills. And and so the judge honored the last will that was written. So sometimes you just run into cases like that. What I would do is I'd probably just say, Hey, do you have the contact information for your siblings? I'm happy to try to step in and act as a little  unbiased intermediary and see if I can bring you guys together.

And if I can't, I can connect you with someone that can. You getting on the phone with them is important. I believe.  Okay. The, you guys might have some more answer on that particular issue, but I want to go to the first question that you asked about for someone that's on a limited budget  other than cold calling what can you do?

I'm going to be a smart ass and say other than cold calling, you can always cold call a little bit more.  Hate to say that, but you can do it. You can door knock. You can always go door knock, but if you're operating on a really tight budget I just make sure that I'm hitting the phone.

I'm talking to people very respectfully and trying to identify first, those, whether someone is low hanging fruit or high hanging fruit, in other words, are they thinking about eventually selling or do they need to do something now? And if you can widdle each list down by identifying two, you might work with in the future  and who you're not going to work with, maybe you could do like a handwritten personal note.

For cheap to the handful of people that say, Hey, we're probably going to eventually sell that's the way to mail without breaking the bank. You're only mailing to the people that have told you. Yeah, we're going to sell. And it's more of a follow-up  otherwise marketing costs a little bit of money, and if you're not going to Mark it, you just need to spend that time prospecting on the phone.

And I would just add to that. Like we, we told the earlier caller, if you're in a competitive market, send out five, six, seven, eight mailings. If you're not getting immediate responses or having good conversations,  if you're only going to call be the most proficient caller out there, call these people.

For four or five, six, seven, eight months until you disqualify them.  I would just call everybody at least once a month, maybe every other week until they say no, I'm never going to do any business with you because it reminds me when I was an active agent, the day a fisbo came on the market or the day and expired, they'd have a hundred contacts, a hundred calls, but.

Couple of months later, I was still calling them and I was, maybe 80% of them were gone, but the 20% that remained, I was the only person still contacting them. So just be the most Doggett most persistent caller and, just be really good with your lead follow up and, and eventually you'll, you'll have some wins makes sense.

Still there. All right. You're very welcome. We have three more in the queue, guys. We still have time for more, just hit star six and hit one meantime. Next up is phone number ending in three, two, one five. You're up next.

Marketing to Senior Living Centers [00:24:18] Hey, this is Dana from Texas. Doing great data. How about you buddy? Good. Good. I have not received my first list yet, so I am trying to be a little proactive and of course, wandering around in the website and looking at all of these cool letters that we have going.

So I'm assuming that on my first phone call, somebody is going to help me pick my letters. Am I thinking that right?

Yes. Go ahead. I'll let you guys answer that. Go ahead. Yes, that's a true statement. We have. Implementation specialists that are here to help you do that, help you get your website set up, help you do anything that you need to go do and get you all fixed up. And we make sure that it does what you need to go do and tell you how to edit them and deal with all the pieces to that.

So whenever you're ready to do that, just let us know and we'll do that. And if you want, I can simply have. Kayla reach out to you after the call today. And she'll start right up with you. I think I have I have one call set up and then the next one was pushed way far out.  But I've got those things cooking.

Another question I've got is that in our local town we have a kind of a senior  community senior  let's take care of seniors basically. And this group, I would think would be a good place maybe to put some marketing in there to let them know that I help people handle what happens at the end of life.

It does that seem like a good reasonable expenditure or should I just continue using the leads and not worry about that?

Bruce. I'm gonna, I'm gonna say that's something that you should work on a project like that. I can all look at something like that and consider it one of my 90 day sprints. I always try to keep a handful of things like you just described as like a 90 day push where I'm gonna, I'm gonna work really hard to build that.

That relationship and not that marketing over 90 days  if that's the next thing that you do great. But I think your letters and your, and perfecting your phone call dialogue is probably the most important thing for now.  If you have a really good dialogue and you're steady on the phone, that you're consistent in your letters are done by all means, go after it, but don't change that in place of.

It, a lot of people will chase a project like that because it seems like it's easier business. It's not  the easier business is hitting your list. And then if you have time for a 90 day sprint with that end of life facility, Go for it. Okay. All right. More thing here. I have not just in letting people know that I'm doing this, I've had a couple of attorneys that have been interested in hearing from me.

I have put off. There conversations because I didn't really feel like I knew enough to be dangerous except to myself.  But I was considering my team. And so far as having  all of those people in place, the movers and the estate plan, the estate sale and all that stuff. Is that something, while I'm waiting on my list, that I should go ahead and try to get into place.

Yes, absolutely. Get those in place. You should always be working on your team from day one through day, 2000, be working on your team.  With regard to the kind of the precursor to that question, the attorneys  don't feel like you're too, don't feel like you don't have enough knowledge and that you don't have your system down.

The attorneys for the most part. And I think all of us have egos, but attorneys have pretty big ego. And the more you go into an attorney relationship telling them how you benefit them, the less likely I've found they are to necessarily like you.  So a lot of times what I'll do with an attorney is I'll go in and say, Hey, you know what I'm thinking, I'm putting together a program and it looks like this.

I could really use your help because I think that this would benefit you. And I think this would benefit your clients, but I'm not sure. What do you think. And can you think of anything else that I should do to make your clients and maybe your life even a little bit easier. And so I'm asking them to help me build it.

I'm six years into working probate and I still meet with attorneys. And this is the approach I take. I don't go in I'm the probate expert. I go in that they're the probate expert and they're doing me a favor helping me build something. That's going to serve them better. And they love it. And it takes the pressure off of me having to be in pitch mode all the time and giving a perfect presentation, almost never present.

And the attorneys just eat it up. Cause  they already really are the legal experts in probate. We're not well that's golden advice and I would also, yeah, great advice. And I would also remind you that you, I promise you, more about real estate than they do.  You don't be intimidated that they know more about the law, because that's what they went eight years to college for.

So give that credit for their credentials, like Bruce said. And and then they'll listen, once you've build that relationship, they'll listen to,  your credentials in real estate, but I a hundred percent agree don't lead with that great advice. Yeah. And if you want,  if you want it awesome.

That is. That's worth the price of the phone call right there. If you will, the phone call was free. I hope it's worth more than that. Absolutely. If you want to tool or resource that you can use to leverage more of that type of conversation is go create yourself a checklist, just Google the probate process in your state  right out of it.

Write out a checklist of the probate process. I've created this checklist. It might help some of the people that I'm working with. And if you'll give it a review for me, I'm happy to put your name on it and send it to anyone that doesn't have an attorney yet. Now I know that my checklist is spot on in my state, but I'll intentionally leave a mistake or two on my checklist when I send it to an attorney, because I want them to see something and call me back and say, I think you need to do this.

I want them to correct me. Most people love offering you insight and correction and direction clarification. They liked that.  Create a checklist for yourself. It could just be a single page or two pages like mine.  Send you just say, Hey, if I sent this to you, would you review it all? I'm happy to send it out to my clients or my leads that don't have an attorney.

Wow. That is awesome. That is super, super awesome. And it just gives me more  more food to to chew on. And it gives me a greater sense of excitement. I'm looking forward to getting into this. This is very good. Thanks for the input. And I look forward to hearing the rest of the call. That is awesome.

And for those of you in line, forgive the I'm going to let somebody jump ahead of you. I,

Earon Beavens Shares His Wholesaling Success Through Probate Real Estate [00:30:58] my office just told me that Earon, you were having trouble getting in, so I'm going to unmute you now. Earon is this you on phone number one, two nine, six. That is me. How are you doing my friend? Do it. Great. Little background guys here.

And then his dad had been with us for how long? A couple of years now, or has it been that long? It's been two years. Yes, sir. Two years, never hear from a rarely hear from them. They just go out there, do their own thing, and then your dad let it drop just to casually that, probates our bread and butter.

It's the best source of business we have. So he said you got to have Eric a couple other call it, just tell us a little story. He tell us how you're using it. What's working for you, Aaron, please. Sure. Sure. So we had a lot of San Antonio, Texas, and  hopping into, and we primarily wholesale real estate.

That's what we do. I don't have a license. I've never owned a business before we just had this  we saw a YouTube video of somebody talking about selling contracts and how it was legal. We did research on it and we just fell in love with the concept  and that then my dad.  Found this, little company called all the leads and he said, you got to hop on this call.

That was two years ago. We did, we loved the energy. We loved how y'all guys serve. And so we got our first couple lists. I want to say the first few lists, nothing came out of it. And so we were a little discouraged, but if for nothing else, pride and belief in the company we we just kept getting lists and even added lists around the surrounding cities here in San Antonio.

And and was almost like the flood Gates of heaven opened up after like month three or four. And first year I want to say we, we did about six figures Justin in probate  and that was 2018. And that was only the last few months. I want to say last four to six months of 2018, 2019 was our first full year.

We did half a million gross profit in assignment fees using all the leads and and.  Since then, we've I'm not gonna, I'm not going to pretend like it's been peaches and cream. Like I said, I'm a new business owner, lost a whole bunch of money in switching it up. And I got into triple net leases and the, we got too big for our britches and ended up getting in a whole lot of trouble, lost a whole lot of money going into 2020, and then coronavirus and all that fun stuff.

But  All the leads has been a source of our bread and butter. And we're just excited that we've aligned with you guys and that we've we've come into contact with you and you learned your lesson. If something works, stick with it, you're back to stay right there.

That's what your dad said. That's exactly. That's exactly. I'm not getting too big for my braces anymore. Yeah a few things that are great about that is we do have a lot of wholesalers, a lot of wannabe wholesalers, and we don't get as many success stories from them as we do realtors and investors.

So that's one reason I wanted you to come on Earon. And I definitely want to be in your show, sorry about the miscommunication, but let's schedule that as soon as possible. Earon does a very successful podcast and Tens of thousands of people, I think, from what you told me. And if you want to pitch your podcast, go ahead and mention it Aaron, while you're on the call.

Sure. So we have a community that, I'm sorry. What's that? No, go ahead. Go ahead. I was just going to say, go ahead and and tell the people how they can get on your podcast. Sure. Sure. So we have a community that we started at the beginning of 2020 called the superhuman wholesalers and the whole concept behind it was  alone, alone.

We, we tend to feel, lonely and go figure and we can sometimes. Sometimes just discouraged. This business is super, this business is super discouraging.  And when you're alone, if you're not sure guard your spirit. So the idea behind the community is what if we can get together, get a whole bunch of people together who are of like mind and it be like a bunch of lonely, crazy entrepreneurs come together to support each other.

And and that's what the superintendent and the objective of it was to help as many people as possible, hit their first six figures, wholesaling real estate, and do it for free and just, have a community. And the group is located on Facebook. It's it's called superhuman wholesalers and the core of that group.

Each week there is a show that we do and it's called real estate of mind. And we interviewed a successful wholesalers and real estate entrepreneurs  and they just drop a whole lot of value techniques, methods, strategies, philosophies, approaches to business that, can help you take it to the next level.

And we don't charge for it. It's just something free. And here's a confession. The confession is  Is lonely. So starting the community was so that I have a whole bunch of friends around me and I can never be lonely in discursive business. Facebook Fred's though.  Exactly. You mentioned whenever you have a community of people around you who are doing the same thing as you, then you have a whole bunch of deals that are constantly hitting your desk and you can work with people, make a lot of money that way. Hey, I thank you so much for contributing. I'm sure you inspired some people I'm hope, and that's what we have here, community of people, and we're really glad you're back.

Bruce, any questions for Earon? We do have a pretty full cube, but  really appreciate you coming on today. Yeah, real fast there. And do you know, as a wholesaler, cause I'm an investor in an agent and a lot of our subscribers are investors and agents and some wholesalers, but as a wholesaler, you get a list.

What's your expected pipeline, conversion rates. So how long do you think that list is going to take to produce your, the highest value. So that's a really good question. So I don't have the, I don't have the metrics right off the top. And the reason why is because  to be honest after that massive L that we took  in 2020, we did hold off on our list for a while.

We went from on top of the world, more money that we've ever made in our whole life. To like losing more money than we've ever lost at our whole life. We're now regulating  all of that and getting our metrics together, but I'll put it to you like this.

In 2019  every other list got us a deal. Every other list, Scott got us to deal and they were on average our biggest deals  and our average deal in 2019 was 15,000.  Our average probate deal was like 23,000 something crazy like that.  One of the, one of the.  I want to say the first one that we got was like a 17,000, then my partner and Elise.

Her first deal was off a probate list. That was a $30,000 deal. Then, then a couple, 15, 1620s.  But yeah, our average in 20 2019 was about 23,000 per deal. And it was about every other list that we got. Great. Oh, that's great. Yeah. That is great. Let's get together as soon as possible.

And guys, please, if you Katt;ll, put some notes for your podcast attached to the broad case for this show and let's get together and I'd be glad to be on your show. I'm sorry. We had some confusion the other night around and thank you so much. I think you've inspired a lot of people today.

I appreciate you coming. No, no worries. My pleasure. And I look forward to being on these calls just to listen in and get some of the gyms in the future. So thank you all for having me. Welcome back. All right. Let's power through the last four people in the queue. Next up is phone number ending in two five, one seven.

You're up next.

Squatting, Evictions, and No Trespassing Signs [00:38:08] Hey, this is sill and I just went through your probate, the last probate class, and I've met with Bruce and I'm.  Maybe just information overload, but I have two simple, I think questions. One is  trespassing signs. If you're talking to them about a vacant property  Is that, how does that work though?

That if somebody squats on the property and there's no trespassing signs, how long does it take to victims? Yeah, every state is different and we don't pretend to be attorneys, but if it's I guess the analogy I would give, if you go to arrest, if you go to a business or a restaurant, leave your car there for any length of time, they usually have, 90 minutes only customers only violators will be towed away.

It's the same type of thing. It's, it gives them the illegal ability to tell why your car sooner than having to, track it down and find out who it is and goes through the legal process. In most States, having sufficient notice  precludes any kind of an objection or a I precludes the person from saying, I'm intended.

I have a 10 word tenant landlord relationship. I'm a squatter, I've been here for this length of time. I have a right to be here and it's going to vary from state to state, but it, in some places you can just call the police and. Yeah, I have my place posted no trespassing and they'll come out and evict the people away.

I assume in other States that may take a little bit of time, but it's always going to be almost always going to be quicker than having to formally evict them. Anything you want to add to that? Bruce, I'm not sure if I have a good understanding, but yeah, exactly what I was going to say. Okay. Okay.

Perfect. And what's your second question. And is the probate, like the timeline is that from state to state different? Like for how many months they'll wait to make sure there's no claims against the property. A hundred percent. It is. But in virtually every state, there's a process for carving the real estate out and going ahead and selling and closing on it prior to the probate being completed.

Yeah. In Florida, you just have to go before the judge and it's a hearing and they do that. And then the proceeds go into escrow. The seller doesn't get them until the probate's completed, but it allows you and the sellers to get the property sold quicker. And I don't. Think there's any States that don't provide that I know the vast majority of them do.

And that's a good conversation with the first time you do a deal, good excuse or good reason to call the attorney and just ask them, is how long do you think this will take? And can we petition the court to, to be able to close sooner?  And again, that's a valuable thing that you can mention to the center.

Or because most sellers aren't aware of it and believe it or not, even in California, like with full authority, a lot of attorneys don't mention it either. I think it just complicates their job. So that's a good value you can bring. And it would probably just start with the conversation with the probate attorney.

How long it takes to how long it takes to actually close and settle. Probate is almost in the majority of cases, irrelevant to us  because the family could leave probate open for years and years, it doesn't mean that we can't list and sell or buy the house.  So let them close probate on their and their attorney's timeframe.

And then we helped them clean the house out, do the repairs maintenance and get the deal. Okay. Very good. Thank you. All right. Perfect. Let's see, next up is, I think it's Kathy phone number ending in three zero four zero. Establishing Your Credibility During A Cold Call (41:28) [00:41:28]Hi, good afternoon. I'm calling because last, see, Oh, I, I ended up getting three deals, like bang, and a close in between September and November.

And now, okay. Of course I'm not getting anything. And I thought maybe it was the holiday, but I got to thinking, cause I, I want to show that I am  an asset or valuable. So I was thinking about offering them eight, a broker's price opinion. And I want to know what your thought was on doing that.

Sure.  I think that's a little it's certainly something to keep in your arsenal. It's a little gimmicky. And that and that, I don't think many people are going to take it. If you offer it inside of a letter that I've tried offering probate checklists and vendor lists that broker price opinions and all kinds of things in my letters.

And it's just rare that they get taken up on, but do hold that in your arsenal. And then basically you just say, Hey, would it be beneficial if I was, if I gave you a free broker's price opinion. So you knew. What you were dealing with in the future, they say, yeah. And you say, could I meet you at the house next week?

But not, I wouldn't say in the letter, because it's rare that someone's gonna actually want that. Okay. Okay. All right. Great. I'll do that. Now I, to a CRM, my own CRM through my realtor that I'm using. So I put a lot of my leads. In there and I build a campaign and I've been sending them out like every 14 days  because I'm having a lot of trouble getting people on the phone.

Anyone responding to me and I thought inundate them with information, maybe they'll see that YouTube.

Is that through email or letters? What are you, what's your medium for sending those emails? Email. Okay. Email is customer service and it's branding, branding, and customer service take a long time to convert. So your letters going out pretty consistently and you consistently leaving voicemails. So I expect about 15 to 20% of any list to be the type of person that's going to answer the phone.

And about 80 to 85. Were sent that won't be the type of person to answer the phone and an unknown number. So when I'm calling the first month, I'm pretty much getting my 15%. And then I think my follow-up calls over the next few months are unlikely to get a ton of answers.  But around month, three or month four, we'll start to answer and say, I've been meaning to call you.

So the calls and the letters will go faster than just email. But if you're dripping emails and value through, through email and through your CRM, it only helps. I wouldn't expect that to be your conversion, but it does reinforce your brand. Okay. All right, then now I'll continue that.  Okay. The other thing I had the other day, I had a gentleman call me and he was.

Can you try to read?  Cause he said, you'd be sending me letters and calling me and I don't think I didn't call on him as much as he says I have been.  But he says, first of all, I don't know who you are. And he says I want to know if your license. So I told him that I'm I'm certified

and I said, I don't need to be licensed, but I am licensed at a real estate agent, and this is just continuing education to broaden my scope in order to help people.  He didn't like that. He's I don't want to work with anybody. He doesn't have it licensed by the state. Modern life as it you're licensed as a real estate agent, correct?

Yes. Yes. Okay. So that's the license that he was referencing? Don't worry about a probate license through the state that doesn't exist.  Your answer to that in the future is yes. Yes. I am licensed in North Carolina in whatever state you're in. Okay. I am licensed. And this is what I do. I have a service that helps families.

Okay. You don't know who I am. What would you like to ask? Okay  the bottom line was, he tried told me.  He's in where we're just going to follow what our attorney tells us, and then I tried to tell them about, how much attorney does and how much you're supposed to be doing but he, I kinda got rude and he just got the point.

Just take me off your list. I thought, Oh, okay. If you're going to be this way, then maybe I don't want to deal with it.

Yeah. You can't get them all. You may want to wait a couple of months and say, Hey, you popped back up on my list. You're ready to do something yet. I wouldn't automatically the first time somebody tells you, no, you take them off the list. Maybe just wait a little bit longer to call them back a comment, Bruce.

No, I don't have anything else right now. All right. Perfect. Two, three more in the queue guys. I have. Okay. I'm going to try to get to all of you next up is phone number ending in two eight one one. You're up next. Hi, my name is Rob I'm in New York. I had a question. If do you have a contract? Cause if I'm wanting to somebody who wants to buy them, not having to show what I'm a listing agent and In Queens.

I want to know if there's a contract that you guys recommend or a, and the second question was if I'm paying for core quality and the letter and somebody else in New York is doing the same thing, do you cope with both of us are the same names. That's much a question. Yeah. The answer, your first question.

You you're a realtor. You have a real estate license. Yes. Okay. Yeah, you got to get, go to your local state association of realtors for the contract because they vary so differently from state to state and make sure your broker. Approves, whatever contract you're using, but there isn't one that is probate specific.

You just may want to add some clauses. What I do on my, yeah. What I do on mine, I never put a closing date. I put closing will take place within 30 days of completion of probate or, whatever.  In case the last one I got ready to flip there. One of the heirs died and it took another four or five months and my contract was still void, still valid.

You'd have to go back and keep getting it extended. And then forgive me. I forgot the second part of the question. I think I was going to defer to Bruce. Do you remember what it was? Verse?  Yeah, we have you guys. Yeah, more than one subscriber and a County, that's doing the the ISA service and the letters.

If we are doing your mail  if we're fulfilling your mail and somebody else in your County has the same letter you want to use, we'll default to only sending that particular letter to the first person that signed up.  And that's one of the reasons why we have 25 or 30 letters in the system is just in case somebody else has the same letter  ISA service correct me if I'm wrong, Jim, I think that we would would call for more than one person in the County.

Kim, you can, you, are you still there, Tim? You want to answer that one?

Timothy not there. Go ahead, Bruce.  I was just going to say as much as I want to sell our services. Is there a reason why you're not calling yourself? Is it time.  No, I'm just not really good at cold calling. But what about that? So you take your schedule, little letters. Do you guys do the letters?

And I do the calling cause I only have 150 leads so far. I've been in for three months, not even 50 leads per month. You might want to try both for a little bit while you're increasing your skill.  But don't just only lean on our our ISA. So if you are using our eyes, ISA is great, but you should also be calling while you're improving your skills.

Okay. Just one more question. Do you have Up your website, like objection had words like objection. If the person is saying that, I know you're going to make it your own eventually, but for now just say I already have an attorney and you would have the rebuttal  objection him, the sheet I can go by in the UPL, a USB USP.

So we don't have an objection handling sheet. I like to validate objections. I mentioned it a little earlier in this call.  And then Reframe the question a different way or move to a different topic. However, I do have some dialogue that has been recorded at this point. And if you want that dialogue, some sample recordings of how I may go through probate call get with me after the call, jump on the training, drop down in your portal and schedule a free coaching call.

And I'm happy to share that with you. And the USP for us is we just have a team, basically. That's my last question. USP for us is I have a team, a unique selling proposition. That's a pretty good one. So I call that an elevator pitch. A USP is something that personally, and this is semantics. We're all, everyone on this call is going to have a different term, but I call that an elevator pitch to me, a USP is the very unique thing that.

It sets you apart. It might be like, Hey, I sell houses for 5% more than that. Anyone else can, or I guarantee you this  your elevator pitch is similar to the, I have a team and you probably want to include two to four points in there of saying of categories that you help. So I have a team and we help with this, and this.

That's your elevator pitch or your USP, whatever you want to call it. Thank you so much. All right. All right. Thank you two more in the queue, guys. We're going to go a little bit over, but we are going to get to everyone.  Second to last, this week. It's phone number ending at eight two seven zero. You're up next.

Hi, good morning. My name is Jade Newman. Hi, good morning. Thank you for receiving my call. I actually joined. I'm not a client yet. I'm really interested in learning about all the leads I learned about  ATL through. Tim and Julie Harris coaching. And so I joining to learn more about your system and see how it works.

And I'm very excited, too. I'm very excited to learn more about it. And I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity because so far so good. And I'm thinking that I will likely become part of the system. Later this month or early February. Awesome. I have a feeling, one of our salespeople may just call you back shortly to make sure you understand everything if that's okay.

You learned more about it? Do my due diligence and make sure that I, when I do something on the video, 121%. I love your attitude Jay. Thanks for sharing. Appreciate it. All right. Last up.

Commercial Property and Probate Real Estate [00:51:01] I didn't say Salvatore, Mr. Salvatore. I saved you for last because I know sometimes we get into in depth with you.

What can we do for you, sir? Sounds good. I'll actually keep it really short to that. I know we're going over. Just stranger of the questions when we have leads. Do we I know that usually the leads like the personal representatives or the state usually tends to have a single family residence.

Is there by any chance or probates. Can they often be multifamily as well. And when I say multifamily, large assets such as, maybe 10 units and above a hundred percent.  No, we, I always got, I've had many commercial brokers that ask, is this any good for commercial real estate and I, or what percentage of the probates have commercial real estate?

And I always. Go hit the question back to them. What percent of Americans own commercial real estate? It's probably maybe 2% and maybe 5% of Americans own five to 10% own, probably more like 5% if I had to guess own multiple units. But yeah, but there's absolutely that potential, there's no special exclusion for commercial property.

And you would think that. They don't make the mistake of thinking. We always tell people don't think just because somebody as wealthy or has significant assets that they,  Walt Disney and Steven jobs, all their properties had to go through probate. They were pretty, pretty smart people,  just because you own a lot of units doesn't necessarily mean that you set up your estate to avoid probate.

They, they. They still get, you still will see them,  in a given set of leads, depending how many leads you're getting, you may only see a few of them per year.  It's not going to be multiple every month or it's not likely to be. Makes sense. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Mainly the reason why I was asking is I have a client at the moment who's looking for a multiunit investments in Los Angeles, actually have two.

They're looking up to essentially a hundred units, both of them  in a prime, a plus type buildings. And I noticed that in the commercial world, at least in Los Angeles  commercial brokers have a tendency of kind of keeping that information to themselves to often try to double end the deal. So it's just trying to find a creative alternative to  obtain access to these dwellings.

I had an idea while you were asking that question and I'll run it by Bruce, but what if you were to go back in Los Angeles? I think we get 450 leads a month. If you went back, if you went back maybe six months or a year, maybe we could give you some kind of a volume pricing, but what if you took the last three to six months worth in random through probate plus.

At least you'd be able to see which ones did have multiple units. And you could, you wouldn't waste a lot of time and effort on marketing on ones that don't. What do you think that would make sense for us? I think, I think it makes perfect sense. This is my input on this is gonna get to be good.

Just real estate advice. If you're pursuing business anyway whenever I am pursuing a particular person, be it a homeowner someone in my sphere of influence or a, an estate planning attorney. I'm usually gonna make, try to make my request. If I'm asking for a referral, I'm going to try to make my request very sticky.

Okay. In other words, if you go to an estate planning attorney and say, Hey, could you send me everybody that you have that has real estate  that's a very bright, broad brush. It you're painting a broad picture. And they're likely gonna forget that because they've heard that. From other agents and investors before, but if you go to that same person and you say, Hey, I specifically have investors who are looking for multifamily properties, 10 units or above.

We don't want to get too crazy specific, but 10 units or above. And a lot of those. Don't go through probate. If you run into those, I have your buyer and that's really sticky for them because they remember it. And not many people have asked for something like that.  The same thing applies with your other, I don't want to camp out on this, but the same thing applies with your sphere of influence.

If you're in real estate, instead of saying, by the way, if you know anyone looking to buy or sell real estate, would you refer me? You say. I have a buyer looking for a four bedroom colonial brick house in such and such a neighborhood. And I can't find it. Do you know anyone? They're going to remember that request much more than a Oh, by the way, type of conversation.

So fed within you with your specific question, I would go to estate planning attorneys and use the two. A relationship you have with people that are looking for big complexes. And I would ask specifically for that, it's going to make you memorable and it's not going to eliminate the other types of referrals that they would send you.

It's just going to make you more memorable. I love that. I'm actually, I'm going to take the second suggestion as well for the Not you, instead of saying, Oh, by the way, do you know anyone looking to buy your side? Like the alternative you have to that? So the absolute gold as always.

Thank you guys. So much. Thank you, sir, guys. It is so good to be back guys. Great. First to call it the year. Great call is always, and you guys are the call, you're the reason that this works so well and you guys always show up, you always participate. Yeah. Great questions.

I want to. Thank each and every one of you for being here today, I want to particularly thank those that actively participated. And I want to challenge each of you take one thing that you heard on today's call that inspired you go out and put it into practice and please come back next Wednesday. We will have the role-play call for sure.

And then come back next Thursday and share your results with the group. Stay safe, stay productive, make it a great week. And we will talk to you next week. Take care.


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Preview for Blog Post: 7 Real Estate Podcasts to check out in 2021

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Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast - Episode 308 Probate Training

The Golden Opportunity in Probate Real Estate | Probate Mastermind Podcast #308

Probate Mastermind Episode #308 | Recorded Live on December 17th, 2020.  

Join Us Live Every Thursday | Previous Episodes.


Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast, you'll hear:

  • Bill Byrd’s insight and advice from 6 years of success in Probate.
  • Why ProbatePlus+ Leads Are The Best Probate Leads out there.
  • What you need to say during follow-up calls.
  • How to deliver a winning USP to a personal representative that already has an attorney.
  • How to start wholesaling and investing as a licensed real estate agent

***Most importantly, we hear more incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

Podcast Episode Segment: Bill Byrd Reflects On 6 Years Of Success In The Probate Real Estate Niche

Bill Byrd Reflects On 6 Years Of Success In The Probate Real Estate Niche (1:17)

Bill Byrd discusses his growth and experience working in the probate niche for the last 6 years.  In 2010, his family was struggling to pay the bills as he worked cleaning job sites and doing security gigs to afford groceries.  He reflects on his own development, Chad and All The Lead’s Development, and how ProbatePlus+ has accelerated his time management in exceptional ways.

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Probate Plus vs Other Probate Leads (5:12)

Chad breaks down exactly what ProbatePlus+ is and why no other probate lead list out there compares. Chad and Bill share some insights: Cut marketing costs by 45%; cut 1/3rd of your phone prospecting time out.



Probate Real Estate Training: Real Estate X-Factor: Be the Solution Before Sellers Realize They Have A Problem

Real Estate X-Factor: Be the Solution Before Sellers Realize They Have A Problem (6:57)

Bill lists the 5 objections he gets and how a singular approach can be used in addressing all of them.  The bottom line is most people’s objections come from lack of awareness, procrastination, or both. The longer a problem survives, the more expensive the problem gets.  Bill and Chad emphasize how important it is to bring the problems to the surface, help families understand the implications of leaving these problems unresolved, and then guiding them towards the solution.



Probate Real Estate Training: Golden Opportunities In Probate Real Estate

Golden Opportunities In Probate Real Estate (9:32)

Bill drops some golden nuggets! Bill describes the golden opportunities in situations agents and investors tend to shy away from: Situations where an estate administrator is named as the personal representative; situations where the personal representative insists they aren’t selling the property named in the probate filing; and on building a stream of referrals from estate.  Chad and Bruce echo the exact same experience of the leads that start piling in when you’ve built your brand around empathy, people, and understanding.

Bill’s Book Recommendation: 7L: The Seven Levels of Communication: Go From Relationships to Referrals: Maher, Michael J.: 9781942952473: Books

Bill’s YouTuber Recommendation: Chris Cavallini - Motivation, Etiquette, Taking Control. YouTube



Probate Real Estate Training: Navigating Probate Sales When Family Doesn't Get Along
Navigating Probate Sales When Family Doesn't Get Along (17:05)

Caller is working with a family who wants to sell, but they just aren’t getting along on terms.  Chad offers insight on how to proceed both in terms of navigating people and real estate.



Probate Real Estate Training: How to Get Started In The Probate Real Estate Niche

How to Get Started In The Probate Real Estate Niche (19:29)

Isaac used to practice in real estate heavily a few years ago.  He’s looking to get into fix and flip and wholesaling through the probate niche.  He has a partner he works on some deals with, but is thinking he should take accountability over this initiative.  What’s the best way to get started? Jim, Chad, and Bruce advise.

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Probate Real Estate Sales 101: How to Prospect Old Probate Real Estate Leads

How to Prospect Old Probate Real Estate Leads (27:23)

Ruel and his team are marketing to older lead lists while courthouses in his market remain closed for Covid. Chad explains why probate leads age exceptionally well, and how ProbatePlus+ can help you focus your marketing efforts towards probate leads that still have property needs to deal with.



Probate Real Estate Sales 101: Do Not Call List - DNC Numbers For Probate Prospecting

Do Not Call List - DNC Numbers For Probate Prospecting (35:51

Caller is in New York and is curious about contacting leads with phone numbers on the Do Not Call List. Chad goes over DNC risks and how Probate Real Estate calls are a little bit different, as they involve public records and no direct selling.



Probate Real Estate Investing 101: Why Probate Leads Need Real Estate Help, Even If They Have An Attorney

Why Probate Leads Need Real Estate Help, Even If They Have An Attorney (37:43

Caller asks how he can provide value when a personal representative is already working with an attorney.  Bruce lays out why personal representatives almost always need much more than their attorney can or will provide.  Bruce also provides language for delivering this proposition to prospects.



Probate Real Estate Wholesaling 101: How To Start Wholesaling and Investing as a Licensed Real Estate Agent

How To Start Wholesaling and Investing as a Licensed Real Estate Agent (39:45) 

Caller is interested in getting into the investment side of things, primarily through wholesaling/selling directly to investors.  Chad lays out how to get started investing as a licensed real estate agent using multiple strategies.

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Probate Real Estate Investing 101: Follow-Up Calls - What To Say

Follow-Up Calls - What To Say (44:16

Fed is making follow-up calls and making contact on multiple attempts.  What should he say on the second, third, fourth calls? Chad loops back around to the point Bill Byrd made earlier in the call - The Step Up Basis rule is about to be repealed with Biden’s new tax plan. This is key and should be brought up with every follow-up.



Niche For Real Estate Websites: Should I Register My Domain Name As An LLC?

Should I Register My Domain Name As An LLC? (45:13)

Mike is wondering if he should register an LLC to protect the brand around a URL.  Chad describes when this is necessary and when it might not be. Chad describes how to choose an all-encompassing name to register as a business entity, and what names are best left as URLs.




Looking to hear prospecting tips in action? Check out our live role play series.




Ways To Listen To The Probate Mastermind Podcast:

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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #308


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

You will learn to get more listings, more deals and find financial freedom by listening to these episodes. Be sure to catch show notes at and join our free Facebook mastermind community:



Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:00:33] Welcome prolific agents and investors from across the country. Today is Thursday, December 17th, 2020. And this is Mastermind Podcast number 308. Just a little housekeeping before we get started. we do this. Pretty much every week of the year, the next two weeks will be Christmas Eve and new year's Eve.

So we're going to take a little bit of a break and we will return on Thursday. January 7th will be our next regularly scheduled call. We will be here working virtually every day. So as always, if you ever need us, just, email us And I mentioned, we have a special treat. I'm going to go ahead and unmute bill.

Bill Byrd Reflects On 6 Years Of Success In The Probate Real Estate Niche [00:01:17]Bill. Are you there? Yes, I'm here. Mr. Bird. I give you a little bit of an intro. Bill, you have been with us since March of 2015. If you're not our longest subscriber, you're certainly one of them. And, bill reached out to me this week to share some success with probate. Plus, I want them to talk about that a little bit, but I also would like for him to touch on a couple other things, we.

It bill is either very busy agent. I know you listened to these on our podcast or on YouTube, but you rarely make it to a call. I can't tell you how many times a year we have agents ask about, should I call the executors or the attorneys or they ask about, calling when the executor and the attorney is one in the same and you've probably done a better job of that.

then anybody that you know, that we've had over the last six years, you've really made a career out of it. So I guess let's start at the, let's start at the end and work our way back. You had, reached out to me, us, we build to, give some feedback on probate plus you want to start with that? Yeah.

Bill Byrd: [00:02:18] Yes I would. But first I'd just like to, thank you. And Chad were. the last five years has been amazing. You guys have always been there when I needed you and Chad, every time I send him some new marketing thing, I never get a 10, but if you get a seven out of Chad, add a one to 10.

