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Probate Real Estate From START To FINISH

If you’re reading this, you probably found out about All The Leads from Tim and Julie Harris.  This page will go over the opportunity in probate, how to get probate leads, and how All The Leads can help you navigate probate deals from start to finish.

How to GET PROBATE LEADS and Close MORE DEALS From Each List By Becoming the Probate Expert in your Market:

A diagram of the complete All The Leads system for probate real estate leads

The Complete Probate Real Estate System – Leads, Marketing, Education, Coaching, and Mentorship with All The Leads

The Complete ATL Probate System

The Probate Leads

  • Every probate lead from your courthouse every 30 days (no contracts)
  • Accurate phone numbers for Personal Representatives, up to 5 per lead.
  • Full contact information for the Probate Attorney where applicable.
  • Personal representative’s address and Deceased’s last known address


The Training, Coaching, and Community


The Support

  • Free CRM Specifically for Probate prospecting
  • Accountability Coaching Included With Your Subscription
  • Proven Letter Templates
  • Automated Direct Mail Service
  • Automated ISA Calling Service
  • Custom WordPress Probate Websites
  • Custom Probate Credibility Kit
  • Personal Account Manager to Ensure Your Success
  • One-on-One Live Customer Support


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