Call Summary:

  • A new subscriber shares her immediate success using text message marketing to the PRs to set 3 appointments and she has NOT picked up the phones yet.
  • A subscriber from FL who has had success on the phones shares his experience getting over $1MM in listings in 6 months and what his plan is for attorneys and financial advisors and adding counties to scale his service.
  • We discuss how to opt leads out of mailing campaigns and why you should be very careful scrubbing out “low income” properties because you can make easy money and feed deals to your cash buyers.

All The Leads is the premier provider of Probate Leads for Real Estate nationwide. We offer probate leads (gathered directly from your courthouse every 30 days), probate training, custom probate websites, automated direct mail service, weekly probate mastermind calls, monthly probate role play calls and more.

Our goal is to help real estate agents and real estate investors create a team of professionals who offer a valuable service for their community by focusing on the goals and needs of the Personal Representative and family in the probate process and providing options that others may not be able to.

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