Mastermind Call 246 – Probate Leads Training with All The Leads

Mastermind Call #246

September 26th, 2019

Today’s big takeaways: Getting started with probate, Finding vendor partners to help you work leads that are too far away, and Navigating situations involving Medicaid liens.


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Special Announcements:

  • Two Winners Of The Week! Colette Mayers for turning One Lead Into 4 Deals, and Willie Gallegos who reached out to old leads and quickly grabbed a buy-and-flip and a listing!
  • The Partners are meeting next week for Q4 planning – Let us know anything you’d like ATL to take into consideration!


This Week’s Training Highlights:

  • What 30 Minutes Could Do For Your Pipeline This Week – Willie Gallegos’ success story sending ringless voicemail to an old lead set:


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Relevant Resources In This Call:

  1. Winning the Deal/Listing in Person: Playing Good Cop, Bad Cop as an investor/realtor pair:
  2. How you can win attorney business through your marketing reach (From John Erik Fraker’s Interview):
  3. More resources and advice on working with Attorneys:
  4. Medicaid Liens and Working With Social Workers:


Getting Started in Probate?

    1. 3 Things NOT to do When Getting Started With Probate:
    2. 3 EASY Ways To Improve Your Cold-Calling Script:
    4. Offering vendor services risk-free while you’re still building your vendor network:
    5. The Best Script for Cold-Calling Probate Leads:
    6. Why You Shouldn’t Open a Conversation By Offering Your Best Solution:
    7. Should You Leave Voicemails When Calling Leads?
    8. Truth or Myth: Our Attorney Said We Can’t Sell Until Probate Is Closed!!
    9. Probate Quicksand and Getting To The Sale Faster:

Call Re-cap

3:10 Janet is considering starting in a county that’s farther away and working remotely. What’s the  best way to do this? Chad describes how some other clients do this, and he and Jim give some ideas for setting up a partnership with someone in the area who can get feet on the ground when it’s necessary.

8:00 Janet expands her question – Is it possible to provide other services from a distance? You can absolutely find these vendor services remotely.

11:34 Yolanda from Houston is familiar with probate and is looking for best practice tips in getting deals on the books.

18:51 Richard is looking for tips on how to answer a call back if you don’t remember what lead it came from. Chad advises on how to steer and gain control of this type of conversation.

28:27 Tiana is curious about texting probate leads. It can be very effective, but it has risks you should be aware of.

23:20 Rick asks for some advice on how to work with Probate Referees in the state of California.

30:53 Randall asks about the ATL CRM.  The CRM is included in your lead subscription, and your leads get pushed directly into your CRM.  If you’re set-up on autopilot, your mailing and call campaigns will happen automatically!

34:45 Randall asks if you’re just getting started in this business, would you recommend going fully on autopilot or doing it yourself? There’s some variables here.  Some people that are getting started, budget is the biggest constraint.  Take the time you have and get in the trenches and do it yourself. As you learn the skills, re-invest to get your marketing automated so you can scale.

37:48 Can you take Probate Mastery again? Yep! When you see the new session get scheduled, just ask us to put you in as an Alumni!

43:49 Justin is looking for some advice for his family.  His sister is taking care of his Grandmother, but the grandmother wants to move in with the daughter. The Grandmother is on medicaid and doesn’t want to get cut off, and the goal is to keep the house in the family.  How should we proceed? The first step should be to speak with the social worker who set up the Medicaid contract.

49:24 Gil from New York asks how to navigate a call when he gets someone on the phone that isn’t actually the personal representative.

56:43 Renee if there is absolutely no phone number, what else can I do? Try sending mail to the deceased’s last known address, since the PR might be picking up the mail there.



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How can you protect yourself from risking your own capital when a motivated seller needs additional services (cleanouts, repairs, rehabs etc…)?

In our weekly Probate Mastermind calls, real estate agents, investors, wholesalers and related professionals join All The Leads partners to ask questions and seek advice about different chokepoints they come across while nurturing their probate leads. Today’s call focused on how to approach probate leads as an investor, strategies for how to succeed in competitive markets AND maximize in smaller markets where only a few probate cases are opened each month, creative ideas for establishing relationships with bondsmen and attorneys, and information on both our self-print mailing templates and done-for-you direct mail marketing service.

Our goal is to provide real estate training for agents, investors, and the vendors they work with so they can offer a more valuable service by focusing on the needs of Personal Representatives and provide solutions others may not be able to.


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