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Turning Real Estate Clients Into Private Lenders | Going From Referral Agent To Lead Generation Rockstar | + 9 More Q&A | Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode 301

Probate Mastermind Episode #301 | Recorded Live on October 22nd, 2020.  Join Us Live Every Thursday | Previous Episodes


Episode Summary:

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast, you'll learn: How get started with lead generation in probate real estate as referrals slow down; how to navigate sale of a probate home that’s in foreclosure; how to segment your probate lead lists for different call and mail marketing campaigns; what the DNC means for Probates vs. Expired Leads; what to do when heirs can’t agree on selling inherited property.


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Episode Topics, Timestamps, and Resources:


Preview for Real Estate Podcast Segement Pre-Foreclosure and Probate Properties: How To Motivate Personal Representatives To Sell

Pre-Foreclosure and Probate Properties: How To Motivate Personal Representatives To Sell (0:49)

Rosie is working with a personal representative who has bad blood with his parents and family. He has a bit of resentment towards his parents for leaving debts behind, and ultimately just wants nothing to do with the pending foreclosure.  However, he has kids and there’s opportunity here to save the equity that’s in the house, turn it into an investment, and pay for his kids’ future college tuition expenses.  Chad and Rosie mastermind through the conversation that needs to be had with the probate seller, as well as what needs to be done to build confidence through legal opinion.


Preview for Podcast Segment: Common Names and Skip Tracing: Finding the Real Heir to Inherited Property

Common Names and Skip Tracing: Finding the Real Heir to Inherited Property (8:04)

Rosie has a lead that’s really excited to speak with her about selling inherited property - But he’s asking all kinds of questions! Something seems off.  Chad suspects this ‘personal representative’ might have a common name and not be the real personal representative at all! Chad advises on how to confirm you’ve got the right person and discusses the nature of skip tracing probate administrators with very common names.

Preview for Episode Segment on: Real Estate Text and Video Marketing - Lion Desk, BombBomb, and Mojo

Real Estate Text and Video Marketing - Lion Desk, BombBomb, and Mojo (10:05)

Rosie mentioned the inbound call backs and responses she’s getting are coming from Video Messages she is texting out to her leads as a follow-up.  Chad asks her to break this down in more detail.  Rosie outlines how she uses both Mojo and Lion Desk in her comprehensive real estate lead generation and qualification process.  Bruce and Rosie also discuss BombBomb.  Overall, using text and video messaging for follow-ups to outbound calls with positive dispositions is a simple but powerful strategy.


Best Way to Customize the All The Leads Probate CRM For Real Estate Prospecting (12:12/19:40)

Danny has his hands full trying to manage lead generation and follow-ups to likely sellers. Chad walks him through some of the features of the All The Leads CRM that are designed to make prospecting organized and efficient. Chad gives example short codes and dispositions that can be used to rank and segment leads to optimize time spent prospecting. Bruce and Chad also discuss how setting up this system with consistency means a team of prospectors can call work together and stay on the same page.

Chad also walks Kim through a quick demo of the CRM’s short code feature, step-by-step at 19:40.

Preview for Probate Mastermind Episode 301 segment: DNC and Real Estate Calls

DNC and Real Estate Calls (17:04)

Mike is wondering what to do with probate leads that are on the DNC list.  Chad discusses how to weigh your own risks and shares the one story he’s heard in over 7 million cold call dials.  Jim adds how FSBO DNC or other types of real estate DNC calls are different than calling a probate administrator who agreed to be a public representative on public record.


Quitclaim Deeds, Heirship, and Medicaid Liens (21:47)

Kim is working with a client that has power of attorney over his mother’s affairs.  His mother is currently in a nursing home and has willed her property to her son.  They are interested in a quitclaim deed transfer, but Kim is curious if this is a good idea and if there are any repercussions.  Does the son have the authority to make a decision on deed transfer, sale of home? Chad describes it’s normally fine unless Medicaid is in the picture. Chad describes the possible scenarios if Medicaid is involved here. He also describes how the homeowner can pay off Medicaid liens at really low interest rates with a HELOC in this market.


Preview for Probate Mastermind Segment: Lead Segmentation For Custom Mail and Calling Campaigns

Lead Segmentation For Custom Mail and Calling Campaigns (28:41)

Scott is looking to segment his leads and export them to use in his dialers in different calling campaigns.  In particular, he wants to get letters out to widows/surviving spouses first instead of calling them right away.  Chad walks him through how to do this.



How To Get Started In Probate Real Estate (31:32)

Ron is ready to dive into probate real estate - he wants to start fast and efficiently.  Where should he start? Chad discusses the 3-day Probate Mastery Course.  Jim and Ron discuss staying accountable.

See More: The top-rated Probate Real Estate Certification Course according to fitsmallbusiness.com
Accountability Coaching Included With ATL Probate Leads


Preview for Segment: Turning Real Estate Clients Into Private Lenders

Turning Real Estate Clients Into Private Lenders (37:15)

Thurmon recently asked a client if she was interested in becoming a private lender.  He successfully sold the property she inherited from her mother, and she said she would be interested in becoming a private lender.  However, Thurmon got stuck


Preview for episode segment: What To Do When Heirs Play Tug-Of-War with Inherited Property


What To Do When Heirs Play Tug-Of-War with Inherited Property (43:22)

Dan is trying to either buy or help sell a house a family inherited, but the siblings have no idea what they want to do.  What should you do in a situation like this?


Preview For Episode Segment: Going From Referrals To Lead Generation

Going From Referrals To Lead Generation (47:38)

Yolanda has been licensed since 2006.  She’s primarily worked off of referrals but is looking to get started with lead generation to fill her pipeline.  What should she do to get started?



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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast - Episode #301 Transcript

AI Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the AllTheLeads.com coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

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Jim Sullivan: [00:00:33] Welcome thriving agents and investors nationwide. Today is Thursday, October 22nd, 2020. And this is Mastermind Podcast number 301. We have four people in the queue, so let's get right to our first caller.

Pre-Foreclosure and Probate Properties: How To Motivate Personal Representatives To SellRosie Hayer: [00:00:49] Hi, everyone can y'all hear me?  This is Rosie here from Austin, Texas.

Jim Sullivan: [00:00:52] Hey Rosie, glad you could join us!

Rosie Hayer: [00:00:55] Awesome! So guys, I am actually calling with two scenarios. Okay. Number one. So I'm working with a lot of investors and, lucky day, they're starting to send me some probate business. This particular investor was working with this pre-foreclosure lead, who has inherited this property just recently.

but apparently the property has been in pre-foreclosure. The foreclosure is not until December. We got all the details. It seems like the investor cannot handle the deal at all because there is no margin there, but clearly the property can be easily sold, as is online and the seller can still walk away with 20, 30K in their pocket.

Now, the problem is the seller, the person who inherited the property had bad blood with his parents and family. And he just literally doesn't want anything to do with it. No involvement. And I'm speaking with the attorney directly. And the, this is like I have attorney's email in front of me where he said that,  Les Cruz is afraid of his shadow when it comes to business and family interactions.

So I feel like, I don't want to ruffle any feathers and be too assertive and, in my ask, so I wanted to ask. What should be one work around in here? this guy clearly can sell the property in a timely manner. She'll walk away with equity, even with all the behind payments and stuff like that.

