Optimizing Your Probate Lead Marketing Schedule & Live SAVE-THE-DEAL! | Probate Mastermind Podcast #312

Optimizing Your Probate Lead Marketing Schedule & Live SAVE-THE-DEAL! | Probate Mastermind Podcast #312

Optimizing Your Probate Lead Marketing Schedule & Live SAVE-THE-DEAL! | Probate Mastermind Podcast #312

Probate Mastermind Episode #312 | Recorded Live on January 28th, 2021.  

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Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast, you'll learn how to balance mail marking and phone follow-ups over time, overcome common probate objections, and how to get a deal through to closing when a family is holding on to sentimental value.

***Most importantly, we hear more incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

Optimizing Probate Plus Lead Lists

Optimizing Probate Plus Lead Lists (00:00)

Mike is carving out a sustainable niche in Probate as expireds and FSBOs wean down in his market.  He is using ProbatePlus+, and is figuring out his marketing strategy.  He is considering calling probate leads with properties first, and sending more letters to those leads rather than mailing to everybody.



Getting a Deal To Closing

Getting a Deal To Closing (12:30)

Eddie is trying to close a deal that went out of contract in December. A relative is saying the house is worth more and that Eddie’s offer is too low. The family might also be struggling with sentimental attachment. Jim and Bruce mastermind how to navigate this scenario.



Getting Clear on Your USP

Getting Clear on Your USP (22:15)

Jim is trying to get clear on his USP. He’s considering offering three price points.  Is this the best strategy? How do you offer and really sell these price options during appointments? Jim and Bruce brainstorm.



Winning Prospects In A Low-Inventory Market

Winning Prospects In A Low-Inventory Market (30:02)

Jerry is in a market where inventory does not last long.  He’s making phone calls, but everyone already has things handled.  Should he start working in a neighboring market? Jim offers considerations for working in a different market. Then, Bruce points out it’s important to note what someone really means when they say “We’ve got it all handled.” They usually don’t, and this conversation can easily be used to build a relationship.




Time Blocking For Cold Calling

Time Blocking For Cold Calling (37:26)

Ron and Megan are looking to figure out their bandwidth and optimize their workflow.  When they get new leads, how fast and how often should they hit the phones? How many hours should be devoted to new leads? What about 3 or 4 months later? Bruce does the math and suggests after six months, as leads accumulate, start reducing follow-ups based on conversations and dispositions



Handling Common Objections in Probate Call

Handling Common Objections in Probate Calls (42:25)

Mike is looking to brainstorm new ways to handle common objections, like “We’ve got it all handled.” What do you say on voicemails if you’re leaving more than one message over time? Is a dialer necessary?



Getting Over The Fear Of Calling Probates

Getting Over The Fear Of Calling Probates (47:34)

Tom is interested in calling and mailing, but feels more comfortable waiting to call his probate leads until after they’ve received a letter from them. What’s the best way to approach someone who might be grieving?



Getting Back Into Gear in 2021

Getting Back Into Gear in 2021 (53:20)

Carlos is diving back into probate leads and is looking to ramp up conversions and results.






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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #312


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the AllTheLeads.com coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

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Welcome to all of our formidable agents and investors nationwide as formidable tip you like that one today. Thank you, sir. Today is Thursday, January 28th, 2021. And this is mastermind podcast. Number 312.  One brief announcement for me before we forget next Wednesday, February 3rd. At 2:00 PM. It is the first Wednesday of the month.

So we will do our February role-play call and we will do it on time this week with it, any technical or this month without any technical difficulties. If y'all, hadn't been on a role-play call before this call, today is pretty much you set the agenda. Questions, answers, struggles, wins. The role-play call.

The intention is to practice with our coaches and each other. Places that maybe we're getting stuck in our conversations. And if any of you, haven't had a chance to go back and listen to those they're well worth listening to, they're always different. We had,  different things pretty much come up on every call.

So be there next Wednesday at 2:00 PM and we have a pretty full queue. So let's get right to the first caller. First step this week and you've been waiting for 20 minutes. I think you were the first on the call phone number ending in zero five, four, four. You're up first.

Optimizing Probate Plus Lead Lists [00:01:50]Are you there?  yes, right here. It's Mike. Hey, Mike. Grand Prairie Texas right.  Yeah, it's Denton, Texas, actually in DFW area. A little bit more North.  Yeah, would you guys for a little bit more than a year now with probate, plus I'm really ramping back up again.  I'm a Mike ferry agent for 15 years, used to the probate.

It used to prospecting and prospect, the hardware expired. Those have waned quite a bit, and I'm loving the fact that I'm carving out a niche with the probate kind of a sustainable niche  competitively. And because it's hard to get into. And as I'm finding my way through it, I've got all the kinks worked out by taking the database from you guys, working it through mojo, do single dialer, all of that kind of thing.

One of the things that I have, it's at a 30,000 foot level on strategy and Bruce, from what I've heard, ma maybe it's more like your strategy, but given that I've got probate plus and paying for the extra leads, that kind of thing, wouldn't it be better to go ahead and receive the leads, make a one-time call through.

And I'm just going to say it. I know some of you will argue with me on this, I'm going to pick first of all sort and pick those properties or those leads that have properties.  Those leads that aren't NMLS and I'm going to go to those first and work those hard. And then my list is considerably shorter votes from weeding those out as well as calling through them.

And then maybe with a month lag time, make my first letter out.  I guess my question is that a better way to do it rather than float the first letter out with, for instance, I just got one for January. There were 85 in Denton County.  When I whittled it down, it got down to 59 and I get it to probate.

Plus,  can help me save money and I want to be not just sending three letters. Which I'm doing now, but like I heard, I think you say Bruce, in the past,  I want to send 12 monthly letters, because I talked to someone the other day. In fact, unfortunately one of my parents had died about two years ago and that's why I noticed that I had all the things that I needed for other people to go through this.

So that's been my mantra when I go into this prospecting, but I actually talked to someone that. The probate was so old. It was almost two years ago when my father died, it was the deceased state and she was just getting around to get the probate hearing. So I get it that they age well, but wouldn't it be a more effective and guys, I'm not trying to take any money out of your mouth, but Hey, maybe it'd be more money if I've only got 12 months from now, 10 people to send it to, and I want to spend the money now.

All right. I'm done with my questions. Sorry. I know that was long. If you want to go first. So you want me to, certainly it can't be the first time this has been brought up. No, not at all. I drew sides. I'm going to defer to you. I would say though, that there isn't a right or wrong way. It's not a one size fits all program.

