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Probate Leads For New Listing Opportunities | What To Do With the “Maybes”? Probate Mastermind #322

Probate Leads For New Listing Opportunities | What To Do With the “Maybes”? Probate Mastermind #322

Probate Mastermind Episode #322 | Recorded Live on April 8th, 2021.  

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These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

00:00 General Updates

Jim and Bruce share general updates.


4:51 Improving Your Probate USP

Blake is referencing his probate letters as he introduces himself on prospecting calls.  He keeps running into the “we’re not interested, or not at this time” type of objection.  How can he tweak his USP to get more traction on the first call. Moreso, how can he make sure his introduction evokes the information he needs to best disposition these calls for follow-ups?


15:11 Market Updates in Metro Chicago

Caller opens with an update on his market, metro Chicago, noting the competitive, low-inventory nature. His strategy in this market is to use accelerator bids/escalation clauses with a ceiling at this max price, as well as waiving home inspections. He describes a situation he’s facing where tighter mortgages and tighter insurance policies might make it necessary to fix an air conditioning system before sale to a relative of the family owner, even though that may not have been necessary a year or two ago.


18:46 Probate Leads For New Listing Opportunities

Nick is looking to get into the Probate Niche to ramp his listings back up.  He is in Sarasota, which is great because probate leads near him are more likely to have snowbird, out-of-state Personal Representatives who will benefit from the help of a local probate expert.

21:46 What To Do With the “Maybes”

David Pannell jumps in the queue to build on what Bruce said earlier in the call.  Being able to disposition “Maybes” properly sets you up for branding and marketing with the goal of converting over time and multiple touches.David discusses his strategy.

24:13 What To Do With Leads You Haven’t Made Contact With

Dana is running out of phone numbers to reach the personal representative.  What should her next move be?

Navigating Sensitive Conversations With Live-In Relatives That Will Need To Be Relocated

Bill is looking for advice on how to structure a conversation with a friend of the family who recently lost his mother.  One of the sisters lives in the house and might be struggling with hoarding.  The sister isn’t in a position to be able to afford and maintain upkeep on the property, even though there is no mortgage.  The friend really wants



41:11 Should My Marketing Message Be General or Specific?

Lisa is wondering if she should reach out with a vague or a specified marketing message.  Should she let her leads know she knows about their situations? That she works in real estate? Or should she keep it general?

Looking to hear prospecting tips in action? Check out our live role play series.



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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #322


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the AllTheLeads.com coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

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Welcome phenomenal agents and investors nationwide today is April 8th, 2021. And this is my mastermind podcast. Number 322. I wanted to just brief them. No, I've never done phenomenal before. Nope. Oh, I, that sounded like a repeat to me, but all I'm keeping a list. If I did, they are still is phenomenal as they were the first time I mentioned it.

So it still applies. I wanted to just briefly start off with something, everybody. This month is an anniversary of this little thing. We've all experienced called a pandemic. And I, if y'all were with us a year ago, we offered try to help you as much as possible. We offered shift happens that says H I F T we hope that helped you.

And the fact that you're still here on this call, I think it proves that you not only survived physically, but hopefully. Financially, and hopefully you prospered. And honestly, my whole reason for bringing it up some of you may not have noticed, but in the last three or four days, SBA has been sending out emails to anyone that took advantage of either their PPP program.

Or they're they're low program, their low interest loan program and they're offering significant increases. So if any of you took advantage of that program and you haven't noticed, you might want to check your junk mail and if you still. Could you could benefit from that assistance, please take advantage of it like you did the first time.

I just want to make you all aware of that.  Tim and Bruce, nothing to share. We have one person in the queue. Anything you'd like to add? No, not right now. I think I think that was actually a very good advice. I will make one comment though about SBA and all of that. One of the things that I would appreciate hearing from on this call.

We're obviously seeing the same thing as you guys are that according to stuff in AR is putting out and a couple of the investment groups that I'm seeing, obviously inventory is a challenge nationally for everybody. And if you don't mind hop in the queue and just give us a little bit of a. Pizza on the ground deal how's inventory.

Look in your market. What's happening in your market? As far as availability, what's time on market looking nothing, nothing is better than firsthand information. So if you don't mind just hopping in the queue and say, Hey, Tim asking in the beginning, what it looks like in my market how right now I'm on market is really quick.

Things are staying on the market for four days and being gone. Can't find anything or in our market, things are different. Here's where they are. Let's hear about it. I'd like to hear from you guys about that. So I would ask that question. Yeah. Perfect. And by the way, the poor old foot is faded.

I don't think it's feats, but it's, that's a colorful way to put it. I have to give you where I'm from it, buddy. Okay, Bruce, you had a comment to please. Yeah, no, I don't have a whole lot to say I'm going to piggyback onto what Tim just asked for. When you do that. If you guys know how to calculate the absorption rates in your market, share that.

With this as well just an average absorption rate, not just average days on market that really helps helps all of us on this call know not just what's happening in our market. It's really important as professionals to know what's going on everywhere. Absolutely. Perfect. All I have to say.

Yeah. You know that you triggered something, Bruce, I'll add one more thing. About three years ago, we ask our customers to figure their ROI investment on everything they had spent on probate, leads, marketing, et cetera. And back then the people that replied had about a 1500% ROI. If anybody has calculated that lately, I would love to know it because our perception is.

Especially through the pandemic that the probate leads have gotten more valuable because obviously unfortunately, or fortunately, the houses are vacant. There's not an issue showing them. And we to revisit that also, if you have any idea of what your ROI is on your probate investment, I'd love to hear that.

And I guess we stalled long enough that we have two people in the Q a, we do have room for more, just hit star six and hit one. And let's go to our first caller this week. Our first caller is so number ending in 73 69. You're up first. I was going to everyone. This is this is Blake. I know the number comes up as I believe it's just two, the phone numbers, but yeah,

Marker [00:04:49] I have a question that we've gone over before, it it begs the question that I've been thinking about maybe ways to tweak my USP, but anyway, to make a brief Typically when I speak with PR a mass, if they've got a chance to take a look at the letter, I've sent them multiple times, like what letter or no.

And  then I briefly outline, the letter is the letter lists, the various services that myself and my team provide the personal representatives in this County. And I'm basically calling to see in what ways we could help you today. And the common theme. Objection that I get is either I'm not interested at this time or the, we have it taken care of.

And I'm wondering if, what I'm wanting to do is. Whether or not the object with that, what I'm wanting to, or I'm thinking about doing is getting or establishing whether or not we can help them out with real estate  on that first call, whether or not they're ready to move forward, or they just want to get me off the phone.

I'm wondering if there's a way that I could tweak my USP to establish that fact. So that I know  how to follow up. And and when to follow up, that's my burning question today is how do we handle that? And is there a school way to, to determine whether or not there's we can help them out real estate on the first call?

Regardless of if they're going to object straight away or not.  So I'll I'll take that. Let me ask you on your USP  how close to what you just described your actual USP is they say, Hey I don't know. I don't think I got your letter. And you say the purpose of it was to Let you know about the various different services that myself and my team provide.

And I wanted to find out where we could help you. Is that your USP, or do you take the opportunity to go ahead and describe those services? Because they haven't read your letter.  Yeah, I don't describe it. It's basically as a, as you just sit back out to me, My approach. Okay.

So at that point they have no idea what they're turning down. They're turning you down. Not because they don't value your service, but because you're a sales guy on the phone, you're a telemarketer in their mind. They don't know what they're turning down. They're rejecting you, not the service. And it's not it don't take that the wrong way, but they just.

They don't know you, you don't have any credibility. And so what I would probably do is say, and look I don't know where you are in the probate process. Do you think I could take, since you didn't read the letter, do you think I could take a quick 30 seconds and briefly give you an overview of what we do and Get that get that permission to go into your overview and then have yourself a 30 or 62nd description of bracketing some of those services that you provide.

Inside of the bracket, once they've agreed to hear you out for a second  inside of that bracket, you do need to hit on real estate, but you need to move off of it really quickly. I was just having a conversation a few minutes ago with someone that was saying that one of the things that I've taught for a long time is to say, we work with families that have real estate that they need to sell, but they don't want to be taken advantage of.

And this agent was saying exactly that. And she was calling saying we help you not be taken advantage of, and that's an emphasis on being taken advantage of. So as soon as someone that I don't know, says, Hey, I'm calling to help you not be taken advantage of. I'm like, Oh boy, they're going to take, you're going to take advantage of me.

So the the idea here is if you're going to mention real estate and you're going to mention. Not being taken advantage of, you want to cloth over really fast and then flip that coin over and describe the experience that the person's having outside of the real estate. So I'm going to say now on the flip side, a lot of people aren't even ready to talk about real estate at this point.

Maybe you're not even going to sell a house in the future. You're still dealing with. The legal issues and the accounting and collecting bank statements. And who's going to clean the house out and who's going to cut the grass and all these different things that are going on inside of your world is the personal representative.

And those are the things that I help with. So I just described overall their experience and their future goals. And then and then you're just simply going to ask a really powerful followup question maybe back to your original question w which areas do you think I could help with, or what's your experience in probate then?

So far, or where in the process are you. Okay. Those are three really good questions that you could ask after your pitch. Personally, I believe that the objection it's a key to the whole thing. So when they say we have it all handled, or we don't need anything, that's the key to getting to the real estate conversation.

So you take that objection. You validate it. You don't. Try to convince them that they're wrong. You simply agree with them and show them, prove to them that you're in agreement. So you say something like, it sounds like you're probably not looking for help right now, if that changes in the future, do you think we could keep in touch and get a yes.

And then you go, Hey, real fast before I give you my number  was your family leaning toward eventually selling real estate? Or are you all thinking about holding onto it? I wouldn't be able to do that without the objection, though. When you get an objection, you're like, Oh my gosh, how do I deal with this?

And how do I get to real estate? You get to real estate by pretending that the objection had nothing to do with real estate by essentially in your mind telling yourself that objection was more toward their lack of knowledge of what you can really help with. And then you validate it and you move on by asking before I let you go.

Can I ask  were you guys thinking about holding onto the real estate or thinking about selling it. And there's a lot of different pieces of word craft in there. Come to the foundations class that I do and we'll go over that much, much greater detail so that you can get it down for yourself and really crashes it with some of your peers on those calls as well.

Gotcha. Yeah, that's very helpful. And then just a quick follow-up to that. So it's on the same thing. So out of those objections that. I've let go. So to speak, hung up and I didn't validate their objection and ask question, about real estate when I called them that  would it be something to the effect of, Hey, we spoke such and such a time.

And at that time you, you mentioned that you weren't ready to move forward with it. With  or you weren't ready to entertain our services or what have all with that later. But so that's what I'm thinking about now is following up. So where, how we frame that in that context. So it's pretty similar, but I would just, it just helps to hear it.

I'm going to pretend like we really, I'm not in your mind. I want you to think we didn't really have a conversation before. So in your they may not remember you. Per se if you call it say a month ago, when you call again this month, they might not remember you. So I'm usually going to say, do you happen to remember a brief chat that we had last month?

Same that you do with your letters? And if they say, no, you go, yeah. Perfect. That's the reason I was calling is I was the guy that had the service that helped people that were going through probation. And I don't want to bother you.  Do you think I could take 30 seconds and tell you a couple of the things that we do and then I'll just let you decide if maybe it's worth another conversation now or at some point in the future,

and then you just dive right into the USP that we just talked about. Gotcha. Okay. Yeah, that helps tremendously. Perfect. Okay. Yeah, let me just, let me add one other thing that also can help you get to that. And it's always good to have multiple approaches to doing it. Another question that you can always ask if somebody tells you that they got it all handled, they're moving forward and all that a good question for them is, Oh, that's great.

That's great. What all is left on your plate? What all do you what all do you have less to get done? And in doing that. They'll tell you if the, if there's real estate to be sold in the property, without you ever even asking if you simply do that or describe for me what this all looks like when it's all finished up, what all left on your plate rather than be laboring with, by taking all of your time, Mr.

Prospect maybe you can just kinda tell me what's left or now you can see this resolving itself when it's done. And I can say of thing we can throw at you to. Help you get this done. And certainly not any obligation we're here to help, but if you ask them to describe the end result without even getting involved in the discussion about the real estate, they'll tell you if they've got property to be sold or there's a bunch of other stuff to be done.

Gotcha. Hey, test. Special attention to that. That's really good.

Even if it did come from Tim.

Eight Bruce you've mentioned foundations briefly, just maybe because we may, we have different people on the call every week. Just let them know all of this is stuff that you will go over in great detail in the foundations program, and just remind them that's available for both subs and non subs and how to sign up for it that you would.

Yeah. Every week up until now, this has only been available for all the leads, subscribers getting our leads.  But we've been teaching a foundation series and basically it's just two classes. Each class is two hours long. Many of you have made it for those of you that haven't made it. Please join.

If you're a subscriber, getting our leads, it's free.  Starting in two weeks, if you are not a subscriber and you'd like to jump in and take that class and learn those. Basics just the fundamental elements of prospecting marketing, and building your team out for probate.  You can also take that now.

It's not going to be free if you're not a subscriber, but it's it's going to be a very affordable price and you're going to want to take advantage of it. So it's four hours total, and it's generally going to be taught every, almost every other week four hours. And there'll be two hours on a Tuesday and two hours on a Wednesday.

And it's. Got to give you a huge leg up. It's take everything that I used to coach one-on-one and it would take eight months to unpack on a, in a one-on-one coaching schedule and give it all in that four hour class. Correct. All right. Perfect. I hope that helps. We have two in the queue guys.

We have more than enough room for another half a dozen. Don't be shy. We're looking for wins of the week. How's your market. Your return on investment. Anything you want to share with us? I'll go ahead. Did you have another comment? Go ahead. I'll share.

Marker [00:14:54] I'll share just my market real quick. I'm in Wilkes County and Illinois.

So one of the collar counties Chicago metropolitan area  I suspect it's like pretty much everywhere else, low and mid, super low inventory. I don't have the absorption rate on hand, but it's very common right now when stuff gets listed that it's gone within a week. So it's very and it's very common, 10, 15, even 20% over list price to win to win these to win the bid.

So they're competitive, low inventory. A pretty, pretty similar across the country right now, but that's my 2 cents about my market. So perfect. Putting in accelerator bids on houses

to me by accelerator.  Would you say escalation and escalation clause would be the other way to say that? Yep. We're basically you go in and you say, Hey, I'll pay you 400,000 for your house, but that's my base price, but I'll beat anybody. Else's offer by a thousand dollars up to four 20.  Yes.

That, and then waving home inspections.  Yeah. Any really, basically anything, all holds bar to win the, or when the  when it's, so it's very competitive. I saw a post a couple of days ago. I think it may have been an art group. You, it, you gotta do what you gotta do to help your buyer if they want the house.

But there was one where. The buyer waive the appraisal and they got the house and it under appraised by 45,000. Just said what do I do now? It's tough. It's tough, especially if you're working for the buyer you want, it's like anything else, we say in probate, what's more important the time or the money to the buyer.

What's more important, getting a.  Buying this house at top dollar or, not getting the house. So ultimately it's their decision, but yeah, it's it's a tricky market and you gotta got to look at all sides of it, for sure. Yeah. The other thing I was going to ask or bring up and it's, it has to do with the same thing.

So one of the things that we're dealing with right now, we're selling the house and Michelle, and it's pretty darn close to top dollar in the marketplace. And, but we're also selling it. It's a closely held transaction. We're selling it to a family member. And one of the things that they're running into is that even though we've done real good maintenance on it, and it's performing perfectly, it's got an older roof, it's got an older AC.

So we're running into challenges on the air conditioning issue that the roof will probably get by because you can expect that out. And if the roof's in great shape, it's in great shape, then they can see that if it isn't, then they, they'll bring it on the inspection for the mortgage, but the AC the term there as well, it's an accident waiting to happen.

It's just X, years old. You're not going to get out of it. So the other thing is bringing up in that is that one of the things that we're encouraging people to do at this point, just make sure that if you're certainly, if you're looking at stuff. From an investment standpoint or a realtor, you got a pretty good handle on a good, but economically affordable air conditioner installation, or air conditioner installer because the insurance companies are getting tighter and tighter about, or mortgagees are getting tighter and tighter about.

Being unwilling to get it passed inspection without that. And you may find that if you're selling that close to, market, you're going to have to fix the AC to get it sold, to get it past that inspection. So just something to keep in mind. That's why we're asking these kinds of questions. If you're running into that kind of stuff in your market, we really are trying to make this a forum, not just a Q and a we're trying to share info.

So that's why I'm asking these questions. All right. Perfect. Hey David Pinel, you were in the queue and you dropped out. We always like to hear from you. If you're still on the call, you may, he may have had to go. Right now guys, we only have one other person in the queue. So please jump in and participate.

Hit star six and hit one. Got a lot of people on the call. Please share, ask your questions. We're looking for wins.  In the meantime, next up his phone number ending in four zero five five. And David, I see you. You're up next, David, in the meantime, four zero five, five. You're up. Okay. Hey, thanks.

Marker [00:18:46]This is Nick I'm in Sarasota, Florida. I wanted to answer the one question that we'll ask about one thing you said on the foundations class. I am actually on a team and my team leader is a subscriber. So am I able to attend that class? Yes. Okay. It's simple answer. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I wasn't sure if I had to be a subscriber as well, he's allowing me to use his information to get into this call and all of that.

I just wanted to make sure that yeah, I had foundations. Yeah, sign up sign up with his with his information. And then you're the one that's going to come to the class. I have ISA and team members come very frequently. Okay. Okay. Just so you know who I am I'm about a month into the real estate business.

In talking with my team leader, I was looking for a way to Come out of the Gates fast as quickly as possible because I'm in an area that I have absolutely no sphere of influence. So we talked about Using probate leads and all of that, they introduced it to me and caught my interest. And that's why I'm on this call today.

So I know nothing about any of this. Do you have a little bit of knowledge about, the local market though, to answer your question, what you were wanting to find out information, everything.  I've already put one under contract. Everything around here is going under contract almost immediately Atlas price or more multiple offers.

It's absolutely. Basically no inventory, which I just speak of. It's getting brutal out here and it's, you're getting harder and harder to get listings, which is why I am. Looking at this Avenue with doing the probate leaves and see if I can break into this business a little bit quicker going this route versus a traditional route.

So that's great. All I have to add. Yeah, I would just share with you, you remind me, we had a gentleman who was probably about a year ago that came on the call and he shared his, when he's in four months he had done five deals and we said, great. How long have you been in the business? And he said, four months, all five deals I did were probate.

It was brand new and you couldn't. In my opinion, you couldn't pick a better niche because you're in Sarasota. You're going to be talking to people in New York and New Jersey and other parts of the country. And they don't know you from the guy, the agent that has signs all over the place or TV commercials, they just know you're reaching out to try to help them.

And those more seasoned agents are pretty set in their ways. Yeah, no, they're probably not going to be doing what you're willing to do to contact these people. So it really puts you on. Equal footing with the most experienced agents out there. So you're at the right place at the right time for appreciate you being here.

I'm glad to hear that. And I'm thinking that you guys have scripts to follow and all of that curious world is in the financial services, insurance and financial services. And then that's all we did was use scripts. I'm looking forward to that part and. And it's trying to jump in and make some waves real quick.

So appreciate your time. Come on in the water's fine. Appreciate you being here. All right. We are going next to our resident expert. Mr. Patel, what do you have to say for yourself?

Marker [00:21:46]Oh, Hey guys. I'm going to get him an answer. I'm driving out to probate right now, but that's why it cut off. I just wanted to add what Bruce was talking about.

We're also looking for those maybes and those may be joining my CRM and that gives us a branding opportunity to start. Other than just letters. We can send an email to them. We get texts on,  just follow a plan. I've got over 190 maybes in my CRM. I could pop any moment other than prospecting.

So I just want to add that  when it's hard to have that real estate conversation, because they don't know you yet.  Just try to get that maybe, and then send them something in the mail other than,  we sent them that magazine I made, but it's just sending more of a value. So they get to know you over, but I just want to have that.

Great. It's funny that you say that I I always say that the that the word maybe, or the expression we don't know yet, those two  they mean we're going to sell. Nine times out of 10, that person that says maybe, or we don't know yet  they are they're going to sell, maybe they haven't thought about it yet, but I can I can promise you most of the time, that family that is going to be holding onto real estate, they know.

They already, if they were going to keep the property they already have a plan for it. So anyone that hasn't thought about it yet, what they're really saying is we haven't thought about it and we're not ready to, we're not ready to pull the trigger on real estate, but we're going to sell, so you keep them in the, in your pipeline and you're going to get a lot of business out of that.

And I know David, you've gotten a ton of business from the maybes and we don't know yet. No. Yeah. And they, you never know when they're coming up or when they're. Do from court or whatever. Yeah. And they're usually the better deals for investors too. So cause they wait longer I think. Yeah. Yeah. And your

Yeah.  I was going to add also, David that you said you've got 190 maybes. I be willing to bet that a good percentage of those started out as nos and by giving them permission to say, no, you turned them into a maybe. Yeah. And we try to capture an email address. We already have it. And then we just started texting him an email randomly over six months.

And also with an action plan to follow up and call them. So it's just either, always just stay in touch no matter, even if they say no, they got real estate, they're going to sell it eventually. Yep.  Thank you, sir. Yeah, we have as always we appreciate you I appreciate your sharing, man. You always bring a wealth of information.

And guys, we have two more in the queue. Next up is phone number ending in zero seven seven zero.

Marker [00:24:13]Hey guys. Dana worked here. How are ya? Great, sir. How about you? I'm good. I'm good. I apologize for getting into the call late. But I do have a question. I've got I guess a three months worth of of leads and I have been working them steadily since I got 'em and a lot of them.

I have family members as the phone number for the personal representative. And then a lot of them have just totally bogus phone numbers. And what I'm finding is I'm just running out of phone numbers to get in touch with these personal representatives. And I'm wondering if there is something deeper or another way that I can go to actually get in touch with these good folks, because I've got a lot of people that I've got their mailing address and that's it.

Yeah, before you answer Bruce. I just want to address the term bogus and I understand what you mean by it, but what we do, if you look at your five columns of phone numbers, the first column is the rare occasion. When there's a phone number for the executor listed in the court records. And then as you go into the second column  we run multiple filters in our phone numbers, and Tim could explain it better than I, but that's the one that we have the highest confidence in it as probably being the executor.

When you get to the third, fourth and fifth columns, we're just trying to give you as many phone numbers as possible. That. Often will be another John Smith, in the area, or it could be a family member that doesn't live there. The farther you get down the list, the less likely it is to be a good phone number.

So it's not bogus as much as it is that phone number searching is not as exact science, so go with the first couple of columns first and you're probably going to have a better hit ratio on that. And then I forgot your question. No, go ahead, sir. It's just really amazing. It's amazing.

When you talk to somebody I've been divorced from that guy for 30 years, it's nothing,  there's a phone number there for sure. The main thing is that how do I have what's the next level that I go through in order? I don't think anybody does not have a phone number. So how do I get a little bit deeper into that to find a phone number for these people after I've exhausted all of those numbers?

Let me, are you in Collin? Is that where you are? Yes. I'm. I'm actually working out of Grayson County Grayson.  sorry. Is that what you said? You broke up just a little bit. Yeah. Grayson County. Okay, great. And I guess the question is if you're going through them and I'm looking at your data at this point to see what your data looks like a little bit to try to get a good handle on what's going on with it.

Are you not getting.  When you say you're getting, are you getting phone numbers for everybody and they're just, some of them are not getting through or are you seeing blanks in your data?  Almost every one of them has phone numbers. And as I chased them out if you're going down to the bottom, you can see the history of them.

A lot of them are bad numbers. And then some of 'em, if I actually talk to somebody, I make a note of who it is that I actually talked to. And many of them, say 30 years ago was the wife or whatever. Those those people just don't know who to get in touch with anymore.

They don't have phone numbers for them. Yeah, I just I've run low on those good folks and I want to stick with them and I know that the letters are going to do that, but I was just wondering if there's another way to get them. Two more telephone numbers. So let me answer your question.

So yeah, that's great. That's really good. Good feedback. And I blast it through your last set of data because I'm looking at it as we're online. And I see we are, you're getting phone numbers and what you're saying is you're just not finding them in that list. Here's the thing. So here's how, here's what we do.

We currently run. We start with the data that we get back from the front of the courthouse and whatever the court puts on the record, they put down, Ms. Sally Smith as the personal representative. So that means she's been appointed somewhere. And then we try and go find a match between Sally Smith and the address that's listed for Sally Smith on the court record.

If it shows it correctly, sometimes it's accurate. Sometimes it's not. That's the first place human error can crawl in the door. The other thing is that there are often spelling problems with the one with the person that's there. So we've built in some what we call fuzzy logic, searching.

So we run not only the exact spelling of a name, or we have a whole list of names that if there is another way to spell it, we put it in and we look under that, attempting to match it to the address. And then we've seen all the data that we have to try to find it through about four different filters that.

We bring it back from one of them is a paid service that gives us back the majority of our data to start with. And then we augment that with a bunch of other ones. There's places that you can look white pages.com is a place where you might be able to look for that. If you simply type in the name of the person and first, first name, last name and city and state.

Type that into Google, you will likely find something on Google that will have information about that person. And you may find there'll be some of the phone numbers that we have. There'll be maybe different phone numbers that show up. There'll be a bunch of different services that will report to give you that info or a fee.

People find her white pages.com people express locate. There are a bunch of them out there, but there are several of them that put at least one phone or a phone number up for free. So that should give you a few more to try about the other thing that you might want to check into is that.

In a lot of cases and again, I'm digging through your data. I'm I'm seeing that it's there. You've got attorneys in Texas is pretty good at this. You've got attorneys on just about everything. That's there. And you might call and just, if you're really try and find somebody that can't get to them you might call the attorney and say, Hey, I'm trying to find a you represent the estate.

I'm trying to find Sally Jo. And can you tell me how to get in touch with her? They may not be able to tell you, but they're going to need to talk to you because they are the attorney of record on that case. So dig into the attorneys a little bit and she, what you can find, and I'm gonna give you one other free tip.

That I've noticed in your data, you go through your current lead data for this month. And if you scan that down, I think you're going to find that you've got an attorney. That is showing up a bit more frequently. Maybe then another one is you need to be contacting that attorney. He's a guy in Sherman.  He's somebody you should make friends with and you look at your data.

You'll see who I'm talking about. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I noticed that this morning when I was working on it, that there was one name that kept popping up. Yeah, we go by an hour of his time, shit in his office by an hour of his time and tell him what you do for a living and see what you can do to build a great relationship with him, because he can be the key to a crap load of business for you if you do it right.

Okay. All right. Thank you much. That's great information. I appreciate it. Two things I was going to add is if some of our markets we're able to give pretty good emails on some of the leads. If you're getting emails, you can certainly try that in. Tim reminded me of a gentleman. I think it was three or four years ago that, that.

Had an attorney who was really a player in his market. And he did exactly what Tim said. He just, he couldn't get through to the guy. He kept trying and try. And finally just said, I want to book an appointment. What's his hourly rate. He gave the receptionist a credit card and said, I just want to talk to him about a personal matter.

He came in and sat out and started talking to the attorney about what he does to the attorney does. And the attorney said, in 30 years of business, I've never had anybody Pay for my time to come, it's something to me or to come discuss something with me. Obviously I wouldn't do that with every attorney, but it sure is well worth the price of admission if if you're able to establish a relationship.

So just get a good idea. I just want to expand on that a bit. Does that help? Okay. You're very welcome. We may go ahead, Bruce, please. A real fast. They Dana, we've talked a couple of times. Are you are you. Calling them twice a month.

Yes, no, I'm calling them twice a month.  I just run through that thing. Like a Rolodex. Got it. I was looking at your data at the same time. Tim was to see how you were how you were whittling it down. And part of the issue is that you don't have enough leads yet.

You're going to bring it up. Pile a couple of more months on you here soon, but a source. Okay. Tim mentioned going to Google and this source that I'm going to mention, I'm gonna, it's a regular real estate source. That is not as good, generally as the information that we get through our various different sources.

But there is a platform called red X that you can punch it and address in and get some phone information. It might give you a few extra phone numbers here and there. I doubt it's going to overwhelm you with a different phone number for every person in your list. But you might find something if you subscribe to a red X and it's relatively affordable, but I'm going to say beyond the phone, you really want to Jim, is that you or is that you Dana?

Yeah. Okay. Okay. It's not a problem. I'm going to say that you're probably gonna want to take a minute and evaluate the values of the properties that the decedents have had. And if you have some extra time and you're looking for a way to get in front of people, evaluate the perceived value. So what you speculate that the property might be worth and write up a like a single page letter of intent offer.

With a price range that basically says, look, I haven't seen inside of your house. This is based on your property being an average condition. I think I could get you between 200 and 215, if you wanted to sell and take the time and maybe drop those off at a few of the PR houses that are within striking distance of your location  that might help.

Create some conversations. There's nothing wrong with some good old fashioned door knocking or driving to the PRS house. Occasionally if you have time and you're looking for looking for some extra ways to get in front of people. Nah that's gold right there. Good idea. Very well. Very much appreciate appreciated.

Yep. All right, sir.  You have two more in the queue. Next up is phone number ending in five, two seven, three. You're up next.  Hi, it's it's.

Marker [00:34:12] This is bill I'm in New Jersey and I appreciate you taking my call. I'm sure. Yeah. I'm calling cause I'm really looking for some suggestions or guidance on structuring a conversation that I expect to have next week to, hopefully inevitably move along in an envelope, little inevitable process, maybe faster.

And what the situation is that a friend of our families he's in his mid sixties his mom passed away like four weeks ago.  He has two sisters and the three of them are equal heirs to them. To the house, which has fully paid off. But one of the sisters lives in the mom's house and has lived there her entire life.

And I understand, and I stand to use a bit of a recluse, a bit of a hoarder and suspicious of people. But my friend says that she's really not in a position to keep the house. She really needs to sell it so they can just cause she can't carry, the costs of the house.  So like my friend has asked because, he knows me he trusts me to, I'd like you to come over.

Cause I'm going to talk to my sister and having you come over and just talk about it. Cause I'm an investor and my real estate license as well. It just talk about, possibilities things to do with the property. But I just. Anticipate it being  it could be a tense conversation and not a welcoming audience.

I think we're all used to dealing with non welcoming audiences, but it's just looking for any kind of guidance you may have on entering that kind of situation, where you're dealing with somebody that's not used to having people in their home. I don't think it's real anxious down. Somebody coming in their home and needs to sell the property.

But doesn't really want to, but it's inevitable, like it has to be done. So it's just trying to structure a conversation to help move the process along in a way that she would be receptive. That makes sense. Yep. Yes. Yep. Jim, you want to go? Yeah. I was just going to say that really hits close to home.

I have a sister who's in her mid sixties who. Is somewhat special needs mentally, and we're going through the same thing. My mom died and we got to get her out of there.  What seemed to work is we found another place, which we looked at as considerably nicer and more activities and more for her to do.

And we went and showed that to her. We got her excited about the other place. Ironically, we couldn't get her in there. So now we have to go find it option B. So I would just go with the attitude of, instead of having a preset agenda go with the attitude of asking the girls some good questions and maybe ask the family members some good questions and go with a couple options maybe that are as good or better than where she's at.

If you. And just go with without a specific agenda and just see, not only what she wants, but what's good for her. And hopefully,  both can be one in the same. It, and it sounds like just like with my sister, it's not going to be an option. We have to do it, but you want to do it in the most comfortable way for everybody.

And does she have, does the sister who doesn't want to move to, she has equal say, is she's not the executor, correct? She actually isn't the executor. Oh, she, yeah. Okay. Yeah. It's more a personality. Yeah. Just a different type of personality, but yes. Yeah.  And I agree, and I didn't mention the other step of the process is she needs to find, obviously another place to live.

So that would be a part of the equation that would be helping out with I've already sent the police, my friends, some options to, for him to at least talk with her about if he wanted to, just to start showing her some options that she could afford with her third. The inheritance. Perfect. First, what can you add you feel do you know that she does not want to sell or are you suspecting that she doesn't want to sell

told by the brother that she really did not want to sell? But the last time I talked to them, he said that she's coming to the realization that. She's going to have to do it, which is a big step it's cities that she's feeling that way. Yeah. But I think if there was a way that she couldn't, she would do that, but if it's inevitable, but it may not, that just may not be an option for her.

We're going to go in and basically disarm her right off the bat by saying, look, I know someone coming in here and trying to tell you to get out of this house is not something that is very appealing. And I'm not here to do that. I'm not here to try to. Tell you, I'm here to consult with you and see if we can come up with some good options for you and and give you the information that you need.

If you don't mind my asking, where are you mentally in this process? Do you feel like you would prefer to stay here? Would you do you think you're going to need to move and just get her and then just shut up? And get her to admit what is likely going to be the hard truth. And I bet that she's going to start admitting some hard truths to you if you feel like, or if she feels like you're not there to sell her on something.

No, because at the time when I've dealt with a lot of times, it goes on with a divorcing couple and one spouse will say that the other one doesn't want to sell and I'll have a conversation like, like I just described and I'll say what do you think you're going to need to do here? What do you think is the best move for you is going to be, and they'll go I really didn't want to sell, but you know what I might have to, and then, okay what does that look like?

So once you get them to admit what do you think that looks like. Okay. And what what do you think you'd need to get out of the property? Or what kind of help do you think you might need? If you were gonna sell, ask questions? God knows I can go on and start rambling and talking a lot. And that's a temptation for me when I go on a point that you want to really concentrate, go in with a handful of inquisitive questions where you're really, that question is really pulling it a thread.

And then let them unravel the thread. And if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. She might say, Hey, no, I've decided that I've got to find a way to stay here. And at least then you know what the direction of the call is going to be. But I would bet she's going to say, yeah, I've really been resistant because my brother's pushing me and I don't want to be pushed into selling, but I know I can't keep it up.

I'm going to be willing to bet that's what she's going to say. Or at least that's the tone you're going to get from her. Yeah, I like that suggestion because I think it also is her idea either way too. It's not me telling, saying it's coming from her is her idea. So she can have some ownership of the decision.

Yep. Yeah. I like that asking lots of questions and shutting up. Okay, good. Perfect. Yeah that's a value of questions. People are much more likely to agree with what they say than what you say. So you get the answer and congrats on thinking through it ahead of time and I wouldn't be too apprehensive about it.

I think. Bruce said, I think you're going to have less resistance, likely have less resistance than you anticipate. Just go with the idea of help. I'm really looking forward. I'm actually looking forward to the conversation. I just thought, having the value of you guys on the phone, I may as well pick some brains to try to avoid, landmines or something like that too.

So this was very helpful. I appreciate it. Perfect come back next week and let us know you got the listing or you got the contract whichever one, it turns out to be. All right. Perfect. We have one more, one more in the queue. That'll take us up nicely. I'm going to close the queue. That'll take us up nicely to the top of the hour.

Last up this week is phone number ending in five, three, three, three Europe. Last.

Marker [00:41:11]Hi. Yeah, my name is Lisa and I from the Denver metropolitan area. And by the way, I'll start by saying I never do anything. I think that's, that I think is inappropriate, but I've wondered about this. And I just wanted to ask you a.

Every once in a while, when I go through the probate records or whatever, I'll notice someone that I actually knew. And then also I'm in a club where they have a name number of single retirees. And every once in a while, somebody we'll pass on. I never send out any information to someone that I've known before, but yeah.

What I was thinking is, should I ever send out information, but just not acknowledged that I knew him? Or would you ever acknowledge that you knew the person keep in mind that the personal representatives don't know that I'm in real estate or anything else? And of course don't know me. So what's your suggestion on that?

If the personal representative doesn't know you, I don't see why you would really treat it all that differently than a regular lead. You . Yeah. As a matter of fact, if you acknowledge that you did know them on the phone and say, Hey I know you're Jack's daughter. And this is really awkward.

I wanted to reach out and tell you. I knew Jack and it's super uncomfortable. For you, but I'm here to help. If you ever need help and that's, to me that's a real good lead in, because already you're finding a commonality in your relationships. So why not mention your relationship or knowledge or familiarity with the deceased.

Okay. Okay. I wouldn't see that as being an issue at all. Okay. I'll just have to think of how I would word that. Okay. Gotcha. Okay. Okay. Thank you very much. Thanks. All right. Perfect. Another great call guys. Thank you very much for being here. I want to thank each and every one of you. I want to particularly thank those that actively participated.

And as I always do, I want to challenge each of you. Take one idea that inspired you on today's call. Go out and put it into practice and please come back next Thursday and share your results with the group. Have a great week guys. Be productive. We'll talk to you. Same time. Next Thursday. Take care of everybody.


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Introducing Yourself After Your Virtual Assistant Makes First Contact – Probate Mastermind #321

Probate Mastermind Episode #321 | Recorded Live on April 1st, 2021.  

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These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

00:00 General Updates

Jim and Bruce share general updates.

1:39  Choosing a Probate Domain Name

Norman is getting ready to set his website up. He and his team are brainstorming domain names and are looking for some feedback.  He also asks about writing an article for a local real estate magazine that would be consumer-facing.



4:22 Probate Language for Listing Paperwork?

Beth is looking for advice on getting listing paperwork right: Who should be named in the contracts, the estate or the executor/administrator? Is there language she should include or avoid using to warm listings up to investors? Beth also shares that her investor colleagues are referring her leads from estates that are better suited for a retail listing, awesome!


9:10 How to Introduce Yourself After Your Virtual Assistant Makes First Contact

Cristian shares updates on his mailing and calling campaigns.  His caller through MyOutDesk (MOD) was able to secure a wholesale deal for him! Awesome!  However, Cristian is looking for language to use when he follows-up with a prospect his virtual assistant spoke with.

18:50 Prospecting Probate Attorneys as a Wholesaler

Doug recently heard about us and heard Chad’s calm introduction to explaining who you are, what your team does, and how you can help families in probate.  Doug wants to approach the probate niche as a wholesaler and is looking to start prospecting attorneys.


25:23 Can I Get Flagged As “Spam Likely?”

Rick is wondering if his phone number could be flagged as “spam risk” or “likely spam” as he sees some calls come in on his own phone.  Is this a risk for him? Also, what’s a good script for leaving voicemails when prospecting probates?


33:30 Elevator Pitch To Leads Who’ve Closed Probate

Caller is in Colorado, where probate leads are published after the case has already been closed.  As he’s making his outbound prospecting calls, what should his introduction be? How can he pitch “probate” services to people who have already closed out of probate?


Looking to hear prospecting tips in action? Check out our live role play series.



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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #321


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the AllTheLeads.com coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

You will learn to get more listings, more deals and find financial freedom by listening to these episodes. Be sure to catch show notes at AllTheLeads.com/podcast and join our free Facebook mastermind community: https://facebook.com/groups/AllTheLeadsMastermind



Welcome to all of our prolific agents and investors from across the country. Today is Thursday, April fool's, day 2021, April 1st. And this is podcast mastermind podcast, number 321.  We do have a full queue, Bruce and Tim, anything you want to say before we get started?  I, only thing I would say is that you've made it obvious why this is the one day of the year that you can celebrate just being yourself.

Ah, that was called for, but it was pretty funny. I played a joke on him before the recording got turned on. So I had that coming. All right. Let's go to the Q guys. We love our participants. We love wins. We love success stories. We're here for you. So first up this week is phone number ending in four to five, six.

You're on first. Hey, it's great to be first in the line. Could you tell me what that code was? One more time. I probably got it in, hey, I have two quick questions. If you guys don't mind, I'm getting ready to set my website up and I have a bunch of my team on on this call today as well, which is really great.

Marker [00:01:39] Thanks for what you do. I'm trying to get the correct URL and I have two possibilities that we can use. One is probate-first.com and the other is probate one S t.com.

What do you guys think? Because I'm open to either one, spell it out, do the spell out. Yep. probably-first.com. If it's dash versus one SP set your choice, correct? Yeah, I would probably go. I would probably go, but here's the other thing you can consider. You always do this. If you choose, you can register both names on both points at the same place and, play around with your advertising a little bit.

Having people, I hate saying this, but having people try to figure out what you mean when put an abbreviation in there, a seizure just bang at home. Yeah. I've already bought both of them and I'm going to grab a couple more because I'm a big fan of vanity URLs, so whatever we do I'll shoot them all that direction.

Okay, great. Thank you very much. The other question I have real quickly, and then I'll let you go on to some more pressing things. We have a realtors magazine in St. Louis. They had asked me to write an article about probate and real estate. And I just wondered if you guys had anything like that, that I could plagiarize, or if I have to go reinvent the whole thing, myself, feel free to take stuff off of our website, but.

Yeah, take it off of the web and that also, Bruce, by the way, if you get me separately, send me an email to Bruce it, all the leads.  We could probably do a coaching call. I've got a couple of things that I've put together in letter format that might be might be something. Is this more geared toward is this article more geared toward realtors or is it more geared toward consumers realtors?

Okay, got it. Yeah. Take some stuff off of our website. Get with me. I don't have a whole lot of content and in the form of letters or consumer information like that's geared toward realtors, but we could we could make some adjustments to that, to what I have awesome. Or make some adjustments to what I have get with me separately for some of that information though.

I have a quick jump back to your first question. Do you need the dash in there to get that domain name, or are you just trying to distinguish or separate the two words?  I needed that dash in there with the domain name. Ah, okay. Cause obviously without the dash would be better. Gotcha.

All right. Yeah, that makes sense. Yep. That's why I didn't ask that. I figured that is a big difference. The difference was $11 and 95 cents that I bought or $1,250. So I saw 1195. Okay.

Good decision. Does that help? All right. All right. Thank you, sir. Wow guys. Great participation today. Eight in the queue. Next up is phone number ending in eight zero six six. You're up next.

Marker [00:04:22]Hi. Can you hear me? Okay. My name is Beth Whitney at gold metal probate solutions, and a couple of things.

I'll start with a big win. I took your advice and I've started meeting personally with probate attorneys, estate planning attorneys. And the one that I had that was so awesome is I brought my brochure and I showed him my website. And he said to me, I'm also a real estate agent. And he said to me, he said, I wish you were around when my father passed away.

And. Hearing that from an actual person that deals with probate all the time was just very validating that we're on the right track with what we're doing. Thank you so much for that coaching. It was awesome. That's great. And on more of a, a technical side when, when you're dealing with the paperwork, I guess when you're filling out like listing agreements with people and  that sort of thing, is it best to put the contract in the name of the executor or administrator, or is it better to put it in the name of the estate?

It's better to put it in the name of the estate, nine times out of 10 it's the executor or the administrator that, that PR that's going to be signing it on behalf of the estate. But the vast majority of the time you're going to put the name of the estate in and the seller line. And there are some exceptions.

There are times when real estate is carved outside of probate. And just goes to the heirs. In which case you just flip the PR and probably all the other heirs names in that place as well. Okay. And then can you still I know one, one thing I think I remember us talking about at one point is when you put the owner's name in the listing, sometimes I think having it as an estate maybe flag some investors that, if you're trying to get a higher price, can you put the owner in there is not the estate.

If the documents are written out as the estate, now we're starting to get into some nuances of what your specific association of realtors and MLS rules are. My MLS rules. Say that I don't have to put an owner's name in there at all.  I've been a member of certain associations that required the legal name of the owner to go into the MLS.

If it's not a requirement, I would not be putting the word estate in. I would just be maybe putting a last name, something like that in I don't want to trigger people to offer a low ball if I'm trying to list and sell a house for top dollar. Perfect. Great. Thank you. I think my MLS does allow me to opt out of putting the owner name in there, so that would be great.

Okay. Thank you. Alright, awesome. Please come back and share with us when you get when you start getting deals for the attorney, keep us posted. Good job. Yes. Yes. And just, just having sorry, my dogs are going nuts. Just having the probate name out there, I'm already having Investors and people refer a state sales to me if they're not interested in a cash deal right away.

So I'm getting, I'm already getting referrals, which just locally, which is awesome.  That's a new thing. And it really goes to show the power of building a team out. So often agents and investors are scared to go build their team out. They want to have all their ducks in a row, everything in line.

They want to understand the pro probate process in and out. And and then they feel like they can go start building their team. And I don't know about you, Becky. I know that when I started building my team, I didn't know the probate process inside and out, and I can count on less than one finger. How many times someone asked me a question that stumped me?

And that was as a novice that didn't understand anything. You just go out and explain, describe to people what you're trying to do, how you're trying to help. And most of the time they don't say, what do you know legally about probate? They don't say that even the attorneys don't say that. And you may have more things together than I had, but for those of you that are.

Worried about this, and you want to know the probate process inside and out. You don't need to just go build a team and you're going to have the same conversations with people that say, where were you when when my family member passed away, where were you when I was going through probate? So great job, Becky.

And thank you for being an example and a chance for me to step in and tell us some of the folks listening to this that have been holding off, why they shouldn't hold off. But I really appreciate that testimony that you gave. Oh, thank you. And I do not know everything. I'm learning as I go to a certain degree and sometimes the questions and, Oh, Hey, do you know this person that can help us out?

Actually prompts me to really do the research that I've been putting off, honestly. It and I find also with just anything, especially with real estate and also just probate, every situation is different. There's always going to be a curve ball that comes up.  But that's why you guys are here to help us with it, with the answers, to the questions.

So thank you. I echo what Bruce said. Great job. And thanks for sharing. All right. Next up is phone number ending in zero three, zero nine. You're up next.

Marker [00:09:10]Hey guys just wanted to share a couple updates. I know I've been talking with Bruce a lot lately. This is Christian, by the way. Just wanted to tell you what I've been doing more than anything.

So I hire a dialer and the dialer is from Mohd. I started doing mailers and I was able to I'm meeting with a seller tomorrow from the mailer and from the mailer itself, I met with another seller that I didn't get. And. Bruce. And I talked about it and I had no chance at that point, but from my dialer, I was able to wholesale a deal there.

We just got under contract yesterday. So I'm excited about that.  So next question I have for you guys would be when I have the assistant set up the appointment, which is my dialer, what do I say when I call to follow up? Because I'm having a hard time trying to maybe I'm overthinking it. I'm not sure, but it's just, that's just one of the struggles that I'm having.

And then what do I do at that point? If they don't answer, should I leave a voicemail? Should I call back? Or I've just trying to come up with a solution more than anything.

Jim, do you have anything? I don't want to dominate the conversation. You don't have to probably have a more detailed answer, but what I would recommend is you want to give the impression, what's your dialer's first name? What? What's the person's name? Who's dial-in for you. Okay, so you want to just call back and say, Hey, this is Christian.

You I just spoke with Odessa and, she told me, you're looking to sell your aunt Susie's house. And I just wanted to ask you a few questions or, see what I could do to help you. You want to give the impression that Odessa is in your office, she's in the next room.

And she just came over and told you about this, if you can.  And Dessa should probably be given that same impression when she's making the calls. Hey, I work with Christian I'm part of his team and it sounds like what's up. And she does do that. She says I'm calling on behalf of Christian and just the whole speech.

And what I'm putting in into issues is just when I call them and what I say, and this may sound pretty corny, but I'm like, Hey, this is Christian and I believe he talked to my assistant yesterday Odessa. And she mentioned to me that you're looking to find out more information on probate.

Let me know what's going on and see how we can assist you. And I don't know if that's just too vague or if it's just, I need to come up with a better idea, but that's what I've been using. And some of the work, sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes they think I'm an attorney and it is just, I would embarrass you.

Bruce will probably expand on this info. If there's anything Odessa found out that you can also reference, Oh, desperate told me you may need some help with getting the clutter out of the house, or, Oh, Dustin said, Odessa said that, you may be interested, help selling, aunt Susie's house, something like that.

If you know that information, reference it, if you don't, if you don't and  along another line Odessa's job really isn't to sell you. It's just to qualify the appointment and get as much information as possible.  I would encourage her to try to get little tidbits of information like that, that you can reference when you call back.

But if she can't that's okay. She set an appointment for you to talk to her,  that's half the battle. That's half the battle. What would you add to that, Bruce?  I've gone through with the dialer setting it up  appointment time. I'm currently experimenting with a dialer.

I'm not setting an appointment time, but just finding out who is where they are in probate. Whether there's any immediate help that they could use and ultimately whether they're willing to have a conversation with me. So when I call that person and let's say, all I have is the base level of, yeah.

I'm willing to talk to Bruce. I'm just going to call and say, Hey my assistant Odessa told me that you were going through probate and she didn't really tell me where in the process you work. Do you remember that conversation yesterday, by the way? And they're probably gonna say yes or maybe. And then you just say, could you, do you mind filling me in on where in the process you are?

So just treat it like a regular cold call where they've already been warmed up and already know who you are and are expecting your call. Now if Odessa starts to turn over information that they are going to be selling or are they, are, they do need someone to help clean out then by all means dive into at a later point.

But for the most part, when I call, I just say, my assistant called you yesterday and said that you were going through the probate process and that there might be a couple of things that we could do to make that process smoother for you.  Before I really dive into that, could you tell me where in that process you are right now?

I'd have one other thing about that. And this kind of applies to almost every conversation that you're going to have, and that is a lot of it has to do with people with your mindset. The thing that you started off with was talking a little bit about, you, weren't sure you were maybe a little bit uncomfortable about what you might be doing, or you could do it better.

And if you simply approach the conversation that you're going to have with anybody, whether it's this, a listing conversation, a sales conversation or anything else, I assume that the end result is the one that you're going to want to achieve. Also make the assumption that they need, what your brain does.

If they're waiting for you to call them, you're, you've already got the artwork done. Somebody who's already done the work that said, yeah, they're willing to have that conversation with you. So if you've gotten that far with it, assume that, they're really sitting there waiting for you to call them and there's something you can do for them.

And you don't have to be timid about it or anything else, just make sure that you approach it with a very positive attitude. And, Hey I talked to ADESA and you said you were going through some issues with your probate. I'm here to help you tell me about where you are and don't make it if I could, would you deal, make sure they understand that you're there to help and, spit it out, let them know, let them tell you what's going on, but be positive all the time.

Gotcha. Okay. And what is they don't answer the call even though we have the appointment. Should I leave a voicemail at all? Or should I just call them back? What I'm doing more than anything? I don't leave the voicemail. I just call them back the following day or the day after that and try to get ahold of them.

I'd call him back twice that day. So I would call back maybe the first time don't leave a voicemail, but they know who you are. They've already had a conversation with your assistant. So leave a message. You don't have to go into great detail on everything that you offer, but do leave a message and reference the fact that they talked with Odessa.

This is a warm lead for you. I want you to treat a lead like this as though you've already had that deep conversation with them. And now you're just doing a follow-up off of your conversation because they've spoken with Odessa. That they're willing to talk so right. Follow up, leave messages, and don't quit following up that's a really warm lead.

Even if they didn't give Odessa a ton of information there. They're there. If they're open to a conversation, it means something's going on and they could probably use some help. So treat it that way. And and don't let it go months without calling them or even weeks. I'd call them a couple of times today.

I might call him again tomorrow. And then I probably do weekly follow up if they hadn't answered. Gotcha. Yeah. And that's what I'm doing. If they don't answer the call, I'll call them back. The following day early in the morning. I'll try it late in the afternoon and it's, I got ahold of them, but I'm just curious, more than anything, if I should leave a voicemail or not, but I like that approach definitely, call them last and then call them back again and the voicemail and try to reach out to them as much as you can.

Yep. Perfect. Perfect. And Christian you glossed over it, but you're in first place for our win of the week. You said you successfully wholesaled a deal. So if you would just briefly tell us about that. What kind of a profit did you make on the wholesale deal? So it's a little crazy because the buyer that I had, he typically rehabs, but he's going to fill that out to somebody else and you want to split the profits.

So I was under the impression that he was going to rehab it. And obviously I didn't make as much money as I should have had. But just to give you an idea  the seller wanted a one 25 for the property, even though you had an offer for one 35. I don't know why he went with mine, but he loved the idea, but he did not want to put the property on the MLS.

He just wants to cash out and just get out of it and move on and just take his money. But what we end up selling that right now on the contract is for one 50. Nice. Okay. That's not peanuts. Perfect. Yeah. So you only pay 25,000 for a phone conversation. That's terrible. You should raise your rates. That's awesome.

Congratulations.  Thank you. And believe it or not, this was from my dialer. She was the one that provided all this information and said, I think, you know what? Didn't, they're not interested in listing, but horror brings a higher offer. They will do a deal. I just kept talking to him and he's yeah, this is what I'm looking to do is I'm going to look at the house, even though he doesn't live here, he's from California, but his brother's here.

Took a look at it and. Sure enough. And I'm like, yeah. Send me an offer and we'll make a deal now. They're awesome. And I did just exactly that. Congratulations. Yeah. You mentioned something else that I often hear when I talk to, especially to investors, whether they're buying flipper wholesalers, they're there, especially if they're new.