And just because he has bad blood, I feel if it's made aware of what is possible, it seems like he would cooperate. But when I reached out to our attorney to find solutions that can attorney do a POA or there's somebody who can be their POA and I can just move forward with the process.  I'm getting a pushback from the attorney.

Is there something I'm missing, or is there a different way to handle it, to get them to see things differently?

Chad Corbett: [00:02:30] So the person you're referencing that had a bad relationship, are they the representative? They're the administrator?

Rosie Hayer: [00:02:36] Yes.

Chad Corbett: [00:02:37] Unless they give up that authority, then there's really nothing you can do.

And if he's unwilling to do that. I would say, you're talking to his ego and I think the only way that you can resolve this in the best interest of everybody is to just have a really candid conversation with him. And listen, we have resources with investment advisors and other real estate investors.

I can take that $30,000 and turn it into a legacy for you.

Rosie Hayer: [00:03:02] Yeah.

Chad Corbett: [00:03:02] And is this really, is costing yourself that financial opportunity going to make your relationship with your dead parents, any better?  Let's start over fresh today and let's get this out of your life and let's start with a positive, like we'll get the equity in the home.

We'll get that home gone. You never have to look at it again. And then we'll grow that into something you can be happy about having, if you do this, the rest of your life, you're going to think about it. And you, we both know. You're hurt. You're in pain and your ego is what's driving the bus here. So let me do what's right for the community.

Let me do what's right for you. And let me do what's right for your family. And what I do best is maximize the equity for families, and then continue to help you grow that over the rest of my career. And that would be my approach because he's, if he's in that defensive ego loop, he's never going to subordinate because he feels like he's getting one over on his old man.

And just remember we're all big children. That at some point, our spirit of play was replaced with these formal rules and beliefs. And talk to him, talk to the traumatized seven year old or however old he was when whatever happened, that's who you need to get through to. So I would take the emotional approach.

Over the legal approach, because if the attorney's already showing apprehension and he is obviously, he's made up his mind, you're probably not going to get anywhere using that. So I would try to show him how that money can actually help his emotional state. And over time it can really help because you have the connections, like you can connect them up with the other players on your team and turn them into a lender, even if he never wants to spend that money were like, okay, but does he have kids?

Rosie Hayer: [00:04:37] Yeah, he's got kids and the most I was able to get to all the education, this is a handoff from an investor to me. So there was a leadership in the conversation. The little I got out of him, Chad was that his fear is I asked him, I said, what is your main concern? It seems like some concerning you and I'm not able to address it.

He said, one of the concerns I have Rosie is that I don't want my parents debt to come upon me. If I. Sign anything on their property. So he's in a big misconception of how this is all going to go about.  That's where I left, but I'm definitely willing to take the emotional route approach and really talk to, bigger children, like a doctor, the seven year old in him when he really got mad with his parents or where he lost relationship to see if he can start fresh.

Chad Corbett: [00:05:17] You remember that probate attorney, you were so proud to come tell us about three or four weeks ago. Yeah, this is where you ask him for a favor. And this is where you say, listen, we're I know we're just building our relationship, but I do need to ask, can you help me help somebody else? Can you send me an email explaining from a lawyer standpoint, can you send me an email?

You don't have to use any names and your name will not be passed along. So you're not, you're not bound to this as legal advice, but can you give me a legal opinion on why a family is protected? And when representing an estate and you could also pull the state law. If you go to Texas, if you go to the statuettes, you can actually pull the law and send that to him.

But you might also get, just say, listen, because we don't want to establish an attorney, client relationship. I have taken his name off of this email. But you trust me. So trust me, this is an attorney that we work with. One of the people on our team, the only reason I'm not giving you his name is because there's a conflict of interest.

You have an attorney, but something I can offer you is as proof from my legal team, that this is exactly why you have no liability in this situation. Yeah, his own attorney should be telling him that, but who knows what's going on there, but if you can get your attorney to give you that opinion and then just make a PDF of that section of the code and send it to him.

I mean he's clearly has no liability, and it's clearly as well. It's written in the law, but it's written at like a 14th grade level. That's why I'm suggesting having an attorney. Do you a favor, bring that down in the layman's terms and pass it along and maybe that's that'll create enough of a breakthrough.

Maybe that is his real hangup. I would almost say you, based on the way you told the story, I would almost bet that it's more emotional than legal.

Rosie Hayer: [00:07:00] It's been very emotional.  It just he's afraid of his shadow when it comes down to business and family interactions had bad blood because his mom and dad apparently.

Yeah, so I'm definitely, I think this is really good.

Chad Corbett: [00:07:12] So because he has kids, Rosie, turn his own gun on him. he's trying to do something to spite his father. And what he's going to do is spite his own children. So you need to paint a picture for him. You can turn $30,000 into a college education in 18 years.

Easily, I mean on accident, right? So what happens if you don't touch the money, you don't have to be part of it, but so your kids feel the opposite of how you felt with your parents. Let's put this into a 529 plan with my registered investment advisor. And when they graduate high school, you can let them know.

They never have to go into student loan debt. Let's make this a positive for your family for once. let's make you feel good about this.

Rosie Hayer: [00:07:53] Very nice. Very nice. I love it. I love it. I love it. Okay, perfect. I'm going to definitely do that. And I like that attorney advice as well to get their opinion and, open up another leg of conversation.

Common Names and Skip Tracing: Finding the Real Heir to Inherited PropertyYeah. Okay. Thank you. Thank you so much. I have one more real quick. so the second one I have is a probate lead. I'm getting called back guys! You know how good it feels. So those two dispositions are calling back. They're emailing back. And this guy, first of all, acted very suspicious. Long story short.

We sent some video text messages and he's back and engaged. What I'm surprised by is that he just got into probate in September. It's a beautiful $350,000 home he inherited. But he on the phone, he was like, Rosie, can I call you back? Which property? They're very acting oblivious to the fact that they inherited a property.

And then I asked him, I said, would you please share with me, like, how are you related to, the person's the deceased person's name? Like I asked it in the, as a part of the conversation to make sure that,  it is him, that I'm talking to the right person and he's aware of somebody by that name.  And he's like, let me step out.

And then he calls me back. I only want to know, because I haven't had these kinds of conversations with probates yet. What could be possibly happening that he doesn't want to really acknowledge the person that he inherited the property from, or he is, he's acting the way he is. let me step out and let me call you back.

Who is it again? What property it is again? Do you think -

Chad Corbett: [00:09:16] Does he have a common name, Rosie,

Rosie Hayer: [00:09:18] Huh? Yeah.

Chad Corbett: [00:09:19] Does he have a common name, like John Smith?

Rosie Hayer: [00:09:22] It's no, it's William Taylor.

Chad Corbett: [00:09:24] What could be happening is in the skip trace, we grabbed somebody in that same zip code with the same name and he could be thinking, huh, Ooh, this is I just won the lottery.

And it's obviously like I would test them. Hey, we've got an item in lost and found. If you can come tell us what it is, give us a brief description. We'll return it to you and treat it like that. So call back and say, listen, we really want to make sure we're protecting the families we serve.

So just so I'm clear,  what month did mr. Jones die? And if he can't tell you what month it was, and he's probably trying to find a way to profit from this, and you probably got the wrong John DOE.

Rosie Hayer: [00:09:59] I see. I see. Okay. So that's possible too. Good to know that, Chad, thank you so much for enlightening me on that.

