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August 27th, 2020

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Call Re-cap:

What if the Executor of the Estate Also Passes Away? (00:55)

Danny had two other questions, but he had a coaching call with Bruce Hill before Mastermind started and Bruce happened to answer two of them.  Danny is looking for where to go next after the administrator of the estate also passed away.  Chad describes who to go to and where to look to find the next in the line of succession.



I Got the Attorney Appointment - How Do I Impress In Person??? (3:59)

Christine is doing one mailing and one round of ISA calls from All The Leads and is landing an opportunity every 60 leads.  Christine is ready to ramp up her focus on Probate and this includes reaching out to local attorneys. Christine is in Fairfax, where 80% of probates are filed without representation. Chad describes how Christine can shape her “Ask” around being able to provide marketing to these folks - something attorneys can’t accomplish themselves due to solicitation laws.  Christine actually landed an appointment with this exact approach.  How can she impress in person?



How To Shorten Prospecting Calls AND Still Get The Appointment (10:22)

Eddie’s prospecting calls are running very long, and as a result his productivity is limited.  How can Eddie balance empathy and productivity?  Chad reminds Eddie what his goal is here and how to lead the conversation with good questions.  



David Pannell Shares Creative Ideas for Attorney Prospecting (20:25)

David Pannell shares ideas to get a foot in the door with attorneys and win ongoing referrals.

David recently filmed an update to his 2019 “Year One In Probate” Case Study and it is FULL of nuggets. Watch David’s Year Two Case Study Here.



Prospecting With Probate Plus+ and Managing Additional Fields (30:22)

Ensy Afdari is using a RedX dialer system and is curious how to go about exporting the hundreds of additional property data fields included with Probate Plus+ efficiently.  Chad discusses.




Establishing Name Recognition (35:15)

Caller is curious how David establishes name recognition: How do all of his callers remember him on a first-name basis during follow-up calls? Chad and Jim clarify David’s prospecting strategy.  David jumps back on the line to share his prospecting schedule and his insight for not getting too wound up in the “What Ifs” of prospecting.




Attorney Says One Thing, Seller Heard Another? How To Fix A Game of Telephone. (41:27)

White is working with a prospect who - even though they have letters of testamentary - says she can’t sell. She’s heard incorrect things from other agents and investors, and also seems to be misunderstanding her attorney’s direction.  White and Chad mastermind how to reconcile the misunderstandings here to help this seller get the property sold, get the funds in the estate, and remove the burden of carrying holding costs the longer this drags on.  It’s important to remember that what a prospector thinks they heard might not be what was said - it was just misunderstood.  




“It’s The Best Lead Source Out There” (48:20)

White shares his experience working probate leads for several years.  “It’s the best lead source out there!” Next, he describes the most common thread - that the attorney will handle everything a family needs to deal with in probate.  If you can help people realize this isn't true and that you can really help save them a lot of stress and time wasted. Lastly, White describes a recent person he helped in this way.  Great job, White!




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Episode Transcript:

Christine 0:00
About every 60 leads, I'm getting an opportunity. And that's just from having two guys two mailings and have the IFA make one call. So imagine if I worked them

Jim 0:32
Welcome resourceful agents and investors from across the country. Today is Thursday, August 27 2020. And this is mastermind call number 293. We do have three people in the queue. We got plenty of room for more, just hit star six and hit one and let's go to our first caller.

Danny 0:54
Hey guys, great to be back. So my main question,

Unknown Speaker 0:59
I I actually had three but I was on a call earlier through Bruce, so he answered two

Unknown Speaker 1:04
of them without even realizing. But my first one

Unknown Speaker 1:08
is. So what's the best approach

Unknown Speaker 1:12
to reaching a family when the executor

Unknown Speaker 1:16
slash Vicki Church has passed away as well?

Unknown Speaker 1:22
I ran into this situation a few days ago and I spoke to like a stepson, I believe and the executives actually passed away two months

Unknown Speaker 1:35
right after the defendant Did

Unknown Speaker 1:38
you basically just need to find out who's in charge of that person's estate and talk to them they're probably going to know the most because the firt You know, when that when the executor ex passed away, they probably started like, what what are we What are we supposed to do? And at some point, they have probably talked to the probate attorney or their probate clerk and that attorney or clerk can tell you who's the who's in next in the line of succession that would be handling the original estate. And then who's handling her estate. Just talk to anyone that you can get ahold of and grab details. You could call the probate attorney. If you have the you have the information on the original probate. Call that attorney and say, you know, listen, I spoke to the son of the parent that he needs help but I just want to make sure I'm working with you as a team member. I don't want to I don't want to be in the way how can I help you guys and see what you can learn from the attorney. They're probably the most they have the most up to date information on the situation.

