Prospecting on the Weekends?? Plus Tips For Getting Leads To Take Your Cold Call | Probate Mastermind Podcast #316

Prospecting on the Weekends?? Plus Tips For Getting Leads To Take Your Cold Call | Probate Mastermind Podcast #316

Prospecting on the Weekends?? Plus Tips For Getting Leads To Take Your Cold Call | Probate Mastermind Podcast #316

Probate Mastermind Episode #316 | Recorded Live on February 25th, 2021.  

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Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast, you’ll learn how to convince leads to take your cold call instead of hanging up; how to ask better questions than “Do you plan to sell the property?”; and how to structure prospecting for maximum success on the weekends.

***Most importantly, we hear more incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

Probate Foundations for Subscribers

00:00 Probate Foundations for Subscribers 

Bruce answers Johnathan’s question about the new Probate Foundations class, open to subscribers starting Wednesday March 3rd.  Subscriber registration and updates on when the course will open up to non-subscribers will be sent via email, so please make sure you’ve whitelisted in your email client. (If you aren’t on our mailing list, subscribe at the top of this post!)



Should I Use a .org or .com for my Business Website?

08:09 Should I Use a .org or .com for my Business Website? 

Mike is debating on a domain for his website, and is wondering what difference using .org instead of .com might make.



Convincing Leads It’s In Their Best Interest To Take Your Call

10:33 Convincing Leads It’s In Their Best Interest To Take Your Call 

Mike is looking to keep prospects on the line long enough to get an understanding of how his services can benefit them. Bruce discusses language and delivery.



Stop Asking: “Do You Want To Sell Your Property?”

17:08 Stop Asking: “Do You Want To Sell Your Property?” 

Mike #2 shares updates on his skill development and prospecting results.  He has fine-tuned his elevator pitches, but most of all he is realizing how important it is to listen and create a space for leads to start sharing. Bruce and Mike expand on sales language and sales psychology tips for navigating sensitive conversations without boldly going for the real-estate jugular (i.e.: What are you going to do with the property?).




How The Probate Approach Will Up Your Expireds/FSBOs Game

25:15 How The Probate Approach Will Up Your Expireds/FSBOs Game 

Caller describes an accountability group he’s in that focuses heavily on expireds and for-sale-by-owner leads.  Their approach is to pound through lead lists and prioritize making contact to catch the low-hanging fruit.  Bruce lays out how the ATL Probate approach can lead to much higher conversion for FSBOs and Expireds.



Facebook Ads for Probate Leads

35:52 Facebook Ads for Probate Leads 

Caller is looking to run Facebook ads for probate leads, but how can he get started? Jim and Bruce share their advice for running brand awareness ads that portray an authentic and valuable service for probate families right in the community. David Pannell adds his thoughts to this at 42:46.



Prospecting on Saturdays and Sundays

46:35 Prospecting on Saturdays and Sundays 

Caller is curious about prospecting schedules, particularly for weekends. The group discusses an MIT telemarketing study on contact rates during Monday - Friday, and adds personal anecdotes of their results prospecting segments of leads on the weekends.




Looking to hear prospecting tips in action? Check out our live role play series.




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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #316


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

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Welcome to our illustrious agents and investors from across the country. Today is Thursday Tim. Stop laughing at my description Thursday, February 24th, 2021. This is mastermind podcast, number 316. And I hear Tim chuckling. I have a different adjective every week. And yeah, if you ever lose your thesaurus, won't be able to do these anymore.

That's right. All right guys. And we do have two people in the queue. Actually we have three now. Please jump in now don't get left out. Hit star six. And then hit one and let's go ahead. Do, go to the first person in the queue this week. You are up first Oh seven two seven. You're up first. This is Jonathan Hawkins from Dallas, Texas.

Marker [00:01:18] How's everyone doing today? Doing great. Jonathan Lee. Good job, Texas. If you're in tech, you must have power, right? I apologize. We have water. We didn't have. We didn't have it at all times, but we're, we're good now. Very good. We're all, we all empathize with you where I'm from Florida and it's like hurricane season for us when you lose power.

It's so fun. So glad you're here.

I saw what I, when I was able to get power back, I've checked by email. And I saw this beautiful email about foundation one, and I hadn't been on the call in a little bit. So I just wanted to just get some information real quick from you guys about foundations, because I did register for it and just I wasn't excited because something new was coming out.

So what you have for that. That this is this is hilarious. Jim, do you want to go first? Do you want me to  no, please go ahead. Okay. All right. The reason it's a, the reason it's hilarious is because we weren't sure if we were going to broadcast foundations on this call or not, we came up with a little game plan said maybe later in the call, if somebody asks about foundations, we can mention it.

At the moment, this is it's brand new. This first go round is going to be this upcoming Wednesday. And it's only going to be for subs this Wednesday, just because it's going to be my first time. This is Bruce, by the way, my first time teaching it. And I it's static about it. If you are a non sub, a non all the lead subscriber probably not today, but at some point this week, go ahead and and call our sales line and get on the list.

You can certainly take the class, but right now it's just for subscribers.  Essentially what it is. I've been doing coaching calls for the company for almost a year now. And inevitably all of those calls go to very similar foundational topics. And if you're waiting to. Really kick your phone calls off and your mail off until you have the foundation perfected.

