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Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast - Episode 308 Probate Training

The Golden Opportunity in Probate Real Estate | Probate Mastermind Podcast #308

Probate Mastermind Episode #308 | Recorded Live on December 17th, 2020.  

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Episode Summary: 

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast, you'll hear:

  • Bill Byrd’s insight and advice from 6 years of success in Probate.
  • Why ProbatePlus+ Leads Are The Best Probate Leads out there.
  • What you need to say during follow-up calls.
  • How to deliver a winning USP to a personal representative that already has an attorney.
  • How to start wholesaling and investing as a licensed real estate agent

***Most importantly, we hear more incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Call Re-cap:

Podcast Episode Segment: Bill Byrd Reflects On 6 Years Of Success In The Probate Real Estate Niche

Bill Byrd Reflects On 6 Years Of Success In The Probate Real Estate Niche (1:17)

Bill Byrd discusses his growth and experience working in the probate niche for the last 6 years.  In 2010, his family was struggling to pay the bills as he worked cleaning job sites and doing security gigs to afford groceries.  He reflects on his own development, Chad and All The Lead’s Development, and how ProbatePlus+ has accelerated his time management in exceptional ways.

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Probate Plus vs Other Probate Leads (5:12)

Chad breaks down exactly what ProbatePlus+ is and why no other probate lead list out there compares. Chad and Bill share some insights: Cut marketing costs by 45%; cut 1/3rd of your phone prospecting time out.



Probate Real Estate Training: Real Estate X-Factor: Be the Solution Before Sellers Realize They Have A Problem

Real Estate X-Factor: Be the Solution Before Sellers Realize They Have A Problem (6:57)

Bill lists the 5 objections he gets and how a singular approach can be used in addressing all of them.  The bottom line is most people’s objections come from lack of awareness, procrastination, or both. The longer a problem survives, the more expensive the problem gets.  Bill and Chad emphasize how important it is to bring the problems to the surface, help families understand the implications of leaving these problems unresolved, and then guiding them towards the solution.



Probate Real Estate Training: Golden Opportunities In Probate Real Estate

Golden Opportunities In Probate Real Estate (9:32)

Bill drops some golden nuggets! Bill describes the golden opportunities in situations agents and investors tend to shy away from: Situations where an estate administrator is named as the personal representative; situations where the personal representative insists they aren’t selling the property named in the probate filing; and on building a stream of referrals from estate.  Chad and Bruce echo the exact same experience of the leads that start piling in when you’ve built your brand around empathy, people, and understanding.

Bill’s Book Recommendation: 7L: The Seven Levels of Communication: Go From Relationships to Referrals: Maher, Michael J.: 9781942952473: Amazon.com: Books

Bill’s YouTuber Recommendation: Chris Cavallini - Motivation, Etiquette, Taking Control. YouTube



Probate Real Estate Training: Navigating Probate Sales When Family Doesn't Get Along
Navigating Probate Sales When Family Doesn't Get Along (17:05)

Caller is working with a family who wants to sell, but they just aren’t getting along on terms.  Chad offers insight on how to proceed both in terms of navigating people and real estate.



Probate Real Estate Training: How to Get Started In The Probate Real Estate Niche

How to Get Started In The Probate Real Estate Niche (19:29)

Isaac used to practice in real estate heavily a few years ago.  He’s looking to get into fix and flip and wholesaling through the probate niche.  He has a partner he works on some deals with, but is thinking he should take accountability over this initiative.  What’s the best way to get started? Jim, Chad, and Bruce advise.

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Probate Real Estate Sales 101: How to Prospect Old Probate Real Estate Leads

How to Prospect Old Probate Real Estate Leads (27:23)

Ruel and his team are marketing to older lead lists while courthouses in his market remain closed for Covid. Chad explains why probate leads age exceptionally well, and how ProbatePlus+ can help you focus your marketing efforts towards probate leads that still have property needs to deal with.



Probate Real Estate Sales 101: Do Not Call List - DNC Numbers For Probate Prospecting

Do Not Call List - DNC Numbers For Probate Prospecting (35:51

Caller is in New York and is curious about contacting leads with phone numbers on the Do Not Call List. Chad goes over DNC risks and how Probate Real Estate calls are a little bit different, as they involve public records and no direct selling.



Probate Real Estate Investing 101: Why Probate Leads Need Real Estate Help, Even If They Have An Attorney

Why Probate Leads Need Real Estate Help, Even If They Have An Attorney (37:43

Caller asks how he can provide value when a personal representative is already working with an attorney.  Bruce lays out why personal representatives almost always need much more than their attorney can or will provide.  Bruce also provides language for delivering this proposition to prospects.



Probate Real Estate Wholesaling 101: How To Start Wholesaling and Investing as a Licensed Real Estate Agent

How To Start Wholesaling and Investing as a Licensed Real Estate Agent (39:45) 

Caller is interested in getting into the investment side of things, primarily through wholesaling/selling directly to investors.  Chad lays out how to get started investing as a licensed real estate agent using multiple strategies.

See More: SHIFT HAPPENS Session 4 - Creative Financing to Keep the Market Moving Forward - Real Estate Webinar - YouTube



Probate Real Estate Investing 101: Follow-Up Calls - What To Say

Follow-Up Calls - What To Say (44:16

Fed is making follow-up calls and making contact on multiple attempts.  What should he say on the second, third, fourth calls? Chad loops back around to the point Bill Byrd made earlier in the call - The Step Up Basis rule is about to be repealed with Biden’s new tax plan. This is key and should be brought up with every follow-up.



Niche For Real Estate Websites: Should I Register My Domain Name As An LLC?

Should I Register My Domain Name As An LLC? (45:13)

Mike is wondering if he should register an LLC to protect the brand around a URL.  Chad describes when this is necessary and when it might not be. Chad describes how to choose an all-encompassing name to register as a business entity, and what names are best left as URLs.




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Episode Transcript

Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #308


A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the AllTheLeads.com coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

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Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:00:33] Welcome prolific agents and investors from across the country. Today is Thursday, December 17th, 2020. And this is Mastermind Podcast number 308. Just a little housekeeping before we get started. we do this. Pretty much every week of the year, the next two weeks will be Christmas Eve and new year's Eve.

So we're going to take a little bit of a break and we will return on Thursday. January 7th will be our next regularly scheduled call. We will be here working virtually every day. So as always, if you ever need us, just, email us support@alltheleads.com. And I mentioned, we have a special treat. I'm going to go ahead and unmute bill.

Bill Byrd Reflects On 6 Years Of Success In The Probate Real Estate Niche [00:01:17]Bill. Are you there? Yes, I'm here. Mr. Bird. I give you a little bit of an intro. Bill, you have been with us since March of 2015. If you're not our longest subscriber, you're certainly one of them. And, bill reached out to me this week to share some success with probate. Plus, I want them to talk about that a little bit, but I also would like for him to touch on a couple other things, we.

It bill is either very busy agent. I know you listened to these on our podcast or on YouTube, but you rarely make it to a call. I can't tell you how many times a year we have agents ask about, should I call the executors or the attorneys or they ask about, calling when the executor and the attorney is one in the same and you've probably done a better job of that.

then anybody that you know, that we've had over the last six years, you've really made a career out of it. So I guess let's start at the, let's start at the end and work our way back. You had, reached out to me, us, we build to, give some feedback on probate plus you want to start with that? Yeah.

Bill Byrd: [00:02:18] Yes I would. But first I'd just like to, thank you. And Chad were. the last five years has been amazing. You guys have always been there when I needed you and Chad, every time I send him some new marketing thing, I never get a 10, but if you get a seven out of Chad, add a one to 10.

You're doing good. So lately I've been averaging some seven, so thank you. Thank you. You're very welcome. I, my pleasure. yeah, so I'm a big advocate of Chad, I just, he really helped my business. You all have, but in his fast start program back then, which is not even close to what it is now, but yeah, that really made an impact on me.

So I never believed in scrubbing leads, pull, I'm calling you soon as I get the lead, I'm calling my letters. All my campaign is based on after I've called you the first time. and so I never believed in it, but I thought, I'm just going to try this probate plus, and damn it worked so well.

It like cleaned up my time on the phone. And, the biggest thing is I would have never have known this particular client. I'm going to leave their names out where they are out. They have 12 properties and I'm meeting with them the first of the year to discuss all 12 properties and selling all 12 properties, and I have always, never assumed they just have one property itself, but I was like, man, this is just amazing how much probate plus really helped me out on my time table.

And it also brings you back to the memories of work. All the leads. When I used to drive to Sonoma County recorder, I would drive to Morin. I would drive to San Francisco to get the list of who passed away back then. it's just been an amazing journey with you guys and. I really appreciate how you guys have continually updated.

I know this kinda sounds like, a conversation fairy land, but it's the truth. if anyone knows my story in 2010, my family was. Broke no money. always worried about the PGE bill falling off. I used to guard people for $15 an hour. I used to clean job sites for $20 so that I could just buy enough food for the day, which consisted of milk Cheerios.

A loaf of bread and baloney. And that's what my kids pretty much ate for the first six months. being broke maybe a little longer, but my point being, I'm just wanting to say, thank you guys so much, and I appreciate probate plus. Thank you bill. And for anyone who didn't see our case study video was still a Katt will link to that in the show notes, but you can search for that on all the leads.com, just search B Y R D.

And it should bring up that post, but you'll see, Bill's not living off of a Cheerio's anymore. Really, I think you're a little too modest to toot your own horn here. So I'm going to do it for you, but he's built this into a seven figure business with insanely high margins and taken it a long way. So they'll thank you for sharing all that.

Probate Plus vs Other Probate Leads [00:05:12]Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:05:12] And secondly, if you have probate plus as a relatively new product, we always have new folks on this call each week. Like what the heck is probate plus? you can go to alltheleads.com/probateplus, and the full description there, but it's basically a proprietary data augmentation that you have that gives you all the real estate information.

So not only, real estate held in the name of the decedent, but also in trust, also an entity, out of state, we scrub 3,149 different counties. So we're more than looking in your local MLS or your local courthouse. We're finding anything the decedent may have owned anywhere in the country.

and you can learn more about that. It's alltheleads.com/probateplus and you'll see on there. And bill, I'm curious to see if you've tracked your numbers, but. In beta. When we were testing this with the groups, we found that it cut marketing costs by about 45%. So that is the time and money that you spend on your marketing efforts.

By focusing only on those, I prioritizing the ones that have real estate people were able to save about 45%. have you tracked your marketing savings? No, not yet, but what I will, what I have tracked is my phone. Time, and it has definitely cut a third out of my phone time. Which has been great because I really want to continue to expand into divorce, which a lot of people don't seem to get that.

when you deal in probate, it's normally a family attorney. What does family or estate attorneys do? They also deal with divorce and I'm consistently trying to evolve that we're coming out the new website about that. We're also coming up to a brochure.

How To Be the Solution Before Sellers Realize They Have A Problem [00:06:57] Bill Byrd: [00:06:57] I really enjoyed the call where you guys were talking about being the solutions to their problems before they know they have a problem.

And that has been really great. And then also there's some new tax laws. Now, I don't know how these tax laws got passed because I don't know of anybody that voted for them, but that's really creating some opportunities, with, probate, the fact that you can't carry over. The tax basis, next year of someone that has passed away.

when people say to you and, th there is a five responses you normally get, and one of them is, I'm going to rent it out. now you can say, Hey, very well, maybe I'm the right decision, but I'm just curious. Did you know what path in 2020, where you can't, carry over your parents, property tax bases.

So that means their property taxes are going from like 3000 a month to 20,000 a month. 3000 a year to 20,000 a year. Wow. Very impactful. If you texted me back, I didn't see it. could you send me a link to that on a better. And for anyone who doesn't understand the tax implications of inheriting real estate, which you look up the step up basis, so step up basis and that'll help you understand, apparently that's going away in California, but that's not the case in every state.

So that's one big X-Factor like bill is one of those, like the good example out being empathetic to their position and truly, yeah. Acting in their best interest before they've even give you, given you enough opportunity will attract business that you hadn't been competition when you do it at this level.

So bill you have an early 20, 21 campaign just on that one thing, To go and say, Hey, here's, what's changing. And here's how it affects you. correct. Correct. And just waiting for the final writeup and I'll send you that where it's at right now, and then the last thing I really want to say is through probate and doing a good job and by offering the solutions, there are some attorneys that want to handle the painting, handle the stage Jean, because they're billing.

the state for that. So you've gotta be smart. Fair enough to back away on that. But then there's other ones where we do all that. and judges, depending on how the trust or the will structured see that, and that has led to some, direct referrals from judges on divorces in hand. I've also gotten divorces because normally by the time the lawyer is thinking.

I got to find a real estate agent for these people because they can't agree on anything. he wants a realtor that is going to do everything. Painting, staging, clearing the house out. You name it.

