Why the VALUE-FIRST Approach Is The Key To Real Estate Success | Probate Mastermind Podcast #311

Preview for Episode 311 of the Probate Mastermind Podcast

Why the VALUE-FIRST Approach Is The Key To Real Estate Success | Probate Mastermind Podcast #311

Probate Mastermind Episode #311 | Recorded Live on January 21st, 2021.  

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Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast, you'll learn what’s next for Chad Corbett and his Probate Mastery Training program; how to balance mail marking and phone follow-ups over time; and how the Value-First approach will win you deals you would have missed with a typical sales approach.

***Most importantly, we hear more incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

Chad Announces His Next Steps (00:00)

Chad announces what he’s onto next! He lays out his future involvement with All The Leads, ongoing development of an all-star Probate Mastery Course, and his vision for building his legacy business.



What if the Person Named Executor Doesn’t Know The Decedent?

What if the Person Named Executor Doesn’t Know The Decedent? (5:32)

Eddie is curious: The probate representative has no recollection of the decedent; what does this mean? Sometimes this happens with common names. Chad describes how to probate to find out whether it is truly a false positive, or if the person is just trying to get off the phone.  Next, Chad offers language to help clarify and move on.



How to Discover Someone’s Needs and Offer A Solution

How to Discover Someone’s Needs and Offer A Solution (7:21)

Eddie is working with a personal representative who is still dealing with a title transfer from a previous inheritance (his father, now deceased, didn’t finish probate on a property he inherited).  Eddie describes the follow-up process with this personal representative and what he has learned about the situation with multiple heirs. How can he be more aggressive and capture this lead? Chad walks Eddie through how to bring apprehension to the surface, figure out what emotion is most prominent (Chris Voss calls this labeling), and use this to offer a solution. Bruce also shares his insight.



What’s the Best Marketing Frequency for Probate Real Estate Leads?

What’s the Best Marketing Frequency for Probate Real Estate Leads? (13:36)

Caller asks: What’s the ideal timeline and frequency for sending probate letters? What about calls? Bruce breaks down the All The Leads standard and his own standard. The coaches discuss whether there is such a thing as “too much” when it comes to sending letters and making prospecting calls.




Probate Mastery Course in 2021

Probate Mastery Course in 2021 (24:06)

Travis is looking to get enrolled for Probate Mastery. What’s the process now?



Handling A Lightning Strike From An Irate Lead

Handling A Lightning Strike From An Irate Lead (26:03)

Caller reflects on a recent prospecting call she had. It was a lightning struck and ended with some nasty language.  Caller is looking for advice on staying in the moment and knowing what to say. Chad offers his strategy for dealing with lightning strikes, and reminds everyone that negative emotions can only last for so long.



Navigating Conflicting Attorney Information

Navigating Conflicting Attorney Information (31:24)

Travis has a deal under contract, but has had to amend the agreement and change attorneys twice already.  He has already completed a probate sale without court approval, but one of the attorneys is saying this closing can’t happen without “going through probate”.  The seller already has letters of testamentary. Chad describes how to navigate this situation through a title company and bring in the estate planning attorney that helped him last time.



Organizing and Dispositioning Leads For The Best Follow-Up Efficiency

Organizing and Dispositioning Leads For The Best Follow-Up Efficiency (35:10)

David shares his “bucket” system - how his team files leads to manage lead follow-up. Sue joins to ask about time management while prospecting.


Why The Value-First Approach Works So Well

Why The Value-First Approach Works So Well (37:39)

Federico shares how the All The Leads approach is helping him win 3 deals from one probate real estate lead. Federico kept in touch, listened, understood the situation, and fit a solution to the personal representative and their family’s wishes. This turned into three deals for him. Good job, Fed! Fed also shares a challenging prospecting scenario, where the personal representative is the son of the decedent (father), and was incarcerated when his mother passed away; the mother passed away with a fiance, and it is speculated they got married right before death. Chad and Federico Mastermind.



Looking to hear prospecting tips in action? Check out our live role play series.




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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #311


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the AllTheLeads.com coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

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Welcome powerful agents and investors from across the country. Today is Thursday, January 21st, 2021. And this is mastermind podcast, number 311.  Before we get started two of my partners wanted to say something and we'll start with you, Tim. You had a little bit of an announcement and then Chad wanted to make a comment.

Yeah. So I, it is first off. I have a question for you. You have a dictionary there, adjectives that you find a new one every time to talk about our people on the call. You've been great. It's called synonyms. Sit in them.com. I've never used the same one twice. That's pretty good.

Yeah, today's in some respects today is a bittersweet day and a great day for a lot of things. And that may sound like we're leading into a political discussion and that's certainly not the case.  Those of you who follow the wild and wacky world of Chad Corbett online and on Facebook and stuff like that may be aware that he's making some changes in his life.

And we are part of those changes. And I want Chad to get the opportunity to talk a little bit about what his future looks like and what he's doing. And with that, Mr. Corbett have at it, bud. I have taken an appointment in the president's cabinet and I'm just kidding.

Chad Announces His Next Steps [00:01:45]So today is I guess technically yesterday would've been my last official day as a partner of all the leads you guys will still hear from me as a contributor.

But I have made a decision to just live my best life. So I'm going to be taking probate mastery and really building that out into the kind of masterclass and legacy course that I've always wanted to. And stepping back from the day-to-day operations here. So I am moving into my new fifth wheel camper that I've converted to a living and commercial office space.