It might take you months of waiting on me and the next monthly phone call. So we've just decided to go ahead and pack all of those foundational topics into one class taught twice a month. And then on the alternating weeks, we're going to be doing kind of high-level role play calls. So for Wednesdays, every single month, we're going to be doing some some really foundational getting into the details on building out your probate business.

So that Jonathan that's what that class is going to be all about. I'm glad you're signed up. Oh, I'm really excited. I'm really excited. Yes. Really excited. Awesome. Awesome. And the only thing I would add to that, Jonathan, if you're a brand new subscriber, even before you come on the foundations class we're getting ready to release.

We have our fast track videos. We're going to be releasing a new version of them, but go listen to the fast track videos first. Some people will want to know everything before they do anything. And some people are like me. They're more of a ready fire aim, but whichever you are. Yeah, additional education and training certainly is going to help.

So even before the foundation training, if you can watch the fast-track videos, take the foundations training and but doesn't necessarily mean you have to chart, you can't get started sooner if you're comfortable with it, but it's going to certainly add to your knowledge level much quicker than the past.

So we think.  I think we appreciate you asking. I'm just kidding. It's a good question. No, I've been through bastards. Okay, good. Cause I've broken probate mastery a couple of times, and I'm always looking to get better, always looking  to increase my edge and so whatever I was like, Oh, Ooh, good.

Hey, I'm all I can never. Learn too much and not implement. Absolutely. Yeah. Absolutely. So just for those of you guys who are listening and Jonathan for you as well I just want to repeat this first go round is for subs only our subscriber and I keep saying subs, forgive me.

We're doing the internal dialogue here, all the leads subscribers here. It reminds me of when I worked in the restaurant industry and we used to tell someone it was 86, 86 and they had no idea what that meant.  Our subscribers, this will be ongoing and will be free. If you are not a subscriber, there will be a small fee to, to join in on this.

And that'll basically kick off for you guys here in a couple of weeks. Just be on the lookout in your email box. If you are not a subscriber, getting our leads, just be watching your email over the next few weeks and we'll roll it out to you guys as well.  Really there's going to be, if you've taken mastery, this is going to be a little bit of a different spin.

It won't be as in depth as mastery, but it's going to really drill on those foundational pieces. That a lot of times people just get stuck on it and they want to have perfected before they really get into their prospecting efforts. So we're going to drill really hard on these foundational pieces of your business and get you guys up.

Up to speed. In my anticipation is a lot faster with your leads going through this class. And just to add to that, Bruce, it's going to be a zoom call. So you can either,  have your mug on the camera or you can just use your profile picture, but some of the calls we'll have a question, the answer opportunity at the end also Bruce, it is going to be larger reactions as well as the law, as well as a taught class.

Yes. Okay. Perfect. Any other questions, Jonathan? Appreciate you bringing it. I appreciate it. All right. We only have one more.

Go ahead, Tim. You wanted to tell you something. Yeah. The one thing I was going to say is that this is a really good time to remind everybody whether you're a subscriber or you're a. A person that joins our calls as a non-subscriber and uses this as an opportunity to learn. So we want to make sure that you're getting our emails.

So know that at least once a week or more, you're getting emails from us talking about something that we're doing announcing a call, giving us a summary of a call or whatever. If you're not getting our emails, you need to look in your spam filter and make sure that. You promote those to your inbox or go into your white list on your your client, whatever you're using to get email and white lists, all the so that you receive our information.

Okay. And Tim your raspy connection is coming and going. It just came back again at the end. You might want to sign back in, but we understood what you said. Okay. We'll make sure they did, if it wasn't clear. Okay. Yes, I can understand the Bruce. Could you, yeah. Yeah, I guess I got it. Okay, good. Yeah. I don't think we need to repeat it.

We're good. All right. We only have one more person in the queue and I know this guy can talk, but we don't want to put pressure on him to go for 45 minutes. So please guys, don't be shy, hit star six and hit one and get in there now in the meantime, Next up is so number ending in zero zero five, five.

You're up next. Hey fellows. And yes, I can go for 45 minutes. So no one then I got you covered for the rest of the call. We've got about two to three things and of course these are also mostly things that always can, I'm always looking for chinks in the arm and improves everybody's system.

Marker [00:08:09] So first question is shouldn't we do. We're doing a fam family type of a website and trying to position ourselves. Have you ever considered or tell me why not to do instead and tell me why we shouldn't say my organization and as opposed to my company, isn't it more powerful I, to say my organization rather than my team, where I have a team in the loop.

Community is in a better say, I have an organization that exists to support, executives like yourself. And there's part of that. We have a lo we have a, we put together a team. Does that please respond to that and I'll go over the other couple of things. Sure. I'm going to beat up on you for a second really quickly.

And I trust that you'll take everything that I say lightly way overthinking it. It's basically what you're doing, no matter what you say, whether you say organization, team, whether you're using or, whatever it is, your brand is what you create your brand and the credibility that you build with your marketing and your phone calls and your websites and blogs and everything is going to have everything to do with consistency.

And what you tell people matters. If you tell them that you want, I only want to do business with someone who has a team and you say it consistently and over time, you'll build credibility in that message. If you tell someone that you only want to do business with an individual, with website and you do that consistently, and over time, you're going to build credibility in that message.