Marker [00:09:32]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:09:32] That's great. you built a and bill, we refer to you a lot on, early on, I think 2015, 2016, you realized that some of your best leads were the ones where the attorney and the executor were one in the same. They were professional administrators. And you did a, how many of how you connected with these guys who make a living of handling estates?

And you've really established a steady referral from them, correct? Yeah. Yeah.

Bill Byrd: [00:09:57] Yeah. I get, somewhere between six and seven deals from, either accountants that have that business or attorneys that have that business. The hardest ones to break into are the banks because they didn't want to favor anybody.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:10:09] Exactly. Yeah. And I think you had shared that story with us before, where you had appeared before the same judge, numerous times for a probate case. And when the divorce came up, And they couldn't agree on what realtors, I think the judge ordered them to list the property with you. If I remember correctly, it was something like that, correct?

Bill Byrd: [00:10:27] Yeah. Yeah. David. Exactly correct. Yeah. Yeah. That's exactly. Yeah. that's awesome. That's great. One other thing I did want you to share with the group and I appreciate it. I know you have to get off to a listing appointment, or I know you had something to do. That's why we put your first, you shared with me on the phone, some recent deals that you are working on, they came from, I think one of them came from a three-year-old lead.

I think you had shared with us how you and I love you analogy of the fishing hole in your front yard, if you would share that with everybody. Yeah. Yeah. to me, all the leads has been like stocking a basketball on, right? Yeah. whether you realize it or not, you're going to get.

Future business. You're gonna stock in it with 1500 leads every month. I don't know how many exact leads are in my database, but I know it's in that the thousands. So I talked to this lady three years ago, about selling or her home, her husband passed. And you always have to walk into those leads when you see the same address, for the executor or who's managing this state, there's a person that passed away.

Can I got to walk in there lightly. So I did. And, I've just talked to her every six months. And so back in October, she says, I'm ready to sell to 2.2, $5 million house. We're closing on Monday on that. the other thing that I think people lose sight of is just because you don't get the listing on the probate.

That does not mean there's not a deal there. Your investor could buy it. Or if you hang in there with the, the seller and say, Oh, okay, I understand I didn't get the listing. That's great. I'm really glad you have somebody that's going to help you. I'm curious who you chose sometimes I'll give it to you.

Sometimes they won't on this particular one. the person that had passed away, she had written in the realtor in her. Will. So anyway, so I called him and soon as that house came on the market, cause he wouldn't let me in early. My client was the first one there and we were out and above asking price.

And it was really hard to get a home on the water in my area. and that's just goes to show you that you've got to look at this in, this is an opportunity how you use it is not just one way, right? It could be a lead in this. It could be a deal in the future. You could have a buyer for it. you might be able to cause I'm a big believer in advocate.

They might need painters. They might need different people. And so now you're bringing in your painter, you're giving him a job and he knows that you sent him that job. and there's going to be some gratitude to there. And I just, I absolutely believe you cannot help other people too much, and you have to be grateful and have gratitude for any opportunity to help another person.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:13:08] The other things, like I imagine they're going to have two and a quarter million dollars in liquidity. Maybe they're a private lender. Maybe if they keep a property, you get them over to a community bank lender. I have them take the house in inheritance, get a tenant in place, go to a community bank, do a cash out refi, take that money and loan it out to your investors or go sell a rental portfolio.

Like just because you don't get what your desired outcome doesn't mean a damn thing in this situation. If you can focus on the needs of the family and show them ways, show them things, teach them things that no, and they'll spill. Here's how you double your money every four years by loaning holding it to real estate investors right here in town.

Here's how you use community bank financing, portfolio financing to create, leverage, and build a real estate empire of your own. and you'll get 12 deals off of that buyer base because you show them how to leverage the inheritance that they get. So it's being empathetic. I want them to really drive Bill's point home, like being empathetic to what their needs are and also what their blind spots are.

We'll show you ways to service these people at a level like you'll create wealth faster than you can ever imagine because you're helping enough people get what they want and putting their interests first. So thanks for that bill. And very well, Bruce, go ahead. You had a comment, sorry.

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:14:28] Hey bill. for those of you that don't know Bill and I used to coach for a real estate company together, back in the day, so long, a long time.

No talk. so one of the things that I liked, what you just said is, is the analogy of the back pond in stocking the back on which goes to a point that I frequently make to people is the reason that I've always loved probate so much is, in normally, California might be a little bit longer, but normally six, seven months, most of these families are going to be ready to do something and some even longer than that.

And if you are good at follow-up. And you're empathetic. You're understanding you're not a pushy person in six or seven months. You're going to be the only person in Bill's case three years on this lead. You're the only person that they're considering. Cause you've had a really long runway to build a brand, of empathy and health.

And for those of you that are listening right, are looking at a month or two months to get business. You're going to get some of that as well. But if you can take the long approach with this and build a relationship, nobody else is going to do it. You're going to stand alone as the only person that these families and these personal representatives are ever going to bring their business to.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:15:40] Well said, bill, we can't. Thank you enough. I know you got to go. If you're able to hang in there for a minute or two, maybe some people have some other questions. Is there any other, I know you listened to us on YouTube and you listen to our calls you said every Thursday morning at seven o'clock, it's part of your schedule.

I love that, but boy, if you could just come on once a year, we appreciate it. It give us updates. I think he helped us. I think he helped a lot of people on this call. any other words of wisdom before we let you go?

Bill Byrd: [00:16:06] there's a book called the generosity generation. It's called seven now.

I really recommend everybody reading that. It's something that Chad, had mentioned to me, five years ago. And then there's also, a YouTube. channel it's Chris Catalini. It's C a V a L I a N I, he's got a great, YouTube video that came out about good manners, proper etiquette. And being a good person and having gratitude.

I think that's really where we need to be as real estate agents, especially as we're heading into forbearance. Hell of exactly how all that's going to work. Yeah. very well said, my friend. Thank you. you are the ultimate example of the culture that we try to teach, and I really appreciate you contributing.

Thanks for being here. My pleasure.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:16:53] All right. we do have a few other patient people in the queue that have been waiting. So let's go to our first, our second caller this week, his phone number ending in zero three zero nine you're up next,

Navigating Probate When Family Doesn't Get Along [00:17:05] Hey guys, how are you guys doing today? Great. How are you, sir?

Caller 1: [00:17:08] Good. Good. I came across an issue when I actually made sure obviously every deal going to require some creativity.

The personal representative doesn't have a good relationship with his uncle. Neither does the mom either.

There's only two heirs. And it doesn't sound like they like each other at all. Unfortunately, what would be the best way to handle it? Is it best to call the uncle and try to talk to them? Or is it best to have the attorneys deal with? There will be the ideal case.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:17:33] So is he as the uncle an heir?

Caller 1: [00:17:35] That is correct.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:17:36] Is there a will or it's intestate? I don't think there's a will. I didn't ask that question. So that's good to know.

So it's, I think it's important that you understand that the personal representative doesn't have to have any contact. Your uncle doesn't necessarily have a say in this, the personal rep, the nephew is the fiduciary and they assume the liability that. It's their job to preserve and maximize the value of the asset and then distribute according to state succession laws there as well.

So if it goes sideways. Just understand the uncle doesn't have to be in the picture. He can't dictate what gets done. Now that said, we always try to go the diplomatic route. This is, we want to reduce stress for the family and improve their situation. So I would recommend you reach out to the uncle and you handle this more like a divorce case, where you actually become a friendly intermediary.

And you might have like good cop, bad cop. If you're not familiar with that as a negotiation tactic, I would go whenever you can on that. But you may have to, their ego may want to spew out some of the other party and you may have to listen. You don't have to have that one day. I'm an intermediary and give the uncle of voice so he won't become a problem. But if he does become a problem, it's really probably not going to prohibit you guys from achieving what the state needs to achieve.

Caller 1: [00:18:49] Okay. I do know that the nephew said based on the conversations the attorney's been having, that the uncle wants the most money for the property that I do know.

So it sounds like he's on board, on selling. It's just a matter of them agreeing. Let me ask you this, then there's two heirs. Do we need both signatures on the heirs to sign the listing agreement or is it more, or the PR is more than sufficient to sign?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:19:11] As long as the PR has the letters testamentary, all you need is their signature on the listing agreement.

Caller 1: [00:19:17] Okay. That makes sense.

Okay. Cool. Alrighty, anything else? That's what I have. That's it for today. Thank you so much.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:19:23] All right. Thank you. Next up is phone five five, two, three. You're up next.

How to Get Started In The Probate Real Estate Niche [00:19:28]

Isaac: [00:19:28] Hi, how are you? my name is Isaac Israel of, I live in Rockland County, New York, about 45 minutes North of New York city. I've done many things, in the real estate, including, residential brokering, like 2004, 2007, since 2010, till about now, I've been doing commercial real estate brokering as well as now, embarking on investment.

Thing. one of the things that I wanted to, do is flip fix and flipping and wholesaling. I never had a good system and I somehow through Facebook found out about All The Leads. This is my first time on the call. I heard a lot of good information now on this call. I want to know what's the best way for me to be able to start getting access to the leads as well as maybe some support, if there is.

Or, what's my best way to get started right now. as they say, it was a lot of debt and, and the most money to invest is just living month to month with everything that's going on, but I needed that system. And if you could give me more information, advice, I would appreciate it.

I have to have a partner which we're partnering on the motel now where we doing it, trying to flip it, but that's different things he might want to get in with me also.

I think I'm better off doing it on my own. So what that's required.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:20:46] Yeah, every County is different and I will have someone reach out to you right after the call. and as far as what can you do to be successful with this figure out what all the other investors are doing and do the opposite there. If any of them are even contacting these people, they're just saying, Hey, I can buy your home for cash. you want to be like, Bill just said, you want to offer the multiple solutions. don't come at it as much as an investor, as I'm a probate expert that specializes in helping people and there's a lot of different ways I can help you. You'll be amazed how that will gain their trust and that'll help get your foot in the door. Get the conversation started. And one of the things you do want to do, if you're not a realtor, have a good realtor on your team. That you can refer the ones too, because some of these are going to be great, buy and flips, and a lot of them are just going to be motivated listings.

So you want to have a great realtor on your team that you can refer the people to that, that are in a, any kind of distress and, want closer to retail price. Anything you want to add to that Chad or Bruce? Go ahead. Yeah.

Isaac: [00:21:46] Or maybe get my own light, my license restored, and then also partake in that aspect.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:21:51] Yeah, that was going to be my advice. having experience in residential brokerage in commercial brokerage, I have to assume that you've learned how to recruit, because you've been the broker. So I think one of the paths of least resistance and the highest ROI for you is probably to reactivate your license, recruit an agent onto your team, to mentor and train into the space.

And have them, just like in commercial real estate, have them split some of that cost with you, make your broker work for you, but the idea how that works.

Isaac: [00:22:20] So you just, expand on that. Do you mean that like I should become an agent with exp and then recruit under me? Or are you referring to recruit in probate listings?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:22:30] When you said before you were a residential broker commercial broker, isn't that right? I meant agents, not like broker that I have agents. Yeah. even, so you can partner with another agent and have them do that side. If that's not what you want it to, and you can also have them subsidize your lead costs, your marketing cost.

You guys can, joint venture on that. So if you're in a tight cashflow position, you may start out by saying, Hey, listen, we'll split these 50 50, but we're also going to split the cost 50 50 and, find the person you can trust and set proper expectations from the beginning of what a, an investor deal is and means for you and what a brokerage deal is a means for them and you guys can collaborate. But any rate, however you end up entering the market, what Jim was saying, this is your first phone. There are almost 700 hours of conversations like this archives and accessible to you have to really dig into that and understand the culture we created and how building a team around yourself to attract the business well, greatly differentiate you.

So you ultimately spend less on marketing than other ones, people, and you get a much higher ROI. and learn a little bit more about what we offer and how we train people to do this. and you may see opportunities too. monetize some of the vendor relationships. I don't normally really recommend that for folks because it just means you're tracking a whole bunch of tiny pieces of revenue.

And it's usually not the best dollar productive activity, but if it's a barrier, if cost is a barrier to entry, it is a way that you can get referrals from painters, photographers, home, stagers, you name all the people that you can bring into the transaction.

Isaac: [00:24:06] But, it's, the other thing is how are they helpful or the photographers and what not for leads?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:24:12] So for example, if you pay for the leads the first month, then you don't have enough cash to pay for them the second month, but you believe in this and your heart's in it, in that first. list, you can find somebody who needs help, who needs a painter who needs a senior moving company, an estate sale, know who needs a state plan,

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:24:29] I'll jump in on that, Jim, what Chad was saying, it's something that I've done in my business and I, actually his advice about taking on an equity partner in the probate space is exactly what I did in my business is I brought in a partner.

I handle the marketing and the attorney relationships. He handles the phone calls and the listing appointments. We split commissions 50 50. We also split costs 50 50. So that's a good way to get someone to partner with you. And then on the vendor side of things, I have a couple of vendors that I market their services for them. And what you do is you could always just drop a little, you're sending your mail out, and we do recommend that people mail as well as called. Tou're sending your mail out anyway with your particular narrative and your particular marketing message. You can always drop a little side, small postcard in promoting one of your vendor partners business and have them offset the cost of that round of mail.

