LeadFollow Digital Marketing Update – Jan. 2019

Engage Your Leads With Targeted Ads for the Next 30 Days on Autopilot Without Having to Master Digital Advertising!



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Imagine if the Personal Representatives you’re trying to reach by mail & phone were seeing your ads on thousands of websites and apps, up to 25 times per day, and when they engage you are instantly notified by text and email so you can reach out at the perfect time! 


*Ordering requires an All The Leads login.
If you are not currently a customer please call (844) 532-3369


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my ads displayed?

Campaigns with budgets up to $300 are running on Facebook, Instagram and the Facebook Audience Network, which places ads on thousands of websites and apps. Campaigns with budgets of $500 or more are running on the previously mentioned sites as well but they are also running on over 350 Ad Networks with a reach of over 600,000 websites and apps.

What is an Ad Exchange?

The best example of an Advertising Exchange is Google; however, there are many of them. When you publish ads on Google it only runs ads on the Google network. What our system does is run ads on over 350 ad exchanges at one time, including Google. This extends the reach of your ads and gives you thousands more opportunities for exposure.

What ad types are being used?

We use at least 15 different ad types. Which ad types are used for your campaign depends on your budget – the more you budget, the more ad types we can use. Every campaign starts with photo ads but as your budget increases we also run banner ads, carousel ads, animated text ads, video ads and even personally branded ads.

How much does it cost?

Based on real-world results, we find that Facebook rewards larger audience size and budget. We have chosen a “pick your budget” model that allows us to manage an audience with as many as 12 months of leads to increase the audience size and get lower-cost interactions. Budgets are as follows:

  • $150 (This is best for those with lower lead counts or limited budget. Note: the larger your budget, the lower your cost per action)
  • $300 (Everything in $150 plus Animated text ads with Local Probate Expert wheel)
  • $500 (Everything in $300 plus Educational video ads featuring our Co-Founder & Trainer, Chad Corbett and LeadFollow Addressable [see below])
  • $1,000 (Everything in $500 plus Expert Positioning Ads using your photo and personal branding)

What exactly is LeadFollow Addressable?

LeadFollow Addressable is one of the only marketing solutions that integrates physical address with property boundaries to identify highly targeted audiences with conversion zones. LeadFollow Addressable takes a physical property address and overlays the geofence to the properties GIS property boundary to trigger banner advertisements to people who enter the geo-fence.  Because LeadFollow Addressable is an advanced campaign type, it is only available to those with a campaign budget of $500 or more.

How long should my LeadFollow campaign be?

You choose how long each campaign will be when you order the campaign. We simply apply your budget based on your schedule. The minimum length of any campaign is 30 days but, just like all other marketing, the longer you stay front-of-mind with prospects, the more likely they are to do business with you.  A typical probate case takes 6 to 9 months to complete so ideally your campaign should run as long as they are dealing with the probate case and could use your services.

How Do You Make my Custom Audience?

We find that the probate process takes 6 to 12 months for most families so we have designed our LeadFollow campaigns to market to the Personal Representatives on your lists from 12 months ago to present. This allows us to get a bigger audience which drives your costs down and gives you more exposure to all of the leads, including the ones who still haven’t sold months after you quit mailing them. We will manage your audience and update it every 30 days as you receive new leads.

What is a Conversational Landing page?

Our Conversational Landing pages are proven to convert 300% more than a traditional landing page with a web form.  Check it out below:

How do I know if my ads are working?

Within seconds you will get our HotLead notifications, via text and email, as the Personal Representatives engage with your landing page.

What should I expect from my LeadFollow campaigns?

We find that customers who have not managed their own digital marketing campaigns sometimes have expectations that don’t match up with the true potential of any digital marketing campaign.  Our #1 goal is to establish 2-way dialogue between you and the Personal Representatives on your list each month; that doesn’t mean that we try to create a campaign that takes the place of your direct mail and telephone marketing, it means we design campaigns to brand you in your prospects’ minds so when they do hear from you they are already familiar with your offering.  Now, if they do fully engage you will know within seconds because you will get a HotLead notification.

Why use LeadFollow instead of a typical digital marketing agency?

I’m not a Probate System Subscriber, can I run these ads for other lead types?

Not yet.  LeadFollow is a service that is only available to ATL Subscribers because it is built into our overall system, tied to a specific Subscriber record and leads list, and is not intended to be a standalone marketing tool.  Rather, it is designed to work in conjunction with our Subscribers’ direct mail and call campaigns so we cannot offer it to the public at this time.  In the near future we plan to offer a public version of LeadFollow so you can upload custom lists (e.g. FSBO, Expired, Absentee Owner).



*Ordering requires an All The Leads login.
If you are not currently a customer please call (844) 532-3369

Early-Adopter Bonuses

Early-Adopter Bonus #1

The $99 Setup Fee is Waived for any Subscriber that signs up in Q1 2019.  We incur a cost to set up and manage your campaign but, in the interest of getting this into as many hands as possible, we are waiving the setup fee for the 1st quarter.

Early-Adopter Bonus #2

Instead of marketing to 1 month of leads we are going to market to up to 12 months of leads for the same price.  So far we’ve found that larger audiences produce less expensive actions.  We are going to pull up to your last 12 months worth of leads for your audience but you’re paying the same price you would pay for a single month of marketing to a single list.

Early-Adopter Bonus #3

Partial-complete Geo-location tracking…simple right?  What this means is that around 30% of the time we can capture the physical address of the person on your landing page (this requires their permission as you see below).  If they select “allow” in the Know Your Location box then we will be able to provide you with their address.  With most marketing agencies this would be a product in itself but we’ve decided to include it FREE as part of all campaigns.



*Ordering requires an All The Leads login.
If you are not currently a customer please call (844) 532-3369