We're big believers and it's more about what works for you. You then, what's going to net us the most income, believe me. Don't even, I appreciate you saying that, but that's not an issue. I would say that personally, I would send everybody at least one letter because of the,  I just, personally I've done deals where.

I think the longest I did was three years ago, I had sent him a letter, never spoke to him, never got in touch with them and they put my letter away and they were finally ready to do something.  Unless I disqualified somebody, I'd make sure everybody gets a letter and Bruce I'll let you finish.

Cause I do concur with Bruce that more is probably better. But in my, my, in my example, the lady who called me from, the deceased two years ago, she didn't have any property.  So in fact, unfortunately he had been murdered and people stole all of his belongings from the apartment that he lived in.

And again, that's just one letter and I know that's just one time, but. In the sense of being a businessman and trying to be efficient, I'm going to do the work, but I want to do the work smart.  Yep. Bruce is all, I'm going to tell you first what I do.  And then I'm going to take your example and I'm going to tell you why you might not want to do that and why you did, why you should do that.

So essentially, we're going to go at three angles here. I put a seven day delay on my letters. I don't go a month.  Only seven days. And that gives me a chance to get through that list at least one time  and scrubbed the list down. I'm using probate plus to scrub some people out and I'm using my phone calls to scrub some people out.

Now, in the beginning of a probate campaign, you have to consider your your competition. And if you're close to the DFW area, there's probably going to be competition.  And so a reason that you might want to put a a 30 day delay on your letters is it gives some of that competition, a chance to burn itself out.

The reason that you might want to just send your letters out after on day one or day seven is there is definitely some low hanging fruit that if you haven't put a letter in front of them  you don't have much of a chance of getting if they're not answering the phone. So at least you get an early message in front of those.

With that said, I'm personally, a big fan of calling through my list at least one time before they get a letter from me, it really saves me money. If I can get 10% of the list to answer and say, Hey, we're never going to sell that. Just, that saves me a considerable amount of money over the life of the campaign.

And And I wasn't gonna mail those people anyway, but I was certainly going to call them. So it doesn't hurt to call on day one day two day three, and then send your letter on a slight delay.  I could make a case why a month would be good.  But I can also make a case that you're probably missing some low hanging fruit occasionally by waiting a month.

Friday, let me chime in as well and add one other little 10 cents on this. The one thing that you need to realize is that whole, the whole part of this is monitoring your results as you go. And my recommendation, this is Tim. What I would recommend that you look at is that if you're, just getting started in trying to make sure you do the best thing in your market.

The one thing you don't always know is in fact, what may be going on in regard to your competition and all of that. And  you mentioned how many leads you get and all of that. If you do a mailing and you do it early and you do it first and you don't wait and you see what the results are, and then,  then you take another round or another round, look at the results that you get over.

Your first couple of sets of leads that you do that with and you'll know the right answer. That's the point. Anything else is subjective, you're guessing. And we'd be guessing a lot of it depends on the market. It also depends on what happens in your court system, because sometimes your courts aren't clearing things as quickly as others.

And we don't know, we can only give you the data that comes out. So I always encourage people when they ask is. Take a whack at it, but make sure you carefully monitor the results when you do the mailing. When you finally get at it, if you get some phone calls back, or if you talk to people that say they got your letter and it helps soften.

At first called and that's a good thing. If you don't hear anything at all back, you're not getting any good results. Then, maybe mailing early is not necessarily the best thing to go do, but if you don't do it, you will never know what you're missing in the beginning. And I'd go back to what Bruce said again, not trying to talk you out of spending more money, but you don't know what you're missing unless you try it.

So it's fool up. Just let it sit there. Totally hearing you guys on that. And this is with about nine months in and seeing a  it's about the second letter that hits that I get something and frustration before appropriate plus of having the riff-raff that I had to weed through. And now it's much more streamlined.

I really love it. You guys really have done a fantastic job and I've been really talking it up, but I appreciate that. So just a follow up question. So a lag time can be done through mailbox motivator. Sure. You just have to tell us what you want to do. Okay. Fair enough. Fair enough. And  Bruce, I think I heard on one of the recordings that kind of your script on that is have you received my letter yet knowing full well that it's, if you were in the first week and you called on day one and you have a seven day lag time that it's not.

On a bad question, but just a great question. You're not lying, they haven't got it, but it's a good opener. Is that kind of your tact on that? Did yet,  did you happen to receive a letter from me yet? Not saying that I sent one, I'm just asking if they happen and you'd be surprised how many people say yeah, I think so.

My follow-up to that is usually I don't imagine you've had a chance to read that have you, which is, I know for a fact that they haven't. Okay. And .  Have you seen my sold signs in the neighborhood? Yeah, an old tree thing. Hey buddy. And one other thing, Bruce, Mark my name down.

If you could, I'd be interested in talk to you about coaching. Great. Yeah. Perfect. Let me go ahead. And what's the last four of your phone number? I'll have Jim  send me a message afterwards. Six, five Oh one six one. Okay. Perfect. All right. Thank you guys. Appreciate it. Thanks. Yeah. And Mike, one thing.

Oh, you're very welcome. Can you get, can you hear me okay? Yeah. Okay. I think I'm back now. Yeah. I was just gonna say, Mike as I said, this program, isn't a one size fits all. I was a Mike ferry coach too, as with your training and your experience, you're a prolific prospector. It's, it's never bad to have an introduction, but for other people listening on this call that maybe aren't as experienced at making the calls,  that first letter can be an icebreaker.

You may not Spreaker a little bit less than somebody else that doesn't it isn't as seasoned as prospecting as you are. That's the only thing I was gonna just add for other people listening at . Yeah, one other thing when we throw in about that is this that you all show. If you're following our lead, one of the things we do is recommend that we always use colored envelopes when we can, when people want to go do that.

And if you pick a color that you use for each of the mailings that you do,  you could also say, even if it's in the early mailing or the second mailing or whatever, you've probably seen my blue envelope. She may be ignoring them. A lot of people, I'm sure you get a lot of mail, but mine are the ones in the blue envelope.

And typically people look at their mail as it's coming in. I may not open it all, but now they'll remember they got some blue envelopes. So it's another thing that you can call out. So even if they even didn't look at the first one, they'll know they got something in a blue envelope. They'll remember who you are and you've gotten a little warped in that call to start with.

It's also one of the reasons that we typically recommend you use that colored envelope so that you can call it out. Great tip. Thank you very much. All right. Thank you. We have five more in the thank you. Five more in the queue. Next up is phone number ending in five, four, six, four. You're up next.

Getting a Deal To Closing [00:12:30] Hey, this is Eddie van Buskirk.