And I'm going to be traveling the country meeting with probate professionals, real estate agents, brokers, attorneys, investors All the people that I've had the honor to serve and get to know in doing this. So for me, it's really just about getting out and doing what's most important to me and then being, putting myself to the highest and best use of the things I enjoy and I'm best at.

So as part of that getting out of the way of. Of what I'm not good at. So I you, if you need to reach me you're no longer be chatted all the leads for right now, you can find me@probatemastery.com. You can find the probate mastery. A website, excuse me, Facebook group and anyone who's been through mastery isn't probate mastery alumni.

Don't have the platform set up right now. I know that lots and lots of you are waiting for the next mastery course. It's being rebuilt. An interim course will be. But I'll hopefully in the next week or so@probatemastery.com for right now, if you go to the education and training page on all the leads.com, you can actually join the wait list to get into the interim class.

And over the next two to three months, I'm working with some of the top course creators and producers in the country to actually build it into a much bigger, much more robust course. Yeah. That's that's, what's happening. It's a big day for a lot of reasons. And are you Chad, you've got to tell about that

a shaman, is that right? You're getting your own horns. Is that true? I may actually be kicking the trip off by officiating a wedding on the 13th. But I've been at, I've been asked to officiate a wedding. I'm a little nervous. I won't lie. Chad, you're starting your author, your book of 40 old hippie. Is that going to be the working title?

Yeah, probably.

Oh, the one thing that, we all know is that we've been partnered for a long time and and friends for even longer than that and plan is to continue that and continue our relationship. And. We just want it to be in, in the spirit of all the transparency of the things that we do, Chad will be still involved with what we're doing and still a part of it, but just not not as accessible as he was until he goes out.

Like I said, you may see him on TV with his horns on you're shooting weddings, but  just wanted to let you know that we wish him well and all that, but he'll still be part of our lives and at least once a month  we were planning to still have Chad with us here and take a bit more advanced approach to making a monthly call out of this and help him build out his platform as he does that, we're shell still going to be pushing people over to take probate mastery, because at this point there was no better way to get to the, a PhD in it then to do that.

And there's nobody that knows more about it. So it's all good, but we just wanted to let you know that. And with that's all I had to say. Oh, and of course, Chad, we would have a, we got 12 people at the queues, so everybody take a deep breath and let's get to our first caller first up this week, his phone number ending in five, four, six, four.

You're up first van Buskirk. Yes, sir. I don't know what happened. I got dropped or something, but. I was driving on the road. He kept talking and then nobody was there. So it happened. Yeah. We thought your cell phone went dead or something. We did lose you. How far did you make it talking to yourself?  Probably two or three minutes, I guess that's not too bad.

It wasn't like an hour.  No.  I like to think I'm not that long winded, but  anyway, I was, at that time was trying to tell,

What if the Person Named Executor Doesn’t Know The Decedent? [00:05:32] I have been making phone calls and  the person on my PR that listed as a PR is. The person's name, it's their address, but the person who I'm calling has no idea who the deceased person is it's happened two or three times.

I've reported it to  Natalie

Is it like something common? No.  Let me think. Jennifer Rose was one of them.  One lady's name was Irene. So typically when this is the case, it's, it's more of an art then a, when you're skip tracing and we find we're very accurate, but sometimes you'll grab a common name and a highly populated area.

And we've had subscribers before, the person on the other end line gets sometimes excited sometimes alone, armed, and just let them know, Hey, listen, what my assistant could have grabbed the wrong number.  If this isn't somebody, if you didn't know Jane DOE at this address, just, disregard the call.

I apologize. My assistant must've made a mistake and that usually puts them at ease, but you can probably bet that  false positive return.

A lot of people don't realize it lies. Also. I'm just going to add that the first column is if the phone number appears in the court records, the second, third, fourth column are in generally the second, first, and second column should be pretty accurate. If you're finding a numbers like that, it's probably the third or fourth column where we reached out and tried to find additional phone numbers.

And, the majority of them are going to be accurate, but you are going to get.  Chad said, somebody with a very similar name and a similar address. It's not so much that it's wrong. It's just a similar information for a different person. You know what I mean? And that's not a bad way to explain it to them.

You must have been somebody with a similar name.  I've had people say that to me. What did I inherit? Did I win the lottery? And I just nicely tell them if if you inherited something you would know  sorry to bother you. It's probably just the wrong phone number.

How to Discover Someone’s Needs and Offer A Solution ( [00:07:21]And then you had a follow up question, Eddie, but yeah, the last thing on that is just that it was the person that I was calling, then the address was the same. So I was thinking that the skip trace found a different person and changed the address from the court record.  Anyway, my question is the I'd called you guys a couple of weeks ago and told you about a guy who when he inherited his dad's house, he had also inherited his grandma's house.

Because his dad didn't do anything. And now he had dealt with his grandma's house, but he hadn't done his dad's house. So he ended up calling me back yesterday and was like, Hey, I'm ready to meet with you and talk about your house. So I go over there and meet with them. And I've really listened to the call last week, multiple times because the chat Chris and.

David both talks about being more aggressive because the next guy who comes along is going to be  the guy who's going to get that listing the contract on the property. And so this guy just kept being like, no, we're not ready to do anything. I've got four brothers. One of them lives in Japan. We're not going to move today.

