Mastermind Call 225 – Probate Leads Training with All The Leads

Probate Real Estate Training for Agents and Investors: Mastermind Call #225

Thank you to all the real estate agents, investors, attorneys, and others who joined us to share their probate success stories and unique solutions to the different situations presented by probate leads! Some key topics include solidifying relationships when a seller says they have to wait on the courthouse, approaching attorneys that already work with a realtor, tips for cold calling probate leads, and ideas for using probate to grow your business through wholesaling.  


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Topic Recap:

•Joe is working on several lead opportunities, but I am having a challenge with one that has the PR out of state and the person is elderly too and says he needs to clear things with his attorney. The attorney does majority of probates in my market. He already has an agent. How do I approach this situation and position myself?

•I just heard about ATL yesterday and want more information. I wholesale properties and I want to know the best approach to market. Lead with value and then focus on real estate. The Mastery class will provide the foundation.

•The PRs normally deal with paying bills, etc. during the probate process. Has anyone provided a service to do that for them as another service to differentiate me?

•In CA, I spoke to one PR that says they cannot do anything now until they get the Letter of Testamentary. CA is backlogged in the court systems to provide these documents. Consider doing other services in the meantime to help the PR until they have the authorization. What do you do when the PR says “we have everything handled”? What should I do when the address of the PR and deceased is the same and they are spouses?

•We got 2 listings done and have one more on the way. We get some objections, but we work through them. These listings come from the phone calls and they did receive the letters. The combination of letters and calls work best. What do I do when the PR says I want to sell, but she needs to get her kids out of the house?

•In NY and a new agent. I just got my first batch of leads in April and completed Mastery. How should I best represent myself since being so new?

•I am used to using scripts and I am in the process of changing when contacting the Probate PRs. What resources can I use to make myself better?

Thanks for joining, and be sure to tune in next Thursday!!
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In our weekly Probate Mastermind calls, real estate agents, investors, wholesalers and related professionals join All The Leads partners to ask questions and seek advice about different chokepoints they come across while nurturing their probate leads. Today’s call focused on how to approach probate leads as an investor, strategies for how to succeed in competitive markets AND maximize in smaller markets where only a few probate cases are opened each month, creative ideas for establishing relationships with bondsmen and attorneys, and information on both our self-print mailing templates and done-for-you direct mail marketing service.

Our goal is to provide real estate training for agents, investors, and the vendors they work with so they can offer a more valuable service by focusing on the needs of Personal Representatives and provide solutions others may not be able to.


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Mastermind Call 224 – Probate Leads Training with All The Leads