Cannot tell you why. Dot org is better or as good as and the same with the same vice versa. I can't tell you why doing this as an organization versus a team is better or worse.  It just simply isn't whatever you choose, you're just going to choose it. And you're going to drive that point home consistently over time.

Let me make a point there, thought orange are typically used and reserved for nonprofit organizations, non NGOs, open source projects, pure education. And if you do that, and you're not that people will assume you're masquerading and then trying to trick them. Everything Bruce said is correct, but you don't want to use it or grow what you're doing for any reason.

You're not up. You're not in that realm. Thanks for clarifying. And that's why I asked that I wanted that clarification job.

Marker [00:10:33] So here's my next it's question. Cause if we're all doing this hung up on every now and again, my question to you is there a way to  is there a way or a line or something.

To let executors know that,  they have a fiduciary responsibility to not hang up the phone on someone, especially if they could net them more money or they just,  hanging up the phone when, you might even be able to give some buddy you better offer or have a buyer that makes a better offer or just whatever.

Is there a way. To not, I'm not asleep, please. Don't think I'm. I want you to tell me how to threaten the executor that I'm going to go to his heirs and say, Hey, look, I could have been a Mason and then have brothers and sisters fighting with each other. I'm just wondering, is there a way to, to correctly and politely say, Hey,  you got to hear me out.

This is your role. And I don't, you guys are the masters of just, I don't know how to make that. Come off. My, my tongue.  Some people are simply not going to want to talk it times and it's mainly, it's not because of your offer and it's not because they don't need what you do. It's probably because they've just built up a wall that that.

They put up for any, anybody that calls them.  Generally telling someone in the very beginning of the conversation that look, I really don't know if what I'm doing is going to benefit you or not. It might be irrelevant, but if you give me. 30 to 60 seconds. I can tell you some of the value that I can bring.

And then I'll let you decide if it's worth another conversation now or later, and it at least going in with an approach like that on the phone specifically.  It's normally when presented confidently, it's almost always going to get them to at least hear you out. Now, the other thing that we have to recognize is it does not eliminate their resistance.

If somebody calls me and I don't know them and they present an amazing case and it's something that I need, it doesn't mean that I'm going to roll over and say, yes, I was just waiting on your call. I need you to come out and list my house right now. They're dealing with a lot of other things, but the trick is just getting them to hear your short little USP.

Or your short elevator pitch. And I've found that the best way to do that is to give them power in the beginning. Give them the power to tell you at the end of your presentation at the end of your pitch, that it's not for them. Very few people are going to give you a hard and definitive. It's not for me.

Statement very few, but at least they feel that power and they don't feel like you're just there to be an overpowering salesperson. That's gonna that, that exudes commission breath with every word that you say  and just so you know I've been experiencing, they are not giving me that. They have time.

They are saying they are not knowing what they're saying. No to that's exactly why I'm I'm bringing this up. I am doing the, do you think I can take maybe 30 seconds to tell you some of the ways that I can help and then I'll let you decide it's worth further convince you can exactly what you taught.

Yeah. And do you lead by saying what I do. Do you lead by saying what I do might be relevant to you and it might be irrelevant. Do you let them understand that you're not trying to presume that, that you have every answer for them? It's word for word. I don't know if all I do is going to be relevant to you.

Do you think I can take maybe 30 seconds to tell you some of the ways I can help him? I'll let you decide if it's worth it for the conversation. Word for word. So that's why  I'm just looking for some, give me an extra, some kind of rabbits pull out of a hat to you know what else can I do?

And if, and when there is ever a time to, to bring up,  it's it's a tough responsibility. I know, as an executor and it is a respondent, fiduciary responsibility,  don't know what else to say in terms of the, to in an, in a nice way.

I could say it in a not nice, right. But I want to know how to say it in the right way, in a nice way, in the empathetic way to not to bring them towards my side to realize I'm not trying to beat them up, but I just, I'm I want to help them and that's really what this is. All right. Again.  Michael, what I would maybe try in the beginning before you go into it is give this a try, give it a try where you say look, my goal with this very short call is not to sell you on something.

It's to have a very brief conversation, find out where you are in the process and whether or not there might be any points that you're just struggling with. I have some services that some of which are completely free. That you probably don't know about now. I don't know if these are going to be relevant to you or not.

Could I take 30 seconds and tell you about a couple of those things?

perfect. A conversation that my goal is not to sell you. Yeah, that helps. Yeah. Bruce. Thank you, Bruce. All right. Thank you, sir. We only have two more in the queue guys. Don't be bashful, please jump in. Hit star six and hit one. Before we start the next caller. I just wanted to remind everyone it's something that we haven't paid much attention to lately.

We do have a winner of the week program. And we want you guys to start sharing those with us because we all learn from each other's successes. And if you if we, if the partners vote you, the winner of the week, you get either a credit towards your next lead or some free historical, in any market view you choose basically.

So we try to reward you, but only two rules. It's gotta be a taken listing or a done deal. And you just got an email support ahead of time. Let us know that you have a wind of the week, and then you got to share a show up and share it with the group. So we're going to revive that program and start really encouraging the success stories because we all learn from them and I just want, what do they get?