You're doing good. So lately I've been averaging some seven, so thank you. Thank you. You're very welcome. I, my pleasure. yeah, so I'm a big advocate of Chad, I just, he really helped my business. You all have, but in his fast start program back then, which is not even close to what it is now, but yeah, that really made an impact on me.

So I never believed in scrubbing leads, pull, I'm calling you soon as I get the lead, I'm calling my letters. All my campaign is based on after I've called you the first time. and so I never believed in it, but I thought, I'm just going to try this probate plus, and damn it worked so well.

It like cleaned up my time on the phone. And, the biggest thing is I would have never have known this particular client. I'm going to leave their names out where they are out. They have 12 properties and I'm meeting with them the first of the year to discuss all 12 properties and selling all 12 properties, and I have always, never assumed they just have one property itself, but I was like, man, this is just amazing how much probate plus really helped me out on my time table.

And it also brings you back to the memories of work. All the leads. When I used to drive to Sonoma County recorder, I would drive to Morin. I would drive to San Francisco to get the list of who passed away back then. it's just been an amazing journey with you guys and. I really appreciate how you guys have continually updated.

I know this kinda sounds like, a conversation fairy land, but it's the truth. if anyone knows my story in 2010, my family was. Broke no money. always worried about the PGE bill falling off. I used to guard people for $15 an hour. I used to clean job sites for $20 so that I could just buy enough food for the day, which consisted of milk Cheerios.

A loaf of bread and baloney. And that's what my kids pretty much ate for the first six months. being broke maybe a little longer, but my point being, I'm just wanting to say, thank you guys so much, and I appreciate probate plus. Thank you bill. And for anyone who didn't see our case study video was still a Katt will link to that in the show notes, but you can search for that on all the, just search B Y R D.

And it should bring up that post, but you'll see, Bill's not living off of a Cheerio's anymore. Really, I think you're a little too modest to toot your own horn here. So I'm going to do it for you, but he's built this into a seven figure business with insanely high margins and taken it a long way. So they'll thank you for sharing all that.

Probate Plus vs Other Probate Leads [00:05:12]Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:05:12] And secondly, if you have probate plus as a relatively new product, we always have new folks on this call each week. Like what the heck is probate plus? you can go to, and the full description there, but it's basically a proprietary data augmentation that you have that gives you all the real estate information.

So not only, real estate held in the name of the decedent, but also in trust, also an entity, out of state, we scrub 3,149 different counties. So we're more than looking in your local MLS or your local courthouse. We're finding anything the decedent may have owned anywhere in the country.

and you can learn more about that. It's and you'll see on there. And bill, I'm curious to see if you've tracked your numbers, but. In beta. When we were testing this with the groups, we found that it cut marketing costs by about 45%. So that is the time and money that you spend on your marketing efforts.

By focusing only on those, I prioritizing the ones that have real estate people were able to save about 45%. have you tracked your marketing savings? No, not yet, but what I will, what I have tracked is my phone. Time, and it has definitely cut a third out of my phone time. Which has been great because I really want to continue to expand into divorce, which a lot of people don't seem to get that.

when you deal in probate, it's normally a family attorney. What does family or estate attorneys do? They also deal with divorce and I'm consistently trying to evolve that we're coming out the new website about that. We're also coming up to a brochure.

How To Be the Solution Before Sellers Realize They Have A Problem [00:06:57] Bill Byrd: [00:06:57] I really enjoyed the call where you guys were talking about being the solutions to their problems before they know they have a problem.

And that has been really great. And then also there's some new tax laws. Now, I don't know how these tax laws got passed because I don't know of anybody that voted for them, but that's really creating some opportunities, with, probate, the fact that you can't carry over. The tax basis, next year of someone that has passed away.

when people say to you and, th there is a five responses you normally get, and one of them is, I'm going to rent it out. now you can say, Hey, very well, maybe I'm the right decision, but I'm just curious. Did you know what path in 2020, where you can't, carry over your parents, property tax bases.

So that means their property taxes are going from like 3000 a month to 20,000 a month. 3000 a year to 20,000 a year. Wow. Very impactful. If you texted me back, I didn't see it. could you send me a link to that on a better. And for anyone who doesn't understand the tax implications of inheriting real estate, which you look up the step up basis, so step up basis and that'll help you understand, apparently that's going away in California, but that's not the case in every state.

So that's one big X-Factor like bill is one of those, like the good example out being empathetic to their position and truly, yeah. Acting in their best interest before they've even give you, given you enough opportunity will attract business that you hadn't been competition when you do it at this level.

So bill you have an early 20, 21 campaign just on that one thing, To go and say, Hey, here's, what's changing. And here's how it affects you. correct. Correct. And just waiting for the final writeup and I'll send you that where it's at right now, and then the last thing I really want to say is through probate and doing a good job and by offering the solutions, there are some attorneys that want to handle the painting, handle the stage Jean, because they're billing.

the state for that. So you've gotta be smart. Fair enough to back away on that. But then there's other ones where we do all that. and judges, depending on how the trust or the will structured see that, and that has led to some, direct referrals from judges on divorces in hand. I've also gotten divorces because normally by the time the lawyer is thinking.

I got to find a real estate agent for these people because they can't agree on anything. he wants a realtor that is going to do everything. Painting, staging, clearing the house out. You name it.

Marker [00:09:32]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:09:32] That's great. you built a and bill, we refer to you a lot on, early on, I think 2015, 2016, you realized that some of your best leads were the ones where the attorney and the executor were one in the same. They were professional administrators. And you did a, how many of how you connected with these guys who make a living of handling estates?

And you've really established a steady referral from them, correct? Yeah. Yeah.

Bill Byrd: [00:09:57] Yeah. I get, somewhere between six and seven deals from, either accountants that have that business or attorneys that have that business. The hardest ones to break into are the banks because they didn't want to favor anybody.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:10:09] Exactly. Yeah. And I think you had shared that story with us before, where you had appeared before the same judge, numerous times for a probate case. And when the divorce came up, And they couldn't agree on what realtors, I think the judge ordered them to list the property with you. If I remember correctly, it was something like that, correct?

Bill Byrd: [00:10:27] Yeah. Yeah. David. Exactly correct. Yeah. Yeah. That's exactly. Yeah. that's awesome. That's great. One other thing I did want you to share with the group and I appreciate it. I know you have to get off to a listing appointment, or I know you had something to do. That's why we put your first, you shared with me on the phone, some recent deals that you are working on, they came from, I think one of them came from a three-year-old lead.

I think you had shared with us how you and I love you analogy of the fishing hole in your front yard, if you would share that with everybody. Yeah. Yeah. to me, all the leads has been like stocking a basketball on, right? Yeah. whether you realize it or not, you're going to get.

Future business. You're gonna stock in it with 1500 leads every month. I don't know how many exact leads are in my database, but I know it's in that the thousands. So I talked to this lady three years ago, about selling or her home, her husband passed. And you always have to walk into those leads when you see the same address, for the executor or who's managing this state, there's a person that passed away.

Can I got to walk in there lightly. So I did. And, I've just talked to her every six months. And so back in October, she says, I'm ready to sell to 2.2, $5 million house. We're closing on Monday on that. the other thing that I think people lose sight of is just because you don't get the listing on the probate.

That does not mean there's not a deal there. Your investor could buy it. Or if you hang in there with the, the seller and say, Oh, okay, I understand I didn't get the listing. That's great. I'm really glad you have somebody that's going to help you. I'm curious who you chose sometimes I'll give it to you.

Sometimes they won't on this particular one. the person that had passed away, she had written in the realtor in her. Will. So anyway, so I called him and soon as that house came on the market, cause he wouldn't let me in early. My client was the first one there and we were out and above asking price.

And it was really hard to get a home on the water in my area. and that's just goes to show you that you've got to look at this in, this is an opportunity how you use it is not just one way, right? It could be a lead in this. It could be a deal in the future. You could have a buyer for it. you might be able to cause I'm a big believer in advocate.

They might need painters. They might need different people. And so now you're bringing in your painter, you're giving him a job and he knows that you sent him that job. and there's going to be some gratitude to there. And I just, I absolutely believe you cannot help other people too much, and you have to be grateful and have gratitude for any opportunity to help another person.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:13:08] The other things, like I imagine they're going to have two and a quarter million dollars in liquidity. Maybe they're a private lender. Maybe if they keep a property, you get them over to a community bank lender. I have them take the house in inheritance, get a tenant in place, go to a community bank, do a cash out refi, take that money and loan it out to your investors or go sell a rental portfolio.

Like just because you don't get what your desired outcome doesn't mean a damn thing in this situation. If you can focus on the needs of the family and show them ways, show them things, teach them things that no, and they'll spill. Here's how you double your money every four years by loaning holding it to real estate investors right here in town.

Here's how you use community bank financing, portfolio financing to create, leverage, and build a real estate empire of your own. and you'll get 12 deals off of that buyer base because you show them how to leverage the inheritance that they get. So it's being empathetic. I want them to really drive Bill's point home, like being empathetic to what their needs are and also what their blind spots are.

We'll show you ways to service these people at a level like you'll create wealth faster than you can ever imagine because you're helping enough people get what they want and putting their interests first. So thanks for that bill. And very well, Bruce, go ahead. You had a comment, sorry.

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:14:28] Hey bill. for those of you that don't know Bill and I used to coach for a real estate company together, back in the day, so long, a long time.

No talk. so one of the things that I liked, what you just said is, is the analogy of the back pond in stocking the back on which goes to a point that I frequently make to people is the reason that I've always loved probate so much is, in normally, California might be a little bit longer, but normally six, seven months, most of these families are going to be ready to do something and some even longer than that.

And if you are good at follow-up. And you're empathetic. You're understanding you're not a pushy person in six or seven months. You're going to be the only person in Bill's case three years on this lead. You're the only person that they're considering. Cause you've had a really long runway to build a brand, of empathy and health.

And for those of you that are listening right, are looking at a month or two months to get business. You're going to get some of that as well. But if you can take the long approach with this and build a relationship, nobody else is going to do it. You're going to stand alone as the only person that these families and these personal representatives are ever going to bring their business to.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:15:40] Well said, bill, we can't. Thank you enough. I know you got to go. If you're able to hang in there for a minute or two, maybe some people have some other questions. Is there any other, I know you listened to us on YouTube and you listen to our calls you said every Thursday morning at seven o'clock, it's part of your schedule.

I love that, but boy, if you could just come on once a year, we appreciate it. It give us updates. I think he helped us. I think he helped a lot of people on this call. any other words of wisdom before we let you go?

Bill Byrd: [00:16:06] there's a book called the generosity generation. It's called seven now.

I really recommend everybody reading that. It's something that Chad, had mentioned to me, five years ago. And then there's also, a YouTube. channel it's Chris Catalini. It's C a V a L I a N I, he's got a great, YouTube video that came out about good manners, proper etiquette. And being a good person and having gratitude.

I think that's really where we need to be as real estate agents, especially as we're heading into forbearance. Hell of exactly how all that's going to work. Yeah. very well said, my friend. Thank you. you are the ultimate example of the culture that we try to teach, and I really appreciate you contributing.

Thanks for being here. My pleasure.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:16:53] All right. we do have a few other patient people in the queue that have been waiting. So let's go to our first, our second caller this week, his phone number ending in zero three zero nine you're up next,

Navigating Probate When Family Doesn't Get Along [00:17:05] Hey guys, how are you guys doing today? Great. How are you, sir?

Caller 1: [00:17:08] Good. Good. I came across an issue when I actually made sure obviously every deal going to require some creativity.

The personal representative doesn't have a good relationship with his uncle. Neither does the mom either.

There's only two heirs. And it doesn't sound like they like each other at all. Unfortunately, what would be the best way to handle it? Is it best to call the uncle and try to talk to them? Or is it best to have the attorneys deal with? There will be the ideal case.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:17:33] So is he as the uncle an heir?

Caller 1: [00:17:35] That is correct.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:17:36] Is there a will or it's intestate? I don't think there's a will. I didn't ask that question. So that's good to know.

So it's, I think it's important that you understand that the personal representative doesn't have to have any contact. Your uncle doesn't necessarily have a say in this, the personal rep, the nephew is the fiduciary and they assume the liability that. It's their job to preserve and maximize the value of the asset and then distribute according to state succession laws there as well.

So if it goes sideways. Just understand the uncle doesn't have to be in the picture. He can't dictate what gets done. Now that said, we always try to go the diplomatic route. This is, we want to reduce stress for the family and improve their situation. So I would recommend you reach out to the uncle and you handle this more like a divorce case, where you actually become a friendly intermediary.

And you might have like good cop, bad cop. If you're not familiar with that as a negotiation tactic, I would go whenever you can on that. But you may have to, their ego may want to spew out some of the other party and you may have to listen. You don't have to have that one day. I'm an intermediary and give the uncle of voice so he won't become a problem. But if he does become a problem, it's really probably not going to prohibit you guys from achieving what the state needs to achieve.

Caller 1: [00:18:49] Okay. I do know that the nephew said based on the conversations the attorney's been having, that the uncle wants the most money for the property that I do know.

So it sounds like he's on board, on selling. It's just a matter of them agreeing. Let me ask you this, then there's two heirs. Do we need both signatures on the heirs to sign the listing agreement or is it more, or the PR is more than sufficient to sign?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:19:11] As long as the PR has the letters testamentary, all you need is their signature on the listing agreement.

Caller 1: [00:19:17] Okay. That makes sense.

Okay. Cool. Alrighty, anything else? That's what I have. That's it for today. Thank you so much.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:19:23] All right. Thank you. Next up is phone five five, two, three. You're up next.

How to Get Started In The Probate Real Estate Niche [00:19:28]

Isaac: [00:19:28] Hi, how are you? my name is Isaac Israel of, I live in Rockland County, New York, about 45 minutes North of New York city. I've done many things, in the real estate, including, residential brokering, like 2004, 2007, since 2010, till about now, I've been doing commercial real estate brokering as well as now, embarking on investment.

Thing. one of the things that I wanted to, do is flip fix and flipping and wholesaling. I never had a good system and I somehow through Facebook found out about All The Leads. This is my first time on the call. I heard a lot of good information now on this call. I want to know what's the best way for me to be able to start getting access to the leads as well as maybe some support, if there is.

Or, what's my best way to get started right now. as they say, it was a lot of debt and, and the most money to invest is just living month to month with everything that's going on, but I needed that system. And if you could give me more information, advice, I would appreciate it.

I have to have a partner which we're partnering on the motel now where we doing it, trying to flip it, but that's different things he might want to get in with me also.

I think I'm better off doing it on my own. So what that's required.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:20:46] Yeah, every County is different and I will have someone reach out to you right after the call. and as far as what can you do to be successful with this figure out what all the other investors are doing and do the opposite there. If any of them are even contacting these people, they're just saying, Hey, I can buy your home for cash. you want to be like, Bill just said, you want to offer the multiple solutions. don't come at it as much as an investor, as I'm a probate expert that specializes in helping people and there's a lot of different ways I can help you. You'll be amazed how that will gain their trust and that'll help get your foot in the door. Get the conversation started. And one of the things you do want to do, if you're not a realtor, have a good realtor on your team. That you can refer the ones too, because some of these are going to be great, buy and flips, and a lot of them are just going to be motivated listings.

So you want to have a great realtor on your team that you can refer the people to that, that are in a, any kind of distress and, want closer to retail price. Anything you want to add to that Chad or Bruce? Go ahead. Yeah.

Isaac: [00:21:46] Or maybe get my own light, my license restored, and then also partake in that aspect.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:21:51] Yeah, that was going to be my advice. having experience in residential brokerage in commercial brokerage, I have to assume that you've learned how to recruit, because you've been the broker. So I think one of the paths of least resistance and the highest ROI for you is probably to reactivate your license, recruit an agent onto your team, to mentor and train into the space.

And have them, just like in commercial real estate, have them split some of that cost with you, make your broker work for you, but the idea how that works.

Isaac: [00:22:20] So you just, expand on that. Do you mean that like I should become an agent with exp and then recruit under me? Or are you referring to recruit in probate listings?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:22:30] When you said before you were a residential broker commercial broker, isn't that right? I meant agents, not like broker that I have agents. Yeah. even, so you can partner with another agent and have them do that side. If that's not what you want it to, and you can also have them subsidize your lead costs, your marketing cost.

You guys can, joint venture on that. So if you're in a tight cashflow position, you may start out by saying, Hey, listen, we'll split these 50 50, but we're also going to split the cost 50 50 and, find the person you can trust and set proper expectations from the beginning of what a, an investor deal is and means for you and what a brokerage deal is a means for them and you guys can collaborate. But any rate, however you end up entering the market, what Jim was saying, this is your first phone. There are almost 700 hours of conversations like this archives and accessible to you have to really dig into that and understand the culture we created and how building a team around yourself to attract the business well, greatly differentiate you.

So you ultimately spend less on marketing than other ones, people, and you get a much higher ROI. and learn a little bit more about what we offer and how we train people to do this. and you may see opportunities too. monetize some of the vendor relationships. I don't normally really recommend that for folks because it just means you're tracking a whole bunch of tiny pieces of revenue.

And it's usually not the best dollar productive activity, but if it's a barrier, if cost is a barrier to entry, it is a way that you can get referrals from painters, photographers, home, stagers, you name all the people that you can bring into the transaction.

Isaac: [00:24:06] But, it's, the other thing is how are they helpful or the photographers and what not for leads?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:24:12] So for example, if you pay for the leads the first month, then you don't have enough cash to pay for them the second month, but you believe in this and your heart's in it, in that first. list, you can find somebody who needs help, who needs a painter who needs a senior moving company, an estate sale, know who needs a state plan,

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:24:29] I'll jump in on that, Jim, what Chad was saying, it's something that I've done in my business and I, actually his advice about taking on an equity partner in the probate space is exactly what I did in my business is I brought in a partner.

I handle the marketing and the attorney relationships. He handles the phone calls and the listing appointments. We split commissions 50 50. We also split costs 50 50. So that's a good way to get someone to partner with you. And then on the vendor side of things, I have a couple of vendors that I market their services for them. And what you do is you could always just drop a little, you're sending your mail out, and we do recommend that people mail as well as called. Tou're sending your mail out anyway with your particular narrative and your particular marketing message. You can always drop a little side, small postcard in promoting one of your vendor partners business and have them offset the cost of that round of mail.

Because you're promoting their business on a separate cards that you just include with the letter that you're sending out anyway. So there are ways of really monetizing this and at least offsetting costs associated with not only that, but marketing to the families as well.

Isaac: [00:25:44] You partner up in the postcards with a mortgage broker or like who?

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:25:48] Oh, there's all kinds of people. You could use financial advisors, you could use estate sales companies ,you could, use, clean-out companies. house cleaners, landscapers. We, in my business, I have a list of somewhere in the neighborhood of 24, 25 different vendors that I use throughout the year. And it really, the list can go on and on, but these are 24, 25 different vendors that are going to be typically involved in at least one deal with me through the course of a year.

And, so they're the first people that I go to and ask if they want me to promote their business in a particular round of mail that I'll be sending out.

Isaac: [00:26:26] Cool. I'm so excited. I'll be honest. I was looking at, I was looking into affiliate marketing and I got just because, when you don't have a good, system in real estate, commercial real estate is great, we've been through a few skeptical months.

So this is great that I came across you guys actually saw your work and you really are.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:26:45] We're glad you found us. And we're, we've gotten pretty big over the last six or seven years, but never too big to be able to help you know, anybody that we can. So we appreciate your input.

Isaac: [00:26:53] Who's who Chad. I know I see him on Facebook on allthe And then who's talking.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:26:58] Yeah, this is Jim Sullivan,  Bruce Hill. Yeah. And if you go to the top of our website, just hit about us and you'll learn boring details that you don't care about all that. Oh, of course. All three of you. All the leads.

Yes, sir. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, sir. Thank you. Yeah, we look forward to coming back in here and your success stories. Thank you. All right. Next up is phone number ending in zero nine, four eight. You're up next.

How to Prospect Old Probate Real Estate Leads [00:27:23] Ruel: [00:27:23] Hey guys. How you doing? This is Ruel from Bergen County. Can you hear me? Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. unfortunately our courthouses are still closed. so we've been working with expired and expired leads as far back as January, February, March, unfortunately, nothing stuck. so I was just wondering what you guys think we should, do as far as going back, getting outdated, last year is the latest, or what can I do going forward to be a little more current with the leads that we have?

And second part of that question is a little unrelated, but, we're hired hiring our VA come January. If you could just walk me through how you think I should, college is going to have them go over the last month, three day, which I have a copy of had been go through that. But as far as more training for VA, any input would be appreciated.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:28:09] And on your first question, you heard Bill Byrd in the beginning of this call, he just took him to two and a quarter million dollar listing. That was three from a three-year-old list. So not every family will actually sold the real estate during the probate. however, the personal representative is usually if closed, they're usually the one who inherited the property.

So there's some opportunity there. They're also the major procrastinator, so go a year or two or longer, and then leave probate open because there's no mandate. There's no timeframe where it has to be closed. people try to move them along and get it closed. Yeah, there's no hearts law that says it has to be done in this amount of time.

So what you'll find on those older list as you'll have no competition, virtually none ever, because everyone else has long forgotten about them and they assume that they, they've already sold everything. So they don't matter to them. What you find is those are the people who need you to get your leadership and your help most.

So a lot of times it's for your come list. Me calls come from. And so someone else is a contributor here and it's a great subscriber of ours. David Panell. If you've heard him talk, you'll hear him talk about the same thing. He has a significant amount of his folk comes from homeless and calls that were six to 12 months old.

So if you guys have already worked through all the leads and you feel like you want to do more, I think it's a wise investment to buy the historical data and work on those older files because there is opportunity in there and any market in the country. so that was the first part. How far back would you go Ted?

24 months. At least. we find a lot of value. All of us back to 24 longest one I've ever done was back to 1983. So there are families that go decades and just put their head in the sand and do nothing. But you're going to find a really solid or on investment back to 24 months. Right now, I'm doing the other thing.

The other go ahead. Sorry. The other thing I'll mention that was one of the primary reasons we can help grow probate plus, cause you can take two years worth of data, run it through probate plus, and then we'll be able, it's an easy button and we'll tell you which ones still have property wealth. The property is how much it's worth.

everything about it, whether or not it's on MLS or has been. So it's $3 a lead for those historical leads. It's a dollar for the Lea in $2 for the augmentation. But you will like, we'll basically just raise the cream to the top of exactly who to reach out for and why you're reaching out what they own.

Ruel: [00:30:30] Yeah. We were able to do the probate leads and the probate plus four, again, like I said, the last one, which we had was January, February, and March. Unfortunately not much luck. So I guess you're suggesting go back further then.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:30:41] Yeah, I would, I started last year. Yeah. I started to say right now I'm doing two deals that are between two and three years old, both of them.

And they're really good clips where like Chad said, for one reason or another, they family issues, disagreements. They just weren't ready to do anything. Now they finally are, but the good news is. I guess the bad news is probably 90% of them are going to be sold or listed or, it's property has been disposed of, but yeah, you only need a few in there to really have, make a lot of sense and we keep hoping you guys will come back every month.

We think it's gotta be next month. You're the, you're one of the few remaining markets that hasn't opened back up, but, milk the old ones. Yeah, congratulations, but sounds like you've got a good attitude. And we've mentioned on these calls too. you said it hasn't developed, I'm curious on the January, February leads were the majority of them already completed or they weren't ready to, or they were just delayed by the process or what's your most common objection that you're getting.

Ruel: [00:31:37] the biggest feedback was, first and foremost, what they always say is my lawyer's taking care of it. And, the second one is actually they'd gotten rid of the property. So although we ran the probate plus as late as October,  when we ran probably a plus and all the leads, some of them would still say that even though it was on our list, That it was a, that they've gotten rid of the property.

So that was another kind of part that I was going to ask, like how updated is that list when we get them? Because I was surprised when we followed up with called in October and the, probably a plus kind of spit out the list and they still said that they got rid of the property. one thing that didn't occur to me.

If your records division is shut down. That's why your recordings aren't being updated in probate. But

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:32:18] I hadn't thought of that. So actually, the MLS status and things like that are going to be accurate, but since your record room is not recording, if it's shut down, then probably not getting the data out to where we get the updated data set in that County. That makes sense.

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:32:33] Yeah. And as someone that also actively markets, the probate leads, when I get probate, plus I always take. While I'm prospecting at the same time, I'm prospecting because I'll make a round of calls for my first letter drops. And as I'm doing that, I take an extra 10 seconds per property. And just compare the deceased name with the, with the current owner name on that real estate record.

I find in my area and this isn't true of every area, but my Area. I find that about 5% will have had property and probate plus we'll show that it has transferred. So it might come through as a property record occasionally, but just looking at the current owner name, you'll see that it transferred sometime in the last couple of months, but we're still picking up a real estate record.

Ruel: [00:33:19] Gotcha. Okay. That's a little tip.

Second question, and I've already forgotten that. Can you remind me, so my second question was we're hiring our VA, in January. And, the first thing I was going to do is just have her go through the three day, which I have a copy of that's the first and foremost. And then I was wondering after that, I was just going to have her listen to all the cold call, Archive that you have, but any other tips on how we should handle the VA?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:33:41] So what is the scope of her this VA service? Are they just playing phone work? Are they an office, admin marketing, admin? What are you going to sell house?

Ruel: [00:33:50] Basically our assistant, part of a company. So it's not just cold calling, we're going to employ,basically have her do what the system that we've set up.

Ready. Okay. I just didn't like,

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:33:58] okay, she's going to be, she's going to be more involved in just making phone calls five hours a week. Like she'll be a full-time employee. Absolutely. Okay. In that case, I agree that you should start her with probate mastery because she will then understand the operating system and core values that you guys are running off of.

And there's a lot of value to that because then she'll start to develop. If she buys into that, then she'll start to develop her own version in her own language, and then putting her in the role, play calls and role playing with her. she w you know, instead of handing them a script, like most people want.

Like you'll be able to groom her into someone who knows what to say, because she was, she did the right things in the right order when getting started. So I would start with mastery. Then I would go have her go to the role-play archive and do middle of less than three complete role-play calls.

Then I would role play with her, like internally and your team. And had her come into our Facebook group, all the leads mastermind, there's lots of little subgroups in there where people set up role play groups that are recurring time each week, have her jump in and role play with our subscribers. you can have her join the probate mastery, alumni, Facebook page.

And, as long as you guys like under your name, but you can jump in there and find role play partners that are, run and get a higher level. But that's the biggest thing. It sounds like she's going to be the initial point of contact. So you've got to get her where she's 100% clear on your offer and she has to be very empathetic to the family's possession.

She has to be very clear on what you offer. And she has to, even if you don't have that in place yet, she has to be confident that she knows she has faith in you, that it will be in place by the time you get to the appointment. She's and that's, that should take up the next month of her time.

Ruel: [00:35:41] You can call back and ask what's next. She'll be jumping into the Role Play calls with you guys. I'm sure about that.

Hey Jim.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:35:46] Yep. Two eight one one. You're up next phone number ending in two eight one one.

Do Not Call List - DNC Numbers For Probate Prospecting [00:35:51]

Caller 2: [00:35:51] Hi, my name is I'm a I'm a broker in New York. I'm actually a associate broker I've been for awhile. What is it that we, one thing you have also that does not fall a little star next to it. How do we contact them? If we cannot call to the Do Not Call List?

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:36:05] Are you talking about the generic do not call or are you talking about the New York restriction and I assume that was only quoted on my first lead. The 1st of December start with some of those farmers do not call, the number there.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:36:16] We do that to protect our own assets. As a call center, you're a much bigger target for litigation to get roped in to stuff by attorney. So we cannot, we do not call the do not those on, do not call. we've had over $7 million placed on the leads numbers that we've put out.

And there's been one instance that I'm aware of, that anyone's aware of. And it actually did come out of the state of New York and attorney made a phone call to one of our subscribers. And said, listen, we got a call from a consumer. We understand they're a public representative, but their number was on DNC.

Please don't call them again. And that was it. There was no email. There was no letter, no formal complaint. So you have to assess your own risk and make your own decisions. you understand what the NC is, but we have, there are several gray, legal opinions. a couple of which like one, this person is currently appointed as a public representative.

For an estate that's in an open creditors period. Another angle, another legal opinion is that, you're not directly soliciting, it's a seldom something you're offering a service and you're not even sure what that is yet, because there's many ways you can help them, but you and your broker will have to look at it and decide if you're comfortable making those calls.

I will say that most of our top producers actually didn't. okay. I'll follow. Okay. Okay. My second question is, I also was importantly, I was the administrator. If I already have it, if I wasn't a position, I had an administrator, I had an attorney. I'm an administrator. why would, how do I make myself different?

Why Probate Leads Need Real Estate Help, Even If They Have An Attorney. [00:37:43]

if you want to use me whenever you have an attorney, I know I'm not an attorney yet, but how would I show that the service offers better than what. how would I sell the service basically? What do I, what am I offering question,

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:37:53] You're offering everything that the attorney does not handle. So typically the attorney's handling all the legal aspects, the paperwork, the asset collection, the debt they're handling that and paperwork that goes to the courthouse where the family. They still need to clean the house out. They need to maintain the house.

They need to clean the gutters, cut the grass, fix the leaking sink, have an estate sale, divide up personal property assets, sell the property they need to, they need all that. They need to make sure it's insured. And most attorneys, not all, but most attorneys don't help them with those things. So when someone just hammers me with, Hey, we have an attorney and they're handling everything rather than attack that objection, head on.

I want to attack it in a couple of minutes. On that call. So I want to circle back to that and ask them some questions about what their future plans are. Hey, it's great that your attorney is helping with that. You might not need a whole lot for me today. Do you have a quick minute for us to talk and figure out if maybe there is something that I can provide?

Because I'm not just one thing. And then you asked about the real estate you ask who's involved. there's a whole list of questions that you can ask. And if you want our interview sheet, just, get with support or shoot me an and I'll get you an interview sheet that we have, but eventually you're going to circle back and you're going to start to share with them how the attorney doesn't take care of.

Many times the attorney does not take care of all those real estate and personal property group related responsibilities. That's on them and that's what you take care.

Caller 2: [00:39:38] Okay. Okay. I'm gonna definitely get this sheet interview sheets, but you have script as well. I'll get a copy of that as well. Thank you.

 To Wholesale To Investors as a Licensed Real Estate Agent [00:39:45] I appreciate it. Very good. We have, we were in the queue. One more question. Go ahead. All right. I also really want to be an investor. If you haven't built to really dream is to be inside themselves a little bit, an investor. I'm assuming I'll find somebody you want to, wants to sell it to an investor. I actually don't have the cash.

I can get a partner, but is there a, a contract you're getting into a contract with them? I didn't slip the contract to an investor, or how does that, how would that work? Like I don't have the money just depends on your, it really depends on your strategy. do you ever cash aside, would you rather have a hold a home long term and get the cash flow and tax benefits?

Or are you just always looking for quick revenue at the beginning of that quick way? And you just don't have enough money to spread them around. So that could be come to the point that I, it, I'm sorry.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:40:28] Okay. And you're you already have a license, right? Yeah, I've been a broker for many. Okay. So as a broker, you can take a flat fee listing agreement and don't offer any cooperating broker commission.

So for example, on a hundred thousand dollar house, you might take $20,000 commission and then offer a zero, 0% co-op people are going to be showing your listing. So as long as you have the buyers list, That's a way to do it through your real estate license. And obviously when you bring the buyer in, you would give them an unrepresented party at the end them, I don't recommend representing them in a dual agent capacity.

I think that's right. I think it's, there's too much liability, but you can take a flat fee. Listing and just don't offer it to anyone else. Or you can get it under contract. As a principal, don't use your sole proprietorship, your personal name or your brokerage, and use a separate entity.

and then just assign that contract for an assignment fee. And the most vital comes from most markets. You can find a title company that will do a simultaneous close, where you don't actually, you can close the B to C with the aid of pay money. Okay. And then the reason I asked that, the reason I asked the question I did, if you wanted to really build wealth, basically you can take the subject to a lot of times the home, almost 68% of the time, these homes are free and clear.

and you can take them with owner financing. And a lot of times without a payment, they, they will actually just finance it to you. And then No, I would say a six to 8% interest rate. You can show them an extreme amount of value. Obviously you're not going to go full term. You just, you get it.

Cash flowing. Then do you do a cash out refi with a community bank? And boom, you got cash in your pocket. You've got the house and you've got monthly cashflow. So you need to get clear on what your strategy is like, why do you want to be a real estate investor? If it's to make a bunch of money real fast once, and wholesaling is a great.

But if you want to build real wealth, then you do things like the ladder. what I just talked about, you take a home owner financing, you get a tenant in place, you do a cash out refi. Then you get the best of both worlds. You get the house and you get a pocket full of cash and you get monthly cashflow and you get the appreciation.

and all the tax benefits of that. So really get clear on what your strategy is. Then you'll know what to do with the houses. Yeah, that's a much better idea. That's what I want to do, but I thought I needed more cash for dump influence property and do the traditional down-payment go for mortgage, have qualified for the mortgage and all that other stuff, which I won't qualify with income.

Something I'll point you to, if you go to probably our YouTube channel, the easiest place to find us back in March, we did a series called shift happens in episode four, cat we'll link to it in the show notes, but episode four shift happens. I think he threw seven distinct creative finance strategies that allow you to do what I just proposed.

So if it's, if that's new to you and it's intimidating to you start there, it's a couple of hours of training. We just did it on zoom, but start there and start to get an understanding. and then there's some other places I can point you once you have a basic understanding of what the strategies are, I'll point you to some more advanced training.

Caller 2: [00:43:31] Okay. Okay. That helps.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:43:34] Next up is phone number ending in eight, two one three. You're up next? Hey guys. super quick. D regarding a date, question, book, name, and follow up. So date, you said that the next. Mastermind is on the seventh.

Does that mean that on the sixth? There will be a role-play a yes or no. Oh yes. Good question. Very good. Yeah. That's the first Wednesday of the month, absolutely. Thank you. Okay. Okay. So that will, okay, cool. Then, I think, bill mentioned the name of that Chad suggested something generation. I didn't catch the first word friendship generation.

I wrote down generosity generation. Oh generosity. Okay, cool. And then my actual question is regarding follow-up.

Follow-Up Calls - What To Say [00:44:16] Fed: [00:44:16] So once you've called someone, let's say, two, three, maybe even, starting the fourth call, I'm running out of things to say.  How should you approach it? You just approach it from an angle of, has anything changed that you need assistance with, with such as, securing the property, repairs, plumbing, et cetera, or do you guys take a different approach?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:44:37] As you're. Where are you? What market are you in again? I don't know. I keep forgetting. Oh, all good. All good Los Angeles. All right. So Bill Bird just gave you your intro point for every conversation you have until the rent until the end of this month, especially you've got an urgent reason to follow up, right?

Because you are, you just now learned that they're about to lose the step up basis rule and that's a big damn deal. And you need to let them know because nobody else is.

Fed: [00:45:02] Okay. I love that. All right. To do that today, actually. Yes, sir. Thank you guys. All right. Awesome. Thank you for being quick. And our last, if that we saved the best for last, six two, three, one, you're up last.Should I Register My Domain Name As An LLC? [00:45:13]

Mike: [00:45:13] Hey guys. Hope you're all doing well. Try to be quick. I'm going to have to limit my eight questions down to one or two. All right. Thank you Mike. I recognize your voice. Yes, sir. By the way, the other seven, just contact us after the call. Send us an email and we'll deal with them off the call @ support.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:45:28] Yeah. Supported all the Yes, sir. The first one is a quick one. It's is the, when you talk about the six ways you guys can help, is that what you refer to as the service hub?

