Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts: Live Probate Role Play Training #58

Cold Calling Probate Leads - Live Role Play Training #58 | The Interactive Podcast on Probate Real Estate
September 2nd, 2020
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Call Re-cap:

A Little Bit of Probate Training, Big Progress (1:04)

Dan gives Role Play a Round Two with coaching advice he got from Bruce.  Bruce plays the personal representative.

  • Dan tries out a new introduction/USP.
  • Bruce continues to insist he has everything handled.

Major Lessons:  

  • Dan felt like he slipped up, and his recovery attempts only made him feel more awkward.
  • Bruce recommends Dan tightens up his introduction even more so it doesn’t run long. Bruce gives some tips for accomplishing this.
  • Chad lays out how to pair confidence and solutions into one emotion-evoking delivery.
  • Jim adds some advice on “rapport titles” like ‘bud, man, buddy’ and how to use the right titles strategically.


What to Say When A Probate Lead Says “We Don’t Need Anything” (25:13)

  • Federico ends his introduction by asking what the toughest thing has been so far..
  • Bruce responds short and curt, “Nothing.”
  • Chad and Bruce jump in a role play to demonstrate how to take control and steer this conversation in the right direction.


Major lessons here:

  • Ask open ended questions, and make sure your responses to a nonchalant objection paint a picture of the problem and solution.


Asking Tactful Questions and Beating Prospects To Their Own Objections (50:55)

Congratulations, Travis! First, Travis won an attorney appointment for this Friday! Second, Travis is taking a $400,000 listing! Yeah Travis!! Travis jumps into a role play with Bruce.


Major lessons here: Travis not only brings his personality forward, but he presents a relatable experience.  He gets Bruce to laugh by asking “...Is this your first time going through probate?” He also shares personalized stories of how people who told him they were fine right now ended up calling him back in 2 weeks and they were able to solve so many problems.  Travis also tactfully presents a possible problem and asks how the prospect plans to handle it; this raises curiosity and helps the prospect realize they might have more on their plate than they admitted in the first 5 seconds of the call.  In a way, Travis was the one delivering objections on this call; it was almost like the personal representative was the one failing to get over them.




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Call Transcript:

Unknown Speaker 0:24
Welcome value providing agents and investors nationwide Today is Wednesday, September 2 2020. And this is roleplay call number 58. We do have to in the queue, we've got a full hour today to spend with you. So don't be shy. You can be the agent. You can be the investor or you can be the difficult customer. But the purpose of this is to roleplay with one of our coaches and that's what we're here for. So please jump in the queue, hit star six, and then hit one. And right now we only have two in there

Unknown Speaker 1:00
First up this week is phone number ending in 1855. You're up first.

Unknown Speaker 1:07
Hey, guys, I know I'm doing great. How about you? Hey, man, I'm doing pretty well. So yeah, I'm calling to do a roleplay. I want to be the agent.

Unknown Speaker 1:23
Okay, great. Awesome. You did a good job on the roleplay. Last week to

Unknown Speaker 1:30
finish. Thank you, man. Yeah, I just want to give it another go see if see if I have any improvement in here.

Unknown Speaker 1:38
Okay, you could do another one with me.

Unknown Speaker 1:41
Yeah, I was totally okay with me. All right. Good deal. It said right. is the standard.

Unknown Speaker 1:48
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Is it is it Dan? I think I read your voice. Yes. And Derek. Yeah. Danny Daniel.

Unknown Speaker 1:59
All right.

Unknown Speaker 2:00
get ahead and Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 2:04

Unknown Speaker 2:06

Unknown Speaker 2:09
Hello. I'm trying to reach Bruce.

Unknown Speaker 2:12
Yes, this is Bruce.

Unknown Speaker 2:15
Bruce, robotic rich man. My name Daniel. Listen, do you have about like 10 minutes to document

Unknown Speaker 2:24
kind of kind of run into an appointment here in a couple of minutes. But yeah, what's going on? Of course we're serious and I won't say go too much for time. Listen, I'm calling you because I have a team here local to San Antonio. And what we do is we help families that are going through probate.

Unknown Speaker 2:40
And what we do is we work with your attorney and family salvage slides to do this probate process, you know, and the most like less stressful way as possible. And what I'm doing man is I'm trying to reach out you know, the earliest possible as I like to get in contact with families. That way I can help them get proactive in the program.

Unknown Speaker 3:00
process because the last thing I want for families to be sitting around and basically not being proactive and and we're not getting things done that, you know, that could be getting done in a basically fast manner. So

Unknown Speaker 3:16
what we do for families is we help them in the non legal aspects of the probate process. So that could that could be a number of different things. But uh, Bruce, if you don't mind me asking some better understanding of your situation, you know, is there anything that you feel like, you know, stressing you out during this time right now or, you know, you wish to delegate to someone else, man?

Unknown Speaker 3:40
I don't know. I don't know. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 3:44
you said you were working with my attorney. He didn't tell me you're gonna call. Of course. Yeah. And so I understand. So, we work with a lot of the probate attorneys here look on San Antonio. And what we do is, we reach out to our county clerk's office

Unknown Speaker 4:00
As each month and she basically provides us with the list of families that are going through probate. And what I do is I and I reach out to family members.

Unknown Speaker 4:10
So that's, that's why I'm calling you. So I didn't reach out to your attorney first and try saying I reached out earlier. That way, they don't have to, like, reach out to us to come and help you if that makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 4:22
But I understand you saying you feel like you know, you don't know right now, but you know, for your mommy asking, you know, like, do you feel like you have anything handled as of this moment? You know, like, what do you find yourself? Now I can better evaluate, you know, what I can do for you, Bruce?

Unknown Speaker 4:41
I mean, yeah. My sister and my niece, they, they're helping me out.

Unknown Speaker 4:48
So, I mean, at this point, we're probably pretty good, but I'll tell you, maybe it changes later.

Unknown Speaker 4:55
I see. What do you remember that do a Tanda

Unknown Speaker 5:00
Drop out on you though they're not reliable or can you explain all that? Oh no, they're reliable we do we're just cleaning up over at the house right now we have decided what we're going to do yet I think we I think we kind of got things taken care of so far they're they're just cleaning up getting getting some of the some of the stuff out of the house. We don't know what we're gonna do though. I see I see who's gonna go ahead and give you like a brief explanation of some of the things we do for the families here. So you know, our job here is to be be that middleman that comes in and basically provides you with the most value that way you don't have to do a lot of the burning tasks that comes with being an executive right? And I'm glad to hear that you have you know, relatives and family members that are helping you out because a lot of lots of times it can be just solely on the executor to to handle everything. Or what that can be man is a you know, family. struggle with getting

Unknown Speaker 6:00
You know, an estate sale set up, in which case we do have partners that can help families get that done and, you know, maximize the most profits out of that. One of the other biggest things that families may run into is figuring out what they want to do with their real estate. You know, sometimes families want to move into the property actually just spoke to a woman. Yesterday, she she was looking, she tried to rent it out, you know, that's, that's a possible avenue to take. Or, you know, oftentimes in most cases, Bruce, they're just looking to sell the property and sometimes families are looking to, you know, sell it immediately. So that way they don't have to be burdened with it anymore. Or you know, at the time they're looking to sell it, you know, get the top dollar out of it, you know, they want they want the most out of it. In which case, those are all thing you know, areas that we specialize in. We do have investors that can get you set up,

Unknown Speaker 6:55
you know, and in either avenue that you are looking to take here, but I know you're also telling me that

Unknown Speaker 7:01
You're there. Your relatives are helping to get it cleaned out, you know has a has a home been vacant?

Unknown Speaker 7:08

Unknown Speaker 7:10
Following Bruce, you don't want to ask him.

