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All The Leads is the best source for probate leads, training, and high-performance marketing. If you’re looking to optimize your time, getting probate lists is just the first step. We’ve gone the extra mile to bring you lead lists with accurate and comprehensive information you won’t find elsewhere (We’ve done the same research you’re doing - Ask us how we know!). EVERY probate filing from the courthouse, address validation, up to 5 phone numbers traced for each lead, emails for the personal representative, and attorney information where applicable.

Even better, while most companies selling lists from the courthouse frame it as a bonus that they ONLY include records that have real property in the probate filing, we instead teach you how to segment your list, automate marketing to those segments, and make sure you find all the opportunities (the ones other companies are happily leaving out, and nobody else is really working). If you want to take it a step further, you can even augment your lead lists with tax assessments, MLS status, equity estimates, mortgage information, and details on how property is deeded.

While we do limit seats in each market, providing this service in over 3000 counties in the United States allows us to provide premium data and direct mail at a competitive price. Jump to see if your market is available.

And even better? All The Leads has an incredible marketing system.

We don’t want you to buy a list for no reason, so:

  • We provide a CRM for probate prospecting, as well as easy export to work your leads wherever else you prefer.
  • We have proven letter templates that can be customized with copy edits, branding, envelopes, and handwritten fonts.
  • You can fully automate multi-touch mail campaigns right in your subscriber portal or with the help of our Mailbox Motivator team. It’s that easy.

The bottom line? We offer premium probate leads with better data, bigger opportunities, and a system that makes working them so much easier.

We hope you’ll find all the advice, training, and support we include to be a great bonus, too.

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Probate lead lists

Every lead, direct from the courthouse. We found other list providers pulled less records in our test counties, and pre-scrubbed lead lists before delivery. We provide ALL the Leads and show you how to find EVERY opportunity.

What You Miss With Pre-Scrubbed Lists

Phone numbers

Up to 5 phone numbers for each personal representative. We run EVERY phone number we provide you Personal Representatives and Probate Attorneys against multiple DNC registries. You can easily export all leads or exclude DNC numbers, all at no additional cost.

More on DNC Validation

Attorney information

Attorney information (including phone numbers) is included with your probate leads where applicable.  You can automate B2B marketing right from the CRM and export attorney lists for targeted prospecting.

More on Working With Attorneys for Referrals

Email addresses

We provide email addresses for personal representatives, as well as attorneys where applicable.  We've also got your back on email marketing strategy so you can increase your open and response rates.

More on Emailing Probate Leads

Mailbox Motivator

We've done the trial and error for envelopes, sales copy, stamps, touch frequency, and more and packaged it into a set-and-forget system.  Simply choose from proven templates, add any customizations or additional inserts like brochures or lumpy mail products, and schedule. Done!

More on Mailbox Motivator

Credibility Websites

Custom probate credibility websites demonstrate to curious prospects that you are the probate expert in their neighborhood. Once you grab a domain name, we can also help you with hosting and redirects.  Seemlessly incorporate your probate website in your mail marketing.

More on Credibility Websites

Seamless Automation.
Probate Leads CRM
Easily access and manage all of the above in one place.  Easy call dispositioning, campaign set-up and automation, and deal tracking. Easily export your leads for use in dialers and other systems
All in One Place.
One-On-One Coaching
600+ Hours Of Content
24/7 Mastermind Network
Live Weekly Trainings
Fast-Track Training
Probate Mastery Course

We'll Help You Help Your Clients

All The Leads was founded on the realization that relationships built through probate are unlike any other. Working in this niche comes with incredible confidence in knowing that what you do to make your living is also making a huge difference in the lives of those you help.

It's why probate leads are one of the best real estate niches for any agent, broker, investor, or wholesaler looking to build a great business. Your deals and listings are really just you stepping in to reduce stress for the family, maximize equity in the estate, and guide them through a process they felt lost in on their own. These relationships become lifelong.

When you put people first and reach out as someone who offers value, you'll build the most rewarding relationships in your career. Here at All The Leads, we offer the data, the systems, the marketing, and most of all the training to accomplish just that.

We're here to help you become a Probate Specialist.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is probate, and what's the opportunity in probate?

Probate represents the single largest sustainable opportunity in real estate. Many professionals are so set in their traditional prospecting that they completely miss the biggest opportunity in
their market.  Nearly 2 million families per year must probate an estate. 80% of estates have real estate that needs to be liquidated and 67% of the real estate is free and clear.  These are motivated sellers who NEED to sell and NEED a professional, but usually settle for whomever they reach out to first.

There are so many opportunities in helping people handle property/properties they didn't expect to inherit.  Bookmark this crash course and dive in:


Can I do this without cold-calling?

Yes, and the "Come-List-Me!" call has become a recurring theme in our subscribers' success stories.