Hey, I think a lot. I set a reminder for this call. I just got I would doing an assignment contract on a property.  My, my buyer went to go close to, he closed yesterday and the seller texts me this morning when they're about to go cozy. He said, I'll just read it to you. It's short. He said, Hey, we have a problem that he, my wife and brother don't want to sell the house because they think the house is worth more than your offer.

My buddy from appraisal office called me and said, my mother's house is worth more than 21,000. So we need to talk some times a day. We already talked and  you've been straight up with them the whole time. I've told them that it's, it will be worth more. Like I run a business. Like I run a business and I, he knows that I need to make money.

They, we started this process in June. They said I made them an offer of 16,000. They said they were going to clean it out. And see if we can get more money than they didn't do anything for about five months. And then  I went over there with my assignment buyer cause I have a good relationship with them.

So he told me what he'd be able to say. I gave him a little bit less offer, which was hire  then the original. Okay. 16,000. So it came up to 21,000. So it worked out well. We've had a nightmare with the title, just getting it clean and I've been doing all this. It sounds like they want me to pay them for sentimental value.

How do I do that? So I'm having a conversation with all three of them in myself. So four of us this afternoon at three 30, how do I talk to them about the sentimental value? So I think that you need to start with questions. So you need to kinda start with, Hey look I appreciate that you guys are wanting to have a conversation about this.

Could you fill me in a little bit on what what kind of value you're looking for out of this and where it's coming from? Okay. So find out what they're thinking. They might be thinking 23,000. We don't know  until they say and and then ask them if they've thought about what kind of work it's going to require of them to get whatever value they they're thinking.

That's the big thing is, cause they, they sat on this property since June, without cleaning it out.  Who's going to do, who's going to do the clean out. Who's going to make the repairs. Who's going to actually boost the property value. And a lot of times I would bet they're just not they're not recognizing the pain and the frustration that it's going to take to get what they think it's worth.

And of course. They might have a completely unrealistic expectation of whatever that new price is. So you're coming to I'm coming to the conversation with a lack of clarity on what's even going on in their minds. So you need to sit down and write out a handful of questions so that you really understand where they're coming from, why this is coming up now, what they're thinking.

And.  And then ultimately what they think the time and effort you've put in so far has been worth is, like you said, you had to clean title up. You had to do a whole lot of work here.  Want to give them an opportunity, even if things start to fall apart, I want to give them an opportunity to recognize what you've brought to the table and offer you something for the effort you've put in.

Yeah. I'll show. The other question is if they're going to look yeah, for maximum dollar on the property, are they looking to list it and sell it? Which should mean they'll sit on it for awhile and you have to look at what the value of money is today versus the future value of money. But I hit on what Bruce said first, you're having a data free conversation unless you know what they're looking for.

And you may be surprised that, another couple of grand might do the trick for you and. You can go back to your assignment buyer and look at the same set of dollars and saying, Hey, they came back up, meet me halfway, do what you got to go do. And you can get this done in a snap, but until you know what they're looking for you're you're twisting in the wind without really knowing what you're playing through.

And Eddie, do you have a legitimate signed, executed contract?  I. I believe we went out of so technically I'm out of it. That's a great question. I went out of contract at the end of November or the end of  December. We were supposed to be done by then  with that's on me for not getting it  updated the, but yes, I, at one point I did, but right now I am out of contract on that.

The brothers were the breasts where these other parties, were they involved from the beginning or have you only been dealing with with the principal? The PR?  When I started back in June and June with them, I went and I met the brother, the PR  and then I made him an offer and then his brother didn't like it so that we all got on the phone together.

So I've never met him, but I've been on the phone with him.  But he really didn't have too much. He just was like, yeah, I'll get the house clean up. The, when they call me back in like October and we're like, Hey, we've got the house cleaned out, come take a look at it again. Literally nothing had changed.

And we walked in the house and the PR himself was like, he told me it was cleaned out and everything is still here.   Yeah.   His wife, I've never interacted with his wife though.  What you want to do when you have a conversation with them and you get some more information and provided what they think the house is worth is realistic.

Okay. And they might be totally unrealistic. We don't know, but provided it's realistic.  You're right. Probably going to want to say, okay. Let's review the comps. Let's review the information and are you willing to do it looks like, let's say they want 40,000.  So it looks like 40,000 is a better number for you guys.

Are you willing to do these 10 things? And so just list off a series of things that they're going to have to do, including a listing, including commissions include including potential buyer closing costs and all those things that go into a traditional sale and say, are you willing to do that or should you, and I should we just come together and try to try to reinforce or come up with a new agreement with me?

Odds are, they're not really thinking clearly about how much the house is worth in its current condition and how much work is going to need to go into putting a new deal together. Okay. One of the reasons I asked, one of the reasons I asked you if you had a legitimate contract I would do everything that Tim and Bruce said, take the highest road first, but in.

In most States, if you have a legitimate contract, you could record the contract against the property, or you could record a notice of interest  and, get some leverage to at least be not that you're going to play hardball, but get some leverage to be at least compensated for what you have done so far.

If they're really not, giving any value to that. And even though you might be a couple of weeks past the closing date, again, I'm not playing amateur attorney here, but most. Contracts allow for a reasonable delay, unless it says time is of the essence. So I guess you just got away the risk reward.

If you feel you deserve to be compensated and they are breaking the agreement, that may be an option for you, I'm not gonna, it just depends on how far you want, how far you want to push it, if you think it's worth it or not.  And what is it going to be? What does the house look like?

It's worth Eddie. When all said and done after repairs, what's the house going to be worth on the market? So I did one right around the corner from that house. That's probably the most, the nicest house in the neighborhood by far for 80,000. Okay. And what's your assignment buyer? What's your assignment buyer looking for?

He, what do you mean? He's going to keep looking at pay. Oh, he's paying 26. He's paying 26. Got it. So you don't have a lot of room there, right? No.  What I did think, tell me what you guys' thoughts are on this. If it does come down to a sentimental thing, If they agree with me on all this other stuff, and it comes down to us in the middle thing, what are your thoughts on me being like, it sounds like your mom was, a very special person.

She's very important to you and you want to honor her memory rights.  What are your thoughts? What if I buy you a $250 gift card to the steakhouse and you guys can all go out to dinner and have a dinner about your mom. That's tough, man. That's tough. They may not get along. They may not be getting along well at this point because one of them was ready to sell it for what you wanted to buy it for.