Unknown Speaker 7:13
Oh, it's been vacant since dad went into nursing home about a year ago.

Unknown Speaker 7:19
A year ago. I understand All right. Well listen versus other thing you know about that to just you know, for the safety, you know, of, you know, that house and, you know, everything in there. I don't know if you do know, but most home homeowners insurance, don't cover vacant insurance. And what they call were covered and we have insurance.

Unknown Speaker 7:42
Of course, you have not you have vacant insurance. So

Unknown Speaker 7:47
you know what that is?

Unknown Speaker 7:50
Now, I mean, I have a policy this is a this is separate from homeowners insurance. I mean, don't worry, I mean, it's a not most people know what this is.

Unknown Speaker 8:00
Because most people don't have to run into ever needing bacon insurance but what this is Bruce is

Unknown Speaker 8:06
what it does is allows the house to be protected and eat if someone were to come in and like steal from wire, anything that's inside the house, vandalize anything that's inside the house, it would be basically covered under, you know, bacon insurance, because all regular homeowners insurance will not cover that.

Unknown Speaker 8:25
That would just recommend.

Unknown Speaker 8:28
I do not say, now.

Unknown Speaker 8:31
I just want to make sure that you guys, you know, protected, you know, and safe and in all your aspects here. You know, I'm looking to make sure you guys, you know, I have your back do this whole this whole way. You said that you said it. Daniel, right. You said Daniel. Yes, sir. Yes, what? I'm not I'm not sure sure I'm following what it is that you do.

Unknown Speaker 8:52
Of course, so I'll be breaking in a little smaller more briefly. So think about like this.

Unknown Speaker 9:00
You you pay your attorney to handle the legal aspects of your probate process. Really, right. That's, you know, everything has to be all the paperwork, everything that has to do with the court, etc, like that. And that's going to make up like 20% of your probate process. And what we do is we handle that other like 80% are non legal work, that's then thrusted upon you to do, right so that could be like I was saying before getting a state cell set up, getting your real estate getting the real estate sorted. Make if you needed a lawn care done for the for the vacant house, you know, that way it's well kept, we can get you connected with with

Unknown Speaker 9:40
landscaping companies, you know, if need be, it's what we do is we basically come in, and we take the response responsibilities off your shoulders, you know, let me let me ask you a question. Real quick, how much how much do you charge for that? Because I mean, I think we I think we got a lot of that stuff covered. But

Unknown Speaker 9:58
of course we're still listening. We don't try it.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
anything up front, everything that we do is going to be on the back end, we're like our charge. It's a very small percent man, it's about like 10 to 15%. And, you know, on the back end, we don't charge a lot often, you know, onto our work can be done, you know, for cheap, little to nothing, you know, it just depends on, you know, the family, you know, what we can do and provide service to them, you know, I'm here to be an outlet for you to utilize my resources.

Unknown Speaker 10:30

Unknown Speaker 10:32
well, there's not that much more. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 10:36
As members, I don't want to keep taking up too much time. I know I did tell you, you know, you only have about 10 minutes. What I wanted to make this call about was just so you can understand who I am and how I can be here for you. You know how I can you know, you can utilize my resources that way I can help you. And I know that you did tell me as well that you have families, you know, your family helping you out which you know,

Unknown Speaker 11:00
Fantastic man.

Unknown Speaker 11:02
I don't want to keep taking up too much of your time. But if you're interested in you know, everything I've had to say to you,

Unknown Speaker 11:08
I would love to get to talk to you more, you know, you can go a little more in depth to be you can even bring in your, in the family members that are helping you out that way. You know, we can have everyone on the call, you know, we can you know, discuss and go over options in which we can help you out and provide value for you, man, you know, there's a next Saturday or this Saturday coming up for free at one o'clock or a Monday at two. Yeah, you can give me a call next Saturday.

Unknown Speaker 11:34
Next Saturday, I would there be anything, you know, for any reason that you wouldn't be able to make that call on that Saturday, man?

Unknown Speaker 11:42
Or do you feel like you'll be pretty clear?

Unknown Speaker 11:46
No, I think I can make it. Okay, perfect. I'll go ahead and penciling now for that, Bruce, and I'll be looking forward to speaking with you soon. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 11:56
Okay, Daniel. Thanks. Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 12:01
Break. All right, right.

Unknown Speaker 12:05
I go ahead, tell me what you thought Ay, ay, ay, you know, I felt better coming along towards the end there felt like I was getting out what the thoughts are coming in my head. But they're in the beginning there. I actually never really slip up there mentally. So and I definitely felt myself fumble greatly. When So, like, trying to recover from that was very awkward for me, but uh, yeah, that's my, my take there. I feel like I goofed.

Unknown Speaker 12:38
What do you feel like you tried to recover from within a specific moment?

Unknown Speaker 12:43
Yeah, it definitely was, um, when I was talking I I usually it's a very felt moment for me. And I first thing I don't really clip up is like when I'm when I'm calling and I'm like, Hey, you know, I reached out earlier. You know, I want to help the family. Go practice.

Unknown Speaker 13:00
And you know, I sincerely mean it. So like for me to be able to like, slip up there and like fumble over all my words there. And like that whole like next sentence the follow was definitely goofed right there.

Unknown Speaker 13:14
So I'm gonna

Unknown Speaker 13:17
have you tighten down that, that USP, that intro a little bit more, it feel a little bit long to me. And honestly, I don't know if you can hear this, but I started kind of giving verbal cues that you were going a little bit long so I started dying, I don't know if it came across on the on the on the phone or not, but so going a little bit long. So if you tighten that down, one of the things that I like to do is provide quickly three to, let's call it two to three areas. I have three areas that I noticed that families, many families struggle with, and then I tell them what it means to them.

Unknown Speaker 14:00
In tangible terms, so you know, families struggle with repairs and maintenance sometimes, sometimes the house that they've just inherited, has plumbing leaks, gutter issues, it could, it's sometimes we have two feet of grass. And what that means to you is you're spending time that you probably either didn't have or would prefer to spend with your own family, just taking care of a house.

Unknown Speaker 14:27
So I'll I'll mention about three of those in the intro, and then kind of give them an opportunity. If if some of that sounds familiar, I can tell you a few of the ways that I can help out.

Unknown Speaker 14:39
Right, so wanting to get a little bit more concise in that intro is going to be it's going to be important for you to get it get it down. I wasn't timing it, but it felt like it might have been at least a minute and a half. I try to get it under a minute to start under Midnight Oil, you'll get more clarity and can probably boil it down to even less

Unknown Speaker 15:00
And that

Unknown Speaker 15:02
other thing is pick up on some of those cues. If somebody is really short with you, you want to try to match them and be short back. Okay? We'll make statements followed by quick questions. Get them kind of get in sync with them as much as possible with their tonality with the whether they're talkative whether they're short, whether they're right in the middle kind of what what we call block.

Unknown Speaker 15:30
No, try to sync up. By the way, I know that you've been practicing that because I The last time I was really blah with you on the phone, and I could tell right, you were trying to match me. match me better and you did a lot better job this time as well. All right, thank you again, Chad. Do you guys you guys have anything to throw in?

Unknown Speaker 15:50
My feedback is pretty much exactly the same as yours. Like it was apparent in the beginning. You weren't really confident and you were you were just filling time and I

Unknown Speaker 16:00
Instead of time or either but it was probably two minutes before you gave Bruce a chance to talk. So what I really want you to focus on is getting even if it's just a tiny affirmation just get a yes or that's right along the way to break that up. Because it felt like you were talking at Bruce not talking with Bruce.

