Professional Real Estate Coaching With Your Probate Leads Subscription

Professional Real Estate Coaching Included With Your Probate Leads

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Coaching Is Included in My Subscription?

Each Subscriber will be entitled to an Onboarding Call, an Implementation Coaching call, and a monthly Accountability Coaching Call.

What is an Onboarding Call?

Your Subscriber Onboarding call is scheduled when you first sign up.  This call is designed to introduce you to our Complete Probate System and help you understand how to do the right things, in the right order, to get off to a productive start.  We will review your system’s tools and resources, discuss your marketing campaign and budget, show the importance of accessing the weekly Mastermind calls and monthly Role Play calls and to review your probate data and CRM. The objective is for you to get an Action Plan in place to implement your marketing campaigns and to utilize all the training materials and tools provided.  This call will take 15 to 45 minutes.  If you have followed our advice and watched the Fast Track Training videos before your scheduled time, this call will be more productive.

What is an Implementation Coaching Call?

This is your second scheduled call with our Coaches. The Execution Coaching call is to make sure you have a clear vision of your marketing plan and that you have executed your first probate campaign. This will allow for discussions on any challenges that you may be experiencing with your first marketing campaign and round of prospect calls. We can then troubleshoot and make necessary adjustments to make your plan more successful. To be prepared for this call you should have completed your Onboarding call, taken action to learn the system and resources available to you, and initiated your first marketing campaign.

What is a Monthly Accountability Coaching Call?

Once your probate campaign is rolling we will check back with you every 30 days to make sure you are getting the results you expected.  If you are not getting the results you expected your Coach will help you troubleshoot your campaign and put a plan in place to overcome your obstacle(s).  You will schedule your next coaching call before the end of each call so we can keep the momentum and stay focused on doing the dollar-productive activities that get you results.

How Can I Schedule Coaching Calls?

Your Subscriber Onboarding call will be booked over the phone when you Subscribe.  Your Implementation Coaching call will be scheduled by out team when you have completed the Onboarding call and your leads have been uploaded to your account.  Monthly Accountability Coaching calls will be scheduled between you and your Coach at the end of each session or you can request a spot on the calendar link provided upon sign-up.

Can I get Additional Coaching?

Many Subscribers get so much value from our Coaches that they want more support, more often.  We have not launched a formal coaching program but if you would like to discuss your needs/expectations with your Coach we will see if we can meet your needs with a customized coaching relationship.



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