The Wholesale Coach

How to GET MORE LISTINGS And CLOSE MORE DEALS with Probate Leads By Becoming the Expert in your Market:

The Complete ATL Probate Leads and Marketing System

The Leads

  • Probate leads pulled from your courthouse every 30 days (no contracts)
  • Accurate phone numbers for Personal Representatives (not on public record but vital to successful prospecting)
  • Full contact info for the Probate Attorney


The Training

  • Probate Fast Track Training – to get you started TODAY
  • Cold Calling, Handling Objections, and Positioning Yourself As a Solutions Specialist
  • All The Leads Mastermind – Closed Facebook Group
  • Weekly Probate Mastermind Calls (recorded and archived)
  • Monthly Probate Role Play Calls (recorded and archived)
  • Probate Mastery Advanced Training with a Certified Probate Expert Designation


The Support

  • Free CRM Specifically for Probate prospecting
  • Proven Letter Templates
  • Automated Direct Mail Service
  • Professional, US-Based ISA Calling Service to Set Appointments
  • Automated Digital Marketing – LeadFollow
  • Custom WordPress Probate Websites
  • Custom Probate Credibility Kit
  • Personal Account Manager to Ensure Your Success
  • One-on-One Live Customer Support


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