Because you're promoting their business on a separate cards that you just include with the letter that you're sending out anyway. So there are ways of really monetizing this and at least offsetting costs associated with not only that, but marketing to the families as well.

Isaac: [00:25:44] You partner up in the postcards with a mortgage broker or like who?

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:25:48] Oh, there's all kinds of people. You could use financial advisors, you could use estate sales companies ,you could, use, clean-out companies. house cleaners, landscapers. We, in my business, I have a list of somewhere in the neighborhood of 24, 25 different vendors that I use throughout the year. And it really, the list can go on and on, but these are 24, 25 different vendors that are going to be typically involved in at least one deal with me through the course of a year.

And, so they're the first people that I go to and ask if they want me to promote their business in a particular round of mail that I'll be sending out.

Isaac: [00:26:26] Cool. I'm so excited. I'll be honest. I was looking at, I was looking into affiliate marketing and I got just because, when you don't have a good, system in real estate, commercial real estate is great, we've been through a few skeptical months.

So this is great that I came across you guys actually saw your work and you really are.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:26:45] We're glad you found us. And we're, we've gotten pretty big over the last six or seven years, but never too big to be able to help you know, anybody that we can. So we appreciate your input.

Isaac: [00:26:53] Who's who Chad. I know I see him on Facebook on allthe eads.com And then who's talking.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:26:58] Yeah, this is Jim Sullivan,  Bruce Hill. Yeah. And if you go to the top of our website, just hit about us and you'll learn boring details that you don't care about all that. Oh, of course. All three of you. All the leads.

Yes, sir. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, sir. Thank you. Yeah, we look forward to coming back in here and your success stories. Thank you. All right. Next up is phone number ending in zero nine, four eight. You're up next.

How to Prospect Old Probate Real Estate Leads [00:27:23] Ruel: [00:27:23] Hey guys. How you doing? This is Ruel from Bergen County. Can you hear me? Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. unfortunately our courthouses are still closed. so we've been working with expired and expired leads as far back as January, February, March, unfortunately, nothing stuck. so I was just wondering what you guys think we should, do as far as going back, getting outdated, last year is the latest, or what can I do going forward to be a little more current with the leads that we have?

And second part of that question is a little unrelated, but, we're hired hiring our VA come January. If you could just walk me through how you think I should, college is going to have them go over the last month, three day, which I have a copy of had been go through that. But as far as more training for VA, any input would be appreciated.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:28:09] And on your first question, you heard Bill Byrd in the beginning of this call, he just took him to two and a quarter million dollar listing. That was three from a three-year-old list. So not every family will actually sold the real estate during the probate. however, the personal representative is usually if closed, they're usually the one who inherited the property.

So there's some opportunity there. They're also the major procrastinator, so go a year or two or longer, and then leave probate open because there's no mandate. There's no timeframe where it has to be closed. people try to move them along and get it closed. Yeah, there's no hearts law that says it has to be done in this amount of time.

So what you'll find on those older list as you'll have no competition, virtually none ever, because everyone else has long forgotten about them and they assume that they, they've already sold everything. So they don't matter to them. What you find is those are the people who need you to get your leadership and your help most.

So a lot of times it's for your come list. Me calls come from. And so someone else is a contributor here and it's a great subscriber of ours. David Panell. If you've heard him talk, you'll hear him talk about the same thing. He has a significant amount of his folk comes from homeless and calls that were six to 12 months old.

So if you guys have already worked through all the leads and you feel like you want to do more, I think it's a wise investment to buy the historical data and work on those older files because there is opportunity in there and any market in the country. so that was the first part. How far back would you go Ted?

24 months. At least. we find a lot of value. All of us back to 24 longest one I've ever done was back to 1983. So there are families that go decades and just put their head in the sand and do nothing. But you're going to find a really solid or on investment back to 24 months. Right now, I'm doing the other thing.

The other go ahead. Sorry. The other thing I'll mention that was one of the primary reasons we can help grow probate plus, cause you can take two years worth of data, run it through probate plus, and then we'll be able, it's an easy button and we'll tell you which ones still have property wealth. The property is how much it's worth.

everything about it, whether or not it's on MLS or has been. So it's $3 a lead for those historical leads. It's a dollar for the Lea in $2 for the augmentation. But you will like, we'll basically just raise the cream to the top of exactly who to reach out for and why you're reaching out what they own.

Ruel: [00:30:30] Yeah. We were able to do the probate leads and the probate plus four, again, like I said, the last one, which we had was January, February, and March. Unfortunately not much luck. So I guess you're suggesting go back further then.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:30:41] Yeah, I would, I started last year. Yeah. I started to say right now I'm doing two deals that are between two and three years old, both of them.

And they're really good clips where like Chad said, for one reason or another, they family issues, disagreements. They just weren't ready to do anything. Now they finally are, but the good news is. I guess the bad news is probably 90% of them are going to be sold or listed or, it's property has been disposed of, but yeah, you only need a few in there to really have, make a lot of sense and we keep hoping you guys will come back every month.

We think it's gotta be next month. You're the, you're one of the few remaining markets that hasn't opened back up, but, milk the old ones. Yeah, congratulations, but sounds like you've got a good attitude. And we've mentioned on these calls too. you said it hasn't developed, I'm curious on the January, February leads were the majority of them already completed or they weren't ready to, or they were just delayed by the process or what's your most common objection that you're getting.

Ruel: [00:31:37] the biggest feedback was, first and foremost, what they always say is my lawyer's taking care of it. And, the second one is actually they'd gotten rid of the property. So although we ran the probate plus as late as October,  when we ran probably a plus and all the leads, some of them would still say that even though it was on our list, That it was a, that they've gotten rid of the property.

So that was another kind of part that I was going to ask, like how updated is that list when we get them? Because I was surprised when we followed up with called in October and the, probably a plus kind of spit out the list and they still said that they got rid of the property. one thing that didn't occur to me.

If your records division is shut down. That's why your recordings aren't being updated in probate. But

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:32:18] I hadn't thought of that. So actually, the MLS status and things like that are going to be accurate, but since your record room is not recording, if it's shut down, then probably not getting the data out to where we get the updated data set in that County. That makes sense.

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:32:33] Yeah. And as someone that also actively markets, the probate leads, when I get probate, plus I always take. While I'm prospecting at the same time, I'm prospecting because I'll make a round of calls for my first letter drops. And as I'm doing that, I take an extra 10 seconds per property. And just compare the deceased name with the, with the current owner name on that real estate record.

I find in my area and this isn't true of every area, but my Area. I find that about 5% will have had property and probate plus we'll show that it has transferred. So it might come through as a property record occasionally, but just looking at the current owner name, you'll see that it transferred sometime in the last couple of months, but we're still picking up a real estate record.

Ruel: [00:33:19] Gotcha. Okay. That's a little tip.

Second question, and I've already forgotten that. Can you remind me, so my second question was we're hiring our VA, in January. And, the first thing I was going to do is just have her go through the three day, which I have a copy of that's the first and foremost. And then I was wondering after that, I was just going to have her listen to all the cold call, Archive that you have, but any other tips on how we should handle the VA?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:33:41] So what is the scope of her this VA service? Are they just playing phone work? Are they an office, admin marketing, admin? What are you going to sell house?

Ruel: [00:33:50] Basically our assistant, part of a company. So it's not just cold calling, we're going to employ,basically have her do what the system that we've set up.

Ready. Okay. I just didn't like,

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:33:58] okay, she's going to be, she's going to be more involved in just making phone calls five hours a week. Like she'll be a full-time employee. Absolutely. Okay. In that case, I agree that you should start her with probate mastery because she will then understand the operating system and core values that you guys are running off of.

And there's a lot of value to that because then she'll start to develop. If she buys into that, then she'll start to develop her own version in her own language, and then putting her in the role, play calls and role playing with her. she w you know, instead of handing them a script, like most people want.

Like you'll be able to groom her into someone who knows what to say, because she was, she did the right things in the right order when getting started. So I would start with mastery. Then I would go have her go to the role-play archive and do middle of less than three complete role-play calls.

Then I would role play with her, like internally and your team. And had her come into our Facebook group, all the leads mastermind, there's lots of little subgroups in there where people set up role play groups that are recurring time each week, have her jump in and role play with our subscribers. you can have her join the probate mastery, alumni, Facebook page.

And, as long as you guys like under your name, but you can jump in there and find role play partners that are, run and get a higher level. But that's the biggest thing. It sounds like she's going to be the initial point of contact. So you've got to get her where she's 100% clear on your offer and she has to be very empathetic to the family's possession.

She has to be very clear on what you offer. And she has to, even if you don't have that in place yet, she has to be confident that she knows she has faith in you, that it will be in place by the time you get to the appointment. She's and that's, that should take up the next month of her time.

Ruel: [00:35:41] You can call back and ask what's next. She'll be jumping into the Role Play calls with you guys. I'm sure about that.

Hey Jim.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:35:46] Yep. Two eight one one. You're up next phone number ending in two eight one one.

Do Not Call List - DNC Numbers For Probate Prospecting [00:35:51]

Caller 2: [00:35:51] Hi, my name is I'm a I'm a broker in New York. I'm actually a associate broker I've been for awhile. What is it that we, one thing you have also that does not fall a little star next to it. How do we contact them? If we cannot call to the Do Not Call List?

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:36:05] Are you talking about the generic do not call or are you talking about the New York restriction and I assume that was only quoted on my first lead. The 1st of December start with some of those farmers do not call, the number there.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:36:16] We do that to protect our own assets. As a call center, you're a much bigger target for litigation to get roped in to stuff by attorney. So we cannot, we do not call the do not those on, do not call. we've had over $7 million placed on the leads numbers that we've put out.

And there's been one instance that I'm aware of, that anyone's aware of. And it actually did come out of the state of New York and attorney made a phone call to one of our subscribers. And said, listen, we got a call from a consumer. We understand they're a public representative, but their number was on DNC.

Please don't call them again. And that was it. There was no email. There was no letter, no formal complaint. So you have to assess your own risk and make your own decisions. you understand what the NC is, but we have, there are several gray, legal opinions. a couple of which like one, this person is currently appointed as a public representative.

For an estate that's in an open creditors period. Another angle, another legal opinion is that, you're not directly soliciting, it's a seldom something you're offering a service and you're not even sure what that is yet, because there's many ways you can help them, but you and your broker will have to look at it and decide if you're comfortable making those calls.

I will say that most of our top producers actually didn't. okay. I'll follow. Okay. Okay. My second question is, I also was importantly, I was the administrator. If I already have it, if I wasn't a position, I had an administrator, I had an attorney. I'm an administrator. why would, how do I make myself different?

Why Probate Leads Need Real Estate Help, Even If They Have An Attorney. [00:37:43]

if you want to use me whenever you have an attorney, I know I'm not an attorney yet, but how would I show that the service offers better than what. how would I sell the service basically? What do I, what am I offering question,

Bruce Hill (Coach): [00:37:53] You're offering everything that the attorney does not handle. So typically the attorney's handling all the legal aspects, the paperwork, the asset collection, the debt they're handling that and paperwork that goes to the courthouse where the family. They still need to clean the house out. They need to maintain the house.

They need to clean the gutters, cut the grass, fix the leaking sink, have an estate sale, divide up personal property assets, sell the property they need to, they need all that. They need to make sure it's insured. And most attorneys, not all, but most attorneys don't help them with those things. So when someone just hammers me with, Hey, we have an attorney and they're handling everything rather than attack that objection, head on.

I want to attack it in a couple of minutes. On that call. So I want to circle back to that and ask them some questions about what their future plans are. Hey, it's great that your attorney is helping with that. You might not need a whole lot for me today. Do you have a quick minute for us to talk and figure out if maybe there is something that I can provide?

Because I'm not just one thing. And then you asked about the real estate you ask who's involved. there's a whole list of questions that you can ask. And if you want our interview sheet, just, get with support or shoot me an email@roofsatalltheleads.com and I'll get you an interview sheet that we have, but eventually you're going to circle back and you're going to start to share with them how the attorney doesn't take care of.

Many times the attorney does not take care of all those real estate and personal property group related responsibilities. That's on them and that's what you take care.

Caller 2: [00:39:38] Okay. Okay. I'm gonna definitely get this sheet interview sheets, but you have script as well. I'll get a copy of that as well. Thank you.

 To Wholesale To Investors as a Licensed Real Estate Agent [00:39:45] I appreciate it. Very good. We have, we were in the queue. One more question. Go ahead. All right. I also really want to be an investor. If you haven't built to really dream is to be inside themselves a little bit, an investor. I'm assuming I'll find somebody you want to, wants to sell it to an investor. I actually don't have the cash.

