Delivery and Sales Psychology | Live Real Estate Cold Call Training | Probate Role Play #57

Cold Calling Probate Leads - Live Role Play Training #57 | The Interactive Podcast on Probate Real Estate
August 5th, 2020
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Call Re-cap:

Role Play #1 - Problem, Solution, Appointment: Getting Your Cold Call Script In Order (3:10)

Mike from Florida role plays as the probate specialist.

  • Bruce says he has a great attorney helping him.
  • Mike keeps Bruce on the line by asking about homeowner’s insurance and if it covers the probate property.
  • Bruce starts to see value; he hits Mike with the “How much is this going to cost?” Objection.

Major Lessons:  

  • Get empathetic and understand all the problems a family could be facing.
  • Get clear on everything you can offer.
  • When calling, ask questions and have a conversation, build rapport, THEN deliver your offer with confidence and energy.


Bonus Tips: 

  • Mike uses the Squatter Possibility/Offer to post No-Trespassing signs to solidify an appointment quickly.
  • Chad demonstrates how to illustrate a scenario and bring emotions to the surface.
  • Lead with curiosity, not closing statements.


Role Play #2 - Identifying Hidden Opportunities and Offering Creative Solutions (27:58)

Dan from Seattle role plays as the probate specialist.

  • Bruce gives Dan some resistance, but Dan throws him off with some quick wit!
  • Dan asks some discovery questions.

Major lessons here:

  • It’s GOOD to have personality on the phone! 
  • When dealing with touchy subjects, use open-ended questions instead for discovery.
  • Identify opportunities and offer multiple options.
  • Get local, and get affirmation.

Bonus Tips: 

  • Dan uses a spontaneous joke and keeps Bruce on the phone.
  • Be Comfortable with Silence: Dan does a great job letting silence hang so Bruce would open up and respond.
  • Chad breaks down how Dan could have taken what he learned through discovery and offered creative options for the situations/motivations surrounding Bruce and his sister’s situation. 
  • Dan allowed Bruce to throw away his feeling of hesitation - This likely solidified the appointment so Dan can avoid a cancelation or no-show.

Building your professional vendor network:

In-depth Training With Probate Mastery

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Call Transcript:

Welcome amazing realtors and investors and real estate agents nationwide. Today is Wednesday, August 5 2020. And this is roleplay number 57.

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Unknown Speaker 0:35
appreciate you all being here today we have one person in the queue. We have plenty of room for more. Chad Bruce, you want to say anything before we get started?

Unknown Speaker 0:45
I just want to remind we now have kind of a blend of listeners. So if you're listening to this on a plot, a podcast platform and you're not familiar with our Facebook community, be sure and check out all the leads mastermind on Facebook has

Unknown Speaker 1:00
A group of about 10,000 of us that have been carefully curated and filtered. So it's you know, people who are trying to get this right the same as you are. So, a lot of times between these calls these calls happen the first Wednesday of each month, unless the holidays or weather or travel schedules interfere, but you have one of these per month, if you want to be, you know, if you want more practice, if you'd like to sharpen your axe on a more frequent basis, there are a lot of little subscriber roleplay groups that happen within all the leads mastermind. So if you go to Facebook, search all the leads mastermind, join the group and then use the search bar. If it's on mobile at the top or on desktop on the left, type in roleplay. And you'll see where our subscribers put together their own small roleplay groups and sometimes there's four sometimes six. Sometimes they're on zoom, sometimes I'm on a conference line, but if you if you have an appetite for more of this and you know to sharpen your skills

Unknown Speaker 2:00
You don't always have to wait for the next month for us to release this or to come participate, you can always roleplay with your peers and easiest way to find them as in all the leads mastermind Facebook group. Bruce, anything you want to say before we start now I couldn't, I couldn't have said it better and neither one of you guys. Well, I did forget something. So for those of you who are listening that are currently all the lead subscribers, professional real estate coaching is something that's part of your subscription. Bruce coaches at $1,000 an hour and up, but that's something that that we provide for you guys because we want we want to make sure that you know we're setting you up for success. So if you are a subscriber, you can also jump on Bruce's calendar and roleplay directly with the coach if you don't want to do it in group or you can't find the time slot. If you need any kind of help between these calls, or between our Thursday calls. You can look in your subscriber subscriber portal under education

Unknown Speaker 3:00
And you can book a coaching call directly with Bruce right there. And that in an odd thousand dollars. Exactly. All right. 7679 you're up first.

Unknown Speaker 3:12
Hi, this is Mike from Florida. So, Hey, Mike, I'm just getting started. And

Unknown Speaker 3:19
just working on nailing my goals, anything in particular you want to work on or any scenarios or just just a typical inbound or outbound call.

Unknown Speaker 3:30
Just that, I guess, typical outbound

Unknown Speaker 3:35
because I don't have enough calls in to kind of have a typical objection, I guess. Okay. And do you want to play the role of the real estate professional or as the personal representative?

Unknown Speaker 3:48
Would you rather as the real you or would you rather hear how we do it?

Unknown Speaker 3:54
I'd rather do it so I get the practice because I think

Unknown Speaker 4:00

Unknown Speaker 4:01
You will do this.

Unknown Speaker 4:03
Yeah, I'll do it. Okay. Remind me what you said your name was real quick.

Unknown Speaker 4:09
Mike. Mike. Okay, perfect. Mike, you can start with a ring ring and I'll answer.

Unknown Speaker 4:16
Ring ring.

Unknown Speaker 4:19

Unknown Speaker 4:22
Hi. I was trying to reach Bruce.

Unknown Speaker 4:26
Yeah, this is Bruce.