Don't forget to join the All The Leads Mastermind Community on Facebook!


In any case, we will teach you the sales language and best practice tips for cold-calling, whether you're an agent, investor, wholesaler, or ISA.  To start, book mark our Role Play Training Playlist

Do I need to be a licensed real estate agent?

Our subscribers include real estate agents, investors, and wholesalers.  Families dealing with probate have a wide variety of needs and motivations, and we'll teach you how to stop boxing yourself in with a title and put more deals together whether you're coming from the brokerage or investment side.

David Pannell and Chad Corbett discuss How to Walk Out of Face-To-Face Appointments With PAPERWORK SIGNED – Whether You’re An Agent, Investor, or Wholesaler:


I really want to get into probate, but what if I don’t have a team already?

If you knew you had a $50,000 commission waiting, how long would it take you to go find a clean out crew and a photographer?  Never let not having a team in place get in your way!

Chad Corbett paves a roadmap for Building A Team (timestamp 34:37) on Mastermind Call #271. Check it out here:


See more: What to do when a client asks "How much does this cost?"
Offering Sellers Vertically-Integrated Solutions

I’m new to real estate in general; does my experience matter?

Probate is great for real estate rookies, as well as seasoned professionals who just moved into a brand new market and don't have brand recognition yet.

Probate for newcomers and why it can be a lucrative foray into real estate (timestamp 4:47)



Can I just get the leads?

Yes! You will have access to the CRM, accountability coaching, and other benefits included with a probate leads subscription either way.

It's also possible to grab leads and have someone else on your team, or a vendor partner, grab the marketing pieces to do some co-marketing.

Do you limit subscribers in each county?
Yes, and for counties that are filled we follow a strict waitlist. Because of this, you should check the availability of the county/counties you are interested in now, even if you don't plan to start up just yet.

Is a Certified Probate Expert (CPE) Designation Worth it?

Probate Mastery is three days of highly-specialized training on probate prospecting and sales language,  in-person appointments, transaction engineering, building a referral network, and streamlining your business operations. You will learn how to find deals, get appointments, present options, close deals, and turn those deals into new opportunities.

The designation itself is an important piece of credibility to prospects, and helps set you apart from other agents and investors.

We even have alumni that have taken the course multiple times (at no additional charge).  Read their feedback and learn more about Probate Mastery.

How long does probate take, and when can I expect to close deals?

For most states the probate process takes 6-12 months. However, once the personal representative has the letters of testamentary (early in the process), the property can be sold (some states require court approval, but the real property can be closed long before the completion of probate).

We offer extensive training on streamlining probate both in terms of your prospecting efforts and business operations, and your clients’ time to closing.

I already have a CRM. Can I work my leads there?

Yes. We’ve streamlined our CRM specifically for probate prospecting, with easy export options for anyone who’d like to take their lead lists elsewhere.  If you use Vulcan7, we can also push your leads into your Vulcan7 account automatically.


Probate Plus+ is an enhancement for our Probate System Subscribers. For $2 per probate lead we will augment the public data to identify estates with real property anywhere in the US and give you a comprehensive report including: property value, estimated equity, tax information, MLS history (if applicable), past sale information, mortgage information, lien information, and more.

Do you have anyone seeing success with your program?

Our success stories are incredibly diverse.  How do you see yourself? Let us know and we can most likely point you to someone who started where you are right now.

You can also check out reviews, hear weekly success stories on our Live Mastermind calls, and watch some of our probate Case Studies.

Do you offer advanced coaching?

You can find the details of our current offerings here:

Is a credibility website important?

A credibility website is a helpful and cost-effective marketing piece that stands alone from your primary real estate website.  It's an opportunity to give prospects something to reference when they want to look up who you are and what makes you the right person to turn to for probate needs.

We'll help you choose a name that's easy to grow into and -- more importantly -- easy for prospects to remember and look up.   We frequently discuss best practice tips for leveraging a probate credibility website in your marketing and your conversations with prospects so you can get the most out of it.

And best of all, you don't need to be a WordPress or copywriting expert. That's all taken care of for you 🙂

Do your letters work?

If you search our website for “come list me call,” there are 35 pages of results of subscriber success stories from Mailbox Motivator program.  I’d say it works!

We are also happy to hear your feedback and insights, and make it easy for you to customize our letters right from the CRM or through our Mailbox Motivator team.

I'm working with a smaller budget. Should I use letters or a website to start?

If you want to try out a website or a mailbox motivator campaign but aren’t sure which one to go for, that’s what we’re here for. Schedule a call and we can run through some ROI calculations together to optimize your marketing.

My whole team is interested. Can we all have access to the leads?

Yep! Our support team will work with you to make sure the right people are the point of contact for their relative roles. We encourage you to invite any team members and related vendor partners to our Mastermind Group and Weekly Trainings as well!