And the other two aren't I think you're maybe playing with, that's a nice idea. You might be playing with fire. Okay. If I do it I'll be sure to report back. I just.  It was trying to figure out what non-monetary thing could I give them that might help them? Is there any, do you think there's any elasticity on your buyer?

I think if you have to pay more for it, is your buyer going to be willing to come up with some more money? If you said the house around the corner, you got it to 80, is your,  what's it going to need to get, to be a comparable to the one that you did already? Does it need a new roof?

Gotta be rewired, all new plumbing bathrooms. What's it going to take? Yeah, just about everything. That's what I did with the other one around the corner.   New roof, new kitchen, new bath, new plumbing, mold removal.  I think the electrical is okay actually in this one, but  quite a bit. The buyer is a good friend of mine.

So if I need to work out something with him, I'm sure he'd be flexible with me.  It's not an issue. Yeah. You want to take away 80 by 20 in it. If you could take it up to 80 by putting 20 in it.  That's a pretty nice spread. You've got some room to play on the bottom if your buyer's willing to move.

But  if you've only got what five grand to play with right now  you don't have a lot of room to negotiate. Yeah.

Got to start with what they want. Lots of chew on it. He please get back and let us know how it goes. Hopefully we gave you some ideas of the work. All right. You're very welcome. We have three more in the queue guys. We got plenty of room for more, just hit star six and hit one in the meantime.

Next step is phone number ending in zero five, four, four. You're up next. Okay.

Getting Clear on Your USP [00:22:15] Marker [00:22:15] This is Jim from long Island's. Again, I wasn't trying to jump in as the first call or ahead of the fellow from Texas, but it seems like both our numbers and with zero five, four, four, unless I misunderstood. Correct. Okay. What are the odds?

Yeah. Okay.  Resubscribed to ATL a few weeks ago and I wanted to talk a little bit about  of the various services that we offer through the sales letters, which is single one seems to be a bit more popular with executors that are intending to sell the house. And how do they prefer to pay for it?

So from the deceased's remaining funds their own money, or are they looking for me to finance?  It's normally going to be. Go ahead. Go ahead, Jim. You start. No, I'm just going to say my own experience. It's not even close. It's the stuff in the house. Getting rid of the stuff in the house, figuring out what's there.

What it's worth. What do I do with it? That's the number one. And go ahead. But she could add answer that. I'm sure. Okay. So normally they pay for it with the deceased remaining funds. Sometimes they, if they don't have remaining funds or liquid assets in the estate, then they'll pay for it out of pocket and then get reimbursed.

If they don't have any money, your third choice is that you could front the money for a an interest rate or front the money and then take a larger commission or a larger equity position in the property.  And I agree with Jim, it's not even close. It's usually cleaning the property out now with that said almost nobody ever calls me and says.

Hey Bruce, we really need help cleaning the property out. That just doesn't happen. It doesn't mean that they don't need that help, but it's our job as prospectors and professionals to present that option in an appealing and compelling way, because most people, until they know you, they're not going to be like, Oh, you know what?

I have this random stranger that just sent me a letter. Let me call him and bring him in to clean the house out.  They don't. Thanks that, so the offer that we make is all about building more rapport. And then there comes a point where you say, let me, do you mind if I make a proposal, that's my favorite gate to get into presenting the option.

I'll say it sounds to me like based on our conversation or our conversations in the past, you guys are stuck or dealing with this and this. Why don't I come out there and take a look at the house and just tell you that some of the things that I could take off of your plate, you're going to have to get really strong on the phone with people to actually get some of these People to take you up on the offer to, to help them with a clean-out to help them with maintenance, to help them with repairs, estate sales, anything like that, it starts with you and the the way that you offer it or the way that you present it.

I per, I don't know about the other subscribers. I think I know about the other subscribers I coach most of you  It's pretty rare that somebody just calls up and says, Hey, could you come out and send somebody to cut my grass or help me clean the house out? It just doesn't happen. So we take charge and  our, the impetus to, to spur that action along.

So the executors that intend to sell the house, they are looking for a clean-out, but not so much improvements. Are they looking for upgrades to may make a grandma's home look more, more modern, where they just want to clean out and sell it clean. They don't know what they don't know.

If you presented an appealing case for upgrading the house, they'd probably take it. But most of the time, they're not just going to take that action without you proposing it. Okay. Yeah. And I would just add to that too. I would add to that also, Jim, that very rare that they're looking to get top dollar for the house,  the vast majority of them.

Want the hassle over with, they want to get the funds. They want to split it up among the heirs. And so I can't remember somebody calling and saying, Hey, the roof's leaking or the appliance are old. You nobody can fix them up so we can get top dollar for the house. It's just not, this niche is more about, usually more about time than getting top dollar.

But like Bruce said, for some people, if you offer that option, they might take it up. But most of them calling in. Just want it off their plate. They want the stuff out of there. They want it sold and they, they want to cash out quickly.  I was thinking about offering three options, the many rehab for a top dollar sale number two would be the clean-out and clean up and sell.

And number three would be as is to a flipper. Is that too much to offer or should I cut it down to just two things or. Are the three choices, many rehab cleanup, and sell to flip. Okay. Are you also licensed to list, can you list their home or are you and wholesaler I'm licensed and yeah, I'm a licensed agent and licensed contractor.

Those three options sound good. Normally I'll add a few extra options in, but not in what I present. So I'm going into an appointment like that. Trying to understand normally before I go on the appointment, what's more appealing to them. Is it more appealing to them to just be done with it and not have to do anything else to the house?

Or is it more appealing to them to get closer to full value? And and so I go already eliminating a few options that  based on our conversations. And then when I walk in, I'm going to try to narrow it down through questions and conversation that typically the two of my multiple options, the two that are going to fit them best.

And that's what I present. And I say, which one of these sounds better to you guys? And I let them choose. Three is sometimes too many, two choices is normally best. Okay.  Lastly, do we have any presentation, paperwork to present the options on? Is there any format that you guys already have that could be easily followed?

Get with me, grab a we'll have somebody reach out and and get you on a coaching call with me. I personally have a letter of intent that I'll fill out. And sometimes it has a few options on it. It's always fluid and it looks like whatever my last deal looks like.

And then I also run a menu. Where, when I go in, I'll usually present to someone, a menu of services and let them choose which menu item they want. And that usually has three or four it's geared toward listings, but it usually has three or four different things that they can choose from ranging and service and commission.

Okay. Is this Bruce I'm speaking with now? Yes, Bruce. Okay. We already have a scheduled call next week. Perfectly. Yep. Make sure you bring the the menu up and the letter of intent. Okay. Thanks. Thanks for all this. I appreciate it. Thanks John. Hey Jim, I was just gonna, I was just going to add real quick your question in a way, reminds me of a question.