They get either a discount, a hundred dollars off their next set of leads or a free leads in an adjoining market to there's free historical leads.  If you wanted to try on an adjoining County and you want to get some leads and we have a mare, we'll give you a free leads for that County, or we'll give you a discount on your next set of leads.

Yep. Now, if you guys can't make it to the to the phone call and you have a win  email support or email me and and. I'd like to, I'll be able to present your wins for you during these calls, if you send them in, that's for those of you that are listening after the fact in can't make the call.

And we're not saying, Hey, I set an appointment for next Tuesday. Don't share that. What did you actually have to go in the appointment and get the listing to qualify for the word of the week, the deals or get the deal? Yep. And by the way, if you guys need to email that to me, or have a conversation with me, email me at Bruce at all the leads stuff.

Perfect. And thank you for your patience. Zero five, four, four. You're up next.

Marker [00:17:08] Hi guys, this is Mike record again in Dallas Fort worth. Hey, things are really starting to come along, starting to get my group just for everyone else. I listened to all the well, the three minute elevator speeches and everyone's tact.

I can tell you for me, it's getting better because I'm slowing down and pausing to listen. That's making the biggest difference, no matter what jumbles out of my mouth slowing down and pausing to listen is helping out a lot. So over time, that's how I'm maturing into this one thing that I'm doing with probate plus.

So I use mojo on one tab and pro it puts on the other tab, do a file review quickly on ETL and then make the motive call it. It'll allow you to go one call at a time.  But what I'm struggling with a little bit is when I review the lead on probate, plus I'm seeing right away that I've got either a husband or wife situation.

My question is there a different tack to take other than saying, what are you guys going to do if you've decided what you're going to do with the property, or have you decided specifically Ms. Smith, what you're going to do with the property? Any other tax? No suggestions for me. Yeah. Mike I really don't change my dialogue whole up a whole lot.

Depending on who I'm talking with. It doesn't change a lot, mainly because I'm not leading with real, with a real estate question. I'm leading with a statement of value when I'm referencing real estate, but I'm also referencing other things in that statement of value. And.  I'll pin my real estate question onto the back of some resistance.

So I wait for someone to give me that hesitation or that low or high level resistance. They probably going to say something like we have it all handled or our attorneys taking care of everything at which point you're just validating. And a lot of you guys have heard this so many times you are, you're really validating that.

It's that resistance point that they're giving you. And then simply at the end of it saying I completely understand. I'd love to keep in touch with you and before I let you go, do you mind if I ask what was the real estate something you guys were keeping long-term or is that something that you're thinking about selling?

Okay. I got to provide people. Go ahead. I get to tell you that works like magic. First of all, it takes the pressure off you to blurt something out before they hang up on you. But it turns things around at that flip turn things around, like my happy you is absolutely pivotal in my talk for them.

It works every time and it works on surviving spouses too. Especially if you can provide it in a binary format where you're giving the alternative, keeping long-term or thinking about selling, you give that alternative, then they don't feel like whatever answer they give you as a trap. Beautiful.

That's what the nugget I was looking for. Thank you. Say that again. Thank you. Long term or. Yeah. So normally I'm going to say, are you guys waiting? Did you mind if I ask one last question before I let you go, are you guys leaning toward holding onto the property? Long-term. Or you really thinking about eventually selling the real estate that it was in the estate or is in the estate and w since there's not that many people in the queue, I want to tell you guys some of the psychology behind that.

You'll notice that I use. A little preliminary words and precursors phrases like thinking about and leaning towards thinking about and leaning toward. Cause the last thing someone wants to give you is a definitive statement where they are painting them selves into a corner. And the last thing that I want to receive is prospector is a definitive.

We are never selling. So I want them, if they're not thinking about selling, if they're going to keep real estate, I don't want them to say we're absolutely never going to sell a house. I want them to say we're leaning toward, or we are thinking about holding onto the property. Long-term and then. If they're thinking about selling, the last thing they want to do is show us their cards and say I'm definitely selling.

So it gives them some flexibility and a good feeling to be able to say, yeah we're leaning toward eventually selling. It still gives us the information we need that they don't feel like they're really locking themselves in with a final answer.

Okay. Good deal. That's the direction I needed. Thank you very much. At one time, question two is  I think I saw this on the Facebook page that someone who chimed in that they tweaked their website and I do have your standard website all up and running. Thank you very much  that they test that it helped them to have testimonials on it.

Is that available to do on the probate plus website? Okay. On the probate plus site or the  can I get caught up with your MLP stuff? You didn't watch what I was saying.  The, no I'm saying, is it available? Is it an option? Which I went through it and I scoured through it. Maybe I'm missing, but the standard off the shelf website that you guys provided me.

That's great. And it's working great as a reference website. Okay. But is there a way to do testimonials, especially in the about us page, maybe to say it lends credence to what we're doing, and I've already got some successes that I'd like to post up on the board is not only trophies, but credence builders.

So the answer to your question is, and this kind of goes to everybody. So we have  a question that we get the sites that you get is, as you said, comes out of the box, equipped to do the specific things, to build credibility. And doesn't assume that have testimonials or you have a lot of other things that you want to go do.

And sure. And I issue with this, is that anything that you want to add? You can add to it. You need to do it yourself, or if it's something that you want us to do for you, you just contact support. One of our team will get back to you and figure out what it is that you need to go do and get it squared away for you.