Unknown Speaker 2:40
Gotcha. Okay, because I don't want to

Unknown Speaker 2:42
call back I want to make but I definitely you know, that's a very, like more so sensitive area. They both passed away and just want to know, like the best approach I can take to that. I would I would focus on the attorney man. Just call and say you know, let's not talk to Jane Doe On, I was actually calling the realtor but they the family seemed a little overwhelmed. Rather than me asking them these questions could be of just a couple minutes. And that gives you an opportunity to say, you know, listen, like whoever is whoever has the step up, just know that we've got their back. Like, we have a team of people here that can help them through just about anything that they could be encountering. So if you could please pass our information on to whomever is gonna take take her spot and then potentially, whoever that is, might be probating both estates All right, that's that's really good, man. So I'm here again contract with Disney. Okay, thanks. Thanks, guys. I mean, that's that was really good answer. Perfect and glad you got your other two answers. questions answered by Bruce. He's very helpful when you have questions don't don't feel free to you know, feel free. You don't have to wait for the mastermind call reach out to any of us as you did. So, phone number ending in 8762 europdx. Hey there, guys, it's Christine Senate in Northern Virginia happy to help anybody on the phone that needs probate support yours. Well, first of all, just wanted to say I love your system. Chad, you guys do such a great job with this. Very informative. I'm trying to do everything you say, although I've haven't quite mastered that yet. About every 60 leads, I'm getting an opportunity. And that's just from having two guys two mailings and have the IFA make one call. So imagine if I worked with Wow. So I am starting to you one of the suggestions you made was partnering up with attorneys to build relationship and one way to do that was to get them to go through the probate process with you. I know every other call you get the same question someone asked if they can't find it anywhere. I know every state is different. And you'd mentioned checklists that we would got during mastery but I can't find it. I just don't want to walk in there looking like a total idiot. Is there something you have that have not like? I mean, I've read our local probate process but didn't know if you had you mentioned something the mastery that you get out. Yeah, we know. So in mastery in session, one, we kind of go through the general process of probate. And that time I have two different things to say. But mainly like the important parts of it very broad stroke. With the attorney, the opportunity there is to sit down and say, you know, Listen, I've gotten a good understanding of the generalities of probate. But I really I really want to bring that into Northern Virginia into Fairfax County. And I'm just looking for, you know, about 50%. Last time I looked anyways, about 50% of the people in your market, don't use attorneys and my mark and 100% don't but you guys are trending where it's becoming more and more common.

Unknown Speaker 5:57
Yeah, it's like 20%

Unknown Speaker 6:01
Okay, yeah, so that's even stronger. So 80% of people don't have representation. And the attorney is not allowed to directly solicit them for the service, right? So you like 80% of the leaves that you get, you can show them how to market for free to those people. So the the ask is, you know, listen, we only 20% of people have proper representation going through this and we're reaching out to help them with a non legal aspects. But we really need the right legal person on our team that so when somebody does need an attorney, we can help them and what I'd like to offer is, if you'll sit down with me and co design a checklist or a timeline, I'll make sure that's part of every marketing piece we send so the 80% that don't have representation. When they get stuck, the checklist they're working off of will have your firm's name on it. You get 30 minutes to work through that with me. That's exactly what I did because I've been listening to you. And I got the appointment. I have one with him next week. He was like oh, this is it. Interesting, but I was just saying, like, didn't want to walk in there completely. feeling like I don't know what I'm doing. So this is this is a common thing like, I'm going to ask you to work on your mindset. That person is a business owner and he saw you as an opportunity. That's why you have the appointment, right? So he wakes up on employed every morning, he has to go find new clients, and he has the same issues we have and operating and scaling our business. He's just a person, then don't let the fact that he's an attorney intimidate you, because it's unlikely you'll ever be an attorney and have a higher skill set than him in the field of law. But it's also just as probably even more unlikely that he'll have the service skill set that you have or the real estate skill set. So there's no need to feel intimidated or embarrassed because you don't have the knowledge. You know what you know, he knows what he knows when you put that together. It's way more powerful. So just don't put yourself as And a mindset disadvantage just because you, you know, you're not an attorney. Just remember, this guy's an employee every morning just like we are and how can you help him grow his firm? And that's really all you have to focus on. And he wants the appointment. That's why you got it.

Unknown Speaker 8:15
Yeah. Okay. So easy.

Unknown Speaker 8:20
Exactly, yeah. And quite honestly, I mean, the more organic that is, the more natural the conversation, the better, the better the result will be for you. So don't try it. Don't over plan and feel like you have to have an agenda. Just say, you know, listen, I have a way that I can help you grow your firm and we can both take better care of our community we live and work in and I just need 30 minutes of your time and I'll mark it for you For you know, all market for you every month. Okay, you're gonna see a ton of value in it.

Unknown Speaker 8:51
Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 8:53
You know, I was gonna add to that. I was going to add to that too, Christine. I hate to generalize but attorneys are not generally known for having small egos. So, you know, Stoke his ego a little bit, say, you know, hey, you're really well known as, as a probate expert in this area, you know, can you give me some tips on what I should know to better help my clients because you're like Chad said, You're not you. He will recognize you as a real estate authority and you're not trying to be an attorney. So go in there. And Matter of fact, Chad, I think your you and Bruce are working on a checklist of questions to ask both the executives and the attorneys. So just write down maybe a few things you don't know about. Your laughter Jad. Go ahead. Well, we Merson are really good at finding rabbit holes. We've we've spent like three hours on that already this week. Okay, good. Well, three hours, you probably have three questions at least. But yeah, don't be afraid to go in there and acknowledge that there's a lot about the legal aspects you don't know and defer to him and his ego and let him you know, let him be that authority. So you'll do well though. It sounds like you're doing very well. Already, the good news is you're relatively new and you're taking massive action. And that's the first key. You know, you learn as you go. So, good job.

Unknown Speaker 10:09
It helps if you do what you're told to. I'm learning that.