We get a lot of times when when a realtor is an investor, which had two, I were on the call and you want to have, like Bruce said, you want to have multiple hats on hand. But in the initial conversation, if you ask good questions, they'll usually disqualify one of them. You know what I mean? If the urgency is there, then listing, it may not be an option.

If the urgency isn't there, then you know, an investor quick sale may not be an option. So have as many options prepared, but usually about, I agree, a hundred percent with Bruce. By the time you get to the appointment, you're probably going to know which one or two. You're probably going to know which one they're going to take, but you probably want to give them an option.

Anyway, people love to buy the eight to be sold. They like to make decisions. They don't like to be told what to do, but it's all asking. Good questions from the beginning. And it sounds like you've got a pretty good handle on that already. Sounds great advice. Thanks. Thanks fellowship.

All right. Thank you. We have two more in the queue guys. So we got 20 minutes yet.  Don't be shy. Jump in there. Hit star six and hit one.  Next up is phone number ending in seven two, two five. You're up next?

Winning Prospects In A Low-Inventory Market [00:30:02] Yeah, this is Jerry with Remax in Colorado. And yes, sir. I'm happy to be on the call today.

And two things. I question one. I'm currently getting the leads for Denver County, which usually turns out to be about. Oh, anywhere 50 to 60 leads. And after it's been whittled down to the ones that are real estate pipe out 20 or 25, and I'm in this Colorado market, just along the front range here, it's just so it's very competitive.

Even a house that's not habitable. It has been damaged by fire goes for 250,000 because someone will buy it, fix it up and sell it for 400,000. So there's a. Just a myriad of sources reaching out  when a potential property becomes available and wanting, I'm more familiar with Adams County, which is just North of Denver.

That's where I live. Although I do work some in the Denver market, I'm more comfortable with the Adams County market and just wanted to do a talk to you. Do you think it might be a consideration for me to move my subscription over to Adams County? And out of Denver County and ended up, the second thing I wanted to discuss with you is maybe I could set up a coaching with Bruce to really structure my, my, my initial call.

I really only have about 30 or 40 seconds going to grant Cardone. Do your introduction and reason you're calling and qualifying them should take about less than a minute. And simply I'm identifying with the people that receive the calls. Cause I get a lot of calls myself for windows, for, whatever, just as a consumer.

So I want to have, we have avid correct when I call them and consider moving by subscription to Adams County. So if you could address those two things for me  I'll address the coaching and the call real fast. I won't go into great detail on the structure of your call. But but I will tell you to schedule your coaching call just go into your subscriber portal and click the training dropdown. And there's a button that says schedule a free coaching call.

Do that. And then it's gonna book through Calendly and it's going to ask you to add a note on specific topics that you want to discuss. Definitely add a note that we need to cover the call structure. Okay. Alright. Thank you. Brooks.  Jim, and then yeah. And Bruce, I'll ask your sales. Jerry, I'm sorry.

I'll ask your salesperson to reach out to you. Maybe. Look at the numbers and the the competition.  There's, there may be an advantage Adam's if there's less competition.  But I also, I believe I, that's certainly something to consider. You may want to do like a split test on him.

How long have you been working? Denver. Did you just start working them about four months. Okay. And what do you, what are you finding? Are you finding that a lot of them are already listed or sold by the time you speak to them? Or is it just, you're just not getting shot? Both. Some of them are that way.

And and there's not much  I've not gotten any calls just from the mailings,  but once again  there's so much mail that everybody receives. But when I call and they could just say we've got a handle or, attorneys doing it, we've got another realtor already, those kinds of things.

Sure. And one other thing. Yeah, I think a good, just like the BR the coaching call with Bruce, I'm going to ask your sales person to reach out to you and compare the logistics of the two counties, the numbers. There are some Colorado counties that delay the delivery. Until the probate is completed and I'm not really sure offhand which one that is.

I don't know if that's the case or Adams, so maybe that's what you're experiencing. TIm, do you know offhand? I don't know. Off hand. I'd have to look into it if

all right.  We'll look into that. Jerry Colorado is there's a few counties in Colorado. Not all of them. It had privacy provisions and they don't release the data until the is completed, which on one hand, you're going to have a much higher percentage that are already listed or sold. On the other hand, the ones that are still remaining  you're going to have, you should have a pretty good conversion rate.

As far as the people getting ready to do something. Yeah. Gotcha. Yeah. Okay. So I'll look it up. All the kids who would find out who your sales person is and have them reach out to you right after the call and kind of compare the logistics and the two counties.  Okay. All right. Okay. Jerry. I appreciate it quickly.

Jerry, let me quickly address something. You said a second ago with you're getting people on the phone and there's a couple of objections that they gave you. We have a realtor that's a little bit harder to get around. But our attorney's handling everything and we've got it all taken care of.

And anybody who's done a handful of coaching calls with me is probably gonna rolling your eyes. Cause I say this so often, but  We need to understand what that means and what that doesn't mean. What that does not mean is we're not going to sell the house. I want you to understand if they say we have it taken care of.

They're not saying we're not going to sell the house. What they are saying is we don't know you. And this is our defense mechanism to get a sales person off of the phone.  And  if we recognize that's not a a rejection or them saying that they're never going to need our service, that's just strictly  their defense mechanism.

And I like to validate those defense mechanisms.  Completely understand, I feel the same way too. You probably don't need a lot from me today. Validate it, leave your name and number. Your name and number is a smoke screen. It's not an end of the call. And then you just simply say HSA. And my last question is are you guys thinking about eventually selling the real estate you've inherited or does it make more sense for you guys to keep that?

Because that's what you want to get to at the end of the day is you want to get to the real estate conversation and too many of our.  Subscribers and the people I work with here, we've got it all handled. And what they think that the person is saying is we're never going to sell a house.  That's not.

Oh, okay. Yeah. Oh, got it. Thanks for clarifying that's really helpful.

Perfect. Does that help Jerry

Any other follow-up questions? Are you good? Nope. That was it. If someone could just maybe my the sales rep could call me after the cologne with some information about,   when the actual probate is completed in Denver and Adams County, and maybe how many leads might be in Adams County.

Absolutely. Some of them reach out to you right after the call. And I'm just going to add one thing to really drive Bruce's point home. I said it to the last caller that people love to buy, but they hate to be sold. And just a classic example of that is,  just say you need a new suit. So you walk into a clothing store and the sales person walks up and says, can I help you just to auto response from most people is no, I'm just looking well, basically you're there for a reason you want a bias, but what you're saying to the guy is don't push me, don't rush me.

