Probate Real Estate Scripts | Agents, Investors, and Wholesalers Role Play LIVE | Ep. 61

Preview for Probate Mastermind Podcast: Role Play Episode 61

Probate Real Estate Scripts | Agents, Investors, and Wholesalers Role Play LIVE | Ep. 61

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Real Estate Scripts Role Play Training #61 

Recorded Live on December 2nd, 2020 (Join Us Live Next Time | Previous Episodes)


Welcome to All The Leads Role Play Training, a special series recorded once a month for the Probate Mastermind Podcast.  These episodes feature agents, investors and wholesalers from across the country role playing their real estate cold-calling scripts with coaches Chad Corbett and Bruce Hill.  The role play portions of the call are completely un-edited, so listeners can experience how these calls would sound if they were real conversations.  Be sure to join our Facebook Group, All The Leads Mastermind, to find role play partners and more!



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Call Re-cap:


Preview for episode segment: How to close on the first cold call

How To Close On The First Contact (3:07)

Kathy is having trouble closing calls out cold calls with an appointment set on the first go around.  She role plays with Chad.

Notable Quotes:

  • “You have maybe, maybe a 10 to 22nd window to create so much curiosity. (7:49)”
  • “You stirred up fear about securing the asset, changing the lock. But you didn't directly offer a solution, stirred up fear about the insurance and you kept him engaged, but you didn't directly offer a solution. Had you done that…. You would have had a reason to be there this afternoon (12:31)
  • “I would encourage you to make a list, to two columns. One, what problems do they have? Two: What solution can not provide...That exercise will it'll force you to really think about. Empathetically all of the problems that you could uncover in this conversation. And it will also force you to know, like specifically what your action item is when somebody has that problem.(13:42)
  • “‘And it's an assumptive close. I'm not asking, I'm sorry. You need to do this. Your, your attorney did not address this with you, but I am’....I'm assuming that I'm going to that house in the next 24 hours. (16:43)"



No More Follow-Ups: Get Your Prospects to Call YOU (20:30)

Federico is evolving his prospecting skills and breaking barriers with probate leads who say they don’t need anything right now.  Federico and the coaches mastermind how to make sure a lead doesn’t forget you and isn’t too embarrassed to admit they need you when they realize you were right. 

Notable Quotes:

  • “We send you a copy of your own letters so you actually know when they arrive in your market… We find that it usually the letter warms up your phone call because it's very different.  And they're like, ‘Oh yeah, I remember your letter. It was, it was the only one that didn't say we buy houses or, you know, we're the best damn realtor in the world!’ - it stands out. (24:41)“ 
  • “Paint that picture, that ‘there's a good chance you're you got a lot to learn here and there's a good chance you're going to need help and I'll be here waiting when you're, when you need it.’ ….Plant that seed and get permission to follow up,  and truly nine and a 10 of them will find something that they would rather you deal with and have them deal with themselves. (28:07)”
  • “A lot of folks, they do underestimate what it's going to take and they do procrastinate for the first month or two or three. And then the pressure sets in on them. And the embarrassment sets in. And a lot of times they won't call people back who they've shut down because they feel embarrassed to do that….So just create a safe space for you to call him or him to call you and say, listen, you don't ever have to be embarrassed. I get it. I hope that you can do this on your own and it's assemble your thinking. But I, I, I've seen a lot of families underestimate it and we're always, we've always got your back. (28:57)”
  • “The next call that I had was a lady who told me that her attorney dropped them.
  • She's the PR and she said, ‘the attorney just disappeared and won't take the case.  there. So I'm now handling everything by myself.’ (30:11)”
  • “We're painting the picture. We're painting the picture of a vertically integrated solution - One phone call, everything dealt with.(31:59)”


Preview for episode segment: Prospecting probate leads for virtual wholesaling and investingProspecting Tips For Virtual Wholesalers/Investors (34:31)

Mike works multiple markets virtually and wants to know: “How do you suggest we distinguish ourselves considering that it's somewhat difficult to get to the property in person?” Mike sets up a role play scenario where the lead is hesitant to work with an investor.

Notable Quote:

  • “But what I was doing was, was staying away from a very raw subject for them. They, the, you were, you know, you were showing me that you're perceiving me as just another guy that's trying to take advantage of you. So in that scenario, I'm going to stay the hell away from the real estate conversation. All I need to know, and all I care about is there is real estate. Now I know statistically there's about a 90% chance you're going to sell that real estate. So now my only focus is how do I get that? (40:42)“


Preview for real estate podcast segment: USP, sales propositions, and why altruism is the best differentiatorAltruism Is the Best Differentiator In A Selfish Industry (41:09)

Mike #2 and Chad hone in on the best USP you can have in real estate.

Notable Quotes:

  • “So I would, I would explain myself as a social, social entrepreneur. So we have multiple businesses. (47:38)”
  • “Altruism is the best differentiator in a selfish industry, and that summarizes everything we talk about here. (53:44)”
  • “That's the proof that they need, that this is a separate, this is a different, unique individual. (55:13)”
  • “Chad, you just built my whole business in this five minute conversation (1:03:30)”


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Episode Transcript

Cold Call Training for Probate Real Estate - Role Play #61


A.I. Narration: Welcome to All The Leads Cold Call Training, a special series recorded once a month for the Probate Mastermind Podcast.  These episodes feature agents, investors and wholesalers from across the country role playing their real estate cold-calling scripts with coaches Chad Corbett and Bruce Hill.  The role play portions of the call are completely un-edited, so listeners can experience how these calls would sound if they were real conversations.  Be sure to join our Facebook Group " All The Leads Mastermind"   to find role play partners and more.  For previous episodes, visit



[00:00:34]Jim Sullivan (Host): Welcome amazing investors and agents nationwide today is Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020. And this is role-play podcast number 61. And I just want to give you all a quick shout out and a reminder. Bruce, Chad and I are on all these calls. If you guys ever need any advanced help, Chad offers a weekly, mastery call, which is credible amount of content for a very low price.

[00:01:03]I think we're up to about 16 or 17 hours most months. And Bruce also offers, Bruce is a very experienced coach, not only in probate, but in really all aspects of, of real estate, both as an investor and a realtor. So. Feel free to take advantage of that. Just reach out to us, or you can contact either one of them directly on our website and, take advantage of everything we have to offer.

[00:01:28] Also, if you're a subscriber. You are entitled to a free coaching call from Bruce. So make sure you reach out for that also. So I just thought I would start with that commercial and, we only have two people in the queue guys. don't be bashful it, star six and hit one. Bruce, Chad, anything you want to say before we get started?

[00:01:45]Bruce Hill (Coach): No, I'm good. I'm ready to get going.

[00:01:47] Jim Sullivan (Host): Chad, anything you want to add?

[00:01:48] Chad Corbett (Coach): So mastery has been scheduled. I wasn't able to get the November class. So for anyone who's waiting on me, I'm sorry, but, probably mastery the last live class that will be taught, mastery is actually going to.

[00:02:00]It's getting turned into a masterclass finally.  So this is the last chance to take the course for $250. it'll be taught Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, the seventh, eighth, ninth, I believe from 3:00 PM Eastern until we're finished. And as Jim said, they seem to be getting longer and longer. So we there's about seven.

[00:02:17] Hours of actual instruction and usually about nine hours of kind of freestyle coaching and Q and a. So,  and that comes with the national certification. So if you're interested in becoming a CPE and you sign up for this class, whenever we do have the new full masterclass version, you'll actually have access to that member website, because you're an alumni.

[00:02:36] So it's, some things are changing is to provide a higher level of service and education to you guys going into the new year. So this will be the last traditional mastery, and then we'll move toward the new platform.

[00:02:48] Jim Sullivan (Host): And just to warn you all, when Chad said, till we're finished, Chad only sleeps three hours a night.

[00:02:53] So you guys be ready. The good news is it's recorded at, you could always relisten to it over and over again. All right, well, let's go to our first caller this week. His phone number ending in three zero four zero. You're up first.