I can get a partner, but is there a, a contract you're getting into a contract with them? I didn't slip the contract to an investor, or how does that, how would that work? Like I don't have the money just depends on your, it really depends on your strategy. do you ever cash aside, would you rather have a hold a home long term and get the cash flow and tax benefits?

Or are you just always looking for quick revenue at the beginning of that quick way? And you just don't have enough money to spread them around. So that could be come to the point that I, it, I'm sorry.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:40:28] Okay. And you're you already have a license, right? Yeah, I've been a broker for many. Okay. So as a broker, you can take a flat fee listing agreement and don't offer any cooperating broker commission.

So for example, on a hundred thousand dollar house, you might take $20,000 commission and then offer a zero, 0% co-op people are going to be showing your listing. So as long as you have the buyers list, That's a way to do it through your real estate license. And obviously when you bring the buyer in, you would give them an unrepresented party at the end them, I don't recommend representing them in a dual agent capacity.

I think that's right. I think it's, there's too much liability, but you can take a flat fee. Listing and just don't offer it to anyone else. Or you can get it under contract. As a principal, don't use your sole proprietorship, your personal name or your brokerage, and use a separate entity.

and then just assign that contract for an assignment fee. And the most vital comes from most markets. You can find a title company that will do a simultaneous close, where you don't actually, you can close the B to C with the aid of pay money. Okay. And then the reason I asked that, the reason I asked the question I did, if you wanted to really build wealth, basically you can take the subject to a lot of times the home, almost 68% of the time, these homes are free and clear.

and you can take them with owner financing. And a lot of times without a payment, they, they will actually just finance it to you. And then No, I would say a six to 8% interest rate. You can show them an extreme amount of value. Obviously you're not going to go full term. You just, you get it.

Cash flowing. Then do you do a cash out refi with a community bank? And boom, you got cash in your pocket. You've got the house and you've got monthly cashflow. So you need to get clear on what your strategy is like, why do you want to be a real estate investor? If it's to make a bunch of money real fast once, and wholesaling is a great.

But if you want to build real wealth, then you do things like the ladder. what I just talked about, you take a home owner financing, you get a tenant in place, you do a cash out refi. Then you get the best of both worlds. You get the house and you get a pocket full of cash and you get monthly cashflow and you get the appreciation.

and all the tax benefits of that. So really get clear on what your strategy is. Then you'll know what to do with the houses. Yeah, that's a much better idea. That's what I want to do, but I thought I needed more cash for dump influence property and do the traditional down-payment go for mortgage, have qualified for the mortgage and all that other stuff, which I won't qualify with income.

Something I'll point you to, if you go to probably our YouTube channel, the easiest place to find us back in March, we did a series called shift happens in episode four, cat we'll link to it in the show notes, but episode four shift happens. I think he threw seven distinct creative finance strategies that allow you to do what I just proposed.

So if it's, if that's new to you and it's intimidating to you start there, it's a couple of hours of training. We just did it on zoom, but start there and start to get an understanding. and then there's some other places I can point you once you have a basic understanding of what the strategies are, I'll point you to some more advanced training.

Caller 2: [00:43:31] Okay. Okay. That helps.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:43:34] Next up is phone number ending in eight, two one three. You're up next? Hey guys. super quick. D regarding a date, question, book, name, and follow up. So date, you said that the next. Mastermind is on the seventh.

Does that mean that on the sixth? There will be a role-play a yes or no. Oh yes. Good question. Very good. Yeah. That's the first Wednesday of the month, absolutely. Thank you. Okay. Okay. So that will, okay, cool. Then, I think, bill mentioned the name of that Chad suggested something generation. I didn't catch the first word friendship generation.

I wrote down generosity generation. Oh generosity. Okay, cool. And then my actual question is regarding follow-up.

Follow-Up Calls - What To Say [00:44:16] Fed: [00:44:16] So once you've called someone, let's say, two, three, maybe even, starting the fourth call, I'm running out of things to say.  How should you approach it? You just approach it from an angle of, has anything changed that you need assistance with, with such as, securing the property, repairs, plumbing, et cetera, or do you guys take a different approach?

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:44:37] As you're. Where are you? What market are you in again? I don't know. I keep forgetting. Oh, all good. All good Los Angeles. All right. So Bill Bird just gave you your intro point for every conversation you have until the rent until the end of this month, especially you've got an urgent reason to follow up, right?

Because you are, you just now learned that they're about to lose the step up basis rule and that's a big damn deal. And you need to let them know because nobody else is.

Fed: [00:45:02] Okay. I love that. All right. To do that today, actually. Yes, sir. Thank you guys. All right. Awesome. Thank you for being quick. And our last, if that we saved the best for last, six two, three, one, you're up last.Should I Register My Domain Name As An LLC? [00:45:13]

Mike: [00:45:13] Hey guys. Hope you're all doing well. Try to be quick. I'm going to have to limit my eight questions down to one or two. All right. Thank you Mike. I recognize your voice. Yes, sir. By the way, the other seven, just contact us after the call. Send us an email and we'll deal with them off the call @ support.

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:45:28] Yeah. Supported all the leads.com. Yes, sir. The first one is a quick one. It's is the, when you talk about the six ways you guys can help, is that what you refer to as the service hub?

Mike: [00:45:37] Correct. I think that's what Chad to the service wheel. Yeah. And I just, I just want to say hi to thank you for all the great things that you're doing. Thanks to Tim for calling me. It was an honor to speak with him earlier and, and thanks for Bruce to, to speak with me yesterday on our call.

Everybody's doing such a fantastic job. I'm so happy to be part of this. This, this group, if I just got my URL, just got the website, signed up for that. do I shoot, should I then go get that URL, that name form an LLC with it? Or what do I do to protect myself? Am I now going to form a company with that URL?

What's the suggestion there now.

Chad Corbett (Coach): [00:46:13] It's depends on how big your vision is. your entity name certainly doesn't have to match your, your URL name is nice. If it does you have that consistency, but if you have a purpose and a need for an entity, yeah, go get one that matches your URL.

It's available. Now the one thing I would say what, let me first ask, what is your URL? Yeah. Jersey probate solutions.com. Okay. So we've heard on this call. Once you get really good at probate, the attorneys and the judges start giving you what all of the divorce listings, they start paying you to testify in court.

You start to do trust administration. You start to help families in transition that haven't had a loss in the family, but this applies perfectly well to their situation. So when building a brand, the biggest consideration that I warned people are, bring up the people is,

Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): [00:47:02] we lost Chad. you there, Chad. I know what he was going to say. We lost him in sounds like he cut out. you want, you might want to do something like a Jersey transition specialist or a family transition specialist. You might, if you plan on expanding beyond probate, you might want to make it just a bit more generic.

All right, sir. thank you and contact us with help with the other questions. I appreciate you keeping it short. all right. Thank you. I want to thank each of you, this 2020 has not been an easy year, but, we appreciate all of you being here.

It's actually been a productive year. thanks to our partnership with all of our great clients like you. And we want to, whatever holiday you celebrate, we hope you have a safe, happy, relaxing one with your family. And, I want to challenge each of you. I always do take some of the ideas you heard on this call over the next few weeks, couple of weeks, go out and.

Put them into practice and come back on January 6th for a role-play call and January 7th for our next mastermind call. Have a great holiday guys. Stay productive, stay safe, and we will talk to you soon. Take care.

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Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast: Episode 305

Listing, Wholesaling, and Investing With Probate Real Estate | Rookies and Veterans Share Their Success Stories #305

Probate Mastermind Episode #305 | Recorded Live on November 19th, 2020.  Join Us Live Every Thursday | Previous Episodes


Episode Summary:

In this episode of the Probate Mastermind Podcast, you'll learn how to:

  • Split net profits with vendors while maximizing equity for sellers;
  • Leverage insurance policies to help fund repairs, cleanouts, and fumigations;
  • Liquidate estate items creatively
  • Win the attention of busy real estaet attorneys
  • Navigate short sales with fire-damaged property.  

***Most importantly, we’re kicking off the holiday season with some incredible success stories from rookies and veterans that are turning probate leads into listings, acquisitions, and wholesale deals!


These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!


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Episode Topics, Timestamps, and Resources:


Preview for podcast segment Jim Wins Listing Referrals From Probate Attorneys

Jim Wins Listing Referrals From Probate Attorneys (00:57)

Jim Forsythe shares updates on his attorney prospecting efforts.  He has met with several attorneys and not only are they ready to work with him in the probate space, but they are already sending him referrals for non-probate properties.  They will also be working together to create videos to use as marketing content.

Real Estate Advice: MLS Compliance and Selling “Off-Market”

MLS Compliance and Selling “Off-Market” (3:51)

Christian shares two success stories! Woo-hoo!! Christian has a seller that is willing to list, but is also open to selling off-market to a private investor and avoiding the showings, phone calls, etc… What’s the best way to approach this? Chad and Bruce discuss.

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Real Estate Tips: Splitting Net Profits With A Vendor

Splitting Net Profits With A Vendor (7:36)

Christian is working on another sale where the investor wants to renovate the property and split the profits.The seller is the only heir.  There is a mortgage on the property.  How should Christian proceed to make sure everyone gets their fair share? Chad discusses using a land trust as a vehicle here.

Real Estate Deal Analysis: Probate Short Sale With A Fire-Damaged Property

Probate Short Sale With A Fire-Damaged Property (11:38)

Chelle is working with a seller who has a fire-damaged property in probate.  The mortgage is upside down and Chelle is trying to help the seller keep it from going into foreclosure. Chad, Jim, and Chelle discuss the deal and the importance of vacant property insurance. 

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Rebel and her team has gone on 5 listing appointments in the last two weeks.  One turned into a double listing. Another came from a letter she sent out her very first month working probate, and she got in her foot in the door by helping the personal representative with artwork they inherited. Rebel is looking at 6 listings! GO REBEL!!!

Real Estate Tips: Fumigation and Repairs For Death Odor Removal

Fumigation and Repairs For Death Odor Removal. (19:18 and 31:43)

Rebel is helping a family prepare a property for sale, but the house has a lingering death odor.  They’ve tried ripping up tile and replacing walls, but the smell still seems to be there. Jim and Rebel both note that you should help your seller see what their insurance covers, as many homeowner’s policies cover fumigation for situations like this.

Selling Artwork From An Estate

Selling Artwork From An Estate (21:12 and 25:45)

Rebel is helping a family sell artwork that was inherited through the estate of the decedent.  Chad shares his recommendations on where to sell specialty items as well as for companies that can help liquidate estate items quickly.

Attorneys Won’t Return My Call - How Can I Win Referral Relationships?


Attorneys Won’t Return My Call - How Can I Win Referral Relationships? (22:27)

Rebel is in a busy market and attorneys are not returning her calls.  Bruce shares what works for him in a busy market where Attorneys need to stumble into the value you provide for them to bite.

All The Leads Reviews: 3 Probate Listings Turned Into 5 Deals!

3 Probate Listings Turned Into 5 Deals! (26:52)

Jack shares a success story.  He has 3 probate listings turn into 5 total deals! Awesome!

Probate Credibility Websites and Why They’re Worth It

Probate Credibility Websites and Why They’re Worth It (27:33 and 46:24)

Jack is interested in setting up a separate probate website before he starts making his prospecting calls.  Chad describes the value in having a probate credibility website for social proof.  Chad shares how he incorporates his website into his letters as a final call to action.

All The Leads Reviews: $28k From My First Probate Dea

$28k From My First Probate Deal (33:51)

JoEllen got her first listing in August from her first round of letters.  She’s about to get a $28,000 commission check! Wooho!!!!!! JoEllen describes how she went from lead to listing to closing! With about 25k investment, JoEllen and her team took the property from $450k as-is to $710k at closing!  She has five more deals in the pipeline right now. JoEllen shares how she was able to put a team of vendors together really fast - Don’t let the fear of not having the team prevent you from getting started!

JoEllen and Chad discuss the intrinsic benefits that come with helping families through probate.

See More: Offering Sellers Vertically-Integrated Solutions Without Putting Your Own Capital On The Line.

LinkedIn For B2B Networking in Real Estate

LinkedIn For B2B Networking (40:38)

Ryan and Bruce discuss B2B marketing through LinkedIn and how it’s a fairly low-effort way to start a conversation with probate and estate planning attorneys in your market.

Chad and Ryan discuss how to leverage vacant insurance policies and find a lender that’s savvy.


Federico Shares Additional Insight on Vendor Networking, Websites

Federico Shares Additional Insight on Vendor Networking, Websites (44:54)

Federico shares additional insight on building a vendor team and earning referrals from these vendor partners. 
Jim Forsythe, Fed, and Chad also expand on website strategy from the conversation earlier in the call.

See More: 20-Minute Mastermind with Federico and the ATL Coaches

How to Get Started With Probate Leads: Certification Course

How to Get Started With Probate Leads (50:26)

Lynette is looking to jump into probate leads without running into analysis paralysis! She is pulling her own leads currently.  Chad describes why Probate Mastery is the perfect way to learn everything you need to know to succeed in the probate niche and perform at a high level.