I, don't tell me something.   That is just, that's a classic at universal. Reaction to people when they feel cornered or threatened. So  I it applies whether they were on the phone, sounded real estate or going into a store by the suit. So I thought that was a good exempt, all right.

I appreciate it, Jerry and I will we'll have somebody reach out to you right after this call. Okay. Thanks a lot. Appreciate everyone's help today. Thank you. Awesome. We only have one more person in the queue. This is rare. And as soon as I say that, we'll probably have 12 people jump in, but hit.

Star six to hit one. We don't want to leave to any questions on the answered. We'd love to hear your wins, success, stories, issues,  whatever you need help with. That's why we're here today. And right now, the last one in the queue is phone number ending in six, three eight, eight.

Time Blocking For Cold Calling [00:37:26] Hi guys. So this is Ron cram in Arizona, and also on the call with me as my partner making news, we're just getting started.

We've got a credibility website that should be going live hopefully later today. And we're going to begin calling and the mail will go out soon after, but Megan and I had a question we want to know how do we know what our bandwidth is? How do you let's say. We give a hundred leads coming in every month and we want to call those people like every day for the first week or so how many hours where we have to devote to, to that activity.

And then I actually have  four months worth of. Leads cause I've been subscribing, but I haven't been doing anything yet. I've still wanted to learn more about how to do this. So how do we plan out four months worth of leads? What, how do we figure out what our bandwidth is and what we should try to take on per week?

Hey, Ron, it's Bruce Hayes. I think you're typically gonna dial around 30 to 40 numbers per hour and that's got to. Vary greatly, depending on how many people engage in conversation with you. So that's assuming that  probably 75 to 80% are not answering and of the ones that answer a handful are blowing you off in a couple of them are talking with you.

So plan on 30 to 40 dials per hour. And and then in the first week, normally I would plan on, I know you get somewhere between three and five numbers per lead in that first week, while I'm calling, especially the first few calls, I'm usually calling the number that looks like the most relevant.

So the number that looks like it's going to be the cell phone. Or home phone of the PR. And and then I'll go down that list and call the second, third, fourth, and fifth number provided that the PR hasn't answered the first few times that I've tried.   Think it's important to get through your list as many times as possible in that first week.

And as far as bandwidth goes  in my experience, if I give, or if one of my agents were to give four and a half hours of phone prospecting per week, they can handle somewhere around  50 to 60 new leads per month.  As long as they have four and a half hours of prospecting time a week, so that's hour and a half, three days a week.

If you're. Phone prospecting, 12 hours, 12 hours a week. Then obviously you can handle more leads, but 50 to 60 is good for an hour and a half, three days a week. And that'll keep you in front of  anyone you haven't talked to and followed up with the people that need to follow up. That'll keep you in front of them for about six months before  that time allotment becomes unreasonable.

Does that make sense? So you're saying a one and a half hours per day, three days a week would be how many leads in a month? 50 possible. Yeah, between 50 and 60 new leads per month added onto your list and that you can, you should be able to prospect and follow up with them for six months before you either need to let that.

Follow up call go and just not call them anymore or add more time to your schedule. Okay. Okay. That's based on  that's based on calling everyone that you have not interacted with and that's not based on calling everyone. Seven times in the first week, that's really twice a month is pretty much the w what that shakes out to is two calls a month.

If you haven't talked to them.

Okay. Now that helps. Yeah, that does help. I'm just wondering what you said there, though. You're talking about how there's several numbers. So were you saying that you would call the same person, all five different numbers that they have before you would move to the next person? Or were you saying that you would call the top number for each person and then go back and call the second number for each person  in the beginning?

In my first week. And I'm not as aggressive as you just described? Only because of my bandwidth. In the first week, if I'm going to call them two times in that first week, I'm only going to call the top number both times. I'm not going to go to the lower numbers until I've called that top number twice.

Okay. And then I start calling all the numbers for any lead that I've never gotten.  After that second call, now, if you're going to call them five times in the first week or seven times in the first week there's gonna come a point two or three calls in where you want to start calling the rest of those numbers.

Okay. Got it. But I want the PR to prove to me that they're not going to answer my, my, my call. And that's usually if they haven't answered or returned my call after two calls, then I need to start dropping down that list. Okay.  We had three more people on. Thank you. Good. Glad it helped. We, of course, we had three more people jumping the queue.

Next step is so number ending in zero zero five, five. You're up next.

Handling Common Objections in Probate Calls [00:42:25] Hey guys, a lot of zeros and fives today. Yeah, no kidding. Yeah. Go buy a lottery ticket. Hey Bruce. We were talking on a coaching call the other day and I was taking some notes and so happy to speak with you again and thanks for sending me that email about the stuff you're going to send, but Oh yeah.

Two things. What I'd like to know, how do you respond? When someone says we've got it all covered. I know what you typically say, but we, I, we, I didn't, we didn't go further on this and I know you typically say, I completely understand. Do you mind if I share a couple of the things you might want to watch out for, and then I don't have any more notes on that.

What would you say and assume it's an occupied place, whether it's a family member, whatever. So that insurance thing is not going to.  There's not going to be any benefit to bragging about that. And so I would like to know about that. And then just as a follow-up. So I was hearing people,  because again, I'm new to this.

My first mail is probably gonna go out tomorrow. And the concept I'm hearing, calling people five times a week, I'm assuming. That's only because they have it and you're leaving voicemails. If I'm wrong. Tell me what do you say on the second one? And yeah, so that's, I'll leave it like that for now.

Okay.  So first is do you mind if I share a couple of things with you that you might want to watch out for? I probably said that on a role-play or a mastermind call at some point.  Guarantee that answer is floating out there somewhere. That's not my normal answer. If they say that they have everything handled my normal answers, just to validate them.

Throw up a little smoke screen so that they feel heard and understood and not disagreed with, and then pivot over to a different portion of the conversation. So that it sounds Hey, that's really good. I was hoping that you'd say that you probably don't need a ton from me today. Could you take my name and number down?

And they say, yes. And then you say, here it is. And before I let you go, where are you guys eventually planning on selling the real estate? Or is that something you were hoping to hold on to. So validate don't I, what? I don't want them to feel. I don't want them to feel misunderstood and disagreed with, I want them to feel validated and agreed with before you move to a different question.

No, I don't care if somebody says I've got it all handled because that leaves me a wide open path to ask them about real estate. After I validate them.  Second part of your question is five calls of if somebody answers the phone and you have a dialogue with them, of course, you're not going to call them back the next day.