Unknown Speaker 16:20
The other thing I want you to I want you to after this call really sit down and focus on I think it was last month I recommended somebody do this. So in the pull up a fresh excel sheet and then column A put what problems could they have? And I mean, exhaust your imagination, anything you can imagine. And then in column B, what solutions could kit Do I have, and then start it just start to feel their problems. And it's an empathy exercise, right? Like it's going to just and when I say completely exhaust I mean there should be 100 150 problems there. So fighting with siblings

Unknown Speaker 17:00
Like and it'll just help you prepare your mind for things you haven't heard yet and they'll make you aware of things that you might be able to stir up and it's don't ever stir up pain unless you are the solution to this kind of my mind policy but how likely do you think that a family member during covid most with everybody having busy lives how likely do you think it is that person is going to show up when they're supposed to and work as hard as they think that they are to get the house cleaned out

Unknown Speaker 17:33
that's a really we're done you ever done projects with your family? So that that was one chink in the armor that I saw early on were you can you give us kind of feel felt found was and understand how you feel. I mean, a lot of people have felt the same way but family didn't show up family, you know, had a someone had a blister on their finger, and it took three, four or five weekends to even get some stuff organized and they still didn't know when the sale was and then we know often

Unknown Speaker 18:00
times we step into those situations we can handle the matter of days. So you stir that pain up of, you know what, you're probably wasting your time and your family's time when there's somebody here that will do it for you. And that we can achieve that result in a fraction of the time and with minimal stress. So just really getting into an empathetic mindset about what their problems are will help you spot those in conversations. And anytime a conversation is kind of dragging along like that, and Bruce is saying the side that he it was subtle, but you should have picked up on it because I did hear it. And what I should say to you is I'm not in rapport. This guy's this guy's not listening to me. If he like he's hearing he might be hearing maybe he's not listening. And that's where you start up a problem. Ask a question, be the solution and just look for those little chunks and his armor because that's all you need to get engagement and once you've got him on the hook with a no trespassing sign a vacant insurance policy. You

Unknown Speaker 19:00
You know the cleanout Personal Property Valuation like if you you know, the you guys know what the property's worth? Have you thought about maybe you might sell it for less than it's worth. There's a million different problems you can come up with no matter how little they are, find one and get engagement on that and then build on that with with a series of good questions. But I want you to listen to the recording and certainly take Bruce's advice you need to get your USP down and give him an opportunity to speak sooner. And then you need anything gauge any any opening he gives you any problem he says he doesn't have or he does have an opening. And that's a chance for you to start stir up a little bit of pain. And then just show them how you're that you your service isn't the solution. And that helps people understand more quickly like we can learn a lot from infomercials, right you have 90 seconds on late night TV and how many people have ever bought how many people buy

Unknown Speaker 20:00
That stuff when it's like, you know, it always starts with a big problem. And it's always overdramatized. But they're showing you a problem that you may or may not have. But they're showing you that problem and then they show their product as a solution. And it's kind of the same concept. So these people don't know what they don't know they haven't developed. Most of them haven't been through this before. They think it's going to be smooth sailing, the attorney is going to do a lot more. And that's oftentimes what prolongs the process literally by months, because they eventually realize, Oh, crap, this is for us, or Oh, crap, family's not going to show up. It's 115 degrees in San Antonio today. And my my niece is you know, she's she was only here half an hour and she went to Starbucks to get an iced latte.

Unknown Speaker 20:45
There's all kinds of little problems, but I think you should make that spreadsheet make your problem solution matrix, and that'll help you get more clear on a lot of the things you can do to help

Unknown Speaker 21:00
So I'm seeing real real quick, Jim something as small as, Oh, how much time so we talked about my sister and my niece. How much time are they spending over there? Okay. They could say, hey, not enough, or they could say all their time. Both both are a problem. One's a problem for the sister and the niece and the other is a problem for me because I want I want it done. So just easy, little inner interjected questions in there that kind of draw me into conversation more would would be beneficial. They don't need to be long and complex and they don't you don't really need to be making big statements. short questions, just dropped in sprinkled in throughout will cause the PR to start talking.

Unknown Speaker 21:44
And Danny, are you a real? Are you a realtor and investor or both?

Unknown Speaker 21:50
It would be under like investor. I work with Cheyenne, Gabriel. I do a lot of the acquisition called the basic way

Unknown Speaker 22:00
Yeah, the reason I ask is where where to be? Where did the 10 or 15% charge come from? Is that because when I was throwing, so that was that was just me throwing a number out there that wasn't like my like, like, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:18
Yeah, there's an old adage, whoever mentioned the number first and negotiations loses, I would I would have, you know, if I was looking at you as a realtor or an investor, and I was on the other end of the phone, I would have taken that as a pretty exorbitant fee, I you would have been better off not to mention the number in my opinion, just you know, it depends on what you need help with, but I don't charge anything until I perform the service and we close

Unknown Speaker 22:44
the other thing

Unknown Speaker 22:46
Well, I just a good way to answer it is honestly it depends. There's so many different ways I can help you. It depends on what you need help with and, but, you know, whatever, whatever I charge, I promised him

Unknown Speaker 23:00
won't charge you anything until, until you're ready to close, you don't have come up with any money out of pocket. And, you know, the reality is I, you know, I may just be able to help with a few things, so there won't be any charge for it. I mean, every situation is different without being evasive. And that is the reality you really don't know. But as soon as I heard the 10 or 15%, to me, that was that was a red flag because, you know, if, if they're looking at you realtors only charged six or seven and 10 or 15. Just I wouldn't have thrown out any number there I would have just been they and let them know, it depends on which of my services you need. But the good news is, there's no charge until I'm able to help you or there's no end and I don't charge anything until we're ready to close. You know, just be more be more vague. I didn't I wouldn't have thrown that number out. The other thing I wrote down is kind of interesting and you sort of self corrected in the first minute. I think you said man about six times, you know Yeah, man. Yeah. Man is very friendly.

Unknown Speaker 24:00
But when you started saying that I wrote down, sir or Bruce and then towards the end of the call, you started to do that you started to say Bruce more. You know, man is friendly, it's, it's endearing. But when you say too many times, it just sounds like, it sounds like like, you know, like the kids say, well, like before every word it was just it. It To me it made you sound a little less professional, you know, in China, but you sort of would have it. Yeah. Yeah. Towards the end of the call, though you did that you call them Bruce. And whenever you're tempted to say, Man, you know more than once or twice, you know, use the person's name and people love to hear their name.

Unknown Speaker 24:38
You did that you did that towards the end of the call.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
Switch it up with a bra bra.

Unknown Speaker 24:53
All right. All right, dude, good job.

Unknown Speaker 24:57
So much for all the feedback. I appreciate everyone.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
One of them. Thank you so much. We pretty we appreciate you stepping up, buddy. No problem. All right, next up, we have two more in the queue. We probably have room for one or two more hit star six and hit one. Next up is phone number ending in 8213. You're up next. Good morning. How are you guys doing? Excellent. How are you sir? I'm great. I ready to rumble. Let's see how this goes.

Unknown Speaker 25:28
All right, you're gonna sell.

Unknown Speaker 25:31
sell, sell right? This is Salvatore South Federico.

Unknown Speaker 25:37
Okay, perfect. And you want to be the agent or the investor. Salvatore? Yes. Yes, please. Yes, the agent please. And thank you.

Unknown Speaker 25:44
All right. And which one of you wants to chat or Bruce? You want to versus our coach? You want to stick with Bruce or Chad, do you want to take one? whoever I want to get out of beating I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 26:00
role played with that a couple of times. So I'm gonna give it to Bruce because

Unknown Speaker 26:06
yeah, we have that. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 26:09
All right, ready? All right, let's do it. Yeah, I'm ready.

Unknown Speaker 26:12
Ring ring.