Mike: [00:45:37] Correct. I think that's what Chad to the service wheel. Yeah. And I just, I just want to say hi to thank you for all the great things that you're doing. Thanks to Tim for calling me. It was an honor to speak with him earlier and, and thanks for Bruce to, to speak with me yesterday on our call.

Everybody's doing such a fantastic job. I'm so happy to be part of this. This, this group, if I just got my URL, just got the website, signed up for that. do I shoot, should I then go get that URL, that name form an LLC with it? Or what do I do to protect myself? Am I now going to form a company with that URL?

What's the suggestion there now.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:46:13] It's depends on how big your vision is. your entity name certainly doesn't have to match your, your URL name is nice. If it does you have that consistency, but if you have a purpose and a need for an entity, yeah, go get one that matches your URL.

It's available. Now the one thing I would say what, let me first ask, what is your URL? Yeah. Jersey probate Okay. So we've heard on this call. Once you get really good at probate, the attorneys and the judges start giving you what all of the divorce listings, they start paying you to testify in court.

You start to do trust administration. You start to help families in transition that haven't had a loss in the family, but this applies perfectly well to their situation. So when building a brand, the biggest consideration that I warned people are, bring up the people is,

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:47:02] we lost Chad. you there, Chad. I know what he was going to say. We lost him in sounds like he cut out. you want, you might want to do something like a Jersey transition specialist or a family transition specialist. You might, if you plan on expanding beyond probate, you might want to make it just a bit more generic.

All right, sir. thank you and contact us with help with the other questions. I appreciate you keeping it short. all right. Thank you. I want to thank each of you, this 2020 has not been an easy year, but, we appreciate all of you being here.

It's actually been a productive year. thanks to our partnership with all of our great clients like you. And we want to, whatever holiday you celebrate, we hope you have a safe, happy, relaxing one with your family. And, I want to challenge each of you. I always do take some of the ideas you heard on this call over the next few weeks, couple of weeks, go out and.

Put them into practice and come back on January 6th for a role-play call and January 7th for our next mastermind call. Have a great holiday guys. Stay productive, stay safe, and we will talk to you soon. Take care.

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Preview for Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast episode 307. Listing and investing with probate leads

Proven Method For Beating Your Competition | Are Niche Websites Worth It? Turning Real Estate Clients Into Personal Lenders | Probate Mastermind Podcast Episode 307

Proven Method For Beating Your Competition | Are Niche Websites Worth It? Turning Clients Into Personal Lenders Probate Mastermind Podcast #307

Probate Mastermind Episode #307 | Recorded Live on December 10th, 2020.  

Join Us Live Every Thursday | Previous Episodes.


Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast:

  • Jim shares how he is winning multiple deals won through attorney referrals
  • Chad advises Fed on building a solid relationship with a fix-and-flipper
  • Joe shares how he is edging out his competition of 15 years in the probate space
  • The mastermind share advice on niche digital marketing, turning probate clients into personal lenders and key SOI referral sources, and how probate can be the perfect niche for new agents and investors.

***Most importantly, we hear more incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

The Best Real Estate Niche For New Agents (1:10)

Cliff is new to real estate and is looking to start working with sellers.  Jim lays out why probate leads are an extremely good niche for new real estate agents who haven’t established their brand in their market quite yet. Also, many experienced traditional agents have certain habits engrained, and learning the All The Leads Probate Approach teaches the right skills, language, and strategies from the start.

See More: The Probate Leads gathered, validated, and skip-traced for you.

Real Estate Loans: Private Money vs Hard Money Real Estate Lenders

Real Estate Loans: Private Money vs Hard Money Real Estate Lenders (2:56)

Chad breaks down the semantics and actual differences between Private and Hard Money loans.

See More: Go Navigator Capital: The Bridge Between Private and Hard Money Real Estate Loans

How Do You Follow Up On Real Estate Leads That Hung Up

How Do You Follow Up On Real Estate Leads That Hung Up (7:46 : 23:21)

Christian is looking for advice on probate prospecting.  When making cold calls, what should you do when the personal representative hangs up on you? Should you always call them back, and how should you follow up with probate leads in the future? Chad also offers advice on changing your USP to fit the context better next call.

Are Niche Websites Worth It For Your Real Estate Business?

Are Niche Websites Worth It For Your Real Estate Business? (10:49)

Caller is interested in a setting up a separate website for the probate side of his real estate business.  The value in having a separate page for this niche is that your USP and branding can present as something much more valuable to a family going through probate than a traditional real estate marketing website.  These websites will establish credibility and trust.  Chad describes the websites.
See More: ATL’s Probate Credibility Website Sample
David Pannell’s Marketing System: Premium Letters (23:21 of this episode)

More on Digital Marketing (Facebook Ads, Videos, Blogging, and more) in the Probate Niche:

  1. Check out the first two segments of Probate Mastermind #288
  2. Article: Ads vs. Organic Marketing: Are Facebook Ads Worth It? Navigating the Digital Marketing World As A Real Estate Agent, Investor, Wholesaler 
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  4. Probate Mastermind 278
  5. Probate Mastermind 280
  6. Probate Mastermind 281

Proven Method For Beating Your Real Estate Competition

Proven Method For Beating Your Real Estate Competition: (17:47)

Joe shares his journey of entering the probate space, applying the approach he learned from, and beating out his competition as a result. He’s been in competition with one agent in his market for 15 years, and the value-first approach is giving Joe the winning edge. Joe and the masterminds take this success one step further and discuss how to help probate clients turn equity into investments and even become private lenders for future investment deals.  The ultimate way to beat your competition is not just to win deals on a one-by-one basis, but to turn clients into assets in your sphere of influence.

How to Turn Closed Probate Cases Into Real Estate Opportunities

How to Turn Closed Probate Cases Into Real Estate Opportunities (25:19)

Probate leads aren’t dead just because probate court has ended.  In fact, there is actually a significant proportion of leads that still need to sell property and much less competition targeting them with marketing. Caller and the Coaches also discuss how to approach personal representatives who shared an address with the deceased (widows, live-in relatives, etc).

See More: Call a surviving spouse? Tips for prospecting probate leads for real estate (


Recommendations for Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Recommendations for Real Estate Virtual Assistants (31:15)

April is a Virtual Assistant from MyOutDesk working for an subscriber.
See More: Daniel Ramsey - My Out Desk - Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant (

Jim Wins Multiple Deals Through Attorney Networking

Jim Wins Multiple Deals Through Attorney Networking (32:01)

Jim Forsythe is closing on multiple deals: Several are coming from a single attorney! Jim shifted gears towards working with attorneys about two months ago and it’s already paying off big time! Jim and the coaches discuss B2B networking, deal structuring, and marketing strategy.


Building A Strong Relationship With Fix and Flippers

Building A Strong Relationship With Fix and Flippers (39:34)

Fed is working with a newer flipper and is finding himself coaching him quite often.  What should he do to help solidify this relationship and make sure this flipper is evolving efficiently? Chad advises.

Approaching Probate Attorneys Named As The Administrator

Approaching Probate Attorneys Named As The Administrator (46:04)

Giovanni is looking to approach attorneys that hae been appointed administrator for individual probate cases. How should he approach this in a way that gets him through the gatekeeper? Chad advises on language and establishing a long-term relationship over a lead-by-lead relationship.





Looking to hear prospecting tips in action? Check out our live role play series.


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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #307


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

You will learn to get more listings, more deals and find financial freedom by listening to these episodes. Be sure to catch show notes at and join our free Facebook mastermind community:



Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:00:33] Welcome industrious agents and investors nationwide today is Thursday, December 10th, 2020. And this is mastermind podcast number 307. Coming up on the holidays. Hope you guys are finishing the year strong. We have four in the queue right now. We do have room for more. So just hit star six and, hit one and you can get in there and, Have your questions, your wins, pretty much nothing's out of bounds on this or off limits on these calls.

So let's start with our first caller phone number ending in one, one, one zero. You're up next.

The Best Real Estate Niche for New Agents [00:01:10]Cliff: [00:01:10] Hi, this is Cliff. I'm new to this, and actually I'm new into real estate business. I have my license.  but, yeah, I saw that my wife had gotten a thing a while back.

She's been a realtor for a long time, and I just want to find out how to get involved in this kind of market. cause I would rather deal with,  sellers than buyers.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:01:26] Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah.  cliff, this is a, I will just tell you it's an extremely good niche for a brand new agent because. A vast majority of these people you're going to be reaching out to are not local.

You're going to be reaching out to people all over the country that just inherited property in your market. And they don't know you from the guy that's got signs all over the neighborhood are doing, print and TV commercials. So you're really on an equal footing. And sometimes I think you're on a better footing because you're really trained to do probate.

A lot of the experienced traditional agents are set in their ways, so you're what you're really doing. You're reaching out to motivated absentee owners, and helping them,  anything they need, including getting their property listed and sold. But, if you, unless you have any specific questions, I'll do the same thing.

I'll have one of our sales team reach out to you right after the call.

Cliff: [00:02:12] So you guys. Have these leads you develop through, searching around through, different court records and whatnot. And then what are you doing? Needs from you. Is that how that works?

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:02:20] Yeah, basically go to the courthouse in every County where we have this subscriber, get the probate data.

It's very time consuming process. Then we add extremely accurate phone numbers. We've got, templated letters. we've got included coaching, so it's really a complete system. And we'll basically give you all the information and teach you to reach out to these people and be able to help them.

One of our salespeople can walk you through the whole system, start to finish and probably five to 10 minutes. And as soon as this call's over until two o'clock, I'll have one of them reach out to you. All right.

Cliff: [00:02:50] Thank you.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:02:51] All right. Fair enough.  Next up is phone number ending in seven three, six, eight.

Real Estate Loans: Private Money vs Hard Money Real Estate Lenders [00:02:56]Christina: [00:02:56] This is Christina. I'm here in Texas and I don't have a win because I'm new. I haven't gotten my first set of leads yet, but, I do have a couple of questions. what is the difference between a PRI private money lender and a hard money lender? Or are they the same?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:03:10] So typically, it's kind of semantics, like they're both private lending, unregulated commercial lending from, private non-institutional lenders.

but typically private lending refers to the dentist or the doctor down the street or the probate seller who just got a big windfall of cash. And oftentimes that's going to come with no origination points and an interest rate of somewhere from six to 10%. Where hard money is more of the institutional investor groups that are offering private, investment loans.

That's usually going to come with points, origination points from 1% to 4%. And interest rates anywhere from 8% to 18%. And oftentimes, depending that depends on your experience level and the price point of the project, but it's either way they're there basically no nine at nine non-bank loans, that are made B2B.

If you look, if you search,  ask the expert, you can look, you can find the interview that Jim referenced in our YouTube channel, you can find it on auto It's part of a series called ask the experts. And we did a, thing with, Rick roll from GoNav capital, and they're the bridge between the two really.

they are, they're not a traditional hard money lender. They're not as attractive their rates and terms. Aren't as attractive as what you can negotiate on your own and your own community or the private loans, but there's somewhere in between.  it's there. Less aggressive terms. Like it's, if you're just getting started and you have experience and you're looking to scale quickly, like they're really, they're a good resource.

Christina: [00:04:43] Okay. And then a follow-up question to that if I may is  one of the reasons why I'm so attracted to this program is the ability to become an investor, which I've never done, but I've been wanting to, since I was in my twenties,  you guys helped me structure those deals,  or is it just sleep only?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:05:01] No. that's a big part of what these calls are about. if you listen to the archive of these, I don't know that there's ever been a week where we didn't end up transaction engineering something.  so if if you find that, bring us as many facts as you can, this is what the asset value, this is the reason, the ARV or the retail value.

This is what the seller says. They want.  as many details as you can give us on the asset value and the motivation, the reason they're motivated, then their level of motivation. Then we can start to determine how much equity is there and what strategy can be applied based on their level of motivation and the equity level in the asset.

And really, I've found I can fit pretty much any residential, any probate deal. I can sit with them one of six strategies,  and that's Part of what we do in mastery is show all the potential ways that you can work with these families and monetize the deals. It really fits within six, six or six different strategies.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:05:54] And I was gonna, I was going to also add, if you get one on a Friday afternoon, you don't have to wait until the following Thursday, just send us an email. Or you can jump on Bruce's our full-time coach. He's a very seasoned,  realtor and investor. You can, you're entitled as a subscriber to a free coaching call with him every month.

And if you need more than that, he's available also.  yeah, no, we'll help you. We'll help you. We'll help you structure them. What I loved, I've been buying and selling for 40 years. What I loved about the NAB cap, I tested it and I went and put a deal. I was working on in there and I answered five questions.

And in five minutes I had an approval at 8%. Which is pretty good for a hard money loan. most of them out there are 12 to 15%. So their interest rates are pretty reasonable for an easy loan like that. And the fact that you can get an answer real quick online is very appealing, before you, you want to go into making that offer and dealing with the person, knowing that you have the funding and kind of having an idea of what it is.

Christina: [00:06:49] Okay. I'm really excited. I appreciate all your help and I am starting to assemble my team. I got a web address from GoDaddy last night. so I'm like this trying to get my, and, there's so much to listen to. So I just wanted to call you all. Thank you so much. but that's all my questions today.

Thank you.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:07:07] Yeah, you're very welcome. And I was just going to add, you don't have to, we've got seven, 800 hours worth of content. If you have a particular question,  our website is extremely robust. You can just go to that search bar, put in almost any subject, and you'll find where we talked about it or covered it, or you'll find where you can find it on one of these calls.

It's like Google, you may have to play around with it a little bit. You can get almost any question answered. There are those that I don't think too. I don't think there's too much over the last seven years as it come up at least once. So appreciate your input. Thank you. All right. Thank you.

All right. We have, next up is phone number ending in zero three zero nine. You're up next. How Do You Follow Up On Real Estate Leads That Hung Up? [00:07:46]

Christian: [00:07:46] Hey guys, it's Christian here. I just want to say hi to Chad again. And the host, I asked you a question yesterday and I was in the call, but this is a follow-up to my question yesterday. And I couldn't really talk yesterday.

Cause that was a store. And I apologize for that. But, remember when I asked you, what do you do when you hang up? When, probate a PR person hangs up the phone. What do you do after that? And I know you mentioned that you pretty much call back and you just say you got disconnected and how do you follow up with, after, you just stay silent.

And then the other question I had, or that goes along with it, how often do you follow up after they do that to you? Do you continue to call them five, seven times or you just let it go and don't bother them again. So it all  depends on the context.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:08:28] If you got engagement and then you said something that offended them and they hung up, I, I usually, I read the people and read the situation.

So if they seem distracted or like they're having a bad day, Then I'll call back the next day. But if they seem like they've gotten so much, press sure they're just seeing red. And I like, they're not, I don't think I'm going to be able to engage with them tomorrow. And I might follow up with them in a couple of weeks at a different time of day.

For example, if they're super pissed at nine in the morning, They just got the work and they're late for a meeting and they answered their phone. Anyways, I wouldn't call back at nine. I would call back at 1230 and see if I could speak to a different version of that person on their lunch breaks. So I would take into account the time of day and what's happening around them.

What actually, what was said in the conversation,  and their level of aggressiveness and determining how soon and how often I would try them again. Does that answer your question? Yeah. And then when you call back again the say few weeks, or now, do you still do the USP again or you just make it like, Hey Christian here, just following up, just wanting to see how everything's coming along or how would you handle it again?

I would think back your good notes of what happened in the conversation for me. Like when you talked to thousands of people, I leave myself clues, right? Like  angry, short, Traffic noise in the background. And when you reconnect with them, it's not, you don't have to start over with the probate USP.

You can say, Hey Christian, this is Chad. we talked a couple of weeks ago and I think I caught you at a bad time. It sounded like you're in a hurry and out in traffic. So is this a good time to talk for just a couple of minutes and just be ready? Cause you're going to hear it. Who is this?  Christian, when we spoke a couple of weeks ago.

It's okay. I'll remind you. We've got a team of folks here locally that help families going through probate. And as part of that, we try to reach out early and often to the families because we realized that any time surprises come up. So I was just touching base to make sure everything's going okay for you guys.

And if not see if somebody from our team could help you with whatever you might help with, is there anything that's off track or you're not a hundred percent clear about. And just re-enter it that way.

Christian: [00:10:36] Okay. That makes sense. Okay, cool. Perfect. Yeah. That's the only question I have today. I appreciate your time.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:10:41] All right. Thank you, sir. Next up is phone number ending in zero zero five five. You're up next.

Are Niche Websites Worth It For Your Real Estate Business? [00:10:49] Caller 1: [00:10:49] Hey, how are you, Chad? Hey, can you hear me today? I'm doing great. great mastery session. Enjoyed it. so I've got a question for you. So where are we at with, what I noticed is we didn't see any like examples of what, what a website would look like and where do I find that?

Or how do I, get my mind around, starting to work on that. Sure. And I actually,  we had so many people in so many questions. I normally show that as part of mastery.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:11:14] If you go to . That'll give you an example. That's just one of many you can call in and ask to talk to our web team and they can show active sites.

This is just a one on one of the examples. This is a basic, before any customization is done.  But we, they can share with you, some of the sites they're most proud of and the ones that I like showing off and some of the other templates or, Based sites, but modern com.

It's a WordPress application so we can make it look and feel any way you want. You can customize, add testimonial pages, video pages, where you can literally do anything you want because it is WordPress.

You let us know what your needs are. we can also connect it. If you have a core website, we can connect those. So there's a clean interface between the two and the customer doesn't even really notice that they're bouncing between two websites. Oh, I see. Okay. Sure. And, the, you're you're you're not ready with that.

any, content or guidance on how to, market, online, with the YouTube videos and the Facebook posts and the Facebook videos and things like that. Because as I'm talking to other investors, That's what seeming to be working right now. Matter of fact, I was shocked.

I was looking at my phone. I'm like, Oh, I know that guy. And on my own phone, I know a guy who buys, repositions multi-families is, raising, I guess doing, raising capital for another fund to go buy things. And this is a local guy I'm like, wow, presented himself. he's one of Just like one of these national guys when you're looking on your phone, you're watching a YouTube video and a commercial comes up.

I was pretty impressed. And now I see what they're saying, this is, this is, it's, if you advertise it correctly, you get your market correctly. This is gonna pop up. And, I'd love to be able to, Get that in those executors and executor fixes and the probate attorney spaces as quickly as possible, because I think it's just, it's going to separate is nobody's doing that.

Sure. And I don't have a digital marketing course for this niche right now. That's going to be one of the modules that are built into the new marketing part of probate mastery version 2.0 like the masterclass. So over the next few months, I will actually take the time and show you step by step for now.

and Kat can link to these in the show notes. There's a couple of recent mastermind calls where we've talked about it. It's in long form, but. You essentially take your probate list, export that from my probate leads, import it into Facebook as a custom audience, and you match on first name, last name, all five phone numbers.

If you have that many and the email address, and what you'll find is you'll get, you won't see this, but we know from working directly with Facebook, we have about a 90% match rate on those audiences.  if you have a thousand probate leads bloated in, we're going to be in front of 900 of them daily basis and what that's going to hyperfocus your budget.

So your actual cost per result, your CPR is really low because it's a small, highly targeted list. And what we find is we get daily impressions like ranging from. 25 times a day, they actually see your brand. So you never know what's going to work. Video works really well. So what I usually suggest is you pick a quiet morning and go stand in front of your local courthouse.

Something that has, it's an emotional. Image like, so that's going to interrupt them by triggering their reticular activation system. And then you go, Oh my God, that's my courthouse. I was just there last week. And then you've got captions playing and it's just a short, no more than 32nd video saying, are you going through probate and New Jersey?

Did you know that there's a social enterprise right here in the community to help families through this click learn more? And when they click, they land on a landing page on your, on the website, we were just talking about your WordPress site and there you have, you could do it as an about page. You could do it on the homepage, but there you have, or a landing page, but there you have a video of you talking directly to the family, as you would.

If someone had just walked up and said, Hey, I want to introduce you to John DOE. He's an executor of estate. and I know you can help him. That's mechanically. Like you don't script it. You don't like just talking to the camera the way you would talk to a human and that's really effective and you need a call to action.

So you could have them download something. And as part of that, download that your, the opt-in would include the ability to add to SMS market, to them, to drop ringless voicemail, to email market. So you can use social media to get, let's say we get a thousand of them and we have 4%, Conversion like you tighten that audience down, then you can start to drip, email drip to them.

You can S you can text message market. You can drop ringless voicemail, and you can do this for pennies. now the one thing I would say is you're just getting started, and this is, it's interesting because it's something new and innovative. I still want to see you get your letters out and get on the phones.

First. This is supplemental. This isn't your primary marketing methods. Because we know direct mail works. We know phone calls, work, digital marketing takes some time like it's you never, and even if it's working today, it doesn't mean it's going to be working tomorrow. So use the tried and true methods first.

And then once you've got that in place, then step in and start doing the digital stuff. And one thing I'll suggest if you have somebody there in your market that, sounds like you think he's doing a good job. Reach out to him and ask him what agency he's using. And maybe you can maybe he'll give you a referral and you can actually have that agency do all the work that I just confused you with.

Okay. Sounds good. Yeah. And I'll look. Yeah. So I've got just two other, the gentlemen per Nell is his name. you're you're you're good student. Prunella. Did you meant, was that his name? David Prunella or Panella? Can you hear me? You mentioned yesterday. Sorry. Sorry. You had mentioned yesterday about, he did a really, I think I heard this right, great custom postcard specifically for surviving spouse members.

Do you, is there a copy of that or should we reach out to him individually? I'd love to see what that. That looks like. Cause I know that's a little bit more of a trickier type of you go to the Facebook group, all the leads mastermind and the search bar type in P a N E L L. And you'll see his activity.

One of those things will be a video that he made leafing through about a 20 page premium booklet that he made. And that's what I was referencing. Oh, okay. We've got nine more in the queue.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:17:39] Hopefully that helps. We've got a full queue. We'll try to get to all of you today. next up is phone number ending in zero, zero six, eight.

You're up next. Proven Method For Beating Your Real Estate Competition: [00:17:47]

Joe: [00:17:47] Good morning. This is Joe in Sacramento.  Hey Joe, not a seasoned probate person, but I only found you guys about four or five months ago, and I thought it was very astute the way you go about, giving people much more service than just saying you're a real estate agent and I've beaten out my big competition several times in the last few months because of what you taught me.

So I wanted to thank you. That's great to hear. Yup. Appreciate the, so you've done several deals where you had competition and you won out because,  you went above and beyond, just wanting to list the house, correct? Correct. My competition, who I know very well, because we've been competing for.

15 years. He always goes in from the standpoint of, as-is sale. And I went in from a service standpoint of what could we do to the house to bring more equity to the estate and people just, they, they see the difference and, it just works really well. So thank you.  that's great to hear. We appreciate it.

And, actually David Pannell is in the queue. Chad, do you want me to go to him next? He must have a comment. Oh, you have another question? Go ahead, sir. Yeah.  I have a client who's selling properties that will net him almost a million dollars. What would you suggest he do with it, with the money?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:19:12] Do you have capital needs?

are you buying and selling or flipping? Yes. So turn them into a private lender is one of the best things you can do because that serves your business. And,  at those rates, even if you're charging an 8% is money's going to double every seven years.

Okay.  the other things you can do, you can, you can help him diversify by setting up a long-term long-term care plan for himself on a state plan for himself and his family.  five to nine college savings plans. We try to make sure everybody has an opportunity to meet with our registered investment advisor.

And with our estate planning attorney, because probate, sees he's about to learn, it's going to cost five to 8% of the gross value of the estate when he settles out the administration costs. So helping him avoid that in future generations and actually take that million dollars and turn it into multiples of millions, statistically.

Without leadership. 75% of families will completely deplete their inheritance within 18 months. And I don't mean investing, spending. So we try to, at the point where we have a, an emotional high connection, like where they really think we're the smartest people in the world. Let me try to use that influence to get them to do the right thing and invest in their family and the generational wealth and the preserving generational wealth.

So the good news is he's not going to have a tax liability on that because of the step-up basis rule. So this is a, for most people, I once in a lifetime opportunity to invest somebody else's money tax without paying a tax on it.  so you could, look, ask him what his needs are, ask him, how long do you want to work?

what do you have in mind for your family and potentially carve off a couple hundred thousand dollars for private money loans to you or your investors take a couple hundred thousand and pay for everybody at the next generations college.  really just focus on what his needs are and what his dreams are, and maybe suggestions, and just know that if you don't, he'll probably spend it.

Do you have a registered investment advisor that knows about this? Yeah. That's why I choose to work with RIA because they're there they're educated to a much higher standard to help go much stricter code of ethics. So they have a fiduciary responsibility to every client regardless of the investment vehicle.

And there's a website. If you go to broker, you can actually search by zip code. You can search at the firm level or the individual licensee level.  but that's a good place to start and see who the RAs are in your market. But they're typically smaller boutique indie firms and they don't mind working with, they certainly want to work with somebody who has a million dollars, but they also don't mind working with someone who right now only has $10,000.

it's a lot different than the, the big financial institution experience. Okay, thank you.

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:21:57] Hey Chad. Alrighty. Let me chime in. Let me throw in real quick, before you move on Jim. there are a lot of people that inherit money that they're not going to,  they might be looking for something that's a little bit bigger.

They might want to invest themselves. And of course, We all know that a lot of times that person that's never been an investor before has no real estate background, they're going to get themselves in trouble. So if it's somebody that doesn't want to just give you a private money loan, but they want to be involved.

One of the things that I've done with a lot of them in my market is turn them into investors that are in a private investment club that I manage. And if you have a really good business attorney that sets it up properly, you can.  turn this money into investors that, that you make all the decisions on the real estate flips or buy and hold investments, whatever strategy you're using it for your investment.

And, it's just another option. If somebody's not willing to just. Turn their money over to you. It may be an 8% return if they want to be a principal and the transaction with you as the manager that gets to pull all the triggers and run the flip or run the buy and hold investments in something that awesome.

good suggestion.  We referenced David Pinel, David, we have 10 more people in the queue, and I know we can talk to you, but hopefully for our hours, but we always want to hear your words of wisdom. Thanks for chiming in.  Chad had the best, where's the window wisdom. I just want to answer that guy's question.

David Pannell: [00:23:21] I don't know who just answered. So I'll just chime in on that. It's, it just, you guys offer so much resources and all I did, I needed something. I've always brought things to an appointment. So I just wanted something that looked really professional. So I just made a, I made a PDF book that I could send people by the mail or by email.

And it's just, it's, it's a 28 page resume, basically everything I've done in probate sale.  you could start with a regular resume of what you've done and I can, I'll share my resume on the group, but,  it's just basically a resume template so that they know that I know what I'm talking about.

so it's the USP basically in a big,  28 page book that it just helps me convert the deals either to a nursing appointment or to a wholesale.  it's not a postcard, letters and postcards work, but,  it's bringing something to the presentation of why you should be there more value. And David, you said you're fulfilling those at three bucks, is that right when you mail it?

Yeah. So three or $4 and not to every single lead, but the ones you have a good dialogue with like ones that are, that are serious. And if it's really targeted to the ones. I just by calling them over the years now that I've, they fall into three categories and it's the spouses is the, it's the family, the relatives, or is the out account administrator.

And once you identify what category they fall in,  and then, they have a house to sell based on your probate plus. Once you have a conversation that they're going to sell a house in six months, then they're getting that book from me probably twice over that six months.  and I'm going to get an email from him and just dial in their information because then I can retarget them and offer them the same book on Facebook.

So they're constantly seeing that and I don't expect them to ever open it or read it. I really don't.

That's great. Great tips, David. Thank you.


Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:25:13] All right, appreciate it. Next up is phone number ending in six zero three five. You're up next?

How to Turn Closed Probate Cases Into Real Estate Opportunities [00:25:19]

Caller 2: [00:25:19] Hello, I just have, one question and then  like advice for another one. Sure. So my question is when the cases come up that they're closed, does that mean that there's no opportunity for us to go and help them?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:25:31] No. I certain number of families, upwards of maybe 10 to 20%.  actually not make a decision on whether or not to sell the real estate. So they'll do a, like an inter family transfer and it'll show that the house went from John DOE, the decedent to, into a trust or to a single family member.

So a number of people, and this is especially prevalent in Colorado. A number of people will actually close the probate. And just transfer the real estate out to one of the heirs. And then they'll, eventually they will end up selling that. So there's opportunity beyond the probate closing and real estate.

It's just not, there's, we are far more likely that real estate will be sold during probate, but not everybody gets around to it. The attorneys ready to go ahead and close the case. He's listen, you're going to get this anyways. Let's just transfer it out and close this up and you can decide later when you want to sell it or what do you want to do with it?

Caller 2: [00:26:25] Oh, okay.  let's see. Am I am the kind of advice that I have? Do you guys necessarily go after the cases where the administrator lives with the deceased or if there's like air? So living at that same house, Yeah. And oftentimes it's the surviving spouse. You can see the descendant name will match the personal or the last name we'll to personal representative.

And they both have the same address.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:26:46] A lot of times that's a surviving spouse and that's one of the things David just referenced. So it's more sensitive. but understand a lot of times, the average senior citizen in the United States, according to the federal reserve only has $24,000 on liquidity.

I started life savings, 24,000 bucks. So they're oftentimes on fixed income. They, the house they're living in represents 50 to 80% of their net worth. And now all of a sudden, instead of getting two social security checks, they're getting one and they didn't have a proper retirement plan. They didn't have a proper estate plan.

So the urgency, even though they may. a month after the passing, they may say, I'll never leave this house. And what we know from the nursing home industry is that's the only plan for a 78.8% of senior citizens survey by the nursing home industry say that they only have one plan. I'm going to live out my life and my house.

But only 20%, according to the CDC actually get that plan works the other 80% and the thrown into a stressful situation because the lack of planning created a lot of stress and earnings to be in the family. So it's all my God, mom can't pay her bills or power's been turned off. She can't take care of the house.

He can't afford to pay the pool boy or the lawn guy. We got it. And then the family has to step in. So you want to make contact with those people, even if their mindset right now is I'll never sell this house, I'll die here.  okay, fair enough. I'm not trying to force you to sell the home. I wanted to let you know that there's a team here in the community that can help families and these transitionary period.

So whether that means connecting you with social services or, transportation or the different living situation, just know. If there's ever anything you need, please call us. we have really in the situation you're in, we have never met a family that we couldn't help. So is it okay with you if I just touch base every couple of months.

Okay, perfect. And whatever that frequency is, but. Letting them just softly introducing your, the concept of what you do and having them be aware of that when you call back as that urgency builds and as the financial start to slip, or the maintenance gets out of hand, you never know the next month, the second month or the third month.

How motivated they're going to be. And it happens all the time. Most, a lot of your com list me calls will be from the surviving spouses and, they file probate. They get into the middle of that. And then all of a sudden they realize, Oh crap, I'm going to run out of money. And then they panic and oftentimes dump equity.

And if you look at it as I look at it as an obligation to those folks, because they're, they might not be financially savvy enough to realize they're not forecasting, that they don't have enough money and eventually they're going to run out. Or eventually the cost of maintaining that property is going to eat up the savings that they have, and they don't have a regular income.

So I feel an obligation to touch base and check in on them. And that, if you can do that, you start to build trust with them. And then when they find themselves in that urgent situation, you're the only person in the universe. Like they just allow you to come in and help them. Okay, cool.

that was all.  we do a series called tips from a trainer, a video blog series. If you go to all the in the top, Search bar put in surviving spouse. And there's a tips from a trainer video where we share some stories and techniques and different things. In addition to what we just talked about, you might want to check that out.

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:30:05] Okay. Chad,  here's another thing with the surviving spouses, especially those that are elderly. We. Often, and a lot of folks make the mistakes that surviving spouse is the only decision maker. When I think we're really kidding ourselves with that, it's normally the kids that have tremendous influence over what their elderly parent does.

And so just going off of the immediate wishes of the surviving spouse and saying, Hey, I'm not going to follow up with them is a big mistake because the kids are going to get in there and start,  putting some pressure and some influence on their parent to say, look, why don't you come move with me?

Why don't you go to this assisted living place? They're going to put a lot of pressure. And most of the time. And I don't know the statistic like Chad does, but most of the time those houses will be sold.  just because of the children over the shirt.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:30:57] All right. Excellent guys, I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to close the queue cause we've got still got six or seven more people. Chad, you had another comment for that person. No. I just said that's really good advice. Yep. Good advice. Thank you, Bruce. All right, next up is phone number ending in five nine two two.

You're up next.

Recommendations for Real Estate Virtual Assistants [00:31:15] April: [00:31:15] Hey guys. How's it going? Great. How are you? My name is April. I'm great, sir. My name is April. I'm not a real estate agent. I'm a virtual assistant and I work with Kim Barber.  I really wanted to go in with a Q last week. Guys got a lot of questions about virtual assistants, but I couldn't. So I just want to know the answer, some of the questions there.

I believe the one guy didn't, did have a question about what is going to be the probate or it's going to be admin,  virtual assistants who, everything from admin to answering the phone calls, to setting up appointments and all that. Just one, you guys to let you know about it. and I work with my out desk, Oh, great. Yeah. We recommend you guys all the time. You're what you're one of the better ones. So thanks for the input. Any feedback or any questions for April? No, thanks for being here. you got to hear us recommend you

Jim Shares Multiple Deals from Probate Leads [00:32:01]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:32:01] Next up is Mr. Forsythe. You're up next, sir. Hey, Jim, how y'all day doing? Hey Jimbo. What's up?

Jim Forsythe: [00:32:07] Oh, I just go give you a good story.  I've been working with the, attorneys here and we closed two yesterday of his own property.  he's got one other forced to sell and then, it looks is going to list, five more, probate, if we don't sound striped to one of our investors and that's from one client attorney, it's a three, it's an attorney and then, three other, probate leads.

So it's actually four different people we're working with and helping. So yeah. But it was one source the attorney to his own property and then referred to three more.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:32:40] Wow. That's great. And you, Jim, you just start made up your mind maybe a month or two ago, I think, to start working the attorney end of it.

And focusing equally on that. It's not something you've always done or is it,

Jim Forsythe: [00:32:51] yeah, it's not. And we've had meetings with, two others and we've got another one scheduled. we had it scheduled for yesterday and he couldn't make it. So we're rescheduling it for next week. And then we've got other targets.

We're just doing, trying to do one a week and then hopefully good for you. So you are, you're just, you're looking down your leads. You're seeing who the players are. And then how are you setting the appointment? Are you just showing up at their office? You call in ahead. How are you getting to meet with them?

calling ahead,  the ones we've dealt with so far are people that I've met in the past. the ones we're going to, we're going to be yesterday was the, associate of one. I met with him last week and it says, they're not partners in the same office. And, they also do probate. And so meeting with either two or three.

Of those attorneys. So we'll actually hit two or three other sources, and then I've got another lady that I met about a year or so ago. And, we're going to meet with her in a couple of weeks and probably after the first of the year and just keep hitting. And we got, we go down through and look at the attorneys that have the most,  probate.

Leads each month. And so we can shut out the ones that have the most number, like random number of leads. And those are the ones that we're concentrated on right now.  that's great.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:34:07] Good for you and Jim, go ahead, Chad, we've talked about this a lot. Other people get to hear us talk about it, but if you don't mind share with everybody, what was your opening statement?

Like what values did you demonstrate to get the appointment?

Jim Forsythe: [00:34:18] the first attorney was just someone that I've known. I just hadn't really dealt into him. And, we just found out that, he went out to lunch with us and, while we're sitting there having lunch, he says, Oh, by the way, I've got three personal properties that, I need to sell right now.

