Probate Leads Training With the All The Leads Coaches – July 2020

Probate Real Estate Leads - Live Education and Training Calls - July 2020

These are the All The Leads Live Probate Training Calls from July 2020.  Click on any of the images below to listen to that week's call.  To join us for a live call, please dial in every Thursday at 1:00pm EST for Mastermind Q&As, and the designated Wednesday of every month for our roleplay calls.

These calls are open to anyone - not just our subscribers! We discuss important issues that are of great interest to Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Investors, Wholesalers, Financial Services Professionals, Estate Sale Professionals, Mortgage Professionals and anyone else who is interested in learning more about the opportunities our probate leads provide and how to best monetize them by delivering Value First.




Sales Psychology and Handling Soft Objections: How To Get An Appointment Instead of a “Call Back Later”  [Q&A] (1:20)
Handling Objections: “I’ve Got It Handled” [RolePlay] (7:20)
Cold Calling Old Leads: Should You Change Your Script? [Q&A] (36:48)
What if a County Administrator/Fiduciary is Listed As the Personal Representative? [Q&A] (40:22)
How To Build A Probate Real Estate Team [Q&A] (45:56)
Presenting Yourself as a Vertically-Integrated Business [Q&A] (48:40)




How To Follow-Up With Prospects With Premium Mailers (1:55)
How To Use A Virtual Assistant/ISA Caller To Optimize Your Real Estate Prospecting (4:30)
Deed in Trust? Lease Option? How, When, and Where to Mitigate Risks.  (5:41)
Optimizing Mail Campaigns With PROBATE PLUS+ Leads (9:40)
Renee Shares How She’s Adjusted Her Probate Cold Calling Script (15:35)
How Covid Is Changing Court Data Recording/Access (17:46/22:16)
Chad’s Elevator Pitch for Meeting With The Probate Court Clerks (19:47)
DOUBLE DIP ALERT!! Maria’s Listing Is Now Under Contract!! (23:12)
Can Michael Get A Higher ROI Approaching Deals Subject-To with Higher Offers Than His Competition? (26:00)
How To Get A Take-Out Loan To Finance A Deal (30:55)
Rolling Subject-To’s Into Land Trusts (32:15)
How To Get Referrals From Real Estate Attorneys (35:35)
How to Follow Up On A Phone Appointment Your ISA Set (40:17)
Realtor vs. Investor and How To Find Strong Partners. (43:01)




Leadership vs. Salesmanship: How Rosie Got The Prospect To Ask HER For The Appointment (7:48)
Beta Test Feedback: Jim Forsythe Shares His Experience with Probate Plus+  (14:35)
Travis Gives Feedback On His Cold Calls Using The Probate Mastery Strategy (23:14)
Handling Objections: “There Is No Real Estate In The Estate” (23:54)
The Best Script for Returning A Missed Call (26:53)
Call Frequency: How Many Times and How Often Should You Call Probate Leads? (28:58)
Handling Objections: We’ve Got Everything Handled [ROLE PLAY] (32:16)
Travis Has A Probate Appointment TODAY! (36:12)
Beta Test Feedback: Aline Shares Her Feedback on the Valuation Feature (38:20)
Aline and Bruce Discuss Accountability and Marketing Evolution (40:51)
How Probate Mastery Got Me A Million Dollar Listing (42:31)
DNC Liability vs. Risk (50:18)




Rosie Got the Listing! (1:51)
Wills, Affidavits, Letters of Testamentary: Access and Authority (3:38)
Taxes, Advanced Retirement, and LLCs (8:41)
Rosie’s 3-Week Journey (12:10)
Overcoming Objections “My Friend’s A Realtor” (15:04)
Getting Through To The Decision-Maker (23:25)
Prospecting Probate Attorneys for the First Time (29:30)
Probate Court in Colorado  (32:29)
Hiring an ISA For Probate Prospecting (37:15)
Wholesaling As A Licensed Agent (43:16)
One Appointment Only. (48:23)
Estate Advance Funding (50:17)
Marketing During State Of Emergency Regulations (54:14)




Marketing To Your Sphere of Influence (3:00)
Branding vs. Marketing: Facebook Ads for Real Estate (7:30)
The Ultimate Sphere of Influence Campaign Right Now (11:15)
What To Do When A Family Member WANTS to Keep but CAN’T Buy The Property (14:35)
Navigating Unresponsive Attorney Situations (22:24)
How To Get a Relative/Secondary Contact Interested In YOUR Help [ROLE PLAY] (27:24)
Using Probate Plus+ To Find Short Sale Opportunities (34:05)
Common Law Marriage, No Will. What Happens? (42:48)
Diversifying Your Cash Buyers List (48:15)
Segmenting Cash Buyer Lists: Using Probate Plus+ For Prospecting Investors (51:17)
Tax Liability and Estates (56:19)
Estate Advance Funding (57:32)
Lease-Option vs. Contract For Deed (59:12)
Get Paid To Represent Your Seller and Bring Your Investor To The Table (1:01:35)



Preventing Squatters: Win Appointments With THIS Strategy (1:34)
INVESTOR BEST PRACTICES: Winning Multiple Offer Situations WITHOUT Raising Your Offer (4:30)
Take This Probate Course As Many Times As You’d Like: Probate Mastery (9:07)
Squatters and Vacant Insurance Policy: Two Ways To Win Appointments With Sellers While Cold Calling (9:45)
Finding Real Estate In Trusts/Entities Outside of Probate (11:59)
Overcoming Objections: “How Much Does This Cost?” Objection [Role Play] (16:34)
Deal Structuring: Medicaid Liens, Special vs. General Warranty Deeds, and Mitigating Risk (23:03)
The 70% Rule in House Flipping: How To Find The Deals Cash Buyers Are Looking For (34:15)
The BEST Referrals: Out-of-State Personal Representatives (35:49)
Small Market or Big Market: How To Succeed With Probate Real Estate (43:40)
Nurturing Probate Leads Before Letters of Testamentary are Issued (49:04)
How To Find and Fund Fix and Flip Properties: Probate Wholesaling and Investing (52:14)
Probate Expert Rodger Lecy Shares Advice For Making BIG MONEY in SMALL MARKETS with Probate Real Estate (59:05)
Phone Script For Executors Who Have No Property To Sell: THREE WAYS You Can Make Money From Probate Leads Without Real Estate (1:03:52)



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How to NAIL Cold Calling Probate Leads as a Real Estate Agent, Investor, Or Wholesaler – Live Roleplay Critique and Comparison


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