Unknown Speaker 26:16

Unknown Speaker 26:18
Hi. I'm trying to reach Bruce, please.

Unknown Speaker 26:22
Yes, Bruce.

Unknown Speaker 26:24
Hi, Bruce. This is Federico Salvatore. The reason for my call is I'm actually thought I wanted to follow up with you and see if you received the letter I sent you last week.

Unknown Speaker 26:40
I guess I don't know, what was it about?

Unknown Speaker 26:44
So I have a team of folks here in Los Angeles. And what we do is we specialize in helping people going through the probate process. And as a part of that we actually go to the county clerk's office every month and we see which families may need our assistance. What have you

Unknown Speaker 27:00
To be the most challenging thing so far in the probate process.

Unknown Speaker 27:06
Nothing really.

Unknown Speaker 27:10
Okay. Oh, man, you got me again. You did that to me last week.

Unknown Speaker 27:16
All right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:22
Off. Yeah, you threw me off. I'm

Unknown Speaker 27:25
just calling bro. Now. We're gonna go we're gonna another one here in just a third. We'll do another one here in just a second Jerry, jump in, jump in. What would you say to that real fast before? Federica and I do another one.

Unknown Speaker 27:40
That you don't need anything?

Unknown Speaker 27:42
Yeah, nothing, nothing. Nothing at this point. So Bruce, what's been the toughest thing for you guys so far?

Unknown Speaker 27:52
Nothing so far.

Unknown Speaker 27:54
Okay, and how long? How long has it you've you've had your letters of testamentary. So

Unknown Speaker 28:00

Unknown Speaker 28:04
couple of weeks, months, maybe.

Unknown Speaker 28:07
Okay. And obviously you published a notice to creditors and you've, you've got a good handle on on getting personal property, valued, donated, thrown out, you don't need any help with any of that stuff.

Unknown Speaker 28:23
I mean, we kind of got got it taken care of at this point.

Unknown Speaker 28:28
Except there's a few things we do for every family. Well, assuming they're, they're willing to let us help. We've got to make sure they never have to go through this again, my job to make sure they have a chance to to expand the generational wealth instead of spend it. And the first thing we try to do is make sure that that their liabilities are covered and we see many families who don't even realize they have liabilities and that usually comes with mainly with the real estate. So as your attorney helps you address the liabilities and securing the property both legally and physically.

Unknown Speaker 29:04
No, I don't. I don't, I don't think so.

Unknown Speaker 29:08
Okay, so there is real estate in the estate.

Unknown Speaker 29:12
Yeah, we got two houses.

Unknown Speaker 29:14
Okay, and are both occupied or vacant

Unknown Speaker 29:20

Unknown Speaker 29:22
One of them we just had a tenant move out of and then the other one. The other ones were where grandma lives, and she so it's vacant.

Unknown Speaker 29:31

Unknown Speaker 29:33
Unfortunately a lot of attorneys do overlook. I don't know why it's not part of their scope of work. So we make it part of ours. One of the things we try to do with every vacant house is make sure that it's properly posted. So in case somebody does gain access, you don't have to evict them you can actually arrest them for trespassing. The other thing is we get proper insurance a lot of folks are surprised to learn when when we first tell them this they're shocked. But if the home

Unknown Speaker 30:00
vacant for more than 30 days, it's very likely you don't have insurance. And if there's a loss, even if you're paying the premiums, if you read the fine print, so I think there's probably two things that I should do for you today, just to help you secure the property and to and to protect the asset, would you agree

Unknown Speaker 30:19
with what are the two things?

Unknown Speaker 30:23
Well, there could be more, but those are the two that I I'm saying it's in your best interest. And you really should do that today. Wouldn't you agree?

Unknown Speaker 30:32
Yeah, yeah. Okay. So I'm gonna have a guy named, I'll pull the tax card for the proper for both properties. And a guy named David will call you. I use him because he's an insurance broker and he can quote you multiple companies at once. The premium for the bacon policies, typically 30 to 40% higher, but he can bind it within an hour. So we'll make sure that you're protected. The other thing is, is I can

Unknown Speaker 31:00
Come and bring we had we keep copies of the state statute for trespassing and no trespassing signs because literally if somebody gets in right now it could be three or four months before if you are allowed to evict them it can be three or four months before you even get a court date and then you could battle them for another three or four months so if if someone were to gain access to the property it could miss that can draw drag this out for over a year and you wouldn't have control of your own property. So what today around I've got an appointment from 12 to one lunch appointment but after let's say around 130 would you be able to meet me at the house and let me inside to put put it inside the window? Well, I live I live like an hour and a half away. So I'm not really sure is there. Is there a caretaker?

Unknown Speaker 31:49

Unknown Speaker 31:51

Unknown Speaker 31:54
Would you rather make me a key or would you give me permission to gain access so I can secure that

Unknown Speaker 32:04
I take I think I'd rather malea key.

Unknown Speaker 32:08
Okay, I'll send you a label.

Unknown Speaker 32:12
And thank you for giving me the address just now I'll spare everybody that art. But what I'll do I'll send you a label right now from from ups and our excuse me USPS and that'll be an overnight Express. If you could just drop that key if it's okay with you, just so I'm not in possession of the key I'd like to put a combination lockbox on the property. And it's a secure lockbox, you and I are the only ones that will have the code. Is that okay with you? If I do that, rather than mailing the key back leave a couple here in case somebody else would access? Yeah, so I don't I don't really know you. Maybe Maybe I should. Maybe we should meet I mean, this is this is good and all but I don't know if I want to keep floating around. Maybe we could meet

Unknown Speaker 33:00
Okay, yeah, that sounds good. I mean, what time would you think you could come down tomorrow?

Unknown Speaker 33:09
I could probably I could probably get there by like five or six.

Unknown Speaker 33:14
Okay. Yeah, I am. I'm free anytime in that window. So you wanted to shoot for 530 or six o'clock.

Unknown Speaker 33:23
Let's, let's say six.

Unknown Speaker 33:26
Okay. All right. Well, we'll see you over there at six and just so can I verify the property property address? Bruce both of them.

Unknown Speaker 33:35
Yeah, the one is 123 Main Street in Raleigh, and the other is four or five six Elm Street in Wake Forest. Okay, and this is your cell phone.

Unknown Speaker 33:52

Unknown Speaker 33:53
Okay. I'm gonna have a guy named David call you probably within the next hour, I'll pull the text cards and get him all the information.

Unknown Speaker 34:00
On the property so he can go ahead and get you a quote ready for multiple companies. And as long as you're comfortable with the premium and the policy, just say yes, hand him a credit card, or, you know, mail him, if you if you want to mail him a check from the state's bank account, excuse me, then that policy will go into effect immediately. And then we'll take care of securing it from a legal legal aspect tomorrow. And excuse me, since we're going to be meeting tomorrow off, so I'll spare you the explanation of other things we can do to help. We'll just talk about that when we when we meet tomorrow afternoon. So I'm good.

Unknown Speaker 34:36
Yes, okay.

Unknown Speaker 34:38
All right. Well, thanks for taking my call. Bruce, I look forward to meet you tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 34:42
All right, thanks. So I'm gonna be more of a jump stick in the mud.

Unknown Speaker 34:50
I've got so one thing that I really like it's funny because I was talking with my business partner locally about sticks in the mud. So that bas just total

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Total blah personality.

Unknown Speaker 35:02
And we were we were literally just discussing this today. And a lot of times when you get that personality, they're, they're blocked because they are not a leader.

Unknown Speaker 35:15
They're probably exhausted, and they need someone to completely take charge. And it's pretty rare that the blob personality is blob because

Unknown Speaker 35:27
because they're there, they're a take charge leader. So, and it could be their circumstances, but when you when you run into that, that's kind of an open open window to go ahead and take take control.

