Call Summary:

  • Paula is a new subscriber and she went through Mastery. She has 3 listings already. Her approach on the phone is to keep it simple and demonstrate the value you provide. She follows up with a personal hand-written note. I chose Probates because I wanted a duplicable way to find leads and work them. She shows empathy and manages the conservation. The “Why” is that she wants to provide service.
  • Sent out my first letter and plan to call soon. What is the best way to go about making the call? Chad does role play and shares his approach. Breakdown: At beginning provide Unique Selling Position and end with open question for prospect engagement.
  • Michael is an investor and on his first role play call. His questions have been answered with the previous callers showing empathy and show value as to the “Whys”. He was told the conversations would be negative, but now knows that will not be the case in most situations.
  • New customer and has not had much time to contact PRs yet. She wants to put marketing program together for Attorneys. Where can she find the sample brochure? How do you get through the gate keeper? Refer to the Role Play call #37.
  • Arthur is an investor and once he gets into a situation on the call with a prospect that seems to want to get retail value with a listing…how do I approach this? Do not label yourself as an investor or realtor but as a specialist in Probate and have a team of professionals to help you. Try not to make offers until you meet. Chad does informative role play. You should partner with a Realtor to avoid any liabilities of taking a listing by yourself since you are not licensed. Your team realtor can provide this all quickly.
  • What marketing format do you all suggest? Minimal 3-month campaign with letters and calls. ATL also provide digital advertising, websites, ISA, etc. Depends upon your market and budget. What is your conversion rate? Depends on how good and aggressive you are with your message.
  • Vickie is new subscriber and leads will come in soon. She is an investor and had a call recently from another mail campaign to ask what she does. How do I handle this since it sounds like a Probate deal? Utilize the tools we provide to prepare you for the calls and along with the Role Play calls.
  • Dennis received a call from an agent in his area because the agent felt his letter was misleading with saying you can list the property before the Probate is concluded. Not true and that agent does not have good knowledge on Probates.

All The Leads is the premier provider of Probate Leads for Real Estate nationwide. We offer probate leads (gathered directly from your courthouse every 30 days), probate training, custom probate websites, automated direct mail service, weekly probate mastermind calls, monthly probate role play calls and more.

Our goal is to help real estate agents and real estate investors create a team of professionals who offer a valuable service for their community by focusing on the goals and needs of the Personal Representative and family in the probate process and providing options that others may not be able to.

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