And if it's something, super simple and easy, and thanks for a second, we'll do it. If it's something that's going to take a little bit of our time, obviously time is money and there's a small fee for it, but we're the cheapest guys in town in terms of doing this, we're here to help you. Anything you want on your site, you have people who've added, a whole bunch of pages. We've added a lot of depths. Who've done a lot of different things with their sites, your websites, a place to start. We give it to you the way it should be to start with. And then it's up to you to modify that people have added chat to it, capable of added things that pop up.

People have added a lot more information. The main thing that people see when they get on there is your list of frequently asked questions, which shows you that I know what you're doing and give them the ability to. Learn a little bit about you and all that, but testimonials are vital.

If you've got them, nothing sells like the word of other people, word of mouth is extremely important. So it's a long answer, but the answer is yes, whatever you want you to do. Great. No, thank you for not saying no, I appreciate it. Okay. Yep. And Mike, while you're customizing, I encourage a lot of people.

If you have any interview chops or video chops at all, start interviewing your team, whether that be an attorney or a contract or clean out crew, whoever it is, start interviewing them. Even if it's over zoom, you can add those zoom videos in as content pieces into your website as well. We don't normally talk about the, a website content and how to build.

Credibility online on this call a whole lot, but you, you opened the door, Mike, so there, there are a whole bunch of different things that you can add to that site. And Tim, if I'm not mistaken, you can correct me, but don't we give them the backend login to their WordPress site. The keys, when you buy it, you get the keys.

So if you have the tech skills and you want to go do that yourself, you can do it and we make it easy on you. It's a WordPress website. There was nothing nothing to prevent you from doing anything that you would want to do about that. And if you need help doing it, we're here to help you either way.

Thank you so much, guys. Appreciate it today. All right. I appreciate you participating. We have two more in the queue guys. There's room for more. It's star six and hint one. And we're still looking for our first winner of the week. Next up is phone number ending in one four nine, five. You're up next. Hey just wanted to piggyback on those.

Marker [00:25:15]The last caller he had mentioned part of my question about using a dialer. I have got an accountability group. That's just, we just started up to do  basically expireds fizbos that kind of a thing. It's it's basically.  We just signed up on a zoom and everybody can see each other and it's just again for accountability.

And I'm following their lead, which I've just the whole cold calling and all of that is, is brand new to me as well.  Jumping in and multiple spokes. This being one of them. Can you give me a little insight about that? Cause they're telling me, as far as the expired areas, you just, you use the dialer you grab who you can grab, you, you just blow through things and it doesn't.

It doesn't seem like this is that's the way I need to be handling this and forgive me for the, just the almost ignorant questions I'm asking, but I'm just, I'm still trying to. Put all this together. These are great questions. And for every ignorant question you ask, I guarantee you just saved about a hundred people that are going to listen to this, or are listening the same from asking the same question.

So there they are thankful how many probate leads are you getting?   All I have right now is historic.  Intention was to. Subscribe last week. And I,  under the con the contingency that I was able to move some obligations that I had with some other real estate related things that I'm involved in and that's taking longer than I expected.

So I hope by the end of next week, to be able  to subscribe, I just cannot get them to  Release me yet. And so it's a little, it's just something I did not expect. What's going to happen. So I'm in a, I'm in a limbo. So I'm trying to make hay while I'm in London.  Jim and Tim are both going to kill me for bringing this back up again, but if you can sign up before Tuesday then you'll get the you'll be able to plug into the Wednesday foundations call and get a lot of dialogue and probate foundations technique.

With that said, Depending on the number of probate leads you have, you may or may not want to use a dialer. We have a whole bunch of people that do use the dialer. I've find that, normally anything under around 40 or 50 leads a month, you can do manually without much trouble.   Work certain lists manually and some lists with a dialer.

Probate is a completely different call from what your expireds and for sale by owner calls are going to be. Those are kind of Wolf of wall street, boiler room type of thing. Call where you're just going for no you're dialing. Hey, do you want to sell your house? No click. You want to sell your house? No click.

You want to sell your house? Yeah. Okay. This one, you're really trying to identify pain points. And so you're leading in with statements of value and then opening the floor to the person, to either share with you their experience or give you some resistance. So you're. It's a lot more of a nurturing and cultivating relationship, a different style phone call on your first time.

There does come a point with probate leads where you go into sales mode. It's normally after you've built some rapport where an expired or for sale by owner, you're going into sales mode right out of the gate, because they're probably going to list the house and you need to get them  listed with you before the next guy does.

Probate it's about building the runway and having great credibility and rapport when they are ready to take off. Okay. We'll see you in that that, that is one of the reasons that attracted this aspect too, because that's, that is really where I come from. I'm a spirit influence  person. And like I said, I'm trying to go into a multi-speaker  Situation.

That part I get.  What I'm hearing is you're saying that definitely needs to be more organic. I believe in my County that I'll be signing up for, I'll be getting at least, a hundred leads a month.  That's doable and to just piggyback on that and part of the process that I'm in right now  do you could, do you feel like that going down the route of okay.

Dealing with probate and all of the situations there, do you feel like that it could be transferred into those other spokes expireds and for sale by owners? Cause that's what I'm finding now is there's still, you're still dealing with frustrated people. Just in just it's being generated for different reasons, namely, being called 150 times and it's okay, I'm the a hundred 50th person that's called?