Real Estate Text and Video Marketing - Lion Desk, BombBomb, and Mojo Perfect.  these were the two questions I have. And one more question. Tiana, what are you doing? I haven't forgotten about my challenge yet. Was I supposed to collect the six testimonials of the probate closings or any client closings that are successful ones.


Chad Corbett: [00:10:20] you should take that idea and run with it and every aspect of your business, but it's the six, the challenge issued were six probate testimonials.

So we can build that into your marketing.

Rosie Hayer: [00:10:30] Got it. Perfect. Perfect. Awesome. I thought so, but I just wanted to double check and I'm already starting to ask people for that. And so I just want you to know, I haven't forgotten about it and I will definitely share my progress as I make it. Thank you guys.

Chad Corbett: [00:10:44] Yeah. Thanks for being here Rosie! Oh, Hey Rosie one, one question I'm betting. Some other people. Have you mentioned the video texting, are you just using the message app on your phone or do you have something that you do your video texting through that you would recommend to others?

Rosie Hayer: [00:10:58] Yes, definitely do.

I'm actually using Lion Desk. So the system we have set up is that, my husband and I will work together. So we have multiple dialers: Mojo allows us to make the dial out of the phone number that we like. So Lion Desk is a CRM. You can have your leads in there. You can do video texts, you can do an email video as well from the system.

It allows you to record it right in the CRM and send it right away. So what we do is to keep things consistent. We use the same number from Lion Desk to make our outbound calls in Mojo. And as people come back with positive dispositions, I personally follow up with the video text on the positive dispositions.

Only the people who are like, yeah, follow up with me. And I do a little intro text with them and, just normal follow-up after that.

Chad Corbett: [00:11:40] Okay. Perfect. Thank you.

Bruce Hill: [00:11:41] When you use Lion Desk, is that using like a BombBomb extension or anything like that? Or does Lion Desk literally in their software do video texts?

Rosie Hayer: [00:11:49] The Lion Desk is literally in their CRM has a video text without any BombBomb integration.

Bruce Hill: [00:11:55] Okay. Okay. Got it. Awesome. Perfect. Those of you that do not those of you, that don't have a CRM that does video integration, you can plug BombBomb in for video texting as well.

Rosie Hayer: [00:12:06] Yep. That's true.

Jim Sullivan: [00:12:07] Great stuff, Rosie. Thank you.

As always keep coming back and sharing, we appreciate you.

Rosie Hayer: [00:12:11] Alright.

Best Way to Customize the All The Leads Probate CRM For Real Estate Prospecting Jim Sullivan: [00:12:12] All right Danny You're up next.

Danny: [00:12:14] Hey guys!

Jim Sullivan: [00:12:15] Hey Danny.

Danny: [00:12:15] How's everyone doing

Bruce Hill: [00:12:16] Danny! What's up?

Danny: [00:12:17] All right. so my questions is a bit short. I don't know if it's a too crazy but I'll just run right into this now.

I was wondering like how you guys in your own ways, how do you like rank your callbacks? Or is there a certain way you prioritize getting back to certain people or, just like some, something like that, because I've called quite a few hundred people now. And there's some people that like, I try and get back to you at ASAP and there's people that I just, didn't answer and I try and call them back well, within the next week or two weeks.

I just want to know if there's a, if there's a certain way that you guys, like prioritize how you call back,

Chad Corbett: [00:12:54] I want to be clear, Danny. So callbacks you're referencing followup calls, not returning, like calling someone back from a return call.

Danny: [00:13:01] Yes. Yes. Like me. Yeah. Just calling them back.

Chad Corbett: [00:13:04] So are you using on the option status tab? Are you using the rating like the lead rating?

Danny: [00:13:10] No, I haven't used that.

Chad Corbett: [00:13:11] Okay. So that would be the first step is when you make a phone call, book it at the bottom of the lead record, you'll see four tabs. The third one is option status, and that's where you opt them out, but you can also apply rating to them.

So you could rate them as follow-up. And, one of the ways that I've done I've helped people customize their prioritization is make sure that anyone who you intend to follow up with has a lead rating of follow-up. And then make sure that on the other tab you put in the date that you want to follow up with them. And an additional step in case something falls through the cracks.

Let's go back to the first tab. And use the short code field and that's there for your customization. So you could use a, like a one, two, three, four, five system. So your short code would be one. And then you go to the next lead that maybe that's a short code for, because it's a hotter one. And then maybe this next person's flying in three days and you rate them follow up a shortcode five.

And then that way you can add the short code to your column headers in the list view. And you can actually sort by ascending or descending. So in that scenario, you would, follow ups, you could filter it down to just follow ups and then call five, four, three, two, one. there's many different ways to customize that using shortcodes.

You could say, just for example, you could say the shortcode could be land or condo. Or, commercial real estate or residential, you can, you can put in their motivation level, you can say, desperate, disengaged, estranged from family, whatever it might be, but that the followup rating is there for everyone.

The short code field is how you can further customize that for your exact needs.

Danny: [00:14:46] Okay. Okay. Got it.

Bruce Hill: [00:14:47] I'll throw in. that's assuming that you have gotten the person and had a good conversation. If you've not been able to touch base with them or have a conversation yet, In my personal business, but we're going after for a minimum of three calls per month to everyone that we have not, touch base with.

And that's a minimum. if you can do more, because I know that you're hitting the phones,  almost like an ISA would,  do more, every two weeks is the, it's the aim for people that you haven't reached yet. Haven't connected with yet.

Chad Corbett: [00:15:18] And that's a good point thanks for catching that, Bruce. So Danny, the way that we manage that for the ones you don't speak to, you would rate them as, follow up. and the short code you could put, call number one, call number two, call number three, call number four. So once you've laid out your sequence, so that way, when you look at all the followups, some of them will have, a rating of just the number one.

The others will have call one and you'll know that you haven't hit them with call two. So they'd help. It's just a way to use the short codes to keep track of where you are in the sequence. And that's how I set it up. We've got a subscriber in Richmond, Virginia. that's, he's a very aggressive prospector, a very successful investor in broker.

And that's how we've set his up. So when he has VA's making calls and he has his wife making calls and he's making calls, it creates a consistency across all the lists where everybody knows what call one means and if they see call three, they know that call four hasn't been made because when someone makes call four, they changed the short code to call for.

Does that make sense?

Bruce Hill: [00:16:18] Yeah. Yeah, it does.

Chad Corbett: [00:16:19] So whatever your sequence is, if you say, all right, I'm going to call, at least 12 times, I'm going to call this list and you would create short codes, call 1 through 12, and then every time you looked at it, regardless of where you left off, or when you come back to it, you'll be able to see the last activity was called three for that lead. And you can also sort by that. So that's why I'm recommending shortcode because it makes it just a sortable list that will help make you more efficient.

Danny: [00:16:46] Yeah. that sounds like that's going to drastically help move the organization there.

Okay. Great. that pretty much answers my question. Thank you guys so much. I'll be sure to put that into effect like they said,

Jim Sullivan: [00:16:56] All right, come back. Let us know how it's working out, please. Next up is phone number ending in nine three seven nine.

You're up next.

DNC and Real Estate CallsMike: [00:17:04] Hi, this is Mike  and a brand new to your system.  The question I've got is looking over some of the leads when they're on the do not call list and there's no email. What is your guys' suggestions about the best way reaching these people?