We just need to know what our options are and how can you help us get that?  He, and he was like, I met with one realtor yesterday and I'm gonna meet with two more than three. What is the best way to go about,  being aggressive in the right way? And know, I, you need the, you need to flush out his apprehension.

There's a belief in there somewhere that you need to identify and saying something like, it seems like you might not be sure. Like you're afraid you're going to leave something on the table and raise your, the pitch of your voice, like that higher inflection point and ask it in a bit of a question for him.

I get it. It seems like you might be nervous about, making the wrong decision. And then be quiet. And what you'll probably do he's most likely to do is reveal all of his apprehensions. And that gives you, this is where it's. This is, being a really good listener that gives you a chance to understand his motive, his apprehension, and what his fears, what emotions are behind that.

Chris Voss and never split the difference would call that, he calls that labeling.  If you can ask questions like that and label that emotion, maybe it's fear, maybe it's confusion, whatever it is, then you'll know what to say next, but I would try to uncover why is it that he thinks he has to meet with six people?

And usually because that's because they want to make sure they're maximizing the equity and if that's his answer, then your response could be great. That's actually one of the main tenants of our service. We want to make sure we minimize stress and maximize equity.  If I come over on Wednesday would Wednesday be a good time to show to you all the ways we can do that for your situation?

Perfect. How's three o'clock and set the appointment. Take paperwork, because if you can work him through that apprehension and hand him a blue pen and he'll sign every time, anything you want to add.  Yeah. So I think that the other thing is that is to ask them what the most important things that they're looking for this really fits really well with what Chad said, he said, The prospects what they were looking for, where I might just leave it, semi-open ended and say, what are two or three things that you're looking for that would make make an agent the right fit or make an investor the right fit, whatever that is.

And and then write those things down and that'll give you what you pitched toward. Okay. Because a lot of times we'll go in and pitch, present something that isn't important to the prospect at all. So we want to get in their words, what's important to them and then summarize it and say, did I, and then when you address it and the appointment does that satisfy what you're looking for and you're essentially eliminating their objections right upfront and lead.

It really should lead to a much higher closing rate. Okay.  When they have four siblings or they're one of four, and they're like, we have to. No typically I'd be like, let's call him or something, but  what do you suggest in that scenario? I usually get a commitment from them. Try to get them to commit that at least to a tentative date and time.

And then say, okay, is everybody pretty tech savvy? And if the answer yes. And I'll just go right to zoom. If the answer is no, then I'll try to  you can email a link and then set up a conference a lot, just an audio conference line. If everyone's really not tech savvy, then you can drop over and, you can drop.

Priority mail packages to them and then drive it to have a cover letter that says here's the date and time we're meeting. Here's the instructions to dial into the conference line and really idiot proof. It I've had to do all three.  But you can, I try to get a commitment to the time slot and then figure out the logistics of it.

If they can't meet in person right now, it's easier than ever to set zoom appointments. Okay. That's a good idea. Okay. All right, sir, one study where I actually never met the seller.  They worked third shift, she and her husband, both, and they were in Florida. The house was here in Roanoke, and I actually went over there and met with a cousin who let me and took a YouTube video of the interior, the house.

Exterior did my listing presentation as part of that YouTube video, send it to them with a DocuSign. And the next morning I woke up with a listing, never even spoke to them. That's awesome. So I would, Eddie, I would speak to the. At the house appointment. So using, I think zoom is an amazing tool and I'm going to lean toward trying to meet everybody on zoom first, but let's assume that you are meeting at the house and you do want to get in front of the family members.

It's much easier to propose. Meeting everyone upfront than it is to set an appointment with the person you're talking with and then trying to get the other heirs there. So let's say you set an appointment for Thursday and then say, Oh, by the way, can you make sure everyone's there? That's going to be tough.

So instead of that, if you're going to try to push for an app, the property appointment, you just say, could you give me a time or two, when you think that you could get everyone to the house for 20 or 30 minutes?  If you're going to propose that everyone's at a property, you just need to go ahead and set the standard that everyone, at least all the key decision makers are going to be present before.

You narrow lock down that time. Okay. All right. Eddie, I didn't disconnect you. I think you're gone right. All right. Yeah, I hope it was intentional. Next up is phone number ending in six three, two zero. You're up next.

What’s the Best Marketing Frequency for Probate Real Estate Leads? [00:13:36]Hey guys, a quick question about the, all the leads strategy on cold calling and sending in direct mail.

What is your guys's timeline on, when to send the first piece of mail? How many days after the follow up?  And what's like a little bit more of an aggressive approach. Is it, sending two mailers a month, sending one mailer a month and one the next month or three mailers a month?

Just want your guidance on it. We have two answers. We have the company standard recommendation, and then we have the Bruce method. So Bruce, you want to tell them both

company standard? The company standard method is okay. That you're going to send a monthly letter. So you get your list, you set it, you set your mail on autopilot. Your first letter drops within a couple of days of your lifts coming out. Your next letter drops a month later months later  we do recommend at least four, four letters for the longest time the company has said three letters.

And I think technically that's, what's still on a lot of the training.  But that I would. I would advise on six months of letters. I can tell you what I do. My method is I do weekly for the first month. So they're getting three letters by the end of the first month for me, that first month is typically the most noisy in their mailbox.

The most, my biggest competition is in their mailbox at the same time. So I just want to be a little bit A little bit more aggressive than my competition during the early days. And then I'll go ahead and scale my campaign back to every four weeks from that point.  As far as calls go, the company recommends calling a couple of days after each letter hits.

