How to Get Started In Probate Investing | Scripts, Objections, and Response Patterns | Probate Mastermind Podcast #292

Probate Leads Mastermind Training - Live Q&A #292 | The Interactive Podcast on Probate Real Estate
August 20th, 2020

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Best Intro for Real Estate Cold Calls (1:32)

Danny is trying to get his USP (Unique Sales Proposition) down so he can get engagement instead of getting hung up on.  Chad and Danny mastermind through how to ask better questions, communicate the value you can provide tactfully, and get affirmations from the prospect.  Bruce shares his insight on the sales psychology aspect and discusses the rule of 3s.  


Danny, great job getting on the phones and making those calls!


Worth Noting: Chad and Bruce will be releasing a new Probate Seller Interview Sheet with all the questions that have worked best for calling probate leads.  Make sure you are part of the All The Leads Mastermind Group on Facebook to grab it when it drops.


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Probate Prospecting: The Free CRM (7:47)

Federico is looking for a practical way to trace call backs from older lists to pull up their lead info. Chad walks him through the process in the CRM. 


Top Probate Agent David Pannell Shares Insights and A Live Prospecting Call (12:50)

David Pannell jumps in the Mastermind Queue and shares a live prospecting call.  He shares his advice and experience with his aggressive prospecting strategy and how he lands listings and deals with the most dismissive leads.


If you haven’t seen his case study, watch David’s 2019 video on building a $1,000,000 pillar in his business with probate leads.


Chad and Dave are recording a 2020 follow-up case study. Make sure you subscribed to the All The Leads YouTube Channel or in All The Leads Mastermind on Facebook to be notified when it drops.


Sales Psychology for Prospecting Real Estate Attorneys (18:14)

Andy suggests a great idea: As Bruce and Chad put together a new seller interview sheet, how about adding some questions for probate attorneys? Chad and Bruce will include this.  Chad and Andy mastermind tips for delivering a winning proposition to attorneys.


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The Probate Timeline: Co-marketing with Attorneys (20:54)

John Carroll asks about probate timeline.  Chad discusses how to find a local probate attorney to create a timeline that fits local laws, and turn this activity into some serious  B2B relationship-building.


Breaking the “NO-THANKS” Conditioned Response Pattern (25:32)

Kathy keeps hearing the “no thanks, not interested, we’ve got it all handled” objection.  Chad breaks down the psychology behind this response pattern and how to break through it.


Check out our Role Play Playlist for live role play calls to hear objection-handling in action. 


“My Attorney’s Got It Handled” and the 80-20 Rule (29:29)

Kathy is trying to break through with a prospect who insists their attorney IS handling EVERYTHING.  Chad and Kathy work through how to use feel-felt-found instead of relaying advice in a way that seems accusatory.  Tactical empathy will be much more effective.  Bruce shares his pathway for navigating this objection during cold calls.


How to Get Started Investing With Probate Properties (35:27)

Caller is a wholesaler who’s interested in creative finance; that lead him to probate leads.  He jumped on the phone and realized he didn’t really know what to say, or if he should be contacting the attorney or the personal representative first.  Chad frames the purpose of making contact with both the administrators and attorneys and how to offer a vertically-integrated solution for both.  Then, Chad gets in-depth with how Caller can apply his creative financing skillset to provide real solutions and communicate to his prospects how his services can save them time and money.


See More: 

  1. The Best Script For Cold-Calling Probate Leads
  2. Why EVERY Investor and Agent should have an Agent/Investor partner
  3. Cold Calling Widows/Surviving Spouses in probate.
  4. Check out our Role Play Playlist for live role play calls to hear objection-handling in action.


Probate Plus+ and Exporting Real Estate Information (47:36)

Michelle and Chad discuss how to export lists from Probate Plus+ to download only “All With Real Estate”, as well as discuss upcoming features that are currently in development.


Optimizing Prospecting with a Dialer-System (48:51)

Chad and Federico discuss how to optimize prospecting with different dialer systems.  If you use Vulcan7, All The Leads can push your leads automatically each month and remove the import/export steps.


Pen and Paper vs. Productivity Systems (50:00)

Chad and Federico discuss human inability to multi-task and keep track of everything by pen and paper.  Chad offers insight on using shortcodes to disposition calls and use these shortcodes to focus in on different segments on different days and optimize workflow.





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Episode Transcript:

Chad Corbett 0:00
So as you approach these people try to stay away from the titles because if somebody came through before you with a letter that offended them or a phone call that offended them, and they titled themselves a real estate investor, well guess what you're going to adopt their their reputation immediately whether you like it or not. Because that's how the that's how the human brain works. So instead of that call and say, Hey, my name is Chad. I've got a team of people here in Roanoke built specifically to help families going through probate. And as part of that we go to the courthouse meet with the clerk each month, and she tells us who we should be reaching out to.

Unknown Speaker 0:33
So that's a much different approach than Hi my name is Chad. I'm a real estate investor. We're looking to buy 10 houses in Roanoke this year. You guys have a home you'd like to Sell.

Unknown Speaker 0:56
Welcome bribing agents and investors.

Unknown Speaker 1:00
Nationwide Today is Thursday, August 20 2020. And this is mastermind call number 292. I just wanted to start with a little good news. We had our first New Jersey county come back today, Union County, New Jersey as back a couple weeks ago. We got our first New York County back. Hopefully, we feel for you guys in New York in New Jersey. I know it's been a long dry spell. We're really really glad to have you back. Let's go to our first caller. Hey guys, how you doing? Doing great, Danny, how about you? I'm doing awesome, guys. So basically, I'm very, very, very new to all this. So usually when I'm when I'm on the phone with someone, again, I'm preparing this. I don't know if it's because my pitch can either be too long, and I don't like personally I don't like sound like I'm rattling off, but I run into people that will either hang up because I'm talking too long. And I understand I need to be listening more. But how can I like better condense value I provide like

