Probate Leads Training With the All The Leads Coaches – June 2020

Probate Real Estate Leads – Live Education and Training Calls – June 2020

These are the All The Leads Live Probate Training Calls from June 2020.  Click on any of the images below to listen to that week’s call.  To join us for a live call, please dial in every Thursday at 1:00pm EST for Mastermind Q&As, and the designated Wednesday of every month for our roleplay calls.

These calls are open to anyone – not just our subscribers! We discuss important issues that are of great interest to Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Investors, Wholesalers, Financial Services Professionals, Estate Sale Professionals, Mortgage Professionals and anyone else who is interested in learning more about the opportunities our probate leads provide and how to best monetize them by delivering Value First.





Making Sure Your Brand Is Scalable (1:01)
What To Do When A Surviving Spouse Wants To Keep The House (6:35)
Abundance Mindset: What You Gain From Sharing Knowledge (14:26)
Success Story: I Listened and It Paid Off (20:39)
My Client Can’t Afford An Attorney – What Can They Do? (22:49)
Should I Approach These Calls Differently When The PR and Deceased Shared an Address? (27:28)
Handling Objections: “We Don’t Need Anything” (29:20)
What if They’ve Already Listed/Sold The House, or Are Keeping The House? (34:50 / (43:00)
Matching Emails and Optimizing Marketing: List Is Too Small? (36:39)
Mail Merge, Bomb-Bomb, SMS Messaging and More. (43:00)
Probate Myths: My Client Lost The Will – What Can He Do? (52:05)
Bill Janiga Shares His Insights (59:45)



Tim Calls A Probate Lead Who Thinks They Can’t Do Anything Right Now (1:02 and 5:23)
Bonus Tip: Call Quality Matters (2:49)
Kathy Asks A Question About Executor Names (3:40)
Bruce Plays a Disgruntled Probate Lead Who Wants to Fly Solo (21:33)
GREEDY SIBLINGS: Mediating Disputes Over Inherited Property (42:43)




Probate Pro Se vs. Pro Per (1:16)
Postcards vs. Letters: Which Is More Effective? (2:21)
How To Build, Design, and Schedule Your Mail Campaigns (4:35)
Navigating the ATL Probate CRM (9:07)
Best Practices For Prospecting Attorneys (13:07)
How to Leverage LinkedIn for Niche Prospecting (17:25)
Longevity of Probate Lead Lists (19:07)
Lumpy Mail With All The Leads (23:27)
Booming Business in a Small Town: Probate Expert Rodger Lecy Shares His Business Philosophy (26:00)
Got Deals?? Deanna Has 6! (30:10)
I’m Getting Started – How Do I Stay On Track? (34:25)
Business Operations: Adjusting As You Go (36:53)
Probate Expert Bill Janiga Shares 3 Things Working For Him (44:27)




Transaction Engineering: Underwater on Reverse Mortgage (00:59)
Creative Marketing: Follow-Ups for Cold Leads (12:16)
Creative Ways to Increase Equity and Generate More Commission (27:49)
Barbara’s First Probate Listing from ATL is Under Contract! (30:50)
Date of Death Was Years Ago; Why Did They File Now? (31:37)
Optimizing Calling Campaigns: In House or Outsource? (34:29)




Building Your Referral Network With Probate Attorneys, Fiduciaries (01:35)
Targeting Real Estate Attorneys With Facebook Ads (9:21)
Real Estate Marketing with Geofencing (15:33)
How to Train and Manage A Virtual Assistant (16:58)
Prospecting Attorneys  for Referrals (19:32)
YouTube Videos for Real Estate: Go Niche Or Not? (21:03)
Ex-Parte Petitions  (23:55)
What if the County is Named as the Personal Representative? (24:58)
Email Marketing and Drip Campaigns For Probate Real Estate Leads (26:40)
Voice Courier vs. Ringless Voicemail for Real Estate Prospecting (28:53)
Cold Calling In New York –  Opt-In Regulations (32:24)
They’ve Been In The House Forever – Is This A Dead Lead? (34:24)
Contact Rates for Calls vs. Letters: Why Both Works Best Cold (36:18)
Cold Calling Regulations: Licensed Agent vs. Investor (38:48)
Phone Numbers in Your Lead Lists (39:52)
Get Better Contact and Conversion Rates during Covid-19 (43:03)
If Someone Else Makes My Cold Calls For Me: Restrictions? (45:05)
Writing Letters Of Intent While Waiting On Court Backlogs (48:48)
Dual Agency, Agency Disclosures, and Unrepresented Buyer Addendums (50:08)



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