Okay. I recommend if you've never spoken with the person, just call them biweekly. I like to call people before my first letter goes out anyway. So I'll put a short delay, like seven days. On my letter. So my letter really isn't hitting their mailbox for a week and a half after I get my list. And that gives me a chance to call everyone at least once before they've gotten a letter.

And then I if I don't have a conversation with you, I'm going to call you every two weeks until you answer. Or my campaign runs out and that run. If you haven't answered in six months, I'll probably go ahead and let you go for a little while. And I was just going to add to that. If we're doing the mail for you, we send you a letter from yourself.

So when you received that. You got a pretty good indication that your seller received it,  and certainly you want to, there's nothing wrong with calling them before the advantage that a lot of people feel it's a little bit less of a cold call if they received the letter first, because you can reference the letter, Bruce, if you haven't sent them a letter yet, and you call them ahead of time, do you still say you probably got my letter or are you skip that part?

I say, did you happen to get a letter from me yet? And you'd be surprised how many people say yeah, I think so. And I don't correct them, so I don't lie and say, I sent you a letter. I just say, did you happen to get my letter yet? Sure. Yeah. The thing, the other thing I'd point out is that Bruce based on a lot of the stuff that you're, because you're working a lot with all of our customers at this point, as the you're the first coach they ended up speaking to, and what we've seen is a dramatic increase.

And the number of letters that are going out from people early on in the process. And more and more people are at least going to that fourth letter. And a lot of people have now moved to the six letter approach over the two month, first, two month period  and hitting it pretty hard. So the, and it's just like anything else, anything in advertising will tell you is the more frequently somebody sees your name, the more often you're going to be top of mind when it comes to them, thinking about who they need to deal with.

And it's just like anything else it's budget related, but it's also important to remember that in this time where they're not out roaming around all the time and spending as much time as they would let her, maybe one of the very best ways that you can get that done. And it's always worked well.

It's just far better. Now people get calls on letters that they sent out a year ago. And Jim, you've got some stories on that as well. Throw that in here real quick. Yeah, I was, I always feel compelled to add that. If you're only, especially if you're only going to do three letters one a month for three months, we've had people with tremendous success and I've had great success with the six, 12 and 18 months later.

You would think it's a waste of postage, but the reality is if 90% of them are sold after six months to 12 months, the 10% that aren't. Your conversion rate is going to be through the roof because they're going to finally be ready to do something and you're going to have zero competition.

Nobody else has. I can't tell you how many people told me,  a year ago, six months, nine months a year ago. My phone is ringing off the hook. You're the only one that's contacted me really in the last few months. So it's, it's. Yeah, the ROI is going to be the return is going to be phenomenal on those latter letters.

And I was going to also add you guys will probably notice when you ask us a question, we've got a variety of answers. It isn't a one size fits all approach. It a lot depends on your budget. If you have a very limited budget and you have a limited amount of time follow the minimum standard, if you have more time.

And you have a bigger budget. More is almost always better. Your, the more letters you send out, there's the reason Bruce doesn't because Bruce, I know you, I've probably asked you this before, but I know you don't really chart your ROI monthly, but do you feel like a majority of your responses come in the first three letters or the second three or is it pretty mixed?

I feel like the majority of the responses happen at month four. Now  we catch about 20% of our audience on the phone. And at minimum we identify whether they're going to sell pretty quickly. So right in that first seven days, we're going to get a bunch of, yes, we're going to sell, we're not quite ready yet.

And we're going to lay out either an appointment plan or a follow-up plan with them. And that way our letters are cold letters, introductory letters. They're really only hitting people at that point that we don't, we haven't had a good conversation with. And by the way, a good conversation, it might be, Hey, buzz off.

We don't want to talk to you. They just saved me $11 on my marketing campaign. So there's nothing wrong with identifying someone that's not going to sell as well. Know, you make a great point, too, Bruce, the better job you do in making your calls and, taking notes and reclassifying your leads, the more productive your later mailings are going to be.

If you start off with 100 leads after six months, you may only have 15 of them that you haven't spoken to. It very productive to go ahead and send those ones letters that you've never disqualified. So just keep mailing, keep doing campaigns to the ones that haven't been disqualified. And the best way to disqualify them is to, to make the frequent calls.


What is too many calls? And you guys, the thing, like if I'm calling, should we be calling these people every day, if we're taking an aggressive approach or what is too many until you reach them?

Every day is probably too much. Bruce. What do you think is too much? It depends on when if you have the bandwidth, I would probably, most people don't do this mainly because of the bandwidth. I might go every day for a week, but then I'd start to space it out a little bit at that point.

I do believe that if you haven't spoken with them  Less than every other week is too little. So in a perfect world, I think between two and four calls a month is probably the the appropriate amount of calls to someone that you've never, that you've never spoken with. But I don't mind you going more aggressive than that daily or twice a day for seven days.

If you have the time to do it. Yeah. If you're not leaving voicemail and that's something that you'd be aware of. So if you're leaving the same voicemail every day for two weeks, you're going to hurt yourself because it's, you're going to become an aggravation. So just leave a voicemail your first time, if you want.

And then you can, we have folks who call the F every day for the first seven days only leaving an email and, or excuse me, a voicemail on the first.  And you'll start to, You'll start to see what is perceived as reasonable in your marketplace. If people get frustrated. Seeing your number and ignoring your call intentionally every day.

