Cold-Calling Probate Real Estate Leads: Live Roleplay Training Call #45

Great participation today- Thanks so much for your time! CeCe played both the part of the personal representative and his spouse! People were brave and really jumped in the hot seat.


Also: Tomorrow night, Chad will be shooting an “Ask The Expert” Video with who lends private money to sellers in Probate well below hard money rates. If you don’t have a contractor or other vendors who will float invoices, make sure you stay tuned for this video next week! This is something so valuable to have as part of your wheel of services!

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Probate Training Resources mentioned in this call:

  1. David Pannell’s Strategy: How to Go On Listing Appointments, from Start to Finish, Without Boxing In as Just an Agent/Investor/Wholesaler (TONS of nuggets in this one):


  • In addition to Rodger Lecy’s advice, here are some tips for helping a client file probate AND get compensated for their time through the estate:



More Resources For Improving Your Prospecting Skills:

  1. The Best Real Estate Script:
  2. Cold-Calling/Prospecting Tips – How to GET APPOINTMENTS When Sellers Already Have Another Agent in Mind:
  3. Everything You Need To Know About Working With A Probate Attorney to Grow Your Real Estate Business, With John Erik Fraker, JD
  4. Here is some great advice for opening your cold-calls without boxing yourself in as JUST an agent:
  5. How to Handle the Most Common Probate Real Estate Objections:
  6. “Does This Cost Anything Up Front??? I can’t pay for all of these services!” How to Offer Motivated Sellers Vertically-Integrated Solutions WITHOUT Spending Your Money:
  7. Seller Interview Sheet: Available in the Subscriber Portal
  8. Tips for Prospecting Attorney Relationships:


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Call Re-cap:

  • 2:25 Justin from West Atlanta is an Investor. Do you have to be a real estate agent? Do you operate the investment/brokerage side as separate Entities?
  • Justin jumps in to a roleplay with Chad.  Chad gives some great advice for noticing silence and confusion on the seller’s end, as well as landing the commitment.
  • 19:15 CeCe her Husband are calling from the Columbus area. They are wholesalers.  She called a lead her husband found earlier this morning and got the “I’ll pass the message on to them” and the call trailed off.  The Personal representative actually lives in Michigan. How can I maximize these calls to connect the dots more strongly? Chad roleplays as the Probate Specialist, and CeCe roleplays as both the personal representative and the spouse.
  • 31:33 Chad and Jim share their advice for being more personable and casual.
  • 35:30 Kevin and Alice call in to share their success with including a success story in their conversations with prospective sellers. Chad suggests he add this to his mail marketing as well! Congratulations!
  • 42:09 Peter jumps in the hot seat!
  • 55:14 Rodger Lecy joins us – He shares his story on how he won business by leveraging administrative fees to help personal representatives get paid through the estate. Rodger also shares his strategy for adding every client to his sphere of influence.



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In our once-a-month role play calls, real estate agents and investors from around the country join in to role play cold-calling probate leads with coach Chad Corbett.  Learn how to overcome common and not-so-common objections from personal representatives who may be facing some difficult decisions regarding inherited property.  Our approach is to help professionals establish themselves as THE probate specialist in their market(s), providing comprehensive, value-oriented services to clients by working with a network of local vendors to meet any need a prospect has.


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