People are generally when you just tell realtors, they should be investors too. The attitude is why would somebody take less than they have to, or less than they could get people to things they don't always behave logically. And you don't really know behind the scenes, what their motivation is, for that guy, this was found money.

So this was found money. So 125 to him, in two weeks was worth more than a potential one 50 months down the road. So don't assume that people act risk, logically, and I'm not talking to you, you know it, but other people out there just  don't put your assumptions on the person you're talking to.

Cause they may have different wants, needs and goals. So great job, my friend. Thank you very much for sharing. Yeah. And what I'm going to do next, moving forward. Now I'm just going to put a price what I'm looking to get out of it. So let's say for instance, someone tells me they're going to rehab it. I'm going to put the offer first.

For the seller. Let's say, if we're in this case, one 20, I'm gonna tell him, okay, I have it for you for one 41 50, take it or leave it, and then they want it great. If they Donald, then it's on them. I'll find somebody else. So I don't get screwed or offers. Try it. Yeah.  Way to go. You are winning the week so far.

Great story. I appreciate you sharing my pleasure. Thank you guys. All right, thank you. Next up is phone number ending in five seven five seven.

Marker [00:18:50]Hello everybody. My name is Douglas. Hey there.

Thank you. I want to thank you guys, because I just recently found out about you and  listened to one of your podcasts all the way through. And I turned to him. This was like six weeks ago. And I turned around and he was here and I found it was a gentle approach of saying I represent a probate company.

That's, people in the process, blah, blah, blah. And I found a woman who had three houses, her husband, and the mistake I made was she told me to call her back in a month and I waited a month. By the time I called it back. Somebody on amateur mistake, I know I am a true mistake, but I'm in the process of getting started and I want to do wholesaling and I wanted to probate.

And I'm curious at what point I don't have any web questions or social media presence, and I'm going to start approaching your three. Do you have a script or process for approaching the three?

The, so the process for approaching attorneys number one is to recognize that they're people too, they're just a person. They might be busy. They might not.  But most of the time they are just mired in this legal process with their clients. They're heads down over their desks, filling documents out, running to the courthouse, filing different things.

And oftentimes there are needs that their clients have and sometimes needs that they have sometimes but needs. Clients really have that they are not fulfilling most of the time, unless they're really well networked and want to take care of the probate process from start to finish where they refer to the agent, they re they do what we teach you to do on the agent side.

But there aren't many attorneys that do that. The majority of attorneys they do what they do. And if you can make it to where you make their clients happier, you offer a service that's above and beyond what the typical agent or investor offers to the client, to the personal representative, they'll begin to refer you.

So the process, when you deal with attorneys is you want to just start with a couple of minute conversation and then lead that into a coffee, a zoom or a lunch. So start with a couple of minute conversation. If I do you have five minutes, do you have 10 minutes? I could chat with you, give you a brief summary of what I do, and then maybe we could have we could have a lunch next week.

Okay. Or a zoom next week. Okay. Once you're in front of them in the zoom, I want you to use these these words I've started to use these myself is I'm not in this relationship for it to be a one-way street where you refer me all your business, and I don't give you anything in return. I want this to be a two-way street to where I make your life and your client's life lives easier through the probate process.

And then you say the way that I'm thinking about doing that and this isn't scripted, but the way that I'm thinking about doing that is to is by offering ancillary services beyond a traditional real estate listing or beyond a traditional purchase, I can help them clean the property out. I can help arrange lawn care, gutter cleaning.

I can help arrange a state sales, anything that your client needs that you don't want to deal with, or they don't want to deal with. I want you to bring it to me. I'm doing those things basically for free so that I can give that extra layer of value. And most attorneys are going to love it. And even if you don't have every single one of the relationships I just described, you can certainly go find that those people, you can go find those vendors and professionals, and you can still make that offer whether you have all the relationships in your pocket yet or not.

And the attorney's going to appreciate that. So your job is to simply get in front of them by summarizing really quickly over the phone, what it is that you do. And then leading that into a longer meeting, whether it's zoom, coffee or lunch

was a great answer. Thank you so much. And Douglas, I was going to add to it. You're not, I don't believe you're a subscriber, but wherever you're getting your leads from, if you get them from us, you can look at the attorney column and you can sort and find out who the players are.  I'd highly recommend identify, the top five attorneys in your market.

And hopefully, we're coming to the end of COVID. We hope. And the offices are opening back up and, if you can't get them on the phone, just go down there and, try a face to face. And if you walk in say to the receptionist, I noticed, attorney Johnson specializes in probates, so do I, and I'm, I'm talking to a hundred people a month and I'm noticing 20 of them don't have an attorney.

I was just wondering, would he be okay if I referred business to them? And it just shut up. You'll probably get in to see the guys sit down and then,  use Bruce's script. This isn't a one-way street. I would like to.  Try to help you support your business, refer people to you.

And I would hope that you would do the same.  The phone is great, but a lot of times you can't get past that gatekeeper. If you can identify who the top players are and go try to see them, if you have the time and the bandwidth, that's a good way to do it also makes sense.  so much,  I listened to one call and I took a rep, turned around and almost had a portfolio under my belt.

It's funny. I ride my bike every day and I was listening to that was off the 12th. I ride my bike every day. There you go. I was listening to a podcast and this call came on and I started listening to it. I said, Hey, this stuff is actually pretty good. So I appreciate it. And it's good to, it's good to hear that from people other than the people creating the content.

Hey, keep coming back and keep Shannon, Bruce and Doug Douglas. I'm sorry. Yeah. Does that person let's do a couple of, I've said this to a couple of other people already, but I'm going to applaud you for implementing. You have no idea what that does for us on this side of things, to hear that someone's taken a concept or an idea, even if it was just one thing off of one podcast, and they've put it into play.

So many people don't take action and you focus a single concept. You took some action and you almost got business next time. You're going to get it. That's right. It really is. No, my approach before I heard that podcast was just too harsh, too abrupt,  you're assuming listen to it much more interesting.

That's great. Glad it helped and keep keep Linda mutton and keep coming back and sharing. We appreciate you.  Guys, we're down to three in the queue. We had a number of people drop out and we've got plenty of time to go. So don't be shy, hit star six and hit one. And in the meantime, next up is phone number ending in three nine, eight two.

You're up now?

Are you there? Yeah, my name is Michael. I'm just a guest of Norman, just listening to, and this is my first time. So don't have any good stories, just just trying to learn. Okay. Perfect. All right. Any questions you have? Anything that we can help you with or no? Not at this time. No. All right. Yep. All right.

We're down to two in the queue. We better have some more people jump in there. Hit star six and hit one. Next up is phone number ending in five, four, one eight. You're up next.

Marker [00:25:32]Hello. Hi, this is Rick Melville out in sunny, California. And  what I'm seeing on my phone. I'm set up of course, with a T and T my main line, and then a couple lines with Google numbers.

And what's happening now is that calls are coming to me and they're showing it says spam risk. And then the other is telemarketer. And that's, what's showing up on the phone when the calls come in. So I'm guessing that there's some kind of trigger.  Yes. If I'm calling out, I want to avoid spam risk and telemarketer shift.

And if you've got any information on that.

So maybe go ahead, Bruce. And Tim could probably help with that too. Go ahead. First. I'm going to I'm going to a mat. That would be a bad thing. Okay. Most of us, aren't going to experience that. Generally speaking, if if your flag there's a spam risk or a telemarketer or potential sales person, it's normally because you are dialing through a call center or a or potentially a dialer, a lot of our subscribers go through dialers and they don't run into that.

Most of the time it's going to be because your number is, has probably been flagged with the FTC or reported numerous times as a sales spammy person. And. If we don't teach you to do anything in a way that you're going to get flagged. And if you do, it's going to be very infrequent. So I don't think that you're running that risk, especially if you're dialing through your cell phone.

And even your Google voice lines, you're probably not gonna encounter that unless you're being super spammy and pushy, and you're enraging people to the point that they want to report you. After a couple of times being reported, you might get flagged. So just be polite, be empathetic, and you really aren't going to have that risk.

Tim, do you have anything to add to that? You're more on the technical side. Yeah. Part of it, it may well not be, and this is the unfortunate part about it. The thing with the Google voice line or any of the voiceover IP providers, those tend to be less long live to then your cell phone or your landline number because.

You probably had the same cell phone number for a very long period of time. And when those numbers became affordable, even if you switched from Verizon T-Mobile to APMT and back and forth, you're still going to probably keep the same number. So you're known by that number when you're using a dial or number, part of it is that they may come from a group of numbers that become known to the providers for being numbers that people use to make outbound dialing calls just like that.

And if you find that's happening, get another number. It's that simple, the easier way you just way to handle that is to simply get another number. And I'll give you a little anecdotal information about that. When we started first working with Bruce's phone, every time he called me on the phone, it said that the person who was calling his name was Chang Ching.

And it's because someone had owned that phone before and had that name. And that was the name that they had. Bruce had the phone for a couple of years and somewhere along the line in the chain, it was not known as him. So you have to make sure that you know where it's coming from. So first thing you do is find out when you get that number, call it, call your own cell phone or call somebody else and see what comes up on the caller ID.

And you need to make sure that doesn't that right. There can also be something that will turn somebody off. It can be a strange name. It can be XYZ data center or whatever. So you need to make sure of what you're appearing as to start with. And if you don't get good results in one number, switch and get another one, I was going to add to that, Tim, I don't know if you remember when we got our new company phones, we all got new phone numbers and I happened to get.

The local area code and the first four digits were 400 and I kept having people, nobody was calling me back. I found out that there are several large telemarketing companies that begin with the same six digits as mine. So I was getting branded and you probably don't remember this, Tim, but what you and our tech guy did they got me a phone number in Rocky mountain, North Carolina.

That's just gets forwarded to that. Rocky mountain, North Carolina sounds a lot friendlier than South Florida, which is the scam capital of the world. And I, that just costs a few bucks a month. I was able to retain anybody who was trying to call me at the other number, but I just had a new, outgoing number, for the future.

And that problem went away almost overnight. So you're right. That could be one of the reasons too. It used to be when you started out, you tried to get a very distinctive phone number and if you could get a number that was zero, zero, zero, zero, you were rocking it and now. That number is the kiss of death.

If you're making outbound telephone calls, you get to, people are going to know that's a business. I don't want it. And we had to do the same thing on this. When we got the new block of numbers, we got the first three digits and then we started with zero zero, zero, zero all the way to nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine.

And we own all of them. And we had to switch, drop way down into the list to start using the numbers in there. Before we realized that zero zero, zero, zero is killing us. So it's a learning process, but if you don't get the number that works well easy-peasy to change it, your provider can change it for you on this, on the same phone call you're on.

Just make sure they forward the old number to your new number. So that'd be my does call it back. You don't lose those calls. And after two or three days, you're using the new phone number and you're good to go. Excellent. Thank you. All right. Another one. I have another sure. I've been away from the system for awhile, but.

What is the best call to action voicemail that can be left, call a couple of times or not answering the phone. Yeah.

Trying to get them to take my call or  I know the worst thing you can do is try to completely sell yourself on a voicemail. And Bruce, I know you have a better option. What would you recommend? I don't know that it's better. But I would say recognizing why they're not answering your calls is important.

Oftentimes they're busy. They don't. Call people back that they don't know they're worried about being sold. So if somebody hasn't answered my call and the first month, I just assume that they're probably going to be one of the 80% of the population that probably won't call me back until my marketing has had a chance to own their Mindshare.

So I'm not generally leaving them a high call to action voicemail. As I get a month or two into the process normally I'm giving them enough detail. It's the same type of detail that I'm leaving in my letter. So I might call and say, Hey, this is Bruce Hill again. I was just giving you a really quick call.

I know you probably don't need anything right now, but just in case you do we help with anything from real estate to handling an estate sale and everything in between. If you happen to run into any needs while you're going through the probate process or settling your estate, please give us a call back.

Okay. That. It's not a heavy call to action voicemail. And I do believe in call to action voicemails, but I know that person who has proven to me on my last three or four or five calls that they're not going to call me back, they just need a better brand impression of what I do. And the only way to really give them that is to tell them the same thing in the voicemail that my letters are telling them.

And then after a few months, you're going to start to get that person that answers. And oftentimes this is around month four for me, they'll answer. And they'll say, Hey, Bruce I've been meaning to call you back. I've been so busy. I know you left me voice messages and letters. I've been meaning to call you.

And that's just a really great place to start your phone call on when they answer. And they say I've been meaning to call you, and it's your very first conversation. And the only way to really get there is to leave them at least one message a month and drop at least one letter on them every month.

And then before long you'll hit that seven, eight, nine, that whatever that magic number of touches is you'll hit it and they'll know who you are and they'll value your service. Excellent. Thank you very much. All right. Perfect. We have three in the queue. Next up is phone number ending in six one seven two.

You're up next.

Marker [00:33:30]Marker [00:33:30]Hi, how are you doing guys? Hey, great. How about you? I'm doing okay. So I'm pretty rookie here just signed up for the leads. And just I worked for a contractor slash investor out here in Denver and Colorado Springs. And we had just noticed a lot of the houses that we were buying up on the MLS, it's always to the estate of, so it seems like a lot of those houses are coming from people that have passed away.

And that's why we started pursuing the probate and myself, I'm like the one running the whole job, and I'm just a little confused, not confused necessarily, but I did want a little bit of advice about just how to get started. I just actually started paying for the mailers.

I just bought those today. But any tips or tricks that you would say for somebody like myself, that's going to be pretty much doing this probably by myself. I'll be making the calls and that kind of situation.  A lot of it's going to depend on what point in the probate process they are in your County.

We talk about this a lot. So if you go back and listen to some of the other podcasts and YouTube videos that we've put out, you'll hear specifically with Colorado, what we're referring to, but sometimes in Colorado, they're a little bit later in the process. So with those, you probably want to be a little bit faster and more to the point on your phone call.

So you get somebody on the phone and where I'll teach you to summarize what you do really quickly early in the conversation. If you were not in Colorado, I teach you to say I'm calling because I have a team that works with families going through probate in Colorado. I might say I'm calling because I work with families who it inherited real estate that they need to sell.

So I might go a little bit more direct into the point because you don't have as long of a runway as some other States have. So you get to the point immediately let them know that you're not there to sell them anything. You just want to have a really brief conversation, find out if there's anything that you can do for them.

That'll typically buy you the right to at least explain what you do and ask a good follow-up question.  But I'd go into that as quickly as possible. And of course the letters are going to be really powerful. You might even consider shortening your letter sequence whereas instead of doing a monthly letter in Colorado, you might do biweekly.

Okay. So think about that. But ultimately you want to evaluate it and do it based on how far into the probate process they are, if they're almost through it or if they are through it you need to go pretty hard and heavy on calls and letters and you guys, am I correct to assume that you are strictly investors?

Do you also list houses? Do you do any? Yeah we also, we work with an agent. He he also would list less houses for us if it came to that situation. The other thing that I'm going to tell you is have a really powerful USP and by USP, oftentimes, w I don't want to confuse anyone here, because oftentimes we refer to the USP is your elevator pitch, that 30 to 62nd explanation of what you do, what I'm referring to with your USP.

In this case, here's a really powerful, big, bold claim. So maybe it's something like, Hey we've got a system that allows us to sell houses for more than anyone else sells them for. Okay. That's just an example. It probably doesn't fit your  your specific offer that well, but that's an example of one.

I have a system that allows me to sell houses for more than anyone else. Would it be okay if I shared with you how I can do that? So you think about what kind of a big, bold claim you could offer. It might be I have a system that actually takes up to 20 hours of work off of your probate plate, something like that.

Okay. And then just follow it up with a simple, would it be okay if I shared with you how I do that? So mix that in because you're going to want to try to set appointments faster. Whereas in my market, I know that I've got about a six month runway for the average person. And if you only have a three month runway for the average person, that it means you want to be in their house a little bit faster than I want to be in their house.

It makes sense. It makes sense. Yep. Yep. Yep. Thank you. Yeah. And the only thing I was going to add to that, Adam is your name's Adam, correct? Yeah. Okay. I was going by your phone ID. You want to make sure  you obviously have more of an interest in buying it, the listing it, but to try not to portray that in your conversation, be equally willing to wear either hat because you, you will get buy deals by referring them to a realtor who will list them in a couple months later, urgency pops up and it turns into a, to a flip.

But if they don't have that urgency and you come too much from the investor side, you're going to scare them away. So don't try to be, try not to be attached to which outcome, try to, give them the options and let them choose in the long run. It's better for them. And it'll be better for you too.

I that's just one thing we see with investors, they lean a little bit too hard on, I can buy your house, give you a fair price and close quick, and that may or may not be what they want. So before you hit them with that, ask them some good questions and find out is there what's more important to them, time or money, and maybe neither is important, but if they don't have some urgency, it's probably going to be a list deal rather than a realtor deal.

And the ones that do have urgency, or there's no way they're going to list with the realtor. Again, if you, once you get into the real estate conversation you'll see that pretty quickly, but just don't start with wearing either had start with Adam who can help them regardless of what their needs are.

Make sense. Awesome. Yes. Yes. Thank you. All right. Perfect. We have two in the queue and they're both returned. I think there are people that we've already spoke to today, so they must have something brilliant to add to the previous conversation. Next up is Douglas is back five seven, five, seven. Yes.

Hello, again  I want to date or something, but I wanted to assist you with the people that were having problems with the caller ID. If you want to add another line on your existing line on my telephone, I use a service called sideline and for nine 99 a month, you can have another line on your phone.

You broke up a little bit. Do you want to, do you want to mention that service again or spell it? Your you broke up just a little bit. Yes. It's called side line five lines, like the FIV, L I N E L I V E. No, I write five line

five slide line on a football field. I got it. Okay. Pretty much. Choose your phone number on whatever's available. They'll give you lots of choices. And so that's what I, when I'm dialing and it's very quickly and you can leave messages, some of my other questions. So I just wanted to share that's number one.

And if you have any strategies for finding the top five attorneys in probate  and so I'm gonna I'm gonna give you a reason to go find the top five, give you a strategy or two, and then I'm going to give you a reason not to go find the top five. So this is in no way disagreeing with Jim on finding the top five because I totally agree. I pursued them as well. I have my list of up and comers and my list of established attorneys.

The up and comers are almost guaranteed to answer their own cell phones. They're usually not busy and I want to help them and their business get more probate business. They don't have gatekeepers. They normally aren't doing a ton of deals, but they might one day do a lot of deals. And if you're the person that helps them get there and builds that relationship first, you're going to get all their business instead of a.

One here and one there from a busy attorney. Okay. So that's the reason maybe you want to add some of the up-and-comers or attorneys that might not be doing a ton of that estate and probate business yet.  As far as the the top five attorneys  number one, you're going to want to ask your current relationships, specifically financial advisors, which w which top estate planning and probate attorneys they know.

Number two is look at your probate list through all the leads. And I, if I'm not mistaken, you might not be getting leads from us, but if you do get leads from us, we give you the attorneys and you'll see on each list, you'll see the top attorneys. It's pretty easy. Cause you'll get a list and it might be one attorney and you only see their name once.

And then all of a sudden you'll run into another attorney and you see their name 10 times on the same list. That's an example of the attorney that is already doing a ton of that business. But but they're also a little bit harder to get in front of. So I encourage you to sometimes go also mix in a strategy to get some of the smaller attorneys that might actually answer their own cell phone and have time to meet with you.

Okay. Beautiful. Excellent answer. Every time. Do you all support prerecorded voicemails?

We so prerecorded voicemails, if you are dropping a ringless voicemail we used to, I used to do that in my market. I don't drop ringless voicemails anymore, but if I'm dialing through a dialer it does help you get through it faster. If you have a prerecorded message in the second, they don't answer and it goes to voicemail, you just drop the message.

It helps you get through numbers faster and a lot more dials. It's definitely less personalized. And so you've got the benefit of getting through your numbers faster and the curse of it not being personal at all. And it might lose a person or two that may be would've called you back. So just way out in your market, pro and con.

I was just going to add to that. If you're going to drop that message, don't sound like a radio disc jockey. Don't make it sound terribly polished, stamp stammer a little bit, make it sound like you're actually live leaving a voicemail. I'm pretty good at that. Very few people. If I leave them a voicemail knows that it wasn't live.

You know what I mean? Just don't make it sound too polished. Make it sound, Hey, you just called and left a spur of the minute message and play with it. See what sounds good. Most of the auto dealers will allow you to do that. And if you manually drop it, when you don't get someone, you're probably going to be in compliance with, with all the issues out there.

We don't want to give you a legal opinion, but it's it's safer than leaving, just one prerecorded and blasting it out. It's a safer way to do it. Okay. And also I'm pretty experienced when it comes to cold calling. And I heard you guys who are hurt. That's the reason I'm on this call is because I trust you.

That's the key. No. Thank you.

I'm glad you ask. He would like coaching Bruce. Oh, okay. Perfect. He broke out a little bit on my end. So if you want some coaching, send me an email@bruceatalltheleads.com and we can we can send you over some of those coaching options.

Perfect. And to end today, our last caller is our actually our winner of the week is returning Christian. You had the best success story of the week, so congratulations. And we'll let you finish the call, Kristen. You're back. Congratulations on being winner of the week. What's up, had a few more questions actually totally different from earlier.

My question is, have you guys come across in buildings in your area where tenants are not cooperative PRS wanting to sell the building and what's the best way to approach it? That's question number one, question number two, I'm starting to find out what the mailers is. Some of the addresses on the members have apartment when I look it up and I see that the mailers that we send out it doesn't have the apartment number.

Is there an update that is coming up in the near future? That will address that particular issue or what will be the best way to approach that. And then last question would be what's the best way to set up an appointment to meet at the property when the objection that the attorney's handling everything.

Just curious more than anything from that part. Let me take the mail question first. What are you're saying that the address shows an apartment in it and it's not being addressed to that apartment? That is correct. So when I do a little bit of digging on my, on the backend of the system that I use, there is an apartment number, but because the mail company USPSS doesn't know what apartment it is, it comes back as a unable to deliver, but.

I guess I'm asking the question. Are you saying we're doing the mailing for you or you're doing correct? No, you guys are. Okay. Okay. We put the address out of, directly out of the database. If you're finding anything that goes out, that doesn't match the data that's in the lead that you give us or that we give you, please let us know.

And let us take a look at that because it will always put exactly the data that's included in that the only thing could be is that occasionally there's an unusual character or something in that address that could conceivably cause it to skip, but we post the exact address. So please let us know, send an email to support with an example.

Let's take a look at it. Yeah. And then what I've done too, and on my end, just to make sure that it, when the next mother goes out, I'll add the apartment number on there. Just so it doesn't bounce back.  Wait, are you saying it was there before, or it wasn't there before? It was never there before.

That's what I'm saying, so a lot of the mailers that do have apartment number or less sequences, the Capitol building, and we don't know what the unit number is. It only has the address. So I guess the mail service company, they don't know what not unit number is for that PR. So we'll just send it back.

And then when they get that letter back, I'll look into it on the back end and then, apartment number is missing or the unit number. And I'll just add it in there. So it doesn't come back to falling mailers. Okay. Let me back up again, cause I want to make sure we're on the same page, cause I really definitely want to help you.

So you get your leads from us, correct? Correct. Okay. And that someone in your lead that you got from us, their address is one 23 Elm street, apartment 12 for argument's sake. They don't come with the apartment numbers and that's, I guess I should address that. They don't come with the apartment numbers.

And when I do a little bit of boating, that's when I find out that there is an apartment number and that's the reason they bounced back because they don't know where we're in that big building COVID belongs to. Now I got you. So here's the problem. So there's not anything we, we particularly can do about that.

And the reason why is that the address that we're giving you comes back off of the docket. This is for the personal representative, right? Correct. Yeah. Yeah. Unfortunately, we always output exactly what it says in the information that's on the docket coming from the courts. So we would only know what's in there based on that.

And the only things we do is we make sure that we run it through a postal service and a deliverability database to make sure that it is in fact a deliverable. And it would be deliverable. It'll hit someone's clearing desk in that building. If it's an apartment now, unfortunately, we don't know if they live in one 12, apartment one 12, or apartment five, but it's very rare that happens.

Typically, if there is an apartment at chosen, the address that we get and it'll show it in the docket, I've seen it, countless times, it's worth looking into yeah, it's happening a lot. And let us fail. Yeah. Yeah. Because in Chicago downtown, there's a lot of condos.

And the area that I'm trying to target it's downtown Chicago. So there's a lot of them that don't have unit numbers in. A lot of these letters are coming back. It's just, it's unfortunate because I'm spending all this money and it's Oh, if I would've known this from the beginning, I would've addressed it.

Yeah. I tell rather than shooting in the dark here. How about you send us an email and tell us how many that you're finding of that and all that, because we been doing this for a long time and we, whenever we get something I'm not heard before, I want to learn more about it. And literally you're the first person that's brought this up.

Let us know what you're finding and how many you're talking about. Drop us an email.  We'll deal with it. Okay, perfect. And then Bruce, do you remember his first and third questions? And then we'll. Third question Christian, I'm going to ask and answer it really fast. And then you're going to need to repeat your first question cause I don't remember it, but the third question is how do you still go about setting an appointment when someone says that their attorney is handling everything we need to remember the fundamentals of objection handling or dealing with an objection.

And the first fundamental is to validate. So I want you to have a really good answer, a good way to validate their objection. When they say that they've got an attorney, that's handling everything and it could be as simple as, Hey. That's great. I imagine you're probably not looking for any help right now.

You haven't run into anything that they don't handle yet. Have you  make them feel like you're really on their side and understanding and validating what they say and then have a really good followup question or statement, up statement would be just in case it changes. Could I give you my name and number?

And they say, yes, They're always going to say yes, because you're letting them off the hook and then have a pivot move over into a different piece of the conversation. So validate offer to stay in touch, give gift, offer to give your name and number, and then pivot over into maybe a real estate question or a question about something totally different from what the attorneys dealing with.

Okay.  What was your what was the first question? What's the best way to approach a building? When a PR is looking to sell solid building, but the cannons are not cooperative and they don't want to right.  When you, either you either have deal with an objection, not objection and eviction. So maybe have the municipalities, eviction, paperwork ready to and walk the PR or the family through the eviction process, or  find a way.

Or make a recommendation to do cash for keys. Cash for keys, always incentivizes a tenant. They might not always take some incentives that, that it always incentivizes them. And if you're going to offer cash in exchange for their move out and them giving you the keys start high for a really short amount of time and then walk it backwards.

So every week that goes by, you might say, Hey, I'm $500 off the table thousand dollars off the table. Something like that. That's  normally the best way to get tenants out. Obviously if you're dealing with a PR or a family that doesn't have cash like that, maybe go and get the, learn the eviction process, get the paperwork and hand them the paperwork and tell them exactly how to get the tenant out through eviction.

Okay. Yeah, that's on hold for now in Chicago. Unfortunately. So yeah, that works. Yeah. If evictions on hold, then you might need a larger bribe. Or it said that it said bright, but it might be worth it. It really might be worth it. If you can give the tenants enough to comfortably relocate, but it's hard if they're living there for free and it's on hold, it really is.

I would still get the property listed or under contract. And you can just put,  you can just put a protracted closing date or a protracted listing date. If it's going to take a while to you have access to the property, but if they're willing to do it and you're buying it, get a contract executed that says 30 days after,  inspections when the tenant moves and if you're listing it,  get something signed and just make it a long-term listing, but lock it up if you can, and continue to provide service to them, on a, on an ongoing basis, just keep in touch.

Yeah. I have a few of them and it's just a ton of non-cooperative and I told him there's many ways we can either offer him cash for keys. We can sell it from investor is willing to handle it. And the therapy, put it on the MLS and see what kind of love we got. No, no access to the units and see, somebody is going to bite.

Yep. All right. I appreciate it. I want to that concludes another great call guys. I want to thank all of you for being here. Congratulate Christian for being our winner of the week. I want to also thank everybody who actively participated and I want to challenge each of you heard some great ideas on today's call.

Take one thing that you heard today, that inspired you go out and put it into practice. And please come back next Thursday and share your results with the group. Have a great week, everybody. We'll talk to you the same time. Next Thursday. Take care.


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Adjusting Your Script For Older Leads; Seller Financing With A Mortgage? Probate Mastermind Podcast #320

Probate Mastermind Episode #320 | Recorded Live on March 25th, 2021.  

Join Us Live Every Thursday | Previous Episodes.


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

00:00 General Updates

Jim and Bruce share general updates.

1:20 Adjusting Your Pitch For Older Leads 

William is looking to skip new leads and call older leads, where most of the competition has already dropped off. He is comfortable cold calling but is looking for tips on adjusting his script for older leads. Bruce and William also discuss Probate Mastery vs Probate Foundations.

17:04 Finding Financial Advisor Partners

Federico has been looking for financial advisors to add to his vendor wheel. However, many of his colleagues that were trying to help him asked “What kind of financial advisor?” What should Federico be looking for, and what questions should he ask the financial advisors he meets with?

23:40 and 47:34 Letters of Intent, Contracts, and Probate Closings

Norm’s client is interested in purchasing a home that is part of an estate. The decedent was preparing to sell Norm’s client the home before they passed away.  Can they still purchase the property without it going through probate? The property is in Missouri. Bruce responds.

31:17 Handling Objections: “I’m not interested at this time.”

Blake  is running into the “I’m not looking for help right now” objection. Bruce offers advice on breaking down the barrier and getting some productive discovery questions into the conversation.

39:53 Seller-Finance and Mortgage Due On Sale

Mike is interested in seller-financing for a home that has a mortgage. Jim and Bruce discuss how to make this work.

48:57 Handling Objections: “We’re going to wait.”

Erik is running into the same “we’re just waiting” objection over and over, either because their attorney is advising them to do so or because they know there are dozens of other agents, investors, and buyers in line waiting in this market.  What can Erik do to win some commitment? Bruce advises.






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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #320


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the AllTheLeads.com coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

You will learn to get more listings, more deals and find financial freedom by listening to these episodes. Be sure to catch show notes at AllTheLeads.com/podcast and join our free Facebook mastermind community: https://facebook.com/groups/AllTheLeadsMastermind



Welcome to all of our illustrious agents and investors from across the country. Today is Thursday, March 25th, 2021. And this is mastermind podcast, number 320. No new, real news items to share with you this week. Other than look for an email from Bruce about the upcoming foundations program.

And there's good chance that everybody will be eligible to participate in that one. So it looks for that email in the next few days, and we have two in the queue guys. We've got plenty of room for more, so hit star six and hit one too many things you want to say before we get started, those are not a word.

All right, let's go to the first caller. First up is phone number ending in one five, five, six Europe first.

Marker [00:01:20]Hello, everyone. This is what you may with century 21 out here in Los Angeles, California. How's everybody doing today? Great. William, how are things in LA? You guys are you're back open for business.

I hope completely yeah, pretty much is just crazy out here, but we're slowly opening up and just about, it seemed like just about everybody got the vaccinations. It's more easier to get the vaccine now. So that's great for you in the next couple months. Yeah, Florida just went to 18 and over, so that's good news.

If you can get one, we don't want to take a, we don't have to get political here, but boy, if you don't have any problem with them and you can get one, go get it. It's good for you. And it's for the most part. Good for everybody. So what can we do for you, William? I'm been in real estate for a minute.

Basically Coke. I love making calls but I want to great my business into the probate field because I like helping people. And one thing I I just started in the probate and everybody and their mama they're like, Oh, new leads. And bill gross he kinda like in a way Hey, check out all the leads.

So I was like checking a couple of videos. So basically I'm not going to go after the new probates, I like going after Less competition, the low hanging fruit, the older ones. So one of my first questions is what is the script you would use for the older probates at six months to two years out or more.

And then my second question is what is the difference between the foundations class and the probate mastery class? Maybe I could take those to learn more about probate, basically know the mechanics, but I wanna dive real deep into the prospecting part, the mechanics of contacting the clients and the thank you card, call them a week later.

A, this is what you may with century 21. Did you receive my thank you card? I'm pretty good with the regular version of prospecting, but I would like to get the process of the probate version. Sure. And I'm going to defer you to bruise for these, for the script and the role-play portion. One thing I would say, William I couldn't, I agree with you more, the value of the older leads.

I still invest and I work one to two year old and I do extremely well. If you're investing and you're an agent, I would encourage you don't do one or the other do both because you will the six month year old leads, you'll have zero competition, but you are going to miss the ones that are ready to do something right away.

That would just be, I would say you've got that initial script down. So use that but, don't I, is there a reason, or do you have such a volume of leads? That's why you don't, you want to wait and work them, or what's the reason for waiting on the new ones? I don't know if I should say that.

I'm subscribed to probate data, so just just this morning we had 350 something leads and LA County is pretty big not to mention Riverside and orange County. That was another couple of hundred. So I don't know if that was like basically a backup because of everything was shut down and then everything's starting to come across.

But that, I'm like, Hey, if I go back, it's probably less competition. And then whatever issues they had in the beginning, maybe they worked it out because I know from listening to some of the calls, it's Hey, provide value, clean up crew, this, that, and that and the other, but I haven't set those people in place yet.

So until I do work, the older leads, but also I still. Since I'm in the business, have investors in my pocket if they need to sell now for quick cash. But my fiduciary duty is for the estate to get the most money possible. Yep. Hey William. So Bruce here they say Bruce w Hey, how's it going? What are the things that I'm going to, I'm going to say is don't don't necessarily feel bad or feel like you you can't go after newer leads without your team put together.

A lot of times the offer means a whole lot. It I'll work with probably nine nine out of 10 people without them taking me up on the services that my, my full team offers, then that 10th person might need those services. So if you don't have your entire team put together I wouldn't necessarily let it hold you back from pursuing the newer leads, just because most of them are, it's just simply a value.

Add that a lot of people aren't ready to take, mainly because they're dealing with their own stuff. They're busy, they've got a lot of personal items in the house and they might not want a stranger helping them haul stuff off or clean the house up. It's still good to offer though. The other thing that that I'm going to say is I'll repeat what what Jim said.

It's the older leads. Yes, absolutely. Go after those. There's really no competition. I've found that what, so let me say it this way. What I consider to be a short term real estate transaction in the probate spaces, less than 18 months. Okay. It doesn't mean that you're going to guess less than 18 months.

Yeah, definitely. And by short term, what I mean are people, families that are planning to sell real estate? A lot of times I call it under 18 months because if they have a plan to sell real estate, they're definitely going to do something inside of 18 months. And 18 months is on the outside of that short term window.

The median for the short term window, it's really four to eight months. Between four and eight months, by the time you get to the end of eight months, maybe nine, maybe. You're really only going to have 20, 25% of anyone that was planning to sell that hasn't sold yet. So yes you're, we're calling them low hanging fruit, but really you've brought in a lot of it is in the follow-up you've burned through if you're going after people that are older than nine months old, no competition, but it's only about a quarter of the people that that we're going to sell that are left in that window.

So I would probably not go quite as far out as a year. I know Jim goes after those. I certainly get business from leads that are older than a year old. Hunter, I want you to hear me clear. I'm not saying don't go after old leads that are a year plus old, but just know that there's not as many less by the time you get to a year.

Oh, okay. So like the prime timeline is probably like four to eight months after they get their letters attempted mentoree. When you're calling through them, you see exactly where they are at the process. And if they have any issues that you can help because as a real estate agent or an investor, you're there to help and build that rapport.

Yep, exactly. Build the rapport. This is the reason that I love the probate space so much is the majority of competition. And I'm doing my best as a coach and trainer to change this in the industry, at least with our subscribers, that the majority of your competition, when you are prospecting, a probate list is going to quit at two to three months marks.

And and my, as a, as an investor and as a realtor I like that because I'm in it for that four to eight month window. And if my competition hits them just as hard as I do for two months, and then they drop out, then I'm going to be the only person that's left standing at the foot of the four to eight months timeframe.

So that's when the majority of your close version is going to come right. I just closed the deal that I've been from a cold call that I've been following up with for four years. You have systems in place and just follow up, every three months or, have an email or a letter or something like that, contact them different times in your database.

It just, sometimes it's just hard to keep up with the follow-up, but the money's in the follow-up the money is absolutely. And the follow-up and families, if you call them on month one, they might have a conversation with you. But a lot of times they're not necessarily ready to open up to you yet.

This is still a fairly emotionally or they're emotionally raw. There's challenging situations and circumstances, and they're a little bit overwhelmed or at least they will be, and we need to keep touching them and using those initial months to build a rapport. Now you mentioned you're finding plenty right quick, what I would say on role-play is see if you can jump to if it's coming out for everyone, cause you're not a subscriber right now for everyone. And two, two weeks, we're gonna make it available to join our role-play call. This call is normally going to be Q and a related with that said, I would like to give you some dialogue that you might want to use on these probates.

Cause I know that's one of the things that you were looking for, right? Yes, sir. Okay. So you had introduced yourself just in the sample greeting that you gave. You'd introduced yourself as William with, I think it was century 21. So you put the name of the real estate company in with probate.

I'm normally going to encourage people to just call you. Just call is William. I just call him Bruce. Obviously we have, as agents, we do have to disclose that we're agents and especially if you're a realtor, you've got some disclosure rules, but I don't disclose that at the beginning because I don't want them to draw a conclusion about what I can and can't help with until I've had more of a conversation with them.

So I'm Bruce and I'm calling because I work with families. Who've inherited real estate. Or Bruce and I'm calling because I help families go through the probate process. So quick summary, and then you want to give them this feeling of control by essentially saying, look what I do might not be relevant to you.

Could I take a quick second, quick minute, tell you a couple of things I offer, and then I'll let you decide if what I do, it's going to benefit you or completely be irrelevant. Okay. They feel a lot of control because what we want to get to, we want to get to the elevator pitch and to get there. I believe that you have to summarize what you do in a really short sentence.

So that's the words that come after, because, and then you need to let them know that you're not there to lay a heavy handed sales pitch on there, on them. And that's why I say, I'm not sure if what I do is going to be irrelevant to you or beneficial. At that point, I'm just simply asking for a little bit of time of their time.

Maybe a quick minute just to see if what we do might benefit them. And I tell them, look, if it doesn't at the end of that, just tell me I'll respect it. And I have no problem. And normally you're going to get someone who's pretty open to hear what you have to say, what you offer. And they're normally going to at least give you some follow-up at the end of your elevator pitch.

That comes next. Okay. Now, I'm not doing this dialogue justice because yesterday I literally took two hours to teach what I just gave you in about two minutes. So when the role play call comes out and it's available for everybody, that's listening, please jump in on one of those, because I think it would really help.

But that's essentially the way that I create myself. And if you do it that way if it's an old lead, I'd say I'm, I call I'm calling because I help families that have inherited real estate. If they're a new lead, I'm going to say I'm calling because I help families through probate. So those are the, that's the only variation that I'm going to give.

How can I help a phone call? It's the greeting. Yep. Okay. And then that add to the end of that, it was like, how can I help. Yeah, really. You want to get to the elevator pitch at that point because they don't know what they don't know. They don't know what you do. So I'm going to ask, how can I help after I've, after they've given me permission to explain what I do.

So what I gave you is everything up to the point of explaining what you do. So you really want to have a, maybe a minute long summary of what you do and then ask the, how can I help afterward? Okay. Okay. But like a system. Yep. Okay. Now my, my second question was what is the difference between the foundations class and the probate mastery class?

Mastery was our original with our original class. It takes you through and I'm going to have Jim or Tim chime in here after this mastery takes you through a longer process where you start to really understand, not just dialogue, but you understand the probate process, you understand your which team members exactly you need.

It goes into detail and I think the last mastery class was something like 16 hours long. So you can imagine it goes into great detail. Foundations is really meant for those people that don't have 16 hours take that class and they need a couple of hours to get the basics down. So it's essentially the communication and the follow, or basically the foundation of what is probate, because I pretty much cut that back cover.

Yeah. It's not what is probated all. We go over how to market to a probate lead, how to communicate with the probate lead. So the dialogue and and how to build your team. So those are the categories that we cover in foundations. Okay. And then that one has a a price to it or is that free or how that one for our subscribers, if you're a subscriber of our leads, we give it for free.

We haven't offered it to non-subscribers until probably starting in about two weeks. We'll offer it and there's going to be a really small fee for it. If you're a non-subscriber really irritable. Yep. Okay. Look forward to that. Love the, and get that. And William, I was just going to say just the fact that you'd like to cold call foundations is what you need probate mastery.

It was a course that was much more. Graduate degree level and it was, yeah, but it was more for the people that want to know everything before they do anything. The people that are very have very high analytical I honestly, foundations is going to be more than sufficient for 95% of our subscribers.

And then, so I would take that first. I think you'll be a better fit there. The other thing I was going to say to you, I know you're not a subscriber right now, you and I understand what you're trying to do by waiting six months when you're getting four or 500 leads, you're trying to call the herd, before you, it contact the survivors.

You might want to take a look at our probate plus product because that would allow you to right away, see what real estate is owned. And you might, if it's a $5 million listing, you might not want to wait six months. You might want to call them right away. It gives you options. It also. You could eliminate the ones that don't appear to have real estate.

So you could probably accomplish the same thing and reduce the number of potential people to call. And then you'd be maybe in a better position to decide which ones you want to call right away. And which ones you might want to wait on. Just an option. It's on the, all the leads.com on the top of our page, top right-hand corner.

There's a tab that really explains probate. Plus you might want to take a look at that. Okay. Yeah. That was another question. Because I know you offer leads and stuff. If you had an olive cart system where you can because I like your custom website and maybe upgrade to the marketing to the leads.

And that sounded like the, like the probate plus where it filters the leads and then you can like market to them as well. Is that correct? Yeah, absolutely. What I'll do. Cause we have our queue starting fill up. I'll have one of our salespeople reach out to you right after this call and kind of walk you through all the options, all the, the foundation and all the cart options.

But yeah, as far as the website in the mail, that's something we can definitely do for you. And Dell explained probate plus to you also. Oh, okay. Hey, thanks a lot. Really appreciate it. Y'all bring very much value to the community. Thank you. Thank you. You very much, sir. All of a sudden we got a full queue.

Next up is fed you're on board. What's up. Hey guys one update and a question update is regarding the PR that we've been discussing on the last couple of calls. Much to my surprise. This is the same PR that I then took the approach you suggested, which was, I may have come off too strong and there's no pressure and all that stuff.

And she communicated, no, it's just about getting my brother to meet with us. So we don't have to meet more than once. Long story short. I went to, I drove by the house the other day, just to get an idea of what its value would be, took a picture so that I could send her an email. And then when I checked tax record, it shows that on February 19th, which was about 10 days after she and I had started interacting.

But before. She told me, Hey, it's just about getting my brother to get to the property. They sold the house to an investor. I saw that there was a transfer of title yeah. On February 19th. Now the strange thing is that the seller name on tax record is not the PR. And in addition to that it's really unfortunate.

I ran comps. They sold for about a hundred, I would say 125 grand under what market value is. How do you know that it wasn't just a just a transfer inside of maybe a trust or something? Was it a definitely an investor name? Yeah. It's it shows like investment company. See, I'm actually have it in front of me.

So the here let's see, it says, yeah, it's called a, it's a management company, LLC. And so yeah, the only strange thing is that then when you look at the actual lead once it arrives on all the leads she doesn't, she already communicated to me. She does not have an attorney, so I'm just a little confused, cause wouldn't, she have to go through probate prior to making this sale.

Depends. Whether she has full authority or partial. Yeah.  gotcha. Gotcha. Sure. Yeah. If she had full authority, then she could, but honestly, I still am. I'm going to encourage you to still communicate with her. She may have just been lying to you and dragging you out the whole time it's possible, but it's also possible that this was an inner probate transfer where it's being set up and it's into a an LLC or a company that she still has ownership or influence over.

So we don't know exactly what it is. It does sound like it's likely that she just puts you off. Cause she didn't want to tell you that they were selling it. I found it's very likely that's the case, but just because you see a transfer, doesn't always mean that it's a transfer to an unrelated third party.

It might've been a transfer to a related person or entity. Got it. Okay. Okay. Corporation up, go look. The corporation up on the state of California is a commerce site.

Yeah. Okay. I'll do that. And then just question about financial advisors. I went ahead and as you suggested just went on social media platforms and just, through my sphere just said, Hey, looking for financial advisor here in reputable or reliable financial advisor.

And I got a lot of answers. Now, the only thing is. Most people ask what kind of financial advisor are you looking for? There's so many that come in different shapes and sizes. Are you talking retirement planning, stock investment in option trading strategies or real estate management? As far as the financial advisor that we would want on our team?

What are we looking for? Specific one too? Cause I have some I've called set up with a few of them and I'm just trying to understand maybe what questions I should be asking them to see if they're the right fit for the team. Does that make sense? I think you're probably looking for the the real estate.

What was the option with real estate? Oh, those are just a few options that people who are not financial advisors wrote down, I think they wrote theirs, summer stock market, investment, summer options, option trading strategies, which obviously would say no real estate management or retirement planning, like real estate management go with real estate management and retirement planning.

Retirement planning is probably a little bit of a better fit for us, but the real estate management planners, those you could really. Make a lot of headway with those relationships. And then what you're just going to ask, honestly, you just want to understand their business. Look, this is not for my money.

But I work in the real estate space and I have a lot of people who have either inherited money or they ask me for connections with financial planners and advisors. Could I ask you to tell me a little bit about your business and if you feel like it's a good fit and you'd want to go into probate details with them, go into probate details and ask if they'd be interested in your referral.

They're always going to say yes. And then you say, and as I'm building this out I could really use a connection with a good estate planning attorney or two who do you know. I think that, I think you're, I think you're going to find that a good percentage of the estate planning attorneys also do probate.

They try to set up if an attorney is doing trusts, living trusts and that kind of thing. He's probably doing probate also, and he's encouraging people to set it, to set up the trust. But if he, if they don't do it and don't have the trustees, he's willing to handle the probate, it, those two kind of go well together.

So even if they're not doing probate, it's pretty easy. It's pretty easy transition. I have, yeah, go ahead. Sorry. The only thing I was going to say is that you should define, with them when you're on the phone with them say, so let me first tell you a little bit about what the average person is going to look like that might be seeking financial advice and come up with a story in your own mind about what your average person is going to potentially met out of a probate transaction.

And if you said to them, this is somebody, my, my average customer that we're looking for to deal with is somebody who may come out of a financial transaction with maybe a hundred thousand dollars that they didn't have, and may not have any financial planning at all in place, because typically that's a lot of what you're going to run into.

It's a first time person who may not have ever had any kind of financial planning. So describe your client and let them tell you what they would propose to service a client like that. Got it. Okay. Yeah. No, that's that's smart. Okay. Thanks guys again. All right, sir. I appreciate it. Thanks as always.

Thanks so much. You're very welcome. All right. Three more in the queue. Next step is phone number ending in four, two, five, six. You're up next. Hey, how are you doing? Hopefully, if you hear me, this is norm. I'm fairly new subscriber, I guess I've been since September I have a client that is interested in purchasing a home from from an estate.

However, it has not gone through probate yet. Is it possible for us to buy that that home before it actually goes through probate and and the money or the proceeds for the home go into an escrow account norm, which which state are you in? It's probably going to make a difference. Yeah, Missouri.

Okay. I don't happen to know exactly what the laws are. There. There are there are a lot of States that real estate does not have to go through probate. And I do not, I don't know about your state. And I was hoping that maybe it would be one that I was familiar with the law is, but I want you to know.

And other people listening that sometimes real estate does not have to pass through probate. And normally if it doesn't pass through probate is normally going to at least need to be open. And then you take the real estate out of probate. So you open probate, you you're essentially having them apply to not put the real estate into the probate.

And they can take it out now. It's going to be a better question for an estate planning or a probate specific attorney in your state, but but there's a good likelihood that you could go ahead and sell that. And the majority of States around the country, you can go ahead and sell the proceeds, go into the estate, and then they settle probate separately.

So the heirs aren't going to get their money until probate is settled. But at least norm, have you made contact with one of the years or with the likely personal representative, if you, do you have any contact on the seller side, there has been contact made as a matter of this. This is a client of mine and they actually were going to buy the property before the person passed away.

They had actually signed a letter of intent and actually started to do some work on the property. And then the attorney came in and said you can't have it now because it's now going to go through probate. I see. And so do you have direct contact with the errors or are you just dealing through the attorney?

We ha we do have direct contact with the ears. Yes. Okay. Because the good news is they have an attorney and it sounds like they've determined that they need to file probate. So you could have your buyer write up a contract, submit it to the seller and or the attorney, and just put closing to occur within 30 days of completion of probate or the property being removed from probate, you could still execute and submit a contract to get the process started and show them that you're serious.

And I think I would probably, if you haven't done that already, have you had a conversation with the attorney and he knows that they have an intention to buy it? No, it's matter of fact, I just heard about this the other day and I was dying you guys on this call, so I could talk to you. That'd be my first step because that attorney is going to have a fiduciary to, like a realtor present, all offers.

He's going to have an obligation to pass that interest on to the seller and let them know. And it might it, and at that point, I think you could ask the question that Bruce posed, just ask him, do we have to complete the probate process or can we get the court to release the sale prior? But either way I would submit the contract.

And when I'm making an offer on a probate, I just put in there. I know in Florida the real estate can be carved out. I don't know whether the seller is willing to do it or not often, or whether the attorney is gonna go along with it. So I just put a clause in there to that effect closing within 30 days of completion of probate or.

30 days of receiving court approval for the sale, but put that contingency and leave the closing. Open-ended that way you don't, if it does take six months, you don't have to go keep going back and getting the contract extended. It's just, it's ongoing until one of those two events occur, but there are some other things that you probably need to find out as well.

One of them is was there a will in this case, there was not. Okay. And is it the will of all of the potential air to sell the house? Do they all want to sell it? Only one air and the answer is yes. Okay. And are they willing to sell it for what you were your client originally offered as the letter of intent?

I don't know the answer to that question. That's a great question to ask. That's a great place to start because if there not, then if there, do you have a copy of that original letter of intent? Not in my hands. Okay. You should probably put the letter of intent, the attorney and the only heir together, and at least to a conference call and say, look, here's the deal.

I've got to got my buyer. They actually did some work here and we're not trying to put a mechanic's lien on it. And I would leave that in the air when I said that. But laying out the fact that already work has been performed and, they had tacit approval to do this, and we're not trying to do anything other than the healthier, we still like to buy the house.

Let the attorney tell you what the next steps are, because if the air that wants to sell the house is appointed as the PR, then all you have to do is wait, whatever process is necessary to get that done. Let the attorney answer your question. If they're willing to sell it for the dollars that was originally offered on the letter of intent, and there's nothing else to tie up funds in the probate, then eventually they'll get the house anyway.

But the attorney and the buyer, the owner together in a conference call and get your answers before you spin your wheels any further. I think a good scenario in here will also be for me to consult with my personal probate attorney, to make sure that I'm asking the right questions here in Missouri.

Yep. Sure. Yeah, that'd be good too, as well. And as you're doing that, it's more for future deals. But as you're doing that make sure that you really understand the process of cause this is truly the case in several States. Some States will not let real estate title transfer until probate is closed.

So you need to understand whether your state is one of those States. Other States will let you sell the real estate during probate and other States let you carve it out all together. And the heirs get their money, whether probate is still open or not. So ask the attorney which one of those three scenarios Missouri fits into and that'll help you structure not only this deal, but any future deal that you're running into.

Yeah. Unfortunately, I wasn't involved in this in the very beginning I got pulled into it just because they found out what I was doing and I want to help them if I possibly can. Because it's just, a better business as we move forward. So I appreciate all your feedback. Hey, norm, you said something real quick there.

How did they find out what you were doing? Did you, obviously, you made that known somehow, but how did they find out that you were doing probate? If you guys follow grant Cardone, it's called promote. I tell everybody what I do. Good. See, that's a classic case.

We've said that before on the calls, don't be a secret agent. You let your serve influence on everybody, know what you're doing. They, they may just think of you as grant who sold my house and they may think of this situation is completely different. So I just wanted to point out good job doing that.

Congrats. And one of the things that I just learned is, I follow a lot of acronyms, OPM. We all know what that means. Other people's money. I found one the other day, it's called OPC other people's content. And if you want to get known for things, you don't have to use your own content.

You can just create other people's content, but I'll tell you the one I found that yesterday, that I think is probably the best that I've heard of ever it's ops. Other people stages get involved with every opportunity that you can to get in front of a group of people and somebody else, and let them build a promotion and you come in and then share what you do.

And so by using other people's stages, you can really go a long way. So you're essentially photo bombing, other people's presentations. You just sneak it in there. And I liked that. It gives you permission to do it.