Eventually they're going to pick up and be like, who is this? But that's engagement. But I think just, look at your bandwidth and see how much time you have. But if you're calling once a week, leaving a voicemail  I certainly once every two weeks leaving a voicemail, isn't unreasonable.

And you never know when something's going to change for these folks. They will take immediate action sometime between now and 24 months from now. So more is usually better. One last thing. I'm just going to add one last thing that I also pay attention to the times that you're calling them.

I used to call someone three times Monday through Friday business hours. If I didn't get them, I put them in my Wednesday night pile and I'd call them from five to seven on Wednesday night. If I didn't get them, then they'd go to my Saturday morning pile and I'd call him, 10 to one on Saturday.

Because there are some people that you call them every day at the same time. It's just not a good time for them. You never gonna to reach them. So pay attention to the times you call them in Bruce, I stepped on you. You had an answer. Okay. No, you're good. Definitely alternating those times is important.

What you say in the voicemail also becomes important, especially as you go later into your prospecting campaign. So let's say you've called someone three or four times or four. A couple for several weeks, you've called them. And you either, either not left a message or you've left something generic.

If  if they're just the type of person that you recognize is they're just not going to answer.  I want you to start putting your script or your elevator pitch into those voice messages, because  if they're part of the 80%, that doesn't answer an unknown number. Or they're super busy. It's likely that you'll go through a couple of months calling them without an answer.

So I want them hearing my narrative. So my offer in a letter and a voicemail frequently.  Your voicemail becomes almost another letter or almost another marketing touch. At that point. I don't do that with someone that is new in my campaign, I'm usually going a little more generic leaving some curiosity.

They don't know me yet, but if they've gotten two or three letters from you and now all of a sudden your voice messages are getting a little bit specific on what you're offering. It just really enforces your brand. Okay. All right, appreciate it. Next up is phone number ending in one, five, eight, three.

Probate Mastery Course in 2021 [00:24:06] You're up next. Hey, what's happening? My name is Travis.  We have  Hey, I'm doing one of those little first sprays. The once they chat, I'm sad. I'm sad as you go. But I want to know I won't say last December.  The masterclass I email being for that, but I haven't received it yet. I want them to send me their masterclass class December when you enrolled in the course.

No, I was not.  Right now the course isn't for sale. Have you joined the wait list or the access list? The I am. I am. I am. I read part of, I am a scribe.  But so the, of course, if you want to take probate mastery, I'm rebuilding it on on, on, on LMS platform for right now.  So if you go to all the leads.com look under education and training.

So it's all only the.com forward slash education dash training.  In there, the, what used to be the button to sign up for the course will now take you to a waitlist like an early access list. And it's just taken me some time to transfer everything to a new platform  because it's being transitioned to away from a live course where I'm actually going to teach it long form.

It's going to go from seven hours to 24 hours, but each week we'll have a live component. So I'll actually be doing a live coaching call on a specific day each week, probably a Tuesday. But as I'm making all these decisions and replacing business systems right now, I'm working, I'm going to have an interim version.

Put up and anyone who's on that early access list will have that. We'll get an email saying here's where it is. Here's how to get signed up. Okay. Can you say, I can just sign up today at the same way. We normally sign up with the metric layer, the Motley glaze.  Right now it's just a simple Google form.

So you're going to fill out that form, which will let me know that. Shout to you whenever the site is active. Okay.  And then whenever I have the membership site ready, then I'll send you an email and say, Hey, you can go here and get instant access to the course. So you'll be able to get it quickly.

Once I have the membership site set up. Okay.

You guys still there, sir? We got, yeah, we have five more in the queue. Four, zero, four, six. You're up next.

Handling A Lightning Strike From An Irate Lead [00:26:03]Hi, this is Merrill Lee. It's a great day for me to be having this conversation. Congratulations to Chad for following your dreams. I just wanted to hit, I just want to let you know that yesterday I received one of the telephone calls that you have totally prepped me for the save.

And that was a very. Angry recipient of my letter.

No  I didn't turn her. That's good. Exactly. I just feel like the training that you have offered me since I've been doing this program in June of last year, really prepared me to. Handle the conversation as best as I could. And the elderly gentleman had lost his wife to cancer and he accused me of being a  taken advantage of taking advantage of him.

And he said, my letter was cheesy. I had no empathy. He just went on and on. And. Every time he would breeze. I would simply say it sounds like you're really stressed. And then he would just lay into me again about something. And he's yelling at me about realtors being Paranas and predatory. And I just took one for the team.

I just said, I apologize. He's and he couldn't even hear anything that I was saying is all he wanted to do was Ben and his, all I could think of was Chad saying how many times you received these calls? And at that point I wasn't savvy enough and thinking on my feet quick enough to even say, what's your name?

And before we could end in and he wanted me to tell everybody to go to hell. So basically I felt like I did the best I could, but I don't know what I could've done to turn it. So I'm with that. Really grateful. I got to say goodbye to you and thank you. And best of luck. Yeah. Thanks for sharing your lightning strike and it's hard to tell you exactly what to say with it being out of context.

If you can hear, if you can hear exactly what they're saying, I would have a response, but just for anyone listening, like w the way I coach through the lightning strike is  you've got to. People can only hold a negative emotion for so long. And half of them are going to hang up before you, before the tactic works.