How To Close On The First Contact


Role Play 1: Hi, good afternoon.  I, just to let you know, I just recently looked at the video regarding, talking to an attorney and I happened to run into a, a lady who her daughter was a probate attorney.

[00:03:20] So, I ended up making an appointment with her and we had a discussion. So I did get one attorney to work with me. It looks good. So thank you for the video. Okay. My question is, is that I send letters out to my, my clients, the first letter, and now I try to get ahold of them. And you've told this for me before.

[00:03:39] So most of the time they don't pick up the phone.  My question is when they do pick up the phone and I kind of, you know, give them my spiel. I think I I'm lacking in trying to close because it is the first contact. And I feel that maybe I shouldn't be closing at that time, I guess, in the back of my mind, because they don't have that letter testamentary.

[00:03:59] So can you give me some guidance on how are you in Texas? And is there a backlog? Is there a backlog in your court system? Is that why they're they usually don't have the letters because normally it's very rare and be pre COVID, especially, but it's very rare that we make contact with them and they're not confirmed.

[00:04:17] They don't have the authority and in most cases. So I just, I want to make sure that your assumption is based on reality. Like is, are you seeing that, that they actually don't have it or is that an assumption? I know, I really don't see it as they're having it the first month. What I'm seeing is that they may have next month, but there was a big deck logs this summer.

[00:04:37] Cause we were waiting four months before they got it. Let her test the mentor. Yeah. So that's kind of changed changes recently in September. And if it's getting faster and faster, okay. So I would still challenge you to just, you know, find a way like don't, don't be hesitant to call because you don't have a reason to go over there and build a relationship with these people.

[00:04:58] I don't want you to have that mindset because if your mindset is I'm going to find a way to help these people with whatever I can right now, and maybe that's property preservation. Maybe that's property maintenance, maybe that's staging and sorting through the, the personal property to arrange for a sale.

[00:05:14] There's a lot of things that you can do proactively to really shorten that cycle.  so that's the, that's the mindset I want you to have when you, when you pick up the phone is I will find a way. And, reasons to meet them face to face. And then you'll be, you'll you'll know when the close, but it sounded like you wanted to kind of go through your, as you call it your spiel.

[00:05:33]so if you want to role play that, would you rather do it with me, Bruce or Jim? Well, let me keep my paperwork. It doesn't make any difference who I do it with. So. Well, you better, don't bruise if you're using a script. Cause I'll get my ruler out.

[00:05:45]I guess I haven't written down. So I have many, many pages of what I want to say. I keep changing it all the time. So, okay. If you're ready, I'll go ahead and. Ready and, and we'll, I'll, I'll give you a little bit of back and forth. I won't be too hard on you, but I'll give you a little bit of back and forth just to give you something to handle.

[00:06:04]so go ahead, go ahead and start. You start with a ring ring. I say, hi, my name is Kathy. And the reason I'm calling you is because I've been sending you letters regarding the probate case that you filed. Recently. You may remember receiving them. You may not. Well, let me explain what I'm calling about. I am a certified probate real estate specialist, and I have received some additional training in probate procedures and knows how a court confirmation process probate sale works.

[00:06:30] having helped many executives like yourself, understand that managing the details I'm going to state for a family member or friend who passed, passed on can be a challenging responsibility. I will be be with you every seventh way, helping you with the sale of your loved ones property, which means I will help you select the best providers they can help you get the personal property shortage, handyman tests, the state liquidators, et cetera, all the way to closing the property.

[00:06:57] so tell me, have you had a chance to go through the property yet? And then they'll answer and we'll end here. They hung up 90 seconds ago. Second paragraph. Yes. So here's what I want you to do. And I want to hear this on like, hold it up to the microphone, crumble that up and throw it in the floor. Oh, really?

[00:07:13]I'm on a carpet slower. You won't hear it. Okay. As long as, as long as it's out of your reach, if you, if you're face to face, I don't believe that you think you would never do that face to face what'd you know? Right. So this is, this is about being you, you know, all the points you like as far as a written statement, it was excellent, but it's not going to serve you on the phone.

[00:07:35]So now call Bruce and let those points come out in an organic conversation. The one thing that you, you shut him out for 90 seconds or more, and that's the opposite of engagement you have. I have to get to engagement quickly. You have maybe, maybe a 10 to 22nd window to create so much curiosity.

[00:07:54] They can't wait to hear what you have to say next. So take a deep breath. Think about what your most pertinent point is and the, the, a good question. You can ask him within the first 10 seconds and call him again. And, and, and, and before you do that, I want you to, give me a summary. If I asked you where we're meeting, just in the grocery store.

[00:08:14] And I say, what do you do with regard to probate? Give me, give me like a 10 word summary of what you do.

[00:08:20]Okay. Well, I help people going through probate to be get organized,  with things that need to be done. There are certain steps that you must spell according to the courts. And I know those steps. And the biggest problem is the personal property getting sorted through. So are you looking for someone that is working in probate?

[00:08:39] maybe, maybe I don't. I don't know why. Well, no, don't say no, I don't talk. I don't know why. I don't know what, I don't know what I don't know. So we just started the process recently.

[00:08:50]Okay. well, tell me, what are some of the issues you may be made me looking at? Oh, well, we've got, we've, like I said, we just started and we've got to get over and,  get the, get the, windows. One of the windows is rotten and just kinda start taking, cleaning up the property. But honestly, honestly, most of it's just doing this bank account stuff.

[00:09:10]Oh, okay. Well, there aren't, there are some steps that you can do now. you may not be aware of it. The biggest thing is,  you need to, first of all, change the locks and the property.  you have no idea how many homes had been broken into, or they have found squatters in the home.  so you do want to avoid that.

[00:09:27]And the other thing you can do is that you need to contact your homeowners insurance,  defined out if they are going to cover a vacant home, because most of them do not cover vacant homes. Okay. And heaven forbid that something does happen and, and then you can't get coverage. Now, if you don't have an outlet for that, I do have a resource that someone that I could refer you to that does can handle a vacant home.

[00:09:51]Is that something you may be looking into?  maybe, but I think our insurance probably has, has vacant. I, I think we're covered. Yeah. But I, if I were you, I would just to make the call anyway. I mean, you don't want something to happen at home and then not be covered. Right.  yeah. Yeah. Right. Definitely want to be covered.

[00:10:09]Okay. And if you need any help, let me know.  the, the other thing that you could be doing right now is that you need to go in and just see what personal property there is. Okay. Just, just you as executor. You also want to find out, Are there any valuables in the home that maybe need to be appraised and set those aside?

[00:10:28] you need to go in and of course, you know, find the paperwork, the will,  also, debts that the decedent had,  insurance policy. Yeah. Our attorney, our attorney told us to get all that. Are you, are you familiar? No, I'm not, no, I'm not, but I do. I do everything. We're just, non-legal the attorney does all the legal stuff.

[00:10:49] I do all the tests, which is a pretty long list of, of non-legal items. And that's basically getting the house cleaned out, get the, the items distributed to the beneficiaries and closing. Hmm. How much do you charge for that? Well, bottom online is. Up front, my services are, are, are free. And, I would think at the end,  you do have a rental property that you may be selling it and that's the way I get paid.

[00:11:14]So is that something that maybe you're looking at to sell? we haven't decided yet. it's pretty, pretty early. I got to talk to my brother and sister about that before we decide. Right at MOC and secretaries do have to do that. So.

[00:11:26]Okay. Well, what I could do is, you know, I can come over and, and we can look at the property and maybe give you some guidelines as to what steps to take in order to get probate. Rolling. I do have some time on Wednesday. At, let's say five o'clock, and we could meet at the property. Would that be good?

[00:11:42]This week is kinda bad. I don't open up again for a couple extra a couple of weeks. Oh, okay.  all right. you want me in three weeks on a Thursday?  yeah, that should, that should work. So it's the 17th. That would be great. Five o'clock at the home. What are we meeting for?  so I'm going tomorrow.

