In our weekly Probate Mastermind calls, real estate agents, investors, and related professionals join All The Leads partners Chad Corbett and Jim Sullivan to ask questions and seek advice about different chokepoints they come across in nurturing their probate leads. Learn how to overcome common and not-so-common objections from personal representatives who may be facing some difficult decisions regarding inherited property. Our approach is to help professionals establish themselves as THE probate specialist in their market(s), providing comprehensive, value-oriented services to clients by working with a network of local vendors to meet any need a prospect has.

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Call Recap:

•Discussion on the DNC (Do Not Call) number designations and why they have been added to your data.

•Kevin heard from his Care Manager company and they invited him to do a Podcast to their team and it gave me a new marketing opportunity and a member of my resource team.

•Why do attorney numbers show a DNC number?

•How best do you use an Auto Dialer and what message do you leave?

•Just launched a new county using all ATL services including Mailbox Motivator, LeadFollow and ISA. Do you recommend using a Return Address?

•What approach should you use to send information to an Attorney? Does using a video work? Do investors have less of a liability with calling DNC numbers?

•How best do you recommend someone from your resource team to a PR? Is there a liability? Should you get involved with referrals from your resources? Consider establishing a marketing arrangement to share business both ways.

•Where can I find good scripts? Utilize the Role Play calls as a foundation.

•Mike from TX needs information on Vacant Home insurance. He is working on a deal that will become a Short Sale. Who can I speak to?

•Ray is a new subscriber and has questions on the multi-month campaign recommendation. Are there any statistics or patterns on mailing and/or calling? Do Reply Cards work? The DNC designation is a good protection for subscribers.



DNC validation for probate leads

Please contact us with any questions about DNC validation for your probate leads!



Our goal is to help real estate agents and real estate investors create a team of professionals who offer a valuable service for their community by focusing on the goals and needs of the Personal Representative and family in the probate process and providing options that others may not be able to.

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