But if you can keep them engaged and let them burn that off, which you did, like you said, Oh, it seems like you're really upset. And then he just came right back with him with another dose. Some of them, some people were just emotionally raw and someone else has stirred up a hornet's nest inside of them.

And then they get triggered and go off on you because they think you're offering something. As selfish as the last person, but I'm really glad to hear that you haven't let that rattle you, that you, no, you're doing the right things for the right reasons. And it always feels good to, you know what I would say next time when you think you're in this situation, get their name first, because that I find that to be disarming in itself.

It's excuse me. Who am I talking with?  If you're going to talk to me that way, I need to know who you are and then you put them back on their heels. Cause they don't expect that they know everything they want to say to you, but if you interrupt them and ask them for their name, that's usually the first thing that I use to trip somebody up and then you can say, okay, so Ronald, it sounds like you may have called the wrong number and get him fired up and get that right.

So you'll get it to the top and let them burn off that negative energy. And the next round you come in and say, it seems like you've really misperceived. The reason I reached out it was it is,  I'm just, I shouldn't have said it is. I would cut it off of there and burn it off and see.

And he started to tell you, these damn realtors, this and that, these investors someone else was muddied the water in front of you. But the fact is he wouldn't have called if there wasn't some curiosity that he had about you.  He just like, unless he's just a miserable sob, he probably wouldn't have taken the time and the emotional energy to do that.

It never hurts for me to actually sit down and just write a handwritten letter to that person and say, it's important to me that I have a good, that I'm respected in the community I serve. And I know that sometimes the offer can be misperceived, but actually, yeah. Let me tell you why I do this and just, put your wine in there and say, listen, we know that unfortunately, X number of families a month, go through this.

And at the risk of making some people feel the way I made you feel, we reach out because we've seen the positive side of this and one of the impact we've been able to make in our community. And it does a couple of things.  Most importantly, it reinforces your why and gets it off your chest.

So you can release this, which you've already done a good job at.  But secondly, it really helps them understand that your intent was pure and you're not trying to take advantage of them and putting it in writing and having them receive it when they're not, they haven't amped themselves up to, to give you an ass chewing is it's more likely to get through to them.

So that's what I encourage people to do when you do get hit with right. 50% of the time they'll actually roll. They'll show you their fears and you can become the solution to their fears and then you'll get the deal.  The other 50% of the time, they just really wanted to give someone a railroading.

All right. Thank you so much. And congratulations on, it's not what happens to you. It's how you respond to it and you responded beautifully.  Next up is phone number ending in one, five, eight, three. You're up next.

Are you there?

Navigating Conflicting Attorney Information [00:31:24] Hey, this is Trav. Yeah. Yeah. I'm back. I had a question I had just got, I had gotten married  I mean on the contract and I been searching the hourlies website trying to ask this question, but I don't really find a lot of information on the actual process. Once you actually get them on the contract.

So I got to deal on the contract. I got for a good price. Actually, you wouldn't believe me. I got up to $10,000 and I'm happy to change attorneys twice. I had to do amendment and change attorneys twice. And I got an email today from my attorney and she said that for me to  go on with the closing, move forward to closing the house would have to go through probate.

And I'm like she like, she made me so mad. I'm like, Hey, I already been a month and a half. And did the second attorney. And they saying, I got to go through probate. I gave them the probate papers. I gave him 11 assessments here that she got, I gave him where she put the floor as they as does Dentrix of the estate.

So she gave him a confused and I'm trying to see now with where I need. What state are you in Georgia. And do you know if court approval is required for a real estate transfer and probate? Yes, I do know that The last one that we did  that person had an attorney and the attorney sent in paperwork for them to carve out the real estate to stay at the real estate attorney date on the last one, but this man got an attorney and boy it'd be in a probate.

Is this a real estate attorney or and how bad? Yes. Yep. I basic real estate attorney. Okay. You do you still have the paperwork from that last deal from DC or that last deal, the last deal you referenced?

Why don't you send that to your closing attorney and say, Hey, the last time I encountered this, here's how we here's. Here's how we got through it. Can you follow this process and make sure this gets through to closing on the closing date.

Oh, I see. Interesting. I send them over that and okay. So cause when I did call them back and I was speaking with the, know the lady up front and she was just saying that I need to get with the seller and we need to go to the courthouse and see what we need to do to get the title in her name, to get a title in her name before we can close.

And she was in at the time. I got it.  Let me get back. You said there are letters, testamentary, so probate has been initiated, correct? Yes. Two years ago. Okay. And it's still open? Yes. Okay. Then. They like they should. In most States you can actually sell, transfer real estate during, while the probates open.

They'll close the chain of title using the death certificate, the last letters testamentary, and then their money is released to the estate's bank account. In some States you have court approval. So you'll get the, you get the asset under contract. You take that contract to the court. The court will either approve it or go through an overbid process, which isn't the case in Georgia.

And then you can close and the money gets released to the state's bank accounts. In order to what they're telling her to transfer title is part of the probate process. She can't just go to the courthouse and transfer title. It's a legal process, it's illegal. Function inside the probate process.

So if she has been going at this for two years and doesn't know what, what her responsibilities are as a fiduciary, you should probably get her to an estate planning attorney so that you can, she can make sure that this is properly executed and can actually close it. So she's not here another two years from now.