Chad Corbett: [00:17:18] Most people are assessing their NLP. So you have to assess your own risk, but most of most people who are seasoned prospectors are making the calls.  If you're a solo practitioner, you don't have a call center, you have some liability, but most people are comfortable with that. We do it, we do indicate it.

but we've never had a problem with it. Our subscribers haven't.

Mike: [00:17:38] Okay. I just wanted to kinda. Run that by. Cause that's the way I was feeling, but. It's better to ask and then play dumb later.

Chad Corbett: [00:17:46] In nearly $7 million dials, one occurrence of anyone being approached about that.

And it was in the Southern district of New York, which is, a relentless litigation territory. but they didn't even file a written complaint. It was just simply a phone call, from that office saying, Hey, we got a report in this office that you've called someone on DNC, just don't be doing that.

And they didn't, there was nothing even formal about it. So that's the only indicator. That's the only. Literally the only one I'm aware of in seven years of doing this. So most people look at it as an individual color. Most people look at it and say, ah, it's, an apology goes a long ways. if you get somebody like that, I did hear last week, actually.

somebody also in New York, they, I was coaching some, I can't remember who it was, but they, got a call from a lady like they called and then this person called them back and tried to interrogate them and ask, w what's your name? What's your brokerage name? trying to gather information.

And he's smart. And he just said, thanks for your call back. You obviously don't need my help. And he wrapped up the call. So just if you ever do find yourself in that situation, just thank them for their time and quickly move on.

Jim Sullivan: [00:18:51] Okay. Perfect. I was just going to add to that. Chad, you answered it.

Great. Very diplomatically. We are. we would never, attempt to give you legal advice. Remember though, that the person you're speaking to has agreed to be the executor of the estate, and they've agreed to put their information into the public record. So it's pretty difficult to take a hard and fast line after they agreed to do that.

I just, I didn't want anybody to call me.  And we've had attorneys tell us that, but like Chad said, you gotta weigh the risk reward ratio. I think it's one is, it's probably one of the safer categories where you can,  go ahead and stick your neck out a little bit and make calls.

Mike: [00:19:25] Okay. Perfect. All right. Appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. We have two more in the queue guys. We have room for more, just hit star six and hit one. And the meantime next up is phone number ending in eight six two eight. You're up next.

Finding the Short Codes Feature in the ATL CRMKim: [00:19:40] Hello, this is Kim I'm in the Atlanta area. I am new as well.

getting started. I have a question, but I wanted to. Go back to, the previous caller when they were talking about shortcodes. So in setting up my calling put check, could you elaborate a little bit more on, cause I signed into my, while you were talking, I signed into my portal, but I don't see where about short codes.

Chad Corbett: [00:20:10] Okay. So you get on the list view where you can see all of the leads. Is that where you are right now? I can choose a list, choose your September list. Okay. Now you have a list for you and the top, right? You'll see. Customized columns, click on that. Now click on short code. Okay. I'm sorry. In the top. In the top, right?

Kim: [00:20:28] It's over. Hold on. Is it the. Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. So I see customize columns and I do see short code.

Chad Corbett: [00:20:34] Okay. Click shortcodes and then it will show up in the header on the right. You now see that in the list view, right? So now you click into any lead, just pick one and click on the personal rep's name.

Kim: [00:20:45] Okay.

Chad Corbett: [00:20:46] At the very bottom of that lead record, you'll have four tabs tab. Number three is option status. And that's where you can apply a rating. Like I was suggesting you, Follow up tab. Number one is where you put the input where you input the shortcode. So that lead that you have open, just type test where it says short code type in the word test.

Kim: [00:21:04] Okay. Okay.

Chad Corbett: [00:21:06] Now click save and go back out to the list view. So just go to the top and click the five little lines, and that'll take you back to your list view where we started.  I'm here and now click where it says on the far right column header, where it says code, click on that and it'll sort ascending or descending test will show up.

Kim: [00:21:24] I see it. Okay.

Chad Corbett: [00:21:25] Where are you put test, you can put anything like you. I've, I have people that drop off gifts, they are, they send premium mail pieces, so you could drop in there, shock box or premium package. And so that way you can use that. If there's something very specific to your methodology, that's why that's there.

You can customize CRMs without having to beg a development team to make changes that will affect everybody.

Quitclaim Deeds, Heirship, and Medicaid LiensKim: [00:21:47] Gotcha. Okay. Okay. Perfect. Thank you. So my question,  it comes from, this is actually a previous client and his grandmother is she's in a nursing home now. She had signed everything over to him.

So as far as the home, as far as her will, she's still living as far as her will. She is giving him the home in the will. He has power of attorney right now for anything, any business that needs to be handled on her behalf. So on a call with him yesterday, he was saying that she wanted to do a quit claim deed to deed the house from her to him.

So that he wouldn't have to go through probate or something and it didn't make sense to me, but what did resonate with me is that it could have, or have a look of, impropriety because. Here he is the power of attorney signing on behalf of his grandmother. And then he is basically signing the house over to him.

So I'm just looking for some wisdom on how he should handle this, especially the fact that she is still living. And he is named in the will, receiving the property if she were to pass.

Chad Corbett: [00:23:07] Yep. So she should have done that five years ago, not now, but now is better than never. There's nothing wrong with that.

It's a smart move. Very like very many wealthy people are doing that this week. They're giving their assets to their kids in case they don't get the election result they want. So a lot of folks are re are hitting their advisors right now, moving assets out of the way, own names.

So it's a smart move that many people do. Most people will think like you're like, I don't know if this is right, cause it's not common, but it is common among people who are financially savvy. So it's just smart. The biggest question I have is who is paying for her health care and are there Medicaid liens against the asset?

Kim: [00:23:46] Okay.

Chad Corbett: [00:23:47] That's the only place where this is going to get complicated. If she doesn't have medical debt or Medicaid liens attached to the house, this is simple. It'll take a day or two and she's good. Now, if she later needs Medicaid payments, then Medicaid is going to come back and say, listen, you sold this house within the last five years.

Somebody needs to step up and give us 60% of that. Otherwise we're going to slap liens on it. You can alleviate that and this situation let's, I'm just going to hypothetically say there's no Medicaid lanes on it. Currently you can do the quit claim, the heir owns the home.

And later she runs out of cash and needs Medicaid to pick up her nursing. Medicaid, it comes back to the power of attorney who is now the owner of the house and says, Hey, listen, you've got to, you've got to give us this money. Otherwise we're going to attach a lien to that. He has a couple of choices he can and let them attach the lien.

If he never plans on selling it. Just if they can, it attaches and no big deal, or he could go pull a home equity line of credit on, up to an 80 LTV and pay them out. He only needed to pull it probably to a 60 LTV. So if he can refinance the house in this low rate environment, He can pay Medicaid the 60,000, the 60%.

And then he buys a life insurance policy against his mother to give him that money back to pay the loan off when she passes. So he's not profiting off of his mother's death, but he's allowing her to get her Medicaid payments paid and to get the house to him, not going to the government as she wished.

So he, you, if that's. It's a complicated scenario. It may be way simpler than that. If there is no medicaid, if she has cash or she had long-term care insurance, that's covering the bills. None of that will really matter. It'll be a really clean transfer and it's totally above board.

Kim: [00:25:30] So here's the, I guess the tricky in it, one, she goes in and out of dementia.