Unknown Speaker 2:00
services I can do etc. Like and not have them like, okay, no, thank you, boy. So let me It comes down to better questions, and I'll show you an example. So you're asking how to condense all all this important value, how to condense it and jam it down their throat it before they can hang up on you ask a better question, how can I get this person to engage with me so that so I have time for them to understand my value, okay? And that those can be little simple things like what's been the toughest thing for you so far. And that can turn into them just, like just unload everything. Every bit of weight that's been on their shoulders gets unloaded. And at that point, you just become the listener, right? Here's like, okay, they've got a, they've got a sister they hate they've got three houses and you just and you're kind of banking this all in your head and your next response should be, you know, an hour, get an affirmation from them, and then ask another good question. And another good question, and you were right, and what you what you need the most is to roleplay with us and then we'll kind of help help guide you on the language and where

Unknown Speaker 3:00
You need to be asking those good questions, something Bruce and I are working on that we didn't finish last week. By the way, Bruce now that I'm remembering is basically a list of good questions. That's something that people ask us often it's like, well, you know, what do you mean good questions. And we're working on a list of kind of and categories like what are the good questions for to get people out of probate, quicksand, and to get the engagement? What are the good questions around personal property, real property, Property Preservation, financing, all these different things? And you know, we talked about it and role plays, and it's all there for you if you want to sit for 60 hours and listen, but we realized that's not always feasible. So yeah, we're working working on a newer, a newer version of the probate seller interview sheet that will show you all the information you need and then you flip it over and you've got some some some of the best questions to break you through those points, though. I think booking a call with Bruce is going to serve you well. And then if he and I can, can finish what he started in and get that piece.

Unknown Speaker 4:00
You when you do find yourself in that situation and kind of flip the page over and be like, Alright, I'm going to try this on for size. So your attorney helps you get the insurance switched over, right? And so it'll kind of give you a cheat sheet. Those are that's one thing I would say the reason they're running off the phone is they don't see your value and getting your entire message to them more quickly, is not necessarily the best way to learn. They're not hearing you, there. They're out there in a behavioral pattern that's work to run everyone else off, and they think it's going to work with you until you say something like something abrupt and break the pattern and get their interest, then they ask you a question, then you've got the rest of your career to blow their socks off and show them all the value you can provide. So I would just say that your biggest your biggest thing is not necessarily how do you get a whole bunch of information to them before they have a chance to hang up? It's how do you how do you get them to not want to hang up so you can give them a whole bunch of information. Gotcha. Okay, I'm going to chime in and, and give you a couple of little little tips during your intro as you're listening

Unknown Speaker 5:00
Getting to that first question is, Yes, you are right. Obviously you want to, you want to be able to condense that first introduction part of what you say down. Personally, I run into times when I feel like my intro is dragging on and and you need to recognize when you feel like you're dragging on like that and go ahead and ask them for permission to take another second. So occasionally, I don't want to say they incorporate this in your script or your dialogue or anything, but occasionally, it's okay to say, you know what, I'm talking a lot. Do you mind if I tell you the three things that I can do for you guys to help right now? Okay, okay. I also like there's a very powerful technique when you're delivering a message, and it's to use the power of threes. So a lot of times what I'll try to do, no matter what type of lead it is, who I'm talking to, is say, you know, I found that there are three things that people struggle with the most. And there are actually three different ways that I can help with that. Do you mind if I tell them to you, and you're kind of, you're kind of naming the next piece of your conversation so that they don't fear that

Unknown Speaker 6:00
You're just going to drone on and on and on. And you've told them three things and you want to deliver those really fast, real fast. You know, I found that people, some people want to sell their house and they need, they need some help getting their home ready for sale to maximize their value. Some people need maintenance, house maintenance and repairs and other people just need to clean up and clean out. Okay, there's three ways that I help with that I help this way, this way. And this way, what's been your biggest struggle? Okay, gotcha. That makes a lot of sense. Yeah. Because I personally, like I try and think of an aspect of like, if this person would have called me, I don't want to, like hang up on myself, if I have to hear myself, you know, and I don't like going through scripts. I prefer bullet points because that helps him be more like more like, in tune with the person I'm talking to you. It helps me like make that connection. Because I don't want to just read off the whole thing. And you know, it's, there's no one shoe fits all. That's what I was kind of looking for. But yeah, I'm not a big script guy. I like to I like to talk to people. And thanks for thanks for the motivation.

Unknown Speaker 7:00
From Russa nada, finish our our sheet,

Unknown Speaker 7:04
try to get that in your hands. Thank you guys. Thank you so much. All right, perfect. We appreciate it. And by the way, the roleplay is the first Wednesday of every month at 2pm. Eastern. Let's go to our next caller. What's up, guys? How are you doing? Greg, welcome. Just a very, very quick question for you. You said you had an interview. I heard a while ago that you had an interview with a probate lawyer. And it's on the archives of your site. I just want the name of that lawyer so I can look up that interview. If you go to the top right search bar and just put in F ra ke er Fraker. So his name is john freakin

Unknown Speaker 7:42
phobic. Thank you for joining. Yep. All right, next up. Hey, guys, how are you? doing? Good. How about you? Excellent. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. So on the on the website or on our portal, right? So when you make calls, if you're calling a lead, and let's say you

Unknown Speaker 8:00
Have either leave them a message or whatever, they have a missed call. So they call you back. Is there a way for us to look up that person? So for example, they'll call and they'll say, Hey, this is Todd, you called me. Right. But that could be from, I don't know, three lists ago, you know, it could be from like a, you know, the the maitlis. Is there any way to type their name and find out what list they come from so that you can see all their info. I hope, I don't know if that makes sense. No, no. We do have a search function and and the list view of your probate leads, okay, I was trying to log into the demo account so I can not just be walking you through on memory. So if you're in my probate leads, you look under my leads, you'll see my probate leads, and then you'll see search leads and this when you click on Search leads, that's going to take you into an

Unknown Speaker 8:55
your master database. Okay? You can set a date range

Unknown Speaker 9:00
Or, you know, you could back up all the way up to the year 2000. So you're searching your entire date range, but you can search by name or docket number property, okay? Or, or you know, mailing address or by phone number, and you can very quickly find anyone based on on those variables. Cool. I see that I see that. Thank you. And another question is, when you are making your calls, so let's say on the portal you are, you're on my probate leads. And then let's say you go on your June leads, right, you're doing call by call. And once you're in that person's name at the bottom of the page, you can put the notes as you were telling me last week, right, so you can either add no track phone call, and then if there's an option that says option status, and when you click on that, where it says lead status, we can click on follow up and put a follow up date. So let's say I'm supposed to follow up with a person in a month, right? Once we input that date on the follow up date category is there a way to