And I like your idea, Chad, to bring in the guy that helped you bring in the same attorney to help you last time.  See if he can help you with this one. Even if you got to pay them a little bit extra, why not get to get it done? That may be okay. Have you all ran into the situation where you, I had a property on the contract that was not, the seller did not have an attorney.

Yeah, I've done. No. Pretty much every probate I've ever done because in my market probate attorneys are extremely uncommon. It's just not common practice here, so it's not necessary and it's not required contrary to popular belief, but it's always a good idea. Okay. Okay.

Organizing and Dispositioning Leads For The Best Follow-Up Efficiency [00:35:10] All right. Next up is mr. Pannell. How are you, sir? Hey, I'm good. I just wanted to, when you were talking about the phone calls earlier, it is until you said something, Jim it's those buckets, you put people in and we just moved people from initial when we were calling  very aggressively I've tapered off since a little bit from that, but it still stays in that bucket of.

Uncontacted we used to try to make it over complicated by moving them into different folders, but we lose track of them. So they just stay on one folder in our  espresso dialer, just like a mojo dollar, whatever dial you use. And they just don't ever get out of that bucket until they pick up the phone and tell you no, but if it's a maybe they're going to get a little bit more heat on me cause you could usually hear someone's voice.

If they're not, I'm just not ready to deal with it in their statement or perspective. So you got to listen for that. You can't just discount somebody. On your call list because they say, no, it was like, Chad says, you get a disarmament. I got a guy yesterday. He called me. He's I'm going to waste your time.

That's the first thing he said on the phone. I was like, all right who's going to be wasting my time. He's  can I get your name? So I could at least use like our, we talked for 30 minutes. So it's just that comment. Thank you, sir, as always man, words of wisdom. Appreciate it. David. Next up is phone number ending in two five, one seven.

You're up next. Hey, this is two.  I have two questions. One is in that listing of probate leads that I just got there's multiple phone numbers. It looks like, other potential relatives. Do you tend to call those or do you just typically start with the PR.

This kind of goes into all the leads methods in the grease method because I'm calling before my first letter hits their box. I'm usually calling the first number or what appears to be the most relevant number on my first round. And then  if I can't get the PR. After around or two, I'm going to start going down that list and calling all the other numbers.

The, all the leads method is just call all the numbers right out of the gate.  I, for me, speed, two speed to dial is important and speed to get through my list. A couple of times before my letter hits is important. So that's why I called the one that looks the most relevant only on my first round or two.

That helps too. So you got a lot of background noise, so I'm getting you unmuting you out when you're not talking, but did that help? Yes. Thank you. No problem. All right, next up is phone number ending in eight, two one three. You're up next?

Why The Value-First Approach Works So Well [00:37:39] Hey guys, it's fed first and foremost, Chad Super sad to hear that, but then again, happy for you and wish you all the best.

Secondly, I made two questions. One of them is I found that obviously think thanks to you guys then obviously, going through the role-play calls and even last week's call where Bruce was extremely helpful. I think he he introduced a version of the. Elevator pitch that really helped.

And obviously you guys always pushing for asking better questions  may have landed me three, three deals with the same person.  So essentially I called the PR did not answer left. The voicemail, went down that list. The last number on that list picked up and it was a gentleman I asked for.

The PR and he said, you got the wrong number. There's no Charlotte here. So initially I said, all right thank you. And I hung up. Then I said, you know what, let me call him back and see if. Maybe he was just trying to block it and he may know her. So I called back and I said, Hey, I understand you're not Charlotte.

I did get this number from the County clerk's office down at the probate court. So just wanted to see if you happen to know how I could get ahold of Charlotte. And from there he said, Oh yeah, that's my daughter. And from there, I find out that a she's moving from New York.  She moved to LA from New York and she and her husband wanted to buy a house or a duplex triplex  that they're going to have that they're getting, they want to get the house ready.

For probate that she's being a PR for, and that he himself is also looking for a property. So I have him and the daughter set up to view two properties, actually next week, they're all cash. They send me proof of funds and everything. The power of asking better questions. Thanks to you guys. So I definitely wanted to thank you guys.

For that, obviously I'm not celebrating cause it's not closed  at all, but at least we're one step forward with three possible transactions on eight simple, better questions.  That'd be great.  Was there a probate for sale in the estate or did you just turn her into a buyer or both?

Oh, there was. Okay. I wasn't clear on that. The father told me that she is indeed looking to get ready to get the property ready. The the probate property. So that'll be one. And then she wants to her and her husband want to buy a property for themselves to live in. And then the father also wants to buy a property for himself.

So that's that then again, making the calls, I encountered a challenging challenging scenario. I just want to make sure I'm staying in front of the PR.  He communicated to me the following that he's the son of the deceased person. And he was incarcerated when the mom passed away at the time his brother lived in Vegas and was not aware of what was going on.

And the PR States that even though the mom has owned the property since 1977, she has a fiance she's been with since the mid eighties. And it appears that the fiance married, the mother who died of cancer. A few weeks before the death. So the PR believes that it was done to take advantage of her. And he said, I don't know what to do.

Tell me what I should do and this and that. And I said first of all, is there a court date?  We show me, he said is was January 11th, but you say, I guess the fiance is fighting them to try and to keep the house. So I said, look, I think you should seek legal counsel and just make sure and ask the attorney to make sure that you guys present this to the judge.