And he was saying that he would sign as a power of attorney. He would be signing the quitclaim deed. So you're saying that if we can catch her in one of these phases where she's operating in her pool,

Chad Corbett: [00:25:50] I don't believe it even matters if he has a full power of attorney. And if she was of sound mind, and that will is notarized.

And especially if it's recorded, but if it's a valid will, that demonstrates her intent. So she has demonstrated intent by saying, I want him to have this in the will. She's also demonstrated intent by saying, I am currently of sound mind. And I feel comfortable with this per person being my power of attorney.

So I think any attorney is going to look at that and go, she obviously wants him to have the house, like they're only carrying out her wishes.

Kim: [00:26:25] Okay. and then the second slight twist, and it may not be an issue. Is that the house that the, that the house doesn't have. He's gonna tear the house down and rebuild.

So would that even matter? as far as you talking to match force the lien, cause it wouldn't be a piece of property. They can put a lien on if he tears it down.

Chad Corbett: [00:26:44] The lien will technically attach to the parcel ID. So if let's say it's a hundred thousand dollar house and they put a, $60,000 lien, he tears the house down and the land's worth 40 he's under water, but it doesn't sound like it matters if he's going to rebuild.

Kim: [00:26:59] He has money. I know, I don't think, I don't think there's an issue there. Okay. So what I can do in this as a recap in this situation, because he doesn't have a probate attorney, so I can air quote, peel two birds with one stone. Let him know that it's okay to go ahead and do the, quick claim, deed it over, and then maybe refer him to a probate attorney, reach out to a probate attorney and say,

Chad Corbett: [00:27:20] Hey, are there any other heirs?

Kim: [00:27:22] No. He don't, there was one other, his sister, but she passed away. So it's just him now. Okay. You're probably okay. Doing that. if there were even one more heir, I would say the first thing you do in this case was get, a probate attorney attached to the case, but nobody's going to dispute whatever is done because the will clearly states that she trusted them enough to give a PLA and they may not need a probate attorney.

Okay. And would you suggest that we, that she, records the will or that he records the will?

Chad Corbett: [00:27:53] Yeah.  obviously whoever wrote the will, should have it on file. I would go ahead and as long as he doesn't care, if the world knows I would go ahead and record it, that's the easiest way to validate one is to have it notarized and recorded.

But you can also, if he's okay with, if he, you probably, he probably should have an attorney because if you make some mistake, it's going to cost a lot more than the legal fees to do it. Correctly the first time, but that attorney could basically hold that as a trustee. And then you know, that there's a valid copy of the will there.

It's probably not going to be an issue because he's the only heir and he's the POA, but,

Kim: [00:28:25] And then what, I can take this also as an opportunity to build a relationship, introduce him to a probate attorney and build a relationship with them as well,

Chad Corbett: [00:28:35] In case he needs help. Yeah.

Kim: [00:28:36] Yes. Okay. All right.

That is it. I appreciate it.

Lead Segmentation For Custom Mail and Calling CampaignsJim Sullivan: [00:28:41] All right, everybody. the next step is phone number ending in six six, two eight.

You're up next.

Scott: [00:28:47] Hey guys, how are you today?

Jim Sullivan: [00:28:48] Great, Scott. How about you?

Scott: [00:28:50] Hey, all good, all good   , Hey, I'm looking to, segment my last batch of leads,  one with the spouse and the other non spouse,  and looking to download two things, looking to download it for mailing on it for the non-spouse and then looking to download the.

Other to my dialer that I use any suggestions. you can use a short code and put in your spouse, non spouse, and then that'll give you a sortable column and delete the lines that you don't want for either export the other alternative. How do you tag the ones that are a non spouse to download?

Chad Corbett: [00:29:25] Anyway, you want to, you can just put non hyphen spouse as your short code that you were listening when I explained how to use those to do that right?

Scott: [00:29:33] I was so like,

Jim Sullivan: [00:29:35] Are we doing your mail? Are you doing it yourself?

Scott: [00:29:37] You're doing the mail.

Jim Sullivan: [00:29:38] Okay. Cause we can certainly help you with that. I'm sure. one of our customer support, people could have a chat. If you want to briefly explain it.

Chad Corbett: [00:29:44] Yeah. the same way I was talking about earlier is using phone call one or two. Okay. you would just, if there's a matching address and matching last name, that's likely a spouse. So you had the short code on that. One will be spouse. If there's an out of town person, that's the PR with a non-matching name, then it's probably non-spouse.

So you would Mark that one non-spouse then when you export that will be in your CSV file and you can sort, and just delete the ones that are non-spouse. For that order. Are you going to ma are you looking to your, you're going to mail everybody? You just want to do it with two different letters.

Is that what, you're your objective?

Scott: [00:30:21] Yes. Yeah, I don't wanna, I w my primary thing is I don't want to call the spouses immediately, so now I just want to separate them out on my, from a dialer calls.

Chad Corbett: [00:30:31] So that's the most efficient way I see to do it is just using the shortcode as a sortable column.

Understand, when you do this, you're going to have to upload a custom list in the mail order form. So you'll, you'll export it, then you'll delete the spouses. And then you'll re upload that into the mail order form as a custom list. So that way we know where we're only mailing the ones you want us to.

And this is alternatively, if you want to do it, if you want to automate this, you would use the option status tab on the spouses and you would opt them out of mail. And, but you need to remember at the point you do want to mail them. You would have to go back in there and opt each of them back in.

So they come back up on the mailing list. Yeah, I think that's what I was like. That seems like way more wording to me than what I'm suggesting.

Scott: [00:31:16] I like less, more

Jim Sullivan: [00:31:17] Great does that help? And again, please contact customer support our mailbox people be glad to help you if you need help.

Scott: [00:31:23] All right. Appreciate you guys.

Jim Sullivan: [00:31:24] All right, now we got five in the queue. What did I tell you? That's a good thing. Next up is  in six, three, eight, eight. You're up next.

How To Get Started In Probate Real EstateRon: [00:31:32] Hi. Can you hear me?

Jim Sullivan: [00:31:33] Yes, sir.

Ron: [00:31:34] Okay. this is Ron Crane. I'm in Arizona. And I'm new. I started with you guys, like about a week ago, I had a phone call with, I think it was Bruce Hill. And, then I had to finish up a couple of other projects that I've been working on. I feel like I've forgotten everything that I learned from that valuable phone call with Bruce Hill.

And I'm, I feel like I'm beginning from scratch. And I just want to ask a couple of questions about, training with you guys. I watched the initial fast track training. but I wanna, I want to hit the ground running as much as I can with letters and phone calls and all that. But I'm wondering if I feel like I need some additional training.

What would you recommend?

Chad Corbett: [00:32:18] So you sound like you have the appetite or. You, I think you would greatly benefit from mastery. So in mastery we build on why probates and opportunity, look at the demographics and the statistics behind it. Then we move into strategy, like exactly what are you going to do?

And in what order, like how. How wide is your offer going to be how you know, attract a little bit. And then we move into how you make the calls, get engagement, handle objections, and deal with the appointment. So literally everything end to end is an it's. It's all, it's a very it's linear. So it builds upon itself.

But all in all like the October class, I think is the best one I've ever done, because we had an audience that they had really good questions. We talked about advanced tactics, a lot in the Q and a. if you sign up for mastery, you can get that recording of the October file today.  and then you'll be in the live class in November and you can come back as many times as you would.