Unknown Speaker 10:00
For us to get notified at that time, or should we do it separately on a calendar, that makes sense, do it separately on a calendar or build the discipline to look at your list view each, you know, at a certain interval, so you could put it on the calendar, check it out, check April check April probate lists for follow ups. And then you can sort by follow up date in the list view, and see which one you need to reach out to that week. And maybe it's a once a week calendar entry. The reason we're not notifying you right now, we we built it with the intent of being able to when you set a follow up date, we send you an email in a text message, and we haven't completely built that all that functionality. And for you guys. That's something that we're working on, kind of in in the next, the next round of it's, you know, software developments never ending so we'll get it to a point where you actually get a text notification on your own follow up dates, but for right now that's not there. So a good habit would be have a weekly calendar entry that says, you know, check

Unknown Speaker 11:00
This list for follow up dates until you build the habit. And then, you know, just go into your ListView sort by sort by date and your follow up, follow up field and see if there's any for the week. And I would say like, you know, just to keep it simple. I'm recommending like Monday morning at nine o'clock, you do this every week, and look and see who you need to follow up with for the week. And that kind of sets your schedule for the week. Right? Cool. Yeah, speaking, speaking of follow up, when you have people that for example, either didn't answer or you left a voicemail, you guys or let's say that someone who happened, how much time would you wait before you follow up with someone that either hung up on you or just said I got it all handled, blah, blah, blah, but they didn't even really let you speak? You wait a few days a week, maybe two weeks? Roughly. I know there's no exact answer, but just a rough estimate. There's not I mean, it's it depends on you know, your how aggressive your campaign is, I mean, you know, our top our top performers are calling you

Unknown Speaker 12:00
Every day for the first seven days until they get a conversation, if they hang up, they just got to the next day from there they go, they roll back for weekly follow ups and then monthly follow up. And within that is, you know, based on how the conversation goes, they'll deviate from that that sequence because if someone says, hey, my sister's coming into town 13th of September, then obviously that's going to that one's going to deviate. And you're going to be talking to them on the 12th or the 11th. Yeah, but it just depends on if the answer is different for everybody. If you're doing the minimum that it takes to get by you're calling once a month, if you really want to want to, you know, make the most of this, you know, and you want to be more aggressive. Call every call, maybe not every day, but call every week and until you speak. Gotcha. Okay, sounds good. How it works. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you guys. All right, we appreciate you. And a little a little Prelude, our neck if you're if you're on this call and you're not paying good attention, get out a pad of paper.

Unknown Speaker 13:00
And take notes because next up is one of the most successful agents in the country and probably the most successful probate agent we've ever dealt with. Dave's analysis up next. How's that for putting pressure on you, Dave? Hey, that's pretty cool intro thing I got to live up to it. Yeah, you know, you gotta live.

Unknown Speaker 13:19
You know those others last few people were talking, it's the same as an expired if they're more pissed off, you know that they have something to sell on expired. But probate my only goal is to find out a court date filing date, or if they have something to sell. So even if they get angry with me, I know they have something to sell. Or if they just tell me to eff off, I know they're not selling something for at least a year. So that's my timeline. And if I can't get ahold of them, I'm going to keep calling them they're not going to block my number because they don't know who I am. And when they actually do talk to me, I'm going to apologize and ask for permission. If you guys want to hear a live call recording. I got one, though while he's setting that up, guys, if you haven't met if you haven't

Unknown Speaker 14:00
Watch David's case study we did it July 1 of last year and I think it's tomorrow we're actually renewing that we're going to do a new case study with David tomorrow but he was the one I was referencing some people some of our top performers will call every day for the first seven days and I didn't know you're in queue Dave I'm glad you were but anyway to set the stage David is very aggressive and his follow up and that that comes through is this is a seven seven figure niche for him because of that and you got to have the fire farmer mindset when you're prospecting these people it's not I know that y'all teach you get an appointment very try to get the appointment. He just got to be open and having a house so here's the deal. Got it. So David, if you can, if you can just send us the audio file. I'll have that link to it in the show notes. So anyone anyone who's listening, if you come back to the recording, we'll we'll link that that audio file in the show notes. And David I know you shared a statistic with cabinets first interview and it just was absolutely amazing to me. You You

Unknown Speaker 15:00
It shared I don't know if it was a particular deal or a certain percentage of your deals, you are able to convert, I want to say it was like the 26th attempt or the 26 contacts is that is that accurate? They're all over the place. Sometimes I get ahold of them right away and I build a relationship. Sometimes it's like this lady I want you to listen to she hasn't. Every time I picked up the phone, she's on the road doing something or call me back in the evening, and I don't have the energy at night to remember to call somebody. So sure she finally picked up I think it's nine attempts to her over the last seven months. So it's been slower but the call like, Yeah, I got your packet. Yeah, I know who you are. Yeah, you've been trying to call me. We're gonna we're gonna sell this house and I'm gonna call you and it was just perfect. And that's the reason to keep calling. You're not if you think you're bugging these people. You're not bugging them. Every deal that I've gotten under contract as a wholesale, it's usually down to me and some other investor that's wearing shorts and a T shirt of employment. I'm going

Unknown Speaker 16:00
As a realtor with a tie on, looking highly professional with my packet, pre listing packets, but I could turn in a second write an offer on the house and close on it within five days. That's my ultimate goal. I'm not showing up as a weekend warrior, they build trust right away. Yeah, one thing one thing you said there that we tell this people all the time David is the harder it is to get ahold of somebody the less likely you have any competition because nobody else is speaking to him either. So that's true. It's it's the ones it's the most diligent at finally getting through it and sometimes those are the those are the easiest people to to convert. I know my real estate career and sometimes the toughest people just you know, boy, do they answer the phone because they do how easy they are to be to be convinced once he had a conversation with him. So yeah, it's

Unknown Speaker 16:45
I love you. Yeah. What's that? That's every call and prospecting. Yeah, you know? Yep. That's every that's why I expected that's why I'm not like as long as I have my voice and I sound different unique on the phone. I don't try to keep them on the phone and talk their ear off.