When you're very forceful. You usually get invited on stage. That's great. Norm. Good stuff, buddy. Thank you. We appreciate you. All right. Next up. Next up is phone number ending in seven three six nine. You're up next? This is Blake from wheel County. Yes, sir. Yeah, we're going with the first question is use of justice a couple of times in the call, but I want to make sure that I understand correctly.

I was looking for the Wednesday night call yesterday. I've done program mastery has gotten historical leads in the past, but I'm not a monthly subscriber. So what I have had to been a monthly subscriber to be invited to the previous Wednesday foundations class. Yeah. If you were a current subscriber, you can attend those classes.

I don't normally send the recordings of those foundations classes, anyone who hasn't registered for that particular class if you aren't currently a subscriber the next class that comes out in about two weeks, I'm expecting that anyone who's not getting our leads can register for it for a very reasonable fee.

It's not going to be expensive at all. And of course, if you sign up and want to get some leads, then we'll give it to you for free. Gotcha. Okay. I have two, two scenarios that I wanted to just make sure that I'm, my doc practices, you know what's worked historically. The first one is I call the PR The other day she was at word, but she had mentioned that she was essentially in quicksand.

You said, I gave her a quick rundown of the list of services and value that our team could provide. And she said she wasn't interested at this time. So my brother of course, is the car back in the evening when she's not at work, but I wanted to hear from you guys. Just, I know we've been over this type of scenario numerous times, but I like to jog my memory about what would be the best approach to, to get her out of that quicksand.

And thinking about meeting with me or choosing to meet with me to further along the process. And then, of course reduce her stress in the long run. Jim, you want to go first? Or do you want me to, you want me to go second, please? The the ultimate thing is working someone through a psychological process of getting ready to meet with you or being open to meeting with you.

And you could always just say, Hey, I completely get it. Talk to you later. Maybe I'll follow up, click and then call them again in a month and hope they answer. And I've certainly done that, but the best thing to do, and those of you who came to the foundation's role-play yesterday are probably like crawling out of your skin, hoping that you can answer.

The best thing to do is go ahead and start working her through that process on the call, where she just gave you that big fat objection. I'm not ready to do anything yet. And that's a great objection. I have no problem with it. The truth is she's not saying I'm never gonna sell the house. So in her mind, it's just a way of getting you off of the phone.

So what I teach you to do is go ahead and validate it and repeat back to her what she's really saying, not what she said, but what she's really saying. And what she's really saying is that I'm not looking for help right now. She didn't, she's not saying I don't need help right now. I'm never going to need help.

She's just saying I'm not looking for help right now. So I would just say it sounds to me like you're not looking for help right now. Get her to affirm that now you've validated it and you've positioned yourself on the same side as her. And I, and at that point, I just follow up with a quick if that ever changes in the future do you think we could keep in touch?

Would you mind taking my name and number down? She's going to say yes. I want everybody to know, she's probably not really writing your name and number down. At least she's pretending to though. And before you give your name and number, say, if you don't mind my asking before I give you my number, are you leaning toward holding onto the real estate long-term or is that something you guys are eventually going to be selling now, where where you stand or where she stands with regard to real estate, on that initial call, what your followup plan needs to be.

Cause there's really, if there's, there is a point in calling everyone whether they have real estate or not, and helping people, whether they have real estate or not, but at least now you can decide what your followup plan is going to be based on the potential business that you will or won't get out of that lead.

Okay. Another way that you could do it is to simply say, do you mind after you've gotten real estate information and after you found out just a little bit more, you've worked her further in that phone conversation just a little bit more, you want to say, do you mind if I make a proposal, I know that you're not looking for help right now.

I know that you're not ready to sell real estate right now. But I think it would probably be very beneficial and help you in the long run. You'd probably save you many hours, dozens of hours of time. If I could just take a look at the property and give you a list of things that you can do, and in what order you should be doing them.

And if you decide that you want me to handle some of that, great, if not, no problem. And then say, I've got some time next week. Could we meet? Okay? She said, no, don't push it any further, but you've got to get to the point where you're making that appointment proposal. And I was going to add, Bruce, I've heard you say before that this might not be your first response, but it might, if you get stonewalled with that same response, a couple of times I've heard Bruce teach before.

Hey, I understand. You're not ready, but if you were ready, what would you most need to help with or what would you, what would be the first thing that you would do? Just because it's acknowledging your objection, but ignoring it politely and asking her to identify the one thing that she most needs help with.

If she were ready, I love that because it was very disarming way to handle it. So try that also. Yep. Hopefully that helped. All right, sir. That's that? I have one more, but I think you were just hitting on it versus just hitting on it at the end there. This other PR she's ready. She is ready to start.

She has a niece. Who's an air. Who's not emotionally ready to go through the house yet. And so my plan was to get her, get the PR to think about, okay even though the niece is not ready, let's go ahead and get your plan together with the real estate so that when she does finally go through and get collect her, her valuable that you'll have everything ready to go in.

You'll have to, wasting the extra time is that, to me, that sounds good. I'm that? I'm sure that's a pretty good approach, but what I'm curious what you guys would think about or do in that scenario as well. So exactly what you just said what I want to steer away from for the most part.

And there are people that do this masterfully well. And so you might be one of those people you said, let's get your plan together. Generally. I'm not going to use language like that. If somebody is resisting you already and you take an assertive position, I love assertion, but if you take that assertive position with language, let's do this and you need to do that.

They'll resist you even more. So what I want to ask leading into that that statement and that value proposition that you just made is would you be open-minded to. Getting your plan together now so that you can save time and money when you are ready. And who's going to say no to that. A couple of people I've had people say no to that, but we as a human race, consider ourselves open-minded whether we are or not.

And if you ask someone, if they're open-minded to something 90% of the time, they're going to say yes, because saying no they're admitting to themselves that they're closed minded individual. Okay. So instead of let's do this, let's ask if they are open-minded to doing it and then add a benefit to going through with your proposal, if they say yes.

Gotcha. Like such as maximize the, the value of the state and maximize the, total normal, normally things come down to stress. And the money. Can I ask you a quick question? Would you be open-minded to to maybe meeting in a week or two and just creating a plan?

I know you're not ready. I'm not going to ask you to be ready, but creating a plan so that you can number one make sure that you and your your sister, I can't remember if his sister, cousin are say keep more money out of the estate. And number two, it would probably save you many dozens of hours of time in the long run.

And so I just listed the benefits and and the open-minded question it's tied to a meeting. Now I haven't written that down. I'm the type of person that needs to sit down and write out. A lot of people are, write out a dialogue kind of bullet points. So I'm just going to encourage you to sit down and start with open-minded number two, move to what you're asking them to do.

And number three, with the two or three benefits of doing that taking that action that you've asked them to take. Sounds great. That's perfect. All right. Thank you, sir. We have two more in the queue that should take us up nicely to the top of the hour. Next up is phone number ending in two, five, three, one.

You're up next?

I just had a question on a seller finance a second one this week. I had Bruce on the call. If they, Oh, okay. Do you have a mortgage on the property? And I'm wanting to see if they want to sell or finance. Is that work the same way? We just make the offer. They, if they accept, they would pay the bank up and then sell seller finance, the remainder.

Is that how that goes? Yeah, Bruce, go ahead and jump in. I was going to jump in. It depends, again, it may depend on your state and how cooperative your or their attorney is. The mortgage probably has to do on sale clause, but if they had the money to pay it off. Sure. But you could do a wraparound mortgage.

That's probably the best way to do it. You execute a new mortgage between you and the seller. It, it starts today. And within that, you pay off the existing mortgage and there's some benefits to you doing that because an older mortgage, more of it is going towards principal. You could buy that house subject to the first mortgage and do a second.

In either case get a real good CYA letter. If you're going to do either of those, you want to see why a letter in the very, very unlikely event that the lender calls the note. Do you want to make sure they understand that's a very remote possibility? And in, for example, Mike, I buy those still to this day.

I do subject to, and my title company will do it because first of all, my sister owns the company, but she, they will do it for any and they'll do it for, and in the sophisticated industry, they don't like to do it for a homeowner that might not understand what they're getting themselves into. So in Bruce, I hope that's the logistics of it.

Did you have another answer for that, Bruce? It's not another answer. It's actually a pretty much in line with that. Let's assume that you're doing a subject too. And you were leaving that, that first mortgage in place. Just as Jim said, every, everybody needs to know what happens in the unlikely event that the mortgage or calls the note to to, I don't want to get way into the weeds on this but let's say you're leaving the first mortgage in place.

A way to do that would probably be to set up something like a land trust, move the property and ownership over to the land trust, and then assign yourself as the beneficiary of that land trust you take over payments. You actually would pay a third party mortgage servicer. Who then make sure that the owner, the former owner is paid there too.

And that the original lien holder mortgage company has paid what they're owed. And then you just make payments to the land trust, and they divvy up the money from there. That's the way to do it. If the mortgage is not getting paid off I would say it's best to try to pay that mortgage off that a lot of times it's just not possible.

They might have $60,000 and all you're giving them is a $15,000 down payment or something. In which case they would need to do a subject to where you set up a land trust, or some type of trust, and then pay a third party servicer. So let me ask this question. So there's a little bit of rehab. Would I be better off getting a private lender, given her offer price?

I don't know how if I was to do that and just buy it, buy it outright. Or from a private lender, how would the mortgage get paid off in that scenario? And then she would be paid off right after the mortgage was paid. Is that correct? Yeah, the way I would answer that, it depends on the seller.

That's certainly a cleaner deal. It might be more appealing to the seller and you might get a better price if you've got a seller that doesn't care, often with appropriate property, the person on the mortgage is deceased. So they may not care. The seller financing is more, the terms are going to be more favorable to you.

Are you going to keep the property? You're going to turn around and flip it? I would probably flip it. Yeah. If you're going to flip it, then, the first two options are pretty complicated. You would save a little bit on the short term interest and it depends on how many points your hard money lender is going to charge you.

Your hard money lender is going to charge you three points, but maybe. You can get 5% knocked off the price because it's a cleaner deal to the seller. That might make the most sense. The creative financing, in most cases, it's going to make more sense that you're keeping the property.

So if it was me, I probably would try to negotiate a slightly better price and just use hard money. If you have access to it, it's just a simpler, cleaner way. And it'd probably be more appealing to the seller. Okay. So for future reference seller financing is typically done. If we were planning on keeping it buy and hold type thing.

Yeah. Or for the most part, not always. Go ahead, Bruce. Just, I just made an offer recently and and I have hard money available and I know that hard money is going to cost me two points upfront. And 12% interest over the year. Now this is a flip property. So knowing that it was going to cost me two points right out of the gate and 12% over the year I proposed to the owner and I'm going to make some numbers up here.

These aren't my actual numbers, but I proposed to the owner that I'll offer you 185,000 cash closing in a month. And that's with the hard money that I'd be getting or I'll give you one 90, if you would finance the property to me for up to two years at 7% interest. So I'm giving her the extra money.

I was going to be paying that extra in points with a hard money lender anyway. So I'm giving her the extra. And then I know overall that she's looking at that amatorization schedule with the accrued interest and that's going to be a big determining factor. She's looking at all the interests that she had earned over two years with.

If she owned her finance to me, which is gonna make her like $14,000 extra or more, if she owned her finances. The second thing that I proposed to her is if you own or finance, and if I sell it early and cut you out of all that interest, I'll give you a $5,000 prepayment penalty.

yeah. I'm essentially structuring it to her in a way that when I flip it she'll make basically what the what the hard money lender would have made. And then I don't have to go through the loan and approval process. Now, a lot depends on your. I was going to say a lot. Depends on your timeframe too.

I try to get in and out in one or two months, if it's going to be a two year deal, then yeah. That deal makes more sense. Yeah, go ahead, Bruce. A lot of it depends on whether the mortgage can be paid off. There are ways to work that mortgage, but the owner has to be comfortable with the risk.

You have to be comfortable with the risk and the the title company or the attorney needs to know how to set it off. And a lot of them just won't set it up. So that's one of the first people that you need to find. If you're going to do deals like this is an attorney or a title company that knows how to structure a subject to deal and it's comfortable to you.

Okay. All right. We appreciate it. Thank you, sir. Bruce, we have two more in the queue. Can you go a little bit over or do you have another appointment? Know, I can go a little bit over. I probably only 10 minutes though. Okay, next up is phone number ending in three nine, nine two. You're up next. Hi.

Can you hear me okay? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Okay. I haven't joined up yet or subscribed yet, but is there a sample of the probate plus information that is supplied? If I choose to go with that, I don't know exactly what it provides you in addition to the normal subscription. Yeah, it's very complicated. I'm just kidding.

Go to all the leads.com in the upper right hand. Part of the page, put, hit click the little button that says probably plus sample it's right there. It's right on our main website. Yeah. And if you I can have one of our sales people walk out and just, call you and give you the options of, walk you through the process.

Also, if you have additional questions, I'm going to have someone reach out to you. I'd like to look at it first, so I should take then do that. And I'm an experienced real estate party, but heaven entered the probate era. There was that second caller talked about a deed getting transferred from a management company.

I think that was in the state of California. Was that the second guy in second color? I believe so. Yes, sir. I think so. Okay. Some States, have a transfer on death deed and the person that's ill initially scientists deed, and upon death, that deed automatically transfers. And somebody like the management company could have gotten to that person, whether they know him or didn't know him or a relative or whatever, and had him sign that.

And that's a great point. Yeah. I have property in West Virginia, and we've already got that signed. So yeah, you're right. There are some States that do, that's a great point. Yeah. And it seems like every deal is going to be a little different. No doubt. And you got to figure it out and, but no deal things have been just cut and dry though.

Got something that you've got to figure out is that right? Probate is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. They're all just a little different that's for sure. Yep. All right. Thanks. No, thank you for that input. You're exactly right. It's another reason why that gentleman should call and find out what's going on.

Don't just make assumptions. Thank you. All right. Last up this week, his phone number ending in three seven, four five. You're up last. Hey guys. Thank you so much for squeezing me in. I know you guys are busy. We're already over time. I don't know what I can work. We're just starting to get hit with so many objections and it's all we're just waiting.

We keep hearing this, like we are hearing this more than we're hearing. We've got it covered at this point. So many people are telling us we're just waiting or we've been told to wait, or we're not doing anything until we hear from the attorney. What kind of responses can we're generally the first person through the door.

So I'm always a little hesitant on being the first to go there and book an appointment and give them an offer in which they usually shop it around. But it gives us the opportunity to provide relief and be a good support system to them, with the resources that we offer. What can we say to combat that?

And, let them know that. Sure. You can wait to hear these answers, but you don't have to wait to meet to sell the property. Are you hearing that we're just waiting at the appointment or on the phone? It sounds like it's on the following. On the phone. Okay. Yep. Yep. They won't even need a dust because they're like, we've been told to wait,

I get that a lot too. And the the weird. The weird thing is they'll tell me we're just waiting. And then then they'll sell the house a months later, if someone else pushed it to that pushed a little bit more or were like and a fed case caller, number two, we're just waiting.

I'm not there yet. And then you find out that it's all two weeks ago. The we're just waiting, honestly, this kind of goes back to the objection, validation that I do. I want to recognize it for what it is. And what it is we're just not quite comfortable doing an appointment yet. We don't want to be sold, so they have this fear of being sold.

So I'm usually just going to validate and then pivot right into that real estate question of once you're a, once you guys get a little further into the process, your attorney gives you the go ahead. Were you thinking about were you thinking about selling or are you leaning more toward keeping the property at least get that answer?

And I'm just going to use that to drag them a little bit further into an unthreatening conversation where at that point I can make a proposal. Hey, you were just waiting. I just, so we're on the same page when you are finished waiting, do you think I could swing by the property, take a quick glance at it so that I know what I'll be able to help with in the future?

And they'll usually say yes, especially if you haven't asked them to meet you there. And then I say, would it be beneficial for you to meet me there? Or should I just go, I'll leave the choice up to them. And at least that way I've gotten to see the property. And a lot of times they're gonna say I'll meet you there.

I'll have my family member meet you there. And if they don't, it's no problem. I'm not here to push you. I'm here to subconsciously guide them through different levels of relationship with me. And then I'm customarily going to go ahead and put on a single page, a letter of intent style page.

I'm normally going to put up price range that I think I could get them for the house and I'm going to send it to them because someone is going to get a number in front of them. And I personally, I think it's, whoever gets the number in front of them first, it's the most likely to get the deal. Oh man, they've been shopping my aunt.

I would definitely say we are the first people in the door to meet with them. We are there literally I'm to the point now where I'm telling I'm literally going to start telling my next appointments. When I come to give you an offer, it's good for that moment. If I leave and it's not signed, it's not valid anymore.

And the downside is that they don't care. They've got 15 more people, but they're shopping my offer every time. And I'm just getting beat out by, thousand, 2000. And these other people are just making promises that are so absurd that I won't make because I'm, I can't promise I know what the numbers are and I can't promise them the numbers that other people are giving them.

So I'm always hesitant to be the first in the door and they're taking my offer and shopping every time in this case. I'm in the same type of market, man. What if they get, if they give you an appointment, if you call them and they say, yeah, I'll meet you. Come out to the house. We're going to sell.

I can guarantee you they've told the same thing to 10 or 15 other people. So what I'm talking about are the people that sh that are shutting you down that are saying, we're just waiting. We're not ready yet. We're not meeting with anyone yet putting an offer in front of them. Because if they're saying that to you, that's what they're saying to everyone else.

So this strategy probably doesn't work with the person that is volunteering and appointment with you, but it does work with the person that is not sitting on the fence. They're on the other side of the fence, on the we're waiting side of the fence. And if they're there for everybody else.

And your number has a higher likelihood of getting accepted because they're not giving anybody a meeting. Okay. And tier for an appointment then you probably go with your strategy. Okay. So I would assume we're probably wrong. Cause we've attempted to ask a couple of different ways, are you waiting on, to be appointed by the courts?

Are you waiting on the attorney to do something for you? And many times they don't know what they're waiting for. And the common responses we get is that's none of your business. So yeah that's what a lot of people, that's what they've told me is that it's none of your business while we're waiting on now to say, I'm not trying to pry, I'm trying to tell all without you telling me anything, I don't have any, I don't have anything I can provide for you.

So yeah, it goes back to the old adage that nobody cares how much, until they know how much you care. And we're really doing all we can to let them know that we're not just here for the house, but they are shutting us down so quick. But I will definitely use that and let you guys know how it works.

Sound alright. Appreciate it guys. Thank you all for being here brings us to the conclusion of another call. I want to thank each of you for being here. I want to particularly thank those who actively participated and I want to challenge each and every one of you take one idea that inspired you on this call.

Go out and put it into practice and please come back next Thursday and share the results. Have a great week. Everybody talk to you. Same time. Next Thursday. Take care.



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Balancing ISA and Personal Prospecting | Marketing AFTER Probate’s Closed | Probate Mastermind Podcast #319

Probate Mastermind Episode #319 | Recorded Live on March 18th, 2021.  

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These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

13:55 Marketing After Probate’s Been Closed

Jerry is in Colorado where Probate courts publish probate records after completion.  What can he do to market to leads that may have already made decisions on real estate?



20:08 Preventing Cancelled Appointments with Probate Sellers

Federico thinks a probate seller got cold feet right before their appointment.  What can he do to solidify commitment and avoid last minute cancellations?




33:02 Balancing ISA and Personal Prospecting 

Caller is looking to optimize her prospecting with the ISA service. Bruce advises.



42:02 Interesting Probate Situations.

Bill ran into a scenario where someone might lose their inherited property to foreclosure, all because they’re reluctant to get a legal opinion.  He also shares a current deal he’s putting together for a separated family, but he’s unsure how to determine the cost-basis because there were two separate quit claim deed transfers.








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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #318


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the AllTheLeads.com coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

You will learn to get more listings, more deals and find financial freedom by listening to these episodes. Be sure to catch show notes at AllTheLeads.com/podcast and join our free Facebook mastermind community: https://facebook.com/groups/AllTheLeadsMastermind



Welcome prestigious realtors and investors nationwide today is Thursday, March 18th, 2021. And this is mastermind podcast, number 319.  A couple of things I want to share before we get started, we do have three in the queue guys there's room for more. It started six and hit one.  As most of late last summer, we started making this mastermind call at the time, but they'll widely available on virtually every podcast format.

And it's great. Since then, what we found those, some of our most successful agents are not showing up live to share their wins and their stories. They're listening to it, in a more convenient manner.  Our win of the week now is also available online. If you do have a wind that you'd like to share  it has to either be a listing you took or a deal you closed.

Just send your wind to support@alltheleads.com or call yourself person in and share it with them. They always like to hear your positive feedback.  I did have two interesting stories this week that I wanted to share. We have a guy in Colorado that's been with us. I think for nearly a year, he started out with two counties and then recently he added five more.

And just a side note, most of the counties in Colorado, he doesn't get any data until the probates closed. They have some strange or different confidentially, confidentiality laws there. So probably by the time he gets the leads, maybe half of them are sold and he did so well with the two counties.

He added five more and he shared a story this week that he got in touch with an executor. The executor happened to be the actor, Don Cheadle promotions 11. And apparently it was his homie grew up in, or his home he bought for his mom. I'm not real sure, but. They're really nice part of the win is he shared with us the commission from that one deal, we'll pay for all of his probate marketing for several years.

So I'm assuming it wasn't a low end house.  I love that story. And I had another one real quick that I wanted to share. And I think it just illustrates the importance of mindset. We a County in South Florida, which is extremely competitive, probably one of the most competitive areas in the country.

And we get about four or 500 leads a month. I had a realtor call me a couple of weeks ago and. Not complaining, but he said, I've been getting leads for almost six months and I've only done three deals. And about an hour later, same County, I had an investor say,  I've been with you guys since last summer and I've already done three deals.

Yeah. The difference at bites, that really impressed me. And when I dug in with the realtor in three deals, he had spent a total of about $12,000 and he generated about 40,000 in commissions. Now. That's only a 300% ROI. It's not as good as Some of our people, I a couple of years ago, and we did a survey  we should probably do it again, but our average ROI to the people that responded was about 1500%.

So I guess the moral of the story is even if you're in a highly competitive market 300% ROI is not bad. And it kinda all depends on how you look at it. So I thought those are two good stories to share.  Bruce, before we go to the the Q you want to give any updates on foundations? Yeah, I actually received the biggest backhanded compliment of my life.

After the call yesterday we were on for about two hours and maybe 10 minutes, something like that. It ran a little bit long, but man, it was powerful. We had a lot of great questions, a ton of interaction. And one of the one of the agents or investors, I'm not sure if that came through the class said  told me that.

And that foundations class, I had a way of making it making it, it seem like anyone could do it. And then they commented and I don't remember the exact words, but they commented that that I put things so simply, and that if you can do it groups, I know I can do it immediate immediately. I just like, Oh geez banks, they started backtracking.

But it was funny that's what they, that's what they said. And I don't know those of you that came on yesterday. How many of you feel that way? But that even though it's a backhanded compliment, and I know it wasn't intended that way, even though it is, that's what you get when you come to foundations.

I want everyone to know right up front that as a coach, one of the things that makes my coaching effective and the training that we offer effective is the fact that I really only sold one deal in my first full year, in real estate one, my second full year in real estate, I sold six. And if you're looking to show up and listen to someone that is ha that started off highly skilled with just this naturally smooth way of communicating with prospects and clients and natural way of getting a ton of business, that you might not have that personality, then I'm not the guy that you want to listen to.

But if you want to show up and hear how someone who flat out struggled, like some of you might be. How I overcame that and how you can overcome those things. Then I highly encourage you to join in on the foundations classes. There are every week  with the, on Wednesdays, with the exception of any months that has five Wednesdays.

So it's the first, second, third and fourth, Wednesday. And we alternate between a class kind of lecture style and a role-play style where we break down individual pieces of your call and put you in breakout rooms to practice those pieces. So hopefully I'll see more of you guys soon. Yes. And this time also, where you tell them about the fact that you had to walk uphill both ways through the snow overground last, get your real estate education.

Tim, I got most of what you said. Your phone is very muffled, but but yeah, this is where I say  I did have to walk uphill both ways to get my real estate education. It was really hard and this is  probably 17 or 18 years into the real estate business now. And if I were to turn all of my focus over to getting real estate deals, either listings or investment deals, I have no doubt with that.

What I've learned would get me at a minimum of a five or a 5% conversion rate in the market that I would go into when, and I have no doubt that I can get the majority of you there if you're willing to put the work in to learn. So the new tagline is foundations so simple, even Bruce can do it. I like that, that is,

you know what, first you make a great point though, and I don't want to belabor it, but as a real estate coach for many years, between the two of us, I think we got 27 years experience in the  certainly in coaching and a lot more than that in the industry, the biggest mistake a lot of people make is they want to know everything before they do anything and they want to, over-complicate it, probate really isn't that complicated more often than not.

You're just dealing with a motivated absentee owner that wants to sell, and so don't, don't reinvent the wheel and the class I sat in on the, just the simple techniques that you're given people should give them that extra layer of confidence that they don't need to delay getting started.

And if you would you explain how to get involved with foundations, if somebody is not in, and now, whether you're a sub or not. Okay. So if you are a sub, you're just going to go into your all the leads portal.  You're going to click on currently. You're going to click on the little dropdown arrow next to training and go to conference calls and archives.

And then just pick the date that you want to attend either foundations or the dates that you want would like to attend the role-play call if you're not a sub and this is not official guys, so please don't. Blow us up that just be paying close attention to this. If you're not a subscriber at the moment it will be available for a very small, very reasonable fee.

And it's a really good class. If you're not a part of the mastermind, just jump into the mastermind group on Facebook and ask those that have taken if they got value out of it. So if you're not a sub, it will be a very small fee and we've not decided whether we're going to make that available in two weeks or four weeks yet, but it's going to be coming up really soon.

For those of you that aren't currently subscribing to our leads. If you are subscribing to our leads, guess what you guys get the benefit of getting it for free and you just go to the training and look up conference calls in archives and it's right there. And if you're you've ever filled out a form on our website you're one of our leads and you'll be getting an email when it becomes available to non subs.

If you haven't  go to our website and just fill out a ticket and you can even just put in there not interested in the lead yet, but I w I'm interested in foundations and we'll get you on a wait list and get you signed up when when the program becomes available. I think we lost him.

He's calling back in to try to improve his voice quality. But in the meantime, we have four people in the queue. So let's get to the queue. First up this week is a lady who has been with us for three years and is getting probate plus welcome Joyce.  Thank you very much. And I want to say that you almost answered all my questions because they were about the foundations class, which I am enjoying tremendously.

Thank you, Bruce, for all the good information. My question is may I come to the first and third Wednesdays to hear the information twice? Absolutely. The idea behind foundations. And it is a long class, probably not as long as mastery  but it's a single class and it is long. And the information from one class to the other, isn't going to significantly change.

I always make minor variations to the delivery and throw an extra little nugget or two in, but the idea is that if I was privately coaching you once a month, it would take me probably eight months to really get you fully up to speed and a really good handle on these principles that I'm teaching.

As someone who's coming to the training by weekly, hopefully you should have all those principles completely dialed in, in your business within two to four of those calls. So I want people coming more than once. Most likely you're not going to come to four or five or six of them, but you're going to come to at least two or three for the average subscriber and more if you like.

When I registered I think my registration only applied to the first Wednesday, and I was wondering what I do to apply for the second Wednesday. You can look for the email that we'll be sending out weekly with the upcoming two registration links. So that email will always be rotating and always have the next two registration wins one foundation and one role-play link.

Or you can go in your portal into training and you can just register yourself for the next event. So you can register for as many as possible. Your registration does only apply to that one day that you can register multiple times on multiple different events. And for the second and fourth Wednesdays are those both role play opportunities.

Yes. So I want you guys to be conscious about what what these role play calls are compared to what our role-plays have historically been.  Historically you dial in and you go start to finish through an entire conversation with one of us. And this role-play call is not designed to do that.

What happens is when you go start to finish through an entire call and I do advocate, you guys do that. But what happens is you really, you might have one piece of your conversation. That's pretty good. And then a whole bunch of areas of weakness, where this is more if you think back to your days of high school sports or college sports or whatever level you guys played in.

I know we have a couple of previous professional athletes as well. You go back to those days and you drilled on the foundations you drilled and you drilled. And I want you guys showing up to these role-play calls because it's really five minutes of. Teaching where I'll teach a specific principle and then somewhere around 10 minutes of breakout room where you're practicing with two or three other people, you're practicing those specific techniques that we just learned in the previous five minutes.

So it's not going to be a start to finish role-play call. It's going to be a play call where we might say, okay, here's the principle behind delivering your 32nd USP. Now go into breakout rooms and practice with one another, delivering your USP, give each other criticism, give each other compliments and praise ultimately become much better at that particular portion of the call.

So we just do that with five or six different pieces of your probate call so that hopefully once you've attended one or two of those, you've got those really locked in. And you're almost an expert at that part of the call. Perfect. And just one last question, these slides that you use are very nice. And I was wondering if you make those available.

Yeah. We can make those available. I'll make sure that the team knows to deliver those as well. Oh, great. Thank you very much and I will continue to look forward to Wednesday with you. Great. Thanks Joyce. Okay,

Jim, we have three more in the queue. Yup. We have three in the queue. We got plenty of room for more.  Next up is phone number ending in seven two, two, five. You're up next. Okay.

Marker [00:13:40] Yeah, this is Jerry and I'm in Colorado and Hey, how's it going today?  I was getting to the leads in Denver, but when I just didn't feel comfortable in some of the neighborhoods.

Some of them were like really I am that I just wasn't that comfortable with some of the areas. They're great areas, but wasn't that familiar with them? So I moved my leads to Adams County, which is the County I live in just North of Denver, where I'm sure very familiar with the neighborhoods and hustle a lot more properties up here than in Denver.

And and I know now that the leads come after the probate is finished. My question is what would be my opening lead? Because I know a lot of these people, I know some people that have  properties where the person deceased and they started getting calls like right away. Yeah. And by the way, Jerry, it's not all the Colorado counties.

I think it's about two thirds of them.  Check with your sales person and find out, I don't know which, and I think we lost him. Tim, if you're on the call, you might pipe in. I'm not sure which counties, it's not a hundred percent of them, but I don't know if Denver is one or not but

a jury is in Colorado and Tim, I think you're coming in loud and clear. Now he's in Denver and he's assuming, based on what I said in the beginning that he doesn't get the, his leads until the probate is completed. I said, I wasn't sure if that applied to Denver, do you know offhand, or should we just, and it is unfortunately sporadic.

Sometimes it, it just depends with the COVID. The reporting has been sporadic all over the place. So we're doing the best we can to just get them all. And we're finding that sometimes it's not until it's done, sometimes it is. And so there's really not a solid answer. We get it. As soon as it's available, that's the best answer.

There are some counties though, in Colorado that as a policy, we never get them into the probates completed. I don't think Denver's one of them. Yep. It's gotten to the, be the case where that's not always the case. What were you saying, Jerry? You were going to say something. My question was, I moved out of the Denver market into the Adams County, which is just North of there where I'm much more comfortable, much more familiar with the homes and properties and so forth.

And if the leads come in after probate, that's fine. I want to work with one of our framework I get, but I know I've had a couple of people. Friends of mine where, they lost a loved one at a property, came into probate and they were getting calls from realtors like right away. So my question is, how can I can  how would I be able to compete with those who are caught?

I just don't want to sound like another guy calling to sell the house.  So how can  presentation be different?  Cause I really do care about these people. It's not just about getting a listing. I really do want to help them  partially you just answered your own question and that is that if you're leading with that, if you're leading with, Hey, is Jerry and I'm calling I note that you've been appointed the personal representative for the estate of John Jones or whatever, if you're talking to the right person and you lead with.

Don't even talk about factor in real estate. You lead with, I've got a group of people together and we provide services to folks who are facing the challenge of being an executor. And unfortunately, as you already know, I'm sure from being one that's not something that comes with a good manual.

So we're here to help. We provide a lot of services. We've got a second. I'd like to tell you what they are and talk with you about that. And you haven't said a word about buying this house. You haven't said a word about listing it, lead with the value that you're bringing to the game. If you want to differentiate yourself.

The other thing I'll tell you is that oftentimes the people who may be coming sooner than you're getting there. The only other place that they can get it sooner is that they're literally working the obituary side and it's a shotgun approach. And oftentimes there's a lack of sensitivity in terms of doing that.

We've actually been working, looking at obituary product along the way, and trying to find a way to do that in a similarly non predatory respectful way. But that's how they're getting the data they're playing the obit side. Got it. Okay. Okay. This is really helpful. I really appreciate that. So Jerry,

just make sure that you're leading with what you made it very clear. You said it yourself. You feel that you're different, all you gotta do is communicate that and tell them why. And don't lead with the things that you believe in. And that's, what's important. Okay. Yep. Okay. So I'm just going to chime in on two, two, really really basic things.

These are no-brainers for a lot of people, but obviously we're dealing with people who have a lot on their plate and yes, they do need our help in a lot of different areas, but it doesn't mean that they're immediately just going to take us up on, on the offer to help and if left to their own, there's really.

Normally a four to eight month window before they're going to, I have a house ready to sell for the average person. It might be a little bit shorter if you're getting your leads a little bit later, after they've gone through probate, but for the most part, there's a longer window that they're operating on and you've got to recognize that your competition, if they're hitting them on the phone quickly, it's not very many people that you're competing with.

It's a few, it's maybe an audience of the people that might send them a letter.  And they're normally gonna hit them once or twice really hard on the phone. And they're going to say, are you going to sell real estate? And it turns the person off.  Especially if that person's not ready to sell real estate and then they drop them.

And if you're in it for the long game and you're going to call more than twice, you'll really be in rare rarefied air where you're going to lose all that competition that you have in the beginning, because they're just not going to stick with it. Like we are. Okay. Okay. I like that that really sit that really resonates with me.

That's who I am. Oh, thank you. Awesome today. Okay. Very welcome. Jerry. We've got two in the queue guys. We got plenty of room for more it star six and hit one. We're looking for a live one of the week. Hopefully if anybody has one next up is eight two, one three. What's happened Salvatore. Hey, how are you fed right.

Fed also donuts fed. Yeah. Yeah. Just to remember the feds that's me.

Marker [00:19:48]Okay. Yep. I was hoping to have a win, so I'm still dealing with the same the same person. So I wanted to get your guys's advice on a few items regarding this this PR she kinda disappeared on me again I'm trying to see, so when people cancel an appointment, I actually found this to happen and not only with with PRS, but sometimes even with when I call expireds and set an appointment and then the day of they cancel and it sounds like it's maybe they're having cold feet or anything like that. I'm trying to understand or figure out the best way to, obviously you can't force them to meet with you at the same time.

Maybe in the communication while being understanding, still keeping an open door, but I'm also trying to make sure I don't shoot myself in the foot doing that.  Does that make sense? It does. And fed, have you ever have you ever canceled canceled a sales appointment before where you knew you were going to get sold?

I don't know if I was going to get sold but that sales pitch was going to be coming pretty hard. And you weren't quite ready yet? Yeah. Okay. Fair enough. Fair enough. Yeah, that's likely all that's happening is it's not a no. It's not a flat out rejection. It's someone that isn't quite emotionally ready to pull the trigger yet.

And they might be a little bit nervous that the hard close is coming.  And the fact that they canceled, they let you know that they canceled. And didn't just no show you as an amazing is a great sign.  Okay. So I wouldn't really worry about it. It's just a matter of priorities for this person at this point.

And they probably have a lot of other priorities that are taking place. They're probably dropping kids off at the school and doing doctor's appointments. Then most likely they are still trying to collect bills and tax season is on them. And they're just waking up in the morning going, I'm really not ready for this yet.

And it doesn't mean you don't do your best to avoid that cancel, but you need to recognize it for what it is and what it is there's just other things that are taking a priority for this person right now. Okay, fair enough. So maybe just stay in front of them. Obviously without pushing, I would still ask for another appointment.

I would still ask for another appointment and if they can't be there, ask if they'd give you permission to just run over and walk around the property, say, look, I'm not here to sell you on anything. I really just want to get an idea of some of the things that I might be able to help you with.  If you can't make it, could I get permission to go over there and at least walk around?

I won't give, I won't have all the details for you, but at least I'll know from the outside, what we're looking at and what I might be able to help with, and then say, obviously, if you can make it and let me in for 10 minutes I could give you an even better idea, but it's at minimum I'd like to walk around and figure out what kind of pricing you might be looking at and what kind of tasks I could take off your plate.

Okay. Yeah. Make it to where now they sell you on meeting. You. Okay. Yeah, that sounds, it sounds similar to, it's almost like a, an extra layer to what you had suggested last time when I was talking about expireds or just sometimes instead of just constantly sending the cards and just staying in touch, it was almost, I think you had said something along the lines of maybe going to the property, taking a picture and sending them an email with, the items that you just discussed, a rough evaluation from the exterior, and obviously you could get a better valuation when entering.

So I guess would you say it's that you maybe recommend that also for maybe  expired to maybe either are not answering. Or not getting back and, or ones that I have spoken to, but are just they keep the whole, Oh, not ready yet. Or call me in two weeks or call me in a week, call me in 10 days.

So maybe I could use that approach as well for those. Yeah. I think you could basically what I want you to think of it as is, think of it as a down, sell. We've sold them on a full blown appointment and you've got someone that's clearly backtracking and backpedaling here. Probably wouldn't really good excuse to do.

So maybe offer a down, sell and that down sell is not a an appointment where you present everything that you do when you ask them to sign. But it's just a quick run by the house. Can I get your permission to run by the house? You don't even have to be there.  And then say obviously if I could get in for 10 minutes, it would help me give you more options.

But if you can't be there, then I'll just run around the house. Can I get your permission for that? Nope. Don't likely grant you permission. Okay. Okay. And just to piggyback on that concept with so I actually had a person for a, for an expired property. I called a, I send it up speaking with the husband and I met with him at the house.

He showed me the house and he, by staying in touch with him, he finally said, Hey, look, in the end it's my wife was going to make the decision. If you can get her  to list it, then God bless you. And he gave me her number and her email. And I reached out to her. She immediately just said, look, this is about time call me later today.

But we all know that sometimes the later to the engines are just going to get a voicemail. And then she texted me a few moments later saying, Hey, I know that you saw the video for the property.  And that you met with my husband. What can you provide that other agents aren't going to provide?

That's literally how she left that. So I was almost thinking of approaching it with the tactics that we discussed with Jim as well, which was, the, what I want to discuss may not be for you. But maybe we could talk for a second and let you decide and no pressure all or something like that, just because they feel like if they're getting contacted or blown up by so many agents, I don't think that's the approach they're taking.

And that may just get her ears for antennas to come up, at least for curiosity. Does that sound like maybe this is an expired, it's not a They are provided you have a really strong USP. And when I mentioned USP here, I'm not referring to the USP that, that we use as an elevator pitch.

This is one of the reasons why I separate the language elevator pitch in USP. A USP is a clear diff differentiator.  And what, in the result that you can get for someone, so a, an example of a USP that, that is used in that way would be yeah. What can I do? That's different than anyone else? I'll guarantee that I'll sell your house and look, I'll waive my commission.

If I don't sell it in a certain amount of time or Hey I'll I'll send my movers over to pack your house up and move you. These are just examples.  So what you need to do is have a list of things that you're willing to do over and above the typical MLS and signed listing. And then I would just say to that person, Hey, it's really simple.

Let's assume let's assume that it's a PR not an expired. So they asked you that question. I would respond with something like this. Look, it's really simple. Everybody else just wants to buy your house for cheap or put a sign in your yard. I'll actually cut your make sure that your landscaping is taken care of your house is packed up your anything that needs to be sold is sold.

Basically I'll help you with anything that you need to do leading up to the listing. Just as long as I have a right to show you how I can help get you top dollar as well. Oh, I love that. Yeah, definitely using that 100%. Okay. Thank you. And last question was actually both you and Jim brought this up in the last two calls about the, I think they're called REITs.

Sorry. If I'm mispronouncing the real estate investment trust.  How I looked up REIT Los Angeles, but there's nothing in particular. Is there do I need to be more specific in the search? I think what you're looking for is REO real estate investors association. R E I a read. Yeah. I read as a financial instrument.

Rhea is a group of investors that get together and meet real estate investors association. R E I a. Oh, that's what it was. Okay. Thanks. Sorry that I had two things I wanted to add on to Bruce's great advice. And I think we talked about this maybe about a month ago and it might've even been with you on the first thing you mentioned the best way to handle an objection is to deal with it before it ever comes up.

So sometimes you're on a call and you convince somebody for the appointment and you can even hear the upswing in their voice. Okay. Come on by, they're not completely sold  rather than deal with the objection when they try to cancel. And this also could work on people that are just delaying setting an appointment, but you might just say to them, if you ever heard of buyer's remorse, I, I really appreciate you setting the appointment with me and what happens to a lot of people you may wake up Saturday morning and say, what the heck did I do that?

Guy's coming over to try to talk me into selling my house. I just wanted you to know that if you feel that way, You don't need to, because I'm not coming over to force you to do anything. And I promise I won't put any pressure on you. I'm just going to come over and give you some options. And if you're ready, that's fine.

And if you're not, that's okay too. So you, if you, so often you sense that somebody is not there giving you a verbal, okay. But they're not really serious about it. And that technique can work very well, too. Like I said on somebody who just keeps avoiding the, the appointment.  That was one thing.

The other thing, if you want to have a little bit of fun  and this works better in person, but one of my favorite things to do on listing appointments, when it'd be a husband and wife, and one of them was clearly ready to list and the other one was still obstinate, holding out, I used to say you know what?

I think the fair thing to do would be to take a boat. I know you vote. Yes, I vote. Yes. And then I turned to the other one and say, Is it going to be two to one? Or do you want to make it unanimous?

I would always, I broke to touch it. I'd always get a laugh.  It would usually break the touch that enough, that they die. Go ahead list. Not always, but I just want, you just reminded me of that. It probably won't work as well on the phone. If the, what is question to get, but not, but try and play around with it and see if it works.

Yeah. Th the husband already suggested for the four of us, so me and my associate and her husband to meet that's what the husband, he already said yes to the appointment. He said, call her and schedule it. If she gives you the appointment. God bless you. That those were his words.

All right. All right, buddy. Thank you as always. Appreciate it. Thank you. Fed. Hang on for a second. Don't go anywhere, Jim. Jim. Yes. Jim, just a  spurred a technique in my distant memory.  You need to know with this person  whether they're below, I don't think they're brushing you off to me.

It just sounds like it's not a priority yet.  But ultimately you do want to know if this is a brush off that you need to re recognize if it's brush off  you might be able to win it, but a lot of times that person that's brushing you off, unless they're just dead wrong on, on why other reason for brushing you off, then it might not be a candidate you might want to just take your lump and move on to the next lead.

So one thing that you might consider doing is say, pose a binary question to the person and, I'm big on binary questions either, or cause it controls the answers that come out, it controls them. And there is them down to one of two different answers. So I might say something to this person like, Hey, you know what I completely understand.

And I'm getting the sense that it's possible that maybe you just don't want to sell or you're not looking for help. And you just don't really want to tell me right now.  It's is that the case? If it is I'm okay with it or is it really where there's just other priorities and you definitely still want to meet  and I'm just misreading the situation.

And get them to pick a side. I have no problem asking someone to pick a side. A lot of times they will talk themselves and you into the ladder, the more favorable  direction. But there, if I sense that someone might want to tell me no, when I have to do this all the time and coaching and real estate sales and all kinds of things, I'll go ahead and force them into the know, because I need to know, I need to understand if the answer is no early so that I'm not wasting money and time and energy on a person that I never have a shot of getting their business that way I can move on and spend that money, time and energy on someone else.

Absolutely. No, that makes sense. I'm actually, I love that approach. I'm going to use that a hundred percent. So I'll keep you guys posted for sure. I'll keep coming back. We're going to have to week to week one of the week, from what it said, I can feel it coming that you're doing all the right things, buddy.

We got one more in the queue. Go ahead and sign out and sign back in please. And we'll. We'll take you next. All right.

Next up  phone number ending in five eight, one nine.

Marker [00:32:22]Good afternoon, gentlemen, I am out in Baltimore County and I purchased three lists of a hundred each. I had S to call on each of those lists. I've had one appointment from all of the phone calling, and I need to know now what I can ask I S L to do and also differently maybe, and also find out what exactly ISL is saying to folks when they call to try to set the appointments, because that's why I've only got one appointment in three months and the three lists.

And I'm considering having I S L call again. So I wouldn't want them to repeat the technique or the speech that they initially used if that's not being effective.

Okay. So I you're referring to the ISA service. I'm assuming inside sales agent. Okay. Okay.  The ISA service there's a couple of 'em, there's a couple of things that I want you to consider on  an ISA service like ours.  For me, I consider our ISA service not to be a hail Mary, but to really fill in the gaps in your personal prospecting.

One of the things with us is we because we're a call center, we have very strict rules on not calling the anyone on the do not call list. You may personally have those strict rules for yourself.  Some people choose to call all the numbers that are provided, but immediately just based on the do not call lists, I can tell you that our ISA is, are only going to be calling the 15 to 25% of people that are not on the list.

So if you call everybody, you're immediately going to have a higher result, just because you're calling a lot more numbers.  All right. Let's say their goal is to just get you an appointment. It's not always a listing appointment, it's an appointment. And that the dialogue is pretty much the same from one call to the other.

I w if you were going to have them do another round, I really wouldn't look to have them change it up because their job is not to sell someone on the benefit of a probate team and the benefit of a vacant house insurance and the benefits of all these different things. It's simply to turn a conversation over to you.

And when I have an ISA call, that's all I want my ISA doing, whether she's called them five times or one time, it's the same general approach, or is it worth the conversation with groups? And if the person says yes, then I take it from there.  I think I'm going to drive back to the point, then an ISA should be complimentary to your prospecting.

It should not be in place of your prospecting. And if if at the time at UW, I understand having an ISA, if you have the time to make calls yourself, and you're just a little bit hesitant as to the language and the dialogue that you need to use, then jump in on the probate foundations calls and the role-play calls.

Cause we'll fix that really quickly.  Thank you really comfortable on the phone. So that's going to be the biggest thing is I'm going to encourage you to start picking the phone up yourself. And if you use us or any ISA, just let them compliment and fill in the gaps where maybe you are lacking some time to dial yourself.

What you're saying in effect is yes, number one, call myself, but also not order a second round of calling by the, I S a at this juncture, because that would be not exactly. So I have no issues with you. Use it ordering a second round of calling, but that second round of calling hits, you're going to do it.

It definitely does not take the place of your calling. I'd like to see you calling twice for every time that an ISA calls, if I had my way I think that you're going to be much more effective because your market, your offer, all the things that you can do to help a family where they ISA has just a general knowledge of how to get you a potential phone appointment.

So if you're going to get a second round, let's make sure that you're also calling more often than the ISA is I'm curious, the one appointment you've got to expect that you're going to get that listing or no.  The gentlemen is living in the house with his wife. The first one who passed when it was his brother, the gentleman indicated that there are a few things that need the house needs fixing up, that he can do himself and that, which he can not do.

He'll have to hire someone and I'm to call him in the middle of April, which will give him time to fix the things that he can fix. And at that I would call him back again and I have it on my calendar to call him not a problem. We had a very good conversation.  My point being, go ahead, I'm sorry.

I will refer whatever it is he needs fixing at this juncture come mid April. I can recommend someone to do it. Okay. So it may not be that he's going to sell the house because they live there and they're seniors.  But if I can get in a technician or Someone to fix the things that he needs to have fixed and establish a relationship with him.

You already told me that he has a relative in Virginia who needs to sell a house. Okay. And I know how to bring in new business. So not a problem. Yeah. My, my reason for asking, like I started the call with a gentleman down in Miami, Florida who, had done three deals and still had a 300% ROI. It's not,  to get one deal in your first three months is not, it's not great, but it's not unheard of it.

Keep doing what you're doing. Often. It takes a while for these people to be ready to do something. The cumulative effect of, keep on making your calls. Bruce said yourself and the ISA and the mail. If you started out with one every three months and hopefully you can exponentially increase that as you go, it doesn't take a lot of deals to still have it make a lot of sense.

Don't overlook that, the fact that it's at least you've got one deal already. It, that's not a horrible result. It's not the greatest, but it's congratulations on getting an appointment. I guess focus on the positive, I guess what I'm saying.  Then they ask you something about, first of all, thank you.

But no other rounds of mailings at which point to folks choose to use a postcard as opposed to the letter. All right. So I'm going to tell you that you should constantly be making adjustments. Let's say every six months making adjustments to your mailing campaign, trying postcards out frying letters out historically letters play better than a postcard.

Historically, but every market is different and I've found that the busier that the people in a city or a County or the more chaotic their life is, and anytime you get into a city, it typically gets a little bit more chaotic. The busier, they are the better postcards play inside of your marketing campaign.

So if it was me and if I was doing postcards, I would just add a separate layer on top of the mail campaign that you're already doing. So I believe my letter campaign in place, and I would throw one to three postcards, just on top of it, to drop in on them on a particular schedule. And if that means they get a letter one day and a postcard the next, so be it.

But I wouldn't eliminate a whole bunch of letters. I would add a postcard into what you're already doing and I'd probably add to win.  And if you'll forgive me, I'm just gonna go ahead and address a couple of things all at the same time. And then we'll let you ask another question. If you have one your lead told you to call back in the middle of April.

Always cut that in half. If I find that a lot of times when I call back at the time that someone says that there'll be ready for me, they're going to answer and go, Hey, thanks for giving me a call. I just sold the house yesterday. So cut what they tell you in half. And don't call the pressure them into doing something right away, but call the check-in.

Hey, you told me that you'd have things done in April. I just wanted to see how the process was going for you and get that out of the way so that they can at least tell you, Hey, I haven't done anything at all. And if they haven't done anything at all, then you can take charge of the things that need to be done.

You can come over and arrange a handyman with them if they've done a whole lot. And they're way ahead of schedule, then at least you're in front of them before they go sell the house with someone else. So I'd call now. And I lost my other point it's. Okay. All right. Thank you very much. Appreciate you.

Appreciate your yarn. One more, one more in the queue that should take us nicely up to the top of the hour. It looks like probably last up this week is phone number ending in two seven two nine.

Marker [00:41:11]Hey, good morning guys. This is bill Janica from Michigan. How are you? Great bill. Good. I've got one interesting comment.

And then I have a question. I ran into a gentleman last week at the courthouse, and one of the sheriffs there had pointed out in the lobby to me, he said, you may want to go ask this guy long story short, his house or his dad's house is going to go to foreclosure. And there's no real name on a D. So it's obviously going to look probate or it's just going to go to Sheriff's sale.

So I asked him what situation he started telling me that this is all illegal and they can't do it because he's the member of the league of Indian nations of North America. And I said, really, I haven't heard that in long. And he goes, Oh yeah, your rules and laws don't apply to me. And he showed me an ID card that looks like it was made at the local print shop that he has a tribal number and our rules and regulations don't follow them.

I said, do I think I can tell you. You need to find a probate attorney very quick,  because otherwise what's going to happen six months. Your house is going to be gone in two weeks. After that, there's going to be a sheriff and a moving company at the door. And he said they don't have any legal right to do that.

And I said try it out and see how it works. So I just thought that was interesting. It's the first one. I've seen it a long time with someone being it's not a, it's not on a reservation. It's not tribal land. He just happens to be okay. Yeah. I'm not an attorney, but I think, I don't think that's going to apply.

I think, just being a member of that group, doesn't I don't think would keep property that he owns elsewhere from being foreclosed. If he wasn't making the payments.

It's always interesting. I thought that all gone away, but here's my question for you. I'll give you the facts very quick. A couple was married in the sixties. They are still legally married at the time of the person's death house was bought in 1995, 1998. The wife and husband separated took her name off of the deed via quick claim deed.

Subsequently the husband got mortgages refined, so everything is in his name only in 2004, the whitewater on home. And 2020, the husband started to get sick. He had a quick claim, deed drafted, transferring the interest to the wife. It was not a recordable on death deed to the ex wife, right? Yeah.  They never divorced.

Oh, okay. Interesting. All right. Good. In Michigan dollar rice went away about 10 years ago. Her name was Amanda DCIS. We could have brought that up. So 2020, they had an attorney draft. The normal quick claim deed, but it was never recorded in 2000 late, 2020, he started to get sick, went into hospice in January, passed away in February.

The value of the property is too large to qualify for a smaller state Sony two issues left that I could see. And I referred them both back to either an elder care attorney or a probate attorney, quick claim deed was never recorded. And when I spoke with registered deeds, they would not accept it, which I understand.