Unknown Speaker 10:13
Absolutely. All right, well, thank you for so Sharon, Christine. Appreciate it. And next up is phone number ending in 546. For your next I was wondering if you had tips on how to get people to, I've had a few people just like, be a time suck, just kind of like droning on about like their situation or talking about their mom dying or whatever, and trying to be sympathetic and empathetic and understand what they're going through. But same time, like I don't get too many calls if somebody takes in, you know, 30 minutes of my time or whatever. So it's a way to kind of guide them down

Unknown Speaker 10:51

Unknown Speaker 10:52
so it's it's your fault, not theirs. Yeah, I get that as a leader in the conversation, so What is your objective each time you pick up the phone to make one of these calls

Unknown Speaker 11:05
to set up an appointment

Unknown Speaker 11:07
to get face to face, right? So yep, in in in their venting on you, which is a really good thing that means they trust you you're doing a really good job. So that's a good sign. Bruce and I were yesterday when we were working on the list of questions and stuff we talked I talked told him a story man, one of the first guys I trained to do this. He he had a four and a half hour listing appointment one time, because he liked them. He felt the way you feel and he didn't know how to end it. But just stay clear on your objective. My objective is to get face to face with this person and through the through the information they're giving you find that chink in the armor that gives you an excuse to get they're usually good questions. So if you're getting off track and they're going, you know, down a rabbit hole, you can bring it you can almost always bring it back with a good question. Well, you know, Frank, listen I've got just 15 more minutes. And I really, really want to make sure that I understand your situation. And we can find the time to meet and talk more about it. But let me ask you this, the biggest challenge I see most people struggle with is real estate, because you've got the personal property and the real property of maintenance issues, liability issues. Is there any real estate in the estate and let's just start there. There's a lot of stuff that we're going to talk about over the time, but let's start with the toughest thing. And just that's just one example. But but bring it back with a question and focus on one aspect of the conversation. Bring them back and it's not that difficult to do. Some of these people are lonely, you know, they've they just lost their spouse. And if you let them, they'll talk to you for hours. They love you know that because they trust you. But it's usually just a good good question to, to, you know, focus on a certain part of the conversation. So, if you haven't spoken about real estate, you could use that and say that, you know, the biggest challenge the thing that you know causes the biggest problems for most people's real estate focus on that. It could be, you know, the, the no transpose posting the no trespassing signs so that the asset secured you can focus, you know, do that. But the whole point is just get in, get the appointment, get face to face, and then, you know, be ready when you show up on the appointment, because you could be there all afternoon if you don't stay focused there too. Okay, that was a bit of a rambling answer. Bruce, I'd like to hear your your advice on this too. All right. I think I've been there before. I've been on the five hour appointment and see, if you let it get too out of control, your entire relationship is going to be out of control. So you need to take that chink in the armor like Chad mentioned, and just say, you know I really could talk to you forever. This is really valuable that you know, I think that we should probably just go ahead and meet over. I Bruce, if you can hear us, I think your Bluetooth disconnected. Now I can hear you just fine. Hold on. Okay, you're back, you're back. On back, okay? So. So you want to take that chink in the armor and just immediately dive into a proposal and say, you know, I'd like to propose something because I feel like there's a lot of value here. Let's, let's go ahead and meet this week. Because this conversation so good, I find it valuable. So you're kind of really stoking the, the, the feelings that they have a benefit and talking with you. You're just moving it over to the house. But you've got to recognize when that opening happens, and go ahead and just be assertive with it, take take control and be a leader. I know that's kind of a generic answer. But honestly, it's easy to let someone dominates the entire relationship if you don't take control and they appreciate that they don't have a problem with it. And you know, gruesome is going on long that that opening could just be when they take a breath rather than eruptive as soon as they take a breath just jobid seems like another good place for you with Chad's good questions. Any questions that will interrupt their rambling, you know, is probably a good one, just to get them back on focus back on track. And I like that take the if it's gonna be a long cable conversation, at least try to take it live, take it into the meeting, rather than on the phone.

Unknown Speaker 15:38
That's good. Another another thing that that I've done, especially with people that I know take a while, is I'll go ahead and set the parameters at the outset of the phone call. Now if it's the first time you've spoken with them, you probably can't say hey, I only have five minutes and I've got to get on another call. But if I know that someone has a propensity to kind of dominate the conference, station, I'll say that you know, I had about a 15 minute window or maybe when you go on the appointment, if you can set the appointment quicker, you go on that appointment and you say, I've got a I've got an appointment here in about an hour and a half that I have to leave for. Just set the tone so that they don't feel like they have adequate time. But they also are now conscientious about your schedule as well.

Unknown Speaker 16:23
Yeah, there was a great motivational,

Unknown Speaker 16:24
motivational coach called Roger dolls Dawson years ago, and I've used his one liner when you and this applies to probate or any of your any of your business dealings. When you see that phone call the caller ID and you know, it's somebody that they can talk forever, just answer real quick and say, Hey, Bob, you know, just get ready to jump on a conference call. Is it a real quick question, or can I call you back later? You know, that's kind of what you said. It kind of forces them to get to the point. You know, and so if it is a subsequent conversation, you know, you're long winded. You know that, that works very well. And you're gonna add something Chet well, Have something else now after you know that yours is not as effective as a gym. What's that? I said after you've known the person for 15 years and you still do that to them, it's not as effective. Yeah, you're using it. Yeah, it's good was said anyway, but Yes, that is true.