Unknown Speaker 17:00
I just want to know if I have a house to sell. I know they can't sell for four months in Texas, or even sick. Yep. So I got six months to become buddies with these people to get the appointment perfect, or to teach or to teach them about monument of title and sell their house next week. That's true. You know, I've had very few of those, but I try every time. Chad, I really do. It comes across untrustworthy a little bit like I'm rushing them, but I'm trying. I'm getting better at it. All right. Well, we appreciate you man. Thanks for sharing. I welcome anybody who hasn't listened, Chad, tell them where to find David's interview and then then the follow up will be posted within the next few days. Yeah, so I will tell everybody, anyone who wants to want to hear David's story from last year. We're going to update tomorrow but if you go to the top right and all the leads and type in pa nn e Ll, you'll see his case study and Dave, I'm looking forward to hearing the update and on yours tomorrow, and we'll probably publish that on Tuesday afternoon. Once we get caught up with with these calls and everything so we'll probably circulate that everybody on Tuesday. Okay, all right. Sorry, me.

Unknown Speaker 18:00
Yeah. Thanks for being here. Yep, we got three more in the queue, guys, we got room for more, just hit star six and hit one. And next up is phone number ending in 0036. You're up next. Hey, this is Andy in Wisconsin. Hey, Andy. Hey, I actually, I don't necessarily have a question. I just have a request. I love the questions to ask, maybe somewhere down the road. Can you expand that to questions to ask probate attorneys? What I have found is they think they know your business and all that sort of stuff and they're busy and time is money and they fill in six minute increments and all that sort of junk. But if you you know if you can ask them a couple of good questions

Unknown Speaker 18:49
that will help with converting converting them. That's all Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:53
That's a good idea. We'll work on that. And, Andy, I think you've seen this but have you watched the interview with john trigger that we thought

Unknown Speaker 19:00
about earlier. Yeah, yeah. Okay. So we talked about some of that in there. But uh, that's a good idea. I think as an extension, I do believe he said, I do believe he said that he took solicitation mail, and he opened it over his ground files that correct? That's right. That's right.

Unknown Speaker 19:20
Yeah, I would rather not be in that round file.

Unknown Speaker 19:24
Yeah. So there are there are some really good questions that that will differentiate you very quickly and make sure the attorneys are listening. And as an extension of what I was talking about earlier, we'll add an attorney category on there. That's a great idea.

Unknown Speaker 19:39
Yeah, and I won't, I won't belabor it. I do remember the one thing you said in probate mastery is you acknowledge you, you acknowledge that you know that they don't get paid until the very end.

Unknown Speaker 19:53
So time is money, correct.

Unknown Speaker 19:56
Right. And you also acknowledge that they are human.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
They are entrepreneurs and they struggle in their business the same way you do. And if you can ask good questions around that, just just be counted as affirming questions.

Unknown Speaker 20:11
And and show them that you you're empathetic to their struggles. And not just looking to improve your own situation, but there's too, and you can actually be a solution to them. And they don't know this. But when you ask a good question the right way, it becomes really apparent. Oh, this guy's different.

Unknown Speaker 20:30
So we'll definitely get that done for you.

Unknown Speaker 20:32
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 20:35
I'm done.

Unknown Speaker 20:36
All right. We only have two more in the queue, guys. This would be the first call in two years. That doesn't go 60 minutes. So please jump on, hit star six and hit one. And we got plenty of room for you. Next up is phone number ending in 3780. You're up next. Hi, this is john in West Virginia. How are y'all doing? Hey, john. I'm in West Virginia too. I'm up in snowshoe

Unknown Speaker 21:00
Hey, good. We got to stick together here. I'm in the eastern panhandle here. Yep. So it's something Hey, I've got two quick questions. One is where is the probate checklist found? In our material? We have over 3000 counties, john, it's hard for us to produce a piece that will work for everybody. So what we ask you to do is find the probate attorney in your market and use that as an opportunity to create a relationship with them so you can approach them so by law, they're not allowed to directly solicit for business, but most probate attorneys make they would rather make money as an estate planner than they would as a probate attorney. Right. So 20% of any any given county typically 20% of the leads don't have have they have not retained an attorney, those are pro se or Pro. So if you can approach those attorneys and say listen, my name is john, we help you know a lot of families in probate and when I realized that a lot of them you know, don't have legal representation.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
And we both know they need it. So what I was hoping is, I could help you help you guys by giving you some free marketing, if you can help me by really outlining the local process here in Jefferson County, or wherever you are, and then sit down with them and say from from the time somebody passes away, until you've absolutely exhausted everything that needs to be done, let's just let's just whiteboard all these things. And the ideas that get like they're going to give you the process in that county and the big problems that most people encounter in that county, so you get a very localized knowledge. And it's it's, you know, applies to your court systems. And at the end of that you color all the things that are legal, you color, one color, and everything else is a different color. And then you put the attorneys information in the footer, and that can become the back of your letter or an insert to your letter. So it gives you a chance to sit down and collaborate with an attorney. Instead of asking for something you're asking. You're saying, Hey, can I do some free marketing for you? And it gives you a chance to sit down and you think he's naturally going to ask well, john, what is it that you do again?