Unknown Speaker 4:28
Who my speaking neighbors. Yeah, this is Mike and I was calling because I'd sent you a letter last week. Did you have to receive that?

Unknown Speaker 4:39
Get it? Yeah, maybe I don't I don't recognize I get a lot of mail.

Unknown Speaker 4:45
Well, this one was a letter that was in a greeting card envelope and it was in reference to the probate estate of

Unknown Speaker 4:54
Oh, yeah, I got I got I got a handful of those.

Unknown Speaker 4:59
You said this. No.

Unknown Speaker 5:00
As Mike you said,

Unknown Speaker 5:02

Unknown Speaker 5:04
And I put my business card in there and everything so you should have Okay, gotten that But anyway, the reason why I'm contacting you and it's better to do the conversation in person because you know, letters, everybody gets them, everybody throws them away. But what I've done is put together a team of professionals here in the county that can help people that are that are handling probates. Like, like you're, you're handling yourself.

Unknown Speaker 5:32
So I want to kind of ask you, what's the toughest part of doing the case has been so far for your fit for you and your family?

Unknown Speaker 5:42
Mike, it really hadn't been tough. We we just got started. Honestly, I think we got I think we got most of it handled so far.

Unknown Speaker 5:52
Okay. Yeah, that's what I hear a lot of families say and honestly, it can be you

Unknown Speaker 6:00
done easily or it can be a nightmare. I'm here to kind of be a resource for you and your family. One of the things that we've seen people struggle with is

Unknown Speaker 6:12
and the attorneys are good. Have you have you got a good probate attorney?

Unknown Speaker 6:17
Yeah, it's a matter of fact, our attorney, I'm not sure we're really going to need any help our attorneys kind of gotten it all handled. He told us to wait until wait until we were done with probate.

Unknown Speaker 6:28
Okay. Did he and I don't know if there's any real estate involved in in your particular case. But if he is that if there is then he mentioned that most homeowners insurances don't cover vacant properties.

Unknown Speaker 6:47
And now that we know we got we got I got I've got insurance. We're covered.

Unknown Speaker 6:53
Gotcha. Yeah. But I haven't come across a homeowner's policy yet that will cover a vacant property. No

Unknown Speaker 7:00
Is that the situation that you happen to be in?

Unknown Speaker 7:05
What Yeah, yeah, that house. We've got two houses that are vacant right now. I covered though I'm pretty sure we're gonna you and are you an insurance?

Unknown Speaker 7:15
No, but through helping families and probate, you come across this constantly.

Unknown Speaker 7:21
And it's it's a little insurance company trick where they spend over this trick but they write in, you know, the fine print

Unknown Speaker 7:29
just basically that they're not going to cover anything that's not occupied. Because without a person in the property, you know, it's obviously a much more it's a different category of liability for the company. So you have to modify your insurance coverage, and we've got companies that do that.

Unknown Speaker 7:49
They can get you set up today.

Unknown Speaker 7:53
In fact, I can get I don't know Mike, I can What do you call my? I can call my insurance agent, I think. Yeah, sure.

Unknown Speaker 8:00
I might give up, give no Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 8:04

Unknown Speaker 8:06
Example of some of the services that we help families with.

Unknown Speaker 8:11
Another You're not?

Unknown Speaker 8:13
Absolutely, yeah. So you say there's two vacant homes have you can have you got them all cleaned out of the personal property and things that the family I after they get their things? Yeah, my cousins are going to come up in a couple of weeks and they're going to, they're going to help me with that. So we're, we're sure we're going to have that handled.

Unknown Speaker 8:37
Yeah. Well, typically what I've found is that, you know, after the family goes through everything, then there tends to be just random stuff that nobody wants and what I help families with is matching them with companies that will come in and either get that stuff marked for donation and disclaim down so that you know, you can move on

Unknown Speaker 9:00
With real estate and do you know whatever you're going to do with it either sell it or, or leases or? or however you want to do that. I mean, have you guys started having those kinds of conversations?

Unknown Speaker 9:12
Well, now, I mean, other than the fact that my cousins are coming up there to help with the house,

Unknown Speaker 9:20
and that is that I barely have it.

Unknown Speaker 9:24
Sure, sure. Go ahead. Absolutely. No, that's that's part of my bigger point is that I'm putting I put all these professionals together as a team to help you and I want to sit down with you guys and kind of come up with a plan for everything. So that it's it's wireless, on your plate to deal with.

Unknown Speaker 9:47
So I've got a couple of appointments open this week. Is there a better day for you? I mean, I'm looking at Oh, no ID or Saturday. I've got a couple of how much how

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Watch this kind of cost

Unknown Speaker 10:02
that doesn't cost you anything. It's just a you know, what eventually what I deliver everything that I've that we've agreed to,

Unknown Speaker 10:14
then we can come up with a solution for me, you know, I don't come into this.

Unknown Speaker 10:20
Ask him for a pity I just want to provide service and then that'll naturally happen after I've provided all the service.

Unknown Speaker 10:28
So you've got something to talk about.

Unknown Speaker 10:33
I can I can, I'm interested in hearing a little bit more that so you'll come in you'll clean the house out not charge anything.

Unknown Speaker 10:43
No, I mean, that's not what I've got, you know, vetted partners that companies that I've worked with over and over again that I know will do you guys get great service and it you know, contractors and everything else that you got

Unknown Speaker 11:00
I could possibly meet. And that's why I want to meet with you and we can kind of go through,

Unknown Speaker 11:07
you know, everything that you guys may need in this process just to get you through everything.

Unknown Speaker 11:14
Okay, and like I said, there's no obligation, it's just a consultation, and I can show you everything that we can do for you. So, if you have 15 or 20 minutes, I'm sorry. What is it that you do then?