And when I talked to him, they said basically, because you think no longer has any authority to make a direction as to what happened. So it's another important detail. If the only thing is left, then is a normal probate. When you look at Michigan law, it says the judge will assign the property to whoever, but then to cross the definition of an assignment from the judge, is that the same as an inheritance, this inheritance, then they have a step of value for cost basis for the price.

Any thoughts? So what's the question. What do you do? Or how do you move forward? The question is because the cost basis then the property normally probate is the cost basis. From what you understand to be the present market value. Or at the time, but that's way above my pay grade. Okay.

I've run into situations where deeds have not been recorded. Frequently. It does not invalidate the deed. The deed is the deed now. I'm not going to speak as to the cost basis, but I'm assuming that she went back into, onto, on it. Maybe not at the courthouse, but she went has a title ownership.

And I'm assuming that might invalidate the cost basis. Now you do need legal and and accountant and accountants opinion on that.  But just because that deed wasn't recorded does not mean that it's not valid. I've sold many houses where the person pulled the deed out of the, out of a shoe box and the County didn't have that deed.

The problem, Bruce, like in, it does vary because I've run into it a lot in Florida and you're right. The deed is still valid, but it's virtually impossible for the new buyer to get title insurance. If the deed wasn't recorded prior to the death certificate. So I think it is even though, yeah, even though it's valid, it makes it hard to insure the title in Florida, at least.

Yeah, I think he made a good move. Sending him to an attorney or the cost basis. I have no idea. That's just, that's a CPA question bill that I don't know. Cause in the IRS publications, it specifically States that the property is acquired through a quick claim deed. The cost basis is that the original purchase price.

So even he would allow her to record it after her husband's death, then she's really stuck with the cost basis, which there's about a hundred thousand dollars difference then. And that was my suggestion about her making sure she had an attorney yeah. Would work with the CPA or find one of those law firms and wish there was an attorney slash CPA or at least have one of, both of them in the same office.

Yeah. That's a complicated issue. It's one where I think that I think that you've done right. In referring them thanks for the question. If I, which we had a better answer for it, but the reality is I can hear bathroom. Okay. Yep. Your way on this one. Cause I did talk to him about having it appraised by licensed appraiser rather than my CMA, because the property's too weird.

And especially with in our crazy market right now, she's going to give her fair value. So I let that fall on the shoulders and the appraisal. So it came in with a number there's a neighbor that said he would purchase it for 10 grand more than that. And then they said what would you do? I said I'll buy it.

It's the same number. If the neighbor backs out or I would just be more than glad to handle the listing for you. So either way I'll get something in the end. But my concern obviously is to my client to make sure that they get.  You said something, bill, you win either way and your client wins either way also.

If she inherits 150,000 has to pay 30% taxes, it's still better than not getting the inheritance. I appreciate you trying to do what's best for her, but yeah, I would include a good if you got a good attorney, he can probably refer you to the correct tax advisor, for that advice, right?

There's one firm that I dealt with them, a task where  the one attorney is also a CPA and there's other CPAs in their group. It's about an eight man office and they do have advanced tax planning. And that was my recommendation. I said, now I know what his billable rate is. It won't be cheap. I said, but at least you'll get solid advice and that's where we're at right now.

I don't know what she wants to do, but that was my recommendation to it. Yep. Okay. All right, job. I appreciate your time. All right. We have one more, one more in the queue. Do you have time or should we call it a day? I have four minutes, so if we can make it fast, I can go. Alright. Very quickly phone number ending in four, three, five seven.

How can we help you? Hello, this is Bob. I am just got my list last night and I actually was able to get it mailed off or at least sent to my mail house. And I have yet to do any calling. So I've been on the foundation's calls. We're not going to have enough time. I was wondering when does the appropriate call to do the full role play?

Cause I've been working on my greeting and pattern, disrupted everything from the last couple of foundation calls. So I wanted to know, when is that appropriate to do that? Ah, so we haven't picked a specific time for a full role-play. We basically replaced the full role-play call with the biweekly role-play where you're building your individual thing.

We're having some conversations about whether and when to roll out kind of a start to finish role-play session.  I don't want to promise that it's coming out, but we've had conversations about it. What I would do in the meantime is I jumped into the Facebook mastermind group and ask who else wants to role play?

There's always at least 10 or 15 other people that have been asking me for a role-play partners. So if you go into the Facebook mastermind group and say, I'm looking for a role-play partner, you'll get several. And then I would just for now organize your own private call with them. Okay. So these Thursday calls are not meant for role-plays then.

No, we were doing it on the first Wednesday of every month, but right now, the first Wednesday of every month, it's that exact time as the foundation's role-play or where it's just piece by piece. All right. I'll jump on the Facebook page now. Thank you. Great, thanks. Perfect.  Guys, as always, I want to thank each and every one of you that showed up today.

I want to particularly thank those that actively participated, and I want to challenge everybody. Take one idea that you heard on today's call. Go out and put it into practice and please come back next Thursday and share your results with the group. Have a great week. Talk to you. Same time. Next Thursday, everybody take care.




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Too Nice? Winning Deals Without Doing Too Much For Free | Probate Mastermind Podcast #318

Probate Mastermind Episode #318 | Recorded Live on March 11th, 2021.  

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These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

09:51 Power of Attorney and Estate Administration 

Joyce is pursuing a probate lead where the personal representative has Alzheimer’s, but her attorney is not willing to have a conversation with Joyce. What can Joyce do to try to break through the ice?



15:34 Federico Shares Updates: What’s Working and What’s Not

Federico shares two examples of follow-ups: One situation panned out, but in another he wasn’t fast enough.  Fed and the coaches break down what worked in the first situation, and what to tweak in the second.




24:56 Combatting Seller Expectations of Low-Inventory Markets 

Erik typically pursues probate leads as an investor to find acquisition opportunities. Lately, he’s running into stronger objections about net price.  Sellers are insisting they need to sell the house for at least $N, and the low inventory situation is making seller’s believe these prices are more than attainable.  Erik does have some retail investors who will often make cash offers at retail price when the properties are in good condition, though probate properties tend to need work.  What’s some general advice for navigating probate leads in a market where sellers have increasingly high expectations of market value?



36:06 Too Nice? Winning Deals Without Giving Away Too Much For Free.

Blake is offering value to a potential seller who appears to want to work with him, but feels an obligation to work with her realtor friend.  They are set to meet with their realtor friend soon -- What should Blake do to win this deal without being too aggressive? A second caller expands on this scenario seeking advice on providing value without giving too much away for nothing.








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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #318


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the AllTheLeads.com coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

You will learn to get more listings, more deals and find financial freedom by listening to these episodes. Be sure to catch show notes at AllTheLeads.com/podcast and join our free Facebook mastermind community: https://facebook.com/groups/AllTheLeadsMastermind



Welcome to all of our industrious agents and investors nationwide today is March 11th, 2021. And this is mastermind podcast, number 318. We had a little technical glitch today. My internet went down two minutes ago, so Tim is very capably managing the board. And other than that, we will continue as normal.

I do want to remind you all that we do have a wind of the week program. If you have taken a listing signed to contract something positive that's happened with probate, it does require that it's an actual signed deal. Just let us know. And our winner of the week will receive either a free month historical leads or a hundred dollars off your next set of leads.

And we, we want everything. This call is an open forum guys. We want your. Obviously your successes. We want your struggles. Anything you need help with. That's what we're here for. And we always say, try to get into queue early. Cause we do try to keep this call right at one hour. Secondly, this week I had two other things.

As you all know we rolled out probate plus months ago. We've got well over a hundred of you that are taking advantage of it. And we keep getting not a lot, but several times a week, we keep getting asked the same question. So I wanted to have Tim just take a minute and explain, and just like the phone numbers guys getting phone numbers.

Is it art? It's not a science. It's the same thing with probate plus it's not a hundred percent. It's extremely accurate, but you are going to have false positives. And I wanted Tim to just take a minute and address what to do if you have the false positives and why they occur, Tim. Yep. The real issue is real simple that we've got, and we've written a number of routines in our it's probably helpful just to talk about the whole project.

So when we start off with the data that we have and start collecting information to put it in, we get the raw data that contains the docket information, personal representative, the decedent's name and the attorney. And that's just where we start at that point. I think at last count, we pass that through, I think, 17 different processes before that data gets to you and each one of those augments or modifies that data.

And that is everything from making sure that all of the addresses for the street addresses are valid and mailable addresses. We run it through multiple places to get good contact phone numbers for you. We make sure that everything is deliverable, that formatting is correct. We add all that sort of data to it.

Then we pass it through a couple of other filters. And then if you have a probate plus, then we go out and we run against a national MLS and tax database to find properties not only in the local marketplace, but in the any place in the country that the decedent might've owned property and try to bring back that data as well.

Now you might imagine that, the challenge with that is that oftentimes there are commonalities in names across the country. My name is a somewhat unusual name in there. I did not know of another Tim Yandel until I moved to Florida and found out there was indeed another Timmy handle. And he lives here in Florida, but certainly even more common, last name.

We're going to turn up a lot of properties. And so we then try to backtrack with our algorithms to find street address, to tie it back to the decedent and all that we do the best job we can filtering out false positives, where we typically you run into a challenge is where a person's last known address is in assisted living.

And in particular, in an assisted living facility where some of them today, you actually are signing a lease. So you have it appears technically you have, you may even have ownership in the property and we'll return everybody in the assisted living facilities address as owned property, because it shows it in common.

Those are proving more and more difficult to filter out because of the way they get reported. From a tax role standpoint, and we're doing the best job we can to accomplish that. The other thing is that we may turn up a property here and there that has a, has the same last name and a similar street address.

And we do some what's called fuzzy logic to try and get as much as we can. So we err on the side of giving you more. And then as the answer to Jim's question that he's raised it, it is, if you determine that you've got someone on your list that we gave you back and you try to run down that property and you do your due diligence to try to find them and you mail them or you call them and you find that, they're not related to the machine at all, then don't worry about it.

It is going to happen. And we definitely try to make sure that we give you back at least 80%, good numbers and all of that. If you run into a higher number of that then that please let us know and we'll do whatever we need to do to make everything squared away for you.

But so far, we've really not run into that yet. We've not really had any real problems with, we've been doing probate plus now for not quite a few months, and everybody's very happy with it. It has helped people control their marketing costs and allowed them to spend the same dollars they were spending on marketing, but focuses more on doing more contacts for the people that do have property.

And, people are getting better deals, better conversations, all that out of it, but don't let the false positives bother you. It's not a big deal to do that and you're going to get some, so just be aware, that's the way it is. And that's how it works. Jimmy, that got me, buddy. Thank you. Great explanation.

And I guess this is Newsweek because how many do we have in the queue, Tim? Oh, have four. Go ahead. Okay. One of the things I wanted to mention Bruce, I wanted you to just real briefly again, give an update on the foundations program. As most of, we rolled out the foundations training and I have to tell ya I haven't shared this with Bruce yet, but I was a paid coach for 10 years.

And people were paying a thousand dollars a month to the guy at coach for, and what Bruce is doing for free is as good or better than anything I've seen. Over the years, it's phenomenal program. If you're a subscriber, you should be taking care of it. You've taken advantage of it.

It's free. And if you're not a subscriber we are going to offer it to non subs for a very small fee, probably starting in a month or so. And Bruce, you want to just give them a real quick recap on what's going on and how to get involved with foundations. Absolutely. Yep. We've had a few technical glitches.

Tim jokingly told me privately that I needed a twelve-year-old to help me figure out the technology a few days ago. But Oh, okay. Or Jim. So we we're basically giving you guys everything that you need to be successful inside of this foundations class. There are a couple of hours long we're offering them Basically weekly on Wednesdays.

There's really two different formats. It's either. It's either a foundations lecture style format for a couple of hours where I sit on zoom with you guys, answer your questions, but really the focus of that is teaching you the foundational principles that I believe through from past experience and from coaching, a lot of successful subscribers of ours, what it's going to take to be successful.

That class is about two hours long. If you haven't gotten in, or even if you have joined us on one of those, but you want to take it again please sign up. You can do so on the portal by if you're a subscriber by clicking the, the training down and going to conference calls and archives.

On the alternating weeks. So that the second and fourth, Wednesday, every month at one o'clock Eastern time, we're doing role-play. And instead of doing a role-play call, like you guys may have heard on the on the podcast, we're taking it in bite sized chunks and we're teaching the principles of a really good USP.

Okay. You're writing, you're taking notes, you're writing things down, you're crafting your own USP. And then we're kicking you guys over into small breakout groups where each person gets a chance to practice their USP. So instead of getting intimidated by thinking that you have to be a master at your entire script, you're really learning the bite.

Size chunks are the sized principles that you can then practice for five, 10 minutes, and then you have it down. If you want to come back to that, role-play call multiple times. We welcome you back. So that's really what we're doing. We're trying really hard to add value at every corner.

There's more coming along. I can't really talk about that more yet because it's still being built and we're also still trying to perfect foundation, the foundations classes that are on Wednesdays. So if you maybe weren't able to get in on those, please keep coming back. It's you haven't missed out yet and you won't miss out because you're going to be able to take these things multiple times.

Excellent. That's all the news that's fit to print. Tim, why don't we go to our first caller? All right, we'll do that. Our first caller ends in six, two, four eight, a familiar face and voice Joyce. Good morning to all of you. It's Joyce arts and Morris in orange County, California, and I am stumped.

Marker [00:09:51]I I have a property, lead and the the owners, husband, and wife, the husband has passed away and the wife has been a strange from the husband and is in another state and has, advanced Alzheimer's. Her sons will not entertain any discussion with the, the deceased husband's children to come to any conclusion on selling the property.

And the attorney for the deceased husband is of course not willing to talk to me. And I'm just trying to wonder if there's anything that I'm not doing that I should do to help them resolve this, because it seems almost unresolvable to me. Quick question. Who is your point of contact? Who are you talking to get all this information?

One of the sons of the deceased father. Okay. Is it your opinion that obviously there's going to be multiple errors, but are you getting the opinion that although they're not talking to each other that they most, or all of them would like to sell the property? Certainly for the sense of the deceased father, but I can't get any responses from the sons of the, of the life that had advanced, that has advanced all timers.

Do you know if there's a will? Nobody seems to know. Okay. Bruce, any suggestions for two? Let me just ask one question. Did the attorney, has you, have you had any conversation with the attorney at all? Joyce. I called her Trice and she is unwilling to talk to me. Okay. Did she say that? Who is the attorney told me that yes.

Is there a personal representative that's been appointed? Nothing has, there's been no probate or anything filed because nobody, knows what to do with the, with the standoff between the deceased husband and absent Alzheimer's written mother or wife. So how did you find out about this property?

It's in our leads and there's no PR no. PR the probate was filed. Somebody filed a probate. If there's no personal representative, there is an attorney in the leads. Correct? Is that the attorney that won't talk to you. Yes.

And that attorney, you, Joyce, you mentioned that the attorney was the attorney for the, to see the student, correct? Or is this the attorney that, okay. There should be depending on how the title and the house was taken, if it's joint tenancy with right of survivorship, then all of these sites, is it okay?

And I'm assuming the wife has the right of survivorship, correct? Okay. All of these sons are technically likely not the heirs. It's the wife with advanced Alzheimer's and most likely she should have a guardianship attorney. Okay. Now the sons are gonna have a say in it, but to me, the who, the attorney that opened probate, who's he working for?

He should be working for the air, which sounds like the wife with advanced Alzheimer's. And this sounds an awful lot, like a guardianship case to me, I almost feel like there's an attorney involved that might not really be working for the air because why would the attorney, yeah. Why would the attorney for the deceased be involved in probate when the air, doesn't have anything to do with that attorney?

Hey Joyce. I'm in your leads right now and I want you to continue talking, but real quick, what's the last, the last name of the deceased. Jackson Jackson, you said, okay, go ahead, Bruce. Okay. Now I think now it's the the children of the of the deceased that you're speaking with and the children of the the wife who has all timers, they don't want to talk to you, is that correct?

Yes. Okay. It's it should really be the the wife and the wife's attorney, and most likely the wife's attorney should be a guardianship attorney. Who's the one that's heavily involved in the probate for this case now, because the attorney isn't communicating with you for all we know that might be the case.

The attorney might be representing the the surviving spouse. But without them communicating with you, you wouldn't know that they aren't, it just sounds to me the way you described it. Like this attorney is only representing or had only been representing the person that passed away and the kids who probably are not even the heirs.

I see that now. I would just wanted to confirm that I had that my dad in my life was literally a dead end. You know what? It's not a, it might be a cul-de-sac or a U-turn. I don't know if it's a dead end because I would certainly who knows what's going to happen over the next few months or even longer?

I would certainly. Keep in touch with whoever you're talking to just treat it like a serve influence, check in with them occasionally and ask them to let you know when the situation changes, because we don't know. We don't know, even if they do have a guardianship attorney, we don't know what mom's will says.

It might include all the kids too, and this is probably not going to be a now deal, but it, it has, the potential would be a deal down the road. So I think probably all I can think of that you could do right now is just keep in touch with the person that you have contact with on a regular basis.

Maybe check with them once a month or something, and then ask them to reach out to you if anything changes. I sure will. And thank you guys. I appreciate you validating my thoughts. Okay. Good job. Thank you. Who's up in the queue. All right. Ending in eight, two, one, three, Salvatore.

Marker [00:15:34]Hey, gentlemen, how are you? Hey, sorry. It was, I was muted. Yeah. I have two, two things. One is an update. Yeah, an update regarding last week. So last week I briefly mentioned to you guys that I had reached out to a PR that didn't have an attorney, and who initially gave me an appointment and then just disappeared.

You guys I reached out and did what you guys suggested, which was, if she didn't answer, just leaving her voicemail, saying something along the lines, I may have pushed you too hard and just wanted to call to remind you that there's no pressure. She did end up picking up and I used that line on her as well and much to my surprise.

She said, you actually didn't push me at all. I'm just really confused. And I don't know what to do. So I appreciate the call. And and so from there, I just went on with the call with the other suggestion you had given, which was to reminder, that just so that we're on the same page, when we're gonna meet, we're just gonna do a quick walk through, make a list of things that she could be doing and in what order, and you know that I'm not asking her to sign anything and I'm not trying to pressure her into a sale.

So those were all suggestions from you guys that worked wonders. So I guess the win for now is that I officially have an appointment, with her hat. So that's awesome. I do want to thank you guys for that the advice and and wanted to let you know that it really, it worked wonders.

So thank you for that. Oh, you're very welcome. By the way, our advice is always guaranteed to work a hundred percent of the time. I can tell him, literally worked for a hundred.

Just kidding. In case anybody's listening lawyer on the phone. Go ahead. You have a second part to the question. Yeah, part was what was an update regarding another PR that I actually reached out to originally in, when was it in October? And she lived in Florida, the properties here in California.

I've been in front of her. We spoke numerous times. She said, Hey, look, I'm going to come to California over the holidays, AK Christmas, Thanksgiving, Christmas. And Once I come to California, we can meet and then we can discuss how to move forward with the property, all that stuff. I made sure to stay in front of her with calls, actual phone calls where we actually spoke and then sent her, Thanksgiving card, holiday card, new year's card, followed up with her again in January, said I'm not ready yet.

I'm not ready yet. And then finally I followed up with her yesterday and she says, Oh, I'm just I appreciate the call. I went with a realtor that my attorney suggested, but thanks for the follow-up. So I'm just trying to, obviously, whatever it's behind me. I'm just trying to think moving forward.

Is there anything that I should do different or, do I may be, I don't know. Do I call the attorney? Not about that property, but saying, Hey, I'm, I know you're working with and just let them know, or obviously instead of just calling the attorney and saying, give me business, as you guys suggested in the past, just say, see how we can work together, maybe offer something that would be valued to them.

And then as I think Bruce mentioned about a month ago or so just say I'm putting together a checklist and maybe give them a checklist with an item missing on purpose so that they feel that it's them giving me the advice and not the other way around. I'm just trying to figure out what you guys think.

Cause I think I was pretty on top of this PR and it's okay. Things happen sometimes they listen to it, to the attorney. But perhaps, maybe there's a an additional step that I could take moving forward to maybe have that happen less often. And real quick, how often did you call her? Did you keep in touch with her?

I called her, I reached out to her originally, I believe in October. And then I called her, I believe every two to three weeks and every time, and between those calls, I would send a handwritten card or, for example, happy Thanksgiving and then happy holidays. And then happy new year, like things like that, just to make sure that it wasn't my voice. It was, one of the blue cards, handwritten cards and not asking for business, but just more a holiday greeting, and then ready for you whenever, if you need any help, blah, blah, blah, or. Yeah, that sounds pretty, pretty diligent to me.

I was going to say the only thing I could think of is maybe reach out to her more often, but cause often it's a person that reaches someone after they first, after they make the decision, they're ready to do something every two or three weeks in that situation combined with the cards, it sounds like you probably did everything you could, Bruce.

Anything had done better. Got I'm gonna make a suggestion. History shows us that.

Hello, Bruce, did I just mute? Did I just mute out for some reason? I dunno why I think Tim muted me out or something. So history shows us that whoever has the first substantive conversation with a real estate conversation is normally the person that's going to get the business. Obviously if you're an investor, it might be a little different.

If your numbers just aren't good enough, but we need to have a substantive real estate conversation with people earlier, rather than later. And what you're doing is something that I've been guilty of doing for many years with many different people. Sometimes you are fighting to just keep a relationship alive, even if that means passively and it's better than ignoring them and not following up.

But I'll tell ya. You've got to find a way to do a, have a conversation. So what I would do is drive by a property like that, takes a couple of pictures get get just an idea, at least from the street, view it minimum, get an idea of what the value range is going to be. You're not going to be able to see the inside put it on a single sheet of paper and say, Hey send it to them in a FedEx envelope and say I know you're not ready to, so I know you're coming out here.

This isn't pressure, but this is what I think I could get you. If this is in line with what you're thinking, or if there's anything extra that I need to know please call me back or have that ready when I call you in a few days. And that way you've got real live numbers in front of their face that they can look at because a lot of times that person that is not ready to think about real estate, they're not ready once they see numbers, then they get ready.

So you need to shortcut that, that process that she's going through by putting, not an offer, but an estimate in front of her.

Yeah. So these are the steps I'm actually going to do that actually would love that because yes, I think it, it completely stands out from just the standard calls in the order that I took. I've taken it in was end of October, I had spoken with her, she said, she's in Miami. And that she had an appointment in about a month or two for the letters of testamentary.

And she had communicated that she would need the services longer down the road. And she was okay with me following up. That was October 27, then about a week ish. So I, and then I also communicated the vacant home insurance policy, which she says she didn't have. So I put her in touch with the insurance specialist, but he told me that she didn't answer.

So I followed up with her about a week later and she said, okay, she'll do it. And she probably would have the attorney look into it. And then she said, look, I'm going to be coming to LA towards the end of the year. So then I spoke to her again about three weeks later, right around Thanksgiving.

And she said she received my letter and that she's holding on to them and she should be in LA about two or three weeks later. So then I followed up with her again towards new December. Yeah, everything that you're doing is awesome, man. But I'll tell you it's proven time and time again to get the result that you just got, occasionally.

There's a decent percentage of the time when the person's telling you the truth and they have every intention to meet you. And an attorney short cuts, you, they cut you off at the knees or another agent slips in there. You've got to find a way to put proposals in front of people and have a real estate conversation.

And if that means that you have to send them a single page letter of intent style offer or ballpark of what you'd get like their net, then do it just anything that you can do to have that real estate conversation with them, or at least at least get them thinking about the real estate, because she was either unintentionally kicking the can down the road and someone was more aggressive.

Or she was intentionally putting you off knowing that she was talking to someone else. And I don't know which one it was, but you could get through that by by sending her, just a letter that says, this is what I think I could get you. Here's a range. Okay. Here's a range. I loved them. And when I call you again, I'm going to ask you about the condition so that we can confirm or verify these numbers.

Got it. Okay. So on the letter, you just give a range of obviously not knowing, because you don't know what the interior looks like and then okay. So then that forces the call. Yeah. That makes sense. Okay. Yeah. And I would not send that in a normal envelope. I'd put it in something official.

Cause you want to make sure that they open it up. Got it. Yeah. Okay. Sounds good. Perfect. I'll do that. Thank you so much guys. Alright, awesome, Tim. Yep. Next up is Eric ending in three seven, four five.

Marker [00:24:56]Hey guys. How are you doing today? Good butter by Drake. Perfect. So I'm more so on the investor side of buying probates. I really don't pursue much of anything. Although my team is licensed and we can list a lot of properties. We don't, we just don't have much interest. But we fully follow what you guys are doing regarding providing value, be a team of resources that can help relieve the burden I've noticed when I'm going on appointments.

To just about every probate I've been going to the number one thing I hear from people that I just don't know how to respond to. Like I give them my whole spiel about how we come up with our price or offers. Everybody tells me this is what I need to get out of this estate, and I kindly try to explain to them that's not how the marketplace works.

You don't take your problems and your needs to the market, and say, we need a hundred grand to make this go away. And I see people almost get together and have this conversation, in, in, in just across the board. It seems to be the experience that I've had. And I just try to back them down and say, listen, from my perspective, I want to get you the absolute top dollar that I can pay you.

I'm putting my best foot forward. I'm not trying to low-ball or steal anything there's full, transparent offering. Here is, and then I just walked them through the process and I start by saying, what do you guys think this house sell for? When it looks like the homes on HGTV and we come up with a price that we all agree upon.

And then I say, what do you guys think it takes to get there? We stumbled upon a price that's relatively close. And then I say, how much do you think you should sell the property for? And, again, they might say the property is worth 200,000. When it's completely done. It's probably going to take 50,000 to get there.

We're asking one 65 and I'm like, what am I doing here? Why didn't I even show up today? The reason why I don't say that on the phone call is because I recognize that getting face to face is just so crucial. It always has been for me, I've always been a face-to-face let's meet, provide that value show that I'm interested.

Every single appointment I go on, even my non probates, it seems like they are all like, this is what I need. If you're not this guy, keep it moving. How do I object to that?

There's some people that. You'll just walk away from, there are some people that won't correct. Be realistic. There are other people that are giving you a number and what they're doing is they're really setting an anchor that, because they're thinking, okay, we've got a, we've got to hit first.

There's a strategy to hitting first and setting an anchor because you take that other person, you in this case and put them back on their heels. And suddenly that offer that you were going to give for a hundred thousand becomes 120 out of the gate because they hit you first with their unrealistic expectations.

So you need to be conscious of the fact that some people are doing it on purpose. They don't really think that they're going to get one 65. They just want to tell you so that you change your approach. So that would be first. The second thing that I would do when I lay out comps for someone, and this is more on a listing appointment that I think it really works.

If you're meeting with someone as an investor as well, you lay out the comparables. You just take the, if you guys are also licensed, you take the MLS sheets, put them on the paper on the table, in front of the person and say based on these, where do you think we need to be? And they give you a number and if it's not right, scrunch your face up, get a curious look and go, okay.

I'm not a hundred percent sure that I'm coming up with the same thing. Helped me justify this here and get them to start justifying to you. And a lot of times they'll just come out and say, I can't justify it. I've had it happen. Dozens or hundreds, really hundreds of times where someone, they hit me with the number.

And then they said, I can't justify that when I asked, when I ask them where they came up with that or how or to help me justify it, I'll realize that they'd never had justification. They had an emotion and just asking them to justify it will all of a sudden change their mind without me having to fight them.

So I've always considered myself a problem solver versus a salesperson. So many times when I hand them comps and I say you're ultimately looking for Waldo to try to get that max dollar that your barber told you the home should sell for. I've I never had an issue telling people that I'm having a hard time supporting that number at your, the comps that you can review.

And most people I'll be honest. I experienced that most people generally get their number. It's just, if it's clean in outdated, they're still getting it relatively quickly because they're essentially just wearing the market out the markets like this is all that's available. The good renovated homes are selling quickly for top dollar.

The ones that are clean, but not renovated are still selling for just under, but it might take three months for them to get there. So I'm not struggling. The only answer that I've been able to come up with is I'm not going after properties that would like absolutely be only for an investor.

There's no way a homeowner's buying this. Nobody's moving into this place until these updates are made. And unfortunately there's just not a lot of those on the market. When it's occurring to me that essentially an investor is not really needed in today's market and I'm having to bite that bullet slowly or softly, I should say.

It's funny. You made a comment that I was going make it. I was going to say you're either in a red hot market and everybody knows it or you're, you may be. Wearing, whether you're mean to or not, you might be wearing your investor hat more than you think so they're there very well, maybe a Facebook group for sellers where they all get together and practice.

That's true. Objection. Just the fact that you're getting it on there. Every single deal kinda tells me that you might just have your industrial hat on a little more than the realtor hat. So they might be a little more defensive than they would otherwise be. And do you ever ask them on the phone?

Okay. I'll see you, Thursday at four, and obviously I'm gonna do all my homework and give you a good idea of what you can expect to get out of the house. But I'm just curious. Do you have a number in mind? You'd be surprised a lot of them. We, you you do that already. Yes, we, we do vet the calls before we get to that point.

And generally they all start at the top of the market and we're just expecting that. I That's where everybody's at. There's no need for them to start at a low point. In so many times I'm like that pretty much, I want to just believe that's all I need to know. Let's just save myself.

The time of going on the appointment, but I've never really been a one hit wonder type of person. It's always been meet them today, follow up next week, add value the following week. Let them realize that it's going to take them a lot longer to get the number that they want. And I'm the easy button that can get them a check this Friday.

And those gaps are just spacing out a lot more than they have since 2012. So it's, it's just been challenging. One other thing I was going to say, in most markets today, just generally 90% of these are realtor leads and 10% are investors in the hot markets. It might be 95 five in your market.

It might be 98 too, but there are still deals there. There still are still deals there. Where they have enough compelling urgency, and you can identify that in your initial conversation, that they don't have the option to list. Until the market deteriorates, you might just have to yeah. Settle for a, buying and flipping that 2% and go ahead and get the other ones listed.

I'm sure you realize a lot of times people that list, three, four, and five months down the road, the urgency might occur and they might start out as a listing and turn into a buy and flip for you. So don't take the listings, don't turn them down. That's what I'm saying. I've actually meant, are there more CUNYs that are available that are coming up?

We've got a few more in the cubic. Okay. Yeah. So I've actually learned to take my buyer hat off relatively quickly in the conversation and say it doesn't sound like my a hundred thousand dollar offer is going to work. If you're asking one, one 50 or one 35, whatever the number may be.

And I let them know that I've got so I've began doing marketing for the people that are looking for either the wholesale or the retail, and able to pay cash because those people are the most motivated people of any market. And they are frustrated, competing on the market with everybody else.

So now I've got about a half now, I've got about a half dozen people that when they find the right house, they will strike on it. So I've learned to take my hat off very quickly in the conversation and say, it doesn't look like this is going to work for me, but I think I've got a way that I can get you your number.

And then my buyer will pay me a commission. So I'm still essentially, assigning it or wholesaling, whatever you want to call it, but I'm just doing it to the end user. And it's still a little bit of a challenge. Do you see people like you know what, I think I'd rather give it to my realtor and have them put it on for absolute top dollar.

It I do think that what you said really hit it on the head that I'm just wearing that investor hat too hard. And I think I still need to just go into that appointment as more of a service. Minded person than going from the phone call, where we talk about helping them with the contents and relieve them of their burden and give them the magic wand.

And then when I show up, it's everything is about the home at this point. So I can definitely agree that I need to step back, be a little bit more ears, less mouth, and find out what it is they're looking to accomplish and just see if I can continue to play a role in it.

But it's, as a buyer has gotten very tough sure. And a number of things. If they're going to list it with another realtor, That's at or above market. Let it be you. And you can always work. The price credited may turn into a deal down the road. And I know Bruce, I think you go ahead.

I'm sorry. I interrupted you. Sorry. Sorry guys. I'm kinda busting here. Sure. Being able to present a listing option, and I know that's not your primary approach, but being able to present a listing option and then throwing some caveats in there. So you might look at them and say, look, if we listed it, I think that my offer is one 50, but if we listed it, I think we might be able to, to net you, one 90.

But here's a list of 10 things that you're going to need to do to get this house ready for the market and don't name, any prices, just give them a list of things that you would like them to do to have the house ready and let their imagination run wild on the time and money. That time, money, and energy that it's going to take to do that.

I wouldn't name prices. I'd give them the high. I'd give them a higher net value by listing and then let them. Self select out the listing option. And if they select into the listing option, no big deal, you kick it to your team. But if not, then they're looking at all those repairs that you're going to ask them to make.

And it doesn't have to be extensive, but they always overestimate the amount of time, money, and energy. That's going to go into updating and making repairs and perfecting the house before listing. I know buyers do sellers, especially do a $2,500 paint job and they think it's going to cost 10 grand.

I hope that helped. Kim is bursting at the seams, lets me know we've got a full queue. So hopefully if you need to, if you need to discuss it a little bit more, give us a call back after the call. We'll talk to you about it directly. Thank you guys so much. You rock. I appreciate you guys. Yeah, that's great.

And we've got three more in the kitchen. We got about another 15 minutes and want to make sure we get to them all. If you do want to get in the queue, we're getting ready to close it down and star six and one get in the queue. Otherwise we're going to close it down in our next person up is LOE seven three six nine.

This is a boy. No, this is not Eloise. That's what it will take you instead for sure. No, that's the right name on the account, but it is Blake. Yep. Yep. Yep. Marker [00:36:06] That's going to be here first time on the live call, but I wanted to get a little bit of feedback on how I am helping out PR here in weld County.

So long story short, She had a realtor in mind from the beginning. But she was frustrated with her attorney. And so my approach has been to add some value, over the past week and a half. As far in the way I did that was read more of the local probate code here in Illinois, as well as the universal probate code to rest up on, the procedure, as far as because, the PR was still frustrated with her attorneys to the point where she was considering firing him, but she didn't really know the steps to eventually close the probate.

I had about a 30 minute call with her today. Outlined what you should expect. She got the letters of office just the past couple of days. And I let her know, are the timeframes in our state for, when there's big problems with her will, will be going away. But then of course she still has the family friend realtor who, is in the front seat.

She had mentioned that over the next week or so the realtor supposed to come out to the house and, they take the, and get ready to sign the listing agreement or put it on MLS. I'm not sure where they are on that process, but I just want to get some feedback as far as how I could still add value and not seem to regressive to replace who she has in mind or the listings.

Are you you're a realtor or an investor? Oh, realtor. Both. Okay. All right. So the you're going to have to get aggressive and we want to do it diplomatically, but we're in this to feed our families. And I know that we're also in it to serve others, but we're serving others and that's how we make our living.

And so yes, you can offer value. Yes. You want to be altruistic, but you're probably going to need to go ahead and say to her, look if I hate to ask it so bluntly like this, but if I were able to do 10 times the amount of work for you and help you get a better deal than the realtor that you had selected, would you consider going with me?

And if she says no, Move on, but I would ask a really direct question like that if I could, that would you and see if it's a yes. And my bet is that she would probably say yes, so what's, you're going to do is you need to make your, if you could, and then that.dot.you need to make it really appealing.

So if I could do 10 times more than the other agent for you, and also get you a better deal when you sell, would you consider going with me instead? Okay. And then if it's a yes, you better be able to back it up. So think about what that service is going to be. You're either going to back it up by giving a better commission, which I don't always love.

TA training or coaching people to do that. You're either going to back it up by giving a better commission, or you're going to back it up by giving a massively better service. And somebody that puts a sign in the yard, puts it in the MLS and then prays for a buyer. Is this other person, just a realtor that they found or is it like a friend of the family?

Do you know? It's like a, it's like a, an acquaintance, a family friend. She had mentioned along the same lines. What Bruce said, this is this. If you have to couch it properly, it can sound pretty blunt, but say, Hey I may be out of bounds here. I don't know the other agents. She may be great, but are you looking to do a friend to favor or do what's best for your family?

That could be, as she may be able to do what's best, but if I could show you, where I can get you a lot more money, or you could even say, I'm just curious, is she a probate specialist? Do you know how many probates she's done? And then go into, because, I specialize in it, I've got a certification and I've done a bunch of them or, whatever your track record is.

But yeah, I, along the lines, what Bruce said at some point you gotta be a little blunt or you're not gonna get anywhere. And if you're not going to get the deal anyway, really what do you have to lose? Okay, one other thing real quickly. If that's not against the rules here, I know we're running out.

Rules, no rules just right. Yes. Love it. I wanna get some feedback on how I handled this situation and how I can maybe turn it around a little bit, or just, get back in, get back into the communication with the PR. But anyway, this PR I had called them, gave my kind of USP that I've developed from, listening to him and engaging in the content.

And I know that with more than a more seasoned me we'll be able to steer this directly into showing up at the property. But basically the PR response to me was I don't believe, actually need to do to actually go through probate. And, from there, I, from their activity into some of our other spokes on the wheel, as far as listing, he had seen the letter that I sent them.

So I roughly went through some of the options that the letter talks about. One of them was the estate sale company. He mentioned that later on, it'd be this year, he might be interested in doing the estate sale. And I said, okay when you find the letter, you'll have my number and you have it now.

So just give me a call when you, when that time is. And he said, yeah, that's probably what I ended up doing. So I want to want your feedback on what you would do, in that scenario. So the person says that they didn't think that they needed to go through probate may or may not be correct.

We don't know. Yeah. And we just tell them, look, we, we talk about probate mainly because most of our clients are going through probate, whether you are or not, your process of settling out at an estate is still slightly comparable, at least from my perspective. You'll if you don't go through probate, you're going to skip some of the legal and the accounting aspects of things, but you're still going to have to do the same thing.

You still have a house that you're having to take care of. You still have a personal property, you have to sell, donate, keep clean out things like that. You still have real estate that you're going to need to sell. Am I correct with any of that and get a yes. Get an affirmative and then say in a perfect world, what's your timing for that?

And get them to lay out their timing. If they say they don't know, go, Hey, I get it. No problem. I'm imagining you probably have several other people involved in deciding that anyway, don't you? Okay. That statement does not need to be correct. You just want to kinda make the statement and it gives them an opportunity to affirm that or correct you at least that way you're gathering some information along the way.

And then if they really don't know, I'm gonna, I want to get to the bottom of whether they're just putting me off or they don't know. So if they're just putting me off, I'm gonna, re-ask the question I'm gonna say. I know you don't know, but if you did know. When do you think that would be, when would you like to have the house sold?

And if they give you the same answer again, like I said, I don't know it's the truth, but a lot of times rephrasing or recounting that same question is going to get the, get a different answer out of them. And they're going to really tell you what their timing is. And then as I mentioned to someone on the call earlier, maybe you drive by the house, you put a single letter together with a couple of numbers on it.

You drop it in a FedEx envelope or something. That's a larger size and you send it to them and say, Hey, this is what I think I could get you. Let me know when you're ready to start. Quick question for you. Is this a lead you got from us? No, actually. Okay. Obviously, if the lead came from us, they do somebody thought they had to go through probate or we wouldn't have been filed the probate and it comes straight from the probate docket.

So it probably would have been probably isn't your leaf edge. I don't know. Generally the only reason someone doesn't have to go through probate is if they meet the small state exemption in a lot of sites, if your assets are less than a hundred thousand, you can avoid probate. Or if you have a living trust.

Everybody should be able to avoid probate, but 95% of people don't. So the odds are pretty safe in assuming that it probably is going to have to go through probate and otherwise Bruce gave you some great advice. Does that help? Okay. Hey guys, we've got to cut two more in the queue. Let's hop on there and keep on rolling and keep, get her done.

Thankfully it is ending in six, eight, seven, eight. Now you're doing great. My my question was basically, I liked the previous guy that just spoke about being direct with your sellers, because what I noticed is that a lot of people teach us that his gift give gifts, but what about the buyer? And it's like reciprocity I give to you, you give to me because if we constantly giving, given they just taking that information and I noticed that as well, and then shop it with the competitors and other real estate agents and forget all about you.

So in situations like that, how are we supposed to approach it instead of just constantly giving as if a giver. So you couch the giving you gate let's call it this, you gate, your giving behind an appointment. So you talk about, if you're prospecting, you talk about the results that you're going to give them, that you're going to get them.

You don't necessarily give all of the how and the details you talk about the results. And and you make your claim. You need to be able to back it up, but whatever it is, Hey, I'm going to take, I'm going to do 10 times more than anyone else. So I'm going to get you more money than anybody else, whatever it is.

And I'd love to show you, how do you think we could meet? And then when you meet that's, when you give. And if you end up giving and not receiving anything, that's fine. We definitely want to give more than we get. My question is I don't understand that part where you're constantly given that you don't get back.

You get what I'm saying? Sometimes it happens. Yeah. Sometimes they have no fundamental change their mind. So what I realized. You need to find all that out before, like the way you mentioned it and explain it to the previous caller. Listen, you're not here to just sit here to waste your time. Hey, suppose I'm able to give you X, Y, and Z.

Would we be able to do a deal today? Would we be able to find the contract, let you know, I'm your, I'm going to be your role to, if anything comes up or make sure you get the most money as possible, or you'd be able to fill out the paperwork today, if that's going to be a year. So it's going to be a note.

Now you get to realize, okay, this person want to deal with me. She does, they want, but there's times that fellas was regular laundry. Yeah. And then move on with somebody else at the end of the road. And that's what actually bothers me. And a lot of people probably that's on the car. How could we really tell if the person is really going to do business with us, not wasting our time and just giving for no reason?

Most of it is you just gotta get in front of them. You if you can get to the appointment by offering results, you're probably going to get the business. If you can get to the appointment. Instead of giving everything away on the phone, work on, giving it away when you're face to face, because you'll typically get the business if you give after your face to face.

And I know we have one more in the queue, but I just wanted to share with you a qualifying question. I used to teach at my previous coaching company and we'd set the appointment. And then the day before several hours for the appointment, you'd call back and say, just want to remind you I'm coming out today too.

And I'm just wondering if you're happy with what I have to say today, and you believe I can sell your house. Are you planning on listing with me today and just shut up? And some of the people will say you don't have to get a yes to go out there. But if you get a yes, that certainly makes you listen a lot easier.

But what do you mean if you would set up an appointment it's sometimes we'll find the appointment before you go and just ask them if you're happy with what I have to say today, are you planning on you could be wasting your time, even if you set up the appointment, you don't, they get it from, yes.

You're either going to get a very seldom. I had a guy say to me one time I wouldn't have you coming over if I wasn't. That was a really easy listing appointment. And I've had people say, Oh no, we can't sell it until Johnny graduates high school in September. That's probably a go later.

Most of them are going to be in between, but just set that expectation that, that is one of the objectives and going by and try to get an answer. They don't have to say yes, but it's just, if you feel more comfortable qualifying it. That's a good question to ask before you go. Okay then real fast.

I know we have one, whatever. I know we have one more. Yeah, sure. We just should hone down in like better sales training skills, find you a better person that can actually teach you how to sell. So I feel like we should not be wasting our time back and forth. Know what type of person we're dealing with.

If we're going to move forward, let's move forward. If I'm not going to move forward, most likely I just follow a few from time to time in case pain changes, how you celebrate that sign up for the foundations training and you can role play these things with Bruce, I want to make them. And I was just going to say, we've got to move on to the last caller, but but grab some time with me and I'll work with you on a couple of that.

There's a balance between giving too much and not giving enough and being just greedy and you need to be cautious of the mindset of I'm not going to come out and meet with you if you're not gonna list with me because that's going to turn a lot of people off. So there is a balance and I can work with you in the foundations class if you sign up for that.

Okay. Let's do the last color, which is four, two nine three. Hi, thank you so much for your patience and taking my question. I appreciate everything that's been said so far. And my question today is I'm just starting with the process. I'm very green and very fresh. I don't know too much about probate yet, but one of my concerns is trying to establish a network and that network will Intel have a probate lawyer as well, because that's one of the services that I would like to offer any of the executors that will actually take me as their representative or specialist.

Now, what do you recommend in regards to marketing out and doing some outreach to get some probate lawyers, to be a part of network?

Yep. We get this question is probably one of the most fundamental and foundational questions that everyone should be asking. And I appreciate you asking that. Number one is leverage your connections that you have with other vendors offer to promote their businesses to your list. And then in return, say, look, I'm going to promote you to my to my business.

And I'd like you to help me build out my probate team. And I could really use a connection or two with some extra probate and estate planning attorneys get their referrals, have them introduce you directly, either face through email or text that'll really open up those conversations. And then when you're, when you meet with the attorney, just tell them that this is not a one-way street.

Where you're expecting to get a whole bunch of business from them. You want to bring them business. And that, what that means to them is that anybody that doesn't have an attorney you'd like to promote you'd like to refer them and would that be beneficial? And of course, they're going to say yes.

So to get in front of more attorneys, I recommend going the warm introduction route by going to your other team members, promoting their business, and then asking them to be involved in helping you build your team out by connecting you with more attorneys. Okay. Thank you so much. That offers, that answers my question.

Thank you so much. Thank you. Great job everybody. Tim, I'm going to go ahead and close and then if you would turn off the recording and end the call afterwards I want to thank each and every one of you for being here today. I want to particularly thank those that actively participated and you heard a lot of good ideas on today's.

Hello? I think we'll, I think we lost Jim. We lost Jim. Tim. You've heard this disclosing spiel. I was going to tell you to take one idea that you heard one thought one, one, great tip that you heard. Put it into practice and come back next week and tell us all about it and tell us about your win. And with that, we're going to turn the recording off and stop the meeting.

Thank you all for being here.



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Preview for Probate Mastermind Podcast Episode 317

Door-Knocking for Probate Leads | Probate Mastermind Podcast #317

Probate Mastermind Episode #317 | Recorded Live on March 4th, 2021.  

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Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast, you’ll learn how to add door-knocking to your probate prospecting strategy; navigate probate situations where siblings have conflicting information; approach a probate lead that’s selling FSBO; and make sure a co-wholesaling deal is worth it.

***Most importantly, we hear more incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

00:00 and 17:14 Door Knocking For Probate Leads 

Joe uses doorknocking in his approach to real estate prospecting in general.  For probate, is door-knocking a good strategy? Are there certain things you should do differently when door-knocking probate leads as opposed to other types of real estate leads? Fed, Bruce, and Jim expand on different types of marketing materials to utilize while door-knocking.



11:53 Co-Wholesaling: Good Buyer, Bad Buyer.

Marcus from Baltimore is co-wholesaling a portfolio of properties.  He got an unclear response from someone he marketed the group to. What does this response mean, and how can he find better audiences of end-buyers to add to his cash buyer list?



24:25 How to Get Arrears-Owed From an Estate? 

Someone in Fed’s sphere of influence reached out asking for help with a probate situation.  Their mother worked as a caregiver for the deceased and is owed back pay for her services.  How can Fed help them get arrears-owed through the estate?



What Comes First, Lead Or Attorney?

35:02 What Comes First, Lead Or Attorney? 

Eric in Los Angeles is planning his long-term approach to the probate niche.  In marketing, should he be prospecting attorneys first and foremost? Bruce explains how to formulate a prospecting strategy for the short term and then for the long game.




The Seller Is Trying To FSBO Their Inherited Property!

39:41 ‘The Seller Is Trying To FSBO Their Inherited Property!’

Caller landed himself a double-whammy - An overpriced probate property listed as For-Sale-By-Owner on Zillow.  Should he approach this lead like it’s a FSBO? As a probate lead? Also, with inventory so low in many markets, how should the “overpriced” conversation be approached?




Both Siblings Can’t Be Right.

42:05 Both Siblings Can’t Be Right.

In this scenario, there are two siblings and they’re both telling the investor different things. The sister currently living in the house signed a contract with the investor agreeing to sell the property; the other sister says the sister did not have authority to do so.  Bruce and Jim offer advice on obtaining a legally-binding contract and getting the house cleared out.





Looking to hear prospecting tips in action? Check out our live role play series.




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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #316


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the AllTheLeads.com coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

You will learn to get more listings, more deals and find financial freedom by listening to these episodes. Be sure to catch show notes at AllTheLeads.com/podcast and join our free Facebook mastermind community: https://facebook.com/groups/AllTheLeadsMastermind



Welcome to all of our renowned real estate agents and investors from across the country. Today is Thursday, March 4th, 2021. And this is role-play podcast. Number 317.  As you all know, we are doing our winter the week a series for the really indefinitely from now on. If you have a win you'd like to share.

Please do while I'm waiting for people to log in, hit star six and hit one, we did have one, if you have one of the week and you're not able to be on the call to send it to us, we did have one this week and he didn't want to share his name because he's afraid he's going to create competition in his market.

So I dunno, guys, does that qualify? What do you think? So it's anonymous. Word of the week with the week. Yeah. Anyway he called in and said, don't share my name or my market, but he said, I just got a call back from a letter. First conversation. I took the listing. I'll be $12,000 from that listing. This will make my third probate listing so far this year.

And so far, this year I've made $24,000 from probate leads. And he said, I want to let people who say they can't afford 3000 a year for leads. No, that they don't realize how much they could be making. And also we wanted to share with us. He said the mailings don't always result in calls, but when they do one deal pays for many months of mailings.

So he, I thought that was very well expressed if we don't get alive wind up the week, I guess we'll let that one stand. And I may have another, a more generic story to share later in the call, but let's get to the person who has been patiently waiting. And now we do have two people in the queue. So let's go to the first one out his phone number ending in zero zero six eight Europe.

Marker [00:02:17] First. Good morning. This is Joe in California. And I come from a back background of door knocking. And just recently I'm picking up a door, knocking the probates, and I was wondering what your  what's your experiences with doing door knocking?  I'll let Bruce answer that, but I'll tell you in college, I sold books door to door, his best experience for sales, I could ever have knocked on doors for 80 hours a week.

And after we were, after that going into real estate, it was relatively easy.  I'll just answer briefly. And then Bruce, please. I know you have more detailed up D it's great. If the errors are local. And, but remember, have you actually tried it so far? Joe? Are you just considering trying it? No, I've been doing it.

And are you're knocking on the executors door, correct? You're not knocking on the property door. That's correct. Okay. And obviously you don't do it if they're not, you don't fly there and do it. If they're not local. So

Bruce, I mean, first of all, we'd like to know what's your experience so far? What's been, what kind of results have you gotten?  First of all, and I don't know, I've done a lot of door knocking and typically I get maybe one in five at the door.  In the past, but this week it's 70% of the people are home and I.

I was  sensitive to the whole COVID how people would react to coming to someone coming to the door. And what I've been surprised by is they're like happy to see me for somebody to talk to.  I've gotten one hot lead from it.  Out of 10 doors seven people were home and one hot lead.

I think overall what's the overall the reaction is a lot of people are actually happy to hear, to see you versus a lot of people when you call have a level of skepticism, because they're there, they get. Other sales calls. But have you had anyone that just got aggressive with you or has everybody been really good?

Everybody's been really good. I've door knocked a for sale by owners expireds.  NLDS so I have a lot of experience. And I've found even in ODS. It's very rare for people to be mad. I think maybe the expireds were the most mad people that I'd come across.  I want to be clear that door knocking is not something that I have personally done.

A lot of. I have several people that I've coached that have door knocked and it it's a lower number. And the biggest reason is fear. You get a lot of people that are afraid to go door knock, and they're afraid because they think that they're gonna. Be encountered with someone face-to-face that is just irate and angry and.

You're not the first person. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've had a single person that I've talked to that door knocks that has really encountered anyone that's super angry every now and then you get a little bit of resistance, but it's much less resistance when you're face-to-face with someone that it is when you're on the phone, it's harder for them to turn you off.

They're usually much nicer. I would I would encourage a lot of, a lot more people including myself to go door knock. If you have the time. Interesting story is I lost a piece of business that was a guaranteed slam dunk piece of business this year, because to Jim's point.  Earlier, he said, you're not going to fly out and door, knock on someone's door.

That isn't local. Somebody flew to Colorado. I live in North Carolina. Somebody flew to Colorado and knocked on the door  of the PR and said I was out here in Colorado and I saw that you lived here and I thought it would be worth making a little drive up the interstate, knocking on your door.

And he listed with them.  I almost have a hatred for people that do or not because you're taking business away from me  but it works. It works. I encourage you to keep doing it. And you could probably teach a lot of people, some of the best techniques where I might not be able to mine are all speculative.

Yeah. As I mentioned I sold condensed encyclopedias door to door. It was a, it's be interesting. It just occurred to me that back then, There were probably more people door knocking than there are. Now, there was a fuller brush man. There was, Avon calling  there were people that had regular routes and it's pretty uncommon now.

It's the old 180 degree theory. You're doing the opposite of what everybody else is doing. And I interrupted you. You had a up comment.  I was gonna ask is, would you leave if someone, an app that isn't home, would you leave something with them? Or at the door, leave something in the door?