What, what is why would I even listen to you?  Does that make any sense? And it can, I, is, there is a way, to focus in on buckets, you get it, to land the plane here. I guess if I get. Skilled with probate. What will that skill me in? Yeah. A notice of default and expireds and these other spokes that I guess I should have said that.

Okay. All right.   The basically when we start teaching you dialogue and I don't wanna S I don't want to say scripts because they're really not that these conversation principles the principle isn't linear and it's used. Based on the reaction of the person you were talking to. And of course it's geared toward probate phone calls, but.

I'll tell you that these principles, if somebody hits you with a really hard objection, that principle works, whether it's an expired or a probate, if somebody shares a pain point, the principle that you plug in works, regardless of whether it's an expired or for sale by owner probate. So they're all going to be relevant on the phone.

And this is. Is definitely going to make you a better prospect you're in, for sale by owner and expireds.  Obviously, and I think that it it doesn't go without saying so I'll bring the point up. I think a lot of times your credibility, when you get, get on the phone with someone, no matter what source of lead it is vital.

And so I believe that there needs to be some kind of a marketing effort where people at least recognize who you are, whether that be Facebook ads or email or direct mail, postcards, letters, things like that. When you get someone on the phone and they have at least in the back of their mind, a little bit of of they've seen your name.

At minimum, it really warms that call up  especially in probate that it'll help in your other sources as well. And David, I wanted to, I want to make two comments. First of all, we'll have your account rep reach out to you and get you in that foundations training. One thing you touched on that is I think is so important that very few people do is the accountability group.

In my previous life, I was a real estate coach for about eight years. And. The person I coached for charge. Realtors and investors were paying him a thousand dollars a month for a 30 minute call. Oh, don't even, please don't even start there. But it always amazed me dope. Bruce has a charge that blacks don't worry.

It always amazed me how people. People will make commitments to themselves and not feel bad about breaking them, but when they would come to the call and know they had to either tell me, Hey, I made my contacts this week, or I didn't, I did my homework. I didn't people go out of their way to look good to other people.

And what you touched on there, go to our Facebook group and set up accountability groups and just meet once a week and tell each other what you're committed to do. And then the next week y'all got to show up and say, I didn't or get your excuse. You would be amazed how powerful that can be. And it is, I would suggest everybody on the call do that.

You set up your own little groups in our, all the leads Facebook group. Cause it's it sounds like you've had some experience with that as a pastor. Yes. And I, and that's where I appreciate you guys, I can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo, as long as I believe in what I'm selling and what I found out through  I believe in what I'm doing, but I found out where I guess a hindrance for me, I don't believe in the way I'm doing it.

Does that make sense? And so I've overcome that. And like I said, I think that the way I hear you guys talking that I want to learn. In that direction. And I'm just  guess my question, the foundation of my question is that I don't want any more here, drink this, smoke, this where this  listen to this, say this  and all your wildest dreams will come true.

Vote Pedro. I just,  I'm just.  Just a, is that, and if you don't, and if nothing happens and you go back you say I did this and they say, Oh you just didn't do it long enough, hard enough, fast enough, slick enough or whatever. And I don't hear you guys saying that.

So yeah. Let me give you, let me give you this.  If I'm going to tell you, or if any of us are going to tell you, you didn't do it long enough or hard enough or fast enough, it's going to be in the beginning of your probate experience.  Can tell the majority of people  right out of the gate that they're going to need to put  a good four to six months and to a list to see  close to the fullness of your conversion process.

Establishing the proper expectations are of how long you're going to be working with families to get them to trust you and convert. Because the reality with probate specifically is somebody. They just lost somebody. Most of the time, sometimes they file probate really late. I've seen years after that, there.

Loved one passed away, but a lot of times it's usually a couple of weeks after whoever they've lost has passed away and they're collecting bank statements. They're dealing with legal documents and the court house they're finding debts. They're cleaning a house out and who's going to cut the grass and they're just doing all these things and they need to know in the beginning that you understand what they're going through.

And they also need to know that you're not there to pitch them and sell them and try to convince them  to not go through that process. And many of them are going to take three or four or five months to get to the point where they're emotionally ready to sell their father or their mothers or their siblings, largest asset.

And if you're there offering credibility and guidance and options throughout the process, you will get the business. Doesn't always happen in month one or month two, but you're going to get it. If you properly set up the plan and the expectation of how long you're going to be prospecting a family. Thank you.

All right, sir. We appreciate you. We got the queues filling up, so let's move on to. Phone number ending in six, eight, seven, eight. You're up next?

Marker [00:35:52] How are you doing what type of marketing? Can you put together if you're gonna run some Facebook ads  pretending to probate  Facebook ads are going to primarily be more of a branding oriented ad a lot of times.

And I've done this on several different occasions. A lot of times you need to have a big enough audience. If you have a list of 50 people, Facebook might not deliver that ad. They might, but they might not.  So make sure that you have a large enough audience and it should have some kind of a click through you need to offer something of value, whether that's a probate checklist or a vendor's list or a free home value, something like that.

But. I want you, even though you're offering those things, I want you to be aware that Facebook ad is probably going to be geared toward building credibility for yourself so that when you call and when you put mail in their mailbox, letter or postcard, they recognize you. That's the power of running Facebook ads is the brand awareness and the credibility.