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Episode Transcript

Transcript: Probate Mastermind Real Estate Podcast Episode #305

A.I. Voice Narration: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Probate Mastermind Podcast. These episodes are recorded live once a week and are hosted by the AllTheLeads.com coaches. Agents, investors, and wholesalers join the coaches each week for everything from marketing tips, sales, psychology, live deal analysis, transaction engineering, advanced real estate strategy and personal development.

You will learn to get more listings, more deals and find financial freedom by listening to these episodes. Be sure to catch show notes at AllTheLeads.com/podcast and join our free Facebook mastermind community: https://facebook.com/groups/AllTheLeadsMastermind

[00:00:33]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Welcome resilient and thriving agents from across the country. Today is Thursday, November 19th, 2020. And this is mastermind podcast, number 305. And I think I said welcome agents. And that goes for you investors too.  We do have four in the queue. We got plenty of room for more. I know, Tim and Bruce are on chad.

[00:00:57] Jim Wins B2B Relationships with Probate Attorneys

Are you on the call? Okay, good. I didn't see your name turn up. So the whole crew is here and let's go to the first person in the queue. I never heard of this guy before Jim Forsythe. You're up first.

[00:01:08] Jim Forsythe: Never heard of him. Huh?

[00:01:09] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): I never heard of you. What can we do for you, sir?

[00:01:11] Jim Forsythe: Oh, that's nice. Yeah. I've been talking so with Chad and Bruce, and just wanted to give you a success story.

[00:01:19] This has been going on for the last couple of weeks.  great. Thank you. Yeah, we've been speaking with, meeting with probate attorneys,  the last three week we've met with three different, attorneys and I met,  Not Bruce Hill, Bruce Miller, who works with me. He and I met with, another attorney yesterday.

[00:01:37]And, that is  the other meeting with two additional attorneys that the firm he's now with, because they know about. And their response has been great.  one of the attorneys we've gotten,  two contracts on his personal properties. Oh, I've got a third one that I'm probably going to list. And then we've got two other probate listings.

[00:01:55] They'll probably be coming up. And, each of these,  attorneys are very interested in making videos with us,  which we can post on our individual websites and then used in our,  email drip campaigns to,  our probate leads that we send out on a regular basis. So

[00:02:13] Chad Corbett (Coach): A lot can change in two weeks on Jim

[00:02:15] Jim Forsythe: Absolutely. It's got to hang in there right row.

[00:02:18] Chad Corbett (Coach): Yeah, that's really good. So you actually ended up listing non-probate properties for the attorney.

[00:02:24] Jim Forsythe: As it turns out, we're not probably gonna list them other than just sticking them into MLS,  to satisfy getting credit and then going straight to pending on two of them, we've got two offers working.

[00:02:36]And then we've got a third one that we will live probably in another week or so, which is parcel property. And then we're working on two additional listings for probate,

[00:02:46] Chad Corbett (Coach): Everybody listening. Like you hear us talk about how easy this can be, like getting your attorneys in your referral network. But that alone, that is a Testament to how big this is and how much they trust somebody who's willing to serve their small businesses at that level.

[00:03:01] They trust them with their personal business. So if you like, that's a real good indication there. They're going to trust you as a referral agent, if they trust you to be their fiduciary.

[00:03:10] Jim Forsythe: Absolutely.

[00:03:11] Chad Corbett (Coach): That's incredible. Jim, thank you for sharing.

[00:03:13]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Jim. I was just going to ask and you're doing all this. Did you recover from COVID already or did you not have it? No my mother had it and I  it up. Okay. good. I did test, but I've, was always asymptomatic, but my mother's 92 and she had it and is doing great, like fresh.

[00:03:31] Bruce Hill (Coach): I want those genes.

[00:03:32]Jim Forsythe: Yeah,  I think to that, I've got them. Thank you.

[00:03:35]But, appreciate everybody and just wanted to put that,  tell everybody to get up there and talk to those attorneys. Great job. Thanks. Okay.

[00:03:42] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): You too, sir. Appreciate you sharing. We got three more in the queue. Next up is phone number ending in zero three, zero nine. You're up next?

[00:03:51] Christian Shares Two Success Stories

Christian: Hey guys. Christian here.

[00:03:52]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Hey Christian. How you doing, sir?

[00:03:54] Christian: So just tell me to share on two success stories. So I think they're both listings. One of them are under contract. The other ones were just fine. Waiting to see, when are we going to list it? And this is the, question I have for you guys. How do you guys handle a situation where the client wants to list it?

[00:04:09] But she also wants to consider key investors where it will be like an off market deal, say.

[00:04:14] Chad Corbett (Coach): So Jim just gave you an indication of what he's going to do. He's in that exact scenario. And because of the recent changes that NAR made,  you can list it on MLS for compliance and then quickly run it through, your buyer's list and, just leave them as an unrepresented party.

[00:04:32] So there's no dual agency liability there.  but depending on what your broker's opinion is of the recent changes and what your MLS rules are,  it used to be as simple as having the seller side MLS opt-out, so to have a discreet sale. And that was honestly a lot of the time they wanted that because they were under a bunch of stress.

[00:04:51]They didn't want people coming through. They went there, if we can sell it quickly and quietly, we would prefer that. And NAR took that away from, people who were being divorced or selling probate properties. I don't think they took that in. It doesn't seem like they took that into consideration was to sell the wishes, but sit down with your broker and discuss that and see what they think is best.

[00:05:12]you probably havem what's your, do you know what your MLS role is? How long you have to upload?

[00:05:17] Christian: So we have to upload it within 48 hours once it's signed, but there is an option out there where. If the one specified specific day that they understand that's what the day they'll be listed. I know that our MLS in Chicago, we have, what's called private listings and we can definitely do that too, where it would just become a private listing.

[00:05:35]I don't know what the new regular, but I've seen that. And I've seen properties in there. I don't know. I use it a lot, but right now with this show inventory in different markets, it's been one of the things that I been looking into is just to see what's out there.

[00:05:47] Chad Corbett (Coach): Yeah, it sounds like private listing is probably just an IDX opt out.

[00:05:51]So it's actually in its in MLS, but it's not going to show up on every website in the world. so that sounds like you've got the best situation possible. I would, upload it as a private listing, send it out to your buyers list and, just. Just I w when I always did that, I don't believe in dual representation.

[00:06:09] So I would always just, I would take both sides of the commission, but I only represented the seller. And when the buyer, when I sent the offer to the buyer, it was just with an unrepresented party.

[00:06:18] Christian: Gotcha. That makes sense.

[00:06:20]Bruce Hill (Coach):  So Christian, I'm gonna throw in, I've I studied the NAR rules a lot, private listing.

[00:06:25] I'll take a little bit of a different angle from Chad. I'm guessing though. So I'm not sure which one of us is right. Private listing in my, in most areas basically says that it's an office. exclusive, you cannot advertise that you can send it to anyone who's already a lead or already, someone that you already know, but you can't have a sign in the yard.

[00:06:47] You can't push it out on any website, Facebook, anything like that. It has to be to people that you already are connected with. And in that case, as long as you have your list of. Of, not inspectors. Gosh. what am I looking for? Somebody helped me out. If you have your list of investors or investors, your buyers, then, why'd you guys ask me to come on this call?

[00:07:07] I don't know.  if you have, you can take, take this property to all of them without advertising it and just have private conversation present multiple offers to the seller. She doesn't like him. Then go ahead and put it on the MLS. Just let her know. Hey, let's sign a listing agreement.

[00:07:24] I'm going to hold it out of the MLS. I'm not going to advertise it, but I'm going to take it to my list. And if we don't like their offers, We'll go ahead and activate the listing at that point, and that should satisfy her on both fronts.

[00:07:36] Splitting Net Profits With A Vendor

Christian: Gotcha. Okay. That makes sense. And then, how would you handle partnership when there is, there is a mortgage on the property, but she wants to like get creative and pending.

[00:07:46] They'll have an investor come in here and renovate the property and kind of split the profits. what would be the best case scenario? I understand every jurisdiction has different laws. I'm just trying to get creative to see, what would be the best possible outcome

[00:07:59] Chad Corbett (Coach): How many heirs are there just one? Perfect. So you should let your local attorney decide what the vehicle is, but.  The broad points of the deal, you need to establish a basis value for the asset. So the, as is whereas, Oh, you right now, and that becomes their equity position. That's the basis value that will be used in the final accounting.

[00:08:19]You are in the home of the land trust, like they were created in Illinois in Chicago. So I'm assuming a land trust is probably the best vehicle, but you can also use a.  like a series LLC, you can use venture agreement, limited partnership. Your attorney can decide what's best for all parties, but whatever that agreement is, make sure it's.

[00:08:38] protects your right to sell the asset, but you don't do a hundred thousand dollars rehab and then uncle Larry moves in,  and then make sure that it clearly defines that it's a 50, 50 split of the net profit. The dad of the bow and the net would be the basis would be there part the construction as a credit credited back to you.

[00:08:57] And then once that commission goes to you and what's left over that bottom line is what split 50 50. But when you were entity in the estate and we've been able to do these really successfully on like rural properties, we partnered with farmer people who inherit farmland that don't intend to farm it.

[00:09:13]Turn them into subdivisions and put millions of dollars in the family's bank account. You can do it with homes like in San Francisco is a commonplace or this is really useful. Yeah. You just go in and tear the house down and sell it for three other shovel-ready project three times what it was worth as it is.

[00:09:29] Whereas, so you can add immense amounts of value for the family and for your business. I would just say that, preferably the two of you should meet with an attorney in person and get all your questions answered and let them tell you how to structure it.

[00:09:41] Christian: That makes sense. And you mean, if there's a mortgage on the property, it's still doable.

[00:09:45]Chad Corbett (Coach): So that's, I like a trust for that reason. is it a reverse mortgage or is it more of a conventional, regular mortgage? Yeah. So your, that mortgage is going to have a, A clause that will be a due on sale clause. What I'm looking for. And if you roll an asset into the land, trust it looks like an estate planning move.

[00:10:05] And as long as the payments are being made, it's highly unlikely. They would ever call that note. It would be foolish for them to. Because then, if the payments are being made and the note is in the name of a decedent,  they, their only recourse is to take the house back and they're just going to spend a whole bunch of money.

[00:10:21]you'll have it, you'll have it. So before they can foreclose on you anyways. So it's extremely unlikely that would happen. But the land trust will, it will mitigate that risk. So if they do pull title, for some reason, they will actually see it's been transferred to a trust and they'll likely see that there's a decedent too.

[00:10:38]So I don't think you have anything to worry about. And, for that reason, I think the land trust probably is the best vehicle for you.

[00:10:45] Christian: Gotcha. Okay. Good to know. Yeah. I'm waiting to talk to an attorney to see what our options are, but I'm just trying to get creative here at work. She doesn't have money, but she has a property.

[00:10:54] I think she can make some money if somebody, the sex party was there and she's definitely will consider it.

[00:10:59] Chad Corbett (Coach): Yeah, it's awesome that we had one of our, one of our subscribers helped a 93 year old lady in Palm desert hada condo. They put 27,000 into it and it raised the value by, what was it like 187.

[00:11:13] it was just a, really a really light cosmetic rehab. It was life-changing money for a lady who was 93 and almost out of money.  so you can make a big difference. Cool. And who doesn't like free houses,

[00:11:25] Christian: I have for today. Thanks a lot.

[00:11:27] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): All right. Perfect. So far we're having a testimonial Thursday. I like that. Everybody's got a success story so far. Next up is phone number ending in nine six zero two you're up next.

Probate Short Sale With A Fire-Damaged Property (11:38)

[00:11:38]Chelle: Hi, this is Chelle calling from LA and I am working on a,  fire damaged probate short sale.

[00:11:46]And I think it was, Chad who mentioned, or one of you guys mentioned that,  one of your wives, is a short sale negotiator.

[00:11:55] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Yep. That would be me. She's only done about 2000 of them. We started back with the last crash happened and she's still doing them, so yeah. She'll be glad to handle it for you.

[00:12:04]Chelle: Yeah. Would yes please.

[00:12:06] All right. It is Pam the same last name as mine, Pam Sullivan, and it's (954) 584-0000

[00:12:18] okay. That's nine five four five eight four zero zero zero.

[00:12:22] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): And if you can reach her also, Pam@shortmyproperty.com.

[00:12:27]Chelle: Okay. I'm going to, give her a call. Thank you.

[00:12:30] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Sure  She'll walk you through the whole, the process good for you for not overlooking the opportunity. A lot of people just assume like there's no equity in it.

[00:12:38] Why would the family want to get involved? And,  she has done dozens of them with reverse mortgages and with very little equity. Sometimes the family just wants to do the right thing. They don't want the property to be foreclosed and they want to see a nice family move in there. Is that, is it isn't a upside down with the fire damage or they're still equity?