Unknown Speaker 35:42
Go for the appointment earlier. That's sort of the one the one rule that I don't mind a lot of times I won't close for an appointment in the first several minutes of a conversation but if they're if they're like, like I am just a complete stick in the mud, just go ahead and take charge. Ask for the money.

Unknown Speaker 36:00
appointment, tell them because they're probably not going to resist you a whole lot.

Unknown Speaker 36:05
And I gave you I was trying to feel that out like so I felt like you were a complacent procrastinator that needed leadership more than anyone because you're going to sit on your hands and do nothing for the next six months.

Unknown Speaker 36:18
So with the How long has it been since you got the letters testamentary? Had you have you have you gone a defensive route? I would have taken you a different different direction. But you're just like, whoa, whoa, home. And so then that's when I was like, Okay, we've got we've got a probate quicksand guy. let's stir up some pain. And I think it was really realistic. That's how they work.

Unknown Speaker 36:41
Yep, sorry, said we just took your roleplay man. It's all good. All good. Sounded much better than mine.

Unknown Speaker 36:51
Yeah, sure. Go for it again. Yeah, no worries. Okay. All right. All right. Okay. All right Ring ring.

Unknown Speaker 37:00

Unknown Speaker 37:02
Hi, I'm trying to reach Chris, please.

Unknown Speaker 37:05
Yes, Bruce.

Unknown Speaker 37:08
Good morning Bruce. How are you? My name is Federico Salvatore actually got your number from the county clerk's office in the probate court court. I have a team here locally in here in Los Angeles that helps families and probate and we try to reach out as soon as possible to see what challenges you may be facing at the moment. What have you found to be most challenging?

Unknown Speaker 37:31
Yeah, I don't know. I don't know. I'm a little bit

Unknown Speaker 37:36
a little bit. I'm going to go into an appointment here in a couple of minutes. But nothing nothing yet. We're good.

Unknown Speaker 37:44
Okay, and masculist is there any property in the state that that you need help with? Is there any type of repairs or any any clearing out of personal property is what what's what's going on is the who else is involved in probate with you

Unknown Speaker 38:00
Excuse me.

Unknown Speaker 38:03
I mean, we got we got a couple of houses in the estate but we're not really ready to do anything with those right now. Just haven't gotten there yet.

Unknown Speaker 38:12
Okay, and with the with these houses, are these houses vacant? Are they owner occupied?

Unknown Speaker 38:20
Well, neither one well actually one's vacant now I've got two rentals.

Unknown Speaker 38:27
Okay, and how long has the vacant property been been vacant for

Unknown Speaker 38:35
about two months and a week since my brother passed.

Unknown Speaker 38:42
Got it. Okay. And I understand and the reason why I ask is a lot of times has there an attorney involved by the way?

Unknown Speaker 38:51
Your attorney he's doing a good job.

Unknown Speaker 38:54
Okay, good. And actually we work with with a lot of attorneys. We actually

Unknown Speaker 39:00
Take on where the attorney leaves off. See the legal part of the probate process accounts for about 25% of the probate, meaning that the remaining 75% is then left in your hands. Now the reason why I was saying this is also I take it the has the attorney helped to change the homeowner homeowner insurance to a bacon policy. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 39:27
Yeah, I think so. I'm not 100% sure, but I think I think so we did. We did something with insurance and my insurance agent a couple of months ago.

Unknown Speaker 39:36
Okay, so you would, you would know if you have a home insurance policy if the quote that you've been paying, I take it you you saw the previous bills. If the new insurance policy is around 30 to 40% higher than the previous premium. I would definitely look into that because if a property is vacant, and you have a standard home

Unknown Speaker 40:00
insurance policy. What happens is that in the unlikely but possible event that there's either a break in or a fire anything, the home insurance policy won't cover you, especially right now home insurance policies are investigating absolutely everything. So if you don't have a home insurance, a vacant home insurance policy, I just want to make sure that you're protecting your app. Yeah. I think I think I do, but I can check into that. I'll make sure I do.

Unknown Speaker 40:27
Okay, and as far as the three properties in general, are there any type of repairs or maintenance that you need assistance with? Yeah, yeah, there Oh, assistance. No, I

Unknown Speaker 40:41
I think I think I'm okay. I do have some repairs and maintenance on two of them. The one that my brother lived in and one of the rentals needs

Unknown Speaker 40:50
Yeah, needs a lot but

Unknown Speaker 40:53
we just hadn't gotten there yet.

Unknown Speaker 40:56
What what kind of problems are you are you facing with those properties?

Unknown Speaker 41:03
Well, I wouldn't call any of them problems. But, you know, my brother didn't didn't take very good care of his 10. And I'm surprised they even stayed I wouldn't live in that piece of crap.

Unknown Speaker 41:14
The other one there, there were just some plumbing leaks and maintenance, you know, typical landscaping and, and that kind of thing.

Unknown Speaker 41:23

Unknown Speaker 41:25
yeah, I don't know, I really don't know what you can help me with. I just haven't quite gotten to the point where I'm ready to take care of the properties yet.

Unknown Speaker 41:34
I understand. And it sounds like it's been an extra headache that you probably don't want to be dealing with at the moment, especially, you know, being stuck at home covid, all that stuff.

Unknown Speaker 41:44
So I understand how you feel.

Unknown Speaker 41:47
And a lot of the families that we worked with felt the same way. And what they found is that they actually, when they allow us to give them a helping hand, we actually facilitate the process and take a lot of that weight off their shoulders.

Unknown Speaker 42:00
As, as a matter of fact, what I could do for you now, which could help, you know, while you decide what you want to do is I can actually have one of my plumbers and landscapers, I could go out to the property with them. Take a look, see what needs to be done. And then we could just reach out to you and see what next steps you'd like to take. I could also go and take a look at the vacant property if you'd like so that we can explore some options whichever option you'd like whether it's to sell it off or fix and flip or you know, make some repairs keep it long term rented out. How does that sound to you?

Unknown Speaker 42:45
I guess that sounds alright.

Unknown Speaker 42:48
Yeah, I'm not I don't know if we're gonna sell it or not. I don't know we I've got to sit down with my financial planner and kind of come up with a plan. We just haven't done it yet. supposed to do that in a few weeks.

Unknown Speaker 43:01
I mean I don't want you wasting your time and running out there and taking people to the to the property when I'm not even ready to decide anything right now.

Unknown Speaker 43:10
Well, okay, so I understand you you were saying you're probably walking into a meeting sometime soon. So how about I can actually get you in touch with one of our financial advisors we actually make sure that we try we try to make sure that families are able to extend their their wealth and so we can actually get you in touch with financial planner of our own and we can actually, okay, well, I know I gotta run I'm not switching.

Unknown Speaker 43:41
Okay, no problem not not trying to get you to switch here. Well, how does this sound I can put together a list of options. So whichever option you decide to go with, whether it is to keep the property or to sell it, to fix it, repair it and sell it for top dollar or to sell it for

Unknown Speaker 44:00
quick cash offer, at least that way you have your plan of action in front of you and when you're ready, I'd be more than happy to to help you in whichever whichever direction you'd like to go with.

Unknown Speaker 44:13
Okay, that sounds good.