[00:11:58] I'll look at the property. I'm going to see kind of a review, what it is in the home. And I'm going to sit down with you and work out a plan of what things you need to do. Okay. All right. That that's helpful. Okay. Thank you very much and I'll see you in three weeks. Okay. All right. Thank you. All right.

[00:12:13] Thank you. Goodbye. So I was very critical of your script. I want to say that it was natural and you, you, you have good tone, but you missed several opportunities, several slow pitches, and you actually created the setup. You created the setup for most of them, but you didn't close the loop on it. Okay. You stirred up fear about securing the asset, changing the lock.

[00:12:36] But you didn't directly offer a solution, stirred up fear about the insurance and you kept him engaged, but you didn't directly offer a solution. You were wishing away and left them. And, you left them wide open procrastinate, and have full exposure on the most valuable asset. And you. State how so I would love, I want you to go back and listen to your recording and watch how you set up, and then you didn't close on your own setups and they're just little tactics that you're using, but had you done that he would not have deferred the appointment three weeks because you would have a clear reason to reconnect with him in the next one hour to make sure that the vacant insurance policy was in effect, you would have had a reason to be there this afternoon with the contractor to change the locks and post a no trespassing sign.

[00:13:20]And at that point, you can look through the personal properties there. So just listen to your conversation. And all of a sudden you had so many reasons to get to that face-to-face appointment today or tomorrow. And your, but your, your, your language is good. Your tone is good. It's obvious that you care about them.

[00:13:36] I don't think you're 100% clear on all the things you can do to help. So think about like, I would encourage you to make a list, to two columns. One, what problems do they have? Two: What solution can not provide. And one problem is they, you know, the house is exposed to two squatters or, or vandalism one another is the house is not, does not have the proper insurance.

[00:14:00] You know, the yard is not, it needs mowed, but it's not being mowed or anything like that. The house needs winterize is a good one right now. And just that will, that exercise will it'll force you to really think about. Empathetically all of the problems that you could uncover in this conversation. And it will also force you to know, like specifically what your action item is when somebody has that problem.

[00:14:23]And I don't think you're a hundred percent clear on, on your action item on exactly what you deliver. The, for example, the insurance, instead of saying, well, you know, call your insurance guy. And if he can't do it, just let me know. They're they're unlikely to ever call back. You can say something like, well, listen, you can talk to your insurance guy at the same time.

[00:14:41] If it's okay with you, I'd like to pull the tax card and send it to the person. I know that underwrites vacant insurance, and they should be calling you within the next 60 minutes to give you a quote, to make sure that the assets covered. Would that be okay now you created. You gave them value, but more importantly, you created a solid reason for them to answer your next phone call.

[00:15:01] And that's a little bit, but if you can't, if you can't close on an appointment, you have a reason to re-engage with them. So just, I would encourage you to do that exercise. What all problems could they have, what specific solutions and action do I take when I uncovered this particular problem? And I think that will really get you clear on how you can close some of your own setups that you're missing right now.

[00:15:23]Okay. I think that's my problem. I don't know what to say to close, but I liked what you said about, you know, I ha I know someone have I call them and pass on your information. That's great. What do I say about squatters? Cause you said that. Yeah. So you, you stirred up the fear and you, you, you got Bruce thinking about it.

[00:15:41] Holy crap. What if she's right, but you didn't have for a solution you just moved on and you could have said, well, you know, listen, that's a real concern. And Bruce affirmed, he's like, yeah, I've heard of that. I think, I think he affirmed that. And you can say, well, listen, what we, what we do to protect every family.

[00:15:57] We can, at a very minimum, we try to get over there and post them no trespassing sign and the state statute for no trespassing underneath of it, just for safe measure.  also if you would like we can change the locks and make sure family members get, get keys in the mail. So is that something, would you, do you want to just do the posting or would you like us to do the posting and change the locks this afternoon?

[00:16:20]And it's an assumptive close. I'm not asking, I'm sorry. You need to do this. Your, your attorney did not address this with you, but I am, and I'm acting in your best interest and your potential fiduciary. This is what I need to do to help you to protect these yeah. Asset. So I'm assuming there's no, no is not a possible answer for me.

[00:16:38]Now I might get an email and I can deal with that. But from a mindset standpoint, I I'm assuming that I'm going to that house in the next 24 hours.

[00:16:46]Okay. Why do you know about changing the locks? Because I had this issue before that, the companies that I called, they don't want a realtor to call. They want the person. That's in charge to call and then they do, they know there's going to be a seated with, to this. You should at least $200. Well, I would first find a different company, find a class C contractor.

[00:17:08]And go cut a deal with him and say, listen, I'd like to have a package where you, Ricky houses for me. can you do this for $75? And I'll use you exclusively and use these lock sets from, from home Depot or Lowe's this item, here's the skew number. And then write up a simple document just that you can throw into DocuSign.

[00:17:29]And when you have this conversation with the seller, just say, listen, I'm going to send you a DocuSign. Just in case the police come and we're there, you know, changing locks and I like to have something signed and that document is going to say for a fee of $75 in the next 48 hours, I give you permission to access the property, drill the locks, if necessary, replace those and mail the keys to this address.

[00:17:51] Or check a box and you can put a lock box on the, on the property with the key, all keys inside the lock box, send them a DocuSign. It takes 20 seconds. That way when you call the contractor, you say here here's, here's the, here's basically your order. Here's the property address. Here's what you do with the lockbox or here's where you mail the keys.

[00:18:11] Please let me know when it's done. Send photos and. But like little simple things like that, where you, you take immediate action and solve the problem on the spot, make a massive difference in how people perceive you. Yeah. And I just, I had a comment, huge improvement from basically reading them, you know, your letter to having a conversation.

[00:18:32] I heard one thing and I'm probably the only one on the call that heard this, but I would, I would lose the phrase. Non-legal. It kind of sounded like to be like, it kinda sounded like somebody could perceive that as sort of sounded like you were saying everything I do is illegal. It's kind of like the attorney does everything legal and I take care of all the illegal stuff.

[00:18:53] And that's really picky. I know that. I know that's not what you said, but, but I would say something like the attorney takes care of all the legal aspects and I can pretty much help you with anything else. You know, I can help you with anything that that is, surrounding real estate. Right? Perfect. Okay.

[00:19:10]Other than that, though, your language is great. Yeah. Very good. So here's, here's, here's what I want going all the way back to the beginning and your, in your introduction and your greeting, as Chad mentioned, you, you want that greeting to be like 20 seconds or less, and I'd kind of pushed you at the start of our second, our second call.

[00:19:29] I'd pushed you to summarize what you do and about. 10 words or less. So something like, Hey, it's this is Bruce. And I'm calling because I help families go through the probate process. I do that in this way, this way and this way. So you, you lay out two or three categories. Of things that you do instead of going through your list of a thousand things, which you did not do some people do you lump them into categories, real estate, repairs, maintenance, personal property.

[00:19:57]And, and then, and then you open it up. what. what's your process been like so far and that way you're summarizing it. You're saying, and seven words. I help families go through probate. I do that by this, this, and this, and then turn the conversation over to them. Okay. All right. I, I will try again.

[00:20:16]Okay. All right. Awesome. Kind of the old elevator pitch you're getting, you're getting on the ground floor of an elevator and the other guys getting off on the second floor. What can you tell him before he gets off? Alright. Great job. Thank you for volunteering.  we have very good. We have two more in the queue.


No More Follow-Ups: Get Your Prospects to Call YOU

[00:20:30] Role Play 2: Next up is a frequent flyer ending in eight, two one three. You're up next. Hello? Hello. How's everyone doing? Doing great, buddy. How about you? Excellent. Thank you. so I have a question about the leads,  and then a question about, scripting or role-play. so I don't know why, but my, so the, my November leads very large number of them.

[00:20:54]the numbers are often just disconnected.  for, for various ones, sometimes I can go, for example, let's say there's 90 leads and I could go 10 leads in a row. And the number doesn't work. I don't know if maybe it's either a glitch or maybe people disconnected their number. I have, or maybe it's a landline.