Unknown Speaker 11:29
I'm a realtor, but that a lot of times never comes up. And sometimes it does.

Unknown Speaker 11:35
Okay, you know, that's just the conversation. We need to have to figure out how you guys want to proceed.

Unknown Speaker 11:42
Okay, okay. I don't know if we're gonna sell the houses or not yet. We hadn't talked about that. Sure, but but if you want to, that's really not helped me clean out folks is freezing. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 11:55
Okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 11:57
I mean,

Unknown Speaker 11:59
obviously, I'm not

Unknown Speaker 12:00
Going to help you clean the house for free. But I'm going to help you get the fake get yourself into position where you can move through this process.

Unknown Speaker 12:11
Okay, you understand what I'm saying? Bruce?

Unknown Speaker 12:15
Yeah, yeah, I think so. I mean, I'm, I guess, I guess if we're missing something we could, we could take a look at it, but I, I thought we kind of had everything handled pretty well so far.

Unknown Speaker 12:28
Well, sure, I mean, but

Unknown Speaker 12:32
let me ask you a question. Have you

Unknown Speaker 12:37
have you posted the properties as far as putting no trespassing signs and the statues up in the window?

Unknown Speaker 12:44
Because that's a step a lot of people miss at the beginning. So what can happen there is

Unknown Speaker 12:50
a squatter can come in, and then you're going to be fighting a big battle, legally.

Unknown Speaker 12:58
And it's just a simple thing. That

Unknown Speaker 13:00
You can do is put up a no trespassing sign. So what I'm saying is I've walked through this this past before. And that's why I want to help your family. At the end of the day, if you have a property to lease I can. I've got property management companies I can hook you up with, you know, there's 1000 different solutions. That's why I really just want to, you know, meet with you, the family, and all the decision makers, and we kind of work together and get a solution that fits your guys's guys's situation. Does that sound fair? Well,

Unknown Speaker 13:33
yeah, that's fair. I mean, my cousins are coming up into town in a couple of weeks. Could we just do it then?

Unknown Speaker 13:41
Are they Yeah, sounds like they're pretty important decision makers in the family.

Unknown Speaker 13:47
Then Yeah, I definitely want to get everybody at the same table and kind of go through it all at one time. When would that mean?

Unknown Speaker 13:58
They're coming up on Thursday in two weeks.

Unknown Speaker 14:02
Okay, well, I can set the tentative appointment for Thursday at 6:30am. Would that work with me?

Unknown Speaker 14:12
Yeah, I'll talk to them. But I think i think i think that work.

Unknown Speaker 14:16
Okay. Give me a call back in in a couple of inches in maybe 10 days or so. And then I'll let you know if we can meet on Thursday.

Unknown Speaker 14:26
All right, so I'm going to put you in the calendar and then

Unknown Speaker 14:30
I'll give you a reminder call ahead of time and if not, we'll just meet Thursday at 630 with everybody and try to get a plan pulled together. In the meantime, that kind of critical things would be to get the

Unknown Speaker 14:43
the properties posted, and I can go do that for you if you'd like. Would you like me to just handle it?

Unknown Speaker 14:51
Yeah, yeah, sure. That'd be fine. I'm gonna run over there. That's fine with me

Unknown Speaker 14:56
is and how would I access the properties

Unknown Speaker 15:00
are a neighbor that has a key or could you meet me down there as well?

Unknown Speaker 15:05
Well, how long would that take?

Unknown Speaker 15:07
I mean, it's only going to take like 10 minutes, I'll bring the signs in this bad sense. And, yeah, we can take them in there.

Unknown Speaker 15:15
Okay, yeah, that's if that's gonna take long. Let's do that. Let's do that next week.

Unknown Speaker 15:21

Unknown Speaker 15:23
If that's as soon as you can get over there because I would really hate for you to get a squatter. That's going to be a nightmare. But as soon as you can get over there will be the best. Yeah, let's let's just do next week. We can do we can do early next week, maybe Tuesday.

Unknown Speaker 15:40
All right. Okay, let's go ahead and I'll let you know.

Unknown Speaker 15:43
Okay, let's go ahead and break there assume that you that you said that you set a time up because that for at that point, everything else was just semantics.

Unknown Speaker 15:54
So we'll stop there and dive in Chad.

Unknown Speaker 15:58
You hear any openings?

Unknown Speaker 16:00
That he could have taken or gone down before I chime in.

Unknown Speaker 16:06
So the first thing I want to say, Mike, are you really clear on all the things you can provide? Are you confident in those things?

Unknown Speaker 16:15
Well, that's what I'm putting together now.

Unknown Speaker 16:17
I'm definitely getting a list of people together.

Unknown Speaker 16:23
And I'm just trying to get all the pieces in a line.

Unknown Speaker 16:27
As far as I got here, that kind of a rhetorical question. So I see a lot of people struggle with this getting clear on just all the all the opportunities there are to

Unknown Speaker 16:39
Well, first, getting empathetic to all of the potential problems a family could have on these calls are great your resources, and it's clear, you've been listening because you've used some of the tactics that we suggest, right? So I would suggest you just turn everything off. Maybe put music on whatever gets you in your kind of theta state of

Unknown Speaker 17:00
Thinking in that brain state, and just sit and contemplate everything that a family could possibly be going through. And maybe you even write those down as a list. And then on the left hand column, that's here's the, here's the potential problem or struggle. And then the right hand, here's my solution. And maybe there's three columns. So your problem solution, vendor partner, and you just go down through there. And that exercise should help you really flex out all the things that you could do. And then I want you to think about each of those things and think, like, do I really believe what I'm telling people on this line item? And do I really have that solution in place? Or am I 100% confident that I can get it in place and the amount of time I would need before having them over the house? And I think that's gonna, that exercise is gonna force you to really unpack everything in your head, like, Okay, what are these are the 75 most challenging scenarios that I can even imagine? And these are my 75 solutions. And I think that's going to be

Unknown Speaker 18:00
get you there much faster.