Unknown Speaker 23:00
Like you're going to have a natural organic conversation where they get an opportunity you get, you know, an hour of this person's time, which is usually worth 250 to 500 bucks. And you guys are collaborating and talking about each other's business. And now you're going to every single month, you're going to be marketing for that firm, and you're giving them a legal loophole to an anti solicitation law, and no one else has ever done that for them. So it makes a big impression. So we can give you a list like a timeline and probate mastery, we go through the probate timeline and everything but it's very general, because what it looks like in California is much different than what it looks like in West Virginia. So we kind of keep that as a local exercise to help you accomplish two things. You get your checklist three things, you get a much higher level of localized knowledge and you get a good organic relationship with that attorney. That makes sense. That makes sense. It does. Along those lines, since we're talking about different you know, jurisdictions so forth is there in Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia can

Unknown Speaker 24:00
As the personal representative of the state sell the property out of probate before it's discharged, so it won't be sold out of probate, but it can be sold during probate and the money the money can't be distributed. It has to be released from escrow with a fidelity bond or the will has to waive the fidelity bond. But if as long as there's a bond or a bond waiver, it can be released in the state's bank account. So like here, and I'm in Roanoke. I'm from I'm from West Virginia, but we can sell a house today probates filed we can go under contract and get it close. And then the fidelity bond or the waiver will allow the title company or the attorney to release to the estate's bank account, and then you've got a four month period for creditors. If you cover all the liabilities in that period, probate can take as little as four and a half months. If you're really on top of your game hit they usually ended up taking six to eight months because people aren't that efficient, and they get in probate quick, Sam in one place or another. But uh, yeah, you can absolutely

Unknown Speaker 25:00
All the assets here without court approval, he just can't release the farm. The probate close, but the man with the authority is the the executor or the personal Rep. Right? As soon as they have the letters testamentary they have the authority. Okay. Okay, good. I was wondering about that. Okay, great, still kind of getting acclimated. And in my next my first mailing goes out next week. I'm kind of excited. So we were kind of chomping at the bit here. Awesome. Well, please keep coming back and participate, and we appreciate it. Next up is phone number ending in 3040. You're up next. Yes. I wanted to know how to handle when the executor or personal administrator says we've got it handled. Well, that's a new one, right? Yes. I've never heard that.

Unknown Speaker 25:50
I just can't Yeah, it's a great question. But if we, so it's becoming more and more common, and it's usually like understanding why they're saying that is I think the most important part

Unknown Speaker 26:00
Someone has been there before you. And they've shown no value or they've made a lowball offer. And this person's ego is like I protect me. So you're getting the reputation of whoever came before you, or or the reputation of whoever sent a letter before you even if they weren't on the phone. They think All right, this person, they're all just trying to steal the house. So the tactic is you need to disrupt it. So it's become a pattern they know it runs people off. It's just like when someone if someone walks up to you and Macy's and says, Oh, hey, is there any way I can help you today? Your what's your natural response? Nope, just looking now.

Unknown Speaker 26:39
Right? Because you've learned like like get the hell away from me. I don't want to be sold anything. That's what you're really saying. Right? Like your ego is Oh, yeah, she's gonna targeted us and make you spend $300 you're just so you, you're conditioned to give a response and that response is usually no thanks. I'm just looking which is total BS because you're walking out of there with

Unknown Speaker 27:00
$300 worth of stuff, you're just you're gonna do it on your terms. So these people feel that they feel the same way. They feel like they're pressured, they're being pulled out of their comfort zone they're being they're, they feel like people are trying to take advantage of them if someone ahead of us has done a poor job, and you have to break that pattern, and you have to differentiate yourself, so you can do it with humor. You can do it with knowledge, but the humorous way to do it is when someone says, nope, we've got it all handled, you can say Haha, the famous words of my best client or you can you can take the approach of you know, we use a the trespassing laws, like securing the asset or making house insurance, you know, securing the asset and reducing liability that when they say, Oh, you know, we've got it handled, our attorney hasn't handled you like okay, well, listen, that's something that we hear from 10 out of 10 people but nine out of 10 ended up realizing that they actually have a lot of exposure that the attorney didn't help them with. So if you've got two minutes, let me just make sure your family's protected, and then just be quiet and that's like, what's your natural What's yours?

Unknown Speaker 28:00
font so that like curiosity takes over right? You're like, what's he talking about? What do you mean? What do you mean? Not 10 out of 10 people like what does he know that? I don't know. And you start to process? Well, at this point, I've got you back on your heels. And the next thing out of your mouth is probably a question. What do you mean, help me and I don't care even if even if you're abrasive like that, because I'm going to walk you back down and I'm going to show you value and then I'm I have your best interest in mind. I'm not going to talk about real estate other than getting insurance on it and getting no trespassing because I'm in the window until I have rapport with you. And you're asking me questions and you're relaxed, and then we'll get into the is the real estate, or do you plan to sell it and you know, all the details, and we cover this a lot on the roleplay calls. If you haven't listened to the archived role plays, you can go to all the leads comm forward slash ccba. If you're in if you're on the on the webpage, you can look under the complete system conference calls, and then go to the archives there. You can listen to it on your favorite podcast.

Unknown Speaker 29:00
platform but I would encourage you to listen to how other people handle it like we have a lot of brave folks will come up and give us their pitch, but we roleplay that objection fairly often, you know, you could in the top right of all the leads calm, if you put in, we've got it handled, you'll probably see at least two or three dozen of these calls where we've kind of roleplay that or discuss different ideas. Okay, so I had one lady on the phone the other day, and she has a property from way back in 2019. And so she just kept telling me or my attorney taking care of everything, and I tried to explain to her that the attorney doesn't do everything that there are tasks she has to do, the attorney does not take it and she she insisted the attorney was going to do everything. And I tried to point out to her, I said, Well, she's not going to come in you know, and take an inventory of personal property. You know, and I talked about the insurance a she wouldn't have anything to do

Unknown Speaker 30:00
what I had to say she was dead set on the tour you do it everything. And I know there was one conversation I had heard that it said something about a little kid months have gone by and now the attorney called and attorney says to you, what have you done? And so the people said, well, you close not to do anything. And so I'm really not sure what I guess each attorney works differently. And of course, not all of these are really good advice or what to do. Right? You're familiar with parados principle, right? The 8020 Yeah. So 80% of the industry isn't very good at what they do. 20% carry the weight and are very professional. So yeah, one of the things I want you to write down three words.

Unknown Speaker 30:46
Have you felt Delta Wow, I got that. Have you heard me talk about this? Oh, yeah. I listened to a lot of your tapes that are write this stuff down. So I have it in front of me while I talk.