Absolutely. Absolutely. Let me ask you a question. If you call someone and they don't answer, do you leave a voicemail? Yes. Yes. Then we're going to leave something on the door. Okay. And maybe like the letter that we send out, you can certainly do that letter. We also do door hangers. That we've been doing for several customers who are doing exactly what you're doing.

I'd say probably 5% of the people who are having us do mail for them. Also get a supply of door hangers and they use it exactly for that purpose. A lot of times people won't come to their door and. They literally just pop up, pop in, put the door hanger on as their information, people see it. And they're getting some good mileage out of that.

I'm just going to wait to, you got done, but we have a lot of people that were doing door hangers for okay. So we can get that through the website. Absolutely. Yeah. You just have to let support know that's what you're looking for and where we've got a group of people now that we refer to as our MIS people.

And that's marketing, implementation specialists. Then you just let them know that you want a door hanger and they'll prepare it for you, show you a sample of it. You can order it right up and we'll ship them right out to you. And they're made already show that you already have a whole punch in a hook on it so that you can hang it right on the door.

Excellent. Thank you. No problem. Yeah, I think that's great. And I assume you're doing that. Are you doing that instead of the rest of your campaigns or in addition to, or in other words, are you leading with door hanging or do you send the letter first? Is that an add-on or is that instead of other marketing?

No. First thing I do is call everybody. Okay.  Number two is I send the letter out. And number three is ongoing I'm I just started this week, but I'm going to go right away for the people who I didn't get a hold of. I'm going to go out and door knock.  And I get I get several counties from you guys and sometimes  one County I don't go to all the counties, but if they're in.

The three closest counties to me. I'll go door, knock them. That's great. I answered the door. You can use the same thing you used on the phone is I recently sent you a letter. Just want to make sure you got it and understand what I have to offer, or is that, what is your approach when answered the door? Is that what you use or do you use something else?

I'm still working on that. I've been saying what I say is  I saw there was a probate here in this County and came by to see if there's any real estate that needs to be sold. And people tell me the whole story. Oh, that was my father's house and my brother's taking it over or no I'm going to sell it.

I mean anybody who hasn't door knocked, you cannot believe how nice people are. Yeah. A hundred percent, so much nicer than the phone. Yeah, it's true. Not to say not to call but they are nicer than the phone for sure. Yeah, they used to tell us through the rare occasion, somebody kinda mad and slammed the door in your face, go around to the side door, knock and say, Hey, the guy in the front, wasn't a very good mood.

So I thought I'd come around here and check with you. I actually,

I actually did that and it never failed to get a laugh. It would loosen them up a little bit, but you're right. You're right. What left less than 1% of the people I, one 10th of 1% are DASSI they really are. Yeah. Yeah, no, thanks for sharing that with us. And the only other thing I was going to say, you might want to, I'm not going to tell you to do that.

Anything different. If you're getting a 10%,  success rate, which it sounds like you are, keep doing what you're doing, you might want to vary the approach at the door to be a little more generic  and maybe not, Bruce, if you think it's better to be more direct on the phone. We teach, there's a lot of different ways I can help you.

You don't go right to the real estate. Maybe you're there face to face. Do you think that's a more effective approach at the doorbell? I think that, honestly, I think that you try a couple of different techniques out. I would I would reference probate, personal representative and just basically going in and having a conversation with other people that are in your same boat.

And I wanted to find out what the experience has been like so far. And  if you're face-to-face with them, it's pretty rare that you're going to get nothing or, Hey, we got everything handled. They're probably going to open up and say, Oh man, it's stressful. Or I don't even know which side is up right now.

So I would just ask about their experience, I think, but if you're not getting any traction there, there's dozens of other strategies you could use when you're at their door. Okay, thank you. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks for bringing that up. I think it's, we've only in the six years we've been doing that.

That's probably only come up a couple of times, so it's good to hear. You're taking the path of least resistance and you're doing something most people aren't willing to do. So keep it up and keep reporting back to the results. Know we'll keep thanking you very much. I appreciate you sharing. All right.

Thank you. We only have two in the queue. We got room for more. It starts to get one. In the meantime, next up is phone number ending in three five, three, six. You're up next. Hey.

Marker [00:11:53] Hey, how's it going guys? Marcus here in Baltimore. Thank you for taking my call.  I have a quick question. I have a portfolio of properties that I am co-hosting sailing.

I've sent them out to prospective buyers and I haven't gotten any No one, actually, no one actually bit some, one investor actually emailed me and the question was, and maybe you guys can answer it interpret her or response. She said, nice to meet you. Do you have these deals under contract?

Which I do. And then she said, what's the story behind this portfolio of properties, we can help you move them, but we need more info. Give us a little background. So in other words, she was trying to not buy them. She was trying to get you to hire her, to help advertise. It sounds like  what was the size of the investor group that you sent those out to?

It was only about maybe 10. Okay. Are you a part of the REIA up there? I am not. Nope. Okay, you gotta, you've got to go join Rhea  real estate investors association join that. It's going to be a small, probably annual fee. They anyone who's a member also pays for a member rate for classes that they host, but honestly, joining in a Rhea is the best and easiest way to, to meet.

Seasoned investors that aren't all new in the game. That email that you got to me, it sounds like someone who wants to wholesale a wholesale, which really doesn't exist. It sounds to me like they just want to step in collect the marketing fee, which is ultimately what you're almost collecting by doing a wholesale.

It's worth a conversation with her, but if she's not the investor or the buyer for you then don't sign any kind of any kind of extra marketing fee.  How well do you know your numbers? How do you determine that this was a good investment for you to get involved with as far as co-host selling?

The using the qualifying ratio of 70% of the ARV. Okay. And the person who actually vetted these properties, they are taking a 20, 20 K for their fee wholesaling fee. And they'll think they're negotiating no more than 5,000 off of that.   Not a lot of wiggle room negotiating. Yeah.

So  how did you guys determine ARV?  I believe they, I wasn't the one  who vetted these properties, but from what they were telling me, they were using a square footage.   Think they were doing maybe $12 or $15 a square foot  for each home for rentals. Okay. Yeah, to me, it's either I'm not as good of an investment as you as they might've led you to believe either that or your pool of investors, aren't legitimate.

And the easiest way to fix that is just get in with the Rhea up there. You can over time, build up your pool of investors without a RIA, but that's the fastest way. Cause they're already. They're already networked and they're all already meeting with one another in those groups. And they have meetings weekly in an area like you're in.

I bet you could join in on a meeting a couple of times a week and build up that portfolio. And they'll let you, as long as you're a member, they'll let you advertise your properties inside of the group. And as long as they're good investments and it's a good deal.  You will have no problems flipping that contract.

Okay. Okay. All right. Good advice. Thank you. Appreciate it. And  if you happen to want, I hate to open myself up to this. If you happen to want someone to just give a quick review of the portfolio to help you determine if maybe you guys over committed on the contract. Shoot me some details over.

I'll take a look at it.

That's awesome. Thank you currently. How do I get your information? Oh email me@bruceatalltheleads.com. Thank you, kindly. We appreciate it, Bruce. Definitely. Thank you. Yeah. And Hey, w we only have one person in the queue guys there please jump in, hit star six and hit one. I wanted to add something to that.

We haven't talked about it in a while. If you're, whether you're a realtor or an investor you really should be a member of your local REIA group. It's usually a hundred dollars or less per year for realtors. You're going to pick up, opportunities to, to list the properties after they buy and rehab them.

You're gonna pick up good deals. And then for investors, my local group is about 500 members. It's funny you go to a meeting and 5% of them are doing something the other 95% are there to learn like you but the ones that are doing something and first of all, the ones that aren't doing, something are.

Often they'll settle for a lower profit margin. So they might be, they might be somebody you could wholesale a deal to and the ones that are doing something you can learn a lot from them that the best way. I don't know, a County in the country that doesn't have a REIA, but you can go to rhea.com or via.org.

That's R E I a and you'll see a map, just click on your County and go join one of those groups. It's It's time and money well spent. It's usually just a monthly. I'll do that. All right. I appreciate it. Okay. I appreciate it. So thank you. We have two more in the queue and we got room for more guys, hit star six and hit one.

Next up is fed. You are up now, by the way said, I saw you showed up for the role-play call yesterday, but we didn't have  you got the update and information, right? He did. Yeah. I think

it might be. Yeah, before you start, it might be a good time to touch on that. We have not discontinued the role-play. We've just changed the format. We're now doing it as part of Bruce's foundations training. We're doing it twice a month instead of once a month. So if you're a sub that's completely free.

If you're not, there's a very small charge, but now more opportunity to role play. I know people like them. We're just, we just change the schedule a little bit. So if I know you said you probably went on there and role-played by yourself. Yeah, pretty much. I got the listing as well. It does a good job.

Marker [00:17:47] I have a question and a suggestion. So the suggestion is for the gentleman who was talking about talking about door knocking.  I also door knock Austin expireds, or just go look for houses for investors, developers, all that stuff. And to facilitate that what I've done is I wrote a handwritten card once and made it into a vector file and then figured out that on an eight by 11 sheet, you can fit four.

Five and a half by 4.2, five inch cards, and one sits in vector mode. You could fit four on each sheet and then you just print them. And I have them in my car at all times, and the printed it, not on blue sheets. So you can either do it through you guys or through, in general. And it's just always the same message, but,  since you already sent out a letter.

And he's going to door knock. It could be,  the pitch that  that Bruce has often Jess did, the, I, dear I have a local service that concentrates on helping families, et cetera, et cetera. This may not be for you. Maybe we could talk for 30 seconds and let you decide if it's worth the further conversation, just to create a little bit of a question Mark in their head.

And it, I think it's, it could be just be an extra step, but mainly the suggestion was more or about having the pre printed handwritten cards. So that it's an extra layer on top of the letter and of the call. It's almost like a third way of quote unquote. Touching that prospect or lead or whatever we want to call them.

I don't know if you guys agree or not. It was just a suggestion. It worked pretty well for me. Here in my market.  Then I'll tell you something, I'll say stuff, I'll tell you something, even speak here. And by the way, we can. We can do any of this printing for you. We can do that, multiple sheets where you this is like a sticky thing that you detach and put on the door or was it a card that you'll hold?

No, it's an actual, it's an actual card. It's just a plain. Yeah. Playing card, like the ones, how you guys have the blue envelopes for the letters, it's the same color, but then it's just a slightly smaller card. And I usually put it in an envelope too, and I leave it. Cause at least in my market I've seen that competitors are realtors.

The second they see unfortunately door hanger or anything like that. I've seen people literally throw my stuff away, like other realtors. And I think it was just wasn't you know? So the fact that it comes. And, you know what you guys always suggest. It looks like a wedding invitation or something.

People usually don't touch that.  And that was closed. Leave it at the door, they open it and it just it's just just a suggestion.  So yeah. Oh sure. I was going to share something pretty sneaky at any of these approaches.  The door hanger, the flyer, the stickers.  Try to do a little ABC test and see what works the best.

But I remember an investor from an old group that I was a part of the claimed he had a virtually a hundred percent callback rate on going to doors. He made some stickers that look like ups stickers, and it just, sorry, we missed you. Give us a call back at this number and he would just put them on the door.

Yeah, people call it Mr. Package delivery. They would call back every single time. That's a little sneaky and it's little videos, but genius. Huh? Definitely doing that today. We could do that for you also, Bruce, did you want to add on. Yeah. This is not exactly geared toward door knocking, but but it does it does apply to those of you that are visiting houses.

One of the, there's one of our affiliate coaches is attached. I think Tim and Julie, I think Tim and Julie have probably been on this podcast before. Jim? Oh yeah. So they teach to do a pre-listing packet. And and of course, this is when you have a listing appointment that you would drop a pre-listing packet off at the door.

And it just has, it's a folder with a waterfall tiered list of services and options that people get to choose from. And you. Put it in a FedEx style envelope.  It's high open rate and it's something that we've toyed around with. I'm going to go back to a conversation I had with Tim  many months ago when he's going to shoot me, because I'm not sure we're ready to offer this, but we could get it ready or help you design it.

If you guys are interested is delivering a really high value on envelope or box. With vendor information in there, you could get your vendors to write up a little blurb about their service and why it might help a family.  You could put one of your letters in there. You could put your brochures in there.

You could put discounts and coupons from home improvement stores. We're talking about a project here and I know it's something that, that We could help with, and if you're door knocking, you could always deliver that. And it's something that's high value. It's guaranteed to get open.

Cause if they look and they see  an envelope, that's like a FedEx size on their doorstep, or even a box, you're going to get a lot of a lot of traction off of that. If you're door knocking, especially.  Bruce, are you saying to ironically I'm picking up, I ordered 30 PLPs  last week.

And my so are you then referring to perhaps modifying the pre-listing package into a probate version or just make it maybe making one of the quote unquote slides, a probate. I think that you could modify the pre-listing package into a probate version where you're what I would do if I were doing this is I would I make a lot of those waterfall, tiered pieces of paper inside of the folder.

I'd make a lot of them vendor specific. So I might have a vendor specific Piece or piece of paper for my financial advisor and another one for a contractor and another one for a landscaper. And then of course, one for me and then maybe make another one of them. That's a high value content piece.

That might be something like the five, five mistakes to avoid. If you're administering an estate put some discount codes, things like that in there. And it's gonna work. It's gonna work really well. I haven't proven it. I haven't proven it because I haven't done it in my market, but he it's it's guaranteed to get open and it has so much value in there that it's going to be remembered.

No a hundred percent. That's actually a great idea. I have the files, so I'm probably just going to modify it and and see what I can come up with.  Yeah. No that's fantastic. Thank you. So I know there's someone else on the, in the cue shot. I'll go to the next, no, we have a half hour left.

We have so far you take your time. I'm not going to watch it today. We've got all the time. We've already done this with you. And one other one. Yeah.

Marker [00:24:25] The question has someone contacted me yesterday and communicated that her mother was a service like a caretaker for a, someone who passed away.

And it looks like the person who passed away. Dee had outstanding bills with her. It looks like there's.  So the mother is trying to get, it looks like it's going into probate court and the mother is trying to get her funds back. So they asked me how do we go about even communicating this to the court?

My answer was, but I said I would have to double-check. I said I would probably likely send. Three, a letter to the executor, to the court and to the attorney and just certify it. Is there anything else that you would have to do to make sure that she's, or that at least the courts know that she needs to get paid once?

The probate is over. So this is Tim. You really touched on all three of them. You've got three places to send it. One is obviously. To the court directly to the judge in regard to the particular case or docket number, once it's filed and to the executor, the whole purpose of the executor is to consolidate those bills.

Bigger question I would ask though, is, does,  is there a contract for the services? Is there other invoices that can be provided? Because if not, you need to probably make sure that they gather them up and present them. In a professional way to get that done. And the reason I say that is that all too often, what the executor will find is that there are scam artists out there and people will literally troll probate listings.

The public notice of probate they'll troll them. And they'll in essence, try to put a not a mechanics lien, but a lien on the probate forest. And quite often, if it's small enough, The executive will just pay it. They'll write them a check for it and assume it was valid. And so now courts are getting smarter about that and they're looking for, good evidence and all of that.

And a smart executor is going to be looking for that as well. And if you make it super easy and it looks very professional, it will be much more likely to get paid quickly. Got it. Okay. Okay. Thank you. That makes sense. Yeah. Follow up. Question said you had a conversation with this person. Is this person, the PR and also a creditor?

No. The person who conduct ironically, this is just the a friend of mine who knows that I do probate. Cause I spoken to her about it just to see if she or any family members is going through it. Just making sure that that. They know, I'm in this niche as well. And therefore she called me, she said, Hey, I'm so happy that you've been telling me about probate and this and that.

This is the situation my mom is going through this, that what do you suggest we do so that she can make sure she gets paid? So that's more how it happened. This wasn't through one of the calls or letters. Got it.  The great thing for her is this is the purpose of probate. It's. One of the fundamental purposes is to give creditors a chance to to collect their debts.

So the personal representative's responsible for running Ads in the newspaper for three separate weeks, there's going to be an address in there. And I would just go ahead and send, have those invoices sent to the attorney, to the PR to the clerk. I would just kinda do a scattershot if I was owed money on an estate and and that should really suffice.

Now, if it's just a letter saying, Hey, John owed me $10,000. It's not, it's probably not going to get approved, but make sure that there's some sort of a contract in place. Okay. And some invoices if the, if they have them. Yep. Yeah. Even if they don't, even if they don't have them, it's not normal to do that because a lot of times, there's.

The caregiver profession is notoriously, not well-documented. And even if they don't have them, they should make them up. And I'm not saying falsified documentation, it's appropriate to make an invoice for services and do it professionally. They're easy to find Microsoft word templates online for, a professional invoice formatting, and just put a normal invoice together for the time of service the hours provided.

Whatever it is and show an hourly rate and just deal with them professionally and they'll get it paid. Okay. Okay. Absolutely good advice that right away that I was going to add something, you touched on something that I don't think we've talked about before often.  You mentioned you're letting your serve influence.

No. That you're actively involved in helping people in probate. That's really smart because there's probably a lot of people you say, Whoa, how's the two over the years,  they inherit a property and maybe somebody contacts them who does specialize in probate. They don't know that  you do it.

So I think that's real smart. When you do your sphere of influence calls, make sure they know that in addition to everything else you do in real estate that you now. Also our, a probate specialist and the reverse of that is also true. We have subscribers that have built their sphere because everybody.

They meet on a probate transaction.  Kids gets added to their service books. So one, one could definitely feed the other. That's very smart. It's something I don't think we've talked a lot about. So see that you added all kinds of value of the calls. You didn't even know it. Thank you.

Touch on that.   Your suggestion out there. Oh, sorry. I came down for a second. Said, say it again. Yeah. My, my headphones just said goodbye to me. I don't know why it's only 10 40 in the morning. I was going to say so usually the way I start to present  the probate topic. With clients is I just ask them, Hey, how did you take title?

I understand that, you have kids or blah, blah, blah. And then I say, did you create a trust? And then they go over why do we need a trust and this and that. And then they say  having one would likely avoid you going into probate and what's probate. And then from there, and then they say, Oh how do you know so much about probate?

And then I said I. I got certified in probate because so many families need help. And that's usually how that conversation starts.  Is there something in addition that you guys would maybe add to that, or maybe modify  So I wouldn't really modify anything that my input to what you just said is more of a reinforcement of what you're doing with your sphere of influence and people that are not just leads.

I'm in the marketing world and we never talk about this in the real estate world for some crazy reason, but they have they, they have what they refer to as sticky marketing and sticky marketing is anything that you do that that. It sticks in the conscious mind of that consumer that you're dealing with.

And it's one of the reasons why I encourage everyone who's prospecting or marketing in the real estate space to use specific examples of things that they can help with. They're often you're so scared. Of using a specific example of what you're looking for, because you think I'm just going to eliminate I'm going to eliminate the need of anyone that I'm talking to if I'm too specific.

So I'll go so, so specific as to say  I just wanted to give you a call. Bob, you're a good friend of mine. I just wanted to give you a call because I'm helping a family. That's going through probate right now. And they have a house that needs to be cleaned out and it needs this and that. And I'll give some details on it.

And then and then just say, Hey, do you happen to know anyone that's looking for a property that's might need to be flipped? Or do you happen to know anybody else going through probate? And I'm making it really detailed, but. That person that I'm talking to is never going to forget the request.

Whereas if I just called and said, do you know anyone thinking about buying or selling a house, they're going to hang the phone up and forget. I ever asked within five minutes. Yeah. Yeah. So go ahead. Go ahead, Jim. No, I was just going to add a little bit to that. I agree. A hundred percent be specific and I like what you're doing now,  telling people that they should be in trust.

And it's interesting statistic that anybody. That has over a hundred thousand in assets should have a living trust yet less than 5% of Americans have a trust. And two specific examples are Steve jobs and Walt Disney. They were pretty intelligent, successful people. They both died in their properties, had to go through probate.

One of one, a part of Walt Disney's estate is still being fight over several with several of his grandkids. And he's been dead for 40 years.  Specific, I like that. You're telling them that you're trying to help them avoid these situations in the future. So the combination of what Bruce said and what you're doing, I think is is an excellent approach.

Good job. Thank you. And go ahead. When you're done, Tim had something you wanted to add. Also go ahead. Oh, Tim, you can go ahead. I, you can go ahead. If you'd like. No, but it's not about that. You finished this topic of finish up. We're talking about, okay. I was just gonna say Bruce, I think I heard you say that.

One, one of the things that you would mention on that call is perhaps, are you looking for anyone who's looking to flip a property? So to, to that comment and maybe I just have some confusion. I'm, I. Befriended another render another realtor real for here here in Los Angeles, who does probate and who often has probate properties come up at the same time?

I have some flippers who constantly look for these projects. The challenge I found is that this other realtor is telling me  I can't show you before we go a lot. I can't show you the property before we go live. It needs to go alive as an order from the court or something like that. And we can't do this off, we can't, we just can't do this off market.

Now my investors slash flippers, they're telling me that's incorrect.  Am I missing? It depends on. The type of probate that was filed for an open I would say as a generalization, that is incorrect or there are certainly certain cases where that's true. And I would say that your friend that also does this probably is just run into more of those.

And they may also be thinking about the new rules that were passed in the realtor code of ethics that says that you can't market a property. That's not listed in the MLS, so there's probably a few areas of confusion you need to look at each case individually. Okay. Okay. That makes sense.

I'll do that for sure. Thank you.  Like you said, we just have one more person in the queue, but we Tim, you wanted to make a comment first again, you get to the person in the queue and they would till the end. All right. Sounds like a plan. And guys, we do have more room for more get star six and hit one.

So you can be up next. Right now the final person in the queue is phone number ending in eight five one one. You're up next.

Marker [00:35:02] Hey guys. My name is Eric here in Los Angeles. And with you guys for a couple of months now, And I got to say, I've been in real estate for about 16 years. I've never really prospecting,  probates and all this other stuff.

They just come just from geographic farming and sphere of influence. But I'm looking at, I've done some mail outs. I don't really have a system for calling  go after attorneys. I feel like that would be a greater return on investment down the road. And I was curious, what would you guys recommend as far as  so Eric attorneys. Attorneys are probably a longer play than the personal representatives themselves. They, you don't often get as many of them signed up, so to speak for your services as you do the personal representatives, but when you do, they're generally good for a couple of deals a year, sometimes more.

The big players are good for more, but they have more people that are going after them where the smaller attorneys don't have many agents or investors prospecting them or pursuing them. They might not give as much business, but they're a little easier to find  all in all. I think that your overall probate approach needs to be.

Focused on the leads first. And and attorney second, even though it's in five years, I would hope that you get as much business from the attorney as you do from the leads. It's just not going to happen. On day one, it just, it's just a slower build with attorneys. Now, one of the ways that you can go about getting it, attorneys is go to the sources of who referred attorneys the most.

And we know that probate attorneys are typically also estate planning attorneys, and often they get the bulk of their referral business from financial advisors. So what I'm doing is I'm. Leveraging my relationship with financial advisors and I'm offering them free marketing and different things like that inside of my campaign.

And in return, I'm asking them to connect me through text, email, phone, face-to-face introductions. I'm asking them to connect me with the attorneys they refer. And that's a great way. Get a warm introduction to an attorney who can really support the business in the long run. Okay, let me ask you with the leads that we're getting.

I know they say probate leads are some of these, like just death of joint tenants. I'm noticing the person that's in charge of the estate has the same address.  Yeah, most of the time that's a surviving spouse, not every time, but often it's the surviving spouse. Sometimes it could be the the air.

It could be that the child that their elderly parent moved in with them you don't always want to. Want to base it off of the deceased last address. Oftentimes they may have moved. They may have moved to a nursing home. They may have moved into an assisted living into their kids' house, anything like that, and that deceased lasted dress might not be the house that needs to be sold.

There still could be a lot of real estate in that estate. It does need to be sold. Got it. Yeah. I guess I'm always looking for patterns. So yeah,  yeah, the surviving spouse, I don't know percentage, but I'd say more than 50% will be a surviving spouse. And they will eventually, a lot of them will eventually sell the real estate.

It might not happen as fast as if it's a kid or a sibling, but.  It still happens very frequently that this surviving spouse will eventually sell. Cool. And then just one last question. Are you are you guys exporting this, like into a dialer or a CRM? Did it go through the numbers are used dial right off the CRM you guys have.

That's a good question. And we get that a lot. It really all depends on the number of leads that you're working and your other lead sources. If you have huge amounts of leads that you're working, you may want to go ahead and download your list for a dialer and load it into a dialer. If you're dealing with hundreds  total leads a month.

It's not hard to just dial right out of the, all the leads or work all the leads, CRM and dial off of your cell phone.  So it, it depends on your business as a whole and how much prospecting you do. If you're doing less than an hour a day, you could probably do it out of our CRM with no problems at all.

Okay. Cool. All right. Hey, I appreciate your time. Thank you. Thank you, sir. We do, we, we do have two more that have jumped in the queue. Next time is phone number ended in zero seven seven zero. You're up next?

Why are you there? McKinney, Texas. Unmute yourself. We'll have to move to the last. There you are. There you go. What can we do for that? Ah, sorry. This is a different phone number. I'm not used to it.

Marker [00:39:41] I've managed to get in touch with the personal representative. And his mom had passed away and the property  is for sale on Zillow.

And so I went up and looked and they are doing a for sale by owner, but it is overpriced by about $12,000. Okay. So my question is, should I reach out to them and say, look, guys, you're never going to get this, or should I just let them go on their Merry way?  You should do something in between.  You should definitely reach out.

You realizing that they want it. They're probably. Having experiencing some unrealistic expectations or it could be a financial need.  So do reach out. I probably would not take that initial opportunity to correct them.  I would just ask what their plans for the property are. I might not, I might even pretend that I don't know that they're listed as a, for sale by owner.

So I'm just using that phone call. It's an opportunity to dig for information. If they say that they're going to sell or if they say they're already listed for sale by owner, I would say, instead of what are you listed for? I would say, what do you think the home is worth? I want to get an idea of where their expectations are.

And then also who's driving the decision for the list price for all we know, they're just throwing it out there saying it's a hot market. Let's see if we can get it. And then we'll drop the price if don't  so using your first call as a chance to correct them, we'll probably just alienate those people.

But you should definitely call and strike up a conversation. It's funny. I had one like that. I had one like this, that this week I called the guy back and I,  I always say it appears like you're not listed with a realtor right now. Are you at, he said, no, he said, I've got it on Zillow.

But they told me they could get a ridiculous price. So I said, okay, go ahead and try. So that was scary. It was sometimes you'd be surprised. I don't, I'm not real clear on how Zillow works, but I don't, I think it's relatively cheap and they don't charge a lot of front, so yeah, I call it app.

That's a good, I agree. That's a good strategy. Makes sense. Makes sense. Thanks much. Thanks. Last up this week. And then Tim, we might even have time for you after this last caller. Last up his phone number ending in one nine one zero. You're up next?  First one is supposed to be out here. Yep. We can hear you.

What's that there? Okay. Yes, sir. Hold on.  This is my first time doing this or bearing with me on how this works.

Marker [00:42:05] I have a kind of a sticky situation.  Probate situation. So I got to read with a seller who wants to sell to me, but the person who stays in the house is her sister and the there's this contention there.

And so the PR according to everything like y'all and all that it assisted on in talking to with his sister lives in the house, according to her, she doesn't own the house. To sell the house, if that makes sense. So I'm  helping I'm in a situation where could they find some form because the house comes with  the house has a lot adjacent lot to the house and some kind of situation where I'm trying to feed the system, that the PR   information on how she can get all the legal documents necessary.

So break the system  and I want to know how can I best learn about the provost is gonna let her know how it works.  Arnold. Yeah just to clarify, you're dealing with the person who is the PR in the house. The sister is there and.  She obviously doesn't own the house. Is she one of the heirs?

Do you know, or is she just a  an unhappy tenant that doesn't want to move or both the house was left by their mother and two, two opposite opposing stories, but according to the paperwork, and according to you guys have ATL or the lease to sit down and talk, it was the PR and she has all the information.

So I had her talk to one of my partners. And we talked about how she used to get the quit claim deed  would y'all agree with that?

Only if the sister that's living in the house is willing to do that. It doesn't no, not the system, the health appeals that I'm talking to you. Yeah. Who's she going to quit the claim too, though?

Yeah. Yeah. But it's the sister in the house that would have to quit her claim. And if she's not willing to do that, then Bruce I'd go ahead. Yeah. I think what he might've been saying is the PR is willing to quit claim the house to him. He's an industrial. Is that what you were saying, sir?

Yes. I already have a contract. She sold the house to me on contract for the third year, but I want to give him the house to take pictures for consistent in that house. I'll give you names. 15 minutes, Linda. Okay. PR Brenda, the sister's name is Linda. So according to Linda, Brenda could she's had this issue before.

Does it have any right to sell the house cause  according to linda, she has owned the house.  According to Brenda and all the leads, she is a PR she has all the rest of the house.  And so the, so I'm trying to help her get, so like everything from getting the water bill in her name, descendants, everything that paperwork was for the house she had.

Was there a will. And have you seen it, was there a, will. I haven't seen the I habits in the wheel, but I have,  she has paperwork. She definitely, she has paperwork.  She told me that she told me about it, but my thing is Lego. Her move. Go ahead. So she has paperwork. She's the personal representative with letters, testamentary.

But we don't know who the house was left to just cause she has is the personal representative does not mean that the sister owns no piece of the house. Personal representative just means you administer the estate. And if the other heirs are not willing to sell, then you need to go to mediation or you need a third party involved to communicate with everyone and find out what they want.

So in this case, you have two sisters that one sister saying, Hey, she sold you the house. She didn't have a right to sell you the house. When in reality, we don't know which one of them is correct. Is there an attorney? Is there an attorney involved in this field? The PR has an attorney to Linda's assistant had one, but he quit on who filed the probate.

Did the family do it themselves or was there an attorney to file the probate that I don't know. I want to say the attorney did though. Cause that I would probably call the attorney and try to just get it sorted out. Who is where and who owns what, in any case I would be reluctant to take title to a house with a disgruntled tenant in there, especially with what's going on with COVID.

You may have a property, you can't do anything with, for a long time. So I will find that out first, find that out first. What.  From the attorney, make sure that the PR owns it, make sure that the, whether the girl is an error or not,  and then I would try to if it's a good enough deal for you, see if you can bribe her to get out of there.

Give her a few thousand dollars if you have to relocate her. That's what I was saying because the checkers, the fact that it's actually two sisters in the house, it's a one, a doctor, one in window, her blood sister.  Her bloated as Linda and an adopted sister who was in there. Linda just recently moved into the house with her adopted sister from across the street.

Wow, exactly. And it's so they could go right back across the street. And they've had this issue before to come in and look at the house and then they the sisters in there scared them off.  I'm not really. Yeah. I don't know. No matter how you do it, I start with an, a conversation with the attorney and myself.

I wouldn't close on that house until it was vacant. So I'll never, you've got to accomplish that. You know what I mean? If it's a good enough deal, you can end the. It's a good enough deal with anybody who's in there is getting money. That's an incentive, but if they're not, you may have to give them a few thousand dollars.

They wouldn't have otherwise and help them, give them first lasted a month security and for another property. But I think the place to start is with the attorney and really make sure who has a, who has an interest in who's an error and who isn't after you call us back after that, if you need more help with this deal.

Oh, for sure. Okay.  All right. Thank you. And Tim it's nobody else in the queue, you had some closing thoughts or something you wanted to mention?  I really just wanted to ask Bruce to take this a moment, Bruce, and update the people on the call, particularly our subscribers in regard to what we're doing with foundation.

So it may not have seen. Their email and all of that. And I said this on the last column of the state real quick, and then I'll flip it to you, make sure that you have made it, that your email can receive messages from all the leads.com. Oftentimes stuff gets dropped into spam filters and other things, or you ignore it.

And we are making a lot of very positive changes adding to the value of your. A subscription and you need to be following along so that you do in fact know what's cooking and we're able to take good advantage of all the cool stuff that we're doing. And if you're not getting our emails, that's not happening.

We also had some folks that jumped on the role-play call yesterday, even though we had announced that we were making the changes there. So Bruce, just take a second and verbally walk through that and then we can call it a day, but just let people know about foundations a little bit. Yep. So essentially what we're doing is almost every single week on Wednesdays.

We're going to be rolling out a series of foundations classes. Generally the five or six topics that I run into the most on my coaching calls. And these five or six are covered on 90% of the one-on-one coaching calls that I do. So we're taking those and instead of having to wait for an entire month, Have another call with me or sometimes longer if my schedule is booked out you can join on the first and third, Wednesday of each month at 2:00 PM Eastern time, a foundations class.

It's a couple of hours long, and yesterday was our first one. For those of you that did have some trouble with that yesterday, we apologize. We're okay. We'll get you the recording. And we'll also host it again in two weeks. So the first first and third, Wednesday of each month at two o'clock Eastern, and then on the alternating weeks, the second and the fourth, Wednesday at 1:00 PM Eastern, we're doing about an hour and a half long role-play call.

All four of those classes, whether it's the role-play or the foundations, they're all going to be held on zoom. So it makes sure that you have zoom downloaded on your phones or computers when you try to get in. And if you if you want to join those, you do need to register ahead of time. We have some zoom limits on the number of people that can join.

And I just want to make sure that you've registered and at the moment that's free for our subscribers. The, if you are not a subscriber, be listening out as I work through a couple of the kinks that we discovered yesterday that will be available to you that are not subscribing. You can join those classes.

There will be a small fee, but it's very much worth it. Okay, perfect. That's great. Yeah, that's right. I appreciate that. And I just think we needed to let everybody know that not only that, but you're going to be seeing a lot more.  We're all about continuing to add value and grow the value of what we're offering.

And we want to continue to hammer home the point that we're not just selling you leads, we're selling you a system that's designed to make you be successful. And the more we can assure that by adding feature and value to that, just like this call, obviously, we're making sure here that you get the opportunity to ask any questions that you want.

And. We'll answer anything and any problems that you're having, any, weirdness that you're running into a deal that you need help with. We're here to help. You've got access to some of the best minds in the business to ask any questions that you want, and we'll be happy to help you.

Realize that we're way doing way more than just selling you leads. And we want to bend over backwards to help you. So pay attention to your emails. All right. Perfect guys. That wraps up another great call. I want to thank each and every one of you for being here. I want to particularly thank those who actively participated.

I want to challenge everybody. You took an hour out of your time to be here. Take one, thought one idea. One thing that inspired you on this call, go out and put it into practice and come back next Thursday and shared the results with the group. Be productive. Be healthy. Have a great week. Everybody we'll talk to you.

Same time. Next Thursday. Take care.


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Prospecting on the Weekends?? Plus Tips For Getting Leads To Take Your Cold Call | Probate Mastermind Podcast #316

Prospecting on the Weekends?? Plus Tips For Getting Leads To Take Your Cold Call | Probate Mastermind Podcast #316

Probate Mastermind Episode #316 | Recorded Live on February 25th, 2021.  

Join Us Live Every Thursday | Previous Episodes.


Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast, you’ll learn how to convince leads to take your cold call instead of hanging up; how to ask better questions than “Do you plan to sell the property?”; and how to structure prospecting for maximum success on the weekends.

***Most importantly, we hear more incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

Probate Foundations for Subscribers

00:00 Probate Foundations for Subscribers 

Bruce answers Johnathan’s question about the new Probate Foundations class, open to subscribers starting Wednesday March 3rd.  Subscriber registration and updates on when the course will open up to non-subscribers will be sent via email, so please make sure you’ve whitelisted support@alltheleads.com in your email client. (If you aren’t on our mailing list, subscribe at the top of this post!)



Should I Use a .org or .com for my Business Website?

08:09 Should I Use a .org or .com for my Business Website? 

Mike is debating on a domain for his website, and is wondering what difference using .org instead of .com might make.



Convincing Leads It’s In Their Best Interest To Take Your Call

10:33 Convincing Leads It’s In Their Best Interest To Take Your Call 

Mike is looking to keep prospects on the line long enough to get an understanding of how his services can benefit them. Bruce discusses language and delivery.



Stop Asking: “Do You Want To Sell Your Property?”

17:08 Stop Asking: “Do You Want To Sell Your Property?” 

Mike #2 shares updates on his skill development and prospecting results.  He has fine-tuned his elevator pitches, but most of all he is realizing how important it is to listen and create a space for leads to start sharing. Bruce and Mike expand on sales language and sales psychology tips for navigating sensitive conversations without boldly going for the real-estate jugular (i.e.: What are you going to do with the property?).




How The Probate Approach Will Up Your Expireds/FSBOs Game

25:15 How The Probate Approach Will Up Your Expireds/FSBOs Game 

Caller describes an accountability group he’s in that focuses heavily on expireds and for-sale-by-owner leads.  Their approach is to pound through lead lists and prioritize making contact to catch the low-hanging fruit.  Bruce lays out how the ATL Probate approach can lead to much higher conversion for FSBOs and Expireds.



Facebook Ads for Probate Leads

35:52 Facebook Ads for Probate Leads 

Caller is looking to run Facebook ads for probate leads, but how can he get started? Jim and Bruce share their advice for running brand awareness ads that portray an authentic and valuable service for probate families right in the community. David Pannell adds his thoughts to this at 42:46.



Prospecting on Saturdays and Sundays

46:35 Prospecting on Saturdays and Sundays 

Caller is curious about prospecting schedules, particularly for weekends. The group discusses an MIT telemarketing study on contact rates during Monday - Friday, and adds personal anecdotes of their results prospecting segments of leads on the weekends.




Looking to hear prospecting tips in action? Check out our live role play series.




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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #316


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the AllTheLeads.com coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

You will learn to get more listings, more deals and find financial freedom by listening to these episodes. Be sure to catch show notes at AllTheLeads.com/podcast and join our free Facebook mastermind community: https://facebook.com/groups/AllTheLeadsMastermind



Welcome to our illustrious agents and investors from across the country. Today is Thursday Tim. Stop laughing at my description Thursday, February 24th, 2021. This is mastermind podcast, number 316. And I hear Tim chuckling. I have a different adjective every week. And yeah, if you ever lose your thesaurus, won't be able to do these anymore.

That's right. All right guys. And we do have two people in the queue. Actually we have three now. Please jump in now don't get left out. Hit star six. And then hit one and let's go ahead. Do, go to the first person in the queue this week. You are up first Oh seven two seven. You're up first. This is Jonathan Hawkins from Dallas, Texas.

Marker [00:01:18] How's everyone doing today? Doing great. Jonathan Lee. Good job, Texas. If you're in tech, you must have power, right? I apologize. We have water. We didn't have. We didn't have it at all times, but we're, we're good now. Very good. We're all, we all empathize with you where I'm from Florida and it's like hurricane season for us when you lose power.

It's so fun. So glad you're here.

I saw what I, when I was able to get power back, I've checked by email. And I saw this beautiful email about foundation one, and I hadn't been on the call in a little bit. So I just wanted to just get some information real quick from you guys about foundations, because I did register for it and just I wasn't excited because something new was coming out.

So what you have for that. That this is this is hilarious. Jim, do you want to go first? Do you want me to  no, please go ahead. Okay. All right. The reason it's a, the reason it's hilarious is because we weren't sure if we were going to broadcast foundations on this call or not, we came up with a little game plan said maybe later in the call, if somebody asks about foundations, we can mention it.

At the moment, this is it's brand new. This first go round is going to be this upcoming Wednesday. And it's only going to be for subs this Wednesday, just because it's going to be my first time. This is Bruce, by the way, my first time teaching it. And I it's static about it. If you are a non sub, a non all the lead subscriber probably not today, but at some point this week, go ahead and and call our sales line and get on the list.

You can certainly take the class, but right now it's just for subscribers.  Essentially what it is. I've been doing coaching calls for the company for almost a year now. And inevitably all of those calls go to very similar foundational topics. And if you're waiting to. Really kick your phone calls off and your mail off until you have the foundation perfected.

It might take you months of waiting on me and the next monthly phone call. So we've just decided to go ahead and pack all of those foundational topics into one class taught twice a month. And then on the alternating weeks, we're going to be doing kind of high-level role play calls. So for Wednesdays, every single month, we're going to be doing some some really foundational getting into the details on building out your probate business.

So that Jonathan that's what that class is going to be all about. I'm glad you're signed up. Oh, I'm really excited. I'm really excited. Yes. Really excited. Awesome. Awesome. And the only thing I would add to that, Jonathan, if you're a brand new subscriber, even before you come on the foundations class we're getting ready to release.

We have our fast track videos. We're going to be releasing a new version of them, but go listen to the fast track videos first. Some people will want to know everything before they do anything. And some people are like me. They're more of a ready fire aim, but whichever you are. Yeah, additional education and training certainly is going to help.

So even before the foundation training, if you can watch the fast-track videos, take the foundations training and but doesn't necessarily mean you have to chart, you can't get started sooner if you're comfortable with it, but it's going to certainly add to your knowledge level much quicker than the past.

So we think.  I think we appreciate you asking. I'm just kidding. It's a good question. No, I've been through bastards. Okay, good. Cause I've broken probate mastery a couple of times, and I'm always looking to get better, always looking  to increase my edge and so whatever I was like, Oh, Ooh, good.

Hey, I'm all I can never. Learn too much and not implement. Absolutely. Yeah. Absolutely. So just for those of you guys who are listening and Jonathan for you as well I just want to repeat this first go round is for subs only our subscriber and I keep saying subs, forgive me.

We're doing the internal dialogue here, all the leads subscribers here. It reminds me of when I worked in the restaurant industry and we used to tell someone it was 86, 86 and they had no idea what that meant.  Our subscribers, this will be ongoing and will be free. If you are not a subscriber, there will be a small fee to, to join in on this.

And that'll basically kick off for you guys here in a couple of weeks. Just be on the lookout in your email box. If you are not a subscriber, getting our leads, just be watching your email over the next few weeks and we'll roll it out to you guys as well.  Really there's going to be, if you've taken mastery, this is going to be a little bit of a different spin.

It won't be as in depth as mastery, but it's going to really drill on those foundational pieces. That a lot of times people just get stuck on it and they want to have perfected before they really get into their prospecting efforts. So we're going to drill really hard on these foundational pieces of your business and get you guys up.

Up to speed. In my anticipation is a lot faster with your leads going through this class. And just to add to that, Bruce, it's going to be a zoom call. So you can either,  have your mug on the camera or you can just use your profile picture, but some of the calls we'll have a question, the answer opportunity at the end also Bruce, it is going to be larger reactions as well as the law, as well as a taught class.

Yes. Okay. Perfect. Any other questions, Jonathan? Appreciate you bringing it. I appreciate it. All right. We only have one more.

Go ahead, Tim. You wanted to tell you something. Yeah. The one thing I was going to say is that this is a really good time to remind everybody whether you're a subscriber or you're a. A person that joins our calls as a non-subscriber and uses this as an opportunity to learn. So we want to make sure that you're getting our emails.

So know that at least once a week or more, you're getting emails from us talking about something that we're doing announcing a call, giving us a summary of a call or whatever. If you're not getting our emails, you need to look in your spam filter and make sure that. You promote those to your inbox or go into your white list on your your client, whatever you're using to get email and white lists, all the leads.com so that you receive our information.

Okay. And Tim your raspy connection is coming and going. It just came back again at the end. You might want to sign back in, but we understood what you said. Okay. We'll make sure they did, if it wasn't clear. Okay. Yes, I can understand the Bruce. Could you, yeah. Yeah, I guess I got it. Okay, good. Yeah. I don't think we need to repeat it.

We're good. All right. We only have one more person in the queue and I know this guy can talk, but we don't want to put pressure on him to go for 45 minutes. So please guys, don't be shy, hit star six and hit one and get in there now in the meantime, Next up is so number ending in zero zero five, five.

You're up next. Hey fellows. And yes, I can go for 45 minutes. So no one then I got you covered for the rest of the call. We've got about two to three things and of course these are also mostly things that always can, I'm always looking for chinks in the arm and improves everybody's system.

Marker [00:08:09] So first question is shouldn't we do. We're doing a fam family transitions.com type of a website and trying to position ourselves. Have you ever considered or tell me why not to do a.org instead of.com and tell me why we shouldn't say my organization and as opposed to my company, isn't it more powerful I, to say my organization rather than my team, where I have a team in the loop.

Community is in a better say, I have an organization that exists to support, executives like yourself. And there's part of that. We have a lo we have a, we put together a team. Does that please respond to that and I'll go over the other couple of things. Sure. I'm going to beat up on you for a second really quickly.

And I trust that you'll take everything that I say lightly way overthinking it. It's basically what you're doing, no matter what you say, whether you say organization, team, whether you're using a.com or a.org, whatever it is, your brand is what you create your brand and the credibility that you build with your marketing and your phone calls and your websites and blogs and everything is going to have everything to do with consistency.

And what you tell people matters. If you tell them that you want, I only want to do business with someone who has a team and you say it consistently and over time, you'll build credibility in that message. If you tell someone that you only want to do business with an individual, with a.com website and you do that consistently, and over time, you're going to build credibility in that message.

Cannot tell you why. Dot org is better or as good as a.com and the same with the same vice versa. I can't tell you why doing this as an organization versus a team is better or worse.  It just simply isn't whatever you choose, you're just going to choose it. And you're going to drive that point home consistently over time.

Let me make a point there, thought orange are typically used and reserved for nonprofit organizations, non NGOs, open source projects, pure education. And if you do that, and you're not that people will assume you're masquerading and then trying to trick them. Everything Bruce said is correct, but you don't want to use it or grow what you're doing for any reason.

You're not up. You're not in that realm. Thanks for clarifying. And that's why I asked that I wanted that clarification job.

Marker [00:10:33] So here's my next it's question. Cause if we're all doing this hung up on every now and again, my question to you is there a way to  is there a way or a line or something.

To let executors know that,  they have a fiduciary responsibility to not hang up the phone on someone, especially if they could net them more money or they just,  hanging up the phone when, you might even be able to give some buddy you better offer or have a buyer that makes a better offer or just whatever.

Is there a way. To not, I'm not asleep, please. Don't think I'm. I want you to tell me how to threaten the executor that I'm going to go to his heirs and say, Hey, look, I could have been a Mason and then have brothers and sisters fighting with each other. I'm just wondering, is there a way to, to correctly and politely say, Hey,  you got to hear me out.

This is your role. And I don't, you guys are the masters of just, I don't know how to make that. Come off. My, my tongue.  Some people are simply not going to want to talk it times and it's mainly, it's not because of your offer and it's not because they don't need what you do. It's probably because they've just built up a wall that that.

They put up for any, anybody that calls them.  Generally telling someone in the very beginning of the conversation that look, I really don't know if what I'm doing is going to benefit you or not. It might be irrelevant, but if you give me. 30 to 60 seconds. I can tell you some of the value that I can bring.

And then I'll let you decide if it's worth another conversation now or later, and it at least going in with an approach like that on the phone specifically.  It's normally when presented confidently, it's almost always going to get them to at least hear you out. Now, the other thing that we have to recognize is it does not eliminate their resistance.

If somebody calls me and I don't know them and they present an amazing case and it's something that I need, it doesn't mean that I'm going to roll over and say, yes, I was just waiting on your call. I need you to come out and list my house right now. They're dealing with a lot of other things, but the trick is just getting them to hear your short little USP.

Or your short elevator pitch. And I've found that the best way to do that is to give them power in the beginning. Give them the power to tell you at the end of your presentation at the end of your pitch, that it's not for them. Very few people are going to give you a hard and definitive. It's not for me.

Statement very few, but at least they feel that power and they don't feel like you're just there to be an overpowering salesperson. That's gonna that, that exudes commission breath with every word that you say  and just so you know I've been experiencing, they are not giving me that. They have time.

They are saying they are not knowing what they're saying. No to that's exactly why I'm I'm bringing this up. I am doing the, do you think I can take maybe 30 seconds to tell you some of the ways that I can help and then I'll let you decide it's worth further convince you can exactly what you taught.

Yeah. And do you lead by saying what I do. Do you lead by saying what I do might be relevant to you and it might be irrelevant. Do you let them understand that you're not trying to presume that, that you have every answer for them? It's word for word. I don't know if all I do is going to be relevant to you.

Do you think I can take maybe 30 seconds to tell you some of the ways I can help him? I'll let you decide if it's worth it for the conversation. Word for word. So that's why  I'm just looking for some, give me an extra, some kind of rabbits pull out of a hat to you know what else can I do?

And if, and when there is ever a time to, to bring up,  it's it's a tough responsibility. I know, as an executor and it is a respondent, fiduciary responsibility,  don't know what else to say in terms of the, to in an, in a nice way.

I could say it in a not nice, right. But I want to know how to say it in the right way, in a nice way, in the empathetic way to not to bring them towards my side to realize I'm not trying to beat them up, but I just, I'm I want to help them and that's really what this is. All right. Again.  Michael, what I would maybe try in the beginning before you go into it is give this a try, give it a try where you say look, my goal with this very short call is not to sell you on something.

It's to have a very brief conversation, find out where you are in the process and whether or not there might be any points that you're just struggling with. I have some services that some of which are completely free. That you probably don't know about now. I don't know if these are going to be relevant to you or not.

Could I take 30 seconds and tell you about a couple of those things?

perfect. A conversation that my goal is not to sell you. Yeah, that helps. Yeah. Bruce. Thank you, Bruce. All right. Thank you, sir. We only have two more in the queue guys. Don't be bashful, please jump in. Hit star six and hit one. Before we start the next caller. I just wanted to remind everyone it's something that we haven't paid much attention to lately.

We do have a winner of the week program. And we want you guys to start sharing those with us because we all learn from each other's successes. And if you if we, if the partners vote you, the winner of the week, you get either a credit towards your next lead or some free historical, in any market view you choose basically.

So we try to reward you, but only two rules. It's gotta be a taken listing or a done deal. And you just got an email support ahead of time. Let us know that you have a wind of the week, and then you got to share a show up and share it with the group. So we're going to revive that program and start really encouraging the success stories because we all learn from them and I just want, what do they get?

They get either a discount, a hundred dollars off their next set of leads or a free leads in an adjoining market to there's free historical leads.  If you wanted to try on an adjoining County and you want to get some leads and we have a mare, we'll give you a free leads for that County, or we'll give you a discount on your next set of leads.

Yep. Now, if you guys can't make it to the to the phone call and you have a win  email support or email me and and. I'd like to, I'll be able to present your wins for you during these calls, if you send them in, that's for those of you that are listening after the fact in can't make the call.

And we're not saying, Hey, I set an appointment for next Tuesday. Don't share that. What did you actually have to go in the appointment and get the listing to qualify for the word of the week, the deals or get the deal? Yep. And by the way, if you guys need to email that to me, or have a conversation with me, email me at Bruce at all the leads stuff.

Perfect. And thank you for your patience. Zero five, four, four. You're up next.

Marker [00:17:08] Hi guys, this is Mike record again in Dallas Fort worth. Hey, things are really starting to come along, starting to get my group just for everyone else. I listened to all the well, the three minute elevator speeches and everyone's tact.

I can tell you for me, it's getting better because I'm slowing down and pausing to listen. That's making the biggest difference, no matter what jumbles out of my mouth slowing down and pausing to listen is helping out a lot. So over time, that's how I'm maturing into this one thing that I'm doing with probate plus.

So I use mojo on one tab and pro it puts on the other tab, do a file review quickly on ETL and then make the motive call it. It'll allow you to go one call at a time.  But what I'm struggling with a little bit is when I review the lead on probate, plus I'm seeing right away that I've got either a husband or wife situation.

My question is there a different tack to take other than saying, what are you guys going to do if you've decided what you're going to do with the property, or have you decided specifically Ms. Smith, what you're going to do with the property? Any other tax? No suggestions for me. Yeah. Mike I really don't change my dialogue whole up a whole lot.

Depending on who I'm talking with. It doesn't change a lot, mainly because I'm not leading with real, with a real estate question. I'm leading with a statement of value when I'm referencing real estate, but I'm also referencing other things in that statement of value. And.  I'll pin my real estate question onto the back of some resistance.

So I wait for someone to give me that hesitation or that low or high level resistance. They probably going to say something like we have it all handled or our attorneys taking care of everything at which point you're just validating. And a lot of you guys have heard this so many times you are, you're really validating that.

It's that resistance point that they're giving you. And then simply at the end of it saying I completely understand. I'd love to keep in touch with you and before I let you go, do you mind if I ask what was the real estate something you guys were keeping long-term or is that something that you're thinking about selling?