[00:12:57] Chelle: Oh, it's yeah, it's upside down with the fire damage and, we've been going round and round with the bank. unfortunately I had, another property, That was a short sale probate, and it ended up going back to the bank. I don't want to miss out on this one.

[00:13:17]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Yeah. So there's one real quick question, Chad.

[00:13:20] And it might be the same one you're going to ask is the seller cooperative. The seller wants to help you. Get the deal, right? Cause it's a minimal amount of work for the seller. It's basically, authorization and you don't have to provide financials or anything because obviously the owner's deceased.

[00:13:35]And then Chad, you had a question too.

[00:13:37] Chad Corbett (Coach): It's rare that a lender will accept a first position without requiring insurance. And I'm curious of the insurance claim was denied or if it's still in question.

[00:13:48] Chelle: What happened is it was a HELOC and the home owner died and supposedly there's no insurance and the bank is saying they just want to foreclose on it.

[00:14:01]I can't imagine. I would think that they would have took out insurance from their end, but, it, it looks like it would be a good project. But, we're just having a hard time in terms of negotiating with that.

[00:14:13] Chad Corbett (Coach): Sure. Gotcha. So I want, I do want to make a comment out of this for anyone who has not heard us let's talk about vacant property insurance. This is a likely scenario for literally millions of people every year. Because a family member passes away, they leave the heat on the house is sitting there was a typical homeowner's insurance policy. If it burns down and they can prove it's been vacant for more than 30 days, this scenario is likely.

[00:14:40]So this is a good story to remember for everybody listening. When someone says we've got it handled as the most common objection, you ever hear stories are super powerful. And you can step up and say, listen, there's a lady in my mastermind group that is helping a family that unfortunately didn't have a, their asset protected.

[00:15:00]So let me just make sure that you're protected and you can use that story to show them the reality of this because, fortunately it doesn't happen that often, but a lot of people have a lot more exposure than they know. So anyways, thank you for sharing that story.

[00:15:16] Chelle: Yeah. And just one, all the things that the short sale, it was approved, however, inbetween submitting it and getting their approval, that's when the fire happened in two of the cases that I've been involved with, so it just turns it into a mess.

[00:15:32]Yeah. Yeah.

[00:15:33] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): I know she's dealt with them. Fire, flood tornado, every possible situation. I'll tell you a real quick story, just because you've mentioned it in this first time I've ever heard this happening. If you get her involved to this for you, make sure if you can, that the seller kind of gets out of the way, or if the seller insists that they hire an attorney, make sure it's one that knows what they're doing.

[00:15:53]She worked on a short sale. probate for about seven months, it was ready to close. The seller had gone and hired an attorney just to, cause they were concerned, they were going to come back after him and this attorney without telling anybody he sent the deeds off to everybody and deeded the property back to the lender two days before it was ready to close.

[00:16:14]So many attorneys do not know what they're doing now. She's trying to jump in there and get it all reversed. So Yeah, she'll she will, just introduce her to the seller and let the nice thing too is there's absolutely no liability. If the person on the mortgage is deceased, so the seller really has nothing to lose, but, yeah.

[00:16:32]get her on the same page with everybody and get working on it now. and, know, are you more, are you interested in buying this or listing it? Okay.

[00:16:39] Chelle: Yeah, I was, gonna partner with, the realtor, the listing agent. Who's a friend of mine. So we've been talking about, I'm going in, buying it with my LLC.

[00:16:50]We already have the numbers on renovating the project and everything. Even the seller, the daughter, she is willing just to sign off on the property. She's tired. She wants out that we just, we're going back and forth with the bank.

[00:17:05] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Yeah, that's perfect. You're doing everything right. And you get those repairs documented you send them off to the lender.  It could, it'll certainly be a listing and it very well could be a good investment deal for you. They, fire damage is, when the lender sees that they likely will be a lot more flexible on the price. So give her a call. She'll take good care of you. I appreciate you bringing it up.

[00:17:24]Chelle: Okay. Thank you.

[00:17:25] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): All right. Here's somebody else. I never heard of Rebel Taylor. You're up next!

Rebel Goes On Five Listing Appointments

[00:17:29]Rebel. Are you there? I was just kidding. If we never heard I'm hearing it as well.

[00:17:33] Rebel Taylor: I'm doing good. I wanted to, call and tell you guys a little bit about what we've been doing and appreciate your business. Actually, you do help us all a lot, but, I wanted to share with you, we went on one, two, three, four, five listing appointments in the last two weeks.

[00:17:49]And, went on, another one, actually two weeks ago, I called to get one and, the father had died in the home and turned into 2 Because she turned out that she was a PR for another probate. So I was able to go to that house and, get a CMA as well. I'm writing a contract as we are talking on a probate deal that, the buzz, one of the appointments I went on last week.

[00:18:13]And, so we are selling his son property.  we went on another appointment, got to date with, what day is this? Thursday? Two days ago. And, this was from a letter when I first started with you guys and I sent out the letter. And this gentleman called me, like in that timber, maybe August, September, that, he wanted to sell his house, but he had paintings inside.

[00:18:38]So as you guys say, we do everything from clean out to clothes and that same including selling artwork. So we've called around and I've learned a little bit about art now. it's not worth what a lot of people think unless it's some really popular art.  so I we've just been really doing good. Also the list you have gotten me, yelled at a couple of times, I called the number and the guy would be like, that's my ex wife.

[00:19:02] And I divorced her 30 years ago and I haven't heard that name. And it's Oh my God, I'm sorry.

[00:19:08]But I just wanted to thank you guys and everything I wish you do.

[00:19:11] Chad Corbett (Coach): So Rebel, thank you for sharing that you said you had five total appointments are where you get six listings off of that.

[00:19:18] Fumigation and Repairs For Death Odor Removal.

Rebel Taylor: Oh, hell yeah. I'm glad too, because all I'm good with the two that I did for the loony on the Lake, he turned to be stubborn.

[00:19:26]You know what I mean? Because she's one of those people that have went in and remodeled houses and sold them herself. So she's really on that, but she's got so much on her plate and I'm I keep, I stay in touch with her and ask if she even needs any help. They're having a problem with that home because her father had died in it.

[00:19:42] And apparently nobody noticed him for a week. And he's one of those people that didn't have the air on in Florida.  Yeah, that's it. Yeah. In the middle of summertime, they have went through three companies trying to get the smell out. And  they're having a real bad problem with it. They pulled up the tiles pulled off the wall,  the, drywall and everything.

[00:20:03]they're not sure how they're going to get rid of this smell.

[00:20:06] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Hey rebel. we, I can tell you from personal experience, we had someone who was a few weeks late on their rent and they had been on the couch, passed away for weeks. And I will tell you that we had state farm. they paid for not only fumigation, but new air conditioning, ducts, everything there.

[00:20:23]You really look into their insurance. You'd be surprised. There's a. There's a health issue there when somebody passes away and remains in the property for a while, you'd be surprised what the insurance may pay for. I don't know if she tried to put another

[00:20:35] Rebel Taylor: Under the third company they're paying for.

[00:20:37]This is insurance. Yeah. She's dealing with the insurance and this is the third one they're paying for. When I walked into the house, it threw me back to another house that we were, that we had listed. And then there was this smell that we just never knew what it was. We changed it. We did the paint, the carpet, replaced the appliances and everything in this.

[00:20:56] No just was there. And I never knew what it was until I walked into this other house. And it just, you know how you get Deja Vu with a smell. That was it. Yep.  but, yeah, no, it mentioned out of six list. Yes, sir. she's the only two that I feel like I might not get,

[00:21:12] Selling Artwork From An Estate

but the other ones have already confirmed the one with the artwork.

[00:21:15] We went and met them. We are actually going to help them a little bit when they come back because they're going to have to do a sale. And we told them we would be right there for them. And so we are, and then we're going to list it right after that.  I'm glad you brought the artwork back up. I forgot. I forgot to mention something.

[00:21:31] Chad Corbett (Coach): So if you haven't already dealt with the artwork and for anyone else who finds themselves in this situation, there's a national,  estate sale company. that's like an e-commerce estate sale company and it's called everything but the house it's ebth.com and they will actually make you an offer virtually.

[00:21:48]And purchase that into their inventory and then they'll sell it online at my market price. So if you ever need to find,  if you want more exposure, to a national marketplace, you can get a quick offer, just reach out to everything, but the house.

[00:22:03] Rebel Taylor: Okay.  actually mentioned that to him because that's a lot of the things we're going to, of course, they have, they had everything appraised and they are at least realistic.

[00:22:11] They know they're not going to get what it's appraised at. And, and then it turned out a lot of the pieces was because all of the family members were like artists and even the person that designed their house was an uncle.  and he did a good job. In the design I liked it. but I will let them know about that.

[00:22:27] Attorneys Won’t Return My Call - How Can I Win Referral Relationships?

That actually helped. Oh yeah. And another thing, for you. It's almost a joke with me and my partner that I have called lawyers. Cause we're trying to meet lawyers like you say, and in this pandemic, you can't really go to the office and try to meet him. It's not fair. And so we call around and they're there.

[00:22:43]They don't call back. And I actually, the lawyer I met today because of this contract I'm writing up right now, my client's lawyer.  We had a great conversation and I think it might've found the lawyer that I would be referring people to as well as him. And I noticed his name on a lot of the probates that I go through when I'm calling each one.

[00:23:03] And you look at the lawyer, you look at everything about it. And so he deals in a lot of, probate. So I feel it will be beneficial. He wants to meet. So we're going to set up an appointment. Now. He just wanted to say, it's amazing. I live over here in, around Tampa, Florida. And calling these lawyers and they don't call back are lawyers, just that busy that, what am I doing wrong there?

[00:23:22] Or am I doing something wrong? Am I don't know if I'm saying something wrong, but,

[00:23:26] Bruce Hill (Coach): I talk to a lot of attorneys in my market and one of the things that I always ask after I have a good conversation is if I'm the only person that reaches out to them, And to the attorney, they all say, no.  you're not the only person we probably get hit four or five times a day.

[00:23:42]And most of the agents or investors, but mostly agents that are reaching out to them are just saying, Hey, we wondered if you had any, any, anybody that you needed to refer to us and. So that what they hear when you reach out by phone is they think that you're just like that. So I've found that the best ways to reach out to attorneys are either through introduction, attorney to attorney introductions.

[00:24:07]Or,  personally I know not everyone has a good LinkedIn profile, but LinkedIn has been a very powerful friend of mine and, and connecting with attorneys and, using the connections, just firing over a message. And a lot of times, if you're going to send an email or a LinkedIn message, it's best to ask questions that are, very much, the attorney sees some business coming out of it.

[00:24:29] So it would be a question like.  Hey, do you charge

[00:24:32] Rebel Taylor: Real quick? I leave the message. I'm never, you never get the lawyer. You get the go between, but I always leave them with that. I need to refer my client to someone. So I would like to talk to you.  Right there, I'm telling them, look, I'm going to give you business.

[00:24:48] I'm not just a Joe blow calling in.  So that's, I that's what I'm not understanding. I don't know. The lawyer today said, he goes, they're too busy counting their money. He goes, I'll take it. I want it. All right. There we go. So I might've found one today, but I have been trying, but I was just amazed at and understand what you're saying that I wasn't, I have a lawyer friend, but she doesn't do probate and things, and that's what she said.

[00:25:09] People call all day long trying to get free advice, basically. And, it upsets her as well. So I do understand what you're saying. that if you get a lot of us, there's a lot of us out there. A lot of new people, a lot of people like you guys telling us, Hey, meet all the lawyers, but.

[00:25:23] Bruce Hill (Coach): Ask your non probate friend who they know that they could introduce you to introductions go so far in this business, especially with attorneys, if they can introduce you that it's already, they're introducing you to, it's going to we'll pick the phone up.

[00:25:38] Rebel Taylor: Okay. Yeah, I haven't done that. I'll have to say, I guess I never really thought about, I don't know, a number, ask somebody for something. I guess I do that.

[00:25:45]yeah, that's a good idea. Good idea. Great idea. But,  yeah, but, the artwork I'll check out that. And, like I said, I am writing a contract today. I already know I'll be writing a contract next month for the other people, for the artwork. We'll be helping them sell that artwork.  they said the guy across the street is interested.

[00:26:02] So hopefully I'm going to get the buy side as well.

[00:26:05] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Awesome. It sounds like you've got people that know what they're doing on the artwork. I can tell you from personal experience, if, Art that you bought on a cruise ship or one of those art parties it's worth whatever the frame is worth.

[00:26:15]Chad Corbett (Coach): Fortunately. Yeah, I was going to suggest if you get in a pinch, just throw a, an estate sale with champagne. It works on cruise ships, what we're going to do as an estate sale, but, get them all drunk and run them through a central area where they have to. In order to get to everything else. And that is use the cruise ship model.

[00:26:33] It apparently works.

[00:26:34] Rebel Taylor: Okay. I like it. I like it. I've never even heard of that, but, okay.  So let's talk first. Let's admire, the arts set it up properly. Guys, thank you very much.

