Probate Leads Training With the All The Leads Coaches – October 2020

Probate Real Estate Leads - Live Education and Training Calls - October 2020

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These are the All The Leads Live Probate Training Calls from October 2020.  Click on any of the images below to listen to that week's call.  To join us for a live call, please dial in every Thursday at 1:00pm EST for Mastermind Q&As, and the designated Wednesday of every month for our roleplay calls.

These calls are open to anyone - not just our subscribers! We discuss important issues that are of great interest to Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Investors, Wholesalers, Financial Services Professionals, Estate Sale Professionals, Mortgage Professionals and anyone else who is interested in learning more about the opportunities our probate leads provide and how to best monetize them by delivering Value First.






Episode Topics:
Handling Cold Call Objections: "Court's Delayed; Call Me Back Later!" (0:38)
Real Estate Contracts vs. Letters of Intent (2:44)
Sales Psychology and Language: Future Pacing (3:37)
Creative Financing 101: Learn The Different Strategies and When To Use Them (4:54)
Partnering With A Real Estate Attorney For Creative Financing (8:14)
How to Jump Into Probate Real Estate (11:30)
Mary Lee Shares Her Success Story: Trusting the Process and Providing Value (12:18)
Cold Call Tips: Follow-Ups and Converting Leads to Clients (17:35)
Price Options, Estimating Repair Costs and ARVs, and Choosing The Best Deal Structure (23:12)
Wholetailing vs. Wholesaling Real Estate (26:28)
Steve Shares His Experience with QLS and Chris Fontaine's Coaching (29:36)
Tips For Prospecting Unrepresented Probate Leads AND Winning Attorney Referral Relationships (31:09)
I'm an Investor. How Can I Find An Investor-Friendly Realtor Partner? (35:14)
How Asking The Right Questions While Prospecting Can Up Your Follow-Up Game  (39:10)
How To Overcome the "I am not interested" Objection (41:44)
Old Leads: Tips For Optimizing Your Long-Term Marketing (45:59)
Cold Calling Widows/Surviving Spouses in Probate (48:32)




Episode Topics:
Advanced Investment Strategy: Infinite Banking, Life Insurance, and Medicaid Properties (
What Is The 1% Rule In Real Estate Investing? (
Intra-Family Transfer and Quit Claim Transfer (
Helping Real Estate Clients With Medicare Obstacles (8:28)
Top Strategies For Building Referral Relationships With Real Estate Attorneys (
Lease Option and Wholesaling Probate Property (
Wraps, Sub2, Liens, Annuities, Liquidity and Equity! How to Help Homeowners with Financial Urgency Now (
How to Pay For Home Repairs and Remodels When A Seller is Tight on Cash (
I Want to Buy The House Next Door. The Kids Abandoned It. How Can We Transfer Title? (
Building Rapport With A Seller That Has A Bad Impression Of Real Estate Investors (
Are People Finally Getting Rid of Landline Phones? Adjusting Your Marketing for COVID-19 Impact (




Episode Topics:
How to GET COMFORTABLE Motivating A Seller When They Hint They Need Help. (
Radio Advertisement vs. Facebook Ads for Probate Real Estate Marketing (
Get Certified In Probate Real Estate (
Proof You Shouldn't Let Go When A Lead Says "We're Not Planning On Selling." (16:15)
Leveraging Asset Managers, Registered Investment Advisors In Your Real Estate Business (
Inside Sales Agent for Top Producing Keller Williams Team Shares What's Working For Email and Phone Follow-Ups. (
ISA Perspective: Calling Probates Vs. Expired Leads (
Propstream’s Mobile App: How To Use It To Find Vacant/Probate Properties while Driving For Dollars (
Estate Planning Seminars for Senior Living Communities: Co-Marketing With Attorneys for New Leads and Referrals (
31:51) Promoting Local Events: Running An EDDM Direct Mail Campaign to A Target Zipcode (34:20)
Nursing Homes, Medicaid, and The Intersection With Real Estate. (
Probate Books and Marketing Yourself As The Local Probate Expert (
COVID Market Impact and Probate Real Estate Needs (
How To Get In The Door With Estate Planning, Probate Attorneys (




Episode Topics:
Pre-Foreclosure and Probate Properties: How To Motivate Personal Representatives To Sell (
Common Names and Skip Tracing: Finding the Real Heir to Inherited Property (
Real Estate Text and Video Marketing - Lion Desk, BombBomb, and Mojo (
Best Way to Customize the All The Leads Probate CRM For Real Estate Prospecting (
12:12/ 19:40)
DNC and Real Estate Calls (
Quitclaim Deeds, Heirship, and Medicaid Liens (
Lead Segmentation For Custom Mail and Calling Campaigns (
How To Get Started In Probate Real Estate (
Turning Real Estate Clients Into Private Lenders (
What To Do When Heirs Play Tug-Of-War with Inherited Property (
Going From Referrals To Lead Generation (



Episode Topics:
Engaging Real Estate Leads During Coronavirus (00:56)
Can Personal Judgements Be Garnished From Inheritance/Estate Proceeds? (13:55)
Six Sibling Heirs Want To Sell; Two Want To Donate The Property To The Church. What To Do? (16:45)
Comps for Land Sales and Finding Buyers for Parcels (23:22)
International Trusts: Networking With High Net-Worth Prospects (26:45)
How Does Homicide/Murder Affect Inheritance? (30:07)
How Do I Get A Testimonial/Review From Someone I Helped? (34:07)
Using Google Voice Number As Your Caller ID (35:16)
Best Way To Find Virtual Assistants For Real Estate Marketing? (36:03)
Following Up With Probate Leads: Beating Objections With Value (40:04)
Is It Worth Getting A BBB Accreditation? What Are Some Ways To Get A+ Ratings? (43:33)




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Cold Call Tricks for Common Objections | Wholetaling vs Wholesaling and How COVID is Impacting Investment Strategy | PLUS 15 More Real Estate Q&As. Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast #298


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