Okay. I got to provide people. Go ahead. I get to tell you that works like magic. First of all, it takes the pressure off you to blurt something out before they hang up on you. But it turns things around at that flip turn things around, like my happy you is absolutely pivotal in my talk for them.

It works every time and it works on surviving spouses too. Especially if you can provide it in a binary format where you're giving the alternative, keeping long-term or thinking about selling, you give that alternative, then they don't feel like whatever answer they give you as a trap. Beautiful.

That's what the nugget I was looking for. Thank you. Say that again. Thank you. Long term or. Yeah. So normally I'm going to say, are you guys waiting? Did you mind if I ask one last question before I let you go, are you guys leaning toward holding onto the property? Long-term. Or you really thinking about eventually selling the real estate that it was in the estate or is in the estate and w since there's not that many people in the queue, I want to tell you guys some of the psychology behind that.

You'll notice that I use. A little preliminary words and precursors phrases like thinking about and leaning towards thinking about and leaning toward. Cause the last thing someone wants to give you is a definitive statement where they are painting them selves into a corner. And the last thing that I want to receive is prospector is a definitive.

We are never selling. So I want them, if they're not thinking about selling, if they're going to keep real estate, I don't want them to say we're absolutely never going to sell a house. I want them to say we're leaning toward, or we are thinking about holding onto the property. Long-term and then. If they're thinking about selling, the last thing they want to do is show us their cards and say I'm definitely selling.

So it gives them some flexibility and a good feeling to be able to say, yeah we're leaning toward eventually selling. It still gives us the information we need that they don't feel like they're really locking themselves in with a final answer.

Okay. Good deal. That's the direction I needed. Thank you very much. At one time, question two is  I think I saw this on the Facebook page that someone who chimed in that they tweaked their website and I do have your standard website all up and running. Thank you very much  that they test that it helped them to have testimonials on it.

Is that available to do on the probate plus website? Okay. On the probate plus site or the  can I get caught up with your MLP stuff? You didn't watch what I was saying.  The, no I'm saying, is it available? Is it an option? Which I went through it and I scoured through it. Maybe I'm missing, but the standard off the shelf website that you guys provided me.

That's great. And it's working great as a reference website. Okay. But is there a way to do testimonials, especially in the about us page, maybe to say it lends credence to what we're doing, and I've already got some successes that I'd like to post up on the board is not only trophies, but credence builders.

So the answer to your question is, and this kind of goes to everybody. So we have  a question that we get the sites that you get is, as you said, comes out of the box, equipped to do the specific things, to build credibility. And doesn't assume that have testimonials or you have a lot of other things that you want to go do.

And sure. And I issue with this, is that anything that you want to add? You can add to it. You need to do it yourself, or if it's something that you want us to do for you, you just contact support. One of our team will get back to you and figure out what it is that you need to go do and get it squared away for you.

And if it's something, super simple and easy, and thanks for a second, we'll do it. If it's something that's going to take a little bit of our time, obviously time is money and there's a small fee for it, but we're the cheapest guys in town in terms of doing this, we're here to help you. Anything you want on your site, you have people who've added, a whole bunch of pages. We've added a lot of depths. Who've done a lot of different things with their sites, your websites, a place to start. We give it to you the way it should be to start with. And then it's up to you to modify that people have added chat to it, capable of added things that pop up.

People have added a lot more information. The main thing that people see when they get on there is your list of frequently asked questions, which shows you that I know what you're doing and give them the ability to. Learn a little bit about you and all that, but testimonials are vital.

If you've got them, nothing sells like the word of other people, word of mouth is extremely important. So it's a long answer, but the answer is yes, whatever you want you to do. Great. No, thank you for not saying no, I appreciate it. Okay. Yep. And Mike, while you're customizing, I encourage a lot of people.

If you have any interview chops or video chops at all, start interviewing your team, whether that be an attorney or a contract or clean out crew, whoever it is, start interviewing them. Even if it's over zoom, you can add those zoom videos in as content pieces into your website as well. We don't normally talk about the, a website content and how to build.

Credibility online on this call a whole lot, but you, you opened the door, Mike, so there, there are a whole bunch of different things that you can add to that site. And Tim, if I'm not mistaken, you can correct me, but don't we give them the backend login to their WordPress site. The keys, when you buy it, you get the keys.

So if you have the tech skills and you want to go do that yourself, you can do it and we make it easy on you. It's a WordPress website. There was nothing nothing to prevent you from doing anything that you would want to do about that. And if you need help doing it, we're here to help you either way.

Thank you so much, guys. Appreciate it today. All right. I appreciate you participating. We have two more in the queue guys. There's room for more. It's star six and hint one. And we're still looking for our first winner of the week. Next up is phone number ending in one four nine, five. You're up next. Hey just wanted to piggyback on those.

Marker [00:25:15]The last caller he had mentioned part of my question about using a dialer. I have got an accountability group. That's just, we just started up to do  basically expireds fizbos that kind of a thing. It's it's basically.  We just signed up on a zoom and everybody can see each other and it's just again for accountability.

And I'm following their lead, which I've just the whole cold calling and all of that is, is brand new to me as well.  Jumping in and multiple spokes. This being one of them. Can you give me a little insight about that? Cause they're telling me, as far as the expired areas, you just, you use the dialer you grab who you can grab, you, you just blow through things and it doesn't.

It doesn't seem like this is that's the way I need to be handling this and forgive me for the, just the almost ignorant questions I'm asking, but I'm just, I'm still trying to. Put all this together. These are great questions. And for every ignorant question you ask, I guarantee you just saved about a hundred people that are going to listen to this, or are listening the same from asking the same question.

So there they are thankful how many probate leads are you getting?   All I have right now is historic.  Intention was to. Subscribe last week. And I,  under the con the contingency that I was able to move some obligations that I had with some other real estate related things that I'm involved in and that's taking longer than I expected.

So I hope by the end of next week, to be able  to subscribe, I just cannot get them to  Release me yet. And so it's a little, it's just something I did not expect. What's going to happen. So I'm in a, I'm in a limbo. So I'm trying to make hay while I'm in London.  Jim and Tim are both going to kill me for bringing this back up again, but if you can sign up before Tuesday then you'll get the you'll be able to plug into the Wednesday foundations call and get a lot of dialogue and probate foundations technique.

With that said, Depending on the number of probate leads you have, you may or may not want to use a dialer. We have a whole bunch of people that do use the dialer. I've find that, normally anything under around 40 or 50 leads a month, you can do manually without much trouble.   Work certain lists manually and some lists with a dialer.

Probate is a completely different call from what your expireds and for sale by owner calls are going to be. Those are kind of Wolf of wall street, boiler room type of thing. Call where you're just going for no you're dialing. Hey, do you want to sell your house? No click. You want to sell your house? No click.

You want to sell your house? Yeah. Okay. This one, you're really trying to identify pain points. And so you're leading in with statements of value and then opening the floor to the person, to either share with you their experience or give you some resistance. So you're. It's a lot more of a nurturing and cultivating relationship, a different style phone call on your first time.

There does come a point with probate leads where you go into sales mode. It's normally after you've built some rapport where an expired or for sale by owner, you're going into sales mode right out of the gate, because they're probably going to list the house and you need to get them  listed with you before the next guy does.

Probate it's about building the runway and having great credibility and rapport when they are ready to take off. Okay. We'll see you in that that, that is one of the reasons that attracted this aspect too, because that's, that is really where I come from. I'm a spirit influence  person. And like I said, I'm trying to go into a multi-speaker  Situation.

That part I get.  What I'm hearing is you're saying that definitely needs to be more organic. I believe in my County that I'll be signing up for, I'll be getting at least, a hundred leads a month.  That's doable and to just piggyback on that and part of the process that I'm in right now  do you could, do you feel like that going down the route of okay.

Dealing with probate and all of the situations there, do you feel like that it could be transferred into those other spokes expireds and for sale by owners? Cause that's what I'm finding now is there's still, you're still dealing with frustrated people. Just in just it's being generated for different reasons, namely, being called 150 times and it's okay, I'm the a hundred 50th person that's called?

What, what is why would I even listen to you?  Does that make any sense? And it can, I, is, there is a way, to focus in on buckets, you get it, to land the plane here. I guess if I get. Skilled with probate. What will that skill me in? Yeah. A notice of default and expireds and these other spokes that I guess I should have said that.

Okay. All right.   The basically when we start teaching you dialogue and I don't wanna S I don't want to say scripts because they're really not that these conversation principles the principle isn't linear and it's used. Based on the reaction of the person you were talking to. And of course it's geared toward probate phone calls, but.

I'll tell you that these principles, if somebody hits you with a really hard objection, that principle works, whether it's an expired or a probate, if somebody shares a pain point, the principle that you plug in works, regardless of whether it's an expired or for sale by owner probate. So they're all going to be relevant on the phone.

And this is. Is definitely going to make you a better prospect you're in, for sale by owner and expireds.  Obviously, and I think that it it doesn't go without saying so I'll bring the point up. I think a lot of times your credibility, when you get, get on the phone with someone, no matter what source of lead it is vital.

And so I believe that there needs to be some kind of a marketing effort where people at least recognize who you are, whether that be Facebook ads or email or direct mail, postcards, letters, things like that. When you get someone on the phone and they have at least in the back of their mind, a little bit of of they've seen your name.

At minimum, it really warms that call up  especially in probate that it'll help in your other sources as well. And David, I wanted to, I want to make two comments. First of all, we'll have your account rep reach out to you and get you in that foundations training. One thing you touched on that is I think is so important that very few people do is the accountability group.

In my previous life, I was a real estate coach for about eight years. And. The person I coached for charge. Realtors and investors were paying him a thousand dollars a month for a 30 minute call. Oh, don't even, please don't even start there. But it always amazed me dope. Bruce has a charge that blacks don't worry.

It always amazed me how people. People will make commitments to themselves and not feel bad about breaking them, but when they would come to the call and know they had to either tell me, Hey, I made my contacts this week, or I didn't, I did my homework. I didn't people go out of their way to look good to other people.

And what you touched on there, go to our Facebook group and set up accountability groups and just meet once a week and tell each other what you're committed to do. And then the next week y'all got to show up and say, I didn't or get your excuse. You would be amazed how powerful that can be. And it is, I would suggest everybody on the call do that.

You set up your own little groups in our, all the leads Facebook group. Cause it's it sounds like you've had some experience with that as a pastor. Yes. And I, and that's where I appreciate you guys, I can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo, as long as I believe in what I'm selling and what I found out through  I believe in what I'm doing, but I found out where I guess a hindrance for me, I don't believe in the way I'm doing it.

Does that make sense? And so I've overcome that. And like I said, I think that the way I hear you guys talking that I want to learn. In that direction. And I'm just  guess my question, the foundation of my question is that I don't want any more here, drink this, smoke, this where this  listen to this, say this  and all your wildest dreams will come true.

Vote Pedro. I just,  I'm just.  Just a, is that, and if you don't, and if nothing happens and you go back you say I did this and they say, Oh you just didn't do it long enough, hard enough, fast enough, slick enough or whatever. And I don't hear you guys saying that.

So yeah. Let me give you, let me give you this.  If I'm going to tell you, or if any of us are going to tell you, you didn't do it long enough or hard enough or fast enough, it's going to be in the beginning of your probate experience.  Can tell the majority of people  right out of the gate that they're going to need to put  a good four to six months and to a list to see  close to the fullness of your conversion process.

Establishing the proper expectations are of how long you're going to be working with families to get them to trust you and convert. Because the reality with probate specifically is somebody. They just lost somebody. Most of the time, sometimes they file probate really late. I've seen years after that, there.

Loved one passed away, but a lot of times it's usually a couple of weeks after whoever they've lost has passed away and they're collecting bank statements. They're dealing with legal documents and the court house they're finding debts. They're cleaning a house out and who's going to cut the grass and they're just doing all these things and they need to know in the beginning that you understand what they're going through.

And they also need to know that you're not there to pitch them and sell them and try to convince them  to not go through that process. And many of them are going to take three or four or five months to get to the point where they're emotionally ready to sell their father or their mothers or their siblings, largest asset.

And if you're there offering credibility and guidance and options throughout the process, you will get the business. Doesn't always happen in month one or month two, but you're going to get it. If you properly set up the plan and the expectation of how long you're going to be prospecting a family. Thank you.

All right, sir. We appreciate you. We got the queues filling up, so let's move on to. Phone number ending in six, eight, seven, eight. You're up next?

Marker [00:35:52] How are you doing what type of marketing? Can you put together if you're gonna run some Facebook ads  pretending to probate  Facebook ads are going to primarily be more of a branding oriented ad a lot of times.

And I've done this on several different occasions. A lot of times you need to have a big enough audience. If you have a list of 50 people, Facebook might not deliver that ad. They might, but they might not.  So make sure that you have a large enough audience and it should have some kind of a click through you need to offer something of value, whether that's a probate checklist or a vendor's list or a free home value, something like that.

But. I want you, even though you're offering those things, I want you to be aware that Facebook ad is probably going to be geared toward building credibility for yourself so that when you call and when you put mail in their mailbox, letter or postcard, they recognize you. That's the power of running Facebook ads is the brand awareness and the credibility.

What about it? So we in the regular, what if, what about if you just running a regular Facebook ad pertaining to probate, give niche of people that are in the situation right now?  What types of information could you put in front of them?  What word when I'm referring to? Yeah, I was going to jump in what I was going to come in on in the past.

What we have recommended we've heard works is stand in front of your courthouse. And just say, Hey, I visit here every month. And the, if the people are doing the probate themselves, they've probably been there.  If not, stand in front of something that has your courthouse name and say Hey, it's Jim, just coming to you.

Live from the, The Calousa County courthouse and wanting you to know that I'm here to help you with your probate, make it something short and specific, and then combine all the things that Bruce said, a call to action and something free that you're offering. But rather than just your picture, sometimes identifying them with the place where the probate is filed can be pretty effective.

And Bruce, you had something you were trying to add also. Yeah, I was actually just going to add the video content. And I do think that offering them something that if they click on the link in your ad, offering them some kind of a free probate checklist or a brochure or something of value.

It doesn't have to be really substantial, but do give them a call to action. A reason to click on the link in your ad or to call you. But. It's really important that you have the appropriate expectation with this. A Facebook ad is not going to in and of itself, convince someone that you're the best person to sell their house with.

Very often, let me say that it does happen. You need to also be doing your other prospecting and marketing, or you're just going to waste money.

All right, sir. We appreciate it. Next up. Is phone number ending in nine, five 85? You're up next?

Marker [00:38:42] Oh, yes. Hi. I was just wanting to ask a quick question for you. So I was talking with the guy today as I was making my phone calls and he, I saw that he had several properties, not just one, but I, the one in questions specifically that was on the probably plus.

Was really, it was worth like $1.5 million.  I called the guy and he said  there's really nothing to be done. This is on an annuity and I don't really need any help at all.  He's keeping it or something. So I was a little bit perplexed because I wasn't sure what he meant by that.

Have you ever come across that before? And can you please explain to me  what he would be needing annuity for on this house and how would you be collecting it?  Yeah. Starting to get into some complex financial  not advice but technique here. So annuities are generally, if that property was pro is probably income producing and is probably managed by someone else.

I'm speculating. So the odds are. Someone that's put their property into an annuity is not going to sell. Cause it's normally income producing.  Very few people do this. It's an insanely low number of people that have the financial sophistication to set things up like this. And I would argue that if they do have the sophistication to do it this way, they're probably not going to go through probate.

So in the future, I would be really surprised if you ran into another situation like this.  For now we need to drill down with a person like this guy on what his what he was saying no to, was he saying, no, I don't really need help cleaning the property out. Was he saying, no, I'm not going to sell.

Was he saying my attorney's handling the legal aspect? Yeah. I asked him about that. I said any type of real estate services, if you, even managing the property  selling it I week three, I still have people that can help you renovate property or clean property.

Is there anything that I could have helped you with? And he said, no, nothing is just, there's an annuity property and everything's taken care of. I really didn't like it, that I didn't really know how to answer it. And I wasn't sure what he even really meant by it.  Simple solution without admitting you don't know exactly what that means. Would  you could say something like, so the property is rented. You have a long-term tenant in there.  After question, is it even though it's in an annuity and yeah, you may have a long-term tenant. Is this something you think you might want to sell when the lease is up?

You know what I mean? You could ask, you can ask generic questions like that, that don't really give away whether you understand what he's talking about or not, because I would assume that, and Bruce correct me if I'm wrong. I would assume even if it's in an annuity, it's not something. That couldn't change in the future.

And for a $1.5 million listing, you want to keep on touching on top of it. Yep. It's. I want you to go back to the objection, validation that that I've mentioned a few times on this call is he gave you some resistance or an objection. Sounded like he did it in a pretty diplomatic and decent way.

Just because he's planning on holding onto something today doesn't mean that it's never going to change or he's never going to need assistance. And so I would just say, Hey, that's great. I always like to hear that someone has everything handled.  Think sometimes that changes I think.

Would it be okay if we just kept in touch periodically just to see if anything has adjusted or changed. And and then you could always just shift over and say, and am I clear and understanding that you probably will not be selling any real estate? And just drill down, you need clarity. And a lot of the questions that we teach you guys to ask are fairly generic.

They're designed to leave someone, lots of room to go in a hundred different directions when you're not sure what someone's going to do. You might want to get more specific with your questions. If I'm going to get specific, I'm usually not going to get specific out of the gate. I'm typically going to validate whatever it is that they've told me first.

Marker [00:42:46]Okay. I appreciate it. Appreciate it. All right. Next up is Mr. Pinell. You're up next. Hey guys, I just wanted to try him in on that. The question about the social media, Facebook ads.  I see this a lot and I see this a lot with realtors in general. They want to start with the easiest thing. They assume Facebook's going to be the, or social media.

Let's YouTube ads, Google ads, whatever ads you do on social or online, we assume that they're going to be easy to do, and we can just hit a button and spend 50 bucks.  That's not really where you need to start with probate prospecting or any prospecting because you need to have I'm just speaking to the whole audience here.

You, you gotta. You're going to get leads on social media. And if you watch those click funnel guys, and you watch those guys that have those funnels in play  they have systems that pick up the follow-up that you're not going to have. If you start at social media and just spend 50 to a hundred bucks, I, what I would recommend to the whole audience here.

Is that you do your letter one, you do your call one, you do call two, call three, use Facebook and social media and all the ads online, wherever you want to put them. As impression only that matches everything that you have, your website, your calls, your letters, it has to match, like you said earlier in this call and that's going to be where you, your you'll go from your calls.

We'll get probably three conversions a month. Combined letters. You'll probably get six or seven with the impressions. You'll probably double that the 15 deals a month. So you got to have the money behind and the follow-up and the action plan behind it. And I've been doing this for about two years now.

We're probate, and I'm just now getting to the point where I got all my marketing in place, all my letters in place, all my calls. And now I'm doing the social media stuff. David, what you just shared was totally gold. And that's where where a lot of people there they want to fire a social media ad out for a month and look at the conversions and the leads just roll in and.

The magic really happens when one, someone calls you four months later and they say, I see you everywhere. Yeah. And I get your letters. I got your brochures. I've gotten your voicemails. I'm sorry. I haven't been able to call you back. I see you on Facebook. I see you on Instagram. And email different things like that.

And it doesn't, you don't set it up all at once. And I also want to caution people that  not to hold back on your calls and letters until you don't hold back on those. If you don't have everything set up, it's fine. You can start with those foundational pieces. And then as David just mentioned, gradually build in your social media campaigns and your email campaigns and different things like that.

You gotta be okay with not expecting anything from the ad at first, because it's gonna only be an impression tool. Like you said earlier, that you gotta be in the back of their mind that you have a better option for them. And we come at them with all the options, listing wholesale rental we'll bill, everything to get the appointment.

It always changes at the appointment anyways, whatever they say on the phone.  It's just a matter of just,  you can't focus there. That's I heard that and I was like no, no stop holes. Put the brakes on because  I've made that book on probate. I've done letters have done. Geez, man. It's intense.

And then you want everything to be where it's automated. I'm getting to the point where it's just automated, where it's going to go out, regardless of I do it and put the phone call letters. And you can't have a conversation with somebody on the phone to prospect these people. We don't need to start trying to get leads in to then have the conversation because you're going to fumble and screw it up.

Great stuff, my friend. Thank you very much. I'm sorry. Yeah. Oh no, you're good. Don't ever apologize. You bring some, Oh, I always ramble on powerful. Okay. Good guys. We have one more in the queue. That'll bring us up nicely to the top of the hour. Last call his phone number ending in seven three, five five.

You're up last.

Marker [00:46:35] Hey, my name is young and I I think you guys, there was a very interesting article that you guys sent over in regards to the best calling times. It was done by MIT and collaborative MIT and The study itself was from Monday to Friday, the peak times to call someone for conversions and to connect with somebody.

But they didn't mention anything about Saturday or Sunday. Do you feel it's a bad idea to call people on Saturday and Sunday? Bruce? I'll jump in on this one. And I'm, it has some comments too. We have, I haven't done a comprehensive study, but when I was an active prospector, I used to make a hundred contacts a day.

I would try somebody. Three times during business hours. And then if I miss them, I try like on a Wednesday night from five 30 to seven, o'clock, try not to interrupt their dinner, but, make it brief. And probably my best follow-up times were about 10 to one on Saturday and make sure you're calling the right times.

I'll make sure you don't call somebody 10:00 AM your time. And it's 7:00 AM and in California. But no I had very good success with Saturday calls. People are home, they're relaxed earlier in the day. They, they're not out yet. They're, they're awake maybe having their second cup of coffee and I used to have very good success.

Then. How about you, Bruce? Have you tried weekends?  To your first point is make sure that the time zone matches up. My very first real estate lead ever was a million dollar lead in $150,000 average price point market. And I didn't pay attention to the fact that they were in Hawaii and I called them at 9:00 AM Eastern time the next day.

I can tell you, I didn't get that deal. So check your time zones. Normally, generally speaking I w I want. Everyone to hear very plainly very plainly that if you are your worst during those MIT time zones calls, call times don't call. We want you calling when you're at your best and if you're distracted and you're not going to call, and you're just holding your calls back until MIT said that you should call you're not going to be very effective.

So call when  your best number one. Number two is  As far as Saturdays and Sundays go Sundays. I've tried Sundays. I've never really had a whole lot of success on Sundays.  Saturdays all I'm waiting for on Saturdays. And I haven't done a comprehensive study on this either, but I'm waiting on the The soccer parents to, to get out of there kids' activities.

And I'm usually waiting until about 11 o'clock and normally a couple of hours before. And right after lunch are normally seem best to me. And I'm going to, I'm gonna use that word theme.  I have tried at all different times of Saturday and 11 to one seem to be the best times. Yup. I agree.

The one 11 to one wherever works for you. Okay. That helps. Alright. Cool. Yeah. Yeah. That's the only question I had. So guys, awesome job as always. We can't say how much we appreciate all of you for showing up today, particularly appreciate the seven or eight of you that actively participated. I want to remind all of you come to our next mastermind, call with your winner of the week and take one idea.

One thought, one thing that inspired you on this call. Wow and put it into practice and please come back next Thursday and share your results with the group. That's a great day, guys. We'll talk to you soon. Take care.


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Leveraging Letters of Intent | Shortening Your Elevator Pitch | Probate Mastermind Podcast #314

Leveraging Letters of Intent | Shortening Your Elevator Pitch | Probate Mastermind Podcast #314

Probate Mastermind Episode #314 | Recorded Live on February 11th, 2021.  

Join Us Live Every Thursday | Previous Episodes.


Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast, you'll learn how to leverage letters of intent while a personal representative waits for letters of testamentary; structure your business in a way that represents your brand and protects your assets; get through your cold calling introduction with a successful and concise elevator pitch; how to navigate acquisitions when probate courts place a minimum purchase price on probate property; and how to scrub old leads efficiently.

***Most importantly, we hear more incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

Leveraging Letters of Intent While A PR Waits For Testamentary Letters

00:00 Leveraging Letters of Intent While A PR Waits For Testamentary Letters 

Federico is meeting with the decision makers of an estate this weekend.  They are very early in the probate process and have not received their letters of testamentary yet. Assuming they will sell the house in the future, how can Federico build rapport and solidify an exclusive relationship this weekend, before the personal representative has the authority to enter a listing agreement?



Trusts, Survivorship, and Probate: Expediting The Sale Of A Home

8:36 and 37:22 Trusts, Survivorship, and Probate: Expediting The Sale Of A Home

Mike is expecting a huge increase in inventory in his market in a few months, and his sellers are motivated to sell now while they can get competitive offers and ultimately a higher net. However, he believes the attorney they are working with is offering conflicting information on whether or not they can sell right now.  Mike explains the situation and the coaches help him navigate options. Michelle asks a follow-up question on Muniment of title at 37:22.



Asset Protection and Structuring Your Business

25:00 Asset Protection and Structuring Your Business 

Mike is looking to structure his business in a way that reflects all the hats he will be wearing and protect his assets, limit his liability.



How Far Back Should I Scrub For Property?

32:45 How Far Back Should I Scrub For Property? 

Mark is considering running his 2016 and 2017 probate lead lists through ProbatePlus to scrub for remaining properties.  He has almost 1000 leads. Is this worth it? Tim and Jim suggest using the 2017 data first, as that is still within the sweet spot of how probate leads age and realize their initial plan to keep inherited property just isn’t realistic.




How to Shorten Your Elevator Pitch.

39:48 How to Shorten Your Elevator Pitch. 

Travis is getting interrupted in his cold calling introductions - “What do you want?” How can he get past that? Bruce gives his advice.



80% Rule and Investment Acquisitions

48:01 80% Rule and Investment Acquisitions

Caller is in Ohio, where probates with a court-appointed administrator place an 80% rule on the sale of any property in probate.  He is interested in purchasing many of these properties as investment properties, but they aren’t worth the 80% minimum requested by the court. Jim has experience doing and describes how to make a case to the court for a proper valuation. Often, the fiduciaries get their numbers from computer algorithms.







Looking to hear prospecting tips in action? Check out our live role play series.




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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #314


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Welcome prolific agents and investors from across the country. Today is February 11th, 2021. And this is mastermind podcast. Number 314. We do have two in the queue guys. We got plenty of room for more, just hit star six and then hit one. And let's go to our first person in the queue. First up this week, his phone number ending in eight two one three.

Marker [00:00:59]Good morning guys. How are you? Excellent. How you doing, sir? I'm great. This is fed. I have a win, so just one, right? Like when? Yes please. Yes, sir.  Been I've been consistent with my calls and it looks like they're paying off. I got a call. I called a PR. Left her a message. The next number on the list happened to be the dad who took my information down long story short.

She called me this week. I reached out to her originally three weeks ago and it looks like I will be meeting her and her brother who are both decision-makers this Saturday at 3:00 PM at the house. They did not have an attorney. So I referred an attorney to them. And the beauty is that the attorney then immediately sent me another client back in return.

So it's like a double win. Awesome, good job. How old was lead fed? How long had you been working at? No, this one was actually relatively new. I reached out January 18th. So it was one yeah. One from the January list then basically brand new list. That's that? That's correct. Yeah. Yes.

That's great. So yeah, my question. Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead. Sorry about that. No, I was just going to say that's good to hear we a lot. We spent a lot of time, stressing how it can take, three to six months or longer to convert these leads. And a lot of them do, but it's not uncommon. That we'll hear, I got my first set of leads and I got a couple listings or I got three listings.

So that's good to hear, it does work both ways.  And good job you with, for you at establishing rapport right away. You, it sounds like you kinda. Made friends with two of them. And that probably helped two of the errors and that helped solidify the appointment. And it sounds like it may just be a, come get me listing.

Does that, is that your perception? I, it seems like it, so obviously thanks to you guys. I knew how to I don't want to say handled the objection, but more just through your guys's help and, the private calls with Bruce. Yeah, she was steering towards the head. Let me talk to my brother and then I'll get back to about an appointment.

And I just said, look, since, since we're all busy, Let's just schedule a tentative appointment. And if anything changes we'll we can always change change the date as well. I'm free Saturday in the morning at 11 or 3:00 PM. What's best for you. And eventually she just said, look, let's do three.

And then I even had an insurance specialist call her to place a vacant home insurance policy on the asset called her to confirm. And she didn't say anything about changing Saturday. I think, yeah. It's thanks to you guys.  So thank you very much for that. I have a question regarding that.

So it seems, since she doesn't have an attorney, my impression is that she doesn't have the letters of testamentary yet. So when I go there on Saturday, I was more just trying to establish a rapport and maybe get a, you get a better understanding of the property to see if there's anything we could do prior to that taking place.

They did express that they do want to sell the assets. I'm pretty sure that's going to be the case. Is there something, is it a bad idea for me to go this Saturday? Since they don't have essentially the letters of testamentary in front of them and they haven't been to court yet, which is why I put them in touch with the attorney or is it good to still go to maintain rapport and just see what we can handle ahead of time?

Fed hay. So Hey, I think that you, 100% need to go on that appointment. This Saturday. What I would do is I would go ahead and take maybe a single page letter of intent with you, and essentially just explain to them. Look, if you don't have your letters of testamentary yet. Okay.  We're not going to be able to do a full established listing, but if you if you want me to go ahead and reach out to my private buyers list and at least start having conversations to see what kind of interests that I have, let's go ahead and sign this.

I can. I start having conversations with private buyers that, that I may be working with and then say, and then as soon as we get our letters testamentary, we can go ahead and sign an official listing agreement and get it moving forward. But let's talk about some of the terms that we want to be included in the listing agreement when it comes.

So maybe we'll. This will give us a chance to talk about picking a price taking listing terms. Give us a chance to talk about some of the other services that I'm going to offer to you guys included in the future listing. Okay, you go on that appointment this Saturday and try to get something tentative in writing.

It's not going to be enforceable if they don't have letters, testamentary but at least it'll get a, get an emotional commitment. Hey, we actually did sign something and they usually won't steer away from. Okay, perfect. Absolutely. I'll I'll do that. Thank you. I really appreciate that. Yep.

Great job. One other thing, one other thing. Go ahead, Bruce finish. I'm sorry, I'm just going to throw and a couple of other things about your approach. So far, a few of the notes that I was taking is number one, this is just a true Testament to how you, we should absolutely be working down the list and calling people on the list.

May not even be the PR. So you had left her a message and then you got through to her father, great job calling down the list. There's a lot of good things that happen when you call down the list and you start establishing relationships with other family members or or people that, that sometimes even it's the ex spouse, the PR I've heard a lot of good stories about that, too.

Another thing that I'm going to throw in. You used the a classic, double bind, which is a really powerful appointment setter where you pick a time you pick two times, so Saturday, I think you said at 11 or Saturday at three, it gives the kind of the illusion or the subconscious feeling of choice.

When really you're the one that's in control. Now I'll just throw this in for you and anyone else that is in the habit of using a double bind where they offer two different choices to someone for an appointment, time, more and more people. The F the later. More recently more and more people are recognizing those double bind.

So if you're going to use one, I might also recommend throwing in a third option. It's still giving the the, the illusion of choice, but. It's not as recognizable. So you might say I have available Saturday at 11 or Saturday at three. And of course, if those don't times don't work for you, I could also do Tuesday afternoon.

What works better for you?  Just the thought of throwing in a third choice in case they're sales savvy they won't recognize it as much. That makes sense. I appreciate that. I'll definitely put it into play. Thank you. Okay, Bruce, that sounds a lot. Yeah, that sounds a lot less scripted. And what I was gonna add said one of my original mentors in the business taught me that the best way to handle the objection is never to have it come up and good job.

When you sensed an objection coming, you headed it off before she even had a chance to get it out. It sounds like. So that's a really good, that's a good example of listening and responding and. Avoiding having to answer the objection because you answered it ahead of time.

So great job with that. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you guys. All right. Great job. We appreciate you. We have two more in the queue guys. We got plenty of room for more. Don't be shy it star six and hit one. Next up is phone number ending in zero five, four, four. You're up next.

Are you there? Grand Prairie, Texas I 73 65 Oh one. You mean? Different numbers showing up, but that's okay. It's used. So go ahead. All right thanks guys for taking my call.

Marker [00:08:36] Hey, I just thought I had a win from a December call, followed up with two letters and then followed up with a call.

And she had just gotten her letter of testamentary in North Carolina for her brother's house here in Texas. She told me that she already had four realtors lined up. But she was flying out this week and I could free to call her this week when she got in case somebody canceled. I did do that yesterday and lead with the foot that listen, I've been at this for 18 years as real estate agents sold over 850 houses.

I just did my parents' estate. I am sure that I will have more value for you. So it would be worth your time to at least meet with me. And she reads, so I am going there with my estate planner today at 4:00 PM. I consider that a wind that I at least got to the doorsteps. So anyway, it's working. Second thing, I'm sorry.

I just said, that's a huge win. You can go on with your second thing and I'll hold my comments. Oh, okay. Bruce, by the way, while you're coming and put my name down again, Mike rec art, R E K a R T. Still want to talk to you about private coaching? All right. I didn't have your last name. Last time I got it now.

Record R E K a R T. Perfect. Oh so the not muniment of title, as I've heard it say here, but muniment of title that my probably lower tells me is how it's pronounced. I'm having a lot of people get the fact that listen, we have to wait for the hearing date. I don't have my letter of testamentary yet.

But muniment of title. I've got a classic case that I just can't get to the table. This is actually past client of mine, whose father is Fastly approaching dementia. And they've got a investment house that I have actually sold and bought, rented out for them, but they want to sell it. It is all ready to go and has been moving ready, but it's empty.

But I gave them a probate lawyer and did get them to get his affairs in check after the mother had died. And my lawyer, although I'm trying to get ahold of her is that I recommended is telling them that they can't do anything now until they have the hearing date three months from now. Now I really do think that the market is going to change as people.

Lead the uncertainty of the election Brewha and the uncertainty with COVID as we all get vaccinated. So I expect that I'm going to see a surge in inventory here right now. My sellers are pirates. They're getting over asking price multiple offers. So I'm trying to do the best by this client and for long long story short sooner is better for them.

And. The lawyer is saying, no, you can't do anything. We're in Texas. There was a will from the other, even though both names are on it. And we got, yeah. Or at least I've heard that we've got that. No, you have to wait for the hearing. This is the same lawyer who told me just a month ago that another lawyer who was saying that.

It was just their opinion that we couldn't sell the house, put it up for sale and sell it. Now I'm not talking about the funds necessarily going anywhere a little bit. The name beneficiary in this case is the surviving spouse. But is there something I'm missing? I hate to go toe to toe with the lawyer and say, wait a minute, what about muniment of title?

We should be able to sell the house, put it up and sell it. And just not distribute the funds or distribute the funds only to a trust vehicle.

No. That's okay. No, you were very clear. Very, it was pretty concise actually. The attorney you're dealing with is you had recommended them or they found her on you. They found her on their own. I think, because of my venture with you guys, that was my recommended attorney. Listened.

You don't have a trust for Joe. You got to get a trust. And he's got a million dollars where the real estate coming in this trust, but this is one of the first at $275,000 houses, that investment, but he's got a lot of property oil and cattle property that, I pushed the alarm for them to get into a trust and got them this trust and probate lawyer outfit here in town that I'm trying to build a relationship with.

And my own lawyer saying that now, I call it my lawyer only in that it was my recommendation. Yeah. The person is not deceased those. So it's a trust to avoid probate. Correct. So it doesn't mean necessarily. Yeah. They don't have the trust yet, or you're trying to do the trust and the relationship with the lawyers because I pushed them in that direction.

So they don't have a title. But before that, the property was owned as an investment property by a man and wife. The wife unfortunately died just recently. So the older man who is basing dementia and is getting his affairs in order with the help of his daughter, who is my longtime client. So they love it to death.

I saw this coming and in helping them and guiding them, but now are very frustrated that they got to wait three months, especially after I've told them that I believe the market's going to change and we're getting it swamped. And we may have demands that we're gonna have. One more clarifying question.

So you when his wife died, he was entitled with her with the right of survivorship. So as long as when she passed. Okay. So it doesn't have to go through probate for him to be in control and for him to do something with the property. No, I've run into that before with a husband and wife, even though we have muniment of title here in Texas, that if there was no will.

Then all kind of all bets are off. You gotta go. You gotta go through probate anyway, even though the outcome is still the same. And in fact, the shares more, if there's more credit than just the note you on the house, you are probably not going to be able to do immune mint title either. So we had to wait.

Now we were in that case, no will debt beyond the house fact. It was a hoarder's house and went very well with all the people that I got to the party. But. We were able to put it on the market and. Not close, but be in tight, it'd be in contract with a close date several days after the hearing.

So all of that was possible and allowed us to get into the market before everyone at the end of the line knew the Gates of Disneyland. We're open. I think you gotta, we used to call it a fast, you got a fast pass, right? So you didn't have to wait line. Yeah, exactly. And that's the analogy that it really clung on.

It seems to resonate with people, but that's why I'm pushing so hard, not just for a close for bucks for us, but. Hey, let's do it fast because the market is insane right now. And again, I'm not understanding why, if I have a, will I have a survivor spouse? I dunno, maybe I need to, yeah, I know. I know. Yeah.

Bruce and Tim both have answers for you, but I think, if you hadn't referred the attorney, I would probably say. Go ahead and get the property listed. And if a contract comes along, just tell them it's going to be a protracted closing, but because you brought the attorney to the table, I think I would just call the attorney and ask her if she's accessible.

Just ask, have you done that? Have you spoken to her and ask her why? On the last one, one of the first ones I got with you guys, the last one, I had mentioned this case coming up and believe it or not, this is hilarious. She said client attorney privilege, I can't really talk to you without their permission.

I'm like, Oh, you've gotta be kidding me. I referred you and you can't talk to me about it. What I'm going through, I'm going through the grades that I just sent him an email. Please ask her or tell her you, I had permission to talk to you about it. So yeah. Even if it was a generic conversation, Hey, I referred these people to you and here's the situation and just put it to her, like you just said to us, I don't feel it's in my, I understand we may not be able to close for three or four months, but the market's so hot right now.

I don't feel like it's in our mutual client's best interest. To put this off. So would you be okay with me? Go ahead and listing the property and if we get a contract, I'll call  you tell me if it's a four month closing fine and we'll give it enough time to close that. Make sure by the time we close that the trust is set up and you can use it as a vehicle to close.

I think I would just put the question to her the way you put it to us and just ask her.  And again, come from that perspective that it's in the client's best interest and you're supposed to both be serving them. I, Bruce, I know you had something to, or Tim, go ahead, Tim. Yeah, I was going to say along the same lines, is that not only asked that, but say, we're always trying to do the right thing for the client and the same story that you said in your.

Your professional opinion, the market is potentially going to change. And max value is not going to be the same as it is, today in four months, potentially. And you're saying you, no, I can't. No one can predict future, but I would want to not only put it on the market and get it under contract, but also put it under market and make the point to the attorney that you want to put it under contract.

And get several backup offers because of the fact that closing is likely to be protracted based on what you said that way. You're making it really clear to the attorney. She's doing her client a disservice, and you really do know what you're doing. The backup offers will potentially seal the deal in terms of saying the right thing to the client, tell your client the same thing.

Yeah. Yeah. Let me ask you a clarification question, Bruce, and I'm sorry, I haven't let you. Yep. But how is it that you guys understand muniment of title? What is muniment title's supposed to do it. I thought it's supposed to get us a letter testamentary or at least a pass somehow that we can move some of these assets around, because it's a formality for the rest of probate to go through.

To be honest with you, I don't understand Munich union title. I understand what monument of title is in Texas, but, and pronunciation. It's the same thing. Yeah. I was actually kidding you from our last call on the pronunciation only because the lawyer corrected me. One is a Texas accent and one's not

No, I would just, I was just going to say the monument of, to every state virtually every state has a vehicle for carving the real estate out and allowing an early closing. So I don't think monument of title is too much different than what we do here in Florida, where you got to go get a judge's approval.

So I don't claim to completely understand the legal process, but I know it's cool. And it works. So go ahead, Chad, did you, Bruce, you had something to add. I'll first off or echo what you just said that most States have a tool. It just so happens that Texas calls there's a monument or monument, or however you pronounce it, of title.

The majority of States out there, if if it appears that there are enough assets to cover debts and taxes. Okay. Most States have a resource like that, to be able to carve real estate out. Go ahead and put it in the air's name. And then now you are dealing with what I believe and not my non, attorney.

Nope opinion here. Okay. So I've got to make sure that I get that out there. I believe that you're dealing with a beneficiary asset, so there are beneficiary assets that don't have to pass through probate. And then there are non beneficiary assets that do have to pass through probate. And if this was a husband and wife, Then, and one had a joint.

If it was joint tenancy with right of survivorship, then the ownership interest of the deceased should immediately pass without going through probate the to the surviving spouse without needing to go through probate. So it shouldn't matter. Obviously you want to check with an attorney on that?

I think that your attorney is wrong. And don't get me wrong. Some of my best referral relationships and attorney relationships. They're wrong on things. Sometimes they're not always an expert in every area. Yeah. I didn't want to, if I could just clarify in my task let's ask him. It. My understanding is that isn't really the issue.

The issue is that they're setting up a trust to avoid probate when the current owner dies and your attorney doesn't want you to do anything until the trust is completely. Set up. Is that accurate? I can totally understand how you would take that from me. So I apologize for being unclear. No, it's just something's happened in it.

And Bruce May have put his finger on it. I probably need to check because it wasn't the best property investment property that there was joint tenancy with right. Of survivorship. Because that I think can throw a car cog into it and it's they want to sell the house because this has is, he's not fully no with all his faculties yet, so they don't need to sell anything else.

It's just, this one is sitting here and they know that there's so much behind this. When the faculties are lost there, he can't manage any of the assets. So he's. The ranch, all of the properties. So they're trying to send off the ones that are, so the trust isn't in place yet. And this is more about this singular property that happened to be an investment.

And I think you guys really helped me walk through it that I need to check on that joint tenancy by the survivors. Yeah. Tim has one more followup point, Tim, go ahead. Yeah I, so let me, I heard one of the things you said earlier in the conversation is there in terms of looking at this, forgetting the specifics of all of it.

If you look at this as an estate of this man's estate, is there debt owed over and above the value you have the property nada, nothing on anything. The guy was all cash things. Okay. And also, maybe it also may be the size of the estate because I think the general guidelines I'm, my title is that under a million or less and no debt.

So anything on the property. Yeah. It could be any of those things, but the typical challenge with this is that there can be other assets. That also are lumped in with just this, a state that the court or someone else is looking at and the full muniment of title and you are pronouncing it correctly, as is indeed.

Not applicable just to the property itself. And I think I'm going to go back to what I said earlier. You really need to, because it's something that may come up more often as property values go up and other stuff like that, sit down with an attorney and pick them apart until the right answer about why it's not a doable deal, because you don't have all the facts.

Yeah. And funny, I tried to sit down with the attorneys, but I think it will be easier after COVID they, they didn't even know how to do a zoom call. Anyway offer to buy an hour of their time on the telephone, but yeah, you got it. You're doing, you got to do this and get it done.

And I realize you're trying, and you're, I'm not rebuking your effort, but the answer to this is that we can't give you the legal advice. We w we don't do that anyway, but more importantly, the attorney is the one that you've already got a relationship with, and you're doing the referral side.

Yeah, demand that you get better answers out of them and say, look, I don't even give me a good as a hypothetical in another circumstance. If here were the circumstances, what would we do and what are the issues and make it so that you phrased it back to them that they're not playing with attorney client privilege, who is a consult.

Okay. Good. Good. And then last comment by, we do have five in the queue, so we can wrap this up, but Bruce has one last comment. Go ahead, Bruce. So I was just going to tell you that I'm on board with the attorney in this regard, assuming that the that is not with right of survivorship, it's hard to carve anything out.

If letters of testamentary haven't even been given. Yeah, because who's going to be the person that carves that out. If it's not a PR that's received their letters yet. So if this is not a right of survivorship asset then I'm gonna, I'm gonna err, on the side of going with the attorney that you really have to wait until those have been given.

I think I need to have a conversation with her to really pin this down a conversation with another attorney. I have seven or eight attorneys that refer me. And if I were to ask this question, I'd probably have five of them all come up with the same answer and two that would give me different answers.

So just because they went through law school and they helped. Set up trusts and estates and do probate doesn't mean that they're going to always agree a hundred percent of the time. So always have a few build, build relationship with a few other attorneys somehow. All right. Great. Thanks so much.

Perfect, complicated and interesting case. I appreciate you bringing it to the table. Next up is phone number ending in zero zero five five. You're up next. Hello. Nice gentlemen.

Marker [00:25:00] Mike here, I got a question for you. I know Chad is working on a, on, on, on a new version of the mastery and but, and if this is already answered somewhere on a video or something, please put them in a direction, but this is a general asset protection question.

And and just to tell you my setup, obviously I'm doing this, this stuff, family transitions type business, but is it really a business I'm not really earning anything I'm really helping bring together. And I'm it's really a marketing piece to figure out how I can best serve an estate.

So what I've done is I have this subchapter S  Corporation. I filed a DBA and I put the name of the the family transitions thing there. I also did that for my my house, with the company to which, which will either take proc, title and either the management company or a couple of other LLCs if  I ever do take some in a flip.

So my question to you is. What more should I be doing if for this family transitions business, do I need more than a DBA if I'm not really generating income and having really expenses? It, what's your suggestions? Any ideas I'll take a first shot at that. The one thing I would tell you is that, yeah, I'm sorry, Bruce.

One thing I would tell you is that. We, as we said, on the earlier call, giving you legal and financial advices, we'll give you some general advice. The first part of this is if you don't have an asset to protect, then you don't need, going to worry about it too badly.

If you're not taking a lot of money. And however you need to also look at liability as well. And certainly the one question I would ask you is if you're growing your businesses and all of that, have you looked into any kind of liability insurance? Let's start there. Have you done that? No. Okay. So you, if you're going to be dealing with anything like that, where you've got money coming in and all of that, we want to just make sure that you're, you're covering your backside.

You want to get the right advice to do that. There's a company out there   called Hiscock A I S, C O C K, or A I S. K O K H I S. K O K. They're one of the less expensive ones out there and they offer some good inexpensive, single proprietor kinds of insurance. So that's one thing to look at. The other part  of it is that you need to be really careful about your potential tax considerations.

And the reality is that if you're doing this and doing it well, you are going to take money in and you need to get advice from your own tax planner or your own CPA and all that sort of stuff. They will also likely direct you to. An attorney for the same things. We're pretty religious about saying you need to be making sure that you've got all your T's crossed and I's dotted in your local marketplace because we have no clue what local issues apply.

And you've got to get a better answer and I'm going to back to the earlier caller, the same kind of deal, establish a great relationship with an attorney that you can bounce, any kind of questions like this off. Cause they can quickly. Give you the answer and I'm going to camp on Bruce's. You get more than one opinion because you will likely get multiple answers and you need to, it's like everybody thinks doctors are religious figures and they are, but they're human beings and people have opinions about things.

There are certain basics, but you need to get as much info as you can. And you're doing the right thing by making sure you've got your act together, but ask the right people in your market. Sure. I appreciate that answer. So I'm going to give you three different answers and they're not necessarily answers, but number one is to the attorney.

Cause you are building a family transitions and a probate side of your business and doing that. You need good estate. Planning attorneys and probate attorneys. It's interesting that a lot of business planning attorneys also are either directly partnered with, especially the smaller wins or or have also do estate planning.

So the first thing that I would do to help answer your question is tell you to go look up someone who is a business planning attorney, and look specifically to see if they're a mid-sized small practice also does estate planning, or if they specifically do a state planning, two of my business attorneys in my market are also estate planning attorneys, and those are the two things that they do.

They. I don't want to say that they go hand in hand, but a lot of times you can kill two birds with one stone. You can get your business set up properly and you can establish a great relationship with that probate and estate planning attorney. The next thing that I was going to say is. As much as you want to do this, I want to cost you in you.

And I'm going to caution you because I hear this from a thousand different people all the time. A lot of people ask these questions and sometimes worrying about how you're going to set things up. Can slow you up from the actual money producing activity of picking the phone up and sending the letters out.

So don't let. Your cells get bogged down and the legal aspects of this or the aspects of setting up the perfect LLC. Yes, it should be done, but it's something that can be added in after you're really rolling with your business. So cart before the horse a little bit potentially. And then the last thing I was going to do is I was just going to throw in a a little Plug for Hiscox insurance as well.

Tim spelled it wrong though. H I S C O X. They offer great liability and errors and omissions insurance. And I think that's probably one of the first things that you should really get. Beautiful now you, so I've got three hats aware. One is a realtor and I don't, I do things in my own personal name if I'm getting a commission.

And then there's the. Investor side of things, which I usually have a an LLC  or,  taking title.  And then there's the property management side, which is really not a very big things business, really. You think his hit this Cox? Can I have the conversation with them?

They can help me out with all three of those. Yeah. Two I go through. Yeah. Alrighty. And and that was great advice by the way. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to find guys who do the estate planning that also, because ideally, I want to learn about trusts in terms of putting things in land trusts for asset protection, when I'm flipping homes or buying homes or rentals and Over here in New Jersey, not a whole lot of them know about that.

So you can find an estate attorney, a business attorney, and they'll, they'll look at you like a deer in headlights when you start talking about, Hey, I want to structure my flips and my real estate investing with this. And they don't know. So that's I'm sure there's somebody out there, but I'm keep, I'm still looking for, Hey, set up rule real estate attorney can do that.

I'm sorry. What'd you say, Bruce? A real estate attorney can help you with that as well. Obviously, I would imagine. Yeah. Yeah. I agree. Go ahead. I'm sorry. We're stepping off. Stepping on each other call I was going to say is if you'll send a request in to support at all the leads we have possible we're in Jersey yard, in ocean County.

Okay. So send a thing into support. And asked for a referral to someone in notion County that can help you. I may have somebody that I can point you right. To do that in Jersey. Sure. It could be ocean County could be mamas County. I'm a little flexible with that.  And the answer you Bruce know that they, the real estate attorneys don't, that's what I was saying.

I have not found one. I love it doing this for awhile. I've not found one of them that, that knows about land trusts. So it's just it's challenging. Otherwise I wouldn't be asking this question, but thanks. Thanks so much guys. And I'm going to send that, I'm going to reach out to his Cox and I'm going to also send that email to support and thanks so much for that feedback.

Thank you, Michael. Appreciate it. We've got two more in the queue guys. We can probably have a couple more jump in, just hit star six and then hit pound. Or is it star six and hit one star six and it would next up is phone number ending in six five one one. You're up next. Can you hear me? Yes, sir. Loud and clear.

Okay. All right. Very good. You have a question for you. We are,

Marker [00:32:45] I joined all the leads back at the end of 2016 and we have. Paid for a bunch of leads back in that last month. And then through 2017, but I was talking to support this morning and I was going, gosh, it'd be nice to go out and bring all those old leads back into this new platform that you have.

So my question is, and I've got about let's see, 927 full contacts. Two, primarily 2017. Is it worth running those through probate plus?

So when you say bring them back in terms of, are you saying just to get them to go ahead and run them through probate plus? Or is that your point? Yeah, so I've got 927 leads from four years ago or three years ago. Is it worth going ahead? And I've got them in the database. Is it worth running them through probate plus to see what when you get done?

Yeah. So here's the answer to your question. Thanks. Don't do them all. We could, we'd be happy to take more of your money. That's not the answer. Don't do them all go back and take the. Newest of the old, in other words, go back about a year and run those through and look and see what you get out of that.

And once that's done, you may decide to back up another year and do that. I think maybe four years out, you might get some interesting historical perspective, but. That may be a little older even than we would recommend, but I don't know what's going on in your market. It's hard to say, but don't do them all at once.

I don't want you to, spend a whole bunch of money and then be disappointed with the results, but do them a year back is a really good idea. Yeah. I was going to suggest something similar for me. This is Steven, right? Steven, correct? Yup. Yeah, for me, the sweet spot is one to two years old. I do exceptionally well.

Buying and flipping houses in the one to two year Mark. I don't know that I've tried to go back to, three or four.  And I'm, I agree with what Tim said, start with the newer ones first, but I also would say, it just depends on your budget and what kind of ROI you're looking for. To do all of them would be about $1,800, but if you got, I don't know what your average profit is.

If you've got one deal out of it, It may be worth it. I suspect there are some in the three to four year old group, it might be 1%, in the one to two year old group. Maybe it's 5%. So your, your risk reward ratio is going to be better with the one to two than the three and four, but I'm not sure depending on what your budget is and your appetite, for how much business do you want and how much you're willing to spend it.

I wouldn't definitely say don't do them all. I think Tim's suggestion of do the. Do the one or two first. And then if you get any kind of results, use that profit to fund the three and four year olds. It's I don't think it's ever a bad idea. There, there are some people there that, have put it off and now they're tired of being landlords.