Unknown Speaker 17:19
Why do I do that? Occasionally? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:25
Guard. I just gave away my technique. Go ahead. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 17:28
I'm really busy. Again. I'm really sorry.

Unknown Speaker 17:31
It seems like every time I talk to

Unknown Speaker 17:32
you, I'm just

Unknown Speaker 17:36
damn I got a couple of the deals. I think

Unknown Speaker 17:39
it was an outbound if it's an outbound call, you can always say, Hey, I'm calling with my real estate head on. If it's an inbound call, you can, you can, you can use Jim's technique and instead of saying, if it's not really quick, I can talk later. You might want to say, if it's going to take more than two minutes, I have 20 minutes and two hours. So name the actual amount of time that you have later as well.

Unknown Speaker 18:04
Perfect. Yep

Unknown Speaker 18:08
well that's very helpful. Are you gonna post the list of questions you guys are working on? Yeah, around 2023 24 we should be finished with it

Unknown Speaker 18:20
Okay, sounds good.

Unknown Speaker 18:22
Yeah, we'll we're working so we

Unknown Speaker 18:25
as with

Unknown Speaker 18:28
most things that

Unknown Speaker 18:31
Bruce and I dug into are like But wait, what if we did it this way versus that way and yeah, we should have it that like we're going to spend some more time on it tomorrow and shouldn't have it finished. But yes, we'll post that. We'll update the in the subscriber portal under fasttrack. video number three where the probate seller interview sheet is well updated there and also in the Facebook group in the files will drop it to you guys. Okay. Just wanted to Give you a feedback on a deal Chad You helped me with the other day. It was the offer I made I gave him a purchase now Elisa or an owner finance or fixed up and sell it on the market and I wasn't talking with the executive like all decision makers at the same time, and they ended up going with somebody else. So, lesson learned the hard way.

Unknown Speaker 19:25
They don't

Unknown Speaker 19:27
love the deal but learned a lesson so hopefully I don't make the same mistake again. But do you know what option they chose with the other person? They just chose

Unknown Speaker 19:37
somebody that would give them a cash number higher.

Unknown Speaker 19:41
Okay, so they went with a cash offer though. Yeah. So and they were the ones that were not telling me how much the Medicaid lien was on the house.

Unknown Speaker 19:54
And he told me that I needed to find that out before

Unknown Speaker 19:56
I go on the appointment.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
You know what I'm dealing with

Unknown Speaker 20:00
to get that out in the air first. Well, we can't get them all man. Sometimes there's people who will just overpay for stuff. And I mean, you, you did your research and you know what your number was where you can make money, so you can't get them all. Yep. All right, thank you, sir. Next up is David tonnelle. Welcome back phone number. Oh, 692. How you doing, sir? Good man. I'm trying to do is just go and pay an hour of their bill, whatever they charge for the attorney. whatever they're charging per hour for their time. Yep. So if it's 250 an hour $300 it's, it's usually an attorney that I'm working with already to another case. So this is an idea given an idea for anybody out there that's not that your money but have you done it yet? I'm currently doing it right now. That's what gave me the idea.

Unknown Speaker 21:05
We haven't we

Unknown Speaker 21:06
had a guy. We had a guy probably three, four years ago that did that in California. And I think he did it a couple times. And what he looked at an attorney who was doing multiple deals every month, like 567 deals a month, he couldn't get the time of day. And he called the office and said, you know, instead I'd like to schedule the appointment for a consultation, what it's about, it's a personal matter. You know, here's my credit card, and he made me pay he got in there. He said the attorney was absolutely blown away. He said in 30 years in his career, he'd never had anybody pay for pitching them something and they ended up establishing a good relationship. So it's a great idea. Thanks for reminding us of that. We haven't talked about it in years. I don't like very good idea.

Unknown Speaker 21:52
And I'm in Texas,

Unknown Speaker 21:54
but I had a buddy that was he sold telephones. He went bought a lot of them. boots from thrift stores. And then he stuffed the boot all kinds of goodies and leave it at the office because you couldn't get all of them. And so I'm just trying to get a foot in the door later in the day, like Chad said, you got to get on the radar. And I've got five or six people, like I said in the video now that we've completed tactical weights with I mean tough and, and they're on my radar on theirs, and they they respect us now, within this Yes, as you build that network, but you don't need a whole lot and you really don't. So I just want to play it simple. That's great. And if you qualify the client, you're not going to do it and everyone obviously but how can they not respect you and you know, if you if you can do one deal with them, you know, it's a great return on your investment and just the fact that you're willing to give value their time and it really makes you look like a professional. I love The idea, please go. If anybody can make it work, it would be you, David again.

Unknown Speaker 23:06
Go out and do it and report back to us, please.