Unknown Speaker 31:00

Unknown Speaker 31:02
So one thing I'll caution you, and I haven't role played with you, but I think just in hearing how you're delivering it here, I think you're being more accusatory. And I think you'll get, you'll get the result you're looking for if you can soften your message, you're almost challenging. Like, you know, and what I would say is lean more towards that empathetic feel felt found is tactical empathy, right? So listen, I understand how you feel. I mean, we worked with a ton of families that felt the same way. But what they found is relying on the attorney to do non legal things, they ultimately learned that those non legal aspects were their responsibilities. And waiting on the attorney had not only made them more frustrated, it cost them 10s of thousands of dollars in holding costs. And thank God the house didn't burn because one of the things the attorney didn't help them do was properly secure the asset. And what I mean by that is if you have a vacant home that has that has not been transitioned to a vacant insurance policy and it

Unknown Speaker 32:00
burns down, your family is going to lose everything. If somebody kicks in the front door and sets up a meth lab in the back corner, as long as as the police don't have probable cause they get in there, they're your tenants. And it could take you a year to get them out. And we have very simple thing within the next 60 minutes I can I can completely alleviate that that liability and take it off, take it and take that away. But what we find is the attorneys don't really explain their full scope of work, and it's only about 25% of everything that's required. Can you guess who the other 75% of responsibility falls to? Yeah, to them? So it's a rhetorical question and they they kind of get it right. So I would I would encourage you not to not to challenge them but use feel felt found to help them identify with other people in this situation and and help them understand that other people have allowed you to lead them through the process. And what they found is they had a really good outcome, and that should help help let their guard down and have have better conversations. All right.

Unknown Speaker 33:00
Also, throw in it. I'll throw in a technique to compliment Chad's real quick. I'm actually closing, closing a probate right now. And the agent on the other end of the buyer agent called me the other day and I was playing the role of a good listing agent representing my clients and pushing back with my clients interests at heart. Now the other agent knowing that what I was doing didn't fit perfectly with the contract told me Well, I think that you need to explain to your client the contract, and maybe I should explain it to you, and there's no better way to get on my nerves, then try to explain something to me and I was gonna dig my heels in as much as possible, even though I knew that technically, he he had the contract on his side, but the fact that he said let me explain it to you made me dig in and I feel like we do the same thing with our clients as well, or our prospects as well as Let me explain this show to complement what

Unknown Speaker 34:00
Chad said, we always keep asking better questions. So a really good question to ask is when? When are you in the attorney meeting over at the house to go through the personal property and figure out what you're cleaning out? And where you're not? It makes sure that you don't ask it in a very abrasive way because that can come off very sarcastic if you're not delicate with it, but but what you're looking for is it pretend that you assume that they are meeting the attorney at the house to clean it out. And and they go, Oh, no, we're doing that. Oh, okay. Okay, no problem. So it would it be beneficial to actually have some help getting rid of some of the things that you guys don't want. So now you're just going into questions, and they're probably recognizing themselves because of the questions you're asking. They're recognizing themselves that maybe the attorney isn't helping us with everything that we thought they were past a good one. I like that one. Oh, all right. Hold Yeah. To thank you. I want to thank you for asking the question because it probably is the 25th time we've gone over

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Every time I come up with new new slants no no new slants new ideas, new ways to handle it. And just different, you know, just different slant from the same old technique. So it's valuable and it is something people come across all the time. So we appreciate you bringing it up again.

Unknown Speaker 35:16
I thank you.

Unknown Speaker 35:18
very welcome. We have three more in the take us up nicely to the top of the hour. Next up is phone number ending in 2999. You're up next. Hello. Yes, sir. Hi. I just I found you guys through pace movie. And this is my first like three days. This is my first call. I actually called somebody the other day without knowing what to say. And I was like, I think I should probably listen to some recordings.

Unknown Speaker 35:45
Yep. Hi, I'm here. Where do I start? And then anything? Yeah, I are a subscriber, right. Yeah, I am a subscriber. I'm right now I am wholesaling creative financing and I was like, You know what, maybe you should start learning

Unknown Speaker 36:00
And probate, and basically I just jumped in all and I bought three counties. And I was like, as you work.

Unknown Speaker 36:06
So I went through all the videos, and I don't really have a specific question. It's just like, I guess, when you have that when you first start having that questioning, I guess, how do you start that conversation? Like, what are the first like three or four questions? I mean, obviously, it's a sensitive subject. So I'm kind of like, Okay, how do I work? What do I start with this? So that's kind of where my questioning than anything else like I have my own. I mean, I mean, I'm using your guys's CRM specifically for obviously, the probate leads, but it's more just do you guys go for the low is going to the person a low hanging fruit or is it going to is the probate attorney more difficult I guess. So. The personal rep is should be your first outreach because they are the decision makers and they have the assets that you're looking for. Right. Can you think of this as a two pronged approach one is marketing to the person personal representatives. The other is building a long term refer

Unknown Speaker 37:00

Unknown Speaker 37:02
is a network of referral partners and those are estate planning attorneys, elder care attorneys, nursing home employees, social workers, senior moving companies, estate sale companies, anyone who has contact with families in transition or in the late stage life planning or dealing with the lack of a late stage life plan. Those people should understand all the things you can do that you're a vertically integrated solution no matter what the family's going through, you have a solution and the other the other branch of that is marketing directly to the family for that you should you know you sounds like you've already watched the fast track videos. The next thing I would say is in video three of fast track you you you found the probate seller interview sheet and that's what we talked about updating earlier Bruce and I are working on a new version of that I would suggest that you print that off. It's just going to help you do the right things in the right order and then listen to the roleplay calls like the archive roleplay calls if you go to them

Unknown Speaker 38:00
All the leads comm forward slash cc VA in the first week of each month, there's one if you want to get them all in one place, you can go to forward slash all the leads and there's a playlist for roleplay before you can just jump in, you know, just subscribe to the podcast and have it in your pocket like on that, but we just started the podcast a couple of months ago so you can't go all the way back in time yet have that probate seller interview sheet as you listen to me and Bruce and our subscribers do this, how we jump into that initial conversation. And you'll very quickly develop your own your own version of it. The one thing I would say that, you know, you're you're identifying as I'm a real estate investor that specializes in creative financing, drop that title, you need to be you like so I learned I first started going into these as an investor and then I went in as a realtor. And then finally I got wise enough to learn I'm just Chad and I'm not gonna try to decide their outcome. I can make money on Creative financing. I can make money on an acquisition I can make money

