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List of Questions


ISA Questions and Answers

Q: What is an ISA?

A: First, the acronym itself stands for Inside Sales Agent (or Associate). Usually ISAs are responsible for prospecting for new leads, servicing inbound telephone leads resulting from sources such as listing signs, advertising signs, internet sources, etc. and converting these leads to appointments for a team’s sales agents. We’ve now extended this service offering to include outbound calling to the leads we furnish. Many agents either dislike doing these calls or do not feel they are very effective at doing them. Now, there’s no longer a reason to let this roadblock stand in the way of great success.

Q: How much does it cost to call the Personal Representatives?

A: We call all numbers for the PR and leave messages (unless instructed otherwise) on each number for only $2.50 per lead.

Q: Do you make calls to attorneys?

A: Yes. The price is $7.50 because we can’t use a dialer and we spend more time calling this list individually and getting past the gatekeeper.

Q: Can you make calls for Investors like the ones for Agents?

A: Yes, our callers are trained to look for real estate owned, and motivation to sell, then set a phone appointment. Investor calls are not that much different than agent/broker calls.

Q: How does the ISA get to know about my unique business?

A: After placing your order you will be prompted to fill out the ISA Information Form so we can learn about your company and what you want our team to share when calling on your behalf. The more we know about your business the better our conversion rates will be.  If we reach the campaign start date and you have not filled out the form you will get a call from our ISA team to ask the questions over the phone.  This information is stored and follows each of the campaigns you order so you will only have to do fill out the form once.

Q: How do I know my calls were made?

A: The best way to know is by getting appointments from our team. We will email you immediately when an appointment is set. For those where an appointment was not set, the ISA team will complete the calls within 2 business days, leave the campaign open for 2 additional business days to catch returned calls and then close the campaign. Within 2 business days of the campaign closing (typically 6 days from the start of the campaign) you will receive an email with the analytics and results from your campaign and your “My Probate Leads” CRM will be updated with notes and opt-outs.

Q: What kind of results can I expect?

A: Every market and every list is unique so there are no guarantees. Our team has maintained a 48 to 1 ratio for setting appointments for agents/brokers to date and 2 out of every 3 appointments convert into listings. That translates to about a 3% conversion rate which is above the average of 2% for agents/brokers making their own calls.

Q: Do the ISAs call during the hours I requested when I placed my order?

A: They will certainly attempt to call when you want them to and they also pay very close attention to the time zones and adjust their dialing times accordingly.

Q: Are your ISAs based in the USA?

A: We only use USA-based domestic callers with neutral or no accent. They also work during US business hours.

Q: Do you call for multiple Subscribers on the same list?

A: No, we call for only one Subscriber in each county for each list. For example, if we have a Subscriber who has ordered calls for the January list in their county but did not go on auto-pilot then there is an opportunity for another Subscriber to place an order for that county but not for the January list. If the first Subscriber who ordered the service had placed it on Auto-Pilot, then they would have exclusive rights for that county in the current and future months. However, there could still be an opportunity for another Subscriber to call older (historical) lists that they are not being called in that county.

Q: How do I secure the service in my county?

A: As stated above, our ISA program only serves a single Subscriber per county per list. To ensure you retain access to continuing ISA service each month, you will need to put your campaign on auto-pilot. That will lock the county exclusively for you.