Cold-Calling Probate Leads: Live Role Play Training #54

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Cold Calling Probate Leads: Role Play Call #54
May 6th, 2020


Whether you’re new to cold-calling, new to probate leads in general, or have been in the game for years, you’ll learn something from the agents and investors who jump in the hot seat to test their probate scripts against Chad Corbett.


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Today’s Cold Calling Objections and Situations

Shaia Freestyles As The Probate Expert (2:05)

Shaia tells Chad to freestyle it and hit him with any objection – anything goes.
Chad hits him with these objections.

Major lessons here:

  • How to get affirmations – a series of small yes’s – and active engagement from your leads.
  • How to use silence in your favor.
  • Why you need to highlight the cost of procrastination.


Shaun Plays A Disgruntled Probate Lead: Why Are You Mailing Me??? (25:31)

Shaun is a fireman who has taken interest in probate real estate.  He plays the “lightning strike,” where a personal representative calls in response to a letter he received and hits Chad with some anger.

Shaun hits him with these objections:

  • I’m getting tons of mail and everyone says they’re the best.
  • Why do I need your help?
  • I already have an attorney.
  • How much is this going to cost?
  • I’m responsible, but two other heirs came out of the woodwork. 

Major lessons here:

  • How to deliver your USP and beat the “why are you mailing me” question.
  • How to turn the work attorneys don’t handle into the biggest way you can help a personal representative.
  • Ways to demonstrate what makes you different.
  • How to explain estate holding costs and the cost of procrastinating.
  • Always focus on people and situations first. 


Chad Cold Calls an Older Probate Lead (43:00)

Arshi plays a probate lead Chad has never reached out to before (no letters, no previous calls).

Arshi delivers the following cold call objections:

  • We’ve handled everything.
  • The probate case is closed.
  • How do I know the right person to work with?


Major lessons here:

  • How to monetize a “dead” probate lead (no property needs) as a referral to an estate planning attorney and/or financial advisor.




Download/Listen To Role Play Call #54

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