They finally. Have come to a consensus with the family,  the sister that was living there has moved on, there's all kinds of issues. Why people wait a long time to do something. So anyway, it's not, there's no cut and dry the answer, but just depending on what you're looking to accomplish and how much you want to spend, Bruce, you had something you wanted to add.

Yeah. I'm also going to tie it to letters. So if you're going to go back through and you're going to Mark it to even your four year old bleeds, and you were, if you were going to send letters to those as well then you know, it might not necessarily be worth it if you're just going to send one or two letters to that list, but if you're going to do three letters actually it might be worth it.

Even with two, if you're going to do mail on top of it, then it would pay for itself just in the people that you were able to cut out of the list. The only thing that I would add to what Tim and Jim said is it depends on whether you're also going to do mail to the, to those lists. And if you are, if you're going to do two or three letters by all means, I think it's worth it.

It'll save you money. Yeah. But I, yeah, and I hear what all of you said and go back to what tends to suggest was, I guess we just take that first group of leads and see how that kind of works out, but okay. Makes sense to me. Perfect. All right. Appreciate it. Keep working. The old leads, the beginning of the call, we said, work the newbie.

We got an example of work of the doulas, but a week doesn't go by that. We don't preach to you guys. How valuable the older leads are. You've got zero. When you get beyond the year there, you've got zero competition. Probably when you get beyond six to nine months, there's nobody else. That's still in touch with these people.

We only have one more person in the queue. I don't think we've ever ended one of these calls early. So please hit star six and hit one and jump in. There we go. We got three now. Next up is phone number ending in zero five, one six. You're up next.

Marker [00:37:22] Great. I am in the Austin, Texas area. So my lead that I spoke to yesterday, it was eighties.

His son passed away a 29. The father and son were both on the title, but the father does not live in that house. So it's empty right now. There's no will no children. There is an ex-wife, who's empty the house out already. And according to the father that I spoke to last night, he said, the attorney says nothing can be done with the property until it goes to probate fully.

So I did hear the earlier call of someone in a. Not the same, but I understand there's something called muniment of title. Now. Is there any additional suggestions you'd give me other than what you gave the previous caller, first of all, what state are you in? Austin, Texas. Oh, okay. So yeah, the minimum title does apply.

Okay, great. Bruce suggestions. Yeah. There's no but the father is on the title, yeah. It depends whether it's a beneficiary asset or not. And whether there's right of survivorship. I know I'm just parroting what we said earlier. The reality. Is it's pretty rare. I always hate disagreeing with attorneys because most of the time I just don't I'll go with what they say, but in this particular case, I don't, I just don't understand.

Even if it wasn't a beneficiary asset, even if it did have to go. Into probate into and through probate are two completely different things. And you can almost always with a few exceptions, almost always sell an asset while it's in probate, as long as the money isn't distributed to the heirs. If the attorney is saying that the that you can't even list or sell the asset while it's in probate, 99% of the time.

That's not going to be the case. Now I can't speak to this individual, the circumstances around this deal, but you might want to bounce it off of another attorney. Just as a of I did research. Oh, I'm sorry. I did research the attorney and he's under commercial real estate. He's not, he doesn't list probate anywhere on his website.

So it may not be something he specializes in. Yeah. Yeah, I would go, I would ask another attorney or ask the client if they're willing to talk with another attorney, that would probably be the better the better thing to do is have the client talk with another attorney that specifically does estates and probate.

Cool. Cool. Cool. All right, come back and let us know when you get the deal together. Thank you, Michelle. Awesome. Thank you. Perfect. The last person now in the queue and we do have room for more star six and hit one. But right now the last one in the queue is phone number ending in one, five, eight, three.

Marker [00:39:48]Hey what's up? I have two questions for y'all. You got 12 minutes. So go ahead and ask three. You got plenty of time. I was trying to, I'm going to Atlanta, Georgia area. And my first question, when I'm on the phone and after I get through my probate pitch and then they I've been noticing a lot of them lately.

Stop me and just say sir, can you please tell me what you want? Then they screws me up cause I was trying, so what do I want, I wanna buy the property that gets split. So what do I want? So yeah, they tells me that when they saved him, they be like, yes, sir. So what do you want?  Yeah, Travis, I would say that that you're most likely.  When we run into that, your elevator pitch, your introduction probably is getting a little long-winded. You've been on these calls before and you and I have talked before and  wouldn't normally tend to think that you're reasonably concise.

But if they're interrupting you and you're getting that frequently, then I would revisit that introduction and that pre, that pitch that you give and see if you can shorten it and make it more understandable. I work with a lot of people who get just confusing. And if I'm talking to you and I know that we're role-playing, and I know what you do when I start to even ask myself, what's this guy do again, then you know that the PR is going to be asking themselves that so revisit that I would highly encourage you to get a audio recording software for yourself.

Something like audacity or something like that. It's free. Record yourself and then listen to yourself and specifically watch how long it takes you to do that introduction to that greeting. And the the other thing that I would really highly recommend is if you do get interrupted, because it happens to everybody, no matter how concise your pitches.

If you do get interrupted, I would practice an active listening technique where you basically just repeat in your own words, not the exact same way that they've asked, but in your own words, repeat what they've asked and then say, it sounds like you really want me to get to the point, right?

Of course, they're going to say yes. And then you go to do that, I guess I probably ought to tell you why I do what I do. Could I do that? So you ask permission to tell them why. So they have. Explicitly now, given you permission to go straight to the heart of the matter. And that's when I would say the way I put food on my table is by selling real estate.

Ultimately that's what feeds my family. But I also know that when you're going through probate, A lot of times, that's the last thing on your mind. You're still dealing with the state sales and property out, gutter cleaning and grass cutting and all these different things. And that's why I want to offer you my complimentary service of basically quarterbacking all those other responsibilities.

And then I hope that if you ever got to the point where you're going to sell a house, that we could have a conversation about that too. Okay. I don't want to leave. I don't go there until someone has essentially asked me to go there or has given me permission to go there. Okay. Because I know that the same lady who said that she, I asked her, I couldn't tell her what I wanted.

So see if I can follow me. She actually hung up on me and she's on COVID I'm out, hung up. Then when she hung up, I said, wow. So I called back, I called right back. I said ma'am, I don't really know what happened, but it seems like our phone got disconnected. And then she's there. I said, why are you so angry?

And then she said sir, I'm not angry. It just, I don't know what you want. Then we asked to talk like 20 minutes. Okay. Get a good why statement. So some, so get a good why statement that shows exactly what you get out of the deal. That's the biggest thing. If they don't know what you get out of the deal, the longer they go questioning themselves or questioning your motives, the less they trust you.

And the more credibility you're ruining. So get a good why statement. That explains what you get out of it and get a good why statement. That explains what you're willing to do in order to earn the right to do the real estate deal. Ain't no, you're a hundred percent right over half of them. I talked to, they'd be trying to figure out how you get paid.

You get paid somehow. So you right by the way. All right. Second question. I'm in the middle of a deal right now that I have on the contract. But now the brother is a sibling. He's a sibling that the mother had two houses. She left the brother and a sister one. I'm buying the sister house.

She's the person that representative. But the brother, the brother he's not on bullet he's. I want him to talk. He don't want to look my way. He's not on bullying. You're not answering my phone. What do I need? How can I get out and get this to him?

All right. I need you to recap the situation for me one more time. Sorry, everybody. I got lost there. I will laugh. I said I have a property currently on contract and the personal representative.  She, the personal representative has a brother and the mother had two houses. She left one to the personal rep, which is a solicitor, and went to the brother, the assistant rubbish.

And they the dad, the children now the sister house, the mother left her. I have hers on the contract, the brother, he's a sibling. I'm trying to reach out to him, talk with him and getting them both on board. So we can know, finish the process out. I can't reach him. He's not answering my phone and he don't want to talk to me.

Is he ignoring you or do you know that he doesn't want to talk to you, but yeah. Yeah, actually I did talk to him once and when I talked to him last month and what was going on, I know he was very silent and now he's a Norman. Yeah. He's not meaning anything. He just ignore me. Yeah. All right. That, I'm not telling you to give up on him, do not give up on him, but you don't have rapport and you need to just work on gradually and politely following up.

Be persistent, but don't be annoying. The more you push for it, the more he's going to ignore you. If he could just be super busy and dealing with other things and not thinking about you, that's probably what the case is. And he might be intentionally blowing you off. If he's intentionally blowing you off, you're not gonna convince him.

I could give you the best argument in the world. And.  It wouldn't necessarily work. We don't know which one of those it is.  Just. Treat him just like any other lead that's in your list. That's never answered the phone. Keep sure. Delicately following up once a month, once every three weeks whatever you choose and and be polite about it, say, look, it sounds to me like you probably don't want to sell the house.

If that's right, please just give me a call back and let me know. But if selling the house is something that you might want to do in the future I'd love to talk with you and all I really wants to be included in that conversation. If you do. And Travis.  Was going to add you are the brother and sister in pretty good terms with each other as far as yeah. It was. So as far as I know, I talked to the sister every day when I talked to her, she just says that a hundred brother not mad, but they don't really talk. And the sister, do you, are you buying the house or did you list it and sell it? Yeah, I'm buying it as a cash. A cash deal. Okay. Yeah, I might just say to her, Hey, I just want to make sure that you're pretty happy with my service so far.

Would you mind do me a favor, like putting in a good word with your brother? I haven't been able to get through to him cause I can do the same thing for him. Use her as a satisfied past client. See if she'd reach out to the brother. She may or may not be willing to do it, but if she's happy with the job you're doing and you've done everything you promised.

You may have better luck, getting in the side door then trying to kick it in, kick the front door in yourself. Okay. Hi. It sounds you make sense now, what was that free service you say about the recording? What was the name of it? Oh, just there, there are a million of them out there. One that's good is audacity.

Another good one is just script. Audacity. Okay. And another good one is called descript, which also gives you a transcription as well. It lets you delete words out of the transcription. It'll take the audio out. You're really doing this for yourself though, so that you can hear yourself and understand if you're getting too long-winded and  you've got to think critically and ask yourself is what I'm doing.

Is it clear? Is it concise? And am I losing people? And the best way to do that is to listen to yourself. Okay, sounds good. All right. Appreciate it, Travis, and go. It never fails. We've had six people jumping the queue in the last three minutes. We got time for one more today, guys. You other five.

If you need help don't wait until next week. Just reach out to support@alltheleads.com and one of us will call you back personally. So last up in the queue this week is phone number ending in six, six, eight, seven Europe. Last. Hey, can you hear me? Yes, sir.

Marker [00:48:01] Okay. So this may be a little bit different.

I'm in Ohio and we actually have not sure if you're all familiar with it. So I'll ask first, are you all familiar with the 80% rule where a property goes in the probate and once it's sold, it has to sell for 80% of the appraised value or in the counties of value. Let me ask you a question because that's something that, obviously things like that vary from state to state, but that usually only applies if there, if it's a corner court appointed executor, is, does that, is that if there is a, if there is a executor named in the will, does that also apply not up there as an executor name and then the wheel, but there is a PR.

Or wielding. Yes. Yes. Okay. Yeah, it's the same thing in California that you have to get court authority if it's not, if the PR gets involved, if there's someone named in the will, you're good. It doesn't apply. If if the courts involved, then they do, they have an overbid process in California.

So I'm not familiar. We're not familiar specifically with Ohio but that's pretty, that's not unusual in quite a few States around the country. So what's your question. My question was I've had quite a few properties where I haven't been able to get around that, that 80%. So I was just gonna ask if they were

around that. So you're trying to buy the property. You're an investor. Yes. I'm going to buy that property. So that's most of the time when I. When I go and look at them, they're not worth the 8%, so we have to offer less. And the only reason I'm even bringing this up is because I actually just got some misinformation yesterday that I'm actually trying to a fight with the well, not fight, but trying to bring up to the attorney because they told the PR that they could not sell the property while it was in probate.

It had to be over with. And when I heard you all say that, I was like, so I'm wondering if you all know about this. So that's why I'm asking th this is going to sound a little flip and I'm half kidding, but just specialize in properties that have a will and executors. I did, y'all have that problem with Kevin.

Give us that you have it. It's not too much, unlike a short sale. Sometimes what work is, do a good job. Maybe spend a hundred bucks and have a comprehensive inspection done and send a list of everything that's wrong to the executor. If you think it's worth or documented yourself, go through the property because it's not just, they're probably looking at comps and a computer and, maybe help them help the court come to the conclusion that it's, that your 70% offers is a pretty good one.

And any other ideas for how we can get around that. No, I would just repeat what you just said. There I've had several fiduciaries assigned to deals that I worked and once the fiduciary is assigned, it depends where they're getting their appraisal number is it's just off of a computer algorithm.

Then you could provide a different appraisal and have a shot at it, getting it. But if they got an appraisal. They're going to have to see proof that that it's not going to sell for 80% and I would just get my offer in and and then resubmit it, if it doesn't go for the 80% plus. So you might need to submit your offer a few times.

But once that process has started, it's hard to get it out. If you find out that. It is a single offer. And they've either gotten a BPO or they're just pulling comps in the marketplace. I think if you ask her directly into the whoever the administrator is, I look at into, we're trying to get the thing done and we definitely want to go do this.

And. Is there an alternative, is there an opportunity to look for a different appraisal on the property? Sometimes they can accept a substitute BPO or, just generally a substitute appraisal. And if they want to work with you, they will, they'll find a way to get this. Then one other thing that just occurred to me.

One of, one of the things that just occurred to me, it sounds like you're a buy and flip. But if you could find an end-user, you could, if your margin is tighter, if you need to buy for 70 and you can only get it for 80, you might be able to. Wholesale it to to somebody else for, for 92, an owner occupant, even some of the wholesalers out there will pay 90% and they try to find somebody that'll pay close to market value.

So you might want to find a, either a wholesaler or, try to find it in buyer. If it's worth your trouble,  it's obviously cutting your margin down, but it also, if you don't actually have to close on it, it cuts down the amount of work you have to do to get paid. Yeah, absolutely.

Absolutely. And I appreciate all that. I was just curious. I didn't know if maybe you guys just had a one, two, three, four, Hey, try this. And that'll get me through the door, but I appreciate all the help. All right, sir. We appreciate each and every one of you, we appreciate we wanna thank all of you for showing up today.

I want to particularly thank those that actively participated, and I want to challenge each of you. Take one, thought one idea. One thing that inspired you on this call, go out and put it into practice and come back next Thursday and share your results with the group. Be productive, be safe, and we will talk to you the same time.

Next Thursday, everybody.



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Preview for Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast episode 313

Offering Probate Leads Multiple Price Options | Probate Mastermind Podcast #313

Probate Mastermind Episode #313 | Recorded Live on February 4th, 2021.  

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Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast, you'll learn how to offer multiple pricing options to personal representatives looking to sell probate property, ramp up your USP, and structure probate deals with unique obstacles.

***Most importantly, we hear more incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

Deal Analysis: Out-Of-State Commercial Property in Probate

00:00 Deal Analysis: Out-Of-State Commercial Property in Probate 

Frederick is a wholesaler and just came across his first probate deal. The personal representative is open to allowing an assignment of contract, but Frederick is wondering if the numbers make sense. The property is located out of state and is vacant land zoned for commercial use.  Bruce and Jim offer advice on using investor groups to locate the right end buyer for this property and compliment Frederick for asking the right questions to undercover this opportunity.



How to Build Referral Relationships With Estate Planning Attorneys

9:49 How to Build Referral Relationships With Estate Planning Attorneys

Harold is a real estate agent who is starting to get into investing.  A client of his is interested in putting their property into a trust to avoid probate in the future, and Harold sees this as a great opportunity not just to help the client, but build a relationship with a local attorney by bringing a warm referral. What should he be prepared for in meeting this attorney? Bruce and Jim advise on approach and language to use.



How To Wow Prospects With A Great USP

14:15 How To Wow Prospects With A Great USP

Karen describes how she got stumped by a prospect’s question and it really got her thinking about the value she can bring to the probate space.  She worked with Bruce to evolve her USP and reached back out to the prospect, who was blown away by all that she offered.



How To Offer A Listing AND A Cash Offer

22:53 How To Offer A Listing AND A Cash Offer

Young is a real estate agent looking to get more into development. He has offloaded his brokerage work to someone he hired so he can focus more on investment deals.  When he is speaking with a seller, how can he offer both brokerage and investment options without deterring his client from wanted to work with him and his partner? Bruce underscores that the ability to offer multiple price options is a great way to win an in-person appointment.




Working Probate Leads: Should I Contact All Heirs or Just The Executor?

33:04 Working Probate Leads: Should I Contact All Heirs or Just The Executor?

Andrew is trying to optimize his prospecting. When making calls, should he aim to contact EVERYONE associated with the probate, or just the executor of the estate? Bruce and Jim discuss volume and bandwidth - Ultimately, if you have a LOT of leads, call every number on the first round of calls, but focus on making contact with the personal representative on subsequent rounds of calls.



Using a Non-Exclusive Listing Agreement

37:01 Using a Non-Exclusive Listing Agreement

Mike is working a deal where he might sell at retail, and has two retail end buyers in mind. He’s looking for ways to structure this to keep himself in the deal and get an end buyer quickly.  Bruce and Jim discuss options for getting this deal through to closing.



Reverse Mortgage and Probate Properties

44:08 Reverse Mortgage and Probate Properties

Justin is working with a personal representative who has already received letters of testamentary and is dealing with inherited property with a reverse mortgage. The personal representative isn’t up for dealing with anything complicated and is comfortable letting the property be foreclosed on.  The personal representative has already gotten some cash offers that just don’t work for him. Jim offers his advice on figuring out what the property’s worth, what equity there is, and how to use that information to find the best option here.




Looking to hear prospecting tips in action? Check out our live role play series.




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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #313


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the AllTheLeads.com coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

You will learn to get more listings, more deals and find financial freedom by listening to these episodes. Be sure to catch show notes at AllTheLeads.com/podcast and join our free Facebook mastermind community: https://facebook.com/groups/AllTheLeadsMastermind



Welcome to all of our impressive agents and investors from across the country. Today is Thursday, February 4th, 2021. And this is mastermind podcast, number 313.  We do have two in the queue guys. Don't be bashful. We got plenty of room for more. What invariably happens about five minutes of, we have eight people jump in there and we don't like to leave any.

Questions on the answer.  We want to help you and that's what we're here for. And this is an open forum. So please don't be shy, just hit star six and then hit one. And let's go to our first caller first up this week, his phone number ending in one five, six, four. You're up first. Hey, how's everybody doing?

Deal Analysis: Out-Of-State Commercial Property in Probate [00:01:17]Good. Doing good. How about you, sir? I'm doing well. So my name is Frederick Morris. I do wholesale deals and is actually though first a probate deal that came across for me.  I discovered wait videos on YouTube. And I always say I was going to call y'all when I, come across a probate deal.

So here we are.  Just want to know if this is actual deal right now because first off it's only It's only commercial vacant land. It's not like any of, like how far is this commercially vacant land? And it's about 3,400 square feet.  I gave her an offer of 700, 7,000, but the problem is I'm in Atlanta and the properties in Pensacola.

So I seen wholesale deals happen online before. I don't know about probate wholesale deals. I don't know. I have to be in Florida or anything like that. Yeah. Frederick if you get a chance, I think it was two weeks or three weeks ago. We did an interview with one of our subscribers Aaron who had I believe last year, he cashed a little over a half, a million dollars worth of checks, wholesaling deals, and it absolutely is possible to do absentee or do remotely.

Let me ask you something though. There obviously there's fewer buyers for the commercial properties. What do you think it's worth? Do you have any idea? I think it might be worth 20,000. That's what I seen on the cops and probably sell it for 20,000 and up a seven. And, they accepted, but I do have to help them because I did watch a little bit of episodes.

And you guys always talk about solving a problem. So I wanted to solve a problem and she doesn't they don't even have a lawyer yet. So I told them I was going to help him find the lawyer and everything. And I don't really know how to. I don't know if there's like a, where, what I should say. Frederick, where do you, where did you find the lead?

Was it one of our probates or was it just random randomly that you realize it's  random? Cause I just drive for dollars and I skip tracing. Gotcha. So it wasn't even, yeah, go ahead. Go ahead.  No, I was going to say has a probate. So the, you have verified though that the owner has passed away and it does the.

Okay. And it does need to go through probate, correct? Yes, it does. And as far as they don't have an attorney, they haven't filed the probate yet. Yeah. I don't know how long they had the property as well. So I see.  Now you mentioned you were in Atlanta and it's in Pensacola. Did you drive by the property or you drove by, or you just randomly, I'm trying to understand the logistics of it.

How did you find it? I would just skip tracing it. It was the wrong number at first, but every time I, it, every time I cold call, I always be like,  do you all have any properties that you want to sell that I can give you an offer on it? And this actually did so perfect. Yeah. I asked him that extra question and that, that makes a lot of sense.

What I w I, Bruce May have some suggestions for you. There's not, if you think it's worth 20 and you got it for seven, there, there's a bit of a spread there. For you to sell it yourself? I R I'm assuming you're not a licensed realtor, right? You're strictly an investor.

Okay. So there isn't any yeah. There in any referral issues or something. So you'd have to find either an end buyer or possibly a commercial realtor. I think you're one thing I was going to say, you've got plenty of time. That's the good thing about this? Because by the time they find the lawyer, get the probate filed.

You probably got, four to six months to find your end buyer. So there's not an urgency, there's not an urgency there, but I think you probably do need boots on the ground in Pennsylvania. So ideally would be to find a commercial real estate broker in Pennsylvania that could.

Work out some kind of a marketing or a referral fee to you and find an attorney to get the probate started and,  and process it that way. Because even if you find your end buyer in Pensacola, you've still got to get the attorney. You still got to go through the logistics.  I would suggest are you're not a subscriber then Frederick, you just were introduced to us.

You're not a lead subscriber. I just always said, once I come across a probate deal, I made it see me on the YouTube video that I seen. That's fine. And I'll have one of our salespeople reach out to you, but go to, if you haven't joined our mastermind, our Facebook mastermind group, all beliefs, all the leads, mastermind.

And just put a post in there. We've got about 14,000 members in there that are part of our group, and we've got a lot of people in Florida. So I would just put a post in there,  with the details, got a commercial light under contract. I'm looking for,  a commercial broker and investor in the Pensacola area.

And I'll, I think there's a decent chance. You can find someone. That way, that you could work the deal with Bruce. Anything else? Any other suggestions for Frederick? Yeah, I've got a extend on your Facebook recommendation on our group.  Guarantee Pensacola is going to have a bunch of local real estate and investor groups in the area.

You might look up Rhea and Pensacola and specifically their Facebook group. And if they allow non-members to drop comments or properties in then I would drop that on the face book group, or at least a real estate group in Florida or Pensacola, drop it out there and see if there's any investors that, that might be interested.

I'm going to. That for 20,000, you're not going to get a whole lot of bites from commercial brokers. I'm not guaranteeing that, but I'm going to bet that a bunch, most of them won't jump on a $20,000 lie, but  think that investors would. So go to Facebook and it doesn't even have to be a real estate group.

It could be a Pensacola, a community group or yard sale group. They know the investors, there are a bunch of investors in those groups and so ask, and then when it comes to the attorney, that's easy.  Are you familiar with the expression G T S no, I'm not. Okay. It stands for Google that crap,

just just go there. There's a ton of attorneys around that area that some will be big, some will be small. And I would just look up and have a conversation with one or two attorneys down there. Gather four or five email addresses and fire, an email off explaining not the details of the situation, but that you have a client.

That you're working with or a deal you're working with and they need to go through probate and and just have a couple of conversations, pick the best person referral. Okay. And Frederick Bruce. Bruce speck sparked another idea along the same lines. You can actually go to reia.com, which stands for real estate investors, association.com, and a map will come up and just click the panhandle of Florida.

You will find affiliated REIAs in that area. And  if you can't. Post directly on their site. I've had very good luck, just call the president. And the phone number of the reel will be posted, call the president of the Rhea and say, Hey, I got a deal who do you know that in your group? Because those groups can be anywhere from a hundred to a thousand people.

And when it's a good deal, I usually find the president of the Rhea says, yeah, me, cause he's president of the Ray, he's probably a deal doer. You know what I mean? So I would try to find. Find the regroup and get ahold of the president and CFP or any of his members would be interested in it.

But I think between those three ideas, you ought to be able to find somebody and good job. Now that you got your first deal, I think it's time to get you signed up as a subscriber. I'll have one of our sales people reach out. You said it was a reia.com. What's your Facebook group calls.

Our Facebook has all the leads mastermind. All the leads mastermind. All right. All right, sir. Congratulations on finding a deal. Good job. Asking that extra question. It a lot of people don't do that. So good job with that. All right. One more question. I'm done. So this little people, I was getting ready to put it on contract, but I didn't know if I needed an attorney for it because of probate need for it.

You probably want to try to get it under contract, but if it was me, I would probably just vent and make sure it's a deal first. And then you probably want to put it on a Florida far by our contract form. You probably don't want to put it on one from your state.  It never hurts it to get it under contract, as long as you can leave yourself an out, but I might just make a phone call or two and don't give out the.

Exact specifics and make sure that it is a deal and you are able to do something with it and then go back and say to your seller, great news. I found somebody in that area. I'm going to go ahead and send you over an agreement and you can probably get the person in Florida to help you draft on the Florida.

All right. All right. I appreciate y'all. All right. Likewise. Thank you, sir. Thank you.  All right, next up is phone number ending in three, three, one five. You're up next? Yeah, that's how you know

How to Build Referral Relationships With Estate Planning Attorneys [00:09:49] My name is Harold. I've been actually getting  caught up on your guys' podcast 30 days. I think it's really great information.

I got it to a situation with a client of mine. I'm a real estate agent also moving into the investment side too. And it turns out one of my clients who are elderly  was asking crossing property. And that's what you guys were saying.  We're getting Harold, we're getting a little bit of an echo.

Are you on a speaker phone or something? Can you pick up. Can you hear me?  It's about the same but that's okay. Are you hearing that too, Bruce? It's an echo effect.  Yeah. It could be good place. Yeah. Go stick your head out the window. Yeah. Yeah. Is it better now?

Yes, actually. That's seems a bit better. Yes, sir. Okay. My fault.  Client of mine accurate about. Putting their property into a trust. So I thought that will be a good opportunity to meet an attorney and probate because now you're bringing value to them instead of just asking them for business.

So it turns out that I ended up talking to an attorney. We had a great conversation on the phone. She offered to meet up for some coffee next Thursday. So my question to you guys will be like, what are tips that you can give that I can get this attorney to give me a shot,  with her cases, what I'll come in a close, like I know way more than I really do, et cetera.

Okay. I'll take this one. So the there's one thing a lot, and I'm not sure if you are have you, if you've taken this and become a certified probate expert or not, but let's assume that you have, I'm waiting for the class. I'm waiting for you guys. We're waiting. Okay. Okay. Assuming that you you have, and this is.

More speaking to those of you that, that are certified probate experts at this point. I actually am, and I don't present myself as a certified probate expert when I'm talking with attorneys because to an attorney it's a bit offensive. They're the ones that took three extra years of school and passed the bar and probably had a lot of specialization classes and tests.

So I don't present myself there. I present myself as a guy, a real estate agent who is.  Working to try to offer more value to my clients and specifically my personal representatives, clients and the attorneys that are working with them. And I say would something like, and then I described. A basic level of services that I offer.

So what some, what would an agent that helps the families clean the house out and helps organize the state sales and  assists with things like lawn yard care and property cleaning. Would that be a benefit to your clients and would it make your job easier? And I just ask questions and if they say yes, I'll usually follow up with what else.

Would make your job easier and your client's life easier. So I want them to actually feed back to me  what they see and maybe they give me something that I've never thought of before, but for the most part I want that attorney to feel like they have the biggest say in the service that I offer to them and their clients.

So I don't want to go in and just tell them all the things that I do without them having input.  The. Other big thing with with an attorney that I do when I walk in is I assume the referral relationship. I assume that they know that I want referrals from them. And instead of saying, will you refer me?

I'll say I don't want this to be a one-way street. Where you give me all the referrals in the business. And I don't give anything back to you. I want this to be a two-way street where I give you value. What value can I give you? So now we've just skipped right over my request and gone straight into an assumption that they're already going to be referring me.

And unless they correct me  I really think that I'm right. And I, it implies a referral relationship without me having to beg for it. That's pretty good. That's pretty good. All right, sounds good. We'll definitely put that to the test next Thursday. And hopefully I'll come back on Thursday and I'll let you know what happened, Bruce.

I've never heard that before. I love that. I love both of those lines. Great advice. Yeah. All right. Go get 'em and come back next week and let us know how you did appreciate your participating. Absolutely. Thank you, sir. We have four more in the queue, guys. We still squeeze a few more in if you want to hit star six and then hit one in the meantime, next up is phone number ending in five eight one nine.How To Wow Prospects With A Great USP [00:14:15]

Good afternoon. This is Karen Braithwaite Yarn. The name of my company is ABC real estate group, LLC. We've been in the business of buying rehabbing and selling homes since 2015. And my husband discovered ATL. And we're very happy for that. We've mailed out now, too. List of a hundred each leads. And I spoke with Bruce yesterday and he was telling me that he works as leads list for at least six months before we start to noon lists.

So that was very helpful to know. So he gave me a wonderful lead because I was trying to find folks who are here to ask them how they are doing grant Cox. Mr. Cox has done in the Virginia area. That's not too far from me. And he asked me a question, what value was I bringing? And I hadn't answered that question completely.

For myself or going forward, even though I have my website up now, my ATO website is up, but I had to really think about that. It took about 20 minutes  wrote out my elevator speech and I sent it to him. Now he had not. In any way indicated he was going to read it and comment, but he did it. It was just amazing.

And he added some things to it that I hadn't thought about that would make it more effective and sent it back to me with best witches. So I just want to say the folks in this group were marvelous. I thank you very much. And lastly, when I talked with Chris the other day, I forgot to ask him about the probate seller interview sheets.

One of the interview sheets is a single page I'm assuming. And then the other is seven pages long. Just wanted to make sure I was correct with that information. I have been both in front of me and I'm assuming that. The short one is if you're that folks are trying to get you off the phone real quick.

And the longer one is if they give you an opportunity to actually ask them something, is that correct?  So yeah, you are correct. Did you download those from the, all the lead site or where were those things that I had shared with you on our call? The one of the ladies in the office, I don't re Darcy.

I think she sent them to me. And then you sent me the probate seller interview sheet, the single page one, but she's sent to both that and the other 57 pages. You're correct. The single page interview sheet is a list of every kind of idea that you want to either convey or question that you want to ask.

And it's not, the questions are not written out in a linear fashion, or even the exact way that you want to ask. It's just a good standard list of categories of questions and how which. Information. You want to gather if you're talking about their family, if you're talking about their attorney relationships, if you're talking about their house so it's categorically there.

And then  the seven page one is when you get further into a conversation and you want to really start building out that rapport. And now there's one thing that I do want to clear up for those of you that are listening.  Everybody's going to have a different strategy and a different budget.

So Karen mentioned really working a single list for six weeks and then moving on to another list. What the coaching strategy behind that really is for most people is that you take your risks and you work on that list for six months. You can simultaneously add. Additional lift sign, but if you're really gonna see the fullness out of any given list you're going to work that list for about six months and you don't have to wait for six months before taking another one on, unless you have a budget restriction.

If you can continue to take other lists on, as long as you see that through for six months to really get the fullness and the most, the highest conversion.

You still there? Karen. Okay. I am. And I do have a question, but I'm looking at this probate seller interview sheet again, and the one that seems to have seven pages to it.  It's the first page. I'm assuming you just fill out with date personal representative attorney phone number, email. And then the next page is powerful questions and closes.

And the seventh page is sales approaches, common objections, and it ends on point number four, hinge close. Okay. So Karen that, that document, there's a better document for scripting that doc document. And we'll take that down or won't distribute that.  The first page is the interview sheet and the additional pages are techniques for creating a script and techniques for closing.

I have a better one that I can share with you or our other subscribers that get a coaching call. Than that.  You should use the single page for your interview sheet, and that basically could go in your folder. When you start a relationship, then you start a dialogue with someone, you could put it in a folder for that person or that lead, and it will.

Gradually gather all the information that you want to know about them while you're working toward doing a deal with that person or family, the other seven page document. Just get rid of that one and get with me for the new dialogue sheet. That's what you're calling it. So I can differentiate it from the probate sellers review sheet.

Yep. Probate dialogue, cheat. Okay.

That help Karen. Thank you very much. Karen, we have two more in the queue. I just wanted to say it's interesting. It came up on our call yesterday. By the way, if you haven't listened, great role play call yesterday.  Bruce, I agreed it was the best to ever, but we talked about on there, the value of having that sheet next to you, but it's not.

The scripts, the dialogues, the interview. It's not meant to be linear where you go through one question then other than another, it's just a great idea to have an extra series of questions sitting there. So if you get stuck in the conversation, Ask any question,  while they're answering, you can think about the best next question to ask.

So it's just a tool to have, to keep the conversation going and flowing, but it's not necessarily meant to be linear. And you can tell we're always evolving our tools. If there's anything that's seven pages, that's probably a number of years old where we've Bruce has done a good job of boiling it down and making it more concise.

And. You should never really have to go through seven pages of questions. So it's not meant to be used that way. I just want to. Okay. Just wanted to clarify if I really should get rid of it, because it does have great idea.  Yeah, it's up to you just, don't just don't feel like you have to use it and don't,  don't let it clutter your approach by having too many things to use and say, but yeah, read it, absorb it.

And but maybe keep an easier to use more concise one with you while you're actually making your calls. Excellent. Excellent. I just want to say one more thing real quick. My husband and I used to sell insurance and reverse mortgages.  We have clients from those days, many of which are seniors now.

So we fortunately saved their lists. Some of them are no longer with us. I'm sure, but we're going to mail to everyone, our letter that we normally send out with the The mailing through ATL and see if we can clean some more clients that way. In fact, I'm talking to one to two o'clock this afternoon, and my husband just talked to one of our old clients from our insurance days and they are giving us two more leads.

So I say that to say this, if you've been in other businesses, use your client list. They are very painful for many times over most probably. And they will know you. So that's a one, opening. Great idea. Great idea. And you remind me of one of our most successful clients, bud Thompson. He not only does that, but everybody he meets in the probate transaction.

The neighbors, the mortgage company, the inspectors, the,  the title company. He adds them to his serve influence. So every deal that bud does, he probably. Adds, five to 10 people to his sphere of influence because he met them inappropriate situation and they, he wants to be able to get like the first caller said today  you don't necessarily just have to rely on your leads for deals, they can come from everybody that, so I think that's a great idea.

Good advice. All right. We appreciate ya. Next up is phone number ending in seven three five five. You're up next.

How To Offer A Listing Price AND A Cash Offer [00:22:53] Hey, my name is Young here in Boston. I just signed up for you guys a couple of days ago. Can you hear me okay? Yes, sir. Okay, great. So I actually I'm pretty active real estate agents and I'm just want to get out of it and get more into development.

I do property management and development too, as well. And so I wanted to drop the the agency partners. So I hired somebody in to take all my agents leads for me.  As part of my team. And so what I'm doing is I'm trying to find actually investment properties. And I just want to see, like, how do you really segue when you talk to somebody and cause I really wanted to try and purchase a property.

Can you segue from that? If they don't want to sell at two, the cash offer price.  How do you, same way that to, Hey, I have a team member that can list your property. I feel when I come in as such a number does not give me the greatest number, it has a disconnect there.

Where do you offer them two different solutions?  You're. You you want to do the ladder, you want to offer two different solutions or at least to go into an appointment, having a general idea of what they're looking for. And in a perfect world, you would ask that question before we meet let me ask you, is the house in disrepair?

Is there anything that you  don't want to deal with? And see if they have any thing that they don't want to deal with at all. And then say, would it make more sense for you to get maybe a cash as is offer? Would it make more sense for you to go on the market and try to maybe get a little bit more, but put more into the property and just see what they're saying?

If they say, Oh, no, we definitely want full value. Send your partner. If if they say, no, we've, it needs a lot of work and we're not going to do it. Then you know that they're probably going to take a cash offer from you. And if you just don't get an idea either way, go ahead and present. Two or potentially three different options.

You could have, I have about six or seven different options that I know I have at my disposal, but I try to only present two or three tops. If I'm in front of someone, I don't want to give them choice overload.  So what you're going to want to do is either figure it out before the appointment, which way you're going to go.

And if it's a listing, send your partner. And and if you can't figure it out, just present two options in the appointment and let them choose. And if I want someone to take the cash offer that I have, if I prefer that they, if I really want to wait it to where that's more advantageous, I'll say here's the cash as is offer.

You can walk away from the house and not do anything else. Here's the here's what we think that you might net if you listed, but here's a list of 10 things that you're probably going to need to do. To get that net and and then let them kind of work through the process of figuring out, do we want to put the work in to get this tickets this higher net?

And if they do they list and if they don't, they sell to you.  It is normal for me to just give her like an offer on the spot, because if I do an offer in a spot, it's going to be a little hard for me to kinda, get those numbers like for the list, because it depends on what they're depending to do for they list it. You know what I mean? Cause there's just like a there's 10 things could be a wide range of price, if they list, what kind of what do you mean by, on the spot? Are you talking about in the house or on the phone? In the house?

Because you can't really put anyone, any price at all on the phone, you have to see the house. Yeah. So normally I just go through and you've got an idea having a real estate background. I'm sure you have an idea of what that house might list for if it was in, if it was cleaned out and had a couple of repairs.

So if they say, Hey, we'd really like to know a ballpark of what. We might lift for you just say this is just a ballpark. It's not exact, but based on my knowledge of the market, you might be able to get this. But but I think that you're going to need to clean the house out. You're going to need to repair the gutters.

You're gonna need to change the kitchen out, paint the walls and change the light fixtures and give them a list of some. General things too, to get the ballpark that they might list for. It doesn't need to be exact. It doesn't need to be an offer. Say, are you willing to do these things? If it meant that you'd be in this general price range listing.

And if they say yes, then you've sent your partner in. You send your agent. And if they say, no, you go, okay, this is my offer. What do you want to sign my offer? Okay. Second question I have is one of the things that sound I hear people presenting themselves with is that they're there to help facilitate other things too, as well.

Like your recommendation attorney helped them clean out the place organize in a steep sale. So what happens when they're like, Oh, that's great. If you could do all that stuff for me, but I don't want to sell the house to you or listed with you.   How do we handle that? Because I do want to help people, but at the same time I don't want to spend hours doing something for free too.

How do you handle that?   Would handle that one as I'd get myself a good local concierge. If you have one they are not there. They're in every market. They're just often hidden because they're not promoting their business to investors and real estate agents, but these are local people that often cater to the elderly.

They do their shopping, they pay their bills, say clean their house. They set up and quarterback a lot of different services. So get yourself a concierge and utilize. That person as as someone that can become the bottleneck so that you're not the bottleneck and these ancillary connections and services that you offer  turn it over to them.

You don't have to spend money, they can be hired outside of what you do. And the other thing is you really utilize those needs that, that these families might have you utilize it to build a deeper referral relationship with your partners, with your team members.  I will tell you that what you're asking doesn't come up very often.

Yeah. It's pretty rare that anyone's going to ask you to do something for free and not give you a shot to sell the house. And I go so far as to say I'm willing to do all these things, because I know that it's going to earn me the right to make you an offer on your house. And so I lay out that expectation up front that I'll do all this for free, or at least connect to you for free, because you're going to give me a chance to sell the house.

And I don't say it so abruptly, but that's the strong implication. And and if they're not going to sell a house to, or through you, they're probably not going to ask you for all those extra services. And if they do. Utilize the concierge and use it to build your referral network network and relationships.

Yeah, I was just going to piggyback on that a little bit. I felt  going back to your first question that you were maybe still a little confused, there might my own experience. I've been a realtor and an investor my entire career. And if you ask enough good questions in the initial conversation.

Almost always you'll determine whether they're going to be a investor or a realtor deal.  , like Bruce said, rarely do they ask you for all those extra services. I find it pretty rare that the heirs want to spend money to fix up the house, to get top dollar for it. They usually. Either just want to list it and be done with it, or they just want to sell it real quick and get their cash.

But if you ask enough good questions, just questions there's a lot of different ways I can help you. What's more important to you, time or money. Are you looking for a quick sale or, and usually they will tell you it's about a 90 10 in my market. About 90% of these people are going to be listing candidates and about 10% of them.

Are going to be quick flips. And if they generally a rule of thumb that I noticed that they don't have some compelling urgency, they're probably not going to sell it cheap enough for me to buy it. If they do, they're probably not going to have time to list it. So if you ask a lot of good questions upfront and I, one other thing I will tell you, I've shared this before.

This is pretty rare, but I have had people say I'm not really sure. Can you give me both options? And I go out of my way to be honest with them and say, in, in good shape, fixed up. If you're not in a big hurry, I, you probably get 300,000 for the house, but as an investor, to sell it quickly and take on the risk, I'd probably have to get it for about two 40.

And I can't tell you how many people have called me back and said, every other investor, they talked to told them it was worth 200. So they didn't have any intention of listing in any way and they appreciated my honesty. So they'll go ahead and sell it to me for two 40. So just, I think the more questions you ask in your initial conversation, most of the time, by the time you go out there, you're going to know, do they have the money?

Do they really want to put the time and effort into it? You're going to pretty much know in your initial conversation, whether they're a flip or a a listing candidate, does that make sense? Yup. Yup. Yup. We can go ahead and piggyback on that really quick with a good question to ask that you should be asking everyone that you have a conversation with is how much do you think the house is worth?

You can phrase it any way that you want, but you need to know how much they think it's worth  because you might be surprised Both positively or negatively on what they think it might really be worth 200. And I say, I think one 50 and they might they might say two 50 but at least get an idea of what they think it's worth.

And then I would follow up that question of their answer with the question. Is there any work that you need to do to make sure that you get that value? And see if they will list off everything that needs to be done. That'll give you a really good idea through the conversation of which way you're going to go as well, because if they say, yeah, it's worth about one 80 and yes, I've got to clean the house out and I'd probably have to replace the roof and the HVHC and the kitchen.

Then  you've got a really good idea when you go to that meeting, which way they're going to lean.  Do you think seeing how much it's worth versus how much it appraises, which one's better? I asking them. Do you mean? Yeah. Yeah. Saying how much? Yeah. How much do you, I think it's worth, I wouldn't ask about an appraisal.

Most of the time they haven't gotten one. And if they have the appraiser usually on, on a, just an independent appraisal in my experience, most appraisers go high. So I'm not going to ask them about the appraisal.

All right, we appreciate it, sir. We have three more in the queue. Next up is eight eight, eight eight three one. You're up next.

Working Probate Leads: Should I Contact All Heirs or Just The Executor? [00:33:04] Hi, this is Andrew from New Jersey.  Andrew wanted to ask how you don't want to ask a quick question as it relates to  When you get a probate lead from the courthouse, they usually have all of the next of kin and then have maybe one or two administrators or executors or interests on there.

And my question is, do we contact everybody or do we focus mostly on the  the executives of these things?  So I think that you contact everybody.  In my world, I usually take the first round of phone calls and concentrate on the executor. First round.  If the executor hasn't answered and doesn't return my call within a day or two  I just assume that they might be part of the 80% that don't answer unknown numbers.

So I start my second round and all subsequent rounds of calls, all call all of the numbers. And you get people that answer the phone that are obviously not the executor. And one good way to go about that. And this is just a little bit of a pattern disruptors. Just say, let's say you're calling John and a woman's voice answers.

You say this doesn't sound like John and get a little chuckle. No, a lot of times they're not going to say I'm his cousin or I'm his sister. They're just going to say no. And then you say I was trying to reach John, give the last name and and simply say, okay  I'll tell you what this is. Mary does.

This might relate to you too. Could I take 60 seconds and tell you why I'm calling? And that's a great introduction and way to get into your presentation, your offer  with the person that's not the PR. And you heard me chuckle a little bit there because Bruce and I when I was doing it, I did the opposite.

I would call through all the phone numbers and then go on to the next one. I think if I were doing it today, I would use Bruce's method. I think it makes a lot more sense. The other thing I would say it really does depend on your number of leads. It as far as efficiency, if you're getting 20 leads a month and you've got the time, then you might want to just power through all the phone numbers.

If you're getting 300 of them it's much more important that you speak to the most likely person first. And then I, that I would definitely use Bruce's method go through the more higher volume of leads you have. I think the more it makes sense to call the first number first, and hopefully they'll call you back and you won't have to get to the subsequent numbers.

Absolutely. That's so true because in some cases I will have multiple phone numbers, for, let's say that one individual. So I've been calling through just the first number, just trying to get through everybody as, as quickly as possible. I guess typically do you. Would you, if one person has, let's say four phone numbers to call, would you call all four phone numbers at one time or will you just move on to the next one?

And then in the second round called the second phone number that's available. How many leads are you getting every month? So I go down to the union County, so it's usually around a hundred to 200 a month. Okay. Then I personally, I would use Bruce's method. Then you've got, that's a lot of leads. It's a lot of calls to make.

Your neighbors. Yeah. Yeah. Call the one that looks the most most relevant. If it's disconnected or there's no voicemail attached to, it obviously dropped down, but I'd like to get through that list as quickly as possible with that many leads. And then the second time, go ahead and dial each and every number associated with the lead.

But the first time let's just get through it and try to find the low hanging fruit. That's willing to have a talk with you. And then every time after that call all the numbers. Okay. Thank you guys. All right. Thank you guys. We have two in the queue. We probably can squeeze one or two more in if somebody wants to jump in, just hit star six and hit one.

Next up is phone number ending in zero zero five five. You're up next.

Using a Non-Exclusive Listing Agreement [00:37:01] Hey guys. How you doing? Michael? Great. Hey Mike runner. Negotiating a seller I'm dealing with them. What kind of just run you by this deal? I'm working on the the after repair value is four 50. It's about 50 and he says, Mike, you need to guarantee me three 50.

My number is 300 as an investor. So basically I do believe that the retail market is between three 90 and 400. And this house in a very desirable area. No question.  My take is,  I'd be putting on a realtor's hat. Don't have the buyers right now. However, I do have two colleagues to two buddies of mine that are realtors that have already told me that they have buyers looking for exactly this, the challenges.

I'm just wondering what you would do if you're in this situation, he hasn't given me a listing or anything like that, yet he or I already disclosed, I got two people. Please get me in. It's been a struggle to get into the house because they live in another state and they only come once in a blue moon.

So he's basically look I'll I'll I'll pay a commission. But I need to net three 50 and you let me know when those two people want to see it and I'll meet you at the property. And I'm just wondering if you have any comments or feedback on how we would structure this, especially with,  with the two realtors that have buyers, because, in an ideal situation, I just, put up a small deposit, which I don't mind risking if.

God forbid things go South and then I would assign the contract, but it's hard to assign contracts. I haven't done it too often with retail buyers, unless they're cash buyers and both of these guys are qualified, but  they're they're maybe to get mortgages.

So how would you be nimble in this with the paperwork and I just love to hear your take on it.  So Mike is there, they are both retail and user buyers. They're not investors. Am I correct in that? Yeah. These two people who would be paying probably it'd be tough. They're probably, I think the qualified for around three 90, which if you factor in like percent closing costs, including commissions puts him with at three 50.

So yeah. I would just go ahead and take arrange for them to go in, make sure that they're that they're agents, this doesn't fully protect you, but but make sure that their agents know that you're going to be involved as well. You guys go look if and their offer needs to needs to account for enough commission to cover your Acting as middleman, in which case if the deal was good, you would act as the listing agent work for the seller and let the other agent work for the buyer and just make sure that they know that their offer has to has to net the seller a certain amount.

And if it's three 50, it's three 50 otherwise you could go ahead to the seller and say, look, I have these two buyers, let me sign a non-exclusive listing.  Four and come up with a price and say it's good only for these two buyers over the next week. And I'm going to list it at 5%, 6%, 7%, 15, whatever you want.

And and just line up for those buyers to come in with that non-exclusive listing agreement. Cause it sounds to me like the seller probably is not wanting to sign an exclusive yet. Is that a fair assumption on my end.  Yes, they were  really hoping to avoid any  they are open to it.

If push comes to shove, they were very disappointed that I can't come up to three 50. Cause they really like a, just for me to be personally signing a contract or some in cash buyer investor at three 50. We, we can't always get what we want. My, my. Idea is that they will definitely sign a listing probably, but I exposed myself to potentially,  having some other agents swoop in and get the listing if I don't deliver.

And I was almost like looking to see if there's a hybrid,   some kind of solution that might be like some way that I can be like doing an assignment that way I personally. I don't, there's no listing involved with me. I don't have to necessarily split my commission with my broker because I'm not the broker.

So that means I'm giving up something more. Also, if I have more control, and the push comes to shove and there's pushback with mortgage and the buyer can only go up to three. Yeah. Something that nets a little up in three 50. I can,  either  take some off my end or I'll go back to the realtor.

And maybe they'll just, him and his broker will accept two and a quarter to 2%, so we can all make it work.  Any ideas to do this in a way that would be like a, an assignment. So that I, as the assigner who's the, who can, takes everything, that I, if I want it to, who can then who's in the driver's seat, so to speak.

A couple of options there. Number one, we don't know that the seller will accept a contract with an assignment clause if they will, by all means, lock it up  and to sign it. If they won't, your two choices are really. A non-exclusive listing agreement for only those couple of buyers that says how you and the buyer's agent are going to get paid, or you could do maybe a buyer agency agreement where you and the other agent both represent the buyer at a little bit of a higher commission.

And then you represent the buyer, bring the buyer in and get a commission. It really depends on whether it's.  The buyer. So you would do represent the buyer with the other agent. If the seller won't do an assignment contract or won't give you a nonexclusive listing, but I would bet that the other that the seller would give you at least give you a non-exclusive listing, laying out a commission.

That would be, I think that's what they're going to give you.  Yeah, I'll be honest with you.  They, so are just caring about three 50. They would happily do an assignment and as long as they are netting three 50, but they're only that they're only care. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. To simplify it, that do it.

If they're willing to do an assignment and you know that you can, the house is worth three 90 signing the contract. So my question then is back to have you, and I haven't had any experience with this. Have you had experience with signing a contract to a retail buyer who needs to get a mortgage and what's your experience been like?

That hasn't been a problem because there's no, there's, you're using my investor contract. I'm not using a realtor's contract. Maybe I can do that. That's fine. But any experience with assignments on a retail buyer, who's getting a mortgage.  As long as you is, as long as your deal, the seller gives you enough time and flexibility.

I wouldn't see any problem with that. Give yourself enough time to where if two weeks later, the first buyer backs out, you still have a week to put another deal together. You'll be fine. Don't sign a three-week close. In other words, maybe sign a two months close or a two and a half months close and you should be fine.

Makes a lot of sense. I appreciate it. Thanks. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate perfect and perfect timing. We have one more person in the queue last up this week, his phone number ending in five, five to eight. You're up last.

Reverse Mortgage and Probate Properties [00:44:08] Hey, this is Justin. I had a quick question. I'll be relatively quick.

Situation where a representative just received letters of Testament, Terry, he does have real estate. There was a reverse mortgage on it. He wants it to just be foreclosed, like he's done with it. I didn't really know what angle as far as creatively, how to, how you get around that, he's got some cash offers that doesn't work for him.

So he just reached out to the lender and basically let them know that to go ahead and foreclose on it. It means repairs and he's already put together a state sale that's coming up. Any advice on that, Justin is there enough? Equity there that that you are an end buyer could give them $5,000 or a significant amount of money so that he wouldn't want to walk away from it, or is it upside down?

With the reverse mortgage. What do you, what's the equity's position? That's a great question. That's something that I should ask him. I just got off the phone with him before I called then I went to call him and see what you guys  might advise me to do. But so basically just ask him, where he's at with the mortgage, how much the house is worth.

And I wrote down some notes while listening to you guys as like answers to.  Generally, depending on when the reverse mortgage was taken out and what the market's done generally reverse mortgages do have some equity, they don't lend up to 95%. It's usually 60, 70%. So there may be, he may just be perceiving that.

This isn't worth it. There's, it's in such bad shape. We're so far behind, but I don't want to mess with this, but do you have any idea? What do you think the house is worth? I haven't even looked into the house. Like I said, I just got off the phone with his guy fingers. So that's something that I should probably be next then.

Yeah, definitely ask those questions. Before you call back. Look do some preliminary research and get  general idea of what it's worth. Maybe a general idea of what it's worth in great condition, average condition and poor condition. Just so you, you have an idea and then just say, what kind of condition ask, what kind of condition is the house in and the ed, and then followed up with, do you have any idea how much it might be worth right now and how much you owe.