[00:26:43] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): We got a full queue now. So next up is phone number ending in two, four, five, zero. You're up there.

[00:26:50] Jack: Hello, gentlemen, how are you?

[00:26:51]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Excellent. How are you sir?

[00:26:52] 3 Probate Listings Turned Into 5 Deals!

Jack: Great. I, first of all, I wanted to share a success story, a few of them actually in it. I've been doing this for about three and a half months now. And last month, I got three listings from my probate efforts, from the, from all the leads and in the last week and a half sold all three homes as a listings.

[00:27:11]And then on one of those, I was able to bring a cash buyer to the table as well. So I got both sides of the transaction. And then I also got a really great lead from one of those listings whose neighbor is losing their house. Due to foreclosure where it works out to be a perfect wholesale deal. So in essence, from those three deals, I got two other transactions from it, which is really cool.


[00:27:33]Probate Credibility Websites and Why They're Worth It

[00:27:33]So I'm excited about it.  congratulations my question.  thank you. my question for you pertains to building, probably a website and how important is that? I still like with the letters that I have going out. And with the phone calls that I'm making. I think that might be the next step of what I do.

[00:27:49] And maybe you guys could shed some light on how beneficial that is, what approach to take and all that fun stuff.

[00:27:55] Chad Corbett (Coach): Oh, it's huge from a social proof standpoint. Very few people have a probate website at all. And the ones who do that's usually something they have page, they threw together on their own. So that the intent of our sites is not to index or like how have you dominate Google or be this amazing lead capture site it's there for when people want to do due diligence on you.

[00:28:17] Because it sounds too good to be true. And they're very effective for that. I've found like in my market, active using Jetpack analytics and Google analytics, at least 50% of the mail deliveries would result in web traffic the day that the letters dropped. So if I sent a hundred letters, I'll have no less than 50 web hits around the same time.

[00:28:38] You could literally tell where the mailman yeah. And so that really convinced me. And most of I give most of the co com list may come by this thing right now, calls I've gotten, I started telling them about my service. Now, listen, we know we've already read everything, so they'll start on your probate website and they end up finding your LinkedIn your true, truly a Zillow realtor.com.

[00:29:01]It's they knew everything about me. They knew they wanted to do business with me and I'd never spoken to them. And that was, that's a common occurrence. So I think the sites are for what little bit of money you will pay relative to all other marketing and real estate, like they're worth the wait and go.

[00:29:16] Jack: How much prominence would you place? Like you're sending a personal letter to these people. Where would you, like, how prominent would you make that website known? Is it something that you put big in front and center or how would you approach that

[00:29:27] Chad Corbett (Coach): Even better? And this is a way that I originally tested the PS line too, but I always only mentioned in the PS.

[00:29:35] So below my closing, some severely Chad,  PS, if you're not ready to talk to someone just yet, please go here and learn a little bit more about what we do. Sometimes it sounds too good to be true to some folks, but we're happy to answer any questions you have. And like it's tra that's for that reason, you're going to be using it in the mail and a DSY line.

[00:29:55] Keep your domain really simple.  okay. Pro probate Island con or whatever it is, but try to just keep in mind that your average prospect is going to be, probably between the age of 50 and 70. And they're probably the traffic will probably be coming on a little device. I was really surprised.

[00:30:14]Most of the traffic that came was direct. And it came from mobile devices, which meant they were literally standing at the counter opening mail and stopped what they were doing and came to the website.

[00:30:25]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): And I'm not sure if you're aware that we can do that website for you at a really.

[00:30:30] Jack: Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah.  that was my next thing. So I need to do the probate mastery and I need to sign up for that. I'd like to do another coaching call and then obviously I need to get a website going well, I might just have somebody reach out after this call for all three.

[00:30:45] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): I have your phone number. What's your last name? Feel? S P E L E. Okay. Just make sure I get the right person. And the two, four, five zero is the number we have on file for you. That is correct? Yep. Okay. We'll have somebody reach out for all of those after the call Jack and get you started with the mastery and we'll have somebody reach out on the, on the website.

[00:31:03] Bruce. You want to tell them how to schedule the coaching call or you want to go ahead?

[00:31:07] Bruce Hill (Coach): I'll send you an email with the link, but that in the future, if you log into the portal and click the button that opens a drop down, that you can go down and click schedule a three monthly coaching call.

[00:31:18]Jack: Perfect. Perfect. I will do that. I really appreciate everything you guys do, you guys add a lot of value and you guys help in a way that it doesn't happen very often in this world. So I really appreciate the help that you guys offer every single week. It's really awesome.

[00:31:31] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Wow. Thank you so much.

[00:31:33]Yeah, we're having . No pressure, but so far everybody who has contributed it, that's a success story. So next up what's your success story for six 63. You're up next?

[00:31:43] MarkerCaller 1: Sorry, none today. but I do have a question about that. I'm sorry. Okay, go ahead. What can we do for you? Rebel, was talking about the smell in the house.

[00:31:52] And, some, I think somebody, maybe Chad mentioned an insurance company paying for the odor or the fumigation. Yeah, I did not. I didn't understand what w okay, cool. Why who, what insurance policy and how would that be covered? I've never even contemplated that.

[00:32:10] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): And again, I'm assuming every policy is written differently, but we had state farm.

[00:32:14]We just had, we just had the Oh, liability and owner's policy because, that the condo didn't cover and, they actually replaced all the appliances, carpeting and air conditioning, vents and air conditioning. I believe they can. They replaced the compressor also, which really surprised us.

[00:32:34]And in my, and I'm not an insurance expert, call whoever. Whoever you deal with, but apparently there is a biological hazard to do a body somewhere for a period of time. And so they have to do that to,  remove the liability of a future, somebody getting sick or having a problem because of it.

[00:32:51]Caller 1: Okay. Okay. So just ask about biological hazard coverage within. Whatever policy and to Chad's point. Okay. So to Chad's point here, while you all, recommend, the vacant policy, so this wouldn't be the vacant policy. It would be the policy that was enforced,  when whoever was in it died. okay.

[00:33:09]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): that's, and I don't know if it's included in other policies. This was a landlord policy that we had that covered a liability for our tenants liability and anything that the HOA didn't cover.

[00:33:20] Caller 1: Okay. I'll okay. Thank you. And I don't know whether or not that would extend to vacant policy insurance, but it sure.

[00:33:26] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Be worth checking into you don't know offhand. Do you Chad?

[00:33:29]Chad Corbett (Coach): No, I think, a vacant policy is a high risk policy. That's why it carries a higher premium. My understanding of it is it covers just about anything, including, break, breaking and entering vandalism. Mike. So I would imagine it would be covered under this.

[00:33:44] Caller 1: Thank you.

[00:33:44] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): All right. You're very welcome.

[00:33:46]Next up is phone number ending in three six, two one. You're up next.


[00:33:51]$28k From My First Probate Deal

[00:33:51] JoEllen: Hi. I am JoEllen. I'm calling from California, the Bay area, and I just want to just give an amazing testimony of how awesome this program is and you guys are, and your support.

[00:34:03] I started with you guys. I think I took the class in may subscribed in August, got my first listing in August with my first letters.  and basically you're going to make about $28,000 in commission on this one property. So it's pretty neat. And, I got thrown in it, two of us and being in estate cell.

[00:34:23] So it was a contractor's home.  so I ended up, I brought in the liquidator. I brought in the painter, the general contractor as a landscaper, who else? The stager I brought in the whole team. And we're almost finished with the remodel. We could have listed for, I think it was 450. As is got them to invest about 25,000.

[00:34:43] And we're looking at closing just probably around 710. Wow. So how many years worth of leads did you stay for at least,  Exactly. And I'm saying if I only got this one deal, which I'm not, I have five in the pipeline right now.  I would be set for years, but I, it's just a passion.

[00:35:01]just like you guys said, just, you can pull a team together really fast. And I did, I pulled the team together really fast. I was already doing my research, like Chad said, like interviewing, state vendors and contractors and painters,  and going after my referral network.  I came from finance early on before the meltdown.

[00:35:19] Then I went into senior care. So I have the independent living facilities, the skilled nursing facility. I was a business development for home care. So this literally is my niche and I am just, this is going to be the rest of my life. Oh, fun. I love it.

[00:35:36]Chad Corbett (Coach):  I love this story. So tell me how good does it feel to know that you put $200,000 and equity into that family inheritance?

[00:35:44] JoEllen: Oh my gosh, it feels so good. And it smells even better because it was their son who was the contractor who was 57 years old. He was in a motorcycle accident up in Chico, California, and they didn't find him for three days. He was missing. And the gentleman who called me the PR he's 86 years old, the father who's a senior who's seniors are my passions.

[00:36:06] So to go there, knowing that I was put in front of them, by God to help this family. And to put a little bit of money in their pocket and pay off whatever, needs to be paid off. Those still good. And, the mom recently went through chemo and fell. It was just with her, guiding her and keep being her emotional support.

[00:36:25]People tried to come in and take my listing, but they said, no, they want to buy the truck. And a realtor wanted to sell the house, give her commission for the truck and just all kinds of stuff. But they stayed connected to me because they said I did what I said all this whole time and I had a plan for them and yeah.

[00:36:42] And it feels so good.

[00:36:43] Chad Corbett (Coach): Gosh, first off to you like  your mindset and your standard of service, it's going to take you so far. You'll probably retire from just doing this one thing and I'm so proud of you for everyone else. Listening, pay attention to what she said. If you're new here and you're not a subscriber, if you are trying this your own way and it's not working, if you trust us methodology.

[00:37:06] You'll get this kind of result. And she had competition come in without signed paperwork and they could have easily taken it from her. they thought they could easily take it from her, but when you're doing it at this level, you have no competition. Like you, you create your own damn market space when you provide this level of value.

[00:37:23]JoEllen: I did exactly what they asked. I brought in the team, like my letter said, I gave them options. Some they chose some, they didn't, but they just said that I've done so much for them last week. And I bought the whole team pizza. I bought champagne for the mom who just finished the radiation,  and just being empathetic and listening, crying with them.

[00:37:44]walking around the home, picking up things that Mike, the owner, he was really, tools all over. tools everywhere and,  two ice chests that I actually got from them because I wanted them. And now I'm like, Oh, thanks, Mike. I'm going to take good care of your family. And I just walk around the property and we just talk about what he did and just listen to them and share with them, that you care.

[00:38:06]About their family member that they just lost. So I'm in the right place. I love it. This is my purpose to go through this. And I'm so glad that a friend of mine shared you guys with me because I'm just forever grateful for you guys. Good for you. Yeah. I love your state. for everybody that's listening, you know that if you're going to emulate anything first, their techniques and skills that you can develop that, state of, passion and empathy is probably the most important thing that you can add for, excuse me,  it's hard to fake.

[00:38:37] It's hard to fake it if you don't care and that. And it's hard. You're going to, I have another, I have five more in my pipeline because we're waiting for court dates, but I've already been to the property and the family and just stay in touch with them. it's the sad stories of, brothers that passed away.

[00:38:52] Now, the kids are in the house and the ex-wife's trying to kick them out. And it's. This is some real raw stuff going through these, this isn't just your traditional real estate. You're going to, I already know you get in the thick of this stuff, and you're going to hear things that you probably know don't want to hear, but you cannot judge.

[00:39:08] We just have to be they're compassionate and, give them the best advice that you can.

[00:39:13] Chad Corbett (Coach): Something that's I was going to say to you, I'm really glad, cause it's, you have an amazing story on this one, but it's rare that you'll actually get that involved and bring that many vendors to the table.

[00:39:24] It's a really good first, a really good deal to have early on because you're going to have many more, the majority of these will be more straightforward. But it's awesome. It's awesome that you got that resolved from being able to do the difficult ones early.

[00:39:37] JoEllen: Yeah, that was so cool. And like I said, I could do it.

[00:39:39] I'm really doing it. I can't really, my first one, I got hit with everything. Just like Chad said, build your team, do it go in as the expert. And now, I know so much about probate PR the timeframes, all the disclosures and who's exempt. I've literally, I'm mastering this. Thank you.

[00:39:56]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Wow. Thank you. And we can't tell you how much we appreciate it. great.

[00:39:59] JoEllen: Oh, and one more thing. I was able to quit my full time job and go full force with this as well.

[00:40:04]Jim we're going

Chad Corbett (Coach):  to have to form a committee to choose the winner of the week!

[00:40:07] Oh yeah.  you guys can make it itself. Honestly, every story is better and we got three more people left. So don't

[00:40:14] JoEllen: And remember! Call, and don't judge your leads. Just don't even look into it. You just pick up the phone and you have value.

[00:40:20] They either like you or they don't, they need what you want or not right now, but just call

[00:40:25] Preach!

[00:40:26]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Thank you, JoEllen. That's great. We really appreciate you. I can't tell you how much we do. All right.

[00:40:30] Well,

[00:40:30] we've got the the cue.