We have one of our subscribers, just finished her 40th class consecutively. So you can come back and get as much knowledge as you need, as often as you need it. But that's the, the space where we take everything slows down and we take a lot of time and do a very deep dive into all the possibilities of this.

that's your best bet I think, to get what you're looking for

Ron: [00:33:31] And how many hours total hours of video is the video training for mastery?

Chad Corbett: [00:33:36] The October class was about 16 hours.

Ron: [00:33:39] Okay. And. Is it set up so that I, if I watched an hour or two, whatever, I could then go and do something, take some positive step forward and then come back and watch additional hours.

Chad Corbett: [00:33:51] Sure. I don't have it in LMS because I do it as a live class. So it's not like a digital course, but you do have the recordings. They're on go-to webinars, so you can pause it and leave the tab open and come back anytime or just, write down what the timer was when you stopped.

But yeah, you can watch it as many times as you'd you can skip and, they're always there for your reference. and each month, you can get a new set of recordings. If you registered for the class as alumni, then you'll get the recordings for all the subsequent classes.

So there's three sessions and the sessions run two to three hours. But, that kind of go just freestyle until everybody's questions. Guys are exhausted. So you're going to have a couple hours of actual course material. And then a couple of hours, each episode, or each session you'll have two or three hours of open Q and a.

Jim Sullivan: [00:34:38] Okay. And then what I was going to add, we try to give you everything you could possibly need included with the leads and that includes Bruce's, great monthly coaching. a lot of people aren't aware though, Bruce's a. Highly successful realtor and a very experienced coach. If you want additional accountability coaching and you'll want more than what we offer with the leads he is available for that, just reach out to him.

He'll tailor something that fits both your needs and your budget. Okay. All right. It sounds to me like, it's, it sounds to me like you're looking for some kind of accountability coaching in addition to everything else that's available. Is that accurate?

and want to be held accountable for doing what you're supposed to do.

Ron: [00:35:15] I want to have time to do what I learned to do before I learn more stuff and forget the stuff that I was supposed to do before. I wanted, I went to some chance to do something cause I really feel like it gets cemented in. In my business if I'm doing that thing, Then I can go and learn some more and then go back and apply that.

But if I just sit down and try to do 16 hours, I'll have a good big picture, but I'll not know how to do what it is I want to accomplish. I'm afraid.

Jim Sullivan: [00:35:45] Gotcha. Bruce, do you want to chime in? You want to have a private conversation with them afterwards?

Bruce Hill: [00:35:50] Yeah, Ron, I sent you a, I sent you an email a couple of minutes ago.

We can have another chat next week. grab, grab my calendar, link my Calendly link and jumped back on my schedule. We'll get you on the right, on the right path, whether it's advanced and paid or whether it stays free, either one of those are fine, but I sent you an email a couple of minutes ago.

Ron: [00:36:08] Okay, great. Thank you, Bruce. Appreciate it.

Jim Sullivan: [00:36:10] All right, sir. We appreciate you. Anything else? You good.

Ron: [00:36:13] I'm good for now. Thank you.

Jim Sullivan: [00:36:15] All right. Great. Three more in the queue guys. That should take us nicely up to the top of the hour. So good job in signing in early. next up is phone number ending in eight five, six, four.

You're up next.

Thurmon: [00:36:26] Yes. It's afternoon. Thurmon Cohen here from New Jersey. How you guys doing today?

Jim Sullivan: [00:36:31] Doing good. We are glad to have New Jersey back. Welcome back.

Thurmon: [00:36:34] Yeah. I just got my mailbox motivater. So I guess you guys were able to get into the County records

Jim Sullivan: [00:36:39] Finally. Yes. In not all of New Jersey, but much of it is slowly coming back.

Thurmon: [00:36:44] Two questions. One is, have you ever thought about getting your course, certified by the national association of realtors?

Chad Corbett: [00:36:51] I have spoken to them about it and I don't like the, they expect a split on it that I believe is unreasonable. So I feel like I can, without having to pump the price way up to please them, I can reach more people with it.


Thurmon: [00:37:06] Okay. But I just had an update my profile on my MLS and I'm wanting to add it to there, but it wasn't one of the things that I would be able to do. Just curious about that.

Turning Real Estate Clients Into Private LendersSecond question I have is I have a client that I sold her mother's property and recently asked her if she was interested in becoming a private lender.

And she said, yes. And then I got stuck. So do you have any okay  formats performance for three letters. What a money mortgage would look like, that kind of stuff that you could have?

Chad Corbett: [00:37:35] I usually do it at the closing table while the attorney who writes my notes and deeds the trustor is sitting there to enter any of the questions.

you may just set up a meeting. Do you have the attorney that you would use if she came to you today and said, Hey, let's do this. Here's a hundred grand. do you know what your attorney, you would direct it to?

Thurmon: [00:37:52] Cause the ones that I took a useful our real estate business does not don't really do that kind of work.

Chad Corbett: [00:37:56] Yeah. So what's the best way to find that attorney in my, and my experience is figure out who, the investors that are buying foreclosures or short sales or tax deeds, figure out who they're using to manage their closings. What attorney's office is doing. that means they have dealt with. With tricky title issues, I've done creative, creative, real estate law.

Those are usually well-versed and subject to and wholesale and  private notes and things like that. So I would say step one is make sure you have the right team member, meaning a good real estate attorney who is used to doing creative things. And doesn't think just because he didn't do it last week, it's illegal.

And trust me, even attorneys think that they can't write mortgages. Some of them. But once you have an attorney you're comfortable with, I would recommend just set up a call with all three of you and just talk it through. I wouldn't really, I don't really publish anything. I just have conversations with people and I'll let them know that, they'll, we'll certainly give them an opportunity of every question I answered, but every loan looks a little different based on their needs.

Like what happens if the loan goes out a term, or if somebody misses a payment, maybe you want a penalty. Maybe you want the interest rate to increase as the penalty? so it's, I presented as, each one is customized, so we know that your needs are met and you're comfortable with the investment you're making, let's jump on a call with the attorney and we'll figure out what the, and then I can send you a summary of what we discussed and what our strategy will be.

but I don't have any marketing pieces. I really. I don't want to issue marketing pieces saying here's an investment I'm offering because if the, if it doesn't go as planned and they go to the sec or to somebody, the state board or something, I just don't want something like that to say, you're out here marketing this, like a security, where if it's a conversation and they understand that it's a commercial loan, then it's unregulated.

Then. I just keep it at that. And I've never had any trouble, in doing it that way. And people usually feel really special because you're like, Oh, actually let's get the guy down the line. It actually is going to represent your side of the deal and write the note and deed of trust. And we'll ask him everything you want to know.

And that's really well-received and all it takes, but I would go ahead and get you get the right attorney on deck and ask them if they've written private notes before, if they're working with investors, chances are they've dealt with, they've done a lot of them. it's not that complicated. it's way simpler than a conventional loan because it's not regulated.

As, as conventional lending is. So it's pretty simple instruments. gosh, in Florida, Jim, what is it like two pages we signed or something here in Virginia. It's more than that, but like in some States that's ridiculously simple.

Jim Sullivan: [00:40:31] We have a one-page mortgage, Chad and I know looking at yours, like Virginia figures out everything that could possibly go wrong ahead of time and include it in the board.

Chad Corbett: [00:40:38] Huge contrast between the two States, for sure.