And he gave us that information. And then while we were sitting there at lunch, then we, you talked with him about anybody else that he might've any of his probate clients that we might be able to help, as it turns out, there's going to be like three of his clients and, one client, one of the problems, please.

We're not sure if we're going to be able to sell the hell of a reverse mortgage on it. And, it may be,  Too much work to do to make it anything work. being with one of my investors in about an hour to show it to him,  if I can't figure out a way to sell it to him, I may call Chad or Bruce back and, see if I've got any ideas, but, it's a reverse mortgage.

one 43 is what the O on it. And, there's about $80,000 of repairs that could be done. And the property is only worth about two 50.  you do the numbers real quick. That could be a potential short sale. So reach out to, to Pam. If that's the case, she's done quite a few reverse mortgages at short sales.

Oh yeah, I know that. I hadn't thought about it.  can you do where they do a short sale on reverse mortgage? Absolutely. Yep. Okay. Yeah, we've done the thing that's done 50 of them. I'll bet. Okay. I'll keep the other one.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:35:45] The other thing to consider Jim is as long as you have a savvy investors, that's aware of the timeline because it is a ticking clock, but you can actually take those subject to.

And just leave the heck. I'm alone in place as you flip the house or transition it to a rental so they can buy the house subject to just know that there's a foreclosure clock ticking. So they have to finish the project. So they need to get rehab to get a tenant in there and then get it, do a cash out refi with a fresh note against it.

but as long as you have a savvy investor who understands that timeline, And understands that,  you can actually take these and basically grab a free rental property until you get it rehabbed and get a tenant in it and then do a cash out refi and had a long-term buy and hold. So that's just the way for everybody to make sure that your buyer gets the deal and that you get paid faster.

A short sale will work as well. Okay. I appreciate it.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:36:39] Great job, Jim. We appreciate it, man. Keep it up. And I think people, we people often ask us, should I work the. The heirs or the attorneys. And we always say, yes, they're  the heirs are typically the now business, but the, but an heir is probably, or a personal representative is probably only going to have the experience once in their life.

A good probate attorney can turn into a career where the deals for you, so great job realizing that and taken advantage of. And man, thanks for the other so far. I think you're definitely in the running for wind of the week. Thank you, sir.  Hey. Jim and Jim to chime in on that really fast.

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:37:13] what, I get this question all the time from our subscribers that they'll set an appointment up with an attorney and then they call me and say, I don't know what to say. How am I going to prove them that I'm an expert? And if you're not an expert yet, it doesn't mean that you don't have tremendous value.

When you go on those attorney appointments. When you have conversations, you just sit down and you tell them, look, I'm taking this meeting with you. And I don't want this to be a one-way street where I'm begging you for referrals and I'm not offering value.  of course I want referrals. I want business from you and you to, connect me with clients that have a need.

But ultimately what I want to know is what do I need to do to make your life easy? And instead of going in and assuming that, everything that they need exactly how to make their life easy, you just ask and they'll tell you, most of the time that answer is just take really good care of my clients and I'll be happy, but by walking in and making the statements, you want it to be two way street, where you provide as much or more value to them, then you get, it really sets you apart.

You don't even have to be the expert yet. You can work on that later. So if you're holding off on calling attorneys, I'd say don't hold off anymore. Just set meetings up, have conversations, tell them that you want to provide value and you don't want it to be a one-way street from them to you and say, what can I do to make your life and your client's life easier.

I am launching get five listings, right? Jim, go ahead, sir.

Jim Forsythe: [00:38:37] Another thing that we're doing. we're having each of the attorneys that we've met with so far are doing, videos for us. And of course, then we're going to take and post them on my ATL website. We're going to post them on all of our, partners, websites.

And, and of course we're telling the attorneys, if we're going to be, they can't advertise for themselves, we can advertise for them. And so we're going to be putting their videos in our.  email drip campaigns that we're sending to our probate leads. And of course, some of those are not going to have a probate attorney.

And so they may see an attorney on one of our, emails and they may wind up calling them. So we're offering that as a,  something that we can do for them. And so far, all three of the attorneys that we've talked to. Absolutely. We'd be glad to do a video for you. And, that's great. Good job, sir. Keep coming back.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:39:26] We appreciate all the input.  We got three more on the website and the queue we may get to everyone. Next up is, eight two, one three. You're up next.

Building A Strong Relationship With Fix and Flippers [00:39:34]Fed: [00:39:34] Hey guys. It's Fed. How are you? Hey, great Fed.

All right. so the question actually has to do, since we, I noticed, many people have been talking about flipping, so I have a, client who is a flipper and he actually asked me, he's Hey, since you're in the probate world, Why don't you see if we can get into one of those,  so that there's not as much competition now, this flipper actually does not have much if any experience flipping.

So he's asking me like, Hey, what do we need to look out for and all this stuff, and I'm not sure I'm going about it the right way. So what I've been doing, even when I searched for properties is let's say the property is, let's say a thousand square feet.  then I go look at what something double the size would be and how much it would sell for.

But I know that with zoom, you can always double square footage. What you guys have done suggestions on that because they said maybe I'm doing I'm overdoing.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:40:33] I think you need to connect them with a mentor.  and you want him to be, to be a serious buyer and a sustainable buyer. Then he needs to learn. He needs to learn a lot of people try flipping houses, very few people staying sustainable businesses in it.  and he needs to understand, different acquisition models.

like it's just, it's too much for you to do.  his job is to tell you what his strategy is. And how he values assets. Your job is to go find them for him. Your job is not to teach him a strategy and an go find them. so I would suggest that he go to a local REIA suggest that he finds a mentor.

Now the one thing you can do to help start creating some momentum for him is go into your MLS pull 24 months of data and short. Okay. search for LLC and the seller name field. And,  you're going to find a bunch of, there'll be rental properties and there'll be flipped, but just select the ones that look like they're, they're flipped and then export that like NLS detail sheet for each of them.

And then if you can find that the previous listing, so here, like here's what he paid for it. And the photos of it. Here's what he sold it for. And the photos of it. And you could maybe make him like a portfolio out of your MLS records of what everybody else has done and your marketplace in the last 24 months.

And that just get him juiced to go, Oh my gosh, I could take a house that looks like this and make it like that and make this much money.  but there's a lot to learn. There's a lot to learn. And I think it's outside of it's unreasonable for you to teach him everything.

Fed: [00:42:08] yeah. Cause I feel like all he came at me with is he said, look, I'm all cash.

Let's say I buy it. I'm just going to throw numbers out there. But he said, let's say. I buy something for a million, all gladly put 500 grand into it, but then I want to make, I want to net 500 grand, but sometimes what you're buying is let's, you're going to have to add square footage, at least in the areas that he wants to be in.

So then he says, we'll find out how much I'm going to be able to get. And realistically not being an architect contractor or whatever, I can get a rough idea, but I feel like I'm running comps like crazy. And, without even being a hundred percent sure. Cause I'm not sure just how much the zoning is going to allow me to add.

sometimes it's 40%, sometimes it's more, what town are you in? Los Angeles?  you have ginormous real estate investors association and everybody's spelling something like he should be able to connect with a mentor.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:43:05] What I would suggest is it sounds like, Hey, he's a, he's probably his biggest investment threat,  with that kind of money and no knowledge, he's likely to go by.

What I would speak to him if he were my client, I would say, listen, man, why don't I find you a seasoned investor? That's doing flips. We'll make you the lender and you can JV on the deal. So instead of taking an interest rate, you actually, you take a percentage of net profit, and I think I can get you 25% of net profit, but no promises.

I'll start the conversation. We'll meet. We'll have a drink. We'll talk about it. But if you have a buyer in your list, that is a seasoned flipper.  some of them, half of them are going to look at it as one. Hell no, I'm not going to change my train, my competition. But if you have a fix and flip investor who has an abundance mindset that.

Needs capital rather than paying for hard money loans and going through all that headache, they can just form a series, LLC, buy an asset together. He brings the capital, he gets to shadow them and watch the projects come together and learn from that investor. And then maybe he'll cut his teeth enough that he actually will know what to look for.

so that's the kind of service so that you can provide. I wouldn't, don't become his mentor unless you're charging that because he'll where he's gonna wear you out.

Fed: [00:44:24] Oh, he's been wearing me out. I feel definitely thank you for that advice. Cause that really does help. Yeah. So just be patient like the best deals are still to come, especially in LA.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:44:34] Like why don't you become a lender on a couple of deals and you can, that gives you your principal in the transaction. You have access to the house. You can go on material runs. You can. You can look at the contractor quotes, you can see the P and L like the way we booked this and the QuickBooks, because there are a lot of moving parts to flipping a house.

And the other thing that he's probably not aware of is how little of that money you get to keep compared to other strategies you get blistered on taxes. So the other question, if he were my client that I would ask is why do you want to flip out. And if it's  San Diego. Yeah. Anyways, another question I would ask him is why or why have you chosen the fix and flip strategy? And if it's because he thinks chip and Joanna Gaines are just the coolest damn people ever, I would challenge it on what are your investment goals?

What are your, what return do you demand? Because he's going to make more money. Over time as a buy and hold investor  and the shifting environment, he has way less risk. And in doing that, so you may be able to change his mind, turn him into a buy and hold investor. And then you just look at cap rates and gross rent multipliers, and the rehab becomes much easier and you can get him.

You can use that million dollars as a leverage paired with community bank financing, and he can buy a $10 million, or he can buy a $5 million portfolio with the money he has right now. But ultimately he'll make and keep a hell of a lot more money. So that's, my advice is ask him why, if he has sound reasons to be a fix and flip investors and get him over to a mentor.

Approaching Probate Attorneys Named As The Administrator [00:46:04]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:46:04] Perfect. And we're going a little bit over time today, guys, Giovanni, you may be up probably going to be our last call of the day. What can we do for you?

Giovanni: [00:46:10] Hi guys, this is Giovanni San Diego, fairly new to, the probate scene. But I have a question and it's related to a couple of masterminds ago. Chad had mentioned, or one of you gentlemen mentioned about, when a, a case has, a PR as an attorney.

most likely 80% of those are. Assigned an attorney because no one has stepped up. So when making those calls to those attorney offices, and I also watched the, the John Fraker video, he had mentioned that, of course, this decline attorney,  privacy, do you have a recommendation of how to approach the gatekeeper and.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:46:44] Basically get in so that, the goal is set an appointment or to be able to get some information so that it can have a plan of attack on how to work that potential lead don't go after it at the lead level, go after at the referral relationship level. So you're not trying to get one deal. this is a public administrator or a fiduciary.

You're trying to get all of their deals for the rest of their career. So don't call and say, I'm calling about the state of John DOE and the house at one, two, three Walnut street, because that's what everybody else does you call and say something like, I didn't see Avani. I have a team of people right here in Roanoke to help families.

You've gone through probate and I keep seeing your, you guys pop up. And I think that what we do is perfectly complimentary. Like I have ideas of how I can help, attorney John Doe's scale his business, and I can actually Mark it for you. Where non-solicitation laws prevent you from doing that. You think he could have five minutes to talk?

And let that organic matter organic conversation about you supporting his small business. let that, let him ask, what is it that you do exactly. Then you talk about your full-blown service and then he'll connect the dots and it's okay. Once you're in rapport and you have good dialogue, it's geez.

Of all the cases you're working right now. there's gotta be something that you can dish off to me so I can help these families and you can handle more caseload. What would that be? Like? What can I help most of your, what do you think I can help most of your clients with? And then just got quiet.

And that will go to, Oh, what redundancy do I have that I don't get paid on it. This guy can get paid on, but the Jones estate I'll give him the Jones estate. So focus on the relationship, not the deal. Got it. All right. All right. Thank you guys. Another great call.  I want to challenge each of you as I always do.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:48:31] I want to thank you for being here. We had some great ideas. I have a feeling all of you should be picking up the phone and calling your attorneys, but take one thing.  w did inspired you on this call, go out and put it into practice and come back next Thursday and share the results with the group.

Be safe, be productive, and we will talk to you all the same time. Next Thursday. Take care of everyone.

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Probate Real Estate Live Coaching - Free Each Week - Episode 306

Six-Figure Deals, Handwritten Letter Automation, and The Best Tools For Scaling Your Real Estate Business | Probate Mastermind Podcast #306

Six-Figure Deals, Handwritten Letter Automation, and The Best Tools For Scaling Your Real Estate Business | Probate Mastermind Podcast #306

Probate Mastermind Episode #306 | Recorded Live on December 3rd, 2020.  

Join Us Live Every Thursday | Previous Episodes.


Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast:

  • Chad, Bruce, and Jim share their predictions for the 2021 housing market
  • Eddie discusses the A-Z of his recent six figure probate deal
  • The coaches discuss how to offer lock change services to win prospects
  • We cover which real estate CRMs and Virtual Assistant services are the best fit for your business
  • You’ll learn how to automate handwritten letters for follow ups  

***Most importantly, we hear more incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:


Donate $100 of Ray Dalio's Money

Donate $100 of Ray Dalio's Money (1:18)

Chad shouts out Ray Dalio and his initiative to donate $100 to the charity of choice for 10,000 people.  Chad posted the link inside All The Leads Mastermind.



More Reasons To Take The Certified Probate Expert Course

More Reasons To Take The Certified Probate Expert Course (2:28 and 18:24 and 30:16)

Chad is redesigning Probate Mastery to deliver a better experience AND expand alumni benefits to a full fledged community with advanced weekly mastery coaching calls.


“But I'm going to try to expose you to a deeper level, to entity structure, asset protection,  and investment strategies that I use personally, and for the families that we serve.”

“I'm going to build a digital marketing component where you'll understand how to take the leads you already have and reach them in a multimedia campaign.”



Probate Real Estate Coaching With All The Leads summary

Probate Real Estate Coaching (4:20 and 25:09)

Bruce runs through the probate coaching options included with All The Leads Probate Leads as well as private options for coaching.



Eddie Lands a Probate Deal With A Six-Figure Spread

Eddie Lands a Probate Deal With A Six-Figure Spread (5:58)

Eddie discusses a deal he’s putting together involving a historic home that will net him a six figure spread when all is said and done.  He describes his follow-up and what worked in building rapport, providing options, and getting a procrastinating seller to become a motivated seller.

“I wrote him an appointment card, like you get at the dentist and I mailed it to him and I said, Hey, we're going to meet, I look forward to our appointment at 1130 on this day. He was there.”

“you bought a house with leadership and influence, not pressure”



I’m Closing A Probate Sale - But The Family Needs Help Outside of Real Estate!

I’m Closing A Probate Sale - But The Family Needs Help Outside of Real Estate! (11:55)

Scott listed and sold a house from his probate leads list - But the family needs help with so many other things. Scott wants to help, but they are outside of his area of expertise and it seems like their attorney hasn’t taken the lead on any of the issues the family needs to handle.  Scott doesn’t want to step on the attorneys toes - What’s the next move? Chad makes an important point about attorneys being trained in the legal profession, not in the business of running their own business. Chad provides some conversational language to build a stronger relationship with the attorney and ensure the family gets the help they need.

“Attorneys are small business owners who were not trained in small business, they were trained in the legal practice.”

“I hear a massive convergence story, for future conversations... By sharing the story of someone else, you get the person that you're talking to self identify as having some of those same potential problems.”

“You're doing the work. You may as well take credit for it. And if you slow down and step out of your comfort zone and capture these things and then repurpose them as a marketing strategy, but very discreetly as valuable content that goes out into your community.”




Real Estate CRMs: Podio, Salesforce, Custom - Which Is Best?

Real Estate CRMs: Podio, Salesforce, Custom - Which Is Best? (21:34)

Caller is interested in finding a CRM that will help him scale his business and accelerate growth.  The budget is there if the ROI is there. Chad discusses some differences between Salesforce, Podio, and custom platforms. Chad also discusses Sierra Interactive, the platform David Pannell customized and used to scale his real estate business.

“But the great thing about Podio is there are certain investors in certain realtors that actually sell everything they've done to customize it as a plugin for a few hundred bucks. And they probably spent, 20 to $50,000 to get it to that level.”




Real Estate Tips: Where To Hire a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate

Where To Hire a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate (26:32)

Caller is ready to hire a real estate assistant to handle administrative tasks while he focuses on dollar-productive activity. Like plenty of others, he wants to know where to look to find and hire real estate virtual assistants. Chad discusses Daniel Ramsey’s My Our Desk or Amy Ramsdale’s REVA Global.




Preview for Real Estate Advice: Handwritten Note Automation - WOW Your Real Estate Prospects

Handwritten Note Automation - WOW Your Real Estate Prospects (35:01)

Fed is evolving his follow-up and mail marketing game by sending out hand written notes to prospects AND real estate attorneys.  He sends direct mail, makes his cold calls, and ideally sends a handwritten letter to follow up after.  However, time is getting short.  He has created vector templates to speed up his follow-up note writing, but it’s still taking too long. What can he do? Can he hire a virtual assistant to handwrite his letters? Chad reminds him All The Leads offers handwritten letter automation - No more time wasted writing probate letters or any other real estate letter.

“when you're prospecting, you're going to use the shortcode function in the CRM. And when you, when one of those happen, you're going to put in the short code, send note card…..You can do it in under a minute.”




Preview for Real Estate Mastermind Segment: Changing Locks On Behalf Of Clients: Proof Of Permission

Changing Locks On Behalf Of Clients: Proof Of Permission (44:22)

Richard, Chad, and Bruce discuss some good storiesand not so good stories of changing locks on behalf of clients and prospects. Chad describes how to write letters that ensure a locksmith has permission and will be paid for their service.  Changing locks is an awesome way to win a visit to the property and get a foot in the door with prospects - Just make sure you have proof of the seller’s permission!




Preview for Real Estate Advice: 2021 Housing Market Projections

2021 Housing Market Projections (48:32)

The coaches discuss the state of the market, predictions, and where to find opportunities for great deals. Chad gives a brief projection on how inflation, false inventory reads, consumer behavior, and appointments like Janet Yelin will impact the real estate industry.

See More: Chad’s SHIFT HAPPENS Live Webinar Series: Finding Opportunities In The Coronavirus Landscape



Looking to hear prospecting tips in action? Check out our live role play series.


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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #306


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

You will learn to get more listings, more deals and find financial freedom by listening to these episodes. Be sure to catch show notes at and join our free Facebook mastermind community:



Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:00:33] Welcome phenomenal agents and investors nationwide today is Thursday, December 3rd 2020  and this is mastermind podcast, number 306. Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving and, hope you're looking forward to the holidays. And you're also staying productive at this time when a lot of other agents and investors aren't working,  it occurred to us recently that.

A lot more of you are taking advantage of the podcast online format. And, many of you may not be coming to our calls. before we get started, I wanted to give, our two coaches an opportunity. Chad, would you share with everybody? I know there's changes coming to mastery. Would you let everybody know when mastery is and the changes and how they can get signed up for it?

Donate $100 of Ray Dalio's Money [00:01:18]Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:01:18] Sure. And I've got one of the things I'll lead with. I just posted. So Ray Dalio is someone that I look up to as a mentor. And I really, I learned a lot and drawing a lot of power and knowledge. He's only one of the most interesting campaigns that I've seen where he's donating a hundred dollars gift card to anyone who volunteers.

The first 10,000 people. And it's a really brilliant way for him to build his marketing lists of like-minded people, but also spread a million dollar donation around all over the world, by letting someone else choose the charity of choice up to three. So I extended that to you. Yeah. As I posted it in our Facebook group, all the leads mastermind.

There's really no strings attached. It's just a philanthropy campaign. If you go drop your name, email address, then you'll get an email with a code as long as you're one of the first 10,000. And I just vetted it out and shared it with you guys. So if you feel like if you're in the spirit of giving, and if you're not familiar with who Ray Dalio is, he's a great guy to follow for economic and social

research and he's one of the most successful hedge fund managers ever, but also a philanthropist.  so that's my spiel,  check out all the leads mastermind on Facebook, and you can find that link.  More Reasons To Take The Certified Probate Expert Course [00:02:28]Probate mastery is finally evolving into a masterclass, so I'd chosen to teach it live, because it's more fun for me that way I get to interact with you guys, but it's turned into.

Something bigger than me and people waiting around sometimes for weeks for me to actually teach the live class. So to be able to get you guys the full form of everything I can teach and to have instant delivery and to still have access to me, it's going to transition to a digital course. That's going to be much longer.

I, it's somewhere between 20 and 24 hours of content because I'm adding in a lot of the more advanced things that we. Sometimes talk about in the Q and a and sometimes comes up on these calls. So you'll have immediate access to the full course, the full curriculum. And then every week you'll have a, you'll have access to me in a live Q and a, mastery coaching call.

So it's a way for me to deliver more value faster to you.  It will be going up in price. we introduced it at 250 and I've just left it there, but,  I've got big visions for this and I'm going to give it everything I've got. the final pricing isn't decided, but, it will not be 250. So if you have been waiting to take mastery, this is the last class that we'll have at two 50.

And for all alumni. Joyce, if you're listening, I know you've been 40. This is month 41 for you consecutively.  you'll still have access. Anyone who's already had the course will have access to the course once it's open and you'll have access to the group coaching call. We start on Monday 3:00 PM and Tuesday and Wednesday at the same time.

So if you're, if you've been waiting to get in mastery, jump in and it's likely we'll out sell it. if we oversell it, just check your email that comes out here in a few minutes. I have a plan. If we do oversell the a hundred spots, I'll take care of you.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:04:12] Thank you, Chad and Bruce, you want to share real quick, give an overview of what you offer to our subscribers and to everyone out there.

Probate Real Estate Coaching [00:04:20]Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:04:20] Yep. Okay. basically we have two different coaching platforms that are available that are private coaching platforms. first off for any of our subscribers that have not taken advantage of a free coaching call, you can get that once a month, a 15 minute call. Basically we cover either strategy or accountability, give you an overview of your business and kinda drill in on some of those adjustments that you'd need to make to be successful. if you have been taking advantage of that, you'll probably notice that my calendar is starting to fill up. I do still have some openings available for private coaching.

So if you want more than 15 minutes a month,  what we have available is, anywhere from an hour. Of extra private coaching a month where we really dig deep, all the way up to, you could get, four hours a month of private coaching. We go really deep. It's much more granular than the 30,000 foot view that we give on the 15 minute call.

And, should really propel and push your businesses forward. So if you guys want to have a private conversation about what that would look like, what kind of costs there would be associated with, just jump on my calendar,  grab a 15 minute call. We'll go over that. And if we need to talk a little bit more, I'll give you another private link for that.

Perfect. And you don't offer a 24 hour program like they can just come live with you for the day. Chad does. No, sir.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:05:41] I'm picking up my new toy hauler, my new fifth wheel home tomorrow. So if anybody really wants it, I'll come to you.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:05:48] All right. Sounds good. All right. we got a full, cute guys. We got an eight in the queue. let's get started. First up this week is phone number ending in five, four 64. You're up first

Eddie Shares a Probate Deal With A Six-Figure Spread [00:05:58]Eddie V: [00:05:58] in Kansas city. How are you guys doing great Eddie? What's up.  just giving you an update on the, I've been talking with Bruce about this one for I think a month, but, I think the ink is still drying on this contract.

Chad has told me to send him the contract, in the mail.  I didn't do that. I was close to, sending in the mail and her price thing. Give me a call.  but we met over the house this morning and. He was like, I was like, Hey, I had texted him earlier. I was like, Hey, I still want to get together.

you want to get this house sold before the end of the year, let's get a purchase agreement signed. And he was like, yeah, but we still got to talk about price. So I was like, perfect. So we planned on today going by. And I had actually bought the house three doors down last year for 40,000.

So he said you bought that house for 40,000. We'll do this house for 40,000 too. Which works perfectly. I was prepared to go to 45 and, we sold the one, three doors down for two 10. Holy smoke though. That's incredible. How much did they put into it? We put one 10 in it.  but the one that we're buying is a nicer shape.

it has better, it's a historic home. It has better historic features like the Cedar shake siding and the stones in great shape and, the detail on the exteriors really fantastic.  so there's a lot of really cool things that the other house didn't have. So we're thinking this one will sell for around two 40, so pretty excited about it.

Any way you look at it, you have a six figure spread in this deal, right?  yeah, so yeah, it's a good deal. Congratulations

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:07:29] Anybody to beat that for the, for the winner of the week. That's awesome.  so job, I've literally been working on it for a year. I'm telling people I'm not sure that's what I want to dig it.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:07:37] That's what I want to dig into. How many other investors do you think, or has he told you he's met with.  I don't think he's met with any,  he's probably been contacted by a lot because it looks like a vacant house, but I don't think he's contacted any of them. It was. So your first impression and your follow-up was that impactful that he's only been speaking to you about this for a year?

Eddie V: [00:07:57] Yeah, I went to his house. I just kept going to his house and knocking on the door because he lived, he lives like a block and a half away from this particular house. And he owns the rental across the street.  the neighbors knew who he was and told me where he lived. So I just went and knocked on his door.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:08:12] What else? service,  other than the convenience of a fast closing before the end of the year, when he procrastinated until the end of the year, other than that, what else did you have to do for them?

Eddie V: [00:08:22] We, there was a ton of like his brother lived there and there was a ton of stuff in the house.

So I called, I was like, Hey Ken, can you even tell what's going on in here? He was like, not really. So I was like, how about we just have a, the city does bulk item pickup. I was like, how can we do a bulk item pickup and haul all this big stuff that you don't, that just clouding what's going on out to the curb.

So I had a guy that works for me come over and haul out, old Michael has, his brother was like a tinkerer. He had a bunch of old microwaves and old stove and old refrigerator, a filing cabinet, a couch, an old TV, some old speakers and it just cleared out the house. So he was able to get a better view at what he wanted to eat.

And,  then he, I think that was just a big help for him. And. I think the service that I provided was just that I got the ball started. He's been, I think, grieving over his brother's loss for, three years. And the first time I went and saw him and he was like, I've got to get some stuff out of there.

Let's talk later. So then I went back a year. I went back multiple times, but I only got him a year later, nine months a year later. And. He was like, Oh, there's some stuff in there. I got to get it out. and I was like, so I didn't let that go. I was like, okay, how can I help you?

And then he put up another objection. I was like, all right, we can figure out an option. Do you want to, if you want to sell it on the market, but we need to go over there and take a look at it together and talk about it. And he really knew that I wasn't going to let him go by just blowing me off.

And so then we set up a time to meet. I wrote him an appointment card, like you get at the dentist and I mailed it to him and I said, Hey, we're going to meet, I look forward to our appointment at 1130 on this day. He was there. We met, we talked through it all. That's when we scheduled the bulk items thing, he gave me his phone number, so I didn't have to go to his house anymore.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:10:09] Cool. Here's what I hear, man. you bought a house with leadership and influence, not pressure.  You help them through the probate clicks and you ushered him through his, whatever emotional breakthrough that it took. Like you, you were persistent and knowing what was in his best interest and he gave you a price even lower than what you were willing to pay.

And I know I'm stating the obvious to you, but there's a lot of people listening that haven't done this yet. They haven't made six figures in a year, much less on a single deal. And I think what you've done is it's worth capturing. So thanks for elaborating on all that. And Eddie, I'm going to, I'm going to ask, how long do you think he would've let this go on if you'd not taken leadership a decade?

Eddie V: [00:10:51] yeah. I don't think  until he couldn't mow the lawn anymore. And the city got after him that much because the lawn was like the other thing I'm going to,

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:11:00] the other thing I'm going to point out is, he named the price. Okay. And a lot of times we as investors and agents, people try to pin us down on things like price and get information from us on the phone before we've proven value and been able to meet with someone.

And, that's a mistake. So I think that you did a great job on getting him to naming the price, which was clearly inside of your budget. So that's a great job.

Eddie V: [00:11:26] Yeah. what I was going to do before he was going to throw it out, Chris Voss does give a range and I was going to give him a range and see if he could go in there.

And he, he just did that without me having to, but,  it, it worked out well. I'm pretty excited, that I got this again, so

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:11:43] that's awesome, man. Thanks for sharing the story. You're welcome. Great story. Appreciate it. All right. we have four, four more in the queue. next up is phone number ending in two, four or five, zero.

You're up next I’m Closing A Probate Sale - But The Family Needs Help Outside of Real Estate! [00:11:55]

SLC Scott: [00:11:55] Hi how are you doing? Doing great. How about you? Great. This is Scott I'm in salt Lake city. I'm calling, I've got a couple of questions on the new probate mastery. Is there something that both I could go through as well as my assistant, while only paying for a once? Or do I need to pay for that twice to, in order to do that?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:12:11] It just depends on if you want her to be or the him or her to be certified as well. So the price is for the class and certification. Okay. Yeah, I think I would be the one that would be certified, but I want them involved in the content to learn as well, if that's okay. Okay. Yeah. you can share with your team.

SLC Scott: [00:12:28] The other question I had last question is I'm in the middle of a transaction. It was one of the leads that I got from you guys,  listed the house as a real estate agent sold the property. It's under contract in the settlement deadlines popping up. And I'm finding that these people have so many more problems than what I even knew, and they just don't have a clue how to navigate it.

They've got life insurance they haven't even pursued. They've got lawsuits that they need to file and go after other money. They've got so many things happening and I had a really good relationship of trust with them and it's just it's opening my eyes. what do I need to do to help them more?

But as a real estate agent, isn't you can only, I can only do so many things. And like question is, I feel like going and talking to the attorney, if at all possible. And I want to find out why an attorney wouldn't recommend they do certain things and where that attorney leaves off. How can we help people and serve people better?

Maybe you can give me a little insight as to what the attorney, a probate attorney specifically does.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:13:26] So you're a small business owner, right? Correct. You ever gotten in a slump, drop the ball. Couldn't keep up with all the inbound, everything that had to be done made a bad hire. You felt that she had to go right.

Everybody on this call has. And what most people fail to forget as attorneys are small business owners who were not trained in small business, they were trained in the legal practice. Law school is not designed to turn out good entrepreneurial attorneys. It's designed to turn out legal professionals. So understanding like B, just like with the person, the family is you need to be empathetic to that attorney's position and why they might not be providing the level of service that you or the family expect.

Now, I don't go in there with a negative judgmental mindset, go in there and say, how can I help you provide this higher level of service? Or can you push this off on the me and trust that I'm the right person to connect them with a registered investment advisors that will help them transition and, like trigger the transfer on best cause and receive the life insurance funds.

Okay. Get them to a litigation attorney who can follow the lawsuit that you referenced. If he's a probate attorney and he's already dropped on balls, you don't, he doesn't mean to be the litigation attorney. If this matter, you need it. You need a bulldog. So go get them that registered investment advisor, go get them a bulldog litigation attorney.

But I think you're absolutely right. You do need to go look at that attorney face to face and sit down and say, man, listen, I consider you a member of my team. I didn't know how much help these people needed. So I haven't called for this appointment, but I've learned some things lately. Like I'm going to help them close the real estate.

Then they need help with moving life insurance. then they need help with, with pursuing this litigation. So are you, I just wanted to make sure that I have your endorsement, that. That you're okay with me helping your clients connect with the right professionals that can get those jobs done for them as fast as possible.

And he's going to respect the hell out of that.

SLC Scott: [00:15:12] That's a great approach. I, my approach was going to be from a giving perspective. I want to give these people something and maybe find out how I can do that with him, knowing that he's the probate attorney and not having to step on his toes. So you're not, you're just helping him.

Okay. Okay. That sounds like a really good approach then I, and obviously that's the type of thing that would build a good relationship with that attorney and nobody else has Brene Brown. I'll bet you. Yeah. Yeah.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:15:36] And when he knows you're not trying to monetize that service, you get even more social credit.

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:15:42] I think  that I hear when I hear that story is I hear a massive convergence story, for future conversations that you have with PRS is you get into a conversation and you say, do you mind if I, do you mind if I share a story with you? yeah, sure. Yeah. this is what I experienced with some other clients, Bob and Jane, true story.

They were working with such and such an attorney. And, we just weren't because of the attorney relationship and because they expected the attorney to handle everything, they ran into this and this problem that they didn't even know about. That's where I came in and helps them out.

And so by, and all of a sudden, by sharing the story of someone else, you get the person that you're talking to self identify as having some of those same potential problems. And it really builds massive credibility. So I'm going to encourage you to use this experience in your conversations from here on, and were you on the call yesterday?

SLC Scott: [00:16:35] I missed it. I was in a training, a class and I couldn't make it yesterday. No.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:16:40] Okay. So we talked about a completely different idea, but the idea was how to turn that into a turn those stories into content strategies. So how to use that story to create a one big piece of content and then little articles that kind of branch off of that to get your name out there.

And you can get years of mileage out of that story, if you document it. So you want written testimonials, you want video testimonials, you want to do a zoom interview with the attorney. You want to do a zoom interview with the litigation attorney. You're getting involved with the registered investment advisor.

Each of the family members, their kids, like any other kids that are over 18 years old and what the difference that equity and the life insurance and the asset equity like. Milk it for all it's worth like show that to the world. You're doing the work. You may as well take credit for it. And if you slow down and step out of your comfort zone and capture these things and then repurpose them as a marketing strategy, but very discreetly as valuable content that goes out into your community.

You'll put a flag in the sand that nobody will ever be able to take from you. And you will create a sellable asset, not some short-term revenue stream.

SLC Scott: [00:17:50] Cool. I like that. I like that a lot.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:17:52] All right work. That helps Scott. Anything else?

SLC Scott: [00:17:54] Yeah. Great job. Is that super helpful? I really appreciate it. I literally just walked out of their house before hopping on this call.

My next call is to the attorney and try to go and meet with them and get things going. So I appreciate it. Thank you guys.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:18:06] Thank you. reminds me of last week. I think we had, eight participants and six of them had great success stories. So these are my favorite calls. You guys tell me that, you know what you're doing and what we're teaching is working.

That's awesome. All right. next up is a hug. Thank you. Next up is so number ending in six, two, three, one. You're up next.

Marker [00:18:24]

Caller 1: [00:18:24] Hey, how are you guys, got a question for you when you switched to the new format and mastery, do we lose any of the archive mastery training? No, I'm going to put up a, I think the best class I ever taught was the October class.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:18:39] And I'm going to put that into a, kind of a memorialized last format where it'll remain as like the, unless I do a better job this month, we just had a really big crowd and we got into a lot more advanced topics in the Q and a was almost eight hours in that course.  Whether it's the course that I'm going to teach next week or that one I'll have that version available to you.

Forever all the recordings that you've gotten in the past will remain there on go to webinar server. So they'll you'll have access to those, but then there'll be that one version that's always available. So you can see what it used to be and how it got to where it is. Great.

and some of the new. Training 24 hours worth. That's a lot of training. Are you going to go into some of the subtleties of,  your sales mastery, how how I dig a lot more into psychology and really, even some neurology. But the bigger addition to it will be on how you structure your business, how to PR, how to structure assets, protect assets, build your own estate plans, contain liability.

Like I'm basically going to show you how I've built, what I've built and, minimize taxes, maximize value. And. Really protect everything. You've worked so hard for, because that's what I find myself. When people hit a certain level of success. That's where I feel like everyone has blind spots and then they come back to me and as we build our relationship and they scale this, I feel like I've left that out.

And from how to properly.  put firewalls in place. If you're doing brokerage and investing and private money lending and capital raising, and it, at a certain point, if you keep pushing it growing, you'll be doing all those things. And you'll just be one person. You don't have to be four different brands.

And then you choose which strategy and which entity, fits this person's situation best. So it's going to be some of the more advanced things that you wouldn't expect to get from just a probate course. Because as I've done this long enough, I realize like it's just something that nobody else, people don't seem to be learning that elsewhere.