You're going to base your followup schedule on on what that, how that conversation went. If they say, Hey we're not going to do anything for three or four months. You're probably not going to call them for another three weeks or four weeks to follow up.  It just depends on what kind of idea they give you of their timing.

And you would say it's three weeks, you just decided it's going to be three weeks. You will put, you can put that in the CRM as a task to when to follow up with them. That's right. And do you, does the CRM notify you? Do you, do I get an email in the morning saying, Hey, you got to do these five things today?

Or do I have to just go check in and just kinda like refresh the thing and get it to see where, timeline what's the next? No  I live in my CRM, so I don't. I don't pay attention to notices. I get, cause I'm always in the CRM. Anyway, Jim, Tim does the CRM send a reminder out if you're not, if you're not looking at your lead list?

I don't believe so, Tim.

I think Kim left her,

supported all the leads and somebody will get back to you, but I don't believe that myself. Yeah, it will. Oh yeah. You can book yourself at time. There we're actually making some changes in the CRM to do what you're doing. And ultimately what we're going to have it do is basically allow you to customize it so that you can hopefully start your day off by getting an email from the CRM that says, here's the things you need to go do today.

That's the ultimate in terms of how you would want a CRM to react is based on what you've told us. Then, it's going to remind you of those things and you can start your day off with that and you know what you're supposed to get at, but you can definitely set times and appointments within it.

You have to just become familiar with it and that'll get covered on your intro call. All right. Fantastic.  Sorry,

Can you explain, is that for I really, truly powerhouse like prospectors. I heard that once before what's when is it appropriate for someone to be doing that? If they do have a lot of leads and there's, a staggering amount of phone numbers to call.

Exactly what you just described. Personally in our business, we're not using a dialer, but if you're making three, four calls per lead per month, and you have a few hundred leads each month that you're adding on top of the last month in the last month leads, then it does make sense to get a dialer.

If you're adding a hundred leads or fewer on top of yourself every month, and you're sticking to a two call a month  schedule. You don't need a dialer. Okay. Super. Thanks. Thanks so much,

Bruce. Are you okay for a few more minutes? We have a couple more people. In the queue. Yep. I've got a hard out in 15, but I'm good. Good until that. Perfect. I'm going to close the queue. We got two in there. The last two. First one is phone number ending in nine, nine, four two. You're up next. Yes. Hi, thanks for taking my call.

Getting Over The Fear of Calling Probates [00:47:35]My name is Tom Ross. I'm in the Keller Williams and Allentown, Pennsylvania. And the reason I tapped in was I was hearing people saying that they were calling  their list before they even sent a letter out. And I was puzzled by that. Cause a lot of the people. On the list that I get are people who are on the do not call list.

And I guess I feel a little sketchy about calling people on a, do not call list just out of the blue, especially if they're PR and they're grieving for whoever passed away. So can you dive into that a little bit? Yeah, let me, I will start talking, like I had said after that conversation, that gentleman is a seasoned prospector.

He's very comfortable on the phone. The standard program we recommend is do send the letter out first. It's a, it's less of a cold call. It's an introduction. As you get better at prospecting and people like him that have hundreds of leads and,  the time is important to them.

And maybe they're trying to save a little bit on their budget. It's not a one size fits all program, but for someone like you, what you described, I would personally recommend send the letter out first, especially if it makes you more comfortable, feel more comfortable about making the call.

That's important. You get the letter out first.  He was the exception to the rule. And to be honest, Bruce's a little bit of the exception to the rule too. Bruce has been doing this a long time. He's very comfortable on the phone.  He probably doesn't need that security of knowing that they received this letter as much as other people may  would you want to add to that, Bruce?

Yeah. Yeah. I'll  mostly agree with you, Jim. I do think that there's pretty  typical dialogue that, that you can use if they have not gotten a letter with you that really reduces the risk because they're going to be off, but.  I don't describe my services when I go into an elevator pitch.

Or when I go into the introduction to my phone call, I'm not describing all the things that I can do.  Because, and as Jim's mentioned, a couple of times on this call, nobody likes to be sold. They do like to buy. And so what I do is I describe the type of person that finds a benefit and and our help.

And I let them select whether they're that type of person. Or not. And it really cuts down on and yes, it's advanced. It is a little bit advanced. It cuts down on their anger which also cuts down on the anger. If you're calling, if you choose to call someone that's on the do not call list.  I haven't had somebody yell at me and a  long time because I just don't have a dialogue that's off putting.

I know a lot of phone calls, but I, and I'm just trying to think, how would I structure that with somebody who doesn't know me? And it was just getting a call out of the blue.  And do you reference the person who's deceased or you just say, I understand you're the personal representative for  Mr.

and  just calling to see if there's anything I can do to help you during this time of grief. So that that, that approach I usually do not represent are usually do not mention the deceased.  One of my probate partners does mention the deceased and there is a way that you can do so without being off-putting that normally I.

I coach most people to just say, I'm calling because, so this comes after your initial greeting comes pretty early in the conversation I'm calling because I have a team that basically helps certain families that are going through the probate process. And I really don't know if what we do is for you or not.

Can I take 25 seconds and  tell you the type of person that we help and let you decide if we should talk any further. Okay. I mean anybody that gets mad at that. They're just gonna, they're just an angry person. There's this man. They're the sound people. Yeah. All right. I think what I'm gonna have to do is schedule a coaching call with you so we can go over that a little bit.

Yep. Did that the only other thing I would add too, to what what Bruce just said is you said something earlier that I think is one thing that you need to think about. Your mindset. When you make these phone calls, you're making the assumption, or you may be making the assumption that everybody who's a personal representative is still grieving over the loss of the person that's there.

And you may in fact find that in many of the cases that the people that you're talking to their relationship with the deceased, while it might be that they may be grieving, you're going to find a goodly number of them that aren't. And the longer it has been since the date of death. The thing of that has somewhat gone away.

So the concern that you're expressing in regard to their grief and all of that, you typically a little bit better staying away from that rather than calling that it's fine to be empathetic, but you don't know the person you don't know, really know anything about the relationship between them. And if you approach this more from a very straightforward services standpoint, you're on very safe ground.

If you start, talking about. The time, if you start being sympathetic and expressing concern like that it sometimes comes off sounding a bit more hollow because you really don't know them. You don't know the first that passed away and could have been a blessing and all that sort of stuff.

So don't just always approach as that's a grieving person that you're talking to. Cause a lot of times it isn't. So it leaves that out of the conversation. I would, I it's just not necessary. And it forces you as the caller. And certainly please don't take that as me saying, it's wrong for what you said, it's great feeling in your heart, but you got to think about the other side of that equation.