Thurmon: [00:40:41] Yep. Thank you.

Jim Sullivan: [00:40:42] All right. Thank you two more in the queue. second to last up is phone number ending in seven two two five. You're up next.

Where To Sign Up For Probate MasteryJerry: [00:40:50] Thank you. Hey, this is Jerry at Remax in Denver. And we'd been in the program for about three months. Now, our mailings have been going out on time.

I haven't made one phone call yet. I really need to get motivated to make these phone calls. And, I feel like I need to take the mastery training and re restart. start with a phone call and because we have a normal real estate business with this. But I really enjoyed this program cause it seems like it can produce some steady flow of listings.

So there was all about three callers back. You suggested doing the mastery, What do I need to do next? I need your help.

Chad Corbett: [00:41:26] So if you just go to all the leads.com look under the complete system and it's the first or second one down, it says a probate certification.

Jim Sullivan: [00:41:36] Okay. Jerry question for you.

Do you, have you called other lead sources? Have you called FSBOs and expired?

Jerry: [00:41:41] Yes, but not for a long time. Our business has been by referral. For the last, mostly by referral for the last 10 years. But that seems to be tapering off. So no, I did not do much. I just cold, not much cold calling for sure.

Jim Sullivan: [00:41:55] Okay. I'm just going to assure you, these are vastly easier than almost any other source out there. The conversations are easier. You got less competition, so don't, be apprehensive that it's going to be difficult. It really isn't. Once you start making the calls.

Jerry: [00:42:08] Okay.

Bruce Hill: [00:42:09] And, Jerry, this is Bruce in addition to the mastery class that Chad can fill you in on, you should also be jumping on my schedule, so logging into your portal and, clicking on the training dropdown and then schedule a free coaching call. in that they're called accountability calls, which it sounds like you're wanting a little bit more of you guys hear me.

Okay. Or w okay. Jerry, you're still there.  so it sounds like you want a little bit more of that. I will go, whether it's a strategy call with you or an accountability call, whichever type of format you need. Get on that schedule. It's free every single month you get a free coaching call.

jump on there. I'll help you get started on those calls.

Jerry: [00:42:44] Awesome. I've got to pull it up here right now. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

We start adding, when did Bruce suck and you need us to, help you get caught up on all the phone calls. We have an ISA service that can reach out and do some of that initial bowel work for you and get you caught up.

And then if you want to take it over yourself, you can, but we can certainly help you with that. And that's also available to you. Just let us know you need that help, and we'll be happy to talk to you about it. So where do, how do I let you know, I would need that help. just drop a request to support at, all the leads.com and say, have somebody call me about the ISA program.

Okay. Okay, great. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the help today.

What To Do When Heirs Play Tug-Of-War with Inherited PropertyJim Sullivan: [00:43:22] All right, thank you, sir. Next up is phone number ending in two eight six zero. You're up next.

Dan: [00:43:28] Hi guys. so this is Dan in Boston. Quick question. I've got a, a neighbor, actually the mother died.

She's 103. The two sisters are 70. They cannot agree on anything. I know they both need to punch out of the property. so I was going to step in and try to. See, what I could do in terms of helping them get on the same page, make a decision on whether they want to sell it to me for cash, or they want to  list it with me.

Chad Corbett: [00:43:53] Are they co-executixes or is one in charge?

Dan: [00:43:56] I'm not sure. sure about that yet. Chad, so Chad.

Chad Corbett: [00:43:59] I would, yeah, this is Chad. I would try to get them all,  get the three of you on the phone. Or if you, if they're comfortable meeting you in person, ideally in person and figure out why they can't agree, because that's what matters the most.

So you'll hear me say it often focus on people in situation and the rest of it becomes apparent. Like it's easy to really impress them once you understand why they're behaving the way they're behaving. I would first want to hear from each of them, I like to get people in the same room, and give each of them a voice independently and then watch how they watch the interaction between them.

And,  if it's it, who knows it could be anything that's we're humans. So find out what's bothering them and why they can't agree. And you might find that one is just, that they're in too much pain thinking about selling his mom's house and they're just not ready. And that's one that you'd probably back off of.

or you might find out they're just pissed off at each other because she broke her cake carrier. 30 years ago and she still hasn't gotten over it. And that's that one's an easy to overcome, right? Yeah. but I first would want to understand why there's inconsistent. Like why are they, why can they not be, why are they not aligned and what can I do to help them get there?

So the best way I know to do that as, and, maybe it's just a phone call, if they're that age, they may not use zoom and they may not be comfortable meeting in person. So I would suggest, see if you can do a FaceTime call or if they have cell phones or see if you can just do a conference call and talk it through with them.

Dan: [00:45:25] I know one of them pretty well. and I do not know the other sister, the only thing I know according to the first sister is that, she's just kinda. Agonizing over every little thing that the mother owned and just dragging your feet. I'm sure I could talk with the first sister because I've known her for about 15 years.

She lives next door. and I've always helped them out. I'm sure she would start to share a little information with me, but I guess I have to see what's going on to, figure out a tactic.

Chad Corbett: [00:45:50] It gets tough when you have that situation. And my grandmother's house has been empty since 1988 or 1998.

my dad just can't like, and it's part of the family farm, so we wouldn't sell it anyways, but he can't even really bring himself to rent it. And it's because he just, he just hasn't completely dealt with it. And so some people were just like that. Some people never let go. It just takes them literally a lifetime.

And if they're doing that, you can remind them how much money it's actually costing the family and how that's going to cost the next generation. and they'll sometimes get out of their own way, but if she's just really raw and can't process the loss, you sometimes just have to give them their space.

Dan: [00:46:31] Is there any way, if the woman I know is a little close is, then I'm a little closer to, is she the, if she's the executor of the estate, is there any way for her to just force the other one's hand?

Chad Corbett: [00:46:42] It depends on what the will says, but. Very it's very likely yes. Unless the will restricts our power or gives the other sister equal power as a co-executrix, then yes, it is her job and her duty and she has a few, she has a fiduciary responsibility to the estate to get it done.

it would depend on what the will says.  first is there a will?

Dan: [00:47:04] I'm not sure. I remember. Yeah.

Chad Corbett: [00:47:06] So find out if there's a will, if there's not. And she has all the power in that the state gives her if she's the sole executor tricks and there is no will then subject to state succession law.

And if she wants to sell the house, she certainly has the authority to do She just knows her sister has. Nope.

Dan: [00:47:22] Okay, great. I'll begin.

Jim Sullivan: [00:47:24] All right. we have two more people. We have two people that jumped in the queue last minute. So we're going to go a little bit over time here. Let's see if possible.

Let's try to make the last two brief, next up is phone number ending in five five, two, two. You're up next.

Going From Referrals To Lead GenerationYolanda: [00:47:38] Okay. My name is Yolanda and I am in Georgia. I've been a licensed agent and since Oh six, I haven't been very active. I used to work on site and by referral. So I think I got spoiled. I never had to go after it in Italy, but, so I took the introductory, what I thought would be introductory.

and I told her, like Chad said, it's been advanced. So a lot of it was over my head. I am motivated, but I just feel that I'm not quite ready for leads. I guess I need signs a lot boxes cards, website, the website, the brochures, I just might need, the coaching calls. But, and I even thought about looking for an introductory class that I could put it.