So I'm going to give you advice and, ultimately it'll be you and your attorney or your CPA that chooses a structure for you, but I'm going to try to expose you to at a deeper level, to entity structure, asset protection,  and investment strategies that I use personally, and for the families that we serve.

and then. more psychology and neurology. and why I say more specifically why I say some of the things I do and how I say them. So that's some of the stuff that's being added in and best I can figure in my outlines. it's probably gonna be pushing 24 hours of total course content.

And it's probably should take you three to six months to actually implement if you hit it hard. And it would take three to six months to implement what I'm going to pack into the course, but it's all going to be one step built on top of another. So that doesn't matter if you pass the information part and you get your certification, then you can dig into the business structure and all the other stuff.

Real Estate CRMs: Podio, Salesforce, Custom - Which Is Best? [00:21:34]Caller 1: [00:21:34] Sounds great. I'm thank you for having our backs with that. Not a lot of people think of that night. I definitely am excited about that. That's for sure. As well as the, you're helping us with the psychology and the neurology and the bits and pieces and subtleties of sales mastery, which you really are a pro at my question is if you're.

If you're doing other things other than just the probate, and your CRM. Do you have any CRMs you recommend. Whether that's freedom, soft, real flow or REI Blackbook that, if someone wanted to have a bigger, more robust CRM and scale their business,  any suggestions,

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:22:10] a really difficult question to I'll answer. I'll answer with a question. What is your level of tech savviness?

Caller 1: [00:22:15] Yeah, so throw out, the, the Podio, cause I that's two ways. That's too much that's I knew you have to be like a programmer almost. It seems. And if you think that's no, you don't. If you're really, and tech savvy,  it seems to me like you have to know a lot about different things or spend a lot of money just to hand it over to somebody to build that.

So yeah. My next question is what is your budget? It in my answer is just like anything in real estate, it's all a return on investment. if I'm going to spend five or $10,000 on marketing, but I'm going to get a giant ROI, we'll find the money to make that happen. Just as much as, a different street buying a single family home or a 300 unit complex.

If the numbers are there, one must find a way it's just a great deal.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:23:02] so there's a ton of there's obviously.  and there's a lot of consolidation happening in that space right now. Salesforce just announced their disposition or their acquisition and acquisition yesterday.  so there are literally dozens upon dozens that you can choose from.

It ultimately will come down to what are your business strategy? How fast will you outgrow?  a box solution.  Salesforce is super powerful, super expensive, and set up Is costly and takes time.  Podio is one of the simpler ones, not to disappoint you, but it is simpler. But the great thing about Podio is there are certain investors in certain realtors that actually sell everything they've done to customize it as a plugin for a few hundred bucks. And they probably spent, 20 to $50,000 to get it to that level. So there's Podio is probably the fastest because someone else has already done the work. You just need to find the version that best fits your strategy.

the most, one of the most powerful that's like the, that you could build on your own. That's simple and backed by really good support team. I really liked the tools that HubSpot is making.  if you're, stretching outside, if you've outgrown our CRM and you want to bring other strategies in HubSpot can be turned into a really cool marketing machine.

And it's very affordable at the beginning. And as you scale, you move up. The price scale, kind of like the MailChimp price model.  so I would encourage you to pick up the phone and talk to those guys. look for the people in your, in the other industries that you're working in or the other strategies you're using.

look for Podio plugins that I've already, someone else has already paid to build and perfect.  but as far as probate goes, all that said I've yet to see one that will handle the data we provide and manage your lists anywhere, close to what ours will without spending 25 to $30,000.  and Sierra interactive as the one that I've seen that took what we've done and built on it.

David Pannell is one of our subscribers and, very successful in this niche, but he's invested a considerable amount of money and time working with the, with their development team. So I wouldn't suggest it for almost anyone. he's just running at a much faster pace than most of us.

Caller 1: [00:25:09] Great. And the private coaching. I'm just new to this and I just signed up for the training next week. And I'm really excited about that, but I never, I knew it. I never knew about that free coaching call for 15 minutes. And w how do you get on that? And also one wanted to do the hour or four hours a month or whatever it is, what does that cost and how has that work?

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:25:30] So first you want to tell them how to get started. So if you, if you're going to take the private coaching or the 15 minute free call, log into your portal.  when you click on the training dropdown, and then I believe that the link under training in the menu, so right in the menu training, and I believe the link says schedule a free coaching call and those are, 15 minute blocks.

And, to go into you more details on what you need out of kind of the private coaching, anywhere from an hour to four,  More or less,  essentially after that call you and I would probably just schedule or any of the other subscribers on this call that once that after the 15 minute call we'd schedule, another short call to just really dig into the needs of your business and, go over pricing and things there, because it's almost impossible to price that.

And so I really understand the needs of what someone, what someone truly needs. Sometimes it might just be a mastermind group with a couple of other people. Sometimes it might be a couple hours every other week just depends.

Where To Hire a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate [00:26:32] Caller 1: [00:26:32] All right. Cool. And do you guys presently recommend any VA services if you wanted to get some help,  just implementing all this stuff so that you're not totally, all on your own and overwhelmed, are you looking for full time?

full-time,  eventually, but probably don't have enough, unless you'd say to me a mic after you take this master, you're going to see you. You got more than enough than 40 hours, or you may say, 10 hours or 20 hours, I'm thinking I have a need for 10 to 20 hours. Right now,  okay.

That's perfect. I'll tell you this, if you're serious about what you learn in mastery, it'll take you 10 years to implement  at the highest level you can, all of the ideas that we talk about. So if you're committed to delegating, the one I would suggest is, my out desk and my friend Daniel Ramsey owns that.

we're not affiliated. It's just one of the companies that we like to support because we believe in what they're doing.  they pour their souls and other people,  they're Philippine based, but they have literally built schools and office buildings and created, an amazing culture around, remote work.

So you can schedule a free call. if you want ask for ask, if you could do it with Daniel Ramsey, there's a, we did a tips from the train or ask the expert series. If you go to the learning center on all the actually go to the search bar and just type in my Outdesk or Daniel Ramsey.

And it'll bring that up. But yeah, Daniel and I did an interview, I don't know, maybe a year ago where we talked about how that can work in your business and what their model is, but that's who I would suggest if you want the least. Growing pain.  because they came up in the real estate industry.

they know they are like, Daniel was a real estate investor. And like he knows the business we work in and he trains the people. So they know the business we work in. So that would be the path of least resistance. there's lots of other companies out there Riva,  another friend of mine, Amy Ramsdale.

owns a company called REVA R E V a and I think they're, they're Atlanta-based but they're going real estate investor, virtual assistance, and that's a good company backed by really good people so you can consider them. those are the two that just people that I personally know and trust that are there do-rus, not gurus.

So they've been in the trenches learned and then built those companies. Great. Do either of those, have VA's that are good with, the websites and the fit in, and whether it's pay-per-click or Facebook marketing ads or that's something I have to train them from scratch.  I think probably my Outdesk is going to be your best bet there.

they, they certainly do a lot more training and development of their employees. And what you'll find with my desk is you're not going to get you. Won't get assigned a VA, like you will an Uber driver. You're going to get, they will hand select and train and mentor a person based on your values and your business model.

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:29:24] And that will be your full-time employee, or at least part-time employee. I think they start throughout. I think they start at 20 hours. Okay. Chad, I'll throw in. I've had five. my Outdesk VA's and, you also have, have input into who they assigned to you. So you get to interview them with my Outdesk before you actually hire them.

And then they go into a training program. So it's really good. And just in case any of them don't have. Do not have expertise in, let's say web development or social media or Google advertising, anything that you need just in case when you schedule that free call, I can go over a couple of the other options.

I would agree with Chad that my Outdesk is probably the best one that's out there.  so I'd lean toward them first, but if you can't find the specialty you're looking for, there are other offshore based VA programs.

Caller 1: [00:30:16] Awesome. And last question, Do you guys ever use the strategy where I hear some people are doing this where, with Facebook, advertising where you can get a list, whether it's the list from the probate, the probates from you guys or list of.

Probate attorneys or what have you, and somehow upload it to Facebook and went over those executors. All those probate attorneys are on Facebook. They're your, there's your ad popping in front of them. You know what you know, with, the property solutions, probate property solutions company, where we buy houses thing or whatever it is.

That's popping up there, especially if, you want to go that extra mile,

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:30:57] I'll make your day. That's actually going to be part of the new mastery course. I'm going to build an, a digital marketing component where you'll understand how to take the lead you already have and reach them in a multimedia campaign.

So we've talked about it on these calls. If you use the search bar on the top, Of all the you can put in Facebook or custom audience, and you'll be able to hear two or three different calls where we've gone long form and explained how to do it. What I've found is very few people ever can get that implemented.

So that's going to be part of the marketing, how to modules, in the new version of mastery.

Caller 1: [00:31:32] That's great. And of course, in a perfect world with right trained VA's we already know a little bit about social media. You wouldn't, if someone were to not be able to themselves implement it, that's where you would say, Hey, here's some general stuff, but what I'm trying to do.

go do it or figure it out. Cause that's there, they can do that and they can make it happen. That's one of the reasons why, you know, I was bringing up the age cause I know that there's those strategies out there that I may not have the patience or I might have just too much add to get in front of the computer and just,  drive myself crazy and take the time to do it.

But I'd like to hire an outsource that's stuff. And yeah, I think that's great that you're, that you're going to it. You're going to teach that because I heard that's a pretty, a nice thing. And it's only mind you, if you're skip tracing the call or you're emailing them and they're not responding, but you really do want to know.

Be more effective and just throw one more thing into the mix to increase your you're. You're making that person recognize, Hey, maybe they might want to consider you do your service and get some more information.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:32:39] we talked about earlier, like the multimedia campaign and that's part of the marketing training that I feel like I've missed.

And it will include obviously the direct mail and phone calls that we always talk about that I think will always be important. But adding in. proper email marketing. how do you write proper subject lines? What is good copy versus bad copy. What's a standard to set for yourself and beat.

And then what you do on Facebook, on Google, on these different digital platforms. And how do you tie that all back together in the organic stuff that you're doing with attorneys and with nursing homes. And so it'll take them all of the marketing avenues and show you how it all ties together with what we were already teaching.

And most of us are already doing. But that's not going to happen. this coming up one that's somewhere down. Yeah. If I can drink enough coffee, I hope by January or sometime in January. It will be long.

Caller 1: [00:33:31] Very good. Thanks. Thanks so much. I appreciate it. God bless you guys.

Jim. You still there? Yeah, this is next up. I am here.

Navigating All The Leads' Probate Prospecting CRM. [00:33:37] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:33:37] Next up is, nine two nine six.

Rich: [00:33:39] Yeah, this is Rich. Quick question. I'm new to ATL. I downloaded the CSV file and I was noticing from trying to distinguish between the deceased's name and the PR representative. I've got to go multiple fields and I've tried to use freeze frame, but, it freeze.

and, and I, either I'm not proficient, so whatever I've been going on YouTube, but they've got older models of Excel on there.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:34:02] Can you tell us what the purpose of doing it in a CSV versus a CRM? Why are you doing it that way? Oh, in other words,

Rich: [00:34:09] I just downloaded it because that's what I thought you was supposed to do.

it says now you want to download,

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:34:13] when you log in, log into subscriber portal, you'll click on my probate leads and where you downloaded that it was showing up below that in the list view and, the CRM view. And you'll click on it, click on the PR name and then that will open the lead detail view.

So everything's right there in a easily usable format.

Rich: [00:34:32] Okay, so you can see the PRS name next to the deceased member's name. So you don't have to slide back and forth.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:34:38] Yes. And you can also customize your view. If you look, when you go into my probate leads, there's appeal button, a little square teal button.

If you click that, it'll allow you to hide or reveal additional columns and you can reorganize those to suit your needs. Okay.

Rich: [00:34:53] Thank you. I didn't know that. Thank you. All right. Excellent. Next up is phone number ending in eight, two one three. You're up next.

Handwritten Note Automation - WOW Your Real Estate Prospects [00:35:01] Fed: [00:35:01] Hey guys. How you doing?

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:35:02] Good. Excellent, sir. How about you hall as well?

Fed: [00:35:05] Thank you. I have a question about attorneys then one that may actually, you guys may go back to my Outdesk, but I'm not sure. often when I cold call or lead generate whatever we wanna call it.  if I don't get a hold of a person, I usually leave them a voicemail.  but in addition to that, I try to, quote unquote, touch them,  in another way as well.

So I usually try to do a handwritten card,  so that then, I left him a voicemail plus handwritten card. Then I do the follow-up call that way. I'm constantly staying in front of them. What I did to become more efficient is. I hand wrote two versions of a card and had my digital guy put them in a vector form and fit it to a size where on an eight by 11 sheet, you can fit four cards.

So I put on nice paper stock, and then essentially yesterday I got a hundred. Version a hundred of each card,  printed for $30. So it saves a lot of times I'm not constantly handwriting unless it needs to be accustomed cart. however, I'm finding that when I do make my calls and then I want to send out the card by the time I'm done.

Doing the calls I'm so mentally tired and then just, drained with all the other stuff that we got going on, that when it comes time to actually have to prepare the envelope, have to put the address and all that stuff, I just don't really have the energy or desire to do it. Is that something that maybe my out desk could do as, or is that too little of a task?

I usually try to send out the ball every day.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:36:45] Wherever Brian Buffini might be in the world today. He has cold chills and he's not sure why.  if you haven't followed bluefin, you would, if you didn't get the joke, go look up Brian Buffini.  one of the best public speakers I've ever watched actually, but he's huge on the handwritten notes and the power of that.

so say so such a big thing and he built a career around it and a following. Yeah. So I commend you for what you're doing. It's a great idea. I want you to commit to stop doing it that way today. you've already done the work you've written the notes. you've got a system, somewhat systematized.

You're going to send an email to And you're going to say, guys, listen, I need to talk to someone about getting this into your system and uploading custom lists. Then when you're prospecting, you're going to use the shortcode function in the CRM. And when you, when one of those happen, you're going to put in the short code, send note card.

At the end of that prospecting session, or when you get all the way through that list, you're going to export that list, delete all of the ones that don't have that short code. And then you're going to upload that as a custom list. We're going to print the mom, got them, mail them, and you're never going to do this again.

Fed: [00:37:53] Oh, my God. It's life saver. All right, good. Thank you. I appreciate that a lot. A lot. A lot. Yeah. It may. It makes it much easier now. Cause I was just saying, all right, I have all these sheets of paper where I'm highlighting who it goes to, who it doesn't go to all that stuff, but then, but when it comes time to do it's just, it doesn't happen.

So then I'm like, why did I do all that for,  okay. You can do it in under a minute. The way I just told you. Yeah, I love it. I love it. I'm ops that starts two days. So thank you for that a hundred percent. the other question has to do with attorney, When, some of the leads that I'm calling the PR phone number under the PR happens to be the attorney's phone number.

And there's only that number at that point. Do you suggest still calling and perhaps going with the approach that you suggested to? I believe it was Scott where you're just asking the attorney for permission to give his or her client the right context to complete. the non legal aspects of the probate.

Cause I haven't been calling cause I just didn't know what approach that is. Usually it's usually a sign that person is a public administrator. So there either is no family to serve or the family as a strange than fighting. and the judge said, you guys take a sideline, we're going to appoint somebody else.

So that's usually the case. So the attorney, excuse me.  and in most cases, the attorney is the PR and that situation. And for them, it creates even more of a challenge because now they have all of the responsibility, not just 25% legal responsibility. So I will give you the same answer that I gave before you need to approach that person, small business owner to small business owner and yeah.

With empathy and understanding how much time it takes and how little money they make for doing that. Or even as they have to go build a team and, referral this out, like you already have the team built. They can literally just hand it to you. You're not asking for kickbacks. You're not trying to monetize every piece.

You just want to earn the real estate deal.  those are the, some of the most important attorney relationships because they are professionally, they're acting as professional fiduciaries in addition to their legal responsibility. And that comes up once a month, 10 times a month. you never know how many they're doing each month.

Oh yeah. Perfect. Awesome. Yeah. Okay. I just didn't know how to contact them, but now I'll put that into action today. Then it looks like I got some attorneys to call.

Awesome. Thank you, buddy. Two more in the queue. That should take us nicely up to the top of the hour.

Richard C: [00:40:18] Next up is phone number ending in five four, two eight. You're up next? Oh, this is Richard Curtis. I'm new.  I have one or two questions I sent Chad, I'd sent you a, I was on the call yesterday, but I sent a,  an email over to you, Chad, to see if I started your recorded mastery.

can I still participate in the one,  starting Monday. Yeah, absolutely. you'll be registered. you'll get an email confirmation whenever we get everybody registered manually. Okay. Second, thing. This has been a great call and I love all the, I can appreciate the idea that it's going to take me 10 years to get everything implemented.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:40:55] I'm going to go back and hit a stride of seven figures of income in one year, with what we're talking about. To really master it, you can take a decade. I don't want to intimidate people and make everyone think it's going to be 10 years to a paycheck. That's really not the case. No, I hadn't.

Richard C: [00:41:09] And I'm not saying that, but it's amazing. Some of the stuff you talk about, but I wanted to drill down a little bit more on that note card idea. I have listened to before me, but I've never been good at implementing. I salute that the previous caller I've never been good at implementing that.  but if I can, if there's a simple way to do that, can you walk us through again?

What we would have to do on the, my leads, a website to make that, or set that up for us this way right now is we include so several pieces of this longer call.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:41:41] if you look, there's a teal button that you can click, and that shows you all the available columns and my probate leads.

So you can customize your view. Yeah. If you click on that teal button and then click on short code or code, I think it might be shortened.  then that's going to put that in your list view. Then when you click into a lead detail view on the very first tab, there's an input for short code. So when you talk to somebody or don't talk to somebody and that, and they become somebody, you want to send a note card to just put in note card and the short code field, and then save.

And then when you go back out to the list view, you'll be able to click that short code column and it will sort either ascending or descending. And then you can export that list, the delete, all of the ones that don't have a short code, and then you can go to mailbox motivator. Order mailing campaign upload custom list.

And then you can, we can help you produce your postcard and then you upload that as your mailing piece. So you place a custom mail order versus an automated mail order, but it should take you less than a minute to do the export and place the order. Once you have that system in place.

And we have handwritten fonts of many different kinds and many different colors, we can make it look and feel any way you want.  just, I would say that for the very first one, let's get your mail piece designed and get it on file and then it will be a lot more automated and will take you very little time to do excellent.

No, that'll have the same kind of cost as sending out the letters. I'm assuming.  I'm not positive. It depends on what mail piece you're sending, but it should be less expensive because you're going to be sending a note card, which is, and it could even be a postcard, which is considerably less expensive.

But I would imagine you would probably send it in an invitation envelope, like the smaller note card envelopes. So the cost should be less than the 8x8 envelope. Okay. Thank you very much. All right. And I don't know. I don't know if Tim has a microphone, if you know that costs. I'm not sure if Tim can talk right now, If you send it out as a postcard, without putting in an envelope, it's obviously less expensive.  and we'll work with you to get anything done that you want to do. And I guess I'll also say this, that at any point, anything that you want to, we put out a lot of letters every month.

We put out letters all month long. not just the ones that we do, the normal standard probate letter, but people send out specific kinds of letters.

They want to go do we literally do thousands of mailings a month that aren't part of this, any kind of mailing that you're doing. even if you're doing mailing for the other parts of your business, we'll do anything that you need to go do. And you can upload custom lists.

And, we help you with skip trace and all the rest of the pieces that you need to work with. So just let us know what you want to do, and we'll be happy to work with you. And we've got people who are standing by all day long, working with our customers to get out what you,

Changing Locks On Behalf Of Clients: Proof Of Permission [00:44:22]Richard C: [00:44:22] Richard. Yeah, you're going to Richard. Go ahead. One other quick question from yesterday, in the call, the roll call, call yesterday, you had talked about, I think it was Chad that was talking about it, but he talked about a, an agreement,  that you would use between the PR that you could then turn around and use for your locksmith.

Do you have anything written up like that we could use as a format to I don't really have one. I used to have people just send me an email saying that I had their permission to access the property in case the police ever came. And Bruce and I have laughed about this before. I have literally been standing, drilling the lock out of a house when a police officer goes by and they didn't bother to stop, but I always thought, man, I want something on my phone in case instead of going to jail, I can say no.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:45:07] The seller told me I could do this, but I was shocked the first time it happened, it was like 10 degrees. And I'm out there freezing my butt off, drilling a lock, and he just drove by and waved that man. I'm like, what in the world? But what I suggested was I've been stopped. By the police. So this is very powerful.

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:45:24] Chad, dodged a bullet. I didn't Dodge the bullet when I was drilling a lockout. So go ahead. Yeah, don't look online for Bruce Hill. We don't want you guys to see in the mugshots.

Anyway, I'm scheduled to talk to Bruce tomorrow. Maybe I'll have him email me something if he's got something. So whatever it is, it was his post-prison letter.


Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:45:46] but it doesn't have to be overly formal. It's really just for permission,  just for them to show their intent for you to actually do that.

And the other part of that suggestion yesterday was they said the contractor didn't want to do the work, because he wasn't sure he was going to get paid. So there would be two parts to that letter one is permission to access the property. Two is an intent. Pay for a certain lock set. I would actually use the skew number so that they you're specifically defining which lock set is to be used and what price will be paid upon completion of the work.

And also that a photo sent to a certain number or a certain email address will be what's required for payment. And if you, I would put check boxes in there for permission to put LA, I agree to put lockbox on agree to mail keys to this address.  you can make a customized form that fits your specific need, but the really the two points are to make the contractor comfortable that they're going to get paid and they know what the scope of work is.

And to protect your assets of, if you get caught drilling the lock yourself. Or if the contractor gets caught.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:46:52] All right. Thank you, Richard. Appreciate it. last up this week is phone number ending in seven, four to eight. You're up.

2021 Housing Market Projections. [00:46:59] Okay. You guys, I was just going to ask a more general question and, I'm not sure if you can beginning or not, but what your, thoughts are for the next three, six, 12 months,  market wise.

We better. Let somebody else answer that one. Okay. Let's just get this like that. Do you want a 24 hour answer or do you want a brief one? I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. I agree. That's a better question. Oh gosh.  if I had a crystal ball, I would have sold all my property in 2007 and I didn't. I don't even know.

I don't want to even attempt to answer that. I do know that there's going to be opportunity to matter what happens. there always is. Does anybody else have a short answer to that or no?  I don't know. I don't know the short answer. But Bruce does offset. Yeah. The short answer. I'll go shorter than Chad would.

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:47:42] when I see, the debate on what the market's going to do, all I see is everyone. Every everyone comment and says everywhere else, but it's not going to crash here. And that's all over the country from every city. It's not going to crash here. It's not going to crash here.  inevitably, we've got tons of shadow inventory and we don't know if there's going to be forgiveness and forbearances that are offered.

If there are not, the market certainly going to slow down. Are we, healthy enough to avoid foreclosures as a country? Probably. We're probably healthy enough to avoid a massive wave of foreclosures, but there are, Chad probably knows the numbers a little better than I do. There are huge numbers of people who are behind on their mortgages that are gonna need to sell before their equity goes away.

So there's going to be some pretty substantial opportunities to get deals on properties, even if it's not the foreclosure side. Yep. said in short, Chad, you want to take a short stab at it?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:48:39] We're in overtime. I will say, we talked about this a lot in shift happens back in March.

And I will say that I've been very surprised that the measures that have that we've been so willing to take so quickly from the federal reserve and treasury. So it did kick out my predictions 12 to 18 months. we were 6.6 million housing units short, according to the numbers coming into this, but we also had far more people coming into this that could qualify for a mortgage than we do.

Now. I think rental demand is going to go through the roof. I think rents are going to have to soften, even though the demand is going up. Cause the average American is currently paying 35% of their gross income on rent. And one in four are paying more than half of their gross income. So with the pressure, especially in class a multi-family, you're going to see massive competition.

If you're a landlord, you're going to have to step up, there, because you're going to, there's going to be some downward pressure on rents across the board.  From the political side and I don't really want to make this a political call, but we all know who John Janet Yellen is and who she was in the last crisis.

And my perception of why she's being appointed the treasury is because that is a workaround because the Democrats aren't controlling the Senate. And it seems to me, the chess board is being set up in such a way that we can almost do unlimited quantitative easing. And take federal measures from the treasury and from the fed, which could kick this can way further down the road.

So the correction that everybody's waiting for in March or April is very likely, not even might not even happen. If you look at the amount of debt the fed has put on their balance sheets since 2008, it's 30, I think $36.8 trillion has gone over there.  we have that, so we can't pay off and we're still doing it.

I wouldn't be surprised if you see the fed actually move defaulted, mortgage debt onto their balance sheet to avoid a worst housing crisis than we've already created. And if that's the case that will support prices, but at some point the hangover's going to be even worse. So it's hard to tell. I don't think we'll get we're in a deflationary we're in a stagflationary economy right now.

So I think not much is going to change in the short term and the longterm. You're going to see massive inflation and you want to own as many pieces of real estate as possible because the money we're printing we'll pay that off for you. And if not, you'll be left behind. So I think you've got some more time to make hay while the sun shines.

And I don't believe that these evaluations are real. I think our inventory levels are falsely low because of people's comfort level. And they don't want to move during a pandemic, but at some point, and it might be six months. It might be two years. At some point, you're going to see the inventory shift and flood the market.

So some of it's going to be distressed. Some of it are going to be equity sales. Some of it are just going to be people trying to get the hell out of cities and then the suburbs. We already see some of that, but it's a game of hurry up and wait right now. I think the policies that are, we're going to see in Q1 and Q2, are going to give us a lot more clarity on what we can expect.

But for right now, I would say, stay the course and make hay while the sun shines.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:51:38] Yup. Yup. Well said and brief. Thank you. We do have a few people in the queue, guys. I'm apologize. We can't get to everybody this week. If there's anything urgent you need us for just reach out directly right after the call. And I want to end this, like I always do.

I want to thank each of you for being here, particularly. Thank those who participated. I want to congratulate the ones that had. Some wins. We'll have to pick the best one and we'll let you know. And I want to challenge each of you. Take one thought, one thing, one idea that inspired you on this call. Go out and put it into practice.

And please come back next Thursday and share your results with the group. Stay healthy, stay productive. Have a great week. And we'll talk to you. Same time. Next Thursday. Take care.


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Preview for Probate Mastermind Podcast: Role Play Episode 61

Probate Real Estate Scripts | Agents, Investors, and Wholesalers Role Play LIVE | Ep. 61

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Real Estate Scripts Role Play Training #61 

Recorded Live on December 2nd, 2020 (Join Us Live Next Time | Previous Episodes)


Welcome to All The Leads Role Play Training, a special series recorded once a month for the Probate Mastermind Podcast.  These episodes feature agents, investors and wholesalers from across the country role playing their real estate cold-calling scripts with coaches Chad Corbett and Bruce Hill.  The role play portions of the call are completely un-edited, so listeners can experience how these calls would sound if they were real conversations.  Be sure to join our Facebook Group, All The Leads Mastermind, to find role play partners and more!



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Call Re-cap:


Preview for episode segment: How to close on the first cold call

How To Close On The First Contact (3:07)

Kathy is having trouble closing calls out cold calls with an appointment set on the first go around.  She role plays with Chad.

Notable Quotes:

  • “You have maybe, maybe a 10 to 22nd window to create so much curiosity. (7:49)”
  • “You stirred up fear about securing the asset, changing the lock. But you didn't directly offer a solution, stirred up fear about the insurance and you kept him engaged, but you didn't directly offer a solution. Had you done that…. You would have had a reason to be there this afternoon (12:31)
  • “I would encourage you to make a list, to two columns. One, what problems do they have? Two: What solution can not provide...That exercise will it'll force you to really think about. Empathetically all of the problems that you could uncover in this conversation. And it will also force you to know, like specifically what your action item is when somebody has that problem.(13:42)
  • “‘And it's an assumptive close. I'm not asking, I'm sorry. You need to do this. Your, your attorney did not address this with you, but I am’....I'm assuming that I'm going to that house in the next 24 hours. (16:43)"



No More Follow-Ups: Get Your Prospects to Call YOU (20:30)

Federico is evolving his prospecting skills and breaking barriers with probate leads who say they don’t need anything right now.  Federico and the coaches mastermind how to make sure a lead doesn’t forget you and isn’t too embarrassed to admit they need you when they realize you were right. 

Notable Quotes:

  • “We send you a copy of your own letters so you actually know when they arrive in your market… We find that it usually the letter warms up your phone call because it's very different.  And they're like, ‘Oh yeah, I remember your letter. It was, it was the only one that didn't say we buy houses or, you know, we're the best damn realtor in the world!’ - it stands out. (24:41)“ 
  • “Paint that picture, that ‘there's a good chance you're you got a lot to learn here and there's a good chance you're going to need help and I'll be here waiting when you're, when you need it.’ ….Plant that seed and get permission to follow up,  and truly nine and a 10 of them will find something that they would rather you deal with and have them deal with themselves. (28:07)”
  • “A lot of folks, they do underestimate what it's going to take and they do procrastinate for the first month or two or three. And then the pressure sets in on them. And the embarrassment sets in. And a lot of times they won't call people back who they've shut down because they feel embarrassed to do that….So just create a safe space for you to call him or him to call you and say, listen, you don't ever have to be embarrassed. I get it. I hope that you can do this on your own and it's assemble your thinking. But I, I, I've seen a lot of families underestimate it and we're always, we've always got your back. (28:57)”
  • “The next call that I had was a lady who told me that her attorney dropped them.
  • She's the PR and she said, ‘the attorney just disappeared and won't take the case.  there. So I'm now handling everything by myself.’ (30:11)”
  • “We're painting the picture. We're painting the picture of a vertically integrated solution - One phone call, everything dealt with.(31:59)”


Preview for episode segment: Prospecting probate leads for virtual wholesaling and investingProspecting Tips For Virtual Wholesalers/Investors (34:31)

Mike works multiple markets virtually and wants to know: “How do you suggest we distinguish ourselves considering that it's somewhat difficult to get to the property in person?” Mike sets up a role play scenario where the lead is hesitant to work with an investor.

Notable Quote:

  • “But what I was doing was, was staying away from a very raw subject for them. They, the, you were, you know, you were showing me that you're perceiving me as just another guy that's trying to take advantage of you. So in that scenario, I'm going to stay the hell away from the real estate conversation. All I need to know, and all I care about is there is real estate. Now I know statistically there's about a 90% chance you're going to sell that real estate. So now my only focus is how do I get that? (40:42)“


Preview for real estate podcast segment: USP, sales propositions, and why altruism is the best differentiatorAltruism Is the Best Differentiator In A Selfish Industry (41:09)

Mike #2 and Chad hone in on the best USP you can have in real estate.

Notable Quotes:

  • “So I would, I would explain myself as a social, social entrepreneur. So we have multiple businesses. (47:38)”
  • “Altruism is the best differentiator in a selfish industry, and that summarizes everything we talk about here. (53:44)”
  • “That's the proof that they need, that this is a separate, this is a different, unique individual. (55:13)”
  • “Chad, you just built my whole business in this five minute conversation (1:03:30)”


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Episode Transcript

Cold Call Training for Probate Real Estate - Role Play #61


A.I. Narration: Welcome to All The Leads Cold Call Training, a special series recorded once a month for the Probate Mastermind Podcast.  These episodes feature agents, investors and wholesalers from across the country role playing their real estate cold-calling scripts with coaches Chad Corbett and Bruce Hill.  The role play portions of the call are completely un-edited, so listeners can experience how these calls would sound if they were real conversations.  Be sure to join our Facebook Group " All The Leads Mastermind"   to find role play partners and more.  For previous episodes, visit



[00:00:34]Jim Sullivan (Host): Welcome amazing investors and agents nationwide today is Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020. And this is role-play podcast number 61. And I just want to give you all a quick shout out and a reminder. Bruce, Chad and I are on all these calls. If you guys ever need any advanced help, Chad offers a weekly, mastery call, which is credible amount of content for a very low price.

[00:01:03]I think we're up to about 16 or 17 hours most months. And Bruce also offers, Bruce is a very experienced coach, not only in probate, but in really all aspects of, of real estate, both as an investor and a realtor. So. Feel free to take advantage of that. Just reach out to us, or you can contact either one of them directly on our website and, take advantage of everything we have to offer.

[00:01:28] Also, if you're a subscriber. You are entitled to a free coaching call from Bruce. So make sure you reach out for that also. So I just thought I would start with that commercial and, we only have two people in the queue guys. don't be bashful it, star six and hit one. Bruce, Chad, anything you want to say before we get started?

[00:01:45]Bruce Hill (Coach): No, I'm good. I'm ready to get going.

[00:01:47] Jim Sullivan (Host): Chad, anything you want to add?

[00:01:48] Chad Corbett (Coach): So mastery has been scheduled. I wasn't able to get the November class. So for anyone who's waiting on me, I'm sorry, but, probably mastery the last live class that will be taught, mastery is actually going to.

[00:02:00]It's getting turned into a masterclass finally.  So this is the last chance to take the course for $250. it'll be taught Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, the seventh, eighth, ninth, I believe from 3:00 PM Eastern until we're finished. And as Jim said, they seem to be getting longer and longer. So we there's about seven.

[00:02:17] Hours of actual instruction and usually about nine hours of kind of freestyle coaching and Q and a. So,  and that comes with the national certification. So if you're interested in becoming a CPE and you sign up for this class, whenever we do have the new full masterclass version, you'll actually have access to that member website, because you're an alumni.

[00:02:36] So it's, some things are changing is to provide a higher level of service and education to you guys going into the new year. So this will be the last traditional mastery, and then we'll move toward the new platform.

[00:02:48] Jim Sullivan (Host): And just to warn you all, when Chad said, till we're finished, Chad only sleeps three hours a night.

[00:02:53] So you guys be ready. The good news is it's recorded at, you could always relisten to it over and over again. All right, well, let's go to our first caller this week. His phone number ending in three zero four zero. You're up first.



How To Close On The First Contact


Role Play 1: Hi, good afternoon.  I, just to let you know, I just recently looked at the video regarding, talking to an attorney and I happened to run into a, a lady who her daughter was a probate attorney.

[00:03:20] So, I ended up making an appointment with her and we had a discussion. So I did get one attorney to work with me. It looks good. So thank you for the video. Okay. My question is, is that I send letters out to my, my clients, the first letter, and now I try to get ahold of them. And you've told this for me before.

[00:03:39] So most of the time they don't pick up the phone.  My question is when they do pick up the phone and I kind of, you know, give them my spiel. I think I I'm lacking in trying to close because it is the first contact. And I feel that maybe I shouldn't be closing at that time, I guess, in the back of my mind, because they don't have that letter testamentary.

[00:03:59] So can you give me some guidance on how are you in Texas? And is there a backlog? Is there a backlog in your court system? Is that why they're they usually don't have the letters because normally it's very rare and be pre COVID, especially, but it's very rare that we make contact with them and they're not confirmed.

[00:04:17] They don't have the authority and in most cases. So I just, I want to make sure that your assumption is based on reality. Like is, are you seeing that, that they actually don't have it or is that an assumption? I know, I really don't see it as they're having it the first month. What I'm seeing is that they may have next month, but there was a big deck logs this summer.

[00:04:37] Cause we were waiting four months before they got it. Let her test the mentor. Yeah. So that's kind of changed changes recently in September. And if it's getting faster and faster, okay. So I would still challenge you to just, you know, find a way like don't, don't be hesitant to call because you don't have a reason to go over there and build a relationship with these people.