Okay. And if it sounds like there's a spread there, just say, look, I know you were going to give the house back. Would it be worth a quick look just to make sure that you're not losing a whole bunch of money. Okay. Who would say no to that? I don't know anybody to say no to that. Is it crazy for me to come out and just to check?

There you go. Okay. Thank you. Perfect. And we haven't talked about this in a while, but if you find out there is no equity in this situation, you, it probably won't work but my wife has done over 2000 short sales. It amazes me how often the executors, even if there's nothing in it for them.

They don't want grandma's house to get foreclosed. They want a nice family moving into the neighborhood. In most cases, if there's little or no equity or it's upside down, you can still do it as a short sale. It sounds like in this case, they don't care about that. So you're probably going to have to put at least a few thousand dollars in their pocket, or they're just going to let it go.

So you know that, but yeah, I get those questions answered and if you need any help with the deal, just reach out to us. Okay. I will do. I appreciate it. Awesome. This might be the first time in 313 calls. We finished two minutes early.   Want to say each and every one of you, we had a great turnout today.

I want to thank all of you for being here. I want to particularly thank the half a dozen or so people that actively participated, and I always end these calls the same day. I want to challenge each of you. Take one idea. One thought, one thing that inspired you on this call, go out and put it into practice and come back next Thursday and share the results with the group.

Be safe, be productive, have a great week. And we will talk to you all same time. Next Thursday. Take care of everybody.



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Optimizing Your Probate Lead Marketing Schedule & Live SAVE-THE-DEAL! | Probate Mastermind Podcast #312

Optimizing Your Probate Lead Marketing Schedule & Live SAVE-THE-DEAL! | Probate Mastermind Podcast #312

Probate Mastermind Episode #312 | Recorded Live on January 28th, 2021.  

Join Us Live Every Thursday | Previous Episodes.


Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast, you'll learn how to balance mail marking and phone follow-ups over time, overcome common probate objections, and how to get a deal through to closing when a family is holding on to sentimental value.

***Most importantly, we hear more incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

Optimizing Probate Plus Lead Lists

Optimizing Probate Plus Lead Lists (00:00)

Mike is carving out a sustainable niche in Probate as expireds and FSBOs wean down in his market.  He is using ProbatePlus+, and is figuring out his marketing strategy.  He is considering calling probate leads with properties first, and sending more letters to those leads rather than mailing to everybody.



Getting a Deal To Closing

Getting a Deal To Closing (12:30)

Eddie is trying to close a deal that went out of contract in December. A relative is saying the house is worth more and that Eddie’s offer is too low. The family might also be struggling with sentimental attachment. Jim and Bruce mastermind how to navigate this scenario.



Getting Clear on Your USP

Getting Clear on Your USP (22:15)

Jim is trying to get clear on his USP. He’s considering offering three price points.  Is this the best strategy? How do you offer and really sell these price options during appointments? Jim and Bruce brainstorm.



Winning Prospects In A Low-Inventory Market

Winning Prospects In A Low-Inventory Market (30:02)

Jerry is in a market where inventory does not last long.  He’s making phone calls, but everyone already has things handled.  Should he start working in a neighboring market? Jim offers considerations for working in a different market. Then, Bruce points out it’s important to note what someone really means when they say “We’ve got it all handled.” They usually don’t, and this conversation can easily be used to build a relationship.




Time Blocking For Cold Calling

Time Blocking For Cold Calling (37:26)

Ron and Megan are looking to figure out their bandwidth and optimize their workflow.  When they get new leads, how fast and how often should they hit the phones? How many hours should be devoted to new leads? What about 3 or 4 months later? Bruce does the math and suggests after six months, as leads accumulate, start reducing follow-ups based on conversations and dispositions



Handling Common Objections in Probate Call

Handling Common Objections in Probate Calls (42:25)

Mike is looking to brainstorm new ways to handle common objections, like “We’ve got it all handled.” What do you say on voicemails if you’re leaving more than one message over time? Is a dialer necessary?



Getting Over The Fear Of Calling Probates

Getting Over The Fear Of Calling Probates (47:34)

Tom is interested in calling and mailing, but feels more comfortable waiting to call his probate leads until after they’ve received a letter from them. What’s the best way to approach someone who might be grieving?



Getting Back Into Gear in 2021

Getting Back Into Gear in 2021 (53:20)

Carlos is diving back into probate leads and is looking to ramp up conversions and results.






Looking to hear prospecting tips in action? Check out our live role play series.





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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #312


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the AllTheLeads.com coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

You will learn to get more listings, more deals and find financial freedom by listening to these episodes. Be sure to catch show notes at AllTheLeads.com/podcast and join our free Facebook mastermind community: https://facebook.com/groups/AllTheLeadsMastermind



Welcome to all of our formidable agents and investors nationwide as formidable tip you like that one today. Thank you, sir. Today is Thursday, January 28th, 2021. And this is mastermind podcast. Number 312.  One brief announcement for me before we forget next Wednesday, February 3rd. At 2:00 PM. It is the first Wednesday of the month.

So we will do our February role-play call and we will do it on time this week with it, any technical or this month without any technical difficulties. If y'all, hadn't been on a role-play call before this call, today is pretty much you set the agenda. Questions, answers, struggles, wins. The role-play call.

The intention is to practice with our coaches and each other. Places that maybe we're getting stuck in our conversations. And if any of you, haven't had a chance to go back and listen to those they're well worth listening to, they're always different. We had,  different things pretty much come up on every call.

So be there next Wednesday at 2:00 PM and we have a pretty full queue. So let's get right to the first caller. First step this week and you've been waiting for 20 minutes. I think you were the first on the call phone number ending in zero five, four, four. You're up first.

Optimizing Probate Plus Lead Lists [00:01:50]Are you there?  yes, right here. It's Mike. Hey, Mike. Grand Prairie Texas right.  Yeah, it's Denton, Texas, actually in DFW area. A little bit more North.  Yeah, would you guys for a little bit more than a year now with probate, plus I'm really ramping back up again.  I'm a Mike ferry agent for 15 years, used to the probate.

It used to prospecting and prospect, the hardware expired. Those have waned quite a bit, and I'm loving the fact that I'm carving out a niche with the probate kind of a sustainable niche  competitively. And because it's hard to get into. And as I'm finding my way through it, I've got all the kinks worked out by taking the database from you guys, working it through mojo, do single dialer, all of that kind of thing.

One of the things that I have, it's at a 30,000 foot level on strategy and Bruce, from what I've heard, ma maybe it's more like your strategy, but given that I've got probate plus and paying for the extra leads, that kind of thing, wouldn't it be better to go ahead and receive the leads, make a one-time call through.

And I'm just going to say it. I know some of you will argue with me on this, I'm going to pick first of all sort and pick those properties or those leads that have properties.  Those leads that aren't NMLS and I'm going to go to those first and work those hard. And then my list is considerably shorter votes from weeding those out as well as calling through them.

And then maybe with a month lag time, make my first letter out.  I guess my question is that a better way to do it rather than float the first letter out with, for instance, I just got one for January. There were 85 in Denton County.  When I whittled it down, it got down to 59 and I get it to probate.

Plus,  can help me save money and I want to be not just sending three letters. Which I'm doing now, but like I heard, I think you say Bruce, in the past,  I want to send 12 monthly letters, because I talked to someone the other day. In fact, unfortunately one of my parents had died about two years ago and that's why I noticed that I had all the things that I needed for other people to go through this.

So that's been my mantra when I go into this prospecting, but I actually talked to someone that. The probate was so old. It was almost two years ago when my father died, it was the deceased state and she was just getting around to get the probate hearing. So I get it that they age well, but wouldn't it be a more effective and guys, I'm not trying to take any money out of your mouth, but Hey, maybe it'd be more money if I've only got 12 months from now, 10 people to send it to, and I want to spend the money now.

All right. I'm done with my questions. Sorry. I know that was long. If you want to go first. So you want me to, certainly it can't be the first time this has been brought up. No, not at all. I drew sides. I'm going to defer to you. I would say though, that there isn't a right or wrong way. It's not a one size fits all program.

We're big believers and it's more about what works for you. You then, what's going to net us the most income, believe me. Don't even, I appreciate you saying that, but that's not an issue. I would say that personally, I would send everybody at least one letter because of the,  I just, personally I've done deals where.

I think the longest I did was three years ago, I had sent him a letter, never spoke to him, never got in touch with them and they put my letter away and they were finally ready to do something.  Unless I disqualified somebody, I'd make sure everybody gets a letter and Bruce I'll let you finish.

Cause I do concur with Bruce that more is probably better. But in my, my, in my example, the lady who called me from, the deceased two years ago, she didn't have any property.  So in fact, unfortunately he had been murdered and people stole all of his belongings from the apartment that he lived in.

And again, that's just one letter and I know that's just one time, but. In the sense of being a businessman and trying to be efficient, I'm going to do the work, but I want to do the work smart.  Yep. Bruce is all, I'm going to tell you first what I do.  And then I'm going to take your example and I'm going to tell you why you might not want to do that and why you did, why you should do that.

So essentially, we're going to go at three angles here. I put a seven day delay on my letters. I don't go a month.  Only seven days. And that gives me a chance to get through that list at least one time  and scrubbed the list down. I'm using probate plus to scrub some people out and I'm using my phone calls to scrub some people out.

Now, in the beginning of a probate campaign, you have to consider your your competition. And if you're close to the DFW area, there's probably going to be competition.  And so a reason that you might want to put a a 30 day delay on your letters is it gives some of that competition, a chance to burn itself out.

The reason that you might want to just send your letters out after on day one or day seven is there is definitely some low hanging fruit that if you haven't put a letter in front of them  you don't have much of a chance of getting if they're not answering the phone. So at least you get an early message in front of those.

With that said, I'm personally, a big fan of calling through my list at least one time before they get a letter from me, it really saves me money. If I can get 10% of the list to answer and say, Hey, we're never going to sell that. Just, that saves me a considerable amount of money over the life of the campaign.

And And I wasn't gonna mail those people anyway, but I was certainly going to call them. So it doesn't hurt to call on day one day two day three, and then send your letter on a slight delay.  I could make a case why a month would be good.  But I can also make a case that you're probably missing some low hanging fruit occasionally by waiting a month.

Friday, let me chime in as well and add one other little 10 cents on this. The one thing that you need to realize is that whole, the whole part of this is monitoring your results as you go. And my recommendation, this is Tim. What I would recommend that you look at is that if you're, just getting started in trying to make sure you do the best thing in your market.

The one thing you don't always know is in fact, what may be going on in regard to your competition and all of that. And  you mentioned how many leads you get and all of that. If you do a mailing and you do it early and you do it first and you don't wait and you see what the results are, and then,  then you take another round or another round, look at the results that you get over.

Your first couple of sets of leads that you do that with and you'll know the right answer. That's the point. Anything else is subjective, you're guessing. And we'd be guessing a lot of it depends on the market. It also depends on what happens in your court system, because sometimes your courts aren't clearing things as quickly as others.

And we don't know, we can only give you the data that comes out. So I always encourage people when they ask is. Take a whack at it, but make sure you carefully monitor the results when you do the mailing. When you finally get at it, if you get some phone calls back, or if you talk to people that say they got your letter and it helps soften.

At first called and that's a good thing. If you don't hear anything at all back, you're not getting any good results. Then, maybe mailing early is not necessarily the best thing to go do, but if you don't do it, you will never know what you're missing in the beginning. And I'd go back to what Bruce said again, not trying to talk you out of spending more money, but you don't know what you're missing unless you try it.

So it's fool up. Just let it sit there. Totally hearing you guys on that. And this is with about nine months in and seeing a  it's about the second letter that hits that I get something and frustration before appropriate plus of having the riff-raff that I had to weed through. And now it's much more streamlined.

I really love it. You guys really have done a fantastic job and I've been really talking it up, but I appreciate that. So just a follow up question. So a lag time can be done through mailbox motivator. Sure. You just have to tell us what you want to do. Okay. Fair enough. Fair enough. And  Bruce, I think I heard on one of the recordings that kind of your script on that is have you received my letter yet knowing full well that it's, if you were in the first week and you called on day one and you have a seven day lag time that it's not.

On a bad question, but just a great question. You're not lying, they haven't got it, but it's a good opener. Is that kind of your tact on that? Did yet,  did you happen to receive a letter from me yet? Not saying that I sent one, I'm just asking if they happen and you'd be surprised how many people say yeah, I think so.

My follow-up to that is usually I don't imagine you've had a chance to read that have you, which is, I know for a fact that they haven't. Okay. And .  Have you seen my sold signs in the neighborhood? Yeah, an old tree thing. Hey buddy. And one other thing, Bruce, Mark my name down.

If you could, I'd be interested in talk to you about coaching. Great. Yeah. Perfect. Let me go ahead. And what's the last four of your phone number? I'll have Jim  send me a message afterwards. Six, five Oh one six one. Okay. Perfect. All right. Thank you guys. Appreciate it. Thanks. Yeah. And Mike, one thing.

Oh, you're very welcome. Can you get, can you hear me okay? Yeah. Okay. I think I'm back now. Yeah. I was just gonna say, Mike as I said, this program, isn't a one size fits all. I was a Mike ferry coach too, as with your training and your experience, you're a prolific prospector. It's, it's never bad to have an introduction, but for other people listening on this call that maybe aren't as experienced at making the calls,  that first letter can be an icebreaker.

You may not Spreaker a little bit less than somebody else that doesn't it isn't as seasoned as prospecting as you are. That's the only thing I was gonna just add for other people listening at . Yeah, one other thing when we throw in about that is this that you all show. If you're following our lead, one of the things we do is recommend that we always use colored envelopes when we can, when people want to go do that.

And if you pick a color that you use for each of the mailings that you do,  you could also say, even if it's in the early mailing or the second mailing or whatever, you've probably seen my blue envelope. She may be ignoring them. A lot of people, I'm sure you get a lot of mail, but mine are the ones in the blue envelope.

And typically people look at their mail as it's coming in. I may not open it all, but now they'll remember they got some blue envelopes. So it's another thing that you can call out. So even if they even didn't look at the first one, they'll know they got something in a blue envelope. They'll remember who you are and you've gotten a little warped in that call to start with.

It's also one of the reasons that we typically recommend you use that colored envelope so that you can call it out. Great tip. Thank you very much. All right. Thank you. We have five more in the thank you. Five more in the queue. Next up is phone number ending in five, four, six, four. You're up next.

Getting a Deal To Closing [00:12:30] Hey, this is Eddie van Buskirk.

Hey, I think a lot. I set a reminder for this call. I just got I would doing an assignment contract on a property.  My, my buyer went to go close to, he closed yesterday and the seller texts me this morning when they're about to go cozy. He said, I'll just read it to you. It's short. He said, Hey, we have a problem that he, my wife and brother don't want to sell the house because they think the house is worth more than your offer.

My buddy from appraisal office called me and said, my mother's house is worth more than 21,000. So we need to talk some times a day. We already talked and  you've been straight up with them the whole time. I've told them that it's, it will be worth more. Like I run a business. Like I run a business and I, he knows that I need to make money.

They, we started this process in June. They said I made them an offer of 16,000. They said they were going to clean it out. And see if we can get more money than they didn't do anything for about five months. And then  I went over there with my assignment buyer cause I have a good relationship with them.

So he told me what he'd be able to say. I gave him a little bit less offer, which was hire  then the original. Okay. 16,000. So it came up to 21,000. So it worked out well. We've had a nightmare with the title, just getting it clean and I've been doing all this. It sounds like they want me to pay them for sentimental value.

How do I do that? So I'm having a conversation with all three of them in myself. So four of us this afternoon at three 30, how do I talk to them about the sentimental value? So I think that you need to start with questions. So you need to kinda start with, Hey look I appreciate that you guys are wanting to have a conversation about this.

Could you fill me in a little bit on what what kind of value you're looking for out of this and where it's coming from? Okay. So find out what they're thinking. They might be thinking 23,000. We don't know  until they say and and then ask them if they've thought about what kind of work it's going to require of them to get whatever value they they're thinking.

That's the big thing is, cause they, they sat on this property since June, without cleaning it out.  Who's going to do, who's going to do the clean out. Who's going to make the repairs. Who's going to actually boost the property value. And a lot of times I would bet they're just not they're not recognizing the pain and the frustration that it's going to take to get what they think it's worth.

And of course. They might have a completely unrealistic expectation of whatever that new price is. So you're coming to I'm coming to the conversation with a lack of clarity on what's even going on in their minds. So you need to sit down and write out a handful of questions so that you really understand where they're coming from, why this is coming up now, what they're thinking.

And.  And then ultimately what they think the time and effort you've put in so far has been worth is, like you said, you had to clean title up. You had to do a whole lot of work here.  Want to give them an opportunity, even if things start to fall apart, I want to give them an opportunity to recognize what you've brought to the table and offer you something for the effort you've put in.

Yeah. I'll show. The other question is if they're going to look yeah, for maximum dollar on the property, are they looking to list it and sell it? Which should mean they'll sit on it for awhile and you have to look at what the value of money is today versus the future value of money. But I hit on what Bruce said first, you're having a data free conversation unless you know what they're looking for.

And you may be surprised that, another couple of grand might do the trick for you and. You can go back to your assignment buyer and look at the same set of dollars and saying, Hey, they came back up, meet me halfway, do what you got to go do. And you can get this done in a snap, but until you know what they're looking for you're you're twisting in the wind without really knowing what you're playing through.

And Eddie, do you have a legitimate signed, executed contract?  I. I believe we went out of so technically I'm out of it. That's a great question. I went out of contract at the end of November or the end of  December. We were supposed to be done by then  with that's on me for not getting it  updated the, but yes, I, at one point I did, but right now I am out of contract on that.

The brothers were the breasts where these other parties, were they involved from the beginning or have you only been dealing with with the principal? The PR?  When I started back in June and June with them, I went and I met the brother, the PR  and then I made him an offer and then his brother didn't like it so that we all got on the phone together.

So I've never met him, but I've been on the phone with him.  But he really didn't have too much. He just was like, yeah, I'll get the house clean up. The, when they call me back in like October and we're like, Hey, we've got the house cleaned out, come take a look at it again. Literally nothing had changed.

And we walked in the house and the PR himself was like, he told me it was cleaned out and everything is still here.   Yeah.   His wife, I've never interacted with his wife though.  What you want to do when you have a conversation with them and you get some more information and provided what they think the house is worth is realistic.

Okay. And they might be totally unrealistic. We don't know, but provided it's realistic.  You're right. Probably going to want to say, okay. Let's review the comps. Let's review the information and are you willing to do it looks like, let's say they want 40,000.  So it looks like 40,000 is a better number for you guys.

Are you willing to do these 10 things? And so just list off a series of things that they're going to have to do, including a listing, including commissions include including potential buyer closing costs and all those things that go into a traditional sale and say, are you willing to do that or should you, and I should we just come together and try to try to reinforce or come up with a new agreement with me?

Odds are, they're not really thinking clearly about how much the house is worth in its current condition and how much work is going to need to go into putting a new deal together. Okay. One of the reasons I asked, one of the reasons I asked you if you had a legitimate contract I would do everything that Tim and Bruce said, take the highest road first, but in.

In most States, if you have a legitimate contract, you could record the contract against the property, or you could record a notice of interest  and, get some leverage to at least be not that you're going to play hardball, but get some leverage to be at least compensated for what you have done so far.

If they're really not, giving any value to that. And even though you might be a couple of weeks past the closing date, again, I'm not playing amateur attorney here, but most. Contracts allow for a reasonable delay, unless it says time is of the essence. So I guess you just got away the risk reward.

If you feel you deserve to be compensated and they are breaking the agreement, that may be an option for you, I'm not gonna, it just depends on how far you want, how far you want to push it, if you think it's worth it or not.  And what is it going to be? What does the house look like?

It's worth Eddie. When all said and done after repairs, what's the house going to be worth on the market? So I did one right around the corner from that house. That's probably the most, the nicest house in the neighborhood by far for 80,000. Okay. And what's your assignment buyer? What's your assignment buyer looking for?

He, what do you mean? He's going to keep looking at pay. Oh, he's paying 26. He's paying 26. Got it. So you don't have a lot of room there, right? No.  What I did think, tell me what you guys' thoughts are on this. If it does come down to a sentimental thing, If they agree with me on all this other stuff, and it comes down to us in the middle thing, what are your thoughts on me being like, it sounds like your mom was, a very special person.

She's very important to you and you want to honor her memory rights.  What are your thoughts? What if I buy you a $250 gift card to the steakhouse and you guys can all go out to dinner and have a dinner about your mom. That's tough, man. That's tough. They may not get along. They may not be getting along well at this point because one of them was ready to sell it for what you wanted to buy it for.

And the other two aren't I think you're maybe playing with, that's a nice idea. You might be playing with fire. Okay. If I do it I'll be sure to report back. I just.  It was trying to figure out what non-monetary thing could I give them that might help them? Is there any, do you think there's any elasticity on your buyer?

I think if you have to pay more for it, is your buyer going to be willing to come up with some more money? If you said the house around the corner, you got it to 80, is your,  what's it going to need to get, to be a comparable to the one that you did already? Does it need a new roof?

Gotta be rewired, all new plumbing bathrooms. What's it going to take? Yeah, just about everything. That's what I did with the other one around the corner.   New roof, new kitchen, new bath, new plumbing, mold removal.  I think the electrical is okay actually in this one, but  quite a bit. The buyer is a good friend of mine.

So if I need to work out something with him, I'm sure he'd be flexible with me.  It's not an issue. Yeah. You want to take away 80 by 20 in it. If you could take it up to 80 by putting 20 in it.  That's a pretty nice spread. You've got some room to play on the bottom if your buyer's willing to move.

But  if you've only got what five grand to play with right now  you don't have a lot of room to negotiate. Yeah.

Got to start with what they want. Lots of chew on it. He please get back and let us know how it goes. Hopefully we gave you some ideas of the work. All right. You're very welcome. We have three more in the queue guys. We got plenty of room for more, just hit star six and hit one in the meantime.

Next step is phone number ending in zero five, four, four. You're up next. Okay.

Getting Clear on Your USP [00:22:15] Marker [00:22:15] This is Jim from long Island's. Again, I wasn't trying to jump in as the first call or ahead of the fellow from Texas, but it seems like both our numbers and with zero five, four, four, unless I misunderstood. Correct. Okay. What are the odds?

Yeah. Okay.  Resubscribed to ATL a few weeks ago and I wanted to talk a little bit about  of the various services that we offer through the sales letters, which is single one seems to be a bit more popular with executors that are intending to sell the house. And how do they prefer to pay for it?

So from the deceased's remaining funds their own money, or are they looking for me to finance?  It's normally going to be. Go ahead. Go ahead, Jim. You start. No, I'm just going to say my own experience. It's not even close. It's the stuff in the house. Getting rid of the stuff in the house, figuring out what's there.

What it's worth. What do I do with it? That's the number one. And go ahead. But she could add answer that. I'm sure. Okay. So normally they pay for it with the deceased remaining funds. Sometimes they, if they don't have remaining funds or liquid assets in the estate, then they'll pay for it out of pocket and then get reimbursed.

If they don't have any money, your third choice is that you could front the money for a an interest rate or front the money and then take a larger commission or a larger equity position in the property.  And I agree with Jim, it's not even close. It's usually cleaning the property out now with that said almost nobody ever calls me and says.

Hey Bruce, we really need help cleaning the property out. That just doesn't happen. It doesn't mean that they don't need that help, but it's our job as prospectors and professionals to present that option in an appealing and compelling way, because most people, until they know you, they're not going to be like, Oh, you know what?

I have this random stranger that just sent me a letter. Let me call him and bring him in to clean the house out.  They don't. Thanks that, so the offer that we make is all about building more rapport. And then there comes a point where you say, let me, do you mind if I make a proposal, that's my favorite gate to get into presenting the option.

I'll say it sounds to me like based on our conversation or our conversations in the past, you guys are stuck or dealing with this and this. Why don't I come out there and take a look at the house and just tell you that some of the things that I could take off of your plate, you're going to have to get really strong on the phone with people to actually get some of these People to take you up on the offer to, to help them with a clean-out to help them with maintenance, to help them with repairs, estate sales, anything like that, it starts with you and the the way that you offer it or the way that you present it.

I per, I don't know about the other subscribers. I think I know about the other subscribers I coach most of you  It's pretty rare that somebody just calls up and says, Hey, could you come out and send somebody to cut my grass or help me clean the house out? It just doesn't happen. So we take charge and  our, the impetus to, to spur that action along.

So the executors that intend to sell the house, they are looking for a clean-out, but not so much improvements. Are they looking for upgrades to may make a grandma's home look more, more modern, where they just want to clean out and sell it clean. They don't know what they don't know.

If you presented an appealing case for upgrading the house, they'd probably take it. But most of the time, they're not just going to take that action without you proposing it. Okay. Yeah. And I would just add to that too. I would add to that also, Jim, that very rare that they're looking to get top dollar for the house,  the vast majority of them.

Want the hassle over with, they want to get the funds. They want to split it up among the heirs. And so I can't remember somebody calling and saying, Hey, the roof's leaking or the appliance are old. You nobody can fix them up so we can get top dollar for the house. It's just not, this niche is more about, usually more about time than getting top dollar.

But like Bruce said, for some people, if you offer that option, they might take it up. But most of them calling in. Just want it off their plate. They want the stuff out of there. They want it sold and they, they want to cash out quickly.  I was thinking about offering three options, the many rehab for a top dollar sale number two would be the clean-out and clean up and sell.

And number three would be as is to a flipper. Is that too much to offer or should I cut it down to just two things or. Are the three choices, many rehab cleanup, and sell to flip. Okay. Are you also licensed to list, can you list their home or are you and wholesaler I'm licensed and yeah, I'm a licensed agent and licensed contractor.

Those three options sound good. Normally I'll add a few extra options in, but not in what I present. So I'm going into an appointment like that. Trying to understand normally before I go on the appointment, what's more appealing to them. Is it more appealing to them to just be done with it and not have to do anything else to the house?

Or is it more appealing to them to get closer to full value? And and so I go already eliminating a few options that  based on our conversations. And then when I walk in, I'm going to try to narrow it down through questions and conversation that typically the two of my multiple options, the two that are going to fit them best.

And that's what I present. And I say, which one of these sounds better to you guys? And I let them choose. Three is sometimes too many, two choices is normally best. Okay.  Lastly, do we have any presentation, paperwork to present the options on? Is there any format that you guys already have that could be easily followed?

Get with me, grab a we'll have somebody reach out and and get you on a coaching call with me. I personally have a letter of intent that I'll fill out. And sometimes it has a few options on it. It's always fluid and it looks like whatever my last deal looks like.

And then I also run a menu. Where, when I go in, I'll usually present to someone, a menu of services and let them choose which menu item they want. And that usually has three or four it's geared toward listings, but it usually has three or four different things that they can choose from ranging and service and commission.

Okay. Is this Bruce I'm speaking with now? Yes, Bruce. Okay. We already have a scheduled call next week. Perfectly. Yep. Make sure you bring the the menu up and the letter of intent. Okay. Thanks. Thanks for all this. I appreciate it. Thanks John. Hey Jim, I was just gonna, I was just going to add real quick your question in a way, reminds me of a question.

We get a lot of times when when a realtor is an investor, which had two, I were on the call and you want to have, like Bruce said, you want to have multiple hats on hand. But in the initial conversation, if you ask good questions, they'll usually disqualify one of them. You know what I mean? If the urgency is there, then listing, it may not be an option.

If the urgency isn't there, then you know, an investor quick sale may not be an option. So have as many options prepared, but usually about, I agree, a hundred percent with Bruce. By the time you get to the appointment, you're probably going to know which one or two. You're probably going to know which one they're going to take, but you probably want to give them an option.

Anyway, people love to buy the eight to be sold. They like to make decisions. They don't like to be told what to do, but it's all asking. Good questions from the beginning. And it sounds like you've got a pretty good handle on that already. Sounds great advice. Thanks. Thanks fellowship.

All right. Thank you. We have two more in the queue guys. So we got 20 minutes yet.  Don't be shy. Jump in there. Hit star six and hit one.  Next up is phone number ending in seven two, two five. You're up next?

Winning Prospects In A Low-Inventory Market [00:30:02] Yeah, this is Jerry with Remax in Colorado. And yes, sir. I'm happy to be on the call today.

And two things. I question one. I'm currently getting the leads for Denver County, which usually turns out to be about. Oh, anywhere 50 to 60 leads. And after it's been whittled down to the ones that are real estate pipe out 20 or 25, and I'm in this Colorado market, just along the front range here, it's just so it's very competitive.

Even a house that's not habitable. It has been damaged by fire goes for 250,000 because someone will buy it, fix it up and sell it for 400,000. So there's a. Just a myriad of sources reaching out  when a potential property becomes available and wanting, I'm more familiar with Adams County, which is just North of Denver.

That's where I live. Although I do work some in the Denver market, I'm more comfortable with the Adams County market and just wanted to do a talk to you. Do you think it might be a consideration for me to move my subscription over to Adams County? And out of Denver County and ended up, the second thing I wanted to discuss with you is maybe I could set up a coaching with Bruce to really structure my, my, my initial call.

I really only have about 30 or 40 seconds going to grant Cardone. Do your introduction and reason you're calling and qualifying them should take about less than a minute. And simply I'm identifying with the people that receive the calls. Cause I get a lot of calls myself for windows, for, whatever, just as a consumer.

So I want to have, we have avid correct when I call them and consider moving by subscription to Adams County. So if you could address those two things for me  I'll address the coaching and the call real fast. I won't go into great detail on the structure of your call. But but I will tell you to schedule your coaching call just go into your subscriber portal and click the training dropdown. And there's a button that says schedule a free coaching call.

Do that. And then it's gonna book through Calendly and it's going to ask you to add a note on specific topics that you want to discuss. Definitely add a note that we need to cover the call structure. Okay. Alright. Thank you. Brooks.  Jim, and then yeah. And Bruce, I'll ask your sales. Jerry, I'm sorry.

I'll ask your salesperson to reach out to you. Maybe. Look at the numbers and the the competition.  There's, there may be an advantage Adam's if there's less competition.  But I also, I believe I, that's certainly something to consider. You may want to do like a split test on him.

How long have you been working? Denver. Did you just start working them about four months. Okay. And what do you, what are you finding? Are you finding that a lot of them are already listed or sold by the time you speak to them? Or is it just, you're just not getting shot? Both. Some of them are that way.

And and there's not much  I've not gotten any calls just from the mailings,  but once again  there's so much mail that everybody receives. But when I call and they could just say we've got a handle or, attorneys doing it, we've got another realtor already, those kinds of things.

Sure. And one other thing. Yeah, I think a good, just like the BR the coaching call with Bruce, I'm going to ask your sales person to reach out to you and compare the logistics of the two counties, the numbers. There are some Colorado counties that delay the delivery. Until the probate is completed and I'm not really sure offhand which one that is.

I don't know if that's the case or Adams, so maybe that's what you're experiencing. TIm, do you know offhand? I don't know. Off hand. I'd have to look into it if

all right.  We'll look into that. Jerry Colorado is there's a few counties in Colorado. Not all of them. It had privacy provisions and they don't release the data until the is completed, which on one hand, you're going to have a much higher percentage that are already listed or sold. On the other hand, the ones that are still remaining  you're going to have, you should have a pretty good conversion rate.

As far as the people getting ready to do something. Yeah. Gotcha. Yeah. Okay. So I'll look it up. All the kids who would find out who your sales person is and have them reach out to you right after the call and kind of compare the logistics and the two counties.  Okay. All right. Okay. Jerry. I appreciate it quickly.

Jerry, let me quickly address something. You said a second ago with you're getting people on the phone and there's a couple of objections that they gave you. We have a realtor that's a little bit harder to get around. But our attorney's handling everything and we've got it all taken care of.

And anybody who's done a handful of coaching calls with me is probably gonna rolling your eyes. Cause I say this so often, but  We need to understand what that means and what that doesn't mean. What that does not mean is we're not going to sell the house. I want you to understand if they say we have it taken care of.

They're not saying we're not going to sell the house. What they are saying is we don't know you. And this is our defense mechanism to get a sales person off of the phone.  And  if we recognize that's not a a rejection or them saying that they're never going to need our service, that's just strictly  their defense mechanism.

And I like to validate those defense mechanisms.  Completely understand, I feel the same way too. You probably don't need a lot from me today. Validate it, leave your name and number. Your name and number is a smoke screen. It's not an end of the call. And then you just simply say HSA. And my last question is are you guys thinking about eventually selling the real estate you've inherited or does it make more sense for you guys to keep that?

Because that's what you want to get to at the end of the day is you want to get to the real estate conversation and too many of our.  Subscribers and the people I work with here, we've got it all handled. And what they think that the person is saying is we're never going to sell a house.  That's not.

Oh, okay. Yeah. Oh, got it. Thanks for clarifying that's really helpful.

Perfect. Does that help Jerry

Any other follow-up questions? Are you good? Nope. That was it. If someone could just maybe my the sales rep could call me after the cologne with some information about,   when the actual probate is completed in Denver and Adams County, and maybe how many leads might be in Adams County.

Absolutely. Some of them reach out to you right after the call. And I'm just going to add one thing to really drive Bruce's point home. I said it to the last caller that people love to buy, but they hate to be sold. And just a classic example of that is,  just say you need a new suit. So you walk into a clothing store and the sales person walks up and says, can I help you just to auto response from most people is no, I'm just looking well, basically you're there for a reason you want a bias, but what you're saying to the guy is don't push me, don't rush me.

I, don't tell me something.   That is just, that's a classic at universal. Reaction to people when they feel cornered or threatened. So  I it applies whether they were on the phone, sounded real estate or going into a store by the suit. So I thought that was a good exempt, all right.

I appreciate it, Jerry and I will we'll have somebody reach out to you right after this call. Okay. Thanks a lot. Appreciate everyone's help today. Thank you. Awesome. We only have one more person in the queue. This is rare. And as soon as I say that, we'll probably have 12 people jump in, but hit.

Star six to hit one. We don't want to leave to any questions on the answered. We'd love to hear your wins, success, stories, issues,  whatever you need help with. That's why we're here today. And right now, the last one in the queue is phone number ending in six, three eight, eight.

Time Blocking For Cold Calling [00:37:26] Hi guys. So this is Ron cram in Arizona, and also on the call with me as my partner making news, we're just getting started.

We've got a credibility website that should be going live hopefully later today. And we're going to begin calling and the mail will go out soon after, but Megan and I had a question we want to know how do we know what our bandwidth is? How do you let's say. We give a hundred leads coming in every month and we want to call those people like every day for the first week or so how many hours where we have to devote to, to that activity.

And then I actually have  four months worth of. Leads cause I've been subscribing, but I haven't been doing anything yet. I've still wanted to learn more about how to do this. So how do we plan out four months worth of leads? What, how do we figure out what our bandwidth is and what we should try to take on per week?

Hey, Ron, it's Bruce Hayes. I think you're typically gonna dial around 30 to 40 numbers per hour and that's got to. Vary greatly, depending on how many people engage in conversation with you. So that's assuming that  probably 75 to 80% are not answering and of the ones that answer a handful are blowing you off in a couple of them are talking with you.

So plan on 30 to 40 dials per hour. And and then in the first week, normally I would plan on, I know you get somewhere between three and five numbers per lead in that first week, while I'm calling, especially the first few calls, I'm usually calling the number that looks like the most relevant.

So the number that looks like it's going to be the cell phone. Or home phone of the PR. And and then I'll go down that list and call the second, third, fourth, and fifth number provided that the PR hasn't answered the first few times that I've tried.   Think it's important to get through your list as many times as possible in that first week.

And as far as bandwidth goes  in my experience, if I give, or if one of my agents were to give four and a half hours of phone prospecting per week, they can handle somewhere around  50 to 60 new leads per month.  As long as they have four and a half hours of prospecting time a week, so that's hour and a half, three days a week.

If you're. Phone prospecting, 12 hours, 12 hours a week. Then obviously you can handle more leads, but 50 to 60 is good for an hour and a half, three days a week. And that'll keep you in front of  anyone you haven't talked to and followed up with the people that need to follow up. That'll keep you in front of them for about six months before  that time allotment becomes unreasonable.

Does that make sense? So you're saying a one and a half hours per day, three days a week would be how many leads in a month? 50 possible. Yeah, between 50 and 60 new leads per month added onto your list and that you can, you should be able to prospect and follow up with them for six months before you either need to let that.

Follow up call go and just not call them anymore or add more time to your schedule. Okay. Okay. That's based on  that's based on calling everyone that you have not interacted with and that's not based on calling everyone. Seven times in the first week, that's really twice a month is pretty much the w what that shakes out to is two calls a month.

If you haven't talked to them.

Okay. Now that helps. Yeah, that does help. I'm just wondering what you said there, though. You're talking about how there's several numbers. So were you saying that you would call the same person, all five different numbers that they have before you would move to the next person? Or were you saying that you would call the top number for each person and then go back and call the second number for each person  in the beginning?

In my first week. And I'm not as aggressive as you just described? Only because of my bandwidth. In the first week, if I'm going to call them two times in that first week, I'm only going to call the top number both times. I'm not going to go to the lower numbers until I've called that top number twice.

Okay. And then I start calling all the numbers for any lead that I've never gotten.  After that second call, now, if you're going to call them five times in the first week or seven times in the first week there's gonna come a point two or three calls in where you want to start calling the rest of those numbers.

Okay. Got it. But I want the PR to prove to me that they're not going to answer my, my, my call. And that's usually if they haven't answered or returned my call after two calls, then I need to start dropping down that list. Okay.  We had three more people on. Thank you. Good. Glad it helped. We, of course, we had three more people jumping the queue.

Next step is so number ending in zero zero five, five. You're up next.

Handling Common Objections in Probate Calls [00:42:25] Hey guys, a lot of zeros and fives today. Yeah, no kidding. Yeah. Go buy a lottery ticket. Hey Bruce. We were talking on a coaching call the other day and I was taking some notes and so happy to speak with you again and thanks for sending me that email about the stuff you're going to send, but Oh yeah.

Two things. What I'd like to know, how do you respond? When someone says we've got it all covered. I know what you typically say, but we, I, we, I didn't, we didn't go further on this and I know you typically say, I completely understand. Do you mind if I share a couple of the things you might want to watch out for, and then I don't have any more notes on that.

What would you say and assume it's an occupied place, whether it's a family member, whatever. So that insurance thing is not going to.  There's not going to be any benefit to bragging about that. And so I would like to know about that. And then just as a follow-up. So I was hearing people,  because again, I'm new to this.

My first mail is probably gonna go out tomorrow. And the concept I'm hearing, calling people five times a week, I'm assuming. That's only because they have it and you're leaving voicemails. If I'm wrong. Tell me what do you say on the second one? And yeah, so that's, I'll leave it like that for now.

Okay.  So first is do you mind if I share a couple of things with you that you might want to watch out for? I probably said that on a role-play or a mastermind call at some point.  Guarantee that answer is floating out there somewhere. That's not my normal answer. If they say that they have everything handled my normal answers, just to validate them.

Throw up a little smoke screen so that they feel heard and understood and not disagreed with, and then pivot over to a different portion of the conversation. So that it sounds Hey, that's really good. I was hoping that you'd say that you probably don't need a ton from me today. Could you take my name and number down?

And they say, yes. And then you say, here it is. And before I let you go, where are you guys eventually planning on selling the real estate? Or is that something you were hoping to hold on to. So validate don't I, what? I don't want them to feel. I don't want them to feel misunderstood and disagreed with, I want them to feel validated and agreed with before you move to a different question.

No, I don't care if somebody says I've got it all handled because that leaves me a wide open path to ask them about real estate. After I validate them.  Second part of your question is five calls of if somebody answers the phone and you have a dialogue with them, of course, you're not going to call them back the next day.

You're going to base your followup schedule on on what that, how that conversation went. If they say, Hey we're not going to do anything for three or four months. You're probably not going to call them for another three weeks or four weeks to follow up.  It just depends on what kind of idea they give you of their timing.

And you would say it's three weeks, you just decided it's going to be three weeks. You will put, you can put that in the CRM as a task to when to follow up with them. That's right. And do you, does the CRM notify you? Do you, do I get an email in the morning saying, Hey, you got to do these five things today?

Or do I have to just go check in and just kinda like refresh the thing and get it to see where, timeline what's the next? No  I live in my CRM, so I don't. I don't pay attention to notices. I get, cause I'm always in the CRM. Anyway, Jim, Tim does the CRM send a reminder out if you're not, if you're not looking at your lead list?

I don't believe so, Tim.

I think Kim left her,

supported all the leads and somebody will get back to you, but I don't believe that myself. Yeah, it will. Oh yeah. You can book yourself at time. There we're actually making some changes in the CRM to do what you're doing. And ultimately what we're going to have it do is basically allow you to customize it so that you can hopefully start your day off by getting an email from the CRM that says, here's the things you need to go do today.

That's the ultimate in terms of how you would want a CRM to react is based on what you've told us. Then, it's going to remind you of those things and you can start your day off with that and you know what you're supposed to get at, but you can definitely set times and appointments within it.

You have to just become familiar with it and that'll get covered on your intro call. All right. Fantastic.  Sorry,

Can you explain, is that for I really, truly powerhouse like prospectors. I heard that once before what's when is it appropriate for someone to be doing that? If they do have a lot of leads and there's, a staggering amount of phone numbers to call.

Exactly what you just described. Personally in our business, we're not using a dialer, but if you're making three, four calls per lead per month, and you have a few hundred leads each month that you're adding on top of the last month in the last month leads, then it does make sense to get a dialer.

If you're adding a hundred leads or fewer on top of yourself every month, and you're sticking to a two call a month  schedule. You don't need a dialer. Okay. Super. Thanks. Thanks so much,

Bruce. Are you okay for a few more minutes? We have a couple more people. In the queue. Yep. I've got a hard out in 15, but I'm good. Good until that. Perfect. I'm going to close the queue. We got two in there. The last two. First one is phone number ending in nine, nine, four two. You're up next. Yes. Hi, thanks for taking my call.

Getting Over The Fear of Calling Probates [00:47:35]My name is Tom Ross. I'm in the Keller Williams and Allentown, Pennsylvania. And the reason I tapped in was I was hearing people saying that they were calling  their list before they even sent a letter out. And I was puzzled by that. Cause a lot of the people. On the list that I get are people who are on the do not call list.

And I guess I feel a little sketchy about calling people on a, do not call list just out of the blue, especially if they're PR and they're grieving for whoever passed away. So can you dive into that a little bit? Yeah, let me, I will start talking, like I had said after that conversation, that gentleman is a seasoned prospector.

He's very comfortable on the phone. The standard program we recommend is do send the letter out first. It's a, it's less of a cold call. It's an introduction. As you get better at prospecting and people like him that have hundreds of leads and,  the time is important to them.

And maybe they're trying to save a little bit on their budget. It's not a one size fits all program, but for someone like you, what you described, I would personally recommend send the letter out first, especially if it makes you more comfortable, feel more comfortable about making the call.

That's important. You get the letter out first.  He was the exception to the rule. And to be honest, Bruce's a little bit of the exception to the rule too. Bruce has been doing this a long time. He's very comfortable on the phone.  He probably doesn't need that security of knowing that they received this letter as much as other people may  would you want to add to that, Bruce?

Yeah. Yeah. I'll  mostly agree with you, Jim. I do think that there's pretty  typical dialogue that, that you can use if they have not gotten a letter with you that really reduces the risk because they're going to be off, but.  I don't describe my services when I go into an elevator pitch.

Or when I go into the introduction to my phone call, I'm not describing all the things that I can do.  Because, and as Jim's mentioned, a couple of times on this call, nobody likes to be sold. They do like to buy. And so what I do is I describe the type of person that finds a benefit and and our help.

And I let them select whether they're that type of person. Or not. And it really cuts down on and yes, it's advanced. It is a little bit advanced. It cuts down on their anger which also cuts down on the anger. If you're calling, if you choose to call someone that's on the do not call list.  I haven't had somebody yell at me and a  long time because I just don't have a dialogue that's off putting.

I know a lot of phone calls, but I, and I'm just trying to think, how would I structure that with somebody who doesn't know me? And it was just getting a call out of the blue.  And do you reference the person who's deceased or you just say, I understand you're the personal representative for  Mr.

and  just calling to see if there's anything I can do to help you during this time of grief. So that that, that approach I usually do not represent are usually do not mention the deceased.  One of my probate partners does mention the deceased and there is a way that you can do so without being off-putting that normally I.

I coach most people to just say, I'm calling because, so this comes after your initial greeting comes pretty early in the conversation I'm calling because I have a team that basically helps certain families that are going through the probate process. And I really don't know if what we do is for you or not.

Can I take 25 seconds and  tell you the type of person that we help and let you decide if we should talk any further. Okay. I mean anybody that gets mad at that. They're just gonna, they're just an angry person. There's this man. They're the sound people. Yeah. All right. I think what I'm gonna have to do is schedule a coaching call with you so we can go over that a little bit.

Yep. Did that the only other thing I would add too, to what what Bruce just said is you said something earlier that I think is one thing that you need to think about. Your mindset. When you make these phone calls, you're making the assumption, or you may be making the assumption that everybody who's a personal representative is still grieving over the loss of the person that's there.

And you may in fact find that in many of the cases that the people that you're talking to their relationship with the deceased, while it might be that they may be grieving, you're going to find a goodly number of them that aren't. And the longer it has been since the date of death. The thing of that has somewhat gone away.

So the concern that you're expressing in regard to their grief and all of that, you typically a little bit better staying away from that rather than calling that it's fine to be empathetic, but you don't know the person you don't know, really know anything about the relationship between them. And if you approach this more from a very straightforward services standpoint, you're on very safe ground.

If you start, talking about. The time, if you start being sympathetic and expressing concern like that it sometimes comes off sounding a bit more hollow because you really don't know them. You don't know the first that passed away and could have been a blessing and all that sort of stuff.

So don't just always approach as that's a grieving person that you're talking to. Cause a lot of times it isn't. So it leaves that out of the conversation. I would, I it's just not necessary. And it forces you as the caller. And certainly please don't take that as me saying, it's wrong for what you said, it's great feeling in your heart, but you got to think about the other side of that equation.

You may be bringing something up that they're not thinking about and, emotions are tough to deal with. And unless, there's a raw emotion on the other end of that line.  Don't go there. Yeah. I made a note to myself, change my assumption on the part that people are grieving. Oh yeah.

Cause you don't know.  So thank you for that. Thank you. Perfect. Hopefully that'll help. Last stuff. This week is phone number ending in four, three, one nine. You're up last.

Getting Back Into Gear in 2021 [00:53:20] Thank you for taking my call. And I'm glad to be the last person. So I'll try to keep this brief here.  My name is Carlos Evans and I'm a real estate agent in the Washington DC area.

Not necessarily new to probate. I've done some deals prior to getting involved with all the leads. So I've been. Involved with you guys for about a year in, I was getting some leads. I actually had maybe three or four mail campaigns that went out and I just really didn't get any response. So maybe I got a little bit discouraged and then obviously COVID hits.

So I put things on pause. I'm not mailing, but I'm getting leads back now. So I'm just trying to,  get some direction on how to get things ramped up by. I've already booked the Oh, call session for February 4th, but any advice or encouragement that you can share with me in reference to now that I'm getting leads again?

The campaign that I was running just. I got nothing from it. So maybe it's a little bit, this, it was a little discouraging for me, but I know that the system works, but I was just hoping to get some direction from you guys. Where are you located? What County?  So I get Montgomery County, Maryland leads and I was going to possibly look at adding Prince George's County, Maryland.

And when were you when did you stop getting the leads? At what point?  I think I stopped at right around June of last year. Okay I'm going to make an off the wall suggestion to you, and certainly you're going to be talking with Bruce in February, but then it makes a suggestion to you that you go back and take, if you've got, have you had, did you have any conversations with anybody to do scrub the list down at all?

On the ones that you got as late as June of last year, I had a few conversations and I was hoping to. I do call expireds and fisbos, some fun with making the phone calls. Just the probate dialogue just seemed a little bit long for me.  So I just need to brush up my communicational on that with the probate leads.

So  here's what I was doing. I would say probably I've had very few conversations. From the probate lists at this point, certainly want Bruce and Jim for trauma as well. But the one thing I was going to say is that if you have a set of older leads, which you do obviously, and you had already, you'd already gone through them.

What we can certainly tell you. And this is based on,  many years now of history in this. And as you heard, when we started the call, this is our 300 and something around of doing these calls, these leads, seas season awfully well. And what you should know is that there are a goodly number.

Of the people that you got in June and before that, that have never done anything at all with that property, for some of them, for the reasons that you heard on this call, the house was full of furniture. COVID has kept them from moving as quickly as they wanted. And if you contact those people, now, if you contact them, the only one that's doing it, everybody else has already given up.

Everybody else is going after them, early on and not going back after the season bleeds and. I would recommend you consider doing a, just take a flyer on one shot of doing a quick round of mail, pick 50 people, 50 people from your old set and send a letter that says, I tried reaching you back in the early summer, last year in regard to the possibility you might have a house still shooting in probate.

You're likely to find the only one that's prospects prospecting them and they've done nothing. And that's why that's immediate low hanging fruit. And Jim and Bruce are going to talk to you about, marketing to your current list and how to do that, but go back after the list.

It's there, there's gold in that list. And Jim will tell you  Jim's favorite time to prospect them is when they're old, when he's had them for awhile, Jim. Okay. Yeah. One, one to two years. And in, I've gone two to three years, I've never gone back.  And work that group of leads that I didn't get a couple of deals out of it.

And I'm just flipping now. I don't really list anymore. I refer, but you hear the same kind of stories like a year. We were fighting with my family. We finally agreed what to do. We just couldn't get our self to go through this stuff. There was issues, legal issues, and we finally got them all resolved.

There's a variety of reasons. But I'm working too right now that both of them were nearly two years ago that the probate was filed. And, both of them were when I called and said, a year or two ago, my, I was getting letters and people would call in and they always tell me you're the only one that's contacted me in the last six months or the last year.

90% of them are going to be sold, but the 10% that aren't like Tim said, they're ready to do something. You've got no competition. So I, and again, I wouldn't do that instead of your current campaign, but absolutely do it in addition to. Yeah, that's gravy, Bruce. Bruce. I know you've got to go in two minutes.

Anything real quick, you want to add? Sure. Basically the old leads, I probably would fire off one letter. They're a little older. If they were only six months old, you might want to do two or three letters, but make. Make whatever you send to your older leads, a little bit more real estate direct  your newer leads your campaign length is important.

So it is important to, to prospect and campaign to these people more than six months. A lot of them are not making  decisions in the first quarter of of their probate process.  Male, especially in larger areas that are growing Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland, around DC, where I live. Male doesn't always get a whole lot of inbound traffic, but what mail gets is that person that answers the phone and two or three months that you've tried several times and they answer the phone two or three months and they say, I've been getting your mail.

I'm just super busy. I was thinking about calling you. And they already have a good understanding of what you are and using a pattern disruptor when they answer the phone of saying, Hey, do you recognize my name? It frequently gets them to say yeah. I know who you are. That you're on really solid ground when you talk to that person.

So for me, mail and voicemail is all about getting a series of frequent and extensive touches in on that person. While I know that they're dealing with the other junk that goes along with probate  Cause they're dealing with a lot and they're just not going to do anything. Funny story real fast is one of my personal, one of my agents on my team  had a an aunt die in Montgomery County, right where you are.

And it took him a year to get the house ready. And the last trip that he took up there was about six months ago. And I talked to him while he was driving the Montgomery County and he said, Bruce, if you ever have a family member that you hate and you just want to punish them for being a terrible family member, Makes them the executor for your state.

And that's what some people, not all, that's what some people are feeling like. They're like, hi, who, how did I get roped into this? And that's the reason that they're not always making a selling decision in the first couple of months, which is great for you and great for me. Because our competition quit after two months.

And if you can follow through with it and keep on the phone specifically, you're going to have some conversion. Okay.  I really appreciate it. And I'm looking forward to the to the call next month. Thank you, Carlos. Perfect timing, Bruce. I know you got to run. I want to thank each and every one of you for being here today, I want to particularly.

Thank those who actively participated. Like I always do. I want to challenge each of you. Take one, thought one idea. One thing that inspired you on this call, go out and put it into practice and come back next Wednesday and Thursday, we get a bonus call next week and share your results with the group.

Thank you guys. Stay healthy, stay productive. And we will talk to you next week. Take care.



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