[00:21:14] I don't know. I want it to get your 2 cents on that.  well the numbers are you saying on 10 leads? Like. All of the numbers for each of those 10 or just the first number for the 10.  so for, for the ones that it happened Sunday, that specifically Austin only has one number associated to it. And then, that, so that one's disconnected.

[00:21:34] So then I'll move to the next lead and then the same thing happens. And then so on for a good amount, sometimes it's four in a row. Then I get, one or two that are good. And then I get five or six more in a road better. Disconnected. So I don't know if maybe it's a glitch,  just trying to,  the only month that that's ever happened to you.

[00:21:52]I think this is the only month that I was as consistent. So maybe that's the only month that I actually noticed.  but yes, to answer your question. Yes. Okay. And have you noted them in the database? Like have you put up, have you used a short tag short or anything to note? Which ones were bad? Yeah, I usually put it in, I always save notes after, when I do my calls.

[00:22:13] I always put a note about what happened, which numbers are disconnected, which aren't. And if I speak to whoever I spoke to what was said and done that way, know,  what to say when I follow up. Could you export the list and just add a column beside of add a column beside of the phone numbers and put in like a sure, you know, indicate which ones you hit that problem with.

[00:22:34]And we can have our data team take a look at it. It's, it's unusual that that would happen.  if you know which ones they are that will really help us dig into it and understand what's happening and fix it. If it's, if it's not just an outlier month. Okay. Yeah, absolutely. I'll definitely do that. okay. I'll do that.  thank you. regarding new leads, right? So I saw that the new leads arrived. I think it was yesterday or the day before,  regarding that and timing of when to call,  D when we received the leads, is that also the day give or take that the PR received the letter? Or should we maybe wait, maybe a few days after we received the lead in our portal before making the call so that we can make sure that the letter was actually received.

[00:23:22] Does that make sense? It does. And the answer is different for everybody. I mean, if you want to make sure your call comes in after the letter, you can assume that the day you're leaving the day your leads hit your, my, my probate.  if you're on auto, if you're on autopilot, that will also trigger the first letter, the first round of your, your marketing sequence.

[00:23:40] So you've got three to three to five days on which day that happens on. If it happens on a Friday, it's obviously going to be longer. Or it could be longer.  but you know, you, you've got three business days. You're pretty safe if you're on autopilot. And, but we, we actually sent, we send you a copy of your own letters.

[00:23:57] So you actually know when they arrive in your market. So that's just the fail safe, like, you know, for sure that everyone else must have gotten them that day because you did too.  got it. I think. Postal services, you know, they're, they're doing all they can to keep up right now. I literally have people showing up in civilian vehicles, delivering mail now,  a whole lot, there were a little overwhelmed with e-commerce I think, but FedEx not using you halls here.

[00:24:21]But so it could be a little longer, but the safest bet is to just, when you get a copy of your own letter, you know, that it's, that everyone has gotten it and you can make phone calls. Now that said, a lot of folks hit the phones before the letters even dropped. And they, if they're aggressively, you know, making calls and, and getting out there before we find that it usually the letter warms up your phone call because it's very different.  And they're like, Oh yeah, I remember your letter. It was, it was the only one that didn't say we buy houses or, you know, we're the best damn realtor in the world it asked me know, stands out. So it can warm your phone call, but you're, you're getting pretty strong on the phones man.

[00:24:59] Like we had the fed show last month.  I would encourage you to try calling before the letter showed up and just see if you don't get resistance. If you're breaking through it doesn't matter. Go ahead and call earlier. Fair, valid points. I appreciate that. okay, so now onto scripting, right?

[00:25:17] So, two things that I encountered, in the last couple of days with calls are one of them was. So when I speak with the person and I ask if they recall receiving my letter and all that stuff and just to kind of warm them up and they're always very nice. One of the things that, I had a caller tell me yesterday is okay, sorry.

[00:25:39] When I do the introduction, I said, do you recall receiving my letter? They say, yes, what it's about? Then I tell them briefly for five seconds. What I, what it is that I do. And then I just tell them, I see that you're working with so-and-so AKD attorney, right. Just to make them feel comfortable, you know?

[00:25:56] Cause I let them know I got your number from the probate court. And all that stuff. And I see that you're working with, you know, mr. Corbett,  it's very good that you have an attorney, all that stuff, just so that they kind of see, I'm not just someone calling, they see they're really suspicious. So the gentlemen responded to me, said, all right, per he said I'm handling everything else myself.

[00:26:18] So I don't need any of your services. I wasn't sure where to go with that aside from just, you know, is it okay if I checked back in with you in about a week or so? just to see if you're still, still handling everything. Okay. But that's an, okay. Maybe that wasn't the right approach. A better one is have him identified like, cause he doesn't know what he doesn't know.

[00:26:40] And most people underestimate just how challenging this is. And there's just, there's so many little moving pieces and responsibilities they have to do. It's easy for folks to get overwhelmed. So in the beginning they underestimate what needs to be done and they're like, ah, hell, this is no big deal. I just have to open a bank account, pay the bills, sell everything who can't do that, but they're not accounting for all of the inefficiencies in the process and all the parties involved.

[00:27:07] And there's a reason attorneys. This is such a big business for attorneys because they've been the ones that quarterback this for years and they don't eat. They don't do the best job they could either. That's what leaves a massive opportunity for us to step in there. Right. So knowing you, you knowing that him not knowing don't challenge him and say, you're ignorant, you don't know what you're talking about.

[00:27:27] You know, you do need my help. You can say something like, Hey, listen, I understand. I mean, I would say probably nine out of the 10 families that we ended up helping say the same thing in the beginning. And you don't have to be embarrassed if, if you find yourself overwhelmed, just pick up the phone and call we'll be here.

[00:27:43]And otherwise I'll check in with you every couple of weeks just to make sure would that be okay? And like help him, help him understand, set an almost set, an expectation that you, your ego doesn't have to keep you from calling me back. If you do find that you're overwhelmed, you don't have to be embarrassed.

[00:27:59] I see it happen literally every week I see this happen and we stepped right in and we take over and our, you know, and do what we need to do. But. Paint that picture, that there's a good chance. You're you got a lot to learn here and there's a good chance you're going to need help and I'll be here waiting when you're, when you need it.

[00:28:15] so you, you can put your own language to that and get your version. But I would, I would, you know, assertively and assumptively, you know, assume that he's going to need help in the future. And plant that plant that plant that seed and get permission to follow up,  and truly nine and a 10 of them will find something that they would rather you deal with and have them deal with themselves.

[00:28:37] But regardless of how small, those are any reason to have a followup call, any reason for them to answer a follow-up call is a great. As a great reason, right? So I don't care if you need to, rehome a pet, you know, get a cat adopted. That's a great reason to show up in person and, and be, and create a real relationship.

[00:28:56]So a lot of folks like they, they do underestimate what it's going to take and they do procrastinate for the first month or two or three. And then the pressure sets in on them. And the embarrassment sets in. And a lot of times they won't call people back who they've shut down because they feel embarrassed to do that.

[00:29:14]So just create a safe space for you to call him or him to call you and say, listen, you don't ever have to be embarrassed. I get it. I hope that you can do this on your own and it's assemble your thinking. But I, I, I've seen a lot of families underestimate it and we're always, we've always got your back.

[00:29:30]Yeah. After I appreciate that. After, after I, we hung up, I actually called him back a few moments later, just to say, Hey, this is often overlooked and actually, accidentally forgotten by the attorney. I understand you have everything covered. I just want to make sure, that if there is a property in the estate that you go ahead and call your insurance specialists too.

[00:29:53] Make sure that there's a vacant home insurance policy. So I just told them that just to kind of, again, not be threatened, not feel threatening or like I'm telling them what to do, but just to kind of at least show him that there is,  there is care over there.  so that's that. And then to piggyback on something you were saying,  the next call that I had was a lady who told me that her attorney dropped them.