[00:04:58] I don't want you to have that mindset because if your mindset is I'm going to find a way to help these people with whatever I can right now, and maybe that's property preservation. Maybe that's property maintenance, maybe that's staging and sorting through the, the personal property to arrange for a sale.

[00:05:14] There's a lot of things that you can do proactively to really shorten that cycle.  so that's the, that's the mindset I want you to have when you, when you pick up the phone is I will find a way. And, reasons to meet them face to face. And then you'll be, you'll you'll know when the close, but it sounded like you wanted to kind of go through your, as you call it your spiel.

[00:05:33]so if you want to role play that, would you rather do it with me, Bruce or Jim? Well, let me keep my paperwork. It doesn't make any difference who I do it with. So. Well, you better, don't bruise if you're using a script. Cause I'll get my ruler out.

[00:05:45]I guess I haven't written down. So I have many, many pages of what I want to say. I keep changing it all the time. So, okay. If you're ready, I'll go ahead and. Ready and, and we'll, I'll, I'll give you a little bit of back and forth. I won't be too hard on you, but I'll give you a little bit of back and forth just to give you something to handle.

[00:06:04]so go ahead, go ahead and start. You start with a ring ring. I say, hi, my name is Kathy. And the reason I'm calling you is because I've been sending you letters regarding the probate case that you filed. Recently. You may remember receiving them. You may not. Well, let me explain what I'm calling about. I am a certified probate real estate specialist, and I have received some additional training in probate procedures and knows how a court confirmation process probate sale works.

[00:06:30] having helped many executives like yourself, understand that managing the details I'm going to state for a family member or friend who passed, passed on can be a challenging responsibility. I will be be with you every seventh way, helping you with the sale of your loved ones property, which means I will help you select the best providers they can help you get the personal property shortage, handyman tests, the state liquidators, et cetera, all the way to closing the property.

[00:06:57] so tell me, have you had a chance to go through the property yet? And then they'll answer and we'll end here. They hung up 90 seconds ago. Second paragraph. Yes. So here's what I want you to do. And I want to hear this on like, hold it up to the microphone, crumble that up and throw it in the floor. Oh, really?

[00:07:13]I'm on a carpet slower. You won't hear it. Okay. As long as, as long as it's out of your reach, if you, if you're face to face, I don't believe that you think you would never do that face to face what'd you know? Right. So this is, this is about being you, you know, all the points you like as far as a written statement, it was excellent, but it's not going to serve you on the phone.

[00:07:35]So now call Bruce and let those points come out in an organic conversation. The one thing that you, you shut him out for 90 seconds or more, and that's the opposite of engagement you have. I have to get to engagement quickly. You have maybe, maybe a 10 to 22nd window to create so much curiosity.

[00:07:54] They can't wait to hear what you have to say next. So take a deep breath. Think about what your most pertinent point is and the, the, a good question. You can ask him within the first 10 seconds and call him again. And, and, and, and before you do that, I want you to, give me a summary. If I asked you where we're meeting, just in the grocery store.

[00:08:14] And I say, what do you do with regard to probate? Give me, give me like a 10 word summary of what you do.

[00:08:20]Okay. Well, I help people going through probate to be get organized,  with things that need to be done. There are certain steps that you must spell according to the courts. And I know those steps. And the biggest problem is the personal property getting sorted through. So are you looking for someone that is working in probate?

[00:08:39] maybe, maybe I don't. I don't know why. Well, no, don't say no, I don't talk. I don't know why. I don't know what, I don't know what I don't know. So we just started the process recently.

[00:08:50]Okay. well, tell me, what are some of the issues you may be made me looking at? Oh, well, we've got, we've, like I said, we just started and we've got to get over and,  get the, get the, windows. One of the windows is rotten and just kinda start taking, cleaning up the property. But honestly, honestly, most of it's just doing this bank account stuff.

[00:09:10]Oh, okay. Well, there aren't, there are some steps that you can do now. you may not be aware of it. The biggest thing is,  you need to, first of all, change the locks and the property.  you have no idea how many homes had been broken into, or they have found squatters in the home.  so you do want to avoid that.

[00:09:27]And the other thing you can do is that you need to contact your homeowners insurance,  defined out if they are going to cover a vacant home, because most of them do not cover vacant homes. Okay. And heaven forbid that something does happen and, and then you can't get coverage. Now, if you don't have an outlet for that, I do have a resource that someone that I could refer you to that does can handle a vacant home.

[00:09:51]Is that something you may be looking into?  maybe, but I think our insurance probably has, has vacant. I, I think we're covered. Yeah. But I, if I were you, I would just to make the call anyway. I mean, you don't want something to happen at home and then not be covered. Right.  yeah. Yeah. Right. Definitely want to be covered.

[00:10:09]Okay. And if you need any help, let me know.  the, the other thing that you could be doing right now is that you need to go in and just see what personal property there is. Okay. Just, just you as executor. You also want to find out, Are there any valuables in the home that maybe need to be appraised and set those aside?

[00:10:28] you need to go in and of course, you know, find the paperwork, the will,  also, debts that the decedent had,  insurance policy. Yeah. Our attorney, our attorney told us to get all that. Are you, are you familiar? No, I'm not, no, I'm not, but I do. I do everything. We're just, non-legal the attorney does all the legal stuff.

[00:10:49] I do all the tests, which is a pretty long list of, of non-legal items. And that's basically getting the house cleaned out, get the, the items distributed to the beneficiaries and closing. Hmm. How much do you charge for that? Well, bottom online is. Up front, my services are, are, are free. And, I would think at the end,  you do have a rental property that you may be selling it and that's the way I get paid.

[00:11:14]So is that something that maybe you're looking at to sell? we haven't decided yet. it's pretty, pretty early. I got to talk to my brother and sister about that before we decide. Right at MOC and secretaries do have to do that. So.

[00:11:26]Okay. Well, what I could do is, you know, I can come over and, and we can look at the property and maybe give you some guidelines as to what steps to take in order to get probate. Rolling. I do have some time on Wednesday. At, let's say five o'clock, and we could meet at the property. Would that be good?

[00:11:42]This week is kinda bad. I don't open up again for a couple extra a couple of weeks. Oh, okay.  all right. you want me in three weeks on a Thursday?  yeah, that should, that should work. So it's the 17th. That would be great. Five o'clock at the home. What are we meeting for?  so I'm going tomorrow.

[00:11:58] I'll look at the property. I'm going to see kind of a review, what it is in the home. And I'm going to sit down with you and work out a plan of what things you need to do. Okay. All right. That that's helpful. Okay. Thank you very much and I'll see you in three weeks. Okay. All right. Thank you. All right.

[00:12:13] Thank you. Goodbye. So I was very critical of your script. I want to say that it was natural and you, you, you have good tone, but you missed several opportunities, several slow pitches, and you actually created the setup. You created the setup for most of them, but you didn't close the loop on it. Okay. You stirred up fear about securing the asset, changing the lock.

[00:12:36] But you didn't directly offer a solution, stirred up fear about the insurance and you kept him engaged, but you didn't directly offer a solution. You were wishing away and left them. And, you left them wide open procrastinate, and have full exposure on the most valuable asset. And you. State how so I would love, I want you to go back and listen to your recording and watch how you set up, and then you didn't close on your own setups and they're just little tactics that you're using, but had you done that he would not have deferred the appointment three weeks because you would have a clear reason to reconnect with him in the next one hour to make sure that the vacant insurance policy was in effect, you would have had a reason to be there this afternoon with the contractor to change the locks and post a no trespassing sign.

[00:13:20]And at that point, you can look through the personal properties there. So just listen to your conversation. And all of a sudden you had so many reasons to get to that face-to-face appointment today or tomorrow. And your, but your, your, your language is good. Your tone is good. It's obvious that you care about them.

[00:13:36] I don't think you're 100% clear on all the things you can do to help. So think about like, I would encourage you to make a list, to two columns. One, what problems do they have? Two: What solution can not provide. And one problem is they, you know, the house is exposed to two squatters or, or vandalism one another is the house is not, does not have the proper insurance.

[00:14:00] You know, the yard is not, it needs mowed, but it's not being mowed or anything like that. The house needs winterize is a good one right now. And just that will, that exercise will it'll force you to really think about. Empathetically all of the problems that you could uncover in this conversation. And it will also force you to know, like specifically what your action item is when somebody has that problem.

[00:14:23]And I don't think you're a hundred percent clear on, on your action item on exactly what you deliver. The, for example, the insurance, instead of saying, well, you know, call your insurance guy. And if he can't do it, just let me know. They're they're unlikely to ever call back. You can say something like, well, listen, you can talk to your insurance guy at the same time.

[00:14:41] If it's okay with you, I'd like to pull the tax card and send it to the person. I know that underwrites vacant insurance, and they should be calling you within the next 60 minutes to give you a quote, to make sure that the assets covered. Would that be okay now you created. You gave them value, but more importantly, you created a solid reason for them to answer your next phone call.

[00:15:01] And that's a little bit, but if you can't, if you can't close on an appointment, you have a reason to re-engage with them. So just, I would encourage you to do that exercise. What all problems could they have, what specific solutions and action do I take when I uncovered this particular problem? And I think that will really get you clear on how you can close some of your own setups that you're missing right now.

[00:15:23]Okay. I think that's my problem. I don't know what to say to close, but I liked what you said about, you know, I ha I know someone have I call them and pass on your information. That's great. What do I say about squatters? Cause you said that. Yeah. So you, you stirred up the fear and you, you, you got Bruce thinking about it.

[00:15:41] Holy crap. What if she's right, but you didn't have for a solution you just moved on and you could have said, well, you know, listen, that's a real concern. And Bruce affirmed, he's like, yeah, I've heard of that. I think, I think he affirmed that. And you can say, well, listen, what we, what we do to protect every family.

[00:15:57] We can, at a very minimum, we try to get over there and post them no trespassing sign and the state statute for no trespassing underneath of it, just for safe measure.  also if you would like we can change the locks and make sure family members get, get keys in the mail. So is that something, would you, do you want to just do the posting or would you like us to do the posting and change the locks this afternoon?

[00:16:20]And it's an assumptive close. I'm not asking, I'm sorry. You need to do this. Your, your attorney did not address this with you, but I am, and I'm acting in your best interest and your potential fiduciary. This is what I need to do to help you to protect these yeah. Asset. So I'm assuming there's no, no is not a possible answer for me.

[00:16:38]Now I might get an email and I can deal with that. But from a mindset standpoint, I I'm assuming that I'm going to that house in the next 24 hours.

[00:16:46]Okay. Why do you know about changing the locks? Because I had this issue before that, the companies that I called, they don't want a realtor to call. They want the person. That's in charge to call and then they do, they know there's going to be a seated with, to this. You should at least $200. Well, I would first find a different company, find a class C contractor.

[00:17:08]And go cut a deal with him and say, listen, I'd like to have a package where you, Ricky houses for me. can you do this for $75? And I'll use you exclusively and use these lock sets from, from home Depot or Lowe's this item, here's the skew number. And then write up a simple document just that you can throw into DocuSign.

[00:17:29]And when you have this conversation with the seller, just say, listen, I'm going to send you a DocuSign. Just in case the police come and we're there, you know, changing locks and I like to have something signed and that document is going to say for a fee of $75 in the next 48 hours, I give you permission to access the property, drill the locks, if necessary, replace those and mail the keys to this address.

[00:17:51] Or check a box and you can put a lock box on the, on the property with the key, all keys inside the lock box, send them a DocuSign. It takes 20 seconds. That way when you call the contractor, you say here here's, here's the, here's basically your order. Here's the property address. Here's what you do with the lockbox or here's where you mail the keys.

[00:18:11] Please let me know when it's done. Send photos and. But like little simple things like that, where you, you take immediate action and solve the problem on the spot, make a massive difference in how people perceive you. Yeah. And I just, I had a comment, huge improvement from basically reading them, you know, your letter to having a conversation.

[00:18:32] I heard one thing and I'm probably the only one on the call that heard this, but I would, I would lose the phrase. Non-legal. It kind of sounded like to be like, it kinda sounded like somebody could perceive that as sort of sounded like you were saying everything I do is illegal. It's kind of like the attorney does everything legal and I take care of all the illegal stuff.

[00:18:53] And that's really picky. I know that. I know that's not what you said, but, but I would say something like the attorney takes care of all the legal aspects and I can pretty much help you with anything else. You know, I can help you with anything that that is, surrounding real estate. Right? Perfect. Okay.

[00:19:10]Other than that, though, your language is great. Yeah. Very good. So here's, here's, here's what I want going all the way back to the beginning and your, in your introduction and your greeting, as Chad mentioned, you, you want that greeting to be like 20 seconds or less, and I'd kind of pushed you at the start of our second, our second call.

[00:19:29] I'd pushed you to summarize what you do and about. 10 words or less. So something like, Hey, it's this is Bruce. And I'm calling because I help families go through the probate process. I do that in this way, this way and this way. So you, you lay out two or three categories. Of things that you do instead of going through your list of a thousand things, which you did not do some people do you lump them into categories, real estate, repairs, maintenance, personal property.

[00:19:57]And, and then, and then you open it up. what. what's your process been like so far and that way you're summarizing it. You're saying, and seven words. I help families go through probate. I do that by this, this, and this, and then turn the conversation over to them. Okay. All right. I, I will try again.

[00:20:16]Okay. All right. Awesome. Kind of the old elevator pitch you're getting, you're getting on the ground floor of an elevator and the other guys getting off on the second floor. What can you tell him before he gets off? Alright. Great job. Thank you for volunteering.  we have very good. We have two more in the queue.


No More Follow-Ups: Get Your Prospects to Call YOU

[00:20:30] Role Play 2: Next up is a frequent flyer ending in eight, two one three. You're up next. Hello? Hello. How's everyone doing? Doing great, buddy. How about you? Excellent. Thank you. so I have a question about the leads,  and then a question about, scripting or role-play. so I don't know why, but my, so the, my November leads very large number of them.

[00:20:54]the numbers are often just disconnected.  for, for various ones, sometimes I can go, for example, let's say there's 90 leads and I could go 10 leads in a row. And the number doesn't work. I don't know if maybe it's either a glitch or maybe people disconnected their number. I have, or maybe it's a landline.

[00:21:14] I don't know. I want it to get your 2 cents on that.  well the numbers are you saying on 10 leads? Like. All of the numbers for each of those 10 or just the first number for the 10.  so for, for the ones that it happened Sunday, that specifically Austin only has one number associated to it. And then, that, so that one's disconnected.

[00:21:34] So then I'll move to the next lead and then the same thing happens. And then so on for a good amount, sometimes it's four in a row. Then I get, one or two that are good. And then I get five or six more in a road better. Disconnected. So I don't know if maybe it's a glitch,  just trying to,  the only month that that's ever happened to you.

[00:21:52]I think this is the only month that I was as consistent. So maybe that's the only month that I actually noticed.  but yes, to answer your question. Yes. Okay. And have you noted them in the database? Like have you put up, have you used a short tag short or anything to note? Which ones were bad? Yeah, I usually put it in, I always save notes after, when I do my calls.

[00:22:13] I always put a note about what happened, which numbers are disconnected, which aren't. And if I speak to whoever I spoke to what was said and done that way, know,  what to say when I follow up. Could you export the list and just add a column beside of add a column beside of the phone numbers and put in like a sure, you know, indicate which ones you hit that problem with.

[00:22:34]And we can have our data team take a look at it. It's, it's unusual that that would happen.  if you know which ones they are that will really help us dig into it and understand what's happening and fix it. If it's, if it's not just an outlier month. Okay. Yeah, absolutely. I'll definitely do that. okay. I'll do that.  thank you. regarding new leads, right? So I saw that the new leads arrived. I think it was yesterday or the day before,  regarding that and timing of when to call,  D when we received the leads, is that also the day give or take that the PR received the letter? Or should we maybe wait, maybe a few days after we received the lead in our portal before making the call so that we can make sure that the letter was actually received.

[00:23:22] Does that make sense? It does. And the answer is different for everybody. I mean, if you want to make sure your call comes in after the letter, you can assume that the day you're leaving the day your leads hit your, my, my probate.  if you're on auto, if you're on autopilot, that will also trigger the first letter, the first round of your, your marketing sequence.

[00:23:40] So you've got three to three to five days on which day that happens on. If it happens on a Friday, it's obviously going to be longer. Or it could be longer.  but you know, you, you've got three business days. You're pretty safe if you're on autopilot. And, but we, we actually sent, we send you a copy of your own letters.

[00:23:57] So you actually know when they arrive in your market. So that's just the fail safe, like, you know, for sure that everyone else must have gotten them that day because you did too.  got it. I think. Postal services, you know, they're, they're doing all they can to keep up right now. I literally have people showing up in civilian vehicles, delivering mail now,  a whole lot, there were a little overwhelmed with e-commerce I think, but FedEx not using you halls here.

[00:24:21]But so it could be a little longer, but the safest bet is to just, when you get a copy of your own letter, you know, that it's, that everyone has gotten it and you can make phone calls. Now that said, a lot of folks hit the phones before the letters even dropped. And they, if they're aggressively, you know, making calls and, and getting out there before we find that it usually the letter warms up your phone call because it's very different.  And they're like, Oh yeah, I remember your letter. It was, it was the only one that didn't say we buy houses or, you know, we're the best damn realtor in the world it asked me know, stands out. So it can warm your phone call, but you're, you're getting pretty strong on the phones man.

[00:24:59] Like we had the fed show last month.  I would encourage you to try calling before the letter showed up and just see if you don't get resistance. If you're breaking through it doesn't matter. Go ahead and call earlier. Fair, valid points. I appreciate that. okay, so now onto scripting, right?

[00:25:17] So, two things that I encountered, in the last couple of days with calls are one of them was. So when I speak with the person and I ask if they recall receiving my letter and all that stuff and just to kind of warm them up and they're always very nice. One of the things that, I had a caller tell me yesterday is okay, sorry.

[00:25:39] When I do the introduction, I said, do you recall receiving my letter? They say, yes, what it's about? Then I tell them briefly for five seconds. What I, what it is that I do. And then I just tell them, I see that you're working with so-and-so AKD attorney, right. Just to make them feel comfortable, you know?

[00:25:56] Cause I let them know I got your number from the probate court. And all that stuff. And I see that you're working with, you know, mr. Corbett,  it's very good that you have an attorney, all that stuff, just so that they kind of see, I'm not just someone calling, they see they're really suspicious. So the gentlemen responded to me, said, all right, per he said I'm handling everything else myself.

[00:26:18] So I don't need any of your services. I wasn't sure where to go with that aside from just, you know, is it okay if I checked back in with you in about a week or so? just to see if you're still, still handling everything. Okay. But that's an, okay. Maybe that wasn't the right approach. A better one is have him identified like, cause he doesn't know what he doesn't know.

[00:26:40] And most people underestimate just how challenging this is. And there's just, there's so many little moving pieces and responsibilities they have to do. It's easy for folks to get overwhelmed. So in the beginning they underestimate what needs to be done and they're like, ah, hell, this is no big deal. I just have to open a bank account, pay the bills, sell everything who can't do that, but they're not accounting for all of the inefficiencies in the process and all the parties involved.

[00:27:07] And there's a reason attorneys. This is such a big business for attorneys because they've been the ones that quarterback this for years and they don't eat. They don't do the best job they could either. That's what leaves a massive opportunity for us to step in there. Right. So knowing you, you knowing that him not knowing don't challenge him and say, you're ignorant, you don't know what you're talking about.

[00:27:27] You know, you do need my help. You can say something like, Hey, listen, I understand. I mean, I would say probably nine out of the 10 families that we ended up helping say the same thing in the beginning. And you don't have to be embarrassed if, if you find yourself overwhelmed, just pick up the phone and call we'll be here.

[00:27:43]And otherwise I'll check in with you every couple of weeks just to make sure would that be okay? And like help him, help him understand, set an almost set, an expectation that you, your ego doesn't have to keep you from calling me back. If you do find that you're overwhelmed, you don't have to be embarrassed.

[00:27:59] I see it happen literally every week I see this happen and we stepped right in and we take over and our, you know, and do what we need to do. But. Paint that picture, that there's a good chance. You're you got a lot to learn here and there's a good chance you're going to need help and I'll be here waiting when you're, when you need it.

[00:28:15] so you, you can put your own language to that and get your version. But I would, I would, you know, assertively and assumptively, you know, assume that he's going to need help in the future. And plant that plant that plant that seed and get permission to follow up,  and truly nine and a 10 of them will find something that they would rather you deal with and have them deal with themselves.

[00:28:37] But regardless of how small, those are any reason to have a followup call, any reason for them to answer a follow-up call is a great. As a great reason, right? So I don't care if you need to, rehome a pet, you know, get a cat adopted. That's a great reason to show up in person and, and be, and create a real relationship.

[00:28:56]So a lot of folks like they, they do underestimate what it's going to take and they do procrastinate for the first month or two or three. And then the pressure sets in on them. And the embarrassment sets in. And a lot of times they won't call people back who they've shut down because they feel embarrassed to do that.

[00:29:14]So just create a safe space for you to call him or him to call you and say, listen, you don't ever have to be embarrassed. I get it. I hope that you can do this on your own and it's assemble your thinking. But I, I, I've seen a lot of families underestimate it and we're always, we've always got your back.

[00:29:30]Yeah. After I appreciate that. After, after I, we hung up, I actually called him back a few moments later, just to say, Hey, this is often overlooked and actually, accidentally forgotten by the attorney. I understand you have everything covered. I just want to make sure, that if there is a property in the estate that you go ahead and call your insurance specialists too.

[00:29:53] Make sure that there's a vacant home insurance policy. So I just told them that just to kind of, again, not be threatened, not feel threatening or like I'm telling them what to do, but just to kind of at least show him that there is,  there is care over there.  so that's that. And then to piggyback on something you were saying,  the next call that I had was a lady who told me that her attorney dropped them.

[00:30:17]She's the PR and she said, the attorney just disappeared and won't take the case.  there. So I'm now handling everything by myself. And I said, well, I, you know, she asked me if I was an attorney. I said, look, I, I personally am not, we mainly help with everything, all the li everything, all the aspects of the probate that are not.

[00:30:37] Legal that's what an attorney can do. We do work with several attorneys, so I'd be more than happy to guide you in the right direction. whether it be attorney or any type of service, such as clean-out repair, if there's any real estate she did tell me there's no real estate.  But then she asked me how much, what are the fees for the attorneys and the people that work with you?

[00:30:59] I had no idea what to answer. So I just told her I'm not sure, but I'd be more than happy to put you in touch. At least give you some, some references. Is that a common question? The what is their fee eventually? No, not at first. Yeah. Eventually I usually, this is the fee.  and just so you know, that depends on the complexity of the estate and the value of the estate.

[00:31:21] But on average, it's four to 7% of the gross value is where most legal fee the administration costs come in. So it's a significant number. Okay. I would, I would, I want to challenge you to have a better response to that question when she says, you know, are you an attorney or do you have one, instead of you had a kind of a wordy answer and you can get gain more credibility by saying, Oh no, I'm way smarter than that.

[00:31:47] I've got one on my team. Oh, I love when you're short, you shorten it down. You're still covering the base, but you're not, it's way less wordy and they get the point. Holy crap. This guy has everybody on the team. So again, we're painting the picture. We're painting the picture of a vertically integrated solution.

[00:32:04] One phone call. Everything dealt with. So you want me to keep that image, keep that image up because it will keep you keep them engaged with you. And if they need a painter, they're going to call you if they need to, rehome a cat, they're going to call you. It's whatever could be paint. The picture that there's this giant office building somewhere in Texas and you and your whole team are in it.

[00:32:24]And people would actually ask me that. And they're like, my God, you must take up a whole building. Where's your officers. And they really thought that all this was in one building.  but be a little more confident about the attorney side of it, because you believe the attorney is the attorney is one of your team members, right.

[00:32:40] The spokes in the Wheeler. So, yep. Nope. I'm not an attorney. I'm way more smart. I'm way smarter than that. but I am smart enough to have one on my team. Actually, we have several and as far as cost, the cost is gonna, the cost is different for every family. It depends on the assets you have and the level of involvement.

[00:32:58]But I will say this. You dodged the bullet by finding one of the wrong attorneys, we have been very carefully selected the best attorneys in town that have a standard of service that matches ours. So I'm going to have a guy named Doug Jones, call you in the next 60 minutes and make sure you're taken care of because the attorney that bailed on you probably didn't tell you this, but you, you are solely act that you're acting as a sole fiduciary.

[00:33:21] Sorry. I'm going to state if the house burns down, if somebody breaks in and if anything happens, guess who's liability. That is. If someone else from the family disagrees with anything that happens, guess who they're going to Sue. That's right. Oh, wow. So we need to get, we need to retain counsel for you today.

[00:33:37] It's not necessary, but I would certainly recommend that even though there's no real estate, that's something that I can do to help you right now and just know that you're protected and you know, you still have a fiduciary responsibility to the estate, but that attorney is going to absorb the legal liability and make sure that no mistakes are made.

[00:33:54] And if they are. There'll be there to help you through those. So it would it be okay if I have Doug, give you, give you a call here in the next hour. Okay, perfect. Okay. And again, just like we said, with the last caller, like be a little more assertive and hand them the solution on a silver platter, take away the procrastination.

[00:34:11]I thought it was kind of a funny, I thought of an alternative, funny comment. Are you an attorney? Do I sound like an attorney? Geez. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult,

[00:34:19]you'll find out how they you'll find out how they feel about attorneys. For sure.

[00:34:23]Have fun with it. We'll just, yeah. Appreciate it. Thank you guys so much. Really. Thank you, sir. We got three more in the queue.



Prospecting Tips For Virtual Wholesalers/InvestorsNext up is phone number ending in nine eight, eight nine. Hey, what's going on guys? What's up.  not much, I, this is actually my first call. I've gotten myself and my team here.  so quick question, you know, we're, we're like 99% virtual.

[00:34:44]So I wanted to ask how can you, how do you suggest we distinguish ourselves considering that it's somewhat difficult to get to the property in person? How can we distinguish ourselves and set ourselves apart and kind of build that rapport on, on the initial call? As opposed to, you know, briefly telling them what we do and how we do it and getting out there to set an appointment.

[00:35:02]Joel, you mean you're out of town or just working remotely?  we, we operate in a couple of different markets, even in our own backyard. We rarely go out to a house until you get a contract first, even when it's a probate lead. So just trying to find a ways to be a little more efficient, over the phone, as opposed to getting out there in person for every, every deal.

[00:35:20]Sure the answer is who, who can do it for you because that getting there in person that makes a big, big difference. And that is what differentiates you, especially from other virtual wholesalers. So who can that be? A contractor makes a really good partner. Like if you start with a, like, someone who's young in their business, like a class C contractor can be a very good resource to take videos.

[00:35:42] Photos give you a, you know, quotes, put lockboxes on chain, you know, change locks.  so that, that could be your ground guy in each of your markets. realtors are also very good. if you don't, if you, you probably already have realtors, they eventually make commissions. So a lot of times you don't have to pay them on a per house basis or a per appointment basis, but you could,  you know, I mean, some realtors, frankly, aren't very good at what they do.

[00:36:05] They'll show houses for 20 bucks, and this is not that much different. You, you can look for a showing agent.  and then, you know, obviously in the first couple you want to. Build a strong relationship over the phone and just say, Hey, I've got an assistant that can combine do this for you today. But eventually that if that's the right who, then you'll be able to train them to actually do the appointments on their own, and you could send an acquisition manager, you might turn that person into your acquisition manager.

[00:36:30]Another person that I like to use is a local, concierge who, they normally sell their, sell their services in blocks of time. you could buy a block of time and then send them to look at the house and have them kind of go through and, and package your proposal of the extra services that either they, as, as an independent contractor, you might want to help them.

[00:36:54] The person with, to earn their business. Gotcha. Gotcha. Gotcha. Okay. Well, I mean, that's a great tip. What do you feel like you've had to difficulty with on the onset of the call? Right. Like building that rapport, building that, that curiosity, I guess you'd call it like the first 10, 20 seconds of the call.

[00:37:10] especially if I, if they just initiated the probate process, as opposed to it being, you know, few weeks, few months in. Could we maybe role play, maybe, you know, the investor, whatever it may be and whatnot on the seller potential seller. I just want to put together a better pitch for my team. If that makes sense, Bruce, you want to, do you want me to take it?

[00:37:25]Go ahead and take it. I'm having a really, really hard time hearing it. Yeah. Could you get, I think you're on speakerphone. you're going to role, could you just get closer to the mic please? Yes, sir. I'm right here. Okay. Okay. So I'm outbounding. You're the prospect? Yup. Okay. And what was your name? Mike?

[00:37:40] Okay, ring. Ring.

[00:37:42]Hi, I'm trying to reach Mike Smith.

[00:37:43]Hey, Mike, my name's Chad Corbett. I, I've sent you a letter a couple of days ago, but I had a few minutes of my office. I thought I'd follow up.  we, we have a team here in Roanoke. It helped families going through probate. And as part of that, we go to the courthouse and meet with the clerk every 30 days or so.

[00:37:58] And we try to reach out to each of the families just to see if there's any way we can help. I've. what's what's been something you guys could use help with. Have you found anything that would be challenging yet or is it pretty, pretty straightforward? Oh, it's been pretty simple for us, but we're, we're thinking about maybe selling her house.

[00:38:12]Okay. And it, it looks like, I think you guys are working with John DOE attorney down on fifth Avenue.

[00:38:17]Okay. Well, that's really good. And you feel like he's done everything that you expected him to, or are you still have some blind spots? Wow. So far so good. Okay.  one of the things I actually don't know, John though, we haven't met yet. so I'm not real familiar with his process. And from one of the things we try to do make, we see most attorneys overlook is asset protection.

[00:38:37] you said that there's a house in the estate that usually represents about 80% of the day. Oh, you have a state, the entire state for most families. So the first thing we try to look at it is that protected. So did, did the attorney help you set up, is, is the property vacant? Yeah, but the property is vacant and you want to go home buying company because I'm getting a lot of letters and postcards and calls and you know, these, these vultures just won't leave me alone.

[00:39:00]Yeah. So we, we have real estate services because that's a big part of, of the estate process for most families. And most families do want to sell the assets. But what I want to focus on first is making sure those are protected because if the attorney hasn't told you, you do have some legal liability and a fiduciary responsibility to.

[00:39:18] To preserve both real and personal property. So if, if the, if you didn't transition the insurance policy to a vacant house policy, you haven't, you haven't uninsured asset. If you haven't properly posted the home and somebody gains access, you can't evict them. And they're stuck in there for months at this point.

[00:39:35]So if it's okay with you, we have a process that we like to work through one step at a time to make sure you're protected. And we. Kind of pick up the pieces and do what the attorneys don't usually.  so what would you like to get that and make sure the home's protected.

[00:39:49]Mike, are you there? Yeah,

[00:39:50]I I'll I'll break for a second. I didn't hear your response. There was a microphone noise if you responded. I think we lost him. You still there, Mike? All right. I'm going to move on to the next person. I guess, Chad, well, Mike, definitely. Well, I'll, I'll, I'll finish. I'll just show where I was going. So, because he showed me apprehension to investors and he told me he's a virtual wholesaler.

[00:40:11] I was easing my way in, by the way. By group or like vastly differentiating myself. And I was deferring the quote, the answer until I could get there face to face and prove to him that I was ethical and acting in his best interest. And then seal out the level of motivation. If they're super, super motivated, it's it.

[00:40:29] Then, then I'll make him an offer right there on the screen. But, and there's a contract in my truck at all times. If they're not that motivated, then I'm going to walk it back a little and I'm going to hand it to my brokerage partner if I don't have that in house. But what I was doing was, was staying away from a very raw subject for them.

[00:40:47]They, the, you were, you know, you were showing me that you're perceiving me as just another guy that's trying to take advantage of you. So in that scenario, I'm going to stay the hell away from the real estate conversation. All I need to know, and all I care about is there is real estate. Now I know statistically there's about a 90% chance you're going to sell that real estate.

[00:41:07] So now my only focus is how do I get that? Face to face to let him know that I'm different than all the other people he's, he's, he's judging me against. So that's where I was going with it. I would show up to change locks. I would show up to, you know, I would get my insurance guy to put up to bond a vacant policy on it and follow up to make sure that that was done.

[00:41:26]I would get over there for any reason I could. That's where I was headed with it. Perfect. And the next one in the queue appears to be Michael also six two, three, one. Is that the same Michael or a different one? Completely different.

[00:41:36] Altruism Is the Best Differentiator In A Selfish IndustryOkay. Well, Michael, number two. What can we do for you, sir? So, I would like to step that I do have some questions, but I wanted to step then the other Michael's role.

[00:41:45] I want to kind of put back into that situation because this is pretty interesting, what you're saying as I was listening to you. I was thinking that, Hey, if this was me, I probably say a few things and I'd like to see how you would. You, you would respond if that's okay. You want to play the prospect?

[00:42:02]Well, I don't necessarily do. I just want to kind of throw you out here's here's what I'm hearing and how would you go about this? So, first thing is I would have been saying, Hey, you know, you're, you're, here's what I got. I didn't hear enough of the, Hey, you know, we can help with, you know, if you need a funeral home, we can help with, you know, you need a dumpster.

[00:42:18] You, we can help. I, I would have wanted a year. A lot more what's in it for them rather than, you know, cause you'll get some people like, you know, you're asking me too many questions and your time is up. You're done. I would have liked to have seen you say enough of let's go. No, let's, let's start at the beginning.

[00:42:34]So I, I don't always accel at explaining everything that I'm doing, but I was reading his energy and his perception of the other people he'd spoken to. So I was slow walking it. So I'm not going to barf all of my services on over him. When, when we're, when he staying engaged in the conversation. And he allowed me to defer the answer that he was looking for and that his engagement, like he stayed with me.

[00:42:56]So I'm happy to, well, let's just start a fresh one or are you, do you want to come at this from an investor, a brokerage or both?  geez. I don't know. And I think, I think another big part of it is, you know, modeling, I'm in New Jersey, so everything's a million miles a minute as opposed to somewhere else.

[00:43:12] Right. So there's no slow walk in anything, New Jersey. You're like, you got two seconds. Otherwise that person hanging up, I've worked with a lot of folks in Jersey. It's understanding human. You want to be right. Or you want to learn. I know you speak. You're a teacher. See you're from Jersey and I just stopped you in your tracks.

[00:43:29]There's things that we do, understanding human behavior and how the brain works. There's things that you can do to influence people's behavior. And when you hear me use my West Virginia farm voice and I slow people down, it's intentional. Most of the time. So I've worked with a lot of folks from Jersey and New York and different places.

[00:43:47]So I'll challenge, I'm challenging you to kind of shift your mindset a little and say, maybe I can influence people. Maybe I can make them go through the maze the way that, that gets me a consistent result. And don't let the tail wag the dog. So let's, let's jump into it and we'll, we'll see. Sure. Go ahead.

[00:44:06]Ring, ring. Hello. I am trying to reach Mike Smith. I guess you got him. Sorry, your mic, your mic, your mic, but your microphone was a little muffled. This is Mike Smith. Yes. Hey, how are you? How can I help you? I'm good, Mike, thanks for asking. Hey, my name's Chad Corbett. You might, my mate, my name might sound familiar.

[00:44:23] I'd sent you a letter last week, but I had a couple of minutes, before an appointment. So I just thought I'd call and follow up. I'm calling cause we've got a team right here in Jersey that helps families going through probate. And as part of that, we meet with the clerk once a month and she lets us know who we should be reaching out to.

