Probate Leads Training With the All The Leads Coaches – February 2020

Probate Real Estate Leads – Live Education and Training Calls – February 2020

These are the All The Leads Live Probate Training Calls from February 2020.  Click on any of the images below to listen to that week’s call.  To join us for a live call, please dial in every Thursday at 1:00pm EST for Mastermind Q&As, and the designated Wednesday of every month for our roleplay calls.

These calls are open to anyone – not just our subscribers! We discuss important issues that are of great interest to Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Investors, Wholesalers, Financial Services Professionals, Estate Sale Professionals, Mortgage Professionals and anyone else who is interested in learning more about the opportunities our probate leads provide and how to best monetize them by delivering Value First.



Sandy’s Awesome First Role Play
How To Handle Conversations About Ancillary (Out-of-Market) Property
Balancing Direct and Indirect Approaches
Having Conviction Behind Your Own Offer.


How to Find Investors and Wholesalers
Why Probate Leads Are So Much More Rewarding
Winning Deals With Earnest Money
Facebook and Email Marketing Strategy
Fighting Tax Liens and Unlawful Administration of An Estate
What Does It Mean When a Government Agency is named as The Personal Representative?


Training Your Team For Cold-Calling
Why You Should Go To the Probate Courthouse in Person
Tools for Property History, Auto-Dialing, and Ringless Voicemail
Finding Opportunity When There’s Already a Buyer
Winning Business from Pro Per and Pro Se Probate Leads


Why You Should Chase Listings, not Buyers.
How to Handle Appointments with Probate Leads
What Probate Representatives Want From An Agent
Sales Psychology: Language, Body Language, and Other Cues.
Turning Prospects Into Participants
How to Follow Up With Hang Ups.
The Right Thing To Say When You Reach The Wrong Person
The Owner-Finance Strategy.

What new tools will All The Leads be offering to give you the best probate leads lists out there?



Transaction Engineering: Inherited Property with Foreclosure on a Reverse Mortgage
Why You Need A Social Worker On Your Team
HUD Distribution and Social Programs
The Abundance Mindset
How to REALLY Distinguish Yourself From Other Agents
Marketing To Attorneys

PROBATE PLUS+ Teaser: Equity estimates and lien information with your probate leads??





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Unexpected Places to Find More Listings and Deals – Medicaid and Social Workers | Probate Leads Training Highlights for Agents, Investors, and Wholesalers