Unknown Speaker 44:18
I'm lost. I don't know where to go. Alright, we'll break break there. So you you brought it around. And you you mentioned the cash cash offer. Bruce gave you a the ultimate slowpitch like he took a deep sighs he talked about that property and what a pain it was. But then he retreated right back into his comfort zone and you let him okay. And he was he was showing he was showing you like his frustration with that property and you should have used that should have been a red flag and be like, Oh, I got I got a point. And they're like, so they helped me understand Bruce. I mean, what it sounds like it might just be easier for you to just get rid of that house when you agree

Unknown Speaker 44:59
and get the house

Unknown Speaker 45:00
And then you say I can make you an offer or what if I could? What if I bring you a cash offer? Can we meet tomorrow for coffee? Can we meet tomorrow to look at the house, I'll bring my investor with me or I'll make you an offer on the spot. And you could start that relationship by solving it seemed to me the biggest problem you were able to stir up was the pain of that house. And it was obvious, it is obvious that he's not doing anything about it. He's just sitting there in the discomfort. And like, when you you know, you make him talk about it, and then he retreats back to his comfort zone. So you had a great opportunity to buy that house or to get in for one of your investors and you had a great excuse to get over there and meet him face to face so you can get the other two. So that was one opportunity you missed. I want you to really pay attention to the signals people are showing you on the phone that deep sigh I'm guessing was was intentional versus really in character but I think he meant to show you that

Unknown Speaker 45:59

Unknown Speaker 46:00
You eventually came around to it, but it was a much weaker delivery because you had already you unwrap the conversation was unraveling and you were looking for some some point to not let him go. And you offered him that. But if you could have conversationally said Wow, it really sounds like selling that house might be the best thing for you guys, when you agree. And if you get a yes then boom, there you go. Yeah. Because he's obviously not he's had plenty of time to do something and he hasn't, and letting him sit in his probate. quicksand isn't serving Him. So grab him by the hand and totally zasada and say, let's move over to how to take a look at these things. Okay. Also what I got,

Unknown Speaker 46:44
you could bring your contractor with you without asking

Unknown Speaker 46:48
and have you know, say Listen, I hope you don't mind. I brought Mike with me. He does all my contract stuff. So what we're going to do, you know, I'd like to walk through the home with mine.

Unknown Speaker 47:00
He can he can leave afterwards. But regardless of whether I buy this home or I hope help you find somebody else to you'll at least have a contractor estimate that you didn't have to come and set up a separate appointment for them.

Unknown Speaker 47:13
So I would surprise him with a little bit more about him. When I showed up, and I bet I may have, I may have missed it. But after he shot you down about bringing your contractors over and having the correct insurance, I felt like he gave you a couple opportunities to, to offer to secure the bacon home. And I don't think you went there. Did you? Did I miss it? Or? I don't think you mentioned that. I don't believe I did. Yeah, cuz that was a perfect opportunity. A lot of people are more attracted from moving away from pain and towards pleasure. And this guy, you know, Bruce has been a little bit of a stick in the mud and the avoidance of what could happen if he doesn't do something might have gotten his attention. I felt like you missed that opportunity a couple times. And that was that was something

Unknown Speaker 48:00
than the, you know, that was like a third shot you could have taken that may have worked. Yeah, let me Firstly, I only brought up the that we needed to do the vacant policy but I didn't talk about securing the home. You're correct. Thank you. Right. Sure. The persona that I was giving was that of a very busy person that's getting pulled in a million directions. You know, people are popping in. Hey, we got to meet you ready? talking to them muffled in the background.

Unknown Speaker 48:28
You know, it sounds like you are really busy guy, right. Yeah. And just, I'm slammed.

Unknown Speaker 48:36
You probably are not going to have time to take care of all the things over at the house that need to be taken care of for a while argue. No, no, my. Like I said, I'm pretty slammed. Okay. If you could wave a magic wand, what? What what what would you not take care of if it just disappeared? No. Okay. And then

Unknown Speaker 49:00
Now all of a sudden, I'm telling you what, what I'd like to not have to deal with because of my schedule.

Unknown Speaker 49:07
I don't know. I don't know if you get a lot of people like that, but I've had the people that I can tell that they are just completely rushed, they're muffling in the background. They're talking to people, someone's walking into their office there. They got picked because they're the most together person in their family. And they, they really are begrudgingly prs and it goes to one of my agents told me cleaned out his on towel, and he told me after he got finished cleaning it out is the PR he said, Hey, if you ever hate someone in your family, make them the PR for your state.

Unknown Speaker 49:45

Unknown Speaker 49:46
I mean, that's it. That's definitely a person that that you that you will run into sometimes and sometimes you just you just ask them the magic one question. Hey, you know, it sounds like you're super busy and Pathak

Unknown Speaker 50:00
statement, they're probably going to say yeah, pretty pretty slammed. Okay. You know, I know I'm not going to keep you very long. But if you could just wave one magic wand and get rid of a couple of their responsibilities, what would those be?

Unknown Speaker 50:12
Okay, I like that a lot. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 50:16
truly appreciate it. Thank you for giving me around. Julie. As well, by the way, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 50:25
Hi, Jim, either.

Unknown Speaker 50:28
Yeah, we have one more in the queue are Bruce in chat? Are you a little bit going? Are you okay, going a few minutes over today, or do you have to leave right at two at three? I mean, I believe I have three.

Unknown Speaker 50:40
All right, well, let's take the last one Bruce, and I'll handle it if we're not done eight minutes.

Unknown Speaker 50:45
Last up this week is phone number ending in 944 to Europe, lest

Unknown Speaker 50:52
I hey, I don't I'm Travis. I'm so excited to go again. I think I had an appointment with Bruce

Unknown Speaker 51:00
Think about two three years ago Bruce, we had better yes roleplay call you remember? Yep. All right, good. Good, good. Newcomb that way I want to roll but before I roll, I have great news for my friend Greg Mills is at this was amazing. I have a appointment with with a attorney, a local attorney Friday at one o'clock. And I would listen to when you are weekly. And I would listen to the to the media. I have an attorney here said that most attorneys want to meet in the evening time. And that was amazing. He said at one o'clock, but I have plummet. We haven't one. And I have a $400,000 listing that I signed yesterday. So, right.

Unknown Speaker 51:39

Unknown Speaker 51:42
Please come on our mastermind call and share that story. You'll probably get the wind of the week. Are you available tomorrow afternoon?

Unknown Speaker 51:49
I am I am right now. Yeah. All right. Please come on. And I'll call on you for sure. Congratulations. That's great. So you want to roll you want to be the eighth. You want to be the agent with Bruce or

Unknown Speaker 52:00
You want to you want him to be

Unknown Speaker 52:03
Yeah, I want to be the I want to be the agent.

Unknown Speaker 52:06
Alright call Bruce.

Unknown Speaker 52:09
Hi. Ring ring.

Unknown Speaker 52:14

Unknown Speaker 52:16
Kathy with Bruce.

Unknown Speaker 52:19
Yes, yep. spruce. Hi, Bruce. I'm clay. I'm glad I talked to Bruce. My name is Travis. I'm just out of my office. And I mean, I don't know I sent you a mailer, a piece of mail, I guess about a couple weeks ago and I just want to follow up with you and see that you receive it and it's you understand why we sent

Unknown Speaker 52:37
Travis Travis two. I got a lot of mail. What, Travis? Last night. Well, boy, my name is Travis Martin. I sent out pretty green envelope. You couldn't miss the Christmas around. I want to brighten up the day.

Unknown Speaker 52:50
Yeah, trying to buy my house.

Unknown Speaker 52:53
But we're not not actually not actually. We don't buy houses but we do actually help you out with any problems that you may have.

Unknown Speaker 53:00
So, I have a team of people were handcuffed in Georgia. And we have found that they're going through probate process. So we go down to the courthouse to the courthouse every month and meet with the clerk. And she showed us the families that may need our help. And she showed us, she shows us, so we tried to reach out. And if they if we live in Maryland, and if there was one thing that I could completely take off your plate that you did not have to deal with, what would they be?