Unknown Speaker 18:02
It's clear that it's clear you you see a lot of the value that can be broad. But you're you're, you're saying the right things, not necessarily in the right order. So you came around toward the end of the conversation after lots of you know, Bruce was Bruce was very realistic in that roleplay. You weren't checking in with him and asking him enough questions like, Can you see how that might benefit you? Or can you see how that can be a big risk for the family, and getting those like bringing those negative emotions to the surface? So what I felt the whole time I was like, Damn, I want Mike to really understand what this feels like for them. Because I know, you would be saying different things like you'd be saying, Well, you know, for example, those two vacant properties. If someone were to break in today, considering a judicial backlogs in our market, it could take you a year to get them out. And what would the financial impact be to the family if you couldn't access the property, you couldn't sell the property, but you still had to maintain it.

Unknown Speaker 19:00
operator that someone else had possession of what do you think that would cost you guys? And how you think that would make everybody feel?

Unknown Speaker 19:07
Yeah, it's a pretty sad situation. And all we have to do is drive over there and tape a no trespassing sign on the inside of a window with the statute. And I have a stack right here at my desk, and I'm going out in 30 minutes. So could you meet me over there with a key and we'll at least take care of that first. And there's your opening to have the rest of the conversation if he commits to that, right? They're like, Okay, great, I'll see you in 45 minutes. And then you deal with the rest of it in person, because you're you're going to convert 10 times or 10 times more likely to convert in person to finish the conversation. So that's just one example of an opening where I saw way back in the beginning of the conversation, where you could have converted that to a face to face appointment and finished your work once you got there. Because two vacant properties without insurance and without being properly posted. Like that's like a legitimate reason for for you to be there today.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
to contain their risk and to cover their land to cover, you know, cover any unforeseen liabilities that they don't know about because they don't know about landlord tenant law and, you know, on squatters rights. So I would say the biggest thing, I think, I think that would be a totally different roleplay if you were really clear on the problems they have and the solutions that you have for those problems. So that's my challenge to you over the next, you know, week or so, is sit down and really think that through and get clear on it. And then I think you have a whole different progression and confidence, but it's clear that you're paying attention. It's clear that you're taking this seriously. You just got to work on getting a little more confident in your and then your delivery will clean itself up.

Unknown Speaker 20:42
Okay, that's good.

Unknown Speaker 20:45
Mike, here's what I got for you.

Unknown Speaker 20:48
You know, in in, in my business, I've got a partner that makes a lot of calls and one of the biggest things that we're constantly working on is making sure that we're gathering the appropriate

Unknown Speaker 21:00
amount of information before we dive into the pitch into the appointment close.

Unknown Speaker 21:07
And this is just sort of an internal rule I definitely This is true 100% of the time except when it's not, is what I like to say. And there are plenty of times it's not but if you can go into every conversation we're looking to try to protect to get at least at least four or five, minimum four or five questions, conversationally answered back to you. Before you close, you're gonna, you're gonna have a really strong foundation of rapport. And I felt like you You went for a close pretty quickly before you'd built up my rapport trust. Now a lot of times, I don't give resistance through the entire call. But I felt like you establish just enough rapport to keep me on the phone but not enough to actually turn me into putty in your hands. So if you could kind of

Unknown Speaker 22:00
Understand, as Chad mentioned, write down those, those those potential problems that people have and really understand what those problems are, and then just start asking questions, and gathering information and writing, writing information down. And then, you know, once you've had a seven or eight or 10 minute conversation with someone, then you say, you know,

Unknown Speaker 22:21
hear, I understand what you're saying, and and here's what I heard. So you you kind of repeat back to them, the answers in the information you've given that they've given you, you repeat some of it back, you summarize it, and then you say, based on that you modify Do you mind if I tell you the steps that I'd take right now? It's gonna be pretty hard for them to shoot you down at that point, because you've listened to them. You haven't tried to close them. You've come in from a place of curiosity and empathy first. And then, if you say you mind if I tell you a couple of steps that I take right now that they're going to say yes. And then you just open it up and clean.

Unknown Speaker 23:00
It sounds like the house is vacant. You know, I think that you probably don't have vacant property insurance, I'd call your insurance agent first. And if you don't, if you don't have a great insurance agent, I have a really good one I'll pass to you in just a second. And then I go over there and I post the property. I have a stack of of statues, statutes, and no trespassing signs. I could meet you over there this afternoon.

Unknown Speaker 23:25
And then say, and while we're there, why don't we run through the house and just I'll make a list of the things that you can do

Unknown Speaker 23:33
today to make your process so much easier through and I'm going to do that for you for free. I don't want to charge you because I know that when it comes time to getting the house sold, if you're going to sell, you'll at least include me in that conversation. Right.

Unknown Speaker 23:52
So you're you're leading from curiosity, instead of leading and trying to work through a series of

Unknown Speaker 24:00

Unknown Speaker 24:01
Because I was pretty resistant to you through each one of those closes. I was I was open. I was curious, but kind of resistant because you just didn't take me down that path where you're gathering information long enough.

Unknown Speaker 24:17
Okay, yeah, I can understand that.

Unknown Speaker 24:21
So, yeah, I'll try to work up some questions that I can just memorize that will

Unknown Speaker 24:28
that will help me.