[00:30:17]She's the PR and she said, the attorney just disappeared and won't take the case.  there. So I'm now handling everything by myself. And I said, well, I, you know, she asked me if I was an attorney. I said, look, I, I personally am not, we mainly help with everything, all the li everything, all the aspects of the probate that are not.

[00:30:37] Legal that's what an attorney can do. We do work with several attorneys, so I'd be more than happy to guide you in the right direction. whether it be attorney or any type of service, such as clean-out repair, if there's any real estate she did tell me there's no real estate.  But then she asked me how much, what are the fees for the attorneys and the people that work with you?

[00:30:59] I had no idea what to answer. So I just told her I'm not sure, but I'd be more than happy to put you in touch. At least give you some, some references. Is that a common question? The what is their fee eventually? No, not at first. Yeah. Eventually I usually, this is the fee.  and just so you know, that depends on the complexity of the estate and the value of the estate.

[00:31:21] But on average, it's four to 7% of the gross value is where most legal fee the administration costs come in. So it's a significant number. Okay. I would, I would, I want to challenge you to have a better response to that question when she says, you know, are you an attorney or do you have one, instead of you had a kind of a wordy answer and you can get gain more credibility by saying, Oh no, I'm way smarter than that.

[00:31:47] I've got one on my team. Oh, I love when you're short, you shorten it down. You're still covering the base, but you're not, it's way less wordy and they get the point. Holy crap. This guy has everybody on the team. So again, we're painting the picture. We're painting the picture of a vertically integrated solution.

[00:32:04] One phone call. Everything dealt with. So you want me to keep that image, keep that image up because it will keep you keep them engaged with you. And if they need a painter, they're going to call you if they need to, rehome a cat, they're going to call you. It's whatever could be paint. The picture that there's this giant office building somewhere in Texas and you and your whole team are in it.

[00:32:24]And people would actually ask me that. And they're like, my God, you must take up a whole building. Where's your officers. And they really thought that all this was in one building.  but be a little more confident about the attorney side of it, because you believe the attorney is the attorney is one of your team members, right.

[00:32:40] The spokes in the Wheeler. So, yep. Nope. I'm not an attorney. I'm way more smart. I'm way smarter than that. but I am smart enough to have one on my team. Actually, we have several and as far as cost, the cost is gonna, the cost is different for every family. It depends on the assets you have and the level of involvement.

[00:32:58]But I will say this. You dodged the bullet by finding one of the wrong attorneys, we have been very carefully selected the best attorneys in town that have a standard of service that matches ours. So I'm going to have a guy named Doug Jones, call you in the next 60 minutes and make sure you're taken care of because the attorney that bailed on you probably didn't tell you this, but you, you are solely act that you're acting as a sole fiduciary.

[00:33:21] Sorry. I'm going to state if the house burns down, if somebody breaks in and if anything happens, guess who's liability. That is. If someone else from the family disagrees with anything that happens, guess who they're going to Sue. That's right. Oh, wow. So we need to get, we need to retain counsel for you today.

[00:33:37] It's not necessary, but I would certainly recommend that even though there's no real estate, that's something that I can do to help you right now and just know that you're protected and you know, you still have a fiduciary responsibility to the estate, but that attorney is going to absorb the legal liability and make sure that no mistakes are made.

[00:33:54] And if they are. There'll be there to help you through those. So it would it be okay if I have Doug, give you, give you a call here in the next hour. Okay, perfect. Okay. And again, just like we said, with the last caller, like be a little more assertive and hand them the solution on a silver platter, take away the procrastination.

[00:34:11]I thought it was kind of a funny, I thought of an alternative, funny comment. Are you an attorney? Do I sound like an attorney? Geez. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult,

[00:34:19]you'll find out how they you'll find out how they feel about attorneys. For sure.

[00:34:23]Have fun with it. We'll just, yeah. Appreciate it. Thank you guys so much. Really. Thank you, sir. We got three more in the queue.



Prospecting Tips For Virtual Wholesalers/InvestorsNext up is phone number ending in nine eight, eight nine. Hey, what's going on guys? What's up.  not much, I, this is actually my first call. I've gotten myself and my team here.  so quick question, you know, we're, we're like 99% virtual.

[00:34:44]So I wanted to ask how can you, how do you suggest we distinguish ourselves considering that it's somewhat difficult to get to the property in person? How can we distinguish ourselves and set ourselves apart and kind of build that rapport on, on the initial call? As opposed to, you know, briefly telling them what we do and how we do it and getting out there to set an appointment.

[00:35:02]Joel, you mean you're out of town or just working remotely?  we, we operate in a couple of different markets, even in our own backyard. We rarely go out to a house until you get a contract first, even when it's a probate lead. So just trying to find a ways to be a little more efficient, over the phone, as opposed to getting out there in person for every, every deal.

[00:35:20]Sure the answer is who, who can do it for you because that getting there in person that makes a big, big difference. And that is what differentiates you, especially from other virtual wholesalers. So who can that be? A contractor makes a really good partner. Like if you start with a, like, someone who's young in their business, like a class C contractor can be a very good resource to take videos.

[00:35:42] Photos give you a, you know, quotes, put lockboxes on chain, you know, change locks.  so that, that could be your ground guy in each of your markets. realtors are also very good. if you don't, if you, you probably already have realtors, they eventually make commissions. So a lot of times you don't have to pay them on a per house basis or a per appointment basis, but you could,  you know, I mean, some realtors, frankly, aren't very good at what they do.

[00:36:05] They'll show houses for 20 bucks, and this is not that much different. You, you can look for a showing agent.  and then, you know, obviously in the first couple you want to. Build a strong relationship over the phone and just say, Hey, I've got an assistant that can combine do this for you today. But eventually that if that's the right who, then you'll be able to train them to actually do the appointments on their own, and you could send an acquisition manager, you might turn that person into your acquisition manager.

[00:36:30]Another person that I like to use is a local, concierge who, they normally sell their, sell their services in blocks of time. you could buy a block of time and then send them to look at the house and have them kind of go through and, and package your proposal of the extra services that either they, as, as an independent contractor, you might want to help them.

[00:36:54] The person with, to earn their business. Gotcha. Gotcha. Gotcha. Okay. Well, I mean, that's a great tip. What do you feel like you've had to difficulty with on the onset of the call? Right. Like building that rapport, building that, that curiosity, I guess you'd call it like the first 10, 20 seconds of the call.

[00:37:10] especially if I, if they just initiated the probate process, as opposed to it being, you know, few weeks, few months in. Could we maybe role play, maybe, you know, the investor, whatever it may be and whatnot on the seller potential seller. I just want to put together a better pitch for my team. If that makes sense, Bruce, you want to, do you want me to take it?

[00:37:25]Go ahead and take it. I'm having a really, really hard time hearing it. Yeah. Could you get, I think you're on speakerphone. you're going to role, could you just get closer to the mic please? Yes, sir. I'm right here. Okay. Okay. So I'm outbounding. You're the prospect? Yup. Okay. And what was your name? Mike?

[00:37:40] Okay, ring. Ring.

[00:37:42]Hi, I'm trying to reach Mike Smith.

[00:37:43]Hey, Mike, my name's Chad Corbett. I, I've sent you a letter a couple of days ago, but I had a few minutes of my office. I thought I'd follow up.  we, we have a team here in Roanoke. It helped families going through probate. And as part of that, we go to the courthouse and meet with the clerk every 30 days or so.

[00:37:58] And we try to reach out to each of the families just to see if there's any way we can help. I've. what's what's been something you guys could use help with. Have you found anything that would be challenging yet or is it pretty, pretty straightforward? Oh, it's been pretty simple for us, but we're, we're thinking about maybe selling her house.

[00:38:12]Okay. And it, it looks like, I think you guys are working with John DOE attorney down on fifth Avenue.

[00:38:17]Okay. Well, that's really good. And you feel like he's done everything that you expected him to, or are you still have some blind spots? Wow. So far so good. Okay.  one of the things I actually don't know, John though, we haven't met yet. so I'm not real familiar with his process. And from one of the things we try to do make, we see most attorneys overlook is asset protection.