Obviously I can't give them legal advice  by following it said, look, I'm here for you. Regardless. So if you need anything regarding, help with anything. Cause he said he does want to get w he does want to sell the property. I just didn't know what else I need to do.

I'm going to follow up with him. He said he has another court date, February 21st.  But, and he agreed that I can call him probably that week just to see what's going on. Is there anything I could advise him to do in the meantime? Or that I should add to the service that can be provided. I hope that made sense.

I try to explain it as clearly as possible. Yeah. The first step is figuring out if it was a valid marriage and, he could go to the clerk's office and see if he could find the marriage license  that could, if it was a valid marriage and the other question, the next question I would have is okay.

If that was the decedent's intent was to have him become a legal heir, did they also write a will? But that the personal rep is not aware of. So is this test Stater intestate, but if assuming there is no will, they didn't take that step. If it's a valid marriage, then it's, it's going to be intestate succession and he will be due at least 50% of, he'll be, we'll be a 50% a year.

Okay your advice was sound like he does need to get an attorney because it sounds like the, they are opposing parties.  This one person's fighting to keep the house and he intends to sell the house. So the likelihood of this blowing up as they try to deal with it themselves is pretty high.

So I would definitely get an attorney involved sooner than later.  Then that, that can be part of the attorney scope of work. Cause you know, figuring out who the actual heirs are, like if it was a valid marriage. Okay. That makes sense. Yeah. I figured I'd give him a call. I spoke to him. This was last week.

So maybe I'll just give him a call this week. Just pay to see if there's any updates in the I'll add the suggestion you made. Do you have both the deceit, obviously you have a descendant's name. Do you have the fiance slash maybe husband? Do you have his full legal name? I do not know.

He didn't. He did not share that information with me. No.  The PR even if you want to be proactive and really provide a high level of service call the clerk's office yourself. And listen I'm trying to help a family not end up in a conflict and a probate.  Can you help me see if there's a marriage certificate for Jane DOE she's deceased, but there should have been a marriage certificate in the last X number of weeks.

Whenever that time was. And see if they can find one, if they can't, that might be your first indication that it was not valid,  just if they didn't pull a marriage license here's what I'll say, man. There's two sides to every story. And just because it just because a guy, if a guy spends his life with a woman  and, expects to be an error to her estate that doesn't make him selfish.

It doesn't mean he's trying to take advantage.  He had an emotional connection with that person and of her son disagrees with them. That's it's up to him, but it doesn't mean he's a bad person. That doesn't mean there was malicious intent. It could be with marriage and the son just going to have to deal with that.

But the more information you can get yeah. The better you can coach him through this and make sure he doesn't blow up and go do something dumb. Yeah. I'll do that. Question, just one last question regarding off-market or probate properties that are going to hit the market soon, I'm aware of two properties that another agent has.

No court confirmation is needed for them is how does that work? As far as perhaps getting a client in, because my understanding is that you can't  put it into contract prior to it being listed on the market. That was my understanding, but maybe I'm misunderstanding. It sounds like you're referring to your MLS rules, not state law.

Oh, okay. So there's nothing preventing. Yeah. It was reach out to the agent and be like, Hey, how did you find out about it?   Sphere of influence, put me in touch with an agent. He knew we got to talking about some properties and he said, Oh, I specialize in probates at, Oh, I help families with probate myself.

So I said, if you have any off markets please let me know. And he said, yeah, I have these coming up. And ironically, the gentleman I was telling you about before  who has the daughter and all that stuff, she wants to take a look at these properties. Yeah. Tell me just,  just call that agent and be like, Hey, I spoke to my, my, my client and they are super excited to see the properties what day and time is best and just start the conversation, but hopefully.

There, there shouldn't be anything in your MLS rules that  prevent them from going, allowing another agent to see the home. Now they might not be able to receive an option, to take offers and negotiate if it's a listed, but not uploaded them MLS. But I would get my folks over there to review it as soon as possible and say, listen, we, these are serious, but your buyer using violent financing or cash.

Cash. Yeah. So I would, give proof of funds just to strengthen your position and say, this is a cash buyer that I'd like to take over. Wait let's make your job easier. And so that you might not have to go through 40 at 40 contracts. I'll just bring you a fair offer on the day you list it and they should let you preview it.

I'll do that. All right, everybody that, go ahead. Sorry, Jim, with regard to that a lot, it's a lot of there's a lot of confusion and misunderstanding around the new realtor rules and the MLS rules. And some of them electives really might not let you submit an offer if it hasn't gone on the market.

But it's my interpretation in most areas, if that's okay. That's just a misunderstanding. What they're not allowed to do is market that property without it being active in the MLS, but they can hold it as the pocket listing. They can let cooperating brokers look and make offers and accept offers on the contract around the house, as long as they haven't advertised it with a sign or any kind of other advertising, but just a conversation like this should not restrict you from making an offer and getting that offer accepted.

Okay. Yeah, that makes sense. I appreciate that, Bruce. Thank you. All right guys, we're finishing right on time. Another great call. And just to be clear, this chat will be here on an ongoing basis, maybe just possibly not every week, but so save your good questions for him when he is here.  I want to thank each of you as always for being here.

I want to. Particularly, thank those of you that actively participated. And I want to challenge each of you take one thing that you heard that inspired you on this call, come back and go out and put it into practice and come back next Thursday and share your results with the group. Stay healthy, stay productive.

Have a great week. And we will talk to you. Same time. Next Thursday. Take care of everybody.



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