Unknown Speaker 24:30
Otherwise. I mean, that was a really great call that you did good, especially for someone just coming in doing this for the first time. Better than the vast majority of people I coach with. And, and better than, I mean, a lot of people that I coach with that are really good at this started, right where you are with the same type of conversation. So the feedback that we gave you certainly, yeah, it was a little bit critical, but that you're in a good place.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Hold on.

Unknown Speaker 25:02
You know?

Unknown Speaker 25:04
Can you guys hear me? Okay? No. Yeah, I was going to, I would I would echo with both of them said, and I was going to say the same thing. Even though the confidence level could have been higher. In every case, I felt like it was a really very realistic roleplay on both sides. And you fairly smoothly got to the appointment. So you, you completed the objective objective, you did something very right there. It's funny in the beginning, I was feeling you're a little bit of lack of confidence when you were trying to come up with a answer to his objections. And that would have been a real good place to have maybe the seller interview sheet in front of you and ask a question to give you time to gather the competence and come up with a better answer. I would say one thing I find kind of interesting though, through all of that, even when you become more

Unknown Speaker 26:00
competent, you have kind of a shucks sort of Shunk, sort of mannerism that comes across very well in my opinion you don't you don't come across at all like a fast talking slick salesperson so even then you'd become worn at all. That's exactly yeah. You so that that keep that same mannerism and match and mirror people like Bruce Bruce was kind of slow and you were kind of laid back and you did a really good job with that. You came across the opposite of a of a fast talking salesperson. So I think he did a lot right and great job.

Unknown Speaker 26:36
And if you want to really take it to the next level, like I'm actually from Boston, I work 10 years to get this accent. I'm not actually from West Virginia. It just serves me well.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
I'm just kidding. You did a really good Indiana. I guess that's where you do have to have a good demeanor and it's calming. And I just want to back up like so what Bruce said was was pretty much the advice that was hiding

Unknown Speaker 27:00
Mind like I think everything the advice that Bruce gave you, I think that will have feel like that will fall in place. Once you really feel confident and what you're offering. And I do agree with Jim having the probate seller interview sheet in front of you is just kind of a guideline. Just a rough outline is really good. So, yeah, I'm only I've only been in real estate like three months, so I'm not even that good on the phones with any any other leads or so.

Unknown Speaker 27:32
It's all okay, well, you at the three month mark, you would be kicking my ass so you gotta like you got a lot to look forward to.

Unknown Speaker 27:42
Appreciate, I guess. All right, buddy. Great job. Thank you. We only have one other person in the queue guys. Don't be shy. Hit star six and hit one. Otherwise, we got time for another long roleplay. Next up is phone number ending. In nine, seven to eight. You're up there.

Unknown Speaker 28:01
Hey guys, Dan winguard here from the Seattle area, Washington.

Unknown Speaker 28:06
Hey, Dan. Dan, hey there.

Unknown Speaker 28:10
I'd like to do the same. I'm

Unknown Speaker 28:14
new with the probate. I'm still understanding the process. So there may be some issues as far as just being competent as far as how I can serve. I've been in real estate a long time.

Unknown Speaker 28:26
And I love that advice as far as this problem solution vendor getting that through, but I think the same roleplay is just

Unknown Speaker 28:34
practicing that call.

Unknown Speaker 28:42
Awesome. Yeah. Who wants to rush you?

Unknown Speaker 28:46
Sure. Can you get with me?

Unknown Speaker 28:49
I think so. Let's do it. All right, and start firing right

Unknown Speaker 28:56
now I just go ahead and say I've had the privilege of speaking with

Unknown Speaker 29:00
Bruce just a couple of times and, and great value each conversation. So I want to encourage anybody that's not reaching out for coaching to get after.

Unknown Speaker 29:08
Thanks, Dan.

Unknown Speaker 29:12
I'll let you start.

Unknown Speaker 29:15

Unknown Speaker 29:17
Hello is Bruce here?

Unknown Speaker 29:20
Yeah, this is Bruce is this

Unknown Speaker 29:23
Hi, Bruce. My name is Dan winguard. I sent a letter last week and I just wanted to take a chance to follow up. Make sure you got it. I'm I'm a guy for families that are going through the probate process and just wanted to see if you got that. And you have any you have any questions?

Unknown Speaker 29:41
Ah, Dan, I think I got your letter.

Unknown Speaker 29:45
I gotta tell you, man, you guys.

Unknown Speaker 29:48
You people. You've hit me too much. I feel like I'm just getting chased now and everybody just wants my money right now. Huh?

Unknown Speaker 29:58
Yeah, well, if you have somebody

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Are you handing it out?

Unknown Speaker 30:03
My money?

Unknown Speaker 30:06
Yeah, I just had to swallow a check. That'd be great. And that's not the reason for my call. Hey, listen, you know, we seriously we help families that are going through this and I'm just, you know, we just want to check in and see how you're doing. And there's some resources that we can provide to help you get through so you're not actually saving. So you're saving money and not making sure you're not throwing away. And I'll just tell you, you know, we do as a service, we go to the courthouse and we get this and this sounds like some other folks have done that as well. But we're securely here to help. So free out with that process. Now. Have you submitted paperwork to the courthouse or?

Unknown Speaker 30:45
Yeah, yeah, I turned everything into the courthouse and I was going down to meet with my lawyer tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 30:51
Okay, and so letters of testamentary you haven't received those yet. It is in the beginning process of sound right?

Unknown Speaker 31:01
Yeah, I think so he told me, he told me that we had a court date, but I'm not sure what it is right now.