[00:44:37]And I noticed you, you guys are, are one of those families. I see you're working with attorney John DOE and I just wanted to call and see if there's let you know we're here in the community and see if there's anything we might be able to help you with. Yeah. Hey, thanks. We got a whole bunch of letters. It quite honestly, my, my, my wife, you know, we, we threw a ball in the garbage the other day and, I was kind of just letting the attorney handle everything.

[00:44:57] And, we got a realtor coming over in a couple of days and, you know, it's a little overwhelming for us. Yeah, I understand completely. That's kind of why we do what we do. It's is this the first time you've ever been an administrator? Yeah. Do you hope it's the last, what do you think. I think based on everyone we've worked with, I've never met anyone who ever wanted to do it again.

[00:45:14] And that's,  what, however, I might be able to help you. One of the things that we do for every family is make sure they have a proper plan in place after this. So you never have to go through this again.  do you guys have a living trust established? Yeah, but honestly, that's, that's a question I would, I would, I would, I would be speaking with my attorney about, you know, what, you know, are you an attorney?

[00:45:32] Cause we already, I mentioned I already have one w I'm way smarter than that. I would never go to law school. we have attorneys on our team, but we also work. With most of the attorneys in the County,  John DOE we've actually done a couple of transactions together,  be happy. I mean, I'm sure he wouldn't be happy to share his opinion of who we are and how we, how we help families.

[00:45:50] But, you know, we, we kind of pick up where they leave off. We, we consider them one of our team members. We help with, you know, the people in the property and the, the, you know, planning and prevention side of, of probate. So the attorney is going to tell you, you gotta do ABCD. FGX all those things that are in that mental list of yours.

[00:46:08]They tell you to go do it, but there's really no support until we built this team. There wasn't really any support in the community to help deliver on that, all those things. So ideally, I mean, what our focus is is. To minimize the stress and maximize the equity for every family we can every month. and that's why we reach out.

[00:46:26] Sometimes people are offended. Sometimes people take a sigh of relief and hand us everything, and we just do it for them, but it really starts with us understanding your situation, your limitations. Like a lot of folks are COVID sensitive and don't want to come out right now. And we have solutions in place for that too.

[00:46:42] We can deal with everything or we can. I can help you with a few little things and, and just, you know, you just know that we always have your back. So,  one of the biggest challenges we see most people struggle with on the front end is what the heck do you do with the real estate? How do you, especially coming into wintertime, if you don't, if there's no money in the estate to pay the heating bills, how do you get that winter as how do you secure it?

[00:47:04]So is there any real estate in the estate and you guys, do you guys have a plan for it so far? Yeah, but yeah, forgive me. I, I, I told you I got a realtor come and soon I told you I got an attorney. What, what, what, what, what can you do for me? And what's going to cost, let me just get down to it. Like what's, what's, what's this all about?

[00:47:20]I don't know.  I mean, if, if, if you're okay with me asking a few more questions and I can understand your situation and whatnot attorney, are you a realtor or are you a, are you an investor? What, w w what are you, what type? I don't understand. I didn't read your letter. I'm sorry. I told you my wife through everything.

[00:47:35]You got the better version. You got me on the phone. So I would, I would explain myself as a social, social entrepreneur. So we have multiple businesses. I can get paid as a realtor. I can get paid as an investor. I can paint houses. I can pressure wash it. It really just it's. I don't usually do those things, but it starts with we, we are a clearing house, so we have a single vertically integrated solution where you can make one phone call and all of those pieces that you're having trouble managing.

[00:48:02] Can be in one single relationship. So I have a real estate license. I buy houses, I write loans. I work with social workers. I work with nursing homes. I work with senior moving companies. So you can kind of think of us as a concierge, but that picks up where the attorney leaves off and takes away that stressful feeling that I hear in your voice.

[00:48:21]But if, if we don't slow down and not, I can't understand your situation. I can't, I mean, I don't just have a menu of things to hand you and say, pick, pick one.  We usually try to meet with the families and understand it because this is important and it's stressful and you need to know that you can trust me.

[00:48:37] So I would prefer call me old fashioned, but I would prefer to look you in the eye and let you know that I'm real. And I'm not going to Rob you or take advantage of you. And I'll never ask you for a dime unless I've done exactly what I promised. Super. So can I end the role-play and then kind of give you some, some, some, some, some questions in response to that.

[00:48:54] And then eventually go to my question that I was gonna ask, is that okay? That was great. And I want to, is that all right with you? Yeah, that's good. All right. So, I love that phrase, social, social entrepreneur, you know, that was what I was looking. Cause like, if I was putting myself in that person's shoes, they're like, they're feeling tenseness in their chest and they're like stressed out.

[00:49:14] And soon as you said that my chest opened up, I felt warm. You know, it's like, Hey, you know what? I respect it. This guy wants to make money. And I respect that. He's kind of. Thank you. This is I'm marrying the two. I'm doing these services. When, when you also said that question about, Hey, You know, you know, you want this something about the last time you want to be an administrator.

[00:49:35] I was a very Gregg great Brown, like icebreaking phrase. So I'm like taking notes and I think those are the golden nuggets. So I want to thank you for them. the other thing is, you know, from where I'm at and with the kind of speed things go, When you said you were about like, look, I don't want to necessarily, you know, give you this, I forget the word you used.

[00:49:57] I couldn't write a shopping list or a laundry list or whatever it was about all the things you do. I'm going to say that was where that was. That was brilliant. I, I would, what I was kind of trying to get at is like, I, at least people I talked to that's where you lead, just like, listen, this is why you.

[00:50:13]This is why I'm calling. Cause I can, I'm a social entrepreneur. I can offer you all these things. I'd like to meet you in person and, and then go on to that speech. But I kind of like you immediately said, wow, you do all these things. As opposed to I'm into the conversation five minutes. I still don't know what you do.

[00:50:31] And I'm still, I've, I've gotten, you know, 20 letters from investors. I buy cash and I just, you know, I don't, and, and, and people call me skip trace to me. And I'm like, you know,  I may be in an emotional state of anger or pissed off. Yeah. So I think that you coming out at people, I'm saying. You don't need to get pissed off at me.

[00:50:53] Cause I'm a social entrepreneur. I do all these things and some of them I'm just referring. I don't make no money. I'm just, I'm here to provide you a service in and then say, and you're, here's, what's in it for you. If you can do me something I'd love to meet you in person, go over there and then, you know, go into more stuff.

[00:51:06] But, now here's something I'd like to ask you. Oh, right. Any, any comments with what I said right or wrong? No, it's great feedback. And I'm glad you guys know you from all that one. I want to tell you a story,  that from not nothing, it might, it might not be in your backyard, but from a very, very fast paced environment, we had a kid who was 26 years old, still licensed for 16 days, and he says, I want to be an agent in Midtown Manhattan.

[00:51:32]So it's working for the sun, right? So he signed up for this program. All he did was the minimum that we teach the methodology that we're talking about here today, between July and December is first six months in the business. He did $750,000 in the listing commission. Only in Midtown Manhattan. He learned.

[00:51:51]To engage with them. He learned to slow them down. He learned to focus on people in situation, and he kicked every new agents ass in that market. And that's one of the most fiercely competitive, old blood markets there is in the country and it's fast, fast, fast paced. So that's like, I have lots of proof that this works even in really high, strong, fast paced, aggressive environment.

[00:52:13]And I just ask that you trust the methodology because it's been tested in every single County in the country. Well, that's fantastic. I totally trust it. That's a phenomenal testimonial. I was just. Yes. I decided I wasn't associate broker in Manhattan many years ago. All I did was rentals and yeah, it's not a, the fast paced, but it's cutthroat and not amongst your competitors, even amongst your own people.

[00:52:37] My boss would steal my commissions and steal my clients. So it's like the New York baby. I actually literally had a fist fight with the manager office manager. Had her pull us apart. Yeah. One of those. Hey, do you ever find something? Oh, yeah. You mean, Dave, didn't tell you if I heard you were for competent day and he said, no problem.

[00:52:53] I filled out everything and gave him the commission. And I find this out, like a week later, I was like, this is bad people really don't care. And that's, that's fantastic. And yeah, like what you're providing with this is so unique because everyone's coming from it. I, you know, what's in it for them when you, and that's kind of why I was saying.

[00:53:11]If you, now, now mind you I'll I'll I trust you and I'll, I'll, I'm gonna learn the right way and do it how you say, but I wanted to say that it's so relieving to hear somebody say, Hey, this I'm, I'm providing you a service. Not, not your service to me, give me your money, but I'm providing you a, a smorgasbord of services to help you in your time and your family time.

[00:53:33] Anita. I love it. so, now I've got a question for you regarding kind of, I want you to, I want you to write, write something down to summarize this whole point and how you feel right now. Yeah.


Altruism is the best differentiator in a selfish industry.

[00:53:49]and that summarizes everything we talk about here. Like being optimistic and actually caring, having empathy and compassion will make sure that you never have competition because so few people have that quality in business. I can't agree with you more. And I, and I lived that I flipped houses and I, I try to set myself apart from being the only guy with as many video testimonials from the, from the sellers I serve, than anybody.

[00:54:15] And that's kind of, and to where they're saying things, I, I couldn't have scripted it better when they say I treat them like family when there's like a, in addition to the, you know, th th th the, yeah, the great, you know, closers. Oh, I had to do a show up and get my check. He did everything for me, you know?

[00:54:31]so yeah, so that's kind of what tracked to me. To you because that's how I am. Right. And I want to do that, but on a bigger scale and a bigger level focused within the probate needs.  and so my question to you is when you were kind of, kind of, wishing that you can get in front of them, if you are already someone who's got very.

[00:54:53]Touching moving and inspire video testimonials and can prove that that you're separate from other people. Would you lead or ever mentioned that? Would you mention go to my website or go to my YouTube channel? Or would you be like doing everything you can to not have them go get distracted, even if.

[00:55:13] That's the proof that they need, that this is a separate, this is a different, unique individual. No, I would encourage you so very few people take full advantage of that. And the fact that you've done it is puts you way ahead of most people already. So you'd definitely want to leverage that if I were you, I would build a page on your website where you, you compile all of that.

[00:55:34]And then go buy a very simple domain and redirect it to that page and make sure it's something that a 75 year old lady that has poor eyesight can type that on her phone, her phone, when she's reading the PS line of your letter, because it's going to say PS, I know some of this might sound too good to be true.

[00:55:52]Lots of folks have, have, we've helped lots of folks in this community already, right? Ask them what they think of us go to, you know, probate, and make it very simple and have them land on that page. And it just gives you social proof. Like it shows that you're, you're, you're, you're not full of it.

[00:56:13] You actually have that proof. And so I would highlight it. I definitely wouldn't hide from it. I would put it out front. And, and make it easy for them to access because what I find, even with that, that strong of a PS line, like the PS line, I typically use PS. If you're not ready to talk to somebody just yet go to probate .com to check out, you know, all the ways we can help.

[00:56:36]And what you find is on the day, your mail hits between usually between like one and three o'clock you'll get. 60% of your list will be on the website that day. And you can tell by Google analytics or WordPress Jetpack. So that PS line is powerful and the letter is very different anyways. Like it's not a typical, we biologist letter.

[00:56:56]And based on this conversation, I would encourage you there, there is a letter and in the, in our, in the mailbox motivator portal,  called I think it's called the social enterprise letter. And it's a two-sided letter and the whole front is very people focused and the whole back is very real estate and very service and real estate focused.

[00:57:16] But I think you're going to identify with that letter. And if I were you, I would work your testimonials into that letter in a PS line.  but definitely don't hide from it, put it out front and be proud of it. I think that's, that's great. I appreciate it. The, the, the, one of the questions I had was, I know a lot of people get the phone numbers and then they physically call.

[00:57:36]Did you, did you ever. Do you have any problems with ringless voicemail? I had really good luck with it, but it's, it's becoming, there are a lot of attorneys out there looking for class action suits. So to me, it's, it's more liability than it's worth now.  but I did have very too busy though, to be honest with you.

[00:57:55] They're like good. There's so in my neck of the woods here, swamped. Overwhelming. Yeah. I don't think it well, just under, I would say it's very effective, but make sure you understand your risk and you understand like read the TCPA, the telephone consumer protection act, read it. And you'll, you'll see that every RVM is in direct violation of TCPA, unless you have explicit written consent in the last 90 days or an existing business relationship.

[00:58:22]How do they know if you can get. Well, they, I mean, if, if, if they, if one person can show that phone call and it, and if, if they can, if, if it was a recorded message, like if they answer and, and hear that, hear it, and you weren't on the other end of the line, they forward that to an attorney. The attorney sends you a letter and says, we filed a suit.

[00:58:42] We intend to make this a class. So we're going to subpoena your call records for the last 10 years. And then you understand, if I get, if I get into a deaf deposition on this, he's going to slaughter me. So they shake you down for a settlement. The whole thing usually only lasts a week or so they're not looking to take you to court.

[00:58:59] Litigation sucks. Even for attorneys. What they're looking to do is shake you down for a quick settlement. Right? Right. Okay. And if you were to. Dare to move forward with that. What, what would you use for that? Would it be, like what, what I think with some of the ones that you've had success with? So I preferred to use voice logic, but they actually had an attorney get through their hold harmless.

[00:59:26] So instead of doing ringless voicemail there, now they created a new product called voicemail courier. And if you go to voice forward slash all the leads or forward slash ATL, I think either one will work. You'll be able to see the products that they offer at the special pricing they offer for our subscribers.

[00:59:44] And I think it's 85 cents. It's more expensive than ringless voicemail. And, you know, before you get caught or you find yourself in a lawsuit,  but it's, it is 100% compliant they're using Toronto based callers with really no accents. And they're placing a live call and 20% of the time people pick up and they say, Hey, I've got a message from Mike.

[01:00:04]he'd like me to play it. Can you, can you stay on the line? And shockingly 93% of the time they stay on until the end of the message, the live answers stay. And then they, the others dropped just like ringless voicemail, but it was, it was, they can prove through records if they get audited,  they can prove that a live person made that call and left that voicemail.

[01:00:23] Well, that's beautiful. Very, you know, those who want to avoid the legal trouble, it sounds like it's a no brainer. Yeah. That's a great, another great service you're providing. And I deeply appreciate if you think of everything, it seems like the, the, the, so you have a script as to what, to what that recording would say.

[01:00:41] it's it's I mean, I try to keep them as brief as possible.  I've made the mistake. I'm probably tested and tracked two dozen different voicemails. The one that, that always had the best callback rate for me was, Hey, this is Chad. I sent you a letter last week. Just wanted to make sure you got that. And you understood why we sent it.

[01:00:59]give me a shout when you have a chance five, five, five one two, three, four. And knowing my situation, leave that URL. With the videos or whatever that, that like probate, you know, the pro probate testimonial .com. If you, if you were me tested and, and I would build that into, if I were going to leave it on a voicemail, I would build that into a more robust page.

[01:01:20] and it would almost be like a long sales letter type format,  with a bold headline that really differentiated me. Some copy, introducing my service, then the testimonials, then more copy about the services we provide in a call to action. So I would say something like, Hey, this is Chad. I met with the County clerk last week to find out what families are going through.

[01:01:41] Probate. I found out your family was one of them.  I know this is going to sound too good to be true. So I'm just going to make it really simple. If you go to probate, you'll see what we do. And,  you know, when you're ready, give us a call and just want to let you know we're here in the community.

[01:01:54]So the call to action. Like I'm not even going to leave a phone number and that's how I would test that. And then I would, I would look at Google analytics and see how many page entries you had, what your drop rate was.  and then test different calls to action. The call to action could be call us today, fill out this form,  download, you know, Download our free probate checklist.

[01:02:14] you could test, test different calls to action that you could use your voicemail to, to get traffic to your website. Now, here is where this gets interesting. If you let that work, you can spend on the website, you sit down with an attorney and design a probate checklist, make it into a PDF, but the attorney's information on the bottom, you provide value to them because you get them around them, an anti solicitation loophole.

[01:02:36]So they are happy to provide that for you. So you have a, literally a local checklist from an attorney in your County on the website. You have a call to action, just, you know, download, download the Bergen County, New Jersey probate checklist written by local attorney, John DOE drop your email here or drop your cell phone, like do email cell phone.

[01:02:57]Once you get that, the terms and conditions in that form submission we'll have the language that says you are opting in to be. Contacted by ringless voicemail, text message, you know, live call, whatever, make it an all-inclusive opt-in then. So you're, you're leaving that vague message. You're getting them to the website.

[01:03:17] You're giving them something of value. And now you have a legal opt-in, so you can send ringless voicemail, you can text, blast them. You can do whatever the hell you want because you have the consent within the last 90 days.

[01:03:30]Chad, you just built my whole business in this five minute conversation we aim to please. You do, please. God bless you. Pretty Sure It was way more than five minutes, but it was a great way to end our call. If you have more, you want to talk about work cause we're way over today on time, we, we try to respect everybody's time, but come back tomorrow.

[01:03:46] Jim Sullivan (Host): Our mastermind call is one o'clock tomorrow. We can continue the conversation. And as always, if you need us between calls, just reach out to us directly. Okay. Fair enough.

[01:03:55]Thank you. Hey guys. Great call. Great turnout. Incredibly good content. I want to thank each of you for being here. I want to thank y'all for that actively participated. I want to challenge each of you. Take one thing you heard on today's call that inspired you go out and put it into action and come back any Thursday at one o'clock Eastern and discuss the results.

[01:04:16] We will talk to you tomorrow afternoon. Make it a great day. Stay healthy, stay productive. And we'll talk to you soon, guys. Take care.



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Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast: Episode 305

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***Most importantly, we’re kicking off the holiday season with some incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


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Real Estate Tips: Fumigation and Repairs For Death Odor Removal

Fumigation and Repairs For Death Odor Removal. (19:18 and 31:43)

Rebel is helping a family prepare a property for sale, but the house has a lingering death odor.  They’ve tried ripping up tile and replacing walls, but the smell still seems to be there. Jim and Rebel both note that you should help your seller see what their insurance covers, as many homeowner’s policies cover fumigation for situations like this.

Selling Artwork From An Estate

Selling Artwork From An Estate (21:12 and 25:45)

Rebel is helping a family sell artwork that was inherited through the estate of the decedent.  Chad shares his recommendations on where to sell specialty items as well as for companies that can help liquidate estate items quickly.

Attorneys Won’t Return My Call - How Can I Win Referral Relationships?


Attorneys Won’t Return My Call - How Can I Win Referral Relationships? (22:27)

Rebel is in a busy market and attorneys are not returning her calls.  Bruce shares what works for him in a busy market where Attorneys need to stumble into the value you provide for them to bite.

All The Leads Reviews: 3 Probate Listings Turned Into 5 Deals!

3 Probate Listings Turned Into 5 Deals! (26:52)

Jack shares a success story.  He has 3 probate listings turn into 5 total deals! Awesome!

Probate Credibility Websites and Why They’re Worth It

Probate Credibility Websites and Why They’re Worth It (27:33 and 46:24)

Jack is interested in setting up a separate probate website before he starts making his prospecting calls.  Chad describes the value in having a probate credibility website for social proof.  Chad shares how he incorporates his website into his letters as a final call to action.

All The Leads Reviews: $28k From My First Probate Dea

$28k From My First Probate Deal (33:51)

JoEllen got her first listing in August from her first round of letters.  She’s about to get a $28,000 commission check! Wooho!!!!!! JoEllen describes how she went from lead to listing to closing! With about 25k investment, JoEllen and her team took the property from $450k as-is to $710k at closing!  She has five more deals in the pipeline right now. JoEllen shares how she was able to put a team of vendors together really fast - Don’t let the fear of not having the team prevent you from getting started!

JoEllen and Chad discuss the intrinsic benefits that come with helping families through probate.

See More: Offering Sellers Vertically-Integrated Solutions Without Putting Your Own Capital On The Line.

LinkedIn For B2B Networking in Real Estate

LinkedIn For B2B Networking (40:38)

Ryan and Bruce discuss B2B marketing through LinkedIn and how it’s a fairly low-effort way to start a conversation with probate and estate planning attorneys in your market.

Chad and Ryan discuss how to leverage vacant insurance policies and find a lender that’s savvy.


Federico Shares Additional Insight on Vendor Networking, Websites

Federico Shares Additional Insight on Vendor Networking, Websites (44:54)

Federico shares additional insight on building a vendor team and earning referrals from these vendor partners. 
Jim Forsythe, Fed, and Chad also expand on website strategy from the conversation earlier in the call.

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How to Get Started With Probate Leads: Certification Course

How to Get Started With Probate Leads (50:26)

Lynette is looking to jump into probate leads without running into analysis paralysis! She is pulling her own leads currently.  Chad describes why Probate Mastery is the perfect way to learn everything you need to know to succeed in the probate niche and perform at a high level.


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Episode Transcript

Transcript: Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #305

A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

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[00:00:33]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Welcome resilient and thriving agents from across the country. Today is Thursday, November 19th, 2020. And this is mastermind podcast, number 305. And I think I said welcome agents. And that goes for you investors too.  We do have four in the queue. We got plenty of room for more. I know, Tim and Bruce are on chad.

[00:00:57] Jim Wins B2B Relationships with Probate Attorneys

Are you on the call? Okay, good. I didn't see your name turn up. So the whole crew is here and let's go to the first person in the queue. I never heard of this guy before Jim Forsythe. You're up first.

[00:01:08] Jim Forsythe: Never heard of him. Huh?

[00:01:09] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): I never heard of you. What can we do for you, sir?

[00:01:11] Jim Forsythe: Oh, that's nice. Yeah. I've been talking so with Chad and Bruce, and just wanted to give you a success story.

[00:01:19] This has been going on for the last couple of weeks.  great. Thank you. Yeah, we've been speaking with, meeting with probate attorneys,  the last three week we've met with three different, attorneys and I met,  Not Bruce Hill, Bruce Miller, who works with me. He and I met with, another attorney yesterday.

[00:01:37]And, that is  the other meeting with two additional attorneys that the firm he's now with, because they know about. And their response has been great.  one of the attorneys we've gotten,  two contracts on his personal properties. Oh, I've got a third one that I'm probably going to list. And then we've got two other probate listings.

[00:01:55] They'll probably be coming up. And, each of these,  attorneys are very interested in making videos with us,  which we can post on our individual websites and then used in our,  email drip campaigns to,  our probate leads that we send out on a regular basis. So

[00:02:13] Chad Corbett (Coach): A lot can change in two weeks on Jim

[00:02:15] Jim Forsythe: Absolutely. It's got to hang in there right row.

[00:02:18] Chad Corbett (Coach): Yeah, that's really good. So you actually ended up listing non-probate properties for the attorney.

[00:02:24] Jim Forsythe: As it turns out, we're not probably gonna list them other than just sticking them into MLS,  to satisfy getting credit and then going straight to pending on two of them, we've got two offers working.

[00:02:36]And then we've got a third one that we will live probably in another week or so, which is parcel property. And then we're working on two additional listings for probate,

[00:02:46] Chad Corbett (Coach): Everybody listening. Like you hear us talk about how easy this can be, like getting your attorneys in your referral network. But that alone, that is a Testament to how big this is and how much they trust somebody who's willing to serve their small businesses at that level.

[00:03:01] They trust them with their personal business. So if you like, that's a real good indication there. They're going to trust you as a referral agent, if they trust you to be their fiduciary.

[00:03:10] Jim Forsythe: Absolutely.

[00:03:11] Chad Corbett (Coach): That's incredible. Jim, thank you for sharing.

[00:03:13]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Jim. I was just going to ask and you're doing all this. Did you recover from COVID already or did you not have it? No my mother had it and I  it up. Okay. good. I did test, but I've, was always asymptomatic, but my mother's 92 and she had it and is doing great, like fresh.

[00:03:31] Bruce Hill (Coach): I want those genes.

[00:03:32]Jim Forsythe: Yeah,  I think to that, I've got them. Thank you.

[00:03:35]But, appreciate everybody and just wanted to put that,  tell everybody to get up there and talk to those attorneys. Great job. Thanks. Okay.

[00:03:42] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): You too, sir. Appreciate you sharing. We got three more in the queue. Next up is phone number ending in zero three, zero nine. You're up next?

[00:03:51] Christian Shares Two Success Stories

Christian: Hey guys. Christian here.

[00:03:52]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Hey Christian. How you doing, sir?

[00:03:54] Christian: So just tell me to share on two success stories. So I think they're both listings. One of them are under contract. The other ones were just fine. Waiting to see, when are we going to list it? And this is the, question I have for you guys. How do you guys handle a situation where the client wants to list it?

[00:04:09] But she also wants to consider key investors where it will be like an off market deal, say.

[00:04:14] Chad Corbett (Coach): So Jim just gave you an indication of what he's going to do. He's in that exact scenario. And because of the recent changes that NAR made,  you can list it on MLS for compliance and then quickly run it through, your buyer's list and, just leave them as an unrepresented party.

[00:04:32] So there's no dual agency liability there.  but depending on what your broker's opinion is of the recent changes and what your MLS rules are,  it used to be as simple as having the seller side MLS opt-out, so to have a discreet sale. And that was honestly a lot of the time they wanted that because they were under a bunch of stress.

[00:04:51]They didn't want people coming through. They went there, if we can sell it quickly and quietly, we would prefer that. And NAR took that away from, people who were being divorced or selling probate properties. I don't think they took that in. It doesn't seem like they took that into consideration was to sell the wishes, but sit down with your broker and discuss that and see what they think is best.

[00:05:12]you probably havem what's your, do you know what your MLS role is? How long you have to upload?

[00:05:17] Christian: So we have to upload it within 48 hours once it's signed, but there is an option out there where. If the one specified specific day that they understand that's what the day they'll be listed. I know that our MLS in Chicago, we have, what's called private listings and we can definitely do that too, where it would just become a private listing.

[00:05:35]I don't know what the new regular, but I've seen that. And I've seen properties in there. I don't know. I use it a lot, but right now with this show inventory in different markets, it's been one of the things that I been looking into is just to see what's out there.

[00:05:47] Chad Corbett (Coach): Yeah, it sounds like private listing is probably just an IDX opt out.

[00:05:51]So it's actually in its in MLS, but it's not going to show up on every website in the world. so that sounds like you've got the best situation possible. I would, upload it as a private listing, send it out to your buyers list and, just. Just I w when I always did that, I don't believe in dual representation.

[00:06:09] So I would always just, I would take both sides of the commission, but I only represented the seller. And when the buyer, when I sent the offer to the buyer, it was just with an unrepresented party.

[00:06:18] Christian: Gotcha. That makes sense.

[00:06:20]Bruce Hill (Coach):  So Christian, I'm gonna throw in, I've I studied the NAR rules a lot, private listing.

[00:06:25] I'll take a little bit of a different angle from Chad. I'm guessing though. So I'm not sure which one of us is right. Private listing in my, in most areas basically says that it's an office. exclusive, you cannot advertise that you can send it to anyone who's already a lead or already, someone that you already know, but you can't have a sign in the yard.

[00:06:47] You can't push it out on any website, Facebook, anything like that. It has to be to people that you already are connected with. And in that case, as long as you have your list of. Of, not inspectors. Gosh. what am I looking for? Somebody helped me out. If you have your list of investors or investors, your buyers, then, why'd you guys ask me to come on this call?

[00:07:07] I don't know.  if you have, you can take, take this property to all of them without advertising it and just have private conversation present multiple offers to the seller. She doesn't like him. Then go ahead and put it on the MLS. Just let her know. Hey, let's sign a listing agreement.

[00:07:24] I'm going to hold it out of the MLS. I'm not going to advertise it, but I'm going to take it to my list. And if we don't like their offers, We'll go ahead and activate the listing at that point, and that should satisfy her on both fronts.

[00:07:36] Splitting Net Profits With A Vendor

Christian: Gotcha. Okay. That makes sense. And then, how would you handle partnership when there is, there is a mortgage on the property, but she wants to like get creative and pending.

[00:07:46] They'll have an investor come in here and renovate the property and kind of split the profits. what would be the best case scenario? I understand every jurisdiction has different laws. I'm just trying to get creative to see, what would be the best possible outcome

[00:07:59] Chad Corbett (Coach): How many heirs are there just one? Perfect. So you should let your local attorney decide what the vehicle is, but.  The broad points of the deal, you need to establish a basis value for the asset. So the, as is whereas, Oh, you right now, and that becomes their equity position. That's the basis value that will be used in the final accounting.

[00:08:19]You are in the home of the land trust, like they were created in Illinois in Chicago. So I'm assuming a land trust is probably the best vehicle, but you can also use a.  like a series LLC, you can use venture agreement, limited partnership. Your attorney can decide what's best for all parties, but whatever that agreement is, make sure it's.

[00:08:38] protects your right to sell the asset, but you don't do a hundred thousand dollars rehab and then uncle Larry moves in,  and then make sure that it clearly defines that it's a 50, 50 split of the net profit. The dad of the bow and the net would be the basis would be there part the construction as a credit credited back to you.

[00:08:57] And then once that commission goes to you and what's left over that bottom line is what split 50 50. But when you were entity in the estate and we've been able to do these really successfully on like rural properties, we partnered with farmer people who inherit farmland that don't intend to farm it.

[00:09:13]Turn them into subdivisions and put millions of dollars in the family's bank account. You can do it with homes like in San Francisco is a commonplace or this is really useful. Yeah. You just go in and tear the house down and sell it for three other shovel-ready project three times what it was worth as it is.

[00:09:29] Whereas, so you can add immense amounts of value for the family and for your business. I would just say that, preferably the two of you should meet with an attorney in person and get all your questions answered and let them tell you how to structure it.

[00:09:41] Christian: That makes sense. And you mean, if there's a mortgage on the property, it's still doable.

[00:09:45]Chad Corbett (Coach): So that's, I like a trust for that reason. is it a reverse mortgage or is it more of a conventional, regular mortgage? Yeah. So your, that mortgage is going to have a, A clause that will be a due on sale clause. What I'm looking for. And if you roll an asset into the land, trust it looks like an estate planning move.

[00:10:05] And as long as the payments are being made, it's highly unlikely. They would ever call that note. It would be foolish for them to. Because then, if the payments are being made and the note is in the name of a decedent,  they, their only recourse is to take the house back and they're just going to spend a whole bunch of money.

[00:10:21]you'll have it, you'll have it. So before they can foreclose on you anyways. So it's extremely unlikely that would happen. But the land trust will, it will mitigate that risk. So if they do pull title, for some reason, they will actually see it's been transferred to a trust and they'll likely see that there's a decedent too.

[00:10:38]So I don't think you have anything to worry about. And, for that reason, I think the land trust probably is the best vehicle for you.

[00:10:45] Christian: Gotcha. Okay. Good to know. Yeah. I'm waiting to talk to an attorney to see what our options are, but I'm just trying to get creative here at work. She doesn't have money, but she has a property.

[00:10:54] I think she can make some money if somebody, the sex party was there and she's definitely will consider it.

[00:10:59] Chad Corbett (Coach): Yeah, it's awesome that we had one of our, one of our subscribers helped a 93 year old lady in Palm desert hada condo. They put 27,000 into it and it raised the value by, what was it like 187.

[00:11:13] it was just a, really a really light cosmetic rehab. It was life-changing money for a lady who was 93 and almost out of money.  so you can make a big difference. Cool. And who doesn't like free houses,

[00:11:25] Christian: I have for today. Thanks a lot.

[00:11:27] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): All right. Perfect. So far we're having a testimonial Thursday. I like that. Everybody's got a success story so far. Next up is phone number ending in nine six zero two you're up next.

Probate Short Sale With A Fire-Damaged Property (11:38)

[00:11:38]Chelle: Hi, this is Chelle calling from LA and I am working on a,  fire damaged probate short sale.

[00:11:46]And I think it was, Chad who mentioned, or one of you guys mentioned that,  one of your wives, is a short sale negotiator.

[00:11:55] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Yep. That would be me. She's only done about 2000 of them. We started back with the last crash happened and she's still doing them, so yeah. She'll be glad to handle it for you.

[00:12:04]Chelle: Yeah. Would yes please.

[00:12:06] All right. It is Pam the same last name as mine, Pam Sullivan, and it's (954) 584-0000

[00:12:18] okay. That's nine five four five eight four zero zero zero.

[00:12:22] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): And if you can reach her also,

[00:12:27]Chelle: Okay. I'm going to, give her a call. Thank you.

[00:12:30] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Sure  She'll walk you through the whole, the process good for you for not overlooking the opportunity. A lot of people just assume like there's no equity in it.

[00:12:38] Why would the family want to get involved? And,  she has done dozens of them with reverse mortgages and with very little equity. Sometimes the family just wants to do the right thing. They don't want the property to be foreclosed and they want to see a nice family move in there. Is that, is it isn't a upside down with the fire damage or they're still equity?

[00:12:57] Chelle: Oh, it's yeah, it's upside down with the fire damage and, we've been going round and round with the bank. unfortunately I had, another property, That was a short sale probate, and it ended up going back to the bank. I don't want to miss out on this one.

[00:13:17]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Yeah. So there's one real quick question, Chad.

[00:13:20] And it might be the same one you're going to ask is the seller cooperative. The seller wants to help you. Get the deal, right? Cause it's a minimal amount of work for the seller. It's basically, authorization and you don't have to provide financials or anything because obviously the owner's deceased.

[00:13:35]And then Chad, you had a question too.

[00:13:37] Chad Corbett (Coach): It's rare that a lender will accept a first position without requiring insurance. And I'm curious of the insurance claim was denied or if it's still in question.

[00:13:48] Chelle: What happened is it was a HELOC and the home owner died and supposedly there's no insurance and the bank is saying they just want to foreclose on it.

[00:14:01]I can't imagine. I would think that they would have took out insurance from their end, but, it, it looks like it would be a good project. But, we're just having a hard time in terms of negotiating with that.

[00:14:13] Chad Corbett (Coach): Sure. Gotcha. So I want, I do want to make a comment out of this for anyone who has not heard us let's talk about vacant property insurance. This is a likely scenario for literally millions of people every year. Because a family member passes away, they leave the heat on the house is sitting there was a typical homeowner's insurance policy. If it burns down and they can prove it's been vacant for more than 30 days, this scenario is likely.

[00:14:40]So this is a good story to remember for everybody listening. When someone says we've got it handled as the most common objection, you ever hear stories are super powerful. And you can step up and say, listen, there's a lady in my mastermind group that is helping a family that unfortunately didn't have a, their asset protected.

[00:15:00]So let me just make sure that you're protected and you can use that story to show them the reality of this because, fortunately it doesn't happen that often, but a lot of people have a lot more exposure than they know. So anyways, thank you for sharing that story.

[00:15:16] Chelle: Yeah. And just one, all the things that the short sale, it was approved, however, inbetween submitting it and getting their approval, that's when the fire happened in two of the cases that I've been involved with, so it just turns it into a mess.

[00:15:32]Yeah. Yeah.

[00:15:33] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): I know she's dealt with them. Fire, flood tornado, every possible situation. I'll tell you a real quick story, just because you've mentioned it in this first time I've ever heard this happening. If you get her involved to this for you, make sure if you can, that the seller kind of gets out of the way, or if the seller insists that they hire an attorney, make sure it's one that knows what they're doing.

[00:15:53]She worked on a short sale. probate for about seven months, it was ready to close. The seller had gone and hired an attorney just to, cause they were concerned, they were going to come back after him and this attorney without telling anybody he sent the deeds off to everybody and deeded the property back to the lender two days before it was ready to close.

