How To Win Appointments When The House Is Still in Probate + MORE | Cold Calling Probates| Role Play Training #55

Cold Calling Probate Leads - Role Play Training #55 | The Interactive Podcast on Probate Real Estate
June 10th, 2020

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Call Re-cap:

Tim Calls A Probate Lead Who Thinks They Can’t Do Anything Right Now (1:02 and 5:23)

Tim is working historical leads and running into the common objections “we have it handled, we’re not interested right now…” Tim is an investor on track to get licensed next month.

  • Tim is having some call interference and ends up cutting out.  Let this be a lesson - Audio and connection quality are important and certainly affect your contact and conversion rates.
  • Chad hits Tim with the “Thanks, but we already have an attorney”
  • “Our Attorney says we can’t do anything”
  • Tim discovers there is a vacant investment property and provides some information Chad was unaware of - What his rental/homeowner’s insurance might not cover.
  • Tim then segways into discovering more about other decision makers involved in this probate.

Major lessons here:

  • How to clearly offer solutions that minimize holding costs and maximize equity for the seller.
  • How to turn rapport into a solid appointment Now
  • Stop asking “Is it alright if…” Just lay out the roadmap.



Bonus Tip: Call Quality Matters (2:49)

Tim had some interference and eventually dropped out of the call.  Call quality is something that can significantly impact your contact and conversion rates. It’s a good idea to have a friend give you feedback on your call quality anytime you begin calling with a new device (phone, headset, microphone, bluetooth), in a new environment, or when using a new system like wi-fi calling or a sales dialer.  Think: If I was on the other line, would I be able to hear myself clearly?



Kathy Asks A Question About Executor Names (3:40)

Kathy is curious why an estate might be named to two people, sometimes with a different last name.  There are many reasons someone with a different last name might be named to the estate.

Major Lesson: Don’t Get Paralyzed by Deduction! Stop looking so much at the data



Bruce Plays a Disgruntled Probate Lead Who Wants to Fly Solo (21:33)

Isaiah gets a callback from a probate lead who has already received his letter - and dozens of others. 

  • Bruce doesn’t want the responsibility.
  • His brother wants to move into the property.
  • Bruce doesn’t have an attorney and doesn’t want to pay for one.

Major lessons here:

  • Get SUPER Local - Know Your Local Probate Court.
  • Language and Psychology - How to keep it personable.
  • Letting People Talk: As they explain their situation in depth, you’ll be able to identify more pain points and they’ll likely realize why they need help.
  • The Impact of Creating Visuals



Greedy Siblings (42:43)

Joey plays the personal representative.  He and his brother disagree on what to do with the inherited property.  Chad plays the agent reaching out to Joey on his brother Tim’s behalf.

  • I disagree with my brother’s plan for the property
  • I had the right to stay at the house

Major lessons here:

  • How to work with disputing heirs.
  • How to craft a solution that works for all sides.
  • How to get all decision-makers at the same table.





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