Unknown Speaker 31:08
Okay. Are you clear about the whole process yet? Some people don't even know which which ends up at this point. Do you have a checklist anything like that?

Unknown Speaker 31:17
Well, no, I just figured that my attorney was going to handle everything for me. So we should be we should be pretty good. But no, I don't understand the process. That's why I'm meeting with my attorney tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 31:29
Got it. So meet with the attorney. Well, what we found is that the attorney certainly is a is a good start. And some people don't even get that far as far as a checklist. But there's kind of the conception that the attorney takes care of everything. And what I can provide for you is just a checklist to make sure that

Unknown Speaker 31:48
everything's taken care of, and this can actually again, save you save you a lot of money, just make sure you're not missing some things that could really, really cause some hardship. And also some questions to ask.

Unknown Speaker 32:00
Your attorney to make sure your attorney is taking good care of you. Would that be helpful?

Unknown Speaker 32:06
Yeah, yeah. I think that'd be fine. You you have that is it is an online somewhere. How do I get that? Yeah, it's certainly on online. We've got trusted probate you can go there. But oh, give me your email. I'll be glad to send that to you. And let me ask you so I am I am a real estate broker. And I'm also an investor and so I look at real estate properties and we can provide a praise You know, a

Unknown Speaker 32:33
value for it. So that's one of the things your attorney is likely going to ask is what's the value property? Do you have any real estate in the estate that Genoa?

Unknown Speaker 32:43
Yeah, we've we got a lot in queue houses. My sister's living in one of the houses and we have a renter and the other

Unknown Speaker 32:53
huh? Okay. Would you like to ideally keep them there? What are your thoughts at this point or

Unknown Speaker 33:00
Because the estate thinks of all of that, not now I think if I could get my sister out, but I don't, I don't even want to fight that battle.

Unknown Speaker 33:09
We're going to keep the investment and we got to talk about what to do with the house she's living in. I don't know, I think I think I just want to get rid of it.

Unknown Speaker 33:18
Yeah, well, listen, I don't need to get into details right now of everything. But it sounds like you've got a lot on your plate. And maybe the best thing to do is just to take a look at one of your properties, or set up a time to

Unknown Speaker 33:32
take a look and give you a value. And we've got some strategies for

Unknown Speaker 33:37
really helping to make things look the best for your family, if people getting out of the properties of the best, maybe have a powwow about that. And we can help guide you through that. So I've got some time this afternoon or maybe even later this week to meet at one of the properties would that be helpful for you?

Unknown Speaker 33:58
So let me be

Unknown Speaker 34:00
clear on what what you're you're offering? Are you trying to sell the properties? Or what what are you offering here?

Unknown Speaker 34:07
Well, if that's if that's the scenario that would serve the estate and best, I certainly am an expert in getting folks the most for their properties. That's a part of what I do. But what I've done is I've created a team of experts in each area, to make sure families are really well taken care of through this whole whole process. And I've just, I've had the situation with my dad. And I understand the pain and I understand that a lot of people just don't know what's going on. And so I find if we can help.

Unknown Speaker 34:37
There's, you know, there's always opportunities, I am an investor as well. So sometimes it makes sense for people to get cast quickly for a property or if they put it on the market, making sure they're not just hiring any real estate agents, they're hiring an agent that's familiar with the whole probate process. So everything goes smoothly and they, they get the most for there's several options there that we can provide.

Unknown Speaker 35:00
That aspect so that that kind of gives you an idea of what I'm up to aren't even. Okay, I don't even know if we're going to sell or not yet. I mean, I'd like to, but I think my sister is going to have something else to say about that. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:16
Well, I can appreciate that. And like you said, it may not be in your best interest to sell these properties. And maybe it is and when you have everything on the table, and you can look at the values and maybe give some time to your family to discuss it.

Unknown Speaker 35:33
There's also possibilities of you know, if you do plan on selling the property to invest in other areas, or that the estate can actually make money from this whole situation. So the best thing to do is to get together maybe yourself, your your sister, and talk about the possibilities and there's no obligation as far as working with me. And and getting this done by

Unknown Speaker 36:00
I will tell you, I've got the checklist for you. I can give you some guidance as far as the next steps and you can decide from there whether whether we're a good fit to move forward.

Unknown Speaker 36:11

Unknown Speaker 36:12
Okay, that sounds fair. Yeah. And now are you and your sister available this week or?

Unknown Speaker 36:20
I hadn't talked to her for a couple of months.

Unknown Speaker 36:23
Okay, got it? Well, I could do that I could meet Yeah. So.

Unknown Speaker 36:28
Okay. Yeah, maybe it's, it would be if she is available, you can let her know that no obligation to meet. Sounds like there might.

Unknown Speaker 36:39
might be one of my counselor associates to get involved here. I'm not sure but hopefully things will pan out there. But if we can provide you some value, maybe there's something you can present to your sister that will help ease things and put things in a better light to move forward.

Unknown Speaker 36:56
All right, I guess that'll work.

Unknown Speaker 37:00
I'll meet you over there this week. I don't know if I want to involve her yet.

Unknown Speaker 37:05
Yeah, well, sounds like there's still some hesitation with you anything there that I can address?

Unknown Speaker 37:12
No, I mean, I just don't think I don't know if we're going to sell the property or not. Sure, I'd like to, but I'm going to have a big battle with her.

Unknown Speaker 37:21
So I'm happy to happy to meet probably at our rental. I got to let my tenants know.

Unknown Speaker 37:27
And she'll be home. I just don't know if we're ready to see each other just yet.

Unknown Speaker 37:33
Yeah, well, just to be clear, a part of my service is to help you through the process hit whether you're interested in selling your property or not.