Unknown Speaker 53:27
Well, I gotta tell you, our attorneys kind of handling things so far. I mean, I don't I don't think I think he's gonna take care of all of it.

Unknown Speaker 53:36
Oh, man, that sounds so good. I was expecting that.

Unknown Speaker 53:40
Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 53:42
Why the reason why I say that, because the reason why I say that, I will listen, something that I hear came out of 10 of my best clients. They say that and not 10 of them saying clients fake. They call me back within two weeks and when they realized it that they have a lot of exposure.

Unknown Speaker 54:00
exposure that the attorney did not cover from them for them. So if you got opinions your time, I can make sure I can take it and make sure your family's protected.

Unknown Speaker 54:12
protected for what what do we need protected from? If it's your first time well to probate?

Unknown Speaker 54:19
Yeah, yeah. Okay. I kind of figured that and the reason why I say that, just a quick story. I went through this myself in 2010 when when my grandmother died, and three things I did wrong three things I learned. One thing is I took my truck, I went through two three contractors and I wasted a lot of money, trying to go through and find people that did not obviously treat me right and wanting to stay at my house like you feeling that I'm trying to you. But a couple things I learned is that sometimes you do have just people and I put together a team over the last 10 years. I mean, I mean if the scene is wonderful, and one of my main and one of my main team members, if probably attorney and I see the jump a probate attorney James James

Unknown Speaker 55:00
I mean, I haven't actually worked with him. But I did speak with him. And I mean, he's great at what he do. So, is there anything that you're struggling with right now?

Unknown Speaker 55:10
No, not right now. And not not right now.

Unknown Speaker 55:15
And our business do not how business complements the attorney business. So I'm not calling to take you away from him or him away from you. But the fact of the matter is that your attorney only handles 25% of the work. And let me let me guess who do you think the other 75% is left up to?

Unknown Speaker 55:34
I guess probably me. Yeah, I think so. So, okay. I mean, it's manageable, though.

Unknown Speaker 55:42
Yeah. All right. Well, in the 75%, that you have to do you kind of understand all the simulations and kind of what you allow to do and that allows you to do I know, the COVID Bank going on right now. And I know the quote, clip bailout is backed up right now and it's so much going on, so

Unknown Speaker 56:00
The only thing what you're allowed to do and not allowed to do right now?

Unknown Speaker 56:07
Yeah, I think so we're probably just gonna

Unknown Speaker 56:10
probably, I mean, we're just cleaning the house out. Are we not supposed to do that?

Unknown Speaker 56:15
So who's going in that house?

Unknown Speaker 56:18
I am.

Unknown Speaker 56:20
mean like, Wow.

Unknown Speaker 56:22
Okay. Wow. I know it's covered right now a lot of people not working, or you're not working?

Unknown Speaker 56:29
No, I got a job.

Unknown Speaker 56:32
And your kids, I'm assuming they're like pants. Well, you kind of put them to work.

Unknown Speaker 56:40
No, they're they're there. They're in college. They're just coming down on the weekends. Wow, the way they were. They're really smart kids and well, and the reason why I say that the payment is dependent on family to come over the stage at two o'clock in the morning, clean the house, and especially on weekends. It's almost impossible. We have a team of people and why

Unknown Speaker 57:00
about maintaining numbers as a cleanup crew. And when I tell you that I have worked with these cleanup crews over the last 10 years, maybe, I mean, maybe, maybe 100 times, and they click they come over they bring to the house, so that you don't have to look the finger. Now, there's plenty of ways that I see that I can help you. They all start with just send out within about five minutes and just kind of understanding the situation. I'm Daniel golden, and kind of lay out a plan for you. If there are any personal items in their state, a bit offended or anything.

Unknown Speaker 57:32
Yeah, so for what a lot of personal items.

Unknown Speaker 57:36
Okay, like, why can't you can you just give me the point now?

Unknown Speaker 57:42
Where Sure, I can't give you the plan that I have. Is that what you were like? I let you I got what time and I mean, it goes to the player. It probably takes certainly if you have time. You haven't got time to give me.

Unknown Speaker 57:52
Oh, no, not right now. Okay, I thought so. And there is an item that you had and the state I mean, what's the

Unknown Speaker 58:00
Left whether you like it with dirt bikes, and so will it in and go cars and a pianos and stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker 58:08

Unknown Speaker 58:09
no, we do have a couple of bicycles, but no, no, none of that. Great. All right, great. We just, we just got some stuff we're going to divide up among the families as well.

Unknown Speaker 58:19
Okay. I and one reason why I say that, I mean, I got a circle teacher on my team. And I mean, whatever, you know, any questions that you might have in Japan? I don't have you ever spoke with a circle teacher, but he can come over and I bet you have. He can come over and I mean the pricing for you and tell you what they will sell for now. Okay. The my if I give you a small recommendation?

Unknown Speaker 58:45
Yes, sure. Okay. Now, one thing that I recommend to every family have you had to lose a kitchen pair yet?

Unknown Speaker 58:55
My Yeah, I think so. That is what the court gave me

Unknown Speaker 59:00

Unknown Speaker 59:02
Yeah, yeah, I've got that. So with with the personal items in the house, unless you say that you and the children are cleaning out right now, but I mean, what's your what's your plan for that you plan on cleaning out and keeping those items? Or would you like to? Would you like to get top dollar for dollar items so you can put them in a bag to the state and maybe use that when to get Max. Max maximum proceeds from the house?

Unknown Speaker 59:27
I don't know. They're kind of sentimental to us. We're probably going to keep most of it. Yeah. Okay, cool. That sounds good. How about two things that I said going forward? For every conversation I have gone for two bangs that I will not let slip by me again that that deal it slapped by me last few months. And I written I really regret it.

Unknown Speaker 59:51
So the house is vacant right now, right?

Unknown Speaker 59:54
Yeah, yes. Okay. All right. Cool. Now I have to stand in front of me is a speck of motorists.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Space Science and the statutes if you want me to, I can come over. I mean, I can I can be able to make 60 minutes and I can put some signs up for you. And the reason why I say that I did not want to do that for you. I have seen a horror story that I don't really want to tell you about a kind of scare you if you ask me, but I think a horror story. Probably it's about three months ago with the Warrens family.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:21
And what I tell you that they called me and they was devastated because they had some squatters move in the house. And they called the police out and police could not make them move.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:33
And they were stuck there and they had to go through they had to go through

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
that go through the eviction and get them out and they see I haven't gotten out yet to this day. Now. One thing that they could have did to mediate that today they could they didn't have to go through that was put up the signs. They had dumped signs hadn't been up and extensions has had been in the window. The chef would have came up with my area complete dilemma. Now if you don't mind I can handle size up for you in the next 30 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
They're there. They're what kind of signs?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04
There's no, there's no trespassing, private property signs and the statutes that go with a man. Like those things.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
No, they're not actually we got decent period, a period of time. The house is vacant right now, what we're really matters. What really matters is the liability and the protection that it offers you. If somebody comes from that property, and God forbid, and I'm glad I haven't had this happen yet, but some I can want to make certain sales up all right, anything was happening. I mean, that's a big liability and you could possibly be sued. So we need to get rid of that right now. So if you don't mind, I want to and I can be able to in 30 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:46
Yeah, go ahead and call it done. Yeah, call it done. I'd be okay. Instead of managing. I'm gonna put the signs up. So we did not let last name Ben surance on a property. Have your attorney help us with

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
Over the bhamashah vacant home policy

Unknown Speaker 1:02:05
no but but let me let me ask you a question. I'm not so you talked about team what what is it?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:13
I appreciate the help I appreciate very much but talk about your team I'm not even really sure how much you charge for this. What Why are you doing this?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22
This is so awesome. You know what? I actually smile yesterday and I think the reason I smile he asked me that because I don't get I don't get paid for this. But what I do get is gratification. And I do get