You may be bringing something up that they're not thinking about and, emotions are tough to deal with. And unless, there's a raw emotion on the other end of that line.  Don't go there. Yeah. I made a note to myself, change my assumption on the part that people are grieving. Oh yeah.

Cause you don't know.  So thank you for that. Thank you. Perfect. Hopefully that'll help. Last stuff. This week is phone number ending in four, three, one nine. You're up last.

Getting Back Into Gear in 2021 [00:53:20] Thank you for taking my call. And I'm glad to be the last person. So I'll try to keep this brief here.  My name is Carlos Evans and I'm a real estate agent in the Washington DC area.

Not necessarily new to probate. I've done some deals prior to getting involved with all the leads. So I've been. Involved with you guys for about a year in, I was getting some leads. I actually had maybe three or four mail campaigns that went out and I just really didn't get any response. So maybe I got a little bit discouraged and then obviously COVID hits.

So I put things on pause. I'm not mailing, but I'm getting leads back now. So I'm just trying to,  get some direction on how to get things ramped up by. I've already booked the Oh, call session for February 4th, but any advice or encouragement that you can share with me in reference to now that I'm getting leads again?

The campaign that I was running just. I got nothing from it. So maybe it's a little bit, this, it was a little discouraging for me, but I know that the system works, but I was just hoping to get some direction from you guys. Where are you located? What County?  So I get Montgomery County, Maryland leads and I was going to possibly look at adding Prince George's County, Maryland.

And when were you when did you stop getting the leads? At what point?  I think I stopped at right around June of last year. Okay I'm going to make an off the wall suggestion to you, and certainly you're going to be talking with Bruce in February, but then it makes a suggestion to you that you go back and take, if you've got, have you had, did you have any conversations with anybody to do scrub the list down at all?

On the ones that you got as late as June of last year, I had a few conversations and I was hoping to. I do call expireds and fisbos, some fun with making the phone calls. Just the probate dialogue just seemed a little bit long for me.  So I just need to brush up my communicational on that with the probate leads.

So  here's what I was doing. I would say probably I've had very few conversations. From the probate lists at this point, certainly want Bruce and Jim for trauma as well. But the one thing I was going to say is that if you have a set of older leads, which you do obviously, and you had already, you'd already gone through them.

What we can certainly tell you. And this is based on,  many years now of history in this. And as you heard, when we started the call, this is our 300 and something around of doing these calls, these leads, seas season awfully well. And what you should know is that there are a goodly number.

Of the people that you got in June and before that, that have never done anything at all with that property, for some of them, for the reasons that you heard on this call, the house was full of furniture. COVID has kept them from moving as quickly as they wanted. And if you contact those people, now, if you contact them, the only one that's doing it, everybody else has already given up.

Everybody else is going after them, early on and not going back after the season bleeds and. I would recommend you consider doing a, just take a flyer on one shot of doing a quick round of mail, pick 50 people, 50 people from your old set and send a letter that says, I tried reaching you back in the early summer, last year in regard to the possibility you might have a house still shooting in probate.

You're likely to find the only one that's prospects prospecting them and they've done nothing. And that's why that's immediate low hanging fruit. And Jim and Bruce are going to talk to you about, marketing to your current list and how to do that, but go back after the list.

It's there, there's gold in that list. And Jim will tell you  Jim's favorite time to prospect them is when they're old, when he's had them for awhile, Jim. Okay. Yeah. One, one to two years. And in, I've gone two to three years, I've never gone back.  And work that group of leads that I didn't get a couple of deals out of it.

And I'm just flipping now. I don't really list anymore. I refer, but you hear the same kind of stories like a year. We were fighting with my family. We finally agreed what to do. We just couldn't get our self to go through this stuff. There was issues, legal issues, and we finally got them all resolved.

There's a variety of reasons. But I'm working too right now that both of them were nearly two years ago that the probate was filed. And, both of them were when I called and said, a year or two ago, my, I was getting letters and people would call in and they always tell me you're the only one that's contacted me in the last six months or the last year.

90% of them are going to be sold, but the 10% that aren't like Tim said, they're ready to do something. You've got no competition. So I, and again, I wouldn't do that instead of your current campaign, but absolutely do it in addition to. Yeah, that's gravy, Bruce. Bruce. I know you've got to go in two minutes.

Anything real quick, you want to add? Sure. Basically the old leads, I probably would fire off one letter. They're a little older. If they were only six months old, you might want to do two or three letters, but make. Make whatever you send to your older leads, a little bit more real estate direct  your newer leads your campaign length is important.

So it is important to, to prospect and campaign to these people more than six months. A lot of them are not making  decisions in the first quarter of of their probate process.  Male, especially in larger areas that are growing Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland, around DC, where I live. Male doesn't always get a whole lot of inbound traffic, but what mail gets is that person that answers the phone and two or three months that you've tried several times and they answer the phone two or three months and they say, I've been getting your mail.

I'm just super busy. I was thinking about calling you. And they already have a good understanding of what you are and using a pattern disruptor when they answer the phone of saying, Hey, do you recognize my name? It frequently gets them to say yeah. I know who you are. That you're on really solid ground when you talk to that person.

So for me, mail and voicemail is all about getting a series of frequent and extensive touches in on that person. While I know that they're dealing with the other junk that goes along with probate  Cause they're dealing with a lot and they're just not going to do anything. Funny story real fast is one of my personal, one of my agents on my team  had a an aunt die in Montgomery County, right where you are.

And it took him a year to get the house ready. And the last trip that he took up there was about six months ago. And I talked to him while he was driving the Montgomery County and he said, Bruce, if you ever have a family member that you hate and you just want to punish them for being a terrible family member, Makes them the executor for your state.

And that's what some people, not all, that's what some people are feeling like. They're like, hi, who, how did I get roped into this? And that's the reason that they're not always making a selling decision in the first couple of months, which is great for you and great for me. Because our competition quit after two months.

And if you can follow through with it and keep on the phone specifically, you're going to have some conversion. Okay.  I really appreciate it. And I'm looking forward to the to the call next month. Thank you, Carlos. Perfect timing, Bruce. I know you got to run. I want to thank each and every one of you for being here today, I want to particularly.

Thank those who actively participated. Like I always do. I want to challenge each of you. Take one, thought one idea. One thing that inspired you on this call, go out and put it into practice and come back next Wednesday and Thursday, we get a bonus call next week and share your results with the group.

Thank you guys. Stay healthy, stay productive. And we will talk to you next week. Take care.



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