Call Summary:

  • Chad announces new product (digital marketing services) that is in beta testing now utilizing Facebook to follow/track the Probate leads of our subscribers to engage them when they are viewing related Probate ads, etc. These programs will be enhanced over time to include more social media exposure.
  • Rob – received first batch of leads in September and in the first batch of letters received a listing and an opportunity to manage a Probate property as a rental for the heirs for a fee. They also had a duplex they want him to sell which was outside of the initial Probate. There are opportunities beyond what may be tied to the initial Probate. Make your calls.
  • Sam – they did a recent marketing effort to Attorneys by visiting the offices with cookies, etc. and the reception was very good. She now has the data base to work the attorneys and their staff. You should start working the Attorneys early in your campaigns. This becomes a referral system.
  • How is the best way to position myself with the Attorney when meeting to differentiate myself and show the value I can provide?
  • Kevin and Alice – How do you deal with people that already have a Will or Trust? Is their any value we can provide if the deceased lived in an apartment?
  • Anthony – doing Mastery and participating on Mastermind calls have been very helpful. He has done a deal with the script he was using. He is fine tuning his script because he is getting shut down quickly on the opening of the call when Probate is mentioned. Find a way to disrupt them…try humor.
  • Sue – ISA for subscriber. What is the best practice for the ISA to have more quality appointments? Review the Probate role play calls. Try to qualify the appointment more with a follow up call prior to appointment.
  • Rodger – working on 2 listings with the PR and Attorney is that he will make sure they get best value for the property in this market. He will use the FHA guidelines for comparisons. Leverage your Title company to assist in transaction.
  • Jay – just got second set of leads and been mailing and calling. He also used his Probate Guide. He has 2 potential deals now. He has found that in some cases the PR address may not be the correct for other mailings. Can the ISA team verify the address?

Our goal is to help real estate agents and real estate investors create a team of professionals who offer a valuable service for their community by focusing on the goals and needs of the Personal Representative and family in the probate process and providing options that others may not be able to.

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