Probate Mastery Training – Become a Certified Probate Expert

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Probate Mastery Training – Become a Certified Probate Expert

January 20 @ 2:00 pm - January 22 @ 5:00 pm

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January Probate Mastery Training starts on 1/20/20

We found that in 2016 our Mastery Graduates were 3 times more likely to succeed in probate real estate.  The class is not required because many don’t want to go this deep but those who see value in raising the bar for themselves excel in this niche and often make probate the main pillar in their business.

The cost is only $250 which includes your Certified Probate Expert (CPE) designation and certificate that will be mailed upon completion.

All sessions are video recorded and recaps are sent immediately following each session along with supplementary forms, training videos and more.

After taking the course once, you can attend all future sessions for free.


Upon completion, you’ll have access to our Probate Alumni Group! In the meantime, join over 6000 agents, investors, wholesalers, and attorneys in our Probate Mastermind Group on Facebook


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Session #1 – 1/20/20 at 2pm EST
Understanding Probate & Creating Value as an Expert

  • The Statistics Behind Baby Boomers and Probate
  • The Opportunity in Probate for Professionals
  • How to Make a Difference as a Real Estate Professional
  • The Probate Process Step-by-Step
  • Understanding Roles in the Probate Process
  • Learning the Nuances of Your Local Probate Process

Session #2 – 1/21/20 at 2pm EST
Developing Your Probate Strategy

  • Getting Clear on Your “WHY”
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client, their Biggest Problem and Becoming the Solution
  • Determining Your Unique Offer/Service
  • Mapping Out Your Marketing Sequence
  • Building Your Probate Team
  • Systemization & Automation of Marketing
  • Organization and Accountability
  • CRM/Database Management
  • Direct Mail Systems
  • Telemarketing
  • Referral Generation Systems

Session #3 – 1/22/20 at 2pm EST
Developing Your Probate Sales & Service Process

  • Understanding the PR’s Mindset
  • Mastering Your Probate USP©
  • The Initial Conversation Step-by-Step
  • Asking the Right Questions in the Right Order
  • Gathering Enough Information to Offer Options
  • Common Objections and Role Play Scripts for Probate
  • Preparing for the Appointment
  • Offering Multiple Solutions/Services
  • Service After the Sale
  • Listing Appointment Step-by-Step
  • Tips & Tricks to Give You an Advantage and Differentiate You from Competition


Each session typically lasts between 2-3 hours, depending on how active the Q&A sessions are at the end of each session.

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” After I took the leap into the ATL lead program… I knew nothing about probate. I zoomed through the Fast Track videos and really believed that I had something to differentiate myself from other Realtors.  I soon began to realize that there was something missing. Stumbling through the phone calls and really just trying to understand what was happening on the other end of the phone, I realized “THIS MARKET IS DIFFERENT”.  I am not saying that I could not figure out the best way to do things over time…I am saying that I just was not getting the perspective in the overall concept of what makes this market successful for me and my family. Something was missing.

I listened to a couple of Mastermind calls and the repeated opportunity to spend another $250 for the ATL Probate Mastery Program. Several benefits jumped out at me from the pitch: 1) understand why you are in this market…a unique proposition of value, 2) methods for handling the data and follow-up, 3) initiate the calls with a structure in mind, 4) designing a campaign (a procedure to reach out), 5) developing an effective team and 4) Certification as a Probate Expert from the ATL institute (a badge that gives me credibility),  WOW, maybe this program for $250 is worth the expense.

I paid the money and found that it was well worth the cost.  I made a one year commitment to myself to see what this ATL list could produce. In short order I received over 1000% return on my investment. What I realized was that I needed to reorganize the same skill set I possessed but change the context. Mastery changed the paradigm.

Probate Mastery points out how I can successfully understand and navigate the Probate market. It provides the tools for creating a VALUE BASED CONVERSATION, AN ORGANIZED WAY TO APPROACH AND REACH THE MARKET, BUILDING A VALUE DELIVERY TEAM, AND A DIRECTION FOR DEVELOPING OPPORTUNITIES TO EVOLVE THE VALUE SET INTO ADDITIONAL MARKETS. Mastery provides a clearer business plan for delivering solutions to PRs, Trustees and Attorneys.  The result I have realized with this reorientation are astronomical.  I am listing probate properties. I am also adding family members to my sphere of influence and receiving referrals from people that trust me.”

– Rodger Lecy, CPE

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Probate Mastery – Education & Training for Probate Real Estate