Unknown Speaker 23:09
Hey, when these things are worth $11,000 on average, get your butt out there and do it. God. Sure, please get out there and do it and you better you better believe you're gonna make the most of that presentation too if it's costing you, man, I always want to be a luxury agent. And, you know, I've always wanted to tell the parents the houses, but I couldn't make a luxury Commission on $150,000 property now it's crazy. Yep. If anybody on the chat wholesaling. Chad, we only have one other person in the queue. And David has his extraordinary authority. Do you have any questions for him or do a little mini interview? In the meantime, anybody who wants to jump in the queue, just hit star six and hit one. And you'll be up next. I'll just remind everybody we talked about it last week on this Call David and I did an update his his case study that he did last July and cat posted and circulated that last night so if you haven't watched it take take I think we went 45 minutes and it was just chock full of you know new new things like what David's doing differently from last year versus this year and we just had a great conversation I think a lot of people can benefit from so if you haven't found that list, go to all the leads calm on their blog. I think Kat also put it out and you know, it's on YouTube and and on our podcast and everything else. So if you haven't listened to that conversation, lots of lots of really good nuggets of wisdom from David and kind of what how this has evolved for him. Even in during a pandemic with a newborn. He's, you know, he's been able to take some time off and really enjoy life and still have really a level of success. So we got them, you know, it goes back to that follow up. If you don't US y'all see a monitor, give us something to follow people. That's where it takes me anywhere from 11 to 18 contacts. So I'm not the one hit wonder man guy. I've probably done that one time.

Unknown Speaker 25:18
Probably 10 times.

Unknown Speaker 25:20
So it's all about man. The key is follow anybody on the call. It's follow up, follow up, follow up. I got three sets this this week for Saturday, and I'm working on the fourth one out for probates in one freaking day, I'm bound to get one of

Unknown Speaker 25:34
them. For him and David we,

Unknown Speaker 25:38
for today, I would say so you probably get three out of four. Yeah, at least. David, we talked we touched a little bit last week on this, but what would you say on average? And I know it's widely widely varies, but how many contacts do you make or attempts to make, you know, before you turn it into an appointment in a deal on average? It's gonna be anywhere from, you know, the average purchase a buyer lead, it's the same, the same contract rate, I mean until they actually recognize your name. And I could sit in the right book, knowing that they have a house to sell, it's going to be eight to 18 context. And it's going to be probate in Texas will take right now four months to get through. So it's not a rush to get to the appointment here. It's a rough and so the right latest ship here in Salt rush to get them to recognize my name and recognize that USC has it all for them. Because that's for sure. Very, very defensive, very defensive. And my mindset, still, after doing this almost two years, three years, I still don't like making that first phone call or the third one because they don't know me yet in it. And it's just it's so hard to get us to fill but when you do And you get past that. And if you watch the video, you'll know which ones to call if you're having a hard time with that mindset. You know me and chadwin deep on that, pick that one that's out of state and focus on that and then build on the other one. Just after doing this about a month with y'all, I'm finally getting the ones that are the thousands and they're coming back around because I just put them on a drip evaluation. A CMA evaluation.

Unknown Speaker 27:31

Unknown Speaker 27:32
perfect is going to become for for full circle.

Unknown Speaker 27:37
Yep. Hey, David. You're making these when you're making your first phone calls. Are you leaving a message? Are you are you not leaving a message? No. message. No, no, that's, that goes back to the expired. You want them to call me back?

Unknown Speaker 27:57
Yeah, I mean, third or fourth. Yeah, probably, though I feel too, so Oh, not 100% 100

Unknown Speaker 28:08
Yeah, and David second when it's not true.

Unknown Speaker 28:11
You don't know exactly where the Secretary is, or it's more, it's more get a hold of them. And once I know they have a house, that they're gonna sell, or give me the hint that they're gonna sell it. And then I send my mail to them my packet, and then I have a, then they realize that I'm serious, and I'm a professional.

Unknown Speaker 28:35
So it's just the plays and all that so

Unknown Speaker 28:41
I think that benefited a lot of our agents. I appreciate that David, so many people will tell us you know, I tried them to report times I moved on to the next one. And it's one of the reasons you're what you're saying there proves out the the theory that we always tell people every once in a while, go back and work your old leads, because on day one If you're in a competitive market, they're getting a lot of calls three, four months later, nobody's calling them. The difference with you is you just keep calling them the whole time you don't wait three or four months. It's an uninterrupted call pattern until you get results. And it's persistent. So they like a video on this real quick. I bought 4100 leads from you guys. And the good thing about your company is you give people I think you do it openly. But I know, for me where you gave me the back piece of four or five months when I paid. So it's like, that's where the gold is. Nobody's calling them past once or twice. And right if you didn't get over that in your mind, man. And so what if he was one of them? So, so what if 80% of them are sold? The 20% that are left are finally ready to do something. You got zero competition. Yeah. And they're worth a living. Get on the phone.

Unknown Speaker 29:58
Pick up that monkey. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 30:01
Thank you, Coach David. We appreciate your man. Sorry. Anything else we all right, buddy. Appreciate you come back every week, man, we appreciate the the wisdom you share with the group. Next up, we have three in the queue and we do have room for more. Next up is phone number ending in 7777. That sounds like a lucky number. Hi, David. Hi, Chad. Nice to densey How are you?

Unknown Speaker 30:28
Hey, Andy. I'm good. How are you?

Unknown Speaker 30:30
Hi. I have a question that I'm really struggling with it. And it's regarding the you know, calling importing the information to the power dialer that I have. And especially now that is the probate plus we get with the, you know, property information, how many they have and we want to have all those in front of us when we call them And we talked to them about different things. I know you guys have your, you know, inside agent that they make phone calls, what kind of diamond? You guys you got to get all the information and we push the probate information, the people information, not the real estate information, but we can push that directly into Vulcan seven. So that's the dialer, that's, you know, we have an interface with them. So the second your leads come in, they get automatically imported into your Vulcan seven user account. It's not going to bring all the probate plus information in though because we're talking about hundreds and hundreds of additional data fields. And, you know, it's if you're, what's our using are using Mojo?