Unknown Speaker 39:00
organises sale a conventional listing or partnering and helping them flip the house, I have 10 different ways I can monetize this deal, I'm going to let their needs dictate what service I provide. And if you don't have a good brokerage partner you should have because you're going to leave a lot of money on the table. If you don't have your license you should get you should get that and because over over your career, a successful career in investing, you'll miss out on millions of dollars that you could have saved with a real estate license. And as long as you're an ethical person, you have no liability. Just keep everything compartmentalize separate di n separate bank accounts, separate credit cards, separate entities. And so the idea is to be you know that the metaphor we use the wheel, so you're the hub and you as a creative financing expert or a spoke to you as a cash buyer or spoke you as a realtor are spoke along with the contractors and the clean out couriers and everyone else so as you approach these people try to stay away from the titles because if somebody came through

Unknown Speaker 40:00
For you was a letter that offended them or a phone call that offended them. And they titled themselves a real estate investor. Well guess what you're gonna adopt their their reputation immediately whether you like it or not. Because that's how the that's how the human brain works. So instead of that call and say, Hey, my name is Chad, I've got a team of people here in Roanoke built specifically to help families going through probate. And as part of that we go to the courthouse meet with the clerk each month, and she tells us who we should be reaching out to.

Unknown Speaker 40:29
So that's a much different approach than Hi, my name is Chad. I'm a real estate investor. We're looking to buy 10 houses in Roanoke this year, if you guys have a home you'd like to sell, or even a

Unknown Speaker 40:39
little bit more delicate than that. But yeah, I get what you're saying though. Yeah, I do see that. So I guess my next quote, I guess, question is the mailer pieces. Like, I kind of like,

Unknown Speaker 40:54
flew through the website and was kind of figuring that out. Like, Is there like a

Unknown Speaker 41:00
I know I guess if I watched that mailing video again is that just that's it for the mailing video manual training like you just pick your things and just let it instead of forget it type of thing yeah pick the letter that feels best to you quite honestly I mean all of them have all the all the letters that are there are there because they work and so whichever one seems to fit your personality and your business model the best you know, you like creative financing. It's something that I wish everybody had, you know, at a full toolkit and it's it's not easy to teach as I'm sure you know, it takes time to learn because there's a lot of moving parts to so you might want to highlight that because that's that's a unique skill set. And you can give out options and a lot of people can't like the deal the deal that got me into probate, I went into giving them four options option one was a cash acquisition option two is an asset sale option three was conventional on option four was was a lease with option to purchase and to my surprise that one met their needs the best It was a free and clear house.

Unknown Speaker 42:00
The lady that she needed money she needed, she needed top dollar. And she needed it as fast as possible. And the lease option was the way that I could check all of her box. And, you know, I was the only person she spoke to. So you have like having the experience you have in creative finance investing, you've got more options available to you than than most people, you already know how to navigate that. So you may consider you know, work it working that into your marketing, like we provide options ranging from abcdefg because a lot of families don't, if if someone comes in and offers them less than they're willing to take and everyone's offering the same dollar amount, they'll just sit there and do nothing for years and then we'll sit there and get in worse shape and rack up carrying cost but you or I can come in and be like, that's a deal, man. I'll take it subject to the reverse mortgage stand in place because I can refinance it in like three months or I'll take it as a lease lease with option to purchase and sandwich into that or you know, whatever. So just make sure pick a letter that fits you know, your your your values, and your

Unknown Speaker 43:00
business and and personalize it to yourself. And then just frequency is more important than having a, you know a series of 12 unique letters it's more more important that you continue putting that letter in front of them over time because just like Dave said earlier in this call the fortunes in the follow up these people will young people will reach out for help when they need it most. A lot of a lot of them will stay in probate quicksand for sometimes months and procrastinate and do nothing. But all that's doing is putting more and more and more and more pressure on them. So their motivation levels rising so to quit marketing three months is foolish. If you catch him at the six month mark, they're going to need your help more than ever, and they're going to want your help more than ever. So don't don't get too wrapped up in like the perfect sequence of letters and the perfect copy. Focus more on the frequency. I'm going to get there early and be there often. Yeah, definitely. I mean, that's I mean, the opening close is like a unicorn, right? You call them the first day and yeah, it says overview, usually as a follow on the weekend.

Unknown Speaker 44:00
Later, we can have later be like, what do you want to do? It's been a month, I guess then it's my first point, my action step for me, would you say is go back and do the mailer and send the mailer out? And then my next question, I guess, would be, because I think I just bought this list in the middle of the month for like my area. I got, I think, a month back in a month upcoming. And do I like for the subscriber base thing? Is it Do I market to that list for that month, or stalking that like August, in July into September and then repurchasing September's list? Like is it going to be a whole different new list, and I'm marking remarks. So stacking that list on top of August in July, you're gonna get a news, you're gonna get a new list every 30 days, we're going to give you all the probate filings from where we left off. So what I would recommend is figure out what your sequences and if you want to be aggressive, you should be marketing for 12 months, you should have it like 12 mailpieces, you can stay you know, you can whatever that takes

Unknown Speaker 45:00
quinces for you, but at least one mailpiece per month for the first 12 months. The CRM is designed to save you money. So if you go in just all kind of paint a picture of how easy this can be, today, you go design your letter, you go design your envelope, you place a mail order for the list that you have, during that mail order, you click autopilot, and let's just say that has 12 letters on it. You click autopilot. Tomorrow, our system pushes out a mail order, we mail the first letter of a series of 12 to your list and you get one of your own letters in the mail. So you know when to hit the phones next month from now on, you never have to think about that list. For the next year. We're going to automate your marketing. The only job you have is while you're in the CRM talking to these people be in the CRM usually options Status tab. So when one has already sold or they don't need your help, or they don't own real estate, you're going to click opt out of email, opt out of calls or out of letters, opt out of probate plus so that way, you're never going to have an expense on that on that law.