[00:16:14]So many attorneys do not know what they're doing now. She's trying to jump in there and get it all reversed. So Yeah, she'll she will, just introduce her to the seller and let the nice thing too is there's absolutely no liability. If the person on the mortgage is deceased, so the seller really has nothing to lose, but, yeah.

[00:16:32]get her on the same page with everybody and get working on it now. and, know, are you more, are you interested in buying this or listing it? Okay.

[00:16:39] Chelle: Yeah, I was, gonna partner with, the realtor, the listing agent. Who's a friend of mine. So we've been talking about, I'm going in, buying it with my LLC.

[00:16:50]We already have the numbers on renovating the project and everything. Even the seller, the daughter, she is willing just to sign off on the property. She's tired. She wants out that we just, we're going back and forth with the bank.

[00:17:05] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Yeah, that's perfect. You're doing everything right. And you get those repairs documented you send them off to the lender.  It could, it'll certainly be a listing and it very well could be a good investment deal for you. They, fire damage is, when the lender sees that they likely will be a lot more flexible on the price. So give her a call. She'll take good care of you. I appreciate you bringing it up.

[00:17:24]Chelle: Okay. Thank you.

[00:17:25] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): All right. Here's somebody else. I never heard of Rebel Taylor. You're up next!

Rebel Goes On Five Listing Appointments

[00:17:29]Rebel. Are you there? I was just kidding. If we never heard I'm hearing it as well.

[00:17:33] Rebel Taylor: I'm doing good. I wanted to, call and tell you guys a little bit about what we've been doing and appreciate your business. Actually, you do help us all a lot, but, I wanted to share with you, we went on one, two, three, four, five listing appointments in the last two weeks.

[00:17:49]And, went on, another one, actually two weeks ago, I called to get one and, the father had died in the home and turned into 2 Because she turned out that she was a PR for another probate. So I was able to go to that house and, get a CMA as well. I'm writing a contract as we are talking on a probate deal that, the buzz, one of the appointments I went on last week.

[00:18:13]And, so we are selling his son property.  we went on another appointment, got to date with, what day is this? Thursday? Two days ago. And, this was from a letter when I first started with you guys and I sent out the letter. And this gentleman called me, like in that timber, maybe August, September, that, he wanted to sell his house, but he had paintings inside.

[00:18:38]So as you guys say, we do everything from clean out to clothes and that same including selling artwork. So we've called around and I've learned a little bit about art now. it's not worth what a lot of people think unless it's some really popular art.  so I we've just been really doing good. Also the list you have gotten me, yelled at a couple of times, I called the number and the guy would be like, that's my ex wife.

[00:19:02] And I divorced her 30 years ago and I haven't heard that name. And it's Oh my God, I'm sorry.

[00:19:08]But I just wanted to thank you guys and everything I wish you do.

[00:19:11] Chad Corbett (Coach): So Rebel, thank you for sharing that you said you had five total appointments are where you get six listings off of that.

[00:19:18] Fumigation and Repairs For Death Odor Removal.

Rebel Taylor: Oh, hell yeah. I'm glad too, because all I'm good with the two that I did for the loony on the Lake, he turned to be stubborn.

[00:19:26]You know what I mean? Because she's one of those people that have went in and remodeled houses and sold them herself. So she's really on that, but she's got so much on her plate and I'm I keep, I stay in touch with her and ask if she even needs any help. They're having a problem with that home because her father had died in it.

[00:19:42] And apparently nobody noticed him for a week. And he's one of those people that didn't have the air on in Florida.  Yeah, that's it. Yeah. In the middle of summertime, they have went through three companies trying to get the smell out. And  they're having a real bad problem with it. They pulled up the tiles pulled off the wall,  the, drywall and everything.

[00:20:03]they're not sure how they're going to get rid of this smell.

[00:20:06] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Hey rebel. we, I can tell you from personal experience, we had someone who was a few weeks late on their rent and they had been on the couch, passed away for weeks. And I will tell you that we had state farm. they paid for not only fumigation, but new air conditioning, ducts, everything there.

[00:20:23]You really look into their insurance. You'd be surprised. There's a. There's a health issue there when somebody passes away and remains in the property for a while, you'd be surprised what the insurance may pay for. I don't know if she tried to put another

[00:20:35] Rebel Taylor: Under the third company they're paying for.

[00:20:37]This is insurance. Yeah. She's dealing with the insurance and this is the third one they're paying for. When I walked into the house, it threw me back to another house that we were, that we had listed. And then there was this smell that we just never knew what it was. We changed it. We did the paint, the carpet, replaced the appliances and everything in this.

[00:20:56] No just was there. And I never knew what it was until I walked into this other house. And it just, you know how you get Deja Vu with a smell. That was it. Yep.  but, yeah, no, it mentioned out of six list. Yes, sir. she's the only two that I feel like I might not get,

[00:21:12] Selling Artwork From An Estate

but the other ones have already confirmed the one with the artwork.

[00:21:15] We went and met them. We are actually going to help them a little bit when they come back because they're going to have to do a sale. And we told them we would be right there for them. And so we are, and then we're going to list it right after that.  I'm glad you brought the artwork back up. I forgot. I forgot to mention something.

[00:21:31] Chad Corbett (Coach): So if you haven't already dealt with the artwork and for anyone else who finds themselves in this situation, there's a national,  estate sale company. that's like an e-commerce estate sale company and it's called everything but the house it's and they will actually make you an offer virtually.

[00:21:48]And purchase that into their inventory and then they'll sell it online at my market price. So if you ever need to find,  if you want more exposure, to a national marketplace, you can get a quick offer, just reach out to everything, but the house.

[00:22:03] Rebel Taylor: Okay.  actually mentioned that to him because that's a lot of the things we're going to, of course, they have, they had everything appraised and they are at least realistic.

[00:22:11] They know they're not going to get what it's appraised at. And, and then it turned out a lot of the pieces was because all of the family members were like artists and even the person that designed their house was an uncle.  and he did a good job. In the design I liked it. but I will let them know about that.

[00:22:27] Attorneys Won’t Return My Call - How Can I Win Referral Relationships?

That actually helped. Oh yeah. And another thing, for you. It's almost a joke with me and my partner that I have called lawyers. Cause we're trying to meet lawyers like you say, and in this pandemic, you can't really go to the office and try to meet him. It's not fair. And so we call around and they're there.

[00:22:43]They don't call back. And I actually, the lawyer I met today because of this contract I'm writing up right now, my client's lawyer.  We had a great conversation and I think it might've found the lawyer that I would be referring people to as well as him. And I noticed his name on a lot of the probates that I go through when I'm calling each one.

[00:23:03] And you look at the lawyer, you look at everything about it. And so he deals in a lot of, probate. So I feel it will be beneficial. He wants to meet. So we're going to set up an appointment. Now. He just wanted to say, it's amazing. I live over here in, around Tampa, Florida. And calling these lawyers and they don't call back are lawyers, just that busy that, what am I doing wrong there?

[00:23:22] Or am I doing something wrong? Am I don't know if I'm saying something wrong, but,

[00:23:26] Bruce Hill (Coach): I talk to a lot of attorneys in my market and one of the things that I always ask after I have a good conversation is if I'm the only person that reaches out to them, And to the attorney, they all say, no.  you're not the only person we probably get hit four or five times a day.

[00:23:42]And most of the agents or investors, but mostly agents that are reaching out to them are just saying, Hey, we wondered if you had any, any, anybody that you needed to refer to us and. So that what they hear when you reach out by phone is they think that you're just like that. So I've found that the best ways to reach out to attorneys are either through introduction, attorney to attorney introductions.

[00:24:07]Or,  personally I know not everyone has a good LinkedIn profile, but LinkedIn has been a very powerful friend of mine and, and connecting with attorneys and, using the connections, just firing over a message. And a lot of times, if you're going to send an email or a LinkedIn message, it's best to ask questions that are, very much, the attorney sees some business coming out of it.

[00:24:29] So it would be a question like.  Hey, do you charge

[00:24:32] Rebel Taylor: Real quick? I leave the message. I'm never, you never get the lawyer. You get the go between, but I always leave them with that. I need to refer my client to someone. So I would like to talk to you.  Right there, I'm telling them, look, I'm going to give you business.

[00:24:48] I'm not just a Joe blow calling in.  So that's, I that's what I'm not understanding. I don't know. The lawyer today said, he goes, they're too busy counting their money. He goes, I'll take it. I want it. All right. There we go. So I might've found one today, but I have been trying, but I was just amazed at and understand what you're saying that I wasn't, I have a lawyer friend, but she doesn't do probate and things, and that's what she said.

[00:25:09] People call all day long trying to get free advice, basically. And, it upsets her as well. So I do understand what you're saying. that if you get a lot of us, there's a lot of us out there. A lot of new people, a lot of people like you guys telling us, Hey, meet all the lawyers, but.

[00:25:23] Bruce Hill (Coach): Ask your non probate friend who they know that they could introduce you to introductions go so far in this business, especially with attorneys, if they can introduce you that it's already, they're introducing you to, it's going to we'll pick the phone up.

[00:25:38] Rebel Taylor: Okay. Yeah, I haven't done that. I'll have to say, I guess I never really thought about, I don't know, a number, ask somebody for something. I guess I do that.

[00:25:45]yeah, that's a good idea. Good idea. Great idea. But,  yeah, but, the artwork I'll check out that. And, like I said, I am writing a contract today. I already know I'll be writing a contract next month for the other people, for the artwork. We'll be helping them sell that artwork.  they said the guy across the street is interested.

[00:26:02] So hopefully I'm going to get the buy side as well.

[00:26:05] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Awesome. It sounds like you've got people that know what they're doing on the artwork. I can tell you from personal experience, if, Art that you bought on a cruise ship or one of those art parties it's worth whatever the frame is worth.

[00:26:15]Chad Corbett (Coach): Fortunately. Yeah, I was going to suggest if you get in a pinch, just throw a, an estate sale with champagne. It works on cruise ships, what we're going to do as an estate sale, but, get them all drunk and run them through a central area where they have to. In order to get to everything else. And that is use the cruise ship model.

[00:26:33] It apparently works.

[00:26:34] Rebel Taylor: Okay. I like it. I like it. I've never even heard of that, but, okay.  So let's talk first. Let's admire, the arts set it up properly. Guys, thank you very much.

[00:26:43] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): We got a full queue now. So next up is phone number ending in two, four, five, zero. You're up there.

[00:26:50] Jack: Hello, gentlemen, how are you?

[00:26:51]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Excellent. How are you sir?

[00:26:52] 3 Probate Listings Turned Into 5 Deals!

Jack: Great. I, first of all, I wanted to share a success story, a few of them actually in it. I've been doing this for about three and a half months now. And last month, I got three listings from my probate efforts, from the, from all the leads and in the last week and a half sold all three homes as a listings.

[00:27:11]And then on one of those, I was able to bring a cash buyer to the table as well. So I got both sides of the transaction. And then I also got a really great lead from one of those listings whose neighbor is losing their house. Due to foreclosure where it works out to be a perfect wholesale deal. So in essence, from those three deals, I got two other transactions from it, which is really cool.


[00:27:33]Probate Credibility Websites and Why They're Worth It

[00:27:33]So I'm excited about it.  congratulations my question.  thank you. my question for you pertains to building, probably a website and how important is that? I still like with the letters that I have going out. And with the phone calls that I'm making. I think that might be the next step of what I do.

[00:27:49] And maybe you guys could shed some light on how beneficial that is, what approach to take and all that fun stuff.

[00:27:55] Chad Corbett (Coach): Oh, it's huge from a social proof standpoint. Very few people have a probate website at all. And the ones who do that's usually something they have page, they threw together on their own. So that the intent of our sites is not to index or like how have you dominate Google or be this amazing lead capture site it's there for when people want to do due diligence on you.

[00:28:17] Because it sounds too good to be true. And they're very effective for that. I've found like in my market, active using Jetpack analytics and Google analytics, at least 50% of the mail deliveries would result in web traffic the day that the letters dropped. So if I sent a hundred letters, I'll have no less than 50 web hits around the same time.

[00:28:38] You could literally tell where the mailman yeah. And so that really convinced me. And most of I give most of the co com list may come by this thing right now, calls I've gotten, I started telling them about my service. Now, listen, we know we've already read everything, so they'll start on your probate website and they end up finding your LinkedIn your true, truly a Zillow

[00:29:01]It's they knew everything about me. They knew they wanted to do business with me and I'd never spoken to them. And that was, that's a common occurrence. So I think the sites are for what little bit of money you will pay relative to all other marketing and real estate, like they're worth the wait and go.

[00:29:16] Jack: How much prominence would you place? Like you're sending a personal letter to these people. Where would you, like, how prominent would you make that website known? Is it something that you put big in front and center or how would you approach that

[00:29:27] Chad Corbett (Coach): Even better? And this is a way that I originally tested the PS line too, but I always only mentioned in the PS.

[00:29:35] So below my closing, some severely Chad,  PS, if you're not ready to talk to someone just yet, please go here and learn a little bit more about what we do. Sometimes it sounds too good to be true to some folks, but we're happy to answer any questions you have. And like it's tra that's for that reason, you're going to be using it in the mail and a DSY line.

[00:29:55] Keep your domain really simple.  okay. Pro probate Island con or whatever it is, but try to just keep in mind that your average prospect is going to be, probably between the age of 50 and 70. And they're probably the traffic will probably be coming on a little device. I was really surprised.

[00:30:14]Most of the traffic that came was direct. And it came from mobile devices, which meant they were literally standing at the counter opening mail and stopped what they were doing and came to the website.

[00:30:25]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): And I'm not sure if you're aware that we can do that website for you at a really.

[00:30:30] Jack: Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah.  that was my next thing. So I need to do the probate mastery and I need to sign up for that. I'd like to do another coaching call and then obviously I need to get a website going well, I might just have somebody reach out after this call for all three.

[00:30:45] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): I have your phone number. What's your last name? Feel? S P E L E. Okay. Just make sure I get the right person. And the two, four, five zero is the number we have on file for you. That is correct? Yep. Okay. We'll have somebody reach out for all of those after the call Jack and get you started with the mastery and we'll have somebody reach out on the, on the website.

[00:31:03] Bruce. You want to tell them how to schedule the coaching call or you want to go ahead?

[00:31:07] Bruce Hill (Coach): I'll send you an email with the link, but that in the future, if you log into the portal and click the button that opens a drop down, that you can go down and click schedule a three monthly coaching call.

[00:31:18]Jack: Perfect. Perfect. I will do that. I really appreciate everything you guys do, you guys add a lot of value and you guys help in a way that it doesn't happen very often in this world. So I really appreciate the help that you guys offer every single week. It's really awesome.

[00:31:31] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Wow. Thank you so much.

[00:31:33]Yeah, we're having . No pressure, but so far everybody who has contributed it, that's a success story. So next up what's your success story for six 63. You're up next?

[00:31:43] MarkerCaller 1: Sorry, none today. but I do have a question about that. I'm sorry. Okay, go ahead. What can we do for you? Rebel, was talking about the smell in the house.

[00:31:52] And, some, I think somebody, maybe Chad mentioned an insurance company paying for the odor or the fumigation. Yeah, I did not. I didn't understand what w okay, cool. Why who, what insurance policy and how would that be covered? I've never even contemplated that.

[00:32:10] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): And again, I'm assuming every policy is written differently, but we had state farm.

[00:32:14]We just had, we just had the Oh, liability and owner's policy because, that the condo didn't cover and, they actually replaced all the appliances, carpeting and air conditioning, vents and air conditioning. I believe they can. They replaced the compressor also, which really surprised us.

[00:32:34]And in my, and I'm not an insurance expert, call whoever. Whoever you deal with, but apparently there is a biological hazard to do a body somewhere for a period of time. And so they have to do that to,  remove the liability of a future, somebody getting sick or having a problem because of it.

[00:32:51]Caller 1: Okay. Okay. So just ask about biological hazard coverage within. Whatever policy and to Chad's point. Okay. So to Chad's point here, while you all, recommend, the vacant policy, so this wouldn't be the vacant policy. It would be the policy that was enforced,  when whoever was in it died. okay.

[00:33:09]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): that's, and I don't know if it's included in other policies. This was a landlord policy that we had that covered a liability for our tenants liability and anything that the HOA didn't cover.

[00:33:20] Caller 1: Okay. I'll okay. Thank you. And I don't know whether or not that would extend to vacant policy insurance, but it sure.

[00:33:26] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Be worth checking into you don't know offhand. Do you Chad?

[00:33:29]Chad Corbett (Coach): No, I think, a vacant policy is a high risk policy. That's why it carries a higher premium. My understanding of it is it covers just about anything, including, break, breaking and entering vandalism. Mike. So I would imagine it would be covered under this.

[00:33:44] Caller 1: Thank you.

[00:33:44] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): All right. You're very welcome.

[00:33:46]Next up is phone number ending in three six, two one. You're up next.


[00:33:51]$28k From My First Probate Deal

[00:33:51] JoEllen: Hi. I am JoEllen. I'm calling from California, the Bay area, and I just want to just give an amazing testimony of how awesome this program is and you guys are, and your support.

[00:34:03] I started with you guys. I think I took the class in may subscribed in August, got my first listing in August with my first letters.  and basically you're going to make about $28,000 in commission on this one property. So it's pretty neat. And, I got thrown in it, two of us and being in estate cell.

[00:34:23] So it was a contractor's home.  so I ended up, I brought in the liquidator. I brought in the painter, the general contractor as a landscaper, who else? The stager I brought in the whole team. And we're almost finished with the remodel. We could have listed for, I think it was 450. As is got them to invest about 25,000.

[00:34:43] And we're looking at closing just probably around 710. Wow. So how many years worth of leads did you stay for at least,  Exactly. And I'm saying if I only got this one deal, which I'm not, I have five in the pipeline right now.  I would be set for years, but I, it's just a passion.

[00:35:01]just like you guys said, just, you can pull a team together really fast. And I did, I pulled the team together really fast. I was already doing my research, like Chad said, like interviewing, state vendors and contractors and painters,  and going after my referral network.  I came from finance early on before the meltdown.

[00:35:19] Then I went into senior care. So I have the independent living facilities, the skilled nursing facility. I was a business development for home care. So this literally is my niche and I am just, this is going to be the rest of my life. Oh, fun. I love it.

[00:35:36]Chad Corbett (Coach):  I love this story. So tell me how good does it feel to know that you put $200,000 and equity into that family inheritance?

[00:35:44] JoEllen: Oh my gosh, it feels so good. And it smells even better because it was their son who was the contractor who was 57 years old. He was in a motorcycle accident up in Chico, California, and they didn't find him for three days. He was missing. And the gentleman who called me the PR he's 86 years old, the father who's a senior who's seniors are my passions.

[00:36:06] So to go there, knowing that I was put in front of them, by God to help this family. And to put a little bit of money in their pocket and pay off whatever, needs to be paid off. Those still good. And, the mom recently went through chemo and fell. It was just with her, guiding her and keep being her emotional support.

[00:36:25]People tried to come in and take my listing, but they said, no, they want to buy the truck. And a realtor wanted to sell the house, give her commission for the truck and just all kinds of stuff. But they stayed connected to me because they said I did what I said all this whole time and I had a plan for them and yeah.

[00:36:42] And it feels so good.

[00:36:43] Chad Corbett (Coach): Gosh, first off to you like  your mindset and your standard of service, it's going to take you so far. You'll probably retire from just doing this one thing and I'm so proud of you for everyone else. Listening, pay attention to what she said. If you're new here and you're not a subscriber, if you are trying this your own way and it's not working, if you trust us methodology.

[00:37:06] You'll get this kind of result. And she had competition come in without signed paperwork and they could have easily taken it from her. they thought they could easily take it from her, but when you're doing it at this level, you have no competition. Like you, you create your own damn market space when you provide this level of value.

[00:37:23]JoEllen: I did exactly what they asked. I brought in the team, like my letter said, I gave them options. Some they chose some, they didn't, but they just said that I've done so much for them last week. And I bought the whole team pizza. I bought champagne for the mom who just finished the radiation,  and just being empathetic and listening, crying with them.

[00:37:44]walking around the home, picking up things that Mike, the owner, he was really, tools all over. tools everywhere and,  two ice chests that I actually got from them because I wanted them. And now I'm like, Oh, thanks, Mike. I'm going to take good care of your family. And I just walk around the property and we just talk about what he did and just listen to them and share with them, that you care.

[00:38:06]About their family member that they just lost. So I'm in the right place. I love it. This is my purpose to go through this. And I'm so glad that a friend of mine shared you guys with me because I'm just forever grateful for you guys. Good for you. Yeah. I love your state. for everybody that's listening, you know that if you're going to emulate anything first, their techniques and skills that you can develop that, state of, passion and empathy is probably the most important thing that you can add for, excuse me,  it's hard to fake.

[00:38:37] It's hard to fake it if you don't care and that. And it's hard. You're going to, I have another, I have five more in my pipeline because we're waiting for court dates, but I've already been to the property and the family and just stay in touch with them. it's the sad stories of, brothers that passed away.

[00:38:52] Now, the kids are in the house and the ex-wife's trying to kick them out. And it's. This is some real raw stuff going through these, this isn't just your traditional real estate. You're going to, I already know you get in the thick of this stuff, and you're going to hear things that you probably know don't want to hear, but you cannot judge.

[00:39:08] We just have to be they're compassionate and, give them the best advice that you can.

[00:39:13] Chad Corbett (Coach): Something that's I was going to say to you, I'm really glad, cause it's, you have an amazing story on this one, but it's rare that you'll actually get that involved and bring that many vendors to the table.

[00:39:24] It's a really good first, a really good deal to have early on because you're going to have many more, the majority of these will be more straightforward. But it's awesome. It's awesome that you got that resolved from being able to do the difficult ones early.

[00:39:37] JoEllen: Yeah, that was so cool. And like I said, I could do it.

[00:39:39] I'm really doing it. I can't really, my first one, I got hit with everything. Just like Chad said, build your team, do it go in as the expert. And now, I know so much about probate PR the timeframes, all the disclosures and who's exempt. I've literally, I'm mastering this. Thank you.

[00:39:56]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Wow. Thank you. And we can't tell you how much we appreciate it. great.

[00:39:59] JoEllen: Oh, and one more thing. I was able to quit my full time job and go full force with this as well.

[00:40:04]Jim we're going

Chad Corbett (Coach):  to have to form a committee to choose the winner of the week!

[00:40:07] Oh yeah.  you guys can make it itself. Honestly, every story is better and we got three more people left. So don't

[00:40:14] JoEllen: And remember! Call, and don't judge your leads. Just don't even look into it. You just pick up the phone and you have value.

[00:40:20] They either like you or they don't, they need what you want or not right now, but just call

[00:40:25] Preach!

[00:40:26]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Thank you, JoEllen. That's great. We really appreciate you. I can't tell you how much we do. All right.

[00:40:30] Well,

[00:40:30] we've got the the cue.

[00:40:32] No pressure, for you. Three remaining people. Next up is six three eight, eight. You're up next.


[00:40:38] LinkedIn For B2B Networking

Ryan: Hi, this is Ryan from Scottsdale Arizona. Yes, sir. I am a new subscriber.

[00:40:43] I don't have a success story yet, but I'm eager to, be able to share In that, looking forward to it. I had a question.  one of you, I forget if it was Chad or who was talking about reaching out to probate attorneys using LinkedIn. And I wanted to hear more about that.  How do you approach them and you do it through a LinkedIn message.

[00:41:05]Or how did you do it?

[00:41:07] Bruce Hill (Coach): It would be a, it would be a LinkedIn message. And the first thing to understand is we don't know exactly where attorneys live in their communication. Some people are more quick to pick the phone up. Some look at emails, some looked at LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a way to get in front of some of the ones that loved to be on LinkedIn consume content there.

[00:41:28] generally speaking, if I'm going to send a LinkedIn message out, it's gonna come from a place of, I'm curious first and I'm never going to just drop all my secrets and tell exactly how I do things in the first message. It's gotta be  generic and say, hi, mr. Mrs. Attorney SG, that you are, you're in the estate and probate space.

[00:41:50] I have a service that might be a benefit to you and your clients.  I don't know if it's for you. But, I'd like to talk for five minutes and see if there's a mutual benefit to our businesses. And more importantly to our clients. Okay. That will normally get a curiosity response. And typically you get a response, like what do you do for PR?

[00:42:12]I've gotten that response a couple of times. What exactly do you do for PR? And at that point,  I've personally found that, especially with attorneys that it's best to cut straight to the point and go ahead and tell them,  what you get out of it. So if you're in a real estate agent and you say, ultimately, I'd obviously like to be able to list the properties, but I know everyone says that.

[00:42:33] So I'd like to earn your and their business by offering to do anything from clean out to gutter, clean to handling an estate sale.  And then turn a question back on them. So my question back to the attorney is generally.  when you take on a client or if I refer you a client, do you charge upfront or do you charge at the end of the transaction that will at least to get a response back to your turning the conversation back to them and then just closed for a cost.

[00:43:01]Ryan: Okay.

[00:43:02]That was helpful. Yes. Yes.

[00:43:04] Bruce Hill (Coach): There really isn't more, you can copy and paste that message and swap the names out a dozen times that I bet you're going to get a response or two. It's not a hundred percent, but  it's fairly low effort because what you're doing is just trying to create curiosity and get them to engage back with you.

[00:43:20]And then you can go ahead and close for a conversation.

[00:43:23] Ryan: Okay. Okay. All right. Now do, do probate attorneys typically offer advice to the PRS regarding the need for vacant property to have vacant property insurance and that kind of thing?

[00:43:36]Chad Corbett (Coach): No, that's why we find that as such a good objection now, or it it's an abrupt stop them in their tracks way to get them to engage with you.  So far I've not met any attorney, anyone I've never even heard of a story of anyone who's asked that question and said, oh no our attorney took care of that.

[00:43:52]It's something that's, I think I went 12 or 13 houses before I learned it from an insurance agent/broker.  so a lot of people aren't familiar with it. They think that, that the standard homeowner policy is all they need and unless something happens, they won't ever find out. So  it's unlikely that you'll have attorneys in your market that understand real estate at that level and asset protection.

[00:44:13]So that kind of gives you an X factor. It gives something, just the tool to really stop them in their tracks and get them engaged with you. So you can, with confidence, I would say with 99% confidence, you can assume that the attorney has not asked them about as it were handled it for them.

[00:44:28]Ryan: Okay. Okay. Very good to know. I've learned a lot of very valuable stuff today. Thank you so much.

[00:44:33]Thank you,

[00:44:34]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Jim. You there. we have two more in the queue. We're probably going to go just a few minutes over. you guys both are okay to go over today.  probably going to have to be off by, by about five minutes after. Okay, cool. I'm good until 15 after. Okay, perfect. Next up is phone number ending at eight two one three.

[00:44:53] You're up next.


Federico Shares Additional Insight on Vendor Networking, Websites

[00:44:54] Fed: Hey guys. It's Fed. How's everyone doing? How you doing great. I'm great. Thank you. I wanted to, piggyback on what Bruce was saying to the previous caller.  Aside from the LinkedIn, then what you guys have also been talking about, which can help a lot with an attorney is that once you sit down with them, so this would maybe be step two.

[00:45:15]Is to, ask them for that checklist that you guys often talk about where, you tell the attorney, Hey, can we sit down and formulate a checklist so that I can send it to, my clients or just people who are going through probate so that they know what they're doing since the attorneys, from my understanding cannot solicit new business.

[00:45:36]That's also an extra way as a part two or as a sidestep to the contacting the attorney.  obviously correct me if I'm wrong.  In addition to that, also for that person and for the San Francisco caller, the one who had that great story, is that when we build a team, the vendors can also create relationships for us, actually speaking of the vacant home insurance policy, when I was building my team and found an insurance specialist for that. She actually put me in touch with her husband and some other people who happen to be very big, commercial brokers and investors who are now helping me with some other transactions. So it just, by just expanding and reaching out,  we can build a lot of things.

[00:46:22]So that's just what I wanted to piggyback.

[00:46:24] My question. Is regarding the website. So do, since I'm building my own website right now in general for my real estate business, do you, is it okay for me to just have a probate tab or do you suggest just having a completely separate probate website?

[00:46:43] Chad Corbett (Coach): That's how I started.

[00:46:45] I built a page on my WordPress site, bought a domain, a different domain, and I just created a redirect. So when someone would go to that, they would land on the probate page on my WordPress site.  Got really the big, the biggest reason is because we weren't providing websites, way back then.

[00:47:01]I think that having a robust, full version site like we offer is going to get you a different result. And what you can do is, you're building a core website, right? Like a more generic real estate website.

[00:47:14]Fed:  Yeah. Just something so that, as you were saying, if people look you up, at least there's some form of credibility, even though, I think, aside from probate, I don't think people look you up as much as for probate.

[00:47:26]And my keyword opinion. I'm not sure

[00:47:29] Chad Corbett (Coach): a lot of folks, we can tie the two sites so we can interface, match the colors. Like they want it. Most people don't even realize. They're landing on a different website. So if you want to make that your general real estate website, and it could still have a probate page, but then in the menu you could, in the main man you put, I'm going through probate and then when they click that it redirects to your, your probate specific website.

[00:47:53]And then like in the header and the menu of that one, you can have something like find out what your house is worth and that lands on the seller page of your general website. And that's my life's passable combination for sure.

[00:48:04] Fed: Okay. Sounds good. So in that case, I'll contact you guys for the probate one a for sure.

[00:48:09]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): All right. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Next up is Jim Forsythe, you're back. And we have one more in the queue, sir. Go ahead.

[00:48:17] Jim Forsythe: Okay. I quickly, I agree with the last tar,  been a lot of information is a fantastic call.  Chad was talking about the, Me websites and how he used the term jet pack analytics and Google analytics.

[00:48:33]If, if he could send me some information on how to,  get that going.  I have, of course your website I've had yet, but I'm not getting in response to it.  like you would like, and then, for the last caller,  asked me about tab on his website. He's building by, exp website is basically a probate website.

[00:48:53]I have just taken an added all kinds of things to it and changing it,  on regular basis.  if they like. Yeah, go see my website, look up, Jim and and you'll see what I've got on probate. But my biggest thing is how I get information on the,  analytics and how to get that going for me on your exp site,  on the yet, but also on, my probate.

[00:49:16]Website you, we can help you on our end. So Jetpack is built into it's a component of WordPress and they have a very simple web analytics called site stats. So you just need to toggle that on your version of WordPress.  Google analytics is obviously more robust and that needs to be inserted, between the head tags on your site.

[00:49:37]So we can handle that for you on your, all the lead site for your exp site. You probably that you're, do you know what it's, what the CMS, what it's built on? Is it WordPress or something else?  wha how you really getting over my head, Chad? I don't know, regardless of what it is, you can plug the Google analytics code and to your exp site.

[00:49:56] Chad Corbett (Coach): it's WordPress. You could also use Jetpack the reasons I like jet packs for, for people who aren't web designers. Yeah. It's just really simple and concise. Yeah. Or Google analytics is easy to get overwhelmed and lost inside of. Okay. if you could send me some information and you have 30 seconds to do that,  that would help would be greatly.

[00:50:15]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Okay. All right. Fantastic guys. All right guys. What a great call today. Last up his phone number ending in nine, two seven eight year up last.

[00:50:26]How To Get Started With Probate Leads

Lynette: Hi, I'm my name is Lynette and, I'm brand spanking new.  and I just want to just articulate an appreciation for the level of sharing for everyone on the call. And, I guess w where I'm at is, I'm an agent and, want to be an investor,  et cetera. I'm taking actions, but I'm throwing noodles at a wall.

[00:50:45] And I want to know if you could give me just some really brief, quick guidelines on where to start with you guys, because  I'm at a point where I'm willing to do some things that I want to operate.  I want to fable business around this and operating at a high level without. Going into the analysis paralysis.

[00:51:06]something needs to move while I'm working on it. And do you have any guidelines for this lynette?

[00:51:11] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Are you a subscriber or not?  I'm not even sure what that is. What do you, are you getting our leads every month? Do you have our CRM? No. Have you talked to one of our salespeople or no? No. Okay, that would be a good place to start if it's okay.

[00:51:24] When the call is over, I'll have someone reach out to you and then,  we can certainly also do a free coaching call with you to give you an idea, whether you use our services or not the best way to get started. we do have a module. Yeah. When you get started with this called fast-track videos, it's three 20, 25 minute videos that will take you through the entire program, start to finish, and then Tom will do an orientation call with you. We have a complete system for getting you up to speed.  Chad, I know we're running over time, but let's just say, if you're not ready to do that, what is there one piece of advice you'd give her to a good way to get started.

[00:51:59]You got to have the lead, which are you getting? Are you getting the leads now? Lynette or not? I do have leads. Okay. All right. So you have leads or you're trying to do it on your own right now, correct? Yes. Yes. Okay.

[00:52:10] Chad Corbett (Coach): The probate mastery is designed for someone who, if you're getting your own leads is still just as useful, what you'll find as part of that.

[00:52:18] You'll by taking that, you'll be able to see why all the leads make sense. Because we have economy of scale on our side, it's difficult to do the data, the skip tracing the list management and the males will Selma. It's very difficult to pull that off, for less money than you actually pay for a subscription.

[00:52:35]So all that said, I would say, mastery is your do this in this order. And it's, 16 hours of content that a lot, like a lot of the things we've talked about on everything we've talked about on this call is rolled into that. So even the more advanced things like partnering with the homeowners to joint venture and build equity for them, we get into the more advanced stuff there.

[00:52:56] So I think that sounds like a good first step for you.  I would just challenge you to, use that to generate revenue lead with revenue. And then delegate the rest of it off because this, the entire, all the leads system is designed to remove choke points and you have focus you on dollar productive activity only.

[00:53:13]So that would be my challenge is once you've done that and you're, you're up to speed. You won't find better marketing automation and this space anywhere. So take yourself out of it and go get to know attorneys instead of stuffing envelopes.

[00:53:26] Lynette: Got it. So you right after the call to go over the whole program with you on Monday, that sounds great.

[00:53:31] Is anyone willing to share the gal in San Francisco's name? The what, whoever was speaking from San Francisco that, did I think her first deal inside of a week or something? I can't remember,  where she had to clean out the painters, the whole thing. What was her name?  we had so many today. I'm not sure that was four or five.

[00:53:48] That was the one she added like a quarter million dollars in equity by helping them. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:53:53] Chad Corbett (Coach): I didn't catch your name, Jim, did you? No, I got a phone number to didn't meant mention her name, but, what you can do is go to all  the leads mastermind. Join that group. and just reach out and, I'll try and track her down and ask her that's okay.

[00:54:06]Lynette: I can send you social media, my way to find her. That's great. So she knows, sorry. I'll figure out who it is and I'll see if she's willing to reach out to you if it's okay. I'll give her your phone number. Okay. Sounds great.

[00:54:16] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): All right, guys. Thank you.  I'll tell you what guys Chad said, you made it difficult for us today.

[00:54:20] I don't know how in the world we decide between the. Six success stories we had today. This was truly one of our best calls. And I feel like it's trying to just say how much we appreciate you guys, but please no that we sincerely do. And we are just to see the successes that you guys are having.

[00:54:37]And I wanted to end this call, like I always do. I want to challenge each of you. There were so many good ideas and good stories today. Just take one thing that inspired you on this call. The loud and put it into practice and please come back next Thursday. Like all these people did and share your results with the group.

[00:54:55]Make it a great week. Guys, stay healthy, stay productive, and we will talk to you. Same time. Next Thursday.


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