Unknown Speaker 31:50
No, read it.

Unknown Speaker 31:52
Okay. Yeah, I mean, it's unlikely they're going to make the changes to fit in all of that information, but if they're willing to we'd certainly talk with their development team about creating an API to push it to them. So yeah, I think most people who are using dialers, like most people are using dialers now we have people using, you know, cavey core, like their CRM. And but what a lot of people do, they'll open the probate plus and my probate leads on one screen, and then have your dialer on the other screen. And you just keep track of it that way. Because the reason our CRM is important, it's important to us, you know, to get the information back there is because we're opting out. You know, we're making sure next month you don't call the ones that have real estate that didn't have real estate or that already sold and you don't send them mail. So either way, you're gonna bring the information back to our CRM. I would ask you this, how many dolls are you because you're not in a really heavy lead count counting how many doll you have. 35 leads a month.

Unknown Speaker 33:03
Sometimes, you know, up to 60 or something.

Unknown Speaker 33:06
Yeah, I would say you don't need a dialer for your probate prospect. Even hand dialing, we can hold a pace of about 12 per hour, including voicemails and conversations. So I would encourage you to just focus on you like using the CRM that we give you and just hand out unless you feel like you need that dialer with only 50 leads. You're not gaining. Yeah. You want to call the old one all right, it's not just a pistol it is calling you know, your old one, your paths one, two, and diving. It has really taken time.

Unknown Speaker 33:47
So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:49
you guys have no plan to have your own dialer right under CRM. In future. We're about that awkward time. We have Considered building and then we were looking at integrating a dialer into it. Yeah. Yeah, let's say I was my perception is about probably 10% of our customers usually use a dialer like that. I mean, if it's something that we see a large enough need for it and we can build it in, but

Unknown Speaker 34:21
it's not on the development plan right

Unknown Speaker 34:23
at this moment.

Unknown Speaker 34:25
We try to keep the CRM as simple as possible. But I would say I mean right now, you know, import the way you're doing it, and then just have your way plus info open in another window. If red X team wants to talk to us, you can you know, have their support team for their their development team call us and we can discuss building an interface with them like we have with Vulcan. Okay. All right. Let me log on you, right. Don't import the product information right away. That's he have on probate. Right. So far we haven't updated that where it's pushing all the real estate info.

Unknown Speaker 35:08
Okay. All right. Great. Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 35:12
All right, thank you. We have three more in the queue is phone number ending in 4663. You're up next. Thank you. Can you hear me?

Unknown Speaker 35:20
Yes, thank you. I

Unknown Speaker 35:22
think that was David pinel on a few minutes ago. And one thing that he mentioned was he does

Unknown Speaker 35:29
sounds like he does not leave a voicemail.

Unknown Speaker 35:31
However, I remember from last week that he

Unknown Speaker 35:35
made a big point about his name recognition was quite high. With the callers on, you know, many subsequent follow up calls. They did I hear him correctly. He does not leave a voicemail and relies on his mailing pieces only for that kind of name recognition. I think he said about the third or fourth call, he'll start leaving a voicemail, but not on the first few. I believe that's what I heard. Is that correct? Chet?

Unknown Speaker 36:00

Unknown Speaker 36:02
thank you. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 36:07
Any any question about that or just

Unknown Speaker 36:10
no concerns, trying to reconcile what I heard last week in this week. Thank you. Oh, you're very welcome. no wrong way to do it. It's just, you know, it's just efficiency if you're if your prospecting machine like he is just the time required to leave that voicemail, you know, it may not be the return may not be there for him. But I Oh, David's jumping back on. He's going to as a comment. All right, David, get with it just a second. Let me go to you next. David, go ahead. Look, it's fine. If you're gonna be analytical about the phone call, don't be. It's not perfect. I'm not perfect. I'm just making the call all the time. And I mean, I, I've got it down to where I purposely made the call on Wednesday, the third Bass because I have a task set for that now. It's just like shreds that he likes doing admin work from Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I did too. I worked that into my daily schedule. So don't if you're going to be analytical about probate Don't be because it's not perfect. Yeah. And they're not like calling on Mondays ever with anybody because they always have bet.

Unknown Speaker 37:23
Nobody likes

Unknown Speaker 37:25

Unknown Speaker 37:28
shares nothing Monday off typically. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I get a whole lot more people Friday. And it's like two hours. Maybe I'll try the ones I couldn't get all them. It's just not perfect. Make the call, leave voicemail. Don't leave voicemail. Just find out if they have a house for sale. And you're golden. Yeah, stay in touch. Sure, it's a minor issue. But to answer his question, is there a reason that you decided to stop or not to leave a voicemail The first few times is it just an efficiency issue? They just don't want to have my number block because I'm gonna call so much until they answered. Like that. Okay. Yeah, that makes sense. Sure. Yeah. We tried calling from multiple phone numbers too. But it's sure it doesn't. It doesn't matter. We Yes, at one point we had 12 phone numbers were dialing randomly from different dialers. And it just helped me in the farmer mindset with probate. And what I mean is that just that consistency of dialing out these people, they're not they're not going to tell you they're ready for three or four months in Texas. It may be immediate wherever someone else's, but it's not. Unless we could do dealership. And trust me, I try. But it's just about the relationship. Stay in touch. sure

Unknown Speaker 38:57
they're worth it.

