The Complete Probate Real Estate System – Leads, Marketing, Training, and More

All The Leads Offers A Lot More Than Probate Leads

When you plan the critical marketing strategy for your probate leads business, it’s vital to start with the firmest possible foundation.  Since no business can exist for very long without a steady supply of new customers, ALL THE LEADS should absolutely be an integral part of that foundation. We currently offering probate leads in almost every county in the United States and your county may still be available.

We sometimes feel like we are the “merchants of misery”. That’s because most of the leads we gather and distribute generally involve people who are experiencing events in their lives that are emotionally challenging.

However, the truth is that in each of these stressful and confusing circumstances, the people affected by these problems usually need the help our subscribers can provide usually far more than a typically buyer or seller of real estate.  Their motivation to sell and to buy or rent when relocation is required is also usually significantly greater than a normal buyer or seller.

It All Starts With Accurate, Reliable Data

Here’s a sample of the probate data we collect for you in each county or parish. In most cases, all of the data shown is available, but this can vary in different areas of the country. For example, in some counties, the last known address of the decedent is available, while in others, it may not be. Likewise, the name and information regarding the attorney is usually, but not always part of the initial probate record. Sometimes only the attorney’s name is available. At a minimum, we always provide you with the name and address of the Personal Representative (Executor or Executrix) and the name of the Decedent.

Also, whenever the phone numbers and contact info for the attorney are included in the court-provided documentation, we always provide them. This allows you the flexibility to contact the attorney as well, but we encourage you to always send a direct letter to the personal representative (preferably using our Mailbox Motivator program) and then use that as the “warmed lead” to follow that up with a phone call.

Finally, be aware that real estate is not always a part of the probate process. Even when the decedent does not own real estate, if the estate is of a sufficient size or complexity, probate may still be required, so just because a probate action is filed, it does not always indicate that there is property to be disposed of. As a rule of thumb, we assume about 75% of probates involve some type of real estate.


Opportunity + Action = Success

In any situation, prompt and decisive action often separates those who win from those who watch. When we deliver your leads to you, they are as fresh as they’ll ever be. They represent filings within the last 30 days. Often, you will be the first and only person pursuing these opportunities because the properties are not yet even “on the market”.



Direct Mail – Done For You – No Excuses

The old adage about the the road to hell being paved with good intentions is never more accurate than when it is applied to all of the tasks that a Real Estate professional faces each month. Taking that all-important first step by securing the probate leads for your county is great, but after receiving them, if you just put them under your pillow, unicorns won’t appear and bring you piles of money. 🙂

You must take action to reach out to the Personal Representatives and we’ve made that step incredibly easy with Mailbox Motivator. This program lets you choose from a variety of letters that we will customize with your logo, letterhead, personal picture or anything else you want to add. Then, your perfect letter is delivered by USPS First Class (hand stamped) mail in a hand-addressed style, greeting card sized (5-3/4″ x 8-1/4″) envelope to each of the personal representatives on your monthly leads list.



Also, our Technical Success Coach, Marc Boucher, is also ready to talk with you and explain more about the details about using Mailbox Motivator and your Custom Credibility Website. Just click the button below to schedule the best time to chat with him.


Your Professionally Designed Credibility-Creating
Prospect Conversion Website

Building any type of website is not a trivial task. However, building one that is going to actually accomplish what you need it to do – which is set you apart from your competition – is even more difficult. There are many hundreds of options for building a website and many of them can create a nice looking presence for you online. However, dealing with people who’ll be evaluating you as a vital resource for handling their probate is a unique challenge.



You don’t have to learn anything new because, we’ve taken this on for you and perfected the entire process including:

  • Market analysis
  • Site layout and design
  • Site Creation
  • Professional copywriting
  • Site hosting setup (including your personal domain name and matching email)

As you can see, we have already done all the heavy lifting for you. Your Probate Credibility Website is specifically designed to accomplish one key objective – turning your website visitors into actual clients. It does this by using a well-designed funnel to drive them to either call you or complete your online contact form. It accomplishes this by making sure they are very comfortably aware that you REALLY ARE AN EXPERT in the probate field and that you WILL be able to help them. We’ve also built a unique “Attorney Attractor” to act as a landing page for marketing to Attorneys that also helps you build credibility. This site is built from the ground up to work perfectly on auto-pilot for you everyday.



Remember, the basic formula for success with this program is simple …

  1. Get Your Leads
  2. Send Letters To The Personal Representatives
  3. Follow-Up With  A Phone Call

We are here and we are ready to help today!

Our Technical Success Coach, Marc Boucher, is also ready to talk with you and explain more about the details about your Custom Credibility Website and Mailbox Motivator Marketing. Just click the button below to schedule the best time to chat with him.