[00:38:37] you said that there's a house in the estate that usually represents about 80% of the day. Oh, you have a state, the entire state for most families. So the first thing we try to look at it is that protected. So did, did the attorney help you set up, is, is the property vacant? Yeah, but the property is vacant and you want to go home buying company because I'm getting a lot of letters and postcards and calls and you know, these, these vultures just won't leave me alone.

[00:39:00]Yeah. So we, we have real estate services because that's a big part of, of the estate process for most families. And most families do want to sell the assets. But what I want to focus on first is making sure those are protected because if the attorney hasn't told you, you do have some legal liability and a fiduciary responsibility to.

[00:39:18] To preserve both real and personal property. So if, if the, if you didn't transition the insurance policy to a vacant house policy, you haven't, you haven't uninsured asset. If you haven't properly posted the home and somebody gains access, you can't evict them. And they're stuck in there for months at this point.

[00:39:35]So if it's okay with you, we have a process that we like to work through one step at a time to make sure you're protected. And we. Kind of pick up the pieces and do what the attorneys don't usually.  so what would you like to get that and make sure the home's protected.

[00:39:49]Mike, are you there? Yeah,

[00:39:50]I I'll I'll break for a second. I didn't hear your response. There was a microphone noise if you responded. I think we lost him. You still there, Mike? All right. I'm going to move on to the next person. I guess, Chad, well, Mike, definitely. Well, I'll, I'll, I'll finish. I'll just show where I was going. So, because he showed me apprehension to investors and he told me he's a virtual wholesaler.

[00:40:11] I was easing my way in, by the way. By group or like vastly differentiating myself. And I was deferring the quote, the answer until I could get there face to face and prove to him that I was ethical and acting in his best interest. And then seal out the level of motivation. If they're super, super motivated, it's it.

[00:40:29] Then, then I'll make him an offer right there on the screen. But, and there's a contract in my truck at all times. If they're not that motivated, then I'm going to walk it back a little and I'm going to hand it to my brokerage partner if I don't have that in house. But what I was doing was, was staying away from a very raw subject for them.

[00:40:47]They, the, you were, you know, you were showing me that you're perceiving me as just another guy that's trying to take advantage of you. So in that scenario, I'm going to stay the hell away from the real estate conversation. All I need to know, and all I care about is there is real estate. Now I know statistically there's about a 90% chance you're going to sell that real estate.

[00:41:07] So now my only focus is how do I get that? Face to face to let him know that I'm different than all the other people he's, he's, he's judging me against. So that's where I was going with it. I would show up to change locks. I would show up to, you know, I would get my insurance guy to put up to bond a vacant policy on it and follow up to make sure that that was done.

[00:41:26]I would get over there for any reason I could. That's where I was headed with it. Perfect. And the next one in the queue appears to be Michael also six two, three, one. Is that the same Michael or a different one? Completely different.

[00:41:36] Altruism Is the Best Differentiator In A Selfish IndustryOkay. Well, Michael, number two. What can we do for you, sir? So, I would like to step that I do have some questions, but I wanted to step then the other Michael's role.

[00:41:45] I want to kind of put back into that situation because this is pretty interesting, what you're saying as I was listening to you. I was thinking that, Hey, if this was me, I probably say a few things and I'd like to see how you would. You, you would respond if that's okay. You want to play the prospect?

[00:42:02]Well, I don't necessarily do. I just want to kind of throw you out here's here's what I'm hearing and how would you go about this? So, first thing is I would have been saying, Hey, you know, you're, you're, here's what I got. I didn't hear enough of the, Hey, you know, we can help with, you know, if you need a funeral home, we can help with, you know, you need a dumpster.

[00:42:18] You, we can help. I, I would have wanted a year. A lot more what's in it for them rather than, you know, cause you'll get some people like, you know, you're asking me too many questions and your time is up. You're done. I would have liked to have seen you say enough of let's go. No, let's, let's start at the beginning.

[00:42:34]So I, I don't always accel at explaining everything that I'm doing, but I was reading his energy and his perception of the other people he'd spoken to. So I was slow walking it. So I'm not going to barf all of my services on over him. When, when we're, when he staying engaged in the conversation. And he allowed me to defer the answer that he was looking for and that his engagement, like he stayed with me.

[00:42:56]So I'm happy to, well, let's just start a fresh one or are you, do you want to come at this from an investor, a brokerage or both?  geez. I don't know. And I think, I think another big part of it is, you know, modeling, I'm in New Jersey, so everything's a million miles a minute as opposed to somewhere else.

[00:43:12] Right. So there's no slow walk in anything, New Jersey. You're like, you got two seconds. Otherwise that person hanging up, I've worked with a lot of folks in Jersey. It's understanding human. You want to be right. Or you want to learn. I know you speak. You're a teacher. See you're from Jersey and I just stopped you in your tracks.

[00:43:29]There's things that we do, understanding human behavior and how the brain works. There's things that you can do to influence people's behavior. And when you hear me use my West Virginia farm voice and I slow people down, it's intentional. Most of the time. So I've worked with a lot of folks from Jersey and New York and different places.

[00:43:47]So I'll challenge, I'm challenging you to kind of shift your mindset a little and say, maybe I can influence people. Maybe I can make them go through the maze the way that, that gets me a consistent result. And don't let the tail wag the dog. So let's, let's jump into it and we'll, we'll see. Sure. Go ahead.

[00:44:06]Ring, ring. Hello. I am trying to reach Mike Smith. I guess you got him. Sorry, your mic, your mic, your mic, but your microphone was a little muffled. This is Mike Smith. Yes. Hey, how are you? How can I help you? I'm good, Mike, thanks for asking. Hey, my name's Chad Corbett. You might, my mate, my name might sound familiar.

[00:44:23] I'd sent you a letter last week, but I had a couple of minutes, before an appointment. So I just thought I'd call and follow up. I'm calling cause we've got a team right here in Jersey that helps families going through probate. And as part of that, we meet with the clerk once a month and she lets us know who we should be reaching out to.

[00:44:37]And I noticed you, you guys are, are one of those families. I see you're working with attorney John DOE and I just wanted to call and see if there's let you know we're here in the community and see if there's anything we might be able to help you with. Yeah. Hey, thanks. We got a whole bunch of letters. It quite honestly, my, my, my wife, you know, we, we threw a ball in the garbage the other day and, I was kind of just letting the attorney handle everything.

[00:44:57] And, we got a realtor coming over in a couple of days and, you know, it's a little overwhelming for us. Yeah, I understand completely. That's kind of why we do what we do. It's is this the first time you've ever been an administrator? Yeah. Do you hope it's the last, what do you think. I think based on everyone we've worked with, I've never met anyone who ever wanted to do it again.

[00:45:14] And that's,  what, however, I might be able to help you. One of the things that we do for every family is make sure they have a proper plan in place after this. So you never have to go through this again.  do you guys have a living trust established? Yeah, but honestly, that's, that's a question I would, I would, I would, I would be speaking with my attorney about, you know, what, you know, are you an attorney?

[00:45:32] Cause we already, I mentioned I already have one w I'm way smarter than that. I would never go to law school. we have attorneys on our team, but we also work. With most of the attorneys in the County,  John DOE we've actually done a couple of transactions together,  be happy. I mean, I'm sure he wouldn't be happy to share his opinion of who we are and how we, how we help families.

[00:45:50] But, you know, we, we kind of pick up where they leave off. We, we consider them one of our team members. We help with, you know, the people in the property and the, the, you know, planning and prevention side of, of probate. So the attorney is going to tell you, you gotta do ABCD. FGX all those things that are in that mental list of yours.

[00:46:08]They tell you to go do it, but there's really no support until we built this team. There wasn't really any support in the community to help deliver on that, all those things. So ideally, I mean, what our focus is is. To minimize the stress and maximize the equity for every family we can every month. and that's why we reach out.