[00:40:32] No pressure, for you. Three remaining people. Next up is six three eight, eight. You're up next.


[00:40:38] LinkedIn For B2B Networking

Ryan: Hi, this is Ryan from Scottsdale Arizona. Yes, sir. I am a new subscriber.

[00:40:43] I don't have a success story yet, but I'm eager to, be able to share In that, looking forward to it. I had a question.  one of you, I forget if it was Chad or who was talking about reaching out to probate attorneys using LinkedIn. And I wanted to hear more about that.  How do you approach them and you do it through a LinkedIn message.

[00:41:05]Or how did you do it?

[00:41:07] Bruce Hill (Coach): It would be a, it would be a LinkedIn message. And the first thing to understand is we don't know exactly where attorneys live in their communication. Some people are more quick to pick the phone up. Some look at emails, some looked at LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a way to get in front of some of the ones that loved to be on LinkedIn consume content there.

[00:41:28] generally speaking, if I'm going to send a LinkedIn message out, it's gonna come from a place of, I'm curious first and I'm never going to just drop all my secrets and tell exactly how I do things in the first message. It's gotta be  generic and say, hi, mr. Mrs. Attorney SG, that you are, you're in the estate and probate space.

[00:41:50] I have a service that might be a benefit to you and your clients.  I don't know if it's for you. But, I'd like to talk for five minutes and see if there's a mutual benefit to our businesses. And more importantly to our clients. Okay. That will normally get a curiosity response. And typically you get a response, like what do you do for PR?

[00:42:12]I've gotten that response a couple of times. What exactly do you do for PR? And at that point,  I've personally found that, especially with attorneys that it's best to cut straight to the point and go ahead and tell them,  what you get out of it. So if you're in a real estate agent and you say, ultimately, I'd obviously like to be able to list the properties, but I know everyone says that.

[00:42:33] So I'd like to earn your and their business by offering to do anything from clean out to gutter, clean to handling an estate sale.  And then turn a question back on them. So my question back to the attorney is generally.  when you take on a client or if I refer you a client, do you charge upfront or do you charge at the end of the transaction that will at least to get a response back to your turning the conversation back to them and then just closed for a cost.

[00:43:01]Ryan: Okay.

[00:43:02]That was helpful. Yes. Yes.

[00:43:04] Bruce Hill (Coach): There really isn't more, you can copy and paste that message and swap the names out a dozen times that I bet you're going to get a response or two. It's not a hundred percent, but  it's fairly low effort because what you're doing is just trying to create curiosity and get them to engage back with you.

[00:43:20]And then you can go ahead and close for a conversation.

[00:43:23] Ryan: Okay. Okay. All right. Now do, do probate attorneys typically offer advice to the PRS regarding the need for vacant property to have vacant property insurance and that kind of thing?

[00:43:36]Chad Corbett (Coach): No, that's why we find that as such a good objection now, or it it's an abrupt stop them in their tracks way to get them to engage with you.  So far I've not met any attorney, anyone I've never even heard of a story of anyone who's asked that question and said, oh no our attorney took care of that.

[00:43:52]It's something that's, I think I went 12 or 13 houses before I learned it from an insurance agent/broker.  so a lot of people aren't familiar with it. They think that, that the standard homeowner policy is all they need and unless something happens, they won't ever find out. So  it's unlikely that you'll have attorneys in your market that understand real estate at that level and asset protection.

[00:44:13]So that kind of gives you an X factor. It gives something, just the tool to really stop them in their tracks and get them engaged with you. So you can, with confidence, I would say with 99% confidence, you can assume that the attorney has not asked them about as it were handled it for them.

[00:44:28]Ryan: Okay. Okay. Very good to know. I've learned a lot of very valuable stuff today. Thank you so much.

[00:44:33]Thank you,

[00:44:34]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Jim. You there. we have two more in the queue. We're probably going to go just a few minutes over. you guys both are okay to go over today.  probably going to have to be off by, by about five minutes after. Okay, cool. I'm good until 15 after. Okay, perfect. Next up is phone number ending at eight two one three.

[00:44:53] You're up next.


Federico Shares Additional Insight on Vendor Networking, Websites

[00:44:54] Fed: Hey guys. It's Fed. How's everyone doing? How you doing great. I'm great. Thank you. I wanted to, piggyback on what Bruce was saying to the previous caller.  Aside from the LinkedIn, then what you guys have also been talking about, which can help a lot with an attorney is that once you sit down with them, so this would maybe be step two.

[00:45:15]Is to, ask them for that checklist that you guys often talk about where, you tell the attorney, Hey, can we sit down and formulate a checklist so that I can send it to, my clients or just people who are going through probate so that they know what they're doing since the attorneys, from my understanding cannot solicit new business.

[00:45:36]That's also an extra way as a part two or as a sidestep to the contacting the attorney.  obviously correct me if I'm wrong.  In addition to that, also for that person and for the San Francisco caller, the one who had that great story, is that when we build a team, the vendors can also create relationships for us, actually speaking of the vacant home insurance policy, when I was building my team and found an insurance specialist for that. She actually put me in touch with her husband and some other people who happen to be very big, commercial brokers and investors who are now helping me with some other transactions. So it just, by just expanding and reaching out,  we can build a lot of things.

[00:46:22]So that's just what I wanted to piggyback.

[00:46:24] My question. Is regarding the website. So do, since I'm building my own website right now in general for my real estate business, do you, is it okay for me to just have a probate tab or do you suggest just having a completely separate probate website?

[00:46:43] Chad Corbett (Coach): That's how I started.

[00:46:45] I built a page on my WordPress site, bought a domain, a different domain, and I just created a redirect. So when someone would go to that, they would land on the probate page on my WordPress site.  Got really the big, the biggest reason is because we weren't providing websites, way back then.

[00:47:01]I think that having a robust, full version site like we offer is going to get you a different result. And what you can do is, you're building a core website, right? Like a more generic real estate website.

[00:47:14]Fed:  Yeah. Just something so that, as you were saying, if people look you up, at least there's some form of credibility, even though, I think, aside from probate, I don't think people look you up as much as for probate.

[00:47:26]And my keyword opinion. I'm not sure

[00:47:29] Chad Corbett (Coach): a lot of folks, we can tie the two sites so we can interface, match the colors. Like they want it. Most people don't even realize. They're landing on a different website. So if you want to make that your general real estate website, and it could still have a probate page, but then in the menu you could, in the main man you put, I'm going through probate and then when they click that it redirects to your, your probate specific website.

[00:47:53]And then like in the header and the menu of that one, you can have something like find out what your house is worth and that lands on the seller page of your general website. And that's my life's passable combination for sure.

[00:48:04] Fed: Okay. Sounds good. So in that case, I'll contact you guys for the probate one a for sure.

[00:48:09]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): All right. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Next up is Jim Forsythe, you're back. And we have one more in the queue, sir. Go ahead.

[00:48:17] Jim Forsythe: Okay. I quickly, I agree with the last tar,  been a lot of information is a fantastic call.  Chad was talking about the, Me websites and how he used the term jet pack analytics and Google analytics.

[00:48:33]If, if he could send me some information on how to,  get that going.  I have, of course your website I've had yet, but I'm not getting in response to it.  like you would like, and then, for the last caller,  asked me about tab on his website. He's building by, exp website is basically a probate website.

[00:48:53]I have just taken an added all kinds of things to it and changing it,  on regular basis.  if they like. Yeah, go see my website, look up, Jim and Jimforsythe.com and you'll see what I've got on probate. But my biggest thing is how I get information on the,  analytics and how to get that going for me on your exp site,  on the yet, but also on, my probate.

[00:49:16]Website you, we can help you on our end. So Jetpack is built into it's a component of WordPress and they have a very simple web analytics called site stats. So you just need to toggle that on your version of WordPress.  Google analytics is obviously more robust and that needs to be inserted, between the head tags on your site.

[00:49:37]So we can handle that for you on your, all the lead site for your exp site. You probably that you're, do you know what it's, what the CMS, what it's built on? Is it WordPress or something else?  wha how you really getting over my head, Chad? I don't know, regardless of what it is, you can plug the Google analytics code and to your exp site.

[00:49:56] Chad Corbett (Coach): it's WordPress. You could also use Jetpack the reasons I like jet packs for, for people who aren't web designers. Yeah. It's just really simple and concise. Yeah. Or Google analytics is easy to get overwhelmed and lost inside of. Okay. if you could send me some information and you have 30 seconds to do that,  that would help would be greatly.

[00:50:15]Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Okay. All right. Fantastic guys. All right guys. What a great call today. Last up his phone number ending in nine, two seven eight year up last.

[00:50:26]How To Get Started With Probate Leads

Lynette: Hi, I'm my name is Lynette and, I'm brand spanking new.  and I just want to just articulate an appreciation for the level of sharing for everyone on the call. And, I guess w where I'm at is, I'm an agent and, want to be an investor,  et cetera. I'm taking actions, but I'm throwing noodles at a wall.

[00:50:45] And I want to know if you could give me just some really brief, quick guidelines on where to start with you guys, because  I'm at a point where I'm willing to do some things that I want to operate.  I want to fable business around this and operating at a high level without. Going into the analysis paralysis.

[00:51:06]something needs to move while I'm working on it. And do you have any guidelines for this lynette?

[00:51:11] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): Are you a subscriber or not?  I'm not even sure what that is. What do you, are you getting our leads every month? Do you have our CRM? No. Have you talked to one of our salespeople or no? No. Okay, that would be a good place to start if it's okay.

[00:51:24] When the call is over, I'll have someone reach out to you and then,  we can certainly also do a free coaching call with you to give you an idea, whether you use our services or not the best way to get started. we do have a module. Yeah. When you get started with this called fast-track videos, it's three 20, 25 minute videos that will take you through the entire program, start to finish, and then Tom will do an orientation call with you. We have a complete system for getting you up to speed.  Chad, I know we're running over time, but let's just say, if you're not ready to do that, what is there one piece of advice you'd give her to a good way to get started.

[00:51:59]You got to have the lead, which are you getting? Are you getting the leads now? Lynette or not? I do have leads. Okay. All right. So you have leads or you're trying to do it on your own right now, correct? Yes. Yes. Okay.

[00:52:10] Chad Corbett (Coach): The probate mastery is designed for someone who, if you're getting your own leads is still just as useful, what you'll find as part of that.

[00:52:18] You'll by taking that, you'll be able to see why all the leads make sense. Because we have economy of scale on our side, it's difficult to do the data, the skip tracing the list management and the males will Selma. It's very difficult to pull that off, for less money than you actually pay for a subscription.

[00:52:35]So all that said, I would say, mastery is your do this in this order. And it's, 16 hours of content that a lot, like a lot of the things we've talked about on everything we've talked about on this call is rolled into that. So even the more advanced things like partnering with the homeowners to joint venture and build equity for them, we get into the more advanced stuff there.

[00:52:56] So I think that sounds like a good first step for you.  I would just challenge you to, use that to generate revenue lead with revenue. And then delegate the rest of it off because this, the entire, all the leads system is designed to remove choke points and you have focus you on dollar productive activity only.

[00:53:13]So that would be my challenge is once you've done that and you're, you're up to speed. You won't find better marketing automation and this space anywhere. So take yourself out of it and go get to know attorneys instead of stuffing envelopes.

[00:53:26] Lynette: Got it. So you right after the call to go over the whole program with you on Monday, that sounds great.

[00:53:31] Is anyone willing to share the gal in San Francisco's name? The what, whoever was speaking from San Francisco that, did I think her first deal inside of a week or something? I can't remember,  where she had to clean out the painters, the whole thing. What was her name?  we had so many today. I'm not sure that was four or five.

[00:53:48] That was the one she added like a quarter million dollars in equity by helping them. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:53:53] Chad Corbett (Coach): I didn't catch your name, Jim, did you? No, I got a phone number to didn't meant mention her name, but, what you can do is go to all  the leads mastermind. Join that group. and just reach out and, I'll try and track her down and ask her that's okay.

[00:54:06]Lynette: I can send you social media, my way to find her. That's great. So she knows, sorry. I'll figure out who it is and I'll see if she's willing to reach out to you if it's okay. I'll give her your phone number. Okay. Sounds great.

[00:54:16] Jim Sullivan (Host/Coach): All right, guys. Thank you.  I'll tell you what guys Chad said, you made it difficult for us today.

[00:54:20] I don't know how in the world we decide between the. Six success stories we had today. This was truly one of our best calls. And I feel like it's trying to just say how much we appreciate you guys, but please no that we sincerely do. And we are just to see the successes that you guys are having.

[00:54:37]And I wanted to end this call, like I always do. I want to challenge each of you. There were so many good ideas and good stories today. Just take one thing that inspired you on this call. The loud and put it into practice and please come back next Thursday. Like all these people did and share your results with the group.

[00:54:55]Make it a great week. Guys, stay healthy, stay productive, and we will talk to you. Same time. Next Thursday.


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