What about it? So we in the regular, what if, what about if you just running a regular Facebook ad pertaining to probate, give niche of people that are in the situation right now?  What types of information could you put in front of them?  What word when I'm referring to? Yeah, I was going to jump in what I was going to come in on in the past.

What we have recommended we've heard works is stand in front of your courthouse. And just say, Hey, I visit here every month. And the, if the people are doing the probate themselves, they've probably been there.  If not, stand in front of something that has your courthouse name and say Hey, it's Jim, just coming to you.

Live from the, The Calousa County courthouse and wanting you to know that I'm here to help you with your probate, make it something short and specific, and then combine all the things that Bruce said, a call to action and something free that you're offering. But rather than just your picture, sometimes identifying them with the place where the probate is filed can be pretty effective.

And Bruce, you had something you were trying to add also. Yeah, I was actually just going to add the video content. And I do think that offering them something that if they click on the link in your ad, offering them some kind of a free probate checklist or a brochure or something of value.

It doesn't have to be really substantial, but do give them a call to action. A reason to click on the link in your ad or to call you. But. It's really important that you have the appropriate expectation with this. A Facebook ad is not going to in and of itself, convince someone that you're the best person to sell their house with.

Very often, let me say that it does happen. You need to also be doing your other prospecting and marketing, or you're just going to waste money.

All right, sir. We appreciate it. Next up. Is phone number ending in nine, five 85? You're up next?

Marker [00:38:42] Oh, yes. Hi. I was just wanting to ask a quick question for you. So I was talking with the guy today as I was making my phone calls and he, I saw that he had several properties, not just one, but I, the one in questions specifically that was on the probably plus.

Was really, it was worth like $1.5 million.  I called the guy and he said  there's really nothing to be done. This is on an annuity and I don't really need any help at all.  He's keeping it or something. So I was a little bit perplexed because I wasn't sure what he meant by that.

Have you ever come across that before? And can you please explain to me  what he would be needing annuity for on this house and how would you be collecting it?  Yeah. Starting to get into some complex financial  not advice but technique here. So annuities are generally, if that property was pro is probably income producing and is probably managed by someone else.

I'm speculating. So the odds are. Someone that's put their property into an annuity is not going to sell. Cause it's normally income producing.  Very few people do this. It's an insanely low number of people that have the financial sophistication to set things up like this. And I would argue that if they do have the sophistication to do it this way, they're probably not going to go through probate.

So in the future, I would be really surprised if you ran into another situation like this.  For now we need to drill down with a person like this guy on what his what he was saying no to, was he saying, no, I don't really need help cleaning the property out. Was he saying, no, I'm not going to sell.

Was he saying my attorney's handling the legal aspect? Yeah. I asked him about that. I said any type of real estate services, if you, even managing the property  selling it I week three, I still have people that can help you renovate property or clean property.

Is there anything that I could have helped you with? And he said, no, nothing is just, there's an annuity property and everything's taken care of. I really didn't like it, that I didn't really know how to answer it. And I wasn't sure what he even really meant by it.  Simple solution without admitting you don't know exactly what that means. Would  you could say something like, so the property is rented. You have a long-term tenant in there.  After question, is it even though it's in an annuity and yeah, you may have a long-term tenant. Is this something you think you might want to sell when the lease is up?

You know what I mean? You could ask, you can ask generic questions like that, that don't really give away whether you understand what he's talking about or not, because I would assume that, and Bruce correct me if I'm wrong. I would assume even if it's in an annuity, it's not something. That couldn't change in the future.

And for a $1.5 million listing, you want to keep on touching on top of it. Yep. It's. I want you to go back to the objection, validation that that I've mentioned a few times on this call is he gave you some resistance or an objection. Sounded like he did it in a pretty diplomatic and decent way.

Just because he's planning on holding onto something today doesn't mean that it's never going to change or he's never going to need assistance. And so I would just say, Hey, that's great. I always like to hear that someone has everything handled.  Think sometimes that changes I think.

Would it be okay if we just kept in touch periodically just to see if anything has adjusted or changed. And and then you could always just shift over and say, and am I clear and understanding that you probably will not be selling any real estate? And just drill down, you need clarity. And a lot of the questions that we teach you guys to ask are fairly generic.

They're designed to leave someone, lots of room to go in a hundred different directions when you're not sure what someone's going to do. You might want to get more specific with your questions. If I'm going to get specific, I'm usually not going to get specific out of the gate. I'm typically going to validate whatever it is that they've told me first.

Marker [00:42:46]Okay. I appreciate it. Appreciate it. All right. Next up is Mr. Pinell. You're up next. Hey guys, I just wanted to try him in on that. The question about the social media, Facebook ads.  I see this a lot and I see this a lot with realtors in general. They want to start with the easiest thing. They assume Facebook's going to be the, or social media.

Let's YouTube ads, Google ads, whatever ads you do on social or online, we assume that they're going to be easy to do, and we can just hit a button and spend 50 bucks.  That's not really where you need to start with probate prospecting or any prospecting because you need to have I'm just speaking to the whole audience here.