[00:46:26] Sometimes people are offended. Sometimes people take a sigh of relief and hand us everything, and we just do it for them, but it really starts with us understanding your situation, your limitations. Like a lot of folks are COVID sensitive and don't want to come out right now. And we have solutions in place for that too.

[00:46:42] We can deal with everything or we can. I can help you with a few little things and, and just, you know, you just know that we always have your back. So,  one of the biggest challenges we see most people struggle with on the front end is what the heck do you do with the real estate? How do you, especially coming into wintertime, if you don't, if there's no money in the estate to pay the heating bills, how do you get that winter as how do you secure it?

[00:47:04]So is there any real estate in the estate and you guys, do you guys have a plan for it so far? Yeah, but yeah, forgive me. I, I, I told you I got a realtor come and soon I told you I got an attorney. What, what, what, what, what can you do for me? And what's going to cost, let me just get down to it. Like what's, what's, what's this all about?

[00:47:20]I don't know.  I mean, if, if, if you're okay with me asking a few more questions and I can understand your situation and whatnot attorney, are you a realtor or are you a, are you an investor? What, w w what are you, what type? I don't understand. I didn't read your letter. I'm sorry. I told you my wife through everything.

[00:47:35]You got the better version. You got me on the phone. So I would, I would explain myself as a social, social entrepreneur. So we have multiple businesses. I can get paid as a realtor. I can get paid as an investor. I can paint houses. I can pressure wash it. It really just it's. I don't usually do those things, but it starts with we, we are a clearing house, so we have a single vertically integrated solution where you can make one phone call and all of those pieces that you're having trouble managing.

[00:48:02] Can be in one single relationship. So I have a real estate license. I buy houses, I write loans. I work with social workers. I work with nursing homes. I work with senior moving companies. So you can kind of think of us as a concierge, but that picks up where the attorney leaves off and takes away that stressful feeling that I hear in your voice.

[00:48:21]But if, if we don't slow down and not, I can't understand your situation. I can't, I mean, I don't just have a menu of things to hand you and say, pick, pick one.  We usually try to meet with the families and understand it because this is important and it's stressful and you need to know that you can trust me.

[00:48:37] So I would prefer call me old fashioned, but I would prefer to look you in the eye and let you know that I'm real. And I'm not going to Rob you or take advantage of you. And I'll never ask you for a dime unless I've done exactly what I promised. Super. So can I end the role-play and then kind of give you some, some, some, some, some questions in response to that.

[00:48:54] And then eventually go to my question that I was gonna ask, is that okay? That was great. And I want to, is that all right with you? Yeah, that's good. All right. So, I love that phrase, social, social entrepreneur, you know, that was what I was looking. Cause like, if I was putting myself in that person's shoes, they're like, they're feeling tenseness in their chest and they're like stressed out.

[00:49:14] And soon as you said that my chest opened up, I felt warm. You know, it's like, Hey, you know what? I respect it. This guy wants to make money. And I respect that. He's kind of. Thank you. This is I'm marrying the two. I'm doing these services. When, when you also said that question about, Hey, You know, you know, you want this something about the last time you want to be an administrator.

[00:49:35] I was a very Gregg great Brown, like icebreaking phrase. So I'm like taking notes and I think those are the golden nuggets. So I want to thank you for them. the other thing is, you know, from where I'm at and with the kind of speed things go, When you said you were about like, look, I don't want to necessarily, you know, give you this, I forget the word you used.

[00:49:57] I couldn't write a shopping list or a laundry list or whatever it was about all the things you do. I'm going to say that was where that was. That was brilliant. I, I would, what I was kind of trying to get at is like, I, at least people I talked to that's where you lead, just like, listen, this is why you.

[00:50:13]This is why I'm calling. Cause I can, I'm a social entrepreneur. I can offer you all these things. I'd like to meet you in person and, and then go on to that speech. But I kind of like you immediately said, wow, you do all these things. As opposed to I'm into the conversation five minutes. I still don't know what you do.

[00:50:31] And I'm still, I've, I've gotten, you know, 20 letters from investors. I buy cash and I just, you know, I don't, and, and, and people call me skip trace to me. And I'm like, you know,  I may be in an emotional state of anger or pissed off. Yeah. So I think that you coming out at people, I'm saying. You don't need to get pissed off at me.

[00:50:53] Cause I'm a social entrepreneur. I do all these things and some of them I'm just referring. I don't make no money. I'm just, I'm here to provide you a service in and then say, and you're, here's, what's in it for you. If you can do me something I'd love to meet you in person, go over there and then, you know, go into more stuff.

[00:51:06] But, now here's something I'd like to ask you. Oh, right. Any, any comments with what I said right or wrong? No, it's great feedback. And I'm glad you guys know you from all that one. I want to tell you a story,  that from not nothing, it might, it might not be in your backyard, but from a very, very fast paced environment, we had a kid who was 26 years old, still licensed for 16 days, and he says, I want to be an agent in Midtown Manhattan.

[00:51:32]So it's working for the sun, right? So he signed up for this program. All he did was the minimum that we teach the methodology that we're talking about here today, between July and December is first six months in the business. He did $750,000 in the listing commission. Only in Midtown Manhattan. He learned.

[00:51:51]To engage with them. He learned to slow them down. He learned to focus on people in situation, and he kicked every new agents ass in that market. And that's one of the most fiercely competitive, old blood markets there is in the country and it's fast, fast, fast paced. So that's like, I have lots of proof that this works even in really high, strong, fast paced, aggressive environment.

[00:52:13]And I just ask that you trust the methodology because it's been tested in every single County in the country. Well, that's fantastic. I totally trust it. That's a phenomenal testimonial. I was just. Yes. I decided I wasn't associate broker in Manhattan many years ago. All I did was rentals and yeah, it's not a, the fast paced, but it's cutthroat and not amongst your competitors, even amongst your own people.

[00:52:37] My boss would steal my commissions and steal my clients. So it's like the New York baby. I actually literally had a fist fight with the manager office manager. Had her pull us apart. Yeah. One of those. Hey, do you ever find something? Oh, yeah. You mean, Dave, didn't tell you if I heard you were for competent day and he said, no problem.

[00:52:53] I filled out everything and gave him the commission. And I find this out, like a week later, I was like, this is bad people really don't care. And that's, that's fantastic. And yeah, like what you're providing with this is so unique because everyone's coming from it. I, you know, what's in it for them when you, and that's kind of why I was saying.

[00:53:11]If you, now, now mind you I'll I'll I trust you and I'll, I'll, I'm gonna learn the right way and do it how you say, but I wanted to say that it's so relieving to hear somebody say, Hey, this I'm, I'm providing you a service. Not, not your service to me, give me your money, but I'm providing you a, a smorgasbord of services to help you in your time and your family time.

[00:53:33] Anita. I love it. so, now I've got a question for you regarding kind of, I want you to, I want you to write, write something down to summarize this whole point and how you feel right now. Yeah.


Altruism is the best differentiator in a selfish industry.

[00:53:49]and that summarizes everything we talk about here. Like being optimistic and actually caring, having empathy and compassion will make sure that you never have competition because so few people have that quality in business. I can't agree with you more. And I, and I lived that I flipped houses and I, I try to set myself apart from being the only guy with as many video testimonials from the, from the sellers I serve, than anybody.

[00:54:15] And that's kind of, and to where they're saying things, I, I couldn't have scripted it better when they say I treat them like family when there's like a, in addition to the, you know, th th th the, yeah, the great, you know, closers. Oh, I had to do a show up and get my check. He did everything for me, you know?

[00:54:31]so yeah, so that's kind of what tracked to me. To you because that's how I am. Right. And I want to do that, but on a bigger scale and a bigger level focused within the probate needs.  and so my question to you is when you were kind of, kind of, wishing that you can get in front of them, if you are already someone who's got very.

[00:54:53]Touching moving and inspire video testimonials and can prove that that you're separate from other people. Would you lead or ever mentioned that? Would you mention go to my website or go to my YouTube channel? Or would you be like doing everything you can to not have them go get distracted, even if.