Unknown Speaker 38:58
And if you are if you are leaving Sell you like you said don't don't overthink it. It's not like you're doing anything wrong. There isn't a there isn't a right or wrong way to do it. Every market is different. every person's do it different if somebody like MC is getting 20 or 30 leads a month. Well, you know, maybe she has more time to delete the voicemails and that may work for her. But you know, we die. I agree with you Don't overthink it. Don't overanalyze it. Yeah. And we tried doing the voicemail drops, like real popular now,

Unknown Speaker 39:28
to drop a voicemail.

Unknown Speaker 39:31
And over a 12 month period, I didn't get one single deal from probate by dropping voicemails,

Unknown Speaker 39:38
or just a one out of 4000 leads.

Unknown Speaker 39:41
The ones that I've closed

Unknown Speaker 39:43
so to fix the math from the video last week, if you watch it, we've closed close to 60 deals and probate since 18 months ago, 60 do the math on that. And then I have no I have no 89 active probate conversations I'm having people in my CRM. If I just get 20% of those 81 or 189 for my 89 or 81 I can look it up but every day I'm adding the one or two more. But the theater man, it's crazy. We're gonna close over 100 deals out of 4000 lease purchase 4100 even I'm curious. Oh, yeah, I'm curious if you the risk of being analytical. Have you ever figured your ROI? What's your what's your return on your expenses? Do you know? It's sick?

Unknown Speaker 40:41
Sick, so good number

Unknown Speaker 40:44
is an ROI. It's sick. I don't wake up every morning and feel like I'm going to be unemployed like Ted said about attorneys.

Unknown Speaker 40:54
Sure, you know,

Unknown Speaker 40:55
this is the best lead source. You guys built the best system. And like I said on the last minute of the video, if you're in the shadows, get become a subscriber. We have 1520 years of this stuff and it's gonna be great. I'm gonna retire off.

Unknown Speaker 41:15
We love you, David. Thank you, buddy.

Unknown Speaker 41:19
All right, now last up, we only have one more in the queue. If anybody else would like to jump in it star six and hit one we do have time left but last up right now is phone number ending in 1899. You're up next. Hi guys. Take care the SWOT Simpson. How are you sir? Hey, wait. Excellent, quick question for you. I got a call this lady last week. I got an appointment tomorrow. She's got five properties. But what what her attorneys telling her and I don't understand it because I've checked was the attorney that closes a lot of my probate. He's telling her she cannot call she can't sell anything. And what's crazy is they put into whale that if she does it do what she's supposed to. Then the attorney that drew or the farm that drew up the wheel then becomes the trustee. And I called my attorney and discuss that with him. And he said, that's just a no no, you don't do that in Georgia and in the houses last 10 minutes in common. So he said she doesn't even have to go through the probate to do that. So my my question is, do I go earn her trust? Or because she's convinced she can't sell the sign?

Unknown Speaker 42:56
I might hurt her daughter tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 43:01
So do I go try to earn her trust or she's telling me she wants to sell her house? But she has five pictures? She has five properties?

Unknown Speaker 43:11
Are they looking to sell five of them?

Unknown Speaker 43:15
She's looking to sell all five and buy one. Okay. I mean, the first thing I would say is okay, well, maybe maybe that is the case helped me understand, like what the attorney said like specifically Why? What was the reason that you couldn't sell you do have the letters of testamentary? Correct? Well, she does. She told me that Chad, but she also said, the attorney told her she had and I have, I got to look the information up before I go, I'm gonna do it here a few minutes. But he's telling her she can't spend the money that she has to put it in the trust account.

Unknown Speaker 43:57
It none of it adds up.

Unknown Speaker 44:00
So you should go visit that attorney today.

Unknown Speaker 44:05
As the office close to you

Unknown Speaker 44:08
know, it's not in the attorney that wrote that. Well, that actually wrote the wheel. I don't think he's in business anymore, or he's not a part of the farm. Yeah, well, whoever's handling whoever the probate attorney is that told her she can't sell or she can't spend any money. You want to talk to that person? Oftentimes, you know, we hear people say, Well, my attorney said X, Y, or Z, and that's not what they said at all. They were talking in a, you know, 14 grade level law school lingo. This person heard something completely different. And that's, you know, we often we oftentimes hear well, my attorney said that I can't do anything until he calls and says so. And I'm sure that's not what they actually said. Right. That's what that's what they heard. But that's not really what the attorney said. So chances are, there's a confusion And I think that the quickest way to clear up that confusion as you get, you need to hear straight from the horse's mouth. If she can't sell and she can't invest the estate's money into the most valuable assets Why?

Unknown Speaker 45:14
And he?