Unknown Speaker 1:02:34
you know about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
Yes. So when I do get gratification and when I do get is a woman friendship. So all these people on my team, it is in house pain.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:46
Now I don't get I don't charge a diamond friend, and we will be on the phone with them for 10 minutes. I have another appointment and about 10 minutes, but I haven't actually put that much right and I would not. But I am a real estate. I am a real estate agent and I do help people stay up

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
To help people sell their property, so on down the road, if I provide you in the value, and if you see that I am already the person and I am honest, and I did all the things I promise, I'm quite sure that you would think about me if you want to list the house, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
Yeah, yeah, we're probably gonna list in a couple of months.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:21
Well, cool. So if I do get if I do get five cents out of the deal, it would be on selling the real estate. Everything gets it just reserved. So my team of people, I mean, they're the best ship in the world. And I work with them. And they they're excited to work with me because they like him and other people don't feel so I have time this evening around five o'clock, and I can come over there. I'm actually going to put the signs up now in about 30 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:46
Could you meet me differently? Could you meet me at five o'clock is up to you?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:53
I won't be getting off work till about six different days. Do you have a better day

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
Daddy better I got I got a busy schedule tonight.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:05
Okay, now that the house one more question before I let you go the house as you're thinking about selling the house and maybe turning into investment, or maybe keeping it in the state, or maybe keeping it for a long time investment, what's your plan?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:19
No, we're going to be killing. Okay. Yeah, I want to be selling. Okay. And you said there is in the house of the house and he claiming that if any repairs that need to be done.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:30
Yeah, there's a couple of things where I don't think we're going to do any of that. So.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:34
Okay, I sounds good. We know what I see. I mean, I mean, I mean, I see so many ways that we can help you out. And my team is your team so I'm gonna go put these I'm gonna put these signs up and about 30 minutes because we up and every like any like military, they could they could ever come against you in that property. Will it be excluded because of the size I'm putting up and you will be fully protected. I'm having my legal attorney in. Thanks, john.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
He will be calling you to give it away right now. So I tell him to call you tomorrow. This is a good time. Whoo.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:08
I haven't done. Yeah, yeah, we haven't already. Well, no, I'm sorry about that. I made the insurance company, my insurance company. I'm sorry, but actually

Unknown Speaker 1:05:18
just talking to john, I was just talking to john. But Chad anyway. Well, Chad, he's my insurance. And he can call you tomorrow. I guess around five o'clock. He can kind of explain to you the insurance policy, and why you need it and the prices on it.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:36
I mean, we have insurance too, but yeah, no, that's, that's fine. You can call me.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:40
We know you have said that. You do not have a vacant home shop policy.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:47
We have insurance. I got an insurance agent. So vacant home insurance. Okay. Yeah. Just tell him to give me a call. Yeah, I won't tell him tell you because he can explain it to you have any questions about it? And, well, yeah, I'll be able to answer them.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:00
Moving on in college and hopefully um hopefully if you cannot get by the house yet you say you ain't work. Can you make it at the house again? Tomorrow six

Unknown Speaker 1:06:15
Yeah, I can get over there six. Okay, I want me to assist Clark. I'm a brand out. I have a wonderful plan that I would like to show you and a few things that I think we really like. So I need to assume Scott tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:29
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:31

Unknown Speaker 1:06:33
Listed and sold. You want to go first job first. So you want me to be here.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:39
So a couple of things. be slightly You know, when someone starts to give you too much affirmation.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:50
You know, you've probably want to go back and ask some questions about about why, why they're giving that affirmation. Don't challenge them, but hey, what

Unknown Speaker 1:07:00
Is it what is it about that that you like? Okay, what is it about that? That that would make your life easier? Because what you want to do is you want to make sure that they're not just being a yes person with no intention of following through with the appointment. So

Unknown Speaker 1:07:15
the the I wasn't giving you a ton of resistance there but how many times have we had a conversation hung up and been like that was amazing. And then Ben no shows at the appointment.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:29
So kind of getting them to sell themselves on the benefit of why they're meeting with you. It's going to be it's going to be a positive thing because I could have just been like, Oh yeah, no resistance, no resistance and then and then just vanished on you.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:47
So I would have probably said, Oh, that's that's, that's great news. What What is it? What is it that's gonna What is it about this that could make your life easier and get me to start selling myself on it? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:01

Unknown Speaker 1:08:04
Jim, you go, I'll probably come. Yeah, but I'll tell you a list of things you did very well. You have great energy and enthusiasm. I feel like that's just natural. That's just who you are.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
One thing you did that is very rare. I think you, I know you asked a lot more questions than you did, then you made statements. You didn't make it. You, you, you did you ask a good question. And then you'd follow up with the statement then you'd ask another good question. That's very rare. You also did a really good job I felt like of using stories to sell both your own and a good story from you know, instead of just vaguely saying, you know what, a lot of my clients you know, feel like you gave a specific story from your own past and from their past. I thought that was great. You did a really good job to have what the once you charge thing you just sort of made it. You know, first it was unbelievable. Why don't

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
I just do this for fun. And then you sort of kiddingly said, Hey, if I make a nickel on it, you know, here's how I get paid. But but the time you told me that you were a realtor and you might get a commission. I mean, that just seemed more than fair to me.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12
The one critique I would have you ever heard the old expression when somebody sold quit selling you, you you had them sold and you had the appointment and you kept going with additional things you could do? I would I would save those for I would wrap sooner and said okay, great. There's a couple other things that I can help you with that I'll I'll share that with you when we get together. Because I forget what it was. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Because at the end there when you said I'll have the attorney call is and actually you did a good job recovering from that, you know, just all I was just talking to him. I met Chad, I mean, that was fine. But I felt like he could have you could have ended it sooner and just deferred the additional ways face to face you know, once you had the appointment, but overall, man, great job. How long you been doing this? How long have you been making the calls? You know, everything you are

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
Pain is right. And when I hit when I used last week, two weeks ago, at the same time, and I do have

Unknown Speaker 1:10:09
Oh, yeah, that's a good thing. Yes, I do. I have about maybe three months, and I didn't listen to the calls all day long. Yeah, I'm not. I'm not. I'm not surprised that you got deals already. Like I said, great, great job. I think that was one of the better ones I've heard in a long time. And I please come on our master mastermind call tomorrow. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:31
Date guys. You had another guy, you know? Yeah. When I got that when I when I talked with him, you know, he was kind of, he was a kind of arrogant guy. And it was a big list and it was a kind of arrogant guy. So when I went to the appointment, when I looked at for me, I was so happy because I said, Wow, I looked him in his eyes. We should we shook hands and it was just total empathy. And I mean, and he has set himself to try to people came before you and

Unknown Speaker 1:11:00
He said no way possible. Am I talking to anybody else? He signed the paper. He signed it. And that was it.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:07
That's awesome. Congratulations, man. You're gonna you're these two appointments a deal and the appointment you have is going to be the first of many. I think you did a great job. Thanks for participating. We appreciate it. And we've gone a bit all thank you. We've gone a bit over today and almost everybody is still here. I want to end this call like I always do. I want to thank all of you for being here. I want to particularly thank the several people that actively participated not only participated but they took the active role of agent or investor that takes a lot of guts. And we appreciate you We hope you learn from it. And I want to challenge each of you on this call. Take one idea one technique. One thing you heard today that inspired you go out and put it into practice and come back every Thursday and share the results with the group. We will talk to you guys tomorrow afternoon at one o'clock. Make it a great day. Stay healthy, stay protected, stay protected.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
stay productive. And we will talk to you soon guys. Take care

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