[00:55:13] That's the proof that they need, that this is a separate, this is a different, unique individual. No, I would encourage you so very few people take full advantage of that. And the fact that you've done it is puts you way ahead of most people already. So you'd definitely want to leverage that if I were you, I would build a page on your website where you, you compile all of that.

[00:55:34]And then go buy a very simple domain and redirect it to that page and make sure it's something that a 75 year old lady that has poor eyesight can type that on her phone, her phone, when she's reading the PS line of your letter, because it's going to say PS, I know some of this might sound too good to be true.

[00:55:52]Lots of folks have, have, we've helped lots of folks in this community already, right? Ask them what they think of us go to, you know, probate, and make it very simple and have them land on that page. And it just gives you social proof. Like it shows that you're, you're, you're, you're not full of it.

[00:56:13] You actually have that proof. And so I would highlight it. I definitely wouldn't hide from it. I would put it out front. And, and make it easy for them to access because what I find, even with that, that strong of a PS line, like the PS line, I typically use PS. If you're not ready to talk to somebody just yet go to probate .com to check out, you know, all the ways we can help.

[00:56:36]And what you find is on the day, your mail hits between usually between like one and three o'clock you'll get. 60% of your list will be on the website that day. And you can tell by Google analytics or WordPress Jetpack. So that PS line is powerful and the letter is very different anyways. Like it's not a typical, we biologist letter.

[00:56:56]And based on this conversation, I would encourage you there, there is a letter and in the, in our, in the mailbox motivator portal,  called I think it's called the social enterprise letter. And it's a two-sided letter and the whole front is very people focused and the whole back is very real estate and very service and real estate focused.

[00:57:16] But I think you're going to identify with that letter. And if I were you, I would work your testimonials into that letter in a PS line.  but definitely don't hide from it, put it out front and be proud of it. I think that's, that's great. I appreciate it. The, the, the, one of the questions I had was, I know a lot of people get the phone numbers and then they physically call.

[00:57:36]Did you, did you ever. Do you have any problems with ringless voicemail? I had really good luck with it, but it's, it's becoming, there are a lot of attorneys out there looking for class action suits. So to me, it's, it's more liability than it's worth now.  but I did have very too busy though, to be honest with you.

[00:57:55] They're like good. There's so in my neck of the woods here, swamped. Overwhelming. Yeah. I don't think it well, just under, I would say it's very effective, but make sure you understand your risk and you understand like read the TCPA, the telephone consumer protection act, read it. And you'll, you'll see that every RVM is in direct violation of TCPA, unless you have explicit written consent in the last 90 days or an existing business relationship.

[00:58:22]How do they know if you can get. Well, they, I mean, if, if, if they, if one person can show that phone call and it, and if, if they can, if, if it was a recorded message, like if they answer and, and hear that, hear it, and you weren't on the other end of the line, they forward that to an attorney. The attorney sends you a letter and says, we filed a suit.

[00:58:42] We intend to make this a class. So we're going to subpoena your call records for the last 10 years. And then you understand, if I get, if I get into a deaf deposition on this, he's going to slaughter me. So they shake you down for a settlement. The whole thing usually only lasts a week or so they're not looking to take you to court.

[00:58:59] Litigation sucks. Even for attorneys. What they're looking to do is shake you down for a quick settlement. Right? Right. Okay. And if you were to. Dare to move forward with that. What, what would you use for that? Would it be, like what, what I think with some of the ones that you've had success with? So I preferred to use voice logic, but they actually had an attorney get through their hold harmless.

[00:59:26] So instead of doing ringless voicemail there, now they created a new product called voicemail courier. And if you go to voice forward slash all the leads or forward slash ATL, I think either one will work. You'll be able to see the products that they offer at the special pricing they offer for our subscribers.

[00:59:44] And I think it's 85 cents. It's more expensive than ringless voicemail. And, you know, before you get caught or you find yourself in a lawsuit,  but it's, it is 100% compliant they're using Toronto based callers with really no accents. And they're placing a live call and 20% of the time people pick up and they say, Hey, I've got a message from Mike.

[01:00:04]he'd like me to play it. Can you, can you stay on the line? And shockingly 93% of the time they stay on until the end of the message, the live answers stay. And then they, the others dropped just like ringless voicemail, but it was, it was, they can prove through records if they get audited,  they can prove that a live person made that call and left that voicemail.

[01:00:23] Well, that's beautiful. Very, you know, those who want to avoid the legal trouble, it sounds like it's a no brainer. Yeah. That's a great, another great service you're providing. And I deeply appreciate if you think of everything, it seems like the, the, the, so you have a script as to what, to what that recording would say.

[01:00:41] it's it's I mean, I try to keep them as brief as possible.  I've made the mistake. I'm probably tested and tracked two dozen different voicemails. The one that, that always had the best callback rate for me was, Hey, this is Chad. I sent you a letter last week. Just wanted to make sure you got that. And you understood why we sent it.

[01:00:59]give me a shout when you have a chance five, five, five one two, three, four. And knowing my situation, leave that URL. With the videos or whatever that, that like probate, you know, the pro probate testimonial .com. If you, if you were me tested and, and I would build that into, if I were going to leave it on a voicemail, I would build that into a more robust page.

[01:01:20] and it would almost be like a long sales letter type format,  with a bold headline that really differentiated me. Some copy, introducing my service, then the testimonials, then more copy about the services we provide in a call to action. So I would say something like, Hey, this is Chad. I met with the County clerk last week to find out what families are going through.

[01:01:41] Probate. I found out your family was one of them.  I know this is going to sound too good to be true. So I'm just going to make it really simple. If you go to probate, you'll see what we do. And,  you know, when you're ready, give us a call and just want to let you know we're here in the community.

[01:01:54]So the call to action. Like I'm not even going to leave a phone number and that's how I would test that. And then I would, I would look at Google analytics and see how many page entries you had, what your drop rate was.  and then test different calls to action. The call to action could be call us today, fill out this form,  download, you know, Download our free probate checklist.

[01:02:14] you could test, test different calls to action that you could use your voicemail to, to get traffic to your website. Now, here is where this gets interesting. If you let that work, you can spend on the website, you sit down with an attorney and design a probate checklist, make it into a PDF, but the attorney's information on the bottom, you provide value to them because you get them around them, an anti solicitation loophole.

[01:02:36]So they are happy to provide that for you. So you have a, literally a local checklist from an attorney in your County on the website. You have a call to action, just, you know, download, download the Bergen County, New Jersey probate checklist written by local attorney, John DOE drop your email here or drop your cell phone, like do email cell phone.

[01:02:57]Once you get that, the terms and conditions in that form submission we'll have the language that says you are opting in to be. Contacted by ringless voicemail, text message, you know, live call, whatever, make it an all-inclusive opt-in then. So you're, you're leaving that vague message. You're getting them to the website.

[01:03:17] You're giving them something of value. And now you have a legal opt-in, so you can send ringless voicemail, you can text, blast them. You can do whatever the hell you want because you have the consent within the last 90 days.

[01:03:30]Chad, you just built my whole business in this five minute conversation we aim to please. You do, please. God bless you. Pretty Sure It was way more than five minutes, but it was a great way to end our call. If you have more, you want to talk about work cause we're way over today on time, we, we try to respect everybody's time, but come back tomorrow.

[01:03:46] Jim Sullivan (Host): Our mastermind call is one o'clock tomorrow. We can continue the conversation. And as always, if you need us between calls, just reach out to us directly. Okay. Fair enough.

[01:03:55]Thank you. Hey guys. Great call. Great turnout. Incredibly good content. I want to thank each of you for being here. I want to thank y'all for that actively participated. I want to challenge each of you. Take one thing you heard on today's call that inspired you go out and put it into action and come back any Thursday at one o'clock Eastern and discuss the results.

[01:04:16] We will talk to you tomorrow afternoon. Make it a great day. Stay healthy, stay productive. And we'll talk to you soon, guys. Take care.



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