What I learned in October with Chad with. I'm guessing. I'm just trying to see

Chad Corbett: [00:48:23] Getting you on Bruce's calendar for just a monthly coaching call, just so you guys can talk. Bruce's he's built his own real estate company and in different markets. So I think he can help you understand what you should be doing.

What's your priority should be right now. and lay out like your launch strategy. Cause it sounded like you're starting from the very beginning. and Bruce has trained several agents. So I think he'd be really good. Just take some time and take good notes and he'll give you some homework when you get that done then I would suggest you go ahead and get your first set of leads. It's easier to steer a moving truck, right? When we have real people to talk to and real opportunities, everything else falls together, way more easily. You get to a point where you have the basics in place to have a foundation for your business and then get your leads and just start one step at a time.

From there you'll have probate fast track. As soon as you get your subscriber portal access. You're going to have probate fast track, which is the basic training. And then also don't forget, all of these calls are archived. All of our role-play calls are archived on the blog section of all the leads.com.

We have a series called ask the expert. We have a series called,  tips from the trainer. So there's a lot of ancillary training too, that kind of lives outside of what we teach in fast track and mastery. But so you've got a ton of resources here. It sounds like more than anything right now you need to focus on the best place to start is just a quick initial coaching call with Bruce.

Jim Sullivan: [00:49:47] Yeah. And Yolanda. I was going to,  if I may also, I was a real estate coach for years. One of the biggest mistakes I think I see people make is they want to know everything before they do anything. it's honestly, it's, you're really just dealing with a motivated absentee owner. It's not. As complicated as we can make it sound on these calls because we get into everything that could ever happen.

And if you get the leads and you start prospecting, you don't know an answer to a question. People are okay with saying, Hey, you know what, let me check. I'm part of a group of 10,000 people. And to give you an answer and call right back. So don't, I guess I just don't let a paralysis by analysis, stop you from getting started.

it's great to have the knowledge, but you don't need to know everything before you do anything. And Bruce, I think he wants to say something too, right?

Bruce Hill: [00:50:29] I was just going to tell her that if she's not already a subscriber, if she's not getting leads, then she won't see my calendar link. So she should email me, want to email me at bruce at alltheleads.com and just ask for my Calendly link and I'll send it to you.

Yolanda: [00:50:45] Okay. Thank you.

Jim Sullivan: [00:50:47] All right. Does that help?

Yolanda: [00:50:48] It does. It does. Cause I was trying to jump in. Yeah, probably. Trying to get a real estate investor and social search. So I've made some calls, but I just feel that I need to probably back rewind. Sure.

Jim Sullivan: [00:50:59] All right. thank you. Our last caller just disappeared Yolanda.

So you are the last one this week, but make sure you get a hold of him and talk to Bruce and he'll coach you through it and get it the comfidence you need to get started. So thank you.

Like I always do. I want to thank each and every one of you for being here, I want to particularly thank the eight or nine of you that actively participated.

And I want to challenge each of you today. One thought one idea, one thing that inspired you on this call, go out and put it into practice. And please come back next Thursday and share your results with the group. Stay productive, stay healthy, and we will talk to you. Same time next Thursday guys. Take care.

Yolanda: [00:51:34] Thank you.

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Blog Post: Why Sellers Should Sell Now, Even as Lumber costs are making repairs more costly.

Rising Lumber Costs and Real Estate Investment Strategy: Why YOU Should Motivate Sellers To Skip Repairs and Sell AS-IS

Blog Post: Why Sellers Should Sell Now, Even as Lumber costs are making repairs more costly.


What Does A Changing Lumber Market Mean for Real Estate?

I saw this visualization this morning and keep thinking of ways lumber costs + current events = bigger-than-you-think impacts on the real estate market.

Graphic visualization of rising framing lumber prices during Covid-19 backlogs

From Christopher Schwarz. View original post on LinkedIn.


First, I thought about Jim Forsythe discussing a deal he's working on during a Probate Training Call last month.  Jim is helping one of his probate leads sell timberland they inherited.  Because Jim understands the importance of finding the right buyers, he sought out sawmill investors.  As a result, Jim and his seller received competitive offers from buyers who understood the real value of this land.


Next, I thought about my contractor friends and the concerns they're expressing about lumber costs.  Because property owners are putting off repairs, contractors are short on income.  With sellers losing motivation to sell, many real estate agents and investors think a shrinking pipeline is inevitable. 


Quickly, I remembered Chad's strategy for contracting vendors in advance for bulk work.  The goal here should be two-fold: Build strong relationships with vendor partners (during a time where much of their work is being delayed), AND offer vertically-integrated solutions to sellers.



Listen Now: Chad's Mastermind Prospecting Strategy, Timestamped at 27:40



Better Real Estate Training Means You Can Help Sellers Make Better Decisions Now.

Motivated sellers that were ready to list with ARV (after repair value) pricing now face a new obstacle of rising lumber costs.   Many of these sellers think their only (and best) option is to sit back and wait indefinitely to move forward with selling their property.


Sellers might not realize that they can net more by minimize holding costs and selling as-is.  Sellers likely don't realize how creative financing options can help them, either.  You play a vital role in educating your sellers.  Are you offering these options, and are you educating your prospects on why they might be good solutions for them?


Get Chad Corbett's free Training Webinar and Infographic on 7 Creative Financing Strategies You Should Know




Current events will only kill your pipeline if you let them.  If you make the deal make sense, your sellers will move forward.  Get the training to grow your skill set now so you can offer great solutions in any situation, and surround yourself with real estate masterminds so you can always learn something new.





Mastermind Snippet: Price Options, Estimating Repair Costs and ARVs, and Choosing The Best Deal Structure (23:12)

Caller is looking for clarity on how to price properties out and choose the most profitable deal structure.  Chad and the caller discuss the different price options and the math behind calculating repair costs, after-repair values, and return on different listing, acquisition, or creative finance strategies. Chad also discusses how rising repair costs due to lumber market supply chains make as-is a much safer strategy right now.



Enroll in Probate Mastery



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New Uploads Weekly, featuring live Q&A, Tips From The Trainer, Interviews with Industry Experts, and Success Stories to Keep You Motivated

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Stay in the Loop With Industry News and Grab Consumer-Facing Content to Share With Your Audience, curated by All The Leads.

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Video Thumbnail for All The Leads Probate Real Estate Success Story - 60 Second Case Study from Willie Gallegos

What 30 Minutes Could Do For Your Pipeline This Week | Probate Leads – Real Estate Success Stories

Willie Gallegos realized he left 12 deals on the table because he didn’t work an old set of probate leads.

He decided it was time to get accountable and work these leads instead of letting them fall through the cracks!

So, he took a few minutes to prepare and send off a voice broadcast (ringless voicemail) campaign, and from that campaign he’s already purchased a property himself and taken a listing.

Willie’s story is a 60-second case study of success with probate real estate leads, and how a little motivation can bring an easy ROI. In addition to his ringless voicemail campaign, he sent emails to about a dozen probate leads and is now working on a third deal referred by a probate attorney who saw value in what Willie offers as a probate specialist.

Would you take 30 minutes to follow-up with a set of old probate leads if it put 3 deals in your pipeline?

Willie is a real life reminder that the fortune is in the follow-up – And all it takes is a little motivation to bring BIG SUCCESS.

Let’s put it into practice!!!




Willie shared this story on our 245th Live Mastermind Q&A call, which you can catch in full here.

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