Unknown Speaker 37:43
Okay, we've got out does that mean? That I thought that's what my attorney was doing.

Unknown Speaker 37:51
Yeah, a lot of people do think that that the attorney is going to take care of everything. And when we when I share the list and we talk about the whole process, you'll see that there's a

Unknown Speaker 38:00
lot of things that they're not responsible for at all that could actually get your family and in a place where I don't think you want to go and that financially it might, might hurt you also.

Unknown Speaker 38:12
Okay, all right. That's fair. Man. I'm curious to see what the list is like. So I can I can do later this week or next week. I'm wide open.

Unknown Speaker 38:23
Okay, let's do Friday at three o'clock, and then I will email you that that list, what's your email address again? Or I guess you didn't give it to me? digioh Yep, it's Bruce at 123. calm.

Unknown Speaker 38:36
All right, Bruce. Well, I really look forward to to meeting with you there. And if you have any questions between now and then my number is 265019728. Don't hesitate to reach out. I'll also text you my info. And if for some reason, the email doesn't come through. You'll have my info.

Unknown Speaker 38:57
All right, then we'll break it there. Good job.

Unknown Speaker 39:00
You use that

Unknown Speaker 39:03
Chad threw me off when he said great answer.

Unknown Speaker 39:07
That was that, that that

Unknown Speaker 39:10
that'll throw anybody off. Have you ever used that before?

Unknown Speaker 39:16
No, I mean it's just kind of what came to mind in the moment so I don't know how that written down but

Unknown Speaker 39:24
everyone else read about but

Unknown Speaker 39:27
yeah, it gives some resistance. It's good. It's good to hit them with something like that because I really honestly had no idea how to respond because I was gonna I was just gonna just gonna be an absolute jerk for the first several minutes and you took that took the wind right out of my sails there.

Unknown Speaker 39:46
I'll go back to something I said. Mike on the last call is I do feel like that you couldn't information gather a little bit more. I know you're trying to be respectful of family dynamics, but

Unknown Speaker 40:00
As you information gather, a lot of times you're going to get, you're going to get some things and then you can you're going to get some some info that you can fall back on on the person later in the conversation. So you're gathering information. And then you can use that information to actually kind of give them a little bit of a reality check or kind of pull some pain outside of that information. So my pain point was clearly my sister relationship and that family dynamic.

Unknown Speaker 40:32
And you gathered the information, but you could have kind of folded that back on itself and not trying to highlight pain. Well, I don't I don't want to say that actually, you are trying to highlight pain, not trying to stir the pot, but actually ask just an open ended question and see where I run with it and find out truly what you're dealing with and what my motivations are and what the sisters want.

Unknown Speaker 41:00
motivations are. So there was a really big door there that I left

Unknown Speaker 41:04
you open that you are gathering more information on. Yeah. And what do I want to do? So you could have, you could have, you could have said, Okay, what what what do you want to do with the house and I know I alluded to the fact that I'd like to get rid of it. But you could have asked what that means to me. So what did that mean to you? Yeah, yeah. What does it do for you? What's it? What's it mean? Does that mean that you'd you'd like to list it on the open market for top value? Are you just done you ready to get out? What's your sister and think? Okay, well, I hadn't talked to my sister for a while. Okay. What if you had to guess what do you think she's thinking? Okay, kinda kind of draw some of that out. We could have spent another five minutes on family dynamics there and really shown you some shown you some some motivation or lack of motivation that could help you when talking to the sister and helping you and talking to me in the future.

Unknown Speaker 42:00
Yeah, but otherwise got really, really good job. Really good job. Use the you disarm me perfectly

Unknown Speaker 42:09

Unknown Speaker 42:10
Yeah. Thanks, Bruce. Appreciate it, Jim, get.

Unknown Speaker 42:14
So first I want to compliment your demeanor and don't change that because it's going to serve you. You never your emotional like your level of emotion didn't fluctuate at all even, like even with heart abductions.

Unknown Speaker 42:30
Your delivery of humor was fantastic. Like that's exactly how you break somebody's pattern and get them back on their heels. And even though we were joking and I jumped in like it was too good not to for me, but like even in a roleplay like you screwed up Bruce's whole roleplay plan. Because, you know, even though he's a coach, and he knows where this is going, he's not he's not immune to his own psychology. So there's little things like that you can be abrupt and hit him with things like actually did you know about the

Unknown Speaker 43:00
squatter laws and King County God knows we have enough homeless people looking for places to live, you can be more abrupt on the negative end of the spectrum. But you took it the human route, you get the same results. So you're stirring, you're you're you're shocking, shocking their nervous system and kind of like, Whoa, I didn't like. So you get them out of that pattern of behavior. So really great job on that.

Unknown Speaker 43:22
I saw so many opportunities where you gathered enough information that you didn't use to, to what I believe to be the full extent of your skill set. So you're an investor, and you're a broker, you did tell us that, and you found a good reason to like I love how you identified the attorney appointment and you started to support them immediately without trying to serve yourself. You're like, how can I help you get prepared for that appointment and offering them a market valuation was or you know, an asset valuation was was a good offer, but as an investor, you missed a couple of opportunities.

Unknown Speaker 44:00
One is, well, you know, what if what if you kept both as rental properties

Unknown Speaker 44:06
and the possibility there is you go in as a cash buyer buy the house with the sister in place, and either she starts paying you rent or the family uses her equity money to pay rent, like maybe it gives us grid you never know where that might go.