Unknown Speaker 45:18
Exactly. And it just, it didn't make any sense. You're probably right that it did not. It's probably hard one, they probably said something that she heard something else. But the fact is she see even though she's eager to meet with you, and she's motivated to sell the properties to using him as a third, third party authority. And she, you know, she's giving him that authority. So if there's not a legitimate reason that she can't do what she wants to do. If I were you, I would step into the metal be the intermediary or the translator. And then tomorrow when you meet, you will know you'll say, Actually, I talked to john last night and what he said said is if this and this were the case, then you wouldn't be able to but that actually that's not the case for you anymore. You now have the letters of testamentary. Because what I'm wondering is if it's an old conversation that happened before, if there was a judicial backlog before she actually made it to the confirmation hearing and got the letters, he could have three months ago said, you know, listen, you can't spend any money like we've got a there's a process here. And they might she may be further into that process. And she's realizing and she's still using the old information of you can't sell anything. It's speculative at best, but talking to the attorney is the quickest way to find out what the real story is. And, you know, just say Listen, I'm meeting with Jane Doe in the morning on docket number x 5457. And attorney john smith is representing them she's really unclear on a few things and I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing for your farm and for the for the client. So is john available to talk for 10 minutes? And you can you know, just have that have that conversation and you can be, what I think you're gonna find is is you can translate to her tomorrow what the facts really are and she probably can sell it. She's probably just going off of older information.

Unknown Speaker 47:17
Okay, okay.

Unknown Speaker 47:19
If there's a legitimate reason, then you'll know that and you'll have a lot of value to her because you can you once you understand that you can explain it to her in layman's terms. And then you can help her resolve that and move forward.

Unknown Speaker 47:33
Either way, you win.

Unknown Speaker 47:35
And Chad, I've I've had a lot of attorneys that are a lot of clients that get lost in the legal ease when they're dealing with attorneys. One of the things that you could always throw in there when you talk to her, probably even better on the phone today is if you if you've built rapport and you're meeting tomorrow to say hey, you know what, I want to help you understand this. I'm sure the legal process can be confusing. Would you do me a favor and sit down and send an email to the attorney and copy See me just just telling the attorney that I'm going to be reaching out today. Just to clear a couple of things up that way I know what's going on and can better explain your options to you. And if they pass that relationship on to the attorney through through a group email, the attorney is going to be much more likely to pick your phone up when you call.

Unknown Speaker 48:20
Okay. All right, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 48:23
Ain't white. You're the last one in the queue. And we're for change. We're a little bit early. If you wouldn't mind share with the group. You few months ago, you called me to add a second county and I think you've been with us almost three years now. And when you find that, yeah, when you call to add the second County, I was just blown away at the results you're getting. And I don't remember what the number is, but you're in a very obviously, you're in a small rural town. I was gonna ask if you're related to Chad because you sound a little bit like them. I used to be in a small role training I'm in about 30 miles north of Atlanta. I've lived here my entire life, and I just happen to talk this way.

Unknown Speaker 49:09

Unknown Speaker 49:11
Great after all with that, man, I

Unknown Speaker 49:13
know, I've had great success. I just try to what I figured out and you know what I would be curious, you know, to find out how many calls David makes in a week. I just get on the phone and try to help help people every day. And, and, you know, some mumming help some UK, but most of them I find out the ones that will talk to me, don't really have an idea. You know, they all think the attorneys got it handled. And if you can, you know, prove to them or show them that all you're trying to do is help them and they up with him.

Unknown Speaker 50:03
That to me, that's the golden ticket.

Unknown Speaker 50:06
Yep, I've had I've had success, but I still, I still haven't had as much success as on wall with it because I truly believe it. It is a so go, I mean, it's the best lead source out there because most people, especially now a lot of need to sell their home these homes. And I met with a lady yesterday that it wasn't a probate it was but it wasn't I didn't get the lead from y'all. She'd been through two agents. And she had one parcel on to share two houses on one parcel. And ever. Both other agents told her she could sell those separately but because She can't because of the size of the lot. And I had to go in and explain to them why they couldn't. But and I've got to follow back up with it but what I did is I got the See I know the CD clerk. I got her to call her to verify what I was telling her because she was thinking she was getting somewhere around $400,000 and she's not she's not gonna get anything more near that I just try to help people is is what I tried to do it for you you realize how much time and aggravation you saved her. You know by and brilliant move up in the courtroom record color. That's pretty indisputable. So good for you do. I mean good for you white? I was thinking you and David are so similar in completely different markets. Chad, you had a comment? Yeah, I was just gonna tell him so David as far as when how much he's calling he's calling Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday well three days a week, rolling sometimes but three days a week from nine to 12 has his call window until about nine hours of prospecting okay to say no to see keep up with him cheered him many dials emotes are the you know,

Unknown Speaker 52:21
I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 52:23
I don't know if he's counting his dolls right now I know last year when he had a full bone is a team that was being tracked very closely but I think now he's, he puts in the time like David is self proclaimed semi retired now. So he does he puts in the prospecting time and does as much as he can in that window and gets a pretty good result. Yeah, I saw the video yesterday. It's he's done a great job.

Unknown Speaker 52:55
All right. Anything else? We can help

Unknown Speaker 52:56
you? Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 52:58
No, most people are gonna help. Forcall pace, if you're leaving voicemail and you're hand dialing and having conversations, you're about 12 per hour. So if he's got 100 a week that would probably be a fair number that he's reaching.

Unknown Speaker 53:16
I appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 53:20
All right, great way to end the call guys! I want to end this call like I always do. I want to thank each and every one of you for being here. Particularly thank the half a dozen or so of you that actively participated some great inspirational stories. I challenge each one of you take one thing you heard today, especially from white and David and everybody who shared, go out and put it into practice and come back next Thursday and share your results with the group. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay productive. We will talk to you same time next Thursday.

Unknown Speaker 53:54
Take care guys. Talk to you.

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