You, you gotta. You're going to get leads on social media. And if you watch those click funnel guys, and you watch those guys that have those funnels in play  they have systems that pick up the follow-up that you're not going to have. If you start at social media and just spend 50 to a hundred bucks, I, what I would recommend to the whole audience here.

Is that you do your letter one, you do your call one, you do call two, call three, use Facebook and social media and all the ads online, wherever you want to put them. As impression only that matches everything that you have, your website, your calls, your letters, it has to match, like you said earlier in this call and that's going to be where you, your you'll go from your calls.

We'll get probably three conversions a month. Combined letters. You'll probably get six or seven with the impressions. You'll probably double that the 15 deals a month. So you got to have the money behind and the follow-up and the action plan behind it. And I've been doing this for about two years now.

We're probate, and I'm just now getting to the point where I got all my marketing in place, all my letters in place, all my calls. And now I'm doing the social media stuff. David, what you just shared was totally gold. And that's where where a lot of people there they want to fire a social media ad out for a month and look at the conversions and the leads just roll in and.

The magic really happens when one, someone calls you four months later and they say, I see you everywhere. Yeah. And I get your letters. I got your brochures. I've gotten your voicemails. I'm sorry. I haven't been able to call you back. I see you on Facebook. I see you on Instagram. And email different things like that.

And it doesn't, you don't set it up all at once. And I also want to caution people that  not to hold back on your calls and letters until you don't hold back on those. If you don't have everything set up, it's fine. You can start with those foundational pieces. And then as David just mentioned, gradually build in your social media campaigns and your email campaigns and different things like that.

You gotta be okay with not expecting anything from the ad at first, because it's gonna only be an impression tool. Like you said earlier, that you gotta be in the back of their mind that you have a better option for them. And we come at them with all the options, listing wholesale rental we'll bill, everything to get the appointment.

It always changes at the appointment anyways, whatever they say on the phone.  It's just a matter of just,  you can't focus there. That's I heard that and I was like no, no stop holes. Put the brakes on because  I've made that book on probate. I've done letters have done. Geez, man. It's intense.

And then you want everything to be where it's automated. I'm getting to the point where it's just automated, where it's going to go out, regardless of I do it and put the phone call letters. And you can't have a conversation with somebody on the phone to prospect these people. We don't need to start trying to get leads in to then have the conversation because you're going to fumble and screw it up.

Great stuff, my friend. Thank you very much. I'm sorry. Yeah. Oh no, you're good. Don't ever apologize. You bring some, Oh, I always ramble on powerful. Okay. Good guys. We have one more in the queue. That'll bring us up nicely to the top of the hour. Last call his phone number ending in seven three, five five.

You're up last.

Marker [00:46:35] Hey, my name is young and I I think you guys, there was a very interesting article that you guys sent over in regards to the best calling times. It was done by MIT and collaborative MIT and The study itself was from Monday to Friday, the peak times to call someone for conversions and to connect with somebody.

But they didn't mention anything about Saturday or Sunday. Do you feel it's a bad idea to call people on Saturday and Sunday? Bruce? I'll jump in on this one. And I'm, it has some comments too. We have, I haven't done a comprehensive study, but when I was an active prospector, I used to make a hundred contacts a day.

I would try somebody. Three times during business hours. And then if I miss them, I try like on a Wednesday night from five 30 to seven, o'clock, try not to interrupt their dinner, but, make it brief. And probably my best follow-up times were about 10 to one on Saturday and make sure you're calling the right times.

I'll make sure you don't call somebody 10:00 AM your time. And it's 7:00 AM and in California. But no I had very good success with Saturday calls. People are home, they're relaxed earlier in the day. They, they're not out yet. They're, they're awake maybe having their second cup of coffee and I used to have very good success.

Then. How about you, Bruce? Have you tried weekends?  To your first point is make sure that the time zone matches up. My very first real estate lead ever was a million dollar lead in $150,000 average price point market. And I didn't pay attention to the fact that they were in Hawaii and I called them at 9:00 AM Eastern time the next day.

I can tell you, I didn't get that deal. So check your time zones. Normally, generally speaking I w I want. Everyone to hear very plainly very plainly that if you are your worst during those MIT time zones calls, call times don't call. We want you calling when you're at your best and if you're distracted and you're not going to call, and you're just holding your calls back until MIT said that you should call you're not going to be very effective.

So call when  your best number one. Number two is  As far as Saturdays and Sundays go Sundays. I've tried Sundays. I've never really had a whole lot of success on Sundays.  Saturdays all I'm waiting for on Saturdays. And I haven't done a comprehensive study on this either, but I'm waiting on the The soccer parents to, to get out of there kids' activities.

And I'm usually waiting until about 11 o'clock and normally a couple of hours before. And right after lunch are normally seem best to me. And I'm going to, I'm gonna use that word theme.  I have tried at all different times of Saturday and 11 to one seem to be the best times. Yup. I agree.

The one 11 to one wherever works for you. Okay. That helps. Alright. Cool. Yeah. Yeah. That's the only question I had. So guys, awesome job as always. We can't say how much we appreciate all of you for showing up today, particularly appreciate the seven or eight of you that actively participated. I want to remind all of you come to our next mastermind, call with your winner of the week and take one idea.

One thought, one thing that inspired you on this call. Wow and put it into practice and please come back next Thursday and share your results with the group. That's a great day, guys. We'll talk to you soon. Take care.


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