Unknown Speaker 44:21
The other part of that, like in that particular one, there was two opportunities with the sister that Bruce showed you one opportunity was to show them really multiple, so once you could have gotten them over to a property manager, and and, and helped with with the one rental property and then the sister You could have gotten you could talk about you know some of your social programs like your access to social workers and how it's a very common scenario and you know, part of your process is to make sure that everybody has a safe, secure place to live before anyone sells anything. Because family is first and we're focused on people. We are real estate professionals, but not only

Unknown Speaker 45:00
When it comes to displacing people, we have a big enough problem with that in King County, especially in Seattle City, wouldn't you agree? You may get a local, and you get to get that affirmation. So you show them that you are aware like you're you're navigating their emotional challenges with them.

Unknown Speaker 45:18
So you could have helped get a property manager for the current rental property, you could have helped to get a social worker for the sister, you could have made an offer for the home that the sister lived in and propose to him like, what if? What if she actually sold her shares and then leased it back? What do you what do you mean? What's that look like? Well, actually, let me tell you about one we did that way. And that gives you an opportunity. Like you can really flex your creativity and show them that if they have talked to anyone else, they're out there on the on the phone with a different cat now, right?

Unknown Speaker 45:50
So there's, there's things I would ask you to go back and listen to this and know that you're doing I'm being critical of you, but because you're here to get better you're doing most things

Unknown Speaker 46:00
directly, but make sure just like, just like I told, told Mike, like, really think about all the things your skill set can do to help these families. Like I know I've already generated, your gears are bound to be turning and you're like, oh man, yeah, I could do this, this, this, this or that, right.

Unknown Speaker 46:18
But as you gather that information, put the solution in place and and Bruce kind of corrected himself but absolutely, you need to think of it as a snowglobe. So they've done nothing. They're sitting there in probate, quicksand, saying everything's handled, my attorneys got it, you need to grab that snowglobe and shake it up and get everything up in the air. And then let things settle back in and, you know, into into your solution. So get every, like, stir up their emotions, but don't leave them that way. Like you, you stir up an emotion and then you become the solution. And then you stir up another one and become the solution. And when you do this, they get to a point where they're like, Why the hell would I not want to meet with this guy. He just solved all my biggest problems that I've been struggling

Unknown Speaker 47:00
Want this for weeks, they're not going to say that. But they're thinking and I promise you, and but you You did a good job gathering information, you just need to take like, you need to take it a little bit further and actually give them the solution. And you're a couple good examples of where you did do that. But there's some where you left opportunities, where I think you would have it would have been a shorter conversation with a firmer commitment. Had you done some of those things a little bit differently, but great job overall.

Unknown Speaker 47:28
And I have

Unknown Speaker 47:30
one more person in the queue, but I have three, three quick observations and more overall observations, the the, you know, do you have money you're giving away? If so I'll be glad to take it, it's probably the best.

Unknown Speaker 47:44
That's the quickest. What's clever response I've ever heard. It was obvious that it was spontaneous. So I would just say keep that spontaneous sense of humor. You haven't used it in every situation like that, that you come across. So that was awesome. One other thing I noticed

Unknown Speaker 48:00
We teach people to ask a question, and then shut up, be quiet. You are very good at making statements and then just not following it up with, you know, with chatter letting him speak next. That's something that most people can't do. They'll make a statement and then they'll, you know, they get uncomfortable with a little bit of silence. You were really good at making your statement or asking your question, mostly statements, and then you know, just letting him respond. And finally, at the very end there, you're you are a very good listener, because you detected that hesitation in his voice. And you had the appointment. You could have just let him hang up and but the cheat you kind of detected there was something there that was probably a pretty good chance he was going to cancel the appointment. So you you express that what you heard, and he really didn't say much, but you kind of allowed him to confirm the appointment before you got off the phone.

Unknown Speaker 49:00
Really, really, really good job of listening. But yeah, you're gonna do great with this. You know, it was an excellent roleplay good, very, very good job. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 49:10
Thanks, Jim. Thanks guys.

Unknown Speaker 49:12
All right, we have one more in the queue Do we have time guys?

Unknown Speaker 49:17
I do okay, Chad. Bruce okay let's

Unknown Speaker 49:21
I do have a three o'clock Bruce. I'm going to let you guys handle it all thank you guys for being here. We just we just lost them so

Unknown Speaker 49:29
I had to queue left while I was summarizing so yeah, go ahead if you need to win, I'll just wrap up chat. But okay, I want to and yeah, thank you. calculator. I want to end this call. Bruce. Anything you want to say to summarize, I always had two calls with the same with the same you know, ending but anything you want to say? Well, you know, I said it a couple of times. On on today's roleplay calls, but information gather and don't be scared to allow people to take it into

Unknown Speaker 50:01
into deep places, you know our job is to is to is to listen and draw information out and then sell or close off of the information that we're able to gather. So if you if you guys can sit down and actually go through those

Unknown Speaker 50:19
probate questions or list out your own probate questions, and just be able to grab some of those through a little bit of for foresight, and sit down, list them out maybe with five questions out 10 questions out 20 and be able to kind of plug and play those based on how the conversation is going. It's going to serve you very well and you're going to be able to be to close a lot better as well. When you've gathered information through the conversation.

Unknown Speaker 50:50
Well said and I'll end this call like I always do. I promise you this isn't a recording, but I really think it's important to thank each and every one of you for being here. I would have

Unknown Speaker 51:00
Particularly thanks to two gentlemen that actively participated. Great job to both of you. And I want to challenge each of you take one thing, one idea.

Unknown Speaker 51:10
Maybe maybe Dan's joke. One thing you heard on this call that inspired you go out and put it into practice. And please come back and share your results with the group. We will talk to you guys in less than 24 hours at one o'clock eastern tomorrow. Stay healthy guys. Have a great day. We'll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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