Unknown Speaker 46:00
again. So when the system automatically wakes up and send your mail in December, you're not going to get charged for people, you know, you can't help. So the system is designed to take all the choke points out and automate as much as possible. So I would say your action plan is go find a letter you're comfortable with pick, pick, pick a sequence that you can afford for a 12 month period. And just understand that each month, when a new list comes in, it's going to trigger that same sequence. So for some people, it's a three letter campaign because they're, they're cash strapped. For others, they go, they go big, and they'll mark it for 18 months, get that set up, hit autopilot, and then go listen to the roleplay archives and get your language down and then just hit the phones and you're gonna fall on your face a few times. That's how we learn right? That's how we get settled settled into good sales language. And by the time the system, when you get your leads next month, they're automatically going to drop in, they'll automatically ordering your mail, you automatically get a copy and your mailbox, and then

Unknown Speaker 47:00
You start making your calls. And it'll automate pretty much all that stuff. And you can accomplish everything I just said in the next hour if you just put your mind to awesome. I haven't on a coaching call yet. Is that like I'm scheduled in the next like, I think I think either Wednesday or Thursday, because that you go over that on the coaching call, I guess. Yeah, Bruce, Bruce will, he'll make sure that you know, you he understands what your plan is and fills in any blind spots that you have. Awesome. supersize. Thank you guys. Michelle, you're up next. And hopefully we can squeeze David in the salad also. Go ahead. Sorry, this is real quick. And it may just be a technical question. You can hear me right. Sure. Yeah, sure. That was easy. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 47:46
That wasn't the question. Can

Unknown Speaker 47:50
you just download only the list that I've already run the probate plus, so I know who has property. I can't figure out how to do this. Just to download the phone numbers. of the

Unknown Speaker 48:00
people and to see how much property they have and where it is. Is there any way to customize that. So the only the only download we have right now is download all with real estate. And that's going to bring all of the information. as we as we go through the feature requests and add things in the next version, you'll be able to customize your export, but for now it's going to pull it all out. Okay, I didn't even see the option that was that was a couple weeks ago. It wasn't there. Alright, so if you're in the list view, in the center, you'll hit download, you'll see the download box, and there'll be a lot of options. One has download parentheses all with real estate. That's the one right yeah, the the always real estate wasn't there several weeks ago when I look so I know where you're talking about. I'll I'll do that. Okay. See that we make improvements before you suggest them. Good, good idea.

Unknown Speaker 48:54
Next up, Sal, you're back and back up to two quick questions. One of them

Unknown Speaker 49:00
is about using a dialer when you're if you are using a type of dialer and you know, such as either Mojo redx, whatever that may be, is there a way if you have a large list of leads, and let's say there's 120 leads, and you only got through 60 of them because there's about four numbers per lead. Is there a way if I want to continue calling on that list for me to download that list and remove the ones already called so that the dialer doesn't pick? The ones already called up?

Unknown Speaker 49:34
So let me answer. If you want to use a dialer, we have a direct interface with Vulcan seven.

Unknown Speaker 49:41
Okay, and if you don't want to do that already made a decision on the dialer, technology, Vulcan will will push your leads into there and then you can manage your game using their their tools. So it'll it'll show you the ones that you called in last time you called them I would say that it's going to be the easiest on you because there's no extra import.

Unknown Speaker 50:00
We just pushed them directly there. So if you get signed up and just email support and say, here's my Vulcan user ID, and then every month I will push your leads automatically into your dialer.

Unknown Speaker 50:13
Okay, okay, I'll do that. And then as far as organization, I remember, you should a, you know, your super intricate brain map on mastery. And I'm not even trying to get close to that because it was like the scariest thing I've ever seen. But given that I'm, I'm quite old school from the point of view that I prefer to use pen and paper, but I'm willing to adapt. I'm trying to make sure that I stay organized from the point of view that we're contacting so many people every day, and you need to follow up with different ones at different times. What do you guys use? And what because I feel like I often write it on a paper, you know, and I have folders, but then I, you know, I forget and it's my own fault. I'm just trying

Unknown Speaker 51:00
See, how can I adapt and fix this? What What do you guys do DRM coaches? The CRM we provide is incredibly simple by design, we don't want it to be, you know, like overly complicated, you can if you're using the option Status tab, if you're tracking the results of your phone calls, and your follow up box, you can just simply go into the list view, and sort by follow up date, sort by last call date, and and kind of manage your campaign there. The other thing, you want to customize it a little bit more, there's a shortcode. So on the first tab, when you're in the prop in the lead detail view, the first tab will give you a shortcode box and you can do anything you want in there. You can say you know, you could do like hashtag short sale prospect, and then apply that to them and you can add that column into your CRM ListView. So you could sort by a short tag and and focus today I'm going to focus just on the short sale.

Unknown Speaker 52:00
opportunities or I'm gonna focus just on the ones that have multiple properties or so that's the customization part of it you can kind of customize your own workflow using the short codes but there's a that's something I think you know jumping on a coaching call with Bruce and just and have him walk you through how he uses the CRM and out of sufficient with it might be really helpful for you will do I appreciate that guys thank you so much again Chad I know Liam I do have to jump yep no problem. We're gonna do like a sandwich. We started in with David David Europe last Yeah, just gonna ask you guys that probate book I have for a PDF. Can y'all see that out for me too?

Unknown Speaker 52:43
Absolutely. Sure. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 52:47
That's your I have to send them off

Unknown Speaker 52:50
when I get them printed or emailed them to wherever y'all need them. Yeah, yeah. Send an email to support at all the leads calm and copied Tim, Tim and all the leads calm turns the mailing to

Unknown Speaker 53:01
Okay, awesome. All right guys. Great call great participation. I bet you guys can guess how I'm going to end this. I always end these calls the same way I want to thank all hundred and 50 plus of you for showing up I want to particularly thank the 1011 people that actively participated and I want to challenge each of you. Take one thought one great idea that you heard on this call, go out and put it into practice and please come back next week and share the results and I almost forgot.

Unknown Speaker 53:32
Our social media guru cat asked me to tell you that several of the callers today we're not in our Facebook group. also go to all believes mastermind and join our Facebook group. And then please put an idea into practice. Come back next Thursday and share the results with the group. Make it a great week guys. Stay healthy, stay safe and stay productive. Take care. We'll talk to you same time next Thursday.

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